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bladeknight9999 (7:26:33 PM): Wigs, Swirl, Charton, Night, ENTER!?, War, Red, Big, Merc, Pxl, Sonten, Spiral, Ngirl, Shep, Wedge (15)
mercurialife (7:26:38 PM): stockades*
DeludedTwilight (7:26:38 PM): Just swim around
bladeknight9999 (7:26:41 PM): Day 1 will last until 7:40
mercurialife (7:26:42 PM): just go naked and run in
bladeknight9999 (7:26:45 PM): 13 minutes or so
bladeknight9999 (7:26:47 PM): Go
DeludedTwilight (7:26:51 PM): Take the zepplin and swim around the coast. Boom, westfall without hassle
ChartonZ500 (7:26:53 PM): ##NK
ChartonZ500 (7:26:54 PM): ##NL
NightWhispers16 (7:26:58 PM): LOL CHARTON
pxlatedgod (7:26:58 PM): ##shep
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:26:58 PM): DO IT NL
pxlatedgod (7:26:59 PM): the gut
pxlatedgod (7:27:00 PM): do it
NightWhispers16 (7:27:00 PM): no kill
pxlatedgod (7:27:01 PM): 'do it'
WedgeAntilles006 (7:27:01 PM): That was intense wigs
NightWhispers16 (7:27:02 PM): no kill
pxlatedgod (7:27:02 PM): guuut
pxlatedgod (7:27:03 PM): do it
NightWhispers16 (7:27:04 PM): no kill
bigvissian (7:27:04 PM): charton claimed night kill
DeludedTwilight (7:27:06 PM): ##nl
bigvissian (7:27:07 PM): kill it
NightWhispers16 (7:27:08 PM): ##nl
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:27:09 PM): NO
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:27:09 PM): NL
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:27:11 PM): YES
IceShepard3 (7:27:11 PM): ##nl
mercurialife (7:27:16 PM): *orgasms* that was hot wigs
tirofog444 (7:27:18 PM): ##NL "lol"
War13104 (7:27:21 PM): .....what the hell was that, wigs?
EnterUserNameNow (7:27:27 PM): ##charton for starting this NL shit
mercurialife (7:27:28 PM): fucking communists why are you NLing
IceShepard3 (7:27:31 PM): brb gonna grab some bread
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:27:31 PM): WAR
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:27:33 PM): NL
mercurialife (7:27:34 PM): ##enter
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:27:34 PM): DO IT
mercurialife (7:27:34 PM): wtf?
DeludedTwilight (7:27:37 PM): ##Un
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:27:37 PM): OR I WILL CUM ON YOU
bigvissian (7:27:43 PM): ##spiral
bladeknight9999 (7:27:43 PM): I'm sure thats not enough NLs for hammer
bigvissian (7:27:44 PM): die scum
mercurialife (7:27:45 PM): wait
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:27:46 PM): NO
DeludedTwilight (7:27:46 PM): ##Charton Yeah, it's annoying
ChartonZ500 (7:27:47 PM): Hey it's enter
mercurialife (7:27:48 PM): spiral is playing
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:27:48 PM): MORE NL
WedgeAntilles006 (7:27:48 PM): hey merc?
mercurialife (7:27:50 PM): ##un
DeludedTwilight (7:27:51 PM): Yup
mercurialife (7:27:51 PM): ##spiral
NintendoGrl 1 (7:27:54 PM): ah we started
ChartonZ500 (7:27:54 PM): and how did I start NLing?
ChartonZ500 (7:27:58 PM): You know how stupid that sounds
WedgeAntilles006 (7:28:01 PM): How many 80s would it take to do the original naxx?
WedgeAntilles006 (7:28:06 PM): the level 60 raid
bigvissian (7:28:13 PM): less than 25
EnterUserNameNow (7:28:13 PM): oh, it was Wigs first?
WedgeAntilles006 (7:28:14 PM): could you 5 man it?
mercurialife (7:28:17 PM): well its not there
bigvissian (7:28:22 PM): you could 5 man loatheb at 60
pxlatedgod (7:28:33 PM): lynch shep
pxlatedgod (7:28:33 PM): do it
pxlatedgod (7:28:35 PM): do it do it do it
mercurialife (7:28:36 PM): a well geared and smart 5 people yeah
Red13N (7:28:45 PM): hmm
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:28:47 PM): RED
WedgeAntilles006 (7:28:48 PM): I've already lost track of votals
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:28:48 PM): NL
Warlock7735 (7:28:48 PM): ITS THE FINAL COUNTDOWN
bigvissian (7:28:48 PM): yeah, but it was a 40man at 60 >_>
pxlatedgod (7:28:51 PM): stoned gut
mercurialife (7:28:52 PM): i had 20 70s-80s and couldnt do aq40 >>
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:28:53 PM): NL NL NL NL NL
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:28:58 PM): oh god
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:29:00 PM): this is so hot
mercurialife (7:29:05 PM): people 2 manned onyxia didnt they
WedgeAntilles006 (7:29:17 PM): There was a glitch for onyxia though, isn't there?
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:29:17 PM): plllllllllease NL
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:29:19 PM): I NEED IT
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:29:21 PM): I NEED IT SO BAD
bigvissian (7:29:23 PM): votals
NintendoGrl 1 (7:29:25 PM): VOTALS?
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:29:26 PM): I NEED NL
IceShepard3 (7:29:28 PM): so who havent we heard from
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:29:29 PM): OH GOD I NEED IT
DeludedTwilight (7:29:30 PM): No Wigs. No!
mercurialife (7:29:31 PM): 5 leet people but realistically probably 12-15 decent people
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:29:32 PM): PLEASE GIVE IT TO ME
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:29:35 PM): GIVE IT TO ME
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:29:36 PM): I BEG YOU
mercurialife (7:29:52 PM): guys
DeludedTwilight (7:29:55 PM): Who's town Wigs? Answer that and I'll nl >.>
mercurialife (7:29:56 PM): spiral is scum
Ami is PWN (7:29:59 PM): wigs, you need an intervention
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:30:01 PM): Me
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:30:04 PM): NO
DeludedTwilight (7:30:06 PM): Sorry Merc, not this time.
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:30:06 PM): I NEED NL
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:30:08 PM): OH GOD
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:30:10 PM): PLEASE
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:30:13 PM): JUST ONE MORE
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:30:19 PM): JUST ONE LAST ONE
WedgeAntilles006 (7:30:20 PM): ##NL
IceShepard3 (7:30:33 PM): hammer
IceShepard3 (7:30:34 PM): ?
bladeknight9999 (7:30:35 PM): Let me count
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:30:41 PM): I LOVE NLING
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:30:43 PM): I NEED IT
Warlock7735 (7:30:43 PM): ##NL
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:30:47 PM): OHHHHHHHHH YEAH
NintendoGrl 1 (7:30:54 PM): jeez
Warlock7735 (7:31:03 PM): I had an uncle named stewie, and he used to sell BICYCLES!
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:31:07 PM): who hasnt NLed
bladeknight9999 (7:31:08 PM): Wigs, Charton, Night, Shep, Tiro, Wedge, Warlock (7)
bladeknight9999 (7:31:09 PM): Are on NL
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:31:10 PM): everyone who hasnt NLed
bigvissian (7:31:12 PM): ##NL
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:31:12 PM): is scum
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:31:12 PM): wow
mercurialife (7:31:13 PM): get off
bigvissian (7:31:13 PM): GOGO
mercurialife (7:31:14 PM): damnit
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:31:16 PM): 8 scum in 15
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:31:17 PM): is a lot
pxlatedgod (7:31:17 PM): lynch shep
pxlatedgod (7:31:18 PM): do it
bladeknight9999 (7:31:18 PM): Stop
bladeknight9999 (7:31:19 PM): STOP
bladeknight9999 (7:31:21 PM): STOP
bladeknight9999 (7:31:24 PM): Wigs, Swirl, Charton, Night, ENTER!?, Cmb, War, Red, Big, Merc, Pxl, Sonten, Spiral, Ngirl, Shep (15)
bladeknight9999 (7:31:26 PM): Night actions
Warlock7735 (7:31:31 PM): erm, no
Warlock7735 (7:31:34 PM): Warlock isn't playing
NightWhispers16 (7:31:40 PM): 'lol'
cmb11731 (7:31:43 PM): why am i in
cmb11731 (7:31:45 PM): this game
Warlock7735 (7:31:49 PM): still 7 on NL
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:31:52 PM): oh
mercurialife (7:31:52 PM): warlock why to be a moron
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:31:54 PM): is it 7
mercurialife (7:31:57 PM): way*
mercurialife (7:32:01 PM): whatever he already called it
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:32:02 PM): war =/= warlock
mercurialife (7:32:02 PM): ##NL
NightWhispers16 (7:32:03 PM): why to be a moron
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:32:05 PM): thanks :D
cmb11731 (7:32:48 PM): am i in this game?
cmb11731 (7:33:05 PM): "lol"
WedgeAntilles006 (7:34:13 PM): no
WedgeAntilles006 (7:34:16 PM): but you lost the game
cmb11731 (7:34:21 PM): ltg
Warlock7735 (7:34:26 PM): LTGAWWFUCK
NightWhispers16 (7:34:53 PM): wedge you fucker
WedgeAntilles006 (7:35:02 PM): muahahaha
(7:36:30 PM) ElBurritoFuerte has entered the room.
WedgeAntilles006 (7:36:38 PM): ##burrito
ElBurritoFuerte (7:36:46 PM): aw ya got me
pxlatedgod (7:39:46 PM): fuck yeah
pxlatedgod (7:39:51 PM): finished the stupid sociology project
NightWhispers16 (7:40:06 PM): do my biology project
pxlatedgod (7:40:27 PM): noi
pxlatedgod (7:40:33 PM): i still gotta do an english project
pxlatedgod (7:40:39 PM): but that'll take like 15 minutes
(7:40:41 PM) PsychicNess13 has entered the room.
PsychicNess13 (7:40:46 PM): holy shit people
PsychicNess13 (7:40:50 PM): 31?
NintendoGrl 1 (7:40:56 PM): yep
pxlatedgod (7:40:56 PM): and there's a longer writing project i gotta do bit i can push that off a few more days
NintendoGrl 1 (7:41:01 PM): we doin good
NightWhispers16 (7:42:45 PM): guys guys guys
NightWhispers16 (7:42:52 PM): i have to stay up all night doing homework
NightWhispers16 (7:42:56 PM): how do i stay awake
Warlock7735 (7:43:04 PM): periodic fapping
NintendoGrl 1 (7:43:06 PM): pizza
IceShepard3 (7:43:08 PM): rofl
EnterUserNameNow (7:43:15 PM): put tobasco under your eyelids
NightWhispers16 (7:43:18 PM): fapping works i like that one
EnterUserNameNow (7:43:22 PM): tobasco sauce*
NightWhispers16 (7:43:28 PM): that's a waste of tobasco imho
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:43:31 PM): tabasco
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:43:32 PM): >_>
bladeknight9999 (7:43:33 PM): IM me if I did not reply
NightWhispers16 (7:43:34 PM): i'd rather drink it
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:43:37 PM): "lol"
ElBurritoFuerte (7:43:41 PM): oh theres a game going on
Warlock7735 (7:43:45 PM): put tobasco sauce on your wang and then fap. You'll be up all night
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:43:48 PM): "oh"
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:43:54 PM): STOP SAYING TOBASCO AUGH
bigvissian (7:43:54 PM): and by up
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:43:57 PM): its tabasco >_>
bigvissian (7:43:57 PM): he doesn't mean your dick
NightWhispers16 (7:44:28 PM): jeez wigs sorry
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:44:40 PM): lol
bladeknight9999 (7:44:57 PM): Its morning
NightWhispers16 (7:45:03 PM): i use the stuff not orgasm over it
XDanteX2005 (7:45:05 PM): dick
bigvissian (7:45:10 PM): oh no
XDanteX2005 (7:45:20 PM): ....
XDanteX2005 (7:45:20 PM): wow
bladeknight9999 (7:45:26 PM): Two people died
bladeknight9999 (7:45:27 PM): imho
bigvissian (7:45:28 PM): big died =\
NightWhispers16 (7:45:29 PM): what dante?
XDanteX2005 (7:45:31 PM): I didn't even know you guys were alreadt talking about dicks
bladeknight9999 (7:45:32 PM): Big died
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:45:32 PM): you didnt let us guess
XDanteX2005 (7:45:35 PM): I just came in
NightWhispers16 (7:45:36 PM): XD
bladeknight9999 (7:45:36 PM): Big was cop
XDanteX2005 (7:45:37 PM): and said dick
bladeknight9999 (7:45:39 PM): Sonten died
bladeknight9999 (7:45:42 PM): Sonten was townie
(7:45:44 PM) NintendoGrl 1 has left the room.
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:45:58 PM): OH GODSCUMTELL
(7:45:59 PM) NintendoGrl 1 has entered the room.
bladeknight9999 (7:45:59 PM): Wigs, Swirl, Charton, Night, ENTER!?, Cmb, War, Red, Merc, Pxl, Spiral, Ngirl, Shep (13)
bladeknight9999 (7:46:00 PM): Go
bigvissian (7:46:02 PM): I mean who shoots big? honestly, really?
WedgeAntilles006 (7:46:02 PM): Scum targets some strange people
NintendoGrl 1 (7:46:05 PM): augh
NightWhispers16 (7:46:06 PM): what's a scumtell
NintendoGrl 1 (7:46:06 PM): what did I miss
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:46:08 PM): Big and Sonten
ChartonZ500 (7:46:11 PM): Anyone wanna replace me yet? <_<
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:46:11 PM): wtf
XDanteX2005 (7:46:13 PM): no
War13104 (7:46:16 PM): you missed obvious scumtell, ngirl
bigvissian (7:46:18 PM): <-
NintendoGrl 1 (7:46:20 PM): what?
PsychicNess13 (7:46:24 PM): ##ngirl
NintendoGrl 1 (7:46:28 PM): what roles?
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:46:30 PM): oh jeez
mercurialife (7:46:36 PM): who the fuck would kill those lamers
pxlatedgod (7:46:37 PM): back
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:46:37 PM): cop and townie died
pxlatedgod (7:46:38 PM): made some soup
Red13N (7:46:41 PM): ##wedge
NintendoGrl 1 (7:46:41 PM): k
WedgeAntilles006 (7:46:41 PM): Well, on the plus side our other death wasn't a big loss
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:46:44 PM): what kind of so-
mercurialife (7:46:47 PM): chicken noodle, pxl?
WedgeAntilles006 (7:46:52 PM): that was random red
PsychicNess13 (7:46:55 PM): is pxl sick too?
Red13N (7:46:57 PM): i think your scum
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:46:57 PM): uhhh
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:46:59 PM): hi red
sonten11 (7:47:00 PM): why did i die i am gr8
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:47:00 PM): your
Red13N (7:47:01 PM): i had a good feeling yesterday
Red13N (7:47:03 PM): that way
pxlatedgod (7:47:05 PM): no
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:47:07 PM): his scum
pxlatedgod (7:47:10 PM): whatever soup my sister made
DeludedTwilight (7:47:11 PM): ##Merc
pxlatedgod (7:47:12 PM): i am sick though
pxlatedgod (7:47:12 PM): anyway
WedgeAntilles006 (7:47:14 PM): You think wrong
pxlatedgod (7:47:16 PM): uhhh what was my gut yesterday
WedgeAntilles006 (7:47:17 PM): but whatever
pxlatedgod (7:47:17 PM): ##shep
pxlatedgod (7:47:18 PM): do it
EnterUserNameNow (7:47:26 PM): votals?
