Gen II Pokemon

All 100 Gen II Pokemon

"I have been here since 2008 and this is one of the greatest projects ever hosted on Board 8." - PrestonStarry


Board 8 Ranks Generation II Pokemon is hosted by starfox2245. starfox2245 originally made a submissions topics where B8 users submit in rankings of his/her own taste in G/S/C Pokemon to starfox2245 via e-mail and averages out the rankings in Excel. Who will be number one and who will be crowned the worst Pokemon of the second generation? Continue to read on and find out. :)

Various Board 8 users compile and rank all 100 Gold / Silver / Crystal Pokemon, however he or she wants and 60 users come together and have a roundtable of discussions, who and where they consider are the best and worst Pokemon from the G/S/C generation.

The Pokemon from Gen II have received general negative reception on Board 8. Many people consider the Pokemon from Gen II a cesspoll of bad Pokemon. Nearly 10% of all of these Pokemon are Baby Pokemon.

"I personally wouldn't even put Chikorita in my Top 200 Pokemon of all-time." - PrestonStarry

"I never really could figure out why people care about breeding Pokemon. The Baby Pokemon always starts at Level 1 and ugggghhh." PrestonStarry

A full list of the users that have chosen to participate in this project are listed below.

A full list of outlining where each user placed, where and what Pokemon at will be provided once the project is completed.

Some users (not all of them) have provided write-ups, giving people a full emphasis of where and why they placed that Pokemon at a certain position.

As with usual ranking topics? A Pokemon placed at #100 is what they consider is the worst Pokemon of the pack and #1 is what he or she considers is his or her favorite from that particular Generation of Pokemon.

"I hope you all have fun with reading this project now ladies and gentlemen. All hail Board 8!" - PrestonStarry

It's worth noting that a rankings topic for the first generation was done but not much was documented or saved from it. :(

Board 8 Ranks Generation II Pokemon lasted from November 19, 2014 to December 4, 2014. 

Houndoom was voted by the press as the #1 Gen II (G/S/C) Pokemon. 

Users Participating - Ranking Generation II PokemonEdit

Approximately 60 Board 8 users submittted rankings for the G/S/C Pokemon.

The list of users can be viewed as follows. Keep in mind some of the names of the users have been abbreviated.


100. SmoochumEdit

Smoochum 600

#100 Smoochum

SCORE: 5375

Average Ranking: 89.58 (St. Dev: 20.37)
NFE Rank: 46/46
Psychic Rank: 10/10
Ice Rank: 5/5
Baby Pokemon: 8/8
Part of a preexisting line: 19/19

4 - xx521xx
9 - Sanity
21 - Gen
51 - Comm
67 - Suor
68 - Cody
70 - MI
82 - Scepter
84 - Arti
85 - Karo
85 - Kate
89 - OrangeCrush
90 - MSG
92 - Drak
92 - andy
93 - Preston
94 - scarlet
94 - Natwaf
94 - Eddv
94 - Tennis
95 - Logicblade
95 - CasanovaZelos
95 - MC_XD
96 - Raka
96 - red
96 - TUM
96 - TexWolf
96 - Dragon66116
97 - Nick
97 - Mana
97 - Sorozone
97 - Magmortar
97 - profDEADPOOL
97 - Inviso
97 - Bane
97 - Xuxon
98 - darkx
98 - Stifled
98 - Snake5s
98 - starfox
98 - Anagram
98 - JONA
98 - Brayze_II
98 - ArkOfTurus
98 - Poke
99 - FrostHarpy
99 - KBM
99 - FFD
99 - Paul
99 - Paratroopa
99 - Wizards
100 - Ermine
100 - BetrayedTangy
100 - Wickle
100 - Cybat
100 - GoaFan77
100 - flubbin
100 - mnk
100 - ecksgem
100 - l3fty

Sanity: Jynx is a funny Pokemon. Smoochum is funny for other reasons. Just imagining this little baby that wants to kiss everything is amusing.

Gen: I can hear the public outcry from miles away. Well guess what? I don't GIVE a flying Rattata's ass! I love Smoochum and none of y'all can stop me. Fine, I'll explain. First off, look at its official art: ' She is like the paragon of GameFreak's trolliness. It's poetry in motion. Can you imagine a GF PSA? "Gaiz we swear we weren't trolling and like uh... there's totes nothing racist insinuated by Jynx we swear k bai". *proceeds to give Jynx's baby form the sassiest of sassy black woman trope poses* I mean she's even doing a neck-roll and mouthing "ooh gurl no you DI'NT!" Have you ever seen Drawn Together? Can you not imagine her with Foxxy Love's voice actress if she could speak at all? I suppose as a black woman I'm supposed to be offended but I mean if you can't laugh at yourself...

Comm: I can't justify putting this in the top half of the rankings, because seriously... look at it. But once I dubbed it "Lil Whore", its always had a place in my heart.

Suor: You look like a little bossy bad b****, but you still got a long way to go before you can compete with motherf***ing Jynx the baddest b**** in town. I suggest you watch more Nicki Minaj videos.

Arti: Jynx is still waiting for its evolution :(

Preston: I wonder what it would be like if they gave Paige in the WWE a germaphobe gimmick. It couldn't as bad as Jillian Hall's singing gimmick right?

Natwaf: NFE Trash. Adorable, and looks more aesthetically pleasing than Jynx.

CasanovaZelos: In Pokemon Crystal I got this from my egg. I ended up using it in my party, which probably boosted it from rank 98. Still evolves into one of the worst Pokemon ever, and I'm disappointed my egg didn't hatch into Pichu or Elekid.

Raka: Chibi Nicki Minaj ^_^

Mana: I've never been a fan of Jynx, but I understand the Electabuzz-Magmar-Jynx trio that Smoochum makes sense to exist so early. Still, though, Smoochum is the worst baby. Although as I write this comment, for the first time ever, Smoochum has made me smile. Looking at some its art, my mind is overwhelmed with Baby Plucky quotes. Almost enough to give it one less point... until looking at the other baby hit an even stronger nostalgia vein.

Magmortar: WHAT IS THE DAMN POINT. Magmar and Electabuzz got kids too, but now Smoochum proved to be a red herring since Jynx didn’t evolve with those two! Seriously, what the French toast, Game Freak?!

Stifled: Babies aren’t maybes.

Starfox: Oh god why? Jynx was hideous enough, this thing doesn’t need to exist and make it worse. The babies are (mostly) bad, but this one is definitely the worst.

Anagram: It has a cute episode in the anime, so I give it just enough points to overcome Igglybuff and Magby.

Brayze: A step up from jynx, congratulations smoochum you’re the 9th worst pokemon of all time (thunderous applause)

KBM: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Paratroopa: a tiny, less awful jynx. less awful in this case is damning with faint praise. or maybe faint praising with very, very strong damning

Ermine: Get out.

Wickle: I said I put Jynx too high. Not making that mistake here!

Cybat: Unlike in gen 1, there are no Pokemon I really hate. That's bad news for concepts I hate, like baby Pokemon. They bring almost nothing to the table design-wise or gameplay-wise. Having this particular baby in last hopefully needs no explanation.

Goa: Maybe not quite as ugly as Jynx, but even more useless.

Flubbin: Oh god, Smoochum is hideous. Maybe one day Smoochum will be the baddest b**** of all, but today she is a useless embarrassment.

Ecks: Not only do they create a baby form for Jynx of all things, but they name it Smoochum? Really? It's horrendously ugly.

99. IgglybuffEdit


#99 Igglybuff

SCORE: 5277

Average Ranking: 87.95 (St. Dev: 18.90)
NFE Rank: 45/46
Fairy Rank: 8/8
Normal Rank: 15/15
Baby Pokemon: 7/8
Part of a preexisting line: 18/19

15 - Bane
23 - Sanity
37 - Preston
49 - MI
53 - Scepter
68 - darkx
68 - Paul
68 - xx521xx
69 - Cody
72 - Karo
74 - Tennis
79 - Eddv
81 - Wizards
83 - Comm
85 - Paratroopa
86 - Brayze_II
87 - OrangeCrush
88 - Xuxon
90 - Ermine
92 - ecksgem
92 - lefty
93 - mnk
94 - Nick
94 - Snake5s
95 - BetrayedTangy
96 - Mana
96 - ArkOfTurus
96 - Poke
97 - starfox
97 - Kate
97 - MC_XD
97 - Gen
97 - red
97 - Arti
97 - andy
97 - Dragon66116
98 - CasanovaZelos
98 - Wickle
98 - Cybat
98 - GoaFan77
98 - FFD
98 - MSG
98 - Inviso
99 - Logicblade
99 - Natwaf
99 - Sorozone
99 - JONA
99 - flubbin
99 - TUM
99 - Magmortar
99 - profDEADPOOL
100 - scarlet
100 - Raka
100 - Stifled
100 - Anagram
100 - FrostHarpy
100 - KBM
100 - Drak
100 - TexWolf
100 - Suor

Sanity: Not even close to as good as Jigglypuff or even Wigglytuff, but it's still in the family.

Preston: I loved that "Streaming Stampede" mini-game in Pokémon Stadium 2 and you were Igglybuff and you counted all the Pokémon that marched in front of you. It was cool. Definitely the best of the Baby Pokémon. Here's some gameplay footage of "Streaming Stampede"

Wizards: The most pointless baby pokemon I can think of.

Paratroopa: I used to have a TCG deck based on chansey, igglybuff, cleffa, aka a bunch of dumb pink s*** and it was pretty much the best deck

Brayze: Less awful now that I know he floats, still number 86 so you can imagine how bad he ranked before (87)

Mana: The second-worst baby. Almost was the worst until I looked at Igglybuff again. Igglybuff is a freaking Digimon. Look at those eyes and tell me it doesn't digivolve.

Starfox: I think I might not hate babies as much if they didn’t give them to lines that were already horrible to begin with. But they did. Almost invariably. The few exceptions seem to be the only ones I don’t hate.

Gen: While I realize Jigglypuff is extremely popular in Japan and the advent of horrible baby pokémon meant the opportunity to give adorbubble counterparts to all the fan favorites like Pikachu & company... couldn't they have put a little thought into this? I mean I don't give even a fraction of a damn about Jiggly and I feel for its fanbase. What a wasted opportunity.

Arti: Igglybuff is a dumb name. Not like Wigglytuff is much better though.

CasanovaZelos: One of the worst names in Pokemon, and it lacks the cuteness of the other babies.

Wickle: puff, tuff, and now the baby is buff? Lol no.

Cybat: At least succeeds in being cute.

Goa: Fans of the Jigglypuff line should be glad I didn't get to vote last round.

Logicblade: GArbage baby. Would be fine at 100.

Natwaf: BABY trash. God I hate Baby pokemon. Especially the ones that require ****ing Happiness Evolution AND can't breed in the baby stages. And Igglybuff is UGLY.

Natwaf’s Nicknames:
Igglybuff - Jigglypuff - Wigglytuff
Both Genders: Lullaby Flubbin: Augh, babies are supposed to be cute. If it’s not at least cute, what the hell is it good for?

Magmortar: Wigglytuff needed an evolution, NOT A…BABY FORM! THERE IS NO REASON AS TO WHY IGGLYBUFF EXISTS MOTHER OF GOD THIS THING IS A PIECE OF SHIT. It’s not even cute. It looks fucking terrifying. However, Igglybuff has one and ONLY ONE thing that saves it. It isn’t in the fucking Chansey line.

Raka: More like ugly barf hahaha. But seriously, it's so bad, meaningless, and ugly. And I like Jigglypuff.

Stifled: Babies give rabies.

Anagram: Baby pokemon are, with three exceptions, just the absolute worst. Why does this monstrosity even have a squiggly circle on its forehead? It doesn’t map to anything about Jigglypuff or Wigglytuff. Worst of all, it isn’t even cute. It’s got these big evil-looking black eyes when its evolutions don’t

KBM: What is this monstrosity. I have nothing against the CONCEPT of baby Pokémon. There are actually a few that I like. But THIS thing.... *shudder*


Suor: Triple testicles spotted on its head. Its red eyes also foreshadow its murderous intentions.

98. MagbyEdit

Magby 900

#98 Magby

SCORE: 5071 Average Ranking: 84.52 (St. Dev: 15.28)

NFE Rank: 44/46
Fire Rank: 10/10
Baby Pokemon: 6/8
Part of a preexisting line: 17/19

31 - Arti
44 - Mana
45 - Magmortar
59 - CasanovaZelos
62 - Sanity
66 - Stifled
66 - Brayze_II
66 - profDEADPOOL
69 - Ermine
71 - GoaFan77
71 - MC_XD
73 - Wizards
74 - Cody
74 - Bane
75 - MI
76 - Drak
76 - Dragon66116
78 - scarlet
78 - KBM
82 - Preston
82 - Paul
83 - Karo
84 - xx521xx
86 - red
87 - Nick
87 - BetrayedTangy
87 - Kate
87 - FFD
87 - Paratroopa
88 - OrangeCrush
88 - TexWolf
90 - Scepter
91 - Wickle
91 - MSG
92 - Logicblade
92 - Eddv
94 - Gen
95 - Natwaf
95 - Snake5s
95 - flubbin
95 - TUM
95 - ArkOfTurus
96 - starfox
96 - FrostHarpy
96 - lefty
96 - Xuxon
97 - darkx
97 - Tennis
97 - Poke
98 - Raka
98 - Comm
99 - Anagram
99 - Cybat
99 - mnk
99 - ecksgem
99 - andy
99 - Inviso
99 - Suor
100 - Sorozone
100 - JONA

Anagram: It’s horrible, but at least it will always have the fact that it isn’t Igglybuff.

Brayze: He’s no ....magmar

CasanovaZelos: Not as cool as its evolutions, but I like it by association.

Cybat: Haha what the hell

Flubbin: Why do bad things happen to good people?

Gen: It looks like it was made to suck dicks and it does.

KBM: Credit where credit's due: This is not one of the horrible baby Pokémon that give them such a bad rap. That being said, this is not one of the good ones, either. I always feel like the lumps on top of its head are its brain poking through its flesh, which gives me a really creepy feeling.

Magmortar: I think it’s cute in its own weird, derpy way, and unlike a lot of other babies, it is actually somewhat usable before it evolves. And it has no really stupid mean of evolving.

Natwaf: NFE Trash. Not a baby, yay! Worst of the 3 though. I mean, look at poor Magby's head. It looks like it has alien eggs inside ready to hatch and pop out and eat people's faces.

Paratroopa: one butt on head was a solid decision but magby aren't you taking this a bit far I'm just saying less is more

Preston: Another pointless Baby Pokémon. Magby looks like it's suffering from brain hemorrhaging.
Boring. Does anybody remember Chris Routly's Survivor SketchBoy Comics?

Raka: If there's a God, he would have put this thing out of its misery.

Stifled: Much less offensive than other babies.

Suor: In the last topic, Board 8 identified its awkward tumors as headboobs. Evolves into lolmagmar the joke dumb duck pokémon.

97. SnubbullEdit


#97 Snubbull

SCORE: 5048

Average Ranking: 84.13 (St. Dev: 14.12)
NFE Rank: 43/46
Fairy Rank: 7/8
Snubbull Line: 2/2

26 - ArkOfTurus
57 - Tennis
60 - MI
63 - profDEADPOOL
64 - BetrayedTangy
65 - darkx
67 - CasanovaZelos
67 - Cody
69 - Snake5s
70 - Ermine
72 - Natwaf
72 - red
74 - Nick
75 - Inviso
77 - Karo
77 - Eddv
77 - FFD
78 - flubbin
78 - Magmortar
78 - Poke
80 - scarlet
80 - mnk
81 - lefty
84 - Scepter
85 - Cybat
85 - Wizards
86 - Raka
86 - FrostHarpy
86 - Wickle
86 - MC_XD
86 - Comm
88 - Arti
88 - Dragon66116
90 - Sorozone
90 - KBM
90 - TUM
91 - Mana
91 - Stifled
91 - Drak
91 - ecksgem
92 - OrangeCrush
92 - Anagram
92 - Kate
94 - JONA
94 - Suor
94 - Xuxon
95 - xx521xx
96 - Logicblade
99 - GoaFan77
99 - TexWolf
100 - Preston
100 - starfox
100 - MSG
100 - Brayze_II
100 - Gen
100 - Sanity
100 - andy
100 - Paul
100 - Paratroopa
100 - Bane

Anagram: Snubbull is ugly as hell, and not in a good way. It also misses a huge opportunity to be a dog made out of bubbles. It wears a dress you’d expect on Mimi from the Drew Carry Show. I can handle ugliness, but this is way over the line.

Brayze: This pokemon was designed to be appealing to women, somehow I don’t think any women worked at gamefreak at that time

CasanovaZelos: I predict most people really hate this thing, but I love its stuck up attitude. Also the Fairy Pokemon.

Cybat: "Ugly cute" doesn't really do anything for me, sorry.

Gen: You would not believe the epic battle that went on for my bottom spot. It was such a close race between five very eligible candidates, but ultimately I decided upon this... creature. Let me get one thing straight: I am a dog person. I love dogs almost as much as Roy Mustang. Even I, though, am not very fond of dogs of the bull variety. They're slobbery, gross, gassy, and most unforgivable of all they are ugly. Not cute-ugly like old people or babies with unattractive parents, just plain ugly. I can forgive an ugly pokémon, but not one that tries so hard and fails to be cute. That hideous tutu... those heinous polka dots, that hellish FACE! I can't even

Goa: If you hate girls pampering tiny dogs in real life, this is basically the Pokemon equivalent.

KBM: There's something really off-putting about Snubbull. I'm not even sure if it's supposed to be cute or not.

Logicblade: Is bad, but would not be fine at 100.

Magmortar: You cannot look at me with a straight face and tell me that’s a fairy. There’s no way. I like all sorts of dogs but Snubbull is an ugly mother.

Mana: Never really like the Snubbull line, and he made a terrible Jigglypuff-type character int he show IIRC. Goofy looking and swarm only.

MSG: My least favorite Pokemon ever created. Just look at it. It's a living oxymoron. From the look of its face, I assume it's supposed to be designed as a relatively vicious First-Stage normal type. But it has little cute paws for feet, stubs for hands, and then, like, a skirt for a body and double ears, I guess? I don't even know what either of those are. I mean, you know what color scheme just screams vicious? Pink with baby blue polka dots. So I guess it's not supposed to be vicious. Then what's with the face? Just looking at it pisses me off. F*** Snubbull, seriously.

Natwaf: I know it's supposed to be ugly, but I just love Pugs and dogs like that.

Paratroopa: a gross, ugly bulldog that looks like it's wearing some kind of awful polka dot maternity dress that someone would have worn in 1910? what a great pokemon! the kids will love it.

Preston: Snubbull is the Russell Hantz of Pokémon. I'm not sure if Snubbull is supposed to resemble a pit bull or a bull dog but I could care less. From the time it was I was born to mid-2002 (1993-2002) I was living in a house where my next door neighbor was a drug dealer that had a pit bull that would deposit it's feces on my front yard almost every day. It was gross. Compostable bags were hard to come by back then. I moved to a new house in July 2002 and then started 3rd Grade from there and well...yeah. That pit bull nearly mauled to death my own brother in the front yard one time. There will never be a Pokémon as bad as Snubbull. Only Goldeen can be compared in the same league as Snubbull. Last place. Thank you everyone. F*** you Snubull f*** you.

Raka: A charming eyesore vomit

Sanity: Worst Pokemon so far from the first two Gens. This design is ass. Just so terrible looking.

Starfox: I don’t even know where to begin to describe how much I hate this thing. I guess I should start by saying that I love dogs. Pretty much everyone here that knows me is already well aware of this. Which is exactly why I despise this hideous monstrosity. It’s ugly as sin in every possible way you could use that term. Its face looks like it’s been smashing it repeatedly against a wall like he’s a mentally challenged Uga (although I guess the mentally challenged part is redundant there). Then it decides that the appropriate attire to fit its face is a pink tutu with baby blue poka dots. What? You were already difficult to look at, and then you go and give yourself one of the worst color schemes imaginable? And hell, now you want to be a fairy? As if joining the worst type by a country mile would somehow improve your awfulness? A type you don’t even remotely fit? And then to top it off, you prance around pretending to be one of my favorite things on this planet. No. Cast yourself back into the fiery chasm from which you came, and let me forget that you exist. The fact that there manages to be one Pokemon more offensive than this is nothing short of astonishing.

Stifled: Creepy prissy angry dog.

Suor: See Granbull, but b****ier.

96. CleffaEdit

Cleffa 700

#96 Cleffa

SCORE: 5041

Average Ranking: 84.02 (St. Dev: 18.91)
NFE Rank: 42/46
Fairy Rank: 6/8
Baby Pokemon: 5/8
Part of a preexisting line: 16/19

10 - Xuxon
26 - OrangeCrush
29 - Drak
39 - Inviso
59 - Gen
60 - Wizards
65 - mnk
66 - MI
69 - Paul
71 - Karo
72 - MC_XD
75 - GoaFan77
76 - Mana
77 - Kate
78 - Eddv
80 - Poke
81 - CasanovaZelos
82 - Brayze_II
83 - Bane
86 - darkx
86 - andy
87 - TexWolf
88 - Preston
88 - Snake5s
88 - Paratroopa
89 - Sanity
90 - JONA
91 - Logicblade
91 - Arti
91 - lefty
91 - xx521xx
92 - FrostHarpy
92 - BetrayedTangy
92 - Cody
92 - Suor
93 - Nick
93 - Raka
93 - flubbin
93 - ecksgem
93 - ArkOfTurus
94 - Scepter
94 - Sorozone
95 - starfox
95 - Tennis
97 - Ermine
97 - Anagram
97 - Wickle
97 - KBM
97 - Cybat
97 - FFD
97 - TUM
98 - Natwaf
98 - red
98 - Magmortar
98 - profDEADPOOL
99 - scarlet
99 - Stifled
99 - MSG
99 - Comm
99 - Dragon66116

Anagram: Look at its ears. I just want to… I just want to build a motorcycle, and have its ears be the handlebars, with its body just squeezed in as the front.

Arti: Baby Pokemon are no good.

Brayze: Boy this thing needs a smaller, feebler first evolution, that would be for the best' said nobody ever

CasanovaZelos: A teeny bit cute, but pointless. The cutoff for Pokemon I either dislike or can't bring myself to care about.

Cybat: Cleffa has the benefit of not looking quite as dumb as some of its fellow babies.

Drak: I don't like either of its evolutions, but I do like cleffa. it's cute in an understated way, without being ostentatious and showboating (see: jigglypuff, sylveon). if I had one in real life I would set it on my desk and absentmindedly pat it every so often.

Gen: does it really need to exist? No, not at all. But I'm kinda glad it does because it's so cute that looking at it makes me happy.

Goa: I actually like this line, but we don't need more pink balls with even worse stats than they had in gen I.

KBM: To use an age-old cliché: if there was an entry in the dictionary for “trying too hard,” a picture of THIS would probably be next to it. I already have never liked Clefairy, and this just makes the whole evolutionary line that much worse.

Magmortar: Still a piece of shit. Not as bad as Igglybuff because if Clefable got an evolution, said evolution would probably have been banished to Ubers in this generation considering how good Clefable is now. So yeah. Wigglytuff sucks, and so does Cleffa.

Mana: Cute baby. Worlds better than Smoochum and Igglybuff.

Natwaf: BABY trash. Cleffa, unlike Igglybuff, is actually cute. Still doesn't excuse the hassle from trying to breed a good one.
Natwaf's Nicknames:
Cleffa - Clefairy - Clefable
Male: Armstrong
Female: Kaguya
OrangeCrush: I remember her being good in the card game


Preston: I'm for certain just going to rank the Red/Blue/Yellow/Gold/Silver/Crystal generations. Going beyond 250 Pokémon is just preposterous. Hence forth I bring you Cleffa. Another useless Baby Pokémon that was introduced in G/S/C. Moving on.

Raka: At least it didn't ruin its evolution. *jeers at Igglybuff*

Starfox: I wasn’t originally going to do a writeup on this, but then when I thought about it, I realized it looked like a Luma. Bumped it up a spot for that.

Stifled: Babies are scabies.

Suor: I just realized it kind of looks like a Luma while writing this. This discovery earned it a 6-spots boost.

Wickle: What is on its head? Seriously…

95. SunkernEdit


#95 Sunkern

SCORE: 4888

Average Ranking: 81.47 (St. Dev: 15.69)
NFE Rank: 41/46
Grass Rank: 10/10
Sunkern Line: 2/2

37 - Brayze_II
46 - lefty
49 - Natwaf
52 - xx521xx
54 - OrangeCrush
55 - Poke
56 - Logicblade
56 - MI
58 - Kate
65 - Wickle
65 - Drak
66 - KBM
69 - andy
71 - Preston
75 - Tennis
75 - TexWolf
76 - Karo
76 - mnk
76 - TUM
77 - darkx
77 - Sanity
77 - Wizards
81 - FFD
83 - Suor
84 - scarlet
84 - Inviso
85 - starfox
86 - Eddv
86 - Paratroopa
87 - Paul
88 - Scepter
88 - red
88 - ArkOfTurus
89 - Sorozone
89 - Cybat
89 - Arti
89 - Magmortar
89 - Bane
91 - MC_XD
92 - Ermine
93 - BetrayedTangy
93 - MSG
93 - Gen
93 - profDEADPOOL
94 - Anagram
95 - Nick
95 - Raka
95 - Stifled
95 - FrostHarpy
95 - JONA
95 - Comm
95 - ecksgem
96 - Snake5s
96 - GoaFan77
97 - flubbin
98 - Mana
98 - Dragon66116
98 - Xuxon
99 - CasanovaZelos
99 - Cody

Brayze: I love him and was so sad when it turned out he evolved into a piece of junk. By far the best seed-based pokemon, Imagine planting a seed and getting a sunflora I would not stop screaming

CasanovaZelos: It's just a pathetic little seed.

Cybat: Design-wise, it's very on point. Seeds do grow into flowers and don't really do much fighting. But yeah, lowest BST of any Pokemon. Ouch.

Ecks: The design is kind of cute, but it's just a bad, unnecessary line.

Gen: This is just a f***ing seed with a face on it!

Goa: I like sunflowers, but they were a little bit too generic with this line.

KBM: It may drop out of the sky suddenly.

Magmortar: It would probably be a lot higher if it DIDN’T evolve. It’s just so awful, but being awful in your first form is just not as meaningful as being a terrible fully evolved mon.

Mana: Sunkern is just such a disappointing Pokemon. I hate using Stones to evolve in the first place and such a poor Pokemon needing one to evolve, and not even getting something good out of it, is horrible. 

MSG: The worst Pokemon still to this day. Kinda random, considering all the babies and Magikarps of the world, but there ya go.

Natwaf: All hail king of the NFE Trash. Lowest BST EVER. So bad I just have to love it. Still bad though.

Paratroopa: "someday, I'll grow up and be a cool pokemon that everyone likes!" keep believing in that dream, sunkern. shhhhhh. it'll be okay.

Preston: I actually don't mind Sunkern all that much. But Sunkern has the lowest stats of ANY Pokémon on record as of 2014. I have to put it and it's under eye bags no higher than this. Oh who am I kidding? Sunkern isn't not that great.

Raka: Isn't this what hamsters eat?

Starfox: I don’t hate Sunkern, I guess, but it definitely would have helped if its evolution wasn’t even worse. I also find it kinda lame that with all of the Pokemon that have gimmicks surrounding how weak they are, this random ass grass type has the lowest base stat total

Stifled: Sunflower seeds are for planting and eating. Not for wasting my oxygen.

Suor: Imagine how cool this could've been if it used its leaves as a helicopter instead of swinging them like a dummy.

94. SkiploomEdit


#94 Skiploom

SCORE: 4776

Average Ranking: 79.60 (St. Dev: 14.49)

NFE Rank: 40/46
Grass Rank: 9/10
Flying Rank: 19/19
Hoppip Line: 3/3

42 - Poke
46 - Preston
47 - Raka
49 - Sanity
51 - mnk
55 - Comm
56 - Karo
57 - Drak
63 - xx521xx
67 - TUM
69 - FFD
70 - Logicblade
71 - Scepter
72 - TexWolf
72 - ArkOfTurus
74 - Sorozone
74 - lefty
75 - OrangeCrush
75 - Wickle
75 - KBM
75 - Xuxon
76 - MC_XD
77 - Mana
78 - Cybat
78 - Wizards
79 - Ermine
79 - andy
81 - Eddv
81 - GoaFan77
82 - Kate
83 - Paratroopa
85 - FrostHarpy
85 - Paul
86 - flubbin
87 - Brayze_II
88 - Tennis
88 - MSG
88 - Bane
89 - starfox
89 - Anagram
89 - Gen
89 - red
90 - Natwaf
90 - Dragon66116
91 - Nick
91 - profDEADPOOL
92 - Snake5s
92 - Arti
93 - Stifled
93 - CasanovaZelos
93 - Cody
93 - JONA
94 - Magmortar
95 - darkx
95 - scarlet
95 - Inviso
95 - Suor
96 - MI
97 - ecksgem
99 - BetrayedTangy

Anagram: “Quick, we need a mid-evolution for a grass/flying type.” “Uhhhhh just make a green blob with a flower that acts like a helicopter.” “BRILLIANT.”

Arti: All three of this line are terrible.

Brayze: jumpluffs have a difficult puberty, also now that I think about it jumpluff pluffs are actually their gonads aren’t they, so they literally fly with their junk. Science

CasanovaZelos: This was the least deserving three step line.

Cybat: I really enjoy the theme names for this line. This one is kinda chubby-looking compared to the other two, but at least it looks happy.

Ecks: Hoppip and Jumpluff are at least kind of cute, Skiploom is like an awkward guy standing alone in the corner at a party and just watching everyone because he's ugly and no one wants to talk to him. Gen: It gets worse when it evolves.

Goa: Another middle evolution that serves absolutely no purpose besides being slightly less useless to use than the first form.

KBM: I mean, the design is okay, but the typing is weird and the whole line is ultimately forgettable.

Magmortar: It looks so stupid. Expect to hear this many, many times in this generation’s writeups.

Mana: If I didn't have a soft spot for how inoffensive Hoppip and Jumpluff liked to be, Skiploom would be much lower. Cool little dandelion.

Natwaf: Honest to god I don't know what to say here. This entire line is my very definition of MEH. Well, I guess that's not true. It's weak as hell, and for my 100% Super Chatelaine Nita counter, I needed a high leveled one to pass Worry Seed to a Cottonee. Skiploom is the worst of the lost.

Paratroopa: I predict that I will be the only person to have something insightful to say about skiploom. just kidding, I don't have anything insightful to say about skiploom.

Preston: You people shouldn't be aghast by this elimination. Hoppip line was basically the Oddish line of the G/S/C generation. Which is why I'm NOTgoing to rank any of the Pokémon past the G/S/C generations. Skiploom loses points for unoriginality but it's cute but on the other hand? Oddish is obtainable in G/S/C so it makes me question the purpose of Hoppip.

Raka: Best of its line. It doesn't burn my eyes, unlike Hoppip, and it's discernible, unlike Jumpluff.

Stifled: Uh-huh.

Suor: There are things that just have no right to exist but words can't really explain why. Just look at it.

93. TyrogueEdit


#93 Tyrogue

SCORE: 4654

Average Ranking: 77.57 (St. Dev: 22.81)

NFE Rank: 39/46
Fighting Rank: 3/3
Baby Rank: 4/8
Part of a preexisting line: 15/19
Tyrogue Line (Gen II): 2/2

3 - BetrayedTangy
26 - TUM
32 - Anagram
33 - Drak
38 - Eddv
41 - KBM
44 - GoaFan77
44 - profDEADPOOL
47 - Mana
54 - CasanovaZelos
55 - Wizards
57 - FrostHarpy
57 - Arti
63 - scarlet
64 - starfox
65 - Raka
66 - Sorozone
66 - FFD
68 - Snake5s
76 - Logicblade
76 - Tennis
77 - Comm
77 - MI
78 - MC_XD
80 - Ermine
82 - Nick
85 - Bane
86 - OrangeCrush
86 - ecksgem
87 - JONA
88 - Kate
88 - Brayze_II
89 - Dragon66116
90 - Poke
90 - lefty
91 - Karo
91 - TexWolf
91 - ArkOfTurus
94 - flubbin
94 - MSG
94 - red
94 - andy
94 - Paratroopa
95 - mnk
95 - Paul
96 - Preston
96 - darkx
96 - Wickle
96 - Cybat
96 - Sanity
96 - Magmortar
97 - Natwaf
97 - Stifled
97 - Suor
98 - Cody
99 - Scepter
99 - Gen
100 - Inviso
100 - xx521xx
100 - Xuxon

BetrayedTangy: I've had a weird history with Pokemon, aside from a couple of VHS tapes I owned, I had very little exposure of Gen II until moderately recently, as such I don't have much experience using a lot of these Pokemon. Which is why I like Tyrogue, despite being a baby Pokemon, I've always viewed him as the little underdog trying to make his way to the top by training, and guess what you 'kinda' get to to choose where he ends up. And I've always been a huge fan of underdogs.

Anagram: One of the three non-crap baby pokemon. I never had the patience to properly evolve one of these things.

KBM: Cool, Eeveeish idea to bring Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan, two that I've always really liked, together into one family. I really enjoy this concept and I'm sure I'll have to use one at SOME point. Perhaps the next time I play through Gen 2 again I'll make room for it.

Goa: At least he has a lot of cool evolutions to turn into.

CasanovaZelos: The one baby Pokemon from Gen II that doesn't go for cuteness. Bringing the Hitmon line together was a great idea. Raka: Cool gimmick. That's it.

OrangeCrush: I like how he connected the Hitmons, but on his own he sucks Brayze: Another baby, and as a special bonus it has the most irritating evolution method in the game

Flubbin: why why why why why why why dear god why

Paratroopa: if there's anything about tyrogue that anyone really finds appealing I'll be sort of surprised

Preston: 10% of these newbies in Gold, Silver and Crystal are Baby Pokémon. Hera help us. 

Wickle: Hitmons were better stand-alone.

Cybat: The idea of branched evolution is neat in theory but in this case just annoying in practice. And it looks dumb.

Magmortar: One of the single most annoying evolution mechanics that does not involve trading ever. And it sucks. Why is it purple while everything it involves into is brown? Hitmonchan at least wears purple, but that’s not good enough.

Natwaf: NFE Trash with the 2nd worst evolution method ever. MY GOD WHY! I mean, on paper, it's a cool concept, but in practice, it just makes getting the Hitmon you want so annoying.

Stifled: Please stop with the babies.

Suor: Looks like an annoying Dragon Ball kid whose destiny is to never ever become overpowered.

Gen: A close battle took place as to who would take my spot for bottom baby. There were many contenders but really only two were ever in the race. As to how I decided, I need only have looked at Tyrogue's bulbapedia entry to recall what a pain in the ass it was to evolve it.

92. Remoraid Edit


#92 Remoraid

SCORE: 4646

Average Ranking: 77.43 (St. Dev: 19.19)
NFE Rank: 38/46
Water Rank: 18/18
Remoraid Line: 2/2

21 - TexWolf
22 - Ermine
36 - profDEADPOOL
41 - Magmortar
45 - FrostHarpy
53 - Wickle
54 - Anagram
54 - Tennis
56 - Eddv
57 - Cybat
60 - Preston
62 - KBM
62 - GoaFan77
62 - Paratroopa
62 - lefty
63 - andy
64 - Drak
67 - OrangeCrush
69 - scarlet
74 - Snake5s
76 - darkx
77 - Logicblade
77 - Sorozone
78 - FFD
80 - starfox
80 - Gen
83 - MC_XD
83 - Brayze_II
86 - MSG
86 - Inviso
87 - Natwaf
87 - CasanovaZelos
87 - Karo
87 - mnk
87 - TUM
87 - xx521xx
88 - BetrayedTangy
88 - Sanity
89 - MI
89 - ArkOfTurus
90 - Nick
90 - Kate
90 - Comm
90 - Arti
91 - Raka
91 - JONA
91 - Suor
91 - Poke
94 - Mana
95 - Cody
95 - red
95 - Dragon66116
95 - Xuxon
96 - Stifled
96 - Wizards
96 - Bane
98 - flubbin
98 - ecksgem
98 - Paul
100 - Scepter

Magmortar: It’s a gun. And a fish. It can also outrun Machamp, something it can’t do when it evolves. Now you know.

Wickle: I don't know what it's supposed to be, but it evolves into A CANNON OCTOPUS, BRING IT!!

Anagram: Ranked this high solely due to the pokemon comic where someone kills Bruce Wayne’s parents with it.

Cybat: How in the hell do you turn into an octopus

Preston: Meh.

KBM: It's kind of just your average, run-of-the-mill Water type Pokémon. Which means there's a ton better to choose from.


Drak: One of the most forgettable pokemon in existence, but it keeps good company (Mantine), which is enough to keep it from being bottom of the barrel.

Starfox: I will always forget that this thing exists. Which is weird, because I like Octillery. Maybe that’s because its evolution makes no sense, I dunno.

Gen: This is a pokémon that exists.

Brayze: The jacked up eggplant of the sea

MSG: Posting write-up in hopes of being only one for this thing no one even remembers existed.

Natwaf: NFE Trash, and a very odd evolutionary line. And it's also an evolutionary requirement of a different line. Neat.

CasanovaZelos: It's a fish.

Raka: Good name, but that's about it. I think it's meant to be a gun-fish?

Suor: It just occurred to me: if Remoraid is part of Mantine, and it learns Flamethrower and other cool stuff, why shouldn't Mantine be able to use them through it as well? I want a fire-breathing manta-ray :(

Mana: Despite being its own Pokemon and featured in Mantine's art, as well as part of Mantyke's evolution later on, Remoraid is utterly forgettable. Forgettable art as a forgettable type. Octillery feels like such a standalone Pokemon.

Stifled: It’s such a boring fish I don’t even know that I’d want to eat it.

Flubbin: It’s so freakin’ ugly.

Ecks: Remoraid looks constantly surprised with its mouth open, that's the most notable thing about it to me. I actually completely forgot that it evolved into Octillery until I looked it up.

91. PupitarEdit


#91 Pupitar

SCORE: 4441

Average Ranking: 74.02 (St. Dev: 20.60)
NFE Rank: 37/46
Rock Rank: 7/7
Ground Rank: 10/10
Larvitar Line: 3/3

12 - Brayze_II
17 - profDEADPOOL
28 - Paul
32 - TUM
32 - TexWolf
39 - Dragon66116
41 - FrostHarpy
45 - starfox
55 - Natwaf
58 - Eddv
59 - KBM
60 - mnk
62 - Tennis
65 - ArkOfTurus
67 - Magmortar
67 - Xuxon
70 - Snake5s
70 - Arti
71 - Nick
71 - CasanovaZelos
71 - andy
72 - Ermine
74 - MSG
75 - Raka
75 - Drak
75 - Paratroopa
76 - scarlet
76 - Bane
78 - Gen
79 - OrangeCrush
79 - GoaFan77
79 - MI
81 - ecksgem
83 - Logicblade
84 - Preston
84 - darkx
84 - FFD
85 - MC_XD
85 - red
85 - Inviso
86 - Suor
87 - Stifled
87 - Cybat
88 - JONA
88 - Wizards
89 - Kate
89 - Comm
90 - Mana
91 - BetrayedTangy
91 - flubbin
92 - Sorozone
93 - Scepter
93 - Anagram
93 - Wickle
94 - Sanity
94 - xx521xx
97 - Karo
99 - Poke
99 - lefty
100 - Cody

Brayze: In stadium 2 he literally vibrated with barely concealed rage

Natwaf: While this NFE Trash came out of nowhere, I think it's an improvement over Larvitar's looks. Now THIS is an intimidating cocoon.

KBM: It's basically Kakuna and Metapod on 'roids. And NOT a bug type. I really don't see how that can be a bad thing, but it's not the MOST interesting thing.

Magmortar: It’s another cocoon, but it’s actually useful from time to time. If you get STAB on EdgeQuake you aren’t bad almost by default. Almost.

CasanovaZelos: How is this related to Larvitar and Tyranitar?

MSG: I would really like to know whose brilliant idea it was to give a cocoon stage to a pseudo-legendary line. Because I want to punch them in the dick.

Raka: WTF I can't make the head or tail of this abomination.

Paratroopa: sometimes I also angrily vibrate with seething rage too so pupitar really speaks to me as a human being

Gen: I feel so sorry for most cocoon pokémon. Nobody luffs them, and for good reason because until Gen V Nintendo never gave anyone a legitimate reason. At least his face is cooler than most.

Goa: My bad, there is a cocoon in this gen, its just not for a bug. If I ranked you lower than this guy, its a good sign you suck.

Logicblade: Pupitar just looks dumb, I tend to ignore it as a middle stage. This one also started the trend of the second stage of psuedo legends being kinda garbo

Preston: Why do people haze each other so much on Board 8? I don't understand. :( Anyways. I don't really like Pupitar. If anything else? I would feel like people would mistake it as an evolution for Metapod. I'm not sure what it is but Pupitar has a pretty weird exoskeleton and that's why I don't like Pupitar very much.

Suor: Cocoons are cooler than their pre-evos because they're inoffensive.

Stifled: So the turd evolves into a turd cocoon? And what does that make Tyranitar? A massive, stomach bursting, world record breaking pile of crap that grew inside of a turd cocoon? Who the hell came up with this?

Cybat: Hurry up and evolve already

Wizards: Started the trend of ugly middle evos for pseudo-legendaries. 

Mana: I don't understand Pupitar. You go from small dragon to big dragon, but in-between is this guy. I don't understand. 

Flubbin: Poor Pupitar doesn’t really have a lot going for him. He’s transition from something cute to something awesome, but he himself is kind of bad.

Anagram: Possibly the most inexplicable cocoon pokemon out of the eighteen-billion different ones.

Wickle: lolol poopitar. Seriously though, this poke didn't need a cocoon.

Karo: Although it it pronounced 'pew-pa-tar' as in a pupa, a more fitting pronunciation would be 'poop-a-tar' because it looks like an extra-chunky piece of s***.

90. Granbull


#90 Granbull

SCORE: 4421

Average Ranking: 73.68 (St. Dev: 20.34)
Fully Evolved Rank: 54/54
Fairy Rank: 5/8
Snubbull Line: 1/2

13 - Magmortar
25 - Cody
32 - Natwaf
38 - Wizards
39 - ArkOfTurus
45 - mnk
47 - Eddv
49 - scarlet
49 - Inviso
52 - red
55 - Sorozone
58 - Snake5s
58 - starfox
61 - Cybat
61 - profDEADPOOL
62 - Mana
63 - TUM
64 - Gen
65 - MC_XD
66 - Anagram
66 - Arti
68 - Brayze_II
68 - Xuxon
73 - Nick
73 - CasanovaZelos
74 - Scepter
74 - Kate
75 - Comm
76 - FrostHarpy
77 - Dragon66116
78 - Ermine
78 - JONA
79 - flubbin
81 - Karo
81 - Drak
82 - BetrayedTangy
82 - KBM
83 - Stifled
85 - FFD
87 - Wickle
87 - Poke
90 - Logicblade
90 - Paratroopa
91 - Paul
91 - MI
92 - GoaFan77
93 - OrangeCrush
93 - Tennis
93 - TexWolf
93 - andy
94 - ecksgem
94 - lefty
95 - Preston
96 - MSG
96 - Suor
96 - xx521xx
97 - Raka
99 - Sanity
99 - Bane
100 - darkx

Magmortar: Great design. I like bulldogs, and it’s clear THIS one is going to just tear you limb from limb with that jaw of its. I don’t know why it’s a Fairy (might be to help it stand out from Ursaring) but injects some much needed beastness into the typing.

Natwaf: Gotta be the oversized Fangs. Plus, Play Rough.
Natwaf’s Nicknames:
Male: Frank
Female: Big Patty

Starfox: It’s definitely better than Snubbull. At least this one is clear on the fact that it’s supposed to be tough, despite being pink, and it ditched the dress. Becoming a fairy still hurts it though.

Cybat: Fairy and Play Rough helped it a lot. Can't fault them for how it looks mean and unappealing since that was their goal, but, well…

Gen: I must give it props for TRYING to redeem it's abysmal first form, but it's far too little and way too late.

Anagram: Less terrible Snubbull. At least its ugliness now serves a purpose (making it look strong) and it dumped the dress. I can also get behind the collar it apparently evolved to have.

Brayze: Getting fairy type was good for him but it doesn’t fix that he’s a pink bulldog

CasanovaZelos: Kind of a weird looking thing. Loses a bit of charm from Snubbull.

KBM: Forgettable, but at least it's a good bit better than Snubbull.

Stifled: Ugly angry dog.

Paratroopa: ugly pink bulldogs are definitely a thing that is not the best thing

Ecks: It was originally higher because I thought it wasn't quite as ugly as Snubbull. I was very wrong.

