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These are Applekidjosh's Top Ten Subway Sandwiches which were ranked for Ed Bellis's What Would You Do.

Top 10 Subway Sandwiches[]

I've tried hundreds of managers. I know the ins and outs.

10) Steak I didn't like the Steak sandwich.

9) Tuna The tuna is nasty.

8) Turkey-Ham If you want something with more substance to it, get the Club.

7) Spicy Italian It's the worst thing on the entire menu.

6) Italian BMT It's very greasy

5) Meatball utting the stuff in the hole. That is the only way you'll finish a baby off.

4) Roasted Chicken Not enjoyable.

3) Pastrami It's a tragedy.

2) Veggie Not everyone's cup of tea.

1) Subway Club You will probably wet yourself.

Every time I eat them, I die a little inside.