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Complete text of Ayvuir's Top 25 most vital and inspirational users to Board 8 topic, posted in November of 2007.


Board 8 is an internet community shaped by the hundreds of users that have posted here over the years. People come here for gaming advice, life advice, making and joining in contests during the off season, expressing general opinions, socialising and the general occasional excitement of the contest season.

There are some users though who influence this board more than others, i think you'll agree. These users shape this board to what it is today, and will be for the future, and this is list is simply to recognise that fact.

This list is compiled of users from over the years, most still post here, a few only regularly, some not at all, but they have all influenced the board in some way. Some people are added in simply that the board wouldn't be the same without them, some for a great contribution they have made.

Now i know what your probably thinking...why is HE doing this? Its surely going to be completely inaccurate, he knows nothing! Wrong. I know a fair bit, been here since 04, and picked up a fair bit of knowledge of what happened before i came here. plus this is obviously just my opinion. Note though it was quite hard to pick positions, so if your gonna be like "OMG he so shouldn't be 23! And how is that guy number 8, he's done nothing!!"...well... whatever. My topic. My opinion.

Honorable Mentions[]

First of all, some users who didn't make the top 25, but deserve a definite mention.


Been here a fair few years now, and a very down to earth guy. Very musically opinionated and generally intelligent, you wouldn't want to pick a debate with him. People would definately notice if he left.


Hosts the Spread Betting topic in Contest Season, which although didn't do as usually well this year as it did in previous years, its still an integral part of the Contest Season


"This contest has lost all credibility." Oh Dorami...where would we be without you...


Created the "Name a Flaw" topics which have now been over taken by FalconPain. Been on the boards every day for nearly 3 years now. A vital part of the board.


Debating whether to put him in or not, and maybe should've been. Made that infamous pokemon topic, The B8, and just generally adds a bit of comedy to the board, more than others.


Battle Royale topics always provide entertainment, if only for as long as he keeps the story going...


Created sites for the stats topic, perhaps should have been on the list, but haven't really seen him around for a long long time.


A vet who's been around for quite a while. Always friendly and outgoing and known throughout the board.

Heroic Mario[]

Another vet who's been around a while and still posts regularly. Always nice to see the vets from years previous still around and involved in board activity.


Keeps a very good archive topic. Essential to rallying Freeman that broke GFNW. Generally an all round awesome user who seems to be quite unappreciated.

The List[]

25. Ed Bellis[]

Bellis is one of the modern "big hits" of the board. He's been in the highlight of popularity for probably over a year now and is still going strong as being one of the most liked users on the board at the current time, this is mainly because pretty much everyone here knows who he is and because he's generally so damn nice all the time, no-one really has a bad word to say about him.

This though is a good thing for the board. Its good to have a user who earns his popularity and his name not through being a total douche like some people. In some ways, without using the word too carelessly, he is a sort of icon for newer users of how Board 8 should generally be approached.

Bellis also contributes a lot to the board to keep his status, always with some sort of topic that involves the board, whether it be a poll or contest of sorts. I can only hope he sticks around for the next few years.

24. Holy Excalibur[]

A much underappreciated user in the sense that he doesn't get an incredible amount of recognition for the 100 Top Games, Characters, and Games Series he does year after year. This involves users voting for their favourites of these categories, and then HE doing all the collaborating and then presenting the results. Otherwise though Holy Excalibur doesn't post as regularly as others but still does a fair bit, but these 3 topics are his major contribution to the board.

And to be honest, waht a great contribution it is. The 3 lists stretch out over a few months and is a big part of the Board 8 off season, gets the whole of the board involved and is a real big hit.

The sites he has created for us to view the results as well must have taken quite a lot of work, which also goes slightly underappreciated.

In my opinion the off season wouldnt be the off season without certain things on this board, and Holy Excalibur's Top 100 lists that involve the Board as it does is one of them.

23. Kosmo Trainer[]

Kosmo gets this spot purely for the awesomeness of Kosmo Radio. Therefore special mentions have to go to the co-hosts Angsty Lou and EEric.

Kosmo Radio was an inspirational creation founded by Kosmo Trainer, and is a great part of Board life, on and off season. Although much more active in the past than present it proved to be a great creation for Board 8.

Classic interviews such as MYC and the jp were had on the radio show and allowed Board8ers to find out more about one another through these interviews. Prank phone calls are also done on the show which adds another element of humour to the program.

Kosmo Radio was a vital and inspirational creation and really got the board involved. Therefore its creator rightly deserves a spot on this list.

