Board 8 Wiki

Who? Well, BetaSquadron has been posting on GameFAQs since 2004. He tends to only post off and on which is why he is hardly recognized on Board 8. If you ever catch a rare glimpse of this poster, say Hi, for the love of God.


BetaSquadron's first experience with posting on forums was the boards. Being the cheapskate that he is, he disliked IGN for the fact that users were required to purchase a membership to obtain special privileges not available to users without a membership. Searching for a better forum, Beta realised that the site he frequented for various Guides and Walkthroughs had a cool and intelligent community.

He started to post on game boards including most Final Fantasy games, Xenogears, Metal Gear Solid, Dark Cloud, Shadow Hearts, Ragnarok Online, etc. When he attained a higher rank, he found Board 8; which was called Summer 2004 Contest at that time. He posted often and occasionally took breaks(usually months at a time). When he was introduced to World of Warcraft by his brother, he played often and posted much on the WoW boards. Today, he may be seen posting on Board 8, Religion and History boards and occasionally on a few game boards.