Preston: I rather have a Pokémon that looks like a pair of burglar bars than this ugly mutt.

Suor: A candy with anger problems. It becoming a Fairy type achieved the apparently impossible feat of making it even more creepy.

Raka: Fun fact, I didn't know Snubbull could evolve for, like, 3 gens? And I was fully happy and content. I mean, just look at this thing…ugly coloration, ugly proportions, ugly lower fangs…

Sanity: Almost as terrible as Snubbull.

89. Ledyba


#89 Ledyba

SCORE: 4214

Average Ranking: 70.23 (St. Dev: 16.15)
NFE Rank: 36/46
Bug Rank: 10/10
Flying Rank: 18/19
Ledyba Line: 2/2

20 - Poke
32 - Tennis
32 - profDEADPOOL
46 - xx521xx
47 - flubbin
47 - lefty
49 - Bane
53 - Drak
54 - Scepter
55 - Sanity
59 - Wickle
60 - Mana
60 - Ermine
60 - OrangeCrush
60 - Gen
61 - andy
62 - FFD
62 - TUM
63 - FrostHarpy
63 - MI
64 - scarlet
65 - Sorozone
66 - Preston
66 - Wizards
67 - MSG
68 - Eddv
68 - MC_XD
72 - Anagram
72 - Kate
72 - mnk
73 - starfox
73 - TexWolf
73 - Inviso
76 - Brayze_II
76 - red
76 - Magmortar
77 - KBM
78 - Xuxon
79 - Raka
79 - Karo
80 - Nick
80 - ArkOfTurus
82 - Snake5s
82 - Cybat
83 - ecksgem
84 - BetrayedTangy
84 - Paratroopa
84 - Suor
85 - darkx
85 - Dragon66116
86 - Natwaf
87 - Logicblade
87 - Cody
88 - GoaFan77
88 - Paul
90 - Stifled
91 - Comm
92 - JONA
94 - Arti
97 - CasanovaZelos

Poke: Hello Mr. happy ladybug.

Flubbin: I wish Ledyba and Ledian were more useful because I actually like them quite a bit.

Gen: Yeah I know it sucks. But I like ladybug beetles and I will not apologize for it!

Preston: I really don't get the Amanda Kimmel hate. I really don't. She was the first Survivor contestant to be on the show for 100+ days before that record was broken by Shallow and Mariano. You have to be doing something right.

Anagram: I feel like it should be the comedy relief sidekick to the main character on a Saturday morning cartoon where everyone is a talking animal of some kind.

Brayze: Oh hey who even cares about you ledyba

Magmortar: It’s pretty damn adorable, but it is otherwise next to useless. That’s actually better than a lot of Pokemon. Ledian could’ve taken advantage of at least that first part, so it’d be mildly forgettable instead of completely fucking forgettable.

KBM: Cute for a bug. But I don't really like bugs.

Raka: Somehow they could make a worse and boring bug Pokemon than Yanma in the same generation, that takes talent

Cybat: Aw, look at him. He just wants to be at all interesting or useful. Keep hoping, buddy.

Paratroopa: I'm afraid of bugs in real life but if they were like this I'd just feel sorry for them

Suor: A lady bug called Ledyba. Genius.

Natwaf: NFE Trash. How unfortunate that I associate this with Fist of the North Star. Looks better than it's FE though, at least Ledyba is cute.

Goa: Well, at least they didn't give this generation any cocoons.

Stifled: It’s a ladybug. Nothing to see here.

Arti: I can never wake up in the morning anymore unless I'm going to work

CasanovaZelos: The most forgettable first route Pokemon.

88. HoppipEdit


#88 Hoppip

SCORE: 4202

Average Ranking: 70.07 (St. Dev: 19.25)
NFE Rank: 35/46
Grass Rank: 8/10
Flying Rank: 17/19
Hoppip Line: 2/3

12 - Xuxon
33 - Karo
34 - MI
38 - andy
40 - xx521xx
41 - Poke
47 - Preston
48 - Sanity
49 - Tennis
49 - GoaFan77
49 - TexWolf
52 - Drak
55 - Brayze_II
55 - lefty
55 - Bane
57 - TUM
59 - OrangeCrush
59 - BetrayedTangy
61 - Scepter
61 - Kate
62 - Anagram
63 - darkx
64 - Ermine
65 - Inviso
67 - Mana
67 - Cybat
71 - ArkOfTurus
72 - Paratroopa
73 - Eddv
74 - FFD
74 - Wizards
75 - MC_XD
76 - Wickle
76 - ecksgem
76 - Paul
78 - Cody
79 - Logicblade
80 - Suor
81 - JONA
81 - MSG
81 - mnk
83 - red
85 - Comm
86 - Stifled
87 - KBM
87 - flubbin
88 - Natwaf
88 - FrostHarpy
88 - Sorozone
88 - Gen
89 - Nick
89 - Raka
89 - profDEADPOOL
92 - starfox
93 - Magmortar
94 - CasanovaZelos
96 - scarlet
96 - Arti
97 - Snake5s
100 - Dragon66116

Preston: Oddish was still the ruler of all Grass types in G/S/C anyway. 

Goa: The rest of its line sucks, but I admit if these existed in real life seeing them float by my window would make me smile. Alternatively, decorate one with glow in the dark accessories and substitute it for passing a beach ball around at a rave!

Brayze: He got a bit cooler when it turned out he’s a helicopter

Anagram: A flying radish? Okay. I can definitely work with that. There’s nothing spectacular about Hoppip, but it has no real bad points, either. We’ve more-or-less entered the realm of pokemon about which I don’t really feel anything.

Cybat: Very simple but effective design, and I love how he starts with Splash for no real reason. (That's because I never tried to use one in game, of course)

Paratroopa: hi hoppip. just passing through? all right then, seeya

Suor: I like how happy it looks compared to Skiploom. Not being colored like green vomit and having cool elicopter leaves instead of the dumbest flower ever might be the reason.

Stifled: That face…*shudders*

KBM: Because we needed a Grass equivalent to Magikarp.

Natwaf: Honest to god I don't know what to say here. This entire line is my very definition of MEH. Well, I guess that's not true. It's weak as hell, and for my 100% Super Chatelaine Nita counter, I needed a high leveled one to pass Worry Seed to a Cottonee. Hoppip looks the best Gen: It doesn't start out great to begin with.

Raka: Ugly leaf and color. What is it, a beet?

Starfox: I just hate this entire line. They all look stupid and are pretty useless.

Magmortar: It doesn’t look quite as stupid as other Pokemon, but still looks pretty stupid. Probably because of that grin. I guess it being pink is cool.

CasanovaZelos: Utterly forgettable.

Arti: HOPPIP used Splash! But nothing happened.

87. Unown


#87 Unown

SCORE: 4193

Average Ranking: 69.88 (St. Dev: 23.11)
Fully Evolved Rank: 53/54
Psychic Rank: 9/10

13 - lefty
21 - Snake5s
28 - Inviso
29 - Natwaf
37 - scarlet
38 - TexWolf
39 - FFD
40 - Sanity
41 - Wickle
44 - Bane
47 - darkx
47 - Brayze_II
49 - Preston
51 - starfox
51 - Paul
53 - OrangeCrush
54 - BetrayedTangy
54 - Wizards
57 - Mana
60 - Suor
66 - Drak
66 - andy
66 - xx521xx
68 - JONA
68 - Magmortar
69 - GoaFan77
69 - mnk
69 - Dragon66116
70 - Stifled
73 - Scepter
73 - Arti
74 - Anagram
74 - KBM
74 - TUM
75 - Poke
76 - Ermine
76 - Cody
76 - Gen
78 - profDEADPOOL
78 - MI
80 - ecksgem
85 - Xuxon
86 - Nick
90 - Cybat
92 - MSG
93 - Paratroopa
94 - FrostHarpy
96 - flubbin
97 - Logicblade
97 - Comm
97 - ArkOfTurus
98 - Sorozone
99 - Raka
99 - Kate
99 - red
100 - CasanovaZelos
100 - Karo
100 - Eddv
100 - Tennis
100 - MC_XD

Natwaf: Without fail, in every game it appears in, I will capture each kind. Despite the fact I have 3 sets (LG, Platinum, and HG). No, wait, make that 2 sets, considering the one in LG is incomplete without ! And ?. Weak as ****, but ooh, so mysterious~.

Wickle: I just want everyone to know that the S is my favorite Unown. I've never caught them all.

Brayze: they are like larval sigilyph

Preston: I guess Unown is alright. I remember it was...surprisingly useful in Super Smash Bros. Melee. It was also in the third Pokemon movie. Spell of The Unown it was called right? That was the last good Pokemon movie in my opinion. How many non-Legendaries out there do you know are the feature star in a Pokemon movie? Even if Hidden Power is the only move Unown knows.

Starfox: I’ve always had a small soft spot for the gimmicky Pokemon. I thought Unown was cool when I first played the game (I was like 8). I even caught all 26 of them… lamest reward ever, but I did!

Suor: I've always liked Unown. The ruins with Unown hieroglyphics were creepy and unsettling in the good way, they always kept me wondering if there was more to them. Besides, it's so cool that the pokémon world has an actual living alphabet.

Magmortar: It’s clearly the most unpredictable Pokemon ever. It could know a move of any type. One move. And it only has that one move. SCARY.

Goa: Props for a unique idea ultimately gets balanced out by how annoying it is to find all of these things.

Stifled: A, B, C, D, E, F*** it. 

Arti: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz!?

Anagram: For well over a decade, I called it “Oo-known.” Then I watched the anime for that topic and learned it was “Unknown.” So dumb.

KBM: Such a weird gimmick. I don't necessarily DISLIKE it, but I can't say I'm a fan.

Gen: While this might seem a high placement for a gimmick pokémon that is literally more useless than Magikarp, I can forgive it for being the original gimmick. Yeah its sole reasons for existing include marketing a movie, being puzzle pieces, and spelling out rude messages to your friends but uh... Yeah I got nothing. I think they're neat is all.

Cybat: It's a fantastic concept. But it ultimately doesn’t amount to anything other than novelty and an extra tedium for completionists. (And a delightfully annoying font.)

Paratroopa: many things are known about it: it's a useless gimmick, it has an empty design, it's a complete waste of space

Logicblade: Dumb gimmick. Would be fine at 100.

Comm: I hated all the different forms. I felt compelled to catch them all and at the same time knew it was an exercise in futility. I ultimately decided not to even try, but it left me feeling like I left something incomplete.

Raka: Much worse than Una Nancy Owen.

CasanovaZelos: Why does this exist? Stupid design matched with a single move. It's not even the funny kind of useless, as they seemed to be going for something with it.

Karo: What could be worse than an awful looking, gimmicky waste of space that is unusable in any context? How about 28 of them! A microcosm of everything wrong with the gen 2 development team's priorities.

Eddv: Dumb Gimmick.

Natwaf’s Nicknames (for formatting I kinda had to put this last >_>): Unown

A: A B: B C: C D: D E: E F: F G: G H: H I: I J: J K: K L: L M: M N: N O: O P: P Q: Q R: R S: S T: T U: U V: V W: W X: X Y: Y Z: Z !: ! ?: ?

86. SunfloraEdit

Sunflora 600

#86 Sunflora

SCORE: 4142

Average Ranking: 69.03 (St. Dev: 22.31)
Fully Evolved Rank: 52/54
Grass Rank: 7/10
Sunkern Line: 1/2

16 - mnk
21 - FFD
23 - Tennis
31 - OrangeCrush
31 - Suor
33 - Wickle
34 - Eddv
36 - Cybat
37 - xx521xx
39 - Xuxon
44 - Gen
50 - Natwaf
51 - MI
52 - lefty
53 - Poke
55 - Karo
58 - Sanity
62 - Magmortar
63 - Raka
64 - Stifled
64 - Arti
65 - Scepter
66 - scarlet
66 - Comm
67 - red
69 - darkx
70 - Preston
70 - TUM
71 - Snake5s
72 - Drak
73 - Logicblade
75 - Nick
75 - ArkOfTurus
78 - ecksgem
78 - Inviso
79 - BetrayedTangy
79 - MSG
81 - Cody
82 - Sorozone
84 - KBM
84 - flubbin
84 - andy
86 - GoaFan77
86 - Paul
86 - profDEADPOOL
87 - MC_XD
90 - Anagram
90 - TexWolf
90 - Wizards
91 - starfox
91 - FrostHarpy
91 - Kate
91 - Dragon66116
92 - CasanovaZelos
96 - JONA
97 - Brayze_II
97 - Paratroopa
98 - Bane
99 - Mana
99 - Ermine

Suor: I once had a 70 BP Hidden Power Fire on one of these things randomly. I don't know how to express how much I love its happy face. Wickle: What? I like mah little sunflower

Eddv: A happy dancy sunflower is a nice concept. Pity its terrible in battle.

Cybat: I decided I wanted a Grass type on my team in Gold because I started with Cyndaquil, and, yeah, I got this. Welp. I will say that the design is pretty apt, and hey, Petal Dance is cool.

Gen: You know if not for the fact that this pokémon made for Meowth's most convincing disguise to date this thing would be completely unremarkable. Hell I can't unsee them as Meowths in disguise now.

Natwaf: Why the hell is this thing so happy, it's godawful. Aww hell, I can't stay mad at it's happy face. Natwaf’s Nicknames: Sunkern-Sunflora Both Genders: Matahari

Magmortar: It sucks really, really bad but oh come on. Look at that face. It’s a jolly dumb sunflower that needs sunlight to outrun a fucking snail. Sunflora is stupid but I don’t see how one can actually hate it. Stupid sunflower is fun.

Raka: There's a zombie on your lawn~ Also, weakest FE Pokemon ever, I think (IMO)? That's notable, so it gets a boost.

Stifled: Being happy is good.

Preston: The only notable thing about Sunflora was that it was the first Pokémon in the Gold/Silver/Crystal Poke'Rap. Yeah I know that's not very noteworthy.

KBM: It's literally just a sunflower. What do you want me to say? Gen 2 Grass Pokémon are not good.

Goa: Derpy and generic.

Anagram: Does anyone like this thing? Not only is it literally just a sunflower with a face, those weird black lines flanking the face just make it look off, somehow.

Starfox: I hate its face so much

CasanovaZelos: Evolves from a terrible Pokemon and is horribly useless. Waste of a sun stone.

Brayze: I’ll be frank in saying there aren’t a lot of good places to go with a sunflower pokemon but sunflora is also a pedophile

Paratroopa: NO

Mana: One of the most disappointing evolutions ever. The Bug Catching Contest was fun, but first prize was so disappointing. Yay, a Sun Stone! So I can turn Sunkern into slightly less worthless Sunflora! 

85. DunsparceEdit


#85 Dunsparce

SCORE: 4065

Average Ranking: 67.75 (St. Dev: 29.84)
Fully Evolved Rank: 51/54
Normal Rank: 14/15

1 - Paratroopa
4 - BetrayedTangy
4 - Brayze_II
10 - Sanity
12 - Bane
20 - Arti
25 - profDEADPOOL
27 - TexWolf
29 - Magmortar
33 - Eddv
36 - Natwaf
38 - OrangeCrush
39 - lefty
43 - Suor
44 - Ermine
45 - Sorozone
45 - andy
47 - ArkOfTurus
48 - Anagram
55 - Cybat
58 - scarlet
59 - Mana
64 - Inviso
69 - starfox
70 - Tennis
74 - FrostHarpy
77 - Scepter
78 - mnk
80 - FFD
80 - TUM
82 - darkx
82 - red
83 - Snake5s
83 - KBM
83 - MSG
84 - Raka
84 - Xuxon
85 - Drak
86 - CasanovaZelos
88 - Stifled
88 - ecksgem
89 - Paul
90 - flubbin
92 - Poke
93 - Dragon66116
94 - Preston
94 - Cody
94 - MC_XD
95 - Wickle
97 - JONA
97 - GoaFan77
97 - Wizards
98 - Nick
98 - Kate
98 - Gen
99 - Karo
99 - MI
99 - xx521xx
100 - Logicblade
100 - Comm

Paratroopa: an absolute triumph of design based on ridiculous japanese mythology, just like farfetch'd. look at his little wings! you can't not like this thing.

Brayze: Based on an old and sacred Japanese legend, about a snake that is fat

Sanity: This has one of the dumbest looking designs. It looks dead. It has a stupid name. What more do you want?

Arti: One of my friends found a Dunsparce purely by luck in the Dark Cave, no swarm. We battled quite a bit and I ended up liking it

Magmortar: One of the dumbest looking Pokemon ever (which is a real achievement) and makes annoyance out of things with good ol’ paraflinching. I like it.

Natwaf: BODY SLAM! Watch out for dat Serene Grace Also, bigger than you'd think. It also has an oddly irresistible face.

Natwaf’s Nicknames: Both Genders: Tsuchinoko

Anagram: This thing has a huge cult following, and I just do not understand why. It’s not bad or anything, it’s just—why? It’s just Gen 2 Farfetch’d.

OrangeCrush: Dunsparce is the fodder line for me Suor: I can't put my finger on why I like Dunsparce this much, it's just... different than any other pokémon and seems so out of place in anything, I love it.

Cybat: Serene Grace is such a great ability. Granted, I don't really get a serene or graceful sense from this weird snake thing but whatever.

KBM: I literally don't care.

Raka: I just REALLY like the name 'Serene Grace' guys

CasanovaZelos: I'm still not sure what this is. Stifled: The colors and the derping…this thing is so weird.

Preston: Who cares about Dunsparce? I like Torrie Wilson.

Goa: Nearly as pathetic as Magicarp without any of the charm. Only good thing is his name. It's a perfect in universe insult. Quit being a Dunsparce Brock!

Gen: All my hate. Why is this a rare pokémon? Just because of the mythical creature it's based off of? Couldn't they at least have made him less pathetic? Both on and off the field it just fails at everything. The only reason it escaped my bottom spot is because I actually felt sorry for it.

Karo: The stupidest looking f***er that the world of pokemon has ever created.

Logicblade: Derp taken too far. This BS better be dead last or I'm eating you

Starfox. Well... ok there are a few terrible pokes in Gen 2 that I could tolerate being lower than Dumbsparce.

Comm: Oh I hate this thing so bad. I don't even know why. It's just utterly useless and completely boring. Ugly as sin and by far the worst Pokemon in Gen 2 (which is saying quite a bit).

84. Aipom

Aipom 600

#84 Aipom

SCORE: 4005

Average Ranking: 66.75 (St. Dev: 26.02)
NFE Rank: 34/46
Normal Rank: 13/15

5 - Eddv
5 - xx521xx
11 - Karo
20 - Nick
22 - red
23 - Xuxon
27 - Stifled
28 - lefty
30 - profDEADPOOL
37 - JONA
42 - BetrayedTangy
42 - MI
46 - ArkOfTurus
47 - Dragon66116
50 - starfox
52 - Sorozone
52 - mnk
54 - Wickle
57 - Gen
59 - darkx
60 - Drak
64 - Scepter
66 - Kate
66 - MC_XD
66 - Inviso
69 - Preston
69 - Natwaf
69 - Sanity
70 - Paul
71 - Arti
71 - Wizards
74 - Comm
75 - Anagram
77 - Raka
77 - Cybat
81 - Suor
82 - Logicblade
83 - Ermine
83 - Cody
85 - KBM
85 - flubbin
86 - Snake5s
86 - TUM
87 - ecksgem
88 - scarlet
89 - GoaFan77
90 - Brayze_II
91 - CasanovaZelos
92 - Mana
92 - Magmortar
92 - Paratroopa
93 - FrostHarpy
93 - FFD
93 - Bane
95 - Poke
96 - OrangeCrush
97 - MSG
97 - TexWolf
98 - Tennis
98 - andy

Eddv: Aipom is really cool. I like the pun to the name and I really like the line because of how ridiculousi found it as a kid.

Stifled: A monkey with a glove tail? I didn’t know I wanted that until you gave it to me!

Gen: Back before monkeys became way overused in this series Aipom was super cute. I liked its wearing Ash's hat gimmick that was totally original and not used by some other pocket monster that came before it yup.


Natwaf: NFE Trash with a crazy, crazy smile.

Sanity: Monkeys suck. There is something about his face I kind of like though.

Anagram: Ash had one and traded it to May. Or Dawn. I don’t even remember. That’s how little I care about this thing. It’s one of a billion monkey pokemon, and all that stands out about it is that it has a gimmicky tail.

Raka: Natwaf's name: Luffy (I guess). Anyway, weird design, but it kinda worked.

Cybat: His face is kind of unsettling, not to mention his tail. But Skill Link is a fun ability. Suor: I like how it stands on its tail that is also a hand. Sneaky.

KBM: Aipom is as fodder-y and unmemorable as Pokémon come. Also for some reason its hand tail REALLY bothers me. It's off-putting to look at (although not as terrifying as what it evolves into).

Goa: I forgot this guy didn't get his evolution right away. No wonder no one payed any attention to him until Gen IV, and even then this line is usually ignored.

Brayze: Monkey pokemon don’t usually go well and aipom is a good representative of his sickly kind

CasanovaZelos: Pokemon has really ugly monkeys.

Mana: My first shiny. Woo. How wonderful to have this creepy thing as a Shiny, right? Aipom is just disturbing.

Magmortar: Aipom has a creepy grin. It’s nothing compared to Ambipom but it is pretty fucking freaky. I’ve never really liked monkeys either.

Paratroopa: at least 5 of these comments will be about drugs, specifically crack, that is assuming 5 people bothered to comment

MSG: A monkey with a hand on the end of its tail is a neat concept, but so many aspects of it irk me. The hand is more of a ball, with itty bitty stub fingers. Its face is a constant troll face. And it's a huge a**hole in Eager Eevee. F*** him, what a douche.

83. Chinchou


#83 Chinchou

SCORE: 3990

Average Ranking: 66.50 (St. Dev: 20.22)
NFE Rank: 33/46
Water Rank: 17/18
Electric Rank: 8/8
Chinchou Line Rank: 2/2

10 - KBM
12 - Preston
19 - Paratroopa
24 - TexWolf
36 - Arti
38 - Scepter
40 - Inviso
41 - Paul
41 - Wizards
48 - MSG
51 - Eddv
51 - lefty
53 - red
53 - TUM
53 - andy
57 - mnk
59 - Sanity
59 - ArkOfTurus
61 - starfox
61 - FFD
62 - OrangeCrush
64 - GoaFan77
64 - Comm
66 - ecksgem
66 - Xuxon
67 - Anagram
71 - Raka
71 - Bane
72 - JONA
72 - flubbin
72 - profDEADPOOL
73 - Ermine
73 - Cybat
73 - Brayze_II
73 - Drak
73 - Magmortar
74 - darkx
77 - Natwaf
77 - Wickle
78 - Mana
78 - FrostHarpy
78 - Suor
79 - Snake5s
79 - Kate
79 - Gen
80 - Karo
80 - xx521xx
81 - Sorozone
83 - MI
85 - CasanovaZelos
85 - BetrayedTangy
85 - Poke
87 - Dragon66116
89 - Cody
90 - Tennis
90 - MC_XD
92 - Nick
93 - Logicblade
94 - Stifled
98 - scarlet

KBM: It's so cute! I love the little plus-eyes and the tiny little :o mouth... and water/electric is just really cool typing, so bonus points for that. This is one of the few times I think the FE really outshines a cute NFE, though (which I know is a tendency that's going to upset some people).

Preston: Dude look at this color. I love Chinchou's beady little X's it has for eyes.

Paratroopa: chinchou right now is the last pokemon I have to write something about. I really know how to pick 'em. well, yeah, chinchou. he's cool. he might be dead. dunno what's up with that. might want to getthat checked out

Goa: An eel would have been a better first electric/water, but this thing isn't terrible.

Anagram: I don’t understand the plus signs in its eyes. No other pokemon has that, it makes no sense to me. There’s nothing particular plus-like about it, other than it’s an electric-type and I guess you can argue that plus/minus signs make sense for that, but no other electric-type has anything like that going on.

Raka: WTF is this s***

Cybat: Not much to say about this one; it's a good design.

Brayze: They made up for this dumb thing when they invented stunfisk, the finest of flat fish pokemon.

Magmortar: It looks stupid even by this generation’s standards, but battling-wise it is not bad, and it’s definitely unique.

Natwaf: While I love Lanturn, it's NFE form is… uhh… kind of what in appearances.

Mana: It's terrible looking and forgettable. Really, that's it.

Gen: I like how its eyes look like screws. That's interesting.

CasanovaZelos: Electric/water is a cool typing, but Chinchou has a horrible design. Those eyes.

Stifled: Do those things sprouting from its head pick up XM radio?

82. Sentret


#82 Sentret

SCORE: 3921

Average Ranking: 65.35 (St. Dev: 17.72)
NFE Rank: 32/46
Normal Rank: 12/15
Sentret Line Rank: 2/2

16 - Poke
30 - Raka
30 - Drak
32 - Karo
36 - Gen
38 - MC_XD
39 - mnk
41 - Inviso
46 - Nick
46 - Paratroopa
48 - andy
54 - JONA
55 - Preston
55 - MI
56 - KBM
56 - Kate
57 - Ermine
57 - Sanity
58 - Sorozone
59 - Logicblade
59 - Arti
61 - OrangeCrush
62 - Xuxon
63 - Anagram
63 - Wizards
63 - lefty
65 - scarlet
65 - flubbin
65 - Magmortar
65 - xx521xx
68 - CasanovaZelos
68 - FrostHarpy
69 - Wickle
69 - red
70 - MSG
71 - Cody
71 - ecksgem
72 - Eddv
74 - GoaFan77
74 - Brayze_II
76 - starfox
77 - Bane
78 - darkx
78 - Tennis
78 - ArkOfTurus
79 - Mana
80 - TexWolf
81 - Paul
82 - Dragon66116
82 - Suor
83 - Natwaf
84 - Cybat
86 - Scepter
88 - FFD
88 - Comm
88 - TUM
88 - profDEADPOOL
91 - Snake5s
92 - Stifled
96 - BetrayedTangy

Raka: Admiraaaal. Also fluffy.

Gen: It's cuter than Furret and I don't care if I'm the only one in the world who prefers it. Also it has a cute anime call.

Paratroopa: fun fact of the day: sentret has 20 speed, putting him at the same level as things like geodude and slugma, and slower than such known speed luminaries as snorlax and slowbro. sentret is not very fast, though maybe that's because he doesn't really have any limbs

Preston: Why are sprites named after a soda? Can I have an explanation to this?

KBM: I'm not gonna lie, this little guy is kinda cute. Got pretty sick of seeing him 50 times by the time you even get your first Poké Ball, though.

Anagram: I like the target sign on its stomach. Ever wonder how things like this would have evolved in a logical sense? I mean, what use does it serve evolutionarily to have a target on the spot that contains all of your vulnerable, meaty organs?

Magmortar: Cute! Really that’s it. It’s on like two routes in gen 2 games, WTF.

CasanovaZelos: I prefer most of the first route rodents over Rattata, and Sentret is no exception. Helps that it evolves into something supremely cute.

Goa: The looking around on its tail part is cute enough to make this one of the better useless normal rodent Pokemon.

Brayze: Sentret’s body is all out of proportion and it really bothers me

Mana: Probably the worst Normal beginner. Ermine should be pleased that I have Furret a lot higher, but Sentret's just goofy.

Natwaf: Still the worst early critter, but it's cuter than the fugly mess that is Furret.

Cybat: Most of its sprites make it look really chubby even though it's supposed to be 2' tall and only 13 pounds. Also I don't understand how it turns into a ferret.

Stifled: You’re not Rattata. Don’t even try.

81. Qwilfish


#81 Qwilfish

SCORE: 3920

Average Ranking: 65.33 (St. Dev: 25.79)
Fully Evolved Rank: 50/54
Water Rank: 16/18
Poison Rank: 4/4

6 - Brayze_II
8 - flubbin
15 - TexWolf
17 - Paratroopa
19 - ArkOfTurus
22 - FrostHarpy
22 - Magmortar
22 - Suor
27 - BetrayedTangy
27 - profDEADPOOL
32 - darkx
38 - lefty
49 - Cybat
49 - Eddv
53 - Sanity
54 - Logicblade
54 - Kate
55 - Anagram
57 - starfox
61 - Karo
61 - Inviso
63 - Natwaf
63 - FFD
64 - KBM
64 - Dragon66116
66 - red
67 - Nick
69 - Stifled
72 - Snake5s
74 - Raka
76 - Preston
76 - Xuxon
77 - Arti
78 - OrangeCrush
79 - scarlet
80 - MSG
80 - Comm
81 - Ermine
81 - TUM
82 - Gen
82 - ecksgem
82 - andy
83 - Tennis
83 - Paul
84 - Mana
84 - mnk
85 - JONA
86 - Wizards
87 - Drak
88 - CasanovaZelos
90 - Wickle
90 - Bane
91 - Sorozone
91 - Cody
93 - GoaFan77
93 - MI
94 - Poke
97 - Scepter
98 - xx521xx
99 - MC_XD

Brayze: “Want a bad night, try sleeping on one of these”

Flubbin: I really really like Qwilfish, and I’m not quite sure why. He doesn’t get the recognition he deserves.

Paratroopa: useless, forgettable, and ugly in a hilarious way? right up my alley

Magmortar: Everyone forgets this thing, me included, which is odd because when I do remember it it’s pretty good. That typing is actually really handy. Rainfish is not something you want to deal with.

Suor: Gotta love how versatile it is for a relatively niche pokémon: access to Tentacruel's typing, both spikes and Explosion? Sign me up. It will probably end up underappreciated in this list though.

Cybat: There was a "most forgettable Pokemon" topic a long time ago and I looked through the lists and posted Qwilfish. And since then I have always remembered this little guy because of his forgettableness.

Anagram: I’d rank it higher but for the terrible mouth.

Natwaf: The inferior Water/Poison of early pokemon. That said, it has different roles, so it's not too bad. I can't stand it's looks though.

Natwaf’s Nicknames: Both Genders: Fugu

KBM Completely middle-ground, and pretty good for a one-off Pokémon... but when you consider how many Water Pokémon are in this gen, and how generally good they are, I kind of have to consider it a disappointment.

Stifled: Kinda reminds me of the blowfish enemies in Super Mario World.

Raka: It's pretty cool because of its unique typing (not counting Tentas). Why are Gen 2 Pokes so weak?

Preston: Board 8 has very weird taste in Pokémon. I mean if you are going to rank Swinub you might as well get rid of Piloswine right after no? Anyways Qwilfish just screams windbag to me with it's poisonous spikes. Screw you Qwilfish.

Gen: I guess we really needed a pufferfish so now we have one no one cares about. Yay?

Mana: I feel like I've always wanted to like Qwilfish more than I do, but it's hard to justify. Swarm Pokemon, worse than Tentacruel, I've never seen it in battle before. I do like its design and it has Spikes. 

CasanovaZelos: There are just so many water Pokemon, and it doesn't do anything to stand out.

Goa: Much better things could have been done with a pufferfish. Instead I usually forget it exists.

80. Pineco


#80 Pineco

SCORE: 3903

Average Ranking: 65.05 (St. Dev: 24.89)
NFE Rank: 31/46
Bug Rank: 9/10
Pineco Line: 2/2

5 - Xuxon
8 - profDEADPOOL
19 - darkx
20 - Brayze_II
23 - lefty
25 - TUM
26 - FrostHarpy
26 - Paratroopa
31 - MSG
31 - TexWolf
36 - Eddv
39 - BetrayedTangy
40 - Anagram
43 - mnk
44 - KBM
45 - Stifled
47 - andy
58 - Preston
60 - GoaFan77
63 - starfox
66 - Logicblade
66 - Magmortar
66 - Suor
67 - Kate
68 - Mana
68 - Natwaf
68 - FFD
70 - Nick
70 - Cybat
71 - Sanity
71 - MI
72 - OrangeCrush
72 - Inviso
77 - Snake5s
78 - xx521xx
79 - Cody
79 - ArkOfTurus
80 - CasanovaZelos
80 - flubbin
81 - scarlet
81 - Gen
81 - Arti
82 - Wickle
82 - Poke
83 - Wizards
84 - JONA
84 - Dragon66116
86 - Ermine
86 - Drak
87 - Tennis
90 - ecksgem
92 - Karo
92 - Comm
92 - Paul
93 - Sorozone
93 - MC_XD
93 - red
94 - Raka
94 - Bane
96 - Scepter

Brayze: angry pinecone with an imposing sprite what has made you angry pineco is it that I knocked you out of a tree I just wanted delicious honey oh well go in this ball and stay in the computer forever. Also this is the first bagworm pokemon, because an animal that is interesting to emulate in videogames is the bagworm


MSG: It's a pine cone Pokemon. Named Pineco. I find that absolutely hilarious.

Anagram: It’s like someone said “Make me a pinecone pokemon,” and the concept artist literally just drew a pinecone and added angry eyes to it.

KBM: It's a bug that doesn't look like a bug, so I can deal with it. And it evolves into something kickass. And there's something really really funny about the fact that they literally rendered a PINE CONE, put eyes on it, and said “Hey, guys, look, here's our new Pokémon!”

Stifled: I kinda like this line because of Pokemon Conquest.

Preston: <3 Censorship <3

Goa: This is about as high as I can put a Pinecone Pokemon. Especially one that like to self destruct when you try and catch it.

Starfox: Its design might be stupidly simple, but I still think it’s kind of cool looking

Magmortar: There are a lot of arguments as to why real life Pokemon is an awful idea, but I feel Pineco is one of the strongest ones. Something causes a tree to shake. Pineco falls down. It explodes. You die. Fun.

Natwaf: I remember I was playing Nuzlocke of Bloody Platinum, and I ran into a Pineco while using a Mew… AND THE ****ER EXPLODED IN MY FACE. That was a hilarious way to lose a party member. *shaskes fist*

Cybat: The idea of exploding pine cones is pretty terrifying when you think about it.

CasanovaZelos: A pinecone. Surprisingly cute. Flubbin: I kind of like it for some reason even though it’s just a literal pinecone.

Gen: Ugh. Just ugh.

Wizards: Literally a pinecone.

Raka: So meaningless, worthless…pine cone with eyes…man, that's a stroke of genius. Like, a clotted blood vessel of a genius.

79. Blissey


#79 Blissey

SCORE: 3898

Average Ranking: 64.97 (St. Dev: 27.23)
Fully Evolved Rank: 49/54
Normal Rank: 11/15
Part of a preexisting line: 14/19

10 - Paul
12 - andy
14 - Cody
17 - Raka
20 - Inviso
22 - Scepter
27 - Tennis
32 - Mana
33 - OrangeCrush
34 - MSG
39 - Preston
39 - Karo
40 - Wizards
42 - darkx
43 - Arti
46 - Kate
47 - Xuxon
48 - Wickle
48 - lefty
49 - Snake5s
49 - JONA
53 - GoaFan77
53 - Suor
55 - Dragon66116
58 - CasanovaZelos
60 - Cybat
61 - MI
63 - mnk
66 - Poke
67 - FrostHarpy
67 - Gen
71 - flubbin
72 - Stifled
73 - profDEADPOOL
76 - xx521xx
77 - MC_XD
77 - ecksgem
78 - Drak
78 - Comm
87 - Bane
89 - Logicblade
89 - BetrayedTangy
89 - TexWolf
91 - KBM
91 - Brayze_II
92 - FFD
93 - scarlet
94 - starfox
95 - Anagram
95 - Sorozone
95 - Eddv
95 - Paratroopa
96 - Nick
96 - Ermine
98 - Sanity
98 - TUM
99 - ArkOfTurus
100 - Natwaf
100 - red
100 - Magmortar

Raka: Mmm I like Pokemon with big…HP. Also, it's ruffly.

Preston: Blissey is pretty annoying online. I'm not going to prevaricate here about this. Blissey has the highest HP stat of any Pokémon. But Blissey is cute and I liked Jessie and her little story arc with Blissey and for that? I put it in the Top 40. Not top of the line but not bad either.

Suor: “It is a Pokémon that delivers happiness” LMAO

CasanovaZelos: I could really have put this near the top or bottom. It all depends on if I'm using Blissey or fighting it.

Cybat: I can't understand how someone would think it would be a good idea to give any Pokemon base 255 HP, especially when the bars used to count down linearly instead of proportionally. And that's not even getting into its weird, weird design.

Gen: I know a lot of people are going to love or hate Blissey, but well... I happen to be in the indifferent minority. Yep it sure was a competitive nightmare in its heyday and tbh she's still got a lot to offer.

Stifled: Chansey didn’t need an evolution.

Ecks: Such a pain, and it's so happy looking. It just sits there smiling as I'm pounding away at it, almost as if it likes it…

KBM: This sort of combines the bad design choices of things like Wigglytuff and Clefable with the bad design choices of things like Igglybuff and Cleffa. Notice there are certain lines that I just think try way too hard.

Brayze: “let’s make it cold stop special attackers and give it recovery and evasion”

Starfox: Strike one: Overly designed to be cute, which automatically makes it the opposite. Strike two: Its purpose in battle is quite literally the worst. Strike three: By merely existing it made Chansey even stronger because of eviolite. Just… why?

Anagram: It’s honestly not SO terrible, but my experiences playing Pokemon singles forever ruins certain pokemon. Blissey is not quite at the top of the list, but it’s still ruined for me. Why does Chansey even need an evolution? It’s already very good on its own.

Eddv: Die.

Paratroopa: sometimes I still see blissey's face in all of my worst nightmares

Sanity: Chansey is terrible looking, and this is even worse.

Natwaf: WHY DOES THIS PINK ABOMINATION EXIST? WHY GOD WHY? One half of the dreaded Skarmbliss combo, and a gigantic pain in the ass when you fight one. See: Most of what I ssaid in the Chansey Writeup. DIE PINK BLOB LINE, DIE!

Magmortar: Blissey is a pink fat fuck who put Regice out of a job and has served no purpose other than to torment me by existing. It is a fucking abomination. It makes Lulu look like Ride the Lightning. Blissey also retroactively made Chansey a more annoying Pokemon because it let Chansey hold the Eviolite. Why does it exist. I want to kill it. Repeatedly. How can anyone unironically (or even ironically) like this thing. Look at that dumb face. And all that HP. It won’t die. It’s just a stupid bitch. Why.

78. Swinub


#78 Swinub

SCORE: 3890

Average Ranking: 64.83 (St. Dev: 20.61)
NFE Rank: 30/46
Ground Rank: 9/10
Ice Rank: 4/5
Swinub Line: 2/2

7 - Brayze_II
17 - Xuxon
25 - MI
26 - KBM
27 - lefty
32 - Gen
39 - Scepter
44 - Anagram
44 - andy
45 - Drak
45 - Paratroopa
46 - JONA
49 - BetrayedTangy
49 - Kate
50 - Mana
51 - Dragon66116
52 - ArkOfTurus
53 - Magmortar
56 - xx521xx
58 - darkx
58 - profDEADPOOL
59 - scarlet
61 - CasanovaZelos
61 - Eddv
64 - flubbin
66 - mnk
68 - Ermine
69 - MSG
69 - Wizards
70 - Wickle
70 - Inviso
71 - TUM
72 - starfox
72 - Arti
72 - Bane
73 - FrostHarpy
73 - MC_XD
74 - ecksgem
74 - TexWolf
75 - Natwaf
76 - FFD
77 - OrangeCrush
77 - Paul
78 - Raka
80 - Preston
80 - Logicblade
81 - Stifled
83 - Cybat
84 - Comm
85 - Tennis
86 - Sanity
87 - GoaFan77
88 - Nick
89 - Snake5s
89 - Karo
90 - Cody
92 - red
93 - Suor
93 - Poke
96 - Sorozone

Brayze: He has four tiny tufts on his underside that I guess are feet, but that I KNOW are adorable

KBM: If you disregard the out-of-place pig nose (I try to), he's actually really cute. It helps that I've actually used him so I got used to his sprite from behind.

Gen: Cute sleepy piglet...

Anagram: It’s better than Piloswine purely because it’s at least cute.

Paratroopa: go swinub. find all the poketruffles. you can do it.

Magmortar: It’s adorable, especially with those eyes shut all the time, but otherwise is just okay. Hard to believe what it evolves into now, though. Seriously. And that typing is always going to be really cool.

CasanovaZelos: The design is kind of basic, but I've always had a soft spot for the Swinub line.

Natwaf: NFE Trash. I like its eyes though.

Raka: It's a hairy pig…well, it's cute.

Preston: IDGAF about Swinub

Stifled: So it’s walking foot fungus?

Cybat: Well it has a cool type combination. But just not an appealing design at all.

Goa: One of the few Pokemon besides Paras I actually feel sorry for. A little cute, very helpless. I doubt anyone at the time thought that one day a very special Swinub would grow up to shake up the Pokemon World Championships over a decade later.

Suor: The only remarkable thing about this loser is that its Powder Snow in the TCG made the opponent fall asleep. That's how boring it is.

77. Stantler


#77 Stantler

SCORE: 3802

Average Ranking: 63.37 (St. Dev: 21.07)
Fully Evolved Rank: 48/54
Normal Rank: 10/15

7 - mnk
22 - Dragon66116
29 - Wickle
29 - TUM
31 - Snake5s
32 - GoaFan77
33 - starfox
33 - Magmortar
35 - Karo
40 - Tennis
46 - FFD
46 - profDEADPOOL
47 - OrangeCrush
47 - FrostHarpy
49 - Ermine
51 - Poke
52 - Stifled
54 - Comm
55 - Suor
56 - MC_XD
56 - Arti
57 - ArkOfTurus
58 - Nick
60 - Logicblade
60 - scarlet
61 - Paratroopa
62 - Scepter
63 - Mana
63 - Cody
63 - MSG
63 - red
64 - ecksgem
65 - KBM
67 - Drak
69 - Sorozone
70 - TexWolf
70 - andy
71 - Cybat
72 - MI
73 - darkx
73 - flubbin
73 - Bane
79 - Natwaf
80 - Brayze_II
80 - Sanity
82 - Anagram
82 - xx521xx
83 - lefty
84 - CasanovaZelos
84 - Kate
86 - JONA
87 - Preston
87 - Raka
89 - Eddv
92 - Inviso
92 - Xuxon
96 - Gen
97 - BetrayedTangy
97 - Paul
98 - Wizards

Wickle: I don't even know. I like some Gen 2 weirdness.

Goa: Seems unremarkable, until you realize he's a deer that can use hypnosis on you. I really don't want one of these things in my headlights.

Magmortar: Deer god, it’s pretty nice. Could be better. A lot better. Still kind of cool all around, gets some good moves. Yeah that’s it for Stantler.

Poke: Stantler the Mantler

Stifled: It’s like Sawsbuck only not.

Paratroopa: was the most forgettable pokemon until I found out that it's danny sexbang's favorite pokemon. now I have a reason to always remember stantler and his dumb face

MSG: Stantler, aka not-Tauros.

KBM: It would be quite majestic if it weren't so weirdly round in random places. If this was trying to be this generation's Tauros, I don't get the feeling it's working out so well for it.

Cybat: I had never noticed this but it has a really ugly large ball for a tail. Very weird. Cool concept though, with the antlers giving it abilities.

Natwaf: Probably my #1 most forgotten pokemon. Like, I have no idea what I'm supposed to do with this thing. Does this thing stand out in anyway?

Natwaf’s Nicknames:
Male: Bambi
Female: Faline

Brayze: I invite you all to regard stantler’s tail.

Anagram: The absolute definition of forgettable. People always point to Masquerain or Lumineon, but it’s Stantler. At least Lumineon is so unnecessary as to be memorable, and Masquerain evolves from something with a unique typing. Tell me anything about ****ing Stantler, why don’t you.

CasanovaZelos: Just a deer.

Preston: did a countdown one time of the Top 10 Most Pointless Pokémon and Stantler was #1 if I remember correctly. And I can intend to agree with them about that. Here's the link for those of you that haven't seen it.

Raka: lol what. At least that episode about them is pretty good, if only they could learn an unique hypnotism move

Gen: My reasons for hating this pokémon are unfathomable even to myself. I think the closest approximation to an explanation I can make is that it is literally too boring to exist.

76. Croconaw


#76 Croconaw

SCORE: 3780

Average Ranking: 63.00 (St. Dev: 25.05)
NFE Rank: 29/46
Water Rank: 15/18
Totodile Line: 3/3
Starters: 9/9

7 - Sorozone
18 - Paul
20 - MC_XD
21 - Logicblade
24 - FrostHarpy
24 - profDEADPOOL
24 - Wizards
29 - Preston
29 - scarlet
34 - Dragon66116
35 - Nick
37 - MSG
40 - Ermine
42 - Snake5s
42 - CasanovaZelos
45 - Cody
47 - Stifled
48 - Tennis
52 - KBM
52 - Kate
52 - Bane
54 - starfox
54 - Arti
55 - Mana
57 - Magmortar
57 - MI
59 - Natwaf
60 - FFD
63 - ArkOfTurus
67 - Scepter
68 - Paratroopa
70 - Comm
71 - BetrayedTangy
72 - Poke
73 - Karo
73 - Wickle
76 - andy
77 - JONA
77 - red
78 - Anagram
79 - Drak
80 - GoaFan77
84 - OrangeCrush
84 - Sanity
86 - mnk
86 - Gen
88 - Eddv
90 - Suor
91 - darkx
91 - Cybat
91 - TUM
92 - Raka
92 - flubbin
93 - Brayze_II
93 - Inviso
93 - xx521xx
93 - Xuxon
96 - ecksgem
97 - lefty
98 - TexWolf

Preston: I can make a rainbow in the toilet. What's with all of the Flinstones references? The Flintstones is a terrible cartoon.