22. the jp[]

K, gonna get this one out the way before ultimate flaming occurs.

jp really wasn't inspirational as such, though he did inspire users to come up with their greatest fat jokes... jp is on this list though for the drama that he bought to the board, and to be honest this board relies a lot on drama.

With the jp, he was always a target of cruel jokes, especially after he posted his picture. Though the joking was a kind of board activity as such, and everytime he posted, drama always seemed to ensue, which kept us entertained for quite a while. This in my vue made the jp an integral part of board life, perhaps not in a good way, but in a way none the less.

21. Shadow Ryoko[]

Girls are far and few between on this board. Hell most of the time its just one giant dick fest. So its nice to have a few girls around, and Ryoko is most definately one of the nicest of the bunch.

She's been around for a fair few years now, and is always about, offering her opinion and views when needed. Most of all though she brings a bit of drama to the board, which is always vital around here.

Recently-ish she got kicked out of her house IIRC, this topic brought the board together to offer there support for our hobo friend, and i always like to see that, because despite all the quabbles about games or contest matches etc, when a generally nice person that no-one really has anything against is in a spot of trouble, we can all group together and help...well as much as one can help on an internet message board. Anyway something always seems to be happening with Ryoko in real life, mainly bad things unfortunately, but it always brings discussion and drama to the board when we get to hear about it.

Ryoko is a user that would definately be missed if she left, unlike the previous entry, i only hope that she continues to stick around a while longer, and continues to grace us with her presence.

20. the icon ownz all[]

When icon came to the board in 2004 he was everywhere, always talking in the third person, a trait which he still uses to this day. Though being everywhere he got to know the board quickly and won one of Sabin's User Season Battles.

Icon is most known for his love for music, specifically alternative or indie music. He has done many topics involving rating or talking about music, and is one of the most active users who does this. Whether or not his opinion is slightly bias or not, he is vital to the music scene here on Board 8, and with him gone its potentially a big chunk out of that part of the board.

Icon may not post as regularly as he did a few years back, but when he does it is more often than not in a music related topic. When he did post a lot though he made a massive impact on the board and rose to popularity in one of those good ways, kinda like Bellis, its just a shame he doesn't have as much time to be like that anymore.

19. Shake[]

Shake is another user who has been around for years and made lasting impacts on the board during his stay.

He has made many contributions to the board, including that ever so popular Boardamon thing that swept the board for a week or so earlier this year. Otherwise one of the words that best sums up Shake, is entertainment, and because of this sole fact he makes the top 20.

Now i wasn't here for these so called "Shakespeare" things i found when looking at his wikia profile, but i know it provided enterntainment. Another mass entertainment project of Shake was one i know slightly more about, and that is the harrassment of PotD'er Ail, which was very entertaining to say the least. Then there was that infamous night, dubbed EarthSHAKE, which was a night of mass invasion and banned exciting that night was!

Shake is one of the biggest entertainers on the board, in so many ways, whether it be good or bad. Entertainment is obviously vital in any community, and this is why Shake is here.

18. Team Rocket Elite[]

Team Rocket Elite, or TRE is a long time comer to the board, and although not around so much anymore in the off season, is always around in the on season doing his First Vote Championship year in year out.

Whats inspirational about TRE is that he was a Board 8 reg, who got made into a mod. Which i think is pretty impressive if its what you want to do. This shows any Board 8ers that if they want to become a mod, they can, with effort and work and such >_>

TRE is also a very intelligent users and never really made annoying posts and topics like some users. Keeps an archive of all the stats topics with NGamer, which must be MASSIVE these days as the topic is somewhere in the 500s.

Overall TRE is an inspiration to any Board 8ers wanting to actually make it as a mod on this site. His First Vote topic is also one of those topics i class "necessary" to the contest season.

He's also quite a nice guy >_>

17. Forsaken[]

Now i suppose this is one of those users that haven't really been active in a year or so, but still deserves a spot on this list.

Forsaken, aside from begin a really good guy and general all round awesome user, is i would say one of the founding fathers of user contests...if there is such a thing. Which there now is. Because i said so.

Forsaken's user contests were BIG! Whenever he did one, the board rushed to sign up for them. Other user contests were put in to the shadows when one of Forsakens contests came along, and rightly so, they were freaking awesome! I think he got to 7 in the end?? Could be corrected on that. Anyway Forsaken was vital for the future creation and continuity of other user contests, and i don't feel this board would be the same without user contests.

Come on Forsaken, come back! Its time for one more!!!

16. SineNomine[]

Right i just wrote a load out for Sine and then my computer ballsed up and i lost it all and i cant remember what i wrote and cant be bothered to reflect on it all again, so this is going to be a short one.

