BlAcK TuRtLe is most renowned for his hatred of Final Fantasy 9. Aside from that, he is a veteran of Contest Stats and Discussion. He was the Guru winner for the 2010 Game of the Decade contest and subsequently nominated the team of Mega Man X vs. Zero to the Rivalry Rumble.

BT was generally agreed to be a troll, usually starting topics about controversial topics and posting in them just to annoy people. His main attack was the "lol _____" post, designed to infuriate someone who had spent time formulating a well thought out post by completely disregarding it.

"lol wiki pages" ~BT

User Commentary Edit

You know the guy you work with that blurts out idiotic statements during a discussion like they are the popular opinion that everyone agrees with, only instead he is met with immediate awkward silence and weird glances before everyone ignores what he says and someone quickly changes the subject?

That guy is Black Turtle.
~ therealmnm, August 2008

it's not a contest topic without BT saying something silly and everyone jumping down his throat
~ transience, August 2008

Turtle only has two natural states: whining and hypocrisy
~ wavedash101, October 2008

Hey Turtle, let's have a competition to see who'll drive this wretched place into ground first. ~ KanzarisKelshen, September 2010

Black Turtle is having a bigger meltdown than the one I had when Sephiroth lost to Snake and it LITERALLY COST ME THE CONTEST. ~ ExThaNemesis, November 2018

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