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The Biggest Vote Swings of Summer 2005, based on how hourly voting trends shifted throughout a match. Thanks go to Yesmar for originally calculating these stats.

How it works: As an example, in the second hour of their match, Crono pulled down a hugely impressive 70.19% of the vote for that 60 minute period. Yet when "the kiddies woke up" (actually it was when they got home from school), Master Chief cut way into that number and allowed Crono only 55.11% of the vote during the 17th hour of the match. 70.19 - 55.15 = 15.04, the percent turnaround aka "vote swing" that MC was able to manage in this match.

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Biggest Vote Swings of '05[]

  1. Crono vs Master Chief (R3) - 15.04%
  2. Bowser vs Chun Li (R1) - 13.62%
  3. Sonic vs Tifa (R3) - 13.06%
  4. Link vs Sephiroth (ToC) - 12.72%
  5. Master Chief vs Donkey Kong (R1) - 12.14%
  6. Link vs Cloud (ToC) - 11.38%
  7. Bowser vs Ryu (R2) - 11.32%
  8. Squall vs Knuckles (R2) - 11.28%
  9. Snake vs Bowser (R4) - 10.89%
  10. Tifa vs Luigi (R2) - 10.62%

Unreliable Swings[]

  • Vercetti vs Kefka (R1) - 15.14%
    • not included because the final hours of this match are hugely unreliable due to CJay being forced to remove thousands of cheated votes
  • Master Chief vs CATS (R1) - 10.75%
    • not included because this swing is mild unless you use the first hour of the match, which is generally quite suspect and is especially unreliable whenever CATS and his Army are involved