CasanovaZelos: The best of the mid-stage starters. Looks like it should be dark type.

Stifled: So hideous. That said it still makes the top half of the list with little resistance.

KBM: The weird mohawk thing throws me a little.

Magmortar: Cavegator? Oooooh yes. Has always had this strange, unexplainable appeal to me.

Natwaf: Cave man look just doesn't work on this NFE Trash. That said, I still like it getting Ice Fang early.

Paratroopa: yeah maybe the caveman unitard/half eggshell diaper/whatever look wasn't the best idea here croconaw just put some pants on

Comm: Worst starter by far. Look at that stupid ass jaw.

Wickle: My little buddy, why'd you grow to be ugly? Wrrrrryyyyyyyyyyy

Anagram: This thing looks like it ought to be the dishwasher in the Flintstones.

OrangeCrush: A classic case of "amazing first form, awful middle form, amazing last form"

Gen: ... What's with the Fred Flinstone print hide? I love the alpha and omega but this beta loser is a middie even I can't love.

Suor: I bet they thought putting a “caveman cloth-like” pattern on it was a good idea. It was not.

Cybat: This gen has easily the worst set of starters. And being the middle child in the worst of the three lines is not going to work out well for you.

Raka: I think this is the lowest I will ever put a starter on its gen's list. I just don't like caveman couture and it looks like a fat and annoying bully

Flubbin: Croconaw is just…not good. He looks like such a dweeb.

Brayze: Another difficult pokemon puberty

75. Jumpluff


#75 Jumpluff

SCORE: 3776

Average Ranking: 62.93 (St. Dev: 24.00)
Fully Evolved Rank: 47/54
Grass Rank: 6/10
Flying Rank: 16/19
Hoppip Line: 3/3

9 - Xuxon
18 - Paratroopa
19 - Anagram
19 - Karo
19 - Kate
20 - Cybat
25 - Tennis
27 - Wizards
33 - xx521xx
34 - Mana
35 - Brayze_II
35 - ArkOfTurus
42 - Scepter
43 - Poke
45 - Preston
45 - Suor
48 - Cody
49 - Raka
50 - Sanity
53 - TexWolf
55 - mnk
58 - Ermine
60 - andy
62 - Logicblade
63 - GoaFan77
64 - red
65 - Eddv
68 - BetrayedTangy
68 - Wickle
68 - Comm
68 - Dragon66116
69 - lefty
70 - Drak
74 - OrangeCrush
75 - FFD
75 - TUM
76 - Nick
77 - MSG
80 - darkx
80 - Arti
81 - starfox
81 - MI
82 - JONA
83 - Sorozone
83 - Inviso
84 - FrostHarpy
84 - MC_XD
84 - Paul
85 - Stifled
85 - ecksgem
86 - scarlet
87 - Magmortar
88 - flubbin
89 - Natwaf
90 - CasanovaZelos
90 - Gen
92 - profDEADPOOL
92 - Bane
93 - Snake5s
94 - KBM

Paratroopa: I like happy fluffy things, even when it is literally just fluff

Anagram: I don’t know why, but I have a real soft spot for this stupid thing. It’s not well-designed at all and it’s legitimately stupid in a bad way—but for some unknowable reason, I kind of like it.

Cybat: Fastest non-uber quasi-reliable sleep inducer in the game, I believe. Has to count for something. But yeah, for some reason I just like this guy.

Brayze: Dandelion puff cheerleader wants his teammates to succeed! He will help by mostly floating around and getting killed


Suor: The idea of a floaty, happy cotton-dispenser is lovely. I wish Hoppip would skip to Jumpluff right away instead of going through a green vomit phase.

Raka: Eh it's okay. Why are Gen 2 Pokes not competitively viable?

Goa: Oh god, all this time I spent raising a terrible evolution line, and you reward me with a weed that is the fear of lawns everywhere?

Stifled: Can it blow away like the plants?

Magmortar: It still looks stupid. It is fast. That’s it. Why. I guess it’s a decent SubSeeder (although Sceptile and I would guess Whimsicott are even better) but meh.

Natwaf: Honest to god I don't know what to say here. This entire line is my very definition of MEH. Well, I guess that's not true. It's weak as hell, and for my 100% Super Chatelaine Nita counter, I needed a high leveled one to pass Worry Seed to a Cottonee. Jumpluff looks better

Natwaf’s Nicknames:

Male: EliWhitney

Female: Cotton Gin

CasanovaZelos: Rarely even shows up in the games. I can only remember seeing it after having to level up Hoppip myself. Pokedex filler.

Gen: I hate this line. Clever naming scheme though.

KBM: Goddammit what am I even looking at

74. Elekid


#74 Elekid

SCORE: 3767

Average Ranking: 62.78 (St. Dev: 24.76)
NFE Rank: 28/46
Electric Rank: 7/8
Baby Rank: 3/8
Part of a preexisting line: 13/19

6 - Mana
11 - BetrayedTangy
16 - OrangeCrush
24 - Brayze_II
26 - Nick
26 - Stifled
31 - Gen
32 - Paul
32 - Wizards
33 - profDEADPOOL
37 - Arti
38 - Preston
38 - Dragon66116
40 - FFD
40 - Magmortar
42 - KBM
44 - CasanovaZelos
46 - TexWolf
47 - xx521xx
50 - andy
53 - FrostHarpy
55 - Scepter
55 - Inviso
58 - ecksgem
61 - darkx
61 - JONA
62 - starfox
63 - Xuxon
64 - Raka
65 - Ermine
68 - Kate
72 - GoaFan77
72 - MSG
73 - mnk
73 - Suor
74 - MI
75 - scarlet
75 - Cody
75 - Bane
76 - Poke
79 - Tennis
80 - MC_XD
81 - Paratroopa
83 - flubbin
84 - Snake5s
85 - Logicblade
85 - TUM
86 - Sorozone
88 - Wickle
90 - Karo
90 - red
91 - Eddv
93 - Natwaf
93 - Drak
94 - Cybat
94 - Comm
94 - ArkOfTurus
95 - lefty
96 - Anagram
97 - Sanity

Mana: I really don't know. Easily the best baby, but top ten? I dunno, it's just got that radical attitude, man.

OrangeCrush: If all baby Pokemon were like Elekid, I wouldn't mind them

Brayze: Way better than electabuzz or electivire for that matter, rad little dude with a plug for a face and also hands, that lets you run at least three appliances at the same time off your elekid provided you have giant plugs, except wait plugs mean he draws power from outlets I’m confused how is this elekid even useful 

Stifled: One of the few babies I actually like. He looks like a plug. And I enjoy yellow things. 

Gen: Is it just me or does this lil' guy totally rock every anime appearance it's ever made? Seriously I have yet to see a lame Elekid appear in the anime and with baby pokémon that is no easy feat. Yop... Elekid is NOT my least favorite in its line, nor is it my favorite, but he's cool and especially so for a baby.

Preston: Elekid and Igglybuff were the best of the Baby Pokémon in my opinion. I'm able to make the fancy E in Pokémon in my write-ups because auto-corrects my write-ups and I send it to Starfox2245 on Yahoo. Yay and stuff. :)

Magmortar: Probably my all-time favorite baby Pokemon, which has to be one of the least notable “achievements” I can think of. This is largely because of it being pretty good for a first former, and I like the shade of yellow it is.

KBM: I really ought to use one of these at some point. I really like the rest of the line, but I've never actually used any of them. The plug-in at the top of its head is really kind of dumb design, though – it's not that clever and it would really look better without it.

CasanovaZelos: Maybe the plug on top of it's head is a bit over the top, but I don't care. A perfect pre-evolution for Electabuzz. Also, why do these exist? I would have figured the whole purpose of baby Pokemon was to make otherwise Fully Evolved Pokemon fun to raise up with the rest of the team, but I think Tyrogue is the only baby Pokemon during Gen II to be found in the wild. You have to specifically breed for the others, defeating their purpose.

Starfox: It’s the best baby of the gen, for sure, and its design is okay… but it doesn’t have a whole lot else going for it.

Raka: Best baby Pokemon since it looks different enough from its evo yet still retains its characteristics, and it doesn't make me want to drink drain cleaner.

MSG: Yeah, lol babbies and all, but Elekid was probably the sole babby done right. He has this aura around him like "I won't be a part of yo' system!" What a rebel.

Suor: I kind of like Elekid despite it being a baby. The power plug antennas are a clever idea and it looks more competent than most babies and sure as hell more competent than Teddiursa.

Paratroopa: as far as babies go, pretty good! as far as turning electabuzz into a likeable pokemon, still a ways to go

Logicblade: Best baby. Still dumb.

Natwaf: NFE Trash. I like Elekid's looks, but when I tried to use one, it was lacking… something. At least it's existence allows it to appear early… well, maybe not that early, but earlier than Electabuzz.

Drak: This guy looks like such a douchebag. And not in a good way. He has the most incredibly punchable face.

Cybat: At least this one has a mildly clever design that looks different from but related to its parent.

Anagram: You ever wonder how this thing existed pre-electrical sockets? I mean, presumably Electabuzz predates modern electricity usage. But it’s clearly evolved for the purpose of stealing electricity.

73. Slugma

Slugma 20

#73 Slugma

SCORE: 3767

Average Ranking: 62.47 (St. Dev: 24.55)
NFE Rank: 27/46
Fire Rank: 9/10
Slugma Line: 2/2

2 - Brayze_II
5 - GoaFan77
8 - Sanity
8 - Paratroopa
18 - TexWolf
26 - lefty
32 - mnk
37 - Magmortar
38 - Anagram
42 - Ermine
43 - KBM
43 - flubbin
44 - Snake5s
45 - OrangeCrush
49 - FFD
49 - MC_XD
49 - ecksgem
49 - Paul
52 - Nick
54 - Mana
55 - Eddv
58 - Stifled
58 - Tennis
59 - MI
60 - Sorozone
60 - ArkOfTurus
62 - Comm
62 - profDEADPOOL
65 - andy
67 - BetrayedTangy
67 - Bane
69 - JONA
70 - Raka
70 - CasanovaZelos
70 - Suor
70 - Wizards
71 - scarlet
71 - Xuxon
73 - Gen
74 - Natwaf
75 - Scepter
75 - Logicblade
75 - Cybat
78 - TUM
79 - Wickle
80 - red
82 - starfox
84 - Karo
85 - MSG
86 - Cody
88 - darkx
88 - xx521xx
92 - Preston
94 - Kate
94 - Dragon66116
94 - Inviso
98 - FrostHarpy
98 - Drak
99 - Arti
100 - Poke

Brayze: Slugma cannot be pet. He doesn’t mean to burn, he doesn’t understand why no one can touch him, poor slugma is alone foreverSlugma cannot be pet. He doesn’t mean to burn, he doesn’t understand why no one can touch him, poor slugma is alone forever

GoaFan: Gets bonus points for basically being a sentient pile of Napalm. I bet some of them are Vietnam war vets. No one ever gives them any credit.

Sanity: I love slugs. A slug made of fire is awesome.

Paratroopa: you cannot touch slugma. his majesty is too great for mortals to behold

Magmortar: Lava slug. How do you even stand near this thing. I don’t know, but it is also cute. In its own weird way. It could evolve sooner, though.

Anagram: The only thing I know about Slugma is from brazeku, who informed me that you literally can’t pet it in Pokemon Amie. It wants to love you, but it burns all it touches. Poor little guy.

KBM: I do kind of wish it were less drippy and sluggish (lawl), but I'll take my Fire type victories where I can get them, and in a generation like this one where the Fire starter is lame, I'll take this as a moderate victory. He's not GREAT but he's something.

Stifled: It’s a little fire blob. If it actually is a slug, why isn’t it part bug type?

Comm: Balls hanging off its chin. Literally balls.

Raka: BiTF had a good comic about petting your Slugma in Pokemon-Amie

CasanovaZelos: Just a fiery blob, but a cute fiery blob.

Gen: Looks kind of like an orange pancake that got burnt yet is still runny somehow. With eyeballs. Yup.
Natwaf: NFE Trash. Kind of hilarious trying to pet it in Pokemon Amie

Cybat: All I can think of now when I think of Slugma is this:

MSG: Not a final evo? Check. No one used him ever? Check. Boring design? Check. Nothing unique about his moveset or typing? Check. I do believe he'll win the award for least write-ups...... AW S*** WHAT DID I JUST DO

Preston: Anyone here remember playing Pokémon Colosseum? Back in Pokémon Colosseum there were only 48 obtainable Pokémon you could catch (given there were over 300 at this point) this is a very small selection pool. Slugma is one of only THREE fire types in the whole game. Entei, Quilava and Slugma. That's it. I'm not even kidding you. You had to raise a Slugma and Slugma sucked. It barely got the job done. The Fire / Rock combo is terrible (X4 weak to Water) and any Water attack will likely knock it out in one hit. Ugggggggghhh. Screw you Slugma.

Arti: I can never remember this guy even exists.

72. Natu


#72 Natu

SCORE: 3740

Average Ranking: 62.33 (St. Dev: 23.43)
NFE Rank: 26/46
Psychic Rank: 8/10
Flying Rank: 15/19
Natu Line: 2/2

3 - Brayze_II
3 - Paratroopa
14 - Poke
19 - KBM
20 - Snake5s
24 - MSG
28 - Eddv
29 - Paul
33 - Sanity
33 - lefty
39 - Ermine
39 - Anagram
42 - GoaFan77
45 - Mana
52 - Cybat
52 - FFD
53 - Logicblade
53 - starfox
56 - Bane
58 - TexWolf
59 - Comm
60 - CasanovaZelos
61 - Wickle
61 - Gen
61 - ecksgem
64 - Magmortar
65 - MI
66 - Natwaf
68 - profDEADPOOL
69 - Tennis
70 - OrangeCrush
70 - FrostHarpy
71 - Inviso
72 - Raka
72 - xx521xx
73 - Xuxon
74 - Preston
74 - JONA
74 - MC_XD
74 - Drak
75 - red
76 - BetrayedTangy
77 - Suor
78 - Stifled
78 - Kate
79 - darkx
79 - TUM
83 - Nick
85 - Cody
85 - mnk
86 - Dragon66116
86 - ArkOfTurus
87 - Scepter
87 - scarlet
87 - Sorozone
88 - andy
89 - flubbin
89 - Wizards
93 - Karo
100 - Arti

Brayze: Aztec tennis ball

Paratroopa: oh my god he's so tiny and round aaaaaaaaaaaaaa I love tiny and round birds

KBM: FINALLY a flying line that isn't either a legendary or predictably dual-typed with Normal. That's enough to make me really like it. I also kind of love the fact that it's basically just a green sphere-face perched on claws.

Anagram: Natu barada nikto

Goa: Sitting around in a tree all day watching the future... no wonder he got the answer to the universe.

Cybat: Who knew a head with legs could be so cute? I dunno, I like this line.

CasanovaZelos: Simply cuteness incarnate.

Gen: Has there ever been a more appropriate species name for a pokémon ever? Go on I challenge you to find one.

Magmortar: Tiny ass psychic bird. Whatever.

Natwaf: NFE Trash of a line I love aesthetically but… never got around to using it.

Raka: Nimble avian, trifling utility

Preston: Natu would be 5,000 times more cooler if it had a color scheme like Iago but noooooo. Stifled: It’s like an early Angry Birds prototype.

Arti: This Pokemon looks so stupid it deserves my worst ranking.

71. TogeticEdit


#71 Togetic

SCORE: 3648

9 - Ermine
15 - Drak
21 - Preston
24 - red
24 - Suor
27 - Cody
30 - Kate
31 - scarlet
31 - Wickle
31 - Inviso
34 - xx521xx
37 - Sorozone
37 - Tennis
41 - OrangeCrush
41 - Brayze_II
44 - MC_XD
47 - mnk
48 - Natwaf
48 - Wizards
49 - Logicblade
50 - CasanovaZelos
54 - Dragon66116
54 - Poke
55 - darkx
56 - GoaFan77
57 - Stifled
57 - Comm
59 - andy
60 - Scepter
61 - BetrayedTangy
65 - Anagram
65 - Arti
65 - ecksgem
66 - Nick
66 - Paul
67 - starfox
67 - Eddv
67 - MI
67 - ArkOfTurus
69 - FrostHarpy
69 - TUM
76 - flubbin
79 - JONA
79 - Bane
80 - Raka
82 - Paratroopa
85 - Gen
86 - Karo
86 - TexWolf
88 - Cybat
89 - Xuxon
91 - Sanity
91 - Magmortar
93 - KBM
93 - lefty
94 - profDEADPOOL
95 - MSG
96 - FFD
100 - Mana
100 - Snake5s

Ermine: I'm one of the few advocators of Togetic >>>>>>Togekiss>Togepi and this is just on design perspective. Togetic is the perfect design for this line and I find myself wishing it didn't have a form after because it's just weird and outrageous. <3 Togetic.


Brayze: Weirdest looking normal/flying pokemon, not really normal at all, sort of looks like a hand mixer I have but covered with toejam and earl 90s triangles.

Natwaf: Both it's pre-evo and evo look better. Tried it a bit in my first HG run. It sucked.

CasanovaZelos: The ugly stepchild of the Togepi line.

Stifled: They like long necks in Gen 2. And you know what they say about long necks, don’t ya? They need long sweaters!

Anagram: I don’t even know what this is, except that by its stomach design, I guess Togepi’s egg is actually part of it, instead of just something it hatched in like all other pokemon. Who knew?


Paratroopa: first prize in being a better pokemon that togepi good job

Gen: Sorry Ermine. This line got no redemption until Togekiss for me. Togetic is just like a weird stretched out version of something I didn't like sans an egg diaper. Also it has a fat ass.

Cybat: Very unattractive design that makes even less sense now than it did then given Togekiss's different body shape. I did train one up in Gold for the sole purpose of Metronome shenanigans though. 

Magmortar: Simply put, Togetic is ASS. A. S. S. It’s not cute at all and is just miserable.

KBM: ...The hell did you turn into, Togepi?

MSG: Togepi is actually kinda nifty, and was a cool way to introduce eggs into the franchise. When it first hatched, I thought "Hmm, I bet this evolves into something pretty great." Not exactly. Why would the egg part persist into a final form of something (at the time)? There was a lot of potential with its line that wouldn't be even close to realized for two more Generations.

Mana: ...What. What even is this? Did they intentionally make it terrible so they could justify Togepi never evolving in the show? Why does it even have those marks on its body? Why does Togepi evolve with the damn egg? Speaking of, "Friendship" evolution. Auuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh.

70. Corsola

Corsola 700

#70 Corsola

SCORE: 3740

Average Ranking: 60.80 (St. Dev: 23.89)
Fully Evolved Rank: 46/54
Water Rank: 14/18
Rock Rank: 6/7

1 - Raka
3 - Suor
6 - mnk
6 - ecksgem
11 - lefty
24 - xx521xx
26 - Karo
27 - Paratroopa
28 - Gen
37 - Eddv
37 - MI
40 - Cody
41 - Sorozone
42 - TexWolf
44 - JONA
44 - TUM
46 - Bane
48 - Kate
49 - Brayze_II
51 - Wickle
51 - profDEADPOOL
53 - Mana
56 - scarlet
58 - Comm
59 - FrostHarpy
59 - Tennis
61 - Sanity
63 - Drak
68 - Nick
68 - Inviso
70 - darkx
70 - GoaFan77
70 - Xuxon
71 - Anagram
71 - Paul
71 - Poke
73 - Stifled
73 - OrangeCrush
75 - Arti
76 - Scepter
77 - andy
78 - starfox
79 - FFD
79 - Wizards
80 - Dragon66116
81 - Magmortar
81 - ArkOfTurus
82 - Ermine
82 - CasanovaZelos
82 - flubbin
84 - Natwaf
84 - MSG
84 - red
85 - Preston
88 - Logicblade
88 - MC_XD
90 - Snake5s
93 - Cybat
94 - BetrayedTangy
95 - KBM

Raka: Yeah, yeah, I know. This will probably end up in Bottom 20, but I had a really useful Level 100 in-game one. It's design is cute yet quaint. And hey, corals.

Suor: The best city ever in the Pokémon World is built upon Corsolas. Gotta love how Misty's Corsola was far more competent than her Starmie has ever been. Super cute and funny.

Ecks: Used one in my party for the first time in HG/SS, THAT was a challenge. Could really use an evolution, and it would be so easy to make one.

Paratroopa: took a piece of coral and put a happy face on it. f***ing. GENIUS

Gen: This "dumb pink thing" is so adorable I can't find a reason to rank it lower. I mean I wouldn't be incorrect in saying it's terrible in battle and there's no reason to use it instead of many other Water/Rock types but just look at its smiley face...

Brayze: Corsola is stupid but in an inoffensive way, I can’t believe they blew their wad on a coral pokemon in gen 2, this seems more like a gen 17 idea

Goa: Given that Coral can be almost any shape or color, its a little sad they made this a one off instead of a full evolution line that might actually be used for something.

Anagram: Why does GameFreak even make things like this? Things that clearly need to evolve, but have no evolutions. I just don’t understand their motives.

Stifled: It’s literally a sea Chansey.

Magmortar: Stupid looking, borders on being completely useless, and has no business being obtained so late for a Pokemon of its…caliber. The fact it’s this high while still being a 2/10 Pokemon speaks VOLUMES about this generation.

CasanovaZelos: Another one stage Pokemon to catch for Pokedex entry and shove into the PC.

Natwaf: My first Pokeradar Shiny. A true blue poke. Still godawful, so down you go.

Natwaf’s Nicknames:
Both Genders: G.Barrier

Preston:  The Borewhore of the sea. Boo you whore. 

Cybat: Nothing interesting about it whatsoever. 

KBM: I don't even know what this is. It's like they took Jigglypuff or Clefairy or something and they stabbed it with oddly-shaped spears and skin grew over them for some reason. I feel like it's MAYBE supposed to be cute?... but... it's not?

69. Piloswine


#69 Piloswine

SCORE: 3610

Average Ranking: 60.17 (St. Dev: 21.19)
NFE Rank: 24/46
Ice Rank: 3/5
Ground Rank: 8/10
Swinub Line (Gen II): 1/2

14 - Scepter
15 - Dragon66116
22 - Tennis
22 - Xuxon
25 - KBM
26 - Mana
27 - Arti
32 - andy
35 - Natwaf
37 - ArkOfTurus
41 - Nick
41 - Eddv
41 - TexWolf
42 - JONA
45 - Raka
45 - GoaFan77
46 - FrostHarpy
47 - TUM
47 - Paul
49 - mnk
51 - Wizards
53 - CasanovaZelos
55 - scarlet
56 - Ermine
59 - Cody
59 - Drak
59 - profDEADPOOL
60 - Anagram
60 - Brayze_II
62 - MI
65 - red
67 - Poke
68 - lefty
70 - Sorozone
70 - Kate
71 - MSG
71 - Paratroopa
73 - FFD
74 - Suor
75 - Snake5s
75 - Karo
75 - Gen
75 - ecksgem
76 - OrangeCrush
76 - Cybat
77 - flubbin
78 - BetrayedTangy
79 - Preston
79 - starfox
79 - Inviso
80 - Magmortar
81 - Logicblade
81 - Bane
82 - Stifled
82 - MC_XD
87 - Comm
89 - Wickle
92 - Sanity
93 - darkx
97 - xx521xx

BM: The hippie edition of Swinub. I approve.

Natwaf: Ice/Ground is a neat typing offensively, and something about the loads of fur/hair draws me to it… not too usable though.

Raka: Pillow swine! For better sleep.

Goa: Well, at least a gym leader uses it. Not that there were many ice types in gen II to choose from.

CasanovaZelos: I've always had a fondness for boar.

Anagram: Cousin It with tusks.

Brayze: He’s mostly funny because you can’t see his eyes, sort of like the Japanese in general

Paratroopa: for some reason I kind of imagine piloswine makes noises like this. every pokemon should make noises like this, even ones like clefairy

Suor: Kind of looks like a hobo swine, kind of the only endearing thing about it but it's more than anything I ranked below it ever had going for them.

Gen: Great in battle, not so great to look at. What happened to mah cute lil' piggy?

Cybat: Its proportions are confusing to me. It's supposed to be a boar, but why is it so tall? One of the few Pokemon designs improved by a gen 4 evolution.

Preston: Piloswine reminds me of that one time where Criss Angel did that one thing in Las Vegas with a vending machine. Vending machines are dangerous like trying to put on your clothes while driving like who does that? Do they go in the car wearing nothing? Or even worse try driving and joggling at the same time. What if you are driving and see a giant clown?

Magmortar: Not completely terrible; design is…kind of…wait for it…COOL. Oh man I’m a genius. When it comes to battling it is REALLY bad (although with the Eviolite it is a lot better).

Stifled: So it’s the walking foot fungus of the giant at the top of the beanstalk?

68. TogepiEdit

Togepi 600

#68 Togepi

SCORE: 3608

Average Ranking: 60.13 (St. Dev: 28.42)
NFE Rank: 23/46
Fairy Rank: 3/8
Baby Pokemon: 2/8
Togepi Line (Gen II): ½

1 - MI
5 - darkx
7 - Raka
11 - Cody
17 - Inviso
20 - andy
22 - Preston
22 - CasanovaZelos
22 - Bane
23 - BetrayedTangy
26 - xx521xx
34 - Nick
34 - Tennis
35 - Wizards
37 - Scepter
37 - Comm
41 - Cybat
42 - FrostHarpy
42 - Suor
43 - Kate
44 - mnk
46 - Sanity
47 - Natwaf
50 - Logicblade
54 - KBM
54 - MSG
59 - ecksgem
64 - JONA
66 - ArkOfTurus
67 - Paul
69 - profDEADPOOL
69 - Xuxon
71 - red
74 - flubbin
75 - Mana
76 - Sorozone
77 - GoaFan77
79 - Stifled
79 - Dragon66116
80 - Eddv
80 - Drak
81 - TexWolf
82 - scarlet
83 - starfox
84 - Wickle
85 - lefty
86 - Anagram
86 - Poke
87 - Snake5s
87 - Arti
88 - Ermine
88 - Karo
90 - Magmortar
92 - Gen
95 - FFD
96 - MC_XD
98 - Paratroopa
99 - Brayze_II
100 - OrangeCrush
100 - TUM

Raka: METRONOME, motherf**** c*** p*** f***. And Pokemon: Pocket Monsters manga boost.

Preston: Cute. Put outside of the Top 20 because I guess it's too painfully obvious to like Togepi? Not certain what it is but, Togepi is a good Pokemon overall. 

CasanovaZelos: The king of baby Pokemon.

Cybat: I don't know if this counts as a baby Pokemon. But it is actually cute, and you get it as part of the story in GSC so it feels rewarding instead of tedious to get one. Plus, Metronome!

Natwaf: TOGEPRII! Or however it's cry goes. Too bad it evolved into the horrible Togetic. As it is, it's still NFE Trash

Logicblade: Doesn't count as a baby, despite the fact it totally is. It's adorability raises it above the poop tier.

KBM: I wish there were more reasons to like Togepi; I want to like him more than I do.

Goa: It would do much better on a WTF ranking.

Stifled: The anime may have hurt Togepi’s ranking a bit. That thing is so annoying.

Anagram: One of the only three baby pokemon that aren’t complete crap because they’re babies, Togepi is instead complete crap because it’s just terrible.

Ermine: Inferior to Togetic.

Magmortar: Cute Pokemon still have to be useful once in a while for me to appreciate cuteness. Take a guess as to what Togepi isn’t.

Gen: Thanks a f***in' lot for starting the baby trend you worthless thing you. You're not even that cute!

Paratroopa: if I had a togepi egg I could crack it open and make an omelette

Brayze: And to illustrate the concept that pokemon hatch from eggs here is a pokemon that hatches from an egg but is still an egg; inceggption

OrangeCrush: He ruined Misty and is all around terrible

67. Spinarak


#67 Spinarak

SCORE: 3599

Average Ranking: 59.98 (St. Dev: 21.42)
NFE Rank: 22/46
Bug Rank: 8/10
Poison Rank: 3/4
Spinarak Line: 2/2

13 - TexWolf
13 - profDEADPOOL
25 - starfox
25 - lefty
31 - Brayze_II
33 - Tennis
33 - ecksgem
36 - Preston
36 - Kate
38 - FFD
39 - Drak
40 - Mana
42 - red
42 - Sanity
43 - darkx
43 - Ermine
43 - Paul
46 - MC_XD
46 - TUM
50 - scarlet
50 - flubbin
52 - Snake5s
52 - Eddv
53 - Raka
53 - MSG
53 - Gen
53 - Bane
54 - mnk
55 - Nick
59 - xx521xx
63 - Karo
63 - JONA
64 - Wizards
67 - Logicblade
67 - Stifled
69 - CasanovaZelos
69 - Paratroopa
69 - Suor
70 - BetrayedTangy
73 - Anagram
73 - Sorozone
73 - andy
74 - Arti
74 - Magmortar
77 - Xuxon
79 - FrostHarpy
79 - Cybat
80 - Scepter
82 - MI
83 - Dragon66116
85 - Wickle
85 - GoaFan77
87 - ArkOfTurus
88 - Cody
89 - Poke
90 - OrangeCrush
92 - Natwaf
92 - KBM
96 - Comm
96 - Inviso

Starfox: D’awwwwww. They actually managed to make a spider really cute. I give them props for that.

Brayze: ps spiders have 8 legs gamefreak read all about it

Preston: Cool spider. Not that half bad in my opinion.

Flubbin: I feel like everyone forgot about Spinarak after Joltik became a thing, but I still think Spinarak is really cute for a spider.

Raka: Hey you're not Joltik. :(

Gen: Yep that there is a cute lil' spider. It's got a cute lil' face on it- two in fact!

Stifled: It’s a nice shade of green.

CasanovaZelos: Fond early memories of Gen II, my first Pokemon games. They somehow managed to make a cute spider.

Paratroopa: I will never understand how they got through an entire generation of pokemon without making a spider pokemon. like, spiders have so many awesome animal superpowers that you could feasibly make a whole pokemon generation of just spiders. you could call it spidermon. there could be a fire spider, an ice spider, a dragon spider. ooh, how about a fighting spider that has boxing gloves on all eight of its legs. oooh or how about a bug spider. it's a spider on top of another spider. it has two heads, sixteen legs, and an undying hatred of all life

Anagram: By far the inferior NFE spider.

Magmortar: I hate spiders. That applies to Pokemon too (at least until fifth gen). Especially really bad Pokemon. At least it has a decent color scheme.

Cybat: I like how it looks like it's frowning at you when you see it from the back. Not…much else to say.

Natwaf: NFE Trash. Who's a cute spider? You are, yes you are! But not the cutest.

KBM: I don't like bugs.

66. Ledian


#66 Ledian

SCORE: 3551

Average Ranking: 59.18 (St. Dev: 21.10)
Fully Evolved Rank: 45/54
Bug Rank: 7/10
Flying Rank: 13/19
Ledyba Line: 1/2

17 - Cybat
19 - mnk
20 - FrostHarpy
21 - Poke
27 - Raka
32 - red
34 - darkx
34 - Gen
35 - scarlet
35 - Ermine
37 - profDEADPOOL
38 - starfox
38 - xx521xx
39 - ecksgem
44 - Inviso
45 - Wickle
47 - Karo
48 - flubbin
50 - Tennis
50 - TUM
52 - OrangeCrush
52 - Anagram
52 - MI
54 - Drak
54 - Xuxon
56 - Sanity
57 - Kate
58 - GoaFan77
59 - Sorozone
60 - MC_XD
60 - Paul
61 - Logicblade
61 - Wizards
62 - Dragon66116
64 - FFD
65 - Preston
65 - Snake5s
65 - Suor
67 - Arti
69 - Mana
70 - ArkOfTurus
71 - Eddv
72 - Comm
73 - Paratroopa
75 - Stifled
75 - MSG
75 - Brayze_II
77 - lefty
79 - Nick
80 - BetrayedTangy
81 - Scepter
81 - andy
82 - TexWolf
89 - JONA
91 - Natwaf
91 - Bane
95 - Magmortar
96 - CasanovaZelos
97 - Cody
98 - KBM

Cybat: I always liked this little guy; even though his typing and stat spread are beyond worthless for its ability, something about its design really spoke to me. Its attack animation in X/Y is really good.

Raka: I've always liked its bug eyes, alien look. Yeah it suck otherwise, but hey, everyone has a little hipster inside their heart.

Gen: Superhero ladybug! It had a cape-like extension BEFORE cape-like extensions were cool so suck on THAT! I love its eyes but man Bug pokémon suck.

Starfox: I like its design quite a bit, actually… its eyes look pretty cool, and I like the super hero-esque look it has. I remember using it when I first played Silver… I also remember it kinda sucking, but whatever. Still liked it.

Wickle: One thing brought up in the last one was the Flying thing that doesn't belong. This guy is among them, but like Scyther, I found a reason to like this guy, in this one, it's his punching abilities.

Anagram: Looks like a sentai hero, but it sure as hell doesn’t act like one.

Preston: There really isn't much to prospect about Ledian. It's just a ladybug. A plain old, boring ladybug.

Paratroopa: hey four arms that means you can suck four times as hard

Stifled: Angry ladybug? That doesn’t add up.

Brayze: The crappiest multi-stage fully evolved pokemon. Tons of physical moves, an ability that increases the power of punching moves, running off an attack of 35. Normally I don’t really rank based on viability but ledian is actually insulting to me

Natwaf: FE Trash. This line is just awful, and Ledian looks weird. Fun fact: To this day, I have NEVER received a male Ledyba. Go figure. I've got a nickname ready for when the day finally arrives though

Magmortar: It’s just so awful. And badly designed. Seriously look at those eyes those are just what the fuck. It’s just…man the bad Pokemon in GSC are REALLY bad. Why is its Hidden Ability Iron Fist anyway?!

CasanovaZelos: The evolution of the most forgettable first route Pokemon. Absolutely useless in every way.

KBM: I reeeeeeally don't like bugs.

65. Forretress

Forretress 56

#65 Forretress

SCORE: 3537

Average Ranking: 58.95 (St. Dev: 23.88)
Fully Evolved Rank: 44/54
Bug Rank: 6/10
Steel Rank: 4/4
Pineco Line: 1/2

12 - Wickle
12 - profDEADPOOL
13 - KBM
16 - ArkOfTurus
21 - BetrayedTangy
22 - Cybat
25 - Arti
29 - GoaFan77
31 - Magmortar
35 - Kate
36 - CasanovaZelos
39 - JONA
43 - Mana
43 - Inviso
44 - Stifled
44 - FrostHarpy
44 - Paratroopa
47 - starfox
48 - Eddv
49 - andy
50 - Cody
51 - Anagram
52 - scarlet
53 - Tennis
54 - TexWolf
55 - Snake5s
56 - Comm
56 - Suor
56 - Xuxon
57 - Preston
57 - MSG
57 - ecksgem
58 - Dragon66116
58 - Wizards
59 - lefty
62 - Brayze_II
64 - Logicblade
65 - Natwaf
66 - TUM
68 - Raka
72 - Sanity
79 - Sorozone
81 - darkx
81 - OrangeCrush
81 - flubbin
82 - Karo
82 - FFD
83 - Gen
83 - Poke
85 - Nick
86 - xx521xx
87 - Ermine
88 - Drak
91 - red
92 - MC_XD
93 - Paul
94 - mnk
95 - Scepter
95 - Bane
100 - MI

Wickle: Octillery's rival.

KBM: Holy s*** it's a bug type that I actually really like (not that there's much reason that it's a bug to begin with). Steel is also one of the cooler types that never gets implemented well, so there's that.

Cybat: Clever name, good stat distribution, and great typing. Not too shabby.

Magmortar: Mr. Utility! One of the all-time greats in support Pokemon. Design never really spoke to me though.

CasanovaZelos: A beast to fight if you lack a fire type. They really did a good job introducing the steel type considering my lowest comes at 36.

Stifled: I kinda like this line because of Pokemon Conquest. This one benefits from being more colorful than it’s unevolved form. 

Paratroopa: on the internet, someone, somewhere, probably still wants to f*** this thing

Anagram: Way too common in Singles for its own good. Hope you like spikes and explosion, because that’s what you’re getting.

Suor: I got to like Forretress quite a bit. It's a steel ball that spins and throws spikes around, I love spikes and things that spin. Starmie is the best and haters suck.

Preston: I believe Forretress knows Explosion. That is both a good and bad thing.

Brayze: What is with those tubes. I mean they have to be for eating, crapping, and gettin’ it on because the rest of the thing is a metal plate.

Natwaf: You know what you're up against when you see one in battle. Entry Hazards, Gyro Balls, and Explosion. And good golly god did it suck in Pokemon Conquest. Then again, the user is considered a fool, so you know, fitting and all that. But as much as I dislike it in combat, I love it's design. It's screaming "TRY TO MOVE ME BRO!". Burn it with the fires of hell.

Natwaf’s Nicknames:
Male: Yoshimoto
Both Genders: Imagawa

Raka: Run Forrest! Run!

Gen: Yeah I don't like this line.

64. Porygon 2

Porygon 2

#64 Porygon 2

SCORE: 3490

Average Ranking: 58.17 (St. Dev: 23.54)
NFE Rank: 21/46
Normal Rank: 9/15
Part of a preexisting line: 12/19

8 - Magmortar
11 - Paul
13 - darkx
13 - Paratroopa
21 - ecksgem
24 - Cybat
26 - BetrayedTangy
27 - Snake5s
32 - OrangeCrush
33 - GoaFan77
36 - JONA
42 - Natwaf
42 - Anagram
42 - Brayze_II
42 - mnk
43 - xx521xx
44 - Cody
46 - Xuxon
47 - CasanovaZelos
48 - Suor
49 - ArkOfTurus
49 - Wizards
50 - FrostHarpy
51 - Raka
54 - flubbin
54 - Inviso
57 - scarlet
57 - FFD
57 - TexWolf
58 - Gen
61 - Ermine
61 - Sorozone
61 - Drak
61 - Arti
62 - Nick
64 - TUM
66 - Eddv
66 - Sanity
70 - Poke
71 - Stifled
71 - starfox
72 - andy
73 - MSG
73 - red
75 - Preston
75 - lefty
76 - Kate
78 - Dragon66116
78 - Bane
79 - KBM
79 - profDEADPOOL
82 - Comm
89 - MC_XD
94 - Logicblade
94 - Wickle
95 - Mana
96 - Karo
96 - Tennis
98 - Scepter
98 - MI

Magmortar: Cyberduck (even dipping its head into water in 3D sometimes) is one of my favorites. Trace with those defenses and a nice Special Attack stat just oozes coolness. Shame its evolution screwed it out of showing up in the anime!

Paratroopa: porygon2 is toy series with strong sense for playing and making seizures in small child. LAY EGG IS FALSE

Cybat: There are a lot of things I don't understand about this line - why is making it look more like a duck an upgrade? How did they make it and why don't they make more? But it is an interesting idea.

Goa: Well, I guess that what increasing Porygon's Polycount would look like.

Natwaf: Looks sleek. And more like a duck. Yet Porygon's look is more endearing to me. Still not battle ready yet.

Anagram: Poor Porygon2. It and Porygon-Z are the only pokemon to never be in the anime ever, and it’s not even Porygon’s fault.

Brayze: A better version of porygon based on a drinkin bird but not as cool as porygon-z, based on an epileptic

CasanovaZelos: I love the sleek design as an improvement over Porygon's.

Suor: Sometimes I still feel sad because of how charming polygonal N64 models of Bowser and Princess Peach looked compared to their recent polished designs, makes me wish they were playable in Smash 64. One of the reasons I still like them a lot is because of that connection and it's something they share with Porygon2. I liked Porygon's sharp edges more, but Porygon2 is a graphically enhanced Porygon, I can't hate on it.

Raka: Blobs hahahahahaha. Oh, circles. I'm not making any sense, am I?

Gen: Best Porygon by a country mile. That's not saying a whole lot though.

Stifled: Evolve into Porygon-Z plz.

Starfox: I really like Porygon and Porygon-Z, but… not so much with this thing. I like that its design looks like Porygon with an increased polygon count, but… that just kinda makes it look lame.

Preston: Did you guys know that Caleigh Peters is Barbra Streisand's granddaughter?

KBM: I will never understand what's going on with the different types of Porygon, and I honestly don't really care. The original Porygon is pretty cool-looking, but I don't understand what differentiates the rest of them, nor do I understand why they had to further develop the thing into “different Pokémon.” It was fine as it was without doing weird things to it and pretending it's something completely different – essentially I find the evolutions frustratingly uncreative and wish it had been let be.

Logicblade: Porygons are dumb.

Mana: Porygon was never a favorite and Held Item evolutions are a major turn-off towards liking a Pokemon. Porygon2 has some pretty cool movesets and the best design of the line, but I am just not a fan.

Karo: It should be consigned to the recycle bin along with its entire line.

63. Pichu


#63 Pichu

SCORE: 3327

Average Ranking: 55.45 (St. Dev: 32.48)
NFE Rank: 20/46
Electric Rank: 6/8
Baby Pokemon: 1/8
Part of a preexisting line: 11/19

1 - Wizards
1 - xx521xx
2 - Xuxon
3 - darkx
4 - Anagram
5 - Paul
10 - Karo
10 - Bane
14 - Eddv
18 - Kate
20 - Stifled
21 - Inviso
23 - CasanovaZelos
23 - Wickle
23 - KBM
24 - mnk
24 - Drak
24 - Sanity
32 - BetrayedTangy
40 - ecksgem
41 - red
41 - Suor
42 - Nick
43 - TexWolf
45 - JONA
49 - Cody
53 - Dragon66116
54 - Gen
54 - TUM
56 - Scepter
56 - Poke
58 - MC_XD
72 - Mana
72 - scarlet
74 - Paratroopa
75 - flubbin
80 - Tennis
81 - Comm
82 - Arti
82 - Magmortar
83 - FFD
83 - andy
84 - Ermine
84 - Sorozone
85 - Raka
85 - Snake5s
85 - Brayze_II
87 - starfox
89 - FrostHarpy
89 - MSG
89 - lefty
90 - MI
91 - GoaFan77
92 - ArkOfTurus
95 - Cybat
95 - profDEADPOOL
96 - Natwaf
97 - Preston
98 - Logicblade
98 - OrangeCrush

Anagram: By far the best thing to come out of the baby pokemon debacle. Pichu is legitimately a good design, and I just wish all the baby pokemon could be like it. Also, I liked having a Dan Hibiki in Smash. Give us another useless joke character, Sakurai!

Bane: A baby pokemon as a Top 10? Yeah, but Pichu is great. It’s way too adorable not to like for me, and you can see how it grows into Pikachu. The oversized ears really make it for me.

Eddv: Pichu is a cool dude.

Stifled: And the award for ‘what the f*** are you doing in Smash Bros’ goes to…

CasanovaZelos: A baby Pokemon less cute than its evolution, that's strange. Still cute.

Wickle: I will admit Pikachu's hate comes from its popularity, and my love for Pichu comes to spite Pikachu. I even loved using Pichu in SSBM.

KBM: Just look at that thing. How can you NOT think it's adorable. Sure, maybe it's not quite as cuddly as Pikachu, but it's certainly better than Raichu. Also, bonus points for the hilariously useless SSBM character being one of my favorite Super Smash characters ever.

Drak: I dislike Pikachu for two reasons. First, in the anime, it hogs the spotlight from a lot of Ash's much cooler pokemon. Second, some old Pikachu art makes it look bloated and ugly. But Pichu doesn't have either of these problems.* It's just small and cute. So I'm cool with it. Disclaimer: I haven't watched past the first season and if Pichu becomes a show hog later I don't care

Ecks: This high mostly because of goggles Pichu in Melee. It's really pretty cute. Suor: I'd be lying if I said Pichu would be this high without Melee.

Gen: I imagine this as being virtually the least offensive baby pokémon by far and well I can't fimd much fault in it. It is what it is.


Magmortar: I would have rather had it in Smash 4 than Dark Pit. I don’t know if that counts as a compliment or not, because Pichu is still pretty terrible. Just better than Dark Pit (and Pikachu of course).

Raka: Blah, it's okay. Did they really need to make a tinier, 'cuter' Pikachu? No. They don't. And that is just a fact. Those developers don't know how to act.