Sine became a moderator of GameFAQs in 2005, and is a regular poster to Board 8. He may be a mod, but he is OUR mod, and holds a hell of a lot of power over this board, so you got to stay on the right side of him really.

He is what a mod should be though, friendly and helpful, part of the society in which he moderates. Everyone on here pretty much knows Sine, and knows that he's a very sound, down to earth kinda guy. This is what mods should be like, and he is vital to this board in the way he goes about his moderators job. We could have a lot worse.

15. MakeYourChance[]

I hated MYC when he came to his board a few years back. He was everywhere, being what i felt was extremely arrogant and annoying, yet he shot up the popularity ladder with ease.

Then after a while he left, and then came back, with a massive drama in that he was changing sex, or had done...i can't remember. This was...just wow. And the fact it actually wasn't a joke topic like some others circulating at that point about the same topic brought a mass amount of drama to the board.

MYC is drama, and is why she is vital to the board. Or i should say was vital, as she has now left the board for a fresh start, and although i had a hatred for her at the beginning, i actually now understand her a lot more, and wish her all the best for the future. As far as ridiculous drama stories go, Board 8 won't be the same without her.

14. xXSabin FigaroXx[]

Sabin was the creator of the well renowned USB (User Season Battle) For this reason, he obtains a pretty high spot on the list.

The USB was the biggest user contest the board had ever seen, and was run extremely well by Sabin and some helpers. The USB may have only had two seasons, and although a third one looked on the card, they were two amazing seasons of user battles. Doesn't look like there will be any more USBs, especially after the creation of the UUL.

Outside his vital role in creating the USB, Sabin created various other contests, and was generally known around the board as a good guy without many enemies here. Its finally good to see him back on the board after quite a long spell out.

13. yazzy14[]

Yes Forsaken is the contest Guru, yes Sabin did the USB, but in the modern board society, yazzy is the king of the user contest.

Although not the initial creator or the UUL (Had to fit that in somewhere >_>), he might as well have been. Yazzy has taken the UUL from strength to strength, has currently done 4 seasons, and is now in the midst of a World Cup, which i'm sure you all know.

The UUL has been a vital part of the board in the past year and a bit, and i know most people have enjoyed it. As its chief, yazzy is also extremely vital to the modern day board, though it is arguable whether or not it could be run without him, but it sure would not be the same. I have to also add significant mentions to the rest of the UUL team, including ShatteredElysium, th3l3fty, BBallman etc,

Outside from the UUL yazzy doesn't post a mass load, but he does make himself known in other topics, which is good to see that he isn't just 100% all about the UUL.

12. A Hogasm in Pog Form[]

Bet this one has shocked a few of you, and even now i'm digressing why i've put Hogasm so high and ahead of SO many people.

Then i think to myself, Hogasm is just one of those people who is a necessity to contest season. Remember this season? When he was like 2 or 3 days late, the whole board was in an uproar! Screaming out for Hogasm to post the same topic he does every single day on who loses the match in the form of "lol *insert name here* more like *insert name here* OWNED" or something along that variation.

Hogasm is vital to contest season, and to be honest he is more of a NEED than a WANT. We need him to post those topics during contest season, otherwise it just doesn't feel like contest season.

Never leave Hogasm...never leave.

11. Zachnorn[]

Zach has done a hell of a lot for this board, which most of it goes way too unappreciated IMO. His most notable thing i feel is his massive involvement with the Board 8 wiki. Involved in its creation, and then moving it over to its new location on wikia. The Board 8 Wiki is an integral part to the board, and is a great little website to view nearly all the history of the board in little segments. Have to say a recognition also to Repus_Yortsed and SA2Tails for their involvement too.

Not just that though Zach is involved in other aspects of board life. Stickam, which i unfortunately don't know too much about, he does. Also he is famous for eating that nintendogs game which brought about great humour, and also his infamous Overrated topics and rants.

The board wouldn't be the same if Zachnorn had never come to the board. I know you can say that about a lot of users, but Zach definitely more than others. From the Wiki to his overrated topics that create debate and general entertainment for us all, Zach is integral to the board.

10. ExThaNemesis[]

The next two users on the list are much more social users, than outstanding contributions made. But as i've said before, just being highly social is extremely vital to board life.

The first of these 2 users is ExTha. ExTha has been around for a fair number of years now, and still regularly posts, unlike most vets from years and years back. Extha is extremely popular, winning both a User of the Year, and a USB tournament, two very prestigious titles.

