Gen 3 Pokemon

All 135 Gen III Pokemon. Yay.

Board 8 ranks the Pokemon from the third generation.  What else did you think this article would pertain to?

starfox2245 managed the project and put in a lot of time and effort, so major props to him!  He and 57 other users submitted their personal rankings of Gen 3's Pokemon, numbering them 1 to 135.  starfox averaged these lists into a single list which ideally gave an accurate summary of Board 8's tastes in Gen 3's Pokemon.

The project lasted from December 18, 2014 to January 19, 2015.

Users Participating In The Gen III Pokemon RankingsEdit

58 users from Board 8 participated in these rankings.

The users can be viewed below in alphabetical order.

Keep in mind, the usernames have been abbreviated.


Nick's and Ermine's Pokecasts

Nick and Ermine made a series of podcasts for this project, where they discussed each Pokemon in the order they were ranked and discussed each gen's rankings in general.  Episode 1 reflected upon Gen II and started discussion on Gen III.  The real Episode 2 wasn't properly recorded and thus wasn't released.  Episode 5 discussed the Top 12 and moved on to Gen IV.

Pokecast Episode 1

Pokecast Episode 2.5

Pokecast Episode 4

Pokecast Episode 5

135. SilcoonEdit


#135 Silcoon

SCORE: 7182

Average Ranking: 123.82 (St. Dev: 17.34)
NFE Rank: 62/62
Bug Rank: 14/14
Wurmple line: 5/5

38 - TexWolf
67 - Sanity
86 - OrangeCrush
95 - Lefty
104 - Inviso
105 - Drak
107 - Para
111 - Ermine
112 - Brayze
113 - Kate
117 - Snake5s
117 - TUM
121 - darkx
122 - mnk
123 - Suor
124 - Starfox
124 - Xuxon
126 - swordz
127 - CasanovaZelos
127 - Wigs
128 - Karo
128 - red
128 - Gen
129 - Nick
129 - Natwaf
129 - Arti
130 - MI
131 - Logicblade
131 - Bospsy
131 - Scepter
131 - Sorozone
131 - Giggs
131 - Cybat
131 - Flubbin
132 - Mana
132 - BetrayedTangy
132 - XIII
132 - Ecks
132 - profDEADPOOL
132 - KBM
132 - MSG
132 - andy
133 - Scarlet
133 - Anagram
133 - Dragon66116
133 - Raka
133 - Tazzy
133 - Eddv
133 - xx521xx
134 - Cody
134 - Wickle
134 - JONA
134 - Magmortar
135 - Stifled
135 - Paul
135 - junglebob
135 - Poke
135 - Poka

Sanity: Looks like that boss from the Kirby games.

OrangeCrush: Another piece of s*** joins the party.

Paratroopa: not really a lot to say about a cocoon with eyes

Brayze: You know what can eat it slightly more than cascoon? Silkoon. Just slightly though I mean they're nearly identical.

Snake5s: We ran out of ideas and made Metapod again

Suor: Above Cascoon because it washes itself.

Gen: And the award for worst cocoon ever goes to...

Arti: Not that the Pokemon in this line are any better, anyways. Random evolutions suck.

Logicblade: Literally flipped a coin for the cocoons. Silcoon was tails.

Giggs: This pokemon is a waste of bits and the person who designed it is a waste of atoms.

Cybat: Dumber looking than its counterpart. (Well, all 5 of its counterparts, really.)

BetrayedTangy: Yawn, white cocoon

XIII: I feel like Kakuna at least had some sort of attitude and a more complex, interesting design going for it.
KBM: Proof that a lazy concept can always be executed more lazily than it was before. At least Kakuna and Metapod had distinctive shapes. Silcoon is literally just a ball of cocoon with red eyes.

Scarlet: The Cocoon Pokemon. To make up an unfunny joke for both Cascoon and Silcoon seems like a waste of time for those employed by the Pokedex.

Anagram: I consider this to be basically the same as Cascoon. I will be very disappointed if they don’t end up next to each other on the list.

Raka: I'm unable to tell the 'coons from each other. IIRC this one is Beautifly's preevo?

Eddv: kinda pointless

Magmortar: It’s just awful. You have no control over getting it or Cascoon. That’s stupid. You get the perfect IVs for a Beautifly and NO IT’S A DUSTOX LOL no that’s awful what the fuck gamefreak

Stifled: This might be the worst Pokemon of all time. Metapod and Kakuna at least had some personality and a splash of color thrown in to offset the fact they were cocoons. Even Pupiturd and Whatthehellgon have some attributes that make me laugh at how bad they are. This thing is a cocoon and is completely boring and devoid of personality and color at the same time. It’s a crime.

Junglebob: The most boring Pokemon ever

134. Cascoon


#134 Cascoon

SCORE: 7093

Average Ranking: 122.29 (St. Dev: 19.49)
NFE Rank: 61/62
Bug Rank: 13/14
Wurmple line: 4/5

26 - TexWolf
68 - Sanity
81 - Poke
86 - Lefty
88 - Ermine
103 - swordz
105 - Inviso
106 - Drak
106 - Para
111 - Brayze
114 - OrangeCrush
114 - Kate
117 - darkx
118 - Snake5s
118 - TUM
122 - Starfox
123 - mnk
124 - Suor
125 - Xuxon
126 - Wigs
127 - Gen
128 - Nick
128 - CasanovaZelos
128 - andy
129 - Karo
129 - red
130 - Giggs
130 - Cybat
130 - Flubbin
130 - Arti
131 - MI
131 - Natwaf
131 - MSG
132 - Logicblade
132 - Scarlet
132 - Anagram
132 - Bospsy
132 - Tazzy
132 - Scepter
132 - Sorozone
132 - Poka
133 - Mana
133 - BetrayedTangy
133 - XIII
133 - Ecks
133 - profDEADPOOL
133 - Wickle
133 - KBM
134 - Dragon66116
134 - Stifled
134 - Raka
134 - Eddv
134 - Paul
134 - junglebob
134 - xx521xx
135 - Cody
135 - JONA
135 - Magmortar

Sanity: Also looks like that boss from the Kirby games.

Para: he's got slightly cooler eyes than silcoon, so he wins that battle

Brayze: There is only one cocoon pokemon in my heart and that is the angry cocoon, pupitar. Cascoon can eat it

OrangeCrush: Extremely redundant with Silcoon. Gamefreak should've combined them like how Wurmple is Caterpie + Weedle.

Snake5s: We ran out of ideas and made Silcoon again

Starfox: Above Silcoon for color scheme alone. Plus it looks kind of angry. This won’t be the last time I do that.

Suor: Below Silcoon because it doesn't wash itself.

Gen: I know they're essentially the same but I prefer Cascoon's color pallet to drab Silcoon's monotone s***. Also it's got an evil eye peaking out which automatically makes it better. But yeah they're still ass.

Giggs: This pokemon is a waste of bits and the person who designed it is a waste of atoms. Higher than Silcoon on the basis that its colour is marginally less s***.

Cybat: Just as boring as all the rest. At least you only have it for 3 levels.

Arti: Both of these cocoons are worthless, but this one evolves into a worse Pokemon.

Logicblade: Literally flipped a coin for the cocoons. Cascoon was heads.

Scarlet: The Cocoon Pokemon. Years were spent trying to determine what the red indention on a Cascoon’s side was – an eye? A nose? A mouth? Recently however, a group of drunken frat guys discovered that it’s actually a sexual orifice, now referred to in the scientific community as the Asscoon.

Anagram: I consider this to be basically the same as Silcoon. I will be very disappointed if they don’t end up next to each other on the list.

BetrayedTangy: Yawn, purple cacoon

XIII: I feel like Metapod at least had some sort of attitude and a more complex, interesting design going for it.
KBM: Exactly the same as Silcoon except with a worse color scheme.

Stifled: It’s slightly better than Silcoon because it has a better color.

Raka: I can't differentiate between this guy and the other. I think this one will evolve to Dustox?

Eddv: kinda pointless

Junglebob: Angry eyes make it only the second-most boring Pokemon ever

Magmortar: Why? You don’t even have control over if you can get it or not. What if you played a Fire Emblem game where you had no control over your Knight becoming a General or a Sage?

133. Feebas


#133 Feebas

SCORE: 6729

Average Ranking: 116.02 (St. Dev: 22.97)
NFE Rank: 60/62
Water Rank: 28/28
Feebas Line: 2/2

43 - KBM
44 - Sanity
46 - TexWolf
62 - Inviso
68 - Lefty
93 - Xuxon
93 - Para
97 - profDEADPOOL
98 - Wigs
100 - XIII
100 - Brayze
102 - CasanovaZelos
102 - andy
109 - Anagram
111 - Scarlet
113 - Mana
115 - Sorozone
118 - Suor
118 - Gen
119 - Scepter
119 - Cybat
119 - TUM
120 - OrangeCrush
122 - darkx
122 - junglebob
123 - Starfox
123 - Nick
123 - Snake5s
123 - Paul
123 - Natwaf
124 - Raka
124 - mnk
127 - Kate
127 - MSG
129 - Logicblade
129 - Dragon66116
129 - Bospsy
129 - Giggs
129 - Ermine
129 - JONA
129 - Magmortar
129 - Drak
130 - Ecks
131 - Stifled
131 - Poka
132 - Eddv
132 - Wickle
132 - red
132 - Arti
133 - Cody
134 - BetrayedTangy
134 - Karo
134 - Tazzy
134 - MI
134 - swordz
134 - Poke
135 - Flubbin
135 - xx521xx

KBM: A fun spin on the Magikarp concept. I love how stupidly rare it is in comparison, though. And at least it can learn useful moves from TMs. It also looks hilarious.

Sanity: Magikarp's uglier brother.

Paratroopa: ugly fish need to be loved too. It's okay feebas, you might be an ugly magikarp without your makeup, but I still… uh, sort of like you… don't touch me

XIII: Magikarp without the comedy

Brayze: a successfully designed ugly fish, based on that myth they tell ugly children to give them hope (it is not a true story, sorry uggos)

Anagram: I hate it when pokemon with unique gimmicks have those gimmicks stolen later on

Scarlet: The Fish Pokemon. Feebas’ top fin evolved with a hole in it to provide ease-of-access for fishermen. Fishermen have evolved the ability to throw this disgusting piss-poor excuse for a Pokemon back into the drink when caught.

Gen: A part of me appreciates the parallel with Magikarp: a weak fish that eventually shall become MORE POWERFUL THAN YOU CAN POSSIBLY IMAGINE, but the process involves in even locating the ugly counterpart, and later evolving it into its beautiful final form kind of makes me want to roast this hideous thing on a pike.

Cybat: I mean, this was a pretty well executed design. They wanted to make a really ugly weak looking fish. And they did. Cool.

OrangeCrush: Ugly, but at least that was the point...

Junglebob: It's pretty funny how hard it was to find him in RSE, but these days he's just "that ugly Magikarp ripoff"

Raka: Should have been named Purugly instead. I can understand making it hard to evolve, but hard to catch AND evolve?

MSG: You're not Magikarp and you'll never be anything near as good as Gyarados. Go away.

Logicblade: Dumb Magikarp clone that's even harder to evolve. And Milotic is pretty lame too.

Giggs: I mean, it's intentionally s***. But that's just a subset of s***.

Magmortar: Magikarp at least has the decency of being easy to get and evolve. Yeah, Feebas learns TMs, but it looks ten times less appealing and even Milotic is not enough of a reward for what you go through to just GET a Feebas let alone evolve one.

Stifled: This gives Serperior and Seviper a run for their money for ugliest Pokemon.

Eddv: did we need a special type magikarp?

Arti: Ugh, this annoyance. Trying to find him was always a pain in the ass.

Cody: Ugly, a pain to find, and a pain to evolve. Who actually raised one of these in Gen 3?

BetrayedTangy: I f****** hate this Pokemon, it's so hard to find and doesn't have the joke status of Magikarp.

Karo: you cant spell Feebas without ass. well, actually you can, but that doesn't make the horrid thing suck any less.

132. Illumise


#132 Illumise

SCORE: 6505

Average Ranking: 112.16 (St. Dev: 24.43)
Fully Evolved Rank: 73/73
Bug Rank: 12/14

31 - Karo
47 - Sanity
49 - OrangeCrush
57 - Eddv
60 - xx521xx
70 - Xuxon
84 - Gen
86 - red
95 - Ecks
96 - darkx
96 - Ermine
99 - Stifled
100 - BetrayedTangy
101 - Flubbin
103 - Cody
103 - profDEADPOOL
107 - Anagram
107 - Lefty
111 - Cybat
112 - junglebob
113 - swordz
114 - TexWolf
116 - Dragon66116
116 - Raka
120 - Starfox
120 - MI
120 - Natwaf
121 - Scarlet
121 - XIII
121 - mnk
123 - MSG
123 - Poka
124 - Drak
124 - Para
125 - Bospsy
125 - Scepter
126 - Nick
126 - CasanovaZelos
126 - Magmortar
126 - Arti
127 - Mana
127 - Tazzy
127 - Brayze
128 - Wickle
129 - Sorozone
130 - Kate
130 - andy
131 - KBM
131 - TUM
132 - Snake5s
132 - JONA
133 - Wigs
133 - Paul
133 - Poke
134 - Logicblade
134 - Giggs
135 - Inviso
135 - Suor

Sanity: I was easily swayed by Gen to like this Pokemon because she pointed out that this looks like a tranny Squirtle.

OrangeCrush: Think of the children!

Gen: Thanks to Mer (I think) I'll never unsee her as a Squirtle in drag. This is not necessarily a bad thing because without that tidbit of humor added to her she'd be much much much lower. She's ugly as hell.

Stifled: Slightly memorable to me because I used to level grind in an area with a ton of these.

BetrayedTangy: A cooler looking Volbeat

Anagram: I put it this much lower than Volbeat purely because the anime confirms its name is ‘ill-oo-me-say’

Cybat: Geez. Way to ruin fireflies for me. I love how they like to have this and Volbeat as version differences when you can breed one for the other.

Raka: At least it looks classy and happy, unlike its sad sod counterpart.

Scarlet: The Firefly Pokemon. If an Illumise breaks out into songs from the Ferngully soundtrack, feel free to step on its overly cutesy ass. There’s no such thing as an endangered species in Hoenn.

XIII: A boring bug.

Para: well, it doesn't have light shooting out of its ass, so that's an improvement

Magmortar: The Bug-types in this generation are just miserable, I tell ya what. Illumise is a real achievement…in being terrible. What. Not one bit of appeal on it. Unlike with Volbeat, I can’t even make jokes about its name.

Arti: Useless, just like Volbeat.

Brayze: Thanks for rubbing in how stupid 17th century european dress was, Japan. Maybe you're okay after all! You can have your military back lol j/k

KBM: Like I said in Volbeat's (and Plusle's) writeup, I hate this whole “cousin Pokémon” gimmick, or whatever you want to call it. At least Volbeat has a slightly better color scheme, though, which is literally the only way to differentiate between these two ugly bugs. (Who've got nobody to hug.)

Logicblade: Somehow worse than cocoons.

Giggs: Holy christ I remember Volbeat and Illumise being pointless but I do not remember them being this reprehensible. These bastards look like the worst kind of people, the people that spend an inordinate amount of time trying to look cute and in the end just make you wanna punch them in their f***ing dumb faces. They're like nine-year old girls in Pokemon form, and I simply cannot abide that. F*** right off.

Suor: Transvestite Squirtle.

131. Luvdisc


#131 Luvdisc

SCORE: 6481

Average Ranking: 111.74 (St. Dev: 32.51)
Fully Evolved Rank: 72/73
Water Rank: 27/28

1 - Magmortar
17 - Sanity
26 - Bospsy
40 - Inviso
47 - darkx
57 - Suor
62 - Para
66 - Karo
85 - Stifled
87 - Snake5s
90 - Natwaf
98 - TexWolf
104 - Xuxon
108 - xx521xx
109 - Starfox
110 - Lefty
112 - Cody
115 - Poke
118 - Scepter
118 - Brayze
119 - mnk
121 - Eddv
121 - red
122 - Scarlet
122 - OrangeCrush
123 - Ecks
123 - Ermine
124 - Mana
124 - Wigs
125 - Giggs
125 - junglebob
125 - Drak
127 - profDEADPOOL
127 - Paul
128 - KBM
128 - Arti
129 - XIII
129 - Tazzy
130 - Raka
130 - Poka
131 - Wickle
131 - JONA
132 - Kate
132 - Cybat
132 - Flubbin
133 - Sorozone
134 - andy
134 - Gen
135 - Nick
135 - Logicblade
135 - CasanovaZelos
135 - BetrayedTangy
135 - Anagram
135 - Dragon66116
135 - MI
135 - MSG
135 - swordz
135 - TUM

Magmortar: Luvdisc is the stupidest Pokemon ever and over the years, I have grown to love it. This generation has like ten Pokemon that could be #1 but Luvdisc is my most consistent favorite because it’s just so fucking dumb, awful, oh hai Mark, etc.. It is a Pokemon that transcends badness and becomes the greatest thing since sliced bread. On a less ironic note, it provided me with heart scales once upon a time, so it’s got that going for it. That sums it up.

Sanity: So it's just a heart that floats around in the water? That's dumb enough to rank high for me!


Paratroopa: I know he's universally reviled but fish still deserve love too!

Stifled: It’s a drink coaster. But I took my own advice from my Nosepass writeup and relaxed. It actually is pretty funny.

Snake5s: Still better than Luvdigitaldownload

Starfox: It’s only this high because of its hilarious strategy guide for Gen IV on Smogon. Apart from that, it’s pretty much the definition of dumb and useless. Like it just has no business existing. Yeah, a funny little rant boosted it by about 20 spots. That’s how much apathy there is at the bottom of my list.

Cody: It has a nice shiny color… yeah, this thing is pretty stupid.

Brayze: while a single heart scale will help restore lost memories, eating an entire luvdisc turns your life into a David Lynch movie. not recommended

Scarlet: The Rendezvous Pokemon. The Pokedex entry for this Pokemon simply read “Sucks” for many years until equal rights organizations protested this as defamatory. We still stand by that entry. Luvdisc sucks.

OrangeCrush: I used to tolerate him, but Alomomola brought out the worst of its (few) fans.

Ecks: Thanks for the Heart Scales?

Giggs: Honestly, far from the worst thing in this generation. Though it's still indefensibly bad so why am I defending Luvdisc.

KBM: See literally everybody else's writeup. Calling it now: this is the first Pokémon out.

Arti: It's a source of Heart Scales, but other than that it's completely useless.

XIII: A classically bad Pokemon, I don't think anyone would argue with this placement.

Raka: Someone will probably put this in their Top 10 for a stupid reason. But it's just so meaningless...

Cybat: I really thought this was going to be last when I started ranking, but nope, couldn't do it. The other 3 are worse. At least it can give you Heart Scales.

Gen: Honestly? The design is kind of cute. Way too simple, but cute nonetheless. My thing is... we already have so many fish pokemon, most of which are already useless. Did we really need this thing? Did we really need another pure water type fish with a plain design that adds nothing to the table in terms of stats or moves and only exists to peddle Heart Scales no the f*** we did not. So even though it's not inoffensive in itself, in terms of the roster as a whole it not only did not need to exist but should be eradicated from existence for being a useless nothing. Just looking at it makes me angry. Why are you even here tainting my favorite generation with your nothingness?

Logicblade: This better be last or I have lost all faith in board 8. Betcha Sanity has this like 5th or something.

BetrayedTangy: Lame Pokemon design, with absolutely no purpose at all.

Anagram: I went into this list intending to put Luvdisc on bottom, and I succeeded. It’s not the worst pokemon in the franchise, but it’s the worst of the first three generations. It’s almost mindboggling how complex Luvdisc’s awfulness is. Not only is it just a heart-shaped fish; not only is its design super lazy; not only are its lips extremely ugly; not only is it just another useless gimmick pokemon that doesn’t evolve into anything useful; but you also have to deal with it to get valuable Heart Scales. Luvdisc is just such amazing crap that I’m almost awed by it, and probably I would be but for some of the far worse pokemon that came later.

MSG: Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you the most pointless Pokemon ever created.

130. Wurmple


#130 Wurmple

SCORE: 6281

Average Ranking: 108.29 (St. Dev: 20.78)
NFE Rank: 59/62
Bug Rank: 11/14
Wurmple Line: 3/5

41 - Para
61 - Ermine
66 - Sanity
69 - Brayze
74 - Lefty
79 - Snake5s
82 - darkx
83 - OrangeCrush
83 - Xuxon
88 - Drak
90 - Suor
92 - Scepter
94 - TexWolf
96 - Nick
99 - Logicblade
99 - MI
99 - junglebob
102 - Eddv
102 - TUM
104 - swordz
105 - mnk
106 - Starfox
106 - Inviso
106 - Wigs
106 - Flubbin
107 - Kate
107 - Sorozone
107 - Arti
112 - Stifled
115 - Giggs
116 - XIII
116 - Gen
117 - Karo
118 - Ecks
119 - red
119 - JONA
120 - Bospsy
120 - Tazzy
120 - Poka
123 - Poke
124 - CasanovaZelos
124 - BetrayedTangy
125 - Scarlet
125 - Raka
125 - Wickle
126 - Cody
127 - Dragon66116
128 - Cybat
128 - Paul
129 - KBM
129 - MSG
130 - Anagram
130 - xx521xx
131 - Mana
131 - andy
131 - Magmortar
135 - profDEADPOOL
135 - Natwaf

Para: it's a worm with a butt for a face. Buttworm

Brayze: Its face kinda looks like a butt so it gets to go in the middle of the list! Everything lower than this is worse than a worm with a butt for a face.

OrangeCrush: Schrodinger's crappy bug Pokemon

Junglebob: I think I like this guy better than Caterpie. That's not exactly high praise though.

Arti: Too common and evolves into mostly trash.

Stifled: I liked Caterpie and Weedle. I don’t like you.

Giggs: Wurmple's design is not actually that bad, but by definition it is useless and all around terrible.

XIII: Caterpie without the stuff that makes Caterpie not complete s*** and let's be honest Caterpie is like 80% s***.

Gen: I'm sure everyone is going to complain about its evolution mechanics and at least one person is going to complain that its mouth looks like a butt, but I for one am going to take the high road... and complain that it's an uncute Caterpie ripoff.

BetrayedTangy: Gen 3's Weedle, just not as cute.

Scarlet: The Worm Pokemon. It’s a worm with testicles on its face. What more do you want to know?

Raka: It's not even purple, it's orange-ish.

Cybat: Bad enough they made an early bug that is completely derivative of Caterpie/Weedle, but they also gave it one of the dumbest evolution methods in Pokemon.

KBM: Lest we forget, my feelings regarding bugs are somewhat akin to those of Misty – and this is literally just an uglier version of Caterpie that evolves really stupidly.

Anagram: ‘hey phil draw some more caterpillars, there aren’t nearly enough cocoon pokemon yet’

Magmortar: This whole line is just garbage. Could they not have brought the Gen 1 bugs back? Its whole gimmick is STUPID and o-I’m done. I’m giving these things too much attention. TYROGUE has a better gimmick and THAT IS REALLY FUCKING SAYING SOMETHING (Tyrogue also becomes Pokemon that vaguely resemble useful, which Wurmple’s family isn’t)


129. Volbeat


#129 Volbeat

SCORE: 6242

Average Ranking: 107.62 (St. Dev: 31.28)
Fully Evolved Rank: 71/73
Bug Rank: 10/14

7 - mnk
25 - Eddv
41 - xx521xx
48 - Ermine
51 - Cody
55 - Inviso
55 - Gen
58 - Cybat
62 - Karo
76 - Sanity
78 - darkx
85 - red
96 - Ecks
97 - Anagram
98 - Nick
100 - Stifled
100 - Flubbin
102 - profDEADPOOL
104 - BetrayedTangy
104 - OrangeCrush
106 - andy
113 - TexWolf
117 - Raka
119 - Dragon66116
119 - Natwaf
121 - MI
122 - XIII
123 - Scarlet
123 - Drak
124 - Bospsy
124 - Poka
125 - CasanovaZelos
125 - Magmortar
125 - Arti
126 - Tazzy
126 - Scepter
126 - MSG
126 - Xuxon
126 - Suor
127 - Snake5s
127 - Sorozone
127 - Wickle
127 - junglebob
128 - Starfox
128 - Mana
130 - KBM
131 - Kate
131 - Brayze
132 - Paul
132 - Lefty
132 - swordz
132 - Poke
132 - TUM
133 - Logicblade
133 - Giggs
133 - JONA
134 - Wigs
135 - Para

Cody: A pretty decent band, I like a few of their songs. 

Gen: Fireflies are awesome, and I hear Volbeat doesn't stink now? Good for him. I've always dug his design though I've never used one. By the point where I can get one I've already trained up enough bugs sorry dood.

Cybat: Still not a great design but way better than his sister. But he mostly got this high because he learns Tail Glow, which is an awesome move.

Sanity: I listened to his in-game call, and it certainly wasn't A Warrior's Call. Way to not live up to the Volbeat name.

Anagram: It had an episode where its owner and Illumise’s owner were named Romeo and Juliet. I was stunned that the writers were actually that lazy

Stifled: There’s a metal band with this name. Strange Pokemon to name a band after, but I won’t judge (too much).

BetrayedTangy: Volbeat's cool, I've always liked its design, but it really shouldn't be two Pokemon.

Raka: Ugh. Grumpy fat bug with neither in-game nor competitive viability at all.

XIII: Another one. I guess you could say it getting Tail Glow is a mark in its favour?

Scarlet: The Firefly Pokemon. Volbeat is actually a spin-off Pokemon dancing game featuring the pre-evolution form of Electrode.

Magmortar: Now if this Volbeat collaborated with Mille Petrozza or King Diamond it’d be worth it, but no. This thing and Illumise are just so lame. I like fireflies, they could not have possible gotten lamer Pokemon to represent them. There’s like twelve dozen better Prankster Pokemon and before then it was worse. No.

Arti: Useless, just like Illumise.

Suor: Bonus points over Transvestite Squirtle for having a cool signature move in Tail Glow.

Junglebob: Unnecessary second firefly Pokemon, and the scowl on its face makes it look like a jerk

KBM: The bugs this generation are even worse than the last two generations, and this is one of the worst of the bunch. I really hate the whole “These two Pokémon are basically the same, but we'll call them different things, make them useless on their own, and claim that they're cousins or something” gimmick this generation came up with. Like, really? You're going to call these Volbeat and Illumise a different species just because they're different genders? F****** chauvinists.

Brayze: Somehow even stupider than illumise, volbeat looks like a surly drunk tour guide dressed up in period costume in prague.

Logicblade: Somehow worse than cocoons.

Giggs: Holy christ I remember Volbeat and Illumise being pointless but I do not remember them being this reprehensible. These bastards look like the worst kind of people, the people that spend an inordinate amount of time trying to look cute and in the end just make you wanna punch them in their f***ing dumb faces. They're like nine-year old girls in Pokemon form, and I simply cannot abide that. F*** right off.

Para: oh good a stupid cutesy bug with a dumb face that has a lightbulb on its butt what's not to like

128. Barboach


#128 Barboach

SCORE: 6143

Average Ranking: 105.91 (St. Dev: 25.93)
NFE Rank: 58/62
Water Rank: 26/28
Ground Rank: 13/13
Barboach Line: 2/2

31 - Brayze
35 - Para
43 - darkx
44 - Magmortar
56 - Lefty
58 - Gen
69 - MI
73 - Suor
78 - Drak
83 - Wigs
87 - Xuxon
90 - TexWolf
95 - Starfox
98 - Ermine
98 - andy
99 - Anagram
101 - MSG
103 - Arti
104 - profDEADPOOL
105 - Kate
107 - Scarlet
107 - KBM
109 - Natwaf
112 - Karo
112 - Giggs
112 - Cybat
112 - JONA
114 - Poka
115 - junglebob
115 - TUM
117 - Eddv
118 - XIII
118 - Wickle
118 - xx521xx
119 - CasanovaZelos
119 - Snake5s
119 - Raka
120 - Sanity
121 - swordz
122 - red
122 - Poke
123 - Inviso
123 - Cody
123 - Sorozone
124 - Logicblade
124 - Tazzy
125 - Nick
126 - BetrayedTangy
126 - Ecks
126 - mnk
129 - Mana
129 - Scepter
130 - Dragon66116
130 - Bospsy
130 - Paul
132 - Stifled
132 - OrangeCrush
133 - Flubbin

Brayze: I don't think you can really appreciate barboach until you amie him and realize that he's sort of like a really happy windsock that just flops all over the place

Para: f*** you all, barboach is cool, he's not forgettable like I know everyone's saying right now

Magmortar: Simple yet so sleek. I like this thing a lot and I hated how I couldn’t catch one for quite some time!
Gen: It's just a cute lil' whatchamathingy.

Suor: While making the list, I realized that the blue part on its face is the mouth and not a single eye. I also discovered that Barboach has actual eyes (well, black dots). This says a lot about how much attention I payed to this thing over the years.

Anagram: I love the zigzaggy line on its side, as if to say ‘this would look even more boring without it’

Arti: The only reason I remember this guy is because of the guy in Sootopolis who collects the longest Barboaches. Not the best of ways to remember.

Scarlet: The Whiskers Pokemon. Barboach is the third-most prevalent form of sushi in Hoenn, behind Magikarp and of course the highly popular Slowpoketail. Barboach ranked second behind child actors in Time Magazine’s poll of “Most Forgotten Things You Don’t Care About”.

KBM: There's one very important thing I have to say about Barboach:

Giggs: Barboach is a thing, apparently. I had forgotten. I like that it evolves into a thing with a bigger smile than its current entire body.

Cybat: "Hey guys I drew a line." "Sweet, that's one Pokemon design finished." (yes I know what a loach is)

XIII: Really difficult to like.

Raka: Literally the most boring fish Pokemon in existence. It's mostly gray and has a normal fish anatomy. At least Goldeen and Basculin are colorful.

Logicblade: Dumb Fish Bait.

BetrayedTangy: Sigh, I really hate water types that are just based on fish.

Stifled: Is this Remoraid? I swear I can’t tell the boring fish apart.

OrangeCrush: Phallic and crappy

127. Clamperl


#127 Clamperl

SCORE: 5974

Average Ranking: 103.00 (St. Dev: 23.09)
NFE Rank: 57/62
Water Rank: 25/28
Clamperl Line: 3/3

30 - darkx
40 - Lefty
50 - Sanity
57 - Natwaf
57 - TexWolf
79 - Poke
82 - TUM
83 - Wickle
83 - KBM
84 - Inviso
84 - Eddv
84 - Giggs
87 - Sorozone
88 - MSG
89 - Stifled
90 - mnk
92 - Xuxon
93 - Drak
94 - Raka
96 - Magmortar
98 - Scarlet
99 - Kate
103 - Karo
106 - Anagram
107 - Suor
107 - xx521xx
109 - Nick
109 - Cybat
110 - MI
111 - Bospsy
112 - Snake5s
112 - Scepter
112 - Ecks
113 - Logicblade
113 - XIII
113 - Wigs
114 - CasanovaZelos
115 - Paul
115 - Para
116 - Starfox
116 - Tazzy
117 - OrangeCrush
117 - profDEADPOOL
120 - junglebob
120 - Gen
123 - Arti
124 - Brayze
125 - BetrayedTangy
125 - andy
126 - Mana
126 - Flubbin
127 - red
127 - Ermine
127 - Poka
128 - JONA
128 - swordz
130 - Cody
132 - Dragon66116

Sanity: She has more boobs than the Total Recall lady.

KBM: There are so many good Water types in this generation that the more random ones (like Clamperl) kind of fall by the wayside in my memory. This Shellder revamp is no exception (particularly considering Shellder was not that memorable in the first place). Also I have NO idea why it evolves into the things it does.

Giggs: Clamperl is sweet. I'm not sure what they could have done with it evolution-wise, but it deserves better than those two horrid monstrosities.

MSG: This thing is actually not too bad; I'd just like to know how the f*** it's supposed to evolve into either of the things it evolves into.

Stifled: It’s a clam. And…yeah.

Magmortar: Maybe the only Pokemon I can think of that is arguably more useful than TWO Pokemon it evolves into (or at least has been at some point). And Clamperl isn’t very good either. That just speaks volumes of how terrible Huntail and Gorebyss are/were. Clamperl is atrocious, farthest thing from cute, etc. but I like it hitting like a truck with the thing that evolves it into Huntail.

Scarlet: The Bivalve Pokemon. Clamperl’s shell is a valuable commodity in southern Hoenn; thousands of Clamperl shell bikinis are sold as part of Little Mermaid costumes each Halloween, resulting in defenseless Clamperl being chucked into the Sharpedo tanks at Sea World.

Raka: Other than the split-evo and its most basic infos (type, shape, name), it's utterly and despicably unremarkable.

Karo: how does a clam evolve into two sea eels? that is really pushing it, Gamefreak. I still maintain that there was some sort of confusion or miscommunicaton during the game's production, and they accidentally had Clamperl evolve into Gorebyss instead of Luvdisc.

Anagram: Its shiny doesn’t have a black pearl I mean come on how do you **** that up

Suor: I'm sorry, but I can't look at it without thinking of genitalia.

Cybat: There are so many nonsensical Water evolutions, but his two are near the top of the list. Clamperl itself has a perfectly reasonable animate clam design so I don't understand what happened.

XIII: The whole family is utterly boring.

Para: basically a testicle with a dumb face

Starfox: The only reason I kinda dislike it is because of how much it showed up when I was looking for a Relicanth. Apart from that, I usually forget it’s there.

OrangeCrush: She's a bit hard on the eyes, but Toxic + Dive is good in the early Battle Factory rounds so I'll cut her some slack.

Gen: This thing is full of suck. I like how the original RS gives you one item like it's for a super important pokemon only to potentially evolve this stupid sack of crap. And me being the dingus I am, when I played blind my first time through I picked the Deep Sea Tooth because fangs are a lot cooler than scales. I was not pleased.

Arti: Annoying evolution and pretty much everywhere on the sea floor.

Brayze: So wait there's a face on the pearl? I... Okay.

BetrayedTangy: Hey look another Water type! At least it's kinda cute.

126. Huntail


#126 Huntail

SCORE: 5901

Average Ranking: 101.74 (St. Dev: 28.36)
Fully Evolved Rank: 70/73
Water Rank: 24/28
Clamperl Line: 2/3

33 - Lefty
40 - Snake5s
41 - Eddv
48 - mnk
51 - Sanity
54 - junglebob
55 - Natwaf
55 - TexWolf
55 - Arti
62 - Suor
75 - profDEADPOOL
81 - Cody
85 - Scarlet
88 - Para
89 - BetrayedTangy
89 - Scepter
90 - Starfox
90 - Dragon66116
92 - Cybat
95 - Sorozone
96 - Tazzy
100 - Logicblade
100 - KBM
106 - Karo
107 - Brayze
108 - CasanovaZelos
109 - Magmortar
111 - Stifled
111 - TUM
114 - swordz
114 - Gen
115 - XIII
116 - Nick
116 - Ecks
117 - Poke
119 - MI
119 - Xuxon
120 - Anagram
120 - Raka
120 - red
121 - Giggs
121 - Ermine
122 - MSG
123 - Flubbin
124 - Inviso
124 - xx521xx
125 - Wigs
125 - Paul
126 - Wickle
127 - JONA
127 - andy
129 - Kate
132 - darkx
133 - Bospsy
133 - Poka
134 - OrangeCrush
134 - Drak
135 - Mana

Junglebob: With that silly look on its face and those polka dots on its body, Huntailjust looks goofy instead of being a creepy eel

Suor: I love moray eels even when their execution isn't very good. They all remind me of the one in Super Mario 64, good times.

Scarlet: The Deep Sea Pokemon. Be careful around Huntails. They don’t suffer from bad design, but rather a rare strain of eel-based Chicken Pox. If you catch it, you may end up looking like a dumbass, too.

Para: haha he is so gross and ugly that I actually sort of wound up thinking he's funny

BetrayedTangy: I normally really hate Pokemon based on fish, but I think he has really cool colors.

Cybat: Oh you poor thing. Who decided to give him a derpy mouth, an orange mohawk, and polka dots?

KBM: Screw trade evolutions. You have to be a special kind of interesting to deserve a trade evolution, particularly if you're adding a held item into the mix. Huntail is not that special kind of interesting.

Brayze: I have literally never, NEVER seen a huntail, I am not convinced it's a real pokemon.

Magmortar: I’ve always thought it had many more eyes than it actually does. Unlike Gorebyss, it isn’t particularly…creepy, so there’s that.

Stifled: How does a clam evolve into an ugly sea serpent?

Gen: This thing is a clown. An ugly eel clown. I already hate item trade evos and this ugly eel clown doesn't help.

XIII: Utterly, utterly boring.

Anagram: I was well into Gen 5 before I realized Huntail was a real pokemon and not something I’d just dreamed up

Raka: It looks like someone's wiener full of STDs. Moray eels are horrible-looking creatures. They can exist as long as they stay far far away from my sights.

Giggs: WOW this thing is ugly. It's so ugly it's almost endearing. But only almost.

OrangeCrush: Ew... Ew.... At least it's easy to avoid and pretend it doesn't exist.

125. Shelgon


#125 Shelgon

SCORE: 5891

Average Ranking: 101.57 (St. Dev: 24.63)
NFE Rank: 56/62
Dragon Rank: 9/9
Bagon Line: 3/3
Pseudo Lines: 6/6

34 - Sanity
37 - Snake5s
41 - Dragon66116
56 - Wigs
60 - KBM
67 - Arti
73 - Lefty
73 - andy
74 - Drak
75 - Ermine
79 - TUM
80 - Tazzy
81 - Nick
85 - BetrayedTangy
87 - swordz
89 - profDEADPOOL
91 - junglebob
91 - Xuxon
96 - Para
97 - TexWolf
98 - Kate
99 - XIII
101 - Magmortar
102 - MI
104 - JONA
106 - CasanovaZelos
109 - Logicblade
109 - mnk
109 - Poka
110 - Starfox
110 - Anagram
110 - Paul
110 - Natwaf
113 - Scarlet
113 - Sorozone
113 - MSG
114 - Raka
114 - Cody
115 - Gen
116 - Eddv
117 - Flubbin
120 - Scepter
121 - Inviso
121 - Ecks
121 - xx521xx
123 - Mana
123 - darkx
123 - Brayze
124 - OrangeCrush
126 - Bospsy
126 - Giggs
127 - Karo
127 - Cybat
129 - Suor
129 - Poke
130 - Wickle
130 - red
133 - Stifled

KBM: Kind of WTF, but the good kind of WTF. Pure Dragon types are hard to come by, and it's way better and more memorable in that regard than Bagon. Fun fact: First time I ever saw this was in a Randomizer of LeafGreen where it was the Pokémon that popped out of the Poké Ball Oak throws in the opening cutscene. I laughed out loud. Good times.

BetrayedTangy: Would probably be lower for me if I didn't own one while trying to get Salamence.

Junglebob: It's pretty simple-looking, but I really like how those angry eyes let you know Shelgon's preparing to destroy you

Paratroopa: shelgon reminds me of my cat when we had to put a cone around his head. completely useless at doing anything, ashamed and silently furious about life

Cat Picture

A kitty with a cone around it's neck

XIII: Why? This is not good. Bagon is a somewhat likeable punk, Mence is monstrously good, and then this thing?

Magmortar: Why exactly did they feel the need to do the shell thing with the pseudo-legend two gens in a row? Shelgon is dumb, plain and simple.

Anagram: Last gen, I called Tyranitar’s the least logical cocoon preevo, but man, was I forgetting someone

Scarlet: The Endurance Pokemon. A Shelgon is known as the Endurance Pokemon for having to endure more teasing at school than a glasses-wearing braceface with a bad case of acne.

Raka: lol its dumb look amuses me

Gen: I feel so bad for Shelgon. He never asked to be this.

Brayze: Oh yeah that's clearly a dragon right there. I know a dragon when I see one, looks sort of like a tractor tire made of metal with four stubby legs. On an unrelated note, I've stopped taking my meds!

OrangeCrush: Worse than Bagon, who was already pretty bad.

Giggs: What is this. You are a pseudo-legendary. Have some f***ing self-respect.

Karo: Don't we have enough f***ing cocoons without a dragon that turns into one as well?

Cybat: Not quite as bad as Pupitar but still pretty weird. One of the least dragon-y dragons in the game.

Suor: Somebody please explain to me what kind of problem GameFreak had with pseudo-legendaries and cocoons.

Wickle: Remember what I said about Poopitar? You didn't need to exist either.

Stifled: Stop! Stop right now! I understand cocoons for bugs. I can even mildly understand cocoons for gigantic turd monsters even though that made no sense at all. But a cocoon for a dragon? What the f*** is this? So you have a derpy little thug dragon. Now “logic” would tell me it would evolve into a somewhat more mature, yet still kind of a thug dragon. But no, derpy little thug dragon instead GOES INTO A COCOON. I think Sharpedo was placed in this generation because they knew they’d be jumping the shark so many times they needed a literal shark to jump over.

124. Lileep


#124 Lileep

SCORE: 5832

Average Ranking: 100.55(St. Dev: 24.63)
NFE Rank: 55/62
Grass Rank: 17/17
Rock Rank: 12/12
Lileep Line: 2/2
Fossil Rank: 4/4

31 - TUM
35 - TexWolf
38 - Natwaf
43 - Paul
46 - MSG
50 - Brayze
63 - Arti
66 - red
67 - Suor
68 - Xuxon
70 - Wigs
71 - Eddv
71 - Magmortar
84 - Sanity
86 - Cybat
88 - xx521xx
90 - Scarlet
90 - Anagram
90 - Kate
90 - Gen
96 - Karo
98 - Para
100 - Ecks
103 - Snake5s
104 - Scepter
107 - Bospsy
108 - BetrayedTangy
109 - junglebob
110 - mnk
112 - Sorozone
113 - JONA
114 - Giggs
115 - Logicblade
115 - Lefty
116 - Cody
117 - swordz
118 - Tazzy
119 - Nick
119 - XIII
119 - profDEADPOOL
120 - andy
121 - Mana
121 - Stifled
122 - CasanovaZelos
123 - KBM
124 - darkx
125 - Poke
126 - Starfox
127 - Flubbin
128 - MI
128 - Ermine
129 - Wickle
129 - Poka
131 - Dragon66116
131 - OrangeCrush
132 - Raka
133 - Inviso
133 - Drak

Brayze: Sea lillies are not actually plants, but I guess there's no room for a rock/echinoderm type pokemon. Not yet.

Suor: All hail the thousand dicks god!

Magmortar: A cute rock flower! Yeah, aside from that it has nothing going for it. But being something original while cute is…good.

Cybat: I like this design better than its evolved form. Although it doesn't look particularly Grassish or Rockish.

Scarlet: The Sea Lily Pokemon. If a stationary Lileep is looked at from the top, it is often mistaken for a shrimp cocktail.

Anagram: I guess there are worse pokemon? Honestly I have to do a write-up for every one of these stupid things I can’t come up with something to say for ALL of them

Gen: If Lorena Bobbit planted her husband's junk could she grow one of these?

Karo: Lost pokedex entries #8 - Lileep, the multi-dick pokemon! due to its large number of reproductive organs, this pokemon is a favorite of porno movie producers everywhere.

Para: fine, but it's basically the alpha version of cradily, cradily is just better

BetrayedTangy: Lileep is kinda cute, too bad Cradily sucks and makes me hate this line.

Giggs: What a horrible thing this is.

XIII: Yeah Cradily isn't good and Lileep is a worse version

Stifled: Why does this evolve into a dick monster?

KBM: Whatever it is, it's got eight dicks.

OrangeCrush: Ugly, and sadly it gets worse

Raka: It looks horrible. Cradily is a boss, but Lileep is disgusting and scary, like a sex toy somebody left in a trash can for months.

123. Meditite


#123 Meditite

SCORE: 5719

Average Ranking: 98.60 (St. Dev: 28.05)
NFE Rank: 54/62
Fighting Rank: 7/7
Psychic Rank: 20/20
Meditite Line: 2/2

10 - Mana
23 - xx521xx
38 - Xuxon
44 - Sorozone
49 - KBM
54 - Stifled
66 - BetrayedTangy
69 - Eddv
70 - CasanovaZelos
77 - Arti
81 - MSG
84 - XIII
85 - Kate
85 - Wigs
85 - Giggs
88 - Karo
91 - Scarlet
91 - Tazzy
92 - profDEADPOOL
93 - darkx
93 - MI
93 - Lefty
95 - JONA
95 - Drak
96 - Cybat
98 - Logicblade
98 - OrangeCrush
101 - Anagram
101 - Raka
103 - Ermine
103 - TUM
106 - Suor
109 - Poke
110 - Brayze
111 - Scepter
112 - Wickle
114 - Inviso
114 - Bospsy
114 - Ecks
114 - mnk
117 - Paul
118 - Nick
119 - andy
120 - Dragon66116
121 - Poka
121 - Para
123 - red
123 - junglebob
126 - Gen
127 - Starfox
128 - Cody
128 - Natwaf
128 - Magmortar
131 - TexWolf
133 - Snake5s
133 - swordz
134 - Flubbin
134 - Sanity

Mana: A bit unconventional in my reasons, Meditite is here almost exclusively because of Mystery Dungeon. Nicknamed 'Lucid Faia,' the psychic soulbeater was a constant companion on treks. He looks absolutely cool to boot.

KBM: Cool typing, even if I can't aBIDE its starting move.

Stifled: It’s a meditating monkey. You know, when I said that out loud, I suddenly liked this guy 50x more than I already did.

BetrayedTangy: Fighting and Psychic is a really cool combination and I love the idea of this line, sadly Meditite's design could be better.


Giggs: Meditite, I am so, so, sorry for what you grow up to be. My condolences.

Scarlet: The Meditate Pokemon. This Pokemon spends roughly 15 hours a day in a standard meditating position, pondering why its head looks like an onion.

Cybat: I don't care for his weird onion head, but other than that, good depiction of a meditating fighter, perfect for his typing. 

Anagram: Less terrible than the elemental monkeys, but still a low tier monkey

Raka: Why are you wearing Calvin Klein no please get away from me you creep

Brayze: Your diaper is not big enough to hold all the crap that is you

Para: seriously, who's really into these dumb gross kid fighting types

Junglebob: Not as ugly as Medicham, but it has a stupid onion head instead

Gen: Dumb diaper monkey.

Starfox: This should have been a really cool line with its typing. Instead, we got… this hideous thing. Seriously, why does its head look like an onion?

Magmortar: Yeah I guess it’s a little psychic monkey that can break a…car. Okay. I’ve seen better. WAY better. No.

Sanity: Monkeys suck. The only reason he's not last is because his head is shaped like a pile of crap that just came fresh from the butt, so they at least acknowledge he's s***, which earns respect points from me.

122. Whismur


#122 Whismur

SCORE: 5690

Average Ranking: 98.10 (St. Dev: 30.99)
NFE Rank: 53/62
Normal Rank: 18/18
Whismur Line: 3/3

6 - Anagram
15 - MI
28 - Sanity
40 - Nick
43 - MSG
44 - darkx
52 - Magmortar
53 - Drak
63 - Mana
64 - mnk
66 - OrangeCrush
66 - Xuxon
79 - Lefty
92 - XIII
93 - profDEADPOOL
94 - Paul
96 - Brayze
96 - TUM
97 - Natwaf
98 - JONA
99 - Snake5s
101 - CasanovaZelos
101 - Scepter
102 - Inviso
102 - Kate
103 - Poke
104 - Bospsy
105 - Raka
106 - xx521xx
107 - Eddv
108 - Scarlet
108 - red
109 - Ermine
110 - Tazzy
111 - Logicblade
113 - andy
114 - Wickle
114 - Arti
115 - Dragon66116
117 - Sorozone
118 - junglebob
119 - Stifled
120 - Giggs
120 - KBM
121 - Flubbin
122 - Ecks
122 - Cybat
123 - BetrayedTangy
125 - Poka
126 - Karo
127 - TexWolf
128 - Suor
129 - Starfox
130 - Wigs
131 - Cody
131 - swordz
132 - Gen
132 - Para

Anagram: Very cute, too bad about what it turns into. I always liked Whismur and finally got to give a chance in OR—it turned out to be a pretty cool guy who didn’t afraid of anything


Magmortar: It is REALLY cute but god forbid you startle it. I like how it has a headphone jack in the back.

OrangeCrush: Eh... She's alright, but I'm getting really close to the apathy section now.

XIII: I thought it was "whimsur" for the longest time

Brayze: Has possibly the weirdest face in pokemon, with crosses for eyes and a mouth like a throbbing dog bone (yeah not like that)

Raka: What is the deal with its eyes?

Scarlet: The Whisper Pokemon. Due to its similarities to fetuses, pro-life groups used Whimsurs as mascots in their propaganda to prevent abortions, claiming “If you abort, you’re killing this face.” Abortions rose 67% as a result.

Arti: “Let's make a cave that has nothing but these things.” “Brilliant!”

Junglebob: This thing is just unpleasant to look at.

Stifled: el oh el it’s tiny and it has a disgustingly freakish face that haunts nightmares so it whispers

Giggs: Like a baby that won't f***ing shut up. Being that dude stuck in Granite cave surrounded by these guys must have been absolutely torturous.

KBM: I find this thing really damn annoying. The way it looks, the way it acts according to its Pokédex entries, the way it uses Uproar all the damn time... It probably annoys me more than it should, but I can't help it, it's like GF was TRYING to be obnoxious with this concept.

Cybat: I don't know why because you don't even go through the Rusturf tunnel that often, but for some reason these guys being the only encounters in there really annoyed me and I got sick of them.

BetrayedTangy: Another ugly Pokemon at least sound Pokemon is a cool idea.

Karo: A constipated bunny blob with a face that could give small children nightmares.

Starfox: Easily one of my least favorite lines in all of Pokemon. They’re all beyond hideous (those eyes are actually kind of disturbing), and sound based attacks have a tendency to have super annoying effects, so battling them was annoying as hell. Throw in how prevalent they were (especially that one cave where they were the only ones in it and… yeah. Hate them.

Gen: Oh boy! Let's make a pokemon that's stupid and ugly and cries all the time! I'm sure everyone will love it!
Para: its face just legitimately freaks me the f*** out, like it really BOTHERS me

121. Seedot


#121 Seedot

SCORE: 5522

Average Ranking: 95.20 (St. Dev: 28.73)
NFE Rank: 52/62
Grass Rank: 16/17
Seedot Line: 3/3

5 - Bospsy
18 - Paul
20 - Lefty
46 - Cody
48 - BetrayedTangy
56 - OrangeCrush
60 - Kate
61 - Starfox
62 - Nick
63 - Sanity
64 - Xuxon
72 - Giggs
77 - Drak
84 - profDEADPOOL
84 - TUM
86 - Natwaf
89 - Mana
89 - Snake5s
90 - Ermine
91 - Poke
96 - mnk
96 - MI
97 - Eddv
98 - Magmortar
100 - JONA
103 - darkx
103 - Wickle
104 - Suor
105 - MSG
105 - Gen
106 - Logicblade
106 - TexWolf
106 - Arti
108 - XIII
108 - Sorozone
108 - swordz
109 - Flubbin
110 - Scepter
111 - Raka
112 - Scarlet
113 - Ecks
113 - junglebob
114 - Anagram
115 - KBM
117 - Brayze
118 - Karo
118 - Dragon66116
118 - red
118 - andy
118 - Para
119 - Poka
119 - xx521xx
123 - CasanovaZelos
123 - Tazzy
123 - Cybat
130 - Stifled
132 - Inviso
135 - Wigs

BetrayedTangy: Seedot is absolutely adorable, even if it is just an acorn with eyes.

OrangeCrush: I believe this is all happening for a reason

Sanity: Looks like an enemy from a Wario Land game.

Giggs: Seedot is a cool guy, I guess. For a seed.

Magmortar: I wood always wonder, they had to have been nuts designing acorny Pokemon. More seriously, I’ll never get why it evolves into Dark-types. Or why it takes like 12 levels or whatever to, you know, learn an actual attack. It’s cute, but not cute enough.

Gen: An acorn. With eyes.

Arti: Starts with Bide as it's only offensive attack. That's enough.

XIII: Seedot just looks weird to me. Not in a good way.

Raka: It's just an acorn with eyes and legs lazy design grrr game freaakkk *shakes fists at*

Scarlet: The Acorn Pokemon. Seedot came to attention as the mascot for a political activist organization using underhanded tactics in the early 2010s.

Anagram: This is clearly an acorn and not a seed. Those are different things, GameFreak

KBM: This is a very original Pokémon that we've definitely never seen anything like before.

Brayze: 'acorns would make a good pokemon' -deceased gamefreak employee (he died of being wrong too much)


Cybat: Gets a few points for being part of a cool line, but I hate Pokemon that start off with only Bide so much.

Stifled: Why did we need another seed with a face?

120. Gulpin

Gulpin 500

#120 Gulpin

SCORE: 5427

Average Ranking: 93.57 (St. Dev: 34.26)
NFE Rank: 51/62
Poison Rank: 5/5
Gulpin Line: 2/2

6 - Sanity
15 - Lefty
27 - Brayze
28 - darkx
28 - MI
48 - junglebob
50 - Raka
52 - Mana
55 - Bospsy
56 - Poke
56 - Para
58 - BetrayedTangy
59 - Wickle
60 - Karo
61 - TUM
70 - JONA
74 - Tazzy
76 - Inviso
79 - Poka
87 - andy
88 - Eddv
95 - Paul
96 - Suor
97 - Giggs
98 - Drak
99 - Magmortar
101 - Gen
105 - profDEADPOOL
107 - Logicblade
107 - red
107 - Natwaf
108 - Anagram
109 - TexWolf
110 - XIII
113 - Nick
114 - KBM
114 - Ermine
115 - Cody
115 - Cybat
115 - Flubbin
116 - OrangeCrush
118 - Starfox
118 - Sorozone
119 - Arti
120 - CasanovaZelos
120 - Xuxon
123 - Wigs
124 - MSG
126 - Scarlet
128 - Dragon66116
129 - Stifled
129 - mnk
129 - swordz
132 - xx521xx
134 - Scepter
134 - Kate
135 - Snake5s
135 - Ecks

Sanity: -3-

Brayze: it's a little sac pokemon! Full of poison! When you buy a gulpin make sure you get it packed separately because they will ruin your lettuce

Junglebob: I like it when Gulpin shows up in Brawl, otherwise I don't really care about it.

Raka: Hehe it looks so cute! I want to pinch its cheeks. I hope it wouldn't poison me.

Para: haha

BetrayedTangy: Gulpin's oddly cute to me, but that's about it.

Giggs: I had this guy quite high originally, but he's actually pretty gross. At least Grimer was fun. What was I thinking?

Magmortar: There are loads of worse Smash Bros. Pokemon…but also loads of better ones. Really, why this thing?

Gen: I know I should hate this goofy thing but I don't. I know it's a stomach that spews acid but... that kissy face! I am a sucker for duck-faced pokemon I guess. Ironically I'd like to punch anyone who makes duck face IRL.

Anagram: Gulpin to me is like the fat kid in every 80s kid’s movie

XIII: Grimer did this so much better. A thoroughly forgettable Pokemon.

KBM: This f****r was so annoying in Brawl. Unfortunately for it, that's really all I think of when I think of it, so that's what this ranking must be based on.

Cybat: The closed eyes makes it look really weird; not to mention its pudgy little body. Less interesting than Grimer, and that is not easy to accomplish.

OrangeCrush: Dumb and useless. I don't hate him, but I'm getting close to the hate zone.

Arti: I still wonder how this Pokemon got into Brawl. Like, really?

Scarlet: The Stomach Pokemon. The standard bearer for the grossly obese fatties in the American South, Gulpins are now forbidden from tummy tuck surgeries after one resulted in a Gulpin being folded over like an origami crane.

Stifled: It’s a little green blob. Are you guys even trying anymore?

Ecks: Why does this exist?

119. Loudred


#119 Loudred

SCORE: 5420

Average Ranking: 93.45 (St. Dev: 33.47)
NFE Rank: 50/62
Normal Rank: 17/18
Whismur Line: 2/3

8 - junglebob
21 - MI
22 - Dragon66116
26 - Sanity
30 - mnk
47 - Nick
47 - red
52 - TUM
58 - Sorozone
58 - Poka
59 - xx521xx
60 - Paul
63 - Bospsy
67 - Scepter
67 - OrangeCrush
78 - Mana
78 - Arti
81 - XIII
81 - Cybat
83 - Tazzy
87 - Ermine
88 - Logicblade
91 - Lefty
91 - Magmortar
94 - profDEADPOOL
94 - Poke
99 - Wigs
101 - BetrayedTangy
103 - Natwaf
104 - Scarlet
106 - Raka
106 - Eddv
108 - Kate
109 - Wickle
109 - MSG
110 - swordz
111 - CasanovaZelos
114 - Starfox
118 - Inviso
118 - Stifled
118 - Cody
119 - Giggs
119 - KBM
119 - Drak
122 - Flubbin
122 - andy
122 - Gen
125 - Ecks
125 - TexWolf
128 - Snake5s
129 - darkx
129 - Xuxon
130 - JONA
131 - Anagram
133 - Brayze
133 - Para
134 - Suor
135 - Karo

Junglebob: With Whismur and Exploud both being ugly Pokemon, it's a miracle this guy turned out great. Loudred looks like a cool party animal, and those speaker ears are awesome.

Sanity: He looks obnoxious. But I like the idea of a Pokemon using noise to win.

OrangeCrush: Nuzlocke redeems him from the apathy section. Maybe even the hate section since that design isn't doing him any favors.

XIII: I guess Loudred exists

Cybat: Speaker ears are hilarious. 

Magmortar: Boombox with one hell of an ugly face attached to it. Something something middle evolutions almost always aren’t very good.

BetrayedTangy: It looks cool enough, but it's kinda pointless and makes this line a pain to raise.

Scarlet: The Big Voice Pokemon. If you have a chainsaw, cut off a Loudred’s ears. They can be used as car stereo speakers, making them the only useful part of any Loudred.

Raka: It looks disturbingly like something from Five Nights at Freddy's

Starfox: Oh my god this line is so terrible. Loudred gets a boost by at least being kind of funny with the stereo ears, plus he was in PMD2, so he gets a minimal boost from that… even though he was kind of annoying in it. Still lands in my suck tier though.

Stifled: el oh el it’s loud and I dread it because it’s terrible

Giggs: God this entire line can go to hell.

KBM: It's literally a Pokémon that just exists to be loud. That is seriously not enough of a concept for a Pokémon for me. At least it's not a bad Jigglypuff knockoff anymore, though.

Gen: While boombox speaker ears was clever I just can't... this line sucks so bad.

Anagram: oh hey Whismur is evolving I can’t waaaaaaaaaaaaaaat is this

Brayze: Loudred is one of the most aggressively bad designs in the franchise, with his dumb face and body and speaker ears and... Really that's everything. Loudred has a dumb everything.

Para: yeah, no

Suor: Stop shouting dumbass.

Karo: Oh Loudred, how much do I hate you? Let me count the ways. You are a badly drawn, butt-ugly abomination that looks like it belongs in a awful nickelodeon cartoon. You have a mouth cavity so big that it extends -beyond- the back wall of your f***ing body! Hey, having internal organs or a realistic sense of perspective is overrated, amirite? It's like one of the designers had his 4 year old son draw a pokemon for the game.

118. Azurill


#118 Azurill

SCORE: 5407

Average Ranking: 93.22 (St. Dev: 36.81)
NFE Rank: 49/62
Normal Rank: 16/18
Fairy Rank: 5/5
Baby Rank: 2/2

7 - Poke
8 - xx521xx
12 - Drak
19 - Lefty
26 - darkx
34 - Karo
40 - Kate
43 - Xuxon
49 - mnk
54 - JONA
55 - TUM
58 - Scepter
61 - Para
62 - OrangeCrush
76 - Ecks
77 - swordz
77 - Sanity
78 - Suor
84 - Nick
85 - Ermine
86 - Stifled
87 - MI
95 - Snake5s
95 - andy
97 - Bospsy
97 - Paul
99 - Inviso
103 - Gen
104 - Brayze
105 - CasanovaZelos
105 - XIII
105 - TexWolf
106 - BetrayedTangy
109 - Mana
112 - Eddv
113 - Giggs
116 - Logicblade
116 - Wigs
116 - Sorozone
117 - Cody
117 - KBM
117 - MSG
120 - Flubbin
121 - Dragon66116
123 - Magmortar
124 - red
128 - Anagram
129 - Raka
131 - Tazzy
133 - junglebob
134 - Starfox
134 - profDEADPOOL
134 - Natwaf
134 - Poka
135 - Scarlet
135 - Wickle
135 - Cybat
135 - Arti

Paratroopa: I don't really know why they had to make a smaller and cuter marill but it works well enough
OrangeCrush: Notable for the gender bending evolution glitch

Stifled: I can’t hate this baby. It’s cute. Plus just one is fine. I accept you. Let them eat cake. Does Gerber make cake?

Gen: More freaking babies seriously? What did Marill do to deserve a gender-confused useless little trollop of a tyke anyway? At least it's cute.

Brayze: hey you know what was a great idea in gen 2 that everyone loved?

XIII: What was the point of introducing this f***ing thing? One of those real head-scratcher decisions. The only Gen 3 Pokemon with links to gen 1 and 2 are Wynaut, which you get an egg for, and…this thing. Why? What was the endgame?

BetrayedTangy: Azurill is hands down the most adorable Baby Pokemon. Too bad it's absolutely pointless to own one, especially with how easy Marills are to find.

Giggs: Because clearly the cute thing needed to be made even more toxically cute.

Cody: So unnecessary, but pretty adorable.

KBM: I fail to see the need for this to have ever existed.

Magmortar: Babies are terrible. There are exceptions but come on man. This one has the whole sudden sex change operation upon evolving thing to give it notoriety, so I guess it’s not (as much of) a Gen 3 Pokemon whose existence I am actively offended by.

Anagram: ‘hey frank, people loved babies the first time, let’s add more’

Raka: Did Marill need an evolution? it didn't, it doesn't, and it never will

Junglebob: Terrible baby Poke, but also has an unfitting type

Starfox: Babies. Fairies. Enough said. And seriously, what was up with the depressed Azurill Sprite in Gen V? That was so weird.

Scarlet: The Water Ball Pokemon. Azurill is able to use its tail as if it were a lasso, but most Azurill’s generally use it as a noose once they realize how ****ing useless they are. Azurill suicide rates reached such a high point that it coined the phrase “feeling blue”.

Wickle: Really. I hate this line. Get lost.

Cybat: Oh good, more babies. I'm sure that others will mention its messed up gender ratio and typing, so I'll just say that it looks dumb and has no reason to exist.

Arti: You know, this thing isn't even a water type! wtf?

