Who is Amy Rose?Edit

If you look back to the days of the Sega CD, you'll notice that she is nothing like she is today. Amy started out as just another "damsel in distress" girl for Sonic to save. Following Sonic's famous race with Metal Sonic, Amy was safe, and now she had a crush on the blue blur.

Fast forward to the Dreamcast. Amy was no longer this shy little girl; she hit puberty and had a strange fascination for miniskirts. She'd go crazy just at the mention of Sonic, and incessantly followed him around as much as she could (to her dismay, Sonic was very good at running away). During yet another one of Robotnik's attempts to take over the world, Amy herself was pursued by E-100, a large green robot made specifically for snatching things. After being chased all over Station Square and the surrounding areas, Amy decides it's enough and slams him into a force field with her Piko Piko hammer, destroying him and freeing the bird inside.

While Amy is not playable in Sonic Adventure 2's story mode, she does have a large presence in the game. After mistaking Shadow for Sonic (just like every other character in the game for some bizarre reason), Amy gets saved by Tails, and for the rest of the game she follows Sonic & Knuckles in an attempt to figure out what's going on. Sonic came to her rescue on the ARK spacestation when Robotnik held her at gunpoint, but when Robotnik launched Sonic into space, Amy felt responsible for his death. But not even that can stop Sonic, as he Chaos Control'd himself to safety and destroyed Robotnik's giant cannon. Even when friends and foes worked together to stop the ARK from crashing into the earth, Amy was frustrated that she couldn't do anything to help. But after seeing Shadow moping while everyone else was working their asses off, Amy convinced him to go with the others, and he ultimately saved the ARK.

Amy may seem annoying at first (few people want a girl chasing after them everywhere they go), but she fits into the Sonic universe just fine. She isn't angsty like Shadow or slutty like Rouge, and she can come in handy when she wants to be. Besides, her Piko Piko hammer hurts like hell.

"Sonic, this time there's no way out of marrying me!" -Amy Rose (Writeup courtesy of Big Bob)

Amy Rose's Contest HistoryEdit

Win-Loss Record: 0-1

Summer 2006 Contest - Triforce Division - 6 Seed

  • Triforce Round 1 --- Lost to (3) KOS-MOS, 35441 [34.57%] - 67068 [65.43%]
  • Extrapolated Strength --- 47th Place [20.46%]

Amy Rose is one of many characters that only made the Summer 2006 Contest because of the female bracket, and like most of them she was in one blowout before leaving the contest. She was up against KOS-MOS so her loss wasn't as bad as some, but the point still stands.

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