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Albert Wesker is the evil mastermind who is bent on complete global saturation, and in some way responsible for pretty much the entire Resident Evil series, and is never seen without his trademark black sunglasses and slick hairdo.

He is tied with Revolver Ocelot for the title of 'World's biggest double crossing backstabbing bastard', but beats out his Russian counterpart in the overall badass stakes by being stabbed through the lungs by a tyrant on purpose and still coming back for more. Wesker is responsible for one of the wisest pieces of advice ever given. Namely "Never trust anyone who wears dark glasses, indoors, at night."

Despite winning a match against Luca Blight in the Villain's Contest, Wesker ended up looking pathetic after being flattened by Kefka, who took over 70% of the vote in their matchup. This landed him at a miserable 13.63% and nearly dead last in the X-stats for that contest. Wesker gained some form of retribution in the '05 Contest a few months later, where he exposed Lloyd Irving as a giant overseeded fluke.

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