117. Baltoy


#117 Baltoy

SCORE: 5387

Average Ranking: 92.88 (St. Dev: 26.82)
NFE Rank: 48/62
Ground Rank: 12/13
Psychic Rank: 19/20
Baltoy Line: 2/2

18 - Lefty
28 - Paul
36 - XIII
38 - profDEADPOOL
42 - KBM
43 - Tazzy
61 - Mana
62 - Brayze
66 - Scarlet
66 - MI
71 - Drak
72 - TUM
73 - Ermine
73 - MSG
76 - BetrayedTangy
77 - Eddv
79 - Giggs
82 - OrangeCrush
82 - Suor
89 - TexWolf
91 - Inviso
93 - Cybat
94 - Natwaf
95 - Bospsy
95 - Magmortar
96 - Anagram
99 - andy
99 - Para
102 - darkx
102 - Gen
102 - Arti
103 - Wigs
104 - Kate
105 - Logicblade
106 - Stifled
107 - Wickle
108 - Poka
111 - junglebob
112 - Starfox
112 - CasanovaZelos
112 - mnk
112 - xx521xx
113 - Snake5s
113 - Karo
115 - Raka
115 - red
115 - JONA
116 - Poke
117 - Nick
117 - Dragon66116
117 - Xuxon
118 - Flubbin
119 - Ecks
120 - Sorozone
122 - Cody
122 - swordz
124 - Scepter
130 - Sanity

XIII: Baltoy is Claydol but…less. So it is 1 place lower on my list.

KBM: This thing is freaking creepy as all hell. I'm down with that. Imagine being an archaeologist and one of these things levitates to life. Then it begins to control your mind. The next thing you know you [redacted] All Hail Our Glorious Leader.

Brayze: Dreidelmon

Scarlet: The Clay Doll Pokemon. Discovered in ancient ruins, the initial surge in Baltoy population occurred when black marketeers with Team Magma mistakenly delivered thousands of this Pokemon to sex shops across Hoenn, Kanto and Johto.

BetrayedTangy: While I think it's ugly, I really like the basic design of it.

Giggs: If you give a Baltoy to your kids you are officially a terrible f*****g parent.

Cybat: He has a cool type combo. And he looks fun to play with.

Magmortar: It spins, and someone else is probably going to mention Beyblade in their writeup. Also, in the games, I don’t think I’ve ever seen it…well, levitate. Yes it does in the anime but oh come on False Swipe kills things in the anime.

Anagram: I have serious trouble coming up with anything to say for about 50% of Gen 3’s pokemon

Para: I think baltoy is sort of neat even though I'm not 100% certain what it's supposed to be

Gen: Its name is literally "ball toy" but I bet if you draped one on your scrote you'd only succeed in sterilizing yourself.

Arti: Eh.

Stifled: The problem with plungers is they fix the clog, but then they are soaking wet and have assorted bodily fluids all over them. You don’t want to touch the thing to clean it, but you feel odd about putting it back on your floor to dry. Some people might waste a towel to put underneath. Others may use paper towels, but the water could still leak through. It’s such a mess. The reason I say this is because Baltoy came over your house and clogged your toilet.

Raka: I don't want this on my desk, it probably carries some kind of curse.

116. Gorebyss


#116 Gorebyss

SCORE: 5321

Average Ranking: 91.74 (St. Dev: 32.69)
Fully Evolved Rank: 69/73
Water Rank: 23/28
Clamperl Line: 1/3

9 - mnk
19 - Para
30 - Poke
33 - Sanity
35 - Eddv
48 - TexWolf
50 - Snake5s
50 - Cybat
52 - Wickle
56 - Natwaf
56 - Gen
58 - red
59 - Suor
62 - Cody
66 - Arti
67 - Dragon66116
74 - Kate
76 - Brayze
81 - Scarlet
81 - KBM
87 - Raka
87 - darkx
88 - Scepter
90 - profDEADPOOL
91 - Starfox
91 - Stifled
92 - junglebob
100 - OrangeCrush
101 - Logicblade
102 - Flubbin
105 - Karo
105 - JONA
107 - Poka
108 - Ecks
109 - CasanovaZelos
109 - MI
110 - Magmortar
111 - Tazzy
112 - Lefty
113 - Anagram
114 - XIII
114 - andy
114 - xx521xx
116 - TUM
118 - MSG
119 - Inviso
122 - Giggs
122 - Ermine
124 - Paul
125 - swordz
128 - Xuxon
130 - BetrayedTangy
130 - Sorozone
131 - Nick
131 - Wigs
134 - Mana
134 - Bospsy
135 - Drak

Para: I dunno why I really like this floppy pink fish but it has a shell bra and that's funny for some reason

Sanity: This is one weirdass looking Pokemon. A mermaid...dolphin?

Snake5s: Into the Gorebyss

Cybat: Why aren't there more dolphin Pokemon? That alone gets this guy pretty far. I like the concept of split evolutions but this one is not as interesting as most. 

Wickle: This should have evolved from Luvdisc instead of the clam. I kinda like it.

Gen: Haters gonna hate, but yet again I like (but not love) a stupid pink thing. It combines two things I like: eels and mermaids!

Suor: I wonder what those shells are covering...

Brayze: Why does it have a shell bra? I can think of two things that are useless on a fish and one thing that's useless on a team (gorebyss is the answer to the second. The first is lady beefs. I can't believe I just used the term lady beefs due to gamefaqs censoring. I mean, that's way grosser.)

Scarlet: The South Sea Pokemon. If you straighten a Goreabyss and slash its throat, it turns out that it makes an excellent quill pen.

KBM: At least it's a good deal prettier than Huntail. But there are so many damn Water Pokémon this generation that the ones that overshadow it overshadow it by a LOT and I don't have any brain power left to devote to this line.

Raka: It's so pretty, oh so pretty. It's so pretty and fishy and gaaay. And I pity any Huntail users today.
Stifled: How does a clam evolve into a mildly elegant sea serpent?

Junglebob: I thought Gorebyss was really dumb, but its Pokedex entry about being a cruel predator make me kinda like its cutesy design

OrangeCrush: It's the best of its line. Sadly that's not saying much.

Magmortar: Can occasionally be really scary to fight one, but…otherwise, I hate it. If it’s supposed to be pretty, that is an area Gamefreak failed in. It is a damn FISH (or eel or whatever), why does it even want to cosplay as Ariel. It cosplays as Ariel and wants to drain your body fluids. What.

Anagram: All the ugliness of Huntail, except you actually see it sometimes competitively

XIII: Utterly boring.

Giggs: This must have the most inappropriate name in the series. Gorebyss sounds like a subterranean demon, some seafloor iron giant primed to rise up and destroy the continental shelf. But instead we get a prim f***ing pink piece of piss ugh go away

BetrayedTangy: This is a pretty boring design for a Pokemon, then again a lot of water types are.

115. Beldum (Score: 5247)

Average Ranking: 90.47 (St. Dev: 29.55)
NFE Rank: 47/62
Steel Rank: 9/9
Psychic Rank: 18/20
Beldum Line: 3/3
Pseudo Rank: 5/6

14 - Ecks
16 - Lefty
31 - Sorozone
39 - TexWolf
40 - Anagram
43 - Drak
47 - profDEADPOOL
48 - XIII
54 - Tazzy
59 - TUM
65 - MI
67 - Stifled
69 - Mana
69 - Snake5s
72 - Nick
78 - Starfox
78 - Brayze
80 - andy
84 - Scepter
85 - Arti
86 - Wickle
90 - Poka
91 - JONA
92 - Poke
93 - BetrayedTangy
94 - KBM
95 - mnk
97 - Raka
97 - Ermine
97 - Suor
98 - Giggs
98 - Gen
100 - Wigs
100 - Xuxon
100 - Magmortar
103 - Scarlet
104 - CasanovaZelos
104 - Paul
105 - darkx
106 - OrangeCrush
106 - Cybat
106 - MSG
108 - Logicblade
111 - xx521xx
113 - Flubbin
115 - Bospsy
119 - Eddv
120 - Para
121 - Cody
121 - Kate
121 - junglebob
125 - Karo
125 - Dragon66116
126 - Inviso
127 - swordz
131 - red
131 - Sanity
133 - Natwaf

Ecks: Most improved by OR/AS goes to… Beldum?! It looks great in the game, gives me a new perspective on it. Shiny helps a lot too. It basically just reminds me of GLaDOS.

Anagram: More like Bel DUMB am I rite

XIII: The whole family has a cool gimmick, though Beldum is obviously the worst and it's a pain to catch in Platinum since its only move is Take Down.

Stifled: This could have been awful like the gears in Gen 5. Luckily it wasn’t.

Starfox: I’d make a Bell Dumb joke, but I’m sure someone else will take care of that for me.

Brayze: Beldum: it exists.

BetrayedTangy: Ewwwww how does this evolve into Metang?

KBM: Please evolve soon... Whatever I'm looking at?

Raka: For some reason there's a gym in the jungle, where I lift these tiny weights to work out my fake muscles.

Giggs: He's a nice colour, I guess. It's hard to hate a piece of metal, which puts him above 30% of the generation.

Gen: Probably the most unique of the pseudo legendary lines. It's neither a dragon nor a dinosaur but a... the f*** is this thing? A little robot? Well unlike most first forms it's decidedly uncute so it loses points there. Spoilers though: I like both its evolutions.

Magmortar: More annoying to catch than basically any non-roaming legendary, which is one HELL of an achievement. Unlike some other stupid hard to get Pokemon though, Beldum eventually becomes incredible. So there’s that.

Scarlet: The Iron Ball Pokemon. Beldum’s weren’t discovered until 1983, when one asked C-3PO to state his business at Jabba’s Palace. Since then, Beldum has had a lucrative career filming Wal-Mart security tapes.

Cybat: Really cool looking for a basic Pokemon but I hate how it can't learn any TMs.

Para: my little brother who is 5 years old was like "do you know which pokemon only knows take down?" thinking that he knew some trivia about a pokemon I didn't know but I knew it was beldum. I'm still the f***ing pokemaster in this household, get wrecked kid. he described it as "a fist with an eye" and yeah I guess that's accurate

Junglebob: An unremarkable piece of metal with an eye, but that's enough to Take Down some of its competition!

Karo: Beldum is a dumbbell.

114. Swalot (Score: 5242)Edit

Average Ranking: 90.38 (St. Dev: 31.64)
Fully Evolved Rank: 68/73
Poison Rank: 4/5
Gulpin Line: 1/2

5 - Sanity
11 - Giggs
34 - Mana
38 - JONA
48 - Raka
49 - Karo
53 - Natwaf
53 - Lefty
55 - MI
57 - KBM
60 - Tazzy
60 - Xuxon
63 - Inviso
67 - Ermine
70 - Suor
71 - TUM
72 - Eddv
75 - Magmortar
78 - Anagram
78 - OrangeCrush
82 - Stifled
82 - Wickle
82 - Poke
84 - Starfox
87 - BetrayedTangy
88 - Gen
89 - Logicblade
89 - Cybat
93 - andy
95 - Flubbin
96 - Paul
96 - junglebob
101 - Drak
103 - Poka
105 - Nick
106 - Brayze
106 - red
108 - Dragon66116
109 - XIII
109 - Bospsy
109 - Para
115 - TexWolf
116 - Snake5s
116 - profDEADPOOL
116 - swordz
116 - Arti
119 - Wigs
121 - CasanovaZelos
124 - Cody
127 - Scarlet
128 - Sorozone
128 - MSG
129 - xx521xx
133 - Kate
134 - darkx
134 - Ecks
135 - Scepter
135 - mnk

Sanity: I like characters that eat everything, especially when they dissolve it with poison or acid. Reminds me of The Fly.

Giggs: The most regal purple blob out there. I realise ranking Swalot this high is fundamentally ridiculous, but do you have a yellow moustache? Didn't think so.

Raka: Durrr. I kinda like it though. It's like a fat and slightly slow gentleman who doesn't have any enemies.

KBM: It looks weirdly majestic with its royal purple hue, plus the little mustache and the black diamond pattern encircling its midsection.

Suor: What the f*** is this thing? It looks so out of place that I actually find it endearing. Besides, it was a cool playable fighter in Pokémon Type: Wild. It... swallows a lot and has a Pinsir residing in its body:

Magmortar: Swalot is weird and noodly and not as good (or useful) as Muk. It has this odd appeal to me. It’s this weird blob thing and that’s hard for me not to like.

Anagram: When I was six years old, my mom’s friend’s daughter was fourteen. I asked her to help me with my spelling homework and she agreed. We got to the word ‘spaghetti’ and I couldn’t figure out how to spell it. She also couldn’t figure it out. I thought at the time that the word was so complicated that only grown-ups could learn it properly, but I later learned it when I was like eight

Stifled: It’s like Muk becoming a teenage girl. He purged some weight and got Henna tattoos. Now he’s ready to gain all the weight back when he gets pregnant to get on that MTV show he loves so much.

BetrayedTangy: Purple is a cool color I guess?


Cybat: Yeah, he's a Muk ripoff. But all of his animations where he opens his mouth really wide are entertaining.

Brayze: 'poison bag pokemon'. I just like the idea of a bag of poison, like something you can get at the supermarket. 'I'll take 200 g of poison from the poison bin please'

XIII: Muk did this so much better. A thoroughly forgettable Pokemon.

Para: moustaches are never a good look for pokemon, they're just not, especially not ones like swalot

Arti: Meh.

Scarlet: The Poison Bag Pokemon. If you ever wondered how to get the elusive Swalot, just attach a moustache to your Grimer.

Darkx: Unlike Gulpin, who is actually cute and fun in a homely sort of way, this undulous amorphous blob is just f***ing gross.

Ecks: Why does this exist?

Scepter: Who thought this was a good idea

113. Nincada (Score: 5228)Edit

Average Ranking: 90.14 (St. Dev: 24.22)
NFE Rank: 46/62
Bug Rank: 9/14
Ground Rank: 11/13
Nincada Line: 3/3

22 - Lefty
25 - Ermine
37 - Drak
43 - Gen
50 - Natwaf
56 - MSG
57 - red
64 - Sorozone
64 - profDEADPOOL
65 - junglebob
71 - TexWolf
75 - andy
77 - Suor
79 - OrangeCrush
80 - Snake5s
82 - Tazzy
82 - Magmortar
82 - Arti
84 - Xuxon
85 - Cybat
86 - Eddv
86 - Paul
86 - Sanity
90 - Inviso
92 - Brayze
92 - JONA
93 - Kate
94 - Nick
95 - XIII
96 - Starfox
96 - Logicblade
96 - Wigs
97 - TUM
97 - Para
98 - Bospsy
99 - Mana
99 - Ecks
99 - Wickle
100 - Anagram
102 - xx521xx
103 - CasanovaZelos
104 - Poke
105 - swordz
108 - Stifled
108 - darkx
110 - Raka
110 - Giggs
111 - Flubbin
112 - MI
113 - KBM
114 - Dragon66116
115 - BetrayedTangy
116 - Scarlet
118 - Poka
124 - Karo
125 - mnk
127 - Scepter
132 - Cody

Gen: Cicadas are actually really cool when they're not keeping you up when you try to squeeze in a mid-afternoon nap. Nincada gets bonus points for being an early game bug type that doesn't eat poop dookie and for evolving into two of my favorite things. Oops spoilers.

Magmortar: Neat little bug with a cool design and a unique typing, although a typing that really could use a better Pokemon. Especially noteworthy because **** cicadas, freakiest little bugs, why does their Wikipedia page have a GIF on it.

Cybat: Cicadas are pretty cool, but really he is only this high because of his amazing and creative evolutions. Plus, a unique type combo at the time.

Brayze: I know bugs are cool but nincada isn't even interesting, at least give it fire tusks or poisonous feet or something.

XIII: I enjoy the Ninjask/Shedinja evos, but not enough to place the boring Nincada higher than this.

Starfox: So when I was first playing Ruby, it was during one of those once-per-18 years cicada outbreaks. It seemed like it infected my game too, as every patch of grass or trainer seemed to be hiding a NIncada or a Ninjask. So that was funny. Or it would have been had the whole thing not been so completely disgusting.

Para: not the coolest bug, but he's trying, and I like that

Anagram: It looks nothing like a ninja, which, admittedly, makes sense if you consider that a ninja wouldn’t want to be obvious

Stifled: There should be a section of the game where a barrage of Nincadas falls from the sky like in real life.

Raka: I don't think it's a's just someone drew a nincada with anime artstyle

Giggs: Nincada kind of has a cool colour scheme, actually. But if it dropped off the face of the planet I wouldn't notice its absence ever.

KBM: Certainly not one of the worst bugs out there, mostly because you can ALMOST ignore the fact that you're looking at an insect. But it's also based on a cicada. Now, having lived in the south, I find the sound of cicadas rather comforting (seriously, it's a cool sound), but I also accidentally stepped on a crunchy cicada carcass filled with ants once and have never quite gotten over that. So yeah, not my favorite thing to look at, and that seriously hurts it.

BetrayedTangy: I like this Pokemon's design a lot, too bad it's awful in battle.

Scarlet: The Trainee Pokemon. More Nincadas are stepped on by unassuming Snorlaxes each day than there are trainers who actually give a **** about having a Nincada in their party. So, two.

Karo: oh look, its a bug. with no unique or defining characteristics whatsoever. just a bug. yay?

112. Nosepass (Score: 5222)Edit

Average Ranking: 90.03 (St. Dev: 39.81)
NFE Rank: 45/62
Rock Rank: 11/12

1 - Sanity
3 - Lefty
4 - junglebob
18 - Wigs
18 - Eddv
28 - Cody
30 - XIII
33 - Xuxon
33 - Poka
45 - Magmortar
53 - Anagram
53 - profDEADPOOL
54 - Inviso
59 - darkx
61 - Paul
65 - Suor
70 - Logicblade
70 - MSG
75 - Bospsy
75 - JONA
76 - Starfox
79 - Stifled
92 - TUM
95 - swordz
98 - BetrayedTangy
99 - Giggs
100 - Mana
101 - mnk
101 - Ermine
103 - Sorozone
103 - Brayze
103 - Flubbin
108 - Wickle
109 - Raka
109 - KBM
113 - Poke
115 - Scarlet
115 - Arti
117 - Ecks
117 - TexWolf
121 - Snake5s
121 - Karo
121 - Natwaf
123 - xx521xx
123 - Gen
126 - Dragon66116
127 - Para
128 - Tazzy
129 - Cybat
130 - Drak
132 - Nick
133 - Scepter
133 - MI
134 - CasanovaZelos
135 - OrangeCrush
135 - Kate
135 - red
135 - andy

Sanity: It's funny that they made a Pokemon that focuses on being a nose. But even cooler than that is that it's an Easter Island statue. Even though Pokemon is cool, Gradius is a much cooler game series, and Easter Island heads are a common enemy found in those games, so seeing a living Easter Island statue reminds me of Gradius.

Junglebob: I'll admit I'm biased for Nosepass because I really like Moai statues. That and his giant, magnetic nose really make him stand out to me as a weird, interesting Pokemon.

Magmortar: Its sprites in gen 3 have to be among the series’ worst. Weird thing, just looks super awkward, mostly terrible battler, always liked the whole magnet thing though, stands out from other rocks (plus, in gen 3, if you were bored of Magneton, you could use it to kill Skarmory instead). It can also do something most Rock-types can only dream of: actually take a special attack. I originally had it much lower but kept asking myself “why is it below this thing” to…a lot of Pokemon.

Anagram: Rabbi, why is tonight different from all other nights?

Darkx: I think it's really hated or something? I dunno, I think it's kinda cool looking. Its evolution on the other hand...

MSG: If only it was called Nosepick instead, instant 5th place.

Stifled: Oh come on, guys. Lighten up. He’s funny!

BetrayedTangy: This is such a dumb Pokemon, but I actually kinda like its lore.

Giggs: I mean, Nosepass is hilarious. But it's also undeniably s***.

Brayze: I love the moai because they are huge stone heads that are the only remnant of an apparently really stupid civilization. Somehow I doubt nosepass will be our only legacy when we fade from history

Raka: Roxanne u scary. Rock/Water is pretty cute typing. But I don't really like how it seems too organic to be something based on the moais. Does it really need 4 limbs?

KBM: I mean... it's Nosepass. Used to be my least favorite Pokémon, but ever since I learned that it was designed after the Easter Island Moai statues, I like it significantly more. It's still a sentient Rock nose, but at least I see what they were GOING for, even if they missed the mark by a good margin.

Scarlet: The Compass Pokemon. Nosepasses have been the butt of more anti-Semitic jokes towards Pokemon than any other species aside from Meowth.

Arti: Has the most hilarious evolution. On its own it's nothing special.

Ecks: Really unappealing design but I at least appreciate what they were trying to do basing it off of the Moai statues.

Gen: Compass rose? Meet compass nose! I make it a point to catch one of these and release it then sic my fighting/water types on the next one I see hoping it's the one I just released. It's cathartic.

Para: the nose knows (that he's a dumb idea for a pokemon)

Cybat: Uh…what…are you doing?

OrangeCrush: I love Hoenn, but there's a subset of Pokemon that are so bad that I almost can't blame the genwunners. Thankfully most of them are more out of the way and obscure. Nosepass, on the other hand, is featured as Roxanne's main Pokemon, so there's no escaping his terribleness.

Kate: worst ever.

111. Wynaut (Score: 5214)Edit

Average Ranking: 89.90 (St. Dev: 39.81)
NFE Rank: 44/62
Psychic Rank: 17/20
Baby Rank: 1/2

1 - Xuxon
6 - TexWolf
14 - MI
17 - Lefty
20 - TUM
29 - xx521xx
37 - red
43 - Sanity
47 - Cody
52 - JONA
58 - Ecks
66 - Mana
67 - CasanovaZelos
71 - Starfox
71 - swordz
73 - Eddv
74 - Stifled
77 - Sorozone
81 - Giggs
81 - Suor
86 - Drak
89 - Anagram
91 - XIII
92 - Dragon66116
92 - Raka
94 - Wigs
94 - mnk
94 - Gen
96 - Snake5s
98 - Paul
100 - andy
102 - Karo
103 - Scepter
104 - Para
105 - Ermine
110 - Kate
111 - darkx
112 - Magmortar
113 - Natwaf
115 - MSG
116 - KBM
116 - Poka
117 - BetrayedTangy
117 - Bospsy
117 - Wickle
118 - profDEADPOOL
121 - Nick
124 - junglebob
125 - Tazzy
125 - OrangeCrush
125 - Cybat
126 - Brayze
127 - Poke
128 - Inviso
128 - Flubbin
130 - Logicblade
134 - Scarlet
134 - Arti

Cody: Why? Why not? Also, Mirage Island is a myth.

Starfox: Has anyone EVER seen Mirage Island? I’m still not convinced that it’s actually a thing.

Stifled: Why not indeed?

Giggs: Why not indeed? Wobbuffet line da best.

Suor: Wobbuffet baby? Wynaut!

Anagram: My only clear memory of Wynaut is from the anime. Jessie’s Wobbuffet has met a Wynaut, and they look at each other and say “Wobbuffet” or “Wynaut” over and over again for literally about thirty seconds. There are no jokes during this time. It was explained to me that it makes sense in Japanese, but come on, why would you not edit this “joke” out?

XIII: Why not? (how many people will submit the same thing here, I wonder?)

Raka: Why not? Because you have a big, invasive growth on your forehead.

Gen: Because Wobbuffet didn't need a baby form that's wynaut. That said it's not the worst baby and Shadow Tag is useful for roamers.

Snake5s: I can think of a million reasons

Para: because baby pokemon aren't a good idea, that's why

Karo: gamefreak producer 1: 'hey lets make another stupid baby!' gamefreak producer 2: 'wynaut?'

Magmortar: Has a fun name. That’s really it. But you know what? Sometimes that’s all you need to be better than other Pokemon.

KBM: Why, pray tell, does this thing exist? (“Wynaut?” Ow.)

BetrayedTangy: So what did the developers say to the guy who came up with the impossible way to get this Pokemon? Wynaut?

Junglebob: I like its name, but we didn't need a baby Wobbuffet.

OrangeCrush: Ew, more babies.

Cybat: Not only does this thing have an amazing name, but it also actually has a reason to exist! (He learns Encore but Wobbuffet doesn't.) Sadly, still a baby Pokemon though.

Brayze: I'll tell you why not you little stain

Logicblade: Why are you a pokemon? WYNAUT! :(

Scarlet: The Bright Pokemon. The folks at the Pokedex want to remind you that any write-ups for Wynaut featuring someone saying “Why” should result in said write-up creator being punched in the mouth by a Graveler.

Arti: Why not? Because you suck, that's why.

110. Lombre (Score: 5194)Edit

Average Ranking: 89.55 (St. Dev: 33.54)
NFE Rank: 43/62
Water Rank: 22/28
Grass Rank: 15/17
Lotad Line Rank: 3/3

10 - Lefty
20 - Xuxon
24 - Dragon66116
34 - Logicblade
39 - Gen
40 - darkx
43 - Stifled
44 - KBM
45 - JONA
53 - Mana
55 - BetrayedTangy
55 - Sorozone
63 - Wickle
67 - Cybat
68 - red
68 - Poke
70 - Scepter
73 - TUM
74 - Ermine
76 - Suor
79 - Nick
79 - Tazzy
79 - Arti
80 - Karo
82 - Scarlet
85 - Natwaf
91 - Poka
92 - CasanovaZelos
92 - Magmortar
95 - Eddv
95 - Sanity
100 - swordz
103 - andy
104 - Ecks
106 - profDEADPOOL
108 - Snake5s
109 - Giggs
111 - MSG
113 - Cody
113 - MI
115 - Drak
116 - junglebob
119 - Starfox
121 - Bospsy
121 - Raka
121 - Paul
122 - Anagram
122 - Kate
124 - Flubbin
125 - Inviso
128 - Wigs
128 - mnk
129 - OrangeCrush
131 - xx521xx
132 - TexWolf
134 - XIII
134 - Para
135 - Brayze

Gen: I love how this is the Jolly pokemon. It looks like it hates everything and yet I can't hate it!

Stifled: Senor, don’t drink the water.

KBM: ¿Qué pasa, puto?

BetrayedTangy: If Lombre were human I would totally chill with it, plus it has a pretty cool design.

Wickle: Turning Lotad into a humanoid made this line hilarious.

Cybat: Normally I don't like silly faces on Pokemon but it works for him. His movepool makes him tough to use ingame but his type combo is neat.

Scarlet: The Jolly Pokemon. Lombre’s underbite is so large that you could house a family of four in its bottom lip.

Magmortar: Lombre is okay I guess, I’ve never used one, and it doesn’t have the amazing dumb appeal that Lotad has. And it’s not Ludicolo, who is awesome.

Snake5s: Ixnay on the Lombre


Junglebob: Really ugly. Don't worry Lombre, you'll get cool when you evolve.

Raka: Wow it's so ugly. What's with that expression? Got a stomachache?

Anagram: I can drive over to Home Deport right now and hire day laborers for forty dollars who look less Mexican than Lombre

OrangeCrush: Sometimes I have to wonder if Gamefreak makes middle evolutions terrible on purpose.

XIII: The closer you are to Ludicolo the worse you are. Lombre suffers greatly from being related to a Pokemon that is among the worst ever.

Para: when I first played sapphire, I found a lotad, thought "oh, he's a pretty cool little dude," so I caught and trained him. Then he evolved into lombre, and I was like, "wow, that sucks, but I'm sure it'll be better when he evolves." I leveled him up, he never evolved, and I never found the water stone that I needed so I was stuck with lombre. I am still sad about this

Brayze: I'm glad real mexicans aren't like Lombre.

109. Plusle (Score: 5136)Edit

Average Ranking: 88.55 (St. Dev: 35.66)
Fully Evolved Rank: 67/73
Electric Rank: 4/4

5 - Xuxon
8 - Karo
9 - xx521xx
11 - Paul
20 - darkx
24 - Drak
43 - Kate
47 - Eddv
52 - BetrayedTangy
52 - Sanity
58 - swordz
60 - Para
62 - Starfox
65 - CasanovaZelos
69 - Stifled
70 - red
73 - Dragon66116
73 - TexWolf
75 - Nick
78 - MI
81 - Anagram
81 - Flubbin
83 - Ermine
91 - Brayze
92 - Cody
93 - Wickle
94 - Suor
96 - Poka
97 - mnk
98 - Inviso
99 - Scepter
101 - Lefty
101 - TUM
102 - Giggs
104 - Tazzy
104 - Sorozone
107 - Mana
107 - Ecks
107 - Poke
109 - Snake5s
109 - Wigs
110 - JONA
116 - andy
116 - Magmortar
118 - Bospsy
119 - Logicblade
123 - profDEADPOOL
124 - Natwaf
126 - XIII
126 - OrangeCrush
127 - Arti
129 - Gen
130 - Scarlet
130 - junglebob
131 - Raka
133 - Cybat
133 - MSG
135 - KBM

BetrayedTangy: Plusle and Minun are both so adorable and I loved them in Destiny Deoxys, but they are palette swap Pokemon and are Pikachu clones….


Para: sure, it's basically a ripoff of pikachu again, but you might as well copy what works

Stifled: Slightly less visually pleasing than Minun. Significantly less visually pleasing than Pikachu.

Anagram: Higher than Minum solely due to having a marginally better color scheme

Brayze: Minun's uglier sister. Don't bring your boyfriend home, Plusle. His heart will stray.

Suor: Not only are Plusle and Minun bad pikaclones, but they also wasted the chance to make a better pokémon based on the concepts of plus and minus.

Giggs: For an undeniable waste of pokedex space, Plusle and Minun are actually not all that bad. History's probably been kind to them. They're less egregious than Dedenne anyway.

Snake5s: We ran out of ideas and made Pikachu again

Magmortar: I am of the opinion that Plusle and Minun are among the better Pikaclones. They’re still awful. Just better. This and Minun I actually do think are kind of cute, they just suffered a bit from the marketing push. Marill in Gen 2 was pretty subtle. These guys were REALLY pushed.

XIII: I dislike these Pikachu ripoffs.

OrangeCrush: I didn't like Pichu the first time, so why would I want another one that can't even evolve?

Arti: Far less superior to its more negative counterpart.

Gen: I bet plenty of mooks are going to rank these suckers higher than they deserve. *sigh* I prefer Plusle's adding theme to Minun's.

Scarlet: The Cheering Pokemon. On the plus side, you can use a screwdriver to stab and swirl around a Plusle’s insides just as easily as you can a Minun’s.

Junglebob: I like the red one more than the blue one

Raka: If there's any plus side of this guy, it's that it's not Minun. Why they gotta make the design so similar to the Pikachu line?

Cybat: Gets the slight edge over Minun because I like its name and color scheme better. Still terrible though.

KBM: God, I hate this thing. The poor thing wants so badly to be Pikachu, but it doesn't even reach Pichu levels of cuteness because of the awful color palette. Then, on top of that, you have the Worst Gimmick Ever in the whole “This totally isn't related to Minun in any way” thing. I mean, is there even a bloody point to these things?

108. Slakoth (Score: 5111)Edit

Average Ranking: 88.12 (St. Dev: 26.04)
NFE Rank: 42/62
Normal Rank: 15/18
Slakoth Line: 3/3

21 - Xuxon
29 - Sanity
44 - Lefty
45 - Paul
54 - Ermine
55 - Wickle
55 - JONA
56 - Ecks
56 - red
58 - darkx
60 - Anagram
63 - CasanovaZelos
66 - mnk
66 - profDEADPOOL
75 - OrangeCrush
76 - Giggs
79 - Karo
79 - Raka
79 - junglebob
80 - Eddv
80 - MSG
81 - BetrayedTangy
82 - Sorozone
83 - Stifled
84 - Poke
85 - Scepter
86 - Logicblade
86 - andy
89 - KBM
91 - Cybat
91 - Gen
92 - MI
93 - TUM
94 - Flubbin
95 - xx521xx
96 - XIII
96 - Dragon66116
97 - Nick
102 - Bospsy
103 - Starfox
105 - Scarlet
105 - Wigs
106 - Mana
109 - Tazzy
109 - Suor
110 - TexWolf
113 - Inviso
115 - Poka
117 - Natwaf
118 - Kate
119 - Magmortar
120 - Drak
122 - Snake5s
122 - Para
129 - Cody
129 - Brayze
130 - swordz
131 - Arti

Sanity: He looks funnay.

Wickle: We need a koala Pokemon.

Anagram: Slothes and monkeys are not the same thing but I can’t honestly pretend to care about GameFreak conflating them

OrangeCrush: Looks like a rug

Giggs: I like his arm.

Raka: So lazy. I like how you can catch it in Petalburg woods but that's about it. A candle in the wind who can't fight for s*** (yet).

BetrayedTangy: I like the idea of this line quite a bit, he'd be higher if he want's so hard to raise.

Stifled: What a lovely rug.

KBM: I mean... you can only move with it every other turn. What a b****.

Cybat: Great name and concept. It inherently makes him pretty hopelessly useless ingame, but, what can you do?

Gen: I can't not love a lazy sloth.

XIII: Slakoth is obviously getting there but it has Truant and that's hard to really get behind for such a weak, early-game monster.

Scarlet: The Slacker Pokemon. Slakoth still moves faster than the Senate trying to pass a budget.

Magmortar: It’s just a dumb and (appropriately enough) lazy Pokemon. That beats this gen’s actively offensive Pokemon, but really, what do you say about a damn SLOTH?

Para: he seems like he's a really nice guy and totally cool to hang out with, but he's still sort of ugly as s***

Brayze: sloths are known for their battle prowess

Arti: Slakoth is loafing around!

107. Lotad (Score: 5088)Edit

Average Ranking: 87.72 (St. Dev: 33.73)
NFE Rank: 41/62
Grass Rank: 14/17
Water Rank: 21/28
Lotad Line 2/3

3 - Sanity
4 - Lefty
20 - KBM
29 - junglebob
37 - Logicblade
38 - darkx
42 - TUM
44 - Cody
47 - Brayze
51 - Bospsy
65 - Xuxon
68 - Giggs
71 - Ermine
73 - MI
75 - Para
78 - Gen
79 - Kate
81 - Wickle
83 - Sorozone
84 - Natwaf
84 - Magmortar
86 - Scepter
86 - MSG
86 - Poke
87 - Suor
89 - Dragon66116
92 - Arti
93 - Karo
94 - CasanovaZelos
94 - Eddv
94 - Drak
95 - Raka
99 - OrangeCrush
99 - JONA
100 - profDEADPOOL
101 - Starfox
102 - Anagram
104 - Stifled
105 - Mana
105 - red
107 - Paul
107 - andy
108 - Nick
109 - Scarlet
112 - BetrayedTangy
115 - Inviso
117 - Cybat
117 - Poka
119 - TexWolf
120 - Ecks
120 - mnk
121 - Wigs
122 - Tazzy
123 - XIII
124 - swordz
125 - xx521xx
126 - Snake5s
129 - Flubbin

Sanity: I like to think of this guy as being a little waiter/butler dude. You are sitting in your mansion, and he brings food and drinks on his tray hat.

KBM: I can't explain the appeal, but the weirdness of the design just works, the typing actually makes me like a Grass Pokémon for once, and it evolves well.

Brayze: It's hard for me to dislike this nubby little dink

Giggs: Step one to magnificence. Lotad is pretty cute, I guess.

Para: whoa I just noticed it has like six legs. the hell lotad how did you hide your six legs from me for all these years I thought we knew each other

Gen: I kind of want to step on its head. Not even because I dislike it but because its flat and there. Am I cruel?

Magmortar: It’s a damn lily pad with a face below it. What are you supposed to say about that? It’s one of this generation’s stupidest Pokemon and that’s great.

Arti: It's a lilypad. You had no reason to really use one unless you picked Torchic, which I did in Ruby. WHOOPS

Raka: Aww a cute lotus/tadpole thing. It's okay, I'd probably order some for my garden pond...IF I HAD ONE

Anagram: Hola senor, que la gusta mi espanol? Estudie el lengua en escuela alta

Stifled: Rhymes with gonad.

Scarlet: The Water Weed Pokemon. Lotads are very wary of unobservant Dekus who might hop across their heads on their way across a small body of water.

BetrayedTangy: Despite loving the rest of this line, I hate Lotad

Cybat: Its…lip? Moustache? looks really weird. Cool type combo but not very interesting until it evolves.

XIII: Lotad is spared my ire because it is an NFE and thus easy to beat.

106. Medicham (Score: 5088)Edit

Average Ranking: 87.72 (St. Dev: 31.09)
Fully Evolved Rank: 66/73
Fighting Rank: 6/7
Psychic Rank: 16/20
Meditite Line: 1/2

5 - Raka
22 - BetrayedTangy
22 - Arti
25 - Natwaf
27 - Mana
38 - Cybat
45 - OrangeCrush
50 - Sorozone
52 - Anagram
54 - CasanovaZelos
55 - xx521xx
57 - Gen
59 - Magmortar
62 - Eddv
63 - XIII
64 - Scarlet
68 - MSG
72 - Tazzy
75 - Dragon66116
75 - Xuxon
77 - Inviso
77 - KBM
81 - Scepter
81 - Lefty
89 - Nick
89 - Karo
89 - Kate
89 - Wigs
90 - Stifled
91 - profDEADPOOL
93 - Ecks
94 - Wickle
94 - JONA
97 - Drak
99 - Cody
102 - Poke
104 - Logicblade
106 - Poka
108 - Starfox
108 - Brayze
111 - MI
112 - Flubbin
113 - red
113 - Para
115 - Snake5s
115 - swordz
118 - Paul
125 - TUM
126 - andy
129 - junglebob
129 - TexWolf
131 - darkx
132 - Ermine
133 - mnk
133 - Suor
135 - Bospsy
135 - Giggs
135 - Sanity

Raka: Fighting/Psychic is a pretty boss type combination and it was really unique back in Gen 3. It also looks quite cool so yeah, I like it. Mega Medicham is horrible though...stereotypical clothing and Qwilfish lips.

BetrayedTangy: Medicham mixes a great design with one of the most unique types. I really like Medicham

Arti: I was always interested in a Fighting/Psychic hybrid yet I didn't touch this Pokemon until Platinum. It was still great at the time though!

Cybat: Fighting/Psychic is a really interesting type combo, and Pure Power is fun. I hate relying on Hi Jump Kick but other than that, a fun Pokemon to use.

OrangeCrush: For every man there is a scale. On one side, good. On the other side, evil... Yours tipped the wrong way!

Anagram: And the award for ‘mega pokemon that would be most at home serving in the Ginyu Force’ goes to

Gen: I feel like Medicham gets a lot of flak without good reason. I've always kind of liked it for being so different from any fighting type before it. It's not a gross sweaty oaf that just charges and punches at things, it's a calculating monk-like fighter that carefully studies its opponents and implements the best strategy to defeat them. Also it looks like a bellydancer. That's cool in my book.

Magmortar: Medicham has always had massive coolness value to me because thanks to Pure Power, it is capable of smashing planets and breaking meteorites. It looks unbelievably ugly (which goes a long way in denying it a higher spot), but if you let it land an attack on you…

XIII: HUGE POWER is pretty nifty.

Scarlet: The Meditate Pokemon. Medicham is best known for, despite being one of the biggest Pokemon proponents of exercise, having the sort of thunder thighs that makes pre-Jenny Craig Kirstie Alley look trim and athletic.

KBM: I can't entirely tell against what, but I can never shake the feeling that Medicham is vaguely racist.

Stifled: It has an apparatus on its head. What the hell.

Starfox: Why does its mouth look like it belongs on a blowup sex doll?

Brayze: huge power is awesome but that doesn't make up for your prolapsed anus lips

Para: there were a couple of pokemon I wanted to rank low just to spite them, but then I took a good hard look at medicham, and was like yeah I can't go lower than this sorry

Junglebob: Really ugly, feels like a waste of a cool type combo

Ermine: Dear god. What were they thinking?!

Suor: I generally endorse pokémon with big lips when they're female and kind of grotesque. This is so ugly that even I cannot accept its existence.

Giggs: Holy s***balls what the f*** happened to you? Why are you suddenly grey? What is your body shape about? WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR KNEES? How can this sort of design be tolerated? Medicham makes absolutely no f***ing sense and it's just outrageously s***. I would like to be more eloquent here but what's the f***ing point.

Sanity: Monkeys suck.

105. Relicanth (Score: 4983)Edit

Average Ranking: 85.91 (St. Dev: 30.89)
Fully Evolved Rank: 65/73
Water Rank: 20/28
Rock Rank: 10/12

22 - Poka
29 - Raka
29 - TexWolf
36 - Dragon66116
36 - Brayze
37 - darkx
39 - Stifled
49 - Sorozone
49 - Natwaf
50 - OrangeCrush
56 - Magmortar
57 - junglebob
60 - Poke
62 - KBM
63 - mnk
66 - Tazzy
68 - Wickle
69 - Anagram
69 - Inviso
70 - Snake5s
76 - XIII
76 - profDEADPOOL
76 - swordz
76 - Para
80 - Sanity
83 - Lefty
85 - Flubbin
86 - Cody
86 - Suor
89 - Starfox
91 - CasanovaZelos
92 - Scarlet
94 - Ecks
95 - Giggs
96 - MSG
99 - Ermine
101 - Arti
104 - Gen
105 - Cybat
105 - TUM
106 - Xuxon
109 - JONA
110 - andy
114 - Wigs
114 - Paul
114 - Drak
115 - xx521xx
117 - Scepter
118 - Eddv
123 - Kate
126 - red
127 - Nick
128 - Logicblade
128 - BetrayedTangy
128 - Bospsy
130 - Mana
132 - MI
133 - Karo

Raka: I would be surprised if I'm not in the Top 3 ranker or even THE top ranker. But I just like coelacanths (miiiight have something to do with my father's hometown being near Manado, which is the town that became the species name for one of the two extant species of coelacanths). Keep rockin' and survivin', Relicanth! Living fossils are great

Brayze: The most republican pokemon, relicanth has had it with all these scrafties moving into his nice neighborhood. Go back to unova

Stifled: This dude has always fascinated me. Pretty high attention to detail with the fossilized look. Maybe I’ll try adding him to my team some time.

OrangeCrush: First comes Relicanth, last comes Wailord.

Magmortar: It could do the **** YOU RECOIL, I HAVE ROCK HEAD thing before Aggron. But now I don’t care. Why the heck do you need to catch THIS thing to get the Regis? Still, old red dot fish is pretty memorable.

Junglebob: Of all the fake eye Pokemon, this guy had me fooled the longest. The fact that his real face is an old man face is really clever for a coelocanth Pokemon!

KBM: Fish has seen some s***. Just look at it.

Anagram: Relicanth looks like an old man which I guess is appropriate

Snake5s: I Relican

XIII: I like the idea of a deep-sea Pokemon, and the thing it is based on IRL is a really interesting animal. But it still leaves me cold. I feel like they could have gotten a legendary Pokemon from "the ancestor of all land-based creatures" or something.

Para: I have always been bothered by the fact that I can't really tell where relicanth's face is

Scarlet: The Longevity Pokemon. Relicanth is called the Longevity Pokemon due to the fact that it spends more time inside your PC Box than any other Pokemon, or in fact all other Pokemon combined.

Giggs: Relicanth is kind of cool, in an old ass crusty fish sort of way, but he's still an old ass crusty fish.

Arti: Forgettable underwater Pokemon.

Gen: It's such a neat concept on this guy. Look at the Bulbapedia entry to find out what he's based on. Anyway it's like a pseudo fossil pokemon and that's pretty cool. Unfortunately he's really ugly and boring looking. Awesome concepts can only get you so far.

Cybat: If not for the fact that it is randomly needed for the Regis, would probably be a contender for most forgettable Pokemon. It's just like Corsola but way less appealing.

Logicblade: What is this dumb thing? You were forced to catch it to get the Regis, but that was clearly not worth it.

BetrayedTangy: Another boring water type, oh it's also rock? Doesn't make much of a difference..

Karo: god, this thing. it just looks so... 'blah', and it has a perpetual red sniper dot for some reason. Whoever it is should just pull the trigger already and put this hideous monstrosity out of its misery.

104. Anorith (Score: 4923)Edit

Average Ranking: 84.88 (St. Dev: 31.40)
NFE Rank: 40/62
Rock Rank: 9/12
Bug Rank: 8/14
Anorith Line: 2/2
Fossils: 3/4

2 - Anagram
8 - Brayze
21 - Lefty
29 - profDEADPOOL
36 - Scarlet
36 - Sanity
37 - Starfox
37 - Ecks
40 - Ermine
40 - MSG
40 - Para
57 - Drak
74 - TUM
75 - Natwaf
75 - Arti
76 - Bospsy
78 - TexWolf
80 - BetrayedTangy
80 - Paul
82 - Nick
82 - Xuxon
83 - Scepter
84 - Kate
84 - Flubbin
85 - swordz
86 - xx521xx
88 - Wigs
91 - Suor
92 - KBM
92 - Gen
94 - red
96 - Stifled
96 - andy
97 - Tazzy
98 - Wickle
99 - Cybat
100 - Sorozone
100 - junglebob
102 - Cody
103 - Inviso
104 - Snake5s
104 - Raka
105 - Magmortar
108 - Eddv
109 - Dragon66116
109 - darkx
110 - Poke
111 - OrangeCrush
112 - Poka
114 - Logicblade
114 - JONA
117 - CasanovaZelos
120 - Mana
120 - XIII
124 - Giggs
127 - mnk
129 - MI
131 - Karo

Anagram: Something about Anorith strikes a chord in me, I won’t pretend to know what precisely it is. It kind of looks like a piece of jewelry to me, though I can’t explain why

Brayze: literally just an anomalocaris, fun fact anomalocaris is probably the best pokemon design (because GOD made it)

ProfDEADPOOL: Bug love again.

Scarlet: The Old Shrimp Pokemon. Anorith was regenerated from the fossils of unused enemies from Fallout 3 after game testers were found doubling over in laughter at the sight of wind-up radscorpions.

Starfox: I find Anorith oddly cute… I can’t really explain why.

Paratroopa: I used to think that the red spots on its top were its eyes and it looked like kind of scary, but then I realized it had these big goofy eyeballs on antennae on the side of its body, and that was the quickest turnaround from scary to silly ever

BetrayedTangy: Why do the fossil Pokemon this gen suck? At least I kinda liked this Pokemon as a kid.

KBM: On the one hand, it's leaps and bounds better than the other major Fossil option this generation. On the other hand, I think one thing we can ALL agree on is that Gen 1 kicks Gen 3's ass in Fossil Pokémon.

Gen: It's kind of a cute bug, but man Gen III did not do very appealing fossil pokemon.

Stifled: This thing is legitimately creepy.

Cybat: Has the same "find his eyes" game as his evolved form. And I like trilobytes, what can I say?

Raka: Unremarkable

Magmortar: Anorith is the token Pokemon of this generation I can’t think of a damn thing to say about. It’s a fossil. Yay.

XIII: um it has pincers

Giggs: Literally who cares.

103. Shroomish (Score: 4896)Edit

Average Ranking: 85.91 (St. Dev: 30.89)
NFE Rank: 39/62
Grass Rank: 13/17
Shroomish Line: 2/2

1 - Lefty
7 - Brayze
22 - junglebob
24 - xx521xx
32 - Nick
33 - Para
36 - Eddv
38 - Gen
41 - Inviso
47 - Giggs
50 - XIII
53 - Cody
54 - Kate
58 - Magmortar
63 - Poka
64 - TexWolf
65 - Karo
65 - mnk
66 - Stifled
66 - Flubbin
70 - profDEADPOOL
79 - Ermine
81 - Drak
84 - Paul
85 - MI
87 - Logicblade
87 - Scepter
87 - Arti
93 - JONA
94 - darkx
97 - Dragon66116
99 - Sorozone
100 - CasanovaZelos
100 - Snake5s
100 - Cybat
102 - Natwaf
103 - Anagram
107 - BetrayedTangy
107 - swordz
107 - Xuxon
108 - Bospsy
108 - Suor
112 - Mana
112 - KBM
113 - Raka
113 - Sanity
114 - red
115 - OrangeCrush
117 - andy
119 - Scarlet
119 - Poke
120 - Wickle
122 - TUM
125 - MSG
129 - Wigs
130 - Starfox
131 - Ecks
135 - Tazzy

Brayze: |:< I like that in ORAS they make fun of how completely not scary shroomish is and he just winds up chilling next to the prof after chasing him around wanting pats or a dog biscuit or something. Also did you notice that birch or whatever his name is fat? He is fat.

Junglebob: l:<

Para: |:<

Gen: It's a grumpy Goomba! Please don't step on it, it's unhappy enough. <3

Giggs: What a grumpy bastard. It doesn't matter what the pokemon happiness lady says, Shroomish does not like you even slightly.

XIII: I love that somewhat irritated, :< face so much.

Magmortar: Mushroom of the eternally grumpy face, and people still have to use it because god forbid someone use Breloom but not Spore. Kind of cute, in a really dorky way, and oddly appealing. Better than Paras.

Stifled: I love Breloom. I love Spore. I hate having to keep Shroomish from evolving until like level 40 to get Spore.

Cybat: He is such a troll ingame early, it's great. The fact that he evolves into a boxing plant makes it even better.

Anagram: I wanted to make a joke about something else that Shroomish looks like, but I think I’d get the write-up modded if I did

BetrayedTangy: I think Shroomish looks pretty cute, but Effect Spore is annoying

Suor: It clearly hates life and joy and wants to end it all.

KBM: One of the mostest boringest Grass Pokémon of all time.

Raka: Uhh, how does it move? Are those tentacles? Why does it looks so bored? Evolve already!

OrangeCrush: Really annoying earlygame due to Effect Spore + being oddly bulky

Scarlet: The Mushroom Pokemon. Shroomishes are often mistaken for vcharon due to the similarity in facial expression.

Starfox: It’s just so ugly… Also f*** Effect Spore and all abilities like it (except flame body I guess, at least that has breeding uses)

Ecks: Mushroom? They should all be destroyed.

102. Dustox (Score: 4842)Edit

Average Ranking: 83.48 (St. Dev: 31.81)
Fully Evolved Rank: 64/73
Bug Rank: 7/14
Poison Rank: 3/5
Wurmple Line: 2/5

7 - Wigs
19 - TexWolf
27 - Poka
36 - Inviso
37 - TUM
44 - Eddv
45 - Starfox
47 - Para
48 - profDEADPOOL
49 - Snake5s
52 - andy
53 - Brayze
53 - Flubbin
56 - Dragon66116
59 - Nick
61 - Anagram
63 - Raka
63 - Poke
64 - OrangeCrush
66 - Wickle
70 - swordz
71 - Logicblade
71 - Cybat
73 - junglebob
78 - Ermine
80 - Scarlet
80 - Xuxon
89 - XIII
89 - xx521xx
90 - red
91 - Ecks
91 - Arti
93 - Scepter
94 - Tazzy
94 - Kate
96 - Drak
97 - Sanity
98 - Stifled
100 - darkx
101 - MI
102 - Sorozone
103 - Bospsy
110 - Cody
111 - mnk
111 - Gen
113 - Paul
116 - Mana
117 - JONA
118 - CasanovaZelos
119 - BetrayedTangy
120 - Suor
126 - KBM
127 - Giggs
127 - Lefty
130 - MSG
132 - Karo
132 - Natwaf
133 - Magmortar

Para: had one of these on my pokemon emerald team, he sucked but I liked him anyway

ProfDEADPOOL: I wish I could have this dude higher tbh. But screw the way Wurmple evolves. That %$^* is just annoying.

Brayze: A weird sort of alien bug, I had a toy that looked like dustox that came in a dissolvable garbage bag, I used them in a stop motion video for highschool like 15 years ago, it was about slavery and not dustox. ps dustox this sentence is about dustox. Dustox.

Anagram: Evil Butterfree

Raka: It looks so trippy. Not bad though, I still like it.

OrangeCrush: She's uglier than Beautifly, but more practical.

Cybat: Shield Dust is sweet. And they did a good job of making him look a little like Beautifly, since they come from the same line, but also very different.

Junglebob: Unlike Beautifly being inferior to Butterfree, Dustox is a cooler-looking moth than Venomoth.

Scarlet: The Poison Moth Pokemon. The large size of the Dustox has proven the traditional bug zapper useless. Luckily, shotguns seem to work quite nicely.

XIII: Jessie had one! And she released it by crushing its Pokeball between her heel! It was kind of cool and that's literally all there is to say about Dustox

Arti: That other evolution of Wurmple.

Stifled: We already had a moth. We didn’t need you.

Gen: *sigh* Moths can be so pretty. I know this for a fact, as I've found one of these chilling on my garage door: So why is it Gamefreak continues to make all its moths either boring and bland or straight up ugly? There's only one that really demonstrates how fabulous these insects can be.

BetrayedTangy: Ugggghhhh, this makes me miss Beedrill

Suor: A disgrace to the otherwise cool moth pokémons.

KBM: Those eyes are terrifying. I would not want to come across something like this ever. *shudder*

Giggs: Ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly.

Karo: It looks like something out of spongebob f***ing squarepants. I swear the gen 3 pokemon designers were smoking crack.

Magmortar: Miserable. Plebian. Useless. They could’ve brought Beedrill back but no we have to get this POS moth why seriously what is this thing. They could make literal garbage a Pokemon and make it better than Dustox (Gen 5 list spoilers they did just that. TWICE).

101. Makuhita (Score: 4837)Edit

Average Ranking: 83.40 (St. Dev: 28.50)
NFE Rank: 38/62
Fighting Rank: 5/7
Makuhita Line: 2/2

16 - Mana
19 - Stifled
26 - XIII
32 - Sanity
35 - MI
44 - CasanovaZelos
45 - BetrayedTangy
47 - Paul
49 - MSG
54 - mnk
58 - Tazzy
63 - Scepter
64 - Bospsy
68 - profDEADPOOL
68 - KBM
69 - red
70 - OrangeCrush
71 - Giggs
72 - Gen
72 - Arti
73 - Nick
73 - JONA
76 - Scarlet
79 - Cody
79 - Flubbin
80 - junglebob
83 - Suor
84 - Karo
85 - Eddv
85 - Lefty
87 - Dragon66116
88 - Ecks
92 - swordz
93 - Raka
94 - Magmortar
97 - Wickle
98 - Anagram
100 - Kate
100 - Natwaf
101 - Wigs
102 - Starfox
102 - Logicblade
102 - Xuxon
102 - Poka
106 - Snake5s
107 - TUM
107 - Drak
109 - andy
111 - Poke
112 - darkx
114 - Brayze
119 - Sorozone
120 - Cybat
124 - Ermine
126 - xx521xx
127 - Inviso
128 - TexWolf
130 - Para

Stifled: If Hercule was a Pokemon Trainer, this would be his Majin Buu.

XIII: I didn't like Makuhita *THAT* much (apart from being the progenitor of the awesome Hariyama) until I played with it in Pokemon-amie and it made really cute faces.

Sanity: Fat Pikachu!

BetrayedTangy: I've always liked how fighting types are based on the various fighting styles and I find sumo wrestling interesting so there's that.

KBM: What a very Japanese looking Pokémon. That alone has its charm, regardless of its evident uselessness, looking at its stats.

OrangeCrush: He's kind of cute in a weird way.

Giggs: Fat kids are funny.

Gen: Someone recently told me this looks like fat Pikachu and you know? I can see it. Fat Pikachu with its ears tied is pretty cool. It totally decimates all the rock type losers in the first cave you find it in, and a sumo based pokemon was a great idea for a fighter. Why the boxing gloves though?

Scarlet: The Guts Pokemon. If you string a Makuhita to the ceiling, it serves as an excellent punching bag. The writers of the Pokedex want to clarify that they haven’t tried it, of course. They just heard from a friend.

Junglebob: Ever wonder what happened to those chubby Pikachus from Red and Blue? I think they got some boxing gloves and became Makuhita.

Raka: Literally dumplings with boxing gloves.

Magmortar: Decent enough, it being the only Shadow Pokemon you can get (in that specific stage in its evolutionary line) in both Colosseum and XD is a neat bit of trivia. Could be better. Next.

Anagram: ‘phil draw a sumo wrestler pokemon’ ‘should it look cartoonish or should I combine it with an animal or something?’ ‘no’

Brayze: A close to perfect representation of a wheezing, obese child, and just as worthy of vicious belly slaps

Cybat: Just not very appealing for me.

Para: these fighting types that all look like weird gross kids are a really awful trend

100. Bagon (Score: 4782)Edit

Average Ranking: 82.44 (St. Dev: 30.86)
NFE Rank: 37/62
Dragon Rank: 8/9
Bagon Line: 2/3
Pseudos: 4/6

16 - Sorozone
21 - profDEADPOOL
21 - red
26 - Tazzy
35 - Xuxon
36 - Kate
38 - Snake5s
38 - Anagram
38 - TUM
44 - Ermine
49 - Arti
52 - Nick
58 - Starfox
60 - Wigs
61 - BetrayedTangy
63 - Cybat
66 - Drak
69 - Dragon66116
70 - junglebob
70 - xx521xx
77 - Brayze
80 - XIII
81 - Mana
82 - MI
84 - mnk
85 - CasanovaZelos
86 - Karo
86 - KBM
88 - Poka
89 - swordz
90 - Bospsy
90 - JONA
91 - Raka
91 - Para
92 - Natwaf
96 - Giggs
97 - Logicblade
97 - Gen
99 - TexWolf
101 - Cody
101 - darkx
102 - Scarlet
102 - Stifled
103 - Magmortar
107 - Scepter
108 - MSG
109 - Lefty
112 - Poke
115 - Eddv
115 - Wickle
116 - Inviso
116 - Flubbin
119 - OrangeCrush
125 - Suor
128 - Ecks
129 - Paul
129 - andy
133 - Sanity

Anagram: Baby dragon is baby. I hope you like those big spine things on your head eventually consuming you and turning your body into a cocoon which is not how cocoons work

Arti: Stayed with a Bagon until 49 so it learned all the important moves before evolving to Salamance at 50 for the tower. Wasn't that bad!

Cybat: This dragon is adorable. His Pokedex entries about how he jumps off of cliffs trying to fly are just so dumbly endearing.

Brayze: I am not a huge fan of your slicked back 80s country star/greasy hockey player hair, bagon

XIII: Bagon looks like a complete punk, which is funny. Decent NFE Pokemon but really nothing to write home about. You do see shades of something fantastic, in Salamence, though.

KBM: Whereas the Dratini line goes Amazing → Amazing → WTF, this line is exactly the opposite. (Spoilers: That means Salamence is ranked high)

Raka: Its name reminds me of old Godzilla monsters. It's not really adorable nor cool though.

Para: its whole story about how it gives itself constant concussions explains salamence at least

Giggs: Bagon looks like some greasy motorbike gang member waiting outside a bar to assault someone with a pool cue. No thanks.

Gen: Easily the least inspired first form of a pseudo legendary to date. Every other one has something unique about them. Dratini is a seadragon, Larvitar is a burrowing dino that eats mountains, Deino is the only quadruped, etc. Bagon... just nothing. Another dino *yawn* but he wants to fly *curls up* so someday he'll turn into a dragon *goes to sleep*. It's not even cute. It's just there.
And so begins my fodder line.

Scarlet: The Rock Head Pokemon. In traditional Hoenn legends, Bagon is known to be a notoriously lazy Pokemon. This was the source of inspiration for the 80s pop hit, “I Don’t Wanna Work, I Just Want to Bagon the Drum All Day.”

Stifled: Let bagons be bagons.

Magmortar: Bagon is neither cute nor spectacularly ugly. It’s just a dragon. And not a very good one. I’ll just say Dratini is way better and call it a day.

OrangeCrush: Another line where only the final stage is worth anything.

99. Minun (Score: 4775)Edit

Average Ranking: 82.33 (St. Dev: 38.07)
Fully Evolved Rank: 63/73
Electric Rank: 3/4

2 - darkx
5 - xx521xx
6 - Xuxon
7 - Karo
12 - Paul
17 - Arti
23 - Eddv
25 - Drak
42 - Kate
43 - Wickle
50 - Poke
51 - BetrayedTangy
53 - Sanity
57 - Starfox
57 - swordz
59 - Para
61 - red
63 - OrangeCrush
64 - CasanovaZelos
68 - Stifled
72 - Dragon66116
72 - TexWolf
77 - MI
80 - Ermine
82 - Anagram
82 - Flubbin
86 - Nick
86 - Ecks
90 - Brayze
91 - Cody
93 - Suor
95 - Poka
97 - andy
98 - mnk
100 - Scepter
100 - Lefty
100 - TUM
101 - Giggs
105 - Tazzy
107 - Inviso
108 - Mana
108 - Wigs
110 - Snake5s
111 - JONA
114 - Sorozone
115 - Magmortar
118 - Logicblade
119 - Bospsy
122 - KBM
124 - profDEADPOOL
125 - Natwaf
127 - XIII
130 - Gen
131 - Scarlet
131 - junglebob
134 - Cybat
134 - MSG
135 - Raka

Darkx: The superior Pichu wanabe.

Arti: The lowest ranked of the 6 I used in Ruby. I have no idea why I used it, but I have a level 100 Minun that keeps getting traded between generations.

Wickle: I have no clue why I like Minun as much as I do compared to Plusle, but whatever.

BetrayedTangy: Plusle and Minun are both so adorable and I loved them in Destiny Deoxys, but they are palette swap Pokemon and are Pikachu clones….


Starfox: Minun finishes over Plusle solely because its color scheme is a lot better.

Para: I gave minun the nod over plusle because… uh, I dunno, it's blue, and he looks like he needs something to be happy about

OrangeCrush: Sometimes I'll be a sucker for the Pikachu clones if they're done at least sort of well

Stifled: Ok seriously with the Pikaclones. It’s getting out of hand. Minun slightly beats out Plusle due to being blue.

Anagram: I will be very disappointed if Minum is not below Plusle

Brayze: Ever so slightly less awful than plusle due to color scheme and a less bad tail. Also ever so slightly worse in battle!

Giggs: For an undeniable waste of pokedex space, Plusle and Minun are actually not all that bad. History's probably been kind to them. They're less egregious than Dedenne anyway.

Snake5s: We ran out of ideas and made Pikachu again

Magmortar: I think it and Plusle can actually pass for cute, and it’s a solid really really low tier BPer in the first couple generations of its existence (I think). That’s it. I don’t really like Minun, but it is better than basically every other Pikachu clone (except for evolved forms), and no, that does not count as an achievement.

KBM: My hatred for the Plusle/Minun concept definitely extends to Minun, but it's not quite as offensive for the sheer fact that the color scheme is much better. For that reason alone I have to put it a few spots above Plusle. (Incidentally: It's also got a better name.)

XIII: I really dislike these Pikachu ripoffs.

Gen: I bet plenty of mooks are going to rank these suckers higher than they deserve. *sigh* I prefer Minun's color scheme to Plusle's.

Scarlet: The Cheering Pokemon. We at the Pokedex hate to be negative about any Pokemon, but Minun is the very definition of it.

Junglebob: Useless Pikachu clone

Cybat: Unfathomably lazy design here. Seriously did they really think anyone other than NPCs would use a Plusle/Minun team in double battles?

Raka: What's blue, yellow, and useless all over?

98. Masquerain (Score: 4734)Edit

Average Ranking: 81.62 (St. Dev: 38.07)
Fully Evolved Rank: 62/73
Bug Rank: 6/14
Flying Rank: 12/12
Surskit Line: 2/2

4 - Bospsy
9 - Suor
12 - Cybat
23 - Brayze
27 - Wigs
31 - Giggs
33 - Eddv
35 - Gen
42 - Para
43 - Scarlet
43 - Ecks
46 - swordz
47 - CasanovaZelos
50 - Kate
57 - andy
61 - Xuxon
66 - Dragon66116
68 - Raka
72 - Flubbin
74 - JONA
76 - Tazzy
80 - Drak
81 - red
83 - TUM
85 - Logicblade
85 - OrangeCrush
86 - Anagram
86 - XIII
87 - Karo
87 - Lefty
89 - darkx
89 - MI
91 - Snake5s
91 - Sorozone
94 - junglebob
95 - Stifled
99 - Poka
100 - Starfox
100 - Ermine
100 - TexWolf
102 - mnk
107 - Nick
108 - Poke
110 - Mana
110 - KBM
113 - xx521xx
113 - Arti
116 - Wickle
119 - Paul
119 - MSG
120 - BetrayedTangy
122 - Inviso
122 - Scepter
122 - Natwaf
124 - Magmortar
125 - Sanity
127 - Cody
128 - profDEADPOOL

Suor: > People easily forget how clever and amazing its design is in order to complain about something quite pointless like “it should've been Water/Bug!”. It's a Bug/Flying type that combines Quiver Dance and Hydro Pump/Ice Beam, it's just amazing like that. In other words, it's everything Lumineon should've been and is not.