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:47:28 PM): ##wedge yeah sure
IceShepard3 (7:47:35 PM): woah
Red13N (7:47:38 PM): im thinking right here imo
IceShepard3 (7:47:39 PM): There is someone named enter
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:47:39 PM): the way i see it
IceShepard3 (7:47:43 PM): I thought that was a joke
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:47:46 PM): when red does this
EnterUserNameNow (7:47:48 PM): hai shep
bladeknight9999 (7:47:49 PM): 2 Wedge - Red, Wigs | 1 Merc - Spiral | 1 Shep - Pxl
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:47:52 PM): if he's wrong
pxlatedgod (7:47:53 PM): why wedge?
IceShepard3 (7:47:55 PM): hello kindly sir
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:47:55 PM): he's defintely scum
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:47:57 PM): or
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:47:58 PM): usually
WedgeAntilles006 (7:48:04 PM): Pxl
WedgeAntilles006 (7:48:09 PM): are you high right now?
pxlatedgod (7:48:19 PM): yes
WedgeAntilles006 (7:48:23 PM): sigh
DeludedTwilight (7:48:28 PM): You're quiet over there Merc. Thoughts?
War13104 (7:48:35 PM): have you been playing mini-golf, lately?
mercurialife (7:48:48 PM): your face is stupid spiral
War13104 (7:48:49 PM): Not you, Wedge/Merc.
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:48:49 PM): and otherwise when red does this
WedgeAntilles006 (7:48:51 PM): I'm playing addictinggames mini-golf right now
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:48:52 PM): he tends to be right
NintendoGrl 1 (7:48:53 PM): blah
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:48:57 PM): so id like to listen to him here
NintendoGrl 1 (7:48:57 PM): yeah
DeludedTwilight (7:49:02 PM): Yeah, not buying it. Vote stays and you're scum
Red13N (7:49:05 PM): wedge is playing minigolf
NintendoGrl 1 (7:49:06 PM): red is quiet if he doesn't have much to go on
Red13N (7:49:06 PM): kill him
bladeknight9999 (7:49:10 PM): Burrito is replacing Charton
mercurialife (7:49:19 PM): not buying one? that your face is stupid? everyone here agrees with that imo
bladeknight9999 (7:49:19 PM): 2 Wedge - Red, Wigs | 1 Merc - Spiral | 1 Shep - Pxl
bladeknight9999 (7:49:20 PM): Continue
NightWhispers16 (7:49:21 PM): i'm playing minigolf too what a coincidence
NintendoGrl 1 (7:49:24 PM): red is scum or scanner imo
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:49:25 PM): BURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRITO
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:49:27 PM): are you scum
WedgeAntilles006 (7:49:31 PM): Wedge plays mini-golf quite frequently
pxlatedgod (7:49:32 PM): miniputt > minigolf
DeludedTwilight (7:49:35 PM): Still not a contribution.
WedgeAntilles006 (7:49:43 PM):
ChartonZ500 (7:49:44 PM): okay, good night everyon
ChartonZ500 (7:49:44 PM): e
ElBurritoFuerte (7:49:44 PM): nah
WedgeAntilles006 (7:49:45 PM): right thar
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:49:54 PM): twilight
(7:49:55 PM) ChartonZ500 has left the room.
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:49:58 PM): who are you talking to spiral
NightWhispers16 (7:50:01 PM): ....
ElBurritoFuerte (7:50:04 PM): so who was lynched day one?
Red13N (7:50:05 PM): lynch wedge
NightWhispers16 (7:50:05 PM): my firefox crashed
swirldude (7:50:06 PM): Holy crap we started, why arent we NLing
War13104 (7:50:07 PM): Merc, I think
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:50:08 PM): NL day 1
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:50:09 PM): duh
EnterUserNameNow (7:50:11 PM): ##wedge
IceShepard3 (7:50:11 PM): we no lynched
swirldude (7:50:16 PM): ...this is DAY 2?!
DeludedTwilight (7:50:21 PM): Get on Merc, please.
NintendoGrl 1 (7:50:22 PM): yep
NightWhispers16 (7:50:24 PM): lol swirl
ElBurritoFuerte (7:50:24 PM): oh sweet i... guess
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:50:25 PM): N1 we lost Big cop and sonten townie
(7:50:27 PM) XDanteX2005 has left the room.
pxlatedgod (7:50:27 PM): red
swirldude (7:50:29 PM): Well anyway
pxlatedgod (7:50:29 PM): why wedge
swirldude (7:50:31 PM): UNC LOST XD
WedgeAntilles006 (7:50:31 PM): oh this bandwagon is quite amusing
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:50:33 PM): red insists on wedge
bladeknight9999 (7:50:34 PM): 3 Wedge - Red, Wigs, Enter | 1 Merc - Spiral | 1 Shep - Pxl
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:50:39 PM): i say we follow suit
sonten11 (7:50:39 PM): I was actuallly james bond with extreme jawache
DeludedTwilight (7:50:45 PM): He's not giving anything of relevance and going quiet. This isn't like him at all
NintendoGrl 1 (7:50:51 PM): i want to know if this is a red gut
NintendoGrl 1 (7:50:54 PM): or something else
IceShepard3 (7:50:54 PM): Wait
NightWhispers16 (7:50:55 PM): actually
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:51:01 PM): theres so many people in this game >_>
IceShepard3 (7:51:04 PM): Did he scan wedge as scum?
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:51:05 PM): who are the inactives
NintendoGrl 1 (7:51:06 PM): because my gut says wedge is good
NightWhispers16 (7:51:07 PM): merc is being p scummy
NightWhispers16 (7:51:09 PM): he is very quiet
War13104 (7:51:21 PM): I highly doubt Red would claim this early, Shep.
NightWhispers16 (7:51:25 PM): it's how he is when he is scum
IceShepard3 (7:51:28 PM): ah k
NintendoGrl 1 (7:51:33 PM): yeah
DeludedTwilight (7:51:34 PM): More on Merc, don't let him go under the radar.
Red13N (7:51:36 PM): ngirl
Red13N (7:51:38 PM): your gut is terrible
NintendoGrl 1 (7:51:40 PM): but loads of people are quiet in big games
Red13N (7:51:40 PM): and bad
NintendoGrl 1 (7:51:45 PM): because it's too EUGH
WedgeAntilles006 (7:51:45 PM): Well, I don't want to gut it on day 2. But I have no suspects right now.
WedgeAntilles006 (7:51:49 PM): And no scans.
NintendoGrl 1 (7:51:50 PM): in your head
WedgeAntilles006 (7:51:50 PM): So
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:51:51 PM): well then
pxlatedgod (7:51:53 PM): uh
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:51:53 PM): wedge
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:51:55 PM): lets make this easy
pxlatedgod (7:51:57 PM): okay
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:51:57 PM): are you scum
pxlatedgod (7:52:01 PM): ate my soup
bigvissian (7:52:01 PM): y/n
WedgeAntilles006 (7:52:02 PM): No
ElBurritoFuerte (7:52:04 PM): dont lie now
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:52:06 PM): WANNA DO THIS THE HARD WAY EH
pxlatedgod (7:52:12 PM): i dunno, not liking wedge lynch
pxlatedgod (7:52:14 PM): list please
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:52:15 PM): *punches wedge in the face*
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:52:23 PM): TRY SAYING YOURE NOT SCUM AGAIN
pxlatedgod (7:52:25 PM): anyway we ought to lynch ngirl
pxlatedgod (7:52:27 PM): just because
WedgeAntilles006 (7:52:28 PM): Wigs
DeludedTwilight (7:52:31 PM): Get on Merc, he's not playing how he usually does at all
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:52:31 PM): Wedge
pxlatedgod (7:52:33 PM): no but really lynch shep
NintendoGrl 1 (7:52:34 PM): pxl es dum
WedgeAntilles006 (7:52:35 PM): I will end your existance
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:52:42 PM): Btw im Global prosty
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:52:46 PM): i slept with everyone lats night
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:52:52 PM): no one got up
ElBurritoFuerte (7:52:52 PM): Blade, playerlist please
WedgeAntilles006 (7:52:53 PM): lulz
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:52:55 PM): "lol"
NintendoGrl 1 (7:52:55 PM): and yet there were 2 kills
IceShepard3 (7:52:57 PM): I didnt get a pm saying I was slept with
NintendoGrl 1 (7:52:58 PM): lol
IceShepard3 (7:53:01 PM): I call bullshit.
Red13N (7:53:03 PM): did wedge just claim vigi?
Red13N (7:53:04 PM): lol
WedgeAntilles006 (7:53:07 PM): No no no
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:53:07 PM): ph god you got me
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:53:14 PM): wedge no dont kill me i am sorrt
Red13N (7:53:18 PM): no?
WedgeAntilles006 (7:53:22 PM): You think wigs is saying he's global prosty in the game
DeludedTwilight (7:53:24 PM): Red, get on Merc? Don't you find it odd the targets last night and he wasn't one of them?
WedgeAntilles006 (7:53:26 PM): He means real life
bladeknight9999 (7:53:27 PM): Wigs, Swirl, Night, ENTER!?, Cmb, War, Red, Merc, Pxl, Spiral, Ngirl, Shep, Burrito (13)
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:53:28 PM): ^
ElBurritoFuerte (7:53:29 PM): i didnt see that as a claim at all
WedgeAntilles006 (7:53:36 PM): and since you said it red, yes
WedgeAntilles006 (7:53:40 PM): I am claiming that
Red13N (7:53:47 PM): see
Red13N (7:53:48 PM): it was a claim
NintendoGrl 1 (7:53:52 PM): claim?
NintendoGrl 1 (7:53:54 PM): k
(7:54:01 PM) Eggplant CATS has entered the room.
NintendoGrl 1 (7:54:03 PM): how many shots?
pxlatedgod (7:54:05 PM): so wedge claims vig?
Red13N (7:54:05 PM): fine
WedgeAntilles006 (7:54:05 PM): I even was thinking of shooting wigs
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:54:05 PM): oh
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:54:08 PM): its a real claim
ElBurritoFuerte (7:54:09 PM): people should claim by going "my role is x" instead of this "subtle" crap
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:54:10 PM): i see
NintendoGrl 1 (7:54:14 PM): how many shots?
Red13N (7:54:17 PM): ##un
(7:54:17 PM) Mershiness has entered the room.
WedgeAntilles006 (7:54:17 PM): Just because him going apeshit for NL and then getting shot would be lulz worthy
Red13N (7:54:18 PM): ##merc
Red13N (7:54:20 PM): hes lurking
DeludedTwilight (7:54:22 PM): Thank you
WedgeAntilles006 (7:54:24 PM): But I restrained myself.
NintendoGrl 1 (7:54:25 PM): how many shots?
WedgeAntilles006 (7:54:28 PM): And it's one shot
pxlatedgod (7:54:30 PM): I could go for a merc lynch actually
swirldude (7:54:32 PM): K why Merc and Wedge
NintendoGrl 1 (7:54:32 PM): k
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:54:33 PM): oh
pxlatedgod (7:54:35 PM): well i wnat him to speak up first
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:54:39 PM): vig huh
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:54:41 PM): red buys it
DeludedTwilight (7:54:46 PM): The fact Merc's still alive and that he's being too quiet isn't him. Oh he'll speak, just give him enough pressure
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:54:47 PM): ?
(7:54:49 PM) Majin Boko has entered the room.
WedgeAntilles006 (7:54:49 PM): And I wasn't being subtle
ElBurritoFuerte (7:54:50 PM): merc seems to be lurking
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:54:56 PM): BOKBOK
ElBurritoFuerte (7:54:58 PM): or rather "lercing" lolol
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:55:01 PM): i dont like the fact
War13104 (7:55:05 PM): ha
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:55:09 PM): that a lot of people are complaining about merc not talking
mercurialife (7:55:10 PM): i was trying to prove that spiral couldnt lynch me because his reason was dumb
WedgeAntilles006 (7:55:10 PM): I meant that I would end him by hunting him down like the dog he is and strangling him to death with his own intestines
DeludedTwilight (7:55:15 PM): Right
WedgeAntilles006 (7:55:15 PM): ...too much?
mercurialife (7:55:17 PM): which it is
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:55:18 PM): oh >_>
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:55:24 PM): i was about to say merc might have been silenced
bladeknight9999 (7:55:25 PM): 2 Wedge - Wigs, Enter | 1 Merc - Spiral | 1 Shep - Pxl | 1 Merc - Red
DeludedTwilight (7:55:28 PM): That's still not contributing Merc. More on him please
War13104 (7:55:33 PM): a bit too much, Wedge
pxlatedgod (7:55:34 PM): now i have a cat in my lap demanding attention
WedgeAntilles006 (7:55:37 PM): sorry
(7:55:39 PM) Fflscreen has entered the room.
NintendoGrl 1 (7:55:39 PM): ##spiral
NintendoGrl 1 (7:55:41 PM): imo
WedgeAntilles006 (7:55:41 PM): Get carried away in my old age
War13104 (7:55:47 PM): You aren't tran.
DeludedTwilight (7:55:52 PM): Interesting Ngirl
ElBurritoFuerte (7:55:52 PM): spiral, i dont think its strong evidence to say "hes still alive" since red, night, wdge, etc are all still here
NintendoGrl 1 (7:56:01 PM): yeah
mercurialife (7:56:02 PM): anyway did wedge claim number of shots
War13104 (7:56:05 PM): yeah
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:56:06 PM): yes
NintendoGrl 1 (7:56:06 PM): 1
ElBurritoFuerte (7:56:07 PM): one shot
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:56:07 PM): he said 1
War13104 (7:56:08 PM): uno
mercurialife (7:56:12 PM): in.. 15?
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:56:13 PM): un
War13104 (7:56:14 PM): ....I'm slow.
NintendoGrl 1 (7:56:14 PM): yep
DeludedTwilight (7:56:18 PM): Burrito, how he plays is, which I've stated numerous times
EnterUserNameNow (7:56:18 PM): ##un
NintendoGrl 1 (7:56:20 PM): ...
NintendoGrl 1 (7:56:24 PM): thinking about it
NintendoGrl 1 (7:56:30 PM): is anyne else feeling assassin?
WedgeAntilles006 (7:56:34 PM): And don't anyone go trying to tell me to shoot or not to shoot
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:56:34 PM): Burrito could be scum he was a replacement
War13104 (7:56:35 PM): Assassin?
WedgeAntilles006 (7:56:40 PM): I'll do it when I'm good and ready
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:56:41 PM): ASSx2 in
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:56:44 PM): maybe
pxlatedgod (7:56:48 PM): my cat is being so affectionate
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:56:48 PM): but vig counter is doable
bladeknight9999 (7:56:49 PM): 1 Wedge - Wigs | 1 Merc - Spiral | 1 Shep - Pxl | 1 Merc - Red | 1 Spiral - Ngirl
pxlatedgod (7:56:52 PM): it's so cuuute augh
mercurialife (7:56:52 PM): might've been necessary for balance and i dont like it much now but w/e
NintendoGrl 1 (7:56:53 PM): 1 shot in a 15 is really low
DeludedTwilight (7:56:59 PM): Blade, Red's on Merc.
