The alpha door is the first door you shoot in Metroid. It turns out that the door is intelligent, and is now a regular poster on Board 8.

Yeah, I bet you feel bad now. >:|


Most notable for:

Also the poster of the 333,333,333rd message on GameFAQs.

Also the poster of the 33,333,334th topic on GameFAQs.

Also posted 3 seconds after Ceej in a Ceej topic which was locked. Ceej manually deleted the post from existence (psst: if anyone has this pic it would be appreciated >_>)

Nominate Marina Liteyears.

Mysteries of Alpha Door Edit

alpha door = alfador?!

Known Alts Edit

beta door

Unknown Alts Edit

Mischief Makers

Emperor Gestahl

The Beastector

Depictions of alpha door Edit

DSRage's first depiction of alpha door


DSRage's second depiction of alpha door


The End of Alpha Door Edit

alpha door closed his account at some point. A discussion was taken to try and figure out why, but it sort of degraded into an argument about who is better at archiving topics. (Note: This paragraph needs to be updated to fit with the rest of the page.)

alpha door submitted his close account feedback ticket (complete with SotN quote) on Friday, March 2nd. CJayC, not wanting him to leave, delayed reading the feedback tickets until Monday, the 5th, at which time the account was closed. Within the following days, the topics on Board 8 alpha door was bumping purged. Ironically, the only one that he made himself was the last one to purge. ShadowHalo17 was the first user to notice that alpha door's account was closed, on Saturday, March 10th.

alpha door reborn? Edit

There are unconfirmed reports that the user AerisDS is indeed alpha door!

The Second and Final End of Alpha Door Edit

On 4/7/2008 alpha door closed all of his remaining accounts, including a number of secret spoilerific alts. These included beta door, Mischief Makers, Emperor Gestahl, The Beastector, esperwolf, meleesniper, AerisDS, AerisSNES, CronoDS, GeneralLeoDS, CastofFFIVDS, KaminaDS, ZelosDS, LLawlietDS, JiraiyaDS, SpikeSpiegelDS, MaesHughesDS, AsumaDS, TassadarDS, and WolfwoodDS. GuessMyUserName was the first user to notice that AerisDS's account was closed, on Monday moring, April 14th.

The End.

Right, and Capcom is done whoring out Mega Man games.