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Board 8 is the official message board for discussion of GameFAQs' Spring and Summer Contests. The board was originally created to allow discussion of the Summer 2002 Contest. Despite a contest only occurring during about four months of a given year, B8 has a strong community who actively post year-round. In fact, thanks to the decline of LUE, B8 has become GameFAQs' most active message board year-round (in terms of total posts). The board has been dubbed "Board 8" by this community, due to the board's ID. This name was first suggested by Amazing Telephone as a solution for the constant renaming of the board from contest to contest. This board and its unique community are the subject of this wiki.

The board's name was changed to "GameFAQs Contests" during the 2006 site redesign, eliminating the need for name changes, but it continues to be called Board 8 by its regular users.

The binding board numbers of Board 8 are:
8.999999999999999111821580299874767661094665527343749 -- Site Suggestions -- Board 8 -- Board 8 -- Nine

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