Majin Boko (7:57:00 PM): ##wigs
NintendoGrl 1 (7:57:05 PM): there hasn't been a counter yet
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:57:11 PM): BOKO
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:57:11 PM): NO
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:57:13 PM): i love you bok
NintendoGrl 1 (7:57:14 PM): which is odd
NintendoGrl 1 (7:57:18 PM): and being a 1 shot
pxlatedgod (7:57:20 PM): okay i'm good with merc now
pxlatedgod (7:57:22 PM): lynch shep
pxlatedgod (7:57:24 PM): do it
pxlatedgod (7:57:25 PM): 'do it'
NintendoGrl 1 (7:57:28 PM): is enough to get around a counter
DeludedTwilight (7:57:32 PM): Nope, not good with Merc at all
mercurialife (7:57:39 PM): nobody cares spiral
NintendoGrl 1 (7:57:41 PM): a vig and a 1 shot vig is acceptable
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:57:42 PM): why spiral
DeludedTwilight (7:57:58 PM): Wigs, this isn't how he usually plays. He's contributed nothing, not even tried to find scum
DeludedTwilight (7:58:03 PM): All he does is lurk and toss out useless insults
IceShepard3 (7:58:09 PM): brb phone
mercurialife (7:58:09 PM): except the part where i just contributed
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:58:10 PM): Merc is a good scum player
War13104 (7:58:14 PM): multiple vigs? I....find that hard to believe.
(7:58:14 PM) foolmoron has entered the room.
mercurialife (7:58:16 PM): "spiral is dumb dont listen to him. ever"
NintendoGrl 1 (7:58:18 PM): yeah
NintendoGrl 1 (7:58:22 PM): and we haven't had a counter
DeludedTwilight (7:58:23 PM): After I pushed for it, yes.
pxlatedgod (7:58:24 PM): guys
pxlatedgod (7:58:25 PM): lynch shep
NintendoGrl 1 (7:58:25 PM): which is odd
WedgeAntilles006 (7:58:26 PM): wait
NintendoGrl 1 (7:58:28 PM): and 1 shot vig
pxlatedgod (7:58:28 PM): he is clearly scum
WedgeAntilles006 (7:58:28 PM): who else claimed vig?
pxlatedgod (7:58:30 PM): imo
War13104 (7:58:30 PM): Although I guess a vig counterclaim isn't a smart move, though.
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:58:30 PM): him acting like this is akin to him just being afk
NintendoGrl 1 (7:58:32 PM): in 15 is dirty
pxlatedgod (7:58:33 PM): high gut
IceShepard3 (7:58:33 PM): k back
War13104 (7:58:34 PM): Nobody, Wedge.
pxlatedgod (7:58:36 PM): doit
WedgeAntilles006 (7:58:36 PM): Well
ElBurritoFuerte (7:58:38 PM): multiple vigs isnt all that common but i'd buy it, maybe
pxlatedgod (7:58:38 PM): hey shep
IceShepard3 (7:58:41 PM): yeah
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:58:41 PM): nothign wrong with 2 vigs but its unlikely
pxlatedgod (7:58:43 PM): you are scum y/y
WedgeAntilles006 (7:58:44 PM): actually
WedgeAntilles006 (7:58:46 PM): better not say
WedgeAntilles006 (7:58:49 PM): may be modkilled
IceShepard3 (7:58:50 PM): hey now
IceShepard3 (7:58:54 PM): there isnt a n!
mercurialife (7:59:08 PM): what?
(7:59:08 PM) Majin Boko has left the room.
pxlatedgod (7:59:09 PM): it's because there's no need
pxlatedgod (7:59:09 PM): scum
ElBurritoFuerte (7:59:11 PM): go with 'd' shep
ElBurritoFuerte (7:59:14 PM): for 'definitely'
DeludedTwilight (7:59:18 PM): ......
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:59:18 PM): has anyone not talked btw
Red13N (7:59:22 PM): merc is dropping off the map btw
Red13N (7:59:24 PM): kill him
Red13N (7:59:26 PM): and stuff
(7:59:33 PM) cmb11731 has left the room.
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:59:34 PM): red you dropped off too >_>
NintendoGrl 1 (7:59:35 PM): merc is incredibly quiet
ElBurritoFuerte (7:59:38 PM): i was wondering that too is there anyone that hasnt said a thing
Red13N (7:59:39 PM): no i didnt
NintendoGrl 1 (7:59:39 PM): lolwigs
War13104 (7:59:41 PM): Not that I know of. I think everybody's talked.
mercurialife (7:59:43 PM): i just talked
DeludedTwilight (7:59:43 PM): I've been saying that since the beginning Ngirl
NintendoGrl 1 (7:59:45 PM): red
pxlatedgod (7:59:47 PM): i dunno
Red13N (7:59:50 PM): merc you said
DeludedTwilight (7:59:50 PM): This isn't how he plays.
EnterUserNameNow (7:59:51 PM): Wasn't cmb in this game?
NintendoGrl 1 (7:59:51 PM): you still pushing a wedge lynch?
Red13N (7:59:51 PM): "what?"
War13104 (7:59:52 PM): Red drops off when he's town, though.
pxlatedgod (7:59:53 PM): i feel like we shoudln't lynch merc
WoodwindWhrlwind (7:59:56 PM): is merc a gut here red
Red13N (7:59:56 PM): no
mercurialife (7:59:59 PM): yes it was a very important question
WedgeAntilles006 (8:00:00 PM): Time for Wedge to throw a vote out
NintendoGrl 1 (8:00:01 PM): k
War13104 (8:00:03 PM): So him being quiet isn't a big deal.
WedgeAntilles006 (8:00:06 PM): ##burrito
(8:00:06 PM) cmb11731 has entered the room.
cmb11731 (8:00:09 PM): am i in
ElBurritoFuerte (8:00:12 PM): yeah cmb is in this game
ElBurritoFuerte (8:00:14 PM): oh
IceShepard3 (8:00:23 PM): omg cmb
cmb11731 (8:00:29 PM): i haven't gotten a role "lol"
DeludedTwilight (8:00:29 PM): Red, he's not even trying. He's just spouting out hardly anything in an attempt to look active, imo
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:00:35 PM): lol cmb >_>
bladeknight9999 (8:00:37 PM): 1 Wedge - Wigs | 1 Merc - Spiral | 1 Shep - Pxl | 1 Merc - Red | 1 Spiral - Ngirl | 1 Burrito - Wedge
Warlock7735 (8:00:37 PM): Why is it that Iron Maiden is the only band that can get a power ballad right?
pxlatedgod (8:00:43 PM): lol cmb
ElBurritoFuerte (8:00:44 PM): hey wedge is there any reason for me
bladeknight9999 (8:00:45 PM): Nice votals tbqh
NintendoGrl 1 (8:00:47 PM): um ...
War13104 (8:00:49 PM): blade....
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:00:50 PM): im worried by the fact
mercurialife (8:00:50 PM): hey blade combine votals
NintendoGrl 1 (8:00:51 PM): mercs votes have been split
WedgeAntilles006 (8:00:52 PM): Yes, there is
War13104 (8:00:52 PM): 1 + 1 = 2
pxlatedgod (8:00:56 PM): lynch iceshep
DeludedTwilight (8:00:57 PM): Blade, Red voted for Merc
pxlatedgod (8:00:59 PM): do it
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:01:03 PM): that merc is normally a better player than he is being right now though >_>, both as either scum or town
bladeknight9999 (8:01:06 PM): 1 Wedge - Wigs | 2 Merc - Spiral, Red | 1 Shep - Pxl | 1 Spiral - Ngirl | 1 Burrito - Wedge
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:01:07 PM): merc come on
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:01:09 PM): step it up
WedgeAntilles006 (8:01:10 PM): The rare time you talk, it seems to be repeating what someone else just said.
WedgeAntilles006 (8:01:19 PM): Kind of like...talking while saying nothing.
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:01:21 PM): ##Un wedge btw
mercurialife (8:01:23 PM): im doing other things
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:01:25 PM): i guess >_>
DeludedTwilight (8:01:26 PM): Wigs, it's because he's scum
(8:01:31 PM) Meta0megaPirate has entered the room.
ElBurritoFuerte (8:01:32 PM): i typle slow, i'm sorry
pxlatedgod (8:01:33 PM): guys
pxlatedgod (8:01:35 PM): lynch shepard
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:01:37 PM): Spiral
pxlatedgod (8:01:37 PM): seriously
cmb11731 (8:01:40 PM): players list
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:01:42 PM): Merc is one of the best scum players
ElBurritoFuerte (8:01:45 PM): type* my bad
ElBurritoFuerte (8:01:49 PM): Wigs, Swirl, Night, ENTER!?, Cmb, War, Red, Merc, Pxl, Spiral, Ngirl, Shep, Burrito (13)
pxlatedgod (8:01:51 PM): i still dont feel like lynching merc
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:01:57 PM): i can never get a good read on him
pxlatedgod (8:02:11 PM): also wigs
bladeknight9999 (8:02:12 PM): 2 Merc - Spiral, Red | 1 Shep - Pxl | 1 Spiral - Ngirl | 1 Burrito - Wedge
pxlatedgod (8:02:13 PM): i am the best scum player
pxlatedgod (8:02:15 PM): thanks
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:02:20 PM): i really like, cant ever get behind merc too much without a scan on him
DeludedTwilight (8:02:22 PM): Wigs, what has he done this game? Nothing. I don't care if he's doing other things, he's trying to get under the radar.
War13104 (8:02:22 PM): you are the most scum player
mercurialife (8:02:24 PM): anyway time to distract people
mercurialife (8:02:34 PM): ##enter
EnterUserNameNow (8:02:37 PM): lolz
NintendoGrl 1 (8:02:39 PM): Inactives: Swirl, Night, ENTER!?, Cmb, Merc
War13104 (8:02:47 PM): ....any reasoning behind that?
ElBurritoFuerte (8:02:50 PM): that was a pretty fast reaction, enter
cmb11731 (8:02:51 PM): im signing off in like 5 minutes
IceShepard3 (8:02:51 PM): Apparently cmb doesnt have a role though
mercurialife (8:02:53 PM): wait night is playing?
cmb11731 (8:02:55 PM): also i have not gotten a role yet
bladeknight9999 (8:03:02 PM): 2 Merc - Spiral, Red | 1 Shep - Pxl | 1 Spiral - Ngirl | 1 Burrito - Wedge | 1 Enter - Merc
EnterUserNameNow (8:03:03 PM): I'm countervoting you for that ##merc
NintendoGrl 1 (8:03:04 PM): lolcmb
pxlatedgod (8:03:05 PM): gotta go put in the wash
bladeknight9999 (8:03:08 PM): Time limit?
bladeknight9999 (8:03:08 PM): y/n
War13104 (8:03:10 PM): n
EnterUserNameNow (8:03:11 PM): n
WedgeAntilles006 (8:03:11 PM): y
NintendoGrl 1 (8:03:15 PM): what about a role for cmb?
cmb11731 (8:03:23 PM): actually i'll be back in like 30 min
sonten11 (8:03:23 PM): y
cmb11731 (8:03:25 PM): just leave me in
mercurialife (8:03:26 PM): a wise move indeed enter
War13104 (8:03:29 PM): also, what happens at limit? most votes or need half+1?
mercurialife (8:03:30 PM): did not see that comings
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:03:36 PM): be right back
WedgeAntilles006 (8:03:40 PM): NL at time limit
War13104 (8:03:44 PM): I forget how blade hosts
DeludedTwilight (8:03:45 PM): ......
IceShepard3 (8:03:45 PM): Enter
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:03:45 PM): sorry trying to plan a trip for tomorrow
IceShepard3 (8:03:48 PM): Why the countervote?
bladeknight9999 (8:03:49 PM): Cmb you're not playing shut up already
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:03:53 PM): wait
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:03:55 PM): blade
NintendoGrl 1 (8:03:57 PM): he's on the list
ElBurritoFuerte (8:03:58 PM): i have him on my list
NintendoGrl 1 (8:03:59 PM): Wigs, Swirl, Night, ENTER!?, Cmb, War, Red, Merc, Pxl, Spiral, Ngirl, Shep, Burrito (13)
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:03:59 PM): post new player list then
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:04:02 PM): i habe him on mine
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:04:03 PM): yeah
War13104 (8:04:05 PM): yeah
swirldude (8:04:09 PM): What a mess.
bladeknight9999 (8:04:11 PM): Oh I never took him off the player list
bladeknight9999 (8:04:13 PM): After he said out
NintendoGrl 1 (8:04:16 PM): -_-
cmb11731 (8:04:16 PM): lol
cmb11731 (8:04:17 PM): blade
swirldude (8:04:20 PM): Are we going to NL again>
EnterUserNameNow (8:04:20 PM): "[20:02] mercurialife: anyway time to distract people [20:02] mercurialife: ##enter"
War13104 (8:04:21 PM): ....nice job.
DeludedTwilight (8:04:28 PM): No we're going to lynch Merc.
swirldude (8:04:32 PM): Ah, I see
ElBurritoFuerte (8:04:33 PM): so we should have 12 people then
NintendoGrl 1 (8:04:37 PM): real player list?
swirldude (8:04:42 PM): Merc, what do you say to this
mercurialife (8:04:45 PM): enter was able to read through the lines and deduce the real reason i voted him was to distract people
mercurialife (8:04:48 PM): how very clever
(8:04:50 PM) cmb11731 has left the room.
WedgeAntilles006 (8:04:57 PM): almost...
NightWhispers16 (8:05:00 PM): .
WedgeAntilles006 (8:05:01 PM): ....TOO clever
War13104 (8:05:03 PM): crossing the line
mercurialife (8:05:04 PM): indeed
EnterUserNameNow (8:05:06 PM): dun dun dun
WedgeAntilles006 (8:05:12 PM): ##eevee
mercurialife (8:05:13 PM): too clever that he is bound to be scum
ElBurritoFuerte (8:05:13 PM): Enter you havent been talking so much
bladeknight9999 (8:05:15 PM): Got it
bladeknight9999 (8:05:18 PM): Wedge is off the list
mercurialife (8:05:25 PM): wait wedge is in
WedgeAntilles006 (8:05:25 PM): uh oh
mercurialife (8:05:27 PM): isnt he
WedgeAntilles006 (8:05:27 PM): bad omen
mercurialife (8:05:28 PM): ...
bladeknight9999 (8:05:31 PM): I left Cmb on and didn't replace him with Wedge's name
NintendoGrl 1 (8:05:32 PM): Wigs, Swirl, Night, ENTER!?, wedge, War, Red, Merc, Pxl, Spiral, Ngirl, Shep, Burrito (13)
NightWhispers16 (8:05:37 PM): 'lol'
bladeknight9999 (8:05:38 PM): When Cmb left Wedge took the spot pregame
EnterUserNameNow (8:05:43 PM): lol
NintendoGrl 1 (8:05:44 PM): k
War13104 (8:05:48 PM): ....even better job
NightWhispers16 (8:05:49 PM): sup
NightWhispers16 (8:05:54 PM): what have i missed
NintendoGrl 1 (8:05:56 PM): oh night
NintendoGrl 1 (8:05:58 PM): you are here
NightWhispers16 (8:06:01 PM): i am here
WedgeAntilles006 (8:06:07 PM): night
NintendoGrl 1 (8:06:08 PM): we lost a COP AND A TOWNIE N1
NightWhispers16 (8:06:10 PM): wedge
WedgeAntilles006 (8:06:12 PM): ask someone...THE QUESTION
NightWhispers16 (8:06:15 PM): i was here for the start of the day
NintendoGrl 1 (8:06:17 PM): NL'D N2
NightWhispers16 (8:06:17 PM): wedge
War13104 (8:06:19 PM): Wedge
NightWhispers16 (8:06:19 PM): who should i ask
mercurialife (8:06:20 PM): btw does anyone want to claim to have targetted wedge last night
NintendoGrl 1 (8:06:22 PM): NL'D D1
War13104 (8:06:24 PM): Will you marry me?