So why is Extha so popular? He's generally a very outgoing person on the board, not afraid to voice an opinion, and also has a large amount of wit that amuses others. He's very friendly and never really pisses anyone off. All of these factors put together make him as popular as he is. He gets on this list because of the fact that his popularity has barely withered in 3 or so years, he's still greatly known around the board, and to be honest there would be a gaping hole of social...ness...>_> if he was gone.

9. Sir Chris[]

The second of my little double whammy of great social users, who although don't make massive creative contributions, don't really need to anyway because they still stand out through general topic making and posting.

Sir Chris is pretty much this. Very much a veteran of the board who still posts a lot and has never dwindled in popularity. This is because Chris is awesome, and holds a lot of respect on the board from other users, nobody will ever really have a dig at him properly because of this, and also because its hard to.

Chris is a well known Dragon Warrior/Quest fan, and i for one got into the games because of him, a decision i most certainly dont regret, and i'm pretty sure he has influenced others into these marvelous games. Although I have said that Chris doesn't make massive contributions creative wise, he has made Fan fics, although i don't recall if he's ever really finished one... Anyway, Chris, like ExTha, is one of those vital users, who are great at socialising and make the board a better place.

8. ertyu[]

Oh ertyu...what would board 8 be without you?? We'd have no-one to constantly take the piss out for your TERRIBLE use of grammar and spelling.

Whether the current ertyu of the board is real or not, this spot goes to the REAL ertyu, wherever he may be. ertyu entertained us all with his child like drawings, his endless contests and constant moaning that we didn't vote in them. The ertyu user contests, which he despised hosting for some reason, and were eventually overtaken by sess, were actually EXTREMELY popular!

ertyu is one of those people that you would really really notice if he was gone, and well we kind of have noticed it with constant screams of "FAKERTYU" to current username Tornadoman78, and i to be honest don't believe he's the real deal. But still an element of the board legend that is ertyu still remains in this fair play.

And for the record Kirby > Dante (>^^)>

7. CJayC[]

Now yes technically pretty much everybody would have said that CJayC isn't a Board8er, which i would completely back up, but in no way or form have i said this list is going to be ALL Board 8ers (though 24/25 are >_>), instead people who have been inspirational and vital to the board.

CJay was basically the godfather of GameFAQs, he was here from its beginning and only decided to hand over the reigns earlier this year. So without Ceej there would be no GameFAQs, and no Board 8, and none of us would ever have met on this glorious online community.

So yes Ceej was not a Board 8er as such, but he did create this board, and the contests, which is essentially what this board is for. Therefore there is no doubt that he has been inspirational and vital to us in every way possible. I would have put him higher but i thought i should give the top spots to Board 8ers.

Long live the King.

6. Kaxon and King Morgoth[]

I couldn't really separate these two to be honest so i decided to put them both together in a very respectable 6th place.

Kaxon and King Morgoth run the Oracle Challenge during the Contest Season, which in my opinion is ultimately the BEST thing on the board in contest season, i absolutely love it, and i know many others do too. To be honest if the Oracle didn't run during this time, i for one would be here a lot less... well, maybe.

The Oracle, although just a contest, is set out very professionally. It has its own website, all the percentages are worked out via a clever little spreadsheet system, and a hell of a lot of work goes in to it to make sure its all kept up to date for everyone. These two users are so vital in contest season for this board, well over 100 people take part in the Oracle per year and without them the season would have a massive chunk of it taken out.

These two users though are very contest orientated and don't spend much time here in the off season, which is fair play. As long as they come back year after year though to do the Oracle, i'll be happy.

5. NGamer64[]

NGamer has been on the board since the dawn of time...almost. He owns the well known website "" which holds a lot of Board 8 related projects. The most known one, in my eyes anyway, is the Guru contest which is held every contest season.

The Guru, run by NGamer and Ulti puts users predicting skills to the test, and is one of those handful of projects that go on during contest season which is oh so vital to the board.

Besides the Guru, NGamer has done so many other things relating to the contests season, which to be honest is why Board 8 was created. He maintains the stats topic archive along with TRE, as well as a contest archive, which is used by anyone who wants to know about previous contests. He has also co-hosted the First Vote Championship, and created the First Vote Machine.

Although not huge in the off season, he is still around - a lot more so far this off season in my opinion, which is a great thing. NGamer is one of those fundamental users to the board which made the place as it is today. He has made so many contributions that will live on for years to come.