Cybat: While I am still mad they made it Bug/Flying instead of Bug/Water, I really like the design of this guy. In Ruby I actually spent a fair amount of time trying to hatch a shiny one.

Brayzze: Those giant eye things are not wings, they are antennae. Its actual wings are the four tiny rudders under its body. Masquerain: weirder than you thought.

Giggs: I don't know what Masquerain is, and I've been looking at it for thirty seconds. That's kind of cool.

Gen: *sigh* I would have this so much higher if it kept its original typing instead of becoming yet another hackneyed Bug/Flying type. It's such a waste of an awesome name too. God dammit all...

Para: cool but should have been water/bug, they blew it on that one

Scarlet: The Eyeball Pokemon. This is one of those Pokemon that tries to use unusual coloring to look more badass than it actually is, and it fails spectacularly.

Raka: I love the mimicry and all, but Bug/Flying is just a disappointment.

OrangeCrush: He should've been Bug/Water.

Anagram: Years ago, back when DPP was new, someone asked what the most forgettable pokemon was. I said Masquerain in the second post, everyone agreed I was right, and the topic ended

XIII: I don't understand what is intimadating here though I guess it's an animal kingdom thing.

Karo: I bet my cute little water strider is gonna evolve into something awesome, right? Nope, it's just gonna become another bug/flying type, cause clearly we don't have enough of those.

Junglebob: Hey it's another Gen 3 Pokemon with fake eyes. This guy is a huge disappointment for losing the Bug/Water combo.

Stifled: I feel like this is what happens when Beautiful and Dustox are forced to breed in a laboratory for seemingly no reason. It’s colorful like Beautiful, but also boring like Dustox.

Starfox: Why change its type? It had a near typing before.

KBM: I like it a good deal better than Surskit, but obviously considering the placement that's not saying too much. It doesn't make my skin crawl anymore, but I don't like when Pokémon LOSE previous types, and Bug/Water is a lot more unique than Bug/Flying (which has been done better, even this very generation).

Arti: And it's no longer a water type. Poor Surskit.

BetrayedTangy: One of the most forgettable Pokemon ever. And how does this evolve from the absolutely adorable Surskit

Magmortar: actually it’s alright but ANOTHER ****ING BUG/FLYING FROM A UNIQUE TYPING GIVES IT A NEGATIVE FIVE HUNDRED OUT OF TEN. Or whatever. Yeah, Masquerain is a missed opportunity. Seriously if Surskit were just a Bug type I could see this thing 10, 20 spots higher.

97. Snorunt (Score: 4710)Edit

Average Ranking: 81.21 (St. Dev: 30.91)
NFE Rank: 36/62
Ice Rank: 6/6
Snorunt Line (Gen III): 2/2

5 - Anagram
18 - xx521xx
24 - Lefty
24 - Poka
32 - mnk
33 - Bospsy
34 - TUM
38 - Brayze
46 - Wigs
52 - Eddv
53 - Tazzy
56 - JONA
60 - BetrayedTangy
60 - Ermine
60 - MSG
63 - Dragon66116
66 - Ecks
68 - Sorozone
69 - junglebob
71 - Raka
71 - MI
73 - Arti
75 - Drak
76 - CasanovaZelos
76 - Gen
79 - Xuxon
83 - Kate
83 - swordz
84 - red
84 - Suor
85 - XIII
87 - Wickle
90 - Cody
91 - Karo
93 - Giggs
93 - Natwaf
95 - KBM
96 - Poke
98 - Starfox
98 - profDEADPOOL
103 - Logicblade
105 - Flubbin
105 - andy
107 - Cybat
108 - Paul
110 - Scarlet
111 - Mana
111 - Inviso
111 - Magmortar
114 - Para
116 - Stifled
116 - Sanity
120 - darkx
123 - Scepter
124 - Nick
126 - TexWolf
127 - OrangeCrush
131 - Snake5s

Anagram: I always thought this was an Inuit, but it turns out it’s some kind of Japanese frost spirit thing. Whatever, it’s pretty cute

Brayze: The fact that it shivers is a nice touch, I like snorunt. It's weird.

BetrayedTangy: I think it's really cute, but like the rest of the Gen 3 Ice types it's kinda pointless by the time it shows up

Raka: It's a cute...something...what does it look like under the straw hood? Maybe it's distantly related to tangela.

Gen: Haha he's a cutie ooty. Ice type covered in a blanket, that's new!

XIII: The curtains or whatever are kind of weird. Saved by Glalie and Froslass.

Giggs: Snorunt is the "snow hat" pokemon apparently. I did not know this. I know absolutely f***ing nothing about Snorunt.

KBM: Why is every other Ice Pokémon in blackface?

Cybat: Evolves into two neat but very different Pokemon. It's hard to rank this guy because I have no familiarity with what he is based on, but he seems cool enough.

Scarlet: The Snow Hat Pokemon. What this Pokemon has to do with snow or ice is anyone’s guess. You can’t even skin it for a nice winter coat.

Magmortar: It’s a hat. And since it’s an Ice-type, I can’t see it being a comfy one. Lame.

Para: sure, yes, okay, fine, it's fine

Stifled: It’s a ball of lint.

OrangeCrush: What am I even looking at?

96. Spinda (Score: 4576)Edit

Average Ranking: 78.90 (St. Dev: 39.10)
Fully Evolved Rank: 60/73
Normal Rank: 14/18

1 - darkx
2 - Xuxon
7 - Eddv
8 - Sanity
11 - Karo
25 - Inviso
25 - xx521xx
27 - junglebob
27 - Magmortar
40 - Wickle
40 - MI
42 - Stifled
44 - Poke
44 - Drak
46 - red
48 - KBM
50 - Paul
53 - Raka
56 - Mana
59 - OrangeCrush
59 - Lefty
61 - Cody
68 - swordz
71 - Brayze
72 - Para
77 - XIII
79 - profDEADPOOL
81 - Snake5s
89 - mnk
91 - Flubbin
92 - Ecks
93 - Anagram
96 - Scarlet
97 - Cybat
100 - Dragon66116
102 - TexWolf
106 - Scepter
106 - Giggs
108 - Ermine
108 - andy
109 - Kate
111 - Starfox
112 - Gen
115 - Wigs
116 - MSG
116 - JONA
117 - Suor
118 - BetrayedTangy
120 - TUM
120 - Arti
122 - Nick
123 - Logicblade
125 - Sorozone
127 - Bospsy
127 - Natwaf
128 - Poka
129 - CasanovaZelos
130 - Tazzy

Darkx: I know this is a VERY unconventional choice for #1, but I've always thought he was really cute, I love the "no two are alike" gimmick, and I used one in my Emerald playthrough that turned out pretty damn good.

Eddv: Drunk Spinda dancing is 10/10

Sanity: Perpetually drunk.

Karo: You spin me right round, baby.

Junglebob: This guy would have been a lot lower pre-X/Y. I completely lost it when I first saw a Spinda horde.


Wickle: Such a dizzy guy, and knows one of my favorite moves (hypnosis)

Stifled: I like this teddy bear better than Teddiursa.

KBM: It's so CUUUUUTE! But I have to dock a few points because it's almost exactly the same thing as Teddiursa. I know it's supposed to be a panda, but it really looks like a baby bear, and Teddiursa did the “adorable baby bear” thing first.

Raka: Eh it's cute enough. I think Natwaf will eventually try to catch all patterns when/if they stopped making new Pokemon games.

OrangeCrush: Agria from Tales of Xillia took inspiration from Spinda's demeanor.

Brayze: every spinda in the horde gettin tipsy

Para: spinda sucks until either you have a few drinks, or it does

XIII: Only this high because of the way it sways in its 3D nimations, which I find cute and funny, and also the user of TEETER DANCE which as a move just amuses me greatly.

Anagram: It takes a lot of effort to make people not care about pandas, but Nintendo showed that it was willing to go above and beyond in the line of duty

Scarlet: The Spot Panda Pokemon. Spinda is actually just a Plusle that someone drew on with a sharpie.

Cybat: This guy got me a lot of EV trained special attackers. Thanks Spinda! The whole thing with him having like 4 billion patterns is pretty cool too.

Giggs: What a remarkable waste of GBA memory.

Starfox: Bulls*** with Teeter Dance and other confusion methods nearly wiping out my entire team at one point in a Nuzlocke make me hate this thing more than I should.

Gen: I actually don't hate Spinda. Much like Luvdisc I just think it's unnecessary. It has a unique gimmick of no two looking exactly alike, though as I'm pretty sure that's been debunked. I had a bit of an OCD rampage wherein I tried to catch one with symmetrical spots but alas that was never meant to be. I feel like if they were going to make a panda pokemon they could have tried a little harder as this was not likely to appease fans of red OR giant pandas, both of which Spinda takes inspiration from. At least giant panda lovers got redemption. To red, Ermine and others, my sincerest apologies.

Suor: Nothing spells “wasted time and resources” like a pokémon with infinite patterns nobody will ever care about.

BetrayedTangy: Would be lower if it weren't for that interesting fact about its spots.

Arti: Why make four million copies of a Pokemon if they all suck. At least there are only 28 Unowns.

Logicblade: I hate many pokemon in this gen. I hate Spinda the least of those.

95. Combusken (Score: 4575)Edit

Average Ranking: 78.88 (St. Dev: 33.24)
NFE Rank: 35/62
Fire Rank: 6/6
Fighting Rank: 4/7
Torchic Line: 3/3
Starters: 9/9

11 - Stifled
14 - Scarlet
15 - darkx
33 - Paul
33 - Ermine
36 - Logicblade
37 - Cody
39 - Anagram
39 - Karo
39 - MSG
40 - OrangeCrush
42 - Dragon66116
43 - Para
47 - Raka
48 - CasanovaZelos
54 - Scepter
56 - Arti
60 - Sanity
65 - red
67 - Wigs
68 - Tazzy
70 - Cybat
73 - Kate
74 - Snake5s
74 - XIII
78 - Giggs
78 - Poka
79 - Mana
80 - Natwaf
82 - swordz
83 - Ecks
83 - junglebob
88 - Brayze
88 - Wickle
89 - Suor
91 - TUM
94 - Starfox
94 - Xuxon
96 - profDEADPOOL
98 - MI
101 - Bospsy
102 - KBM
105 - BetrayedTangy
105 - Poke
107 - Flubbin
109 - xx521xx
110 - Nick
110 - Sorozone
113 - Magmortar
115 - andy
118 - JONA
121 - Gen
122 - Drak
129 - Inviso
131 - Eddv
131 - Lefty
134 - mnk
134 - TexWolf

Stifled: There needs to be a metal song with this name. COMMMMMMM BUUUUUUUUUU SKEEEEEEEEEEEEEN!

Scarlet: The Young Fowl Pokemon. The underground world of Combusken fighting garnered national news attention when NFL quarterback Michael Vick was jailed for raising and abusing twenty Combusken. These Combusken scored a rehab show on VH1 entitled “Fowl House.”

Darkx: I never realized how much I really like both the fire and grass starter lines from this generation until I sat down to do this list, and Combusken was probably the biggest benefactor of this.

Anagram: I know a lot of people dislike Combusken, but honestly, the truth is that I kind of like it! The only starters in Gen 3 I really dislike is the entire Mudkip line

OrangeCrush: Another ugly middle starter evolution, but the Emerald Battle Factory and Hale's Nuzlocke helped redeem her.

Paratroopa: KFC: Kung Fu Chicken

Raka: OMG WTF is this s***. It looks so awkward furries would cover their faces in shame.

Cybat: Another solid middle-stage starter. It looks like a teenager who is learning karate because they watched Power Rangers.

Ecks: I don't really care about this guy but I saw one image where he wasn't completely horrible looking so that's enough for 83 on my list apparently.

XIII: Wipe that grin off your face Combusken you have nothing to smile about.

Giggs: The most distinctly chicken-like of his line, and therefore the most comical. Not sure it really works though.

Junglebob: After it was pointed out to me that Combusken's body is shaped like male genetalia, I can’t take it seriously ever again.

Brayze: an ugly chicken imp wearing snowpants? Sign me up!

Suor: Combusken is okay, at least it didn't overdo the “fighting chicken” concept like its evolution did.

profDEADPOOL: ugly thing. Torchic is meh but you just look horrible.

KBM: The “B'GAWWWWWWWK” to Torchic's “Tweet tweet!” and Blaziken's “HE-YAHHHHH.”

BetrayedTangy: This Pokemon just makes me laugh, it's like a humanoid chicken. When compared to the adorable Torchic and awesome Blaziken, it's just awkward so I don't like it.

Magmortar: Far and away the worst started-related Pokemon in this generation. On the other hand, it is a chicken, and resembles a peculiar part of the male anatomy. I cannot take this thing seriously anymore after someone pointed that out to me.

Gen: Funky chicken. I do actually appreciate that Combusken looks the most like an actual cockfighter of its line, but the big head makes it look off balance and awkward. Also the giant drumsticks look more tasty than threatening. I can only imagine if you put a Combusken in the ring with a real fighting rooster it would loose unless it roasted the opposition alive which is cheating.

Eddv: You wish you were this derpy

94. Surskit (Score: 4568)Edit

Average Ranking: 78.76 (St. Dev: 32.46)
NFE Rank: 34/62
Bug Rank: 5/14
Water Rank: 19/28
Surskit Line: 1/2

2 - Bospsy
2 - Lefty
7 - Kate
26 - Xuxon
34 - Brayze
34 - profDEADPOOL
35 - andy
39 - Giggs
39 - xx521xx
41 - MSG
42 - Suor
45 - Karo
45 - Natwaf
56 - Cybat
60 - Eddv
61 - OrangeCrush
61 - swordz
62 - Logicblade
66 - TUM
68 - Wigs
69 - darkx
73 - Anagram
77 - Gen
79 - JONA
81 - Ermine
83 - Snake5s
83 - TexWolf
83 - Drak
84 - MI
85 - Inviso
85 - Sanity
85 - Poke
88 - XIII
88 - red
93 - Starfox
95 - Para
96 - CasanovaZelos
97 - Magmortar
99 - BetrayedTangy
100 - Poka
102 - Ecks
104 - Dragon66116
105 - Scepter
105 - Wickle
106 - Scarlet
106 - Tazzy
107 - Stifled
107 - Raka
107 - Cody
108 - junglebob
111 - Sorozone
113 - mnk
114 - Nick
115 - Mana
119 - Flubbin
127 - KBM
131 - Paul
133 - Arti

Brayze: His little wobbly legs are great, so is his face and little hat. All tiny things are better with tiny hats.

ProfDEADPOOL: Water Spiders are awesome. But then a horrible evolution. Would be higher if he had a good evolution probably

Giggs: Very overlooked in the cute spider stakes since Joltik came around.

Suor: Love water striders and this one is so cute too <3.

MSG: About the only throw-away water type introduced this gen that I'm fine with. It has a neat dual-typing and the design doesn't immediately turn me off. Good for it.

Cybat: This guy got trolled pretty hard by GameFreak. A water strider would be a perfectly reasonable final form!

OrangeCrush: Her name looks like "short skirt"

Anagram: I fully expect every write-up about Surskit to mention it being bug/water but evolving into bug/flying. I will be very disappointed if even a single exception exists

Gen: I did not even know what a water strider was until I caught one of these, said "what the heck is that?" and then looked it up so kudos for that. For a rare pokemon I didn't have much trouble catching my first one so kudos to that too, and for being a little cutie.

XIII: Water/Bug is a type combination that should be explored again. It's an interesting combo. But Surskit was not a great start.

Para: took a decent animal, made a passable pokemon version of it. acceptably done

Magmortar: It’s a waste of potential. It’s a unique typing (potentially a pretty good one too…water gets rid of bug’s fire weak plus adds SE STAB, and vice versa for grass weak)…stuck on NFE trash! But hey. You know what? IT IS NOT ANOTHER ****ING BUG/FLYING

BetrayedTangy: Awwwww, Surskit is adorable, too bad it's pointless.

Scarlet: The Pond Skater Pokemon. Surskits are highly intelligent, and actually developed the written and spoken language of the denizens of the Indian subcontinent.

Stifled: He’s like the water skippers in Super Mario 64.

Raka: Did you know its name means sour s*** in Swedish? Bug/Water is really nice typing. And TUNAAAAA was awesome with the hyperbeam!

Junglebob: "Well it looks kinda lame, but that Water/Bug combo will still be good on its evolution…"

KBM: Sometimes when I see insects crawling around my skin starts to feel like those insects are crawling around on me. That is exactly the feeling I get whenever I see Surskit. I acknowledge that it's a good Pokémon (or at least, better than I give it credit for here), but I... just... can't.

Arti: I started training one in Omega Ruby because I never managed to find one early on. It isn't very impressive.

93. Cradily (Score: 4561)Edit

Average Ranking: 78.64 (St. Dev: 36.75)
Fully Evolved Rank: 60/73
Rock Rank: 8/12
Grass Rank: 12/17
Lileep Line: 1/2
Fossil Rank: 2/4

6 - Arti
12 - Xuxon
14 - TexWolf
23 - Suor
26 - Brayze
29 - Eddv
35 - Sanity
36 - Raka
38 - Wigs
40 - Magmortar
41 - Scepter
41 - Sorozone
42 - Paul
43 - Snake5s
44 - Ecks
45 - Scarlet
45 - TUM
56 - Wickle
56 - junglebob
57 - Para
58 - Giggs
64 - Karo
64 - Natwaf
67 - red
67 - Poke
69 - JONA
77 - Cody
79 - andy
82 - Mana
83 - mnk
86 - swordz
90 - CasanovaZelos
91 - Kate
94 - Logicblade
94 - Dragon66116
94 - Cybat
97 - xx521xx
99 - MSG
100 - Bospsy
104 - Anagram
105 - Poka
106 - Nick
111 - XIII
113 - BetrayedTangy
113 - Tazzy
115 - profDEADPOOL
117 - Gen
118 - Ermine
119 - Lefty
120 - Stifled
124 - KBM
125 - Flubbin
127 - MI
130 - Inviso
132 - Starfox
132 - Drak
133 - OrangeCrush
133 - darkx

Arti: Ever train one? They can be really fun to use, with Leech Seed, Ingrain, poison moves. Not fun for the opponent.

Brayze: They made a pokemon based on a crinoid, they felt the need to put eyes in his mouth to make it more... 'Relatable'

Raka: I've always liked how this guy looks. It's slightly creepy yet cute. And green + yellow > purple + yellow.

Magmortar: This guy can be pretty evil to deal with. It looks pretty evil too. It just has that ****ing glare on it. It can barely move and it knows you will get messed up by it. Nice one.

Scarlet: The Barnacle Pokemon. A budding species thanks to fossil resurrection, Cradilys repeatedly antagonize Italian plumbers on their visits to uncharted worlds.

Wickle: Obligatory tentacle rape comment.

Junglebob: I like how goofy It looks if you see its fake eyes as real.

Para: in ancient times, pokemon all had eight floppy dongs on their heads. the good ol' days

Giggs: One of the more unhinged designs in Pokemon history. What's going on here?

Cybat: He looks much less "ancient" than the other fossils. And also not that appealing in general, although his typing is cool. His name is hard to say, too.


Anagram: Steven why is this on your team, it has nothing to do with steel-types. I know you collect rocks but come on at least use I don’t know Relicanth or something

XIII: Annoyingly defensive, very alien design.

BetrayedTangy: I hate anyone who uses this Pokemon, and it's pretty uggs too.

ProfDEADPOOL: So why do I not like Cradily and Lileep? Good question. They are just boring. Like wtf really an ancient plant pokemon? Easily my least fav of all the fossils and tbh the only fossil line I actively dislike

Gen: Uglier color scheme than the precious d**** plant. Why is rubber dick even a banned word?

Stifled: Tons of trolls on the design staff for Gen 3. A literal penis monster. Are you s***ting me?

KBM: Whatever it is, it's got six dicks.

Starfox: Yeesh, this is one terrible line. So ugly. Such bad fossis this gen, for real. Minus Anorith, I guess.

OrangeCrush: Really ugly and really annoying

92. Regirock (Score: 4546)Edit

Average Ranking: 78.38 (St. Dev: 32.10)
Fully Evolved Rank: 59/73
Rock Rank: 8/12
Regi Rank: 3/3
Legendary Rank: 10/10

15 - Sanity
17 - Scarlet
28 - Flubbin
30 - Stifled
31 - Eddv
35 - KBM
35 - junglebob
36 - mnk
38 - Arti
40 - JONA
44 - profDEADPOOL
47 - Snake5s
48 - Xuxon
53 - Karo
54 - Para
59 - Natwaf
61 - Brayze
62 - XIII
63 - Tazzy
63 - Paul
65 - Cody
66 - Nick
66 - Scepter
66 - Sorozone
72 - Poke
73 - Wigs
75 - red
76 - TexWolf
78 - Wickle
78 - Cybat
81 - Magmortar
82 - Poka
85 - Suor
86 - Gen
89 - Ecks
90 - BetrayedTangy
92 - MSG
94 - Bospsy
94 - andy
96 - swordz
97 - Starfox
97 - OrangeCrush
97 - Lefty
103 - Drak
106 - Ermine
110 - Inviso
115 - darkx
117 - Anagram
117 - xx521xx
118 - Giggs
121 - Logicblade
123 - Dragon66116
125 - Mana
125 - Kate
125 - MI
127 - TUM
128 - Raka
132 - CasanovaZelos

Sanity: Straight out of Shadow of the Colossus.

Scarlet: The Rock Peak Pokemon. Regirock is one of the few Pokemon that can successfully survive an eyepoke from any of the Three Stooges, and in fact could take a full triple-poke from all three Stooges simultaneously and still be able to see.

Stifled: Ok. Ok. OK! I know, guys. The Regis are stupid. But I can’t help it! They somehow look cool anyway!

Eddv: Literally a rock man that likes to boogey

KBM: Yeah, I can dig the Legendary golems, they're a pretty cool concept. Regirock is my least favorite of the bunch, though, and really only gets this many points because I like the trio as a trio. Definitely a huuuuuuuuuuuuge step up from the Legendary beasts of Johto.

Junglebob: Regirock makes the best noises in the Lucario movie.

Arti: But Rock is also super effective against Ice, so Regirock is in second.

Snake5s: There's only room for one -rock Pokémon in this town

Para: R-R-REJIROKKU. BOOP BOOP BOOP. this is probably the funniest moment of any pokemon episode or movie, where regirock literally tries to murder the main characters by throwing a truck at them

Brayze: The best regi, which is sort of like winning the best detroit neighborhood contest.

XIII: Like I said, defensive legendaries isn't a forte. Rock lower than Steel because a defensive Rock-type just doesn't make that much sense.


Magmortar: It’s a bunch of rocks, an odd bunch that is. Kind of useful though, just the design is the farthest thing from my cup of a tea, and screw actually getting the thing. Remember when people thought it would end up being really good in Gen 4? Yeah, me neither.

Gen: The most talktative of the Regi trio. expect this vid to get referenced a lot. Currently my least favorite of the golems but that's because it's a pile of rock with a face on it. Cool voice though.

BetrayedTangy: This is easily one of the ugliest Legendaries ever. But I guess every trio has its weak link.

OrangeCrush: The 3 Regis are all bland and ruined 580 BST trios for me. Though the birds weren't THAT great, so maybe the Johto Legendary Cats were just the exception...

Anagram: I don’t care about the golems at all

Giggs: Who thought this was a good idea?

Raka: I don't like the Regis, they are fat and uncomfy to catch

91. Ralts (Score: 4510)Edit

Average Ranking: 77.76 (St. Dev: 36.04)
NFE Rank: 33/62
Psychic Rank: 15/20
Fairy Rank: 4/5
Ralts Line (Gen III): 3/3

3 - Raka
4 - xx521xx
8 - MI
14 - Sorozone
19 - Tazzy
23 - OrangeCrush
25 - Sanity
34 - Starfox
35 - Anagram
35 - darkx
36 - BetrayedTangy
39 - Drak
45 - Scepter
56 - profDEADPOOL
56 - Giggs
59 - Eddv
60 - Arti
62 - Kate
65 - Paul
66 - Cybat
67 - Ecks
67 - MSG
67 - Xuxon
71 - CasanovaZelos
73 - Logicblade
73 - Karo
73 - Gen
78 - XIII
78 - Inviso
82 - Bospsy
82 - KBM
86 - TexWolf
88 - swordz
89 - junglebob
91 - Wigs
93 - Scarlet
95 - TUM
99 - Natwaf
99 - Lefty
102 - Mana
102 - JONA
106 - mnk
110 - Dragon66116
110 - Wickle
110 - Flubbin
110 - Suor
112 - red
113 - Poka
115 - Nick
115 - Stifled
118 - Magmortar
118 - Poke
124 - andy
125 - Cody
130 - Snake5s
130 - Ermine
131 - Para
134 - Brayze

Raka: Aww, it's so cute! The beginning of my favorite Gen 3 line (spoilers? Lol). Is it based on a teruterubozu? It's kinda useless at first though, so it can only be this high for me.

OrangeCrush: Wally's signature Pokemon

Anagram: One of the less offensive babies, although I believe it can breed

BetrayedTangy: Ralts is adorable and I love psychic types, too bad it's not very useful at first and is hard to find.

Giggs: If I saw a wild Ralts, I would definitely try to kick it. I don't know why.

Cybat: My mind was blown when I eventually found out this thing had a real face underneath that hair. Way better than Abra because it actually learns attacks.

Gen: I never had an issue with finding Ralts, but I almost always got Trace when I wanted Synchronize. In addition to that, starting off really weak makes them a bit of a pain to raise.

XIII: Saved by later evos. Not much more to say there.

KBM: It gets a little overrated, I think, due to its in-game rarity and eventual utility. I never look at a Ralts and say “I've GOT to have THAT Pokémon,” even knowing that what it grows into is a good deal better. I'm also not quite sure what I think about dual-typing it with Fairy, of all things.

Scarlet: The Feeling Pokemon. Ralts looks like absolutely nothing, seems to do absolutely nothing of value and is pretty awful. This is objective fact as presented by the Pokedex.

Stifled: It barely has a face. Or does it have a face? I can’t completely tell.

Magmortar: Ralts is really, REALLY bad as a battler, but it can become something worthwhile, which is more than I can say about other Pokemon that start bad. And Wally had one!

Para: I wonder why we don't see as much art of ralts with boobs as gardevoir, I mean we are talking about japan here

Brayze: It reminds me of one of those sappy cartoons of a kid with a bowl cut and an over-long apron, who is poorly making breakfast for mother's day or something. Ralts, you don't have a mother. I hatched you from an egg. Now you will fight.

90. Castform (Score: 4419)Edit

Average Ranking: 76.19 (St. Dev: 37.64)
Fully Evolved Rank: 58/73
Normal Rank: 13/18

1 - Eddv
4 - Paul
7 - Sanity
21 - Suor
21 - Magmortar
29 - Wickle
30 - JONA
35 - Scarlet
35 - Inviso
35 - Bospsy
38 - Dragon66116
38 - KBM
39 - Cody
39 - Cybat
41 - Karo
41 - TUM
43 - Raka
48 - Lefty
50 - swordz
57 - Flubbin
58 - OrangeCrush
66 - XIII
66 - Natwaf
69 - xx521xx
70 - Starfox
71 - profDEADPOOL
71 - Para
73 - Poke
78 - andy
80 - Mana
80 - Anagram
81 - Kate
84 - Stifled
92 - mnk
92 - Giggs
93 - MSG
95 - darkx
100 - Nick
102 - Tazzy
103 - TexWolf
107 - MI
108 - Drak
108 - Gen
110 - CasanovaZelos
110 - Ermine
111 - Wigs
111 - Arti
114 - Xuxon
119 - junglebob
122 - Brayze
122 - Poka
124 - Ecks
125 - red
127 - Logicblade
127 - BetrayedTangy
130 - Scepter
134 - Snake5s
134 - Sorozone

Eddv: Who wants to bet I am the only one who has him #1? I love him so much, his goofy expressions, and the weather gimmick. Is pretty cool. Little known fact - even in sandstorm weather ball works and is a rock type move! He was the savior of my original nuzlocke run. Which was absurd and weird

Sanity: She has a funny happy face and nice full boobs.

Suor: As a base pokémon it's not particularly interesting. The concept of a pokémon that changes form based on weather is amazing though, and the alternate forms are sweet. The Ice one in particular, looks like a little tornado. I know GenesisSaga will say that its cloud looks like boobs. Reminder that GenesisSaga's analysis should not be trusted under any circumstance.

Magmortar: Frankly, I really wish this thing was good, because it is cute (and I often have to manually reminded its design is…unfortunate) and it has a gimmick that is honestly really cool. What a pity…

Wickle: I have always loved this guys concept, and I will warn you people now… this guy gets a low spot and I will take it out on something else. Although he still needs a sandstorm form.

Scarlet: The Weather Pokemon. New forms of Castform have been discovered thanks to man-made climate changes in recent years. Of note, the acid rain form is nearly lethal to the touch, and the nuclear radiation form is actually just Cher.

KBM: I'm not gonna lie, I think this gimmick is pretty cool. I've never used one, and I can imagine it could be bit of a pain in the ass sometimes, but all four of its forms are well-designed, cute, and it's just interesting for a Pokémon gimmick. I also enjoy how they scrapped the most logical choice for a fourth type (Grass) and went with Ice instead.

Cody: I like its weather gimmick.

Cybat: Why don't you get a Sandstorm form? Still a fun concept. Sad for him that other Pokemon can learn Weather Ball now.

Raka: Yeaaah I like quite a few gimmicks Pokemon. It's pretty useless but hey changing forms in the weather was an original thing. Why doesn't it have a Sandstorm forme though?

OrangeCrush: Are they testicles or boobs? The world may never know.

XIII: A cool gimmick but a clunkily-implemented one. Not a gimmick I have an actual desire to use.

Para: I like cute things with useless gimmicks basically

Anagram: If anything less than 50% of the write-ups on Castform fail to mention that it clearly has boobs, I will be disappointed. B8, know that I will be personally examining every single write-up for this pokemon and, if necessary, will do the math to confirm or disconfirm the ratio of boob mentioning:boob not mentioning

Stifled: I enjoy all of the cute little weather forms. The standard model? Not so much.

Giggs: Gimmicks are dumb. Fire boobs might be even dumber.

Darkx: Boobies.

Gen: I don't want to steal Karo's gimmick but I really wanna say something about how Castform walks on its t**s in a lost pokedex entry. :( Anyway speaking of gimmicks changing with the weather is a unique concept that I would have liked a lot more if the alternate formes were cute at all. I guess Rainform is okay. I'm sure I'll be the 23rd person to make this comment but where the heck is Sandform?

Arti: An interesting gimmick but falls short because of how terrible its stats are. It would be fun to use if it wasn't so bad.

Junglebob: I don't usually bother with weather moves, so I don’t really care about Castform's battle mechanics. Its boobs are funny though.

Brayze: 'Oh your party's full. Come back with a space in your party!' uh you can keep it, scientist dude.

Logicblade: If it actually looked like boobs I might put it higher. >_>

BetrayedTangy: Interesting concept, but really, really poor execution.

89. Claydol (Score: 4359)Edit

Average Ranking: 75.16 (St. Dev: 33.26)
Fully Evolved Rank: 57/73
Ground Rank: 10/13
Psychic Rank: 14/20
Baltoy Line: 1/2

3 - Brayze
9 - Wickle
12 - Natwaf
17 - Paul
22 - Tazzy
22 - Eddv
26 - Giggs
30 - Para
34 - Scarlet
35 - XIII
39 - Raka
44 - swordz
45 - Bospsy
46 - Cybat
51 - junglebob
55 - Dragon66116
56 - Suor
58 - profDEADPOOL
59 - JONA
62 - andy
62 - Arti
66 - Ermine
68 - TUM
76 - Karo
76 - MSG
77 - TexWolf
78 - Poke
80 - Stifled
82 - Lefty
85 - Poka
87 - mnk
87 - red
87 - KBM
88 - BetrayedTangy
88 - Magmortar
92 - Snake5s
93 - Sorozone
93 - Flubbin
95 - Anagram
95 - Gen
98 - Mana
98 - Cody
99 - CasanovaZelos
101 - Inviso
101 - Ecks
102 - Wigs
104 - Nick
104 - Sanity
105 - xx521xx
109 - Drak
110 - Logicblade
113 - Starfox
116 - Kate
117 - MI
121 - Scepter
126 - darkx
127 - Xuxon
128 - OrangeCrush

Brayze: peyote panopticon owl used acid, it's super effective! You whited out and woke up in reno

Wickle: I find him cool for being a clay idol and thus Psychic/Ground type, the only Pokemon line with this typing.

Eddv: The zen of the zen

Giggs: Pretty much the last thing in the world I would want to run into if I was lost in the desert.

Para: what, you DON'T like multiple-eyed owl nightmares? well that's YOUR problem really

Scarlet: The Clay Doll Pokemon. Claydol’s are popular with Jewish children at Hanukah. One popular Hebrew rhyme goes, “Claydol, Claydoll, Claydoll, I made it out of Baltoy.”

XIII: This has a very complex, intelligent design I think. It's like Xatu - in terms of pure design it is among the best around.

Raka: Wow what? Hahaha. I kinda like the offbeat design. I don't want one on my room though, it's too big and too scary. Everything I ranked above this I definitely like.

Cybat: Nice name there, clay doll. But he has a suitably "Psychic-looking" design and a unique type combo.

Suor: One of the few pokémon that look legitimately creepy and I love it for that.

Stifled: Is it supposed to be a clay owl statue?

KBM: Although I don't like it when evolutions look exactly the same as what came before it (a la, for example, Taillow → Swellow), I honestly think this one tried to add TOO much. It's just too busy.

BetrayedTangy: This Pokemon is so ugly, but I have a soft side for psychic types, plus it reminds me of The Thousand Eye Idol from Yu-Gi-Oh!

Magmortar: Weird look. Generally speaking Claydol’s alright. It’s hard not to get use out of something that learns Rapid Spin.

Anagram: I have a little Claydol, I made it out of clay, and when it’s in the pokedex, then Claydol I will box

Gen: *sigh* I guess an ugly owl made out of mud is still an owl...

Sanity: Looks like a shadow of Bulbasaur.

Darkx: Dumb-looking.

OrangeCrush: In "Clan of the Cave Bear", a deformed baby is miscarried later on in the book that had multiple faces or some other weird crap. For some reason I pictured Claydol.

88. Registeel (Score: 4359)Edit

Average Ranking: 75.16 (St. Dev: 35.74)
Fully Evolved Rank: 56/73
Steel Rank: 8/9
Regi Rank: 2/3
Legendaries: 9/10

9 - Scarlet
15 - junglebob
19 - KBM
20 - BetrayedTangy
20 - Tazzy
25 - Snake5s
30 - Flubbin
32 - Stifled
34 - andy
36 - Nick
36 - JONA
37 - Arti
39 - Magmortar
42 - darkx
42 - Natwaf
42 - xx521xx
45 - profDEADPOOL
54 - Sanity
61 - XIII
61 - Scepter
61 - Giggs
62 - Lefty
63 - Cody
64 - Paul
66 - Starfox
68 - Karo
72 - Inviso
72 - Wigs
73 - swordz
76 - red
79 - TexWolf
81 - Gen
82 - Cybat
84 - Poka
87 - MSG
90 - Ecks
91 - Ermine
93 - Bospsy
93 - Poke
96 - OrangeCrush
98 - Brayze
99 - Suor
102 - Para
104 - Drak
106 - Dragon66116
111 - Xuxon
113 - Wickle
116 - Anagram
116 - mnk
122 - Logicblade
122 - Mana
123 - MI
126 - Kate
126 - TUM
127 - Raka
128 - Eddv
133 - CasanovaZelos
135 - Sorozone

Scarlet: The Iron Pokemon. This Pokemon appears to be the latest turret design from the twisted mind of GLaDOS.

Junglebob: My favorite of the Regis is this anicent robot. Bonus points for having a sprite that needed to be censored.

KBM: It looks like it's going to pull some guns out of its belt and shoot me up. And then it will refuse to open the pod bay doors. What a badass.

BetrayedTangy: Heil Registeel!

Stifled: It’s like a giant lump of building materials…except it’s a Pokemon instead! What the actual f***? But I like him! Help me!

Arti: Steel is super effective against Ice and Rock. Therefore, Registeel wins.

Magmortar: The all-around Regi had been my favorite from the beginning and now everyone sees it as the best one too (for comp. purposes at least). About time.

XIII: A defensive legendary trio isn't something I can really get on board with. I like Registeel's curvy design and I do sort of like the braille stuff you have to go through to get him and the others.

Giggs: My favourite Regi, if only because he doesn't look like a horrendous mess. Still, "golems" is never gonna be the most emotionally resonant set of legendary creatures ever, is it?

Cody: Censored salute.

Gen: I can basically exchange Steel and Rock in that they're both cool concepts that I personally don't care a great deal about. I want to like the regis because they're golems, but I only find these two pretty okay. I mean this one has a really cool design so I should like it more than I do but eh... What I did like Registeel's beatboxing in the movie though.

Cybat: Very curious to see how high these things can make it in this list. This one is my least favorite design, and also generally tanks with equally distributed defenses are less useful.

OrangeCrush: The 3 Regis are all bland and ruined 580 BST trios for me. Though the birds weren't THAT great, so maybe the Johto Legendary Cats were just the exception...

Brayze: I'm okay with pokemon being robots I guess, but I'm not okay with pokemon looking stupid as hell

Para: not as cool as regirock

Anagram: I don’t care about the golems at all

Eddv: Golems ranking: Monster Rancher golem > Golurk > Golett >>>> a pet rock named Boulder >>>>> Regis

87. Electrike (Score: 4350)Edit

Average Ranking: 75.00 (St. Dev: 31.42)
NFE Rank: 32/62
Electric Rank: 2/4
Electrike Line: 2/2

18 - OrangeCrush
20 - Wigs
21 - mnk
28 - Karo
28 - red
29 - Magmortar
33 - profDEADPOOL
36 - Ermine
39 - Kate
44 - Tazzy
45 - CasanovaZelos
46 - Snake5s
47 - Starfox
50 - BetrayedTangy
51 - KBM
52 - Drak
53 - XIII
54 - MI
54 - Poka
57 - Nick
57 - Ecks
58 - TexWolf
62 - MSG
66 - Logicblade
67 - Anagram
67 - Lefty
70 - Poke
73 - Xuxon
75 - Scarlet
76 - Wickle
79 - Eddv
80 - TUM
80 - Arti
82 - Dragon66116
83 - Bospsy
83 - andy
89 - Cody
92 - Mana
95 - Brayze
98 - Scepter
98 - swordz
99 - Flubbin
101 - Sorozone
102 - junglebob
103 - Stifled
104 - Natwaf
106 - darkx
107 - JONA
108 - Cybat
110 - Gen
112 - Inviso
115 - Suor
116 - Paul
122 - xx521xx
123 - Raka
123 - Para
132 - Giggs
132 - Sanity

OrangeCrush: I love Manectric, but I'm a little iffy on Electrike. Some of his sprites are just bad. Although at the end of the day, he WAS my gateway drug to Manectric so I can't bear to be too hard on him.

Magmortar: Cute electric doggy! Yeah that’s about it. Woof!

BetrayedTangy: I like Electrike better than it's evo, it doesn't have a stupid Mega holding It back.

KBM: A good, simple, cute little Electric puppy.

XIII: I appreciate a green Electric type, and the face that it evolves into the excellent Manectric. Reasonably cute too.

Ecks: Looks like someone smashed a boulder on his head, but it's okay despite that.

Anagram: In the anime, Electrike has a weird staticy electricy voice. It’s actually pretty cool… then it evolves into the standard-sounding Manectric

Scarlet: The Lightning Pokemon. The Electrike stores its electricity in its long body hair, preparing in the vain hope a trainer will actually decide to use one in battle. Spoilers: they don’t.

Brayze: If I ever saw this thing, I would see how much stuff I could balance on its weird flat head. Then I would see if I could balance on its weird flat head. Then I'd throw it in the river. Eh you know what, skip the first and second parts

Stifled: I don’t think kids should ride this trike.

Cybat: I was very confused when he turned out to be Electric and not Grass, but hey, it is nice to have at least a small bit of color variation within the type.

Gen: I wanna say this thing is a disgrace to dog pokemon but Snubbull saves it from this shame. Still sux though.

Suor: Dog pokémon gone wrong.

Raka: Why is his head so flat? It looks ridiculous!

Para: has a stupidly shaped head

Giggs: If I saw a wild Electrike, I would kick it in its stupid ugly face. I don't even care if it would electrocute the s*** out of me. It's simply not okay to be this ugly.

86. Trapinch (Score: 4340)Edit

Average Ranking: 74.82 (St. Dev: 74.83)
NFE Rank: 31/62
Ground Rank: 9/13
Trapinch Line: 3/3

3 - Anagram
11 - Xuxon
12 - profDEADPOOL
14 - Lefty
18 - Sanity
18 - TUM
18 - Para
23 - Paul
28 - Stifled
30 - BetrayedTangy
30 - MI
32 - Drak
38 - andy
43 - Ermine
45 - Nick
45 - Tazzy
46 - junglebob
51 - Eddv
51 - Magmortar
64 - Snake5s
71 - Inviso
81 - TexWolf
83 - Poke
84 - CasanovaZelos
84 - Bospsy
84 - OrangeCrush
84 - Wickle
84 - Arti
87 - Cody
87 - Natwaf
88 - Mana
89 - Giggs
91 - Logicblade
92 - Karo
92 - Wigs
93 - swordz
94 - MSG
95 - Dragon66116
95 - Scepter
95 - Cybat
97 - Flubbin
97 - Poka
98 - XIII
99 - Raka
99 - Brayze
101 - KBM
103 - Kate
104 - red
105 - Sorozone
106 - Gen
107 - mnk
112 - Suor
113 - darkx
120 - Scarlet
120 - JONA
127 - Ecks
128 - xx521xx
131 - Starfox

Anagram: Fun fact: there are no bad ant pokemon. There may only be two, but they’re at a 100% good pokemon rate, so I personally vote for more ants

Sanity: I like his little zigzagged chompers.

Para: I like how none of trapinch's line looks basically anything like each other. he is cute he only knows how to bite things and that is it

Stifled: It reminds me a lot of those little s***kickers that eat your coins in the 2D Mario games. If that thing learned Pay Day I would have been convinced that’s who it was.

BetrayedTangy: I always liked Trapinch as a kid, but since I've grown up I've found him a bit derpy looking and pointless, but my childhood with it, places it in my top 30

Magmortar: Can be surprisingly devastating trapper since it actually has a fair bit more attack than Dugtrio does (plus back when there was only Ruby and Sapphire out, if you wanted an Arena Trapper, you were stuck with it), which is really cool. Generally a cool bug thing with a nice, meaty jaw and a tendency to destroy things a lot quicker than a good 90% of other unevolved Pokemon.

OrangeCrush: Flygon is cool, but you have to go through some mediocre crap to get there.

Giggs: Becomes awesome in his old age, but this motherf***er looks like he would happily bite my leg off. Screw Trapinch.

Cybat: This guy is amazing, I love how he randomly has an amazing ability and 100 base attack. The best part is his evolved forms are great too.

XIII: I kind of like how Trapinch has its own sort of competitive viability with arena trap and a base 100 attack stat. A nice niche for an NFE, but god is it boring.

Raka: It doesn't look anything like its evolutions, but it's a rather unique case of larva -> nympha evolution instead of the usual larva -> pupa -> imago line, so it's not so bad.

Brayze: A huge head with a tiny body. Reminds me of those kids who are born with water in their brains, which is a good thing to be reminded of!

KBM: Trapped for an inch, trapped for a foot. Thus is the mantra of the Ground Pokémon.

Gen: Antlion larva are cool, and while Trapinch looks kinda durrrrr it's true enough to the concept that I can't be mad at it. Arena Trap makes spot training a tad annoying but eh.

Scarlet: The Ant Pit Pokemon. Trapinch’s body may or may not be a piece of DIY furniture from IKEA that was spraypainted by a fan of the Tennessee Volunteers.

Starfox: Ugh, I hate this thing. I hate its oversized mouth, I hate the fact that it was the only thing I EVER ran into in that desert in Ruby… but mostly I just hate its design. A lot.

85. Grumpig (Score: 4320)Edit

Average Ranking: 74.48 (St. Dev: 38.24)
Fully Evolved Rank: 55/73
Psychic Rank: 13/20
Spoink Line: 2/2

6 - Ermine
8 - Eddv
10 - Starfox
17 - mnk
17 - red
18 - Gen
19 - Kate
23 - Logicblade
23 - Giggs
29 - Karo
30 - Cody
34 - CasanovaZelos
37 - Flubbin
45 - Drak
47 - xx521xx
49 - Magmortar
52 - Raka
54 - Wigs
57 - Poka
58 - Paul
60 - Brayze
60 - junglebob
62 - swordz
63 - Nick
64 - JONA
65 - Scarlet
71 - Mana
72 - profDEADPOOL
73 - Cybat
76 - Anagram
79 - Inviso
81 - Stifled
82 - BetrayedTangy
82 - XIII
89 - OrangeCrush
89 - Natwaf
91 - andy
92 - Sorozone
94 - Snake5s
97 - Ecks
100 - Para
102 - Sanity
103 - Tazzy
110 - Bospsy
112 - Dragon66116
114 - MSG
116 - Scepter
116 - darkx
118 - MI
121 - Suor
121 - Arti
123 - Wickle
125 - KBM
128 - Poke
133 - TUM
134 - Lefty
134 - Xuxon
135 - TexWolf

Ermine: I really love Grumpig's design. Super cute tail, great color and adorable face. Totally awesome poke that's a ton of fun to use as well. <3

Eddv: Hes a grump! He's a pig! He's like a purple pig whos cool]

Starfox: Probably the only unconventional member of my top ten for this Gen. I decided to use a Spoink I caught when first playing through it just because, and when it evolved I ended up really enjoying using it. Plus I really like its design, I think it looks neat. I like the purple and black. Really wish it was part dark though. It’d definitely be higher if it was.

Gen: I don't know why people don't like it as much as Spoink. It's just as cute imo. If I had a Grumpig I'd give it belly rubs as often as possible. Fat tummy tum... *ahem* It's true there are better psychic types, but almost all of them turn into weird humanoid hybrid things. Grumpig is clearly just a piggles on two feet and that's why I like it so much.

Logicblade: Grumpig is a step down from Spoink, but it's still pretty cute. I dunno, he just looks like he's down for whatever, probably the pokemon I'd most likely do shots with.

Giggs: Nowhere near as life-affirming as Spoink, but Grumpig is still a bro. I feel like he packs a mean haymaker too.

Magmortar: Grumpig is pretty cool. It’s a big improvement over Spoink certainly (the tail works out a lot better than entire lower body as far as springs on a ‘mon go), and it reminds me a lot of Hypno in playstyle give or take a few things, but I prefer Hypno because of the better bulk and ability to do physical damage but w/e.

Raka: I don't know why, but I like it. Much better than Hypno. And the color scheme is pretty unusual, but it works well.

Brayze: Bipedal dancing pig in a gimp outfit? What's not to like? ...Several things!

Junglebob: Grumpig should have been the first Psychic/Dark Pokemon. It would really fit its name and design! But nope, the first one we actually got looks like a sea creature.

Scarlet: The Manipulate Pokemon. If you aren’t paying close attention, you might mistake Grumpig for Mortal Kombat reject Mokap.

ProfDEADPOOL: Isn't Spoink. Go away.

Cybat: I never thought about it but I guess he's the Hypno variant - a mammal who becomes psychic for no real reason and uses props (its pearls) to help its power. He's pretty cool.

Anagram: Bulbapdia claims that the inspiration for Grumpig is the Biblical passage ‘neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you’ hey bulbapedia I’m gonna let you in on a secret: japan doesn’t give two ****s about any religion except maybe Shinto and Buddhism and I doubt even then. If you want further evidence just play MGS3 where the game actually takes Snake, an American, aside, and explains the story of Genesis

Stifled: Nowhere near as cute as Spoink, but nowhere near as ugly as most of the things I ranked lower!

BetrayedTangy: What an ugly Pokemon, it's typing and colors save it a little bit.

XIII: Feel like this should be a dark-type, but no.

Para: grumpig, all the way at #100, is pretty much the line of indifference for me. grumpig's an all right dude but beyond here be dragons (hint hint)

Suor: When looking at pictures of this monstrosity to recall how ugly it actually is, I noticed they never draw it from the front and with its head up. This thing has an angle so horrendous that even they don't want to show it to the world.

Arti: Whatever. Better psychic types out there etc

KBM: The fact that Grumpig is a good deal better than Spoink is not exactly inspiring information.

84. Numel (Score: 4264)Edit

Average Ranking: 73.51 (St. Dev: 29.39)
NFE Rank: 30/62
FireRank: 5/6
Ground Rank: 8/13
Numel Line: 2/2

8 - Lefty
10 - Stifled
13 - XIII
14 - Para
22 - OrangeCrush
26 - Poka
27 - Drak
35 - mnk
37 - Scepter
44 - Giggs
45 - Ermine
46 - xx521xx
49 - Wigs
51 - red
53 - Xuxon
56 - KBM
60 - Nick
60 - MI
62 - Magmortar
65 - Arti
68 - BetrayedTangy
69 - Suor
70 - Inviso
70 - TexWolf
72 - Sanity
78 - JONA
80 - Starfox
80 - Kate
83 - Cybat
84 - swordz
84 - junglebob
85 - Snake5s
86 - Mana
86 - TUM
89 - Sorozone
89 - Poke
90 - Tazzy
91 - Paul
92 - Flubbin
92 - andy
93 - Logicblade
93 - CasanovaZelos
94 - Cody
95 - Scarlet
95 - Natwaf
96 - Bospsy
98 - Karo
99 - darkx
100 - Raka
102 - Brayze
102 - Wickle
104 - MSG
105 - Ecks
107 - profDEADPOOL
107 - Gen
110 - Eddv
119 - Anagram
124 - Dragon66116


XIII: It looks cute and oblivious and it evolves into Camerupt. Props just for that.

Para: oh god he's like the pokemon version of eeyore except he can explode. they should have them at petting zoos it would be funny

OrangeCrush: "Mr. Humpy", the female Numel

Scepter: For some reason I spent a good portion of my Thanksgiving break shiny hunting Numel in AS. Found one on the fourth day of hunting, just when I was about to give up.

Giggs: Dumb faces and camels are a good combination.

KBM: The derp is strong with this one.

Magmortar: Fun dumb camel. It beats ParaSwagger…!

BetrayedTangy: I guess I think Numel's kinda cute, but kinda derpy too, not really any strong feelings on this one.

Cybat: Any Pokemon that gets Simple is cool with me; that ability is thoroughly hilarious. See here:

Junglebob: I didn't get a Camerupt in my first Sapphire run cause this guy looked boring. Thanks a lot, boring Numel.

Snake5s: Pokémon version of Eeyore

Scarlet: The Numb Pokemon. Numel’s facial expression consistently betrays its IQ level, which is actually lower than a Miss Tennessee contestant that’s been lobotomized with an icepick.

Raka: I like Camerupt. Numel? Not so much. It doesn't even look like a camel.

Brayze: crap color scheme and a dopey dog face combined to provide numel a 2.5/10, better luck next time (do not reapply)

Gen: Why can't Camerupt just be a one off line? I don't like looking at this sad dinky thing. I don't like how long it takes to evolve it. I don't like its design. I don't like how far you have to travel in-game to get one. I don't like Numel.

Anagram: Something about the pattern around the hole in its hump really bugs me

83. Solrock (Score: 4257)Edit

Average Ranking: 73.39 (St. Dev: 35.68)
Fully Evolved Rank: 54/73
Rock Rank: 6/12
Psychic Rank: 12/20

2 - Brayze
4 - Anagram
10 - Flubbin
20 - Eddv
24 - Nick
25 - Sorozone
25 - profDEADPOOL
25 - Cybat
30 - Lefty
34 - XIII
35 - Wigs
37 - Stifled
37 - Poka
40 - Paul
41 - OrangeCrush
41 - Sanity
45 - Snake5s
48 - darkx
52 - Tazzy
53 - TUM
57 - Karo
63 - Ecks
64 - Suor
66 - Bospsy
68 - Natwaf
68 - Ermine
73 - Raka
78 - Cody
78 - Para
81 - Logicblade
83 - Starfox
84 - Scarlet
84 - Dragon66116
88 - Poke
91 - TexWolf
91 - xx521xx
92 - Wickle
95 - Arti
96 - Mana
97 - MSG
99 - Gen
100 - Drak
102 - Magmortar
105 - KBM
107 - Giggs
108 - mnk
109 - BetrayedTangy
109 - Inviso
111 - Kate
114 - Scepter
114 - junglebob
116 - CasanovaZelos
116 - MI
120 - swordz
121 - andy
121 - Xuxon
126 - JONA
134 - red

Brayze: I've always been a huge fan of those unnaturally calm looking suns with faces on them. Solrock is apparently an alien or something which would make the second time in fiction that aliens can be completely destroyed by water guns.

Anagram: Sometimes a pokemon goes above and beyond its concept—“rock sun” isn’t really that interesting, but all of the yellow spikes jutting out of its spherical body, and weird-ass eyes, really do it for me

ProfDEADPOOL: This dude is just cool. I love the way he looks and a rock version of the sun is a cool concept

Cybat: I know this thing is kinda dumb, but it's a simple design that just works for me.

XIII: Again, a likeable pair of Pokemon.

Stifled: It’s very pretty for a rock.

OrangeCrush: I like Lunatone's design and theme better, but Solrock is more practical in battle.

Suor: I love the sun shaped rock, I just could never figure out what its actual face is.

Raka: I actually kinda like Solrock and Lunatone. Yeah, you'll be hearing that a lot. I like its concept and design. Will probably never use one though.

Para: it is a rock, shaped like the sun, and you called it sun rock. yes good

Scarlet: The Meteorite Pokemon. Once thought to be formed through solar activity, it was recently learned that Solrocks are actually just citrus fruit with a lot of fungal growth.

Wickle: You're not Lunatone, go away Tate. Gimme mah Liza.

Arti: Golden Sun is such a terrible game. Too much dialogue and way too many useless dungeons. Plus mythology reference that make no sense, but that's Japan.

Gen: Despite looking like the sun it is not a fire type. Ha what a troll! It's really ugly imo.

Magmortar: Solrock is ugly. Really, really ugly. I do not want an ugly sunrock that can read my emotions. It was surprisingly viable way back in Gen 3, and has largely been useless ever since Gen 4. And I did not do competitive in Gen 3.

KBM: Hey, look, it's weird-ass Lunatone again, except with the opposite stat distribution and a slightly more interesting design.

Giggs: Was I the only one who had genuine trouble with Liza and Tate the first time round? Now granted I was like 13, and they're easy now, but still.

BetrayedTangy: A cool Lunatone

82. Swablu (Score: 4251)Edit

Average Ranking: 73.29 (St. Dev: 33.62)
NFE Rank: 28/62
Normal Rank: 12/18
Flying Rank: 11/12
Swablu Line: 2/2

2 - Poke
10 - Logicblade
11 - Raka
12 - MI
12 - Para
18 - KBM
25 - Lefty
32 - Bospsy
32 - Suor
33 - Giggs
39 - darkx
44 - Scepter
44 - junglebob
47 - TUM
50 - andy
56 - Anagram
57 - BetrayedTangy
58 - Mana
58 - Kate
59 - Xuxon
64 - Arti
65 - Ermine
70 - Drak
71 - OrangeCrush
71 - red
73 - Wickle
76 - Stifled
78 - Snake5s
78 - MSG
79 - xx521xx
80 - Magmortar
83 - Nick
83 - Gen
84 - Cody
84 - Wigs
85 - Ecks
87 - Eddv
88 - Scarlet
88 - Tazzy
88 - Flubbin
89 - Sanity
93 - Inviso
94 - Karo
98 - CasanovaZelos
101 - XIII
104 - mnk
105 - Starfox
105 - Dragon66116
108 - Natwaf
110 - Poka
114 - Cybat
118 - swordz
119 - Brayze
122 - Sorozone
122 - TexWolf
124 - JONA
125 - profDEADPOOL
126 - Paul

Poke: Blue bird of happiness!

Logicblade: I like it for the same reasons I like Altaria, except it's not a dragon. :(

Raka: Round and cute with best wings period in any Pokemon. They are like small portable personal clouds!

Para: it likes to wipe dirt off of things with its wings and sit on peoples' heads like a hat. I want one of these things as a pet so bad

KBM: My Gen 3 Flying-type of choice. It's an adorable little cotton-winged birdie that promises complete badassery down the line. What's not to love here?

Giggs: Cute blue thing. That's enough for me.

Anagram: I’m gonna be honest—I don’t like pokemon changing types as they evolve unless there’s a clear reason why. For this reason Swablu annoys me mildly, but I can’t hate it too much, because it’s one of the two shinies I’ve caught. I was so excited and surprised, to the point where I wasn’t sure I hadn’t stumbled onto an event and that everyone gets a shiny Swablu

BetrayedTangy: Swablu's adorable and evolves into Altaria, but it's kinda forgettable

OrangeCrush: Sort of cute

Snake5s: Do not use in ears

Stifled: Help me with my Litmus test plz.

Magmortar: Cute cloud bird! I always liked the beak.

Gen: I'm sorry to the happy blue bird people but uh... Swablu just isn't anything special to me. I mean it's cute and it's blue and I like it, but it would take a lot for another Normal/Flying type to really wow me. Cottony wings just doesn't do it.

Scarlet: The Cotton Bird Pokemon. A pair of Swablu wings can create 13 socks, probably the only constructive use for the blue little douche.

XIII: The NFE of the worst dragon. Not good.

Cybat: Not sure why it didn't get the Fairy type, but as it is It is pretty forgettable. But it looks cute.

Brayze: berp berp here comes the dumb bus to pick up swablu to go to idiot school

81. Chimecho (Score: 4248)Edit

Average Ranking: 73.24 (St. Dev: 36.15)
Fully Evolved Rank: 53/73
Psychic Rank: 11/20

1 - MI
7 - Bospsy
9 - Lefty
15 - Cybat
15 - Arti
20 - Para
26 - Eddv
26 - TUM
27 - BetrayedTangy
27 - Flubbin
30 - Drak
32 - andy
38 - Poka
44 - Karo
45 - Giggs
45 - swordz
46 - Starfox
62 - red
62 - xx521xx
63 - Ermine
63 - JONA
65 - Raka
65 - Kate
67 - Wickle
71 - Poke
72 - Scarlet
72 - mnk
73 - Mana
73 - darkx
75 - Brayze
80 - CasanovaZelos
80 - Dragon66116
80 - Suor
82 - Wigs
86 - Xuxon
88 - Inviso
90 - XIII
90 - MSG
92 - Stifled
95 - Cody
95 - TexWolf
96 - KBM
98 - Tazzy
106 - Ecks
106 - Paul
107 - Snake5s
109 - profDEADPOOL
112 - Nick
113 - OrangeCrush
114 - Natwaf
117 - Sanity
119 - Gen
124 - Sorozone
125 - Logicblade
125 - Anagram
127 - Magmortar
128 - Scepter
128 - junglebob

Cybat: Strangely cute, and with a (unsurprisingly) pleasing cry. I know its movepool is pretty weak but I just like him. I wish he got an evolution in gen 4 like Roselia did instead of just a baby. (sigh)

Arti: I trained one in DPP for some bizarre reason. Hard to find in this gen though.

Para: cute enough to outweigh the fact that I have no idea why he exists

BetrayedTangy: Chimecho is super cute and has really great lore as well as origins, so mad props for that.

Giggs: My first ever shiny! Otherwise pretty much totally useless, but that earns it at least 10 places. Did I mention it was my first ever shiny?

Raka: It's so rare both in the wild and in trainers' teams that I barely knew that it existed. Still adorable,'s underutilised. I heard James got one in the anime?

Scarlet: The Wind Chime Pokemon. More Chimecho’s have been lynched by interior decorators and landscape artists than any other abused minority class in history.

Brayze: pokemon based on weird crap like artifacts and ovens are cool but chimecho doesn't look like anything. Windchimes? Well I have this pokemon that looks like a hammer actually it is a real hammer (crunch) pokemon based on weird crap like artifacts and ovens are cool but chimecho doesn't look like anything. Windchimes? Well I have this pokemon that looks like a hammer actually it is a real hammer (crunch)

Suor: All Chimecho needed was to evolve into a huge bell and instead it got an annoyingly stupid baby.

XIII: James had one! And it was a tearful goodbye! It was kind of sad and that's literally all there is to say about Chimecho

Stifled: People thought Klefki was a weird idea, but this one is a wind chime.

KBM: I don't get it.

Snake5s: For Whom the Bell Tolls

ProfDEADPOOL: cute enough to outweigh the fact that I have no idea why he exists

OrangeCrush: Rare, useless, and bland is a bad combination

Gen: F*** this thing and f*** that they saw fit to give it a baby.

Logicblade: Not down for chimes.

Anagram: **** you James, go back and recapture Weezing

Magmortar: Rare (at least at first), nearly useless, and looks really unappealing to me. What a combination. They evolved Roselia AND gave it a baby in the next generation, why did Chimecho, a much worse Pokemon in every field I can think of and others that have yet to be invented, only get a baby?

Junglebob: I didn't even know this thing existed until I played Pearl

80. Vigoroth (Score: 4204)Edit

Average Ranking: 72.48 (St. Dev: 32.17)
NFE Rank: 28/62
Normal Rank: 11/18
Slakoth Line: 2/3

10 - CasanovaZelos
19 - Raka
21 - junglebob
25 - darkx
29 - Tazzy
32 - TUM
36 - profDEADPOOL
36 - Wickle
36 - Poka
39 - Starfox
39 - Logicblade
39 - Ecks
41 - Poke
42 - MSG
45 - Dragon66116
45 - Kate
46 - Paul
55 - OrangeCrush
55 - KBM
57 - Sorozone
60 - XIII
60 - Scepter
64 - Nick
64 - Anagram
65 - Magmortar
67 - Gen
68 - xx521xx
69 - Cybat
69 - Arti
71 - Karo
71 - Stifled
71 - Flubbin
76 - Wigs
77 - Giggs
77 - red
77 - Ermine
83 - Eddv
84 - andy
86 - Snake5s
90 - Xuxon
92 - BetrayedTangy
99 - Bospsy
100 - Inviso
101 - Scarlet
101 - JONA
101 - Suor
102 - swordz
104 - Cody
105 - Brayze
114 - MI
117 - Drak
118 - Natwaf
119 - Mana
123 - TexWolf
125 - Lefty
127 - Sanity
129 - Para
131 - mnk

Raka: Hardy enough Pokemon to carry around for most of the game and it's not burdened by Truant. Toss an Eviolite its way and watch things get rekt

Junglebob: This berserk sloth is great.

