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Round One


Thurday, September 13th, 2007

Ulti's Analysis[]

Poll 2873
Division 3
Match # 11
Match Date Thurday, September 13th, 2007
Mario - 58.00%
Big Boss - 17.18%
Pac-Man - 16.91%
Wander - 8.02%
Mario first place (2pts) - 81.52%
Mario second place (1pt) - 14.91%
Big Boss second place (2pts) - 19.19%
Big Boss first place (1pt) - 14.60%
Mario - 96.43% (35,413)
Big Boss - 33.79% (12,409)

This was a pretty debated match, although it really shouldn't have been. Mario is the absolute worst possible character for Pac-Man to share a poll with -- worse than Link, even -- because they're both from the exact same time period and appeal to the exact same people. And while both are complete legends in the industry, Mario definitely got the better end of the fame stick.

Yet for some reason, most people thought Pac-Man would get second place over Big Boss anyway. Possibly because of the big Pac-Man > Ocelot upset a couple years prior, I dunno. Board 8 actually got this one right, so it was a good HAW HAW CASUALS day.

What most people didn't expect though was just how easy this would be for Big Boss. Mario didn't just beat Pac-Man; he pounded the living crap out of him. Pac-Man v Mario heads-up in this match wouldn't have even gotten Pac-Man 15% of the votes, allowing Big Boss to get one of the more surprising easy second place finishes around. This match was the first in a long line of Mario > Big Boss results across the years, and while it's not quite as bad as Snake > Knuckles was it's pretty close. Oddly enough, I'm still not sure how a Pac-Man vs Big Boss match would go. Big Boss probably wins, but I wouldn't feel comfortable picking it.

Wander of course got last place even with the ridiculousness everywhere else. lol Wander and lol his game.

Stats and Analysis[]

Pac-Man beat Ocelot in 2005. Ocelot is stronger than Big Boss. easy, right?

yes, actually, since Pac-Man's kryptonite is an old-school Nintendo character, and seriously, who defines old-school more than Mario? Pac-Man stumbled out of the gate and never had a chance. Big Boss went up against a guy with no name in Wander and an icon that got SFFed to death. the result was a boring blowout for Mario, a commanding second for Big Boss, and everyone looking forward to the next match.

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