Brayze: What’s yellow and dumb and who even cares

Starfox: Didn’t like the Pikachu line too much anyway, and giving it an obnoxiously cute baby just makes it worse

MSG: Fun to troll as in SSBM. Not fun in any other aspect.

Goa: Worst Smash Bros clone ever.

Cybat: Poor Pichu. Probably the laziest of the baby designs, but hey, we'll always have Melee.

Natwaf: Baby Trash. The cutest of the awful baby batch. Notch/Spiky-Eared Pichu is adorable. Inclusion in Smash was kind of… wut, but hey. It's still an awful baby.

Natwaf’s Nicknames:


Male: Jean Luc, Lt. Surge Female: Ash's

Preston: Useless piece of crap in Melee. 

Logicblade: Garbage baby. Would be fine at 100, but this line was overrated to hell in Gen 1.

62. HoothootEdit


#62 Hoothoot

SCORE: 3266

Average Ranking: 54.43 (St. Dev: 21.84)
NFE Rank: 19/46
Normal Rank: 8/15
Flying Rank: 12/19
Hoothoot line: 2/2

2 - Poke
8 - Cody
11 - Xuxon
17 - GoaFan77
20 - darkx
27 - starfox
28 - Snake5s
29 - Scepter
30 - Inviso
31 - MC_XD
31 - Paratroopa
34 - Preston
37 - Ermine
39 - TUM
39 - andy
41 - Logicblade
42 - Bane
43 - MSG
44 - ecksgem
45 - xx521xx
46 - Mana
46 - Brayze_II
50 - Nick
50 - MI
51 - scarlet
52 - Gen
53 - JONA
55 - Wickle
55 - FFD
57 - red
58 - Raka
58 - BetrayedTangy
59 - flubbin
59 - Magmortar
59 - Dragon66116
61 - Anagram
61 - FrostHarpy
61 - Suor
62 - Sorozone
63 - Comm
63 - Arti
65 - TexWolf
66 - lefty
68 - Stifled
68 - Sanity
71 - Drak
74 - Cybat
75 - Kate
75 - Paul
76 - KBM
76 - Eddv
77 - mnk
79 - CasanovaZelos
82 - Natwaf
82 - profDEADPOOL
84 - ArkOfTurus
86 - Tennis
95 - OrangeCrush
95 - Karo
95 - Wizards

Poke: Love owls, first and only shiny (excluding Red Gyarados) Mr. Hoothoot is also adorable and friendly. I bet he could tell me how many licks it takes to get to the centre of a Tootsie Pop.

Goa: My brother would always go out of his way to use Hoothoot as his Pokemon to fly him anywhere. People for the Ethical Treatment of Pokemon will probably sue him one of these days.

Starfox: Easily the best early-game bird line thus far

Paratroopa: you can't fool owls, unless it's hoothoot. easily fooled. really just kind of the laughingstock of all owls everywhere.

Brayze: Hoothoot stands on only one leg because without that he wouldn’t be a pokemon he would be an owl

Gen: Its clock-themed eyebrows and eyelashes are pretty much the best. Ever. I miss when pokémon designers were clever like this. Also he stands on one foot at a time for no reason! Ain't it great?

Raka: Funny looking and I think the first Pokemon that's explicitly said in-game to only come out at night. That was pretty cool.

Magmortar: It has one leg. It just hops around…on ONE leg. Anyone else think that’s a little creepy? (yes it actually has two legs – but like I ever actually remember that. HOW COULD YOU TELL?!)

Anagram: When I was a kid, I decided I wanted to use Hoothoot instead of Pidgey, since I’d used the latter in Blue. However, I started playing the game in the middle of the day, and I didn’t have the patience to wait for night, so I just caught a Pidgey and moved on. To this day, Hoothoot/Noctowl remains the only Pidgey-equivalent I’ve never used.

Suor: Owls are the best birds

Stifled: It’s an owl with two of the same word crammed together into one word.

Cybat: Pretty memorable for the early Normal/Flying bird. Bad name though.

KBM: Probably my least favorite take on Pidgey.

CasanovaZelos: The first Pokemon I feel overall positive about. A nice, simple design, cool way to introduce day and night system back in Gen II.

Natwaf: NFE Trash, but still a better early bird than Pidgey. Speaking of which, augh Pidgeys all over early Johto.

61. Shuckle


#61 Shuckle

SCORE: 3256

Average Ranking: 54.27 (St. Dev: 21.84)
Fully Evolved Rank: 43/54
Bug Rank: 5/10
Rock Rank: 5/7

7 - Cybat
7 - TexWolf
9 - GoaFan77
11 - Drak
14 - Comm
14 - Paratroopa
18 - lefty
18 - Xuxon
21 - Nick
22 - Eddv
22 - Brayze_II
27 - FrostHarpy
27 - Sanity
30 - MSG
35 - andy
37 - BetrayedTangy
38 - Natwaf
38 - Sorozone
40 - Wickle
41 - Dragon66116
41 - MI
46 - Karo
48 - MC_XD
49 - Anagram
50 - profDEADPOOL
51 - Inviso
52 - Cody
52 - TUM
56 - Stifled
56 - Tennis
58 - Mana
58 - Suor
60 - ecksgem
63 - Kate
66 - CasanovaZelos
66 - Bane
67 - flubbin
68 - Logicblade
68 - starfox
69 - Arti
71 - darkx
71 - Magmortar
72 - Preston
74 - scarlet
74 - Ermine
74 - Gen
74 - Paul
75 - JONA
81 - KBM
81 - Poke
82 - ArkOfTurus
82 - Wizards
83 - Raka
87 - red
90 - FFD
90 - xx521xx
91 - Scepter
91 - mnk
94 - OrangeCrush
99 - Snake5s

Cybat: I just love that someone sat down to design a Pokemon with close to as high as defensive stats could go and came up with this guy. Plus, such a fun movepool to cause mischief with.


Comm: ****le

Paratroopa: shuckle what are you doing with that berry SHUCKLE NO EW

Eddv: Troll Pokemon is the best

Brayze: He’s like a pile of floppy dongs in an old walnut, 10/10

Sanity: His face looks like a sock puppet.

MSG: ****LE

Natwaf: Ahh, the humble and oh so ****ing annoying shuckle. Looks stupid too. So why is this high? Because it can potentially deal millions of HP worth of damage.

Natwaf's Nicknames:
Both Genders: Lumut

Wickle: Power Trick OP.

Anagram: Unremarkable other than that it can technically hit the hardest out of any pokemon in existence.
Stifled: Insert pen*s joke here. lol…insert.

Mana: I ranked my list four times after remembering all 100 Pokemon. Gligar and Shuckle would always, ALWAYS, be in the last four I'd struggle for hours to remember until I looked them up online.

CasanovaZelos: I like Pokemon found in unique ways, and Shuckle is found under rocks. Has one of the most interesting stat distributions.

Starfox: I think it’s neat that he’s the Pokemon capable of the highest possible damage output, but… the way you have to get him in GSC just bothers me. The guy gives you Shuckle for you to protect him because Silver stole his other Pokemon… then if you want to actually use/keep it, you’ve basically stolen it yourself because the trainer asks for him back. I know it’s a game and no one should care, but it still bothers me kinda.

Magmortar: I’ll always be debating on one thing about it. Did Game Freak intend for it to be a complete joke or not (being given Sticky Web seems to imply it they didn’t, but otherwise…)? It’s just so bad, and kind of dumb looking. It’s always looked more like a turtle than a bug to me.

Preston: Haven't you ever noticed that the drunk driver in a wreck is always in a truck?

Gen: Every time I think of this pokémon I imagine it as like a creature from the Flintstones. Betty: "Hey Wilma, what's that?" Wilma: "Oh that's just my juicer." *demonstrates* Shuckle: "Ehhh... it's a living!" I hear thanks to Power Trick and other uh... tricks it's now super useful as an attacker but it'll always be a staller and a blender to me.

KBM: Why are there so many bugs? At least this doesn't look as much like one as those I put below it.

Raka: It's fun to play with. Dem defense and speed.

60. Yanma


#60 Yanma

SCORE: 3188

Average Ranking: 53.13 (St. Dev: 23.83)
NFE Rank: 18/46
Bug Rank: 4/10
Flying Rank: 11/19

1 - FFD
8 - Ermine
9 - profDEADPOOL
11 - TUM
15 - andy
16 - Paratroopa
18 - Brayze_II
24 - Eddv
28 - red
28 - Poke
29 - Cybat
30 - BetrayedTangy
35 - darkx
35 - Snake5s
36 - scarlet
36 - lefty
37 - Wickle
37 - TexWolf
40 - FrostHarpy
42 - Paul
43 - Sanity
45 - MC_XD
46 - Sorozone
48 - Scepter
49 - Magmortar
50 - GoaFan77
51 - MSG
52 - Karo
54 - MI
55 - Drak
55 - ArkOfTurus
56 - starfox
56 - Gen
57 - Bane
58 - flubbin
61 - Dragon66116
61 - xx521xx
64 - CasanovaZelos
64 - Suor
68 - OrangeCrush
68 - mnk
68 - Wizards
69 - Nick
69 - Inviso
71 - Natwaf
72 - KBM
74 - Stifled
74 - Xuxon
76 - Raka
77 - Tennis
81 - Preston
83 - JONA
83 - Kate
83 - Arti
84 - Logicblade
84 - ecksgem
87 - Mana
88 - Anagram
93 - Comm
96 - Cody

Ermine: Dragonflies are awesome. Yanma is no exception.

Paratroopa: lenny kravitz wishes he could be this little f***ing dragonfly

Brayze: Like many bug pokemon he is just a regular bug that has become very, very large. Good thing bugs are super rad.

Eddv: Dragonflies are cool.

Cybat: Dragonflies are cool. Speed Boost is cool. Did you know this thing is almost 4 feet long? Yikes.

Wickle: The first little dragonfly. I didn't like him primarily but since his evo came into play he got nicer.

Magmortar: Dragonfly’s hard to get for some reason and it is really bad. It looks cool though.

Goa: Kind of cool Pokemon made much cooler but its Gen IV evolution.

Gen: It's pretty cool. I love dragonflies IRL. They're second only to mantises in my favorite insect ranking.' I think a pokémon based on one could be better, but ain't no thang.

CasanovaZelos: One of those Pokemon I always forgets exist, helped out due to the fact it only appears rarely on an optional route in Gen II. Still a nice design for a bug Pokemon.

Suor: The good times when nobody remembered Yanma even existed, I was there.

Natwaf: For something really rare this is so not worth it. Huzzah for evolution!

KBM: This is actually pretty top-tier for a Bug Pokémon. But I'm not a fan of bugs.

Stifled: More like yawn-ma.

Raka: I've seen better bugs. It's weird how it retain its Japanese name (I think)

Preston: This write-up is dedicated and devoted to my man crush Chris O' Donnell. Do you guys watch NCIS: Los Angeles? Oh my god. I love him. He is so hot.

Mana: Yanmega's pretty awesome, but we were stuck with Yanma for a while. Why are Swarm Pokemon so boring? The design is really cool, though.

Anagram: I will admit that I like how its eyes make aviator goggles, but everything else about it is terrible.

59. Meganium


#59 Meganium

SCORE: 3154

Average Ranking: 52.57 (St. Dev: 24.26)
Fully Evolved Rank: 42/54
Grass Rank: 5/10
Chikorita Line: 3/3
Starter Rank: 8/9

7 - Suor
13 - scarlet
15 - OrangeCrush
19 - MI
20 - Tennis
21 - Scepter
24 - MC_XD
25 - Wickle
25 - Kate
25 - Dragon66116
29 - Karo
30 - Sanity
33 - Raka
33 - Paratroopa
33 - Xuxon
35 - KBM
36 - Comm
36 - Poke
36 - Bane
37 - Cybat
38 - mnk
40 - Logicblade
41 - CasanovaZelos
41 - xx521xx
42 - ecksgem
44 - ArkOfTurus
46 - andy
48 - Stifled
49 - FrostHarpy
50 - MSG
50 - Arti
51 - Snake5s
54 - Cody
55 - GoaFan77
55 - TexWolf
56 - red
59 - Paul
60 - Natwaf
60 - flubbin
60 - TUM
60 - Inviso
62 - Preston
66 - Mana
71 - FFD
73 - BetrayedTangy
73 - JONA
77 - Drak
80 - Sorozone
80 - Wizards
81 - Brayze_II
84 - Nick
86 - starfox
86 - Magmortar
87 - profDEADPOOL
87 - lefty
91 - Ermine
91 - Anagram
91 - Gen
98 - Eddv
99 - darkx

Suor: I love Meganium both because of nostalgia towards my first starter and because of the way it's portrayed. There's also the fact that it actually looks calm and peaceful, there's no other fully evolved starter in the series that achieves this and it deserves credit. People who bash Meganium because of its usefulness have probably never used one or are biased or don't know what they're talking about. Bayleef stage in particular is beast compared to the garbage that are Croconaw and Quilava in battle, and Meganium is still quite good by the time you reach the league.

Wickle: A guilty pleasure of mine that he was my best friend's starter during the two of us playing HGSS. He actually made sure I didn't dislike the Poke. And the two of us traded babies of our Pokes, which we named as ourselves before giving to the other.

Raka: Well it looks dumb. Ughhh. One of the worst starter designs ever.

Paratroopa: it has that same dopey charm that I kind of like about dragonite, he seems like a dude that would totally be best buds but kind of frustratingly dimwitted sometimes we all have friends like that but they're not grass dinosaurs usually

KBM: This is a tough one for me. I almost really never like grass starters, and I don't like grass much as a type aesthetically, but I do like this line more than most. Fair to middling when balanced against my own prejudice.

Cybat: Venusaur had a flower as part of its design but still looks menacing. This is just…weird. Especially with its face like that in most of the art. Doesn't help that battle-wise it might be the worst starter.

Ecks: I have to give some credit to this line, it's not as bad as I remember. Meganium especially is improved for me, looks like a dinosaur.

CasanovaZelos: One of the ugliest fully evolved starters. I was also one of those weird children that picked Chikorita as my starter, so we had fun times together.

Stifled: So derpy. If not for Serperior, this would be the worst fully evolved grass starter. But since Serperior exists, it isn’t all that bad.

Goa: Another uninspiring grass starter final form. Gens III and IV did them so much better.

Natwaf: You'd think I'd like a plant dino, right? But Venusaur is WAY better, and Meganium is awful.

Preston: Still don't think this is cute. Chikorita is the worst starter ever and anybody that says otherwise doesn't even know what the word veracity means. Screw you Chikorita.

Brayze: Oh no somebody got stupid all over that venusaur doctors say he may never recover. Extra extra read all about it, disfigured venusaur sues generation two ‘I’m dumb as hell’ says ill-conceived freak

Starfox: Meganium more like Megaderpium. Got ‘em.

Magmortar: I don’t know how they made a starter just about useless, but they did. At least it has a stupid looking face. And a stupid cry. Stupid dinosaur thing.

Anagram: Ruins Chikorita and Bayleef, and I’m not entirely sure how. It’s not substantially different from Bayleef in design, but still—something is lost in the evolution.

Gen: This is the worst fully evolved starter ever, and the only one I'd put in my bottom ten per generation. I mean ye gods, I can deal with an ugly Pokémon because generally if it looks like ass then it looks like it can f*** some s*** up, but I almost regretted picking Totodile, because I could not take 'Silver seriously when he threw out this hot mess:  

As if I needed any more reason to pick one of the other two.

Eddv: This is the stupidest looking thing. I hated this thing so much.

58. Girafarig


#58 Girafarig

SCORE: 3145

Average Ranking: 52.42 (St. Dev: 24.26)
Fully Evolved Rank: 41/54
Normal Rank: 7/15
Psychic Line: 7/10

1 - Tennis
5 - Suor
12 - Sanity
14 - Wickle
17 - JONA
23 - MI
24 - Stifled
28 - Karo
29 - andy
29 - Paratroopa
30 - flubbin
30 - Magmortar
34 - starfox
36 - MC_XD
37 - Natwaf
37 - GoaFan77
39 - red
40 - darkx
42 - Drak
42 - Dragon66116
43 - FrostHarpy
44 - Cybat
45 - BetrayedTangy
45 - FFD
46 - Raka
47 - scarlet
50 - mnk
50 - Wizards
52 - Comm
53 - ecksgem
55 - Logicblade
56 - Preston
57 - Paul
57 - Xuxon
58 - Arti
59 - Nick
61 - Snake5s
62 - TexWolf
63 - Scepter
63 - Ermine
64 - Poke
65 - OrangeCrush
68 - Sorozone
69 - Kate
70 - Gen
70 - xx521xx
71 - Mana
73 - KBM
73 - lefty
76 - Inviso
77 - CasanovaZelos
77 - Cody
77 - ArkOfTurus
79 - Brayze_II
80 - profDEADPOOL
83 - Anagram
84 - Bane
87 - MSG
93 - Eddv
94 - TUM

Suor: Giraffes are my favorite animals and Girafarig is so cute that I can't help but place it this high. It really should get some evolution or Mega for itself, but it's still great-looking and the tail being kind of creepy compared to the cute façade is unique and awesome.

Sanity: In terms of multiheaded Pokemon, I like the idea of this one. An inferior head and brain that is very primitive and feral. It's cool.

Wickle: First time seeing it? "lol no probably normal-type." Learned it was Norm-Psychic, "GOTTA CATCH IT" Then I liked it.

Stifled: hay guyz it’s the same front and back lololol articUNO zapDOS mewTHREE. Coincidentally, I really like him because he reminds me of the Toys R’ Us giraffe.

Paratroopa: oh I get it, his name is like, one of those technodrome things

Magmortar: Palindrome name is good and so is the chain chomp tail. Could use an evolution but I really like it as it is. Typing’s definitely cool (albeit like with every Psychic type, is now really really bad…at least it’s immune to something).

Starfox: I kinda like its design, and I really like its typing… if only it didn’t suck in battle

Natwaf: I like the idea of Girafarig, and Normal/Psychic. Still weak, and I'm pretty sure it's just typed that way to extol the virtues of the Dark type.

Natwaf’s Nicknames:
Male: Janus
Female: Therese, Voerman

Goa: That tail is horrifying on an otherwise cute Pokemon.

Cybat: Who doesn't love palindromes? Cool design and typing but sadly it's not very useful. Would love to see it get an evolution. Okapipako?

Raka: I also like its gimmick. Normal / Psychic? Too bad it's so weak and worthless.

Preston: Toys R Us

Gen: Neat concept with a meh execution. yay for palindromes~

KBM: I have always felt like I should like this one more than I do, but... it's just so boring. It's a psychic giraffe with a tail in blackface. That's literally it.

CasanovaZelos: Normal/Psychic is such a weird typing, especially as the first normal/x type outside of flying. A pretty cool design, but functionally useless.

Brayze: Real clever

Anagram: Probably the most forgettable pokemon with a unique typing, at least until Meloetta showed up.

MSG: This was the first time they experimented with Normal/Not Flying, something I wish they'd done more of. Psychic was a perfect fit for that second typing, too, as it totally nullifies one of its few weaknesses: Ghost, and takes away Normal's sole weakness in Fighting. It's just really unfortunate that it resulted in the disaster that is Girafarig, who otherwise has no redeemable qualities whatsoever.

57. Mantine


#57 Mantine

SCORE: 3098

Average Ranking: 51.63 (St. Dev: 21.82)
Fully Evolved Rank: 40/54
Water Rank: 13/18
Flying Line: 10/19

10 - Wickle
10 - Suor
16 - Drak
19 - Snake5s
19 - TUM
22 - TexWolf
23 - Nick
25 - OrangeCrush
25 - andy
26 - scarlet
26 - Gen
27 - ecksgem
27 - Poke
27 - Bane
28 - profDEADPOOL
34 - Ermine
36 - starfox
40 - Brayze_II
40 - Paratroopa
41 - GoaFan77
43 - Logicblade
43 - lefty
44 - Eddv
44 - red
46 - KBM
48 - Arti
50 - darkx
50 - ArkOfTurus
51 - FrostHarpy
52 - Wizards
55 - Stifled
56 - FFD
57 - flubbin
59 - JONA
59 - Xuxon
61 - Preston
61 - MC_XD
62 - Natwaf
62 - Cybat
66 - BetrayedTangy
66 - Karo
67 - Sorozone
67 - Dragon66116
68 - MI
69 - Anagram
70 - Sanity
71 - xx521xx
72 - Scepter
73 - Raka
73 - Tennis
74 - CasanovaZelos
76 - Comm
77 - Magmortar
77 - Inviso
79 - mnk
82 - Cody
82 - MSG
83 - Mana
86 - Kate
96 - Paul

Wickle: Another awesome sea creature.

Suor: Manta-rays are an amazing and fascinating species, so of course Mantine was bound to be among the best pokémon in Gen II. I wish it could work as well as a Special sponge as Skarmory works as a Physical sponge. I think they should go full-circle with both it and Skarmory and make them both three-stages evolutive lines. I want my giant-ass flying manta-ray that uses Octillerys as cannons (and my fully armored bird that throws swords at enemies).

Gen: ... I don't even know. I like its face and I like manta rays. Isn't that enough for you people!?

Brayze: I used to think that manta rays were smart like octopus but apparently they aren’t, turns out I have a bias and just think every weird looking sea creature is smart so long as it has visible eyes (not you, sea cucumbers)

Paratroopa: I like to imagine a remoraid ran into it one day with its mouth open and just kind of got stuck there and couldn't figure out how to get out of its predicament because remoraid is not a pokemon that is just shining brilliantly with intelligence and mantine just kind of made that :| face and was like "well, this is life now, I guess"

Goa: Derpy, yet somewhat magestic at the same time.

KBM: I like this well enough for eventually giving us Mantyke, which is SUPER cute and has a pretty unique way of evolving. But alas, that's really all it has going for it, and that doesn't even apply to this generation.

Wizards: Screw you, you killed Steve Irwin. 

Stifled : Why is this thing so hard to catch? It must be fleeing Steve Irwin’s crime scene.

Preston: Sting rays killed Steve Irwin so screw Mantine.

Natwaf: Probably supposed to be Skarmory's and/or Gyarados' counterpart, being a specially defnsive Water/Flying. That didn't work out AT ALL.

Cybat: Manta rays are sweet but this guy is not very interesting. Doesn't help that he has very unfortunate typing for a special wall.

Anagram: Water/Flying pokemon #54132 is pretty damn ****. I don’t mind the idea of a manta ray pokemon at all, but can you really tell me that Mantine is anything other than garbage?

Raka: Who had the idea to give this thing a pre-evo?

CasanovaZelos: The winner of the award for least worthy Pokemon to get a preevolution.

Magmortar: Mantine has the dumbest face (why does near-every GSC Pokemon have those bead eyes) and was boned from the start by that typing. Gyarados gets by because it’s fucking Gyarados but Mantine doesn’t have that kind of coolness value. Or stats. But I love its cry for some reason, and it does have a handful of actual battling applications.

Mana: Stingray! Has Remoraid under its wing! Yay... more Water-types...! Woo?

Kate: "let's create something with stats that make it look like a special sponge. don't forget to give it 4x weakness to electric though."

56. Phanpy


#56 Phanpy

SCORE: 3089

Average Ranking: 51.48 (St. Dev: 23.39)
NFE Rank: 17/46
Ground Rank: 7/10
Phanpy Line: 2/2

2 - Kate
5 - BetrayedTangy
9 - MI
14 - Bane
15 - Sanity
17 - Wizards
17 - lefty
23 - starfox
23 - profDEADPOOL
23 - xx521xx
25 - Scepter
25 - GoaFan77
26 - mnk
26 - Drak
32 - Logicblade
33 - Mana
34 - Sorozone
35 - ecksgem
37 - Inviso
40 - flubbin
41 - Gen
46 - Comm
48 - TUM
49 - Stifled
50 - Snake5s
51 - Nick
51 - ArkOfTurus
52 - JONA
54 - darkx
55 - Magmortar
56 - CasanovaZelos
57 - Karo
58 - OrangeCrush
61 - MSG
62 - Suor
64 - Natwaf
64 - Wickle
64 - Cybat
64 - MC_XD
64 - Xuxon
65 - Paratroopa
70 - KBM
70 - Eddv
70 - Brayze_II
70 - Dragon66116
71 - Ermine
72 - FrostHarpy
72 - Cody
72 - FFD
73 - Paul
74 - red
76 - Arti
77 - TexWolf
78 - Preston
81 - Anagram
83 - scarlet
84 - Tennis
84 - Poke
85 - andy
90 - Raka

Sanity: Funny happy elephant. I like how its Pokedex entries talk about how fun natured it is, but it's so strong that it hurts you accidentally in the process.

Starfox: I wish Gamefreak would try to make things cute by designing them like Phanpy… because it’s actually cute, unlike most of the overly designed crap I can’t stand. It evolves into a badass too, which helps.

Goa: One of the rare cases I like both forms of a line equally. Phanpy is just adorable, while Donphan is just a boss of equal magnitude.

Logicblade: D'aww look at this little elephant, wants to be a badass someday, but he's already better than Daddy Donphan.

Gen: Once I thought I found a shiny Phanpy. It turned out the coloration on my screen was only different because my batteries were low and I had to turn off the external light. I assure you my disappointment that day had no bearing on my ranking.

Stifled: Cute little elephant thingy.

Magmortar: Just the most adorable thing. It and Donphan may as well be in different evolution lines, though.

CasanovaZelos: Another Pokemon that gets by from being cute. Also evolves into something useful, so nice to carry around.

Natwaf: NFE Trash that I can't tell the difference between Shiny or not. It's oh so cute eyes though.

Cybat: Baby elephants are cute. 

Paratroopa: 10 minutes later and I can't think of anything to say about this tiny ass elephant

KBM: And this is literally just a small elephant. Which should be cuter than it ends up being, because baby elephants are adorable.

Brayze: I came back at the end to say something about phanpy and realized there is basically nothing to say anymore. Phanpy our marriage is a sham

Preston: It pissed me off that Ash had to release Charizard, Squirtle and Bulbasaur to make up room for PHANPY of all Pokémon in his party during the Master Quest saga. And he STILL didn't even evolve Totodile? Goodness gracious. >_>

Anagram: Cute elephant. Who cares?

Raka: Why not let Donphan be a one-Pokemon line? :(

55. Magcargo


#55 Magcargo

SCORE: 3089

Average Ranking: 51.48 (St. Dev: 28.33)
Fully Evolved Rank: 39/54
Fire Rank: 8/10
Rock Rank: 4/7
Slugma Line: 1/2

1 - Magmortar
7 - Tennis
7 - Sanity
7 - Paratroopa
11 - Stifled
11 - FFD
12 - KBM
14 - Brayze_II
20 - OrangeCrush
21 - Ermine
23 - TexWolf
25 - Paul
26 - Wickle
27 - JONA
27 - Eddv
30 - Xuxon
31 - GoaFan77
33 - Natwaf
34 - Raka
34 - Karo
35 - mnk
36 - Suor
37 - Mana
42 - flubbin
43 - Nick
43 - Gen
45 - ecksgem
45 - lefty
46 - Snake5s
50 - MC_XD
51 - CasanovaZelos
51 - andy
53 - scarlet
53 - ArkOfTurus
59 - red
61 - Comm
61 - TUM
64 - Cody
64 - MSG
66 - Cybat
67 - Wizards
68 - Scepter
68 - Bane
71 - Sorozone
74 - starfox
74 - Dragon66116
75 - profDEADPOOL
81 - BetrayedTangy
84 - Anagram
86 - Logicblade
88 - Poke
89 - xx521xx
90 - Inviso
91 - Preston
92 - MI
94 - darkx
95 - Arti
97 - FrostHarpy
99 - Drak
100 - Kate

Magmortar: Yeah, really. I dunno, I could never really explain my love for Magcargo. It looks kind of dopey, but I like dopey Pokemon. It tends to have pretty good 3D models. It could have a better typing. A lot better of a typing. But so could a lot of Pokemon, and many of those would kill to have Magcargo’s support movepool. I still train them, even sending an egg over to use one in Soulsilver in-game, and they are very handy for egg hatching. That sums it up.

Sanity: Although slugs are cooler than snails IRL, Magcargo's design is better than Slugma's. That rocky shell with fire busting out of it is badass.

Paratroopa: magcargo is amazing I can't believe how long some of you ranked magcargo. I mean, 96? seriously?

Stifled: This is a Pokemon that I probably wouldn’t have given two craps about except it served a purpose for me. I was doing a breeding project and I wanted to hatch eggs quickly. But alas! I didn’t have a Flame Body Pokemon handy. But low and behold as I searched through my boxes, there Magcargo was to answer the call. I have loved this Pokemon ever since.

KBM: He looks as if he possesses the wisdom of the world. That and his rock shell is superheated to the point of being aflame, which as a fan of Fire types I like a LOT. Even if he is based on a disgusting real-life creature, he's pretty much awesome.

Brayze: I have one and his name is mr hopeless, he’s about as useful in battle as you might expect, he has never accomplished anything

Natwaf: Good lord this thing is awful in combat. Used it in X Mono-Fire, and eugh. A damn godsend for breeders though, once it obtained off-combat Flame Body and Magma Armor

Natwaf’s Nicknames: Slugma-Magcargo

Male: KeongLahar

Female: Tsunade

Raka: It's hot haha get it? It's because Magcargo is a fire type Pokemon and both his design and Pokedex entry say that it's hot, as in, its temperature is high.

Suor: People easily forget how a magma slug with a solidified lava shell is an awesome and clever design for a pokémon. If only Magcargo wasn't like, the most useless Fire-type ever.

Flubbin: I like this line a lot, leave me alone.

Gen: I like that it looks like its face is melting off. It's hard to believe it's the only Fire/Rock type out there. WTF Torkoal? W. T. F.?

CasanovaZelos: A snail that is hotter than the surface of the sun. What's not to love?

Comm: Balls hanging off its chin. Literally balls.

Cybat: It's a shame his types are so bad because Fire/Rock could be used for a lot of cool designs. His name is weird, too.

Anagram: I should hate this thing because it’s so ugly, but it’s also just so damn derpy that, fair or not, I have to give it a pass.

Preston:</3 </3 </3 Magcargo </3 </3 </3

Arti: Slugma's evolution is just as forgettable as Slugma itself.

54. Marill


#54 Marill

SCORE: 3082

Average Ranking: 51.37 (St. Dev: 23.90)
NFE Rank: 16/46
Water Rank: 12/18
Fairy Rank: 2/8
Marill Line (Gen II): 2/2

7 - CasanovaZelos
9 - Anagram
12 - Kate
15 - Nick
16 - darkx
20 - Suor
22 - Gen
25 - xx521xx
26 - Poke
29 - ecksgem
30 - FFD
31 - mnk
31 - Wizards
32 - KBM
34 - JONA
35 - BetrayedTangy
35 - Drak
35 - lefty
36 - Karo
36 - MSG
36 - Sanity
37 - Xuxon
40 - andy
41 - TUM
43 - Comm
46 - Eddv
47 - Sorozone
47 - MI
48 - Bane
50 - Scepter
51 - Cody
51 - Paratroopa
52 - Natwaf
52 - Dragon66116
53 - Stifled
54 - Raka
56 - profDEADPOOL
59 - MC_XD
59 - Inviso
61 - flubbin
62 - Paul
64 - Snake5s
64 - FrostHarpy
68 - TexWolf
70 - red
71 - Tennis
72 - Brayze_II
73 - ArkOfTurus
74 - Logicblade
75 - Ermine
80 - Cybat
83 - Magmortar
86 - Arti
88 - starfox
89 - Mana
90 - Preston
90 - scarlet
92 - Wickle
95 - GoaFan77
97 - OrangeCrush

CasanovaZelos: The one post-Gen I mascot that managed to outdo Pikachu in cuteness.

Anagram: Enter Mt. Moon, go three steps up, face right, and press A. Pikablu will appear and you can catch it.

Suor: Pikablu was a fitting name, this is just as marketable as Pikachu. It's incredibly cute and bubbly, I wish it hadn't lost all its relevance by now.

Gen: I believe in Pikablu!

Ecks: I'll always think of it as Pikablu. So much nostalgia connected with this guy before the second gen was released.

KBM: Remember when we all thought this was the secret 152nd Pokémon of the first generation and that it was called Pikablu? Good times, good times, those were the days. *puffs on cigar*

Paratroopa: remember when pikablu was a thing? well they were basically right I guess

Natwaf: WHO'S THAT POKEMON? IT'S PIKABLU! Trash if it doesn't get Huge Power though.

Stifled: Pikablu! I finally caught you!

Raka: Not much to say. Like a failed Pikachu lol so sad.

Brayze: Hamsters actually inflate like this if you put them in water, they totally hate it!

Cybat: Ahh, Pikablu. Early Pokemon was such a fun time. But it did not live up to the hype at all. At least it's a Fairy now.

Magmortar: Just garbage. Evolves into something that’s not bad, and evolves from something that may not even be the same gender (although apparently XY fixed this), so it’s got that going for it.

Starfox: I don’t necessarily hate it because it’s a Pikaclone, because there are far worse offenders of that… I just hate it because it’s boring and obnoxious.

Mana: Pikablu! Cute, but a boring water type that I don't understand the existence of. It's a water mouse, right? The tail just throws me. I do like the recent Fairy typing, but I know it and remember it as a pure-Water and it's so tough to like them when there is such a glut of them. I also tend to completely forget it when I'm trying to name all 100 GSC Pokemon.

Preston: I don't really like Marill very much. I don't get why Ermine or Anagram would like Marill. Marill was borderline useless in Super Smash Bros. Melee and the design of Marill is that of a mouse. It's a mouse...I mean come on people. What's so good about a walking lab rat? Tracy had one in the anime but like it's counterpart in Super Smash Bros. Melee? Marill was useless so screw you Marill.

Wickle: 1) Oh Pikachu's successful, let's make another mouse. THIS is the first offender of the Pikachu over hype. And 2) Tracy ensured I could never like this Poke.

Goa: Easily in the top 5 overrated cute Pokemon of all time. Also, if its tail floats, how can it learn dive in gens where its an HM?

53. Flaaffy


#53 Flaaffy

SCORE: 3041

Average Ranking: 50.68 (St. Dev: 21.33)
NFE Rank: 15/46
Electric Rank: 5/8
Mareep Line: 3/3

3 - Gen
8 - Karo
10 - Tennis
12 - Paratroopa
16 - Comm
18 - Raka
22 - ecksgem
23 - Logicblade
24 - Preston
25 - red
26 - Kate
27 - MC_XD
31 - lefty
33 - andy
36 - Wickle
37 - TUM
38 - Sanity
41 - Snake5s
44 - OrangeCrush
44 - Sorozone
44 - xx521xx
46 - Poke
47 - Wizards
48 - Dragon66116
49 - Drak
50 - Anagram
51 - Scepter
51 - Stifled
53 - Cody
53 - Arti
56 - flubbin
57 - Nick
57 - Natwaf
57 - GoaFan77
58 - FrostHarpy
59 - FFD
59 - Suor
60 - Magmortar
60 - profDEADPOOL
61 - Mana
61 - Brayze_II
61 - ArkOfTurus
62 - Ermine
63 - CasanovaZelos
63 - Cybat
64 - Bane
65 - JONA
68 - MSG
69 - KBM
70 - mnk
72 - BetrayedTangy
74 - Eddv
74 - Inviso
77 - starfox
78 - Paul
79 - TexWolf
85 - scarlet
85 - MI
87 - darkx
90 - Xuxon

Gen: You knew it was coming. Behold, my highest-ranked Gen II middie, and *gasp* it's not in a starter family! So yeah Mareep's family is not available in Crystal so months after I became sufficiently engrossed in the world of pokémon I purchased Silver on the cheap and with the help of my friend blah blah complete pokédex blah. I like the entire line, but the cotton candy fluffy pink poodle sheep is far and away my favorite. Why? I honestly cannot say. Believe it or not I hate the color pink, and I hate ultra girly stuff. But Flaaffy is too sweet to hate.

Paratroopa: oh no mareep you molted and got an awful sunburn what happened

Raka: Good mid-evo and its name is just fun to say. Say it ten times fast in public.

Preston: Sheep In The Big City

Wickle: baaaaa.

Kate: one of the few lines where the mid evo actually IS the best

Anagram: Looks nothing like its evo or preevo other than that it is indeed a sheep.

Stifled: This thing looks really prissy. The progression of this line is really strange. Cute sheep turns into prissy snob sheep, which turns into giraffe necked Super Saiyan yellow sheep. What the hell?

Natwaf: The worst of the electric sheep line. NFE trash that, while still cute, doesn't look as nice as the others.
Goa: At least its a cuter sheep... thing, and less generic.

Magmortar: Worst of this line by far but still okay I guess.

Brayze: The pinkest and stupidest member of the mareep line, I always thought he was like a mareep that was super chafed from all the nearby farmers

CasanovaZelos: One of the most forgettable middle stages, and I really hate that name. Even then, it helps make the Mareep line one of the funnest to bring along during Gold and Silver.

Cybat: I don't like that it changes color or that it has an extra A in its name. But it's still an above-average middle form overall.

KBM: Still just a sheep. This time it's shorn in places. Blade Runner's a good movie though.

Starfox: Ugh, why did they have to shave it? It’s exactly the opposite of cute.

52. Smeargle


#52 Smeargle

SCORE: 3022

Average Ranking: 50.37 (St. Dev: 27.33)
Fully Evolved Rank: 38/54
Normal Rank: 6/15

3 - Ermine
5 - lefty
8 - GoaFan77
11 - MC_XD
11 - red
11 - Sanity
11 - ArkOfTurus
14 - TUM
15 - Inviso
20 - starfox
23 - Gen
26 - TexWolf
27 - Xuxon
28 - Arti
28 - Dragon66116
29 - xx521xx
30 - Natwaf
33 - Cybat
33 - Poke
34 - Snake5s
35 - Anagram
35 - FFD
35 - Paul
43 - Tennis
43 - Magmortar
43 - profDEADPOOL
44 - Raka
45 - darkx
46 - OrangeCrush
47 - Paratroopa
48 - FrostHarpy
48 - Drak
51 - BetrayedTangy
56 - MSG
57 - CasanovaZelos
59 - Stifled
59 - Karo
61 - scarlet
63 - KBM
65 - Mana
65 - Comm
66 - flubbin
69 - ecksgem
72 - Wickle
73 - Cody
75 - mnk
76 - JONA
78 - Nick
78 - Logicblade
83 - Scepter
84 - Wizards
85 - Sorozone
86 - Preston
86 - Bane
88 - MI
89 - Suor
95 - Brayze_II
96 - Kate
96 - andy
99 - Eddv

Ermine: A painting dog. What's not to like. I love his simple yet adorable design and it was always a pleasure using one on competitive teams. Smeargle is one of the few of my top favs that I was able to find a slot for on my tryhard teams because of what he can do. Love the little guy :)

Goa: Ah, the unfortunate tale of the struggling artist. Little did anyone suspect they really have the ability to become anything they want, or at least learn any move they want.

Sanity: I remember catching my first Smeargle, and after realizing what he did, I had this dream to make him learn that move that makes your next move always hit (Lock-On?) and then some moves that always kill with one hit (Horn Drill?). I never got around to it, but I thought it would have been really cool. He's a very unique Pokemon though.

Starfox: I loved using Smeargle in my competitive teams. I mean, it was usually pretty difficult to pull off (especially in my opponent was more than mildly competent), but he allowed me to turn one of my Pokes into an absolute beast. Allowing Typhosion’s eruption to tear through a Pokemon with a 4x resistance will always get you props from me. Ignoring that, his gimmick is just cool as hell. So there.

Gen: Smeargle and Sketch are just great. I mean just look at its Trivia section in Bulbapedia if you need proof! You know despite the fact that I was aware that I was able to transfer almost any move to almost any other pokémon through Smeargle, I've never been a heavy chain-breeder so I've only utilized this system like twice. Still props for just being able to do it. Arti: It's a pretty fun Pokemon to experiment with. Most of the time hard to find, though.

Natwaf: If you think Smeargle is unpredictable then ROFLMAO. You know what's coming when you see one. That said, I had an event one in White that's VERY useful in catching stuff.

Natwaf’s Nicknames: Male: Picasso Female: Artemisia, FridaKahlo

Cybat: I do not understand how being a painter correlates with being able to learn any move. I just don't. But it is fun to come up with creative move combinations, and of course it makes breeding a lot easier.

Anagram: The asterisk on every moveset unique to a specific pokemon. The funny part is that Smeargle never uses any of those exotic movesets, because it’s always too busy with spore, baton pass, and two buffs.

Magmortar: The gimmick behind it is great and one of my personal favorites. It can’t do ANY sort of damage for the life of it though really, which hurts it a bit for me.

Raka: Its gimmick is great fun, but it's kinda useless…? :/

Paratroopa: he is king dope of dopeytown and I don't mean dope like in the cool sense like yo that is dope I just mean he is dopey and he has a beret

CasanovaZelos: Awesome idea, too bad using it in game properly is such a bother.

Stifled: It’s a good idea for a gimmick, but I’d rather just use a good Pokemon than go to the trouble of getting this guy a decent moveset with Sketch.

KBM: Just... kind of weird, honestly. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate weirdness, but I don't even really know what to say here.

Wickle: I will eventually catch a female of these, name it Relm, and it'll suddenly burst up my list.

Preston: Smeargle is the Nick Stanbury of Pokémon. I barely remember anything of Smeargle and I think it's gimmick what that it could use it's tail to paint pictures or something? It also doesn't even evolve. Bleh. By the way? If Nick Stanbury walked across the front yard of my sidewalk right now? I would not care. I would not care.

Suor: It has a cool gimmick. It also looks like a stuck-up hipster painter, and it sticking out its tongue while thinking “I'm too cool to hang with the other dogs” makes it worth punching in the face.

Brayze: I’ve always hated this thing and it getting dark void isn’t helping

Kate: f*** Spore. f*** Ingrain. f*** BP teams

Eddv: I hate this thing so much. Competitive pokemon has conditioned me to hate this thing with a fiery passion. Also he looks stupid.

51. HitmontopEdit


#51 Hitmontop

SCORE: 3007

Average Ranking: 50.12 (St. Dev: 25.50)
Fully Evolved Rank: 37/54
Fighting Rank: 2/3
Part of a preexisting line: 10/19
Tyrogue Line (Gen II): 1/2

2 - ArkOfTurus
6 - Xuxon
9 - Eddv
10 - Ermine
14 - BetrayedTangy
20 - GoaFan77
20 - Bane
21 - TUM
22 - starfox
24 - Natwaf
24 - OrangeCrush
25 - CasanovaZelos
26 - red
28 - Preston
30 - FrostHarpy
31 - Stifled
31 - Kate
31 - xx521xx
33 - Wizards
35 - JONA
36 - Drak
38 - Raka
38 - Arti
39 - Cybat
39 - MSG
40 - Nick
43 - MC_XD
44 - flubbin
45 - Anagram
45 - profDEADPOOL
47 - Logicblade
49 - darkx
50 - FFD
51 - Sanity
53 - Comm
58 - Poke
60 - Tennis
64 - TexWolf
65 - lefty
66 - Cody
67 - Snake5s
70 - Scepter
70 - Karo
71 - Wickle
71 - Brayze_II
71 - Dragon66116
72 - Magmortar
76 - Suor
77 - scarlet
78 - Sorozone
78 - andy
80 - Mana
80 - MI
86 - KBM
88 - mnk
89 - ecksgem
91 - Inviso
91 - Paratroopa
94 - Paul
95 - Gen

Eddv: Hitmontop is such a goofy bastard and I love him.

Ermine: Really cool and fun design. Great poke, suck it gen. ;)

Starfox: I actually love its design, which is a huge improvement over Lee and Chan, both of whom I found rather unappealing. Still wish it wasn’t so hard to evolve though.

Natwaf: A true Capoeira master, this thing is annoying to face in non-Singles thanks to Intimidate. But good god that's a horrible evolution method.

Natwaf’s Nicknames: Tyrogue-Hitmonchan/Hitmonlee/Hitmontop Tyrogue: Kenichi Hitmonchan: JackieChan Hitmonlee: Bruce Lee Hitmontop: ChuckNoris, Chuck Norris

CasanovaZelos: The best design of the Hitmons.

Preston: For the most part? I always liked Fighting types and Hitmontop is no exception. Gotta love spinning tops.

Stifled: Did we need a third Hitmon? No. Is it cool anyway? Sure.

Raka: I've always wanted one, but it's a pain in the ass to evolve.

Cybat: I'm a little sad it wasn't named after a martial artist like its brothers. But it looks the most like a Pokemon as opposed to a guy in a costume of the three of them.

MSG: Yeah, he's still the weak link of the Hitmon family, but nothing can take his amazing Stadium 2 mini-game away from him!

Flubbin: They get points for creativity, I guess. I like Hitmontop, but he’s certainly not as good at the other Hitmons.

Anagram: Massively inferior to the other Hitmons. If you have a hand fighting a foot fighting pokemon, the next logical step is, I don’t know, a headbutting pokemon or something. Instead we get a dreidel. Wickle: Triple kick and true to its name, but also weird.

