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Round One


Sunday, September 23rd, 2007

Ulti's Analysis[]

Poll 2883
Division 6
Match # 21
Match Date Sunday, September 23rd, 2007
Dante - 50.51%
Amaterasu - 17.94%
Little Mac - 17.34%
Matt (Wii Sports) - 14.22%
Dante first place (2pts) - 78.54%
Dante second place (1pt) - 14.41%
Amaterasu second place (2pts) - 27.74%
Amaterasu first place (1pt) - 11.39%
Dante - 92.95% (34,135)
Amaterasu - 39.13% (14,370)

I know we all realize Amaterasu is strong now, but back before her first match she was quite the debated issue. Dante was clearly going to get first place here, but past him this was considered very up in the air. People did not have faith in Amaterasu doing well, and there was a lot of NintendoFEAR at work. Little Mac is a beloved character on Board 8, and Matt had a gigantic joke factor working in his favor. All three characters had a decent case for second place, but the big argument was between Amaterasu and Little Mac.

When the poll began, Matt was actually winning. But unlike past joke characters like Bidoof and Mudkip, he was unable to keep the pace beyond a few seconds and quickly fell back into last place. Dante of course was able to take first and keep it for the entire match.

I'd like to say Ammy vs Little Mac was interesting, but it wasn't. It was close for 5 minutes, then Amaterasu stormed ahead. People blamed Boxing SFF (lol) and even held out hope Little Mac would catch a Nintendo morning vote, but it was not to be. Amaterasu won fairly easily, which a lot of people didn't expect because even bottom of the barrel Nintendo is still Nintendo. Some people even came out and said Little Mac would have won if Matt were replaced, which is certainly possible but I doubt it. Just look at how legit Ammy is these days, and that's without taking her pending MvC3 boost into effect.

Stats and Analysis[]

this match seemed really easy to me - Matt was a complete non-factor due to most people not getting the joke, and Amaterasu was a nice little niche game but would be fairly unknown to the average fan, even from people who played Okami, due to her name. Little Mac was the easy pick here.

well, I was right about Matt, but not Amaterasu, as she took a solid early lead and only built on it throughout the day. there was talk about the lesser-known Amaterasu crumbling once the board vote ended, but it never did; Little Mac was actually the one to crumble after the first couple of hours. the kiddies just don't know their oldschool anymore!

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