Big Bob has been around since Summer 2003, but never started posting on the board until Summer 2004. He is an active board member, though his presence has been declining as of late. In Summer 2007 he ran the "Who Am I Voting For" contest. In the Spring of 2008 he ran the "Bob" contest, and in Fall 2008 he ran the sequel to his previous contest, "Who Am I Voting For Again?"

Notable accomplishmentsEdit

  • Ran the "Rate the fad" topics until people stopped caring.
  • On March 25th, 2007, Big Bob made a thread on the One Piece: Unlimited Adventure (Wii) forum called "This game should come with a third controller that you put in your mouth." It was quickly deleted and Big Bob was given a 3KL because the post was "offensive". However, a character in the game fights with three swords; one in each of his hands, and one in his mouth. Even after explaining this, the moderator upheld the moderation, saying that it could very easily be seen as offensive. After appealing to a lead mod, the moderation was still upheld, saying that it "seems more like a troll than anything". Finally, Big Bob appealed to the admin and it was overturned, his three karma restored.
  • Ran the Rock/Paper/Scissors tournament:

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