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Amazing Telephone (AT) is one of the most popular Board 8 vets. He's been hanging around the board doing God knows what since its conception. He has gained universal recognition in this time for his acute wit, oblique charm and superfluous italics.

Did you know?[]

  • Amazing Telephone is singlehandedly responsible for the spread and acceptance of 'Board 8' as a label for the Contest board!

  • AT is the driving force behind GFNW. His psychoanalytical essays on the subject should be required reading material.

  • Amazing Telephone closed his namesake account after losing a self-imposed bet against Aeon Azuran.

  • AT lives in the ghetto of Canada: Winnipeg, Manitoba.

  • AT has slept with Soupy's mother more than he or anyone else cares to remember.

  • AT actually enjoys the music of one Paul Anka.

  • AT is probably most famous for his experimentation with Schroedinger's Camel

  • Amazing Telephone still posts from time to time under the accounts Phoenix Flattener and Galactica Phantom.