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Board 8 Brawl League is a competition run by yoblazer where B8ers play each other over Super Smash Bros. Brawl's WiFi connection in the hopes of becoming the B8 Brawl Champion.

Season Beta[]

Season Beta was conducted in May of 2008 as a preliminary test to see what kind of interest ongoing Brawl League seasons would generate. The first B8BL Champion was Viviff, who defeated GodOfGaming in the tournament final. Overall, Season Beta was declared a "smashing success" by many of the entrants, including the legendary and handsome Ngamer.

Season One - The Real Deal[]

Season One, aka "The Real Deal," was the first official season of the Board 8 Brawl League. Lasting three weeks between May 17 and June 7, 2008, the Real Deal featured a finals rematch between Viviff and GodOfGaming. In the end, Viviff was once again victorious.

Season Two - Faces of Death[]

Season Two, aka "Faces of Death," was the sequel to the first official season of the Board 8 Brawl League. Viviff was once again the champion, although this time in a sadly anticlimactic manner, as he was automatically declared the winner after his opponents failed to have their match in a timely manner.

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