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andymancan1 VS TurnTurnTurn was a rivalry in late 2006-early 2007 that quickly became a favorite among many users. Almost any topic remotely involving either of the two users developed into a giant argument between the two of them, which annoyed most of the board after awhile.

TurnTurnTurn was backed by most users who bothered reading these arguments, due to andy's history of mass marking and trolling people, which extended even to this Wiki. Even among andy's supporters, however, Turn was generally seen as "winning" the various confrontations; their objection lay in the personal insults directed at one or both sides. Turn really didn't argue, he just insulted and tried to keep up his image that he was "better" then Andyman. He succeeded.

After making a topic to complain that the mods weren't bending the rules *enough* in his favour, Sine informed andy that not liking Haley Scarnato was, in fact, not a TOS violation, causing massive butthurt, and andy's undignified exit from the board. A winner is Turn!

To this day, Andy still marks people all over Board 8, and contacts GameFAQs and Wikia admins whenever he doesn't get his way. Turn wins by default, because most people know only children resort to such childish nonsense.