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A resident of Board 8 since SpC2K4, although he did spend a lot of time there during SC2K3 as well. His first post on the board involved explaining why Kirby deserved to beat Ramza Beoulve, although he can no longer remember the exact reasoning.

His username comes from a strange love of the look where a robe or hat obscures the entire face so that only a pair of glowing eyes can be seen, most notably Black Mages from the Final Fantasy series and Jawas from Star Wars. The name was first used on Neopets where he intended to sign up as BlackMageVivi, but that was already taken. In retrospect, he's glad he changed it to what it is now, as the name has pretty much stuck.

BMJ is probably best known on Board 8 for his sprite comics, and for being British. He works for the government, and technically his job is classified, however it's nowhere near as interesting as that sounds. It is quite cool though when someone asks him what he does, and he replies 'I'm a "Civil Servant"' (carefully pronouncing the inverted commas) and everyone assumes he's a spy.

He currently has three sprite comics in extremely-irregular-production; the first and most popular is Life of Tim, which was followed by the semi-but-not-actually-remotely-autobiographical Spriter's Block. The most recent addition is Ocean's Edge, intended to be the polar opposite of Life of Tim. None of these strips are updated regularly any more.

Most of his attempts at Board 8 projects fail due to laziness.

Blind Azathoth is secretly in love with BMJ, but is saving this announcement for May sweeps in order to boost ratings in the 18-34 female demographic. (Bit late for that now... >_>)(He never said which May)(Yeah, he might have meant the Guilty Gear character, that evil, evil... god thing)