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Board 8 Battle 5 is the fifth in a series of five. It is a Battle Royale ripoff where B8 users take the place of contestants in a contest to kill everyone else.

Previous Board 8 Battle's[]

Board 8 Battle 1- Popular, although the writing was terrible. Made when Robazoid was 14. GnKoichi was the winner. It took place on an island and was the most Battle Royale-ish of them all.

Board 8 Battle 2- B8B2 took place in a city. Robazoid was still 14, and as such, the writing was still below par, but people seemed to enjoy it. The winner was RX7InfinitiIII

Board 8 Battle 3- B8B3 introduced supernatural elements to the previously down-to-earth formula that B8B series followed. Behind B8B5, B8B3 is Robazoid's favorite B8B. The winner was FFDragon. Made when Robazoid was 15.

Board 8 Battle 4- The worst B8B in everyone's opinion. Made when Robazoid was still 15 years old, B8B4 was a doomed project from the start. Bad writing, characterization, and a terrible update schedule (Once every two weeks would be lucky) B8B4 is best left forgotten. For those who care, it was a prequel, and it showed that Robazoid and Commander Decko (Two characters from the other B8B's) were actually once a part of the game, and they escaped in a stupid ruse that should have fooled no one. Robazoid hates B8B4.

Board 8 Battle 5 Contestants[]

1. James Exeter (ExThaNemisis) The Wolf

2. Kris Karter (FFDragon)The Panther

3. Bill Demasta (Pats_Dynasty)The Seagull

4. Anastasia Nilats (Janus5000)The Toad

5. Jarek Vanders (PhantomLink)The Lynx

6. “Damnit Man”(War13104)The Owl

7. Charles Logan (Jecht)The Swan

8. Dave Corleone (DpObliVion)The Frog

9. Katherine Amarida Macy (Inviso)The Raccoon

10. Lucius Donovan (supdawg)The Gorilla

11. “Abaddon” (KriadFan101)The Zebra

12. Don Coroleone (Cyrax Dioxide)The Snake

13. Buster “McAwesome” (marioinblack)The Dog

14. Ryle Letalis (Ayvuir)The Lion

15. Dan Bates (jeevesthemole)The Spider

16. James Bradey (RX7InfinitiIII)The Crab

17. Christopher Underhill (Fingolfin the Elf)The Cat

18. Chucky XVII (DSRage)The Rabbit

19. “Electra Dynamite” (MakeYourChance)The Mouse

20. Matt Morrison (captaincanadian)The Rat

21. Nicol Ervine (Gaiden Z)The Dinosaur

22. Rhys Flynn (X_Dante_X)The Goldfish

23. Gene Yuss (Ace)The Donkey

24. Briyas Cullman (dowolf)The Squirrel

25. Albus Pullatus (SA2 Tails)The Horse

26. Connor Gabriel (H4L187)The Bat

27. Vincent Kennedy (Lopen)The Duck

28. Tom Bombadil (Tom Bombadil)The Ostrich

29. Ryu Takashi-San (MaxedOutRyu)The Chameleon

30. Thelef Tynic (th3l3fty)The Penguin

31. Jacob Freyr (_Harmonica_)The Eagle

32. Mike Hunt (XIII is cool)The Goose

33. Nephenee DeRath (pikaness)The Deer

34. Luis de Arce (Sephirot1 Returns)The Cobra

35. E.E Ekend (Tweekend)The Badger

36. Koichi Sagara (GnKoichi)The Bull

37. Charles Kenneth Howitt III (SHINE GET 64)The Rhino

38. Albert Thinkov (paperwarior)The Salamander

39. Tim Caelus (Caelus)The Bear

40. Dan Heady (Abomstar)The Iguana

41. Mario Knezovic (Repus_Yortsed)The Beaver

42. Aria Isthill (AppleKidJosh)The Turkey

43. Eltoil Machin (Stiener Shocker)The Raven

44. Elektra Glide (Lagoona)The Anaconda

45. Gillian Graves (LCadwallader)The Mantis

46. Loran Sience (Eggplant Lord)The Trout

47. R. Phillip Orennson (Ori)The Cardinal

48. Richard Le Grande (Dragonair)The Beast

49. Eileen Anderson (IceMole)The Devil

50. Joe Black (mentalmike)The Scorpion