NintendoGrl 1 (8:06:24 PM): <_<
bladeknight9999 (8:06:25 PM): 2 Merc - Spiral, Red | 1 Shep - Pxl | 1 Spiral - Ngirl | 1 Burrito - Wedge | 1 Enter - Merc
WedgeAntilles006 (8:06:32 PM): Ask war since he's creeping me out
mercurialife (8:06:37 PM): cause if you do then you're probably scum
NightWhispers16 (8:06:37 PM): WAR
War13104 (8:06:40 PM): NIGHT
ElBurritoFuerte (8:06:44 PM): Night, wedge claimed 1-shot vig btw
NintendoGrl 1 (8:06:49 PM): ask merc the question
NightWhispers16 (8:06:49 PM): are you ready to answer the question
NightWhispers16 (8:06:50 PM): ok
NintendoGrl 1 (8:06:52 PM): since he's scummiest
NightWhispers16 (8:06:55 PM): ##UN MERC
War13104 (8:06:55 PM): yes, I'm ready
pxlatedgod (8:06:58 PM): back
NightWhispers16 (8:06:58 PM): okay
NightWhispers16 (8:07:03 PM): your question is...
pxlatedgod (8:07:04 PM): what did i miss
pxlatedgod (8:07:05 PM): lynch shep
WedgeAntilles006 (8:07:05 PM): both can give an answer
pxlatedgod (8:07:08 PM): why is no one lynching shep
NightWhispers16 (8:07:08 PM): MERC
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:07:09 PM): ok
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:07:11 PM): back
NintendoGrl 1 (8:07:12 PM): ##merc
mercurialife (8:07:13 PM): YES NIGHT
IceShepard3 (8:07:14 PM): do we have a time limit right now?
NightWhispers16 (8:07:16 PM): are you ready to answer
NintendoGrl 1 (8:07:17 PM): n
mercurialife (8:07:19 PM): yes sir
NightWhispers16 (8:07:20 PM): "the question"
War13104 (8:07:20 PM): not that I know of
IceShepard3 (8:07:22 PM): kk
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:07:22 PM): red
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:07:24 PM): you here?
NightWhispers16 (8:07:24 PM): ok
NightWhispers16 (8:07:29 PM): war and merc are both going to answer
mercurialife (8:07:32 PM): the answer is penis
mercurialife (8:07:33 PM): sorry
Red13N (8:07:34 PM): yes
NightWhispers16 (8:07:37 PM): which means i have to select a question
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:07:38 PM): how sure are you
NightWhispers16 (8:07:40 PM): very carefully
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:07:40 PM): about merc
Red13N (8:07:49 PM): 50/50
WedgeAntilles006 (8:07:50 PM): this is important night
mercurialife (8:07:50 PM): just ask and stop wasting time imo
bladeknight9999 (8:07:53 PM): 3 Merc - Spiral, Red, Ngirl | 1 Shep - Pxl | 1 Burrito - Wedge | 1 Enter - Merc
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:07:53 PM): hmm
NightWhispers16 (8:07:54 PM): yes wedge i know
pxlatedgod (8:07:59 PM): okay so
pxlatedgod (8:08:02 PM): hmm
NightWhispers16 (8:08:05 PM): i have to think of the question first obv
pxlatedgod (8:08:12 PM): has merc done anything to change his position?
mercurialife (8:08:15 PM): okay...
War13104 (8:08:20 PM): merc has..uh....talked more
mercurialife (8:08:20 PM): im talking to night apparently
AngryAeisia16 (8:08:23 PM): XDD
pxlatedgod (8:08:23 PM): gotta go get my waffles from the toaster
AngryAeisia16 (8:08:24 PM): So
NightWhispers16 (8:08:25 PM): OKAY MERC AND WAR
mercurialife (8:08:25 PM): but hes being useless
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:08:28 PM): merc hasnt really convinced me too much <_< augh
War13104 (8:08:28 PM): OKAY NIGHT
AngryAeisia16 (8:08:38 PM): I've seen sites call games like GTA and Halo anti-christian
AngryAeisia16 (8:08:41 PM): But TETRIS?
NightWhispers16 (8:08:42 PM): Pokemon Red or Pokemon Blue
mercurialife (8:08:44 PM): penis
bigvissian (8:08:44 PM): AMD or Intel? You have 0 seconds.
War13104 (8:08:45 PM): Red
WedgeAntilles006 (8:08:52 PM): those blocks are clearly having sex
mercurialife (8:08:52 PM): war thought about it
NightWhispers16 (8:08:54 PM): merc answer
mercurialife (8:08:54 PM): i saw him
NightWhispers16 (8:08:57 PM): MERC YOU DIDN'T ANSWER
WedgeAntilles006 (8:09:00 PM): premarital sex
mercurialife (8:09:01 PM): i answered without thinking or reading!
NightWhispers16 (8:09:03 PM): ##merc
mercurialife (8:09:05 PM): war cheated
mercurialife (8:09:06 PM): that scum
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:09:08 PM): wtf
NightWhispers16 (8:09:15 PM): nope merc is scum
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:09:15 PM): ok well
swirldude (8:09:18 PM): hey Merc
mercurialife (8:09:20 PM): ?
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:09:21 PM): im not liking the desparation anymore
swirldude (8:09:21 PM): you are talking
NightWhispers16 (8:09:22 PM): wedge
ElBurritoFuerte (8:09:24 PM): all pokemon red players are town
NightWhispers16 (8:09:25 PM): the question
swirldude (8:09:26 PM): Why are you stll being voted
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:09:27 PM): ##Merc oh god scummy vote
mercurialife (8:09:33 PM): iono
mercurialife (8:09:37 PM): scum wants to kill me or something
NightWhispers16 (8:09:43 PM): because the question has proved him scum
bladeknight9999 (8:09:44 PM): 5 Merc - Spiral, Red, Ngirl, Night, Wigs | 1 Shep - Pxl | 1 Burrito - Wedge | 1 Enter - Merc
NintendoGrl 1 (8:09:45 PM): votals?
(8:09:47 PM) Fake Obsession has entered the room.
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:09:47 PM): 5
mercurialife (8:09:47 PM): i dont get why night just asked a completely useless question to justify his vote
NintendoGrl 1 (8:09:48 PM): lol
WedgeAntilles006 (8:09:50 PM): The question never fails
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:09:50 PM): and its
ElBurritoFuerte (8:09:51 PM): whoa thats a big train
Fake Obsession (8:09:52 PM): ##Vikings
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:09:52 PM): um
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:09:54 PM): 7 to lynch?
NightWhispers16 (8:09:56 PM): the question failed once
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:10:06 PM): i trust red enough and merc is getting wavery
NightWhispers16 (8:10:08 PM): but he was godfather
AngryAeisia16 (8:10:10 PM): "Its repetitive gameplay and use of a repetitive Russian folk tune causes players to slip into a hypnagogic state, making them receptive to the Communistic themes inherent in the game imagery (everyone is an unindividualistic block that must be made to fit together in Soviet conformity, and sometimes whole lines of people are made to disappear without any explanation). This is intentional, since, like all work done by the Soviet Academy of Science where Tetris was developed, it was part of secret military research, in this case having to do with mind control."
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:10:11 PM): O_O
NightWhispers16 (8:10:13 PM): so it only works on scum scanning roles
WedgeAntilles006 (8:10:13 PM): merc, tell us your claim
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:10:19 PM): thanks joyrock
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:10:22 PM): merc should claim
mercurialife (8:10:23 PM): townie o.o
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:10:24 PM): he's at -2
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:10:26 PM): townie
mercurialife (8:10:26 PM): -1
mercurialife (8:10:28 PM): blade fails
mercurialife (8:10:29 PM): at votals
DeludedTwilight (8:10:29 PM): Lynch im please
WedgeAntilles006 (8:10:30 PM): hmmm....we had 1 die
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:10:31 PM): -1??
DeludedTwilight (8:10:31 PM): him*
WedgeAntilles006 (8:10:39 PM): ##merc
pxlatedgod (8:10:40 PM): okay uh
ElBurritoFuerte (8:10:40 PM): someone get off real quick
NightWhispers16 (8:10:42 PM): no
NintendoGrl 1 (8:10:44 PM): ##un
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:10:45 PM): i dunno about townie >_>
WedgeAntilles006 (8:10:47 PM): Hmmm?
pxlatedgod (8:10:49 PM): votals?
NintendoGrl 1 (8:10:50 PM): no need for a scum hammer
ElBurritoFuerte (8:10:51 PM): did wedge just hammer? we dont know
bladeknight9999 (8:10:52 PM): 5 Merc - Spiral, Red, Night, Wigs, Wedge | 1 Shep - Pxl | 1 Enter - Merc
pxlatedgod (8:10:53 PM): i'm good to hammer
WedgeAntilles006 (8:10:55 PM): no
WedgeAntilles006 (8:10:57 PM): He was at 5
mercurialife (8:10:58 PM): blade fix the fucking votals
DeludedTwilight (8:10:58 PM): I'll hammer
mercurialife (8:11:02 PM): enter is on at the end
WedgeAntilles006 (8:11:03 PM): I pay attn thx
pxlatedgod (8:11:03 PM): how many does it take to ylnch?
mercurialife (8:11:04 PM): somehow
ElBurritoFuerte (8:11:04 PM): merc said he was at -1
mercurialife (8:11:10 PM): oh wait
ElBurritoFuerte (8:11:10 PM): 7 to lynch
WedgeAntilles006 (8:11:11 PM): He was wrong
Warlock7735 (8:11:11 PM): IIIIIIMANUEL KANT was a real pissant who was very rarely stable
NintendoGrl 1 (8:11:12 PM): 7 to lynch?
mercurialife (8:11:12 PM): thats me on enter
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:11:12 PM): he was at -2
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:11:13 PM): imo
mercurialife (8:11:15 PM): but enter is on me
mercurialife (8:11:17 PM): he never unned
pxlatedgod (8:11:19 PM): ##merc
mercurialife (8:11:20 PM): not that i saw
EnterUserNameNow (8:11:23 PM): I voted merc
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:11:25 PM): so was that hammer?
ElBurritoFuerte (8:11:27 PM): oh alright
pxlatedgod (8:11:27 PM): gonna go get my waffles for realz
Warlock7735 (8:11:29 PM): heidegger heidegger was a boozy begger who would drink you under the table!
DeludedTwilight (8:11:30 PM): Hammer please
WedgeAntilles006 (8:11:30 PM): now he's at -1
NintendoGrl 1 (8:11:31 PM): someone un
IceShepard3 (8:11:32 PM): ##merc
DeludedTwilight (8:11:34 PM): ##Un
bladeknight9999 (8:11:36 PM): Stop
bladeknight9999 (8:11:37 PM): STOP
Warlock7735 (8:11:39 PM): aristotle aristotle was a bugger for the bottle
bladeknight9999 (8:11:41 PM): STOP STOP STOP
NintendoGrl 1 (8:12:03 PM): k
bladeknight9999 (8:12:16 PM): Merc was lynched
bladeknight9999 (8:12:18 PM): Merc was MAFIA
mercurialife (8:12:21 PM): damn you mayor guy
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:12:22 PM): !!
bigvissian (8:12:26 PM): owned owned owned
sonten11 (8:12:28 PM): the question prevails again
Warlock7735 (8:12:36 PM): ,AAFIA
bladeknight9999 (8:12:49 PM): Wigs, Swirl, Night, ENTER!?, War, Red, Pxl, Spiral, Ngirl, Shep, Wedge, Burrito (12)
bladeknight9999 (8:12:51 PM): Night actions
ElBurritoFuerte (8:12:52 PM): ,AAFIA is probably the best typo
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:13:08 PM): woodwind
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:13:10 PM): lynch wigs
NightWhispers16 (8:13:12 PM): XD
sonten11 (8:13:18 PM): ,AAFIA should be the term for when someone wants to host a gimmick game
Fake Obsession (8:14:10 PM): Damn looks like No mafia for me tonight
NightWhispers16 (8:14:16 PM): kraidowned
Fake Obsession (8:14:17 PM): Not with massive game going
Fake Obsession (8:14:22 PM): Oh well
War13104 (8:14:25 PM): Kraidfowned
EnterUserNameNow (8:14:25 PM): oh well
Fake Obsession (8:14:30 PM): Yo Sonten
sonten11 (8:14:32 PM): yo
pxlatedgod (8:14:33 PM): back
Fake Obsession (8:14:40 PM): Nice job on MGS MAFIA
sonten11 (8:14:46 PM): thx
Fake Obsession (8:14:52 PM): Really interesting and cool
Fake Obsession (8:15:10 PM): Not too many people I think could pull something like that off, a fanfic and a game
sonten11 (8:15:11 PM): i need to fettbox to find all my flavor texts
sonten11 (8:15:21 PM): cause it's necessary for Pt. 2
(8:15:37 PM) I am Westen has entered the room.
I am Westen (8:15:43 PM): RAWWWWWR
bigvissian (8:15:49 PM): ##west
sonten11 (8:15:50 PM): oh no its cenahawk
I am Westen (8:15:52 PM): RAWWWWWWWWWWR
Fake Obsession (8:15:53 PM): Oh shit
Fake Obsession (8:16:00 PM): ##Pophock
I am Westen (8:16:03 PM): Game going on?
sonten11 (8:16:05 PM): yup
Fake Obsession (8:16:06 PM): Yes
EnterUserNameNow (8:16:07 PM): yes
bigvissian (8:16:08 PM): yes
I am Westen (8:16:11 PM): yes
I am Westen (8:16:12 PM): yes
I am Westen (8:16:13 PM): yes
bigvissian (8:16:14 PM): night time, so be quiet! shhh
Ami is PWN (8:16:14 PM): no
Warlock7735 (8:16:19 PM):
I am Westen (8:16:19 PM): WAR
I am Westen (8:16:21 PM): WTF
I am Westen (8:16:25 PM): WHY DONT YOU PLAY MY GAMES
I am Westen (8:16:28 PM): ;_;
I am Westen (8:16:39 PM): Thats OK, Im about to pwn Wellington
War13104 (8:16:42 PM): Because now I'm at college and have nothing better to do
Fake Obsession (8:16:42 PM): Yo is DNEA in here
I am Westen (8:16:43 PM): thats all that matters to me right now
War13104 (8:16:53 PM): You foolishly foolish fool.
AngryAeisia16 (8:17:11 PM): Poll: How do you think Christian Gaming reviewed Diablo 2?
War13104 (8:17:18 PM): A+
EnterUserNameNow (8:17:29 PM): 11/10
NightWhispers16 (8:17:30 PM): XD angry
NightWhispers16 (8:17:35 PM): you are on that website too?
Fake Obsession (8:17:40 PM): who is enterusernamenow
ElBurritoFuerte (8:17:44 PM): i am
War13104 (8:17:45 PM): EUNN
NightWhispers16 (8:17:49 PM): i am spartacus
Warlock7735 (8:17:56 PM): I'm gonna go with 2/5 for D2
Fake Obsession (8:17:58 PM): sportacus?
War13104 (8:18:03 PM): Also, Kraid, we need to find some good multiplayer game to make videos/comments on.
Fake Obsession (8:18:08 PM): Yeah
bladeknight9999 (8:18:09 PM): IM me if I did not reply
bigvissian (8:18:18 PM): Good multiplayer games?
Fake Obsession (8:18:19 PM): I'm thinking some outrageous shit
bigvissian (8:18:19 PM): pd
War13104 (8:18:30 PM): preferably one where we work together
Fake Obsession (8:18:31 PM): However I do not have a mic
War13104 (8:18:34 PM): ....lame
mercurialife (8:18:34 PM): my shit is pretty outrageous, fake
Fake Obsession (8:18:41 PM): Relly merc
Fake Obsession (8:18:46 PM): Is is a footlong like mine is
War13104 (8:18:52 PM): Five dollar footlong?