Wickle: I swear, if it wasn't for the fact that the Slaker line is there to be for stats… this guy would have been my favorite of the line. And it's only because he stops being lazy.

OrangeCrush: Norman: Son, don't you want to say hi to your brother... "Good Ruby"?

KBM: It's got kind of a cool design (not the type I really go for most of the time, but here it just kind of works), and I do appreciate that it loses Slakoth's Truant ability.

XIII: I like how this middle evo is so different from the rest. Makes Vigoroth and Slaking both useable.

Anagram: I mean, it exists. What more do you want me to say?

Magmortar: Vigoroth is perhaps the one middle form that averts awkward teenager phase and is indeed fast football party dude phase. Yeah, I guess it is alright.

Gen: So confusing. Why is this even in the line? It gives me hope that I won't have to put up with Truant forever and then snatches my hopes away. Damn you Vigoroth!

Cybat: It's fun when an evolutionary line itself tells a story. That doesn't happen often, but it's very well executed here.

Stifled: I could be wrong, but I think the middle evolution of this line ditches the awful abilities that makes them sleep or be lazy for a turn. Plus I like the design. So for once, a middle wins! *applause*

Giggs: I never quite understood the purpose of Vigoroth. It’s okay, if kind of violently bright.

BetrayedTangy: I like the Slakoth line well enough, but I feel like Vigoroth kind of ruins it by not having Truant.

Scarlet: The Wild Monkey Pokemon. If someone could explain how you get a Vigoroth sandwiched between two slacking, lazy fatass entitlement-recepient sitting on the couch playing with their peter popper apes, the folks at the Pokedex would be most appreciative.

Brayze: I feel sorry for the guy who was like 'and in the middle evolution I will invert their expectations!' as if anybody anywhere was going to care about the slakoth family

Para: why

79. Regice (Score: 4194)Edit

Average Ranking: 72.31 (St. Dev: 37.22)
Fully Evolve Rank: 52/73
Ice Rank: 5/6
Legendaries: 8/10
Regi Rank: 1/3

10 - KBM
11 - Ecks
13 - Mana
21 - Nick
21 - Poka
26 - Scarlet
27 - darkx
28 - Natwaf
28 - andy
29 - Flubbin
29 - Gen
31 - Stifled
39 - Arti
41 - mnk
41 - Magmortar
44 - JONA
46 - profDEADPOOL
46 - Suor
51 - Snake5s
51 - Karo
53 - BetrayedTangy
53 - Dragon66116
60 - TexWolf
62 - Paul
63 - Lefty
64 - Inviso
64 - Cody
65 - Cybat
68 - XIII
71 - Wigs
74 - red
74 - swordz
77 - Starfox
77 - Wickle
79 - Sorozone
82 - MSG
82 - Drak
85 - Tazzy
88 - junglebob
92 - Bospsy
95 - OrangeCrush
97 - Scepter
102 - Ermine
103 - Para
107 - Sanity
115 - Anagram
120 - Logicblade
120 - xx521xx
123 - Giggs
124 - Kate
124 - MI
126 - Raka
126 - Poke
127 - Eddv
128 - Brayze
128 - TUM
131 - CasanovaZelos
132 - Xuxon

KBM: My favorite Ice type (save, perhaps, Articuno). Too bad Ice isn't really all that usable, because I love it, and this embodies everything I love about Ice types and ice levels and really ice anything in video games. It's just a pure crystal formation, it looks so crystal clear and pretty and shiny and clean and ahhhhh

Ecks: Here entirely on design. Basically looks like a giant crystal.

Scarlet: The Iceberg Pokemon. Regice’s greatest claim to fame was murdering Leonardo DiCaprio in 1997. In fact, all appearances by DiCaprio since then were actually just elaborate Ditto hoaxes.

Gen: Regice is just the coolest design for a golem. Plus, that voice Also the poor thing... HE JUST WANTS TO BE LOVED!

Stifled: They’re like statues except…they’re not statues! Ugh why do I like these things?

Arti: Poor Regice. It can beat Regigigas because anything can, but not the other two Regis.

Magmortar: BETTER THAN ****ING BLISSEY. Real shame that once Blissey came back nobody ever remembered this thing existed. At all. I like a wall that LOOKs like a wall, and it can be pretty painful! Now I know Regice isn’t that good really but I’d rather deal with it than ANOTHER ****ING BLISSEY (or Chansey)

Suor: While Regis are admittedly really dumb, this is a block of clear ice. It's beautiful to look at and I love ice.

BetrayedTangy: Regice Ice Baby…

Cybat: Somehow looks the most "legendary" of the trio I don't really hate the golem concept inherently, they just didn't really execute it that well.

XIII: Regice several places lower on my ranking then the other brothers Regi because a defensive ice-type is so outrageously stupid.

Junglebob: Simplest design of the Regis. I liked its creepy voice in the Lucario movie.

OrangeCrush: The 3 Regis are all bland and ruined 580 BST trios for me. Though the birds weren't THAT great, so maybe the Johto Legendary Cats were just the exception...

Para: not as cool as regirock either

Anagram: I don’t care about the golems at all

Giggs: Literally a sheet of ice. Someone got paid to design this.

Raka: Frozen fractals all around. Let it gooo let it gooo.

Brayze: Did you notice that ice crystals never look like this? That's because of science. Regice is dumb probably because of liquor or brain problems.

78. Kirlia (Score: 4180)Edit

Average Ranking: 72.07 (St. Dev: 32.76)
NFE Rank: 27/62
Fairy Rank: 3/5
Psychic Rank: 10/20
Ralts Line (Gen III): 2/3

2 - Raka
9 - swordz
15 - Karo
24 - Sanity
27 - Gen
29 - Kate
31 - Wickle
33 - Poke
35 - Scepter
40 - TexWolf
42 - Drak
46 - BetrayedTangy
46 - Ecks
47 - OrangeCrush
49 - CasanovaZelos
52 - Brayze
52 - MSG
53 - Snake5s
55 - Cybat
56 - Xuxon
57 - darkx
59 - Arti
60 - Dragon66116
61 - Suor
62 - Tazzy
62 - Giggs
63 - Logicblade
65 - TUM
67 - profDEADPOOL
67 - andy
71 - Scarlet
73 - KBM
74 - junglebob
77 - xx521xx
80 - Flubbin
81 - Eddv
87 - Bospsy
90 - MI
90 - Lefty
92 - red
93 - XIII
94 - Poka
95 - Mana
98 - Natwaf
99 - Starfox
103 - Nick
108 - Cody
111 - Paul
112 - Anagram
114 - Stifled
117 - mnk
117 - Magmortar
120 - Inviso
120 - Wigs
121 - JONA
125 - Para
126 - Sorozone
126 - Ermine

Raka: When you look at the Gothi line in Gen V, it's kinda sad how they are so grotesque compared to this beautiful little ballerina.

Gen: Officially past the weak first stage, Kirlia is as cute as it is invaluable. And it's yet to evolve into well you'll see.

Wickle: The second middle that I put above its tercerary, what am I, Genny? No, it's… I am Wickle, this is my loli.

BetrayedTangy: I like psychic types, and Kirlia has a unique color palette.

OrangeCrush: The weakest of his line, but still cool by association.

Brayze: I sometimes go onto japanese image boards and there are endless cartoons about this pokemon psychically sensing people looking at its ass, is there a more japanese thing? I submit yes, but it involves maid costumes.

Cybat: She is fancy looking. And has a pretty name. There are lots of good middle evos this gen.

Giggs: Kind of okay but my god this thing dies if you blow in its direction goddamnit reach level thirty already

Scarlet: The Emotion Pokemon. Kirlias are often kidnapped by rich Eastern European moguls and forced to dance in private ballet troupes. The most famous Kirlia, of course, is Natalie Portman.

KBM: Though I'm not sure how I feel about dual-typing this line with Fairy, Kirlia's alright. I do wish it were wearing something a little more dignified than a tutu.

XIII: Saved by Gardevoir and Gallade. Not interesting and knocked down by the popularity of Rule 34ing it.


Stifled: This is as lame as the goth family in Gen 5.

Magmortar: Kirlia looks…okay, but it’s still weird in being capable of being male, and it sucks horribly in battle. I’ve never liked it. I guess Wally’s Kirlia is alright.

Para: no sorry I don't like small ballerina gardevoir very much

77. Slaking (Score: 4144)Edit

Average Ranking: 71.44 (St. Dev: 35.22)
Fully Evolved Rank: 51/73
Normal Rank: 10/18
Slakoth Line: 1/3

9 - BetrayedTangy
12 - junglebob
13 - Eddv
13 - Giggs
18 - Wickle
26 - Natwaf
31 - CasanovaZelos
31 - Anagram
33 - andy
35 - Nick
37 - XIII
38 - Magmortar
39 - Sorozone
41 - Cybat
42 - Xuxon
44 - Paul
50 - Arti
53 - Starfox
55 - profDEADPOOL
56 - Tazzy
56 - swordz
57 - Dragon66116
60 - Flubbin
61 - xx521xx
62 - Scepter
63 - TexWolf
64 - KBM
66 - Poke
67 - darkx
68 - JONA
69 - MSG
70 - mnk
74 - Karo
74 - OrangeCrush
76 - TUM
80 - red
81 - Inviso
83 - Raka
88 - Cody
90 - Snake5s
94 - MI
95 - Kate
95 - Suor
98 - Poka
104 - Mana
104 - Wigs
110 - Ecks
112 - Logicblade
115 - Ermine
116 - Bospsy
117 - Scarlet
125 - Stifled
126 - Sanity
128 - Drak
128 - Para
129 - Lefty
130 - Brayze
133 - Gen

BetrayedTangy: I don't know why I love Slaking this much. He has a cool design and a great concept. But I can't think of anything any else to be honest, I just really like Slaking.

Eddv: He's so lazy, he's lazier than any other pokemon out there other than a metal ant.

Giggs: Snorlax: TV dinner edition. I like the fact he'd be pretty much the most powerful dude in the world if he wasn't such a lazy s***.

Wickle: That ability is hilarious. Just make sure you use GIGA IMPACT since they rest together.

Anagram: I once had an argument with a guy on the internet about whether Slaking would be OU or Uber if it had no ability

XIII: I know a guy whose Facebook profile is pretty much exactly the pose Slaking makes. I can definitely get on board with a lazy Pokemon, since it is my lifelong ambition to do nothing.

Magmortar: Slaking is a fat monster that takes a smashing hit out of the Empire State Building and then just…loafs. I don’t even. Yeah, me using it is out of the question, but it’s hard to ignore that power. There was one trainer in Colosseum who actually did do the Skill Swap thing and it was terrifying.

Cybat: This thing is terrifying. I know it's pretty easy to get around but someone will probably have to take some damage eventually because he does not go down easily.

Arti: Slaking is loafing around!

KBM: The Truant ability and highest non-legendary stats of any Pokémon kind of offset each other. I APPRECIATE this line more than I actually actively like it, but that appreciation definitely counts for something.

OrangeCrush: He has his moments, but.... I'm too lazy to finish this thought.

Raka: I love the POWAH. But it's just too ugly and Truant is a huge handicap for in-game use...I'm tempted to do some battles just for Worry Seed/Mummy/Skill Swap shenanigans.

Suor: It really does look like a pedophile gorilla.

Ecks: Slakoth is pretty cute and Vigoroth is a great improvement in terms of battle and ability! So let's s*** on the design and give it Truant back.

Scarlet: The Lazy Pokemon. It’s actually not lazy; Slaking is just very very efficient with schedule-making. Other Pokemon just like to bash it behind poor ol’ Slaking’s back.

Stifled: Disobey me in battle? You will spend eternity in my Pokemon storage box.

Para: GAME FREAK DEVELOPERS are loafing around.

Brayze: Wow another winner for team monkey.

Gen: I. Hate. Everything about this pokemon. I hate its stupid face, I hate its stupid ability, I hate its stupid stats, and I hate facing its stupid trainers. Every time someone throws out this thing I die a little more inside. All my hate.

76. Beautifly (Score: 4136)Edit

Average Ranking: 71.31 (St. Dev: 33.09)
Fully Evolved Rank: 50/73
Bug Rank: 4/14
Flying Rank: 10/12
Wurmple Line: 1/5

15 - Poke
17 - KBM
21 - Stifled
25 - Suor
25 - TUM
26 - Cody
31 - Xuxon
31 - Arti
32 - BetrayedTangy
33 - xx521xx
34 - swordz
36 - red
37 - Kate
45 - Inviso
49 - Wickle
50 - Wigs
50 - Para
52 - Dragon66116
53 - mnk
53 - JONA
54 - Starfox
60 - Raka
60 - Drak
61 - TexWolf
64 - Flubbin
66 - CasanovaZelos
69 - Sanity
70 - Nick
71 - XIII
72 - OrangeCrush
72 - MI
72 - Poka
75 - Scepter
75 - Lefty
76 - Ermine
77 - Cybat
81 - Bospsy
81 - Sorozone
82 - Ecks
83 - Karo
83 - darkx
85 - andy
90 - Giggs
92 - Eddv
97 - Snake5s
100 - Gen
112 - Paul
114 - Scarlet
114 - Mana
115 - Tazzy
115 - Brayze
117 - Logicblade
121 - MSG
126 - Anagram
126 - junglebob
130 - Natwaf
131 - profDEADPOOL
132 - Magmortar

KBM: It might not have as good a typing as Butterfree, but it's so pretty. For all my complaints about bugs, I do like butterflies, and Pokémon does them well. The big blue eyes really help it live up to its name (and are a big improvement over those awful red ones the cocoons have).

Stifled: I love the colors! Butterfree is better, but I wish it had those wings.

Suor: I will always love Butterfree more, because I used it so many times in Blue and helped me with many things early on as someone who picked Charmander as his starter. That said, it's undeniable that Beautifly has a better design.

Cody: Well it isn't Butterfree, but it is still pretty nice.

Arti: I used one in Ruby for a decent amount of time. Dropped it for Lanturn because Lanturn, but it lasted over half the game.

BetrayedTangy: I actually really like Beautifly, I can't say why, because I honestly don't know. I think it's just the best designed butterfly Pokemon

Wickle: A cutesy form of Butterfree and a better butterfly, imo. But meh otherwise.

Para: one of the worst attempts at a butterfly or moth pokemon, but actually still pretty good, hard to go wrong with bug pokemon

Raka: It is beautiful. Butterfree need not apply.

XIII: I like the contrast with Dustox, but otherwise this is a fairly generic early-game, weak bug.

OrangeCrush: Our suffering had only begun...

Cybat: Another ripoff but I actually like its design and name better than Butterfree. Better movepool, too.

Giggs: I had always written off Beautifly as a poorly-named copy of Butterfree, but it's actually kind of pretty. That said, it's still a poorly-named copy of Butterfree.

Snake5s: We ran out of ideas and made Butterfree again

Gen: It's not even beautiful!

Scarlet: The Butterfly Pokemon. Thanks to its vibrantly colored hodgepodge of a rainbow’s vomit we call wings, Beautifly’s are easily recognizable. They’ve also been nearly eradicated in most industrial areas thanks to Pidgeot’s that are hungry and don’t give a ****.

Brayze: You can only do so many butterfly pokemon (2) before I just stop giving a damn

Anagram: ‘hey phil, we need more butterflies instead of using cool new animals’

ProfDEADPOOL: Unlike Dustox I don't like any of the other 4 in the line. The entire one pokemon becoming two with no control unless you hack is dumb as %$^*. And none of them look cool to make up for it in any way unlike Dustox.

Magmortar: Butterfree is way better and I’m not even a big Butterfree fan.

75. Exploud (Score: 4107)Edit

Average Ranking: 70.81 (St. Dev: 39.78)
Fully Evolved Rank: 49/73
Normal Rank: 9/18
Whismur Line: 1/3

2 - Nick
4 - Eddv
8 - Magmortar
11 - Brayze
13 - mnk
16 - Poka
18 - Sorozone
19 - XIII
20 - Bospsy
27 - Sanity
29 - Anagram
31 - Mana
31 - Natwaf
33 - darkx
33 - MI
35 - Raka
43 - Cybat
44 - Scarlet
48 - Ecks
49 - Dragon66116
52 - xx521xx
54 - profDEADPOOL
55 - Logicblade
59 - Paul
61 - Arti
65 - swordz
66 - Inviso
69 - Scepter
69 - Wigs
71 - JONA
77 - Tazzy
78 - red
78 - TUM
79 - CasanovaZelos
83 - Cody
84 - Ermine
89 - andy
95 - Karo
97 - BetrayedTangy
98 - Snake5s
98 - Flubbin
100 - Poke
103 - MSG
104 - junglebob
108 - Para
112 - Kate
113 - Gen
117 - Stifled
117 - Giggs
118 - KBM
118 - Lefty
121 - Wickle
123 - OrangeCrush
131 - Xuxon
131 - Drak
132 - Suor
133 - TexWolf
135 - Starfox

Eddv: You wish you could make as much noise as this guy. BOOMBURST

Magmortar: If you need the crowd to make noise, this thing’s basically unbeatable. Exploud is another random Pokemon that to me just oozes coolness. Then there’s Boomburst.

Brayze: I like that he has two tails for air intake. For his screams. The other vents on his face are actually a skin condition


Anagram: Bulbapedia says Exploud is supposed to be a pipe organ, and I guess that’s as good an explanation as I’m going to get

Raka: I really get the loud design they're trying to do. Reminds me of Gaby and Ty, good times. Good design and really shows its concept.

Cybat: I always expected GameFreak to add a Sound type at some point. They even already have an ability to block it! But anyway, this guy is pretty scary, and he was very happy when they created Hyper Voice and then Boomburst!

Scarlet: The Loud Noise Pokemon. Scientists who have measured the size of Exploud’s mouth have determined it in fact IS larger than the kisser on Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler.

Betrayedtangy: Exploud could easily be Top 50 for me, if I actually got to use one. Too bad Loudred evolves at level f****** 40, why!? It's not like Exploud is worth it…

Junglebob: All those tubes on its body are gross. An Exploud was on my first Sapphire team and was p. terrible

Para: it's an improvement over loudred but not much of one

Gen: Are you kidding me? Eat all the turds, your mouth is certainly big enough for it.

Stifled: el oh el it’s loud and it explodes

Giggs: I know people like Exploud. Those people are c***s.

KBM: “I have an idea, let's make a Pokémon that is loud.” “BRILLIANT! Surely this is a well-fleshed out enough concept to make for an entire three-stage line!”

OrangeCrush: It's ugly and overrated

Starfox: Ew. Ew ew ew ew ew ew. Ew. It’s just so fugly. I can barely even look at the screen when this thing shows up, plus it knows all those super annoying sound based attacks. Plus it’s fugly. Ugh. Also f*** soundproof. How so many people like this is beyond me.

74. Metang (Score: 4103)Edit

Average Ranking: 70.74 (St. Dev: 29.85)
NFE Rank: 26/62
Steel Rank: 7/9
Psychic Rank: 9/20
Pseudos: 3/6
Beldum Line: 2/3

14 - Giggs
14 - Drak
24 - BetrayedTangy
24 - Anagram
25 - andy
33 - TUM
37 - OrangeCrush
39 - Natwaf
42 - profDEADPOOL
42 - Ermine
43 - TexWolf
45 - mnk
46 - Dragon66116
47 - XIII
47 - Tazzy
48 - Logicblade
50 - Lefty
50 - Magmortar
51 - Wigs
53 - Sorozone
54 - Nick
56 - Snake5s
57 - Stifled
59 - Ecks
59 - Cybat
62 - CasanovaZelos
63 - junglebob
64 - MSG
66 - JONA
69 - Starfox
69 - Gen
70 - Raka
74 - Poka
75 - KBM
77 - Scarlet
80 - darkx
81 - Arti
87 - Poke
89 - Brayze
91 - Mana
93 - xx521xx
96 - Scepter
97 - Inviso
98 - red
99 - Xuxon
103 - Paul
103 - Sanity
104 - Wickle
105 - MI
106 - Cody
112 - swordz
112 - Para
113 - Bospsy
114 - Flubbin
116 - Suor
117 - Kate
119 - Karo
120 - Eddv

Giggs: The sort of thing you can imagine the government deploying as surveillance in ten years or so. Definitely earns points for being a prelude to Metagross, but cool in its own right too.

BetrayedTangy: I think Metang looks cooler than Metagross, there I said it. Sure I like Metagross more, but I can't help but appreciate Metang's design.

Anagram: ‘hey frank I drew a flying saucer with arms and eyes’ ‘that’s great phil, but add some random spikes’

OrangeCrush: He's what a middle stage for a pseudo-legendary should be: Actually useful and with a good design.

XIII: Same problem as Grovyle; this is basically a less awesome version of Metagross.

Magmortar: Metang @ is one of the most beautiful things to have spawned from Smogon. Yeah, that’s it.

Stifled: I swear I saw this guy in Sonic 3 and Knuckles.

Cybat: I like how it is a subtler example of the "multiple basic Pokemon fuse together" design.

Gen: Yes I know it's just two Beldums and a bridge between them. I don't care I think it looks cool.

Raka: It's pretty nice and a good-design. I just don't like how many years it take to evolve...urgh.

KBM: We are improving, yes, we are. I wish you would evolve sooner, though, so you could be really badass.

Scarlet: The Iron Claw Pokemon. There may or may not be several Metang lumbering about in the factory sequence of Star Wars Episode II. One would have no way of knowing.

Brayze: I consider this to just be a stupid version of metagross.

Para: oh god it's 7:22 in the morning and I just do not have the energy to write something about metang his name sounds like a citrus drink

Suor: F*** you and your idiotic catch rate. F*** you forever.

73. Delcatty (Score: 4062)Edit

Average Ranking: 70.03 (St. Dev: 34.32)
Fully Evolved Rank: 48/73
Normal Rank: 8/18
Skitty Line: 2/2

5 - TexWolf
6 - Karo
7 - MI
9 - Dragon66116
17 - Wickle
20 - red
21 - Anagram
28 - Poke
28 - xx521xx
34 - Poka
39 - Xuxon
40 - Sanity
42 - Ecks
44 - Snake5s
44 - Raka
49 - Kate
50 - profDEADPOOL
53 - Gen
54 - KBM
55 - Scepter
56 - Sorozone
59 - Logicblade
61 - Scarlet
61 - Drak
64 - Mana
65 - OrangeCrush
67 - Giggs
68 - Cody
73 - Stifled
74 - Eddv
74 - Cybat
76 - Nick
76 - darkx
76 - Flubbin
79 - Magmortar
83 - Inviso
83 - MSG
86 - Bospsy
86 - Ermine
88 - Paul
88 - andy
93 - junglebob
94 - Para
95 - Tazzy
96 - JONA
97 - Brayze
99 - swordz
100 - Arti
102 - Suor
106 - XIII
117 - Wigs
118 - mnk
121 - BetrayedTangy
125 - Starfox
126 - Natwaf
126 - Lefty
129 - TUM
130 - CasanovaZelos

Wickle: I once mentioned that I dislike Metronome. Now I tell you I love assist and this is the Poke that made me discover it. (Whitney)

Anagram: The only cat pokemon that isn’t completely inferior to its preevo, Delcatty is instead merely mildly inferior

Raka: Delicate, yeah. But I don't want to waste a moon stone on you :(

Gen: Nowhere near Skitty's cuteness, but it doesn't ruin the line at least. Can't say that about other cats *cough* Purugly *phlegm* AnyhooI kinda hated Norman's gym because of these stalling stat bastards but hey MY Delcatty wasn't a pain in the ass.

KBM: Is this thing wearing a life preserver?

Scarlet: The Prim Pokemon. For years, a team of scientists from the University of Massachusetts touted their discovery of the Delcatty species as their greatest achievement. Uproar occurred when it was revealed that the Delcatty was just a cat wearing an ergonomic neck pillow.

OrangeCrush: Cute, but a lot of Pokemon do the cute cat thing better.

Giggs: Delcatty has the facial expression of a girl who is absurdly high maintenance yet is hot enough to always get what she wants. There are worse things in the world.

Stifled: Why did they turn my adorable Skitty into a prissy little b****? I’m so sad.

Cybat: Bad base stats and a lacking movepool. And a bad name. But it has some interesting abilities at least.

Magmortar: There are loads of better cats, both in design and battle use. Yeah thunder waving Garchomp is cool but you can’t touch a Shuppet with Shadow Ball. Nonetheless Delcatty was kind of okay at the point you get in XD and I might’ve used it briefly in that game, I don’t remember. It at least learns loads of good attacks, it just can’t use many of them. At all.

Junglebob: This cat looked better in pink.

Para: cat

Brayze: Yeah I got your moonstone right here (cue domestic abuse)

Arti: A waste of a moon stone.

Suor: I've tried all kinds of pokémon in battle and I still can't figure out how something can be as useless as Delcatty. I also have to wonder how in 6 generations they could never make a great cat pokémon, it's an award-deserving effort.

XIII: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaawn.

BetrayedTangy: It's a cat, whoopdie f****** doo.

Starfox: Loses points for being a cat. Not even a cool cat. It tried to be cute/pretty/beautiful/whatever but didn’t really succeed at that, so more points lost. But at least it didn’t become super annoyingly cute like Skitty.

72. Glalie (Score: 4006)Edit

Average Ranking: 69.07 (St. Dev: 37.12)
Fully Evolved Rank: 47/73
Ice Rank: 4/6
Snorunt Line: 1/2

1 - mnk
3 - Wigs
5 - Nick
5 - JONA
8 - Bospsy
18 - andy
18 - Magmortar
30 - Logicblade
32 - Mana
32 - XIII
34 - darkx
35 - Tazzy
35 - profDEADPOOL
38 - Sanity
41 - CasanovaZelos
44 - Starfox
44 - Arti
47 - Flubbin
51 - Dragon66116
51 - MSG
52 - Cybat
54 - Scarlet
55 - Cody
60 - OrangeCrush
60 - Natwaf
61 - KBM
64 - BetrayedTangy
69 - Poka
70 - Stifled
72 - Raka
72 - Brayze
73 - Ecks
73 - Giggs
76 - Scepter
76 - Sorozone
76 - MI
79 - Paul
79 - Suor
80 - swordz
81 - xx521xx
96 - TexWolf
96 - Gen
97 - red
98 - junglebob
108 - Inviso
108 - Lefty
110 - Para
113 - Eddv
113 - TUM
114 - Karo
115 - Kate
121 - Anagram
122 - Wickle
124 - Snake5s
126 - Drak
130 - Xuxon
130 - Poke
131 - Ermine

Magmortar: I’m a big fan of dumb floating hockey mask disco ball. I wish it was a bit more specialized than is currently though.


ProfDEADPOOL: Those eyes. This pokemon looks really intimidating. I think it would be better if it was dark or ghost with more focus on it being a scary ice ball though

Sanity: This guy looks evil.

Arti: Should I use the Glalie from the demo? I'm leaning towards no, but I never used one before.

Cybat: Not only is it pretty terrifying on the merits of its design, it also gets Moody now! Hilarious.

Scarlet: The Face Pokemon. Little known fact: A Glalie was the stunt double for Jason Vorhees in the Friday the 13th film series.


KBM: This thing looks like such a badass that I REALLY wish it were usable. Like, at all.

BetrayedTangy: Glalie would be higher if it was easier to get and didn't have an ugly Mega

Stifled: It’s a big, angry ball of ice. This could either be a positive or negative depending on who you ask. For me, it isn’t so bad.

Raka: I don't want this, this is scary. Imagine getting lost on a snowy mountain only to find a Glalie slowly stalking you.

Brayze: Is this a play on goalie? Like a scary goalie mask? Which is what glalie basically is? I know about this because I'm Canadian (tm)


Suor: For the longest time, I thought Glalie was also a Dark type. Apparently its Mega didn't fix this. WTF GameFreak?

Gen: Ugh sorry mnk. I can't rank the floaty hockey mask any higher than this. Kudos for his line being the first pure ice type, but he really looks like he wants to be half dark or steel. That's not what I'm holding against him ftr. On the plus side Pac-Man snocone Mega evo makes me laugh so there's that.

Junglebob: Angry hockey mask. It's Mega looks pretty silly.


Karo: I thought this little f***er couldn't get any more stupid looking... and then it mega evolved.

Anagram: When Ash’s Snorunt turned into this monstrosity I was very sad

Ermine: .... What..? Why?... Why this...?

71. Wailmer (Score: 3974)Edit

Average Ranking: 68.52 (St. Dev: 36.25)
NFE Rank: 25/62
Ice Rank: 18/28
Wailmer Line: 2/2

6 - MI
7 - MSG
10 - Sanity
11 - junglebob
12 - Lefty
13 - Xuxon
13 - Poke
19 - Eddv
19 - Giggs
24 - Wigs
26 - Nick
27 - Cody
28 - Tazzy
31 - TexWolf
41 - Mana
41 - Stifled
41 - darkx
42 - andy
47 - swordz
48 - Scarlet
49 - Raka
56 - CasanovaZelos
64 - Drak
65 - Scepter
66 - Gen
67 - Para
74 - mnk
74 - Suor
76 - Arti
77 - OrangeCrush
77 - JONA
79 - Wickle
80 - Inviso
83 - Magmortar
83 - xx521xx
89 - Bospsy
90 - Logicblade
90 - Flubbin
93 - KBM
93 - Paul
96 - BetrayedTangy
96 - Natwaf
97 - Sorozone
99 - Dragon66116
99 - red
101 - Karo
101 - profDEADPOOL
104 - TUM
104 - Poka
107 - Starfox
107 - Ermine
109 - Ecks
112 - XIII
118 - Cybat
120 - Snake5s
121 - Brayze
124 - Anagram
128 - Kate

MSG: Those teeth. Those mother****ing teeth! Without those teeth, he's like middle of the pack (see Wailord), but every time I see Wailmer, I absolutely crack up so hard. He's so amazing.

Sanity: A bouncy whale sounds fun.

Junglebob: It's basically a pygmy whale, and I think that's great.

Giggs: Derp. Prelude to bigger derp.

Stifled: How is it possible for a whale to be cute?

Scarlet: The Ball Whale Pokemon. If you were to harpoon a Wailmer and skin it for its valuable blubber, you would learn that Wailmer is in fact 98% blubber; the other 2% is low self-esteem.

Raka: Looks like a macaroon. Mmmm.

Gen: I love this concept though Spheal pulls it off a little better. Wailmer is still cute though.

Para: smaller than wailord and therefore less hilarious

Magmortar: Beach ball whale. Okay in its own right. I mean it too is an exploding whale and exploding whales are great and completely underrated but this generation has better mons

KBM: Wailmer more like whaleMEH you follow me

BetrayedTangy: Wailmer's cute, but annoying to fight and has a dumb evolution.

XIII: The NFE of a Pokemon, in Wailord, that I can't really get behind.

Cybat: Another one with a weird face. And it takes forever to evolve.

Brayze: They thought it was a good idea to put two whale pokemon in the same game, I think it's a good idea to put two balls in their mouths

Anagram: I wouldn’t really have cared about Wailmer but for its teeth. Any face it makes is rendered into a derp face just because of those teeth. It’s like when you’re a kid and you try to make someone look dumb by imitating him by pulling your upper lip and upper teeth over your lower lip and going DUH HUHHHH. That’s Wailmer

70. Wingull (Score: 3953)Edit

Average Ranking: 68.16 (St. Dev: 34.92)
NFE Rank: 24/62
Flying Rank: 9/12
Water Rank: 17/28
Wingull Line: 2/2

4 - Poke
5 - Stifled
8 - OrangeCrush
12 - Cody
14 - darkx
16 - Anagram
17 - Para
22 - Sanity
23 - junglebob
27 - Ecks
28 - mnk
29 - andy
30 - Ermine
31 - Suor
31 - xx521xx
37 - Inviso
46 - Gen
51 - Wickle
56 - Nick
60 - TUM
61 - Kate
61 - MSG
63 - profDEADPOOL
63 - Drak
64 - Giggs
65 - Tazzy
65 - JONA
71 - Xuxon
73 - red
77 - Snake5s
77 - Paul
78 - Flubbin
79 - Scepter
80 - Lefty
81 - Starfox
82 - Brayze
85 - Mana
85 - Bospsy
89 - Scarlet
89 - Magmortar
90 - Cybat
90 - KBM
95 - Logicblade
95 - MI
98 - Sorozone
101 - Natwaf
103 - Dragon66116
104 - XIII
105 - Eddv
105 - Arti
107 - CasanovaZelos
108 - Raka
112 - TexWolf
114 - BetrayedTangy
120 - Karo
122 - Wigs
123 - swordz
126 - Poka

Poke: Friendly seagull!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stifled: This is one of the inspirations behind my StifledSeagulls account. I love this little guy.

OrangeCrush: I love seagulls. Shock Wave is a cool addition to his moveset, but I'd prefer Lightning Nova.

Cody: They made seagulls cute, that is an impressive feat.

Darkx: Kind of an odd choice to have up so high, but I do like him. I think one of my funniest Wingull memories was watching TSG play through one of the generation three games and when trying to catch Rayquaza among their super-high-level party was a pathetic, low-leveled Wingull.

Anagram: It’s just so simplistic that I can’t hate it

Para: As I walked along the beach, I spotted a Wingull perched upon a rock. I stopped and stared at him, and he stared back at me with his blank, hollow eyes. Something was different about this Wingull. He'd seen things. Things that would have made most men go crazy. The Wingull spoke. "Trumpets." I thought I misheard him. "I'm sorry?" "Trumpets. We are all trumpets. Trumpets is life. Life is trumpets." "Trumpets? I don't understand." "You. You will understand. You will understand that you too are trumpets." And then I was a trumpet. Everything was trumpets. TRUMPETS. T R U M P E T S

Sanity: Seagulls are cool.

Junglebob: I like seagulls, so of course I like Wingulls too.

Gen: Seagulls are so funny IRL. I like them so a pokemon based on one would be hard to goof up. It's simple and cute. And water/flying is a great early game typing to have if you pick anything but Mudkip.

Wickle: It's a Seagull, that is all.

MSG: Oh, I like Wingull. It's a water bird. Wingull's only the rarest Pokemon. It's actually good, it evolves into Pelistorm.

Giggs: Kind of like a paper aeroplane in bird form. I can dig it.

Brayze: Lost his 'weirdest looking bird' crown to sigilyph in gen 5, now he only has the 'most associated with trumpets' medallion

Scarlet: The Seagull Pokemon. Wingulls are notorious for always ****ing on your car after you have it freshly washed and waxed.

Magmortar: Mine?

Cybat: Hooray, another thing to run into while surfing! He has a pretty solid movepool for an early Pokemon, it's a shame he has to evolve into Pelipper and ruin everything.

KBM: It's literally just a seagull. The first water bird of the series should have gotten a little bit less bland of a treatment.

XIII: I want to like it, really, but uh.

Arti: There's just too many of these everywhere water is. And in Hoenn that's a lot of water.

Raka: When threatened with emutes and your heart is in your boots (tarantaratarantara) nothing brings it round, like the trumpets' martial sound, like the trumpets' martial sound. Tarantara tarantara tarantara tarantaraaaaa

BetrayedTangy: It's a seagull, whoopdie f****** doo.

Karo: I'm not sure quite how the anatomy on this thing works, given how its mouth and butthole both seem to go right into where its brain should be. It's a poorly designed piece of s*** that looks like it had 5 minutes of work put into creating it, max.

69. Nuzleaf (Score: 3947)Edit

Average Ranking: 68.05 (St. Dev: 30.55)
NFE Rank: 23/62
Grass Rank: 11/17
Dark Rank: 10/10
Seedot Line: 3/3

14 - Eddv
14 - xx521xx
19 - profDEADPOOL
21 - KBM
22 - Paul
24 - darkx
26 - red
29 - Mana
33 - swordz
35 - Logicblade
37 - MSG
39 - Scarlet
40 - Starfox
43 - Arti
46 - OrangeCrush
46 - JONA
47 - mnk
50 - CasanovaZelos
51 - Sorozone
52 - Lefty
54 - Cybat
56 - XIII
59 - MI
59 - Poka
61 - Poke
62 - Wickle
65 - Giggs
68 - Anagram
68 - Inviso
68 - Kate
69 - Tazzy
74 - Nick
74 - Dragon66116
74 - Magmortar
75 - BetrayedTangy
78 - Karo
79 - Gen
82 - Snake5s
84 - Ecks
85 - Drak
87 - TexWolf
88 - Bospsy
88 - Natwaf
90 - junglebob
90 - TUM
92 - Ermine
96 - Xuxon
102 - Scepter
104 - andy
105 - Stifled
105 - Cody
108 - Flubbin
110 - Wigs
110 - Sanity
114 - Suor
118 - Raka
126 - Para
132 - Brayze

Eddv: Samurai leaf.

KBM: I'm not sure why this evolves from Seedot, but it both makes Seedot cool and Dark type actually viable (not to mention making Grass palatable), so major props. One of the things this generation does best is making Grass types that I actually like, by combining them with a type that can seriously use Grass' strong in-game points. And, of course, even more bonus points for the Nuzlocke comics. Too bad I don't like any other part of Nuzleaf's line.

Scarlet: The Wily Pokemon. Nuzleaves are actually indigenous to Papua New Guinea, where they cook up and eat any tourists who happen to cross their paths.

Arti: Nuzlocke

OrangeCrush: He's the mascot of Nuzlockes.

Cybat: I do like his evolutionary line but he mostly got this high because of the Nuzlocke comics. Everything happens for a reason.

XIII: Completely nondescript until Nuzlocke which bumps this little guy up a few places.

Wickle: The radishman has appeared, you have been warned.

Giggs: Raised at least ten places due to Nuzlocke lore, but really who cares about Nuzleaf?

Anagram: No one would ever remember Nuzleaf but for Nuzlocke, and if you disagree, you are either a liar or completely wrong

Magmortar: It did name the Nuzlocke challenge, so it has that going for it.

BetrayedTangy: Cooler looking than Shiftry, but that's really about it. I'd forget about it, if not for Seedot.

Gen: The father of Nuzlocks. He's a pretty cool guy I guess. I had Sapphire so I never really got to know him.

Stifled: I call him thugleaf.

Raka: Why does it look like an ancient Egyptian slave? I don't really like it. Its coloration is also so dull.

Para: it is fitting that Nuzleaf is the patron saint of getting rid of your pokemon forever

Brayze: Yeah you know what, I'll take my pokemon without nipples, thanks.

68. Pelipper (Score: 3935)Edit

Average Ranking: 67.84 (St. Dev: 35.73)
Fully Evolved Rank: 45/73
Flying Rank: 8/12
Water Rank: 16/28
Wingull Line: 1/2

3 - Cody
7 - Wickle
8 - Poke
11 - Arti
16 - OrangeCrush
16 - Suor
17 - andy
18 - Stifled
25 - Para
29 - XIII
31 - Nick
33 - Tazzy
35 - Ermine
36 - Ecks
37 - xx521xx
38 - Mana
43 - mnk
49 - darkx
51 - Natwaf
51 - Flubbin
52 - Scarlet
54 - Giggs
55 - Wigs
59 - Inviso
65 - Snake5s
66 - Paul
67 - Raka
68 - junglebob
69 - CasanovaZelos
69 - TexWolf
74 - KBM
75 - Kate
76 - Dragon66116
76 - Lefty
78 - Sanity
81 - swordz
82 - Scepter
83 - Logicblade
83 - JONA
87 - Starfox
87 - Drak
89 - Gen
90 - Sorozone
97 - MI
98 - TUM
99 - Karo
100 - MSG
102 - red
109 - Xuxon
111 - BetrayedTangy
111 - Poka
118 - Anagram
120 - Brayze
122 - Eddv
123 - Bospsy
126 - Cybat
130 - profDEADPOOL
130 - Magmortar

Cody: My bird of choice in Ruby. I love this guy.

Wickle: I don't care how inferior stat wise this guy is to Gyarados, he's my favorite Water/Flying. Little Pelican that evolves from a seagull, so cool.

Arti: I have fond memories of my Ruby team. Pelipper was one of the 6 that I used, and it worked extremely well.

OrangeCrush: Eh... I still love him, but Wingull deserved a better evolution.

Stifled: Why did StifledSeagulls evolve into a Type 2 Diabetes pelican? Ah well, I still love you.

Para: it's about 90% beak by volume and that makes it the most bird of any bird Pokemon, it's math

XIII: Used it in my Emerald team which gives it a bonus but it wasn't until it started providing me with multiple lucky eggs in ORAS that I grew to fully appreciate its greatness.

Scarlet: The Water Bird Pokemon. The large size of a Pelipper’s mouth has made it invaluable to the porn industry as the receptacle used for a massive amount of loads in the finishing shot of a gangbang.

Giggs: Pelicans are intrinsically great, but Pelipper's design doesn't exactly scream inspiration. I like that he's like 90% mouth though. Where are his vital organs hiding?

Snake: Always the loud mouth at parties

Raka: A pelican Pokemon is appropriate and they did their best with it.

Junglebob: Pelipper's eyes weird me out. They look especially weird in its sprite art.

KBM: It's fine. But like Wingull, I really feel like I should have more to say about an early-game flying type that's NOT dual-typed with Normal.

Sanity: Pelicans are awesome, though not a huge fan of this design. Also weird that a seagull turns into a pelican.

Gen: Pelicans are awesome. Pelipper is not. The weird beak that extends all the way to the buttocks and the old school Mickey Mouse style eyes makes me want to throw rocks at it... yet it's still a pelican which automatically makes it better than other things on the roster. I want my Wingull back. :(

BetrayedTangy: It's a pelican whoopdie f****** doo.

Anagram Literally my single least favorite fully evolved bird. It’s also one I’ve actually used—in OR, surf + fly made it an ideal HM slave, but it actually turned out to be oaky. Definitely the worst member of my team, and I ran Electrode, but it could get the job done or at least take a hit while I healed someone who could

Brayze: Someone crossed a pelican, a bucket, and some straight up garbage and behold!

Cybat: Hooray, another thing to run into while surfing! He has a pretty solid movepool for an early Pokemon, it's a shame he has to evolve into Pelipper and ruin everything.

Magmortar: ****ing stupid pelican, looks painful stupid, dumb cry, learns annoying as **** attacks for in-game and is mostly useless in comp. (maybe it’d be okay if it kept Wingull’s gottagofast). In Gen 4 it seemed this thing was more common than Tentacruel (and, unlike Tentacruel, it can ****ing heal itself). Just why. But you know what? STILL BETTER THAN ****ING CHANSEY. And I guess that five man line below it (for a while Pelipper was my 135).

67. Sealeo (Score: 3931)Edit

Average Ranking: 67.78 (St. Dev: 34.00)
NFE Rank: 22/62
Water Rank: 16/28
Ice Rank: 3/6
Spheal Line: 3/3

3 - Poke
12 - MSG
15 - Xuxon
16 - Wigs
19 - Gen
20 - andy
20 - Drak
25 - swordz
26 - Ermine
35 - Starfox
35 - Wickle
37 - Nick
42 - Sorozone
42 - Lefty
43 - Cody
43 - MI
43 - Natwaf
45 - Stifled
45 - Flubbin
48 - xx521xx
52 - KBM
53 - Kate
53 - junglebob
57 - Mana
58 - Karo
58 - Sanity
59 - Bospsy
61 - Dragon66116
63 - Snake5s
68 - darkx
69 - Logicblade
73 - Tazzy
75 - Raka
76 - OrangeCrush
77 - mnk
80 - Ecks
82 - CasanovaZelos
87 - Scarlet
87 - Poka
89 - Inviso
90 - Scepter
90 - Arti
90 - Para
91 - Eddv
95 - red
101 - Cybat
103 - Giggs
103 - Suor
104 - TexWolf
106 - JONA
111 - Anagram
112 - TUM
120 - profDEADPOOL
121 - Magmortar
122 - Paul
125 - XIII
125 - Brayze
131 - BetrayedTangy


MSG: That glorious moustache is second only to Alakazam's. And Stoutland's.
..... and Jellicent's.
........ and Kricketune's.
........... and maybe Samurott's. So I guess it's 5th or 6th. Still good enough for 12th place in lol Gen III.

Gen: He's so cute and happy and high on life omg I want to squeeze him and pet his glorious whiskers. BTW I <3 whiskers.

Wickle: DUDE LOOK AT THIS COLOR! All pranking on someone else's rankings aside… dat 'stache is all I have to say.

Stifled: Surprisingly cute for a walrus

KBM: Spheal got older and wiser. Just look at that 'stache. That 'stache has seen s***, man.

Snake5s: I am the walrus, koo koo ka choo

Raka: A fat seal. It looks like it'd be pretty tasty. Hmm. And cool whiskers.

OrangeCrush: Another one of those middle evolutions that got stuck in the middle.

Scarlet: The Ball Roll Pokemon. It’s just a fat dopey thing with a white moustache. To say any more about it would be like trying to provide insight into a blade of grass.

Para: spheal, but in the midst of a midlife crisis

Cybat: Better than Seel.

Giggs: Sealeo is my fodder line, and a perfectly okay pokemon. I have absolutely nothing to say about him.

Suor: A blue blob shaped into a fat Seel with a dumb moustache.

Anagram: Honestly, does anyone care about Sealeo?

Magmortar: Spheal loses too much cuteness upon evolving, and it’s not quite at Walrein’s manly level. Sealeo probably defines awkward middle school kid more than any other middle form and is one of the few Pokemon even as a youngster I never liked.

XIII: Sealeo is offender number 2.

Brayze: He's very 'Dr. Robotnik' which being from the Sonic franchise is clearly an indicator of quality design

BetrayedTangy: Ewwww this is such an ugly line, it's hard to level up and has no real use by the time you get it.


GenesisSaga Posted 1/5/2015 11:00:00 PM

And the final ranking of the night results in another #1 being eliminated! I'm sorry Ermine.

66. Zigzagoon (Score: 3921)

Average Ranking: 67.53 (St. Dev: 41.17)
NFE Rank: 21/62
Normal Rank: 7/18
Zigzagoon Line: 2/2

1 - Ermine
4 - Eddv
8 - Magmortar
11 - Brayze
13 - Cybat
16 - Poka
18 - Sorozone
19 - Karo
20 - Bospsy
27 - Sanity
29 - Anagram
31 - Mana
31 - red
33 - darkx
33 - MI
35 - Raka
43 - mnk
44 - Gen
48 - Ecks
49 - Dragon66116
52 - xx521xx
54 - profDEADPOOL
55 - Logicblade
59 - Paul
61 - Arti
65 - swordz
66 - Inviso
69 - Scepter
69 - Wigs
71 - JONA
77 - Tazzy
78 - Natwaf
78 - starfox
79 - CasanovaZelos
83 - Cody
84 - Nick
89 - andy
95 - XIII
97 - BetrayedTangy
98 - Snake5s
98 - Flubbin
100 - Poke
103 - MSG
104 - junglebob
108 - Para
112 - Kate
113 - Scarlet
117 - Stifled
117 - Giggs
118 - KBM
118 - Lefty
121 - Wickle
123 - OrangeCrush
131 - Xuxon
131 - Drak
132 - Suor
133 - TexWolf
135 - TUM

Ermine: I'm sure this will come as a HUGE shock to most of you but I love Zigzagoon! *gasp* I love Zigzagoon so much I was willing to pay 300 Canadian Loonies for a plushie of one! Does that make ME a loonie? Yes. Yes it does. But I don't care <3 Ziggy sooo much~

Eddv: What a funky lil' raccoon guy~

Magmortar: Nice for Pickup and HM slaving. Neat design too.

Brayze: I like Zigzagoons. Just look at that dumb zigzaging smirk!

Gen: I can't say I'm a huge fan like certain others but he's my cute lil' buddy. I always make room for Ziggies.

Anagram: Yeah, I don't really get all the hubbub. It's okay I guess.

Raka: Good design and really shows its concept. Pickup ability is literally perfect for a raccoon.

Cybat: This is a real writeup of a pokemon named Zigzagoon.

Scarlet: The Tiny Raccoon pokemon. Furries dream of the day when these will be able to interact with them in the real world. Intil then they'll just have to settle for stroking its dick in Amie.

XIII: Yeah it's pretty okay. There are much better pokemon though.

Nick: I lobe you, Babby Ermine

Betrayedtangy: It takes a long time to evolve for an early route pokemon but it's well worth it because in the meantime it'll give you all sorts of goodies

Junglebob: Ugh... it's fine. Could be better

Para: Why are you still reading these? Are you a fool or just curious?

Stifled: Sup Ermine. I'm afraid I don't like Zigzagoon nearly as much as Rattata because I am a terrible person with no sense of cuteness and blah blah blah

Giggs: I know people like Zigzagoon. Those people are c***s.

OrangeCrush: It's ugly and overrated

66. Roselia (Score: 3920)Edit

Average Ranking: 67.58 (St. Dev: 34.79)
Fully Evolved Rank: 22/62
Grass Rank: 10/17
Poison Rank: 2/5

2 - BetrayedTangy
2 - Kate
7 - Poka
13 - Ecks
22 - Scepter
22 - TUM
24 - Poke
28 - Wickle
30 - Bospsy
31 - OrangeCrush
32 - Lefty
33 - mnk
36 - darkx
36 - Gen
38 - Karo
41 - Scarlet
41 - red
47 - Logicblade
48 - Cybat
48 - MSG
49 - MI
51 - Inviso
51 - Raka
52 - Natwaf
58 - Stifled
66 - Suor
67 - xx521xx
68 - Eddv
70 - Mana
71 - andy
75 - Anagram
75 - XIII
75 - Sanity
76 - Xuxon
81 - junglebob
82 - TexWolf
83 - Flubbin
84 - Tazzy
85 - Dragon66116
85 - JONA
86 - CasanovaZelos
86 - Sorozone
86 - Giggs
91 - KBM
93 - Snake5s
100 - Cody
102 - Nick
104 - Starfox
108 - Magmortar
109 - Brayze
111 - swordz
118 - Drak
119 - Para
120 - Paul
121 - profDEADPOOL
124 - Arti
125 - Ermine
132 - Wigs

BetrayedTangy: While I didn't catch Roselia in Gen 3, I did catch a Budew in Diamond, and raised it into Roselia, this Roselia was awesome, it was probably one of the best members of my team, by far. I eventually evolved it, but that doesn't change how awesome she is.

Wickle: I like how its hands are bouquets.

OrangeCrush: She's great in the first few rounds of Emerald's Battle Factory, and is cute.

Gen: I laughed out loud when I randomly pulled out my pokedex after catching one and scrolling for a while and happened upon the size comparison screen. Roselia are one foot tall. I thought they were gigantic, like at least three and a half feet based on their sprites. Anyway they're awful perty and aromatherapy is a neat element to their moveset. Oh also it's very easy to win Beauty contests using one. Sooo easy. Bonus points for that!

Scarlet: The Thorn Pokemon. When trainers sniff the air near a Roselia and say “Something stinks,” they’re usually referring to a Roselia’s abysmal moveset.

Cybat: Pretty forgettable until they gave it two more forms in its chain. But its design is very appealing. When I saw it in the 3D games I was wholly unprepared for how tiny it is.

Raka: Definitely a rose. It's okay, slightly unremarkable.

Stifled: Please don’t show me your bush.

Anagram: So obviously a mid evolution that even GameFreak retconned it to be one. I really wish they’d just abandon the stupid incense ‘mechanic’ and just retcon baby forms to the things they want to add them to

XIII: Justified somewhat by the addition of Roserade (and I guess Budew), but still, Roselia was pretty damn pointless when first introduced.

Sanity: She's Cheer Captain and I'm on the bleachers.

Giggs: Roselia is nice, but fits much better as a mid-stager than as a standalone pokemon.

KBM: Not BAD... can only get so far by virtue of “at least this is better than its Gen IV expansion packs.”

Magmortar: Roselia is pretty unappealing. A solo Pokemon being turned into a complete line in the next generation is pretty damn cool, though.

Brayze: I have a suspicion that people are going to like this crap, please prove me wrong b8

Para: wow, roselia's a big hit, everyone loves her, we need both a baby AND an evolution for this thing

Arti: How on earth did this get a baby preevolution and a regular evolution in the same game?

65. Corphish (Score: 3881)Edit

Average Ranking: 66.91 (St. Dev: 30.37)
NFE Rank: 21/62
Water Rank: 15/28
Corphish Line: 2/2

5 - Poka
10 - BetrayedTangy
15 - JONA
19 - Nick
21 - darkx
26 - MI
27 - Lefty
28 - Anagram
30 - red
39 - Ermine
40 - Sorozone
40 - profDEADPOOL
41 - swordz
44 - TUM
45 - MSG
46 - Eddv
48 - Mana
48 - Gen
51 - Suor
51 - Para
52 - Cody
55 - Snake5s
57 - Xuxon
58 - junglebob
59 - andy
63 - xx521xx
64 - XIII
65 - Bospsy
65 - TexWolf
67 - Kate
68 - Scepter
72 - Starfox
75 - Logicblade
75 - Inviso
75 - Tazzy
78 - Dragon66116
79 - Ecks
79 - Wigs
79 - mnk
83 - Paul
84 - Raka
86 - Flubbin
87 - CasanovaZelos
89 - Wickle
91 - Drak
92 - Sanity
101 - Brayze
101 - Poke
103 - Cybat
103 - KBM
104 - Giggs
104 - Magmortar
109 - OrangeCrush
110 - Stifled
112 - Arti
115 - Natwaf
118 - Scarlet
130 - Karo

BetrayedTangy: I know I said I think there's a better pure water type, but I like Corphish for more personal reasons. I think Corphish is adorable and has a cool evolution, plus I love him in the anime.

Anagram: One of the many pokemon the anime partly redeemed in my eyes. I still don’t think we need multiple crab pokemon, but Corphish isn’t so bad, and at least it’s a different type of crab

Gen: I like it much better than Krabby. Ash's was funny.

Para: for some reason in the show ash had an angry corphish that tries to fight everything. why was ash's party kind of amazing in that part of the show

XIII: A means to an end, but a good one. Corphish is pretty solid for an NFE.

Ecks: look at my wittle claws

Raka: Cute little hard-looking shrimp. Can feed a family for a week.

Brayze: uh it has claws on the sides of its head

Cybat: I like his evolved form. And in his official art, his eyes are hilarious.

KBM: “Kill me. Please kill me.”

Giggs: I like that Corphish looks petrified of everything.

Magmortar: It doesn’t really have arms. Just…big, meaty claws. That’s odd.

OrangeCrush: Blatant Krabby expy

Stifled: You will never be Krabby. Ever.

Arti: We already had a crab pokemon, and this one brings nothing new to the table.

Scarlet: The Ruffian Pokemon. Corphish were essential test subjects in the medical community, tested alongside lobsters in order to learn the observable traits involved in diagnosing autism.

Karo: the only good use for this little r***** is to be boiled in a pot and have its shell cracked open to reveal the deliciousness within.

64. Marshtomp (Score: 3878)Edit

Average Ranking: 66.86 (St. Dev: 35.64)
NFE Rank: 20/62
Water Rank: 14/28
Ground Rank: 7/13
Starters: 8/9
Mudkip Line: 3/3

7 - KBM
9 - MI
13 - Gen
14 - OrangeCrush
18 - Ermine
19 - Dragon66116
21 - Raka
24 - andy
25 - Giggs
29 - Paul
32 - Tazzy
36 - Para
38 - Suor
39 - BetrayedTangy
41 - Poka
42 - red
43 - Karo
47 - JONA
48 - Starfox
48 - Scepter
49 - TexWolf
52 - Flubbin
53 - xx521xx
55 - Nick
55 - junglebob
59 - Cody
60 - Magmortar
61 - Logicblade
61 - profDEADPOOL
63 - Stifled
63 - MSG
66 - Wigs
68 - Scarlet
71 - Arti
72 - Kate
72 - Drak
73 - CasanovaZelos
73 - XIII
78 - swordz
81 - Natwaf
85 - Wickle
88 - mnk
94 - Inviso
96 - Sorozone
96 - Eddv
99 - Poke
103 - Mana
108 - Sanity
111 - Snake5s
112 - Bospsy
115 - Xuxon
116 - Brayze
124 - Cybat
129 - Ecks
130 - darkx
130 - Lefty
130 - TUM
134 - Anagram

KBM: Marshtomp is just so happy. It's so happy because it's a starter middie that actually gets BETTER rather than significantly worse. The fin on its head and its cheek-gills actually all look streamlined now, rather than cancerous. Also Water/Ground is kind of awesome dual-typing.

Gen: He just wants your hugs. Won't you give him your hugs?

OrangeCrush: This guy was in my top 10 in my first revision. I thought he was cool, loved him in battle, and didn't think he was notably derpy. But then I saw his gen 6 model again and my god... It's like Gamefreak thought, "People thought Marshtomp was derp before!? No way! We'll show them what derpy Marshtomp really is!" It's not enough to ruin my love for him, but he's definitely not top 10 material just because of that.

Raka: Genny will probably put Marshtomp above Mudkip and Swampert. And while I don't agree, I can definitely see the reasoning. It just looks like the right partner for a Pokemon trainer. Mudkip is like a cutesy pet and Swampert is a battle machine. But Marshtomp is a bro.

Giggs: Oddly, my highest ranked starter here. Marshtomp just looks fun.

Para: for some reason I like him the most of his line even though he ranked third. just have a weird affinity for the middle child this time unlike most starter lines

Suor: Better color and shape than Mudkip. Might be the best Water middle starter, not sure if I prefer this one or Wartortle.

BetrayedTangy: Easily the most useful second stage starter. Of the gen, its design is a tad bit derpy though.

Junglebob: Not as ugly as Swampert, but kinda awkward-looking

Magmortar: To me the second weakest starter-related thing of this gen by a fairly significant margin. Looks kind of dumb, I mostly remember it because it is the favorite Pokemon of one of my longtime friends.

Stifled: It wants to look like Mudkip, but isn’t cute. And it wants to look like Swampert, but it isn’t cool. Textbook below average middle evolution.

MSG: Wow, Mudkip, you sure got fat and ugly all of a sudden.

Scarlet: Mud Fish Pokemon. Marshtomps recently hired advertising consultants to rebrand them as more than just a middle evolution. It succeeded; they’re now recognized as a great black market delicacy in Japan.

XIII: I'm not sure what I'm supposed to feel when I look at or use Marshstomp but I don't. All I feel is confusion because I feel like that second s shouldn't be there?

Brayze: Not quite as bad as croconaw but getting there! Maybe add a tongue hanging out and you can be top end horrid, marshstomp

Cybat: Looks so weird and derpy. Water middle evos have a rough go until gen 4.

Ecks: It's so awkward looking I can't take it seriously. Competing with Croconaw as the worst form of any water starter line.

Anagram: I hate this entire line, but Marshtomp is definitely the worst. There are a lot of pokemon with terrible mid evolutions, and Marshtomp is one of them. It’s my opinion that Gen 3 has the worst Crap:Good ratio of pokemon, and things like Marshtomp make it so.

63. Cacnea (Score: 3834)Edit

Average Ranking: 66.11 (St. Dev: 29.59)
NFE Rank: 19/62
Grass Rank: 9/17
Cacnea Line: 2/2

4 - Xuxon
6 - Lefty
8 - Mana
11 - Nick
22 - mnk
25 - KBM
25 - Flubbin
26 - Kate
29 - JONA
33 - BetrayedTangy
39 - MI
40 - TUM
41 - Ecks
42 - Inviso
44 - andy
45 - Suor
48 - Poka
52 - Starfox
53 - Bospsy
56 - Cody
57 - Anagram
59 - TexWolf
60 - Giggs
61 - Eddv
61 - junglebob
64 - Logicblade
65 - Wigs
67 - Tazzy
67 - swordz
71 - MSG
71 - Gen
74 - Sorozone
76 - Raka
76 - Natwaf
78 - Magmortar
79 - Drak
80 - xx521xx
81 - Karo
82 - Paul
83 - Scarlet
85 - profDEADPOOL
87 - Brayze
88 - CasanovaZelos
91 - OrangeCrush
91 - red
94 - XIII
94 - Stifled
95 - Poke
96 - Wickle
97 - darkx
98 - Dragon66116
98 - Cybat
99 - Sanity
108 - Scepter
109 - Arti
113 - Ermine
114 - Snake5s
116 - Para

Mana: Kind of a holdover from my past. She'd probably be number one if this was done five or more years ago because, like Paras, this was my mascot attachment. Love has waned, but Cacnea is still such a cool Pokemon, and I love that jack-o-lantern face.

KBM: “I AM KING CACNEA. ROAR.” *waddles around awkwardly for a bit, demonstrating its kingly gait*

BetrayedTangy: When a Pokemon can manage to take a dumb idea and make it both cute and cool, you have to admit it's pretty impressive.

Anagram: There are pokemon about which I would have literally no memories except for the anime. Cacnea is one. It came in, took Victreebel’s gimmick of hugging James while hurting him, and that was that

Giggs: Cactuars forever instilled in me the belief that cactuses should be happy creatures. Good job, Cacnea.

Gen: There was a little cactus
Who wore a little crown
He saw a dumb Maractus
And ran it out of town

"For I am king of deserts!"
The little one began to sing
And if you're not alert
I shall hit you with my sting

Raka: Better than Maractus. I do like its glare, how feral.

Magmortar: Not really memorable, or much of anything. It’s just a stubby cactus that can punch you. Worth keeping around though! Oh and James had one.

Scarlet: The Cactus Pokemon. This Pokemon has been hunted into near extinction in Arizona and New Mexico. Denizens of these states like to take a box cutter to its head and hollow out the insides, replacing them with a candle; Canea O’ Lanterns are quite popular at Halloween.

Brayze: Enormously worse than the awesome cacturne

XIII: *shrug*

Stifled: What sucks about this little guy’s acne is it will turn into needles. Ouch.

Cybat: Just the right combination of cute and menacing. His mouth holes should be unsettling but it works for him somehow.

Arti: I wonder who designed the cactus Pokemon. At least Cacturne looks reasonable.

Para: grow a few feet and get a sweet hat and then come talk to me cacnea

62. Carvanha (Score: 3810)Edit

Average Ranking: 65.69 (St. Dev: 28.88)
NFE Rank: 18/62
Dark Rank: 9/10
Water Rank: 13/28
Carvanha Line: 2/2

5 - Sorozone
13 - Wigs
16 - TUM
22 - KBM
25 - Wickle
27 - profDEADPOOL
30 - TexWolf
31 - XIII
32 - Eddv
34 - Snake5s
35 - Giggs
40 - Suor
44 - Inviso
44 - mnk
44 - MSG
48 - red
50 - darkx
51 - Nick
51 - Brayze
51 - Drak
52 - Paul
56 - Kate
56 - Sanity
58 - Bospsy
59 - swordz
60 - andy
60 - Gen
62 - Mana
63 - Scarlet
66 - Magmortar
66 - Poka
68 - Logicblade
69 - Ermine
70 - BetrayedTangy
71 - Scepter
74 - Starfox
74 - CasanovaZelos
76 - Poke
78 - Lefty
78 - Xuxon
80 - Para
84 - Cybat
86 - MI
86 - Arti
92 - Anagram
97 - Stifled
97 - Cody
101 - Tazzy
103 - Raka
103 - Ecks
103 - xx521xx
104 - Karo
104 - Flubbin
105 - OrangeCrush
105 - Natwaf
106 - junglebob
122 - Dragon66116
123 - JONA

KBM: My soft spot for Dark types is showing. This is definitely one of the cooler, more badass straight-up fish Pokémon in the series.

Wickle: I surprisingly like this guy more than his evo, simply because that ability was funny, and it was the first to own it. Plus a piranha.

XIII: Most pre-evolutions are just a means to an end, and Carvanha's defensive stats are pretty horrible, but I love its menacing look.