Brayze: The stupidest hitmon, and hitmonchan wasn’t winning any spelling bees

Magmortar: I could never actually get one by evolving a Tyrogue, and I don’t like its design, the face especially (I swear 75% of this gen has terrible faces). But when it is battle time it’s one of the most unique Pokemon in the entire series that isn’t a gimmick. Rapin Spin fighter with neat defenses (albeit bad HP) and more than enough tools to get some offense going is neat.

Suor: Its sprites and artwork always have it upside-down, standing on its head spike, spinning and looking cool. Some douche later decided it would be a good idea to make pictures of it standing on its feet, looking like a dwarf moron and killing every ounce of appeal it had. Please reconsider.

Mana: Hitmonlee is Bruce. Hitmonchan is Jackie. Way to ruin tradition! It's a cool Pokemon though that I never tried to get because equal Attack & Defense sounds like some insane breeding.

KBM: As good as Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan are... Hitmontop is just stupid.

Ecks: I just now realized it has a tail. That helmet hair though.

Paratroopa: no thanks I was never really into beyblade

Gen: I have an insanely long rant about Hitmontop that I cannot limit to one writeup. It knows what it did...

Hitmontop is just one of those pokemon where the more I think about it the less I like it. To further explain why I present to you the story of its origin from the perspective of YOUm the average pocket monster designer.

Okay so you've got two Hitmon pokemon: one that specializes in kicking and one that specializes in punching. And since you're some kind of moron you've just invented a hideous baby pokemon that connects the two and can turn into either. So what's next? Well let's make a third evolution. There's no shortage of ideas you can follow through on, but logic dictates the next step would be either a pokemon that is equally adept at both kicking and punching, or one that has a totally unique method of attacking that involves neither. To that end, you're Japanese so immediately you're thinking sumo or judo which involve throwing one's own weight around and using the opponent's weight against them respectively. But will this translate well with western audiences? Probably not. Best save those ideas for later (Hariyama, Throh).

Okay well back to square one. Something that uses both kicks and punches with equal skill. Gosh, what kind of fighters do this nowadays? Oh, uh-doi, kickboxers! MMA fighters also do this, but this is the year 2000 and that sport is still growing in popularity. Still there is one MMA specialist that's pretty dang popular both here and overseas- THAT'S IT! HITMONORIS! IT WAS ALL SO EASY! Welp, that's a wrap. Book it. You're just finished sketching out what's sure to be a winning design.

And that's when your mentally lacking eleven year old niece walks in. "Durr..." she says, dribble running down her chin and onto her new toy which you purchased from the pharmacy one block over so she'd leave you alone long enough to finish your desk work for the night. Placing her cheap slobbery dreidel right on said desk, she spins it, flinging spittle all over your drawing of Hitmonoris. "Uncle Toshiro you should make THIS into a pokemon ~hob gobble derp!"

"Oh but sweetie," you begin to protest. However your misgivings fall on deaf and dumb ears. "MAEK DIS POGEYMAN NAO!" she cries. Is it too late to abort? Sadly yes. So you do the damn design of a spinning pokemon that has nothing to do with fighting so you draw some legs on it, and a tail that looks like a leg and now it kicks. It spins and kicks. Doesn't that make it more of a breakdancer? I mean no one in their right mind would take such an absurd fighting stance and expect to do anything but utterly embarrass himself but the deed is done and it's too late to redraw a non-drool covered version of your first pick.

Sweating bullets, you turn this design of this... Hitmontop in to your supervisor of design. He stares at it critically. "Huuuuuuuuuurk, I love it!!" says he, eyes drifting apart from one another in a blank unseeing gaze. Oh, thank Buddha. Right you forgot this one was dropped on his head as an infant. Satoshi-san only gave him the job because his mother was a friend of the family.

So in a nutshell Hitmontop is the epitome of wasted potential, is related to his family in name only, is dumb and ugly (imo), and doesn't have a unique method of attack to set him apart. Sorry but kicking while spinning! is still kicking, and there's almost dozen ideas I'd rather have seen implemented before something that stupid. In fact I'll list them. Things I'd rather have seen in a Hitmon before Brazilian dance-fighting: MMA, kickboxing, Muay Thai, judo, karate, jiujitsu, tae kwando, hapkido, bojitsu (yes though it violates the Hitmon tradition of hand-to-hand combat, an ACTUAL stick-user would have been neat), sumo... that's it. I forget when Ong Bak came out, but a Hitmonjaa would have been the s***. Tell me it wouldn't have! You are a liar. It's like... you mean to tell me not ONE famous martial artist could have lent his name to a pokemon? I ain't buyin' it! Hitmonsuck es dum the end bye.


Woo! We are the half way point, doing great so far.

We? What's all this "we" stuff? I'm doing all of the hard work.




Chris 20000


Chris 1000000


Chris 10000


Chris 900

Chris O' Donnell! :)

Chris 700

Chris O' Donnell! Oh my god!

Chris 800


50. LarvitarEdit


#50 Larvitar

SCORE: 2939

Average Ranking: 48.98 (St. Dev: 23.75)
NFE Rank: 14/46
Rock Rank: 3/7
Ground Rank: 6/10
Larvitar Line: 2/3

2 - Gen
4 - Ermine
4 - lefty
6 - profDEADPOOL
15 - xx521xx
20 - Logicblade
22 - MI
23 - Sorozone
25 - Anagram
25 - Eddv
25 - Wizards
28 - FrostHarpy
30 - MC_XD
31 - Drak
32 - Kate
32 - Bane
33 - FFD
34 - CasanovaZelos
36 - ecksgem
36 - Paul
37 - flubbin
39 - Nick
40 - Comm
40 - TexWolf
43 - Preston
43 - BetrayedTangy
44 - MSG
45 - Arti
45 - TUM
46 - darkx
48 - ArkOfTurus
49 - red
50 - Brayze_II
52 - Scepter
53 - Karo
55 - starfox
56 - Mana
56 - Natwaf
58 - Wickle
58 - Cybat
60 - Raka
62 - JONA
63 - Snake5s
64 - OrangeCrush
65 - Dragon66116
67 - Paratroopa
71 - KBM
73 - scarlet
73 - GoaFan77
74 - mnk
75 - Magmortar
77 - Poke
80 - Cody
82 - Inviso
84 - Stifled
87 - Suor
87 - Xuxon
89 - andy
91 - Tennis
95 - Sanity

Gen: My favorite of the pokémon Ash has traveled with but never officially owned, and also his one chance at having a pseudo-Legendary for a looong while. Man Ash is an idiot. That Larvitar clearly needed a good home and graaah. Anyway Larvitar is both super-cute and a total badass without even trying, the end.

Ermine: I have always loved Larvitar and the anime also helped to make that stronger. They literally go into his dreams, that's awesome.

Logicblade: Just the baby form of my boy T-Tar. Trying too hard to be cool, but I'll give it some props.

Anagram: One of two pseudo-legendaries who aren’t dragons, and it’s still pulling a Charizard.

Eddv: He's a tough little guy.

CasanovaZelos: Hard to believe something this cute evolves into Tyranitar.

Preston: I remember Ash had a Larvitar in his party during the end of the Master Quest saga and didn't Larvitar cry every episode? Yeah that was pretty annoying.

MSG: Motherf****r eats mountains in his free time. 'Nuff said.

Brayze: Gene simmons lizard with a pineapple up its ass

Natwaf: NFE Trash that will kill you once it grows up. From the profile, I don't like how it looks, but from the front it looks good.

Cybat: 2' tall and weighs 160 pounds. Other than that, not much interesting about it.

Raka: It eats mountain?

Paratroopa: what is this thing? is he a tiny dinosaur? why does he turn into an angry cocoon? so many questions

KBM: Spoilers: This isn't the biggest leap between members of the same evolutionary line on my list. But it's close.

Goa: I'm pretty sure the other Pokemon in Mount Silver would have attempted genocide on these things if they had any idea what they would become.

Magmortar: Yeah, Larvitar is kind of really bad. Not even Guts can save this thing. It doesn’t stay bad, however.

Stifled: It’s a turd. Why is there a turd Pokemon? Get your bowel movements out of my game.

Suor: Emo tears stopped being edgy a decade ago and look quite out of place when trying to become fat by eating a mountain.

49. AzumarillEdit


#49 Azumarill

SCORE: 2898

Average Ranking: 48.30 (St. Dev: 23.67)
Fully Evolved Rank: 36/54
Water Rank: 11/18
Fairy Rank: 1/8
Marill Line (Gen II): 1/2

1 - CasanovaZelos
9 - Paratroopa
10 - Nick
10 - Brayze_II
12 - Poke
14 - Karo
16 - Natwaf
17 - Eddv
19 - xx521xx
23 - Suor
24 - andy
25 - mnk
26 - Wizards
27 - OrangeCrush
28 - Raka
29 - Dragon66116
36 - Tennis
36 - ArkOfTurus
37 - Kate
37 - Gen
37 - Sanity
39 - FrostHarpy
40 - MSG
40 - Drak
40 - lefty
43 - Xuxon
46 - Inviso
47 - MC_XD
47 - Arti
48 - Cybat
51 - Ermine
52 - Magmortar
54 - Stifled
55 - KBM
55 - profDEADPOOL
58 - Scepter
58 - FFD
58 - TUM
60 - Cody
60 - JONA
61 - GoaFan77
61 - Paul
62 - BetrayedTangy
62 - flubbin
62 - red
64 - MI
65 - Bane
67 - Comm
67 - ecksgem
72 - Logicblade
72 - darkx
73 - Mana
73 - Snake5s
75 - Sorozone
78 - TexWolf
85 - Anagram
89 - Preston
90 - starfox
97 - scarlet
99 - Wickle

CasanovaZelos: A perfect combination of cuteness and viability. The fairy typing added just the right amount of oomph to make it an easy favorite among Gen II.

Paratroopa: the forgotten hero of twitch plays pokemon

Brayze: Sometimes I see a girl this shape at the bus stop I think she has bad, bad diabetes, azumarill got diabetes so bad he became fairy type

Natwaf: BELLY DRUM AQUA JET TO THE FACE! Water/Fairy and Huge Power is a great combo, since we're still lacking in physical Fairy moves, and choices for great users of Play Rough is limited. It still manages to look cute too

Eddv: Wonder Egg! Suor: This is the Cinderella story of possibly the only Water pokémon worse than Feraligatr back in GSC becoming actually viable competitively. Stealth lolferaligatr remark.

Raka: I heard it's pretty good competitively or something? Gen 2 is so 'good' I put a Pokemon in Top 30 based on hearsay. Also, Moe.

Gen: Looking at it... it's pretty much Wigglytuff Redux. And yet I like it two hells of a lot more. Why? Is it the bubble-themed motif? Perhaps it's the versatility of its moveset? Or is it simply the fact that it's not related to a pokémon I hate the guts of? Let's go with all of the above. Unlike Wiggly, it also doesn't simply look like a stretched out, bloated less appealing version of its former glory.

Cybat: Getting the Fairy type helped a lot, and along with Huge Power made this guy one of the scarier Pokemon to face. But I still can't take it seriously.

Magmortar: Rabbit smash puny dragons after being one of Gen 2’s most forgettable Pokemon. Thing’s come a long way. It’s pretty good in battling but I don’t care a lot for Azumarill.

Stifled: Evolved Pikablu!

KBM: I guess it's pretty good. Kind of an anticlimactic FE.

Goa: I guess its a fairy now, but meh. Mana: Probably the one I had the most difficulty ranking. It's been Top 50 and Bottom 10. I respect it a lot more than I do Marill and Azurill, but it's still not a favorite.

Anagram: Of all the random pokemon to become good because it lucked into having a fantastic ability, it had to be Azumarill. It’s ugly as hell and ruins Marill, but I hope you like seeing it everywhere because of its huge power. Ugh, this thing. Marill is the only pikaclone with an evolution, and given how much worse than their preevos Raichu and Azumarill are, it’s not hard to see why. Although it is hard to see why we didn’t get Marill’s baby form until much later.

Preston: This is coming from a guy that adores Water types but Azumarill does nothing for me.

Starfox: I hate this line so much. And Azumarill isn’t obnoxiously cute, they simply tried so hard to make it cute that it wound up kind of ugly

Wickle: I will never remember which marill is the prevo vs the evo.

48. Octillery


#48 Octillery

SCORE: 2882

Average Ranking: 48.03 (St. Dev: 23.12)
Fully Evolved Rank: 35/54
Water Rank: 10/18
Remoraid Line: 1/2

3 - mnk
7 - Wickle
10 - Magmortar
11 - Nick
11 - Eddv
15 - FrostHarpy
15 - Cybat
17 - TexWolf
20 - Xuxon
21 - starfox
22 - Cody
23 - GoaFan77
28 - Stifled
29 - flubbin
33 - ArkOfTurus
36 - Logicblade
37 - KBM
38 - darkx
38 - Suor
39 - profDEADPOOL
39 - Paratroopa
41 - FFD
43 - Scepter
43 - Karo
43 - ecksgem
45 - Comm
46 - Gen
46 - red
46 - Paul
48 - Mana
48 - Ermine
49 - OrangeCrush
50 - Sorozone
51 - MC_XD
51 - Brayze_II
51 - Arti
52 - Raka
52 - Inviso
54 - scarlet
54 - Natwaf
57 - lefty
58 - andy
59 - Preston
61 - Poke
62 - Bane
65 - Tennis
70 - Anagram
71 - JONA
72 - Dragon66116
73 - xx521xx
76 - Snake5s
76 - Sanity
77 - BetrayedTangy
78 - CasanovaZelos
78 - MSG
81 - Kate
87 - MI
89 - TUM
93 - Wizards
94 - Drak

Wickle: OCTILLERY CANNON FIRE! This name is just too good.

Magmortar: Octopus fires everything, and I mean everything, at things. Seeds, ice, electricity, even fire. Some people don’t like it not outrunning people, but you know what? Baton Pass it some speed. Problem solved. It’s not like they’ll get rid of it.

Eddv: I liked that it resembled the Zelda enemy and its varied moveset.

Cybat: Clever concept; the name works really well. It's a shame it's so slow, but its movepool is great. Plus, Moody is hilarious.

Starfox: I’m only writing this because I feel rather stupid for only just now getting the pun

Goa: Not the worse thing they could do with an octopus, and it has a decent unique move. I even used one to beat the Elite 4 in Pearl once.

Stifled: I like different types of Pokemon. An octopus hadn’t been done yet so I was happy to see it.

KBM: I'm not sure why Remoraid turns into this, really, but it's honestly pretty cool so I'm willing to forgive the utter lack of sense that this makes. There are cooler Water types, to be sure, but this at least improves tremendously on a lazy design. Even if it is just going from “just a fish” to “just a brightly-colored octopus.”


Gen: Probably my favorite pokémon name just for the brilliant creativity behind it. Also Octazooka is ridiculous and great. Sadly I never raised one but hey that doesn't mean I can't appreciate it for what it is. I will never understand why it's not a one-off pokémon or why it evolves from Remoraid of all things. I honestly think GameFreak just wanted to justify the existence of the little fish clinging onto Mantine and thus needed it to become its own pokémon like Shellder, only... Shellder/Cloyster actually made sense as a standalone line.

Brayze: Hay fever octopus fires inky wads at opponents, horrifies onlookers

Raka: I like how its moveset is based on its design/lore. But why does it literally look like a normal octopus?

Natwaf: UNLEASH THE MEDIOCRE KRAKEN! Bonus points for Troll Volkner using it in his ELECTRIC gym in Diamond/Pearl. Laughed my ass off when that happened.

Natwaf’s Nicknames:
Remoraid- Octillery
Male: DaveyJones
Female: The Kraken

Preston: Meh. At least Octillery knows some moves that are actually named after it like Octazooka. How many Pokémon out there do you know are honored like that?

Anagram: A lot of people complain that it looks nothing like Remoraid, but I get the joke. My problem with Octillery is that it’s just ugly and dumb. There’s a lot you can do with an octopus, but this is just like some dumb cartoon. You can say that about a lot of pokemon, I suppose, but Octillery really strikes me as just the absolute worst.

CasanovaZelos: Why does this evolve from Remoraid? That alone makes it memorable.

Drak: so ugly. also, this is kinda unfair to the pokemon, but joyrock has an octillery alt and I have therefore come to associate octillery with terrible posts

47. Wobbuffet


#47 Wobbuffet

SCORE: 2858

Average Ranking: 47.63 (St. Dev: 28.46)
Fully Evolved Rank: 34/54
Psychic Rank: 6/10

3 - TUM
3 - Xuxon
4 - GoaFan77
6 - Sanity
8 - lefty
10 - darkx
10 - TexWolf
13 - FrostHarpy
16 - BetrayedTangy
16 - Eddv
16 - ecksgem
17 - MI
18 - Natwaf
19 - FFD
20 - Wizards
23 - Raka
23 - andy
28 - MSG
32 - Suor
34 - Inviso
35 - CasanovaZelos
38 - Mana
38 - Cody
39 - Wickle
39 - Arti
42 - Sorozone
43 - Dragon66116
44 - Tennis
45 - Bane
47 - Snake5s
47 - KBM
47 - Gen
50 - Stifled
50 - Cybat
52 - flubbin
54 - Magmortar
56 - JONA
56 - mnk
57 - Anagram
58 - Paul
60 - red
62 - scarlet
63 - Poke
64 - Nick
66 - starfox
69 - Logicblade
69 - Drak
70 - profDEADPOOL
71 - Comm
76 - Paratroopa
77 - xx521xx
89 - Scepter
89 - Ermine
93 - Kate
94 - Karo
94 - Brayze_II
98 - MC_XD
99 - Preston
99 - OrangeCrush
100 - ArkOfTurus

Goa: Troll in chief of the Pokemon world, at your service.

Sanity: He's the best troll Pokemon in the Smash games. I love his facial expression too.

Eddv: Troolllll.

Ecks: If it wasn't for the anime, I wouldn't have much of an opinion on this guy. He's got a funny gimmick though, and he's pretty unique in the games.

Natwaf: I love it's face, I love it's anime cry, I love the concept. Lol eternal Wobbuffet VS Wobbuffet. The tail is totally it's real body, and the blue thing is a distraction. Too bad I suck at predicting though, couldn't use it to it's full potential.

Raka: Natwaf should know that it says 'Keeenapa?' in the Indonesian dub of the Genesect movie. It's just too funny.

MSG: The entire idea behind Wobbuffet is really quite fascinating. Nothing like this had ever been done before, or since. I never ended up using one myself, and any time I ran into one in the games, they were pretty damn stupid, but it's still quite unique and incredibly powerful in the right hands.


CasanovaZelos: A hilarious design mixed with a unique combat style.

Wickle: XD. Shame they took away that face in Gen 6.

KBM: Wobbuffet is kind of hilarious, honestly... but I like so many other Pokémon in this generation for real reasons.

Gen: I'm torn. On the one hand I love Wobbuffet's concept and how it relates to its very unique battle style. On the other I hate Team Rocket's. On the first hand female Wobbuffet wear lipstick now. That is hilarious. Back on the second its anime gimmick was done to death, and then resurrected only to be re-killed! On both hands, Shadow Tag. My opinion on this thing is as unstable as the pokémon itself, but overall... I suppose I like it.

Stifled: In-game, I despise this thing. The anime Wobbuffet is great though.

Cybat: Possibly the best troll in the game. The concept is so mean and executed so perfectly. But seriously what is up with its female form

Magmortar: In terms of battling potential, it went from what might be the worst Pokemon in the entire series (including NFEs) to instant Uber in-between generations. Not bad. Really, as long as you had at least two Pokemon, Wobbuffet had no way of doing ANYTHING to you until it was Struggling time back in GSC. That’s…wow. Anyway it’s a fun punching bag, and now a very deadly one. You don’t battle Wobbuffets very often but when you do, pray.

Anagram: Any feelings I might have had for Wobbuffet are completely eclipsed by the anime. Holy ****, popping out of its pokeball ceased being a joke. I don’t mean that it wasn’t funny, I mean that Team Rocket scenes basically consisted of like Jessie and James discussing whatever, and agreeing on a plan, then Wobbuffet ends the scene by appearing and saying its name. It’s literally not an actual joke.


Paratroopa: jessie got rid of her wobbuffet? what the hell, he was like, the deepest and most insightful character on the show, now who will dispense useful wisdom and teach the kids good morals

Karo: Stupid annoying pokemon with a stupid annoying gimmick.

Brayze: I used to have this toy called the punching bag bunch and it was like a monster that came with one of those weighted inflatable punching bags, and it’s so obscure that I can’t even find it on google. Oh wobbuffet? Yeah it’s crap

Preston: I hate Wobbuffet. The "popping out of the Pokéball" running gag in the anime got tiresome and really old. Not to mention we already had Misty's Psyduck and James's Victreebel do that. We didn't need a third character in the same mold as them. WOBBUFFET lasted longer in Jessie and James's party than Arbok and Weezing did. Wow. Wobbuffet also sucks in Super Smash Bros. so screw you Wobbuffet. 

OrangeCrush: Annoying in the anime + Shadow Tag = almost the worst

46. Furret


#46 Furret

SCORE: 2858

Average Ranking: 47.63 (St. Dev: 26.61)
Fully Evolved Rank: 33/54
Normal Rank: 5/15
Sentret Line: 1/2

3 - Karo
6 - Paratroopa
7 - Xuxon
8 - Wizards
9 - Magmortar
11 - Tennis
13 - red
14 - OrangeCrush
15 - Poke
18 - Ermine
18 - Inviso
19 - Drak
19 - Arti
21 - MC_XD
21 - andy
22 - mnk
24 - Cody
28 - Suor
29 - Brayze_II
32 - ArkOfTurus
33 - Logicblade
36 - Sorozone
38 - MSG
42 - xx521xx
44 - TexWolf
44 - MI
45 - Snake5s
46 - scarlet
46 - CasanovaZelos
47 - Sanity
49 - Mana
50 - JONA
51 - Cybat
53 - Kate
54 - Preston
54 - FFD
56 - Raka
57 - Scepter
57 - Dragon66116
59 - starfox
59 - Bane
62 - Gen
64 - lefty
66 - Wickle
69 - Eddv
70 - flubbin
72 - ecksgem
76 - Anagram
77 - Nick
79 - Comm
80 - KBM
80 - Paul
81 - FrostHarpy
85 - Natwaf
85 - profDEADPOOL
89 - darkx
89 - Stifled
90 - BetrayedTangy
93 - TUM
94 - GoaFan77

Karo: Squiggly and wiggly!

Paratroopa: so goddamn adorable I want to wear him like a scarf

Magmortar: It’s cute. Really really cute. Not good but I don’t care! Ferrets are awesome.

OrangeCrush: A guilty favorite

Poke: DOINK DOINK DOINK! Ermine playing Pokemon Stadium 2 and having Furret on his team was awesome.

Suor: By far the best and coolest “generic beginner Normal type”, I love its sleek and sort of serpentine shape, and I love pokes with wide movepools (even when they're bad like this one).

Brayze: Tube weasel pokemon capable of not much except cleaning pipes

CasanovaZelos: A perfect design, especially in the 3D games.

Cybat: Cutest early Normal type, for what that's worth. But man is it useless.

Preston: Somewhat useful as Furret was a tank in Pokémon Colosseum but not necessarily that great. Mediocre at best

Raka: Mari Miwa/Patricia Roland had these, I think. Cute enough.

Gen: okay.jpg

Anagram: Who cares?

KBM: What happened to the cute, round body and the whole “balancing-on-the-tail” thing? Those were really the only things Sentret had going for it. Also “Furret” is a dumb name.

Natwaf: Probably the worst of the early non-bird catchable critters. What the hell is this thing? It's not cute or adorable, it's just freaky.

Stifled: Not only is it boring, but Linoone in Gen 3 is pretty much the same exact thing. So we get two copies of a garbage Pokemon. 

Goa: I don't mind ferrets, but this one is again a bit too generic for its own good. At least Sentret was a little more original.

45. Politoed


#45 Politoed

SCORE: 2847

Average Ranking: 47.45 (St. Dev: 27.68)
Fully Evolved Rank: 32/54
Water Rank: 9/18
Part of a preexisting line: 9/19

4 - Gen
4 - Paul
5 - Tennis
7 - FrostHarpy
10 - Drak
10 - Paratroopa
11 - OrangeCrush
11 - JONA
11 - Bane
15 - darkx
17 - Nick
18 - KBM
19 - Eddv
19 - MC_XD
24 - Snake5s
26 - Sanity
29 - CasanovaZelos
30 - Ermine
30 - Cody
31 - starfox
31 - TUM
34 - Logicblade
35 - GoaFan77
37 - Wizards
39 - Sorozone
39 - TexWolf
40 - Raka
40 - Karo
42 - scarlet
42 - Comm
44 - BetrayedTangy
46 - Arti
48 - Preston
50 - Poke
52 - Brayze_II
60 - Kate
61 - Stifled
61 - red
62 - MSG
62 - ecksgem
64 - xx521xx
65 - Cybat
66 - Scepter
67 - Wickle
68 - flubbin
74 - profDEADPOOL
75 - andy
75 - Suor
78 - lefty
79 - Xuxon
81 - Natwaf
81 - Dragon66116
87 - Anagram
88 - Mana
88 - Magmortar
89 - Inviso
90 - mnk
90 - ArkOfTurus
91 - FFD
95 - MI

Gen: Quit misspelling it as Politoad you turds; it gets its name from its cute little toesies on its cute little feetses. Also it's a frog so there! Lookit its fat cheeks omg I wanna pinch 'em. How could anyone hate this guy? It bugs me so much when people say it's inferior to Wrath. I mean it's got a branched evolution specifically so you can use either or both so why pick on one just cuz it's different? Drizzle on all the haters, Froggy. (For the record, Gen, no one misspelled Politoed)

Drak: The superior Poliwhirl evolution.

Paratroopa: politoed is cheerful frog with very special swirly style for have happy life. MAKE RAIN IS TRUE
OrangeCrush: "Arceus for President!"

KBM: If I had a Poliwhirl I would actually be conflicted about what to turn it into, something that almost never happens outside of Eeveelutions in branching evolutionary lines. (That said, without a modded emulator I would end up just going with Poliwrath every time, because f*** having to trade things to evolve, much less with a specific item in hand.)

Eddv: I like rain teams and that's what I like about Politoed. Also that he's such a betrayal of the poli line.

CasanovaZelos: Apparently fell from OU to NU between Gen V and VI. Nerfs are a shame. Still a cool design, if awful to get in game. Trading evolutions were already bad enough, why add items?

Goa: I'm guessing this is the Poliwag line's designer feeling sorry for not making a proper frog in Gen I. Also, why is it raining?

Raka: lol how did Poliwhirl become this? Still, pretty fun-looking and underexposed, I'm curiou

Preston: Go to hell Gatarix for comparing me to Se7enthrust. I don't even know if I spelled his name right.

Brayze: look who thinks he's a bigshot now that he has drizzle

Stifled: So I have the choice between an angry fighting tadpole and this thing? Right…

MSG: Did the Poliwag line really need more? It was perfect the way it was!

Cybat: I don't understand why it looks completely different from the rest of its family. They sure did it a favor by giving it Drizzle though, because it is very unremarkable otherwise.

Flubbin: Pssh, Politoed ain’t got nothing on mah boi Poliwrath.

Suor: As a stand-alone pokémon, it would be ok. As a Poliwhirl evolution, it looks almost as out of place as Rhyperior. Giving it Drizzle was, after all, one of the worst possible mistakes along with anything related to Stealth Rocks.

Natwaf: I love Rain and rain teams. Politoed 's appearance makes me want to punch it though. But hey, Drizzle is something.

Natwaf’s Nicknames:
Male Poliwrath: Chuck
Female Poliwrath: Chuck Wife
Both genders Politoed: Rainmaker

Anagram: I have never liked Politoed. I don’t like its design, I don’t like its stomach, I don’t like its misspelled name, I don’t like how it evolves from Poliwhirl. I used to be merely neutral about it, but then it got Drizzle. **** this thing.

Mana: Goofy looking, completely different look from its predecessors, Held Item side evolution, and it never appealed to me in battle. It makes sense because pollywog -> frog, but from Poliwhirl? Poliwag, yes, Poliwhirl, no. Maybe if were on its own I'd appreciate it more, but it's still mono-Water.

Magmortar: BW metagame was a drizzling pile of shit for a lot of reasons, but Politoed might be the biggest one. The thing is nobody would remember it, EVER, if it were not for getting one stupididly OP ability. And now that it got nerfed, nobody cares about it once again. Why can’t the rest of this line be as awesome as Poliwrath.

44. Delibird


#44 Delibird

SCORE: 2838

Average Ranking: 47.30 (St. Dev: 28.18)
Fully Evolved Rank: 31/54
Ice Rank: 2/5
Flying Rank: 9/19

2 - Ermine
7 - BetrayedTangy
7 - MC_XD
7 - Poke
9 - darkx
17 - OrangeCrush
17 - Anagram
20 - Preston
21 - red
21 - Paratroopa
23 - ecksgem
23 - Magmortar
24 - Wickle
24 - Kate
24 - flubbin
24 - Dragon66116
24 - Bane
25 - Nick
25 - Sanity
26 - Snake5s
26 - JONA
27 - Paul
29 - Stifled
29 - KBM
31 - Comm
32 - Drak
33 - FrostHarpy
34 - Natwaf
35 - xx521xx
40 - profDEADPOOL
43 - starfox
43 - Sorozone
45 - Logicblade
45 - ArkOfTurus
55 - Cody
55 - Xuxon
59 - MSG
60 - Karo
62 - Eddv
63 - Inviso
63 - Suor
69 - Scepter
69 - Raka
69 - Gen
69 - MI
70 - Mana
70 - lefty
72 - Tennis
74 - andy
82 - TUM
83 - GoaFan77
83 - TexWolf
85 - Arti
89 - CasanovaZelos
91 - scarlet
92 - Cybat
96 - Brayze_II
96 - mnk
100 - FFD
100 - Wizards

Ermine: Really awesome design for a gimmick pokemon. It's too bad Present is pretty useless but nothing will take away my rental Delibird literally taking out Charizard and Dragonite vs Lance in Pokemon Stadium 2. Suck it Charizard. Penguins are awesome.

Poke: The King, the Legend. Ermy's Delibird is canonically the strongest force. Takes on all of Lance's pokemon like a true champion. Long live the King!

Anagram: – I used to have Delibird even higher than this, but then I heard its voice in the anime. It’s just… hideous. Sounds can’t normally be hideous, you might say, but if you do, you haven’t heard it speak.

Preston: <3 This Pokémon <3
<3 Christmas <3
<3 Santa Claus <3
<3 Delibird <3

Paratroopa: f*** you brayze delibird is hilarious and rad and I'll like him if I want to, YOU'RE NOT EVEN MY REAL DAD

Magmortar: To me, it’s basically this generation’s Farfetch’d. It’s awesome, and it’s terrible, but more importantly it’s awesome. Although unlike Farfetch’d, it somehow finding a free turn can sometimes go pretty horribly. A friend and I once came to the conclusion that Glalie, not Delibird, is the most useless Ice-type (although Glalie’s mega probably renders this moot now).

Wickle: SANTA!!!

Flubbin: Delibird used to be my favorite Pokemon for some reason. It’s definitely fallen off quite a bit since then, but I still am really fond of it. 

Stifled: Would you really open a present from a stranger? What if it’s a bomb? What if it’s a box of AIDS? What if it’s candy, but the kind with hallucinations?

KBM: He's so happy! And look, he's waving at me! Hi, Delibird! :D

Natwaf: Poor Santa. Forever a joke. Speaking of jokes, it gets 2 abilities that prevents sleep. Poor overworked Santa, I can't help but pity it and kick it far higher than it should be. And that's it's tail, not a sack.

Raka: Literally Christian propaganda tho

Gen: Hello Ermine. Present is a neat signature move but I've never felt strongly about this thing despite liking penguins and having been an avid fan of santa in my childhood. I think it might have something to do with its sack being attached to its ass. That's creepy. Still he's a better mascot for X-mas than Luvdisc is for V-Day. Where the heck is my turkey pokémon for T-giving at!?

Goa: He's kind of a fun concept Pokemon, but he's so useless even that can't save him ranking very much.

CasanovaZelos: It's really sad this managed to do better than over 10 other Pokemon.

Cybat: Not gonna lie, Game Freak trolling us with its abilities is pretty hilarious. But not in a way that helps its ranking.

Brayze: And the award for the #1 most strained pun in all of pokemon goes to

Wizard: I hate penguins.

43. Sudowoodo


#43 Sudowoodo

SCORE: 2830

Average Ranking: 47.17 (St. Dev: 25.94)
Fully Evolved Rank: 30/54
Rock Rank: 2/7

6 - TUM
6 - lefty
8 - Eddv
11 - darkx
11 - Brayze_II
13 - Stifled
13 - Tennis
15 - MI
16 - scarlet
16 - FFD
19 - Magmortar
21 - Natwaf
21 - Sanity
24 - Arti
25 - Xuxon
29 - Cody
31 - Logicblade
31 - BetrayedTangy
31 - profDEADPOOL
32 - Preston
32 - Cybat
35 - Dragon66116
36 - andy
36 - Inviso
37 - Suor
39 - OrangeCrush
39 - flubbin
39 - Paul
41 - MSG
43 - CasanovaZelos
45 - Gen
46 - Drak
49 - starfox
49 - Wickle
53 - Sorozone
54 - Karo
56 - FrostHarpy
58 - Anagram
58 - red
58 - xx521xx
60 - Bane
63 - Nick
66 - Snake5s
67 - KBM
68 - Poke
69 - Comm
69 - TexWolf
71 - Kate
73 - ecksgem
74 - ArkOfTurus
76 - GoaFan77
77 - Paratroopa
79 - MC_XD
80 - JONA
88 - Raka
92 - Scepter
92 - Wizards
93 - Mana
94 - Ermine
97 - mnk

Eddv: I love pokemon designs that are just out to troll you and Sudowoodo is probably still the best example of this. Also the dopey expression on its face like it BELIEVES it's a tree. Priceless.

Brayze: ‘oh no I think he’s on to me, better do a dance’

Stifled: It’s a tree that wants to beat you up! That’s hysterical! Snorlax might be the original roadblock, but I like this guy a lot as well. 

Magmortar: Most Rock types hate Water-types. A lot. Even when they look like trees. BUT SUDOWOODO IS NOT ONE OF THOSE GUYS. Wood Hammer aw yeaaaaah (even though that kind of gets rid of the point. It’s a ROCK tree, why does it get a move a regular tree would get?!).

Natwaf: I see it's face and appearance and I can't help but smile. True story: I was frustrated looking for the Trevenant horde containing Sudowoodo for an hour or two. Then I found it, and I can't help but laugh at seeing it. You ain't fooling me fella. Oh, and it can use Explosion for some reason. Watch out. And it's Sturdy too.


Cybat: Oh man, I love the concept for this one. The name is great if a little clunky, and the design is perfect. A shame it's not very good.

Suor: I own a Water pokémon but for some reason I need a Squirtbottle to get this thing out of my path. Pokémon logic.

CasanovaZelos: I love Pokemon found on the overworld map. Cool idea for a Pokemon, while not relying on its gimmick for everything.

Gen: Another brilliant name from GameFreak. I played blind, and, while ten year-old me did know the meaning of the prefix "pseudo", she was also somehow still dumb enough to not connect the dots there so I of course got trolled. Ah memories... Anyway this guy is solid as a Rock type found fairly early in the game. It's just too bad you can't get him in time for Whitney IIRC.

Starfox: I feel like this was only created to troll unsuspecting children into using fire types against it. It worked, though. Brilliant name though.

Wickle: Better troll than Snorlax.

Anagram: Waaaay back in the day, I imported a Japanese version of Gold well before GS came out in America. When I got to a Sudowoodo and used fire, and it didn’t work, I thought, “Wow, this thing’s SpDef must be through the roof!” So I caught it and was sorely disappointed. I did the exact same thing with Shuckle, thinking it was a water-type.

KBM: You'd think they would have at least come up with a decent idea to serve as this generation's Snorlax, but it's just kind of a tree. Made out of rock. With a REALLY silly name that I make fun of all the time.

Goa: Bonsai!!!!!

Paratroopa: oh so it's PSEUDO wood like he's a fake tree got it

Raka: So annoying and lame and what kind of sense-deprived person could mistake this for a tree?

Mana: It's definitely unique, I'll give it that. But it's more obstacle than Pokemon. Snorlax is great in battle and feels like a real situation a trainer would be stuck with. Sudowoodo... it's a rock that look like a tree and is afraid of water. There's nothing really good to say about it.

42. Bayleef


#42 Bayleef

SCORE: 2792

Average Ranking: 46.53 (St. Dev: 21.64)
NFE Rank: 13/46
Grass Rank: 4/10
Starters: 7/9
Chikorita Line: 2/3

14 - mnk
14 - Dragon66116
16 - Scepter
17 - Bane
18 - Gen
18 - xx521xx
21 - scarlet
22 - Kate
24 - TUM
27 - Anagram
27 - GoaFan77
27 - FFD
27 - Inviso
28 - starfox
28 - Comm
29 - Logicblade
30 - Karo
30 - Tennis
31 - JONA
32 - flubbin
32 - Sanity
35 - Wickle
35 - Magmortar
37 - FrostHarpy
38 - KBM
38 - Poke
39 - Eddv
40 - MC_XD
41 - Drak
42 - Stifled
43 - MI
44 - Xuxon
46 - Cody
47 - red
49 - CasanovaZelos
51 - Suor
54 - Snake5s
55 - OrangeCrush
56 - ecksgem
57 - Raka
57 - Sorozone
59 - Cybat
60 - BetrayedTangy
61 - Nick
63 - Preston
64 - Paratroopa
65 - Brayze_II
66 - MSG
66 - TexWolf
67 - Natwaf
67 - andy
68 - ArkOfTurus
72 - Paul
72 - Wizards
74 - Mana
83 - darkx
85 - Ermine
86 - lefty
98 - Arti
100 - profDEADPOOL

Gen: If things have gone well then by now it should be quite apparent that I have a distaste for the Chikorita line, and if not then Bayleef was the first to show up, I have spoiled my list mildly, and you guys suck. Bayleef is my favorite of the line because it's the only member that doesn't get on my nerves. Its anime voice is beyond adorable- even though I hate Ash's Bayleef with a passion even I have to admit it SOUNDS cute- and it looks more appealing than the pear with legs or it's god awful derpy Tropius wannabe final form. I mean yeah its line is gonna be my obvious last choice in any Gen II playthrough but Bayleef ALMOST redeems it.

Anagram: I used to hate Bayleef, but the anime redeemed it for me. It was one of Ash’s best and most memorable pokemon.

Goa: Exactly what an intermediate grass starter should be.

Starfox: Bayleef is the only thing saving the Chikorita line… it’d be the worst starter line by a large margin without it.

Magmortar: It has just the right mix of Chikorita’s cuteness and Meganium’s dumbness. Bayleef might be the only time my favorite form of a starter is the middle one.

KBM: Typical middie problems – nowhere near as cute as Chikorita, and Meganium is the finale to the line that you remember. There is something about the design I like, though.

Eddv: My highest ranked starter line. I like it design. That's all.

Stifled: It’s goofy looking but I kinda like it. Plus Bayleef had some good anime episodes.

CasanovaZelos: Both a middle line Pokemon and belonging to one of the worst overall starters, Bayleef doesn't do much to stand out.

Raka: Uhm, man, it's just so forgettable and bad.

Cybat: I actually like the leaves on this design better than Meganium's, but its color is uglier and, well, no one cares about middle forms.

Preston: What if like on Survivor? You vote someone off and they have to vote a second person off immediately afterwards? Am I like the only person that thinks ahead of things like that? IS EVERYONE BESIDES ME CRAZY?

Paratroopa: I bayleef chikorita and meganium are better pokemon than you hahahahaha haahahahaahahahha hehawejhawjjklm4f

Brayze: He’s a bulbasaur that you buy from one of the cheap kiosks in Chinatown, distorted, smelling of weird herbs and loaded with cadmium

Natwaf: U-G-L-Y it ain't got no alibi

Arti: A terrible middle evo for a terrible starter line.

41. Wooper

Wooper 33

#41 Wooper

SCORE: 2787

Average Ranking: 46.45 (St. Dev: 26.93)
NFE Rank: 12/46
Water Rank: 8/18
Ground Rank: 5/10
Wooper Rank: 2/2

1 - Xuxon
2 - lefty
4 - Eddv
5 - Preston
5 - Sanity
7 - Comm
14 - Drak
14 - xx521xx
16 - Karo
16 - Paul
19 - OrangeCrush
25 - Gen
25 - TexWolf
27 - KBM
27 - MSG
28 - Brayze_II
28 - ArkOfTurus
30 - Mana
31 - andy
32 - Scepter
32 - JONA
35 - Sorozone
36 - darkx
36 - TUM
38 - Nick
38 - Paratroopa
39 - Logicblade
40 - BetrayedTangy
41 - Ermine
41 - flubbin
46 - MI
47 - Poke
48 - Raka
48 - ecksgem
48 - Inviso
50 - Kate
51 - Tennis
51 - red
54 - GoaFan77
54 - Bane
60 - Wickle
62 - FrostHarpy
63 - Stifled
63 - Magmortar
65 - Wizards
69 - MC_XD
70 - Natwaf
70 - Cody
72 - CasanovaZelos
72 - Cybat
77 - profDEADPOOL
80 - Snake5s
80 - Anagram
86 - FFD
89 - scarlet
92 - Dragon66116
93 - Arti
98 - mnk
98 - Suor
99 - starfox

Eddv: Wooper is the most adorable thing and if you disagree you are wrong.


Sanity: :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Comm: The cutest, dumbest little face ever.

Gen: Is it wrong of me if I briefly considered ranking Wooper over Typhlosion to get to starfox? I mean they were very near each other in ranking and it wouldn't have been much of a stretch. Ultimately I decided against it so I'm still a good girl right? :D

KBM: D'awwwwww!

MSG: Da Woop. Da Woop. Da Woop is on fire.

Brayze: Smaller and skinnier quagsire based on I guess an axolotl, no arms at all, wooper has real problems doing his taxes

Paratroopa: hey it's one of those axl... axlot... axlolo... axlotlt... it's one of those axl rose things. neat!

Poke: This writeup appears to have been lost in the mail. Whoops. Sorry about that, Poke! :D

Raka: Aw it's adorable. :3

Goa: The first water Pokemon to laugh at your face when you try to thunderbolt it. Many a second grader must have been horrified by this thing the first time.

Wickle: Woopah!

Stifled: Herpin and a derpin

Magmortar: I wonder how many people played GSC, wanted to get a Wooper as it was an Electric-beating Water-type, only to find it not all that great.

Natwaf: Really high NFE Trash. Seriously, that face does not give a ****

CasanovaZelos: Always found Wooper really cute. Nothing special outside of that.

Cybat: In case anyone else was curious about what "Wooper" means, "Wooper is derived from wooper looper, a marketing term created in Japan that started a pet salamander raising fad. Wooper loopers are the Japanese term for the axolotl"

Anagram: Gets points just for the anime episode where a girl runs a Wooper Daycare Center, and all of the Wooper keep screaming WOOPAH? WOOPAH? WOOPAH!

Arti: This thing looks almost as dumb as Natu.

Suor: A goomba derpfish that is also as ugly as ebola. I judge people who like this thing harshly as human beings.

Starfox: Oh god I hate this thing. Its face legitimately makes me a little mad every time I see it. Its eyes, the dumb gaping mouth, the TV antennae protruding from its head… it disgusts me. So much derp crammed into one intolerably annoying package. Plus the gauntlet crew used it to ruin my favorite emoticon.

40. Chikorita


#40 Chikorita

SCORE: 2741

Average Ranking: 45.68 (St. Dev: 27.77)

NFE Rank: 11/46
Grass Rank: 3/10
Starter Rank: 6/9
Chikorita Line: 1/3

1 - Kate
2 - xx521xx
6 - OrangeCrush
6 - MI
7 - Scepter
12 - Karo
14 - Mana
14 - Anagram
16 - KBM
16 - Tennis
17 - Stifled
20 - mnk
23 - Dragon66116
25 - Cybat
26 - darkx
27 - TUM
29 - BetrayedTangy
29 - Inviso
30 - Paul
30 - Paratroopa
30 - Bane
31 - Raka
31 - CasanovaZelos
31 - Sanity
33 - Comm
34 - scarlet
34 - Xuxon
35 - flubbin
35 - MSG
36 - Snake5s
37 - Logicblade
37 - Poke
39 - Cody
44 - Natwaf
44 - FFD
44 - Suor
45 - Brayze_II
50 - lefty
55 - JONA
63 - MC_XD
64 - Preston
64 - ArkOfTurus
66 - FrostHarpy
68 - ecksgem
72 - Sorozone
75 - Wizards
78 - GoaFan77
78 - Arti
79 - red
81 - Nick
83 - Wickle
84 - starfox
84 - Magmortar
84 - profDEADPOOL
85 - TexWolf
87 - Eddv
87 - Gen
91 - andy
95 - Drak
98 - Ermine

OrangeCrush: My little starter can't be this cute!