ElBurritoFuerte (8:18:52 PM): Bad Dudes
Fake Obsession (8:18:53 PM): lol is it
Fake Obsession (8:19:01 PM): OH HELL NO
mercurialife (8:19:02 PM): oh god that reminds me of when i was working at a concession stand
Fake Obsession (8:19:06 PM): We tried Bas Dudes
mercurialife (8:19:06 PM): and a customer asked me
War13104 (8:19:07 PM): We're not playing Bad Dudes damnit
Fake Obsession (8:19:10 PM): lol Bad
mercurialife (8:19:11 PM): "how big is a footlong hotdog"
ElBurritoFuerte (8:19:12 PM): ahahahaha
War13104 (8:19:15 PM): We should play Battletoads
NightWhispers16 (8:19:15 PM): LOL
DeludedTwilight (8:19:31 PM): Play River City Ransom, imo
War13104 (8:19:31 PM): Except, you know, not actively try to murder each other
bladeknight9999 (8:19:43 PM): Its time to play
Fake Obsession (8:19:44 PM): Fuck Battletoads <_<
bladeknight9999 (8:19:45 PM): GUESS WHO DIED
War13104 (8:19:48 PM): WIGS?
bladeknight9999 (8:19:49 PM): Well
Fake Obsession (8:19:49 PM): BALDE DIED
ElBurritoFuerte (8:19:49 PM): 9 deaths
bigvissian (8:19:49 PM): swirl died
bladeknight9999 (8:19:51 PM): How many died
Warlock7735 (8:19:52 PM): River City Ransom imo
War13104 (8:19:53 PM): 4
WedgeAntilles006 (8:19:54 PM): 3
mercurialife (8:19:55 PM): Merc died
bigvissian (8:19:56 PM): swirl died
Warlock7735 (8:19:58 PM): That or Crash n the boys
DeludedTwilight (8:19:58 PM): 2
mercurialife (8:19:58 PM): after being revived
bladeknight9999 (8:19:59 PM): 3 is right
bigvissian (8:20:00 PM): swirl died
bladeknight9999 (8:20:01 PM): Swirl did die
bigvissian (8:20:04 PM): swirl died
bigvissian (8:20:06 PM): !!
bladeknight9999 (8:20:08 PM): Swirl was vanilla townie
bladeknight9999 (8:20:10 PM): Wedge also died
bladeknight9999 (8:20:14 PM): Wedge was vigilante
sonten11 (8:20:14 PM): TOWN SK am i right
bladeknight9999 (8:20:19 PM): Burrito died
bladeknight9999 (8:20:22 PM): Burrito was doctor
bigvissian (8:20:22 PM): no u r not rite
bigvissian (8:20:29 PM): burrito failed n1, imo
bladeknight9999 (8:20:32 PM): Wigs, Night, ENTER!?, War, Red, Pxl, Spiral, Ngirl, Shep (9)
NightWhispers16 (8:20:32 PM): holy shit 3 deaths
bladeknight9999 (8:20:34 PM): Go
ElBurritoFuerte (8:20:41 PM): its a good thing I was charton night one!
NightWhispers16 (8:20:42 PM): my question is amazing btw
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:20:44 PM): oh god
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:20:45 PM): so fucked
Red13N (8:20:45 PM): lets kill the other lurker
Fake Obsession (8:20:46 PM): YOWWWW~! WHERE DA HOOD AT
Red13N (8:20:47 PM): ##swirl
War13104 (8:20:48 PM): well....that was bad.
NightWhispers16 (8:20:51 PM):
War13104 (8:20:52 PM): ...Red.....
NintendoGrl 1 (8:20:53 PM): lolred
bigvissian (8:20:54 PM): dammit chartonnnn!!!!!
DeludedTwilight (8:20:55 PM): lol
EnterUserNameNow (8:20:56 PM): lol red
War13104 (8:20:57 PM): swirl died last night
swirldude (8:20:57 PM): oh hey
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:20:57 PM): gjj red
NightWhispers16 (8:21:00 PM): swirl just died
NintendoGrl 1 (8:21:01 PM): ##red
Red13N (8:21:02 PM): oh 3 deaths
Red13N (8:21:04 PM): nevermind
Red13N (8:21:05 PM): i only saw 2
swirldude (8:21:06 PM): XD i was killed
DeludedTwilight (8:21:08 PM): Actually looking at someone else today
DeludedTwilight (8:21:10 PM): ##Ngirl
Red13N (8:21:14 PM): fucking mass deaths
SirSlugma (8:21:16 PM): XD swirl was killed
Red13N (8:21:18 PM): ##ngirl ok
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:21:20 PM): who kills swirl
SirSlugma (8:21:20 PM): XD
SirSlugma (8:21:21 PM): DX
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:21:24 PM): honestly
SirSlugma (8:21:25 PM): XB
NintendoGrl 1 (8:21:27 PM): lol redcounter
DeludedTwilight (8:21:29 PM): You jumped to defend Merc yesterday by throwing a vote on me for no reason.
NightWhispers16 (8:21:32 PM): bomber dx
NintendoGrl 1 (8:21:34 PM): yeah
(8:21:35 PM) redherring222 has entered the room.
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:21:38 PM): my guts saying enter btw
NightWhispers16 (8:21:40 PM): NGIRL
SirSlugma (8:21:40 PM): super bummer man
NintendoGrl 1 (8:21:41 PM): i didn't thin k he was scummy
NightWhispers16 (8:21:43 PM): ARE YOU READY FOR THE QUESTION
EnterUserNameNow (8:21:44 PM): wigs, why?
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:21:45 PM): i havent got much of anything from him
NintendoGrl 1 (8:21:47 PM): go
War13104 (8:21:49 PM): Oh god the questio
DeludedTwilight (8:21:51 PM): That doesn't justify a vote on me, imo
War13104 (8:21:52 PM): *question
NightWhispers16 (8:21:55 PM): i have to think of a question for you
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:21:55 PM): you havent stood out much to me
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:22:02 PM): those are the people i usually identify as scum
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:22:05 PM): youve been talking
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:22:08 PM): but nothing you said
(8:22:09 PM) ElBurritoFuerte has left the room.
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:22:12 PM): really has an effect to me
redherring222 (8:22:13 PM): Night and his questions lol
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:22:16 PM): soooo
NintendoGrl 1 (8:22:16 PM): wait what
(8:22:17 PM) pxlatedgod has left the room.
NintendoGrl 1 (8:22:18 PM): spiral
NightWhispers16 (8:22:20 PM): herring they work most of the time
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:22:21 PM): ##Enter imo
NightWhispers16 (8:22:21 PM): tbh
bladeknight9999 (8:22:22 PM): 1 Red - Ngirl | 2 Ngirl - Spiral, Red
IceShepard3 (8:22:28 PM): pxl left
bladeknight9999 (8:22:29 PM): 1 Red - Ngirl | 2 Ngirl - Spiral, Red | 1 Enter - Wigs
EnterUserNameNow (8:22:36 PM): Alright. N1 I bussed night and charton. N2 I bussed Red and pxl. *oh snap*
(8:22:38 PM) pxlatedgod has entered the room.
War13104 (8:22:39 PM): he'll be back
pxlatedgod (8:22:41 PM): oops
EnterUserNameNow (8:22:42 PM): I was 2-use driver
pxlatedgod (8:22:43 PM): lynch shep
War13104 (8:22:44 PM): .......wait what?
pxlatedgod (8:22:44 PM): ##shep
DeludedTwilight (8:22:45 PM): I didn't like your vote yesterday. It looked like you rushing to defend a scumbuddy, imo. You not thinking Merc was scum was no justification to vote me at all
NightWhispers16 (8:22:48 PM): why the hell did you bus me
pxlatedgod (8:22:49 PM): wait what
pxlatedgod (8:22:50 PM): 2-use driver
NightWhispers16 (8:22:51 PM): and charton
NightWhispers16 (8:22:53 PM): on n1
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:22:54 PM): oh
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:22:57 PM): wait
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:23:00 PM): you used both already?
bladeknight9999 (8:23:02 PM): 1 Red - Ngirl | 2 Ngirl - Spiral, Red | 1 Enter - Wigs | 1 Shep - Wigs
War13104 (8:23:05 PM): why would 2-use driver....use both already?
NintendoGrl 1 (8:23:05 PM): spiral
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:23:08 PM): whyyyyy
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:23:08 PM): -_-
NintendoGrl 1 (8:23:09 PM): when did i vote you
NightWhispers16 (8:23:12 PM): why would you use it n1
NintendoGrl 1 (8:23:14 PM): do not remember
DeludedTwilight (8:23:17 PM): When I voted Merc, yesterday
IceShepard3 (8:23:21 PM): Blade
pxlatedgod (8:23:22 PM): enter claimed 2-use driver?
pxlatedgod (8:23:24 PM): what did he bus?
SirSlugma (8:23:26 PM): whoa wigs is on two people
IceShepard3 (8:23:27 PM): Pxl voted for me
EnterUserNameNow (8:23:28 PM): scroll up
DeludedTwilight (8:23:29 PM): You just threw a vote on me without any reasoning.
IceShepard3 (8:23:30 PM): not wigs
NightWhispers16 (8:23:30 PM): me charton n1 you red n2
bladeknight9999 (8:23:37 PM): 1 Red - Ngirl | 2 Ngirl - Spiral, Red | 1 Enter - Wigs | 1 Shep - Pxl
NintendoGrl 1 (8:23:37 PM): yeah
War13104 (8:23:38 PM): EnterUserNameNow (8:22:11 PM): Alright. N1 I bussed night and charton. N2 I bussed Red and pxl. *oh snap*
NintendoGrl 1 (8:23:40 PM): you're right i did
NintendoGrl 1 (8:23:43 PM): at that point
SirSlugma (8:23:45 PM): good job naye
SirSlugma (8:23:47 PM): thanks
NintendoGrl 1 (8:23:48 PM): i didn't think he was scummy
War13104 (8:23:49 PM): he said it while pxl was out
NightWhispers16 (8:23:50 PM): still thinking of a q for ngirl
DeludedTwilight (8:23:54 PM): So how does that relate to a vote on me?
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:24:05 PM): naye
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:24:07 PM): im double voter
pxlatedgod (8:24:10 PM): okay uh good job enter
NintendoGrl 1 (8:24:10 PM): he wasn't scummy in my eyes
pxlatedgod (8:24:13 PM): why did you use both already
pxlatedgod (8:24:15 PM): and why did you claim
NintendoGrl 1 (8:24:19 PM): and you singled out one of loads of lurkers
NintendoGrl 1 (8:24:25 PM): without mentioning the others
EnterUserNameNow (8:24:28 PM): to snub wigs
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:24:31 PM): ??
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:24:35 PM): whyyyy meee
EnterUserNameNow (8:24:35 PM): for saying nothing I said had any effect on him
NightWhispers16 (8:24:35 PM): hmmm
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:24:36 PM): "lol"
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:24:43 PM): so it was a dirty lie!?
DeludedTwilight (8:24:53 PM): I explained his playstyle, and apparently I was right. That's what bothers me, if you'd been paying attention you'd know that.
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:24:56 PM): umm
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:25:02 PM): bus driver is believable in this many
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:25:09 PM): but i dont like 2 use bus driver who already used both
DeludedTwilight (8:25:10 PM): And I buy bus driver, imo
NightWhispers16 (8:25:14 PM): i buy it
pxlatedgod (8:25:15 PM): especially 2-use
NightWhispers16 (8:25:15 PM): as well
pxlatedgod (8:25:18 PM): but using both was dumb yeah
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:25:18 PM): i usually use 3
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:25:23 PM): but maybethats just me
EnterUserNameNow (8:25:35 PM): IIRC wigs != blade
NintendoGrl 1 (8:25:39 PM): curious as to why those people were bussed
DeludedTwilight (8:25:45 PM): Player list, please
NightWhispers16 (8:25:50 PM): i already asked that and got no reply ngirl
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:25:56 PM): heh
bladeknight9999 (8:26:00 PM): Wigs, Night, ENTER!?, War, Red, Pxl, Spiral, Ngirl, Shep (9)
NintendoGrl 1 (8:26:00 PM): yeah
DeludedTwilight (8:26:01 PM): ty
NintendoGrl 1 (8:26:02 PM): i know
bladeknight9999 (8:26:04 PM): 1 Red - Ngirl | 2 Ngirl - Spiral, Red | 1 Enter - Wigs | 1 Shep - Pxl
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:26:06 PM): night were you in the game from the start
NightWhispers16 (8:26:08 PM): y
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:26:08 PM): or did you replace
NintendoGrl 1 (8:26:09 PM): i am repeating the querstion
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:26:11 PM): ok
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:26:12 PM): <_<
NightWhispers16 (8:26:12 PM): i started
NightWhispers16 (8:26:15 PM): why
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:26:17 PM): dont remember much from you early
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:26:19 PM): thats all
NightWhispers16 (8:26:24 PM): because i was absolutely silent
pxlatedgod (8:26:25 PM): so uh
NightWhispers16 (8:26:27 PM): p much
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:26:27 PM): "oh"
pxlatedgod (8:26:29 PM): unless anyone has any more information
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:26:31 PM): dont you do that as scum
pxlatedgod (8:26:31 PM): lynch shep
War13104 (8:26:32 PM): the only replacement was burrito for charton, I thought?
EnterUserNameNow (8:26:33 PM): seems like night dies often n1, and that's why I bussed him
NightWhispers16 (8:26:36 PM): not anymore
NightWhispers16 (8:26:41 PM): lol
NightWhispers16 (8:26:43 PM): nobody kills night
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:26:44 PM): so youre talking now
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:26:46 PM): i see
NightWhispers16 (8:26:47 PM): yes
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:26:48 PM): :O
NightWhispers16 (8:26:50 PM): i am talking now
EnterUserNameNow (8:26:50 PM): I haven't been here in a long time "lol"
NightWhispers16 (8:26:59 PM): "lol ok"
SirSlugma (8:27:01 PM): i thought double voter just had 2 votes on whoever they vote for
SirSlugma (8:27:08 PM): not two votes that could be split on a whim
NightWhispers16 (8:27:24 PM): so shep
IceShepard3 (8:27:27 PM): yes
NightWhispers16 (8:27:31 PM): i'm going to ask you and ngirl the question
IceShepard3 (8:27:42 PM): the pokeman question?
NintendoGrl 1 (8:27:45 PM): gogogogo
NightWhispers16 (8:27:45 PM): is that okay?
NintendoGrl 1 (8:27:48 PM): no
NightWhispers16 (8:27:49 PM): no it'll be a different one
IceShepard3 (8:27:54 PM): sure
NintendoGrl 1 (8:27:54 PM): different question
NightWhispers16 (8:27:57 PM): okay then
NightWhispers16 (8:28:06 PM): NO TIME TO THINK REMEMBER
NintendoGrl 1 (8:28:08 PM): k
NightWhispers16 (8:28:14 PM): Anime or Manga
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:28:15 PM): ok
NintendoGrl 1 (8:28:17 PM): anime
IceShepard3 (8:28:18 PM): Anime
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:28:19 PM): people have vanished
IceShepard3 (8:28:22 PM): honestly neither
IceShepard3 (8:28:24 PM): but whateva
DeludedTwilight (8:28:25 PM): Thinking.
NightWhispers16 (8:28:28 PM): ##ice
Fake Obsession (8:28:29 PM): HENTAI
NightWhispers16 (8:28:35 PM): neither was the scum answer
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:28:41 PM): mostly red (lol) and spiral and pxl
IceShepard3 (8:28:45 PM): Neither is the answer
NintendoGrl 1 (8:28:49 PM): red is scum
IceShepard3 (8:28:49 PM): of someone who isnt 9
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:28:50 PM): and more probably
DeludedTwilight (8:28:53 PM): I've been here Wigs.