Snake5s: Carvanha II: Flying Killers

Giggs: I feel like the whole "piranha turning into a shark" thing is overlooked among pokemon's inexplicable evolutions.

Brayze: I'm not sure I get the portmanteau. Carnivore+piranha? Car+piranha? Carve+sauna? It is a mystery

Gen: I think this is about everything piranha pokemon should be and does adequate justice to the fish. THIS is how you do cool fish pokemon, not Luvdisc.

Scarlet: The Savage Pokemon. For years Carvanha were feared for their ferocity and ability to work in groups, but sadly the Carvanha has become a laughingstock in the Pokemon community after Carvanha 3D and Carvanha 3DD performed abysmally.

Magmortar: Something much freakier could have come out of a piranha Pokemon. Thank the heavens!

BetrayedTangy: Yeah yeah he's a piranha, just show me Sharpedo already

Para: gen 3 has a lot of fish. carvanha is cool but gets lost in the mix

Cybat: Piranhas are terrifying and this guy does not disappoint. Its main ability is pretty useless with those defenses, but Speed Boost is not a bad consolation prize at all.

Anagram: What evolutionary sense is there is being blue and red? If you need to sneak up on prey, bright colors like that would give you away from a distance, that’s why actual predators tend toward less vibrant tones

Stifled: Way too many colors. I’ll quote Joey Styles’ opinion on Spike Dudley’s ECW ring attire. OH MY GOD THE COLORS!

Raka: Little known fact: It's based on a Portuguese word, so its name is read as 'kar-va-nya'

61. Shuppet (Score: 3806)Edit

Average Ranking: 65.69 (St. Dev: 28.88)
NFE Rank: 17/62
Ghost Rank: 6/6
Shuppet Line: 2/2

5 - TUM
7 - Lefty
8 - Kate
10 - Snake5s
11 - mnk
17 - Eddv
17 - Giggs
22 - Bospsy
22 - darkx
36 - Starfox
40 - Karo
41 - Tazzy
45 - Gen
46 - Mana
47 - junglebob
51 - Ecks
51 - swordz
53 - KBM
56 - Drak
57 - Logicblade
57 - Scarlet
57 - Paul
58 - Ermine
59 - BetrayedTangy
59 - Scepter
60 - Inviso
60 - Sorozone
61 - Cybat
62 - MI
63 - Anagram
64 - Wickle
64 - Poke
69 - Para
74 - MSG
75 - Stifled
77 - CasanovaZelos
80 - TexWolf
81 - andy
81 - Poka
83 - Dragon66116
83 - Brayze
86 - Raka
87 - Wigs
87 - Flubbin
90 - xx521xx
92 - OrangeCrush
96 - Arti
101 - Nick
101 - red
103 - JONA
103 - Xuxon
107 - Magmortar
111 - Sanity
111 - Suor
112 - Natwaf
113 - profDEADPOOL
117 - XIII
120 - Cody

Snake5s: Beacause Cloud...You are a Shuppet

Giggs: Was this guy always so awesomely sinister looking? Discovery of the list for me.

Gen: mnk would have me believe this thing is adorable. Well it's pretty cute but it doesn't come close to touching Duskull.

Junglebob: Shuppet has cool eyes.

KBM: Very cool-looking Ghost type Pokémon that I would like a lot better were it actually useful. Like, at all.

Scarlet: The Puppet Pokemon. If you remove the tablecloth from the top of a Shuppet, you’ll quickly learn it’s actually just a hastily made Halloween costume for a Larvitar.

BetrayedTangy: Shuppet's cute, but that's about it.

Cybat: His eyes are great. Not much to say, just a really ghostly Pokemon.

Anagram: ‘hey phil, we didn’t have enough ghosts in gen 1 and 2, make some more’ ‘okay, should I make them interesting or cool?’ ‘no’

Wickle: A puppet? Evolves into banette? Yes please. His cloak flowing is really nice.

Para: shadow... puppets... AHA I get it

Stifled: Shuppet? I barely know it!

Brayze: They were on a deadline and someone said 'crap we still need a ghost pokemon' and someone just drew a sheet ghost. 'wilson you've done it again!' margaritas and hookers for everyone!

Raka: Take this ranking and Shuppet!

OrangeCrush: Looks like a sock puppet

Arti: The first of the lesser ghost line that didn't get a second evolution for no reason at all.

Magmortar: It’s a bedsheet ghost. You think they would’ve done that sooner.

Suor: I'm pretty sure that if I covered myself with a blanket I could make a better ghost impression.

XIII: Banette isn't particularly good on its own; did it need a pre-evo? It could have just been Banette. Shuppet doesn't offer much.

60. Jirachi (Score: 3794)Edit

Average Ranking: 65.41 (St. Dev: 36.68)
Fully Evolved Rank: 44/73
Psychic Rank: 8/20
Steel Rank: 6/9
Legendaries: 7/10

3 - Stifled
5 - Karo
8 - swordz
10 - darkx
12 - xx521xx
13 - Brayze
22 - Drak
24 - Giggs
25 - Raka
27 - Para
30 - Eddv
30 - TUM
31 - Ecks
32 - Kate
33 - Arti
37 - Cybat
37 - Paul
40 - Xuxon
41 - BetrayedTangy
45 - Cody
45 - Poka
48 - Inviso
50 - Mana
50 - MSG
58 - JONA
58 - andy
59 - CasanovaZelos
59 - Ermine
61 - Flubbin
62 - Poke
68 - mnk
69 - XIII
72 - Natwaf
76 - KBM
78 - profDEADPOOL
79 - Starfox
79 - Logicblade
81 - OrangeCrush
81 - MI
84 - Sorozone
86 - Dragon66116
91 - Scepter
94 - Scarlet
95 - Wigs
99 - Nick
100 - Wickle
102 - Snake5s
106 - Bospsy
108 - Tazzy
111 - red
111 - Lefty
118 - Sanity
118 - TexWolf
120 - Magmortar
125 - Gen
127 - Suor
129 - Anagram
132 - junglebob

Stifled: While I grow tired of clones and clones of clones, I freaking love this guy. He’s so adorable! He’s yellow! I played through Soul Silver with this little guy on my team and he was packing Draco Meteor! Nothing quite puts an exclamation point on an early gym battle like Draco Meteor.

Brayze: Jirachi has a huge eye in its stomach, which immediately makes it the best fairy-style pokemon.

Giggs: I like the idea that you can stick a post-it note to a sleeping Jirachi's forehead and it will come true, you just might have to wait 1000 years. Pokemon mythos can be cool when they try.

Raka: Shooting star thing. Its typing is likeable and 'Doom Desire' is a wicked cool name for an attack. And it looks just the right amount of cute, which is important for the Mew knock-offs

Para: it would just be okay if it was a cutesy fairy pokemon but it has a HORRIFYING EYE IN THE CENTER OF ITS CHEST and that really sends it over the top

Eddv: Literally the only legend from this gen that's not a worthless turd or literally a rock.

Arti: I never had the bonus disc, but one of my friends did and we all passed it around to get Jirachis. Still have the one from that disc.

Cybat: Well, I never had to fight against one, so yeah. Serence Grace is great as usual and its design does a great job of combining the usual Mew-like body with a star shape.

BetrayedTangy: I liked its role in the movie, but it's basically the Celebi of Gen 3

Cody: The first event Pokemon that I actually, legitimately got. That gets it some bonus points.

XIII: A decent enough pseudo-Mew, but points docked for being the only Pokemon missing in my almost complete living dex. Give me that event god damnit!

KBM: The Celebi of this generation. No, that is not a compliment. We already have a much better Steel/Psychic Pokémon this generation, that looks and acts more like a Legendary than you do, Jirachi, so your services are no longer required.

ProfDEADPOOL: My younger brother is absolutely obsessed with Jirachi and so I am annoyed by Jirachi. The start of the dislike line is here. Screw you Jirachi and screw the damn Jirachi movie which is all my brother ever wanted to watch for a good 2 years.

OrangeCrush: I stopped caring about event Pokemon this gen. Gamefreak, stahp!!!

Scarlet: The Wise Pokemon. Despite its reality-altering ability to grant wishes, Jirachi has obviously never been able to grant its own wish of not looking like a dopey little prick.

Wickle: You don't get Celebi treatment. Get lost Wish ***.

Magmortar: I don’t like any of the cute event Pokemon that aren’t Mew, and Mew only gets by because learning every TM is cool. Jirachi is terrible to me, it’s very hard to actually get and it’s not a fun Pokemon to fight. At all. I don’t like using it either. Just ugh.

Gen: I kind of feel like all the non-weather trio/non-Lati@s legendaries could be removed from this generation and none of the games would be the worse off for it. You remember how I basically called Celebi a bootleg grass Mew? Well Jirachi is not even a bootleg steel Celebi. This design is so uninspired... FFS if you're not going to make your fairy legendaries unique and appealing stop putting them in the game! Oh and then there's this: You know there's something very unsettling about seeing a third eye anywhere but on the forehead. Combine that with event-only which means I've never used one and it all goes to pot.

Suor: Besides being as fun as cancer to face in battle, I never understood how they could screw up the wishing star concept this badly.

Anagram: This mother****er right here. I played a lot of Singles back in Gen 4/5, and Jirachi might just have been the single most common thing I encountered. If it wasn’t, it was definitely in the top three. You could not go five matches without seeing a Jirachi. I hope you like flinchspam and wish, because brother, that is all you’re getting. Oh wait you wanted to know what I think of the pokemon itself? Who gives a crap about the not-Mews.

Junglebob: I remember Jirachi being awful in its movie, but I also dislike its design.

59. Spoink (Score: 3772)Edit

Average Ranking: 65.41 (St. Dev: 38.44)
NFE Rank: 15/62
Psychic Rank: 7/20
Spoink Line: 1/2

3 - Logicblade
3 - profDEADPOOL
3 - Giggs
6 - darkx
13 - Lefty
13 - MSG
15 - Kate
18 - JONA
18 - Drak
20 - Flubbin
21 - Brayze
23 - Bospsy
24 - MI
26 - Para
31 - junglebob
32 - Gen
40 - Poka
44 - Stifled
49 - Anagram
50 - Inviso
53 - Eddv
54 - Raka
54 - Suor
54 - xx521xx
55 - CasanovaZelos
57 - Cybat
57 - TUM
59 - red
60 - starfox
60 - Cody
63 - Natwaf
64 - Ermine
70 - andy
72 - Mana
73 - mnk
78 - BetrayedTangy
78 - Paul
83 - XIII
86 - Wigs
87 - Magmortar
88 - OrangeCrush
92 - Nick
97 - swordz
98 - Ecks
101 - Sanity
102 - Dragon66116
106 - Sorozone
107 - Karo
111 - Wickle
112 - Xuxon
114 - Tazzy
115 - Scepter
121 - Poke
122 - Arti
125 - Snake5s
128 - scarlet
130 - TexWolf
134 - KBM

Logicblade: This little guy is just having a blast. Pokemon having fun is pretty much the best thing. Actually is cute instead of Gamefreak designated cute and it makes a huge difference. Confession is, I've never really used a Spoink in a pokemon playthrough. Times will change.

profDEADPOOL: SPOINK. SPOINK. SPOINK. SPOINK. The idea of a psychic pig hopping around on a spring just makes me laugh and I love it.

Giggs: I mean, this is probably unreasonably high, but screw you. Spoink is the coolest little guy.

MSG: The more I say the word Spoink, the happier I get. My write-up could just be Spoink over and over, but then I'd have to move Spoink up 2 or 3 more spots.
Aw dammit, too late.

Brayze: A tiny, nearly limbless pig who balances a pearl on top of its head. This pearl is the source of its power. If spoink ever stopped bouncing he would DIE. As a side note, spoink is my only nuzlocke casualty. I was super training him right where I caught him, just finished, took one step and was attacked by an absol. I went to switch spoink out and he was killed by pursuit immediately. RIP whatever your name was.

Para: spoink lives a very hard life but look at him, he looks happy as anything, we should all strive to be like spoink, it is like a metaphor for life, you have to keep bouncing and balancing stuff so that you don't die but you need to try to enjoy life or something

Gen: I'm sure someone will post the pokedex entry comic (if not I'll get on it when this comes up) so I'll just repeat what I'm sure has also been said: It's a cute bouncy little piggy and I <3 it I'm sure anyone can appreciate. And if you don't you're the swine the pearls are cast before wow that was a bad joke I'll leave now.

Stifled: This cute little guy reminds me of a Sonic the Hedgehog enemy.

Anagram: One of many NFE pokemon who are measurably superior to their evolutions. I’ve only had bacon once in my entire life, but I kind of wonder what Spoink tastes like

Raka: Aww it's a detached pig head.

Cybat: Adorable. And his name is really fun to say. And the idea of just bouncing around for your whole life is…strangely appealing.

BetrayedTangy: Spoink is adorable, too bad it evolves into Grumpig and is really forgettable.

XIII: The hopping is funny I guess?

Magmortar: Stop bouncing, and you die. Nice one. One of the only Pokemon I only remember because of a Pokedex entry. That is until I found it might actually be a pun (“spring pig”).

Karo: Another member of the '5-minute sketch club'. it is probably intended to be 'cute', but it just looks stupid.

Arti: In the GSC list I ranked Pokemon I constantly forgot near the bottom. This is one of the lines I completely forgot about.

Scarlet: The Bounce Pokemon. It takes 16 or more Spoinks to create the comfortable mattress you sleep on each night.

KBM: This thing might as well be Igglybuff or Cleffa. It's a hideous “baby”-looking Pokémon that's supposed to be cute and fails. It literally has a metal spring for a tail that keeps its heart beating. It is constantly bouncing up and down, up and down, up and down until you want to shoot it in the face. And to add insult to injury (or would it be vice versa?), it's about as useful as Magikarp before Level 16. (What might make my hatred even more extreme is the fact that it was one of my starter choices in a Randomizer Nuzlocke I tried once. Suffice to say I did not select it. Then my idiot rival did. F*** you, RNG.)

58. Whiscash (Score: 3771)Edit

Average Ranking: 65.01 (St. Dev: 33.31)
Fully Evolved Rank: 43/73
Water Rank: 12/28
Ground Rank: 6/13
Barboach Line: 1/2

10 - Brayze
10 - Para
11 - Wickle
11 - Sanity
16 - Giggs
28 - TUM
29 - Xuxon
31 - andy
31 - Gen
32 - Poke
33 - starfox
34 - Wigs
34 - KBM
37 - mnk
37 - Ermine
38 - Flubbin
39 - Tazzy
39 - JONA
40 - swordz
43 - Magmortar
44 - MI
46 - Stifled
46 - Arti
47 - TexWolf
50 - Karo
51 - xx521xx
57 - Lefty
66 - MSG
69 - Raka
69 - Natwaf
69 - Drak
71 - darkx
72 - XIII
72 - Cody
73 - Paul
75 - Sorozone
78 - Eddv
80 - Logicblade
80 - OrangeCrush
82 - red
83 - BetrayedTangy
86 - junglebob
89 - CasanovaZelos
92 - Inviso
94 - Scepter
100 - scarlet
101 - Mana
101 - Dragon66116
101 - Poka
105 - Snake5s
105 - Anagram
113 - Cybat
113 - Suor
115 - Ecks
119 - Kate
122 - Bospsy
122 - profDEADPOOL
130 - Nick

Brayze: Contrary to popular belief the w on his head doesn't stand for 'whiscash' it stands for Wone Hell of a Catfish!' it is misspelled because whiscash is just not smart.

Para: cash money is awesome dopey catfish are the best

Wickle: I think there was a moment when I heard this guy in the anime say his own name. It's so hilarious. Plus he's the guy allowed to evolve Pokemon in the Mystery Dungeon series, so that's cool.

Sanity: Derpy face, with his own name stamped on his head so he doesn't forget because he looks dumb enough that he would.

Giggs: Quagsire's derpy little cousin. What a cool family. The W on his head reminds me of Phoenix Wright's P sweater.

Gen: Da Cash! I love da Cash!

KBM: Fun troll typing matched by an awesome troll smile on a Pokémon that reminds me of my beloved Lanturn. That's good enough for me!

Magmortar: Not really a good Pokemon at all but hey, catfish. Big, long whiskers and learns Spark for some reason. I also just now realized that thing on its head is a W.

Stifled: Now see, this is a derpy fish done well.

Arti: That face always makes me crack up. Did you know its episode got banned because of earthquakes?

Raka: Bulbapedia said its concept and Japanese name are based on 'namazu', a mythical catfish that causes earthquakes. But catfish in Japanese is also namazu. So it's like catfish and (the mythical) Catfish. Weird.

XIII: CASH CASH CASH CASH yeah to me this is basically Quagsire but less awesome.

BetrayedTangy: Yay more ugly fish, however this is one of the 'anime forbidden' Pokemon which I guess is interesting.

Scarlet: The Whiskers Pokemon. You can use the whiskers of a Whiscash as jumper cables for your car; just attach them to your engine and stuck a metal rod up its butt, and your Whiscash will spark that engine back to life.

Anagram: ‘phil we need more fish pokemon’ ‘I’m on it’

Cybat: It's a good type combo but I do not like his design at all. Or his name.

Suor: I generally like dumb-looking pokémon, but this doesn't push it far enough. Thankfully they made Stunfisk two generations later, so Whiscash might as well be removed now.

57. Taillow (Score: 3750)Edit

Average Ranking: 64.65 (St. Dev: 27.93)
NFE Rank: 15/62
Normal Rank: 7/18
Flying Rank: 6/12
Taillow Line: 2/2

9 - Scepter
15 - Stifled
16 - Poke
19 - Ermine
24 - KBM
26 - Suor
27 - andy
28 - Inviso
28 - Ecks
33 - Brayze
34 - Dragon66116
36 - MI
37 - Para
41 - Logicblade
41 - Kate
42 - Mana
42 - Gen
45 - darkx
49 - BetrayedTangy
54 - red
54 - Xuxon
58 - Drak
59 - Karo
62 - Wigs
64 - xx521xx
66 - Anagram
68 - Snake5s
69 - Flubbin
69 - Lefty
69 - swordz
70 - Sorozone
70 - TUM
72 - Wickle
73 - starfox
73 - Bospsy
73 - Cody
73 - profDEADPOOL
76 - Paul
77 - junglebob
79 - scarlet
80 - Giggs
81 - Sanity
84 - JONA
87 - OrangeCrush
88 - TexWolf
90 - Magmortar
91 - MSG
93 - Poka
95 - Nick
97 - CasanovaZelos
99 - Tazzy
100 - mnk
100 - Eddv
104 - Arti
106 - Natwaf
107 - XIII
112 - Raka
116 - Cybat

Stifled: This might be the cutest stage one birdy. Those eyes!

KBM: As Pidgey clones go, this is probably my favorite. A really cute little guy, with a really appealing color scheme.

Brayze: taillow why do you not have a neck I think you need surgery!

Para: standard bird. A for effort, but could be better

Gen: I absolutely love this little bird. I can't even begin to explain why but I suppose its pokedex entries help (ironically Sapphire's stinks).

BetrayedTangy: Despite hating most bird Pokemon, I surprisingly like Taillow, idk why, I just do.

Anagram: The worst thing you can be is boring. Good things are good, and terrible things are memorable, but boring things are just boring

Junglebob: When it comes to early Normal/Flying birds, Taillow's my second-favorite.

Scarlet: The Tiny Swallow Pokemon. Catholic priests like to get to a Swellow while it’s young. They enjoy a nice firm young Tail…low.

Giggs: At least it has a nicer colour scheme than Pidgey.

Magmortar: Okay little bird. One of the only Pokemon I can think of that looks better in sprites than official art or 3D models or what not.


Arti: And there's too many of these everywhere land is. In Hoenn though there isn't as much as land as other gens.

XIII: Swellow is cool, Tailow is a very boring regional bird.

Raka: Hehehe cute little bird heheheh

Cybat: Standard generic bird. Got this high because I got one with Brave Bird early in AS.

56. Lunatone (Score: 3744)Edit

Average Ranking: 64.55 (St. Dev: 32.38)
Fully Evolved Rank: 42/73
Rock Rank: 5/12
Psychic Rank: 6/20

14 - Brayze
18 - Poke
19 - darkx
20 - Magmortar
21 - OrangeCrush
22 - Wickle
23 - Wigs
25 - Dragon66116
29 - Lefty
30 - Sorozone
33 - XIII
34 - Cybat
38 - Stifled
40 - Eddv
40 - Gen
41 - Paul
41 - TexWolf
42 - mnk
42 - Sanity
45 - Anagram
45 - junglebob
50 - Cody
50 - Flubbin
51 - TUM
53 - Giggs
53 - Suor
54 - andy
56 - Karo
60 - Snake5s
61 - Inviso
61 - Tazzy
64 - Ecks
67 - Bospsy
67 - Natwaf
69 - profDEADPOOL
71 - Nick
74 - scarlet
74 - Raka
79 - Para
82 - starfox
82 - Logicblade
82 - Ermine
85 - xx521xx
92 - Poka
94 - Arti
97 - Mana
98 - MSG
99 - Drak
101 - Xuxon
106 - KBM
110 - BetrayedTangy
113 - Scepter
115 - CasanovaZelos
115 - MI
119 - swordz
120 - Kate
125 - JONA
133 - red

Brayze: Just like in real life, the moon isn't as good as the sun. But, it is still pretty good. I wish solrock and lunatone weren't such awful crap.

Magmortar: I always really liked Lunatone. It is a helluva lot less ugly than Solrock, and…it’s a moon. Uhh yeah I dunno what to say about it but it’s a cool Pokemon. Its sprites in Gen 3 were pretty creepy.

OrangeCrush: I'm a sucker for moon-themed things. When I first saw this in Sapphire, I knew I'd catch it and use it on my team.

Wickle: It's a moon. I like it. The end.

XIII: I like this rock duo. Clever design, clever gimmick, and fitting Pokemon for Tate and Liza to use.

Cybat: I like this less than Solrock, especially since this is the "defensive" one except with a typing that is not particularly defensively useful. But I like the concept of them.

Stifled: I got a rock.

Gen: I know it's just a rock shaped like the moon but I like it. I like the moon. So sue me.

Anagram: The best part of Lunatone is that someone felt the need to give it a nose

Junglebob: Kinda weird a moon Pokemon isn't dark type. I could put Black Glasses on it and I'd have a Mac Tonight Pokemon.

Cody: Moon>Sun

Giggs: I have Lunatone 54 places higher than Solrock. Not even I understand this.

Snake5s: I am the shadow of the moon at night

ProfDEADPOOL: The Sun>>>>>>The Moon. Screw you Diana. Leona for life. In all seriousness the design of Lunatone doesn't appeal to me while I look at Solrock and I do like that design. Which is why there is such a huge gap as you will see

Scarlet: The Meteorite Pokemon. NASA used to make a killing selling Lunatones in their gift shops until it was revealed that a Lunatone was just a regular rock cut into an unusual shape and spray painted.

Raka: I actually kinda like Solrock and Lunatone. Yeah, you'll be hearing that a lot. I like its concept and design. Will probably never use one though.

Para: he is called moon stone but has nothing to do with moon stones. WHAT HOW WHY.

Arti: I look at these two Rock Pokemon and I'm reminded of that stupid scene in Golden Sun where Kraden won't shut up. Which applies to most scenes in that game.

KBM: Just weird. Pulls off the separate-Pokémon-but-same-exact-concept thing with Solrock a lot better than Plusle/Minun or Volbeat/Illumise do, but it's still a gimmick I kind of hate.

BetrayedTangy: An ugly Solrock

55. Linoone (Score: 3722)Edit

Average Ranking: 64.17 (St. Dev: 34.51)
Fully Evolved Rank: 41/73
Normal Rank: 6/18
Zigzagoon Line: 2/2

4 - Mana
8 - Dragon66116
11 - TexWolf
14 - red
15 - Ermine
16 - Arti
18 - Natwaf
22 - Karo
23 - andy
25 - Scepter
29 - Drak
30 - Inviso
31 - Magmortar
32 - Flubbin
34 - Ecks
37 - scarlet
40 - Raka
41 - starfox
41 - Suor
42 - CasanovaZelos
47 - Xuxon
51 - Gen
52 - Snake5s
54 - Logicblade
54 - XIII
60 - profDEADPOOL
63 - swordz
64 - Kate
64 - Cybat
65 - Lefty
68 - OrangeCrush
68 - Poka
72 - JONA
72 - xx521xx
73 - Para
74 - MI
75 - junglebob
83 - Giggs
83 - Sanity
84 - Brayze
85 - Sorozone
87 - Nick
88 - Anagram
88 - KBM
91 - Bospsy
91 - mnk
101 - Stifled
101 - Eddv
102 - MSG
105 - Paul
106 - Wickle
109 - Cody
112 - Wigs
114 - Poke
119 - Tazzy
122 - BetrayedTangy
128 - darkx
134 - TUM

Mana: Soft-serve chocolate and vanilla ice cream. Such a sticky mess, it just runs fast and gets all sticky, picking up all kinds of gunk. Linoone is the best HM Slave I've ever had because it can do like six different HMs and also grabs items while in the sixth slot, and can STAB with a few of those moves if need be.


Magmortar: Access to Covet, a lot of speed, and Pickup make it a great hoarder. I often carried around at least two during my daily Diamond training ventures. Can also be slightly scary if you actually let it set up Belly Drum. In terms of looks Zigzagoon is way better.

Scarlet: The Rushing Pokemon. In one of the more bizarre aspects of the Cold War, Joseph McCarthy ordered the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Linoone, mistaking it for the Russian Pokemon. No one cried.

Raka: Pickup me some rare candies please.

Suor: Looks great and it finally learned how to walk in a straight line.


I will give the first non-starfox person who gets this stupid reference a lazy Paint doodle of a pokemon of their choice. And go!

ProfDEADPOOL: Screw evolving my Zigzagoons. Never liked this dude that much and I never wanted to evolve a Zigzagoon I got.

XIII: Basically a glorified Raticate, though I absolutely adored using the Extreme Killer versiion in 4th Gen NU. In one turn of setup you could Belly Drum, activate Salac berry using its Gluttony ability (which allows the use of pinch berries at half health rather than quarter health), and kill b****es dead with it.

Cybat: Not super interesting but I have fond memories of this guy getting me Earthquakes in Emerald.

OrangeCrush: I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with this Pokemon.

Para: just a poor man's version of furret, like the off-brand kind that's not quite as good. I got this linoone at the dollar store it was a lot cheaper than furret but it's just as good

Giggs: I mean, it's alright. Who cares about Linoone? Not even Ermine cares about Linoone.

Brayze: I always thought it was line no-one, but apparently it's line-noon. Pokemon: causing pronunciation arguments since 1995 or whatever

Anagram: The anime taught me that it’s Ly-noon and not Lih-noon

KBM: Zigzagoon made worse in almost every possible way. It's still fairly sleek, but it loses all the cute factor, and with it, many of its previous points. Kind of the same problem Furret has.

Stifled: Ziggy had potential, but this thing is boring. Furret part two basically.

Cody: Would have been ranked much higher if it was actually an Airbender.

BetrayedTangy: Now I kinda like Linoone's design, but screw Sand Attack, seriously.

54. Skitty (Score: 3667)Edit

Average Ranking: 63.22 (St. Dev: 35.40)
NFE Rank: 14/62
Normal Rank: 5/18
Skitty Line: 1/2

1 - Karo
1 - Kate
5 - MI
12 - Dragon66116
14 - Stifled
14 - Xuxon
18 - TexWolf
20 - Anagram
24 - Gen
28 - KBM
31 - Snake5s
34 - Bospsy
34 - red
35 - xx521xx
39 - Sanity
39 - Poka
40 - Scepter
40 - Cody
42 - junglebob
44 - OrangeCrush
46 - Para
49 - profDEADPOOL
50 - TUM
50 - Drak
52 - Ermine
53 - scarlet
55 - Ecks
55 - Paul
57 - Raka
57 - MSG
58 - Eddv
60 - Mana
60 - swordz
65 - Logicblade
67 - Flubbin
73 - Magmortar
78 - Nick
80 - mnk
80 - Wickle
80 - Poke
87 - Inviso
92 - Tazzy
95 - BetrayedTangy
97 - XIII
97 - JONA
98 - darkx
101 - andy
102 - Cybat
104 - Lefty
110 - Arti
111 - Giggs
113 - CasanovaZelos
113 - Brayze
116 - Natwaf
118 - Wigs
119 - Suor
121 - Sorozone
133 - starfox

Karo: you're my squishy lil kitty, yes you are, yes you are!

Kate: nyaa

Stifled: Kitty

Anagram: Skitty is so cute that I was surprised the anime never gave one to a main character. That’s what I wrote before something in the back of my mind tingled and I actually checked, and found that May had one. That’s how little impression anime Skitty made on me

Gen: <3 mah kitty. Fun fact: the first pokemon I met on route whatever was a Skitty. I had no idea they were rare until way after the fact. I love its pokedex entries and its design. IMO it's the cutest cat the series has to offer.

KBM: Dogs > Cats, which is why Poochyena > Skitty. That said, Skitty has the same kind of appeal, only in cat form, and I both appreciate that and find her completely adorable. I am (pleasantly) surprised this line didn't get tagged with Fairy typing.

Junglebob: The cutest cat Pokemon.

OrangeCrush: Hot Skitty on Wailord action!

Para: small, cute, and most well-known for having intercourse with a giant space whale. POKEMON

Scarlet: The Kitten Pokemon. The sad fate of the Skitty species is well-documented – after a boom period for Hello Skitty, most Skitties find themselves in a bargain bin during local garage sales these days.

Raka: Assist is fun to discover.

Magmortar: I don’t know how a Pokemon most notable for its ability to have intercourse with a whale came about, but it did. Skitty is cute, but there’s a lot cuter, but just its LOOK makes it…yeah, with a whale all kinds of wat.

BetrayedTangy: Skitty's cute, and gets all the whales…

XIII: Only this high because of the meme.

Cybat: Also cute and pointless, but gets points for having interesting abilities.

Arti: I caught a level 18 Skitty outside of Rustboro using the Pokenav. I might actually use this rather forgettable Pokemon for once.

Giggs: Token cute thing. The penguin to Wailord's sealion.

Brayze: god shut up about the wailord thing

Starfox: It’s so cute that I kind of want to punch it in the face. Things that the Japanese intentionally design to look super cute have always annoyed the hell out of me. For Pokemon, there are a few exceptions to this, but Skitty is not one of them. It avoided second to last almost entirely because of Assist. It may be completely useless, but I thought the move was still cool.

53. Deoxys (Score: 3608)Edit

Average Ranking: 62.20 (St. Dev: 38.11)
Fully Evolved Rank: 40/73
Psychic Rank: 5/20
Legendaries: 6/10

1 - Sorozone
2 - scarlet
3 - Paul
9 - JONA
9 - junglebob
11 - XIII
11 - Cybat
14 - BetrayedTangy
17 - darkx
19 - CasanovaZelos
19 - Arti
21 - Ecks
22 - Natwaf
26 - Raka
29 - Logicblade
33 - Snake5s
41 - Wigs
41 - Flubbin
45 - Wickle
46 - Nick
47 - Bospsy
48 - Poke
49 - andy
51 - starfox
52 - Scepter
55 - swordz
56 - xx521xx
57 - Inviso
58 - Anagram
58 - MSG
62 - Sanity
63 - Magmortar
66 - TexWolf
67 - Brayze
70 - KBM
71 - Cody
71 - Poka
74 - profDEADPOOL
79 - Dragon66116
81 - Tazzy
82 - Giggs
85 - mnk
85 - Para
90 - Mana
94 - TUM
104 - Ermine
106 - Kate
108 - OrangeCrush
109 - red
109 - Gen
113 - Xuxon
121 - Drak
122 - Karo
122 - MI
123 - Lefty
124 - Stifled
126 - Eddv
131 - Suor

Scarlet: The DNA Pokemon. Developed in a laboratory by firing concentrated laser beams at an alien virus’ DNA, Deoxys can cure cancer. Or maybe it causes cancer. Actually it’ll probably just kill you outright. Deoxys is a bastard.

Junglebob: The first legendary with form changes, and that goes well with his design as a mutating DNA alien. He's a terrible Legendary in Smash though.

XIII: Like I said, I'll always rep the Pokemon I use in teams and Deoxys-S was my lead in that ubers team. Eventually tricked it out with HP Fire to deal with a certain Forretress, which worked, and I am thankful for that.

Cybat: The first legendary with multiple forms (formes?) is a great one. The whole space alien thing is still not too clear but it works well with the design. I like Attack forme best.

BetrayedTangy: Destiny Deoxys is easily my favorite Pokemon movie, with 2000 in a close second. However that's getting off topic. Deoxys has a great concept, lore, design ans is easily one of my favorite legendaries.

Arti: An interesting concept but I've never had the chance to use. One of these days.

Raka: The forme thing before it was cool. Deoxys as a space alien Pokemon is a pretty cool concept. It looks creepy enough to be fascinating but not too creepy to make it an eyesore.

Wickle: Many forms, one Poke. I kind of like this guy's concept. Also the challenge to use Lucario's FS in Brawl at the same time as using Deoxys attacking was the best.

Anagram: With things like Deoxys, you have to ask if all pokemon aren’t DNA Pokemon. It’s like making a Lungs Pokemon—I think everyone already kind of has those

Magmortar: If it actually got into Smash Bros. like I hoped it would back before Brawl came out, I’d probably have a higher opinion of it. But until then okay. I remember back in fourth gen when people thought Speed form was weak enough to be OU. Then we found out it wasn’t. At all. A few years later it really is. Fun.

Brayze: they tried really hard to make deoxys look friendly and failed every time. I suggest a miniseries 'breakfast with deoxys'

KBM: The “Forme” gimmick is really dumb. Massive points off for that.

Giggs: Really cool concept, but ugly as sin. It's also hard to get attached to event pokemon when it's almost impossible to ever use any.

Para: deoXYs? pokemon XY? pokemon... emerald? coincidence? or a conspiracy? I think the answer is obvious and deoxys did 9/11

OrangeCrush: Deoxys and the Battle Factory are the 2 things that will stop me from ever 100%ing Emerald

Gen: I feel absolutely nothing for Deoxys and I'm kind of saddened by that. I feel like a pokemon from deep space could be a lot cooler and yet I have no thoughts as to how exactly to improve on it. I mean it has four formes that it shifts into, but the only one I even remotely like is Speed forme. I just... I dunno. Sorry Deoxys fans.

Karo: hey, lets rip off another pokemon I didn't even even like much in the first place! lets give him another stupid gimmick! is this pokemon going to be ranked highly by me? no, no it is not.

Stifled: This legendary is so bad and so unnecessary. Worst of all, it has multiple forms! Such a waste of time for the art designers. It’s only not-bad enough to avoid being lower than things I completely hate or things that are useless.

Suor: Tentacle rape from outer space. ORAS SPOILERS I accidentally one-shot this thing with Rayquaza, what a pathetic excuse for a legendary and a pokémon in general. Its forms somehow make it even uglier.

52. Dusclops (Score: 3594)Edit

Average Ranking: 61.97 (St. Dev: 33.02)
NFE Rank: 12/62
Ghost Rank: 5/6
Duskull Line (Gen III): 2/2

4 - TUM
5 - Snake5s
6 - BetrayedTangy
8 - Tazzy
13 - Sanity
20 - TexWolf
21 - Paul
21 - Ermine
22 - Suor
28 - Eddv
32 - Magmortar
33 - Scepter
33 - JONA
36 - xx521xx
37 - Brayze
38 - Poke
40 - Cybat
40 - Flubbin
41 - Wickle
43 - Nick
43 - Logicblade
43 - XIII
53 - Para
54 - Mana
54 - Arti
57 - Bospsy
58 - Dragon66116
59 - Stifled
60 - CasanovaZelos
60 - Ecks
64 - Wigs
64 - andy
66 - Raka
66 - KBM
68 - starfox
69 - Cody
72 - Anagram
77 - Kate
78 - scarlet
79 - MSG
83 - Poka
84 - Lefty
85 - Gen
89 - red
91 - Natwaf
94 - Sorozone
97 - junglebob
100 - Giggs
103 - OrangeCrush
103 - mnk
104 - MI
107 - darkx
108 - Karo
109 - swordz
110 - profDEADPOOL
113 - Drak
118 - Xuxon
131 - Inviso

BetrayedTangy: Dusclops is imo the best Ghost Pokemon ever. I feel like he represents exactly what the Ghost type is supposed to be, while still having a unique design.

Sanity: Weird looking. His powers have something to do with black holes? I like it.

Magmortar: Nice, tanky, and creepy. Just about everything I like in one cyclops-mummy infused package.

Brayze: A fat cyclops mummy?

Cybat: Maybe the first Ghost Pokemon that is just straight up spooky. It's a shame that they gave him an evolution and introduced Eviolite at the same time because he is really annoying. But well designed.

Wickle: It's a phantom, it's pretty cool.

XIII: Dusclops isn't the best, but he's justified in a lot of ways by the excellence of his evolution, the superb Dusknoir. Dusclops can be annoying to battle but he has a likeable enough design imo.

Para: gen 3 has really good ghost pokemon

Stifled: I like you, but I like your cousin Dusknoir better. It’s not you, it’s me. Something suddenly came up. Could I interest you in a Reaper Cloth?

Raka: This is the start of my 'meh' line. Anything I ranked below this is just meh. I don't really get the appeal of Dusclops.

KBM: Normally when I look at a Pokémon and have no idea what I'm even looking at, it annoys me. This one I actually like. It's not one of the best ones, and I seriously don't even have the first idea what I'm looking at, but I'm cool with it.

Anagram: I had to google Dusclops three times while arranging the pokemon on this list and writing this, because my mind would not allow me to remember what it looks like. My immune system is trying to fight off the memory of crappy pokemon and it is losing

Scarlet: The Beckon Pokemon. A Dusclops’ body is completely hollow; it is able to absorb anything without ever allowing matter to come back out, much like a black hole. This useful nugget of information has allowed the inventor of the cleaning appliance known as “The Duscbuster” to get extremely rich.

Gen: Ehhhhhhh... Cool concept, lame execution. Worst of its line but still not bad. I do like how Duskull's one glowy eye made it evolve into a cyclops so kudos to that thought process.

Junglebob: It looks less threatening than its pre-evolution, not a good thing for a Ghost Pokemon.

Giggs: Dusclops should have been so cool, but he kind of looks like a half-melted creepy piece of clay. Luckily Dusknoir fixed that, but Dusclops still kind of sucks.

Karo: it is apparently supposed to be some sort of mummy. because nothing says 'mummy' like an unholy fusion of a bunny, a mushroom, and an ice cream cone!

51. Poochyena (Score: 3562)Edit

Average Ranking: 61.41 (St. Dev: 36.11)
NFE Rank: 11/62
Dark Rank: 8/10
Poochyena Line: 2/2

8 - KBM
8 - Ermine
12 - starfox
12 - Logicblade
12 - TexWolf
14 - Karo
16 - Stifled
17 - Kate
17 - profDEADPOOL
18 - Scepter
20 - Suor
21 - Snake5s
22 - MI
24 - Inviso
26 - Sorozone
27 - Bospsy
30 - swordz
31 - darkx
33 - red
34 - Cody
38 - Para
47 - Poka
48 - Wigs
50 - Gen
52 - mnk
54 - MSG
54 - Drak
60 - JONA
66 - Lefty
69 - Wickle
69 - andy
69 - Poke
70 - Ecks
70 - Flubbin
74 - Brayze
75 - CasanovaZelos
76 - Magmortar
83 - Natwaf
86 - scarlet
87 - Anagram
87 - XIII
87 - junglebob
88 - Nick
89 - Raka
93 - OrangeCrush
94 - Mana
94 - Giggs
99 - Eddv
99 - Arti
101 - Paul
103 - BetrayedTangy
108 - Xuxon
111 - Dragon66116
116 - xx521xx
121 - Tazzy
121 - Cybat
123 - TUM
129 - Sanity

KBM: My love for dogs helps this guy out a lot. I used him the first time I played Emerald, and I learned that pure Dark-types really aren't very good. But damn it, just look at him. Most adorable dog Pokémon by far, and I can't help but love him, even if he does show up literally everywhere.


I looooove Poochyena (though I didn't used to!). Once I realized how adorable Poochy was, I couldn't really ever get him out of my mind. Him and Jolteon are definitely my favorite doggy pokes and it's a bit of a shame that he's probably one of the least liked doggies =/

Well whatever, Poochyena is awesome and I love his cute little black paws <3

Starfox: It’s so cute! Especially its 3D sprite. Kinda sucked to use, but he’s so cute and looking at him makes me happy, so I don’t care.

Stifled: Aww OMG what a cute little mutt! Holy s*** you know Thunder Fang in ORAS? *pets doggy*

Para: I have absolutely no explanation for why I like poochyena, it's a complete anomaly because I don't like dogs, I really can't explain this one, sorry

Gen: For all its bravado it's kind of a coward. I like that about it. It tries to be tough but when confronted it'd rather flee haha. It's not exactly the cutest puppy but it's scruffy and I like its color scheme.

Brayze: yes another dog pokemon! So coolhgphguhshguhg' -a guy who is eating husky nuts probably most of the time imo

Magmortar: Its sprites back in gen 3 are some of the worst ever. I mean seriously those eyes are just WAT. But hey! Cute little puppy (albeit a largely useless one), it’s hard for me to rank a doge really low.

Scarlet: The Bite Pokemon. A real son of a *****, most Poochyenas live covered in soot from chimneys, where they reside until evicted by Dick van Dyke in the third act of Mary Poppins.

Anagram: There are a lot of dog pokemon, and Poochyena is certainly one

XIII: Nice to have a dark-type available so early, shame it isn't a very good one.

Raka: See: Mightyena's writeup [click here].

OrangeCrush: Failed to kill Professor Birch

Giggs: It's a dog. Some people are into that, I guess.

Arti: Too many of them.

BetrayedTangy: Poochyena's really cute, too bad Zigzagoon is cuter and pushes this one off to the side.

Cybat: Cute but almost totally useless. At least it's better than Purrloin.

50. Lairon (Score: 3544)Edit

Average Ranking: 61.10 (St. Dev: 36.11)
NFE Rank: 10/62
Rock Rank: 4/12
Steel Rank: 5/9
Aron Line: 3/3

3 - Sorozone
7 - swordz
7 - Suor
11 - profDEADPOOL
14 - Snake5s
15 - andy
15 - Drak
17 - MSG
19 - Ecks
20 - Brayze
21 - Para
25 - Tazzy
26 - Logicblade
29 - Inviso
29 - Wigs
32 - xx521xx
34 - Gen
35 - Mana
36 - TexWolf
38 - Ermine
41 - XIII
43 - Scepter
45 - Raka
46 - TUM
52 - Giggs
53 - Nick
56 - scarlet
58 - CasanovaZelos
59 - Anagram
59 - mnk
62 - Xuxon
67 - Cody
68 - Dragon66116
69 - Bospsy
69 - KBM
70 - Eddv
71 - Paul
74 - Flubbin
80 - Cybat
82 - Karo
83 - red
86 - starfox
88 - Arti
89 - Poka
92 - darkx
94 - BetrayedTangy
95 - junglebob
97 - Kate
98 - Lefty
108 - MI
111 - Natwaf
112 - OrangeCrush
114 - Magmortar
122 - JONA
122 - Sanity
124 - Wickle
124 - Poke
128 - Stifled

Suor: Best of its line. Love armored quadrupedals to death and Lairon manages that while still looking sort of cute.

ProfDEADPOOL: Steel Dinosaur type thing. And gets points for becoming Aggron

Brayze: This this is like a way cooler rhydon who himself is the best member of his line. Lairon has a pillbug thing going on and his dark grey/silver/blue motif is solid. Good pokemon.

Para: fancy rhyhorn. easily the coolest of his line

Gen: I reeeeally like this design for some reason I can't get across.

XIII: You wouldn't mess with a Lairon.

Raka: Yep, good evolution for Aron. Actually, Aron → Lairon → Agggron is one of the best lines in term of design consistency and integration.

Giggs: Rhyhorn 2.0. Another improvement on the original, but it's a bit hard to care.

Scarlet: The Iron Armor Pokemon. A middle evolution, the writers of the Pokedex just couldn’t give two ****s about Lairon, the bland, forgettable transitional form of a really generic steel dinosaur Pokemon.

Anagram: Don’t worry Lairon, one day you’ll learn how to stand up on your hind legs just like my mom’s german shepard

KBM: Classic middie problems. Also only exists for 10 levels in a Pokémon that already levels late, so you don't even HAVE it for that long compared to its evolutionary counterparts. [Note: This (#69) is my fodder line; everything above this, I like actively like. F*** all a' y'all who don't like this gen.]

Cybat: Hey look it's a shiny Rhyhorn. But it works for him.

BetrayedTangy: A weird combination of boring and cool

Junglebob: I think they wanted to retcon Rhyhorn to Steel type, but they just decided to make this guy instead.

Magmortar: Not adorable like Aron or as just hot damn amazing as Aggron. Lairon is yet another horrible middle part of a line. Hate its cry too.

Stiled: “hay guyz remember when I picked a pokeyman out of a hat to get armor for no reason and we got rye bread or rhydon or whoever? well I forgot we need two other spots so letz give aggressiverhydon or whatever a few basic forms lololol. rhydon had a basic form right? rye bread horn or something? so uh…” *opens dictionary to random page and points*

“lair huh? ok letz put armor on rye horn and name him lair…on. perfect! and just make a little blob of armor as the first form who cares lolololololololol”

49. Hariyama (Score: 3453)Edit

Average Ranking: 59.53 (St. Dev: 35.59)
Fully Evolved Rank: 39/73
Fighting Rank: 3/7
Makuhita Line: 1/2

6 - Mana
7 - Dragon66116
9 - Bospsy
10 - XIII
15 - Tazzy
19 - Wickle
19 - JONA
20 - mnk
23 - Arti
25 - Poke
26 - BetrayedTangy
26 - Flubbin
26 - MSG
27 - swordz
28 - Giggs
29 - KBM
31 - starfox
32 - CasanovaZelos
32 - OrangeCrush
34 - Xuxon
35 - Magmortar
36 - Scepter
40 - Natwaf
46 - scarlet
48 - Paul
48 - MI
49 - TUM
51 - Stifled
56 - Eddv
59 - Kate
61 - Nick
61 - Poka
63 - Wigs
67 - Logicblade
71 - Anagram
71 - Ecks
71 - Sorozone
72 - junglebob
75 - Karo
75 - Cybat
76 - andy
80 - Cody
83 - profDEADPOOL
85 - Brayze
87 - Gen
90 - darkx
92 - Lefty
96 - Inviso
96 - red
98 - Suor
112 - Drak
116 - Ermine
117 - Para
122 - Raka
124 - Sanity
124 - TexWolf
127 - xx521xx
129 - Snake5s

Mana: I just love his art. He's always posed so dramatically ready for a fight, his open palm ready to smack some pokes. He's a boss. I also think of Mystical Ninja every time I see him.

XIII: I'm probably weird here in that I love Hariyama's design to bits. It's so big and bulky and I just find it fun.

Wickle: I kinda like Fighting types that go out of their way to do something kind of insane. For Machamp it was four arms. For this guy… we literally have a sumo wrestler. That's awesome.

Arti: That Makuhita you can trade for can easily go all the way to the end. It's also a killer contest Pokemon with its boosted stats.

BetrayedTangy: Hariyama has a really cool design and just looks like a badass in general.

Giggs: I like fat pokemon and racial insensitivity, so Hariyama and I naturally get along well.

KBM: For a pure fighting type, this guy is actually really cool. He's a straight-up tank, and he looks like a boss, retaining the charming Japanese nature of Makuhita and adding a serious coolness factor. The only problem I have is that I can never remember its name.

OrangeCrush: Heaven or hell... Let's rock!

Magmortar: Sumo wrestlers are pretty cool, and Hariyama is even better. Its color scheme is one of my favorites in all of Pokemon, and it’s just a solid Pokemon for battling.

Scarlet: The Arm Thrust Pokemon. Despite a massive fighting prowess, Hariyamas cannot perform simple functions like turning doorknobs thanks to hands that are more absurdly large than a pair of loafers on a clown.

Stifled: What is it with Gen 3 and making things obese when they evolve? Trying to tell America something, Game Freak?

Anagram: I am looking through a list of all of my in-game teams (I write them down when I beat the Elite Four in each game), and Hariyama is the pokemon I’ve used and care the second least about. Only Trevenant beats it in sheer amount of how many ****s I don’t give, and I only used Trevenant because I needed to bring something that could take more than one hit, so that I’d be able to revive+hyper potion during Drasna. I even have stronger opinions about Unfezant than this thing

Cybat: I never cared much for sumo wrestling, so this guy doesn't appeal to me too much. Fun fact though, he is about 7 feet tall and about 550 pounds. Scary.

Brayze: I like having you on the force in trick room hariyama, but seriously cut back on the cheese fries

Gen: Yeah... It's super useful in-game but uh... it could have a better design

Para: I once knew a kid who thought naming his hariyama "hairy mama" was pretty much the pinnacle of humor, and who am I to say he's wrong

Raka: just...I don't get what it is or what it looks like. It must be some kind of angel because mortal eyes and mind can't understand it. Not too shabby in-game though, I think I used one once.

48. Armaldo (Score: 3439)Edit

Average Ranking: 59.29 (St. Dev: 35.81)
Fully Evolved Rank: 38/73
Rock Rank: 3/12
Bug Rank: 3/14
Anorith Line: 1/2
Fossils: 1/4

1 - profDEADPOOL
4 - Brayze
5 - MSG
10 - Ermine
11 - Wigs
12 - TUM
14 - Suor
15 - Para
18 - Nick
20 - Ecks
24 - Wickle
24 - red
26 - Scepter
26 - Paul
29 - Poke
30 - scarlet
31 - Cybat
35 - CasanovaZelos
36 - Natwaf
37 - Sanity
38 - Tazzy
39 - Flubbin
41 - Snake5s
43 - swordz
49 - Gen
50 - Logicblade
52 - Arti
54 - Dragon66116
59 - starfox
62 - Poka
62 - Drak
66 - andy
67 - XIII
69 - Giggs
70 - Kate
71 - Lefty
72 - Magmortar
75 - xx521xx
77 - BetrayedTangy
80 - Bospsy
80 - KBM
82 - Inviso
82 - Raka
87 - Mana
87 - Stifled
89 - JONA
91 - Anagram
96 - Cody
101 - TexWolf
102 - OrangeCrush
109 - Sorozone
109 - Eddv
110 - Xuxon
116 - Karo
117 - junglebob
119 - darkx
126 - MI
132 - mnk

ProfDEADPOOL: Yes Armaldo is my number 1 for Gen 3. I love (almost) every fossil Pokemon and it is a bug and the design is one I actually really like. CLAWS OF DOOM.

Brayze: Whenever I hear Armaldo I think it's some spanish guy who's going to try to sell me a pack of playing cards with naked ladies on them. Armaldo why are these women all so hairy

MSG: His design is so bad, it's amazing. He also has one of the best meme nicknames for me in Armaldo Robert. Yes, that's enough for top 5 this gen for me DON'T JUDGE

Suor: Armaldo and Rock Blast saved my ass so many times that I actually ended up loving both the pokémon and the move.

Para: his ferocity is completely offset by the fact that he's got goofy eyes that are spread far apart, this is hilarious

Wickle: Rock lobster!

Scarlet: The Plate Pokemon. Armaldo was once considered a feared prehistoric Pokemon until Native Americans launched a class action lawsuit at the species demanding the feathers on Armaldo’s neck back.

Cybat: Kinda weird looking (especially when you discover what his eyes really are) but he's pretty imposing for a Bug type.

Gen: Herp a derp face but I like it for some reason. Maybe because it's an armored bug and can therefore actually take a hit.

XIII: RSE's fossils are the worst of all the generations, I think, and that's clear with Armaldo placing so low on the list. Good but nothing special.

Giggs: Man, the fossils this generation were weird.

Magmortar: Its cry is great and I guess…it’s a fossil. Armaldo is a Pokemon I think I’d like but can’t say a damn thing about. What’s up with its eyes?

BetrayedTangy: This Pokemon is so close to being cool, but somewhere it just fails to me.

KBM: If Where's Waldo were Where's Armaldo he would be a lot easier to spot.

Raka: Mmm, yes, creepy oversized prehistoric bug. Not bad. If you see it with its true eyes though, it's really goofy. And not in a charming way.

Stifled: You aren’t a Spanish swordfighter like the name makes me imagine. Instead you are bringing back memories of Resident Evil 4.

Anagram: It’s too bad that the cute-as-**** Anorith turns into this thing. Fun fact, in the anime, its voice is basically just a guy saying “Armaldo” instead of giving it a cool nonhumany sort of voice

Karo: a reoccurring problem in gen 3 was that the designers' mindset was 'keep adding weird armor and protrusions, eventually it will look cool.' It didnt work this time, either.

Junglebob: The only 3rd gen Pokemon with fake eyes that DIDN'T fool me at first.

47. Kecleon (Score: 3430)Edit

Average Ranking: 59.13 (St. Dev: 31.85)
Fully Evolved Rank: 37/73
Normal Rank: 4/18

5 - Ermine
8 - Wickle
10 - Ecks
12 - red
12 - Suor
13 - Cody
16 - Dragon66116
19 - Xuxon
20 - Paul
27 - xx521xx
28 - junglebob
28 - Para
31 - JONA
31 - Poke
39 - TUM
41 - profDEADPOOL
41 - Lefty
42 - scarlet
43 - CasanovaZelos
43 - BetrayedTangy
43 - Inviso
43 - Flubbin
47 - Cybat
50 - Anagram
52 - Bospsy
53 - Wigs
54 - Snake5s
58 - Nick
58 - Brayze
59 - MSG
61 - Raka
61 - Sanity
62 - Sorozone
63 - Eddv
64 - starfox
65 - Mana
68 - andy
70 - Poka
70 - Gen
73 - Natwaf
74 - darkx
77 - Magmortar
78 - Scepter
82 - Kate
82 - mnk
88 - Stifled
90 - OrangeCrush
91 - Giggs
92 - TexWolf
94 - swordz
100 - MI
102 - XIII
104 - KBM
110 - Drak
117 - Tazzy
117 - Arti
123 - Karo
126 - Logicblade

Ermine: Super cool and unique pokemon. I love his ability and it was always a pleasure using one on a team. I love the little segment he gets in the RSE games. Keckerz is awesome :)

Wickle: I love this guy's gimmick in his ability. Either he transforms to be a counter type (just don't face Dragons), or he always has STAB (Protean).

Suor: I hope Kecleon will never get an evolution, because I'm sure as hell they would screw it up.

Junglebob: I remembe during Gen 3, I wished its ability worked like the Protean ability it can have now. I think this was the first Gen 3 Pokemon to be shown, so that's pretty neat.

Para: for some reason I will always think of kecleon as the shopkeepers in pokemon mystery dungeon. they're rad

ProfDEADPOOL: Type changing is a really cool gimmick.

Scarlet: The Color Swap Pokemon. Kecleons are notorious pill-poppers that use their color-changing ability to scam thousands of antidepressants each year. The National Association of Psychiatrists has banned its members from treating this species.

BetrayedTangy: Kecleon has one of the coolest concepts and design and I loved his role in Mystery Dungeon.

Cybat: Another gimmick Pokemon, but this one is pretty tricky to make useful. But, I always like fighting against them because I get to play the game of how to keep my attacks SE against it.

Anagram: I sort of like Kecleon blocking you for no reason in RSE/ORAS. It’s like in Earthbound where the game doesn’t even pretend to come up with roadblocks that make sense, and just throws giant statues of pencils in your face

Brayze: Look at me when I talk to you, kecleon. Uh, with both eyes.

Raka: It was pretty annoying when you got cockblocked by Kecleon just when you were about to finally reach the next town.

Gen: I want to like a chameleon pokemon so much more than this. There were like a thousand directions Sugimori could have gone in to make a chameleon awesome or adorable but he went with a blend and then it turned out kind of neither (sorry Ermine). Still, it's a chameleon and Protean is a pretty sweet ability if not its default.

Stifled: Keckz. Kid tested. Mother approved.

Giggs: I always thought they could have done something way cooler with this concept, but maybe not. In any case, as it stands Kecleon is boring as hell.

XIII: Boring, annoying difficult to beat, not a particularly interesting gimmick to me either for some reason.

KBM: I do not particularly want to have to read an instruction manual in order to learn how to effectively use a Pokémon.

Arti: There's too many of them in forced fights in the game. They're also annoying as hell to fight with their type changes.

Karo: sounds kind of like it evolves from eevee, doesn't it? nope, no eeveelutions this gen. just this idiotic looking lizard thing.

Logicblade: By far the worst eeveelution.

46. Walrein (Score: 3315)Edit

Average Ranking: 57.16 (St. Dev: 30.13)
Fully Evolved Rank: 36/73
Water Rank: 11/28
Ice Rank: 2/6
Spheal Line: 2/3

9 - Cody
11 - Poka
12 - Nick
16 - Kate
19 - OrangeCrush
19 - Wigs
19 - Poke
20 - MSG
21 - andy
23 - Anagram
23 - Wickle
24 - Sorozone
26 - swordz
30 - Scepter
30 - Magmortar
32 - Giggs
36 - Xuxon
36 - Arti
37 - Mana
43 - JONA
44 - Flubbin
44 - TexWolf
45 - KBM
50 - starfox
52 - Stifled
54 - Ecks
54 - Natwaf
57 - CasanovaZelos
60 - Bospsy
60 - red
61 - Karo
61 - Gen
62 - scarlet
62 - profDEADPOOL
65 - Inviso
65 - Eddv
65 - xx521xx
68 - Suor
70 - Tazzy
70 - MI
70 - Ermine
74 - Logicblade
74 - Para
78 - Raka
81 - Dragon66116
82 - junglebob
84 - darkx
84 - Drak
88 - Snake5s
88 - Cybat
93 - mnk
94 - Brayze
98 - Sanity
99 - Paul
102 - Lefty
114 - TUM
128 - XIII
129 - BetrayedTangy

Cody: I raised one in Ruby, he was… cool. I'll see myself out >_>

OrangeCrush: I like bulky waters, even if others claim they're ugly/derpy/etc.

Anagram: Just a well-designed sea lion, what else can I say?

Wickle: For some reason I always see this guy using Ice Ball. It was some point in the anime, I wonder when. I like that move. (and for some reason a lot of moves that strike 2-5 times.

Magmortar: Unlike Sealeo (seriously screw that guy), it doesn’t even attempt to be cute, which is great because Walrein has a great mustache and generally royal look to it instead. Stallrein is also fun.

Giggs: Walrein is kind of a boss, but a very made-to-order one. Like, he's a scary motherf***er from 9 to 5 in the office and then he goes home and gets emasculated by his wife.

KBM: I'd rather have fifty percent of him... Or any percent of him... Than all of anybody else... at AAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLL!

Stifled: It’s kind of ugly, but it also reminds me of enemies in DKC Tropical Freeze. So it gets points there.

Gen: Look at his epic mustache! I can finally name one Mr.Mustachio right? I know he looks like a balding middle aged man and water/ice wasn't exactly a typing we were in dire need of but I don't care! I waited three generations for a walrus so I can't hate him.

Scarlet: The Ice Break Pokemon. In an amazing discovery by Pokemon scientists, it turns out that all Walrein share a common ancestor in Irish actor Billy Connolly:

Para: walrein is definitely a pokemon

Raka: Ugly face. I don't even want one now. Spheal > Sealeo > Walrein. Is it even any good?

Cybat: Almost looks really imposing, except for his weird snow beard. But he is tough to bring down.

Brayze: I get that they needed to make a walrus pokemon. Walruses are just not... Handsome animals. Walrein basically looks like a fat cripple who rides the bus all day and I can accept that, although it's only good enough for 93rd place. Keep on truckin', you chubby gimp.

XIII: F*** Walrein. F*** anyone who ever stalled with Stallrein. F*** Walrein.

BetrayedTangy: Uglier than Sealeo, but at least it's a final stage Pokemon and has more of a point than Sealeo

45. Aron (Score: 3268)Edit

Average Ranking: 56.34 (St. Dev: 31.47)
NFE Rank: 8/62
Rock Rank: 2/12
Steel Rank: 4/9
Aron Line: 2/3

5 - Mana
5 - Lefty
6 - Ecks
10 - Magmortar
14 - Bospsy
14 - Natwaf
15 - MSG
15 - TexWolf
19 - MI
20 - Ermine
26 - Anagram
26 - Drak
30 - xx521xx
31 - Logicblade
31 - profDEADPOOL
31 - KBM
32 - Snake5s
37 - Tazzy
37 - Sorozone
38 - BetrayedTangy
38 - Inviso
42 - XIII
46 - Raka
46 - Scepter
46 - mnk
48 - swordz
51 - andy
54 - TUM
59 - junglebob
59 - Gen
61 - Wigs
64 - Brayze
65 - starfox
65 - Nick
66 - Cody
66 - Para
67 - Karo
67 - Eddv
68 - CasanovaZelos
69 - scarlet
69 - Xuxon
72 - Paul
75 - Suor
78 - Stifled
80 - Poka
81 - darkx
86 - Kate
90 - Wickle
93 - Arti
94 - OrangeCrush
96 - Flubbin
98 - Poke
104 - Cybat
105 - Giggs
108 - JONA
113 - Dragon66116
116 - red
121 - Sanity

Mana: Winner of the Third Generation Cuteness Award.... ARON!!! How can you not love the little guy?

Ecks: Look at those adorable, big blue eyes! How can you resist?

Magmortar: Aron is tote adorbs and eventually becomes the farthest thing from that but a complete beast Pokemon. And for a while it was the best Pokemon at FEAR (I think). Pretty beast.

MSG: This thing barely reaches a foot tall and weighs more than some grown women. It's also a super cutie. With a rock/steel typing. How is that even possible? Because he's Aron, that's how.

Anagram: Rock monsters have never been so cute

KBM: “Cute” and “Steel Pokémon” are not necessarily two phrases that you think of in synchronicity. Cue Aron! I enjoy this little guy – plus, the Rock/Steel typing is fun and eliminates at least SOME of the frustrations of training either one of those types by themselves.

BetrayedTangy: Aron is adorable and has a really solid Pokemon

XIII: You might mess with an Aron. But he would kill you.

Raka: I really need to name an Aron 'Aaron'. Hahaahaha, did you get it, guys?

Gen: Such a cute lil' guy.

Brayze: I struggle to think of what this thing could actually DO. It looks like you could just pick it up by its head and pitch it around like a flipper baby.

Starfox: Aron has no business being cute given its typing. And yet it is.

Para: eh like a quadrapedal cubone but with less tragic backstory

Scarlet: The Iron Armor Pokemon. In order to make its body, Aron feeds on the corpses of dead Canadian hockey goalies, burrowing through the torso until its face reaches the mask. As a result, Toronto has banned Steel-type Pokemon from major sporting events.

Stifled: Aron Rodgers

Arti: Uh.

Cybat: He's pretty cute, and can be very useful ingame if you are careful.

Giggs: I like the idea of Aron as this tiny thing that hits like a truck, but neither its design nor its abilities provide any evidence of the latter.