Anagram: Like Bayleef, it was completely redeemed by the anime for me.

KBM: You know, for a grass starter (usually my least favorite of the three) this one is not bad. It's super cute and learning Razor Leaf right away means it has more immediate utility than Bulbasaur. I've always had a huge soft spot for this little guy.

Stifled: It’s a cute little thing, but not as cute as the other two starters. Also lol grass.

Cybat: It's cute but its body is kind of weird looking. But still better than its evolved forms.

Paratroopa: good ol' fruity pie, so stupid it rolls back into charming

Raka: Es un chico de Rita. Bastante bien.

CasanovaZelos: Really cute for a starter. It's a shame it evolves into those things.

Flubbin: I like Chikorita quite a bit, but it is clearly the worst choice as far as starters go.

Natwaf: The best of it's line. Look how adorable it is! The rare case where I support Ash not evolving his poke. Meganium sucking to high heaven and back might be part of the reason.

Natwaf’s Nicknames:

Male: Xochipili
Female: Casey

Suor: This thing learns Razor Leaf at lvl. 8 and people who have never touched a Grass starter in their lives claim it's useless. Lol.

Brayze: God just look at it. I had to pick this thing as my starter when the game came out, named it fruity pie

Preston: Worst starter ever. Completely useless in the first two gyms. It doesn't look the least bit cute. And what the hell was up with Chikorita grinding against Ash's leg in the anime?

Ecks: Pretty easily the worst grass starter. I don't really understand what it is supposed to be. Still, my opinion of it has improved over time.

Goa: It's little jealousy thing in the anime was cute, but Bayleef gets the same benefit but is better designed.

Magmortar: It’s also awful, but at least it’s kind of cute. Meh, give me the mouse or the crocodile.

Gen: Did any guy really look forward to this starter the most? I'm legitimately curious.

Ermine: This pokemon sucks. The anime made it worse.

39. Bellossom


#39 Bellossom

SCORE: 2690

Average Ranking: 44.83 (St. Dev: 25.55)
Fully Evolved Rank: 29/54
Grass Rank: 2/10
Part of a preexisting line rank: 8/19

4 - Kate
4 - Suor
8 - Poke
8 - xx521xx
9 - JONA
10 - Preston
12 - Anagram
13 - Wizards
14 - Gen
16 - Raka
18 - Karo
21 - Wickle
22 - Sanity
23 - Paratroopa
24 - CasanovaZelos
24 - Tennis
24 - Comm
24 - ecksgem
26 - Bane
31 - Cody
31 - Eddv
32 - MI
33 - MSG
33 - mnk
33 - TUM
34 - BetrayedTangy
34 - lefty
37 - andy
39 - GoaFan77
43 - Stifled
44 - scarlet
45 - Xuxon
46 - flubbin
49 - Nick
49 - Scepter
51 - TexWolf
54 - Sorozone
54 - red
56 - Cybat
60 - darkx
62 - Drak
62 - Arti
62 - Inviso
63 - Logicblade
63 - Paul
66 - OrangeCrush
70 - FFD
70 - MC_XD
75 - starfox
75 - Dragon66116
77 - Ermine
79 - Magmortar
80 - Natwaf
81 - Mana
81 - Snake5s
82 - FrostHarpy
83 - ArkOfTurus
88 - KBM
89 - Brayze_II
90 - profDEADPOOL

Suor: So far and above the rest of its line it's not even funny.

Preston: Oddish all grown up. I have a Bellossom plushie and I can stick it's fingers in it's funbags and I can twirl the little flowers on Bellossom's head. Would you like to see that Board 8?

Anagram: I have no explanation for why I like this thing. Maybe it’s because it’s so superior to Vileplume rather than anything good about it by itself.

Gen: Finally, an awesome Grass type! Why, oh why has like every Grass type up to this point been diluted with Poison? Like "OMG as if being a Grass type wasn't bad enough let's tack on weaknesses so people will have an incentive to use Tangela or pick Chikorita," said no one ever! Anyway she's an adorable lil' hula dancer and I love her more than I ever loved Oddish or Vileplume. Bell-AWESOME!

Raka: Beautiful flower. Ha, I made a joke (translation, really) about it Japanese name.

Wickle: The meme that didn't sink for me, Bell-AWESOME. *insert the dumb song from the Lego movie here*

Paratroopa: I dunno I actually think it's stupid but I like it anyway leave me ALONE okay sometimes I just want to like stupid pokemon in peace

CasanovaZelos: Such a perfect evolution compared to Vileplume. It really is a pretty design.

Goa: Hula dancers? Why the hell not.

Stifled: It’s surprisingly elegant and pretty for a grass type. 

Flubbin: Pssh, Bellossom ain’t got nothing on mah gurl Vileplume.

Cybat: I'm not really sure why this exists…was anyone really clamoring for a Gloom split evolution? It barely even looks like it belongs in the same family.

Arti: Doing that GSC quiz on Sporcle I always seemed to forget Bellossom. It's weird.

Starfox: I’m still not sure how it’s possible that the ugly POS that is Gloom can evolve into this. I guess that’s the power of the sun.Too cutesy/bland for my taste regardless, but easily better than the rest of its line.

Magmortar: I guess it’s alright for Smash Bros., but otherwise, give me Vileplume every day. And Vileplume isn’t very good either. Just better than fucking Bellossom.

Natwaf: I love how it looks. I don't like how it’s really weak.

Natwaf’s Nicknames:

Male Vileplume: Thomas/Rafflesia
Female Vileplume: Erika/Rafflesia
Male Belossom: David
Female Belossom: Nani, Lilo

Mana: I should ike Bellossom, right? Vileplume sucks, so Bellossom! ...Yeah, no, don't get it but I don't. Great name though.

KBM: Uh... Do yourself and your Pokémon a favor and just evolve your Gloom into Vileplume. Please. Think of the children.

Brayze: Oddish just can’t catch a break, heard he got a new evolution in gen 2 and he was like ‘finally I can be something cool’ and then this is revealed and the next day you go to oddish’s house, find a goodbye note and a delicious smelling stew

38. Teddiursa


#38 Teddiursa

SCORE: 2640

Average Ranking: 44.00 (St. Dev: 25.71)
NFE Rank: 10/46
Normal Rank: 4/15
Teddiursa Line: 2/2

2 - Karo
5 - Gen
5 - Bane
7 - Mana
8 - KBM
10 - Raka
10 - flubbin
10 - ArkOfTurus
12 - BetrayedTangy
12 - xx521xx
13 - mnk
13 - MI
18 - darkx
19 - Paul
21 - CasanovaZelos
21 - Kate
24 - Poke
30 - Stifled
30 - starfox
32 - Cody
32 - Xuxon
34 - Scepter
34 - Anagram
34 - MC_XD
34 - Drak
36 - red
37 - FFD
40 - TUM
41 - profDEADPOOL
44 - Dragon66116
45 - Eddv
47 - MSG
47 - Comm
50 - Inviso
51 - Sorozone
52 - GoaFan77
53 - Ermine
53 - Wizards
55 - ecksgem
56 - Magmortar
57 - Logicblade
57 - JONA
59 - Snake5s
60 - lefty
65 - Nick
68 - Preston
68 - Cybat
68 - Tennis
68 - Arti
70 - scarlet
71 - TexWolf
73 - Natwaf
78 - Sanity
79 - Suor
81 - Wickle
83 - OrangeCrush
83 - FrostHarpy
84 - Brayze_II
95 - andy
96 - Paratroopa

Gen: It's here precisely because it's adorable and literally no other reason. Come at me.

Bane: I can’t get over how god damn adorable this guy is. Like Jesus.

Mana: Baby Transience with a giant cookie levels of cuteness.

KBM: Teddiursa is the cutest. Allow me to overrate the everloving hell out of it for literally no other reason.

Raka: Who's a good boy? YES YOU ARE. I just want to take it home and cuddle it all night.

Flubbin: At the time Gen II was released, Teddiursa was by far the cutest Pokemon of all. Plus he’s a f***ing bear and f*** yeah bears.

CasanovaZelos: So cute. Bears are my favorite animal, so that helps.

Poke: Bearer Rangers Jr.!!!

Stifled: I’ve given this thing flack in the past for lasting a long time in contests needlessly. But at the end of the day, it really is cute. 

Starfox: Few Pokemon manage to escape my aversion to cuteness, but Teddirusa certainly manages it. It’s just so damn adorable. Being a bear probably helps it though..

Anagram: What’s with the crescent moon on its forehead? Whatever, it’s pretty okay.

Goa: Cute enough I suppose.

Ecks: Really cute. Almost too cute, actually, like it's trying too hard… but oh, look at that bushy tail. Dammit. Just went up about fifteen spots.

Magmortar: Not this generation’s cutest Pokemon, but certainly a contender.

Preston: Cute but dull.

Cybat: He is cute and I bet his hands taste delicious.

Natwaf: Adorable NFE Trash

Suor: Typical generic cute Normal type. It tries too hard to be cute for my tastes, but at least it looks better than comparable stuff in later generations.

Brayze: a teddybear with a moon on his chest; there was a carebear like this except he was blue I think and he was the sleepy carebear, comabear IIRC

Paratroopa: the sort of thing that everyone thinks is cute but I sort of just want to murder it horribly, like I don't feel strongly enough to go out of my way but I'd probably murder one if it was there, you know

37. Miltank


#37 Miltank

SCORE: 2633

Average Ranking: 43.88 (St. Dev: 28.88)
Fully Evolved Rank: 27/54
Normal Rank: 3/15

1 - Eddv
1 - Sanity
2 - Comm
5 - Raka
6 - BetrayedTangy
7 - Cody
7 - Kate
9 - Karo
10 - Scepter
12 - Tennis
14 - Nick
16 - JONA
17 - Natwaf
19 - Stifled
22 - ArkOfTurus
23 - OrangeCrush
24 - Ermine
24 - FFD
28 - andy
29 - darkx
30 - Gen
31 - Mana
33 - Snake5s
33 - CasanovaZelos
33 - red
33 - Suor
34 - flubbin
34 - Arti
34 - ecksgem
37 - Paratroopa
38 - Cybat
38 - Magmortar
41 - MC_XD
43 - GoaFan77
44 - starfox
45 - MSG
46 - mnk
47 - Inviso
49 - Sorozone
52 - TexWolf
54 - lefty
57 - Wickle
65 - Logicblade
68 - TUM
69 - Bane
73 - Dragon66116
73 - MI
73 - Poke
75 - xx521xx
76 - Wizards
77 - Anagram
77 - FrostHarpy
89 - KBM
90 - Paul
91 - Xuxon
92 - scarlet
92 - Brayze_II
96 - profDEADPOOL
97 - Drak
98 - Preston

Sanity: There are so many things that are amazing about Miltank. First of all, she's a cow, so basically instant #1. She has a cute happy cow face. She has a move called Milk Drink where she drinks her own milk which is kind of weird and hilarious to picture that happening. She also apparantly lets other Pokemon as well as humans suck on her udders, which is so weird to imagine in a kids game, considering that many Pokemon tend to have some humanoid characteristics (Miltank walks like a human and not a cow). She is rule 34 without needing any extra work. Like there are pictures out there of Miltank, not even with a vag, and I feel like I'd get modded just posting them. She's that Rule 34 ready. But yeah, I love cows a lot, and she's the perfect design for a cow Pokemon.

Eddv: Miltank holds a special place in my heart. Whitney's Miltank was the moment I realized what it meant to actually strategize in Pokemon and not just use 4 fire moves on charizard to win the game. I really appreciated that, caught a Miltank and it became the star of my gen 2 run. So thank you Whitney and Miltank for making Pokemon the game I love most instead of just some game.

Comm: Boss

Raka: I used one on Pokemon Y. Reasonably strong, bulky, and fast. Not to mention Milk Drink! Truly an outstanding Pokemon.

Karo: Cow goes moo.

Natwaf: POKEMON, ROLL OUT! The ever memorable Miltank. I got it thrice in Battle Factory, and everytime, it's the corner stone of the team. Bulky and faster than you think it is, but sadly lacking in attack. However, seeing udders and Moo-moo milk is… distracting, at times.

Natwaf’s Nicknames:
Female only: Whitney

Stifled: Moo! Moo is a nickname I gave to my girlfriend and I think about her whenever I see Miltank. So yeah, guaranteed top 20 spot.

OrangeCrush: That cow in Goldenrod Gym is tough; especially her Miltank

Gen: I know a lot of people are gonna hate on it because they got steamrolled by Whitney's hellspawn, but not me. I admired its strength and sought to raise my own. It did not disappoint. In addition to possessing an incredible amount of strength belying its innocuous appearance, Miltank provides support in the form of Moo Moo Milk (btw I love saying that phrase... Moo Moo Milk Moo Moo Milk Moo Moo Milk). *ahem* T*tty sprinkles. Anyway Miltank is a wonderful ally to have and a deadly enemy to face.

CasanovaZelos: Whitney's Miltank is one of the greatest battles in Pokemon history. Never has a move as useless as Rollout been so intimidating.

Suor: Mini-Blissey who is much cooler to use than Blissey and can pack a punch, dat mean Curse/Body Slam combo.


Paratroopa: miltank is 4 feet tall. yes, it is a tiny cow. it's great.

Cybat: Would be pretty forgettable if not for Whitney. But you have to respect the speed and power this thing can throw around.

Magmortar: Good cow. I like cows. Makes a pretty nice tank. I may be a bit biased here, as I’m one of maybe ten people who had no problems with Whitney. Ever.

Goa: About as cool as you can make a dairy cow.


Wickle: I think Rollout is one of my favorite moves to say out loud, and this was the Poke that made it famous. Damn cow.

Poke: 73 Miltank - F*** you, Whitney! Literally... I'd like to bend you over and spank your....oh I'm sorry, we're talking about the pokemon that she has that gives many players nightmares. It sucked....just like I wish her trainer did to my *gets shot*

Wizards: **** Rollout.

Anagram: I never really had any difficulty with Whitney’s Miltank, sorry. I mean, sure, maybe I lost once as a kid to her, but I lost to several people as a kid. She’s a little harder than the average gym leader, but not so much that it really requires comment.

KBM: F*** you, Whitney.

Brayze: The fact that it is tiny makes you forget that this pokemon is 50% udder by mass

Preston: Miltank reminds me of Carnie Wilson. Both are fat, disgusting cows. 

36. Mareep


#36 Mareep

SCORE: 2632

Average Ranking: 43.87 (St. Dev: 19.81)
NFE Rank: 9/46
Electric Rank: 4/8
Mareep Line: 2/3

3 - Tennis
4 - MI
7 - ecksgem
11 - Scepter
13 - Sanity
17 - Cody
19 - Inviso
20 - JONA
20 - Paratroopa
23 - TUM
25 - Preston
25 - Stifled
25 - FFD
25 - ArkOfTurus
26 - Dragon66116
31 - Anagram
32 - lefty
34 - Cybat
34 - Brayze_II
35 - Logicblade
35 - Arti
36 - Mana
37 - Karo
38 - Drak
41 - Comm
41 - Xuxon
42 - Wickle
42 - MC_XD
43 - OrangeCrush
44 - Magmortar
44 - Poke
45 - Nick
45 - Wizards
48 - Snake5s
48 - red
51 - Natwaf
51 - Kate
52 - andy
53 - xx521xx
55 - CasanovaZelos
55 - Gen
57 - profDEADPOOL
58 - MSG
58 - mnk
59 - TexWolf
60 - Eddv
61 - Bane
63 - Sorozone
63 - flubbin
65 - starfox
65 - FrostHarpy
66 - Ermine
67 - darkx
67 - scarlet
68 - KBM
68 - Suor
69 - BetrayedTangy
79 - Paul
82 - Raka
82 - GoaFan77

Ecks: An adorable, fluffy electric sheep in what is probably my favorite electric line.

Sanity: Obligatory electric sheep.

Paratroopa: yes it is a sheep

Preston: I hope Darkx isn't suffering from pension. If Darkx is in debt, we should donate money to him. Yes yes. Smily face.

Stifled: I’m still confused as to how we get Ampharos out of this cute little sheep. But oh well. 

Anagram: A sheep with a Dragonball for a tail and Cynthia’s berets for ears.

Cybat: A cute Electric type that's not a rodent? Blasphemy.

Brayze: Imagine a herd of these all stuck together, all the balloons in the world just flying towards them

Wickle: baaaaa.

Magmortar: Sheep is good and fluffy. Looks really derpy in its fifth gen sprite though.

Natwaf: Look at it's oh so adorable face.

CasanovaZelos: So fluffy!

Gen: Cute and cuddly if also safe and a tad boring. Still a solid start to a stellar line.

KBM: I mean... it's literally just a sheep. This seems really lazy to me. Also there's a Philip K. Dick reference to be made here, but I don't feel like I'm the one to make it.

Suor: I bet this thing shorn looks scarier than a naked Jynx.

Raka: It's just a sheep that walked into a paint store.

Goa: I don't suppose you can shear these with Rubber Scissors?

35. Ariados


#35 Ariados

SCORE: 2593

Average Ranking: 43.22 (St. Dev: 25.59)
Fully Evolved Rank: 27/54
Bug Rank: 3/10
Poison Rank: 2/4
Spinarak Line: 1/2

4 - FFD
5 - TexWolf
8 - Kate
8 - Arti
9 - Tennis
12 - lefty
15 - ecksgem
15 - profDEADPOOL
16 - Mana
16 - Logicblade
16 - Gen
17 - Ermine
17 - Suor
18 - starfox
18 - red
21 - Brayze_II
22 - MSG
24 - Sorozone
26 - Raka
26 - Inviso
28 - scarlet
29 - FrostHarpy
30 - mnk
31 - Paul
35 - Preston
36 - flubbin
37 - Nick
39 - MC_XD
40 - Stifled
41 - Sanity
41 - Bane
42 - Paratroopa
43 - Wickle
44 - Drak
46 - Cybat
48 - darkx
48 - GoaFan77
49 - Dragon66116
53 - Anagram
56 - Wizards
57 - Snake5s
58 - Natwaf
58 - ArkOfTurus
60 - Comm
62 - Cody
64 - Karo
64 - Eddv
64 - andy
65 - CasanovaZelos
66 - JONA
70 - Magmortar
74 - BetrayedTangy
79 - Poke
81 - Xuxon
85 - Scepter
86 - MI
91 - OrangeCrush
92 - TUM
92 - xx521xx
96 - KBM

Logicblade: True facts, I absolutely adore spiders. With their 8 legs, and their cute little eyes, I just can't get enough of the little guys. Ariados is a pretty cool spider, it wasn't till gen 5 when they nailed the pinnacle of spiders that I was impressed by them. But yeah, Ariados is good stuff, frowny face on his bottom and a cute little horn. :3

Gen: There's something graceful and elegant about spiders that I've always admired. I don't like them touching me at all with their thin spindly too numerous legs but I enjoy watching them from afar. Ariados manages to capture everything I like about spiders and present it in a manner that barely even registers on the Creep-o-meter. Actually for a lethal arachnid that flashes its toxicity in bright pastels for the world to see it's kinda cute. Sadly it's not so lethal in battle, but Bugs are easy to raise so no regrets.

Brayze: I love all spider pokemon recently I saw a video of a girl who let a spider crawl out of her mouth that is the kind of girl I want to marry

Raka: Creepy, menacing, intimidating, blatantly venomous colors…great design. Drapion need no apply.

Preston: Same as what I said about Spinarak. Decent I guess.

Stifled: Cool looking spider. Serves no real purpose otherwise. 

Paratroopa: okay guys, you can make a spider pokemon, but don't make it TOO cool, all right?

Wickle: The star of Janine's roster.

Cybat: Well, it's no Galvantula, but it's a pretty cool spider. Its colorfulness makes it oddly appealing.

Anagram: This was Gen 2’s “the main characters encounter angry wild pokemon” pokemon in the anime, like Beedrill before and Venipede after.

Natwaf: Looks neat, not that I'm using it or anything. When I see Koga using it, I breathed a sigh of relief since it posed no threat to my underleveled team.

Natwaf’s Nicknames:
Male: Venom
Female: Veranke

CasanovaZelos: A cool design without being overstated.

Magmortar: It is just really, really bad. It has Megahorn now, so I guess it’s now definitely not instead of probably not the worst Bug/Poison type in competitive (at least until Megadrill arrives and I remember Dustox exists once in a while). The design is neat though, not just the color scheme this time.

KBM: I do not like bugs.

34. Quagsire


#34 Quagsire

SCORE: 2542

Average Ranking: 42.37 (St. Dev: 26.94)
Fully Evolved Rank: 25/54
Water Rank: 4/10
Ground Rank: 7/18
Wooper Line: 1/2

1 - Comm
4 - Preston
4 - Sanity
6 - Scepter
10 - OrangeCrush
11 - Paratroopa
12 - Mana
12 - Ermine
13 - Gen
15 - Raka
15 - JONA
18 - Magmortar
19 - Brayze_II
19 - Xuxon
20 - Natwaf
21 - Tennis
22 - lefty
23 - red
25 - Sorozone
25 - flubbin
26 - Eddv
28 - MC_XD
30 - andy
31 - Karo
32 - Snake5s
33 - KBM
33 - Cody
35 - FrostHarpy
36 - BetrayedTangy
36 - GoaFan77
37 - Drak
38 - ArkOfTurus
40 - Dragon66116
40 - MI
41 - Anagram
42 - MSG
43 - scarlet
44 - Logicblade
50 - Suor
55 - Arti
55 - Paul
56 - darkx
57 - Poke
58 - Bane
62 - Stifled
62 - Wickle
62 - Wizards
67 - TexWolf
69 - xx521xx
76 - CasanovaZelos
76 - profDEADPOOL
79 - ecksgem
81 - Cybat
84 - TUM
87 - Inviso
89 - FFD
89 - mnk
93 - starfox
95 - Kate
100 - Nick


Preston: DUDE LOOK AT THIS COLOR. I love Quagsire. B8's reputation will be tainted if Quagsire doesn't even make the top half of these rankings. Those dotted eyes = super cute

Sanity: He looks hilarious. One of his Pokedex entries says: "It often bangs its head on the river bottom as it swims but seems not to care." He seems like the Gold/Silver version of Slowpoke. So derpy with an even derpier face. So good.

Paratroopa: ditto's face on a much cooler pokemon

Gen: Look at this dumbass! He's like the idiot friend you keep around despite him never accomplishing anything worthwhile just because he makes you laugh but really isn't that good enough? ISN'T IT!? Yes. Laughter is important. I love this stupid Swaggerlicious mofo. Oh, and here's a fun fact for you to chew on: Quagsire is based on the giant salamander, the same animal Godzilla is based on. Godzilla and Quagsire could not be more different if they tried, no?

Raka: I love how derpy it looks. And I've always had a soft spot for it.

Magmortar: Quagsire has one of the most amazingly derpy faces in any medium, and even without it being actually pretty good now (being able to shut down Kyogre and nearly every physical attacker almost completely is really something), it’d be pretty high up because it looks fun and goofy. Good mudfish.

Brayze: His tiny dot eyes and slash mouth are great. I used to have a keychain that was sort of like this, it was from mcdonalds, but I lost it at work one day and had to get the lock changed on my apartment, quagsire brings back these fond memories of ancient days

Natwaf: This thing is seriously scary with Unaware. Which is fitting, just look at it's endearingly stupid face. Not a care in the world… not even for your Swords Dance'd pokemon. That said, it's still weak, and I dropped it off my Mono-Water team in HG when a better replacement came.

Natwaf’s Nicknames:

Female: Osaka

KBM: He's so happy! And look, he's waving at me! Hi, Quagsire! :D

Goa: Water/Ground troll typing, derpy face and amnesia problems? Heck yes.

Anagram: Such a doofus.

Logicblade: Derpy cool, but not nearly to the extent of other pokemon.

Suor: I like Quagsire much more than Wooper because, despite looking like a totally imbecile klutz, it can actually pack a punch. Growing hands also helps.

Stifled: Herpa derpa.

CasanovaZelos: Ground/Water is a cool type, but it loses points for looking worse than Wooper.

Ecks: Wooper is kind of cute. This guy is shapeless, ugly, and way too derpy.

Cybat: I know some people like this guy a lot but I just don't see it. 

Starfox: Not quite as bad as Wooper. At least it lost the tv antennae. But it’s still full of irredeemable derp.

33. Misdreavus


#33 Misdreavus

SCORE: 2533

Average Ranking: 42.22 (St. Dev: 25.22)
NFE Rank: 8/46
Ghost Rank: 1/1

3 - Kate
4 - TUM
6 - Cody
6 - Cybat
11 - Comm
13 - Preston
13 - OrangeCrush
13 - Inviso
14 - Snake5s
14 - Sanity
14 - MI
14 - Wizards
15 - Mana
17 - scarlet
17 - ecksgem
19 - Suor
20 - MSG
26 - CasanovaZelos
27 - Karo
28 - KBM
29 - Eddv
31 - Bane
32 - Sorozone
32 - xx521xx
33 - Anagram
37 - darkx
38 - Logicblade
38 - Stifled
40 - Gen
40 - ArkOfTurus
41 - Scepter
41 - Tennis
41 - mnk
45 - red
47 - FFD
48 - JONA
49 - Arti
49 - Paratroopa
50 - Magmortar
53 - flubbin
54 - Nick
55 - Raka
55 - FrostHarpy
56 - TexWolf
56 - Paul
61 - Natwaf
62 - MC_XD
63 - BetrayedTangy
63 - Dragon66116
69 - Brayze_II
70 - starfox
74 - Poke
76 - lefty
80 - Wickle
83 - profDEADPOOL
86 - Xuxon
87 - andy
90 - GoaFan77
90 - Drak
95 - Ermine

Cybat: Can't wait to read the debate on how ghost-like it is. For some reason I was drawn to it as soon as I saw it; maybe I was just excited because there was finally a Ghost-type attack to use.

Preston: <3 Misdreavus <3

Very good Ghost type. Levitate is amazing given it's immunity to Ground types.

Sanity: Kwoot girl ghost. D'aww.

Suor: Whether its based on a detached head or a banshee, Misdreavus is easily one of the pokémon with the best origins. I miss those Perish-trapping days, too.

CasanovaZelos: Ghost Pokemon are just generally cool. I don't get why there are so few in Gen I and II.

KBM: What a weirdly cute ghost this is. And it has a good sense of style, what with the pearls and the hairdo.

Eddv: One of my least favorite Ghosts but Ghosts are cool.

Anagram: I genuinely wanted to love this thing back in Silver. I caught one, I tried to train it, but man, did it blow chunks.

Stifled: Kinda reminds me of the 5th ghost they added to the Pac Man Christmas special just for the sake of having a female ghost.

Gen: O how the mighty have fallen. I really feel sorry for Missy. Every time I rank her in my head she slips a little further down the ladder. This was a pokémon that was once surely in my top twenty for this generation, but with the advent of so many awesome Ghost types in more recent generations her appeal and value as a unique ghost plummets ever downward. So here she rests (in peace).

Paratroopa: oh hey finally a good ghost pokemon augh hey stop why are you throwing things

Magmortar: Typing its name is still a real hiccup for me. Gen 2 could’ve used another Ghost-type. I mean really.

Raka: Ugh, lame design. It's just so…lame, you know? Lame. Mislame-avus. Lamedreavus. Misdrealame.

Natwaf: Looks pleasing. But why is Mort using Gastly instead of this thing? Sure, it sucks, but Agatha already has monopoly on it dammit.

Brayze: Even the boy misdreavus are floating ladyheads, woowoowoowoo 

Starfox: For a ghost, it’s pretty disappointingly lame. Doesn’t help that it sucks in battle too.

Goa: Yeah, we added another ghost type in Gen II! So what if you only ever fight it once and probably forget about it afterward. The ghost gym leader didn't even want to use one. That's rejection.

32. Celebi

Celebi 2

#32 Celebi

SCORE: 2506

Average Ranking: 41.77 (St. Dev: 21.38)
Fully Evolved Rank: 25/54
Grass Rank: 1/10
Psychic Rank: 5/10
Legendaries: 6/6

1 - Cybat
7 - darkx
9 - Bane
10 - xx521xx
12 - Paul
12 - Wizards
13 - CasanovaZelos
16 - Anagram
17 - Karo
17 - ArkOfTurus
23 - Eddv
25 - Natwaf
25 - FrostHarpy
26 - Cody
27 - Preston
28 - Scepter
28 - Sanity
28 - TUM
29 - MC_XD
30 - Suor
31 - ecksgem
32 - Raka
32 - Inviso
33 - BetrayedTangy
35 - OrangeCrush
35 - red
36 - Ermine
36 - FFD
36 - Brayze_II
36 - Xuxon
39 - Mana
40 - scarlet
40 - starfox
42 - Arti
45 - flubbin
46 - Wickle
48 - profDEADPOOL
50 - Comm
52 - Logicblade
53 - lefty
55 - MSG
56 - Sorozone
57 - andy
59 - GoaFan77
60 - Snake5s
60 - TexWolf
60 - Dragon66116
60 - Poke
61 - KBM
62 - Kate
63 - Paratroopa
64 - Tennis
65 - Stifled
65 - Gen
67 - JONA
72 - Nick
76 - MI
83 - mnk
85 - Magmortar
96 - Drak

Cybat: Not a lot to say here, I just really like the design. I was always intrigued by the time travel thing, even if they didn't develop it much. 

Bane: Celebi is weird but I really like it, partly having to do with how rare it is. I really like the shade of green it is and being a Fairy (not type but actual Fairy). Its eyes make it pretty adorable as well.

CasanovaZelos: I hate the idea of event Pokemon, especially since most of them are actually pretty cool. 

Anagram: Inferior Mew. The fact that I rated it so high tells you how much higher I rate Gen 1 on average than the other gens.

Eddv: I really like Celebi because it’s a cool little sprite.

Natwaf: Never used Celebi much, but I will always be grateful to it for allowing that Giovanni fight in HG/SS. Also, whatever happened to the GS Ball in the anime? Natwaf’s Nicknames: Event Only Hmm… actually, I think I called the one in Crystal 'The Doctor', but I'm not sure

Preston: Cute looking elf thingamajig.

Raka: It's okay. Also, Pokemon the 4th Movie was one of the few Pokemon movie I watched.

Brayze: Eyeliner goth plant fairy features in highly realistic porn that I sure didn’t look for nope

Wickle: I loved its usage in finding Giovanni.

Goa: Probably the hardest Pokemon to get in the entire series.

KBM: I might get some s*** for this. Celebi has never made an impression on me whatsoever. Also event-only Pokémon is a really, really stupid concept. The top of my personal “fodder” tier.

Paratroopa: for a cutesy grass fairy thing it could certainly be a great deal worse, for exhibit A I present all the dumb fairy things that are worse

Stifled: Such a desperate attempt at making a Mew clone. And it’s ironic because Mewtwo is a literal canon Mew clone. Then Celebi is a Mew clone by design. Stop cloning Mew!

Gen: I caught one legit! Back when I was way more into pokémon I thought Celebi's movies were great. It was cool in pretty much every appearance and time travel is always a fun concept to toy with. Still a Grass Legendary ugh... Also suffers from Not-as-Cool-or-Cute-as-Mew Syndrome.

Magmortar: I guess it’s decent as a battling thing (beware of Bugs!), but absolutely nothing about that design appeals to me, and almost never being available outside of Japan, by a LOT more than other event Pokemon, is just lame. In short, I think Celebi sucks.

31. Lanturn


#31 Lanturn

SCORE: 2479

Average Ranking: 41.32 (St. Dev: 26.95)
Fully Evolved Rank: 24/54
Electric Rank: 3/8
Water Rank: 6/18
Chinchou Line: 1/2

1 - Scepter
1 - KBM
1 - mnk
2 - Mana
2 - Arti
4 - red
5 - Paratroopa
8 - Comm
8 - TexWolf
11 - Preston
11 - Natwaf
11 - andy
12 - Suor
13 - Wickle
17 - Poke
19 - FrostHarpy
20 - Raka
23 - ArkOfTurus
29 - Snake5s
30 - lefty
33 - Sorozone
33 - Brayze_II
35 - starfox
35 - Eddv
35 - MC_XD
38 - Karo
38 - JONA
38 - flubbin
39 - Kate
39 - Bane
40 - Paul
41 - ecksgem
42 - Cybat
42 - Inviso
46 - GoaFan77
46 - Magmortar
48 - OrangeCrush
49 - TUM
49 - profDEADPOOL
50 - Drak
50 - Gen
52 - Tennis
53 - FFD
59 - Anagram
60 - Sanity
61 - Cody
62 - xx521xx
65 - MSG
66 - Dragon66116
67 - Ermine
68 - scarlet
71 - Logicblade
80 - Stifled
80 - Xuxon
83 - CasanovaZelos
84 - MI
87 - Wizards
90 - darkx
98 - BetrayedTangy
99 - Nick

KBM: I LOVE this Pokémon. The design has so much personality, water/electric is a badass typing, it's terrific in-game, and even the Pokédex entries are notably cool. It's exactly the right mixture of cute and awesome for me, and it's a large part of why I would ever NOT pick Totodile as a starter when I play Gen 2.

Arti: Lanturn was awesome. Used one in Crystal and again in Ruby, nice ability and a great typing.

Paratroopa: so stoked about life he could probably just swallow up all sadness and misery near him in a happiness black hole

Preston: Dude look at this color. The Water/Electric combo is amazement in action. I'm going to say "dude look at this color" every time when I see a Pokémon sport the color blue.

Natwaf: Kinda looks like a whale. I;m not sure why, but something about the face and the lantern just clicked with me. Water/Electric is a great combo defensively and offensively, and it's key to my in-game Mono-Water team.

Natwaf’s Nicknames:

Male: Lucifer, Helel
Female: Galadriel

Suor: One of the most interesting and inventive Gen II pokémon both in typing and execution. “Boring” my ass, that's Teddiursa and the likes.

Wickle: It's strangely adorable to me.

Raka: I like the Water/Electric typing. It looks so weird though.

Brayze: Probably the cutest anglerfish ever envisioned, and they are a famously beautiful species
Cybat: Smart idea of making an anglerfish Pokemon which leads to a cool type combo and useful Absorb abilities. Not a great name though.

Goa: I used these quite a lot in the card game for some reason.

Magmortar: Good bulky light dolphin thing! Fun Pokemon.

Gen: I had no idea this guy was as popular as he is on this board until recently. Sorry for the people I'll surely offend with this mediocre ranking but I find it completely average. Its design is so average to me that I couldn't be bothered enough to find a synonym to describe how average it is. Wow. The only reason it barely makes my top half is the (almost) unique typing that led to some nice type coverage back in ye olden days. I even used one on my Silver team and it was serviceable, but I never grew too attached to it.

Anagram: Deep sea fish are so horrifying. Instead of getting a pokemon that represents them, we got this.

Ermine: I will never get the appeal for this pokemon. The definition of mediocre.

Stifled: Herp a derple doo

CasanovaZelos: The design of the line goes from weird to forgettable.

30. Houndour


#30 Houndour

SCORE: 2437

Average Ranking: 40.61 (St. Dev: 20.10)
NFE Rank: 7/46
Dark Rank: 6/6
Fire Rank: 7/10
Houndour Line: 2/2

2 - MI
4 - TexWolf
6 - Logicblade
6 - KBM
10 - starfox
12 - Drak
13 - Karo
13 - Suor
13 - Bane
13 - xx521xx
18 - Snake5s
20 - FFD
20 - Comm
26 - profDEADPOOL
27 - Sorozone
27 - ArkOfTurus
29 - mnk
29 - red
32 - MC_XD
33 - Nick
33 - Kate
34 - GoaFan77
36 - Anagram
36 - Wizards
37 - Stifled
38 - CasanovaZelos
40 - Poke
41 - Preston
41 - andy
42 - Mana
43 - Natwaf
43 - JONA
44 - Wickle
45 - scarlet
46 - Dragon66116
47 - Ermine
47 - Cybat
47 - Magmortar
50 - Raka
50 - ecksgem
51 - Gen
52 - FrostHarpy
52 - BetrayedTangy
52 - MSG
52 - Sanity
55 - flubbin
57 - Cody
58 - Brayze_II
58 - Inviso
60 - Arti
63 - OrangeCrush
63 - Eddv
63 - Tennis
65 - Paul
66 - darkx
71 - lefty
72 - Xuxon
77 - TUM
78 - Scepter
79 - Paratroopa

KBM: I love dogs, I love Dark, and I love Fire. That's pretty much all you need to know to know I'm going to love this Pokémon.

Starfox: I love dogs, and dark/fire is an awesome type combination. Combine that with the fact that this is one of the cases where they actually managed to successfully combine being badass and cute, and I’m pretty much automatically going to love it. All of my Gen II top 10 would probably make my overall top 25 or 30, so my favorites from this generation I really love. Just… not so much in the middle ground.

Anagram: Looks exactly how it should: a tiny, crappy version of its evolution.

Stifled: Kinda reminds me of Rush from Mega Man.

CasanovaZelos: A dark dog, what's not to love? Other than the fact it comes uselessly late in its first appearance.

Preston: Looks like a Pokémon that would guard a junkyard. Not a favorite of mine but I don't really mind Houndour all that much. This is a compliment given my hatred for my dogs in general. Snubbull and Granbull can go die in a gas chamber.

Natwaf: For the longest time I've wanted to try the Houndour line, but geez why is almost always late-game? Fortunately XY fixed that problem

Cybat: Aww, who's a good little hellhound? You are! Yes you are!

Magmortar: I’ve never cared a lot about Houndour. It’s just a dog. One with bones sure, but it’s still a dog. It’s pretty useful as soon as you get it thanks to that offensive typing though.

Raka: Eh it's okay. A scary looking puppy.

Gen: Growlithe is the better puppy pokémon, but Houndoom's babby is okay too.

Brayze: It’s crappier houndoom, like a 12 year old at the cusp of gothhood

Paratroopa: this is actually roughly the line of demarcation for pokemon I like and don't like in gen 2. I'm basically totally neutral to houndour. good job houndour

29. Ursaring


#29 Ursaring

SCORE: 2356

Average Ranking: 39.47 (St. Dev: 25.32)
Fully Evolved Rank: 23/54
Dark Rank: 2/15
Teddiursa Line: 2/2

1 - Mana
2 - FFD
3 - Magmortar
6 - starfox
8 - CasanovaZelos
8 - BetrayedTangy
9 - ArkOfTurus
12 - Cody
12 - flubbin
14 - Stifled
15 - Karo
15 - Comm
16 - MI
17 - red
17 - Paul
20 - Sorozone
23 - Poke
23 - Wizards
24 - Anagram
24 - Inviso
26 - Arti
27 - mnk
27 - Drak
28 - GoaFan77
30 - Wickle
30 - JONA
31 - Natwaf
31 - Dragon66116
32 - Eddv
32 - MSG
33 - Ermine
35 - Scepter
35 - TUM
37 - Bane
38 - Snake5s
38 - Tennis
39 - scarlet
41 - Raka
44 - Kate
47 - Nick
49 - KBM
53 - MC_XD
54 - ecksgem
58 - Logicblade
58 - Xuxon
63 - Gen
64 - darkx
64 - profDEADPOOL
67 - Preston
69 - Cybat
71 - FrostHarpy
71 - Suor
77 - Brayze_II
79 - Sanity
80 - andy
81 - xx521xx
82 - OrangeCrush
82 - lefty
89 - Paratroopa
95 - TexWolf

Magmortar: Ursaring breaks bones and stomps on villages to extents rarely seen in this series. 130 attack isn’t even close enough I need Guts man. It just destroys everything. I love it!

Starfox: GO GO BEARER RANGERS! Oh that fateful night of the gauntlet zombie invasion. I love bears though, and Ursaring is a bear. A badass bear. But not the most badass, that goes to Pangoro. Still, I like his typing, plus his insanely high attack with guts makes him fun to use in the lower tiers, plus I had one for my SS Nuzlocke that pulled me out of a bunch of tight spots. Got a soft spot for this guy.

CasanovaZelos: I've never even used Ursaring, I just love bears. Not even my favorite Pokebear (that title goes to Pangoro).

Flubbin: I love bears and Ursaring is a bear so I love Ursaring he’s great and also a bear, f*** yeah bears.
Stifled: Bear Bros.


Anagram: Literally just a bear with a target on its stomach. The weird thing is that it’s unrelated to Sentret… OR IS IT?

Goa: Few Pokemon go from so cute to so terrifying in a single evolution. But I guess that's what really happens to Grizzly Bear cubs.


Natwaf: It's a damn bear, and I've used it in Random to… some success. Still won't use it in an in-game team

Natwaf’s Nicknames:

Both Genders: Beruang

Raka: Dancing bears, painted wings.

KBM: I mean, yeah, it's pretty cool, and I like Normal tanks like this guy and Kangaskhan a lot... but damn if I don't just miss Teddiursa when I look at him. It's like if a Pomeranian evolved into a Great Dane. Let them be two separate things or I will forever miss the Pomeranian.

Ecks: It's a bear. I like bears okay, but he's just a bit generic looking.

Gen: I will now never be unable to think of this thing without also seeing Mer's comic of it.

Preston: Teddisura smoking a 6 pack of joints. Nothing new to see here. >_>

Cybat: I just don't like the way he looks. He's kinda fat and the ring looks weird. 

Suor: Angry bears, now those I like more than cutesy bears. It isn't terribly interesting though.

Brayze: The last thing you see before you die is a hand reaching out of a well, handing you a pinkslip for designing crappy pokemon

Paratroopa: dumb bear that doesn't deserve any of the 100 bear jokes I could think of but don't want to

28. Gligar

Gligar 200

#28 Gligar

SCORE: 2347

Average Ranking: 39.12 (St. Dev: 22.83)
NFE Rank: 6/46
Ground Rank: 3/10
Flying Rank: 8/19

1 - Ermine
5 - MC_XD
9 - Arti
10 - Sorozone
12 - mnk
14 - GoaFan77
15 - TUM
16 - Nick
16 - red
16 - andy
18 - FFD
18 - ArkOfTurus
19 - BetrayedTangy
19 - Comm
19 - TexWolf
19 - profDEADPOOL
20 - Paul
23 - Cybat
24 - Xuxon
25 - Drak
25 - ecksgem
25 - Suor
26 - starfox
26 - Brayze_II
27 - Gen
30 - Eddv
31 - FrostHarpy
33 - JONA
34 - Kate
37 - Dragon66116
38 - scarlet
38 - Wickle
39 - Natwaf
39 - MI
40 - OrangeCrush
44 - Scepter
46 - MSG
49 - Karo
50 - Bane
51 - Logicblade
51 - flubbin
51 - xx521xx
52 - darkx
52 - CasanovaZelos
52 - Poke
53 - KBM
53 - Paratroopa
54 - Sanity
56 - lefty
57 - Wizards
58 - Magmortar
62 - Snake5s
64 - Anagram
76 - Stifled
81 - Raka
81 - Inviso
82 - Mana
83 - Preston
84 - Cody
99 - Tennis

Ermine: Ash's Gligar is completely adorable and I want it. I'm glad he still has a similar personality when he evolves into Gliscor who is also awesome! It's fun to use Gligar with Eviolite even tho Gliscor is still better. <3 Gligar! Bat-scorpions are da best.

Arti: Gligar's typing was always weird. Ground/Flying never made any bit of sense, and I liked using it because of that.

Goa: Being the Pokemon World's Batman will get you far.

Cybat: Ground/Flying? What does that even mean? But hey, if you are known as the Fly Scorpion Pokemon, you're off to a good start. 

Starfox: Gligar’s cool, but it kinda hurts him that his evo is so much cooler.

Brayze: pokemon has never done a proper scorpion pokemon. There is the flying scorpion and the ogrescorp. The animal with crab claws and a sting in its tail wasn’t exotic enough for pokemon, had to give it wings and shreks

Gen: Bonus points for hilarious copyright infringement Gligarman aside, its design is kinda safe and boring. 'However I like the concept enough to overlook that. I mean... it's a burrowing scorpion crossed with a vampire bat and has cute lil' fangs. What more do you need?

Wickle: :p

Natwaf: Did you know this thing can't learn Earthquake back in Gen II? Eesh. At least it looks cooler than Sneasel. But man is it an underwhelming reward for beating a team of Mewtwo, Lugia, and Ho-Oh

CasanovaZelos: One of the coolest Gen II designs mixed with an awesome typing.

KBM: I can't be the only one confused by the fact that it's a purple Pokémon with fangs that the Pokédex  'literally says injects people with poison, that starts with Poison Sting... and it's Ground/Flying. Cool design, but confusing Pokémon. At least it evolves into something awesome (if similarly weirdly typed, looking at both of their rather odd movepools). 