NightWhispers16 (8:28:54 PM): neither is the scum answer
NightWhispers16 (8:28:58 PM): i did not ask which is better
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:28:59 PM): i see
NightWhispers16 (8:29:01 PM): or good at all
IceShepard3 (8:29:03 PM): I did pick one
pxlatedgod (8:29:09 PM): i am here wigs
bladeknight9999 (8:29:09 PM): 1 Red - Ngirl | 2 Ngirl - Spiral, Red | 1 Enter - Wigs | 2 Shep - Pxl, Night
Red13N (8:29:09 PM): i havent vanished
NightWhispers16 (8:29:10 PM): but then you said neither
NightWhispers16 (8:29:10 PM): so
NightWhispers16 (8:29:12 PM): you are scum
NightWhispers16 (8:29:14 PM): =)
pxlatedgod (8:29:14 PM): just stuffing my face and eating
pxlatedgod (8:29:15 PM): err
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:29:16 PM): hi everyone who i said vanished
pxlatedgod (8:29:17 PM): cleaning
pxlatedgod (8:29:18 PM): anyway
EnterUserNameNow (8:29:18 PM): I guess you could say my role is part-time with flex hours
pxlatedgod (8:29:19 PM): lynch shep
pxlatedgod (8:29:19 PM): do it
NightWhispers16 (8:29:25 PM): yes
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:29:29 PM): i still dont buy enter
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:29:31 PM): tbh
NightWhispers16 (8:29:32 PM): pxl's got his head in the right place
EnterUserNameNow (8:29:37 PM): wigs, you never buy me
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:29:38 PM): at this point
NightWhispers16 (8:29:42 PM): i'd buy enter
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:29:43 PM): wyou claiem dto use all your uses
NightWhispers16 (8:29:49 PM): and use him for slave labor
mercurialife (8:29:50 PM): night, read chapter 6 of highschool of the dead
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:29:55 PM): so you dont have to be proven anymore
NightWhispers16 (8:29:57 PM): what the hell is that
EnterUserNameNow (8:30:02 PM): I already told you why I claimed
mercurialife (8:30:03 PM): manga
DeludedTwilight (8:30:05 PM): Ngirl, so what're you thinking?
NintendoGrl 1 (8:30:12 PM): im thinking i don't like red
NightWhispers16 (8:30:14 PM): why chapter 6
DeludedTwilight (8:30:18 PM): Why?
NintendoGrl 1 (8:30:21 PM): because he had a burst of activity
NintendoGrl 1 (8:30:24 PM): and then vanished
NightWhispers16 (8:30:24 PM): and not chapter 4
Red13N (8:30:26 PM): ...
NintendoGrl 1 (8:30:28 PM): which hit odd at me
Red13N (8:30:29 PM): i just got merc lynched
SirSlugma (8:30:30 PM): oh man
bladeknight9999 (8:30:32 PM): 1 Red - Ngirl | 2 Ngirl - Spiral, Red | 1 Enter - Wigs | 2 Shep - Pxl, Night
Red13N (8:30:33 PM): we went over this yesterday
NintendoGrl 1 (8:30:33 PM): no
mercurialife (8:30:34 PM): chapter 6 is when they take a shower
SirSlugma (8:30:36 PM): north carolina lost to BC today
SirSlugma (8:30:38 PM): fuck yes
NightWhispers16 (8:30:38 PM): i helped with the question tbqh
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:30:45 PM): red did get merc lynched
Red13N (8:30:45 PM): i do not turn in my own scum
SirSlugma (8:30:45 PM): #1 team in the nation fucking hell yeah
NintendoGrl 1 (8:30:46 PM): you said you were 50/50 with merc
Red13N (8:30:48 PM): especially not early
Red13N (8:30:50 PM): and especially not merc
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:30:52 PM): wigs didnt die
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:30:55 PM): red isnt scum
Red13N (8:30:59 PM): ...
mercurialife (8:31:03 PM): night go read it
Red13N (8:31:03 PM): i was on his lynch
Red13N (8:31:07 PM): i said "lynch merc"
NightWhispers16 (8:31:08 PM): not right now
Red13N (8:31:08 PM): he was the person
NightWhispers16 (8:31:12 PM): it'll be there later
Red13N (8:31:12 PM): i most wanted lynched
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:31:16 PM): after wedge
NintendoGrl 1 (8:31:38 PM): eh
NintendoGrl 1 (8:31:44 PM): i just don't feel it
DeludedTwilight (8:31:47 PM): I'm fine with ngirl or Shep today, imo. Those two stand out the most to me at the moment. Shep's not doing himself any favors by just spouting out filler.
pxlatedgod (8:32:13 PM): lynch shepard
NightWhispers16 (8:32:13 PM): lynch shep
NightWhispers16 (8:32:13 PM): he has disappeared again
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:32:13 PM): i dont likehow ngirl isnt buying red >_>
IceShepard3 (8:32:13 PM): im here
NightWhispers16 (8:32:13 PM): after the question declared him scum
IceShepard3 (8:32:15 PM): Im not sure what you want me to say
NightWhispers16 (8:32:19 PM): i dunno
DeludedTwilight (8:32:19 PM): Thoughts Shep on the game?
NintendoGrl 1 (8:32:21 PM): ngirl is free to like who or what she wants
PsychicNess13 (8:32:23 PM): ##icehawk
NightWhispers16 (8:32:23 PM): LTG
IceShepard3 (8:32:28 PM): Enter is a power role
bladeknight9999 (8:32:31 PM): 1 Red - Ngirl | 2 Ngirl - Spiral, Red | 1 Enter - Wigs | 2 Shep - Pxl, Night
IceShepard3 (8:32:31 PM): and I dont like it
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:32:35 PM): but i dont like how spiral isnt buying shep, kinda weird on that one
EnterUserNameNow (8:32:36 PM): was a power role
IceShepard3 (8:32:48 PM): Also
NintendoGrl 1 (8:32:49 PM): spiral is probably not mafia
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:32:49 PM): hoho
NintendoGrl 1 (8:32:56 PM): because he always goes for me n1
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:32:57 PM): spiral is just intense
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:33:05 PM): but
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:33:07 PM): maybe intense mafia
DeludedTwilight (8:33:12 PM): .....
NightWhispers16 (8:33:15 PM): well i confirmed 2 town already imho
NintendoGrl 1 (8:33:21 PM): what?
NightWhispers16 (8:33:30 PM): just lynch ice
DeludedTwilight (8:33:32 PM): After the crap I went through to get Merc lynched yesterday? No thanks
NintendoGrl 1 (8:33:35 PM): oh
NintendoGrl 1 (8:33:36 PM): question
NintendoGrl 1 (8:33:37 PM): k
NightWhispers16 (8:33:38 PM): yeah
NightWhispers16 (8:33:48 PM): spiral what crap
NightWhispers16 (8:33:53 PM): i did not see this crap
NintendoGrl 1 (8:33:57 PM): unless
Fake Obsession (8:33:59 PM): CRAP IS CRAP
NintendoGrl 1 (8:34:01 PM): you're talking about the fact
NintendoGrl 1 (8:34:08 PM): i was on you for a couple of minutes
NintendoGrl 1 (8:34:12 PM): at the strat of the day
DeludedTwilight (8:34:15 PM): A town that was too busy in different directions to listen.
EnterUserNameNow (8:34:17 PM): spiral was on merc from the start yesterday
NintendoGrl 1 (8:34:24 PM): yes
foolmoron (8:34:26 PM): new game
NightWhispers16 (8:34:32 PM): spiral un'd
NightWhispers16 (8:34:35 PM): right after hammer
pxlatedgod (8:34:35 PM): lynchhhhh sheeeeeeeeeeep
NightWhispers16 (8:34:38 PM): 'lol'
DeludedTwilight (8:34:38 PM): Ngirl asked me to.
IceShepard3 (8:34:42 PM): Im not sheep
NintendoGrl 1 (8:34:42 PM): well yeah
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:34:43 PM): pxl wants us to be sheep
DeludedTwilight (8:34:43 PM): And I offered to hammer.
NintendoGrl 1 (8:34:45 PM): we were at -1
NightWhispers16 (8:34:48 PM): ice is scum
PsychicNess13 (8:34:50 PM): yes you are icehawk
NintendoGrl 1 (8:34:50 PM): and needed a claim
NintendoGrl 1 (8:34:51 PM): imo
PsychicNess13 (8:34:52 PM): baaaaaaa
NintendoGrl 1 (8:34:56 PM): before shep ammered him
EnterUserNameNow (8:35:02 PM): votals?
NightWhispers16 (8:35:04 PM): ice is scum
NintendoGrl 1 (8:35:06 PM): agreed
(8:35:08 PM) cmb11731 has entered the room.
NintendoGrl 1 (8:35:13 PM): i forgot shep was the hammerer
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:35:16 PM): yeah i d like to see some votals here
cmb11731 (8:35:16 PM): in
NintendoGrl 1 (8:35:16 PM): ##un
War13104 (8:35:18 PM): same as they were up there, I think
NintendoGrl 1 (8:35:19 PM): ##shep
DeludedTwilight (8:35:23 PM): Yeah, I can go for this today I suppose. What's he at?
IceShepard3 (8:35:25 PM): Makes sense
IceShepard3 (8:35:29 PM): I hammer scumbud
bladeknight9999 (8:35:34 PM): 1 Red - Ngirl | 2 Ngirl - Spiral, Red | 1 Enter - Wigs | 3 Shep - Pxl, Night, Ngirl
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:35:39 PM): whoa there
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:35:41 PM): whats that vote
DeludedTwilight (8:35:42 PM): How much to lynch?
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:35:43 PM): ##NGirl
NintendoGrl 1 (8:35:44 PM): not on red
bladeknight9999 (8:35:46 PM): 5
Red13N (8:35:47 PM): ...
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:35:55 PM): (##Un enter btw)
NightWhispers16 (8:35:56 PM): ngirl is confirmed town tbqh
DeludedTwilight (8:36:01 PM): ##Un
bladeknight9999 (8:36:02 PM): 1 Red - Ngirl | 3 Ngirl - Spiral, Red, Wigs | 3 Shep - Pxl, Night, Ngirl
DeludedTwilight (8:36:06 PM): ##Shep I'd like a claim
NintendoGrl 1 (8:36:07 PM): that vote is because i remembered the horrible hammer
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:36:09 PM): how exactly?
bladeknight9999 (8:36:12 PM): 1 Red - Ngirl | 2 Ngirl - Red, Wigs | 4 Shep - Pxl, Night, Ngirl, Spiral
IceShepard3 (8:36:15 PM): im nurse
NintendoGrl 1 (8:36:16 PM): ##un
IceShepard3 (8:36:17 PM): now doc
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:36:21 PM): Nurse
NintendoGrl 1 (8:36:21 PM): don't need another hammer
NightWhispers16 (8:36:22 PM): ...really?
DeludedTwilight (8:36:22 PM): ##Un
pxlatedgod (8:36:27 PM): errrr
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:36:28 PM): ....ok
pxlatedgod (8:36:32 PM): doc nurse 2-use bus?
pxlatedgod (8:36:32 PM): what
NightWhispers16 (8:36:36 PM): i'm not sure what to make of this
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:36:37 PM): whatever
NightWhispers16 (8:36:37 PM): i mean
DeludedTwilight (8:36:40 PM): Me either.
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:36:41 PM): (I said enter was scum)
NightWhispers16 (8:36:43 PM): i shouldn't lynch him because of the claim
NightWhispers16 (8:36:50 PM): but i don't buy it
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:36:50 PM): enter or ngirl now
NintendoGrl 1 (8:36:53 PM): the claim is iffy
War13104 (8:36:55 PM): ....that's a very...interesting claim.
War13104 (8:36:59 PM): to say the least
pxlatedgod (8:36:59 PM): yeah i dunno
NightWhispers16 (8:37:00 PM): so i'm kinda stuck
NintendoGrl 1 (8:37:01 PM): but not horrible
bladeknight9999 (8:37:02 PM): 1 Red - Ngirl | 2 Ngirl - Red, Wigs | 2 Shep - Pxl, Night
NintendoGrl 1 (8:37:09 PM): ngirl isn not on red
NintendoGrl 1 (8:37:13 PM): again
(8:37:14 PM) Fake Obsession has left the room.
bladeknight9999 (8:37:16 PM): 2 Ngirl - Red, Wigs | 2 Shep - Pxl, Night
DeludedTwilight (8:37:22 PM): ##Ngirl Back to my original suspicion then.
pxlatedgod (8:37:24 PM): uhh
pxlatedgod (8:37:26 PM): i dunno
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:37:28 PM): i think we'll know tomorrow
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:37:33 PM): if nurse exists or not
pxlatedgod (8:37:33 PM): yeah
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:37:48 PM): so dont lynch shep
pxlatedgod (8:37:51 PM): okay
pxlatedgod (8:37:53 PM): ##un
pxlatedgod (8:37:53 PM): yeah
pxlatedgod (8:37:55 PM): u
pxlatedgod (8:37:55 PM): h
pxlatedgod (8:37:56 PM): list
SirSlugma (8:37:57 PM): hey night vote for the duck
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:37:59 PM): ngirl or enter are the ways to go here
SirSlugma (8:38:05 PM): i'm trying to counter yo's rallying
DeludedTwilight (8:38:07 PM): I'd prefer ngirl, tbqh
pxlatedgod (8:38:12 PM): enter claims 2-use bus?
pxlatedgod (8:38:16 PM): that he's already used?
War13104 (8:38:17 PM): yeah
pxlatedgod (8:38:17 PM): well
EnterUserNameNow (8:38:18 PM): yeah, that was me
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:38:21 PM): spiral and pxl are good second choices!!! but those are more gutty
DeludedTwilight (8:38:25 PM): Yes, so what were your uses Enter?
pxlatedgod (8:38:25 PM): i think if nurse is proven that throws him into suspicioun
SirSlugma (8:38:28 PM): also swirl
pxlatedgod (8:38:34 PM): but uh
NintendoGrl 1 (8:38:36 PM): Wigs, Night, ENTER!?, War, Red, Pxl, Spiral, Ngirl, Shep (9)
pxlatedgod (8:38:37 PM): list please
NintendoGrl 1 (8:38:49 PM): looking at list
NintendoGrl 1 (8:38:52 PM): where is war
War13104 (8:38:56 PM): I've been here
bladeknight9999 (8:38:57 PM): 3 Ngirl - Red, Wigs, Spiral | 1 Shep - Night
DeludedTwilight (8:39:01 PM): .....
NintendoGrl 1 (8:39:04 PM): around
NintendoGrl 1 (8:39:06 PM): but not active
cmb11731 (8:39:09 PM): still haven't gotten a role
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:39:16 PM): if nurse is proven
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:39:20 PM): who is in suspicion?
DeludedTwilight (8:39:25 PM): You've hardly said anything War, why?
EnterUserNameNow (8:39:25 PM): Spiral, you wanted my uses?
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:39:26 PM): how is nurse even "proven"
IceShepard3 (8:39:26 PM): ngirl
pxlatedgod (8:39:28 PM): list
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:39:28 PM): i mean
pxlatedgod (8:39:29 PM): plesae
Red13N (8:39:29 PM): ok
DeludedTwilight (8:39:30 PM): Yes Enter.
NightWhispers16 (8:39:31 PM): it isn't
War13104 (8:39:32 PM): Nurse being proven is a hard pill to swallow
EnterUserNameNow (8:39:33 PM): N1 I bussed night and charton. N2 I bussed Red and pxl.
