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Subtitled "Faces of Death," the Board 8 Brawl League's sequel season began as soon as Season One ended. Sign-ups were opened on the morning of June 7, 2008. The biggest change from previous season was the number of participants being lowered from 32 to 24 in hopes of the smaller field resulting in fewer no-shows. Another substantial change was the introduction of a "character limit" wherein no entrant could use the same character more than twice in any given set (whether in the regular season or the playoffs). The season champion was, for the third time in a row, Viviff. He was automatically declared the winner after his opponents failed to have their match in a timely manner.

Regular Season[]

The S2 regular season consisted of matches against all 5 opponents in your division along with 5 randomly-selected opponents from other divisions. Players brawled each opponent four times (with 4 stock), for a total of 40 Brawls against 10 opponents. The S2 divisions and records were as follows (keep in mind that most entrants did not complete the 40 matches):

Of Wolves and Sinew

Eden's Slithering Assassins

Children of the Damned

Angels of Death


The top four players in each group advanced to the 16-man single elimination playoffs. Seeding was determined by winning percentage earned in the regular season, while stats such as number of wins and matches played were also considered.

Round One Results[]

The format for Round One was best 3 out of 5 matches.

1. Viviff def. 16. EEric (3-0)

9. Lopen def. 8. ff6man (3-2)

5. GodofGaming def. 12. Biolizard (3-2)

4. The Destoyer def. 13. Angsty Lou (3-1)

6. stingers def. 11. freac (3-2)

3. Master Moltar def. 14. ZhangJunyi (3-1)

10. TheArkofTurus def. 7. ExThaNemesis (2-0, Forfeit)

15. Cokes def. 2. KamikazePotato (Forfeit)

Round Two Results[]

The format for Round Two onward was best 4 out of 7 matches.

1. Viviff def. Lopen (4-1)

5. GodofGaming def. 4. The Destoyer (4-2)

6. stingers def. 3. Master Moltar (4-2)

15. Cokes def. 10. TheArkofTurus (4-3)

Semifinal Results[]

1. Viviff def. 5. GodofGaming (4-0)

6. stingers vs. 15. Cokes (No Contest)

Final Results[]

1. Viviff is declared the champion (No Contest)

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