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Round One


Saturday, September 15th, 2007

Ulti's Analysis[]

Poll 2875
Division 4
Match # 13
Match Date Saturday, September 15th, 2007
Link - 72.02%
Miles Edgeworth - 11.65%
Bidoof - 9.98%
Agent J - 6.37%
Link first place (2pts) - 74.77%
Link second place (1pt) - 23.13%
Bidoof second place (2pts) - 23.11%
Bidoof first place (1pt) - 11.45%
Link - 97.90% (35,953)
Bidoof - 34.56% (12,692)

It's weird how Phoenix Wright can go and have this epic struggle with Bomberman, then one match later in the next division we see Bidoof come close to doubling Miles Edgeworth in a match many expected to go Edgeworth's way. But to be fair, it wasn't entirely Edgey's fault. Yeah he's piss weak, but Link in the poll meant even a marginally effective Bidoof rally was going to doom Edgey. Because while other so-called elites were out getting percents in the 50s and 60s, Link went out and completely godstomped to the tune of 70.5%. Weak competition or not, this was a championship performance. Over 100,000 votes and 70% in a fourway poll? Holding not one but two characters under 10%? Link was the clear and obvious favorite at this point.

Oh, if only Link knew was in store for him...

But back to Bidoof for a second. People might not remember this, but he was actually leading this poll at the very beginning. Link obviously murdered him for first place, but Bidoof's 4chan rally was more than enough to put him past Edgeworth. He was also our first true joke character in the field, and Bidoof's success here would help pave the way for many more joke characters to come, both in this contest and contests in the future. Had Bidoof crapped the bed here, we may never have seen the stage set for things like L-Block, Mudkip and Missingno.

Stats and Analysis[]

there was no worse way for Phoenix Wright fans to celebrate Phoenix's epic last stand vs. Bomberman than to see Bidoof rocking Miles Edgeworth seconds later. and hey, maybe we deserved it - we were pretty fanboyish and rabid for that entire match.

but still -- this was Bidoof, and dear god did it have a strong opening vote. not even the crazy PW opening vote could withstand it -- heck, Link couldn't withstand it in the first few seconds. the vote totals were off the charts, the word "4chan" became well-known to everyone on board 8 during this match, and PW fans were kicked in the gut as a piece of feces was actually crushing their beloved Edgeworth. people were calling for Link's head here, but it was just a matter of time before he was rocking the day vote, and ended up over 70%.

what an interesting match -- from the match being 50-50, to Edgeworth being the huge board favourite thanks to Phoenix's match, to Bidoof crushing the souls of every PW fan in existence, all within 24 hours.

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