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Biggamer7 is a Board8 user. No one knows any personal information about him, then again no one cares.

Why Biggamer7?[]

Biggamer7 was in a hurry to think of a name so he thougt "Adjective+Gamer+7" and Biggamer7. It sucks I know...

Elder Scrolls Oblivion Forum[]

Biggamer7 went on the Elder Scrolls Oblivion forum before Board8. He was known and had many successful topics until he went on a topic and corrected someone for something that was right and he flamed them and insulted them and eventually he was proven wrong and he never went back to that forum in fear someone there would recognize him.


After the Elder Scrolls incident he went to Board8 and never is recognized and never bothers to join user battles and leagues knowing he will lose because no one knows who he is even though he goes on a bunch. He tried to make a successful topic on Board8 and those include "The Worst Character Battle" and "Save the Family Guy Episode". He now tries to talk on other topics and likes to express his opinion when he disagrees with someone.

Favorite Stuff[]

FAVORITE MLB TEAM: New York Mets FAVORITE NFL TEAM: New York Jets FAVORITE NHL TEAM: New York Rangers FAVORITE NBA TEAM: New York Knicks FAVORITE COLLEGE TEAM: Notre Dame Fighting Irish FAVORITE TV SHOW: Family Guy FAVORITE MOVIE: Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby FAVORITE VIDEOGAME: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

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