Red13N (8:39:33 PM): he wants to claim nurse
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:39:34 PM): we can suspect that its proven
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:39:37 PM): but its not 100% proven
Red13N (8:39:39 PM): i'll bite on this
NintendoGrl 1 (8:39:40 PM): yes shep?
Red13N (8:39:43 PM): i claim detective
(8:39:46 PM) Ami is PWN has left the room.
Red13N (8:39:47 PM): now they are trapped
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:39:47 PM): !
IceShepard3 (8:39:50 PM): nah im just saying you're mthe most susp.
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:39:52 PM): dundun dodada
pxlatedgod (8:39:53 PM): what
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:39:53 PM): DUN DUN DUN
Red13N (8:39:54 PM): hes either nurse and i live and scan him
NintendoGrl 1 (8:39:55 PM): scans red?
pxlatedgod (8:39:55 PM): what red
NightWhispers16 (8:39:56 PM): DUN DUN DUN
Red13N (8:39:56 PM): or i die now
NightWhispers16 (8:40:06 PM): ok
Red13N (8:40:07 PM): theres a poisoner
Red13N (8:40:10 PM): thats all i've got
NintendoGrl 1 (8:40:16 PM): o_O
pxlatedgod (8:40:19 PM): what are your scans
DeludedTwilight (8:40:19 PM): Who did you scan, just in case?
NightWhispers16 (8:40:19 PM): ##un ice
War13104 (8:40:22 PM): ...a poisoner?
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:40:25 PM): A POISONER
Red13N (8:40:32 PM): i had wedge vigi/mafia/det
PsychicNess13 (8:40:35 PM): war is the poisoner calling it righ now
sonten11 (8:40:37 PM): ruh roh shraggy
Red13N (8:40:39 PM): swirl poisoner/mafia/townie
DeludedTwilight (8:40:50 PM): Well at least we know what we're dealing with
pxlatedgod (8:40:51 PM): okay red
pxlatedgod (8:40:53 PM): i buy that
War13104 (8:40:56 PM): Then...I guess Wedge didn't shoot last night?
pxlatedgod (8:41:06 PM): i guess this does make it a bit easier to tell who's telling the truth then
DeludedTwilight (8:41:18 PM): More on ngirl, please.
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:41:18 PM): oh
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:41:20 PM): well
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:41:22 PM): i buy that
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:41:25 PM): pretty strongly
Red13N (8:41:27 PM): so now i cant die tonight
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:41:31 PM): what red did day 2
NintendoGrl 1 (8:41:32 PM): agreed
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:41:37 PM): means red has a power role
NintendoGrl 1 (8:41:39 PM): red scanned swirl
bladeknight9999 (8:41:40 PM): 3 Ngirl - Red, Wigs, Spiral
pxlatedgod (8:41:45 PM): souh
NintendoGrl 1 (8:41:47 PM): n2
(8:41:47 PM) wartank777 has entered the room.
pxlatedgod (8:41:48 PM): am i ever going to get a list
wartank777 (8:41:51 PM): 'ello
NintendoGrl 1 (8:41:53 PM): Wigs, Night, ENTER!?, War, Red, Pxl, Spiral, Ngirl, Shep (9)
pxlatedgod (8:41:57 PM): thanks
NightWhispers16 (8:41:58 PM): ##ngirl
pxlatedgod (8:42:01 PM): war
pxlatedgod (8:42:01 PM): war
pxlatedgod (8:42:02 PM): speak up
DeludedTwilight (8:42:02 PM): Claim.
NintendoGrl 1 (8:42:04 PM): augh night
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:42:05 PM): ok
War13104 (8:42:07 PM): what what?
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:42:07 PM): ##UN
pxlatedgod (8:42:07 PM): voice your thoughts
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:42:08 PM): ##Enter
NightWhispers16 (8:42:09 PM): =)
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:42:10 PM): back to him
pxlatedgod (8:42:11 PM): war hasn't done anything
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:42:13 PM): cuz i still dont buy it
EnterUserNameNow (8:42:20 PM): 'lol'
pxlatedgod (8:42:24 PM): which war is this?
War13104 (8:42:26 PM): I'm feeling really bad about that nurse claim
pxlatedgod (8:42:26 PM): 13104?
War13104 (8:42:28 PM): <-
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:42:29 PM): war yes
IceShepard3 (8:42:30 PM): votals?
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:42:32 PM): wartha nemesis
pxlatedgod (8:42:34 PM): ##war
pxlatedgod (8:42:37 PM): 'do it'
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:42:38 PM): scourge of B8BL
(8:42:39 PM) PsychicNess13 has left the room.
EnterUserNameNow (8:42:46 PM): votals would be nice
SirSlugma (8:42:48 PM): lol
War13104 (8:42:52 PM): Yuffles Kisarawood > You
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:42:56 PM): imo nurse can be lynched tomorrow if deaths tomorrow show things
foolmoron (8:42:58 PM): martha nemesis
DeludedTwilight (8:42:58 PM): We've got the nurse claim covered, why would you feel bad about it?
War13104 (8:43:12 PM): I just don't trust it, that's all.
bladeknight9999 (8:43:16 PM): 4 Ngirl - Red, Wigs, Spiral, Night | 1 War - Pxl
War13104 (8:43:20 PM): I get that we have it covered
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:43:22 PM): Blade
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:43:23 PM): im on entr
DeludedTwilight (8:43:24 PM): More on Ngirl, please
NintendoGrl 1 (8:43:26 PM): I'm at -1?
War13104 (8:43:33 PM): But it's one of those claims that you generally dislike.
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:43:33 PM): but
DeludedTwilight (8:43:33 PM): I don't think so
DeludedTwilight (8:43:36 PM): Are you?
IceShepard3 (8:43:37 PM): We have 9
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:43:37 PM): ill go back
NintendoGrl 1 (8:43:37 PM): i think i am
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:43:38 PM): on ngirl
War13104 (8:43:41 PM): yeah, that's -1
IceShepard3 (8:43:42 PM): ##ngirl
DeludedTwilight (8:43:42 PM): Claim?
EnterUserNameNow (8:43:43 PM): ##ngirl
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:43:47 PM): O_O
NintendoGrl 1 (8:43:55 PM): or not
sonten11 (8:43:56 PM): haha
NightWhispers16 (8:43:59 PM): ...hammer?
War13104 (8:43:59 PM): uhhh....
NintendoGrl 1 (8:44:05 PM): whoo scummy!
bladeknight9999 (8:44:06 PM): Stop
bladeknight9999 (8:44:22 PM): So yeah that was hammer
NintendoGrl 1 (8:44:25 PM): lol
Fflscreen (8:44:29 PM): cbs
bladeknight9999 (8:44:33 PM): Ngirl was eliminated.
bigvissian (8:44:37 PM): she was sk
bladeknight9999 (8:44:40 PM): Ngirl was mafia roleblocker
NintendoGrl 1 (8:44:43 PM): .
foolmoron (8:44:45 PM): triple SK
DeludedTwilight (8:44:46 PM): xD
bladeknight9999 (8:44:49 PM): Wigs, Night, ENTER!?, War, Red, Pxl, Spiral, Shep (8)
bladeknight9999 (8:44:53 PM): Night actions
bigvissian (8:44:54 PM): also
bigvissian (8:44:56 PM): owned mafia owned
Fflscreen (8:45:06 PM): who's enter
foolmoron (8:45:11 PM): vis where are you in bioshock?
bigvissian (8:45:24 PM): finished
foolmoron (8:45:33 PM): quick o_O
bigvissian (8:45:40 PM): I don't let things sit
bigvissian (8:45:47 PM): I liked the ending
foolmoron (8:45:47 PM): I'm only in hephaestus
bigvissian (8:46:05 PM): have you beaten it before?
foolmoron (8:46:15 PM): cuz my video card has been gone for 15 days
foolmoron (8:46:15 PM): no
foolmoron (8:46:27 PM): oh noes spoilz
NightWhispers16 (8:46:33 PM): hephaestus greek god of the forge
wartank777 (8:46:39 PM): why do people say p early or p scummy
wartank777 (8:46:44 PM): it's lame
foolmoron (8:46:45 PM): yes niht
foolmoron (8:46:47 PM): night
NightWhispers16 (8:46:54 PM): vpk
foolmoron (8:46:55 PM): does p = pretty?
NightWhispers16 (8:46:58 PM): yes
sonten11 (8:47:05 PM): lazy asses
foolmoron (8:47:06 PM): wartank you are p ; )
NintendoGrl 1 (8:47:11 PM): v is bhetter imo
NintendoGrl 1 (8:47:18 PM): v scummy >>>> p scummy
sonten11 (8:47:27 PM): ngirl was so v s btw
pxlatedgod (8:47:30 PM): whaaaaaaaaaat
NightWhispers16 (8:47:32 PM): vagina scummy>>>>penis scummy
wartank777 (8:47:35 PM): v is still lame
pxlatedgod (8:47:39 PM): charlie zeleny left behold the arctopus! god damnit!
foolmoron (8:47:45 PM): any single letter contraction other than y/n sucks
wartank777 (8:47:50 PM): lazy fucking bums can't type "pretty" or "very"
NightWhispers16 (8:48:07 PM): you can't even type cannot
sonten11 (8:48:09 PM): w is p s mir
foolmoron (8:48:27 PM): can't is a contraction of a contraction
wartank777 (8:48:32 PM): WC is pretty s? am i right?
foolmoron (8:48:32 PM): I love english
foolmoron (8:48:41 PM): u r rite
sonten11 (8:48:43 PM): n is p h i w d h
sonten11 (8:48:52 PM): hopefully no one will get that
foolmoron (8:48:53 PM): sonten l t s d
sonten11 (8:49:03 PM): fool
sonten11 (8:49:07 PM): I will lynch you next game
wartank777 (8:49:07 PM): n is pretthy hard i wouldn't do her
wartank777 (8:49:10 PM): ngirl
NintendoGrl 1 (8:49:10 PM): sonten l t g
foolmoron (8:49:14 PM): fool l t g
sonten11 (8:49:22 PM): wartank
foolmoron (8:49:23 PM): sonten what did I say?
wartank777 (8:49:24 PM): lost the game?
sonten11 (8:49:26 PM): is very close
NintendoGrl 1 (8:49:28 PM): oh yeah
sonten11 (8:49:30 PM): switch ou hard
wartank777 (8:49:40 PM): nigirl is pretty hot i would do her
(8:49:47 PM) cmb11731 has left the room.
foolmoron (8:49:48 PM): nigirl
sonten11 (8:49:52 PM): dam dude
foolmoron (8:49:56 PM): niggerl
wartank777 (8:49:56 PM): ni-girl
wartank777 (8:50:03 PM): NI!
EnterUserNameNow (8:50:07 PM): back
foolmoron (8:50:08 PM): knights of ni
wartank777 (8:50:18 PM):
wartank777 (8:50:34 PM): ENTER!?!!??!?!??!?!?
wartank777 (8:50:41 PM): is that gmun?
foolmoron (8:50:44 PM): no
EnterUserNameNow (8:50:44 PM): NO
foolmoron (8:50:47 PM): LOL
sonten11 (8:50:50 PM): oh good
foolmoron (8:51:01 PM): gmun is gmsn on AIM
wartank777 (8:51:06 PM): yeah
wartank777 (8:51:11 PM): i im him alot
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:51:12 PM): gmsn
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:51:13 PM): lol
wartank777 (8:51:16 PM): he also has like 9 accounts
foolmoron (8:51:17 PM): yeah gmun would be terrrrrrible at this game
(8:51:23 PM) Fflscreen has left the room.
NightWhispers16 (8:51:28 PM): lol gmun
foolmoron (8:51:36 PM): gmun and luster perfect mafia team
wartank777 (8:51:57 PM): what's luster's im again
NintendoGrl 1 (8:52:34 PM): dark reversal
NintendoGrl 1 (8:52:38 PM): he's offline
WedgeAntilles006 (8:52:51 PM): You talk to him often ngirl?
foolmoron (8:52:57 PM): yeah
foolmoron (8:52:59 PM): they cybar
NintendoGrl 1 (8:53:01 PM): nah
WedgeAntilles006 (8:53:01 PM): Not that I'd blame you. Word is he's quite the ladies man.
sonten11 (8:53:03 PM): ooh
War13104 (8:53:10 PM): Luster: SHOW ME YOUR BOOBS
foolmoron (8:53:26 PM): rofl wedge
sonten11 (8:53:31 PM): hey he doesnt dick around
foolmoron (8:53:36 PM): true
foolmoron (8:53:38 PM): some girls like that
NintendoGrl 1 (8:53:51 PM): converations with luster
bladeknight9999 (8:53:51 PM): IM me if I did not reply
NintendoGrl 1 (8:54:05 PM): Dark Reversal (06:40:07):Hey nintendogirl. You are teamed up with Smurf in the Oracle Challenge and you will need to discuss a team name, since no team name has been chosen yet. You could always talk to him on AIM, but he won't be signing on until later in the day (like after 12:00 PM EST, which is GMT -5). NintendoGrl 1 (06:40:07):I am away from my computer right now.
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:54:12 PM): posting logs
NintendoGrl 1 (8:54:13 PM): end of conversation
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:54:14 PM): modkill
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:54:16 PM): oh wate
foolmoron (8:54:19 PM): LOL
foolmoron (8:54:24 PM): ngirl is that real?
NintendoGrl 1 (8:54:29 PM): that was 19th september
sonten11 (8:54:29 PM): what a romantic conversation
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:54:32 PM): XFD
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:54:35 PM): oh luster
NintendoGrl 1 (8:54:37 PM): and then december 2nd
foolmoron (8:54:41 PM): which GMT -5
NintendoGrl 1 (8:54:43 PM): he im'd me about the uul
bladeknight9999 (8:54:46 PM): Red died
foolmoron (8:54:46 PM): which is*
bladeknight9999 (8:54:48 PM): Red was detective
bladeknight9999 (8:54:52 PM): Pxl died
bladeknight9999 (8:54:56 PM): Pxl was Mafia Detective
bladeknight9999 (8:54:58 PM): EPIC NIGHT
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:55:00 PM): XFD
wartank777 (8:55:00 PM): we are now the knights who say iccky iccky iccky ickky bitang zoop boing azmerhrmn
NightWhispers16 (8:55:02 PM): XD
(8:55:07 PM) NintendoGrl 1 has left the room.
bladeknight9999 (8:55:10 PM): Wigs, Night, ENTER!?, War, Spiral, Shep (6)
bladeknight9999 (8:55:11 PM): Go
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:55:13 PM): ok
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:55:15 PM): shep
NightWhispers16 (8:55:17 PM): ICE
War13104 (8:55:17 PM): XD
IceShepard3 (8:55:17 PM): I docced Enter
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:55:17 PM): explain
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:55:18 PM): NOW
NightWhispers16 (8:55:20 PM): ...
NightWhispers16 (8:55:20 PM): ...
NightWhispers16 (8:55:21 PM): ...
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:55:22 PM): -_-
NightWhispers16 (8:55:22 PM): ...
NightWhispers16 (8:55:23 PM): ...
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:55:23 PM): ##Shep
NightWhispers16 (8:55:24 PM): ...
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:55:24 PM): die
sonten11 (8:55:26 PM): ...
NightWhispers16 (8:55:26 PM): ...
EnterUserNameNow (8:55:26 PM): Why the hell did you doc me, Shep? IDIOT
DeludedTwilight (8:55:27 PM): There's no way you're that stupid
EnterUserNameNow (8:55:29 PM): ##shep
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:55:31 PM): just lynch him
DeludedTwilight (8:55:31 PM): ##Shep
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:55:31 PM): now
(8:55:34 PM) NightWhispers16 has left the room.