44. Mawile (Score: 3232)Edit

Average Ranking: 55.72 (St. Dev: 40.04)
Fully Evolved Rank: 36/73
Steel Rank: 3/9
Fairy Rank: 2/5

3 - TUM
4 - Ecks
4 - Sanity
5 - swordz
6 - Inviso
9 - Karo
10 - Kate
11 - red
11 - JONA
11 - xx521xx
11 - Para
12 - Mana
12 - Scepter
15 - Snake5s
19 - mnk
22 - Cybat
23 - CasanovaZelos
23 - Natwaf
28 - Drak
30 - Dragon66116
30 - Brayze
34 - TexWolf
39 - Bospsy
40 - Giggs
42 - Tazzy
44 - Wickle
47 - Stifled
50 - Poka
51 - Lefty
52 - Wigs
55 - starfox
56 - BetrayedTangy
58 - scarlet
65 - XIII
65 - Sorozone
65 - Poke
68 - MI
71 - Suor
74 - Cody
75 - darkx
76 - Logicblade
77 - Flubbin
81 - profDEADPOOL
83 - Anagram
85 - Raka
87 - Paul
91 - Nick
97 - KBM
97 - Arti
103 - junglebob
106 - Magmortar
114 - Eddv
120 - MSG
130 - OrangeCrush
133 - andy
133 - Xuxon
134 - Ermine
135 - Gen

Ecks: As a big fan of Steel types, Mawile was always just kind of there. Then she got a new type and a Mega form and suddenly she's a badass!

Para: a pokemon with a cute, innocent-looking front end and a black, horrifying, bitey back end? Huh, haven't had one of those since… gen 2

Cybat: Sorta shockingly useless compared to Sableye until gen 6, when it became pretty scary. I know it's just based on a yokai but the design is very well done.

Brayze: There is some japanese legend about a woman with a huge gross mouth in the back of her head, and modern japanese culture turned her furry and made her 6. Huge improvements, great pokemon!

Giggs: What an enigmatic dude. Typical that he would suddenly become outrageously powerful about ten years after everyone forgot he exists.

Wickle: I dunno what this guy is, but I used to dislike it. The mega redeemed it though in my eyes.

Stifled: I must say, I did not expect all that junk not in the trunk.

BetrayedTangy: I like its Mega and the concept of it a lot, but I feel like it's design hurts it a bit.

Scarlet: The Deceiver Pokemon. The giant mouth on the front of a Mawile doesn’t do jack****, so feel free to just slice that ****er off of its head if your Mawile gets unruly.

XIII: Don't get the love for Mawile, have to be honest. She's OK I guess.

Suor: The pokémon itself is unremarkable, the mouth behind the head is actually pretty cool. Could've used an actual evolution before getting an uninspired Mega.

Anagram: Mawile is a pokemon that a ton of people loved, and that they were excited finally became good, and honestly, I just do not understand what the appeal is at all

Raka: I don't really get the love for this Pokemon. It's a mess design-wise. The 'scary, toothy backhead' thing is fine, but what the heck is its main body? At least with the added Fairy type it slightly makes more sense

KBM: I was kind of at a loss as to where to actually put this. I don't remember this from the games at ALL. I can't say with any great certainty I have ever in my life come across Mawile – in the games, in fanart, in conversation, nothing. Not familiar enough to me to put above (or indeed, within 28 places of) my fodder line. It could be awesome, for all I know (and lord knows we need more awesome Steel Pokes), but... yeah.

Arti: Yep.

Junglebob: I don't understand why it's a Steel type, that's all I can think about when I see Mawile.

Magmortar: Probably the only Pokemon I grew to dislike MORE upon it getting a Mega Evolution. Mega Mawile is a duck. And the original has no appeal to me either.

OrangeCrush: He has a second mouth that's bigger than his body.

Ermine: I hate Mawile and mega Mawile made me hate it even more because it was viable in competitive play. It is WAY too humanoid and pretty much just looks like a little girl. No, please go away.

Gen: I will never forgive her. She knows what she did. I can't remember who said this, but someone on B8 I think said before mega evos were a thing that, and I'm paraphrasing, "Mawile should get an evolution to make it more competitively viable. Of course I don't trust Nintendo to do something more creative than TWO BIG MOUTHS." I wonder how that guy feels now lol.

43. Duskull (Score: 3193)Edit

Average Ranking: 55.05 (St. Dev: 31.78)
NFE Rank: 8/62
Ghost Rank: 4/6
Duskull Line: 1/2

2 - Snake5s
2 - TexWolf
4 - Sorozone
7 - TUM
11 - darkx
13 - xx521xx
14 - Sanity
16 - Bospsy
17 - Magmortar
22 - starfox
22 - Logicblade
22 - Mana
22 - Brayze
25 - Ecks
25 - Paul
29 - scarlet
30 - Gen
39 - Suor
40 - mnk
41 - Giggs
44 - XIII
45 - Lefty
46 - Karo
46 - Poka
48 - Cody
48 - Flubbin
49 - Tazzy
52 - Xuxon
53 - red
53 - Ermine
56 - MI
57 - Scepter
62 - Cybat
62 - JONA
70 - Anagram
70 - Para
71 - Natwaf
72 - MSG
72 - swordz
74 - Wigs
74 - Arti
76 - Kate
77 - Nick
77 - Stifled
78 - CasanovaZelos
78 - junglebob
82 - Eddv
84 - BetrayedTangy
84 - KBM
90 - Raka
90 - andy
90 - Drak
93 - Dragon66116
95 - Wickle
106 - Poke
111 - profDEADPOOL
121 - OrangeCrush
134 - Inviso

Snake5s: Hooray for Skulls!

Magmortar: Skulls are one of my favorite motifs. Simple as that. “I want your skulls, I need your skuuuuuuuuu-ulls…”

Starfox: Another Pokemon that doesn’t really have any business being cute, and yet it is. Except this one is a ghost, so it’s automatically cool, too. Also, supposedly it loves the crying of children. Sound like my type of ghost!

Brayze: A tiny fart ghost.

Ecks: Oh, don't mind me… just gonna casually float along and wait for you to die so I can steal your soul…

Scarlet: The Requiem Pokemon. The makers of the PokeDex predict this Pokemon will be Snake5555555555’s favorite Pokemon.

Gen: It's so cute which is rare for Ghost types!

Suor: So spooky.

Giggs: Kind of cool, but as a 23 year old adult there's only so high I can place a generic floating skull.

XIII: See Dusclops. [Dusclops isn't the best, but he's justified in a lot of ways by the excellence of his evolution, the superb Dusknoir. Dusclops can be annoying to battle but he has a likeable enough design imo.]

Cybat: Another good ghost. This one looks a lot like an enemy you would have to fight in a Castlevania game or something.

Anagram: Don’t panic,but there’s a skeleton in you RIGHT NOW

Para: a really neat feature of duskull is that its' 'eyes' are just one big sphere behind a skull that makes it look like he has two eyeballs. duskull is really cool I probably should have ranked it higher actually but now it's in the excel spreadsheet and it's too much of a pain to change it

Stifled: Creepy theory I just thought of: Duskull is a dead Wingull. Dusk + gull = Duskull.

Junglebob: Skulls are cool, and so is that red dot that looks like its pupils.

BetrayedTangy: Really forgettable if you ask me, but I liked ghosts.

KBM: Don't fear me.

Raka: Looks like an old housekeeper.

OrangeCrush: I don't like skulls

42. Shiftry (Score: 3186)Edit

Average Ranking: 54.93 (St. Dev: 27.71)
Fully Evolved Rank: 35/73
Grass Rank: 8/17
Dark Rank: 7/10
Seedot Line: 1/3

5 - Cybat
6 - Paul
12 - Anagram
12 - Giggs
16 - JONA
17 - Bospsy
19 - Logicblade
21 - Wigs
21 - Wickle
22 - Sorozone
23 - Poke
24 - Natwaf
28 - profDEADPOOL
32 - swordz
34 - OrangeCrush
35 - MSG
36 - andy
40 - Dragon66116
40 - red
48 - Tazzy
49 - starfox
49 - Nick
49 - scarlet
49 - Eddv
51 - Ermine
52 - Karo
52 - Gen
54 - darkx
54 - Magmortar
55 - Mana
58 - XIII
58 - TUM
58 - Arti
59 - Raka
60 - Suor
61 - Stifled
62 - mnk
64 - MI
66 - Kate
67 - Snake5s
70 - Brayze
71 - junglebob
72 - Scepter
73 - Flubbin
74 - Inviso
77 - Ecks
77 - Xuxon
77 - Poka
81 - CasanovaZelos
91 - BetrayedTangy
92 - xx521xx
92 - Para
96 - Lefty
99 - KBM
102 - Drak
106 - Sanity
107 - TexWolf
111 - Cody

Cybat: Dunno why, I just really like his design. This is probably the best gen for grass types.

Anagram: I don’t even know what the hell Shiftry is, but I like it

Giggs: Like a Grimm Fairy Tale come to life. This will never be a criticism.

Wickle: He may have been greedy in Mystery Dungeon, but he just seems so cool.

OrangeCrush: He's great in the Battle Arena, and is part of the Nuzlocke evolution line.

Scarlet: The Wicked Pokemon. Shftry is the voodoo doctor of a tribe of Nuzleaves, known for waving its frondy hands around and making silly clicking noises with its mouth. Not to be taken seriously.

Gen: Looks cool enough yet a Dark/Grass could be much cooler. I think I'm happier with my Ludicolos.

Magmortar: For a Wicked Pokemon, I expected better. I still experimented with a Sunnybeam one back on PBR and it did some good work. It wrecked and then blew up and it was just great.

XIII: Shiftry just looks kind of weird to me. I dunno, is it the har?

Raka: Raka's names: Male: Groot, Quercus (no longer used) Female: Alba

Stifled: He’s a shifty tree. Got a problem?

Brayze: I hereby present the tengu. I refuse to believe anyone ever thought these were real things, unless medieval japan had a serious 'paint chips' epidemic

BetrayedTangy: Idk why I have Shiftry this low, I had a cool card of him when I was younger, I guess I just think he has an awkward design.

Para: shiftry got really weird when I realized that it didn't really have a body, it's just one giant tengu head, god gen 3 is WEIRD sometimes

KBM: It's supposed to be a “Wicked Pokémon.” The design just doesn't do much for me, though. Get rid of all the white hair thrown onto it, and then maybe we have something good. Like a Nuzleaf.

41. Crawdaunt (Score: 3172)Edit

Average Ranking: 54.69 (St. Dev: 32.30)
Fully Evolved Rank: 34/73
Water Rank: 10/28
Dark Rank: 6/10
Corphish Line: 1/2

1 - Nick
2 - Tazzy
3 - Eddv
10 - Wickle
10 - Poka
15 - Paul
18 - starfox
21 - XIII
21 - Sorozone
23 - mnk
23 - Flubbin
26 - JONA
27 - Poke
29 - CasanovaZelos
29 - swordz
30 - Snake5s
31 - BetrayedTangy
31 - Scepter
32 - Brayze
35 - Kate
35 - Natwaf
36 - Magmortar
37 - profDEADPOOL
37 - TexWolf
38 - MSG
39 - andy
42 - Cybat
49 - Inviso
50 - MI
53 - Logicblade
54 - Gen
59 - Mana
63 - Giggs
63 - red
63 - KBM
65 - Anagram
65 - Para
67 - Drak
70 - Bospsy
72 - Ermine
77 - Raka
78 - Ecks
78 - Wigs
79 - darkx
85 - Cody
85 - junglebob
88 - TUM
89 - Arti
91 - Sanity
92 - Suor
97 - scarlet
100 - xx521xx
105 - Xuxon
107 - Dragon66116
109 - Stifled
110 - OrangeCrush
111 - Karo
117 - Lefty

Eddv: The DAUNT! He's just an incredible badass. I mean sure, you wouldn’t think a crawdad would make a great pokemon, but this guy has style. This guy is fabulous. He has a star on his head and a DARK SIDE as the best knock-offer in the game

Wickle: Corphish was strangely cute and then evolved to become so awesome!

XIII: Just a cool Pokemon. Dark-type crab is instantly likeable.

BetrayedTangy: Not only does Crawdaunt have a cool design, but I really like how it evolves from the really adorable Corphish.

Brayze: God himself gave crawdaunt a gold star for being the most blindly violent pokemon who just tosses anything that moves around his pond, originally I thought lobster but I'm really leaning to mantis shrimp, who is the most fierce of tiny hateful crustaceans.

Magmortar: Now is really good at just destroying things. I never really got why it’s a Dark-type. I guess the tiny eye is a hint maybe. But hey, lobster of mass destruction.

Cybat: Adaptability is great. This guy is a little weird looking, not exactly "daunting", but his Crabhammers and Knock Offs will hurt!

Gen: Should be named Lobstar! Super cool design and typing, even if I don't see where the dark is coming from.

Giggs: Is Crawdaunt like 100% mouth, or is that just design? And if not, does it have a mouth at all? These are the things that keep me up at night.

KBM: I'm gonna be honest. Out of context, I would expect more to see something like this in a Silent Hill game than in Pokémon. Or maybe in Morrowind, which has a lot of horrifying creatures along these lines. Apart from its weird starfish hat, it's actually quite terrifying and I don't know how to feel about that fact.

Anagram: I’m feeling crabby about how many pokemon I have to rate here

Para: I was going to say that crawdaunt is a cool crab but technically I guess he's not a crab he's a crawfish? crayfish? crawdad? which version of the word am I supposed to use in my part of the world I don't know

Raka: Scary big crawfish. Is it any good? Only God knows because nobody, neither real people nor NPCs, use it.

Junglebob: I'm not sure if those blue stripes are actually marking its mouth, but it looks like it has blue lips with a stupid grin

Suor: It has nothing cool, nothing intimidating, nothing unique as a lobster nor anything that defines it as a Dark type. All it has is a dumb unneccessary star on its head, out of nowhere. Being a lobster alone can only carry you this far.

Scarlet: The Rogue Pokemon. The evolved form of the Corphish, Crawdaunts have developed a niche following thanks to the classic B-movie franchise “Mutant Ninja Lobsters from Outer Space”, directed by Ed Wood.

Stifled: Ok seriously with the clones for Gen 3. We have Gen 1 Pokemon with armor, we have Pikachu clones a plenty, and now we have Kingler: Awful Edition? Get out of here.

OrangeCrush: Blatant Kingler expy

Karo: oh wow, its a big mutant lobster thing with a starfish eating its brain! which is probably why it looks so r*****ed!

40. Torkoal (Score: 3152)Edit

Average Ranking: 54.34 (St. Dev: 29.01)
Fully Evolved Rank: 33/73
Fire Rank: 4/6

2 - Eddv
9 - Ermine
11 - Magmortar
15 - TUM
20 - Stifled
20 - swordz
21 - Karo
21 - TexWolf
25 - Logicblade
29 - Para
30 - Ecks
30 - Giggs
30 - Sanity
30 - Xuxon
33 - Nick
33 - KBM
35 - Brayze
35 - Paul
35 - Lefty
36 - Sorozone
36 - junglebob
36 - Suor
39 - XIII
41 - Cody
42 - Wickle
43 - Wigs
44 - xx521xx
45 - Poke
47 - scarlet
49 - Cybat
51 - Kate
53 - OrangeCrush
57 - Tazzy
58 - Natwaf
63 - andy
64 - red
67 - MI
67 - JONA
68 - Mana
74 - Scepter
75 - starfox
75 - Snake5s
75 - mnk
76 - Poka
76 - Drak
77 - Anagram
77 - profDEADPOOL
79 - Bospsy
86 - BetrayedTangy
86 - darkx
89 - Flubbin
91 - Dragon66116
95 - CasanovaZelos
95 - Inviso
102 - Raka
112 - MSG
118 - Arti
124 - Gen

Eddv: I didn’t used to like this guy too much but 2 thing happened. First, he got a new sprite with the 3d modeling and he is just so god damn cool. Hes got this thick white steam continuing to billow out of his shell and his experession, which I once saw as the ultimate in derp, has this kind of zen quality to it. Very very cool pokemon. Second is that he got some use as part of my legendarily silly Simple Beam Strategy in triples.

Ermine: The anime moved Torkoal up a little bit for me but I've always kinda liked the guy. I've never really got around to using one on a team yet but I should really rectify that as he's pretty dang awesome.

Magmortar: Now of course I prefer Magcargo but Torkoal is also pretty cool, it is hard for me to pass up a good ol’ turtle or a good ol’ Fire-type. Bring them together and uh yeah. Torkoal Explosions actually being capable of hurting things is a big bonus it has over that guy. Gen 4 sprite is great but really the steam thing is just cool.

Stifled: I used to think this thing was ugly as hell. But its Gen 6 sprite really won me over.

Para: ash had one that played soccer for some reason. out of all the pokemon that would be really good at playing soccer, torkoal is definitely the first one I think of

Giggs: Only fairly cool, but this guy always wrecks shop for me in R/S. A mega would be nice.

KBM: If I didn't already have SO many favorites that were Fire-types, I know I would be ranking Torkoal significantly higher – probably Top 10. As it stands, it's still really good.

Brayze: Torkoal is like everyone's crankiest great uncle who is also a turtle full of smoke

Junglebob: Torkoal looks like it should be Rock/Fire, but that type is a death sentence so I'm glad it isn't.

Suor: Remember when Ash's Torkoal got roflstomped in the anime's Sinnoh League? Lel.

XIII: Conjures up hilarious memories because of the time Ash brought out his Torkoal against Darkrai and it got OHKO'd in about 10 seconds. Also fire type best type etc etc

Wickle: Blazing turtle with smoke everywhere, and I did say I liked the move Smog.

Scarlet: The Coal Pokemon. After being mined out of a cavern in West Virginia, a Torkoal will have a long, storied life before ending up in the stocking of a naughty child at Christmas.

Cybat: His smoke looks kinda weird in the 3DS games but he's pretty good. I'm suddenly noticing that there were a lot of single-stage Pokemon introduced this gen.

OrangeCrush: I like turtles

Starfox: It took me until doing the stats for this gen to realize that Torkoal wasn’t part rock. I guess that shows how little I care about it.

Anagram: Literally Torkoal’s greatest contribution to humanity is getting sent out by Ash in the Sinnoh Tournament and lasting literally seven seconds (I counted), and that number includes the time it spent flying through the air after already being hit

BetrayedTangy I feel like a pre evolution would give this Pokemon more purpose.

Raka: One of the worst options for a Fire Pokemon ever. I don't think I'll ever use this guy even if given infinite time.

Arti: Hard to find and generally useless.

Gen: The second of only two non-starter fire type lines in this generation (seriously wtf GF) could not BE more different than its counterpart. I really want to love Torkoal, because I love tortoises, White Smoke is great, and Overheat is awesome (I know that's not its signature move it's just something I associate with it because of Flannery). But I can't... I can't get past that stupid mug to gaze at the beauty inside. It's like Quasi-friggin'-modo I swear. Ugh I don't even want to look at it. Also it should CLEARLY be Fire/Rock.

39. Ludicolo (Score: 3152)Edit

Average Ranking: 54.34 (St. Dev: 37.26)
Fully Evolved Rank: 32/73
Water Rank: 9/28
Grass Rank: 7/17
Lotad Line: 1/3

1 - Logicblade
1 - Giggs
1 - junglebob
2 - KBM
6 - Eddv
10 - Suor
12 - Stifled
12 - JONA
12 - Sanity
14 - Magmortar
15 - Cody
18 - Raka
19 - Natwaf
23 - Mana
23 - Ermine
23 - Gen
28 - BetrayedTangy
29 - Dragon66116
29 - Arti
32 - Wickle
33 - Karo
35 - red
35 - Poka
37 - Anagram
38 - Kate
40 - Ecks
44 - Cybat
48 - Nick
51 - CasanovaZelos
51 - OrangeCrush
51 - Xuxon
55 - Para
58 - Inviso
58 - Lefty
61 - andy
66 - swordz
68 - Brayze
69 - Sorozone
69 - Paul
71 - mnk
73 - scarlet
73 - Scepter
75 - Flubbin
85 - starfox
85 - MSG
90 - Poke
91 - darkx
97 - Wigs
98 - xx521xx
101 - Snake5s
105 - Bospsy
106 - MI
107 - Tazzy
114 - profDEADPOOL
121 - TexWolf
121 - TUM
127 - Drak
135 - XIII

Logicblade: Ok, so Ludicolo is basically my spirit animal. He's having fun all the time, and he has a wicked hat. Also happens to be Miror B's signature pokemon which is always a plus. Easy choice for a number 1.

Giggs: Ludicolo is a dancing pineapple wearing a sombrero and he is my favourite dude in the Pokemon universe. Just look at the guy. If you don't like ludicolo, you're not my friend.

Junglebob: There's just so much I like about Ludicolo. It's got a crazy/silly design, it's really useful in battle, and it can’t stop dancing! You're the best Gen 3 Pokemon, pineapple-duck!

KBM: I'm not even gonna lie, I love this guy. He's almost certainly my favorite Grass Pokémon in any generation, his design is hilarious, and he was the absolute star of my party my first time playing through this generation. So, so good.

Eddv: Happy Dancing Mexican who loves water!

Suor: The Mexican stereotype that any sane person should love.

Stifled: Racial stereotypes are hysterical. Don’t judge.

Sanity: Jaja, su rostro es divertido, y él parece ser el tipo de Pokémon que me gustaría ir de fiesta con.

Magmortar: Ludicolo makes a great party Pokemon and Miror B. certainly agrees on that one. FIESTA! ...unless it is raining, then you will probably die.


Raka: THIS is how you do a joke Pokemon. He looks really funny, cheerful, and ready to party. Oh wait, you don't want to party? I get it, you want to PARTAAAAAAY

Gen: It's a happy Mexican duck. That is so delightfully racist and unlike Jynx it's kind of cute too. Screw competitive I admire this guy's attitude regarding life. BASED.

BetrayedTangy: Listens to Mirror B.'s Colosseum theme, looks at Ludicolo and applauds.


Wickle: The Mexican mariachi man! Seriously, I find this guy's design to be hilarious.

Karo: Quiero ser el mejor, como nadie lo fue! Para la captura de ellos es mi verdadera prueba, para entrenarlos es mi causa!

Anagram: Between twelve and seventeen, I was ‘too cool’ to play Pokemon. During this period, the only interaction I had with RSE whatsoever was stumbling onto this comic: To this day, this is the only thing I think of when Ludicolo comes up

Kate: ohf*** i love stalling people out with leech seed/toxic/rain dance and making them mad

Ecks: I have nightmares from being walled by one of these jerks in the Battle Tower after a long streak. But I respect that.


OrangeCrush: He's Miror B.'s signature Pokemon and a Mexican stereotype.

Para: god I REALLY REALLY wish I could have evolved my damn lombre into this dancing pineapple

Brayze: I wish real mexicans were like you, Ludicolo

Scarlet: The Carefree Pokemon. A major victory was won for Ludicolo rights when Obama issued an executive order this year, allowing all Ludicolos who had been inside the borders of the United States for three years to become full citizens.

XIII: And here it is, the worst Gen 3 Pokemon and the third-worst of all time. Ludicolo is a f***ing vile trainwreck of a Pokemon, thought up by Game Freak solely to troll offensive player. That is the only reason they would combine that irritating typing with Rain Dish and the stupid f***ing trollface it is constantly making. Ludicolo is the exemplification of weather-based stall, moreso even than Stallrein. I would not delete Ludicolo from the game, but I would permanently change its base stats and abilities and give it a sad face so all its fanboys and girls are punished for liking f***ing Ludicolo. It's a f***ing diabolical mess. If you support Ludicolo you in turn support stall, and if you support stall you are absolutely a bad human being since you are getting behind a tactic that expects the non-stall user to at some point get annoyed. You're literally supporting a troll tactic, and that shows you to be a callous, conceited human being. It doesn't matter if "I don't care about the metgagame!!" neither do I anymore. But that doesn't mean you should support and enable bad human beings, and supporting Ludicolo does that. And lets be honest, it's pretty f***ing racist too. So all in all, completely morally toxic. Dislike it, or you are essentially saying that you are OK with lacking moral fiber. It's absolutely one way or the other, no middle ground.

38. Banette (Score: 3120)Edit

Average Ranking: 53.79 (St. Dev: 35.66)
Fully Evolved Rank: 31/73
Ghost Rank: 3/6
Shuppet Line: 1/2

3 - Snake5s
3 - mnk
4 - Wickle
7 - Ecks
10 - TUM
11 - swordz
13 - Karo
13 - Stifled
13 - Tazzy
18 - Kate
18 - red
19 - scarlet
19 - Inviso
21 - Gen
22 - Cody
28 - Dragon66116
28 - Scepter
29 - Bospsy
29 - Poka
32 - Sorozone
36 - Cybat
37 - CasanovaZelos
39 - Eddv
40 - Brayze
41 - junglebob
42 - starfox
42 - Anagram
42 - Flubbin
45 - Para
51 - JONA
53 - darkx
53 - Arti
54 - Poke
55 - XIII
56 - Paul
58 - Suor
59 - Sanity
62 - Raka
67 - Mana
70 - Natwaf
72 - BetrayedTangy
74 - andy
77 - Logicblade
89 - Ermine
89 - Lefty
90 - Nick
90 - Wigs
93 - TexWolf
93 - Magmortar
95 - MSG
101 - OrangeCrush
103 - MI
110 - xx521xx
111 - KBM
112 - profDEADPOOL
116 - Drak
128 - Giggs
135 - Xuxon

Snake5s: Creepiest Pokémon ever

Wickle: This is downright the perfect ghost-type. He looks like a genuine horror icon while still being in a child's game enough to never give nightmares. I mean seriously, a puppet Pokemon. Excellent.

Stifled: Thank you, Game Freak, for not making sucky Ghost Pokemon for Gen 3.

Scarlet: The Marionette Pokemon. Each Banette is born from the remains of plush toys that have been cast aside. This came to light most prominently in 2001, when millions of Beanie Babies ended up in the dumpsters of America. Nearly the entirety of Chicago was slaughtered by rampaging Banettes.

Gen: I have always loved this thing. Before Mega evos were a thing, before Junji Ito got a hold of it I loved Banette based on its awesomely creepy pokedex entries, particularly Emerald's: An abandoned plush doll became this Pokémon. They are said to live in garbage dumps and wander about in search of the children that threw them away. That's like a creepypasta in itself. Not to mention the zipper mouth, the fact that it likes sticking pins in itself to harm others holy frijoles I had no idea pokemon could get so macabre until this point.

Cybat: Another mischievous-looking ghost, but also creepy because it's based on puppets. Another one with a very strange Mega form.

Brayze: Worst blowjob award

Anagram: ‘Banette is a dark grey, doll-like pokemon that is possessed by pure hatred’ – that description alone is enough to get Banette this high

Para: his zipper mouth is one of the most clever design features on a pokemon probably

XIII: A passable ghost with a half-decent, reasonably stylish mega-evo.

Sanity: Bring out the Gimp.

Raka: It's not banned, so why is it called ban-ette?

BetrayedTangy: Meh? I mean it's kinda cool and I really like his Mega Evolution, but I think it could look a little more like a puppet.

Magmortar: It was clearly designed for supporting, but can’t do that for the life of it. It needed an evolution WAY more than Dusclops, but didn’t get one, and got worse STAB on top of that. It got a Mega Evolution with potential, but got completely screwed by turn order mechanics. I want to feel bad for it, because few Pokemon are hated more by Gamefreak, but I don’t like creepy doll things at all so still screw Banette. I just think it deserves better. FLAREON gets better treatment.

KBM: Maybe its Mega Evolution makes it actually usable – I don't know. It's news to me that it even got one. But I can only go off my experiences here. This guy was my sixth Pokémon in my first playthrough of the third generation. I had never used a Ghost-type Pokémon and wanted to give one a try. Banette is so useless that I almost gave up on the type altogether and never gave it another shot. It wasted a party slot in my first run through my favorite generation, and I will always hold that (a bit unfairly, I admit) against it. (Weirdly enough, I don't hold it against Shuppet... but Shuppet's cute so I guess it kind of makes sense.)

Giggs: Jesus this thing is horrible. Shuppet could have been so cool if developed right, and instead we get this horrid cartoon s***fest. The ghosts in this generation were terrible.

37. Spheal (Score: 3083)Edit

Average Ranking: 53.16 (St. Dev: 35.18)
NFE Rank: 7/62
Water Rank: 7/28
Ice Rank: 1/6
Spheal Line: 1/3

2 - MSG
3 - MI
5 - Flubbin
8 - darkx
9 - Magmortar
11 - Lefty
13 - Bospsy
13 - Para
17 - Wigs
18 - Logicblade
19 - Brayze
20 - OrangeCrush
20 - Poke
21 - Giggs
21 - Sanity
22 - Stifled
23 - Drak
29 - Suor
30 - Mana
31 - Inviso
32 - junglebob
33 - Dragon66116
34 - Kate
39 - mnk
41 - Natwaf
41 - Ermine
42 - Nick
44 - Gen
47 - Karo
49 - swordz
49 - xx521xx
51 - Scepter
55 - andy
57 - Cody
57 - JONA
58 - Raka
61 - Wickle
63 - starfox
71 - Snake5s
71 - KBM
73 - Poka
78 - Tazzy
79 - Anagram
80 - Sorozone
81 - Ecks
83 - CasanovaZelos
85 - Xuxon
90 - Eddv
99 - profDEADPOOL
102 - BetrayedTangy
108 - TexWolf
108 - Arti
109 - Paul
110 - Cybat
110 - red
110 - TUM
124 - scarlet
124 - XIII

MSG: I dare you to look at Spheal and not smile. I f***ing dare you. I mean, look at it. Look at it! LOOK AT IT

Dark: So derpy that it's amazingly cute.

Magmortar: Spheal is another contender for cutest Pokemon ever, and I love seals too. I often do think about never evolving it every time I want to use one because it just blows the other two out of the wate-HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG


Brayze: Do you like seals? Do you like balls? Do you like seal balls? I sure do! Oh Wait.

OrangeCrush: Aw, she's so cute! And she has one of the more creative animations in Emerald.

Giggs: If I was a Spheal I would steal an Everstone and roll around all day every day. What a magnificent life that would be.

Sanity: The more round and happy and derpy something looks, the better it is. Always. This is why a sphere Seel > non-sphere Seel.

Stifled: Aww, so cute!

Suor: I don't know how the rest of its line could go wrong, but Spheal is one of the most adorable pokémon ever.

Gen: It's a seal. And a sphere. Can't say the name ain't straightforward. I kind of want a Spheal beach ball. He so fat <3.

Cody: Watching one roll down a hill would be hilarious.

Raka: It's so round. Will it roll if I throw it?

Wickle: I'll admit, I don't directly target cute Pokemon. Hence why I'm typically on the same side as Natwaf with "NFE trash." But I can't just not like the cuteness of this Poke.

KBM: Seel changed his name just a little bit and learned how to use Ice-type moves. Neat.

Anagram: Why establish the first pokemon in the line as having a sphere/shape gimmick and then abandon it for the later pokemon? Why? It makes no sense!

BetrayedTangy: Spheal is the best part of its line. Why? Because it's cute, that's it. The other two are so ugly and generic, I've never bothered raising one.

Arti: I wonder if Spheals push around other Spheals for fun. They're all ball shaped anyway.

Cybat: So cute. Why haven't they made spherical versions of more animals?

Scarlet: The Clap Pokemon. Spheal spent a brief period atop the TV ratings as the star of the game show Spheal or No Spheal, where contestants had to guess whether a Pokemon hidden inside of a briefcase was a Spheal or not.

XIII: This is a very bad evolutionary family and Spheal is offender number 1.

36. Vibrava (Score: 3037)Edit

Average Ranking: 52.36 (St. Dev: 35.18)
NFE Rank: 6/62
Dragon Rank: 7/9
Ground Rank: 5/13
Trapinch Line: 2/3

2 - profDEADPOOL
3 - Ermine
5 - Poke
6 - Gen
7 - Para
10 - andy
16 - Cybat
17 - Suor
18 - MSG
20 - junglebob
20 - xx521xx
23 - Lefty
24 - Paul
25 - Anagram
27 - Tazzy
27 - Wickle
27 - red
28 - Mana
28 - swordz
29 - starfox
31 - MI
36 - Cody
37 - Raka
40 - BetrayedTangy
46 - Sanity
47 - Inviso
48 - Dragon66116
51 - scarlet
56 - Stifled
57 - Brayze
60 - mnk
61 - CasanovaZelos
62 - TexWolf
63 - Sorozone
63 - Xuxon
64 - Scepter
65 - Natwaf
65 - Flubbin
66 - darkx
68 - Arti
69 - Karo
70 - XIII
72 - Ecks
75 - TUM
76 - Eddv
78 - Logicblade
78 - Bospsy
84 - Snake5s
85 - Nick
86 - JONA
86 - Poka
89 - Drak
92 - Kate
93 - Wigs
108 - Giggs
108 - KBM
118 - OrangeCrush
122 - Magmortar

Ermine: Dragonflies are awesome once again. They got it right with Yanma and to be honest they did it even better with Vibrava. Really cool design, I love his wings. His little feets are totally adorable as well <3 I'm glad his final form is at least pretty decent since I know Flygon will beat him ruthlessly. If Flygon was poorly designed it'd suck to just have him lose because FEs 99% of the time just do better for no good reason.

Gen: A dragonfly that is literally a dragon and a fly. That's so brilliant, and this lil' guy just has the best design with the crazy cool eyes and the alternating greens. I just wanna hug it! Dragonflies are my favorite flying insect (well I guess mantises technically fly but they aren't really great at it) so it was nice to finally see pokemon do one justice. I mean the name even contains "brava!" Brava, GF. Brava!

Para: I wish all dragonflies were like 200% cuddlier like this you can't really cuddle with dragonflies usually they're too small

Cybat: This intermediate dragon looks more dragon-like than some fully evolved ones. Not much like Trapinch, of course, but that's OK.

Suor: I love Vibrava, I wish Flygon evolved into something resembling it more.

Junglebob: Those wings are really cool! I wish this line was Bug/Dragon instead of Ground/Dragon, to differentiate it from the Garchomp line.

Anagram: Yanma’s long lost cousin who is not actually his cousin

Wickle: My little dragonfly.

Starfox: I actually kinda like Vibrava. It’s oddly cute. Not anywhere close to good enough to save the rest of the line, but at least I can appreciate Vibrava independently of that.

Raka: A good looking bug. It's well-designed.

BetrayedTangy: Somehow balances being cute and cool, even if its entire line makes little sense to me.

Scarlet: The Vibration Pokemon. The single most awkward and emotionally scarring moment of your life is when, while helping your sister spring clean her room, you find a smelly, damp Vibrava in her nightstand drawer.

Stifled: Less interesting Flygon. It packs a punch for a middle evolution, so that’s good at least.

Brayze: Antlions really do grow up to be pilot lizard dragons, if you just wish hard enough! Lol too bad you'll still suck

XIII: Quite simply a less cool Flygon.

Snake5s: Not Penny's boat

Giggs: Goddamn waiting for this thing to evolve is excrutiating. At least Trapinch packs a punch.

KBM: On the one hand, it develops Dragon typing. On the other hand, it looks like something I would want someone to squash if it came anywhere near me.

OrangeCrush: Her animations in Colosseum were painfully slow.

Magmortar: Might be the only Pokemon that both evolves into a more useful Pokemon and FROM a more useful Pokemon. In case you couldn’t figure that out, Vibrava sucks. I don’t like training it. It can’t kill things it could while as a Trapinch, and can’t take a hit. My experience of grinding an EV trained Vibrava to get a Flygon was just miserable. I like the design, good bug dragon, but it is a Pokemon really dragged down for me by being horrible.

35. Zigzagoon & Ermine (Score: 2907)Edit

Average Ermine: 50.12 (St. Dev: 31.44)
Not Fully Ermine'd Rank: 5/62
Normal Rank: 3 Ermines out of 18
Ermine Line: 1/2

1 - Ermine
3 - BetrayedTangy
9 - Xuxon
11 - Poke
13 - profDEADPOOL
16 - CasanovaZelos
16 - TexWolf
17 - Mana
20 - Karo
20 - Sanity
21 - Scepter
22 - Inviso
23 - Kate
24 - Logicblade
26 - andy
26 - Magmortar
26 - xx521xx
28 - starfox
28 - Bospsy
28 - Gen
29 - red
31 - Drak
33 - Flubbin
33 - MSG
36 - OrangeCrush
37 - MI
37 - Natwaf
41 - Anagram
41 - KBM
42 - Arti
48 - JONA
50 - Nick
50 - Stifled
52 - Suor
55 - Raka
57 - mnk
61 - Snake5s
64 - Lefty
64 - junglebob
66 - Giggs
69 - Ecks
70 - Wickle
73 - Sorozone
73 - Brayze
75 - Poka
77 - Dragon66116
77 - Wigs
81 - Para
86 - Tazzy
87 - Cybat
88 - darkx
93 - Cody
93 - Eddv
99 - scarlet
100 - Paul
106 - swordz
124 - TUM
131 - XIII

Ermine: The world's greatest pokemon!

Ziggy hasn't always been my favorite pokemon, Buizel used to own that spot many years ago but once Zigzagoon jumped into my life as #1 he's always stayed there and he'll always stay there. Raccoons are fantastic and Ziggy's design is simple yet unique at the same time. He's super useful to have on a team because of his pick up ability and his ability to use many different Hidden Machines but for me, nothing is more fun than trying to beat a pokemon game with just one Zigzagoon as a fighter. It's challenging and exciting since Ziggy's base stats definitely leave something to be desired. Very awesome pokemon and while I don't expect him to really do well at all, he'll still be number 1 for me <3

BetrayedTangy: Zigzagoon at Number 3? What!? Yeah normally I thought he was totally pointless, until I started a Sapphire Nuzlocke and I found a Zigzagoon with Pickup, he saved my ass through the first third of the game, he found a TM, a buttload of Potions and even allowed me to beat Wattson, at the unfortunate expense of his life. This legit brought me to tears.

Poke: Pls, I'm Zigzagoon :(

ProfDEADPOOL: Ermine infected me with Zigzagoon love tbh. Originally I was very meh on him but….Ermine's love made me reconsider and now I like him a lot.

Sanity: I don't usually let my enjoyment of a user effect my enjoyment of unrelated things, but this happened here. I wouldn't care about Zigzagoon, but I am a fan of that guy named Ermine, and Zigzagoon is his favorite Pokemon, so it rubs off. I don't pleasure myself to Zigazagoons like he does though.


Logicblade: Ermine probably has all the positives about Zigzagoon covered, so I'm gonna talk **** about this cute little guy. He picks up **** off the ground like a hobo, how filthy! He's an excellent HM Slave, which means he supports the archaic system of using a pokemon only for it's ability to carry you on it's back. What a silly raccoon thingy. :3

Magmortar: A cute raccoon! And then there was the guy who trains this line in Orre games, who has an amazing battle theme.

Starfox: Zigzagoon was the point in my ranking where I realized that I don’t care much for this gen. I mean… I kinda like Zigzagoon, I guess. But the fact that I couldn’t find anything I liked more than this, and it was all the way up in 28th, made me realize how steep the dropoff is between things I really like and things I don’t give a s*** about.

Gen: I love Zigzagoon. Just not as much as some people because I'm not a weirdo. Ziggy will forever be my Pickup buddy. I don't care if other pokemon have the ability, they'll never be better at it than a mischievous raccoon. I remember on my second Sapphire playthrough I spent hours looking for a shiny Zigzagoon only to give up and then happen upon its shiny fully evolved form later on in the game (god dammit). It even had a perfect Timid nature but I was still so disappointed by this that I boxed it.

MSG: 85th place, my ass. Yeah right Ermine, get real.

OrangeCrush: Woe is Ermine.

Anagram: I would never think about Zigzagoon at all except for Ermine. It began as me just idly wondering why this, of all things, would be anyone’s favorite pokemon. Now it consumes me, and at night I shiver as the cold winds up my spine, my thoughts dominated by nothing so much as nightmarish images of Zigzagoon

KBM: Sorry, Ermine. This little guy is absolutely precious, but Gen III is just so good that it can only propel it so far. :/

Arti: My source of early Ultra Balls, Revives, Rare Candies, and other assorted items.

Stifled: Ermine has a lot to do with this little guy not being near the bottom. I didn’t really like him much until Ermine Poke-Gauntlet spammed him and showed me the pic of him beating up a Garchomp. Now he’s kind of amusing to me.

Suor: The best non-evolved Route 1(01) Normal type. Great concept and super cute.

Raka: Ermine's favorite Pokemon. My favorite Gen 3 HM and Pickup slave. Everyone's happy!

Junglebob: My second-favorite early route rodent, after Bidoof. Pickup is pretty nice too.

Giggs: Bidoof > Zigzagoon > Bunnelby > Rattata > Sentret > Patrat

Ecks: It's kinda cute, or almost cute, but Linoone is more my style. I want to like it more than I do.

Brayze: Its attack is running in a zigzag which is cool, but it's worse than a normal raccoon so f yall zigzagoon

Para: uhhh sorry ermine zigzagoon is just okay to me

Cybat: The concept of a Pokemon that cannot run in a straight line is pretty hilarious. Add in Pickup utility and here we are.

Darkx: "You'll get no sympathy from me!" – Ike

Scarlet: The Tiny Raccoon Pokemon. F***ing ****sucking mother****ing ass****licking Richard Nixon ****ing broom hand up the ass having ***** sucking penetrated by a mastiff whoremongering flea-bitten condom drinking taint sucking father of an AIDS baby.

XIII: A thoroughly boring Rattata equivalent, Zigzagoon offers absolutely nothing except occasional pickup. It's a really bad Pokemon, not cute, not useful. I can't even use the "it evolves into Linoone" thing because the only way to get the only Linoone that will ever matter involves picking up an event one (or programming it in via a simulator, I guess, but either way you don't need Zigzagoon for that)

34. Wailord (Score: 2887)Edit

Average JONA: 49.78 (St. Dev: 30.92)
Fully Evolved Rank: 30/73
Water Rank: 6/28
Wailmer Line: 1/2

2 - JONA
4 - Cody
9 - Nick
9 - Giggs
9 - Sanity
10 - Tazzy
14 - Wigs
16 - darkx
16 - Eddv
16 - andy
16 - Magmortar
17 - TexWolf
19 - junglebob
20 - MI
21 - Arti
22 - Xuxon
26 - OrangeCrush
30 - Raka
30 - MSG
31 - scarlet
31 - Flubbin
31 - Para
37 - Wickle
39 - swordz
40 - CasanovaZelos
40 - Stifled
43 - Dragon66116
43 - Poke
44 - Natwaf
44 - Suor
49 - Mana
49 - Poka
50 - Ecks
51 - Anagram
56 - Scepter
58 - Logicblade
60 - Lefty
66 - Snake5s
67 - starfox
68 - Drak
71 - Bospsy
73 - Inviso
75 - Gen
76 - Cybat
79 - red
79 - KBM
82 - xx521xx
86 - Brayze
86 - profDEADPOOL
88 - Kate
88 - Sorozone
89 - TUM
90 - Karo
92 - Paul
99 - mnk
103 - XIII
112 - Ermine
116 - BetrayedTangy

Cody: This thing is utterly ridiculous, and I love it. The more I looked at it, the higher it rose. It is absolutely humongous!

Giggs: Wailord's oblivious expression is so vivid that when you stare into his eyes you can see him cry inside about all the unsuspecting living beings he has accidentally crushed. The fact that he's technically lighter than air is just the icing on the cake. King derp of the ocean.

Magmortar: Wailord is an enormous exploding whale-blimp thing. Pretty good.

Junglebob: Triple Wailord battles are the best.

Arti: I had to use a Wailord in Colosseum because of its size. It really is ridiculous.

OrangeCrush: I didn't expect to like him at first, but he's actually pretty cool and has a lot of stuff going for him.

Raka: So big and derpy looking I can't help but like it. Who's a fat boy? Yes you are, yes you are. It looks like a PokeFloat.

MSG: Who's ready for some hot Skitty on Wailord action

Scarlet: The Float Whale Pokemon. It was a dark day when the Germans used an army of Wailords to sink the Lusitania.

Para: at 47 feet in height and only 877 pounds in weight, wailord is less dense than helium. wailord would escape the earth's atmosphere and float into space. ALL HAIL THE SPACE WHALE

Wickle: WHY IS THIS GUY NOT FLUBBER-TYPE? Oh right, that type doesn't exist. I'm glad I was involved in the first podcast just so I could make this joke. The largest Pokemon, I think, and I like that it's a whale. Who needs another King of the sea, we got this lord.

Stifled: Leave my Skitty alone!

Anagram: There are so many things you could do with a whale pokemon, and THIS is what they chose. Hell, just making it white-colored would be more than enough

Gen: Eh... Whale submarine is okay. I never liked that shipping though. Oh hey I accidentally made a nautical pun!

Cybat: Perfect name for the largest Pokemon. But its design is not very interesting.

KBM: It kind of looks like an aquatic blimp, which is not altogether a bad thing. There are way better water choices, though.

Brayze: This is one of those pokemon where people want to talk sciencey. 'its density is lower than air' I am too lazy to check that but it would make sense because it's a blimp

XIII: Annoyingly high HP

BetrayedTangy: It's a whale, whoopdie f****** doo. At least it banging Skitty is kinda funny.

33. Cacturne (Score: 2830)Edit

Average Rank: 48.79 (St. Dev: 31.44)
Fully Evolved Rank: 29/73
Grass Rank: 6/17
Dark Rank: 5/10
Cacnea Line: 1/2

1 - Gen
2 - Suor
3 - JONA
4 - Magmortar
9 - Brayze
11 - Kate
12 - Ecks
12 - andy
13 - starfox
14 - Nick
14 - mnk
17 - swordz
18 - Inviso
18 - Cybat
24 - Flubbin
29 - Snake5s
30 - Karo
31 - Cody
32 - Poka
35 - Poke
36 - Giggs
39 - CasanovaZelos
39 - red
42 - Logicblade
44 - Bospsy
45 - MI
45 - Xuxon
46 - Tazzy
47 - Mana
47 - MSG
48 - Wickle
50 - Eddv
50 - KBM
50 - Ermine
50 - TexWolf
51 - Arti
54 - BetrayedTangy
55 - Anagram
55 - Stifled
57 - XIII
59 - scarlet
59 - Dragon66116
59 - Sorozone
61 - Natwaf
63 - TUM
77 - Scepter
80 - Wigs
80 - profDEADPOOL
81 - Paul
89 - Para
92 - Drak
96 - xx521xx
98 - Raka
100 - Sanity
107 - OrangeCrush
107 - junglebob
116 - Lefty
127 - darkx

Gen: So it was a tough call for my top three as to which would get the top spot, unlike the first two generations where this was set in sturdy stone. In the end I gave it to mah boi Cacturne. This is kind of a huge deal for me because my top spots are almost always occupied by fire and water, maybe dragon or dark. For a grass type to get it is pretty special since I don't think too highly of the type as a whole. However when a grass type is done right it can be truly, truly amazing and Cacturne is the epitome of this I feel. I love the design, and the pokedex entries are just perfect for it. This is a pokemon that stalks people by night until they can go no further and then strikes! That's so morbid I love it. And that face! That wicked face... It's everything I love about dark types in a grass shell and it's just perfection.

Suor: A stalking cactus in a desert would be super scary, but I would die admiring such a magnificent life form.

Magmortar: The scarecrow is wicked creepy. Tough to use, especially in the days of no perma-sandstorm, but back then, it could be a nightmare if you were not prepared for it. I think it’s a really underappreciated Pokemon. Really my only complaint is that Needle Arm could be a more useful attack.

Brayze: You are not allowed to name your cacturne Spike or Prickly Pete so I named mine something less offensive: 'Dumb Japs'

Starfox: I’ve never actually used one on any of my teams before, sadly. It made it this high on design alone, plus the fantastically creepy Pokedex entries. It’s just awesome on multiple levels.

Cybat: Another cool Grass/Dark with less-than-useful base stats. But I still like him. He also learns Spiky Shield now, which makes sense.

Snake5s: The new slasher film is just down the hall, this is Pokémon

Giggs: Even Jumbo Cactuar never looked this mad. Still, for an evil cactus, Cacturne feels kind of phoned in.

Wickle: You know, this guy would have been a lot cooler if he somehow had immunity from sandstorm if he's forced to be a part of a team.

KBM: Cacnea is funnier, but Cacturne is still freaking hilarious. They're both so cute and look like they take themselves so seriously. If I didn't love so many of this generation's Pokémon... I really wish I could rank this line higher.

BetrayedTangy: Jeepers Creepers, where'd you get them peepers. Jeepers Creepers where'd ya get those eyes?

Anagram: Cacturne would be way better if it was a reference to Haman and tried to oppress and execute all of the Nosepass and Probopass

Stifled: I dig the idea, but it lacks some flair.

XIII: I feel like I SHOULD think Cacturne is cool but I never have done for some reason. He is somewhat likeable with a somewhat cool design, yet for whatever reason he leaves me cold.

Scarlet: The Scarecrow Pokemon. Created as an adversary for the Batman, Cacturne was soundly defeated and now serves as the Christmas tree at Wayne Manor each year. O Cacturne Tree, O Cacturne Tree! How prickly are thy branches!

Para: I like his hat I would wear one just like it but it would probably be all prickly

Raka: Um what? No. This is Cabin in the Wood-level nonsense.

32. Swellow (Score: 2795)Edit

Average Rank: 48.19 (St. Dev: 31.43)
Fully Evolved Rank: 28/73
Normal Rank: 2/18
Flying Rank: 6/12
Taillow Line: 1/2

1 - Scepter
2 - Dragon66116
2 - andy
4 - Flubbin
5 - Kate
6 - Suor
10 - Poke
12 - Wickle
12 - Magmortar
13 - Inviso
16 - Ecks
17 - Stifled
19 - Sorozone
19 - swordz
20 - Mana
20 - XIII
24 - Brayze
26 - Snake5s
30 - OrangeCrush
32 - Para
33 - Cody
33 - Natwaf
34 - JONA
38 - starfox
40 - Logicblade
44 - Anagram
44 - Poka
45 - Eddv
46 - Bospsy
46 - Xuxon
48 - Drak
50 - scarlet
51 - Cybat
54 - Karo
55 - red
56 - Raka
58 - MI
62 - Ermine
65 - KBM
70 - Giggs
70 - Lefty
70 - Arti
72 - CasanovaZelos
74 - Paul
75 - TexWolf
79 - BetrayedTangy
80 - Nick
80 - Gen
81 - Wigs
82 - Sanity
84 - xx521xx
85 - TUM
86 - mnk
87 - Tazzy
95 - profDEADPOOL
101 - junglebob
107 - MSG
125 - darkx

Scepter: Used in every Hoenn adventure, first shiny, etc

Suor: Swellow has my favorite shiny form ever: Winona_Swellow.png

Wickle: My main flier through Gen 3 considering I do like birds. It was fun having him face Winona's.

Magmortar: Another one of my old favorites, Swellow has aged well and is still one of my favorite Pokemon from this gen, just not #1 or anything anymore.

Ecks: Pretty bird... yeah, can you say pretty bird? Pretty bird... yes, pretty bird.

Stifled: I’m a little put off by how fat this thing is. Just a little.

XIII: One of the better regional birds for sure. I think it marked the beginning of an attempt by Game Freak to make the regional bird actually competent, something they've only failed to do with the shockingly misjudged Unfezant. Swellow was the start of that movement.

Brayze: He's got this 'I'm hot s***' look on his face that is perfectly true so long as he doesn't get hit by... basically any attack or hurtful insult.

Snake5s: What a swell fellow

OrangeCrush: In terms of the main series games, he's an interesting Pokemon but not very effective. Ash's Swellow is awesome though, and I didn't even watch much of the anime post-Johto. The way he taunts Latios and attempts to go toe-to-toe with him is pretty awesome, even if he gets Luster Purge'd in the end. Also Thunder Armor.

Para: here is a poem I wrote about swellow. hello, swellow. you are a fine fellow. you are pretty mellow. your beak is yellow. sometimes you like to play the cello. overall I would say that you are pretty swell - oh, I died because guts facade is really strong. the end

Anagram: Literally the biggest difference in design between it and Pidgeot is that Pidgeot has three forms

Scarlet: The Swallow Pokemon. Swellow is known for never spitting after.

Cybat: Not a very interesting-looking bird, but it is pretty insanely fast especially for ingame. I don't get its name though, does it inflate?

Raka: Is it a 'swell' swallow? Well, it IS pretty swell. Even though it's just a normal bird, it looks real nice.

KBM: I'm not that huge a fan of the Swellow type of evolutions – where the FE looks almost identical to the (cuter) NFE, except larger. That said, I'm still down with this line, as later-generation Pidgeot clones go.

Giggs: Swellow is a bird. Yep. Definitely a bird.

BetrayedTangy: It's a bird whoopdie f****** doo, at least it's kinda cool

Gen: I have never liked it as much as its prevolution and I feel like such an Ermine for this. I don't think its different enough from Taillow though really since I love Taillow's design so much that should be a plus right? Obviously I don't hate it, but...

31. Manectric (Score: 2724)Edit

Average Rank: 46.97 (St. Dev: 31.97)
Fully Evolved Rank: 27/73
Electric Rank: 1/4
Electrike Line: 1/2

1 - OrangeCrush
2 - Wigs
2 - red
5 - Dragon66116
8 - mnk
10 - Karo
12 - CasanovaZelos
13 - Suor
14 - Arti
15 - Bospsy
17 - starfox
18 - MI
19 - Poka
22 - XIII
25 - scarlet
27 - Raka
28 - Snake5s
29 - Scepter
31 - MSG
33 - Anagram
33 - Kate
33 - Cybat
33 - TexWolf
33 - Magmortar
34 - Wickle
34 - Poke
36 - Tazzy
38 - Nick
38 - Cody
39 - Mana
41 - andy
41 - Drak
43 - Eddv
46 - Logicblade
47 - Natwaf
47 - Ermine
52 - profDEADPOOL
54 - Sorozone
56 - Brayze
56 - Flubbin
61 - darkx
62 - Gen
65 - BetrayedTangy
67 - KBM
68 - Ecks
69 - TUM
75 - Paul
76 - JONA
76 - xx521xx
83 - Para
90 - swordz
93 - Stifled
97 - Xuxon
106 - Lefty
110 - junglebob
116 - Giggs
117 - Inviso
128 - Sanity

OrangeCrush: Even I'm not completely sure why he's my favorite. Being the only competent electric type (my favorite type) that debuted in my favorite region helps. He's also great ingame and has a cool design. I also find his underdog story in competitive battling interesting; he used to be outclassed by most electric types in gen 3, but he slowly climbed up as he got Flamethrower and Overheat in D/P, Switcheroo in HG/SS, a Lightning Rod buff in B/W, and Mega Manectric in X/Y. And now he's made it all the way to OU!

Suor: Its color scheme is one of the best an Electric type could wish for, and it also looks great and has the cool niche of learning Flamethrower. One of the most versatile pokémon in the game.

Arti: RSE is pretty devoid of useful electric types. Manectric is probably the best of the bunch.

Starfox: While I guess it does kinda look funny, I still rather like its design. It’s certainly grown on me. But when I first learned that it could learn flamethrower, I thought it was the coolest thing ever. (Give me a break, I was like 10 and anything that used fire type moves was automatically awesome.)

XIII: Same as above. Dig the design, cool enough looking animal.

Scarlet: The Discharge Pokemon. Manectrics have been repeatedly sued by the NAACP for wearing Klan garb in public places. Manectrics are racist.

Raka: I don't even care what animal Manectric is based on, it just looks kinda regal and definitely cool. Much better than the sorry pre-evo

Snake5s: I'm gonna be a rock and roll star, Gotta groove from night to day

Anagram: I have decent memories of this guy from my Emerald run, so it gets this far based on them. No one got a sillier mega than Manectric, though. I wouldn’t wish that mega on anything

Cybat: Another early-game Electric type, another guy that was on my ingame team almost the whole way. I like his color scheme. But I don't particularly care for his Mega.

Magmortar: BIG design downgrade from Electrike but pretty nifty. Flamethrower electric dog! Its Mega Evolution looks even more stupid, but it’s also pretty good.

Wickle: I'm ashamed this guy isn't higher, but I really do like a lot of Pokemon from this generation.

ProfDEADPOOL: Any Pokemon at 52 or lower is meh at best. About all I have to say here.

Brayze: I love the mega so this ranking is much higher than the pure form deserves, ugly yellow dog pokemon with a color scheme like the 80s north stars, go back to the 80s in dallas or wherever, jerk

Gen: I really appreciate the thought that went into this pokemon's concept, but I'm not too fond of the execution.

BetrayedTangy: Easy top 30 if not for it's ugly Mega

KBM: I'm sorry, Manectric, I like you, but I just can't take you all that seriously with that weird hat.

Para: eh it's an electric dog it's fine holy crap I really just don't have my A-game snark today I'm sorry my writeups kind of suck compared to gen 2

Stifled: It has a goofy name and nothing about its design is particularly interesting. So they gave it a Mega Evolution that didn’t do anything to make it better? Huh.

Giggs: Why does this guy always look so damn anxious? Also his Mega is a f***ing embarrassment.

30. Shedinja (Score: 2681)Edit

Average Rank: 46.22 (St. Dev: 31.97)
Fully Evolved Rank: 26/73
Bug Rank: 2/14
Ghost Rank: 2/6
Nincada line: 2/3

5 - darkx
5 - Eddv
5 - Paul
6 - junglebob
7 - Cybat
11 - starfox
11 - Suor
11 - TUM
11 - Drak
15 - Raka
17 - XIII
18 - BetrayedTangy
18 - Giggs
19 - andy
24 - Snake5s
25 - Gen
26 - CasanovaZelos
26 - Inviso
26 - Wigs
27 - KBM
27 - Natwaf
28 - Sorozone
32 - Ermine
32 - Arti
33 - scarlet
34 - MSG
34 - Para
35 - Stifled
38 - Wickle
39 - Nick
42 - JONA
45 - TexWolf
46 - Poke
50 - Xuxon
51 - Mana
53 - swordz
54 - Anagram
55 - Brayze
57 - OrangeCrush
61 - Lefty
61 - Magmortar
62 - Flubbin
64 - Dragon66116
64 - Poka
65 - profDEADPOOL
74 - Ecks
77 - Bospsy
80 - Scepter
82 - Cody
88 - MI
88 - Sanity
92 - Logicblade
94 - xx521xx
100 - Tazzy
100 - red
101 - Kate
115 - Karo
115 - mnk

Darkx: Has a really fun gimmick and kinda represents what happens to the dead shell of say Metapod or Kakuna when Butterfree or Beedrill emerges.

Eddv: Shedinga is pretty much my favorite poke-concept out there. The friggin skin of the cicada is hard as hell and is an unstoppable bug of doom! Well unless there are rocks. Still the shedded skin coming to life is really cool

Junglebob: I think Shedinja is the best gimmick Pokemon ever. It's a creative idea for a Pokemon and has a unique type combo that fits it perfectly. Then you add Wonder Guard and what you get Is a really interesting Pokemon

Cybat: Such a good concept. I know it's easy to get around but Wonder Guard is so great. The Pokedex lore just makes it even better.

Starfox: I’m generally a fan of gimmick Pokemon, and Shedinja is the king. It’s got a great concept and evolution method in and of itself, but factor in Wonder Guard, and this is definitely the coolest gimmick Pokemon has to this point. Kinda wish it could damage worth a damn, but that takes a backseat to how awesome it is.

Suor: One of the most unique pokémon ever. Unfortunately it gets destroyed even by a Sand Stream Tyranitar, but there are occasions in which Shedinja is completely uncounterable and you feel and taste your opponent's tears. It's also an amazing concept and is creepy enough to perfectly fit into the Ghost type.

Raka: ZEXXY is back! I love its gimmick, I love its unique typing. The thing about sucking your soul if you look at the hole on its back is pretty bogus though. It can be clearly seen on its back sprite!

XIII: I'm a sucker for a good gimmick and Shedinja is one of my favourites. Cool and creepy Pokedex entry about dying if you stare at its back or whatever. Anyway, read this.,_Ninjask_and_Shedinja

BetrayedTangy: I absolutely love the idea behind Shedinja, it has a cool lore, ability and typing. Like everything about this Pokemon works! Except for the fact that it's basically useless in battle, even once you figure out the best way to use him he still relies on chance.

Giggs: Looks kind of horrible, but conceptually awesome. Used one of these in a battle against my sister once and she thought I was cheating.

Gen: Amazing concept and evolution. Enough said.

KBM: I have no choice but to like this thing. As Pokémon gimmicks go, this one straight-up has one of the best. I could absolutely see myself using one of these in-game just for the fun of it. And the whole thing about devouring people's souls? Creepy as all f*** and I love it for that too.

Arti: It's interesting, but has a lot of weaknesses. Worth using though.

Scarlet: The Shed Pokemon. Shedinja is called the shed Pokemon because it’s so ugly that it looks like it was taken out back behind a shed and beaten with a crowbar.

Para: people really wanted to use him in twitch plays pokemon emerald. shedinja is cool, so this would have been a great idea if most moves in the game didn't instantly kill him

Stifled: I love this idea. The way to obtain this guy is pretty annoying, but I can forgive that. It helps add to the presentation.

Wickle: Wonder Guard, now only to be stolen by Pokes like Porygon.

Anagram: Its greatest contribution to pokemon is actually that people hacked its ability onto Spiritomb to prove that the Battle Subway in Gen 5 cheats by spawning trainers with the otherwise extremely rare moves that can defeat something with Wonder Guard

Brayze: Neat idea that I think would be impossible to execute well competitively.

OrangeCrush: A very unique Pokemon, but he's too gimmicky for his own good.

Magmortar: The one hit wonder thing is cool (although largely makes it beyond useless…except in Ubers) but it is too creepy for me. You stare into its back and uhh…how do you even be around this thing?!

Cody: When I was little I thought this thing was the coolest, until I actually got one and found out it only had 1 HP. That killed my interest pretty quick.

Karo: Gamefreak managed to make a pokemon that is BOTH nearly useless and extremely annoying. bravo, Gamefreak, bravo.

29. Ninjask (Score: 2672)Edit

Average Rank: 46.07 (St. Dev: 29.48)
Fully Evolved Rank: 25/73
Bug Rank: 1/14
Flying Rank: 5/12
Nincada line: 1/3

7 - Mana
7 - Giggs
9 - Wigs
9 - andy
10 - Cybat
12 - Inviso
12 - Sorozone
14 - Gen
16 - scarlet
17 - Raka
17 - xx521xx
19 - Drak
20 - Snake5s
23 - XIII
23 - profDEADPOOL
24 - Ermine
24 - MSG
24 - Suor
28 - OrangeCrush
29 - MI
29 - Natwaf
30 - Paul
32 - Dragon66116
34 - Nick
34 - Stifled
34 - Eddv
34 - junglebob
36 - Bospsy
39 - Lefty
41 - JONA
43 - starfox
43 - red
46 - CasanovaZelos
46 - Wickle
48 - Brayze
52 - swordz
53 - Ecks
53 - TexWolf
53 - Poka
55 - Poke
59 - Tazzy
63 - Flubbin
67 - mnk
67 - Magmortar
69 - BetrayedTangy
72 - Logicblade
72 - Xuxon
74 - Anagram
77 - darkx
83 - Arti
85 - Karo
86 - Para
87 - Sanity
87 - TUM
96 - Kate
109 - Scepter
119 - Cody
121 - KBM

Mana: Using and fighting against Ninjask was one of the reasons I got huge on Smogon and Netbattle during the RSE heyday. Sure, I only played for like a month or less, but that's a huge investment of my time for actual player-to-player interaction! Ninjask is Bzzd from Green Lantern, this little bug that is unmistakenly one of the baddest, raddest dudes in the universe.

