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The Board 8 Census Project was conducted in the Summer of 2008 by Trombonastic. The goal of the project was to gather details regarding B8's overall makeup, in terms of age, gender, height, and other such things.

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The average B8er is 19.19 years old.


Board 8 is 93.2% male.


The average B8er is 5 feet, 8.31 inches tall.


The average B8er weighs 115.15 pounds.


53.33% of Board 8 is religious. 26.67% of Board 8 is agnostic. 20% of Board 8 are atheists.


73.02% of Board 8 has been in a relationship (26.98% has not). Those B8ers who have been in a relationship have been in an average of 3.09 relationships. B8ers in general have been in an average of 2.25 relationships.

  • SantaRPG has been in the most relationships (14).

Sexual Orientation[]

  • 82.69% are heterosexual.
  • 9.62% are bisexual.
  • 5.77% are homosexual.
  • 1.93% are pansexual. I feel that the pansexuals are over-represented.

Having the Sex[]

76.92% of B8ers are virgins (23.08% are not).