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Who is Ansem?[]

For a large part of Kingdom Hearts, you have no clue who Ansem even is. In the middle of the game, you're told by Leon that Ansem was a great man that all the people of Leon's world loved. You're also told that Ansem tried mightily to stop the Heartless's invasion of Leon's world, but ultimately failed.

Ansem then disappeared and was never heard from again... supposedly. You later learn that Ansem began intense research on the Heartless after his disappearance, and soon it drove him to madness. Ansem wanted the power of the Heartless for his own, and he succeeded; Ansem and his minions grew able to manipulate the Heartless to do their bidding for them, though most of this is unknown to Sora and friends through the game.

Ansem's final goal for achieving ultimate power was to find Kingdom Hearts, a land of pure darkness that would augment his powers to the highest. Sora was able to show up in time and defeat Ansem, but it barely mattered anyway. All of Ansem's desire and research went to waste when the door to Kingdom Hearts was opened and it is discovered that the land is not one of pure darkness, but of light.

Stopping Ansem doesn't mean that the Heartless have been defeated however, which opens the door for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 2.

"Those who know nothing understand nothing." - Ansem

Ansem's Contest History[]

Win-Loss Record: 1-1

Spring 2005 Contest - Triforce Division - 4 Seed

  • Triforce Round 1 --- Defeated (5) CATS, 36637 [54.04%] - 31153 [45.96%]
  • Triforce Semifinal --- Lost to (1) Ganondorf, 20027 [25.56%] - 58317 [74.44%]
  • Extrapolated Strength --- 12th Place [21.39%]

Ansem won a match in Spring 2005, but that was all about how well CATS did. Not only was it CATS' best performance to date, but Ansem needed the morning vote to finally take the lead from CATS and put him away. Not that most people didn't expect Ansem to be a weak character (you don't see him in Kingdom Hearts until the *very* end), but almost losing to CATS? It goes to show just how weak the villain field was.

Lost in all of this is that Ansem did about 2% better against Ganondorf than he should have due to it being the sprite round, which isn't a bad note to go out on.