Paratroopa: being ground/flying type, gligar explores deep themes about good and evil, and the duality that exists within all living beings, and also when you always have weird scorpion claws for hands and sometimes they're not good at grabbing things and life is hard

Magmortar: I mean it looks cool, and it is REALLY good for an NFE, but it’s such a damn contradiction. How can it be Ground AND Flying? Some of its Pokedex descriptions imply a Poison-type anyway. Also I don’t think there’s a single thing about it I like that I don’t like more about Gliscor (actually one thing – Gligar has a better shiny).

Anagram: I mean… okay.

Stifled: It’s ugly. You can tell me it isn’t all you want. But it is. 

Raka: So forgettable, even among Gen 2 Pokemon. Wow.

Mana: When GSC came out and a few years after, I'd probably rank Gligar a lot higher. It's a pink bat scorpion! Unfortunately, Ground/Flying hurts my brain and it just... there was nothing to it outside the design. I had Silver so I never really had one, but when I got it traded to me, I was just disappointed. It does learn some cool moves in later gens, but first impresssions didn't mean expectations. And it's one of two Pokemon I always, always, always forget and drive me crazy when I've got 98/100.

Preston: I don't really like Gligar. I get the implantation that Gligar looks more like a scorpion than a bat. I mean look at it's tail. Also? Please keep your tongue inside your mouth at all times please.

27. Murkrow

Murkrow 60

#27 Murkrow

SCORE: 2310

Average Ranking: 38.50 (St. Dev: 21.86)
NFE Rank: 5/46
Dark Rank: 5/6
Flying Rank: 7/19

1 - MC_XD
2 - TexWolf
3 - Eddv
3 - Poke
5 - TUM
7 - Ermine
7 - Snake5s
8 - Gen
9 - xx521xx
12 - Sorozone
16 - lefty
17 - mnk
18 - Cybat
21 - Dragon66116
22 - darkx
25 - Logicblade
25 - scarlet
25 - Magmortar
26 - Anagram
28 - Drak
28 - Paratroopa
29 - Bane
31 - KBM
31 - red
34 - FFD
34 - Comm
35 - Stifled
36 - Scepter
36 - MI
37 - ecksgem
38 - FrostHarpy
38 - Inviso
42 - OrangeCrush
43 - Raka
45 - Sanity
46 - starfox
46 - Tennis
46 - Suor
46 - Wizards
47 - JONA
51 - Preston
53 - Xuxon
54 - Brayze_II
54 - Paul
56 - BetrayedTangy
56 - Cody
58 - Karo
59 - Kate
60 - Nick
60 - MSG
62 - CasanovaZelos
62 - andy
63 - Wickle
65 - profDEADPOOL
68 - GoaFan77
69 - flubbin
69 - ArkOfTurus
78 - Natwaf
79 - Arti
86 - Mana

Eddv: Murkrow is pretty cute and I enjoy the fact that he looks like a gangster. His evolution goes one step even cooler but I really like delinquent looking brids. What an awesome raven.

Poke: I am the birdman. Crows are awesome. I love his evolution into Pimpkrow, but Murkrow represents the birdies well too.

Ermine: Excellent and simple design. Very cool poke.

Gen: What was the deal with that one talking Murkrow in Team Rocket's hideout? Why does (s)he help you? Team Rocket is known for mistreating pokémon so maybe that one just got fed up with his/her own job, but if that's the case why can't capturing it for yourself be an event like red Gyarados or something? Such a missed opportunity... Uh anyway cool design based on a witch and her familiar all rolled into one. Very clever!

Cybat: I don't understand why so many Dark types introduced here were single-stage. Oh well. Prankster is hilarious.

Logicblade: Just some jack*ff crow that I love for no good reason. Continue being a glorious *hole, friend.

Magmortar: What can I say? I am a sucker for things inspired by things like gangster, film noir, the mafia and whatnot. Mobcrow is pretty wicked. Prankster makes it really annoying now too.

Anagram: Murkrow is okay, but it’s nothing compared to its evolution.

Paratroopa: I like crows but he's just not quite as straight up pimpin' as honchkrow

KBM: Much-needed variety to the whole genre of bird Pokémon, something this generation actually does really well. I also love that apparently Murkrow and Meowth just steal s*** back and forth from each other.

Stifled: I can’t believe it took two generations to get this guy an evolution.

Raka: Nevermore!

Suor: I love birds, and I love a crow with dark powers and a witch-cap. Simple, yet genuinely effective design.


Brayze: So many better ways to make a crow, thankfully this was accomplished with Murkrow’s far superior evolution, shaftkrow

CasanovaZelos: Really forgettable considering it helped introduce the dark type. Why did all the dark types get shoved into the Kanto region for Gen II? "Hey, we introduced a new type. Have fun not using it until you've already completed the bulk of the game."

Natwaf: WEAK. Thank god Gen 4 fixed it. And we already got a better crow

Mana: Until I just looked it up, I seriously thought it was Gold-exclusive because I never remember encountering it. It looks pretty good, has a good typing, but just a Pokemon I don't remember.

26. Kingdra


#26 Kingdra

SCORE: 2294

Average Ranking: 38.23(St. Dev: 24.45)
Fully Evolved Rank: 22/54
Water Rank: 5/14
Dragon Rank: 1/1
Part of a preexisting line: 7/19

2 - Wickle
4 - flubbin
4 - Wizards
5 - Natwaf
6 - Nick
8 - FrostHarpy
9 - mnk
10 - MSG
13 - Eddv
13 - Dragon66116
14 - Paul
16 - Cody
17 - Scepter
17 - Kate
18 - CasanovaZelos
18 - GoaFan77
19 - scarlet
20 - lefty
21 - Arti
22 - Raka
22 - Snake5s
22 - profDEADPOOL
25 - BetrayedTangy
28 - Cybat
28 - Tennis
29 - Sorozone
29 - FFD
32 - ecksgem
32 - Magmortar
34 - TexWolf
35 - Bane
36 - Paratroopa
40 - Suor
41 - darkx
43 - TUM
44 - Preston
46 - Anagram
48 - Logicblade
48 - Brayze_II
48 - Comm
50 - KBM
51 - JONA
52 - Xuxon
54 - andy
54 - ArkOfTurus
55 - Ermine
56 - Drak
57 - MC_XD
59 - Poke
60 - Stifled
60 - starfox
62 - Karo
69 - OrangeCrush
72 - Gen
79 - xx521xx
81 - red
85 - Mana
87 - Sanity
88 - Inviso
97 - MI


Flubbin: Of all of the “king” Pokemon, Kingdra reigns supreme for me. The formidable typing combined with his stellar design really make him great.

Natwaf: My Mono-Water's MVP. This thing carried me through the post-game Lance and Red fights despite me being horribly underleveled (my god GSC and HGSS had godawful level pacing post-game). While it's stats is too balanced, Swift Swim and Dragon Dance makes it a force to be reckoned with and only being weak to Dragon (well, and Fairy, and Freeze Dry) is a huge plus.

Natwaf’s Nicknames:

Male: Juan
Female: Clair

MSG: Water/Dragon was such a ridiculous combo back in the ol' Gen 2 days. Also, f*ck Clair. Fun fact I did not know until recently: There are actually wild Kingdra you can catch in all the Gen 5 games.

Eddv: Kingdra is a really boss twist on the seadra line and I really enjoy it.

CasanovaZelos: The Horsea line would be absolutely forgettable without this beast attached. A nice addition to the dragon line, showing just how much of a variety the type could have.

Goa: First to get the amazing water/dragon typing, and the Horsea line really needed the boost. Still, I feel it got included just so they can say every time got a new Pokemon.

Raka: He looks like he has indigestion.

Cybat: No clue where the dragon comes from. But it certainly looks regal now, if a little goofy in some art. Critical hit shenanigans are fun.

Magmortar: Just an awesome guy. I always like how weedlike and kind of old it looks. Solid in battle. It doesn’t get many moves, but it doesn’t need anything else. Really.

Paratroopa: we could make ANY kind of rad dragon, but let's make a tiny update to seadra, let's not get too crazy here, it's only pokemon here, it's only pokemon

Preston: I beloved Horsea and Seadra. Kingdra? Meh. Kingdra glaring at me creeps me out. I don't think I would want to evolve Seadra into this and ugh trade evolving ugh.

Anagram: One of the few evolutions to an earlier pokemon that seems natural. Good work.

Brayze: Uglier than seadra but also better, fun fact someone used eviolite seadra in a regional this year and did ok

KBM: It honestly surprises me that there are only two Water/Dragon types in the entire 700-whatever Pokémon that exist. Palkia's quite a bit cooler, though, as this really only serves as an addendum to try and make the Horsea line better.

Stifled: Something about this line is just really boring to me. Also, why is it a Dragon type when Charizard and Gyarados aren’t? So stupid.

Starfox: While I acknowledge that probably Seadra needed an evolution battle-wise, Seadra’s design is so much better than Kingdra’s it’s not even funny. Kingdra's kinda ugly. Also I hate Clair.

Gen: I'm honestly not sure why this needed to be invented. Did the Horsea line really merit another evolution? Also there are way too many imposter kings. Nidoking, Kingler, Seaking, Slowking... THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE! I know some people love its design but I find Kingdra rather ugly.

Mana: Horsea was 139. Seadra was 144. I like Kingdra even less than them. I guess it speaks to how much worse a lot of GSC Pokemon are than RBY, but there's still a lot of good near the top.

25. Slowking


#25 Slowking

SCORE: 2266

Average Ranking: 37.77 (St. Dev: 25.30)
Fully Evolved Rank: 21/54
Water Rank: 4/18
Psychic Rank: 4/10
Part of a preexisting line: 6/19

1 - Stifled
2 - Sanity
5 - FFD
8 - MSG
9 - Nick
11 - Anagram
11 - GoaFan77
12 - Gen
13 - MC_XD
13 - Brayze_II
15 - CasanovaZelos
15 - Paul
17 - flubbin
19 - Scepter
19 - Natwaf
19 - starfox
19 - Sorozone
19 - Wickle
20 - KBM
21 - Eddv
22 - Logicblade
22 - TUM
23 - mnk
23 - Comm
23 - Inviso
24 - darkx
24 - BetrayedTangy
25 - Ermine
26 - Xuxon
29 - Wizards
30 - scarlet
30 - Arti
34 - Cody
34 - Poke
36 - FrostHarpy
41 - JONA
42 - lefty
43 - andy
45 - Tennis
50 - Preston
50 - Karo
52 - ecksgem
54 - Cybat
54 - xx521xx
55 - red
56 - Dragon66116
58 - Paratroopa
61 - Raka
61 - Magmortar
61 - TexWolf
64 - Mana
72 - Suor
78 - Snake5s
80 - Kate
81 - profDEADPOOL
82 - Bane
85 - OrangeCrush
85 - ArkOfTurus
89 - Drak
94 - MI

Stifled: Forget Mewtwo and Mew. This guy reigns supreme over all other Psychic types. He looks cool. His stats are off the charts. His movepool is excellent. Hail to the king!

Sanity: Not as good as Slowpoke or Slowbro, but he's still in the Slow family, and therefore still awesome. One of its Pokedex entries is hilarious: "Every time it yawns, Shellder injects more poison into it. The poison makes it more intelligent." Like, he's so stupid that being poisoned makes him smarter somehow. I love it. What a carefree badass.

MSG: I could use pants.

Anagram: I’d like it more without the collar, but it’s still pretty much exactly as good as Slowbro. Also, it needs pants.

Goa: I'd let a Shelder bite my head too if I became a genius. Also he's what, the third Pokemon ever scene that has the potential to talk?

Gen: - He could use pants. Okay okay serious writeup. Gen II introduced held item evolutions and the King's Rock evolutions in particular were pretty damn badass. I mean Slowking takes a line I just kinda liked and made it into something I gave two f***s about. And okay I liked the movie. More on that later, in the writeup of a pokémon certain to be ranked higher.

Brayze: Everyone is going to say ‘He could use pants’ but personally I prefer my slowkings to freeball it

CasanovaZelos: Truly deserves the title of king. A nice design that isn't going for too much.

Natwaf: Really useful since I got it early in HG. Psychic still sucks as a STAB. I prefer the King to the Bro, shame Bro got the Mega and King got the shaft.

Natwaf’s Nicknames:

Male Slowbro: Tobybro, Funbro
Female Slowbro: Tobysis
Male Slowking: Tobyking
Female Slowking: Tobyqueen

Wickle: What Slowbro did wrong, this guy put on his head. Plus, the movie gave him a boost.

KBM: He's Slowbro with a Shellder of Knowledge on his head. That literally poisons him with intelligence. I'll buy that for a dollar.

Eddv: I will always like him for his role in Pokemon 2000 despite that sucking.

Poke: "I could use pants" is the single greatest line uttered in cinematic history.

Preston: What? Oh Slowking. I guess Slowking is okay. It's better than Slowpoke and Slowbro given that Slowking could talk back in Pokemon 2000 which admittedly I thought was pretty cool. 

The reason why I don't really like Slowpoke is continuity errors. In "The Evolution Solution" episode of the anime, it was proclaimed that Slowpoke could only evolve if a Shellder bit it's tail. This is worth noting as in Pokemon Snap when playing through "The River" level if you lure Slowpoke with apples to one spot in the level, Shellder can bite Slowpoke and it will evolve into Slowbro. Strange isn't it? 

Cybat: "Every time it yawns, Shellder injects more poison into it. The poison makes it more intelligent." what the ****

Paratroopa: some 14 or so years later, mega slowbro would acquire the pants that slowking always wanted, except instead of pants it's just a giant cloyster eating his ass

Raka: I don't like its design. Ughhh belch.

Magmortar: Yeah, it might be lazy, and it’s definitely worse than Slowbro (Slowbro is funny, and it’s better in battle, especially with Calm Mind), but it’s an okay Pokemon.

Suor: I don't like how it becomes smart yet still looks dumb. Being stupid was also one of the things that made Slowpoke and Slowbro kind of entertaining and fun. Still, I wish those Shellders were available IRL because God knows there are way too many idiots that could use having one bite their heads.

24. Donphan


#24 Donphan

SCORE: 2256

Average Ranking: 37.60 (St. Dev: 19.30)
Fully Evolved Rank: 20/54
Ground Rank: 2/10
Phanpy Line: 1/2

5 - Wizards
10 - Stifled
13 - starfox
15 - Kate
15 - ArkOfTurus
16 - FrostHarpy
17 - FFD
18 - Wickle
18 - mnk
20 - Scepter
20 - Eddv
20 - red
20 - profDEADPOOL
21 - Mana
21 - Comm
21 - Magmortar
21 - lefty
21 - xx521xx
22 - Sorozone
23 - Anagram
23 - Arti
24 - GoaFan77
26 - andy
27 - Cybat
28 - Nick
28 - Natwaf
28 - flubbin
28 - MI
29 - Suor
33 - Inviso
35 - Sanity
36 - Dragon66116
37 - CasanovaZelos
38 - BetrayedTangy
38 - Brayze_II
41 - scarlet
42 - Logicblade
42 - TUM
45 - TexWolf
46 - ecksgem
48 - Gen
50 - OrangeCrush
51 - KBM
51 - Xuxon
54 - MC_XD
56 - Snake5s
57 - darkx
57 - Paratroopa
59 - Ermine
62 - Poke
63 - Bane
64 - Paul
65 - Karo
65 - Cody
66 - Raka
66 - Tennis
68 - Drak
70 - JONA
76 - MSG
77 - Preston

Stifled: I remember back in the first Pokemon movie where they “debuted” Donphan before Gen 2 was out. It was wild seeing something not in the coveted 151. I thought he was cool in the movie even though Ash owned him through main character hax. Then as time went on, I didn’t like him as much. Now I like him again after using him in battle in X/Y. 

Starfox: I’ve never actually used Donphan, I just love its design. I really need to include him in my team at some point.

Magmortar: I love elephants, and it’s a pretty solid choice on a team a good deal of the time. Just a lot less of one this [current, ie sixth] generation. Shame.

Anagram: Donphan isn’t very good, but it has a special place in my heart for being the first and so far only random shiny I ever caught. Sadly, mine has terrible IVs and a –Atk/+SpDef nature, so I’ve never used it for anything except taking space in a box.

Goa: One of the rare cases I like both forms of a line equally. Phanpy is just adorable, while Donphan is just a boss of equal magnitude.

Cybat: Badass rolly elephant thing. Sorta this gen's Sandslash, it learned Earthquake by levelup.

Natwaf: Underwhelmed when I used it in Emerald's Mono-Ground team, but it does hit hard and take physical hits, I'll give it that. And who doesn't love a good STAB Earthquake? Tate and Liza, evidently.

CasanovaZelos: One of the Pokemon I really need to use sometime. Slick design and viable, but Rapid Spin is relatively useless in the main games.

Brayze: Did you know that: donphan is seriously like 3 feet tall he’s like a pig with a trunk and armor plating. Ps I learned that those things that are armor plating on lizard and bird legs are called ‘scutes’

Gen: Very sturdy line. I can't complain.

KBM: Pretty good design, but I tend to find most  Ground types pretty forgettable when it comes to it. I like it quite a bit when I remember it exists. 

Paratroopa: why are his tusks growing out of his cheeks? tusks don't work like that!

Raka: I remember that episode with a Donphan who can smell gems. Uh, it's an okay Pokemon.

Preston: Even when I accidentally nudge against a Donphan makes me an unhappy person. Screw you Donphan.

23. Steelix


#23 Steelix

SCORE: 2179

Average Ranking: 36.32 (St. Dev: 23.21)
Fully Evolved Rank: 19/54
Ground Rank: 1/10
Steel Rank: 3/4
Part of a preexisting line: 5/19

3 - Anagram
3 - Wizards
5 - Nick
6 - Wickle
6 - Eddv
8 - Mana
9 - Cody
11 - Sorozone
12 - scarlet
12 - CasanovaZelos
12 - ecksgem
14 - Kate
15 - Brayze_II
17 - MSG
18 - Arti
20 - TUM
20 - TexWolf
21 - FrostHarpy
21 - KBM
22 - flubbin
24 - ArkOfTurus
26 - Natwaf
26 - GoaFan77
27 - Scepter
27 - Logicblade
28 - BetrayedTangy
29 - Raka
29 - Tennis
31 - Cybat
32 - starfox
35 - Inviso
35 - Suor
36 - Magmortar
37 - Snake5s
37 - lefty
38 - MI
40 - JONA
44 - darkx
44 - Comm
45 - Dragon66116
46 - Stifled
47 - profDEADPOOL
48 - mnk
48 - Xuxon
50 - Paul
50 - xx521xx
51 - Karo
51 - FFD
51 - Bane
53 - Preston
55 - andy
56 - Paratroopa
65 - Poke
78 - red
80 - OrangeCrush
81 - MC_XD
82 - Drak
84 - Gen
85 - Sanity
93 - Ermine

Anagram: I didn’t realize when I began this list that Steelix would end up so high. What can I say? I like it a lot. Poor Brock, though. He’s stuck still using Onix even when Mega Steelix is a thing.

Wickle: Like its Pre-evo, its face is terrible but I have a soft spot for its… metallic… snake-like appearance… for unown reasons. Seriously… I don’t know why I like this line, but I do.

Eddv: It's Onix only it doesn't suck. And Onix was awesome. Plus it was the first really accessible Steel type and unlike Dark I will always associate that typing with Steelix and Steel is a cool typing.

Mana: Such a vaaaaaaaaaaaast improvement over Onix. FACT.

CasanovaZelos: The steel types in this generation simply have some of the coolest designs in Pokemon. Even something as relatively useless as Steelix is redeemed by being crazy intimidating.

Ecks: Giant metal snake? I like. The teeth are a bit off-putting though.

Brayze: Onix got braces

KBM: I've always thought Steelix was a bit of a wasted opportunity as far as introducing Steel as a type—HOOOOOOLY s*** look at that Mega Evolution I am definitely bumping this up a few spots.

Natwaf: A sorely needed upgrade for Onix, and man oh man it looks badass. That said, when in my Mono-Steel palythrough I had to choose between Probopass and Steelix, I have to go with probopass. I did use it during a Showdown random, but ehh. Takes hits insanely well physically though.

Natwaf’s Nicknames:

Male Onix: Brock
Male Steelix: Diamonix
Female: Jasmine

Goa: One of the better looking evolution added in a later gen of all time.

Logicblade: All of the gen 2 pokemon looked dumb, but 11 year old me loved them so they get higher rankings. I'm not fussed about the steel types too much, but I think they were good improvements on their lines. Steelix being the biggest improvement.

Raka: A steel-plated Onix. So good. Jaws of life.

Cybat: One of the best "added later" evolutions in the series in terms of being designed as stronger than the original. The type change was definitely needed, too.

Magmortar: Iron snake somehow looks even more Freudian than Onix. But unlike Onix, it can hit things. Nice.
Stifled: Onix definitely deserved an evolution. He didn’t deserve one that looks so dumb.

Preston: A more sinister looking Onix. Nothing particularly wrong with Steelix but having to trade evolve it is a big decrement I can't overlook and I have to put it outside of the top half of my list.

Paratroopa: onix is back and he's pissed about the fact that he sucked before

Gen: Ugly face + getting owned by Jasmine's one too many times = me no like


22. Quilava


#22 Quilava

SCORE: 2070

Average Ranking: 34.50 (St. Dev: 24.75)
NFE Rank: 4/46
Fire Rank: 6/10
Starter Rank: 5/9
Cyndaquil Line: 3/3

1 - Drak
3 - Logicblade
3 - red
6 - Gen
6 - TexWolf
7 - FFD
8 - Bane
9 - starfox
9 - Sorozone
10 - andy
11 - profDEADPOOL
11 - xx521xx
12 - MC_XD
15 - Ermine
15 - Tennis
15 - mnk
16 - flubbin
16 - Xuxon
17 - KBM
18 - Scepter
18 - Comm
19 - ecksgem
20 - scarlet
20 - Karo
20 - Dragon66116
21 - JONA
21 - MSG
23 - Kate
25 - Raka
27 - Suor
30 - Preston
30 - Cybat
32 - Arti
36 - Stifled
39 - Poke
40 - Snake5s
42 - Wizards
43 - Paratroopa
45 - Natwaf
45 - Paul
45 - Inviso
47 - Cody
47 - GoaFan77
48 - CasanovaZelos
48 - Magmortar
50 - Wickle
51 - OrangeCrush
52 - Mana
54 - FrostHarpy
56 - Nick
58 - MI
62 - ArkOfTurus
65 - TUM
67 - Brayze_II
79 - Anagram
81 - Sanity
86 - BetrayedTangy
88 - lefty
90 - Eddv
92 - darkx

Logicblade: I love all the pokemon in this line, but Quilava stands out as the cutest of the bunch. I just want to rub his belly. :3

Gen: Nothing too surprising here. Quilava is imo the best in the single most solid starter line to date. Cutie Pie McBanana-Nose and Stompa-Stomp EXPLOSION ain't got nothin' on the guy that's a perfect blend of both. Even people that tend to think "boo hiss second stages aren't as cute as first stages or as cool as third stages; I have no class, and I'm a very boring person" generally like Quilava. Surely that can't be coincidence!

Bane: Weird right? A middle starter in the top 10, but of course it part of the Typhlosion line. Super cute but cool at the same time, he’s one of the best designed middle starters in all the generations.

Starfox: This little guy is in a close competition for my favorite NFE Pokemon period (this coming from someone who vastly prefers fully evolved Pokes in most circumstances). He’s a great combination of cool and cute, he introduced me to flame wheel, which I thought looked really cool in Stadium and Colosseum, and he’s part of my favorite overall Pokemon line. So yeah, I obviously like him quite a bit.

Flubbin: In general middle evos aren’t my thing, but Quilava is definitely one of my favorites. 

KBM: It's the only part of the Cyndaquil line that actually looks like an actual living creature for me, and for that reason it's the only one in the line that I really like. Really awesome design for a middie, a smaller version of this really should have been what Cyndaquil looked like, rather than that weird hovering (SSBM didn't help) blob thing.

Raka: It's like someone tried to find a combination of Cyndaquil and Typhlosion and they made this.

Suor: Much better body shape than both Cyndaquil and Typhlosions. Head flames are awesome, they look like a mohawk of sorts.

Preston: Wasn't the red Beetleborg a female and the leader? I remember watching that show back in Daycare.

Cybat: Starter middle forms are usually not that great, but for this one they smartly just basically interpolated between the first and last forms. Which means it's still a fiery badger.

Stifled: It’s a middle evolution.

Paratroopa: he is sort of like a bigger cyndaquil, while also being like a smaller typhlosion. they really went all out on his design

Natwaf: Better looking than Cyndaquil, it's the open eyes

Goa: Looks like it would actually be good at catching prey. Otherwise pretty average.

CasanovaZelos: Has nothing on its brethren.

Magmortar: I was a big fan of it before, but now I don’t care about it.

Wickle: Double fire back! Not as cute as Cyndy, but still excellent.

Brayze: Oh wait I like this less than Typhlosion, still don’t really hate, he’s sort of the Kevin spacey of pokemon

Anagram: I typed “Quilaa” into Google by mistake while looking up pictures of pokemon, and got links to several women on Facebook.

21. Entei


#21 Entei

SCORE: 2067

Average Ranking: 34.45 (St. Dev: 19.47)
Fully Evolved Rank: 18/54
Fire Rank: 5/10
Legendary Rank: 5/6

3 - Stifled
5 - Magmortar
6 - ArkOfTurus
7 - Wizards
7 - Bane
9 - scarlet
11 - Poke
12 - Scepter
12 - starfox
12 - TexWolf
13 - Drak
15 - Sorozone
17 - Preston
20 - Anagram
20 - BetrayedTangy
23 - Snake5s
23 - flubbin
24 - Karo
24 - lefty
25 - JONA
26 - Suor
27 - Natwaf
28 - Xuxon
29 - OrangeCrush
29 - MSG
29 - Arti
30 - GoaFan77
31 - Nick
31 - darkx
32 - Brayze_II
32 - Comm
32 - Dragon66116
33 - Gen
33 - Paul
33 - MI
36 - Raka
36 - Cody
38 - red
38 - profDEADPOOL
39 - CasanovaZelos
39 - Tennis
40 - Kate
45 - KBM
46 - Logicblade
50 - Ermine
51 - Mana
51 - ecksgem
51 - TUM
52 - Wickle
53 - Cybat
56 - andy
56 - Inviso
59 - mnk
59 - Paratroopa
60 - xx521xx
65 - Sanity
67 - FFD
67 - MC_XD
83 - Eddv
87 - FrostHarpy

Stifled: In the previous trio of legendaries, the electric type was my favorite. This time fire reigns supreme. I love Entei’s design. My experience of using him in battle is limited, but he seems capable. I also really enjoyed the third Pokemon movie with Entei and the little girl who thinks he’s her dad.

Magmortar: Even though it was really bad for a really long time, it really does have the legendary look. The face, the volcanic smoke back, the bands. And it was truly fantastic in the third movie. After Mewtwo, it probably got boosted more by the anime than any other Pokemon.

Bane: Another legendary I’ve always been fond of, even in the original games I thought he was the best of the 3 dogs. Then when Crystal made Suicune the most prominent I was like “Really? Not Entei?” They made up for it slightly with that movie. I love how majestic and proud he looks.

Starfox: I really like all of the legendary beasts, and liking all members of a trio is pretty uncommon for me. I really like his design, and though there are others who can do his battle role better, he’s still kinda useful if you want to put him on your team. Plus the battles in the third movie were pretty awesome, even if the movie as a whole was dumb.

Preston: <3 Entei <3

I would put Entei in my Top 10 given it's beast of an appearance in the third Pokémon movie and was in Melee but it was a POS to snag in Pokémon Colosseum at Mt. Battle so I think Entei can rest easy at number seventeen in my rankings.

Anagram: One of the many illustrious mustache pokemon.

Natwaf: Choice-Scarf Eruption AND Flare Blitz? Whoa mama. Too bad the Entei in the movie sucked. I always dread facing one in the Maison, praying I outspeed it before it manages to kill my team. Too bad none of my A.I. teammates has it.

Natwaf’s Nicknames:

No Gender: Merapi, Krakatau


Goa: He was cool in his movie I guess. I still have that Promo Entei card.

Brayze: Everyone’s favourite lion/st Bernard/power ranger hybrid

Gen: That movie made no sense. Like literally negative sense. Oh Japan... Anyway given what my favorite Gen I pokémon was, you'd probably expect me to like what is essentially a fire spouting dog-lion hybrid beast but... eh. I like him well enough obviously, but something about him never clicked for me. Chasing him around the map was annoying but I don't think that's the main reason.


CasanovaZelos: Much like Raikou, I never use legendaries and don't care much for its design.

KBM: Kind of uninspired, like the other Legendary beasts, and for the second generation in a row, my least favorite Legendary is the Fire one (which is really sad). That said, it's still a Legendary, and I have fond memories of running around trying to catch these things just for the sake of doing it, so I have to give it extra credit.

Wickle: You know… him being the guardian of the one loli still doesn't move this dog any higher than this. I like him slightly for it, though.

Cybat: I still hold some resentment towards Entei because he was the 251st Pokemon I got in Gold. Roaming legendaries is such a terrible idea. But his design is also worse than the other two, so it works out.

Paratroopa: there was a pokemon movie about entei once. I dragged my mom to see it in the movie theater with me. sorry mom

Eddv: I really don’t like the gen 2 legends

20. Xatu


#20 Xatu

SCORE: 2040

Average Ranking: 34.00 (St. Dev: 24.46)
Fully Evolved Rank: 17/54
Psychic Rank: 3/10
Flying Rank: 6/19
Natu Line: 1/2

1 - Brayze_II
2 - Raka
2 - Anagram
2 - GoaFan77
2 - flubbin
2 - Paratroopa
3 - Snake5s
4 - Wickle
6 - Paul
7 - Eddv
8 - Suor
9 - FFD
11 - KBM
13 - Poke
14 - darkx
14 - scarlet
14 - Natwaf
14 - MSG
14 - red
15 - lefty
16 - starfox
19 - Ermine
20 - ArkOfTurus
21 - Cybat
24 - Mana
27 - Kate
30 - Logicblade
30 - ecksgem
34 - Sanity
34 - TUM
34 - Magmortar
35 - Tennis
36 - Nick
37 - MC_XD
38 - Gen
38 - Comm
40 - Xuxon
41 - Stifled
43 - Cody
43 - Bane
45 - CasanovaZelos
48 - BetrayedTangy
48 - MI
50 - TexWolf
50 - Dragon66116
51 - Drak
52 - Arti
56 - OrangeCrush
57 - Inviso
57 - xx521xx
58 - JONA
60 - FrostHarpy
64 - Sorozone
67 - profDEADPOOL
68 - andy
73 - Preston
74 - Karo
79 - Scepter
92 - mnk
94 - Wizards

Brayze: I feel so at peace here with the Indians

Raka: I don't even know. It's just really cool and I like its design. I swear I'm not trying to rack up outlier points. Gen 2 confuses me greatly.

Anagram: Aztec bird whose art style looks nothing like the rest of the game? Count me in. I wish it hadn’t been godawful for over a decade before suddenly becoming common as hell because of a Hidden World ability.

Goa: For some reason I loved using this guy in the original gold/silver and even ruby/sapphire. Probably because there wasn't a lot of flying or psychic types I liked back then.

Flubbin: Xatu is radical. I really dig the whole totem-pole oracle bird design, and the color scheme is excellent. In HG/SS, I loved having him following me around because he looked like my personal advisor who would give me all sorts of sagely advice. 

Paratroopa: important bird video. it is mostly xatu related
Wickle: Psychic/Flying? My original 2 favorite types and now my 2nd and 3rd? Yes please. Also is an indian totem, so the top is a Thunderbird. <3

Eddv: Native American Thunderbird is the best concept for a pokemon out there

Suor: Once again, a punch in the face of all the people that claim that Gen II is boring. It's a SEER TOTEM BIRD full of colors, very few things in other generations can even compare.

KBM: Like I said with Natu (which I would guess is showing up first) – I love the unusual typing. That alone is enough for me in this case. Add to that the fact that Xatu really just looks kind of majestic, like a bird should... good stuff.

Natwaf: The number 1 pokemon I love that I have never ever used. Just look at it's sexy design. One cool **********er. Oh, there's also the Xatu meme which I don't really understand, but hey, Xatu love! Behold:

Natwaf’s Nicknames:
Male: Will
Female: Totema

Cybat: Nicely designed. With many Psychic Pokemon it's hard to tell their type just by looking at them, but I feel like with Xatu you definitely can. Also, Magic Bounce is fun.


Magmortar: Psychobird is cool, and Magic Bounce is wicked. I used this guy in SoulSilver, and it did me some surprising good.

Gen: It's hiding a kitty! I've always liked Xatu's design but I could never find a place for one on my team. Why are there so many Psychic and Flying types? I could watch this every day for the rest of my life and never get tired of it:

Oh my god...

Did Xatu become a meme when I wasn't looking? I just bumped Xatu up 6 spots for the Bad Apple parody, no joke.

Stifled: Cool looking psychic birdy.

CasanovaZelos: Natu is unfortunately out of the way in-game, but Xatu's design is one of the coolest in Gen II. This is my fodder line Pokemon, anything above it is a classic in my view.

Preston: Xatu can be found in a wide array of Providences in the Johto region. And by a wide array of Providences I'm totally kidding. You can't catch wild Xatu in the wild. Doesn't that suck or what?

19. Raikou


#19 Raikou

SCORE: 2011

Average Ranking: 33.52 (St. Dev: 22.34)
Fully Evolved Rank: 16/54
Electric Rank: 2/8
Legendaries: 4/6

1 - Snake5s
4 - starfox
4 - Dragon66116
5 - ArkOfTurus
6 - Sorozone
8 - mnk
8 - Paul
9 - andy
10 - scarlet
10 - Poke
13 - Natwaf
14 - FrostHarpy
14 - Tennis
15 - Stifled
15 - Wickle
15 - MSG
15 - red
17 - Drak
18 - Preston
18 - flubbin
21 - Cody
22 - Nick
23 - Karo
23 - JONA
24 - Logicblade
26 - ecksgem
28 - OrangeCrush
28 - Magmortar
29 - Mana
29 - Xuxon
30 - Anagram
31 - FFD
33 - Arti
34 - KBM
34 - profDEADPOOL
35 - Cybat
35 - MI
38 - TUM
39 - Raka
39 - Wizards
40 - CasanovaZelos
40 - GoaFan77
41 - Kate
47 - TexWolf
49 - Comm
51 - darkx
52 - Ermine
52 - MC_XD
52 - Suor
55 - xx521xx
59 - Scepter
60 - Paratroopa
63 - Brayze_II
64 - Sanity
65 - BetrayedTangy
70 - Bane
71 - Gen
80 - Inviso
82 - Eddv
98 - lefty

Starfox: I love electric types and I love its design, although That weird mane could probably go. Still, I know I bring up my SS Nuzlocke a lot, but that probably helps Raikou the most. I groaned when, shortly after Ecruteak, my first encounter was with a Raikou. Knowing this meant I had a wasted route, I figured I’d just throw a Great Ball (I think) at it and see what happened. To my amazement, I caught it! I liked it to begin with, but after that I have no choice but to love the guy, haters be damned.

Natwaf: This ****er zapped a creature I would have OHKO'd with my pokemon, when it should have targeted the other pokemon, that way we would have cleared their first 2 pokemon. But NOOOOO, this idiot left the other thing alone, Crit-ing and killing Raikou and leaving my pokemon and the A.I.'s other pokemon against a pokemon we can't handle without Raikou. So why is this still number 13? Because hell yeah Sabertooth, up to that point it's insaely useful, and a reminder that my luck in battle ****ing sucks

Natwaf’s Nicknames:
No Gender: Badai

Stifled: He’s pretty even with Suicune in my book, but yellow takes the win.

Wickle: There was that one special about it and I liked it then.

Preston: I like it how Raikou has a cloud for a neck. That's spiffy. If Mufusa was a Pokémon he be Raikou. Well no okay Mufusa can be Entei.

Magmortar: Freaking electric sabretooth tiger. Pretty rad. Could be easier to get one though!

Anagram: The single legendary most gypped in the anime. It took until the thirteenth movie to appear as part of a group shot, although it had a cameo in a two-part episode advertising Pokemon Rangers.

KBM: The Legendary beasts have never really done much for me as Legendaries go, but it's not like they're bad. I'd say Raikou's probably my favorite of the bunch, but I prefer the awesomeness that is Zapdos any day.

Cybat: I'm gonna be honest, I don't really know what I'm looking at. Is that a beard or a cloud? Does it wear a helmet? And like a butterfly thing for whiskers? Just a very confusing design.

Raka: Whoa, who hit its face with a truck? #stopanimalviolence

CasanovaZelos: I really don't care much for the legendary beasts. I don't like using immediately fully evolved Pokemon in battle, or legendaries, and Raikou doesn't win much in design.

Goa: Since I have nothing else to say about him, curse you Nintendo for making this legendary trio so hard to catch.

Suor: Raikou would be at least 10 spots higher if it looked like a badass thunder tiger instead of having the worst mustache-mane combination possible.

Paratroopa: raikou kind of sounds like raichu which really sounds like hi-chew and now I want some hi-chew and I've forgotten all about raikou

Brayze: Have you seriously looked at raikou’s ass? It’s like an ornate, puffy butterfly. ...Oh you haven’t.

Gen: Pokémon really could use a REAL tiger. Not that Raikou is terribly disappointing or anything, it's just past due. Anyway Raikou isn't as cool or fierce as Entei nor as beautiful and graceful as Suicune. I guess not living up to either and not having its own niche makes it underwhelming.

Eddv: I really don’t like the gen 2 legends

18. Noctowl

Noctowl 2

#18 Noctowl

SCORE: 1979

Average Ranking: 32.98 (St. Dev: 23.20)
Fully Evolved Rank: 15/54
Normal Rank: 1/15
Flying Rank: 5/19
Hoothoot Line: 1/2

1 - Cody
1 - Suor
1 - Poke
3 - MC_XD
6 - darkx
7 - Anagram
7 - Gen
7 - Magmortar
7 - Dragon66116
8 - andy
8 - Inviso
11 - Arti
12 - JONA
13 - Scepter
13 - Ermine
15 - Snake5s
15 - starfox
16 - TUM
17 - Logicblade
18 - FrostHarpy
18 - Tennis
19 - Bane
20 - MI
21 - Xuxon
22 - scarlet
26 - FFD
27 - Mana
27 - Comm
27 - red
28 - xx521xx
29 - TexWolf
30 - Nick
31 - Sorozone
33 - Preston
33 - flubbin
34 - Wickle
38 - Kate
38 - ecksgem
39 - Stifled
39 - KBM
44 - Paul
45 - Karo
45 - Cybat
46 - Natwaf
48 - Paratroopa
49 - MSG
53 - Eddv
54 - profDEADPOOL
56 - ArkOfTurus
58 - Drak
59 - Raka
64 - Brayze_II
65 - GoaFan77
67 - Sanity
67 - lefty
71 - OrangeCrush
75 - CasanovaZelos
75 - BetrayedTangy
82 - mnk
91 - Wizards

Cody: I’ve always loved owls, so it’s no surprise that Noctowl is my favorite. Ash catching a Noctowl helped my opinion too, because I absolutely love the shiny coloring. Noctowl is just awesome.

Suor: I've spent my entire video-gaming life training Noctowls and finding ways to fit it into my teams despite being underwhelming in battle. That's how much I love Noctowl, awesome and unique compared to all the other “Normal type birds” in other generations.

Poke: NOTOWEL! I love owls. Favourite bird, Ash's Noctowl was badass and shiny. And the only shiny I ever caught was a Hoothoot who then evolved into Noctowl. A lot going on for it besides the most hilarious intentional typo ever.

Anagram: Now that Pidgeot has gotten a mega evolution, Noctowl is down to second worst generic bird. Also, I loved how, in the anime, Ash’s Noctowl was established as clever and wise, then the writers decided it was too much effort, and just switched it to having no personality at all.

Gen: I. Love. Owls. GameFreak not only managed to capture the intimidating majesty of the animal it's based on with this idea, but also added a nice element of whimsy without over-exaggerating its natural features. You know... there's a lot to be stated with simplicity.

Magmortar: You look at the face, and I tell you I would not want to mess with this owl. Might have my single favorite design from this generation.

Starfox: Definitely the most unique of the early Normal/Flying birds. Like its design, too.

Preston: Ash had one (in the anime) if my memory serves me correctly. I was never too ardent towards flying Pokemon but I guess Noctowl is okay. 

Wickle: Him being my Flying type the first time through this gen earned props, but I swiftly scrapped him for Xatu and a certain meme made me even further bored with him, so he couldn't reach top 20.

Stifled: notowl

KBM: At least Hoothoot evolves into something decently cool (which is a problem with this gen). I've always wondered why it wasn't Dark or Psychic, though, other than the fact that it had to fill the Pidgeot role of its generation; I think one of those would have fit better. I always get so bored with the predictable Normal/Flying options.

Cybat: Hypnosis and Fly (and Flash) make this a handy guy to have around, and he looks pretty cool. For how many birds there are in Pokemon I'm surprised there aren't more owls.

Natwaf: Looks good for an early bird. Not too useful though.

Natwaf’s Nickname:

Male: KaeporaG
Female: Athena

Paratroopa: it takes a lot of work to make an owl only KIND of cool, but game freak dared to dream big and made an only kind of cool owl

Raka: So boring.

Brayze: When he evolved he started standing on two legs and now he’s just an owl

Goa: It's an Owl! A pretty cool looking one, but still generic.

CasanovaZelos: A simple but nice design.

17. Ho-Oh


#17 Ho-Oh

SCORE: 1891

Average Ranking: 31.52 (St. Dev: 24.81)
Fully Evolved Rank: 14/54
Fire Rank: 4/10
Flying Rank: 4/19
Legendaries: 3/6

1 - TUM
2 - Snake5s
2 - Sorozone
3 - KBM
3 - ArkOfTurus
6 - JONA
6 - Magmortar
7 - Natwaf
8 - Logicblade
8 - scarlet
9 - Cybat
9 - MC_XD
9 - Paul
9 - Dragon66116
11 - Ermine
11 - Wizards
13 - Cody
14 - profDEADPOOL
15 - Scepter
15 - Anagram
17 - starfox
17 - Arti
19 - Poke
20 - Wickle
20 - Sanity
21 - Stifled
22 - GoaFan77
22 - andy
23 - MSG
25 - Mana
25 - Bane
26 - Preston
26 - Tennis
26 - Comm
29 - MI
30 - CasanovaZelos
31 - flubbin
32 - Nick
33 - darkx
35 - TexWolf
36 - OrangeCrush
39 - Suor
39 - xx521xx
41 - Paratroopa
43 - red
47 - ecksgem
49 - Xuxon
58 - lefty
62 - Raka
65 - Kate
65 - FFD
66 - Gen
67 - mnk
67 - Inviso
68 - Karo
78 - Brayze_II
83 - BetrayedTangy
83 - Drak
85 - Eddv
90 - FrostHarpy

KBM: See, THIS is the Pokémon Moltres SHOULD have been. Ho-Oh looking so cool on the cover is the sole reason why I went with Gold instead of Silver back when I was deciding which one I was going to buy when they came out.]

Magmortar: Phoenix just destroys everything. It’s one of those rare Pokemon that has basically no 100% foolproof counter. Ho-oh these days is so strong it’s kind of wrong. Yes this applies to most ubers, but come on, its signature move has a 50% chance to burn. That’s pretty stupid in a morbid way.

Natwaf: Master of the zombie beasts, the regal Chinese Phoenix Ho-oh is a heck of a lot better than the abomination that is the Western Phoenix Molters. Sacred Fire HURTS! It also has Sacred Ash in most/all games it's in. Too sacerd for me too use though.

Natwaf’s Nicknames:
No Gender: Feng Huang

Logicblade: Talk about badass. It's a rainbow bird, and sacred fire is such a cool move. It kind of looks like an evolved Dux... it's now my headcanon

Cybat: Sacred Fire is extremely badass. It's sorta fat-looking though. 

Ermine: Amazing design and color pattern. Awesome legendary. It really sucks that it'll lose to overrated lugia but alas...

Anagram: What were you doing in that first episode, Ho-Oh? Why did you go into Kanto? Was it just to kick off Ash’s adventure and make him seem more special than he really was? It better not have been. This is basically the cutoff, by the way, for pokemon I genuinely like.


Wickle: Moltres done correctly, and his appearance in the anime is classic, but nothing special past that.

Stifled: They tried way too hard with this thing’s design. Holy crap there is way too much going on at once. If they relaxed a bit on the flashy colors, he’d be a lock for top ten since I love fire types.


CasanovaZelos: Ho-oh has never had a chance to shine due to the dominance of Lugia. It's cool it showed up so early in the anime, but like most Legendaries it is there to fill up the Pokedex.