4. creativename[]

creativename was a maths whizz, and created the well renowned and still very heavily used X-Stats (Extropolated stats). These X-Stats could "predict" the outcome of matches with high success rates basing characters performances in previous contests. This showed with creativename doing extremely well in the latter half of the 2003 Oracle.

creativename was also the first to introduce the fifteen minute match update system, which once again is still used by the board, making it another distinctly vital contribution to the board. His website contains many contest related statistics and is a great place for any stats goer.

Though he has done all this for the board, i don't think I've ever seen him post properly in the past few years...which is why he is not higher than this, though all that he has done for the board shall never be forgotten.

3. Smurf[]

Ok, before i possibly get ridiculed for this one, first let me explain my reasons. Sure you have users that really make/have made an impact on the board during contest season, but as the off season goes, i would say Smurf is up the top of the most vital users.

First off, Smurf is everywhere during the off season, whether it be causing a stir, giving an opinion, or just generally socialising with people. He contributes with ridiculous one off topic, which cause outcrys such as that famous charity topic last year when he reunited a load of old users, but then didn't actually pay the chairty money like he said he would. But still, highly entertaining topic.

As for more vital contributions, Smurf has those as well. He runs the User of the Year Contest every year, which has turned in to the most popular annual user contest across the board. This contest is always packed full of entertainment, controversy, arguments, different types of competitions, and huge upsets. Without Smurf i doubt it would involve all of these things.

Another major contribution, which was an inspiration to me as well as some others was his Board 8 RPG Rising Stream. As far as Board 8 RPG's go, very very few get finished. Rising Stream DID get finished and was a MASSIVE hit on the board, and although it was terribly...HORRIBLY technically flawed, it was a great game to play just because of all the Board 8 related fun-ness that came with it. This inspired me to make my RPG, as well as Punny, as his is based on Rising Stream itself.

Smurf may not make much of an impact in the contest season, but in the off season, this is where he shines the most. Believe it or not, Smurf is heavily vital to this board's off season.

2. Amazing Telephone[]

AT deservedly gets this second spot for one hugely vital, and inspirational factor. He created Board 8... Well the name for it at least.

Yes, CJay may have created the Contest Board, but AT labelled the board "Board 8" and spread the word throughout the lands. Without AT, this board would still be called..."Contest Board" throughout...which is quite boring. Anything now done by the board is now called "The Board 8 this" "Or "The Board 8 That", showing that the creation of the name Board 8 has inspired us all to follow in his footsteps and carry the name on to eternity.

Other than this AT is just generally a fantastic user. Very witty and sociable, he was always a joy to see post and was highly popular across the board. He was the driving force behind the whole "GFNW" saga, which unfortunately got broken a year ago and the universe imploded... AT closed his account after a bet with Aeon Azuran, and although then went under the account name Phoenix Flattener, i haven't seen him post here in at least over 6 months now, probably more...unless i'm not looking hard enough.

Inspirational, and vital in his time on the board, Amazing Telephone will never be forgotten.

1. UltimaterializerX[]

Ulti may not have done a mass amount of websites that is contest related. Ulti may not have created User Contests and RPG's. Ulti may not have created mass entertainment or controversy. But Ulti holds everything together. This is why he is numero Uno.

Since i came here mid 2004, i immediately recognised Ulti as being one of the BIG users. The one that is highly popular and respected, and no-one really argues with properly, only playfully. There were other users at that time i recognised of being like this, but they have come and gone throughout the years where as Ulti has remained.

There is a hierarchy of users on this board, whether or not it is spoken about or not it truly exists, and Ulti sits at the top. He has been here for years, making an impact in the contest season, and then also, unlike many contest related users, he contributes to the off season as well. He is a user, as i've said before, is highly respected, and isn't someone that your going to insult, without really thinking about it first, because your likely going to get torn to shreds by everyone else.

As far as his contributions go, with the contests season the main one has to be The Contest Stats and Discussion topics. Although these were started by Solarshadow, Ulti has basically taken the responsibility over, and if i'm right, its easily the longest running topic by number of posts on this board. A hugely vital topic, and although could be run without him, would truly not be the same.

With the off season, Ulti carries on the Contest stats and discussion topics, as well as other contests, such as the HUGE Game Contest he holds across a number of boards, and is widely voted in. He is also quite sociable, and although maybe as not as crazy or entertaining as others, he is mature and genuine, making him very easy to talk to and to get a mature response from.

So as I've said before, Ulti holds everything together. He is recognised, as soon as you start posting here, as one of the dominant users on the board, and rightly so. In terms of being vital to the board, it is beyond words. Ulti has been here for years, and will sorely be missed when he no doubt, like everyone else, will eventually leave.