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Welcome one and all to the reboot of the revival of one of the most hilarious and entertaining user contests Board 8 has ever had. This year's contest is sure to be an instant classic, so let's get down to business. ~ Cokes

Following the premise of the original RAP BATTLE and its sequel, RAP BATTLE: tha LEAGUE, RAP BATTLE: tha LEAGUE 2 was sanctioned by Aeon Azuran, and was originally to be hosted by BesaidGuy. However, due to his somewhat unexpected departure from Board 8, hosting duties were taken over by Cokes311. This season will feature eight divisions of four competitors over a five week schedule. Each competitor has three divisional matches and two randomized interdivisional matches. At the end of the five weeks, the four division winners and the four non-division winners with the best record will make the playoffs.

Rules and Regulations:

  • I'll make the battle topics for each match on an announced date and decide randomly who goes first.
  • There will be two raps each, alternating, each rap being a single post less than 12 lines.
  • If someone fails to post their rap within approximately 24 hours of the last rap (24 hours from the creation of the topic for the first one) they forfeit the match. Upon a second forfeit situation, a replacement will instead be used.
  • The 24 hour voting period starts from the time the fourth and final rap is posted!
  • You can’t vote on your own match.
  • Keep player hating to a minimum.

Discussion and schedule can be found here

Succeeded by Board 8 RAP BATTLE: tha LEAGUE 3, Board 8 RAP BATTLE 5 and the Gamefaqs Rap Battle League

The Standings[]

~Pimpin' Ain't Easy~[]

4-0-0 TheLastOblesik
3-1-0 TheKnightOfNee
1-3-0 Ayvuir
1-3-0 Aeon Azuran / WiggumFan267

~Rosa Parks~[]

3-1-0 Furious J
2-2-0 The Beginning
1-2-1 Shaggy / TVontheRadio
1-3-0 DigitalIncision

~Microphone Fiend~[]

3-0-1 BBallman7
1-1-2 Seginustemple
1-1-2 fetusbucketeer
1-2-1 WalrusJump

~Oodles of O's~[]

3-1-0 Ed Bellis
1-2-1 swordsman 12
1-3-0 SensiShadeSlaye
0-3-1 MajinZidane

~Mo' Money, Mo' Problems~[]

4-0-0 sonicblastpunch
3-1-0 Swif7y
2-2-0 nintendogirl1
1-3-0 Forceful Dragon

~Damn It Feels Good to Be a Gangsta~[]

4-0-0 AlecTrevelyan006
2-0-2 Xtremeblur
1-3-0 Jukkie
0-3-1 Princess Anri

~Still Not a Player~[]

3-0-1 Cokes
2-1-1 Biolizard / Giggsalot
1-3-0 TimJab
1-3-0 DSRage

~**** the Police~[]

3-1-0 ExThaNemesis
1-3-0 RustyMrMokka
0-4-0 MaxedOutRyu

The Results[]

~~Click on the link for each battle to check the raps! ~~

~Week 1~[]

~Week 2~[]

~Week 3~[]

~Week 4~[]

~Week 5~[]


Canceled Completed Matches[]

--> due to realosix departure from Board 8, these matches were not counted towards the official standing

  • Battle A1: Aeon Azuran vs. TheLastOblesik (0-0, wins)
  • Battle A2: Ayvuir vs. TheKnightOfNee (0-0, wins)
  • Battle A3: DigitalIncision vs. The Beginning (0-0, wins)
  • Battle A4: Seginustemple vs. WalrusJump (0-0, wins)
  • Battle A5: SensiShadeSlaye vs. MajinZidane (0-0, wins)