Ail is not technically a B8er.

Posting under the account name CrystalMoon, this 39-year old woman of is a notorious PotD user, schoolteacher, and wiccan. She is nearly universally disliked on Board 8 (and opinion of her seems torn between her friends and people who actively dislike her even on PotD), and was terrorized by Shake in a memorable series of topics. Recently she became a GameFAQs moderator, sparking controversy and an uprising that resulted in more than a few banned accounts.

User CommentsEdit

I'd hit it- Coffee Ninja

One of the coolest and nicest people on Gamefaqs. Give her a break. - Smurf

lol smurf still suckin up to any and all females - TimJab

A ParableEdit

I will now make it my mission to become a mod, and with your assistance, it'll come to be!

Step 1: Become "friends" with a mod. red13n, for example. You're now my friend. I don't care if you don't wanna be. Screw your personal feelings. Okay!

Step 2: Antagonize someone at least once every 2 weeks. Anyone will do. JINZONINGEN 73, you're going down! You are now my sworn enemy, and I'll never rest until you are BANNED. I'll make countless topics on MBH about you, crap my pants whenever I see you post, and claim that your mere existence is a hazard to my mental health.

Step 3: Disrupt countless topics with my life story. I'll make sure to make it as self-contradictory as possible. Screw "This topic sucks and is now about trains", this topic is now about trivial information about myself that nobody asked for. But, because I'm friends with red, it's ok!

Step 4: Form a rivalry with the first person who doesn't put up with my crap. I don't know who that'll be, but they'll throw all the stuff I spew at right back at me. Of course, I'll take those as personal off-line attacks, and threaten lawsuits against the guy.


  • Ail was rumored to have died or to have been seriously injured in a crash car a couple of years ago.
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