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Dispite this being a name of a [hentai site], I ask that you don't link to it, since it could get the Board 8 Wiki removed. -Zachnorn

Aeris Dies is the famous spoiler in Final Fantasy VII. While considered to be an old spoiler, it is still moderated for spoilers without warning. Because of this, many users do make topics about her death, as well as accounts.

She is killed by Sephiroth's sword.

The fad[]

Sometimes, someone will make a topic about the spoiler, typically with the spoiler in the topic title. Some users just put "Aeris dies", others "did you cry when Aeris died?", "I died when Aeris cried", and so on. One topic was also made by an alt named "dies" with just "Aeris" in the topic title. When read with the username, it would say "Aeris dies".

Many usernames have been made with the spoiler. There are many styles, including saying she dyes her hair, she dies at 0 HP, she doesn't die, and so on. Here is an incomplete list of Aeris dies-related usernames:

The website[]

Because of the fad, Agasonex created a hentai website named Aeris Dies. Because the website is against the TOS, it has a few nicknames, none of which are against the spoilers without warning rule, nor offensive content.

The 'FAQ'[]

INTRO: It has recently been discovered that AERIS DIES. This FAQ explains it.

Q: How does AERIS DIE?

A: It has been suspected that AERIS DIES because she is killed.

Q: Does anyone else DIE?

A: It has also been suspected that CLOUD DIES, but this has not been proven.

Q: How did you find out that AERIS DIES?

A: I found out that AERIS DIES after viewing a BIG ASS CINEMA. I didn't notice it was there the first few times I played.

Closing: Thank you for viewing this document, and I hope it cleared up a lot for you about how AERIS DIES.

warning this document contains spoilers about ff7