Aeon Azuran is one of the funniest Board 8 users. He is known for eating a copy of Final Fantasy X. He also makes terrible midi techno music.

His rivalry with Amazing Telephone is classic, but both of them are mostly absent from the boards these days. As such, we have had to embrace second-rate rivalries like XxSoulxX vs Explicit Content, and Rad Link 5 vs The Utility Man.

Long ago, Aeon once attempted to woo the rather female Topaz Kitsune by employing a barrage of pick-up lines that would make Carlton shake his head. She immediately left the board.

These days Aeon can be seen bringing the funk to the Board 8 RAP BATTLE.

When you're summing AT from 1 to Aeon Azuran, you can count AT as an infinitesimal piece and integrate it. ~Furious J

I'd like to point out that I've never said a single intelligent thing on this board. ~Aeon Azuran

If you write down the letter that corresponds to every third prime number in this paragraph and read the resulting combination along the diagonals in a square matrix then you’ll have wasted a great deal of your time. ~Aeon Azuran