Giggs: Look at those eyes, man. This motherf***er will obliterate you before you notice he's there.

Cybat: Yeah, there's not much use for Baton Pass teams anymore, but this guy is still cool. And great name.

Gen: I think this might pass Heracross as my favorite non-Scyther bug. It's just so wicked. The speed, the mask, the legendary ability! God why can't those stats be better? It has the potential to be one of the best. Please GF mega evo me!

Scarlet: The Ninja Pokemon. We feel it is our duty and obligation to tell you that no ninja has ever had wings. Ever.

Raka: Speed boost oye! Man, Ninjask looks really cool.

XIII: Love the speed of this one.

OrangeCrush: Speed Boost + Baton Pass was a noobtrap, but a fun noobtrap.

Stifled: I think the color scheme could use some work. A winner otherwise.

Wickle: Speed Boost!

Brayze: I love cicadas but this is actually less cool that a normal cicada.

Magmortar: Pretty cool bug. Obviously good for BPing, now much worse at that job compared to back in Gen 3. It’s still a ninja, which is something.

BetrayedTangy: Ninjask is one of the cooler bug Pokemon, I literally think speed when I see it, but it's ruined by being really annoying to fight.

Anagram: Fun fact I didn’t know what cicadas were until I was like twenty, so I had no idea what a ton of cicada-based stuff was supposed to be

Para: I dunno, I probably should think ninjask is cool but he's surprisingly boring

KBM: Poor thing is COMPLETELY overshadowed by Shedinja. It's cool that Nincada branches the way it does, but when one of the Pokémon is a fairly standard bug, and the other is...well, Shedinja...

28. Latias (Score: 2647)Edit

Average Rank: 45.63 (St. Dev: 34.81)
Fully Evolved Rank: 24/73
Dragon Rank: 6/9
Psychic Rank: 4/20
Legendaries: 5/10

2 - swordz
3 - xx521xx
6 - CasanovaZelos
6 - OrangeCrush
6 - Poka
8 - starfox
8 - Gen
9 - Paul
9 - MSG
9 - Drak
12 - Poke
14 - Flubbin
15 - Logicblade
17 - Karo
17 - Inviso
17 - Natwaf
19 - red
23 - Para
24 - scarlet
25 - XIII
26 - Arti
27 - Kate
27 - JONA
28 - Xuxon
29 - Nick
30 - Cybat
31 - Dragon66116
32 - TexWolf
35 - Cody
36 - Wigs
36 - KBM
38 - Ecks
39 - Scepter
45 - andy
46 - Anagram
46 - Lefty
50 - Tazzy
50 - Giggs
58 - Snake5s
61 - Bospsy
63 - darkx
66 - junglebob
74 - BetrayedTangy
74 - Wickle
76 - mnk
78 - Sorozone
80 - Raka
80 - Brayze
80 - MI
85 - Magmortar
87 - profDEADPOOL
93 - Ermine
100 - Suor
109 - TUM
114 - Sanity
117 - Mana
123 - Stifled
129 - Eddv

OrangeCrush: She can transform into a cute girl. What else could you want?

Starfox: I love this duo, but I like Latios more due to two things: its coloring (Blue > Red, plus it looks more badass than Latias does) and the fact that its more offensively oriented. That’s just my preferred playstyle, I guess. Both are great though.

Gen: I only have one explanation as to why I prefer her to her brother despite him having the superior color sheme, and that's her awesome eyes. More pokemon should have golden eyes tbh. Oh and the Lati@s movie is actually great. For a movie that doesn't- or rather can't rely on nostalgia it's very well paced and thought out. Objectively it's likely the best pokemon movie ever made, and the Latias in it is fun.

MSG: Latias's mega-evolution is not a jet, so it is lower.

Para: it's like latios, but red!

Scarlet: The Eon Pokemon. Latias was the Pokemon used as the symbol for female Pokemon on bathroom doors. Sadly, a Latias is unable to fit into an indoor restroom, and it is forced to **** on unsuspecting pedestrians as it flies over populated areas.

XIII: Less cool, more defensive. I still like it though. And used one named "Leto" in my AS team, enjoyed it immensely.

Arti: I can't remember which one of these two I used in my 50-win straek in the Battle Tower, so I'm listing them one after the other.

Cybat: Used to be lower because of the roaming factor, but (ORAS spoilers?) they're not anymore! Yay! Dragon/Psychic is fun.

KBM: The Mega saves it. Purple is a much better color for Latias than the weird shade of pink the regular one is.

Ecks: Is color really enough to justify a 20+ ranking difference? Yes. Blue > red. Sorry, Latias and Plusle.

Anagram: Marginally better than Latios, but not by any measurable degree

Giggs: These guys just look like they're happy someone drew them. Gotta love that, even if they're pretty forgettable otherwise.

Snake: Like Latios but red

Junglebob: I like the red one more than the blue one

BetrayedTangy: Not as cool looking as Latios

Wickle: I like the blue one more.

Raka: What is this thing? Which one is Latias and which one is Latios? So interchangable...

Brayze: This should be right next to Latios but it won't be

Magmortar: It’s cute, so it’s above Latios.

Suor: All it takes to transform Latios into a derpy babby is apparently changing his facial features and color. Probably has the ugliest Mega ever.

Stifled: I said a lot of things about Latios. Since Latias is basically Latios with a different paint job, I won’t repeat them. In fact, I’ll just be more blunt. This Pokemon sucks.

27. Altaria (Score: 2574)Edit

Average Rank: 44.38 (St. Dev: 34.81)
Fully Evolved Rank: 23/73
Dragon Rank: 5/9
Flying Rank: 4/12
Swablu Line: 1/2

1 - Suor
1 - Poke
1 - Arti
2 - Logicblade
4 - MI
4 - Para
6 - KBM
6 - TUM
8 - Giggs
9 - Gen
10 - Raka
10 - Scepter
13 - andy
15 - Wickle
24 - Bospsy
25 - OrangeCrush
27 - mnk
29 - Cody
30 - Nick
30 - Kate
32 - Natwaf
34 - Ermine
35 - Karo
35 - Sorozone
36 - Stifled
37 - BetrayedTangy
37 - Dragon66116
38 - Lefty
38 - junglebob
40 - scarlet
40 - Tazzy
44 - Wigs
45 - Mana
48 - Anagram
48 - Magmortar
49 - Xuxon
51 - darkx
52 - CasanovaZelos
52 - XIII
53 - Cybat
56 - Poka
57 - Snake5s
59 - Flubbin
61 - Ecks
65 - MSG
65 - Drak
72 - red
75 - Eddv
78 - xx521xx
81 - Brayze
86 - Inviso
87 - JONA
89 - Paul
90 - Sanity
91 - swordz
116 - TexWolf
121 - starfox
126 - profDEADPOOL

Suor: Puffy clouds as wings! I fell in love with Altaria the very first time I played Sapphire, and I'm glad its Mega form looks great too. Easily my favorite Dragon-type (and Fairy type), even though I know it doesn't look much like a dragon.

Poke: Blue bird of happiness!

Arti: Dragon types are cool. I have a shiny Altaria and it is awesome.

Logicblade: OMG so fluffy. It's pretty much the cutest dragon type ever. I was a huge fan from the moment I encountered it.

Para: it's a bird and it's ALSO fluffy as hell? And then you gave it a FLUFFY HAT? Damn gen 3 you spoil me

KBM: Altaria is amazing. I will always be among those who consider Dragonite a huge disappointment after its amazing first two forms, but Altaria sets the whole “not having a good Dragon/Flying option” straight. It's so majestic, and it doesn't really lose all that much of Swablu's cuteness either. I also definitely have an extra soft spot for it after using it in my recent Platinum playthrough.

Giggs: "I want to make music that sounds like a castle floating in the clouds" - Lil B. Dragon swag.

Gen: Fabulosity incarnate. It's just so pretty in and out of mega form- I'm legitimately unsure which design I prefer- and I would love to have a dragon bird IRL. I'm also super jealous of Anagram for having a shiny one and someday I will do away with him and steal his game to claim it for myself.

Raka: The better Dragon/Flying. It's beautiful, I want to hug it while I sleep, it must feel so fluffy and soft and warm. Mega Altaria looks like a colonial Governor but it's still pretty good.

Wickle: Cloud Dragon!

OrangeCrush: Sadly he isn't as strong as I first hoped, but I still have a soft spot for him.

Stifled: Cloud Strife, former SOLDIER First Class…oh wait, not that Cloud.

BetrayedTangy: Easily one of the most unique Dragon types out there and she gets mass points for it, too bad she's kinda forgettable.

Scarlet: The Humming Pokemon. Often seen dancing and singing in the sky, travelers often record its melodious voice getting stifled as it is sucked into the engine of a Boeing 747, resulting in bloody cotton and blue intestines being flung majestically out of the turbine like graceful dead Pokemon innards.

Anagram: Quack

Magmortar: It is not a dragon. You cannot look at me with a straight face and tell me THIS is a damn dragon. In Generation 4, it was the only fully-evolved Dragon who spent the entire generation without being OU or Uber at one point. Altaria is not like other Dragon-types. That said, I love the dumb cheery look on its face. It’s almost a Dragon Quagsire.

XIII: The worst dragon by a great distance.

Cybat: This thing being a dragon came out of absolutely nowhere. It sorta mostly just means that ice wrecks it even worse, but at least its Mega is pretty neat.

Brayze: If I could just rank the mega it would be like 40 and this thing would be like 120 but I have to average them so here it is. Adding dumb hats makes everything 3x as good, now you know.

Starfox: I hate its design so much. I guess it’s based on something in mythology, because I can’t comprehend why this thing is a dragon. Plus it loses points for being a sort of fairy type with its mega. Though I guess it is unique, I’ll give it that.

26. Seviper (Score: 2573)Edit

Average Rank: 44.36 (St. Dev: 28.34)
Fully Evolved Rank: 22/73
Poison Rank: 1/5

3 - Inviso
5 - Para
11 - Mana
15 - starfox
16 - Snake5s
16 - Brayze
16 - Wickle
17 - Gen
18 - Xuxon
19 - Bospsy
19 - TUM
21 - Kate
22 - Poke
23 - Tazzy
23 - Magmortar
25 - CasanovaZelos
25 - red
25 - junglebob
25 - Poka
27 - Cybat
27 - Paul
28 - scarlet
30 - Anagram
30 - andy
31 - mnk
32 - profDEADPOOL
33 - Ecks
34 - BetrayedTangy
42 - Eddv
42 - TexWolf
43 - Lefty
44 - Nick
44 - Logicblade
45 - Wigs
45 - xx521xx
45 - Arti
46 - Ermine
46 - Drak
47 - Sorozone
47 - KBM
47 - Suor
49 - Flubbin
53 - Scepter
61 - MI
62 - Natwaf
69 - OrangeCrush
70 - Karo
71 - Dragon66116
74 - Sanity
76 - Cody
79 - XIII
80 - JONA
87 - Giggs
96 - Raka
101 - swordz
110 - darkx
110 - MSG
126 - Stifled

Para: there was this Pokemon movie short where like Pikachu and all the other Pokemon were dancing and for some reason Seviper got involved and his dancing was weirdly cute and this is my lasting image of Seviper for some reason

Snake5s: Seviper5555555555

Brayze: He has the exact color scheme of a ski jacket from 1992. Skiviper. I've been talking about him looking like a ski jacket for like 2 years, can you believe I just thought of that crappy pun now.

Wickle: Another snake Pokemon.

Gen: To date, Zangoose vs. Seviper is the best canon pokemon rivalry. I love how in horde battles Sevipers will gang up on a lone Zangoose before even turning their attention to the trainer facing them and visa versa. That's amazing. But back to the generation where Seviper was actually introduced... Seviper was a revelation. A snake pokemon that's not boring to look at and that looks wicked and strong. Its stats are decent as well. Its learnset isn't exactly a revelation but it's serviceable enough. I'd really love a shiny one.

Magmortar: To me, a big improvement over Arbok. It has a SWORD FOR A TAIL, and Poison-typed mixed attackers are something this series is in dire need of.

Cybat: Slightly generic looking and I wish he was Poison/Dark (or evolved or Mega evolved into one) but still pretty cool.

Scarlet: The Fang Snake Pokemon. Seviper is essentially an Arbok for the urban demographic.

Anagram: I expect the other Seviper write-ups will be full of references to how it evolves from Arbok because there is basically nothing else to discuss about it

BetrayedTangy: Seviper > Arbok, it has a cool design, is actually intimidating and has cool lore with its rivalry with Zangoose

Arti: It's a viper. Zangoose is better, suck it.

KBM: Sorry, Seviper, but I do like Zangoose better. Ekans and Arbok kind of render you irrelevant, apart from your amazing feud with Zangoose that totally justifies your existence. You do have an amazing name, though.

OrangeCrush: Battle Pike scores Sewiper a few points.

XIII: Done earlier and better with Arbok. Feels pointless and saved from obscurity only by the amusing rivalry with Zangoose.

Giggs: It says a lot about you when your canon rivalry is with a sullen emo kid and even he's way cooler than you.

Raka: 2scary4me's like looking at a stained glass.

Stifled: This might actually be the ugliest Pokemon. I mean good lord, it’s obese, it has an awful color scheme, and it’s attempt to be sinister just comes off as looking like down syndrome instead.

25. Zangoose (Score: 2572)Edit

Average Rank: 44.34 (St. Dev: 34.10)
Fully Evolved Rank: 21/73
Normal Rank: 1/18

3 - Karo
4 - CasanovaZelos
4 - Inviso
4 - Ermine
5 - BetrayedTangy
5 - Ecks
5 - red
7 - Anagram
11 - Gen
13 - Wickle
14 - starfox
14 - Kate
17 - Tazzy
17 - Brayze
18 - Mana
18 - junglebob
19 - Cody
21 - Eddv
22 - Magmortar
23 - Nick
23 - Poka
24 - Cybat
24 - Arti
26 - profDEADPOOL
26 - KBM
29 - MSG
34 - Sorozone
38 - Raka
38 - Giggs
38 - xx521xx
39 - Snake5s
39 - Para
45 - Logicblade
48 - Natwaf
48 - TUM
50 - Dragon66116
50 - Scepter
52 - MI
54 - OrangeCrush
54 - Flubbin
55 - scarlet
55 - Drak
59 - XIII
59 - Poke
70 - darkx
72 - Bospsy
75 - Wigs
75 - swordz
78 - mnk
81 - Xuxon
82 - JONA
85 - TexWolf
102 - Paul
112 - andy
113 - Stifled
119 - Sanity
122 - Suor
135 - Lefty


Ermine: Shiny Zangoose for life! I love normal Zangoose too but out of all the shiny pokemon I would totally want a shiny Zangoose the most.


Zangoose is one of the few pokes I enjoy a lot that I hope does really well. I know he's decently popular so it'd be nice to see him make top 20 at least. I don't think any of my other favs have a shot at that so godspeed Zangoose, you are one of the most badass pokemon around.

BetrayedTangy: Zangoose is a gangster, like straight up. He seriously just looks really freaking awesome, plus he's got the cool Seviper lore to him as well. One of my personal favorites.

Anagram: Honestly the only specific memory I have Zangoose is encountering one in a horde of Seviper in Gen 6, it getting attacked by the Seviper, and thinking ‘that’s pretty damn clever’

Gen: How can something made to look so badass also be so adorbubble? He's got a fat little paunch I wanna poke but also scars and DA CLAWZ. At times I think they tried a little too hard to make him look edgy but I get over it pretty quickly. I've only just now noticed its species name: the cat ferret pokemon? Whaaat. Mongeese aren't that! Wait cats kill snakes too? The more you know _--*

Wickle: He's a mongoose with a scar. Probably the most badass Pokemon.

Starfox: Always liked the design, especially its shiny form. I kinda wish that one was the default, actually. I actually enjoyed using one, too! I like Seviper about as much, but Zangoose edges it out. I also really liked what they did in Gen VI where the hordes of Seviper would gang up on the Zangoose, but it did make catching them unnecessarily hard >_>.

Brayze: Zangoose is funny to me because they tried to make it look all tough but it still looks basically like a scruffy cat with a HUUUUGE fluffy tail. Gamefreak if this is supposed to be a mongoose, there is this thing called the internet where you can find mongoose pictures for when you draw mongooses. It will help make them not look like cats.

Junglebob: Real mongeese look absolutely NOTHING like Zangoose, but that's fine because Zangoose is pretty rad. I usually use one when I need someone with False Swipe.

Eddv: Who doesn’t like really upset ferrets

Magmortar: It looks cool but not overdone, and it can do some really big damage. And it’s a cat ferret!

Cybat: I love how his feud with Seviper is reflected in his abilities. It doesn't really make sense since in the games you rarely find both in the same place, but whatever. He's cool.

Arti: An actual decent Normal type, who would have thought.

KBM: There's something so bizarre and yet so perfect about the whole Zangoose/Seviper “feud” thing. I also find it super-cute, despite the claws and jagged edges. It is both angry and cuddly. No mean feat. The fact that this doesn't even make my Top 20 tells you how much I love this gen.

Raka: Pure awesome. Wait, no. It's awesome and cool and fierce!

Giggs: The emo movement will forever be immortalized in Absol and Zangoose: the two most self-consciously badass pokemon of the generation, and both look like they go home and cry when they've finished posturing in the mall.

Para: I really like zangoose, like with any bird pokemon I like his wings and beak and - what the HELL do you mean zangoose isn't a goose? a MONgoose? what the f*** is that?

OrangeCrush: Not as cool as a real mongoose, but he's alright

Scarlet: The Cat Ferret Pokemon. In a stunning development, it turns out that Ferret Allen is the secret identity of the superhero Zangoose:

XIII: I like the rivalry with Seviper, and the way they constantly play on it (giving him the "Poison Heal" ability, having them constantly attack each other in horde battles, etc). Otherwise, nondescript.

Stifled: I sometimes call him Zangetsu. I always think he’s ugly as sin.

Suor: The pokémon equivalent of a sad, cheap school bully. With dumb marks added all over its body to make it even more stupid.

24. Mightyena (Score: 2539)Edit

Average Rank: 43.78 (St. Dev: 33.28)
Fully Evolved Rank: 20/73
Dark Rank: 4/10
Poochyena Line: 1/2

1 - Bospsy
3 - Suor
4 - Karo
4 - Gen
6 - Kate
6 - Wigs
6 - red
6 - Drak
7 - Inviso
9 - starfox
9 - KBM
9 - TexWolf
15 - Scepter
15 - Magmortar
16 - MI
17 - Poka
18 - Cody
18 - profDEADPOOL
18 - Arti
19 - Snake5s
21 - Logicblade
23 - scarlet
27 - Nick
28 - Ermine
33 - Sorozone
34 - Paul
36 - CasanovaZelos
37 - swordz
44 - Mana
44 - BetrayedTangy
44 - Dragon66116
46 - Flubbin
47 - Wickle
47 - andy
47 - Poke
48 - OrangeCrush
49 - XIII
49 - JONA
54 - Brayze
55 - mnk
56 - darkx
60 - Stifled
60 - Cybat
62 - Anagram
62 - junglebob
62 - TUM
75 - Giggs
75 - MSG
82 - Natwaf
87 - Ecks
88 - Raka
93 - Tazzy
96 - Sanity
104 - xx521xx
105 - Para
111 - Eddv
120 - Lefty
122 - Xuxon

Suor: I don't care how bad it is, there will always be a spot for Mightyena in my Hoenn teams.

Gen: Can I admit when a pokemon is sexy without immediately being branded as something I'm not? No? Nevermind then. Mightyena is awesome. It's the closest thing to a wolf we've got and as wolves are my favorite land mammals that's going to go a long way. Add in a dark type, (at the time) sweet ability, and a badass color scheme and design and you'll get why Mightyena is one of my favorites.

Starfox: I love its design… but dammit, why is it completely and utterly useless?

KBM: Finally, a cute Pokémon evolves into something almost exactly as appealing as the NFE. Mightyena is a majestic creature, one that I want to hug and cuddle with that still looks like it could tear something's throat out. I give the edge to Poochyena for sheer cuteness factor, but I still love it after it evolves.

Magmortar: Mightyena sucks horribly, but frankly, I do not give a ****. LOOK AT IT.

Arti: Mightyena might be more special if Poochyena wasn't everywhere early on. It's pretty cool but I didn't use one until Emerald.

Scarlet: The Bite Pokemon. True story: Mighthyenas are pretty much just angry dogs. You can find Mighthyenas in most rundown suburban neighborhoods behind chainlink fences with “Beware of Dog” signs.

BetrayedTangy: I think Mightyena's got a super cool design and looks totally badass

Wickle: Just another dark dog.

OrangeCrush: He's kind of cool. I haven't gotten around to using him after the physical/special split though.

XIII: A decent enough Pokemon, especially for one of the weak, early-game ones. Badass design.

Brayze: Did you know that hyenas are not closely related to dogs? Did you know that some people have domesticated these things and use them to scare people into paying their debts? Uganda is awesome

Stifled: Why did my cute dog evolve into this angry, feral beast? I guess he’s battle useful to an extent, but all of my happy feelings are gone.

Cybat: Sort of an awkward name but he certainly looks the part. Even with three relatively useful abilities he is tough to accomplish anything with, but I found one that came with Thunder Fang that was useful for a while.

Anagram: Sometimes I go back and watch movies that I remember as being bad, like Temple of Doom or Die Another Day. Sometimes I find they’re better than I remember, like Temple of Doom, and sometimes I find they’re just as bad, like Die Another Day. I bring this up because in Emerald, I tried to use a Mightyena and a Pelipper, and found both to be too terrible to use. In OR, I tried to use a Mightyena and Pelipper again. Pelipper turned out to be a Temple of Doom. Mightyena turned out to be a Die Another Day.

Giggs: Yep, it's a dog. But then I'm apparently the only one who doesn't care about dog pokemon (Houndoom and Stoutland aside), so whatever.

Ecks: Doesn't remind me of a hyena? The most generic of dog lines. There's absolutely nothing special about it.

Raka: Is it mighty? HAHAHAHAHAHA no. Is it a hyena? Yeah, kinda. Do I like it? Not really, especially due to the oversaturation.

Para: kinda lame and too tryhard, just a sort of mean looking dog with no cool features to his credit

23. Mudkip (Score: 2536)Edit

Average Rank: 43.72 (St. Dev: 32.17)
NFE Rank: 4/62
Water Rank: 4/28
Mudkip Line: 2/3
Starters: 7/9

1 - xx521xx
2 - Paul
2 - Sanity
5 - OrangeCrush
6 - Dragon66116
6 - Scepter
7 - BetrayedTangy
7 - andy
7 - TexWolf
11 - MI
12 - Kate
14 - Raka
14 - Cody
16 - Flubbin
20 - Nick
21 - CasanovaZelos
22 - JONA
23 - Xuxon
27 - Ermine
29 - Stifled
32 - starfox
32 - red
34 - Tazzy
34 - Natwaf
36 - Drak
37 - Giggs
38 - Logicblade
38 - Sorozone
39 - Wigs
39 - profDEADPOOL
43 - junglebob
43 - Suor
44 - Brayze
44 - Para
45 - Ecks
46 - XIII
48 - Karo
48 - Eddv
51 - mnk
51 - Poka
53 - Inviso
53 - MSG
53 - Magmortar
54 - Bospsy
62 - Snake5s
68 - Cybat
68 - Gen
71 - Wickle
75 - Mana
75 - Poke
78 - KBM
79 - swordz
81 - TUM
98 - Arti
103 - Lefty
127 - Anagram
129 - scarlet
135 - darkx

Sanity: Often it seems that old memes aren't funny, and it's hard to imagine why they were in the first place. It probably never was, but it was a long time ago, so whatever. Mudkip is still pretty cool.


BetrayedTangy: So i herd u like Mudkips? Yes, yes I do

Raka: It is a pretty cute axolotl! I love using it. My mind was blown when Gen 3 introduced starters with weird typing.

Stifled: I’ll be the first to admit the memes and the cuteness got Mudkip top 30 status for me.

Giggs: Memes are boring.

ProfDEADPOOL: I used to really like Mudkip when R/S first came out. But I never liked his evolutions that much. Swampert was ok. And then I got annoyed by the I LIEKZ MUDKIPZ %$^*. If this ranking was back when I first got Ruby he would have probably been top 10 and top 15 at worst. But screw that meme.

Brayze: Mudskippers are cool fish to base a pokemon on, and mudkip benefits from this by not actually looking like a fish. HE'S A FISH

Para: mostly neutral to mildly favorable to mudkips

XIII: Not a great fan of it, apart from the meme.

Magmortar: Yes. I do like Mudkip(z). Even without the meme, it’s a pretty cute little mudskipper that just becomes more and more destructive.

Cybat: i herd you liek played-out jokes

Gen: Love the pokemon, hate the meme. For some reason though my love for it has cooled over the years. And no it's not the memes. I used to think it was a lot cuter than it was, and liked it waaaaay more than the other two starters, but now they're all pretty even for me. I dunno I guess I just like amphibians and water types so huge bias there.

KBM: Too memetastic for me to really love, although it's a good enough generic water starter that gets much (much) better. The giant fin on its head and whatever the hell is wrong with its cheeks just makes it a little awkward.

Arti: A stupid meme and the worst of the three starters.

Anagram: I almost wrong a reference to the meme, but honestly, I’ve never liked this thing. I’ve always thought it was ugly and stupid, and not in a good way.

Scarlet: The Mud Fish Pokemon. Due to the development of an asinine meme revolving around this Pokemon, writers of the Pokedex have been pleased to discover a happy backlash against this Pokemon involving cruel, brutal, violent deaths at the hands of the very trainers who choose Mudkips as their starters.

Darkx: Yes, the meme is indeed heavily responsible for this low placement.

22. Breloom (Score: 2528)Edit

Average Rank: 43.59 (St. Dev: 36.44)
Fully Evolved Rank: 19/73
Grass Rank: 5/17
Fighting Rank: 2/7
Shroomish Line: 1/2

1 - Stifled
1 - Poka
3 - Para
5 - junglebob
6 - Logicblade
6 - Raka
9 - Mana
9 - Anagram
9 - Cybat
10 - Inviso
10 - profDEADPOOL
10 - red
12 - Eddv
13 - Sorozone
13 - Paul
14 - Wickle
17 - CasanovaZelos
17 - Ermine
18 - mnk
18 - Suor
19 - xx521xx
20 - Dragon66116
20 - Scepter
20 - Natwaf
25 - Brayze
26 - Gen
27 - Karo
27 - TexWolf
28 - Magmortar
35 - OrangeCrush
36 - Flubbin
40 - Bospsy
40 - Drak
42 - swordz
43 - Giggs
48 - Kate
48 - Arti
52 - Ecks
54 - Cody
57 - MI
61 - JONA
67 - scarlet
67 - BetrayedTangy
67 - TUM
68 - Nick
72 - Snake5s
72 - KBM
77 - MSG
77 - andy
88 - starfox
89 - Tazzy
104 - darkx
105 - Sanity
107 - Wigs
116 - Xuxon
122 - Lefty
130 - XIII
131 - Poke

Stifled: I’m usually hesitant to add a Grass type to my main team, but this guy packs a punch. I’m impressed by his movepool and his stats. He even looks cool! He’s one of a small handful of Grass type Pokemon that are among my all-time favorites.

Para: he is a fighting mushroom lizard and there is nothing about that that isn't completely amazing

Junglebob: Spore/Substitue/Foucs Punch is too good! It also looks like a dinosaur, so that's pretty hard to beat.

Logicblade: I'm not fussed on Shroomish, but Breloom makes me think how the heck Shroomish could possibly be the first form of this line. Cool hats are a big plus in my book.

Raka: Grass/Fighting is a pretty cool combo. I like him a lot especially early game. Status effects and some physical-damage attacks are quite nice to use. And it's pretty cute looking.

Mana: Remember how Paras was my numero uno? Well, here's something with Spore that can actually throw a punch! He looks alright, but he's really just fun to use.

Anagram: It takes some actual cleverness to notice that a mushroom looks kind of like those conical Chinese hats. I used a Breloom in Emerald. That was a weird run: Blaziken, Breloom, Kadabra, Seaking, Manectric, and Swellow

Cybat: Another cool-looking grass Pokemon, this time with Spore, lots of great fighting moves, and good abilities. Good stuff.

ProfDEADPOOL: This guy is up here purely because I enjoyed being horrible with Spore+Sub+Focus Punch >_>

Eddv: Shroom ninja

Wickle: The typing is cool to me, and makes him a fun Fighting-type to use. Plus having Leech Seed makes it funnier.

Brayze: Part t-rex, part mushroom, part kangaroo, part ??? All cop. One of the top three fighting/grass pokemon!

Gen: Awesome design, unique typing until recently, just all around great. I love mah magic mushrooms!

Magmortar: Boxing kangaroo is the bane of more than a few people’s existence (it’s powerful and it can put things to sleep!) but I like it. It’s another one of those good type of dumb looking Pokemon, and it can be really scary.

OrangeCrush: She's one of those Pokemon that's really cool but I rarely get around to using one.

Giggs: I like Breloom a lot until I remember what he looks like. Still, Spore is super cool.

Arti: An interesting type combination but loses out on some good moves if you evolve it right away.

Scarlet: The Mushroom Pokemon. A popular Pokemon amongst hippies, decapitating and eating the head of a Breloom can get you a serious high that lasts up to three weeks, or the length of time it takes to watch the entire series of the original Battlestar Galactica.

BetrayedTangy: Breloom looks super cool, I just wish there was more to its line, Shroomish really makes him loose a few points.

KBM: It kinda looks like a Togetic wearing a Treecko cosplay. I kinda dig it. (Kinda.)

XIII: F*** Spore.

21. Groudon (Score: 2442)Edit

Average Rank: 42.10 (St. Dev: 30.91)
Fully Evolved Rank: 18/73
Ground Rank: 4/13
Legendary Rank: 4/10

4 - Natwaf
5 - scarlet
5 - Tazzy
6 - starfox
6 - JONA
7 - Paul
7 - Ermine
11 - CasanovaZelos
11 - Cody
11 - Flubbin
12 - swordz
13 - Raka
13 - Arti
16 - XIII
16 - profDEADPOOL
17 - Nick
17 - Snake5s
17 - Scepter
21 - MSG
23 - Dragon66116
23 - Cybat
24 - Stifled
27 - Logicblade
27 - OrangeCrush
28 - Wigs
29 - Sorozone
30 - Poka
32 - Ecks
34 - Inviso
35 - TUM
37 - Poke
38 - Drak
46 - KBM
47 - MI
48 - Bospsy
49 - Giggs
49 - red
52 - darkx
52 - junglebob
55 - Suor
55 - Magmortar
63 - Gen
63 - Para
65 - Brayze
65 - Wickle
67 - TexWolf
69 - Kate
71 - BetrayedTangy
71 - Sanity
72 - Karo
76 - Mana
81 - mnk
85 - Anagram
87 - xx521xx
95 - Xuxon
111 - andy
121 - Lefty
125 - Eddv

Scarlet: The Continent Pokemon. There are more sharp edges on Groudon than a display case in a weapon store. More deaths each year are caused by hugging Groudon than getting money out of vending machines (five).

Starfox: (Yeah, I amended this writeup before posting because I finally played ORAS, sue me >_>). I’m definitely part of the minority that prefers Groudon to Kyogre a significant amount. I loved Groudon’s design even from the get-go. Also, RSE were the first games in the series to give you a more world-saving role that the first two didn’t have, so I kinda do look back fondly on Groudon for that. Add in the fact that it now gets Primal Reversion, which was awesome, its abilitiy completely nullifies water type attacks, it’s now finally part fire type, and it learns eruption, which is my favorite move to use, and he can now actually use it kinda viably due to his greatly increased Special Attack. Yeah. Kinda wish I’d played ORAS sooner, as he’d probably have wound up third.

Ermine: I never loved Groudon this much until my playthrough of Omega Ruby. I've always liked him but the playthrough really bumped him up for me. His design is really good and he is totally badass. Don't **** with Groudon cus he'll **** you up. Great Poke!

Raka: The don is here! So awesome and fierce. I love most everything about it. If I had to get a Pokemon action figure, Groudon would be a great choice.

Arti: Another relic of my Ruby team that I enjoyed using. For when I actually used legendaries, of course.

XIII: I have a thing for legendaries on the whole. Groudon is pretty cool and I like how the Primal Reversion thing went some way to addressing the imbalance between it and Kyogre.

Cybat: It looks more threatening than Kyogre, but…it isn't. It's weird that it has Drought while being a Ground type.

Stifled: I accept your apology for not being as cool as Kyogre. Of course you can be my friend.

OrangeCrush: "Ah! After 10,000 years I'm free! Time to conquer Earth!"

KBM: They were trying too hard to be badass with this one. They put the wrong set of Legendaries on the covers of this generation.

Giggs: More Reptar than Godzilla, really.

Junglebob: Probably some bias against this guy cause I played Sapphire. All those spikes on its body seem unecessary.

Suor: I like you despite your ability to turn into a Ground/Fire type immune to Water attacks. What a dick move.

Magmortar: Always preferred it to Kyogre for sure. Being a legendary more on the physical side of things for once is pretty neat. Sun is dangerous too, even though Groudon itself isn’t the biggest beneficiary of it it goes a LONG way in being good for the team.

Gen: I like his design but something about him doesn't quite do it for me.

Para: he's ok

Brayze: I know it's supposed to be fierce but I can't take it seriously with its goofy arms

Wickle: Sorry Ermy, he's lower than Kyogre for me.

BetrayedTangy: He looks really generic for a legendary.

Karo: if only we could listen in on the design team when they were making this thing. 'hey lets put more spikes on him! everything is better with more spikes!' 'What about if his head was a filing folder and his tail was a stapler? then he can double as an office assistant!'

Anagram: **** you Primal Groudon stop resting to recover the damage I just dealt you aw **** you died now I have to go through that stupid cutscene again thank god I’m not resetting for good ivs or shinies

20. Torchic (Score: 2429)Edit

Average Rank: 41.88 (St. Dev: 28.42)
NFE Rank: 3/62
Fire Rank: 3/6
Torchic Line: 2/3
Starter Rank: 6/9

1 - KBM
2 - Cody
3 - Bospsy
3 - darkx
6 - Para
7 - Raka
8 - Xuxon
9 - Stifled
10 - MSG
11 - Inviso
14 - Mana
17 - OrangeCrush
17 - junglebob
17 - Poke
19 - Anagram
19 - Sanity
24 - Scepter
25 - Karo
25 - Wigs
29 - Ecks
30 - starfox
31 - Kate
31 - Paul
31 - swordz
32 - Logicblade
34 - Lefty
35 - Snake5s
35 - Drak
38 - Eddv
40 - xx521xx
41 - Arti
42 - MI
45 - XIII
46 - Sorozone
46 - Giggs
47 - BetrayedTangy
47 - Magmortar
49 - Brayze
50 - JONA
53 - CasanovaZelos
55 - Flubbin
56 - Ermine
57 - profDEADPOOL
60 - scarlet
61 - mnk
64 - Tazzy
64 - TUM
65 - Gen
67 - Nick
67 - Poka
72 - Cybat
72 - andy
78 - Natwaf
88 - Dragon66116
101 - Wickle
105 - Suor
111 - TexWolf
117 - red

KBM: One of my favorite starter Pokémon ever, right up there with Charmander. This little guy is ADORABLE. Makes me never want to choose any other starter in R/S/E.

Cody: My first Pokemon that I still have (poor Gen 1/2 Pokemon, doomed for all eternity). Such a freaking adorable starter, how could you not pick this chick?


Raka: ZEXXY! It's a cute little fire chicken. I like him the best out of its line (list spoilers). It's just smaldorable.


MSG: Best first-form starter. Too bad its design gets worse instead of better as it grows.

OrangeCrush: My Little Starter Can't Be This Cute, Season Two

Anagram: I wonder what Kentucky Fried Torchic would taste like. I imagine it would take longer to cook because of the fire resistance

Arti: It's in Brawl. And it's adorable.

XIII: Ho-hum starter; it evolves into the excellent Blaziken though so picking it is definitely justifiable.

Giggs: I mean, it's okay. Which is enough to make it my favourite starter of the generation, apparently!

BetrayedTangy: Torchic is super cute even if it's the worst starter.

Magmortar: adorable little chicken, etc. (it seems like I am much more kind than usual to cute Pokemon in this generation)

Brayze: I had this guy way higher until I realized that his head is just much too gigantic, approaching 'tweety bird' deformity. Pokemon only has room for one tweety bird (gothita). Actually scratch that pokemon has room for NO tweety birds.

Scarlet: The Chick Pokemon. The makers of the Pokedex didn’t feel like creating an entry for this Pokemon, but just want to point out that it has no arms or wings. That’s weird.

Gen: I don't really like Torchic's design at all (just doesn't appeal to me and I think baby chickens are adorbs) but what it does have going for it is the cutest pokedex entry possibly of all time: "Torchic has a place inside its body where it keeps its flame. Give it a hug - it will be glowing with warmth. This Pokémon is covered all over by a fluffy coat of down." Okay I would not be able to resist hugging a Torchic after reading that. The fact that you can't find a fire type pokemon in the wild until halfway through RS (which is weak btw) also helps Torchic out a lot. So even though it's my least favorite gen III starter by design I'll still pick it 2/3rds of the time for the typing.

Cybat: Pretty cute. It was BS how they released him in X/Y though.

19. Tropius (Score: 2401)Edit

Average Rank: 41.40 (St. Dev: 27.69)
Fully Evolved Rank: 17/73
Grass Rank: 4/17
Flying Rank: 3/12

1 - Flubbin
3 - CasanovaZelos
7 - Logicblade
7 - junglebob
8 - Natwaf
8 - Suor
11 - scarlet
11 - MSG
12 - Bospsy
15 - swordz
15 - Gen
19 - Scepter
20 - Arti
21 - Tazzy
21 - Poke
22 - andy
22 - Para
24 - starfox
24 - Xuxon
25 - TexWolf
27 - Anagram
27 - Giggs
28 - Nick
28 - XIII
31 - red
32 - Cody
34 - Raka
34 - mnk
37 - KBM
37 - Magmortar
38 - OrangeCrush
38 - MI
43 - Mana
43 - profDEADPOOL
44 - Kate
45 - Sanity
47 - Ecks
47 - Wigs
48 - Snake5s
49 - Lefty
53 - Stifled
55 - Poka
57 - Wickle
57 - xx521xx
61 - Sorozone
63 - BetrayedTangy
63 - Karo
64 - darkx
64 - Eddv
65 - Dragon66116
67 - Inviso
79 - Cybat
88 - JONA
90 - Paul
93 - Brayze
99 - TUM
111 - Drak
119 - Ermine

Logicblade: This pokemon is bananas. Points in it's favour? Cool hat. Is a dinosaur type thing. It has a banana beard. How can you not like Tropius?

Junglebob: The idea of a flying, brachiosaurus banana tree Pokemon sounds like a mess but Tropius manages to pull it off with a cool design. Pulling off these bizarre ideas is where Gen 3 really shines.

Suor: I was completely disappointed when Tropius didn't get a Mega, because I'm sure it's one of the few pokémon whose Mega couldn't have been bad no matter what. Even without a Mega, a dinosaur that grows bananas and flies on banana leaves is amazing as it is.

Scarlet:: The Fruit Pokemon. When people talk about eating Tropius’ bananas, you might want to think about asking them to watch their phrasing. Tropius may or may not be thrilled for you to wrap your mouth around its biggest, firmest, ripest banana.

MSG: Motherf***in' Bropius. What a great design for this type combination (further reason to lol Jumpluff).

Gen: Such a bro. I love sauropods when they aren't derp and this guy flies around giving bananas to your pokemon because he's just that awesome.

Arti: Tropius looked awesome! He was terrible in battle, but he's a giant banana tree that can't fly, what's not to like

Paratroopa: he's a black version of meganium basically. sorry, I mean he's an african-hoenn version of meganium

Starfox: I like its design, I just wish it didn’t suck in battle. So I’ve never really used one. Could have definitely used a Mega so long as it didn’t completely ruin its appearance somehow.

Anagram: ‘’hey frank I drew a flying dinosaur plant, is this original enough to be a pokemon?’ ‘no phil add some bananas to its neck’

Giggs: Very high on the "needs a Mega" list. Potentially so, so cool.


Raka: I love this design! A tropical dinosaur with banana leaves and fruits. I want one on my backyard. I bet it's really friendly.

KBM: Design-wise, my favorite Grass type Pokémon ever. For once, I actually wish something were a straight-up Grass-type, though. It has enough weaknesses that I'm never really going to want to actually use it.

Magmortar: GIANT BANANA FLYING DINOSAUR OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH. Apparently it is the same size and just as heavy as Venusaur. Wat.

OrangeCrush: Great design, but better suited as an HM slave than a battler.

ProfDEADPOOL: it grows fruit. That is interesting.

Ecks: Looks like a dinosaur, so… that's cool, I guess. I don't like the chin banana dongs though.

Stifled: …what is this thing? Well whatever it is, it’s pretty cool.

Wickle: I've never cared much for using an HM slave, since I prefer using all my peeps. So I just couldn't use Bropius, but I know why he's called that.

BetrayedTangy: I think Tropius has one of the most peaceful Pokemon designs ever. Too bad it's also kinda forgettable :/

Cybat: Badass dinosaur, check. Harvest shenanigans, check. Delicious neck fruit, check. But sadly it's still completely useless. Evolve him!

Brayze: A shockingly stupid looking pokemon. None of the design elements come together. 'Dinosaurs and plants seem to work!' said the artist, as he merges clip art of palm leaves, bananas, and a brontosaurus together. "Oh let's have it fly too!" he says, his pupils widened to black pools in the height of his glue-fueled delirium

Ermine: Way too big and clunky. Waaaaay too much green used in the wrong way. Not a fan of its design at all.

18. Milotic (Score: 2384)Edit

Average Rank: 41.10 (St. Dev: 34.88)
Fully Evolved Rank: 16/73
Water Rank: 4/28
Feebas Line: 1/2

2 - Inviso
2 - Para
3 - Kate
5 - Giggs
7 - Drak
8 - Snake5s
8 - Ecks
9 - Sorozone
10 - OrangeCrush
11 - Bospsy
12 - BetrayedTangy
12 - Flubbin
12 - Arti
15 - Poka
16 - Raka
16 - Natwaf
17 - Anagram
18 - scarlet
18 - Brayze
22 - Gen
23 - red
23 - MI
24 - Mana
24 - Tazzy
24 - Cody
28 - JONA
28 - TexWolf
30 - Wigs
32 - Karo
32 - Xuxon
34 - Scepter
35 - Suor
37 - junglebob
38 - CasanovaZelos
38 - swordz
40 - KBM
43 - TUM
45 - Cybat
47 - Dragon66116
50 - xx521xx
51 - XIII
51 - profDEADPOOL
51 - Paul
52 - Poke
53 - Wickle
60 - Logicblade
64 - Sanity
66 - Eddv
68 - Magmortar
72 - Stifled
82 - andy
84 - MSG
85 - darkx
117 - starfox
130 - mnk
133 - Ermine
133 - Lefty
134 - Nick

Para: oh my gosh it's so pretty eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee <3<3

Giggs: I dunno, guys. I just like elegant snakey things. You're gonna hate my Serperior placement.

OrangeCrush: He was my first EV trained Pokemon that was actually good.

BetrayedTangy: Milotic truly represents the potential of water Pokemon. When I think water, I literally think of Milotic, it is easily the best pure water type ever.

Arti: Milotic is awesome, unlike its preevo I ranked 120 spots below it. Hard to kill too, no wonder two Champions had it on their team.

Raka: Elegant, beautiful, and pretty good to use. If I had had one, I might have put it higher. But it's just a pain in the buttocks to get.

Anagram: ‘hey phil draw up some mega evolutions for all of the pokemon people care about’ ‘what about milotic?’ ‘**** it’

Scarlet: The Tender Pokemon. The reason Milotic is called a tender Pokemon is due to the fact that Milotics are just glorified tapeworms that, when removed, make your intestines feel tender. If they get long enough, they can be a real pain in the ass.

Brayze: It's supposed to be a naga. When I was a kid I was afraid of this book my dad had because it has this picture of a chinese earth goddess called Nu Wa on the back. Here is the picture. To this day I think it has a numinous quality to it which is vaguely unsettling. Anyway milotic reminds me of that which is cool.

Gen: So elegant, so gorgeous. I know some people are going to say it's ugly but...

Suor: Don't know, for a pokémon so based around beauty I feel it should look more stunning. Still pretty good-looking though.

KBM: Wow, this version of Gyarados is REALLY pretty.

Cybat: For being a Pokemon that is supposed to be sort of the pinnacle of beauty, it's a little lacking in my opinion - those eyebrows… - but still very good. What is the deal with its name though?

XIII: I don't really get it with Milotic, though I did use one in a UU team once with good results.

ProfDEADPOOL: The line of whether I actually like them or not is here. Milotic is the least liked of all the ones I do like. A pain in the ass to get Feebas and then a pain to evolve but damn if Milotic isn't a cool water snake. If the original getting and evolving of Feebas was easier would probably be higher but that %$^* was just too annoying.

Magmortar: Milotic is just alright, Gyarados is better and it isn’t good enough in any field for me to justify how ****ing awful Feebas is. Also Cynthia’s Milotic can go **** itself.

Stifled: It’s like Dragonair with more color and ridiculous eyebrows. Literally a tail. At least they know this one isn’t a Dragon type.

darkx: For a Pokemon that's supposed to look so majestic, I think it looks kinda ugly.

starfox: Pretty much sums up the existence of Milotic. A Magikarp -> Gyarados knockoff, but instead it turns pretty, not ferocious. But it completely falls flat in its attempt to be elegant, and turns out looking pretty ugly while simultaneously looking kind of pretentious and condescending. How does a Pokemon actually manage to do that? I don’t know, but Milotic found a way to do it. Plus it was a huge pain to evolve Feebas. So throw the sin of making an impossible to find Pokemon once again difficult to evolve. So yeah. Lots of animosity towards this thing. There are worse things out there though, and I didn't feel right putting it any lower than this.

Ermine: This is a pokemon who will look down on you because it thinks it's so god damned pretty that you don't deserve to be in its presence. I hate it.

17. Latios (Score: 2371)Edit

Average Rank: 40.87 (St. Dev: 33.92)
Dragon Rank: 4/9
Psychic Rank: 3/20
Legendaries: 3/10

1 - starfox
5 - CasanovaZelos
6 - MSG
6 - Poke
7 - Cody
8 - red
8 - Drak
10 - mnk
10 - Paul
10 - JONA
11 - andy
13 - KBM
13 - Flubbin
14 - swordz
15 - Ecks
15 - Natwaf
16 - Nick
16 - Logicblade
16 - xx521xx
17 - Dragon66116
18 - Karo
19 - Suor
20 - scarlet
20 - Inviso
22 - Ermine
24 - XIII
24 - Para
27 - Xuxon
27 - Arti
28 - Kate
29 - Cybat
31 - Poka
37 - Wigs
38 - Scepter
41 - Gen
47 - Anagram
47 - Lefty
51 - Tazzy
51 - Giggs
51 - TexWolf
52 - OrangeCrush
54 - Wickle
59 - Snake5s
62 - Bospsy
62 - darkx
67 - Sorozone
67 - junglebob
73 - BetrayedTangy
79 - Brayze
79 - MI
81 - Raka
86 - Magmortar
88 - profDEADPOOL
108 - TUM
115 - Sanity
118 - Mana
122 - Stifled
130 - Eddv

Starfox: I love this guy so much! I like his design a lot, and his typing combines two of my favorite types, which made it even better. He’s great offensively, has a really wide movepool, plus Soul Dew is OP. He was my major player in a 50-win streak in Battle Tower! I even had a near-perfect one in Ruby, which was pure happenstance given it was a roaming legendary. Right nature, IVs all above 30 except Attack (which didn’t matter anyway)… then of course my White data got corrupted and I lost it :(. Anyway, long story short, I love this guy, easily a top 5 Pokemon overall for me, and I will use him on my team any time I get the chance.

MSG: His mega-evolution makes him a f***ing jet. Win.

KBM: The better version of Latias. The feminist in me really wishes she liked the female better, but them's the breaks – Latios is just cooler and I think most people agree. 4 out of 5 dentists do, anyway. And that fifth guy is a prick.

Suor: If Latios ends up being ranked below Latias I will explode.

Scarlet: The Eon Pokemon. People always think it’s a great idea to ride a Latios, but with nothing to hold onto, Latios likes to hit high speeds and watch would-be passengers fall from great heights to their deaths with a splat. Sometimes called the Troll Pokemon.

XIII: Soft spot for legendaries, and Latios looks cool. Love the jet design.

Para: it's like latias, but blue!

Arti: Soul Dew on these two is amazing. Oh and Suicune was the 3rd in that team, which worked suprisingly well.

Cybat: Better design than his…sister? But both are very good. Their Megas, though…eh.

Gen: Latios I like but he doesn't come near his sister

Anagram: I caught a timid Latios with really good IVs by accident back in Black 2, and ever since, it’s been one of my ‘real’ pokemon, the ones I throw out when someone insists I play online with them. Oh you want to know what I think of Latios? I dunno, it’s okay I guess

Giggs: These guys just look like they're happy someone drew them. Gotta love that, even if they're pretty forgettable otherwise.

OrangeCrush: He's one of those Pokemon I only kind of like for now, but I'll probably end up using him in Omega Ruby soon and then kick myself for not putting him way higher.

Wickle: I like the two spaceship guys. Especially since the only gender based legendaries.

Snake5s: Like Latias but blue

Junglebob: When I first played Sapphire, I didn't like Lati@s enough to bother catching them with their roaming nonsense. I still don't like their designs, but they're good in Smash!

BetrayedTangy: I like how it looks swift, but I really hate the palette swap Pokemon this Gen.

Brayze: This should be right next to Latias but it won't be

Raka: What is it? How are we supposed to differentiate Latias and Latios? They're so similar...

Magmortar: Psychic airplane dragon’s alright. Can be a source of mass destruction.

Stifled: Ok, guys. This is one of those Pokemon where I’m like why do you like it. It’s dorky looking. The color scheme is something a third grader invented. You compare Dragonite to Barney the Dinosaur, but you don’t think this thing is a derpfest? But I guess I’m not surprised when people think a literal tail is a dragon.

16. Sableye (Score: 2350)Edit

Average Rank: 40.52 (St. Dev: 31.92)
Fully Evolved Rank: 14/73
Ghost Rank: 1/6
Dark Rank: 3/10

1 - CasanovaZelos
1 - Ecks
2 - Ermine
2 - Gen
6 - Brayze
7 - Scepter
8 - Inviso
9 - Snake5s
10 - swordz
10 - Arti
11 - Sorozone
11 - KBM
15 - Eddv
15 - xx521xx
16 - mnk
16 - red
17 - TUM
17 - Drak
18 - Dragon66116
18 - Tazzy
19 - Karo
19 - Paul
20 - Cybat
21 - BetrayedTangy
23 - starfox
26 - junglebob
28 - MSG
31 - Wigs
32 - scarlet
34 - Flubbin
35 - JONA
38 - XIII
41 - Xuxon
42 - OrangeCrush
46 - Natwaf
46 - Magmortar
48 - andy
49 - Stifled
52 - Kate
52 - TexWolf
52 - Poka
53 - MI
57 - Giggs
60 - darkx
64 - Raka
64 - Para
68 - Bospsy
72 - Lefty
73 - Sanity
75 - Cody
82 - profDEADPOOL
84 - Logicblade
88 - Suor
93 - Mana
94 - Anagram
119 - Wickle
120 - Nick
120 - Poke

Ecks: The gem in my eye, so to speak. He's weird and creepy and cute all in one. I don't know how, but it just works.

Ermine: Sableye is one super cool pokemon. I always loved how nothing could be super effective against him (thanks for ruining that awful fairy type) and even though his stats are very lackluster, when he gained the Prankster Ability from Dream World, it made him totally viable and really fun to use in competitive battles. Being able to use the pokes I love in competitive is exciting for me because I normally don't get to at all. I'm always surprised by how small the little guy is, he totally feels like he should be at least 3 feet tall. Either way, totally awesome pokemon.

Gen: Once upon a time he was the only pokemon in existence with no natural weaknesses. Dark/Ghost is still my favorite typing just because of how unique and awesome it is (eff you Spiritomb). I adore the concept of a creature that lurks in shadows with shining gem eyes... it's deliciously eerie. The thing that makes Sableye stand out most though is that he's kind of adorable! Not in the traditional sense, but look at his tiny paws with lil' claws squee~ And now he has my favorite mega evolution of all time that takes him over the moon in terms of coolness. Just to clarify I loved my psycho lil' hobgoblin before, but now he is a serious contender for top ten of all time. GAWD he looks so wicked and mischievous, ready to prank you and duck behind his gem with a sinister grin on his face. He gon' getcha!

Brayze: I tried using one of these things before it had prankster because it looked like such a little jerk I couldn't resist. Now it is actually good and I use it all the time! He has gems for eyes! He can't see s***!

Snake5s: He went to Jared's

Arti: Sableye in Colosseum was hilarious. He always had this creepy grin on his face, and my friend kept using him in battles because of that.

KBM: You know, I never quite knew what was missing from Haunter's design until I saw Sableye.

Cybat: Sad that he has a weakness now. But he is still threatening with Prankster shenanigans. His Mega is…weird.

BetrayedTangy: Sableye is one of those Pokemon I always wanted to learn, solely because of his design, unfortunately I couldn't… Maybe I will once I pick up AS.

Junglebob: I'll always remember him for being the first Pokemon with no weaknesses, even though that's not the case anymore :(

Scarlet: The Darkness Pokemon. If you have a sharpened rusty spoon, poke out a Sableye’s eyes. You’ll be able to shill them to any jeweler for a substantial get.

XIII: Used it in my Emerald team. I like the idea of a Pokemon with no weaknesses. It is horribly weak, though - but I guess the decent mega evolution saves that.

OrangeCrush: He was part of my first R/S team, so I have a soft spot for him. He's actually good nowadays, although I haven't used him since.

Magmortar: Looks good enough…then it reveals that collection of teeth and becomes ten times creepier. Now is one of the most annoying Pokemon ever created after being nearly useless for quite some time. That’s a big turn around.

Stifled: Go Shadow Sneak up on someone else, you little punk!

Giggs: What an awesomely creepy bastard. I like that he looks like he's hollow, too. Literally shrivelled.

Raka: I'm not as big a fan as a lot of people seem to be. I also do not 'get' the Mega design.

Para: it's like stitch from lilo and stitch dug out his own eyeballs and replaced them with diamonds and then died, probably because that's unhealthy

Suor: I really don't like base Sableye, looks like a jerk. Its Mega though made it kind of cool and raised it a few spots higher for me.

Anagram: I hate trickster

15. Treecko (Score: 2339)Edit

Average Rank: 40.32 (St. Dev: 23.66)
NFE Rank: 2/63
Grass Rank: 3/17
Starter Rank: 5/9
Treecko Line: 3/3

3 - OrangeCrush
4 - BetrayedTangy
7 - red
8 - profDEADPOOL
10 - Xuxon
12 - darkx
12 - Ermine
18 - CasanovaZelos
19 - Cybat
20 - starfox
20 - Logicblade
21 - scarlet
21 - JONA
22 - MSG
22 - xx521xx
23 - Sorozone
24 - Ecks
24 - Magmortar
24 - TUM
25 - Kate
26 - Karo
26 - mnk
26 - Lefty
27 - XIII
28 - Brayze
30 - Suor
32 - Scepter
33 - junglebob
34 - MI
35 - Dragon66116
37 - Eddv
39 - Inviso
42 - Raka
43 - Anagram
46 - andy
47 - Drak
48 - Para
50 - Bospsy
53 - Paul
55 - Tazzy
57 - Arti
58 - Cody
58 - Wigs
58 - KBM
58 - Poke
60 - Wickle
62 - Stifled
64 - swordz
64 - Gen
65 - Sanity
65 - Poka
68 - Flubbin
73 - Snake5s
74 - TexWolf
77 - Natwaf
83 - Mana
88 - Giggs
111 - Nick

OrangeCrush: Treecko was my main character in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue. While I didn't like the game that much, it gives Treecko enough bonus points to get all the way to #3

BetrayedTangy: Treecko is easily my favorite starter of all time. He just looks so cool and was my first Pokemon ever.

ProfDEADPOOL: Not as good as Grovyle but still pretty cool.

Cybat: My favorite Grass starter line. He is cute and useful, learning Drain moves early on instead of Vine Whip.

Scarlet: The Wood Gecko Pokemon. Interestingly, there’s an actual company named Treeco that sells real estate in New Jersey, so essentially it’s the exact opposite of a grass-type nature-based lizard – it’s an evil conglomerate peddling what little untamed wilderness is left in the most inhospitable wasteland on Earth.

Magmortar: I was torn between this and Grovyle, but I think Treecko having some cuteness on top of the badassery of its evolution is a good one. Solid Pokemon.

XIII: Straight-up one of the coolest first-form starters out there. Ash's was pretty great as well IIRC.

Brayze: In sapphire/ruby his stance was like a crossing guard or a sassy kid doing the 'wave' breakdancing maneuver

Raka: Uh what's up with its awkward pose? Good thing it evolves into much better critters.

Anagram: You could save almost 10% on your auto insurance by switching to Treecko

Para: I like lizards but I never understood why treecko's official art made it look like he was walking on a balance beam

Cody: In 4th grade our class got a pet gecko, and I suggested we name it Treecko. It ended up with the name Geico instead. Stupid democratic process.

KBM: I'll admit that this line is uniquely useful in-game for a Grass starter line, and even though it's got a stupid name, I like that there's a lot more design emphasis on the “gecko” part than there is on the “tree” part. I would still never pick it over either of the other starters this gen, apart from a “well, I've used the others enough by now, might as well” sort of deal.

Wickle: Obviously my favorite starter of the three, I just love the look.

Stifled: I almost feel bad for ranking a starter that isn’t Emboar so low on my lists. But I can’t help it. It’s just so…bland.

Gen: It's not cute in the conventional sense like most starters are, but you know I think that kind of works in its favor. It definitely makes him unique in terms of design and having your own niche is pretty cool. Also I like its feets.

Giggs: Treecko is probably gonna place inexplicably high because he's a starter, but don't let it fool you, kids. This guy is boring. Boring as hell.

14. Swampert (Score: 2313)Edit

Average Rank: 39.87 (St. Dev: 35.09)
FE Rank: 13/72
Water Rank: 3/28
Ground Rank: 3/13
Starter Rank: 4/9
Mudkip Line: 1/3

1 - Dragon66116
1 - andy
2 - Scepter
2 - Flubbin
3 - Magmortar
4 - Raka
4 - OrangeCrush
4 - Kate
6 - Natwaf
7 - Tazzy
10 - TexWolf
12 - XIII
12 - KBM
13 - red
14 - Logicblade
14 - Paul
16 - Ermine
17 - JONA
18 - Poka
20 - Gen
21 - Mana
21 - Cody
21 - Cybat
22 - Nick
24 - mnk
24 - Eddv
27 - starfox
27 - Snake5s
27 - Suor
28 - CasanovaZelos
29 - BetrayedTangy
30 - Arti
33 - Stifled
36 - Karo
36 - swordz
39 - Wickle
42 - Poke
43 - Sorozone
49 - Drak
52 - Para
56 - Inviso
56 - Bospsy
58 - xx521xx
59 - Wigs
59 - profDEADPOOL
59 - Giggs
62 - Ecks
63 - Brayze
63 - MI
70 - scarlet
89 - MSG
105 - junglebob
106 - TUM
109 - Sanity
114 - darkx
123 - Anagram
123 - Xuxon
128 - Lefty

Magmortar: The best starter of this and any other generation. Consistently useful, Mega Evolves into Potemkin, sweet lookin’ and is just all-around great. Hail Swamplord!

Raka: Aww ye best Gen 3 starter. Strong and has an assortment of useful moves. What not to like?

OrangeCrush: This guy is amazing in gens 3 and 4. Unfortunately, the later gens lowered him to all-fours and gave the other Water/Ground types a bunch of buffs. Mega Swampert got him back to OU, but it's ugly and I miss old Swampert. Still, I still have tons of fond memories of him being my Stealth Rock lead in gen 4, ripping up the Battle Arena, and laughing at ingame.

XIII: It's a testament to the quality of Sceptile that the starter I picked in Emerald, my first Hoenn game, has been superceded. Swampert is a great Pokemon with terrific typing. Really not a fan of its mega evo though and Sceptile's blatant superiority in the cool factor stakes make Sceptile vs. Swampert an easy call for me.

KBM: From three spiky cheek-gills on Mudkip, to one on Marshtomp, back up to two now. This line just can't make up its mind. Swampert really is pretty awesome, though. “Sleek” would be a good word.

Logicblade: Has my respect, though he's probably the nastiest water final form. Other than Gen 4 really.

Gen: Swampert is the only starter in gen III who's mega form actually hurts it. However I won't be counting that against it because the actual form is so good it would have been difficult to improve on anyway. I love Swampert, and I can say that about very few starter FEs. It's neither ugly nor derpy and it looks like a logical conclusion to its line.

Cody: I love the blue/orange colors of this line, they look so good.

Cybat: All 3 starter final forms are pretty great. This one has a slightly worse Mega evolution though.

BetrayedTangy: Swampert is really cool, maybe not as cool as Blaziken and Sceptile, but cool enough and his Mega is also probably the best imo.

Arti: At least none of the starters in this gen are bad. I can't say the same for any of the even generations.

Stifled: This is my swamp now.

Wickle: Every generation kind of has it's own strongest Poke. One that does the best over the course of the games. Gen 1 was Bulbasaur (although he makes the entire game too easy), Gen 2 was Cyndaquil, Gen 3 is Mudkip, due to evolving to Water/Ground before Wattson.

Para: continues a strong tradition of pretty ok water starters

Giggs: For a starter, Swampert is kind of unpleasant looking. I imagine that was the point, but it’s hardly endearing.

Ecks: I much prefer the Hulked out Mega Swampert. This whole line is derptastic and the last two forms don't have the luxury of being cute like Mudkip.

Brayze: Sometimes a pokemon's ass attachments are the best thing about them. Exhibit A: swampert's butt fin.

Scarlet: The Mud Fish Pokemon. Fashion designer Michael Kors once famously stated, “There’s more going on with this Pokemon than a clown wearing quilts.”

MSG: Jesus, Mudkip, you really let yourself go.

Junglebob: Swampert's pretty ugly, and I'm not a huge fan of it stealing Quagsire's spotlight as a Water/Ground type.

Anagram: At least it’s less stupid-looking than Mudkip and Marshtomp

13. Gardevoir (Score: 2288)Edit

Average Rank: 39.45 (St. Dev: 39.45)
Fully Evolved Rank: 12/72
Psychic Rank: 2/20
Fairy Rank: 1/5
Ralts Line (Gen III): 1/3

1 - Raka
1 - swordz
2 - CasanovaZelos
2 - MI
3 - scarlet
3 - Scepter
3 - Natwaf
3 - Arti
4 - darkx
5 - KBM
6 - Giggs
9 - Inviso
9 - Kate
11 - Logicblade
12 - OrangeCrush
13 - Snake5s
15 - mnk
16 - BetrayedTangy
16 - Tazzy
17 - Ecks
18 - XIII
19 - Mana
23 - Karo
23 - Sanity
26 - Stifled
26 - Cybat
27 - MSG
27 - TUM
33 - Wickle
33 - Suor
34 - xx521xx
34 - Drak
35 - Flubbin
36 - Anagram
36 - Poke
37 - Bospsy
39 - Dragon66116
42 - Wigs
43 - andy
43 - Poka
45 - red
49 - Cody
50 - junglebob
55 - Eddv
55 - Xuxon
56 - TexWolf
64 - Magmortar
66 - Brayze
72 - Sorozone
81 - JONA
85 - Paul
92 - starfox
94 - Lefty
111 - Para
129 - profDEADPOOL
131 - Gen
133 - Nick
135 - Ermine

Raka: Yep. For people who hate her for the obscene amount of obscene fanarts, you shouldn't let others' opinions dictate yours. Anyway, it's elegant, sleek, and quite useful in-game and in SSB. Its thematic concept is also really nice. I want one!