IceShepard3 (8:55:35 PM): Haha
IceShepard3 (8:55:41 PM): You fuckin idiots
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:55:41 PM): NIGHT YOU SCUMFUCK
wartank777 (8:55:42 PM): alright, i'm gonna stop talking now. I'm glad i contributed
(8:55:45 PM) NintendoGrl 1 has entered the room.
bladeknight9999 (8:55:47 PM): 3 Shep - Wigs, Enter, Spiral
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:55:49 PM): lynch him
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:55:52 PM): FINISH IT
DeludedTwilight (8:56:03 PM): Lynch Shep, please
(8:56:05 PM) NightWhispers16 has entered the room.
NightWhispers16 (8:56:07 PM): ...
foolmoron (8:56:09 PM): ##shope
NightWhispers16 (8:56:11 PM): is day over yet?
EnterUserNameNow (8:56:11 PM): There should be no debate about this
NightWhispers16 (8:56:14 PM): ##ice
DeludedTwilight (8:56:16 PM): It should be.
NightWhispers16 (8:56:17 PM): ...
EnterUserNameNow (8:56:17 PM): Lynch shep now
NightWhispers16 (8:56:19 PM): ...
bladeknight9999 (8:56:19 PM): Stop
NightWhispers16 (8:56:19 PM): ...
bladeknight9999 (8:56:25 PM): Shep was lynched
bladeknight9999 (8:56:33 PM): Shep was mafia poisoner
(8:56:37 PM) AngryAeisia16 has left the room.
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:56:37 PM): OH SNAP
(8:56:39 PM) junglebob21 has entered the room.
swirldude (8:56:46 PM): moo
bladeknight9999 (8:56:50 PM): Wigs, Night, ENTER!?, War, Spiral (5)
bladeknight9999 (8:56:53 PM): Night actions
sonten11 (8:57:02 PM): that was great
NightWhispers16 (8:57:06 PM): ..
sonten11 (8:57:15 PM): is that 2/2 for the "question" today
EnterUserNameNow (8:57:23 PM): yes
NintendoGrl 1 (8:57:45 PM): no
foolmoron (8:57:46 PM): the poisoner.
NintendoGrl 1 (8:57:50 PM): question said i was town
bigvissian (8:57:58 PM): question has failed
NintendoGrl 1 (8:58:03 PM): agreed
bigvissian (8:58:09 PM): but it is still effective
bigvissian (8:58:12 PM): combined with a gut...
foolmoron (8:58:20 PM): what is question
EnterUserNameNow (8:58:34 PM): Night thinks them up
bladeknight9999 (8:58:43 PM): Its morning\
bladeknight9999 (8:58:50 PM): Night died
bladeknight9999 (8:58:53 PM): Night was vanilla townie
bigvissian (8:58:55 PM): owned night owned
bladeknight9999 (8:58:57 PM): War died
bladeknight9999 (8:59:00 PM): War was mafia godfather
bigvissian (8:59:01 PM): owned war owned
bladeknight9999 (8:59:01 PM): Spiral died
bladeknight9999 (8:59:05 PM): Spiral was vanilla townie
bigvissian (8:59:06 PM): owned spiral owned
bladeknight9999 (8:59:10 PM): Wigs, the MAFIA DOUBLE AGENT, wins.
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:59:12 PM): OH GOFD
WoodwindWhrlwind (8:59:14 PM): OH GOD
EnterUserNameNow (8:59:15 PM): lol
mercurialife (8:59:15 PM): I FUCKING CALLED IT
bladeknight9999 (9:04:19 PM): All the time
IceShepard3 (9:04:24 PM): We bussed when we had to
junglebob21 (9:04:24 PM):
bladeknight9999 (9:04:25 PM): Both mafias
mercurialife (9:04:25 PM): that was still fucking retarded
bladeknight9999 (9:04:27 PM): Listened to Wigs
mercurialife (9:04:30 PM): that last night wigs was gonna die
bladeknight9999 (9:04:30 PM): The entire game
IceShepard3 (9:04:32 PM): But 5 mafias arent going to lynch wigs
mercurialife (9:04:33 PM): but then balde ended the game
IceShepard3 (9:04:34 PM): that game failed
mercurialife (9:04:38 PM): to let his "epic" role win
bladeknight9999 (9:04:39 PM): Wigs sent the kill
DeludedTwilight (9:04:42 PM): He ended it prematurely? Figures
bladeknight9999 (9:04:46 PM): Wigs sent the kill
bladeknight9999 (9:04:47 PM): Before War did
mercurialife (9:04:49 PM): no, my team never confirmed it
IceShepard3 (9:04:50 PM): No he didnt
mercurialife (9:04:50 PM): ...
bladeknight9999 (9:04:51 PM): So Wigs gets the kill
IceShepard3 (9:04:52 PM): He was like
bladeknight9999 (9:04:54 PM): FUCK YOUR TEAM
bladeknight9999 (9:04:58 PM): YOUR TEAM WAS DEAD
IceShepard3 (9:04:59 PM): Maybe we should kill Spiral?
bladeknight9999 (9:05:03 PM): It was him and War
IceShepard3 (9:05:04 PM): And blade took that as our kill
DeludedTwilight (9:05:07 PM): No, the game shouldn't be based on who can send what first
IceShepard3 (9:05:08 PM): what the fuck
mercurialife (9:05:08 PM): WAR WAS GODFATHER
bladeknight9999 (9:05:10 PM): Wigs IMed me
bladeknight9999 (9:05:12 PM): You retards
bladeknight9999 (9:05:17 PM): Wigs IMed me to kill War
mercurialife (9:05:18 PM): so? the family doesnt agree
DeludedTwilight (9:05:18 PM): Godfather decides the kills when he's still alive
bladeknight9999 (9:05:21 PM): Who cares?
mercurialife (9:05:23 PM): ...
bladeknight9999 (9:05:23 PM): The family is dead.
WoodwindWhrlwind (9:05:24 PM): the family was all dead
IceShepard3 (9:05:27 PM): ok
mercurialife (9:05:27 PM): no it wasnt
mercurialife (9:05:29 PM): the night didnt end
IceShepard3 (9:05:30 PM): So our mafia won
IceShepard3 (9:05:32 PM): Blade just failed
bladeknight9999 (9:05:32 PM): There was Wigs
mercurialife (9:05:33 PM): war was technically alive
bladeknight9999 (9:05:34 PM): And War
bainevii (9:05:38 PM): This is some serious drama
bladeknight9999 (9:05:39 PM): Theres 1 mafia other than Wigs
bladeknight9999 (9:05:45 PM): He sent to kill War immediately
IceShepard3 (9:05:47 PM): Who is the godfather
bladeknight9999 (9:05:49 PM): Screw whatever the fuck you want
mercurialife (9:05:54 PM): so? the night wasnt over he was technically alive
bladeknight9999 (9:05:55 PM): He killed War long before you did anything
mercurialife (9:06:01 PM): mercurialife: so? the night wasnt over he was technically alive
WoodwindWhrlwind (9:06:03 PM): <_<
Warlock7735 (9:06:05 PM): Depends.
foolmoron (9:06:07 PM): in for non-blade-hosted mafia
DeludedTwilight (9:06:10 PM): Likewise
IceShepard3 (9:06:12 PM): in for new host
bladeknight9999 (9:06:12 PM): Also
bladeknight9999 (9:06:15 PM): If you killed Wigs
mercurialife (9:06:15 PM): vig still gets shot off if mafia killed himb before he sent
Warlock7735 (9:06:15 PM): Godfather has final say over his own family's actions.
IceShepard3 (9:06:18 PM): ANYWAYS
DeludedTwilight (9:06:19 PM): Exactly
bladeknight9999 (9:06:19 PM): War was going to die anyway
bladeknight9999 (9:06:20 PM): Merc
WoodwindWhrlwind (9:06:22 PM): yeah
IceShepard3 (9:06:23 PM): WHO LIKED MMY NURSE CLAIM
bladeknight9999 (9:06:24 PM): Wigs used your family's kill
WoodwindWhrlwind (9:06:24 PM): I killed War
DeludedTwilight (9:06:25 PM): Godfather decides above all others
bladeknight9999 (9:06:26 PM): On War.
bladeknight9999 (9:06:28 PM): Thats why.
NintendoGrl 1 (9:06:30 PM): your nurse claim was bad
mercurialife (9:06:34 PM): i dont care if war was going to die anyway
NintendoGrl 1 (9:06:35 PM): and i wanted you dead for it
IceShepard3 (9:06:37 PM): It worked for one day
bladeknight9999 (9:06:40 PM): Wigs sent first
mercurialife (9:06:41 PM): we were going to kill wigs
NintendoGrl 1 (9:06:41 PM): please]
IceShepard3 (9:06:42 PM): All I needed was to survive that day
bladeknight9999 (9:06:43 PM): And used your own kill
NintendoGrl 1 (9:06:46 PM): the horrible hammer
bladeknight9999 (9:06:46 PM): To kill War
mercurialife (9:06:46 PM): IT DOESNT MATTER
IceShepard3 (9:06:48 PM): And to get off my poison shot
NintendoGrl 1 (9:06:50 PM): should have had you dead
NintendoGrl 1 (9:06:51 PM): twice
bladeknight9999 (9:06:51 PM): Which is why War didn't have a kill
DeludedTwilight (9:06:53 PM): It doesn't matter who sent it first. Godfather has the final say as long as he's alive
wartank777 (9:06:58 PM): whatever
wartank777 (9:07:01 PM): in for next game
WoodwindWhrlwind (9:07:03 PM): lol srs biznezz
EnterUserNameNow (9:07:07 PM): in for next game
mercurialife (9:07:08 PM): next i am mafia and you are hosting i am sending kill as soon as night start and the rest of my family has no say
mercurialife (9:07:19 PM): because thats how you are saying it works
bladeknight9999 (9:07:20 PM): When the rest of the family but 1 person is dead
bladeknight9999 (9:07:22 PM): We'll talk
mercurialife (9:07:26 PM): ...
DeludedTwilight (9:07:30 PM): As long as the godfather is still alive, it doesn't matter
IceShepard3 (9:07:31 PM): THE FUCKING GODFATHER
IceShepard3 (9:07:34 PM): WAS STILL ALIVE
IceShepard3 (9:07:38 PM): forget it
DeludedTwilight (9:07:41 PM): Yup
bladeknight9999 (9:07:42 PM): Who says godfather takes priority?
bladeknight9999 (9:07:45 PM): Wigs played you all.
IceShepard3 (9:07:51 PM): THats how you wanted it bladew
DeludedTwilight (9:07:51 PM): Godfather always takes priority.
I am Westen (9:07:52 PM): HOSTHAWK IS
IceShepard3 (9:07:53 PM): NEw host
Warlock7735 (9:07:55 PM): Guys, I have a question
bainevii (9:07:58 PM): Wigs is a player!
WoodwindWhrlwind (9:08:02 PM): a playa boy
WoodwindWhrlwind (9:08:16 PM): btw
NightWhispers16 (9:08:18 PM): i would play but i have to go
WoodwindWhrlwind (9:08:28 PM): since when has godfather confirming the kills ever been a rule in AIM mafia
Warlock7735 (9:08:33 PM): Is there a role that is basically a self bus driver? That is, you target someone and their night action always targets you?
bladeknight9999 (9:08:42 PM): Also
DeludedTwilight (9:08:45 PM): Oh,and Blade? Look up the godfather's description. "In charge of sending in the kills."
bladeknight9999 (9:08:45 PM): What Wigs said
mercurialife (9:08:46 PM): warlock, lightning rod or something iirc
WoodwindWhrlwind (9:08:52 PM): Hey spiral
bladeknight9999 (9:08:53 PM): Godfather has NEVER taken priority
IceShepard3 (9:08:53 PM): Blade
bladeknight9999 (9:08:55 PM): On AIM mafia
bladeknight9999 (9:08:57 PM): Never.
mercurialife (9:08:57 PM): when there is a dispute mafia has final say
WoodwindWhrlwind (9:08:57 PM): somethings are different
IceShepard3 (9:08:57 PM): Wigs was going to die
WoodwindWhrlwind (9:08:59 PM): in board mafia
bladeknight9999 (9:09:00 PM): And it doesn't in my games.
foolmoron (9:09:03 PM): spiral don't use SWF definitions of roles
IceShepard3 (9:09:04 PM): And as soon as we said he was double agent
IceShepard3 (9:09:08 PM): you ended night
mercurialife (9:09:08 PM): mercurialife: when there is a dispute mafia has final say
bladeknight9999 (9:09:08 PM): Godfather doesn't mean shit
mercurialife (9:09:12 PM): not "first guy who sends it"
Warlock7735 (9:09:12 PM): Lightning rod takes ALL night actions. I'm talking about a single action.
bladeknight9999 (9:09:12 PM): It means it scans innocent
foolmoron (9:09:16 PM): in b8mafiastrikesback, godfather is NEVER asked to confirm kills
wartank777 (9:09:16 PM): guys
wartank777 (9:09:21 PM): who cares
mercurialife (9:09:21 PM): its not to confirm
WoodwindWhrlwind (9:09:22 PM): what fool said
mercurialife (9:09:24 PM): only if there is dispute
wartank777 (9:09:24 PM): shh
bladeknight9999 (9:09:26 PM): What Fool said
IceShepard3 (9:09:32 PM): When there are two players
WoodwindWhrlwind (9:09:34 PM): all godfather is a scum role that scans inno in AIM mafia
DeludedTwilight (9:09:36 PM): Fool, games shouldn't be decided on who can send in a kill first, imo
WoodwindWhrlwind (9:09:36 PM): nothing more
bladeknight9999 (9:09:37 PM): Yes
foolmoron (9:09:51 PM): spiral did the mafia know that they had a double agent?
I am Westen (9:09:53 PM): Twilight, Shep, ngirl, fool, WC (5)
IceShepard3 (9:09:56 PM): no
IceShepard3 (9:09:57 PM): we didnt
Warlock7735 (9:09:59 PM): For instance: blade scans tiro, ngirl is scum and targets blade, he scans her guilty, but thinks it's tiro? Seems op, but interesting.
foolmoron (9:09:59 PM): were they competing for sending the kill in first?
wartank777 (9:10:03 PM): IM ICE FOR IN
IceShepard3 (9:10:03 PM): Nope
WoodwindWhrlwind (9:10:07 PM): no
wartank777 (9:10:07 PM): DO IT
wartank777 (9:10:09 PM): DO IT NOW
IceShepard3 (9:10:10 PM): We had no idea
mercurialife (9:10:11 PM): and since the double agent sent in kill for godfather faster we lost
foolmoron (9:10:12 PM): so what are you complaining about?
WoodwindWhrlwind (9:10:13 PM): it shouldnt be a race of speed
DeludedTwilight (9:10:17 PM): .....
DeludedTwilight (9:10:18 PM): Exactly Wigs
mercurialife (9:10:19 PM): fool we did know
WoodwindWhrlwind (9:10:19 PM): who has priority should be set
mercurialife (9:10:21 PM): that last night
WoodwindWhrlwind (9:10:23 PM): and in this case
bladeknight9999 (9:10:23 PM): And Wigs
bladeknight9999 (9:10:25 PM): Had prioity.
WoodwindWhrlwind (9:10:26 PM): i had the priority
bladeknight9999 (9:10:28 PM): Priority*
mercurialife (9:10:33 PM): we were about to kill him
IceShepard3 (9:10:35 PM): Forget
DeludedTwilight (9:10:38 PM): Whatever, next game please
IceShepard3 (9:10:39 PM): Never play with that setup
IceShepard3 (9:10:40 PM): AGAIN
sonten11 (9:10:45 PM): I come back to THIS??