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Aeris Gainsborough is a character in one third of Final Fantasy VII.

It is rumoureD that she may not be a natural brunette- a rumour that has gIven rise to thE popular phraSe "Aeris dyes her hair".

Does a great impersonation of a kebab.

She would also fit nicely into a Sandwich, much like Jill Valentine.

She also got lucky enough in the x-stats to score 15th place in averaged x-stats list. This is almost guaranteed to drop after the 57% beating Zelda applied to Aeris during the 2006 Contest, though.

Has dreams of becoming an alligator.

The Aerith Debate[]

"Aerith" is an alternative romanisation of Aeris. It is believed that the spelling used in Final Fantasy VII was a mistranslation, and most English-language sources featuring her since then have spelled her name as Aerith -- the most obvious so far being Kingdom Hearts. The reason many feel "Aeris" is not a mistranslation at all is because in Japanese Kakatana, her name is "Earisu". "su" can't be translated to "th", because the pronunciation of "th" does not exist in any Japanese language. Thus, her name was translated to the synonym the Japanese call her by: Aeris.

"Aerith" is actually the mistranslation here.

Of course, by that logic Link's name is a mistranslation since the Japanese language lacks an "l", and instead he should be called Rink.

Since she is also credited as Aerith in the English dub of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (nobody ever says her name in the film itself, so we can't check pronunciation) it appears that her name has been retconned even within the world of FFVII itself. Guess we'll have to wait and see if that remake ever happens to know for sure.

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