Scarlet: The Embrace Pokemon. Gardevoirs from around the world have launched an awareness campaign about the psychologically disturbing effects that Rule 34 artwork causes when an unassuming Gardevoir does an image search of itself on Google.

Scepter: I hate the people who ranked Gardevoir low based solely on its questional fan base

Arti: I still use the Gardevoir that I used way back in Ruby. It's male >_>

KBM: Gardevoir is an absolutely gorgeous Pokémon. Even knowing how good it can be, I don't really care, because this is an absolute triumph in design – its usefulness is just icing on the cake. It's a powerhouse. And I want its dress.

Giggs: Basically the pokemon version of Lana del Rey. I like Lana del Rey.

Logicblade: I hate that it's been rule 34'd to hell, because she's actually quite nice to use.

OrangeCrush: The controversy surrounding this Pokemon's appearance is hilarious. Also a reminder that Wally's Gardevoir is male.

BetrayredTangy: Ewwwww Gardevoir porn, but that only slightly ruins this Pokemon for me, I like its Mega and is still a great line.

XIII: I kind of get a little disgusted with a Pokemon if I know it has been aggressively and repeatedly rule-34'd or whatever the rule is. Kind of puts me off liking it somehow. I used it in my original Emerald playthrough and it served me well; it'd be top 15 without the weirdos ruining it.

Sanity: It says she is over 5 feet tall. I feel like trainers just use these for sex.

Stifled: So pretty and elegant. Too bad you’re pretty low on the Psychic food chain.

Cybat: As with everything, way better with the Fairy type. Wally is a lucky guy.

Wickle: The waifu Poke. I do love Psychic types.

Suor: Putting aside the abysmal amount of porn this thing has on the internet, I always liked its design far more than Alakazam's. It's honestly a really great and well-designed pokémon.

Anagram: There are three possibilities: 1. GameFreak initially intended for all pokemon to evolve into the same things regardless of gender, and only later changed its mind with things like Combee. 2. GameFreak genuinely believed male Gardeviors make sense. 3. GameFreak didn’t think about it until the game was already out. Given that Wally was retconned to have a Gallade, I assume #1 is correct, but GameFreak still persists in male Gardevoirs

Magmortar: Gardevoir’s alright, I never thought much about it other than repeatedly wondering how such blatant R34 bait came into existence. MegaGarde is pretty dangerous.

Brayze: Gardevoir was sort of a turning point in pokemon, where Game Freak figured something out about dudes and where they will think about putting their dongs (everywhere)

Starfox: I don’t really care about the fanart she gets, I just dislike her design. Plus adding fairy type makes her even more gross. Also her Mega looks awful. With the backdrop for the champion in X and Y, dunno if this needs spoilers or not, it seriously looked like it was at the altar waiting to get married. It’s comically bad.

Para: okay internet, please stop drawing breasts on this weird alien thing, and I could meet you halfway on not being annoyed by gardevoir

profDEADPOOL: Not a pokemon I have ever cared for. Gallade is great though. But then….damn furries ruin her even more. She and Lopunny are pretty much the worst pokemon to mention liking to people because…. What will they think is the reason lol.

Gen: People who are legitimate fans of Gardevoir. I am so sorry. But to me this pokemon represents everything that is wrong with the pokemon community as a whole. There's nothing inherently sensual about its design and yet the fanart people continue to spew out for it has scarred me for life. I didn't like it a whole lot before for being the signature pokemon of hands down the worst "rival" this series has ever concocted, but now I can barely look at the thing. I don't even care that it got a new typing it is bad.

Ermine: Awful awful awful. I hate everything about this pokemon. How humanoid it is, how people have made it even horrible in fan art, how feminine it is, how stupid it's Mega is. There are absolutely 0 redeeming factors about Gardevoir and it annoys me how high it is going to place =/

12. Salamence (Score: 2118)Edit

Average Rank: 36.52 (St. Dev: 33.36)
Fully Evolved Rank: 11/72
Dragon Rank: 3/9
Flying Rank: 2/12
Bagon Line: 1/3
Pseudo Lines: 2/6

1 - Snake5s
3 - starfox
4 - Drak
5 - XIII
5 - Wigs
6 - Nick
6 - Stifled
6 - Tazzy
6 - Cody
7 - Sorozone
7 - Natwaf
8 - scarlet
8 - Arti
9 - OrangeCrush
9 - TUM
13 - Magmortar
14 - profDEADPOOL
14 - andy
16 - MSG
16 - Xuxon
17 - Logicblade
17 - MI
18 - Anagram
18 - Flubbin
20 - Kate
21 - xx521xx
22 - CasanovaZelos
22 - red
24 - swordz
25 - Mana
25 - JONA
26 - Dragon66116
30 - KBM
33 - Raka
34 - Giggs
34 - Suor
35 - Cybat
37 - Gen
39 - junglebob
42 - BetrayedTangy
42 - Bospsy
46 - Inviso
49 - Scepter
50 - mnk
59 - Brayze
60 - Poka
68 - Paul
68 - TexWolf
72 - darkx
75 - Wickle
77 - Poke
94 - Ermine
94 - Sanity
101 - Para
105 - Lefty
110 - Karo
111 - Ecks
135 - Eddv

Starfox: He may be kinda generic in design, but I still like it. It’s really badass, and considering there really hadn’t been badass dragons like this that were actually dragon types, this was kinda sorta different at the time. Either way, a generic badass dragon is still better than most things. Plus actually using him is great. I haven’t used his Mega yet either, but holy crap it looks OP. Plus he was part of my 50-win streak team in Ruby.

XIII: In many ways, the quintessential dragon-type Pokemon. I know many will say Dragonite, but when you look at the sleekness of Mence, that air of menace it carries, I think Mence is the "true dragon".

Stifled: This is what the Dragon type had been waiting for since Gen 1; a badass, angry, fire breathing motherf***ing dragon. As much as I love Dragonite, Salamence is who I picture when someone talks about the Dragon type Pokemon.

Cody: They had some really cool dragons this gen. About time!

Scarlet: The Dragon Pokemon. Salamance is the unibrowed uncle of Dragonite that likes to scare children with the stories of how it lost its best friend and possible lover in the war on Vietnam.

Arti: One of the three team members of my Battle Tower team that got me the top trainer card in Ruby. Very good at lvl 50, even.

OrangeCrush: He's part of the Salamence/Suicune/Snorlax trio which I'm very fond of. He's great at tearing through teams.

Magmortar: One helluva deadly Pokemon, less so today than it was before but it is dangerous, and well worth keeping something as stupid as Shelgon around for.

Logicblade: So it's named after the ancient fire spirit, thats a plus. It's got a nice colour scheme, and looks the most dragony of all the dragon type pokemon. Other pokemon also look draconic but are not in fact dragons. Glad Gamefreak got this one right.

Anagram: Salamence proves that occasionally you don’t need to be original or clever or even imaginative. Sometimes you just need to draw a dragon, use the bucket function in Photoshop, and collect your paycheck. I mean, we’ve all been there, right?

Mana: Is Greater Than God

KBM: Ranking the Pokémon in order, and this being one of the last ones I have left to add to the list, I really feel like where I'm ranking it (#26 right now, but could and probably will drop a couple spots) is WAY too low. That just goes to show how much I love this generation of Pokémon. Screw you ALL for hating on it.

Raka: I definitely have some respect for Salamence. I don't really like pseudo-legendaries but Salamence is as good as any. Its Mega looks silly though.

Giggs: Massively over-rated, and pretty much the most generic dragon they ever made. I mean, he's still okay, but the fact he made Dragonite redundant for a decade blows.

Cybat: Ridiculously good abilities and stat distribution almost make up for a sorta weird and pudgy design. It doesn't seem like those wings could come even close to lifting it.

Gen: So ugly yet so good. I never got the Salamence > God meme and I don't particularly care to. It's a good pokemon I guess. Given the option though I'd prefer to raise up other pseudos. I do love the jetfighter Mega forme though. THAT Mence is a lot less oogly.

Junglebob: Cardboard wings are stupid, but everything else in its design is solid.

BetrayedTangy: I don't get the love for Salamence, it's just a dragon, I mean sure dragons are cool, but I feel liike they could be more unique

Brayze: I think it looks sort of like a pool toy so I named my first salamence 'pool toy'. Ain't I ever clever.

Wickle: I don't like Intimidate as an ability. It feels like a waste and it's just minor time consumption at the beginning of every battle for Pokemon that are strong enough and fast enough to OHKO Pokes without a challenge. Eat a Blizzard, ***. You didn't do anything to it.

Ermine: Completely overrated and his design is pretty ugly. I think it's his belly, why is it so weird... Not really a fan of the wings either.

Para: dragons are cool and all but salamence has a really dumb shaped body, flimsy cardboard wings, and he mostly just looks stupid. screw you salamence

Karo: the f*** is up with its wings? how does it even fly? (and let us not even speak of its mega evolution) yet another poorly-designed gen 3 f***er with a questionable color scheme.

Ecks: Pretty easily the worst pseudo. I just do not like the design at all, it's very plain.

Eddv: suck it salamence

11. Sceptile (Score: 2085)Edit

Average Rank: 35.94 (St. Dev: 28.66)
Fully Evolved Rank: 10/72
Grass Rank: 2/17
Treecko Line: 2/3
Starters: 3/9

1 - BetrayedTangy
1 - Cybat
2 - Mana
2 - OrangeCrush
2 - Arti
4 - MSG
5 - Logicblade
5 - Suor
6 - XIII
8 - CasanovaZelos
8 - Poka
9 - red
10 - Dragon66116
10 - Sorozone
13 - Scepter
13 - Kate
13 - Ermine
16 - swordz
17 - Flubbin
20 - profDEADPOOL
21 - Natwaf
21 - Drak
22 - Raka
23 - Snake5s
24 - JONA
25 - Cody
26 - Ecks
27 - scarlet
28 - Lefty
30 - Wickle
34 - Anagram
34 - Magmortar
37 - andy
38 - mnk
40 - Wigs
40 - junglebob
40 - Poke
41 - MI
42 - Karo
42 - Brayze
46 - darkx
49 - Bospsy
49 - Paul
49 - Sanity
52 - Inviso
54 - TexWolf
56 - starfox
65 - Stifled
71 - Tazzy
74 - Giggs
74 - Xuxon
77 - TUM
82 - Para
93 - Nick
93 - Gen
98 - KBM
99 - xx521xx
104 - Eddv

BetrayedTangy: Sceptile is my favorite Pokemon of all time, as I said before Treecko was my first Pokemon, that same Treecko became a Level 100 Sceptile, this Sceptile Solo'd the entire Elite 4, the champion and even Steven! The experiences I had with this Pokemon is exactly what made him my favorite Pokemon.

Cybat: My favorite Pokemon overall. The idea of a lizardy ninja running around Leaf Blading everything really speaks to me. Plus his Mega is fantastic.

Mana: Two through four are interchangeable in their own badass tier. Sceptile comes out on top today just because the gecko is one cool cat. On top of all his excellent combat use, the Pokemon looks like one of those action hero ninjas who just breezes through fights with that cocky half-smile. He's Spike Spiegel, a Grass-type that acts like a Water-type. Seriously, Ice moves are SUCH a Water thing to do.

OrangeCrush: While most grass types before then favored defense, Sceptile was one of the first to be an all-out offensive beast. He has a large movepool with great Sp. Atk and Speed, and Swords Dance is surprisingly deadly if you want to go the physical route.

Arti: This is the only gen where I actually like the grass starter.

MSG: Best final form of a starter. About damn time we got some good Grass Pokemon. I mean, not actually the best, considering how broken Blaziken is, but you know.

Logicblade: Sceptile is basically everything I like about Grovyle, except he's a little uglier and a lot stronger. It sorts of balances out.

Suor: One of the best looking tails in the pokémon world. Sceptile itself looks like a swift fighting lizard and has a great looking Mega form with an awesome ability. Best final starter this generation without a question.

XIII: Sceptile is just plain cool. Cool factor takes you a long way in Pokemon, and when you're a starter and you get to see it develop from the young punk Treecko up to the cool badass Sceptile, that cool factor contributes to you becoming even more attached to the Pokemon - because you've seen it grow. Sceptile is fast and powerful and has a dragon-type Mega Evo. F***ing A.

ProfDEADPOOL: A little too busy for its design IMO. The other two are much more sleek while Sceptile grows an ugly tail. And I don't care for his mega evo that much either. Still like it but wish they did it differently tbh.

Raka: Whatever happened to Sceptilesolarbeam? Anyway, this Pokemon is quite nice. Gen 3 has some of the nicest starter choices ever where you can't really go wrong with any of them.

Scarlet: Sceptiles are the type of Pokemon most likely to be seen tending those outdoor bars made of palm tree leaves and balsa wood on the beaches in Jamaica.

Wickle: This line is my favorite of this generation, simple as that.

Anagram: People were always ‘Ash’s Sceptile is one of his facewreckers, it’s totally on part with Charizard and Snorlax,’ and like… no it’s not. As for Sceptile itself, there’s something about it, it just looks slightly too lumbering for how agile it’s supposed to be

Magmortar: One of the few times the final form is the worst part of a starter line. That tail just irks me. Sceptile otherwise looks great and is useful enough.

Brayze: I wonder what those berries taste like? Those technically contain baby sceptiles.

Stifled: You know, I thought I liked the Chikorita line overall less than the Treecko line. But after playing Alpha Sapphire I realized I was mistaken. They tried so hard to make him look “cool” that they forgot to avoid making him ugly. I apologize to Meganium.

Giggs: If this line wasn't a starter, I would routinely forget they ever existed. Sometimes I still do.

Para: kinda ruins grovyle's cool sleekness by giving it a weird shape and putting a bunch of bulky s*** on it, it's like comparing a ferrari to a dump truck, yeah the dump truck is stronger but it's not the one I want to drive

Gen: I used to think this was ugly no wait haha I still do! That said its Mega evo helps it out a lot. It's still a butterface with testicles running down the length of its back, but now it's got wicked cool eyes and a Christmas tree tail! ... Actually it looks Christmas themed with its red green and gold color pallet. I have never noticed that before.

KBM: Well, it's the only one in its line that has a decent name, I'll give it that. But there's nothing appealing about the design to me, nor is there anything to set it apart from any other standard Grass type – AND it grows a bunch of cancerous lumps on its back that are frankly rather alarming. Then there's a Mega Evolution that just makes the design even busier for no purpose.

10. Camerupt (Score: 2006)Edit

Average Rank: 34.59 (St. Dev: 29.85)
Fully Evolved Rank: 9/72
Fire Rank: 2/6
Ground Rank: 2/13
Numel Line: 1/2

1 - XIII
1 - Brayze
2 - mnk
2 - junglebob
3 - Poka
4 - starfox
4 - Stifled
4 - JONA
4 - swordz
7 - Magmortar
8 - Flubbin
9 - Arti
9 - Para
10 - Wigs
10 - Gen
11 - OrangeCrush
11 - Eddv
13 - TexWolf
14 - Scepter
15 - BetrayedTangy
15 - Giggs
16 - KBM
17 - Cody
20 - Raka
22 - scarlet
22 - Anagram
25 - Xuxon
27 - Inviso
28 - Suor
30 - Natwaf
31 - Tazzy
31 - Sanity
32 - Cybat
33 - CasanovaZelos
36 - Paul
36 - Lefty
36 - TUM
37 - Karo
41 - Nick
45 - Sorozone
47 - Kate
49 - Poke
50 - Wickle
51 - MI
52 - red
55 - MSG
56 - Logicblade
65 - Ecks
65 - andy
70 - Dragon66116
71 - xx521xx
73 - Drak
74 - Bospsy
76 - Snake5s
84 - Mana
108 - profDEADPOOL
118 - darkx
120 - Ermine

XIII: A feature of my writeups is a love for Pokemon I've used in game or competitively. Camerupt is an example of the former, but it has many things to mark it out from other guys 've used in-game. It's a fire-type (the best type), good attacking stats, has a mega form now and I love his big dopey grin. He's one of those Pokemon I'd absolutely want to keep IRL - it's so friendly-looking. Camerupt is a classic Pokemon; camel with volcanoes for humps is a superb idea.

Brayze: Oh god I love camerupt. They will probably not come up with a better pokemon concept that a camel with volcano humps. His new mega is super shaggy just like a real volcano too.

Junglebob: A camel with mini-volcano humps is just plain cool. His typing also makes him sort of an underdog in the water-focused Hoenn.

Stifled: Game Freak made this Pokemon just for me. I love camels. I love Fire types. They even made it a dual-type that covers a lot of Fire’s weaknesses. I mean…wow. Thank you.

Magmortar: Now THIS camel is the real deal. Great at both offenses, and it’s a little better defensively for a Fire-type. It’s just so COOL, I mean it’s an exploding volcano camel. That can cause an earthquake. How many disasters does this thing cover?!

Arti: Camerupt looks awesome and has great types until you realize it's 4x weak to water. Considering Hoenn... yeah. Enjoyed levelling one up though!

Para: he is a camel but with volcanoes for humps. He's better than you, especially you, person who ranked it #130

Gen: Camerupt is just amazing. The guy is so formidable he doesn't care about being hit and openly invites you to do so by evolving literal targets on its sides. You think he cares about your Hydro Pumps? Well he really should considering his 4x weakness but he DOESN'T. What a badass. I love its mega evo too. It's reminiscent of a Pekingese dog yet still manages to be intimidating with his smug IDGAF smirk.

OrangeCrush: She has a cool design and was my go-to Flame Body Pokemon until Volcarona.

Eddv: The best volcanic camel of all time

Scepter: Mine's shiny.

BetrayedTangy: I love Camerupt, it has cool typing, a great design and for some reason the most memorable thing about Pokemon Ranger to me. IDK why

Giggs: He's an goddamn volcanic camel. I don't need to justify myself here.

KBM: Mega Camerupt literally has Pompeii and much of its surrounding area on its back. How freaking cool is that?

Raka: Really cool concept! A camel with volcanoes for humps. I really REALLY don't like its Mega though, it looks like a Dreamworks protagonist with its stupid grin. This fake Mega is million times better:

Scarlet: The Eruption Pokemon. If you own a Female Camerupt, watch out. The heat from its menstrual ejection can melt igneous rock.

Anagram: This is the kind of pokemon I like even when I don’t like it: someone had to actually have a modicum of cleverness and originality to look at a camel and think ‘humps and volcanoes kind of look similar maybe’

Cybat: Camels are neat, why aren't there more camel Pokemon? This guy is pretty solid (get it? Solid Rock?) and his type combo is neat, but a little rough for him.

Wickle: Um, yeah. He's a camel, with volcano humps. That's cool. He's got nothing special outside of that, which isn't. I honestly wish he had like a special move or ability or something.

Ermine: Really not a fan of its huge dopey face to be honest. I don't like his little tuft of hair either, it makes him look like a stupid caveman.

9. Grovyle (Score: 1990)Edit

Average Rank: 34.31 (St. Dev: 25.82)
NFE Rank: 1/62
Grass Rank: 1/17
Treecko Line: 1/3
Starter Rank: 2/9

2 - xx521xx
3 - red
4 - Logicblade
4 - Dragon66116
5 - starfox
5 - Gen
6 - profDEADPOOL
7 - CasanovaZelos
8 - Para
9 - Ecks
10 - Drak
11 - Anagram
11 - Ermine
12 - Brayze
13 - MI
14 - Cybat
18 - Snake5s
18 - darkx
20 - Sorozone
20 - Wickle
20 - JONA
20 - Poka
22 - Kate
23 - Scepter
23 - TUM
24 - Karo
25 - Bospsy
25 - Magmortar
26 - Mana
26 - Poke
31 - Raka
31 - Lefty
32 - Inviso
32 - MSG
35 - BetrayedTangy
38 - scarlet
39 - OrangeCrush
40 - XIII
40 - andy
42 - Cody
47 - Arti
48 - Sanity
54 - Paul
54 - swordz
55 - Giggs
56 - mnk
57 - Wigs
58 - Flubbin
58 - Xuxon
59 - KBM
63 - Suor
64 - Stifled
69 - Nick
76 - junglebob
79 - Natwaf
84 - TexWolf
103 - Eddv
112 - Tazzy

Logicblade: Grovyle is a ninja dinosaur. While Gen 1 best type was fire, and Gen 2 knocked the dark type out of the park, Gen 3 had a lot of cool grass types. Groovy is my favourite of the line because he's just so perfect design wise.

Starfox: I liked Grovyle before PMD2, but that game pushed him up even further for me. Grovyle is one of the few Pokemon that kinda make me wish there was some sort of feature that would allow an NFE to take on its fully evolved forms stats without having to evolve, because I like it a LOT more than Sceptile

Gen: Definitely the high point of the line and anyone who disagrees should get their eyes checked tbh. I love its official art. So badass. Look out, he's coming for you Suor!

ProfDEADPOOL: IMO the best of the line. But also the only really good starter line in gen 3. Gen 3 is easily my least favorite of the starter sets. Oh well

Para: damnit grovyle, you're making my rankings way too mainstream by being too cool, stop being so smug about it

Ecks: He's like a cool grass dinosaur ninja.

Anagram: One of the few pokemon puberties that’s superior to its other forms

Brayze: Probably the best middle evo starter in the entire game, grovyle is based on a lizard called a basilisk. Unlike traditional basilisks which are not real, real basilisks cannot turn you to stone. Their power is that they are such amazing cowards that they can run across water to get away from anything they think may have looked at them weird. they are not recommended as pets because they will slam into glass and run all the f*** over the place at all times and you will be kept up all night by the sound of lizard heads bonking into glass.

Cybat: The best middle-stage starter form. Perfect transition between Treecko and Sceptile. And he is the one who gets the honor of learning Leaf Blade.

Wickle: The grass thing sticking out of his mouth, he's so cool!

Scepter: Grovyle from Mystery Dungeon is the best character in the entire Pokemon franchise

Magmortar: Great middle form. Looks a lot better, and just all-around solid. Could be even higher if I ever played Mystery Dungeon!

Raka: This is another really well-designed Pokemon. It conveys that it's a prehistoric-based plant Pokemon. I've never used one but I still like it.

BetrayedTangy: While not as useful as Marshtomp, Grovyle is much cooler and is part of one of my favorite Poekmon lines.

Scarlet: The Wood Gecko Pokemon. Sadly, when Grovyle began to grow out its leafy hair, it lost its multimillion dollar contract with Geico. Since then, it’s really let itself go.

OrangeCrush: We hide in plain sight.

XIII: Middle evos are neither cute nor badass, on the whole, but Grovyle is pretty good. It doesn't do enough to differentiate itself from Sceptile though imo. Just looks like an inferior version.

Cody: Bonus points for its role in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.

Arti: My Treecko just evolved in Omega Ruby WOO

Giggs: An uncharacteristic detour into marginal coolness for an otherwise boring evolution line.

KBM: I can imagine this thing being kind of badass in the anime, if they animated it climbing and swooping around the trees in the jungle really quickly while camouflaged. That said, as I've said time and time again, most Grass Pokémon just don't really hold much appeal to me, and apart from the appeal of imagining them roaming about the jungle, this one is about as standard an example as there is.

Suor: I used to like Grovyle less, but it isn't that bad, just not anywhere as cool as its first sprite suggested. It looked like a flying raptor lizard, it's easy to be disappointed when you don't see it in that pose.

Stifled: Slightly better than Sceptile, but not great either. I also kind of liked Ash’s Grovyle.

8. Blaziken (Score: 1932)Edit

Average Rank: 33.31 (St. Dev: 36.54)
Fully Evolved Rank: 8/73
Fire Rank: 1/6
Fighting Rank: 1/7
Torchic Line: 1/3
Starter Rank: 1/9

1 - scarlet
1 - Mana
1 - Inviso
1 - Cody
2 - starfox
4 - KBM
4 - Arti
5 - Wickle
7 - OrangeCrush
7 - Xuxon
8 - Stifled
8 - Scepter
8 - Sorozone
8 - MSG
9 - Logicblade
9 - CasanovaZelos
9 - Raka
9 - Tazzy
9 - Natwaf
10 - Anagram
10 - Bospsy
11 - Dragon66116
12 - Karo
13 - darkx
13 - Poka
14 - XIII
14 - junglebob
15 - red
17 - Cybat
19 - Magmortar
21 - Flubbin
21 - TUM
22 - Snake5s
22 - Ecks
22 - Wigs
24 - profDEADPOOL
25 - Nick
25 - BetrayedTangy
31 - Ermine
32 - Paul
35 - swordz
37 - JONA
46 - Brayze
48 - Giggs
49 - Para
55 - Kate
59 - Drak
69 - mnk
74 - Poke
74 - Gen
75 - MI
98 - Eddv
101 - xx521xx
112 - Sanity
120 - TexWolf
123 - andy
124 - Lefty
130 - Suor

Scarlet: The Blaze Pokemon. Blazikens came into fashion in the early 1990s, but unfortunately a lawsuit brought by WWE superstar Alundra Blayze resulted in the species being sued into near bankruptcy and extinction. Thankfully it has made a killing in the UFC scene.

Mana: Is it really any surprise? All three starters of RSE end strongly and the first FIR/FGT type is insanely good at what it does. Blaziken is a beast, and totally gets Digivolution points. Just look at her! She's like if Flamedramon and Silphymon had a baby.

KBM: More than makes up for the painfully awkward adolescence that is Combusken. Back when not every Fire starter had to be dual-typed with Fighting (Thank you Delphox for fixing this), this guy was kind of the ultimate badass. I mean, just look at those eyes. They are GOING to kill something. Arti: Blaziken was cool until 4th generation introduced a better Fire/Fighting type. Still, I liked using him.

Wickle: Finally we have a fire bird that isn't a legendary, and instead he brings with him some nice legs that can probably smack you down faster than a Hitmonlee can.

OrangeCrush: She made Fire/Fighting so popular that we got 3 starters of that type in a row. 'Nuff said.

Stifled: Admittedly, I played Gen 4 before Gen 3. So all of the love Blaziken got for being the first Fire/Fighting starter line went to Infernape for me. Nonetheless, I’m still a fan of Blaziken.

MSG: Protect for Speed Boost bonus, Flare Blitz/Hi Jump Kick, see ya later 98% of the rest of the game.

Logicblade: I didn't think I could like KFC until now. Turns out all that cooked chicken needed was a little kick.

Raka: Blazing chicken! Well, it was Fire/Fighting before that dual type became lame

Anagram: Blaziken I like you a lot but you started the fire/fighting starter thing so I’m contractually obligated to hate you I’m so sorry

XIII: Freaking flaming chicken and the first starter to get banned by Smogon. Respect for that; love the absurd upgrade it got in Gen 5. Blaziken also definitely has cool factor. Everyone loves a fighting, flaming chicken, surely?

Junglebob: Remember when a Fire/Fighting starter was a unique thing? Blaziken still remains my favorite in that category, and it carried my crappy Sapphire team so I gotta give him some respect for that.

Cybat: Can't hold its typing against it since it was first. Great movepool and Speed Boost makes it tough to ignore as a threat, even though its "hair" feathers are kinda weird.

Magmortar: It’s a kickboxing chicken! I think people overrate it but Blaziken is still great. I got a Torchic with a perfect Attack IV once and it was just chaos.

Ecks: It's… like so close to a great design, but lacking something to push it over the edge. Mega Blaziken is an improvement, adds a little flair. Pretty decent overall.

ProfDEADPOOL: Between my dislike for the rest of his line and the annoyance of Speed Boost Blaziken(which I never enjoyed using unlike some of the other annoying competitive sets) means he isn't going to be any higher

BetrayedTangy: Overrated as hell, but that doesn't change the fact that it looks really freaking cool.

Brayze: 'Fighting bird that is on fire' is a pretty unique concept so I'm cool with you, blaziken.

Giggs: Pretty cool, but nowhere near cool enough to inspire the next 67 generations of Fire/Fighting starters.

Para: are you still a bird blaziken or are you just full on some kind of weird fire demon now. ehhhh I'm not sure how I feel about this?

Gen: I used to hate, hate, HAAAATE this thing. Why? Because its design is weird and dumb and I can barely tell it's a chicken anymore. I'm still not too big on it, but this is yet another pokemon whose Mega form elevates it to a whole new level. Mega Blaziken is super badass.

Sanity: Fire chickens are cool. It's stupid that he went from being a fire chicken to a fire human.

Suor: How this ugly roasted chicken with ugly hair, dumb proportions and a fur wang is a top favorite for a lot of people baffles me to no end. It getting a Mega before its far superior starter counterparts made me hate it even more, it's like this utter garbage overcooked chicken always has to get all the attention.

7. Kyogre (Score: 1887)Edit

Average Rank: 32.53 (St. Dev: 27.87)
Fully Evolved Rank: 7/73
Water Rank: 2/28
Legendaries: 2/10

2 - Stifled
3 - XIII
3 - Dragon66116
3 - Flubbin
4 - Nick
4 - andy
5 - Natwaf
6 - mnk
7 - darkx
7 - Gen
8 - JONA
8 - TexWolf
10 - junglebob
11 - Scepter
12 - Tazzy
12 - Wigs
12 - Poka
13 - Logicblade
13 - scarlet
13 - Cybat
13 - Drak
14 - Inviso
15 - CasanovaZelos
16 - Para
19 - MSG
21 - starfox
22 - swordz
23 - Cody
23 - Ecks
24 - Raka
24 - OrangeCrush
27 - MI
29 - Brayze
29 - Giggs
30 - profDEADPOOL
34 - Arti
36 - Snake5s
37 - Lefty
39 - KBM
39 - Paul
41 - Bospsy
48 - Sorozone
48 - Suor
50 - red
55 - Ermine
56 - TUM
57 - Poke
58 - Wickle
62 - BetrayedTangy
63 - Kate
66 - xx521xx
70 - Sanity
70 - Magmortar
77 - Mana
84 - Anagram
88 - Xuxon
100 - Karo
124 - Eddv

Stifled: It’s kind of a shame for Wailord that he wasn’t in Gen 2. As a badass whale, Kyogre outclasses him in every possible way. There are a lot of legendaries that come off as being cheesy and stupid, but when I look at this guy I say “wow, I’m impressed.”

XIII: Calm Mind, Rest, Sleep Talk, Surf. "CROgre" and Extreme Killer Arceus formed the offensive core of my top-notch 4th gen ubers team, one a fast priority abuser and one a slow, boosting tank. Both amazing though. I'm a fan of the primal form too, even if it didn't do much to help Kyogre.

Darkx: I didn't really start to like him that much until I saw his pic on the Dark Explorers full-art card, and after that I've liked him a lot because I think he looks cool. And it's only gone uphill from there.

Gen: My favorite third generation legendary. He's badass. He's an orca which is as close as we'll ever get to a dolphin, and he's blue. What more do you need?

Junglebob: Legendary Wailord, basically. Drizzle was a good way to make Kyogre stand out as a Legendary back when Abilities were new.

Logicblade: The best of the legends in this gen, which had more than a few whiffs. The first really alien looking one as well.

Scarlet: The Sea Basin Pokemon. Kyogre is best known as the main attraction at the Sea World inside of Tron’s computer world.

Cybat: Well-designed and extremely powerful. And obnoxiously hilarious in the Smash Bros. games.

Para: oh hey, it's an actually cool legendary that I don't hate, it's pretty much impossible to hate an ancient fancy whale god

Raka: I don't prefer it to Groudon, but it's still pretty cool. And I usually like the cover legendaries, so it's in the Top 30 for me. Ruby > Sapphire though.

OrangeCrush: Dude, look at that color! Look at it!!!

Brayze: The very best cover legend!

Giggs: Feels appropriately legendary without ever particularly standing out from his peers. He's aight.

Arti: My friend got an adamant Kyogre. I laughed. He wasn't exactly pleased with the situation.

KBM: Probably an unpopular opinion that I think the Weather trio are the weakest Legendaries of this generation, huh? That's my guess, anyway. Kyogre in particular really just gets overshadowed in a generation filled to the flipping BRIM with Water Pokémon.

Suor: Few things in ORAS are as cool as riding on the f***ing master of the seas itself while using Surf and Dive.

BetrayedTangy: A little generic for a legendary, but its Primal looks really cool.

Magmortar: Grocery store whale is not one I never thought to highly of. It looks creepy when its teeth are showing, and it is kind of ridiculously good. Yeah, just a wee bit. I guess tron lines are alright but otherwise uhhhhh

Anagram: Kyogre more like Kyobore I don’t know what I’m doing here I don’t even like hoenn

Karo: I hate absurdly overpowered pokemon like this, and while it is not quite up to gen 1 mewtwo levels, it is still far and away above anything else in its generation. gamefreak's response for the remakes? give him 180 special attack and unbreakable rain! I cant wait for Mega Arceus and his new ability 'f*** you, I'm god' which automatically faints the whole opposing team.

6. Aggron (Score: 1836)Edit

Average Rank: 31.66 (St. Dev: 35.05)
Fully Evolved Rank: 6/73
Rock Rank: 1/12
Steel Rank: 2/9
Aron Line: 1/3

1 - Natwaf
1 - MSG
1 - TexWolf
2 - Ecks
2 - Magmortar
2 - Poka
3 - andy
3 - Gen
4 - Tazzy
4 - Scepter
4 - Wigs
4 - profDEADPOOL
5 - Arti
6 - Snake5s
6 - swordz
7 - XIII
7 - xx521xx
8 - Nick
8 - Logicblade
9 - Eddv
9 - Flubbin
10 - scarlet
10 - Giggs
13 - JONA
13 - TUM
14 - Ermine
15 - Mana
15 - Inviso
15 - KBM
15 - Suor
16 - starfox
17 - BetrayedTangy
17 - Sorozone
21 - Dragon66116
21 - Bospsy
25 - mnk
27 - CasanovaZelos
28 - Cybat
30 - junglebob
32 - Anagram
33 - Drak
38 - red
39 - Brayze
41 - Raka
65 - darkx
70 - Cody
70 - Paul
71 - Kate
73 - OrangeCrush
77 - Karo
77 - Para
89 - Xuxon
91 - Wickle
91 - MI
97 - Poke
114 - Lefty
123 - Sanity
127 - Stifled

MSG: I feel obligated to write something here because #1 and all, but jeez, I don't even really like it all that much. Maybe top 20 overall. Maybe. I've never even used one, but he's a god damn steel-plated dinosaur. Plus, he has 180 Defense with two of his biggest weaknesses being mainly physical moves, and a 110 Attack for his ridiculous Rock Head/Head Smash combo. Let me repeat all this. It's a steel-plated dinosaur whose main source of damage is smashing his face into his enemy for MASSIVE DAMAGE. I can totally get behind that.

Ecks: He's a big f***ing steel triceratops.

Magmortar: So you hear someone say that they don’t like Aggron. I say to them, **** YOU, IT IS A ****ING STEEL PLATED DINOSAUR, WITH ****ING HEAVY METAL. That’s argument invalidation if I ever saw it. I don’t need to actually say anything about Aggron. Aggron is, and quite frankly if you don’t think so I don’t give a **** about your opinion.

Gen: My beautiful badass unstoppable tank (I'm exaggerating). I just love it. It's way better than a steel-plated Rhydon but whatevs haters gonna hate.

ProfDEADPOOL: MOTHER%$^*ING AGGRON. Need I say more?

Arti: Aggron was awesome but its 4x weakness to ground and fighting was annoying. One of my favorites from Ruby.

XIII: Rhydon with armour. Can't go wrong. I named the one I used in ORAS "Agamemnon" which is my favourite nickname for a Pokemon I've ever had.

Logicblade: Sort of generic cool, but it works for me. Big rivalry with my boy T-Tar which is pretty cool. Giant mountain moving mammoths that aren't complete uggs are always a plus.

Eddv: AGG-RON. He's so aggravated. Mega-Aggron is a cool dude who likes to rip people apart with his metal body and metal every thing and he will steel the hearts of all the girls.

Scarlet: The Iron Armor Pokemon. When an Aggron dies in the wild, other Pokemon flock to its remains in order to be the first to craft cutlery out of its armor. It’s like Black Friday for homeless Pokemon.

Giggs: Nidoking 2.0. Trading the purple for SHEET METAL is a bit cliché, but some things are cliché for a reason.

KBM: I have always been annoyed by the myriad of Rock and Steel types that SHOULD be super-bulky, but which all kind of suck because of their super-easy-to-beat weaknesses. Combining the two ALMOST makes up for that – enough so that I honestly do really like it. The even better part is that this guy not only *is* a complete beast (180 base Defense, Jesus Christ)... it also looks like one. And really, isn't that the most important part of a Pokémon?

BetrayedTangy: As a kid I always tried to make Aggron an attacker, and never got him to 'work' now I realize he's supposed to be defensive. It makes me feel really stupid, but I can't help but look back and laugh, which oddly makes me like him.

Cybat: He used to be lower until I actually used one on my ingame team. Yeah, he's weak to some problematic things but he resists a lot too, and looks awesome to boot.

Anagram: So edgy that you could literally use it to shave

Brayze: Kind of like what rhydon would be if rhydon wasn't stupid

Raka: Raaaar. I don't really like rocky Pokemon though.

OrangeCrush: I'm not an Aggron fan, but I'll give him a little credit where credit is due.

Karo: Yo dawg, I heard you like horns, so we put horns on your horn so you can impale things while you impale!

Para: pretty much just strictly not as cool as lairon it's fact, not a matter of opinion, despite the fact that it happens to be b8's opinion that aggron is cooler than lairon

Wickle: Shouldn't have made this line, should have just had this guy evolve like Steelix and Scizor off of Rhydon. Since that's all he is. Metal Rhydon.

Stifled: “hay guyz im out of ideaz for pokeymanz so I wuz thinking about putting armor on some thing. how about metapod? oh ya he haz harden lolol how about kakukna? oh ya he haz harden too lolololol how about pikachu? oh ya we cloned him a bunch of times already lolololololol how about I just pick one out of a hat?”

  • picks one out of a hat*

“rye…bread? oh rhydon! I remember him I think. ok he looks more aggressive with armor so…aggr…on? ok!”

5. Absol (Score: 1804)Edit

Average Rank: 31.10 (St. Dev: 25.10)
Fully Evolved Rank: 5/73
Dark Rank: 2/10

1 - Anagram
1 - Wickle
1 - red
1 - Drak
2 - Karo
3 - Cybat
3 - KBM
4 - scarlet
4 - TexWolf
8 - XIII
9 - Poka
10 - xx521xx
12 - Snake5s
12 - Gen
13 - BetrayedTangy
14 - CasanovaZelos
15 - Nick
15 - Dragon66116
18 - Bospsy
20 - Cody
20 - Giggs
21 - Inviso
22 - profDEADPOOL
22 - Flubbin
23 - darkx
23 - JONA
23 - swordz
24 - Kate
25 - MSG
26 - starfox
27 - Sorozone
28 - Raka
28 - Arti
29 - OrangeCrush
29 - TUM
30 - Tazzy
32 - MI
33 - Logicblade
33 - Wigs
35 - Ecks
37 - Xuxon
38 - Paul
39 - Poke
43 - Brayze
47 - Scepter
48 - Stifled
49 - junglebob
53 - andy
54 - Eddv
57 - Ermine
58 - mnk
69 - Magmortar
72 - Suor
74 - Mana
74 - Natwaf
87 - Para
93 - Sanity
113 - Lefty

Anagram: In the general muck that is Gen 3, there is one shining diamond: Absol. Someone thought of making a dark-type pokemon white and making it into a Cassandra, plus giving it a generally cool design. I won’t pretend that the asymmetrical spike doesn’t scream ‘nothing personnel kid,’ but sometimes that kind of thing can work, you know? And by getting a mega evolution, Absol avoided the fate of so many cool pokemon with NFE stats—being turned into something terrible. I’m not sure if Absol is a top ten pokemon for me, Gen 3 is definitely the weakest in general, but if it’s not, it’s still very high.

Wickle: His name is latin: "ab-sol" meaning away from sun. I remember his appearance in that Jirachi movie being one of the few Pokemon to ever have an intimidating presence, and yet he's just some small beast. I found him during a swarm battle for the first time in HGSS, caught him, realized he wasn't part of the Johto dex and used him anyway.

Cybat: One of the few Pokemon with Pokedex lore that not only is interesting, but also makes sense! Also very appealing sleek design. It was hilarious in gen 3 though because he had all that attack but Dark was special.

KBM: My favorite Dark Pokémon. I love it even more than Houndoom. It's just so majestic, and yet cute, and badass, and beautiful, and useful, and all the good things. One case where I'm very glad that there aren't any other members of the evolutionary line to ruin it in any way. Even the Mega Evolution just gets how cool this thing is, and doesn't really screw with it, just makes it stronger.

Scarlet: The Disaster Pokemon. If you have an epileptic Absol, be careful – petting its head may result in you joining the Def Leppard drummer and the guy from The Fugitive at the next Limbless Anonymous meeting.

XIII: Does anyone not like Absol? One of the most outright cool Pokemon around. Not a fan of the mega-evo though.

Gen: I love its species name, but I kind of wish this ability to predict disasters was implemented more in the game. Like instead of being a stationary pokemon found on certain roots have it appear in the grass only when Groudon and Kyogre are fighting I dunno. It would be cool. The Mega form is trying WAY too hard so I'm going to pretend that doesn't exist and be all the happier for it.

BetrayedTangy: Absol is overrated, but for really good reason aside from looking cool it actually has some of the best lore of all Pokemon.

Giggs: Kind of the generation's Shadow the Hedgehog, but Absol just about pulls it off. He'll be embarrassed about that hairstyle when he hits adulthood though.

Raka: Man, Absol is elegant and cool at the same time. I've never used it (IIRC) but I still like it. That thing about misfortune is also a pretty cool backstory.

Arti: Pretty awesome. Never used one. Liked him in the Nuzlocke comic.

OrangeCrush: Absoulja boy off in this h**; watch me crank it, watch me roll. Watch me crank that Absoulja boy then super man that h** now watch me: YOU crank that Absoulja boy. Now watch me: YOU crank that Absoulja boy.

Ecks: I like most everything about it except for that dumb hair. I can't get over it, it's so stupid looking.

Brayze: I understand the love for this thing but I think it's misplaced. How many mammal foxdog creatures do you need? Have some imagination jeeze

Stifled: It’s like Arcanine without Fire typing. Or talent.

Magmortar: I never really got how this thing got a huge cult following. It’s weird to me. I always wondered what exactly it is, and I never caught one for years either, it’s not like I knew it had beastly power behind it (including for a good while the strongest priority move in the game!).

Suor: Worst hairdo ever. Its Mega is also the concretization of all my gothic lolita fantasy nightmares. Looks fine otherwise.

Para: the most deviantart of all Pokemon

4. Metagross (Score: 1713)Edit

Average Rank: 29.53 (St. Dev: 30.25)
Fully Evolved Rank: 4/73
Steel Rank: 1/9
Psychic Rank: 1/20
Beldum Line: 1/3
Pseudo Lines: 1/6

1 - Tazzy
1 - JONA
2 - Giggs
2 - Natwaf
2 - Drak
3 - Ecks
3 - Wickle
3 - MSG
3 - TexWolf
4 - XIII
4 - mnk
5 - Cody
5 - Brayze
5 - profDEADPOOL
6 - Sorozone
6 - Cybat
6 - Magmortar
7 - starfox
7 - Nick
8 - Anagram
8 - andy
8 - TUM
11 - Snake5s
12 - scarlet
15 - Wigs
16 - junglebob
18 - swordz
19 - BetrayedTangy
19 - Flubbin
20 - CasanovaZelos
23 - Inviso
23 - KBM
25 - MI
25 - Arti
27 - Dragon66116
27 - Stifled
28 - Logicblade
32 - Raka
32 - darkx
33 - OrangeCrush
36 - Mana
37 - Suor
42 - Scepter
42 - Poka
43 - Bospsy
43 - xx521xx
47 - Gen
53 - Poke
55 - Lefty
67 - Paul
79 - Sanity
84 - Para
87 - Kate
89 - Eddv
95 - Ermine
98 - Xuxon
103 - red
109 - Karo

Giggs: Solid Snake would be f***ed if he ever came up against a Metagross. Probably the single most badass creation of the Pokemon universe.

Ecks: Meteor MASH! Unique design and typing, lots of fun to use in battle.

Wickle: So, this guy started as a Metal comet, landed on a planet and evolved to get arms, then has the ability to shift his weight constantly (ability light metal). I typically don't like Steel-types, but this guy having Psychic makes me just really like him

MSG: I have bred and raised a grand total of 1 Gen III Pokemon. It was this big lug. He held his own just fine, but it just doesn't fit my style. I need faster dudes. The design is still fantastic, though. If one were to accidentally step on you, instant dead. You're just dead. Goodbye.

XIII: I like the way Gross develops through its evolutionary family and it culminates here with a Pokemon that looks threatening, has excellent typing and there are cool facts about it like that "brain the size of a supercomputer" thing.

Cody: I swear I used one of these to beat the Elite 4 in Ruby, but you can't get Beldum until after you defeat the Elite 4, so I dunno. Either way, this thing rocks.

Brayze: He has 4 brains in his legs, just like absolutely nothing from nature! Actually some very tiny spiders need big brains and they partially overflow into their legs until the spider grows to adult size

ProfDEADPOOL: Metal thing of awesome. This gen has two great final forms for steel pokemon. Hell yeah.

Cybat: Great design and typing (at the time, anyway…when Dark and Ghost were NFE against Steel…) plus Meteor Mash? Amazing.

Magmortar: Metagross is great at just pulverizing things, and it just oozes coolness. It’s very smart. And awesome. And especially awesome.

Anagram: Metagross’ arms have the power of supercomputers so it could have already completed this list I’m writing

Scarlet: The Iron Leg Pokemon. Metagross, aside from being an imposing presence in battle, is also a major anti-rape advocate, always seen wearing a “Do Not Enter” sign smack dab in the middle of its face.

BetrayedTangy: Don’t get me wrong Metagross is cool and all, but it's vastly overrated. Sure it has cool typing and a great design, but it's not as good as everyone acts like, plus I think his Mega looks dumb. And Steven's was annoying as hell.

KBM: One of my favorite Steel types, a type that has yet to actually reach its full potential in the series (as far as I know, anyway – I am wildly unfamiliar with Gen V and VI Pokémon, so maybe there are some cool ones there).

Arti: A good Pokemon that unfortunately you never get a chance to train, until the shiny one in Omeg Ruby/Alpha Sapphire. Looking forward to it.

Stifled: I used to hate this monstrosity, but it’s really won me over in recent times.

Raka: Despite its name, METAGROSS is neither gross nor grotesque. Its intimidating and psychic powers look keeps haters at bay. (quote taken from Pokemon SoulSilver Pokedex)

OrangeCrush: I'll never forgive him for killing Absoullja boy, Katie, and Sceptile. But he's really useful in battle and I can't ignore that.

Gen: Just gonna put this out there, I hate Metagross's design. HATE it. It looks more like a Digimon than a pokemon to me, and an ugly one at that. However this is just one of those things where general usefulness outweighs poor looks. And goddamn is this thing a wrecking ball. The Mega forme looks even more like a fully digivolved digital monsterbut I must assume that it kicks even more ass.

Para: I met a gross pokemon once. it was volbeat. volbeat sucks. metagross is okay.

Ermine: Very overrated. He just looks like a huge bully who pushes people around till he gets what he wants.

Karo: another victim of the 'weird protrusion' fetish, Metagross has a giant letter X smashed onto its face for no real reason.

3. Sharpedo (Score: 1710)Edit

Average Rank: 29.48 (St. Dev: 25.69)
Fully Evolved Rank: 3/73
Water Rank: 1/28
Dark Rank: 1/10
Carvanha Line: 1/2

1 - Wigs
2 - XIII
2 - TUM
3 - Nick
3 - swordz
3 - Drak
4 - Suor
5 - mnk
6 - Bospsy
6 - Flubbin
7 - scarlet
7 - Snake5s
8 - Cybat
9 - profDEADPOOL
10 - Eddv
11 - BetrayedTangy
13 - Natwaf
13 - junglebob
14 - Anagram
14 - Tazzy
14 - KBM
14 - MSG
14 - JONA
14 - Poke
14 - Poka
16 - Cody
16 - Paul
22 - Giggs
22 - TexWolf
23 - Raka
25 - starfox
25 - Stifled
26 - Wickle
27 - Scepter
29 - darkx
30 - CasanovaZelos
33 - Inviso
33 - Gen
35 - Arti
40 - Mana
42 - Magmortar
43 - OrangeCrush
44 - red
44 - Xuxon
45 - Brayze
46 - Kate
49 - Ecks
51 - Logicblade
52 - Sorozone
56 - andy
57 - Sanity
58 - Para
62 - Dragon66116
74 - xx521xx
77 - Lefty
83 - MI
97 - Karo
117 - Ermine


Suor: TORPEDO SHARK, also super useful in ORAS while Surfing. Sad that it couldn't receive a less lazy Mega form, but who cares when your base form is this great looking and also has Speed Boost.

Scarlet: The Brutal Pokemon. Sharpedo was passed over for the role of Jaws due to, according to Steven Spielberg, being “too badass”. Sadly, when it finally got its starring role in Deep Blue Sea, things didn’t quite pan out for it that well.

Snake5s: No, it's not the next Syfy movie

Cybat: Not entirely on board with the whole half shark design, but It almost makes sense. But look at this thing, it is way too badass to care how much of a body it has.

ProfDEADPOOL: Cool shark thing. He would look better with a tail though rather then the cut off end. Still pretty high.

Eddv: KABOOM. He's a shark missile and he wants to mess up your day!

BetrayedTangy: Sharpedo has a really awesome design, I know it's a dumb reason to put it at number 11 because of it, but I just can’t help putting it this high, because of it.

Anagram: I would like Sharpedo a lot more if it was like three feet longer. As it is, the combination of a shark and a torpedo is clever and I like it a lot

KBM: It's a shark. And it's a torpedo. That is literally all you need to know.

MSG: It's a mini shark torpedo. Get the f*** outta here with this.

Giggs: See Camerupt. Shark torpedo is not a combination that can go wrong.

Raka: A shark that's also a torpedo. Why hasn't the US government invested in this? It looks awesomely murderous.

Stifled: The Michael Jackson shark?

Wickle: An excellent name, but his look is just weird. He looks literally like he's supposed to, and it's weird to me.

Gen: Just badass. Totally badass. The mega evo is ridiculous, but not in a particularly good way.

Arti: It looks threatening and will damage most Pokemon on it's way out. Pretty useful! Annoying to fight. Better than the other water/dark.

Magmortar: IT’S A SHARK. And it can go fast. But it can’t take a hit. Hard to deny a shark that looks like a torpedo though!

OrangeCrush: Sharpedo should have been the starters for B/W. You could choose from three various Sharpedos with special signature Fire, Water, and Grass type attacks. It would be really cool. And Sharpedo would love you, and follow you around, and eat all the other pokemon you catch, cause Sharpedo loves you and doesn't want to share you. Rival battles would be epic Sharpedo Battles taking place on the high seas. After you beat the E4 with your trusty Sharpedo, you travel to the Hoenn region to be a pirate in the endless number of water routes.

Brayze: I think this thing may be my choice for pokemon contests just because I want to dress it up and have it do stupid synchronized dances.

Ecks: OH MY GOD IT'S BEEN BITTEN IN HALF! Pretty cool design but it's missing something… like the other half of its body.

Para: I can't tell if sharpedo is really angry or just in a lot of pain because it's shaped like a wedge of cheese

Karo: Lost pokedex entries #7 - Sharpedo, the registered sex offender pokemon! This pokemon scours beaches looking for small children to drag under the sea back to its lair.

Ermine: This pokemon would be SOOOO much better if half of him wasn't cut off. What happened to the back half of him? Did someone who wanted a bad design steal his back half...?

2. Rayquaza (Score: 1646)Edit

Average Rank: 28.38 (St. Dev: 26.88)
Fully Evolved Rank: 2/73
Dragon Rank: 2/9
Flying Rank: 1/12
Legendary Rank: 1/10

1 - TUM
2 - Sorozone
3 - Tazzy
3 - junglebob
4 - Snake5s
4 - Cybat
6 - scarlet
6 - Wickle
6 - andy
7 - Flubbin
7 - JONA
7 - Arti
8 - Wigs
8 - Paul
9 - darkx
10 - Cody
11 - Natwaf
12 - Raka
13 - Nick
13 - CasanovaZelos
13 - Dragon66116
13 - OrangeCrush
15 - Anagram
15 - XIII
15 - profDEADPOOL
16 - Inviso
16 - Scepter
16 - Sanity
16 - Drak
17 - Xuxon
18 - Ecks
19 - starfox
21 - swordz
23 - BetrayedTangy
23 - Stifled
23 - MSG
23 - TexWolf
28 - Poka
29 - mnk
32 - KBM
33 - Mana
38 - Bospsy
41 - Brayze
42 - Giggs
46 - MI
49 - Logicblade
49 - Ermine
49 - Suor
51 - Poke
55 - Karo
57 - Magmortar
68 - Para
73 - xx521xx
78 - Kate
82 - Gen
88 - Lefty
93 - red
123 - Eddv

Junglebob: Gen 4 and 5 really overdid it on the Dragon type legendaries, but Rayquaza certainly earns that status, looking like a badass dragon.

Cybat: Cliché, sure, but that doesn't make it not badass. Its awesome shiny form is just icing on the cake.

Scarlet: The Sky High Pokemon. Rayquaza is one of the few legendary Pokemon to get their asses handed to them by a gun-toting fox and a monkey in a baseball cap.

Wickle: This guy knows how to keep Kyogre and Groudon in check. He's got my favorite Shiny to date and I also like that Mega. Dunno what else to say, however.

Arti: Transferring over my Rayquaza from Ruby into Colosseum and absolutely wrecking the postgame was hilarious.

Cody: Doesn't grant wishes or have his own set of balls. He was tough in Brawl. I will never, ever do Boss Battles on Intense again. *shudders*

Raka: Great legendary with cool typing, good moveset, and it looks damn slick. And that shiny...oh mai god, it's like, totally kewl! One of the best Legendary designs 5ever


Anagram: If Dragonair evolved into what people expected, Dragonite would just be blue Rayquaza


Scepter: Best mega

Starfox: I’m adding this write-up only to say that if I had played ORAS prior to doing my list, Rayquaza would have definitely been a lot higher.

BetrayedTangy: In a gen with really weak legendaries, Rayquaza shines through, by looking awesome and representing the sky really well.

Stifled: I’ve always liked Ray but his appearance in Brawl put him higher in my book.

KBM: That Mega Evolution is awesome. Too bad this isn't the one that grows a Fire type, because it certainly looks like it should have one, and Dragon/Fire would be an amazing type combo for a legendary. ...What was that? ...I have just been informed of the existence of Reshiram. I already love it.

Brayze: mega rayquaza is so over the top that I can't help but like it, not every pokemon has to be a brown bird or some dumb black turd like snorlax

Giggs: Rayquaza is kind of cool, but if he wasn't on a cover I would absolutely forget he exists.

Suor: In my first attempt at the list a week or so ago (today is December 18, 2014), Rayquaza was bottom 30. Between then and now, ORAS happened. Rayquaza is a complete pal in ORAS, you f***ing ride this huge leviathan to destroy a meteor ffs, and we humiliated loldeoxys together.. It doesn't look as ugly to me anymore, maybe tuning down the red color on its lips made it much cooler too and not “lipstick dragon” anymore (its first sprite and artwork were pretty terrible). The Mega is also a huge improvement. Don't know, my feelings for Rayquaza just changed all of a sudden after years of hate.

Magmortar: Yeah, I guess giant, long dragons of destruction are cool. Rayquaza just isn’t as appealing to me as it could be.

Para: don't you think you're doing it a little too heavy on the lipstick there rayquaza

Gen: I used to hate on him because how his name is pronounced and because he looks like he's wearing lipstick in all his terrible sprites. I know legendary pokemon are typically genderless but that's going a bit too far. However official artwork and 3D models confirm that his gums are just prominent and when I think of him as a sky snake (which he kind of is) I can imagine his fangs are retractable and just hiding in his gums waiting to be unleashed.

It makes me hate his design less. Wow that mega forme is insanely awesome. And the award for most improved design from basic to mega goes to...

1. Flygon (Score: 1264)Edit

Average Rank: 21.79 (St. Dev: 23.15)
Fully Evolved Rank: 1/73
Dragon Rank: 1/9
Ground Rank: 1/13
Trapinch Line: 1/3

1 - Paul
1 - Para
2 - Wickle
2 - Cybat
3 - Mana
3 - Xuxon
4 - Giggs
4 - red
4 - Poka
5 - Inviso
5 - Scepter
5 - andy
5 - Magmortar
5 - Drak
6 - xx521xx
7 - Stifled
7 - profDEADPOOL
8 - BetrayedTangy
8 - Raka
8 - Cody
9 - XIII
9 - Poke
10 - Nick
10 - MI
10 - Natwaf
11 - Tazzy
12 - mnk
13 - Anagram
13 - swordz
14 - Dragon66116
14 - TUM
15 - scarlet
15 - OrangeCrush
15 - Sorozone
15 - Brayze
15 - Flubbin
16 - Karo
16 - Gen
24 - CasanovaZelos
24 - junglebob
24 - TexWolf
27 - Eddv
29 - Ermine
31 - Bospsy
32 - Wigs
32 - JONA
36 - MSG
40 - Arti
42 - Snake5s
50 - Suor
52 - Logicblade
54 - Lefty
55 - darkx
55 - Sanity
57 - Kate
75 - Ecks
85 - KBM
115 - starfox

Para: he's like 75% reptilian, 25% insectial, and 100% everything I like in a Pokemon basically, weird but also so f***in' cute

Wickle: It's odd, there are a lot of Pokemon I hate for 4x weaknesses, but not two Pokemon that are 4x weak to ice, and almost all Water/Flying. I, along with many others, felt this guy's typing is weird until I realized what it's based off of.

Cybat: Happy to see from the submission topic that almost everyone loves this guy. He is just a really well-designed dragon. Shame about Garchomp stealing his thunder though.

Mana: The best dragon. Flygon is a beautiful beast that I will forever nurture from an SMB3 Chomper Plant to the Yoshi it becomes. *insert Piccolo's "I'M NOT A ****ING YOSHI!" here*

Giggs: I have no idea how they made a dragon look so dorky, but Flygon is the best. This dude will kill you, but he has to do his physics homework first.

Magmortar: Gamefreak probably hates but I DON’T. I’ve always loved it way more than Garchomp. Levitate and U-turn are enough for me, and bug dragon is just a wicked concept. Maybe my favorite Dragon-type.

Stifled: While not quite as dragony as Salamence, Flygon is still really cool. He lures in your Electric type with those wings and shuns them with Ground type. I love it!

ProfDEADPOOL: So here we have my favorite family overall in gen 3. I expect Flygon did well but pretty sure most people will be surprised at the fact that I have Vibrava in #2. But I love Vibrava. I love bugs and Vibrava just looks really cool. Trapinch is pretty sick also with the entire antlion thing it has.

BetrayedTangy: I know Flygon is overrated, but you can lump me in with his fans. He's a dragon that doesn't look intimidating and still looks incedibly awesome, forget Salamance, Flygon should be the go to dragon when it comes to Gen 3

Raka: I used one during Y. It's not the best there ever was, but it's still pretty cool. I like its typing and its looks.

Cody: A nifty design. I like his eye goggle things.

XIII: Flygon was the first truly accessible, good dragon in a playthrough (has anyone ever raised a Kingdra on their GSC team?) and I appreciate that. I used one in Black 2 as my flier and had a blast using it. Stats leave something to be desired but I like the typing and design.

Anagram: Its claim to fame is being technically not the worst fully evolved dragon. I don’t even know if that’s still true after Mega Altaria

Scarlet: The Mystic Pokemon. Flygon’s wings are grown from Jerry Garcia ties.

OrangeCrush: She came through for me in the Most Excellent Pokemon Contest, and together we upheld Hoenn's glory!

Brayze: The little dragon that couldn't

Gen: I feel like it should be Bug/Dragon and maybe its prevo too, but it's too awesome to find minor gripes with. Plus the aviator goggle eyes are just awesome. What a happy friend to have.

Junglebob: Those giant red eyes are a little weird, but Flygon still keeps most of what makes Vibrava cool.

Arti: Ground/Dragon covers a lot of weaknesses... except Ice. So, just like every other dragon, really. Which isn't a bad thing!

Suor: I learned so many things I didn't know doing this list, because I didn't bother to pay much attention to some pokémon. For example, I learned that Flygon has actual eyes under those red blobs that look like its eyes. I still think Flygon as a whole is an enormous waste of potential and it could've been a top tier pokémon instead of an okay one, but I appreciate it more now.

KBM: Flygon is fine, I guess, but for a three-stager that evolves so late, I kind of expect something... I don't know, better? This whole line is just kind of a wash of mediocrity for me, although Flygon is easily the best one.

Starfox: I guess I just really don’t get it. I can’t say that I hate this thing like I do Trapinch, but its design just looks funny and kinda stupid. And as cliché as it might be, I like my dragons to be badass. They should look awesome and kind terrifying, that’s generally what they are. While this isn’t Altaria levels of bad, intimidating isn’t one of the first 100 words that come to mind when I think of this thing. They didn’t even give it the unique typing like Bug/Dragon that could have at least redeemed it some. I know tons of people somehow like this thing, and I guess I will just never understand it.

Final Outlier RankingsEdit

48.563 - Sanity
47.126 - Lefty
38.963 - Eddv
37.807 - darkx
37.600 - Xuxon
33.185 - TUM
33.170 - Para
32.119 - TexWolf
31.704 - Brayze
31.659 - Karo
31.659 - Ermine
31.496 - profDEADPOOL
31.230 - xx521xx
31.215 - MI
29.763 - Paul
29.600 - Stifled
29.526 - Suor
29.007 - mnk
28.919 - Drak
28.504 - Anagram
28.459 - Poke
28.400 - OrangeCrush
28.326 - BetrayedTangy
28.281 - junglebob
28.163 - KBM
28.044 - Magmortar
27.911 - Kate
26.948 - Arti
26.770 - Giggs
26.533 - Nick
25.778 - Wickle
25.733 - red
25.733 - Gen
25.585 - Tazzy
25.570 - Bospsy
25.467 - Mana
25.274 - Raka
25.126 - Wigs
24.904 - XIII
24.711 - Natwaf
24.667 - Sorozone
24.519 - JONA
24.296 - Snake5s
23.867 - Ecks
23.600 - Dragon66116
23.378 - andy
23.348 - MSG
23.333 - Inviso
22.800 - Cybat
22.785 - starfox
22.533 - Cody
21.822 - scarlet
21.733 - swordz
21.467 - Poka
21.259 - Logicblade
20.978 - Scepter
19.881 - CasanovaZelos
18.622 - Flubbin

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