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Round One


Sunday, September 9th, 2007

Ulti's Analysis[]

Poll 2869
Division 2
Match # 7
Match Date Sunday, September 9th, 2007
Auron - 40.27%
Shadow - 31.54%
Chris Redfield - 17.35%
Pyramid Head - 10.58%
Auron first place (2pts) - 69.36%
Auron second place (1pt) - 13.63%
Shadow second place (2pts) - 51.65%
Shadow first place (1pt) - 13.41%
Auron - 82.99% (30,477)
Shadow - 65.06% (23,893)

Scorpion > Midna was the first boring match, but at least the result was surprising. This match was just boring period. There was no way Auron wasn't getting an easy first place. There was no way Shadow wasn't getting an easy second place. This was all about setting things up for the next round, specifically how Auron/Bowser/Ryu are all kind of close and who knows what could happen in a fourway.

The only interesting thing about this match was Pyramid Head miraculously beating Chris Redfield for third place, although it comes with a bit of an asterisk since Resident Evil 5 didn't exist yet. Lame. Pyramid Head's one moment of contest glory can't even be his. If this poll were rerun, Chris probably gets second place.

Stats and Analysis[]

completely obvious first place winner. completely obvious second place winner.

the distance between the two was surprising, though. most people thought that Auron would take this without a struggle, but not by 25,000 votes. Shadow actually had to use his great day vote in order to even make it look this close -- during the nighttime, he was actually losing updates to freaking Pyramid Head. Pyramid Head got quintupled by Bowser, the guy Shadow would be going up against next round. needless to say, Shadow's chances at advancing to round 3 were officially screwed here.

speaking of Pyramid Head, what an unexpected result from him (it?). Pyramid Head got the exact same percentage against Bowser as he did against all three of these guys combined. that's either a completely static fanbase (extremely unlikely) or Silent Hill is more popular nowadays. Good show.

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