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Fun Stuff[]

Alec tied for first in SC2k4, having lost only 1 point (lol Vyse/Laharl), and was listed first on the leaderboard for several weeks after the contest ended. However, his tiebreaker was 42, which though lucky, was 64,401 votes away from the actual final votes received by the champion, knocking Alec down to 3rd place in prizes.

Testicle Bets[]

If you are looking for a testicle bet, Alec is your man, currently possessing a total of 17 testicles in addition to his own thanks to a series of bets on Gamefaqs forums and in real life. (see @AlecsBalls for details)

-Alec won one of TheKoolAidShoto's testicles when Halo: CE defeated Halo 3.

-Alec won a testicle each from Menji and DrFootball when Halo: CE defeated Uncharted 2.

-Alec won a testicle each from icon and Extha when Majora's Mask beat Pokemon:GSC.

-Sir Chris, was the first user to win a testicle bet against Alec, making a bet regarding Cliff Lee's ERA in B8BL Season 2.

-KamikazePotato and warning crazy each won a testicle when Brawl defeated Melee, however the KP/Alec bet was an attempt to jinx the outcome thanks to Alec's 15-1 record to that point. Unfortunately, the attempt failed.

-Wigs bet that Alec would get a bye in Round 2 of User of the Year 2011. Alec successfully anti-rallied to avoid the bye.

-Sess bet that Butler/Wisconsin would be a one point game in 2011 March Madness. It was not.

-WalrusJump believed that the Cubs would have a better record than the Red Sox in 2011. Despite a soulcrushing season, the Red Sox did better than the Cubs.

-Sir Chris bet that Starlin Castro would hit double digit homers. Castro hit exactly 10 homers. Alec will never make a testicle bet with Sir Chris again.

-Dr Football and Wigs both thought that Fighters would beat Trainers in the Rivalry contest. Pokemon Trainers won.

-ctes thought that Alec would get a bye in Round 2 of User of the Year 2012. Alec once again successfully anti-rallied to avoid the bye.

-Rock lost his testicle to Alec when he did not get laid in the 2012 calendar year.

-Menji won his testicle back from Alec when Phoenix Wright defeated Marth.

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