Paratroopa: hohos? where? oh it's just a phoenix I was hoping for crappy pastries

Raka: While Lugia is sleek and cool, Ho-Oh look like something you'd buy at a Little China bazaar.

Gen: This is a much better phoenix pokémon than that funky chicken introduced in the first gen. Sacred Fire is a wicked move and Ho-Oh is pretty neat. I however grew much more attached to Lugia because I had Silver. Still the mythos behind this guy is too cool to overlook.

Brayze: Sort of like my dead great aunt, doesn’t matter how garish you are if you’re just ugly as sin. Man that was totally mean, she just loved me as a kid but I was terrified of her because of how she looked. I am straight up feeling a twinge of remorse writing this but onward and upward

Eddv: I really don’t like the gen 2 legends

16. Cyndaquil


#16 Cyndaquil

SCORE: 1842

Average Ranking: 30.70 (St. Dev: 20.79)
NFE Rank: 3/46
Fire Rank: 3/10
Starters: 4/9
Cyndaquil Line: 2/3

2 - profDEADPOOL
2 - Bane
4 - Raka
4 - Stifled
5 - Ermine
7 - Logicblade
7 - flubbin
9 - red
11 - ecksgem
11 - Dragon66116
13 - andy
14 - starfox
15 - Cody
15 - Xuxon
16 - Preston
16 - Inviso
17 - darkx
17 - xx521xx
18 - JONA
18 - TUM
19 - Cybat
19 - MSG
20 - Mana
21 - Drak
22 - FFD
22 - Paul
22 - Paratroopa
23 - Scepter
25 - Karo
25 - MC_XD
26 - MI
28 - Anagram
28 - Kate
30 - Snake5s
30 - Sorozone
30 - ArkOfTurus
31 - Tennis
32 - CasanovaZelos
33 - scarlet
35 - Gen
35 - Comm
35 - Poke
37 - OrangeCrush
43 - Wizards
44 - Nick
44 - Arti
44 - lefty
47 - BetrayedTangy
47 - Wickle
53 - Natwaf
53 - Brayze_II
53 - mnk
54 - Suor
60 - KBM
66 - GoaFan77
69 - Magmortar
75 - FrostHarpy
75 - Eddv
82 - Sanity
84 - TexWolf

Bane: The start of brilliance, this little guy is awesome. I love that he has Brock-eyes and how cute he was on the anime. So good for a starter.

Raka: Aww, how cute. Cyndaquil more like Cutedaqute.

Stifled: Gen 2 is a rare instance where I prefer the beginning stage to the full evolution. Cyndaquil is such a cute little thing. 

Ermine: Adorable

Logicblade: I kind of don't like his nose, which is why he's the bottom of the group for me. Still really nice though, and was my very first pokemon. Uguu Cyndaquill.

Flubbin: Cyndaquil is probably my favorite stage 1 starter. He’s just so cute. Totodile and Chikorita are cool and all, but there was no hesitation when I had to pick my starter in Gen II. Really, the whole Cyndaquil line is solid.

Ecks: First form of maybe the most consistent fire starter line… probably because there isn't a huge change between the three stages.

Preston: Wait so Ash actually evolved Cyndaquil? This is new to me.

Cybat: My first Gold starter. He is pretty cute. 

Paratroopa: had him as my partner in PMD. I think he's cute

Anagram: Very cute. I was sad when Ash’s evolved.

CasanovaZelos: I really don't care for its design as a starter Pokemon. Cute, but not in a way that would make me choose it over the other two.

Gen: Y'all are gonna hate me for this (those of you that care anyway), but Ash's Cyndaquil sucked. I thought the show was setting it up for some kind of redemption arc where it started off as timid and weak but after winning some battles and gaining some confidence- maybe evolving- it would become one of Ash's strongest and most dependable pokémon. Nope. It did get a bit stronger and more confident but ultimately that arc would not come about until Sinnoh with a much cooler fire starter.

Wickle: Only Gen 2 line in which all of them are good.

Natwaf: I am not a fan of it's closed eyes. Useful in my Crystal run though.

Brayze: if cyndaquil was Korean he would have had plastic surgery ages ago

KBM: As a big fan of Fire Pokemon, this one was a huge disappointment to me and is far and away my least favorite Gen II starter. I just don't like the ugly design. It's a shame, because it's got a pretty good learnset compared to Chikorita.

Goa: First form starters really weren't as good this generation.

Magmortar: Fire mouse with closed eyes. Kind of cute but not the most useful Smash Bros. Poke Ball.

15. Sneasel


#15 Sneasel

SCORE: 1771

Average Ranking: 29.52 (St. Dev: 23.87)
NFE Rank: 2/46
Dark Rank: 4/6
Ice Rank: 1/5

1 - scarlet
2 - JONA
2 - MC_XD
4 - Mana
4 - ecksgem
5 - Karo
5 - Brayze_II
5 - Drak
6 - red
6 - Inviso
6 - xx521xx
8 - Preston
9 - Gen
9 - TexWolf
10 - Cody
10 - FFD
11 - Cybat
11 - MI
12 - Snake5s
12 - MSG
13 - TUM
15 - Paratroopa
16 - Ermine
16 - Bane
17 - Dragon66116
18 - Logicblade
18 - BetrayedTangy
20 - Kate
21 - profDEADPOOL
24 - starfox
25 - darkx
25 - Poke
26 - Scepter
26 - Sorozone
27 - CasanovaZelos
29 - Comm
34 - OrangeCrush
34 - FrostHarpy
34 - ArkOfTurus
41 - Natwaf
41 - Arti
41 - lefty
42 - Raka
42 - Eddv
44 - Sanity
44 - Wizards
48 - KBM
48 - Paul
49 - flubbin
51 - GoaFan77
51 - Magmortar
53 - Nick
56 - Anagram
60 - Xuxon
62 - mnk
77 - Stifled
78 - Wickle
88 - Suor
89 - Tennis
90 - andy

Brayze: I’d like you to meet my pokewaifu hey don’t slam the door mom, sneasel and I are in love

Preston: <3 Sneasel <3

Great Pokemon. Sneasel screams anti-hero to me. Looks cool, sharp claws, black fur and you get the idea. 

Gen: Despite never really getting what exactly this thing is- a cat weasel?- I just think it's perfect. That devilish sneer, that asymmetric feather thing, that poke-able belly, THEM PAWS! It's just perfect for what it is... whatever that may be. Also Dark/Ice is a cruel combination... offensively. Lol Ice types and defense!

Cybat: Yeah, another mean-looking Dark type. But why mess with what works, right?

Paratroopa: in the games, they banned mewtwo. In the trading card game, they banned sneasel. sneasel rules.

CasanovaZelos: A really cool design and typing, too bad it literally doesn't show up until after you get all the badges. What is the point?

Natwaf: If looks could kill. Too bad it doesn't because as it is, it's not even a glass cannon. Just glass. Or… glass Kunai I guess? No, Glass Dart. Yeah. Huzzah for Gen IV evo!

Raka: All around bad-ass, with sharp claws and dark coloration

KBM: Almost awesome. You have two totally underused types and you ALMOST nailed either of them. So close.

Goa: Cool idea, bad execution. This thing really needed its later evolution.

Magmortar: In gens 2 and 3, it had two special types…and a special attack base of 35. That’s pretty hilarious in a morbid way. Otherwise, I don’t care.

Anagram: I always felt like this should have had an evolution, and eventually it gained one. Okay.

Stifled: I don’t like you or your allergies.

Suor: Now this pokémon I dislike because it should look like a cunning, dangerous weasel and instead it looks like a huge, f***ing b****. There's a subtle difference.

14. Typhlosion


#14 Typhlosion

SCORE: 1737

Average Ranking: 28.95 (St. Dev: 23.57)
Fully Evolved Rank: 13/54
Fire Rank: 2/10
Starter Rank: 3/9
Cyndaquil Line: 1/3

1 - starfox
1 - Bane
2 - Scepter
3 - flubbin
3 - MSG
3 - Arti
3 - Dragon66116
3 - profDEADPOOL
4 - Logicblade
6 - Stifled
7 - Drak
8 - Raka
10 - GoaFan77
10 - Inviso
11 - Magmortar
12 - red
12 - ArkOfTurus
13 - Cybat
13 - Comm
13 - Xuxon
14 - JONA
15 - Preston
15 - scarlet
17 - Snake5s
17 - Tennis
18 - Sorozone
18 - andy
18 - Wizards
19 - Nick
20 - Ermine
20 - ecksgem
21 - Karo
22 - Natwaf
23 - MC_XD
24 - Gen
28 - CasanovaZelos
28 - Wickle
29 - Poke
34 - Paul
41 - Mana
41 - BetrayedTangy
41 - Cody
42 - Kate
43 - FFD
45 - MI
47 - Anagram
49 - Suor
53 - darkx
54 - Paratroopa
57 - OrangeCrush
57 - KBM
57 - Brayze_II
59 - Eddv
59 - TUM
61 - lefty
64 - mnk
74 - xx521xx
80 - FrostHarpy
83 - Sanity
92 - TexWolf

Starfox: So many fond memories of cruising through Silver with this guy. I’d start with him in every game if I could. I love battling with him, especially now that he gets eruption, that can cause so much havoc (especially with the Smeargle setup). His design is really badass, and his entire line is well-designed… I just love this guy. I didn’t think anything was ever going to usurp him as my overall favorite, but alas… still top of Gen II though.

Bane: My favorite Pokemon period, out of all 700+. He’s been through thick and thin with all my playthroughs of SIlver and Crystal, I always loved giving him Iron Tail and seeing him wreck (although now that’s not possible). He looks amazing, as badgers are cool but add fire to the back and neck of one and you got one badass dude. There’s nothing more I can say about how amazing he is.

Flubbin: My Typhlosion and I used to tear s*** up. I could always count on him. By far one of my favorite starters. Lots of good memories with this guy right here.

MSG: Cyndaquil was my first choice going through the game, which actually turned out to be a pretty great fit, considering the scarce and sh*tty options for Fire Gen 2 gave us. It also led to one of the most perplexing moments for me as a kid when level 31 was reached, and I had the opportunity to teach it Flame Wheel. It had the same PP as Ember, so I was a little skeptical to how useful it would be. When it turned out to be 150% the damage of Ember, I was even more confused, but just accepted the fact that the people who made the game wanted me to be happy and went about PP Up'ing the hell out of it up to 40 so I would never run out of Fire moves ever again. Ah, those were simpler times.

Arti: My first starter in GSC, not very impressive battle wise but I liked it the best out of the three (even if Feraligatr is probably better)

Logicblade: Still cute, but with an awesome attitude. Fiery manes are always a plus.

Stifled: For me, he gets outshined a bit by Entei as far as the game’s Fire types go. But Typh is still pretty cool. Eruption wrecks serious face.

Raka: I'm pretty sure I used one. Not the greatest of starters but it's like a brilliant diamond of Gen 2. Maddening agony.

Goa: I don't know why a rat can explode with the force of a Volcano, but Typhlosion is pretty awesome.

Magmortar: Typhoon + explosion. ‘nuff said. It and #12 on my list are basically interchangeable.

Cybat: A little under-designed, but it works. It's more fun when it animates, although its fire effect in X/Y is kinda weird looking.

Preston: Typhlosion is the only final form of the Fire starter Pokémon that does not have a secondary type.

Natwaf: CHOICE-Scarf Eruption! YEEEEEAAAAHHHHH!!! So why is this higher than Entei, despite being a Charizard Base Stat copycat? I love how it looks, and I would LOVE to have it as a partner in Maison. Sadly, it's not to be.

Nawtaf’s Nicknames:

Male: Sonic
Female: Amy, Sally

Gen: On a given day I can see myself ranking Typh up to maybe five spots higher but I dunno he can't really touch Quilava and I can't really say why. Typh is DEFINITELY in the upper echelon of final starter evolutions but he kind of lacks the wow factor that my favorites hold for me. You know... I think it's that he's too "safe" for an FE. He's not super ugly but he's also not super special. Still he's serviceable enough and while I feel he's not as versatile as Gatr he's great in game too.

CasanovaZelos: A fully evolved starter should really be higher than this. It's really just kind of forgettable.

Wickle: He will forever have Flamethrower thanks to the latest Godzilla movie. Even if just in my heart.

Anagram: You know your gen has crap starters when this is the best out of all of them.

Suor: While I like Typhlosion, it doesn't really have any selling point or peculiarity that keeps me interested in it beyond the exploding flames on its back. Pretty standard both as a design and as a Fire starter for me.

Paratroopa: way too much an amorphous blob of a mammal to really be as cool as it could be


Brayze: Somehow it is not a cross between a typhoon and an explosion, more like a cross between a furnace and a waste of time

13. Skarmory


#13 Skarmory

SCORE: 1704

Average Ranking: 28.40 (St. Dev: 23.59)
Fully Evolved Rank: 12/54
Steel Rank: 2/4
Flying Rank: 3/19

1 - ecksgem
2 - BetrayedTangy
3 - andy
4 - Comm
5 - Snake5s
5 - Poke
7 - Preston
7 - GoaFan77
8 - FFD
8 - TUM
9 - Natwaf
9 - Wickle
9 - Inviso
9 - lefty
11 - scarlet
12 - FrostHarpy
13 - Anagram
13 - Arti
14 - Ermine
14 - Suor
16 - CasanovaZelos
16 - TexWolf
16 - xx521xx
18 - Mana
18 - OrangeCrush
18 - MC_XD
20 - Cody
20 - flubbin
20 - Magmortar
21 - Sorozone
21 - MI
21 - ArkOfTurus
21 - Wizards
24 - KBM
26 - Logicblade
26 - MSG
27 - Nick
28 - JONA
28 - Bane
29 - profDEADPOOL
33 - Dragon66116
34 - Stifled
34 - red
34 - Paratroopa
35 - Xuxon
38 - Paul
39 - starfox
40 - Cybat
47 - Scepter
47 - Drak
55 - Tennis
56 - Brayze_II
61 - mnk
62 - darkx
67 - Raka
68 - Gen
73 - Kate
90 - Sanity
96 - Eddv
98 - Karo

Ecks: My sweet metallic devil bird. Unique typing, amazing name, and an overall cool concept. Have had a lot of fun using it over the years. Also, can opener tail.

Preston: <3 Skarmory <3

A vulture in steel plated armor. Can't go wrong with that.

Goa: If a sleek fighter jet is the first thing you think of looking at a Pokemon, you did something right.

Natwaf: You'd think I'd be hating on the other half of the Skarmbliss combo, wouldn't you? Fortunately, Steel/Flying is a neat type, and I love it's design. So edgy. My fly HM slave of choice in Platinum for my Mono-Steel… too bad it's only available post-game. Didn't even manage to use it for fighting. Oh well.

Natwaf’s Nicknames:
Male: Razor
Female: Pepper, Lana Skye (no longer used)

Anagram: Ugh, way too common in Singles, but it’s legitimately good. I got really good at predicting roosts so I could nail these things with focus blast.

Ermine: Badass bird poke with a great design. Loved using this guy competitively, he pulled through for me so many times.

Suor: The sole fact that its feathers can be used as swords make Skarmory an A+ pokémon.

CasanovaZelos: Awesome tank. One of the most intimidating Pokemon around. Unlike Chansey, it is matched with a truly great design. Unfortunately one of the few designs they completely messed up in XY.

Magmortar: Steel bird looks amazing and is one of the most consistently strong Pokemon ever. Good stuff.

KBM: The entire reason I like this Pokémon is the idea of how badass someone would look flying on its back. It's definitely not my favorite Steel type (as I think it might be others'), but it's still very good.

Stifled: I’m halfway in between liking and disliking this thing. But it’s Gen 2, so it easily makes the top half of the list.

Paratroopa: well, skarmory is a pretty cool pokemon I suppose, but actually, blissey's just the worst, I mean, it's so dumb and fat and pink and... wait, that's weird, why did I just switch to talking about blissey in the middle of that? I don't know, just, a twitch I guess

Cybat: Pretty scary-looking metal bird. I know it's a pain in the ass competitively, but eh, never played that.

Drak: I like the idea of this guy, but I can't like the execution. it's too bad; mecha-bird could've been pretty sweet.

Brayze: It was supposed to be the physical counterpart of mantine but it pretty much left its specially defensive counterpart in the dust now didn’t it

Raka: Lol why is this mess everywhere in the competitive scene? Not that I care, since I don't swing that way. But still, an annoyance to the world at large.

Gen: The original user of Steel Wing and the original Blissey-buster! I uh... I got nothin'. It's okay.

Eddv: Stealth Rocks Suck.

Karo: An idiotic metal turkey that despite having its entire body make of steel, including its 'wings', is somehow able to fly.

12. Feraligatr


#12 Feraligatr

SCORE: 1652

Average Ranking: 27.53 (St. Dev: 26.73)
Fully Evolved Rank: 11/54
Water Rank: 3/18
Starters: 2/9
Totodile Line: 2/3

1 - FrostHarpy
2 - Preston
3 - Nick
3 - Wickle
3 - Cody
3 - Paul
4 - MC_XD
4 - MSG
4 - mnk
5 - OrangeCrush
5 - Sorozone
6 - Natwaf
6 - Raka
7 - scarlet
7 - profDEADPOOL
7 - Inviso
9 - Logicblade
9 - KBM
10 - Snake5s
10 - Kate
10 - Gen
10 - Arti
10 - lefty
11 - Mana
12 - Magmortar
12 - Dragon66116
13 - ArkOfTurus
14 - flubbin
15 - Wizards
17 - CasanovaZelos
19 - Tennis
20 - Drak
23 - Stifled
23 - FFD
27 - xx521xx
28 - ecksgem
29 - JONA
30 - Scepter
30 - darkx
30 - Brayze_II
30 - Comm
31 - Ermine
31 - MI
31 - Poke
34 - andy
35 - Paratroopa
37 - red
41 - Karo
42 - starfox
57 - BetrayedTangy
57 - Eddv
67 - GoaFan77
68 - Anagram
73 - Sanity
80 - Bane
83 - TUM
85 - Suor
86 - Cybat
94 - TexWolf
99 - Xuxon

Preston: DUDE LOOK AT THIS COLOR. Aww yes. The days of when I was only 7 years old and playing Pokemon Gold with my Feraligatr beside me without a care in the world. Would be #1 if it wasn't for the fact I still have no idea how to spell Feraligatr's name right without having to look it up, time and time again

Wickle: What? Mah gatr grew strong. So glad Physical Water attacks actually became a thing though

MSG: I feel like, had I chosen Feraligatr my first time through, Feraligatr could've been even higher, because the cute little croc eventually evolves into quite the beast. On top of that, your rival would then be stuck with the monstrosity that is Meganium, and that's always a nice bonus

Natwaf: The highest of the worst (hmm…. Well, maybe 2nd worst) starter batch ever, Feraligatr is just cool. I still want my Sheer Force Gatr though. Unfortuantely, it kind of trailed off in my HG run, despite Waterfall and Normal having great coverage. Still better than the rest of the losers

Raka: It only got this high mostly because of two things: Lazor Gator and the fact that its name had to be spelled weirdly because of insufficient slot

Logicblade: Big scray croc with missing letters in his name, but still a pretty cool dude. Pokemon does crocodilians well

KBM: Docking (only a couple) points for the unbelievably stupid ten-character-limit name. Feraligator [sic] is still a f***ing beast. Best starter line in Gen 2, by far

Gen: My baby. Also my favorite "ugly" pokémon that I will fully admit is objectively aesthetically displeasing and not just, like, your opinion man. My female Feraligatr named Precious (marvel at the creativity of my ten year-old brain!) that I leveled up all the way to level 100 without Rare Candies was the star of my Crystal team and, despite owning 5 shinies, my prized pokémon possession. She could take down anything without breaking a virtual sweat regardless of type disadvantages and my dumb ten tear-old movesets and... aw just listen to me reminiscing! This thing just LOOKS like it can f*** you up, and if raised well it certainly can

Arti: It looks terrifying, and it's probably the best of the three starters final evos

Magmortar: One ferocious ‘gator. Its sprite in Diamond/Pearl is one of my all-time favorites. Being the best battler of the Gen 2 starters by far helps a lot. It and #11 on my list are basically interchangeable

CasanovaZelos: Just an all around badass. However, the massive amount of HM's in Gold and Silver means whichever water Pokemon you choose is going to end up an HM slave. I never wanted to waste my starter on that

Stifled: In my Totodile writeup I mentioned how its evolved forms are hideous. Yep. Definitely true. But I would definitely want this hideous thing on my side in a fight. That’s for sure

Ecks: Feraligatr is one of those I have a high opinion of in my mind, and then I go and actually look at it and leave disappointed. Sprites have improved over time, at least

Brayze: I’m all up on your junk the moment you get sheer force, feraligatr

Paratroopa: he may not have an o but he sure gave your mom one last night ooooooh

Goa: See ya later Feraligatr. After a while Krookodile.

Anagram: The misspelled name kind of bothers me, I won’t lie. As for the pokemon itself… it’s serviceable? Definitely low tier as far as fully evolved starters go. That’s another thing: Gen 2 easily has the worst starters overall, in all categories. I don’t know why it’s so bad, either

Suor:; possibly the most pointless starter in its original game, ever.

Cybat: Stupid face, stupid name, and stupid (at the time) stat distribution. Not a great showing.

11. Crobat


#11 Crobat

SCORE: 1614

Average Ranking: 26.90 (St. Dev: 22.75)
Fully Evolved Rank: 10/54
Poison Rank: 1/4
Flying Rank: 2/19
Part of a preexisting line: 4/19

2 - Natwaf
2 - Stifled
2 - mnk
2 - Inviso
3 - Raka
4 - darkx
4 - Cody
4 - Arti
5 - Scepter
5 - MSG
5 - andy
6 - Kate
7 - Nick
7 - Paul
8 - Sorozone
8 - Dragon66116
8 - ArkOfTurus
9 - Mana
10 - FrostHarpy
10 - JONA
10 - Eddv
11 - Suor
12 - Cybat
13 - FFD
14 - Magmortar
16 - Wickle
16 - GoaFan77
18 - Drak
19 - Logicblade
20 - CasanovaZelos
21 - Anagram
21 - flubbin
22 - OrangeCrush
22 - BetrayedTangy
22 - KBM
24 - scarlet
28 - TexWolf
29 - lefty
30 - Wizards
32 - Ermine
38 - Xuxon
40 - Bane
41 - starfox
43 - Snake5s
43 - Brayze_II
44 - Karo
47 - Tennis
49 - Gen
49 - Poke
50 - red
52 - Preston
53 - MI
55 - MC_XD
56 - TUM
70 - ecksgem
70 - Paratroopa
71 - profDEADPOOL
73 - Comm
74 - Sanity
85 - xx521xx

Natwaf: More like BRObat, AM I RIGHT FELLAS? The design is pure awesome, and I loved it the moment I used it in-game and in Factory/Random Showdown. **** you LG for making me wait on using this fantastic bat!

Natwaf’s Nicknames:

Male: BruceWayne
Female: Nene

Stifled: It amazed me how something as disgusting and terrifying as Golbat could evolve into something so sleek and cool. This guy is ridiculously fast. I dunno if he’s actually the fastest Pokemon overall, but he’s gotta be close.

Raka: Speed beast and it doesn't look too bad with four wings!

Arti: I never trained one until DPP, but it turned out to be a solid Pokemon at level 100.

Mana: Such a vaaaaaaaaaaaast improvement over Golbat. FACT.

Eddv: Poison is my favorite type and I was so happy the bat line got a viable pokemon.

Suor: Pink Crobat Master Race.

Cybat: A shame this had to come from making friends with a Golbat. But it is enough of a badass that I won't hold that against it too much.

Magmortar: Crobat is one of the best evolutions to an oldmon out there, by far; it looks great all-around, it injects some much needed versatility into how to use it, and it often isn’t that hard to acquire (my Crobat in Diamond was one at…Level 23). I really like how the bosses of various teams tend to have a Crobat. Maybe they do care about Pokemon?

Goa: ****, after years of being pestered by them, we actually have a reason to catch a Zubat now.

Logicblade: How can something so terrible become something so awesome? I dunno, but Crobat pretty much redeems Zubat's gawful line.

CasanovaZelos: The redeemer. Such a cool design, a perfect upgrade for the rather bland Zubat and Golbat.
Anagram: Almost redeems Zubat. Almost.

Flubbin: Crobat redeems the whole Zubat line. Those wings though.

KBM: Takes one of the worst lines from Gen 1 and makes it actually really cool and worth talking about. That's no mean feat. Friendship leveling is mildly irritating, though.

Brayze: Zubat is actually my favourite of this line so crobat gets second place I guess. Did you know he is a bird because he learns brave bird? now you know, it’s a fact, bats are birds: science

Gen: Friendship evolution is a system I believe to be overdone, particularly in Generation II. Crobat suffers a bit of fallback for being a perpetrator and not really having an alibi. Like... okay I get why the babies would need to feel secure enough with their masters to evolve and I accept that, but GOLBAT? Espeon and Umbreon at least have the excuse of being guinea pigs to test out the new system and Eevee is cuddly enough that trainers would want to befriend it, but Golbat is just weird. I mean it's bad enough that the game forced me to care for a pokémon I didn't care about just to complete the pokédex but then it's the cave troll too? Are you kidding me!? I'll admit Crobat is b****in' in battle but I can't look past certain beefs.

Preston: Eating a slice of cake results in higher glucose levels. Which can result in polyamory respirations manifesting the human body to emit hyperactive behavior. On topic. Crobat is okay I guess.

Ecks: Fat, ugly bat. I like the color scheme, at least. Unpopular opinion, but Zubat is my favorite design of the line.

Paratroopa: wait, let me get this straight. you took all of golbat's hilarious and completely off

10. Heracross


#10 Heracross

SCORE: 1584

Average Ranking: 26.40 (St. Dev: 22.38)
Fully Evolved Rank: 9/54
Bug Rank: 2/10
Fighting Rank: 1/3

1 - JONA
1 - Dragon66116
2 - darkx
2 - OrangeCrush
2 - Suor
4 - Natwaf
4 - profDEADPOOL
5 - Mana
5 - Inviso
6 - FrostHarpy
6 - flubbin
6 - andy
7 - lefty
8 - Cybat
9 - BetrayedTangy
9 - TUM
10 - CasanovaZelos
10 - mnk
11 - MSG
12 - Comm
13 - Paul
14 - Logicblade
14 - Sorozone
15 - FFD
16 - Arti
17 - Magmortar
18 - scarlet
18 - Anagram
18 - Eddv
19 - Gen
21 - GoaFan77
24 - Nick
25 - Paratroopa
26 - MC_XD
27 - Wickle
27 - Brayze_II
27 - MI
29 - Ermine
29 - Sanity
30 - KBM
31 - Preston
31 - Scepter
31 - ArkOfTurus
32 - Stifled
34 - Wizards
37 - Raka
38 - Bane
39 - Snake5s
43 - Drak
45 - Kate
48 - starfox
50 - Xuxon
58 - Cody
63 - ecksgem
68 - red
69 - Karo
69 - Poke
76 - TexWolf
83 - xx521xx
92 - Tennis

Suor: I don't know. I hate beetlebugs, cockroaches and most insects IRL, but this thing just looks so friendly I don't even care. Friendly but still badass and strong.

Natwaf: He maybe falling in usage, but he'll always be high in my heart. Part of my Mono-Fighting team in my first Platinum run, this thing easily takes care of any Psychic in it's way. Oddly enough, despite the tendency for Rhino beetles to beat Stag Beetles, Mega Pinsir beats Mega Heracross. Beetle Tendency if you will. Oh, right, I need to read Jojolion again. Wait, where was i? Oh, right, Heracross. One tough SOB you don't want to mess with.

Natwaf’s Nicknames:

Male: Hercules
Female: Hera, Megara

Cybat: Such a fun type combination, even if it wouldn't really be able to take advantage of it for a few generations. But Megahorn!

CasanovaZelos: Fighting/Bug is such a cool combination, and it's really a nice design.

Logicblade: Heracross was probably the first bug I thought they got right. Scyther was close, but I wasn't big on the appeal. Gen 2 had some decent bugs, but it doesn't beat Gen V, aka the best generation. Still, a great moveset, a good aesthetic and a great name ties up a great package.

Magmortar: I dunno if I prefer it or Pinsir but either way, Heracross is a beast. Beetles are among the few bugs I can tolerate and Heracross proves a point on that. More than anything else Heracross is good at hitting things, and it hits things really, really, REALLY hard.

Anagram: Overrated but still really good.

Eddv: Badass bug is a cool idea

Gen: You know what's cool? Rhinoceros beetles. You know what's even cooler? Hercules beetles? What could possibly be cooler than tha- FIGHTING RHINOCEROS HERCULES BEETLE HYBRIDS THAT ARE TOTAL DUDES AND HAVE "COME AT ME, BRO" SPRITES! I rest my case. BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! At first I was put off by that Mega, but you know... later I came to realize it was just a closer representation of the beetle Heracross is actually named for. Also its face makes me laugh. We're cool now, dawg.

Goa: A Pokemon that should probably should rank higher, but I've been on the receiving end of its close combat too many times.

Paratroopa: an evolution to pinsir? what? no, let's just make something entirely different instead

Brayze: I like honey too, heracross

KBM: I'll give this gen credit where bugs are concerned: it has too many, most of them are crap, and I still hate bugs... but there are a handful here that are actually quite good. This thing is almost Pinsir levels of terrifying once it Mega Evolves. Which is a good thing.

Preston: I used to hate Heracross when I was younger but I've had a change of heart for it lately. Heracross was a little annoying in the anime. What with Heracross sucking the sap out of Bulbasaur and crap. You think Ash could of just transferred Charizard and Squirtle over to Professor Oak like he did with HERACROSS and we didn't have to deal with Ash letting go of his two best Pokemon. >_> But? I do have a Heracross plushie and Heracross reminds me of Beetleborgs so I give credit where credit is due. 

Stifled: Definitely inferior to Pinsir, but I doubt I’ll have many backers on that claim. Still pretty decent in his own right though. 

Raka: You can't spell 'boss' without 'Heracross'.

Starfox: I’ve never been a big fan of Heracross. I mean I like him and he’s decent enough, but the amount of love he gets kind of perplexes me.

9. Ampharos


#9 Ampharos

SCORE: 1551

Average Ranking: 25.85 (St. Dev: 22.97)
Fully Evolved Rank: 8/54
Electric Rank: 1/8
Mareep Line: 1/3

1 - Arti
2 - Dragon66116
3 - Mana
3 - ecksgem
4 - Scepter
4 - andy
4 - Paratroopa
4 - Poke
5 - Logicblade
5 - Wickle
5 - red
6 - Tennis
6 - Comm
7 - Stifled
7 - KBM
7 - MI
8 - Anagram
8 - JONA
8 - Brayze_II
9 - Raka
9 - OrangeCrush
10 - Cybat
11 - CasanovaZelos
12 - Inviso
13 - Nick
14 - MC_XD
15 - Natwaf
15 - flubbin
16 - profDEADPOOL
16 - Suor
17 - FrostHarpy
17 - Sorozone
18 - Cody
22 - Karo
23 - Preston
23 - Drak
25 - MSG
27 - Magmortar
28 - Ermine
33 - Bane
36 - mnk
36 - xx521xx
37 - starfox
38 - GoaFan77
39 - Sanity
42 - Gen
47 - Kate
48 - scarlet
49 - lefty
50 - Eddv
53 - Snake5s
53 - BetrayedTangy
53 - Paul
59 - Wizards
61 - Xuxon
63 - TexWolf
72 - TUM
75 - darkx
76 - ArkOfTurus
94 - FFD

Arti: Always will be my favorite 2nd generation Pokemon, I've trained a whole bunch of them over the course of the entire series.

Ecks: Loved this guy since the first time I saw pictures of him online; I even named him Denryu in my first G/S game. Also like his bit in the story, with his connection to Jasmine and Olivine City.

Paratroopa: sheep herders do not actually herd sheep. they herd very woolly dragons. this is a true fact I learned about it on discovery channel

Stifled: I do enjoy yellow things. Ampharos is kinda strange looking considering he’s a sheep, but a good kind of strange.

KBM: It's a rare generation of Pokémon where I think the FE's generally outclass the NFE's, but... come on now. This one's indisputable. Plus, apparently it now grows white Fabio hair and a Dumbledore beard with cherries stuck in it as a tail, and dual types into Dragon. That's just awesome.

Logicblade: Ampharos has an awesome tail, and it just looks derpy cool, which is the coolest kind of cool. It's mega form is just so pretty, and one of the rare improvements on an already great model.

Anagram: One of the very few full-three-pokemon lines in Gen 2. I used one as a kid and I used one in HGSS. A slow electric-type isn’t really that good, but it could be way worse.

Brayze: His mega’s glorious golden tresses made me gay for ampharos.

Raka: Nice, weird but cute design. A good 'alternate' choice of Electric type. Too bad its Mega Evolution looks like it grew fungi.

OrangeCrush: Kind of overrated, but he's still cool

Cybat: I wouldn't be surprised if approximately 90% of people had this on their GSC in-game team at some point.

CasanovaZelos: It's nice to have a three stage line that actually increases in cuteness by the end. One of my favorite Pokemon to bring along back in Gold and Silver.

Natwaf: Yeah, I'm not seeing the sheep anymore. But who cares, it's mega is AMPHABULOUS! Being a bulky Electric was a nice touch, I'm sick of all these speedy Electric pokemon. I can't quite forgive it for being one of the three pokemon that stopped me dead in my Super Triples rampage in Maison though. Good thing it's coolness prevents it from dropping too much.

Natwaf’s Nicknames:
Male: Fabio
Female: Lindana

Suor: Dropped some 5 spots because of Mega Ampharos being awful.

Preston: A very good, dependable Electric type. Why did Jasmine in Olivine City have an Ampharos if she specializes in Steel-typed Pokémon anyway?

MSG: I love Electric Pokemon. They're easily my favorite in pretty much every game. My play-style has always been hit 'em fast and hit 'em hard. Then there was Ampharos. Yeah, I guess it's neat and looks kinda majestic, but I just couldn't deal with such lackluster speed, so I dropped it fairly early.

Magmortar: Not very fast, but has some nice bulk, and if it hits you it hits you really ****ing hard. And its hair in its Mega Evolution is FABULOUS.

Ermine: Pretty cool poke. Just a bit overrated in my opinion.

Starfox: While it didn’t affect its ranking at all, I just want to state that Mega Ampharos looks supremely dumb.

Goa: Its limps look like it would be better and thunder slapping than thunder punching, but its cool anyways.

Gen: MY HAIR GIVES ME SUPER STRENGTH! AND DRAGON TYPING APPARENTLY! So its Japanese name suggests Ampharos was always based on a dragon. Well I ain't seein' it. Don't get me wrong it's a cutie pie and everything but I think it tends to get overrated in general. *note to self go on a rant about Jasmine once this is ranked*

Oh right the rant. I friggin' hate how that lazy hobags sends you to go run her errands. Pokemon is so full of stupid sidequests that I'm not even sure it would make sense to entrust to your average ten year-old kid but this one takes the cake. I mean what is she even doing at the top of that lighthouse? It's not like she's busy minding her gym because oh that's closed on account of her sick pet. BUT WAIT while you were sitting there waiting for a hero that might never have come you could have told someone you actually knew and trusted to sail across the freakin' sea or better yet look after your Amphy as YOU do that. 

But no, just wait there as your precious pokemon suffers you b**** until some poor sap comes along looking for your badge and you badger them to go get the medicine you know the exact location of, yet were too busy doing nothing to actually go get. I mean really now! There's no shortage of gym aides and apprentices sitting in every stinkin' gym. Could you have not sent one of those in your place? How long have you lived in this city? Is there not one friend who could have looked after Amphy? No? The ten year-old brat you just met is your only confidante eh? Fine! Why does the dang Lighthouse even need to be tended to? The S.S. Anne doesn't sail that far and I ain't seen no other ships. Waste of my life!

That's it. Sorry no big long rant, I just hate how the games force you into playing messenger and delivery boy for no good reason and this is the most prominent example. Usually you get some sort of reward for otherwise pointless sidequests, like I dunno a fossil pokemon or a rare item. But for this one you just get your chance at the badge that you should have got as soon as you walked to the gym.

8. Tyranitar

Tyranitar 2

#8 Tyranitar

SCORE: 1505

Average Ranking: 25.08 (St. Dev: 24.17)
Fully Evolved Rank: 7/54
Rock Rank: 1/7
Dark Rank: 3/6
Larvitar Line: 1/3

1 - Logicblade
1 - Natwaf
1 - flubbin
1 - ArkOfTurus
2 - Eddv
2 - Wizards
3 - Sorozone
3 - TexWolf
4 - Nick
4 - FrostHarpy
4 - Magmortar
5 - profDEADPOOL
6 - GoaFan77
6 - FFD
6 - Arti
7 - starfox
7 - andy
8 - Wickle
8 - Drak
9 - CasanovaZelos
9 - MSG
11 - Snake5s
13 - JONA
14 - Raka
14 - KBM
14 - ecksgem
14 - Inviso
16 - Cybat
17 - MC_XD
17 - Brayze_II
17 - TUM
18 - MI
20 - Gen
21 - Paul
22 - Anagram
22 - Comm
23 - Mana
23 - darkx
23 - scarlet
23 - Cody
26 - Ermine
30 - OrangeCrush
30 - Dragon66116
33 - Stifled
34 - Suor
40 - Scepter
40 - red
42 - Preston
42 - Karo
47 - Bane
48 - Poke
48 - xx521xx
55 - BetrayedTangy
64 - Kate
71 - mnk
79 - lefty
80 - Paratroopa
82 - Tennis
82 - Xuxon
93 - Sanity

Logicblade: I always pretend to be a dinosaur once a day. Tyranitar is that dinosaur more often than not. That style, that elegance, the cute little tummy, he's perfect.

Natwaf: THE best gen 2 pokemon, Tyranitar's value is well known far and wide. But let's say it again. It looks badass, it has a unique typing that's great offensively, sexy stat spread, fantastic ability (lol specials), it can fill in various roles, and it's Mega is freakin' scary! Almost always part of my Battle Facility team, from Battle Tower to Battle Frontier to Battle Subway to PWT to Battle Maison, you can bet he'll be there to pave the way to victory in my team.

Natwaf’s Nicknames:

Male: Silver (no longer used), Evice
Female: Zilla

Flubbin: Everything about Tyranitar just clicks with me. Scary, badass rock monster design? Check. Awesome typing? Yup. Incredibly varied movepool? You betcha. I thought it was such an accomplishment when I managed to train my little Larvitar into an awesome Tyranitar, and he never left my party after that. Tyranitar is my favorite Pokemon, and I don’t see that ever changing, really.

Eddv: Tyranitar Is just an awesome pokemon. The whole line is just a tremendous deconstruction of the bugs from the previous gen and the fact that he looks like freaking godzilla while retaining some of the buglike aspects. It is the single best bug pokemon and its not even bug type! I really love this line compeitively too because sandstorm is awesome. T-Tar is pretty cool you guys.

Magmortar: Evil. Destructive. Unpredictable. Tanky. Mega-Evolves to be even tankier. May as well be a kaiju. Amazing.

Goa: As far as I can tell Tyranitar sole purpose is to be an avatar of destruction. Back in Gen III it was totally worth getting Pokemon Colosseum just to get him for sandstorm teams.

Arti: Tyranitar is pretty cool. Sand Stream always annoyed me though.

Starfox: Awesome design, powerful and fun to use, killer ability… I only wish it was possible to obtain him before the game was essentially over.

Wickle: Godzilla! The latest movie sold me putting flamethrower on Tyranitar permanently. He was also the first Poke to change the weather on appearance, I like that.

Drak: When I first played Pokemon Silver, I would write these little stories about what my pokemon would do while they were in the box -- power politics, struggles for dominance, that kind of thing. It eventually developed into two factions. The larger faction was led by my starter Typhlosion, who was cunning and manipulative and a master tactician and all that. The smaller 'rebel' faction was led by a Jolteon/Espeon duo.

CasanovaZelos: Nice contrast to Dragonite. This dinosaur isn't here for any hugs.

Raka: It's hard and doesn’t afraid of nething. But it's also pretty boring design wise. Avocado green?

KBM: Just woah. I think the Mega Evolution is trying a little too hard, but I'll base this one on the better showing. This guy's just awesome. Not to mention it changes the crappy Rock/Ground hybrid into another really cool Dark Pokémon, of which I'm always searching for more good ones.

Cybat: A huge improvement over Dragonite. It still has some weight issues of its own but at least looks threatening. And unique type combos are fun.

Brayze: My favourite part of him is the weird bud on the end of his tail, high times tyranitar

Gen: So what I like about Larvitar's mommy is um... everything. A T-Tar was the co-star of both my Silver and Crystal teams, and I use one pretty much any chance I can. Since it has no flaws I'm going to pick on the only thing I CAN, and that is the fact that the Mega sadly missed the point. I mean what even is that? I like what they did with the face but then they gave T-Tar vestigial wing-like spikes when it was never supposed to be a dragon and made its tail resemble more of a peeled banana than it already did. Knee spikes. Nipple eyes! WHY? I guess fans of Tyranitar should see it as a compliment, really. I mean there was no way to improve upon T-Tar's original design so they took it in whatever direction they could... down.

Anagram: It was already good, did it really need sand stream? Ugh.

OrangeCrush: Sand Stream Tyranitar + Shedinja is the ultimate combo

Stifled: Do I feel like he’s one of the most vastly overrated Pokemon on earth? Yes. If he was in Gen 1 would he be a lot lower down on the list? Yes. Am I a lame hipster meta voting turd that puts him near last place just to watch the world burn? No way. As far as Gen 2 Pokemon go, this guy is pretty cool. I’ll give him his due.
Suor: I used to love this thing in GSC because it was like a tankier Dragonite with tons of versatility. Then, starting with RSE, I had to face one of these every single time in online battles with its annoying Sand Stream trait. Still one of the best pseudo-legendaries.



Paratroopa: fat and dumb and ugly and I just really sort of hate him. seriously though his silhouette is just so awkward and fat

7. Totodile


#7 Totodile

SCORE: 1382

Average Ranking: 23.03 (St. Dev: 19.54)
NFE Rank: 1/46
Water Rank: 2/18
Starter Rank: 1/9
Totodile Line: 1/3

1 - Nick
1 - Preston
1 - BetrayedTangy
1 - Sorozone
1 - Paul
1 - profDEADPOOL
1 - lefty
4 - OrangeCrush
4 - KBM
5 - Stifled
5 - Cody
5 - mnk
5 - MI
6 - Ermine
6 - MC_XD
8 - darkx
9 - Wizards
10 - Mana
10 - Logicblade
11 - Inviso
12 - TUM
13 - Snake5s
13 - MSG
13 - ecksgem
16 - Kate
17 - Wickle
17 - Comm
17 - andy
18 - Dragon66116
18 - Suor
19 - Raka
19 - CasanovaZelos
19 - flubbin
21 - Bane
22 - JONA
22 - Drak
23 - FrostHarpy
24 - Paratroopa
25 - Brayze_II
29 - starfox
29 - Gen
29 - ArkOfTurus
30 - red
30 - TexWolf
30 - Poke
32 - scarlet
39 - Magmortar
40 - Natwaf
40 - Arti
43 - Anagram
43 - Cybat
43 - Eddv
46 - Scepter
48 - Karo
48 - FFD
49 - xx521xx
65 - Xuxon
67 - Tennis
75 - Sanity
84 - GoaFan77

Preston: Dude look at this color.


Totodile was hilarious in the anime as Ash's Totodile loved to lollygag and have fun and dance and jig and with everything being said and done? Totodile should be #1. Totodile reminds me to have a good time and yes. 

<3 Totodile every day 24/7 <3

OrangeCrush: BROtodile

KBM: IT'S JUST SO KWOOOOT (Hi, Poke). I want one as a pet (Hi, Ermine). <3 (Hi, Preston).

Stifled: Toto’s later forms are rather hideous, but Toto himself is adorable.

Ermine: Dancing Totodile = The best.

Logicblade: Way better than squirtle. Okay that's exageerating a bit, but Totodile is the best first form water pokemon by a decent margin. It's only low because the top of Gen 2 is just so dense.

Wickle: My little buddy mini-crocodile. Ash's Totodile has to be my second fave of all his Pokemon.


Like, god bless the anime for Ash's Totodile being the coolest thing ever after Ash's Squirtle.

Raka: Did you know? Toto is a manufacturing company that makes toilets.

CasanovaZelos: Probably my favorite post-Gen I stage 1 starter.

Paratroopa: so they made one of the starters a tap-dancing crocodile, and people think gen 2's starters are the WORST?

Brayze: He’s got ridges down his back, and a long crooked tail, he’s trying all the time just to stay out of jail

Gen: I dunno why I had to be told it had the same voice actor as Donald Duck. In retrospect it seems so obvious. Anyway anime Toto is my favorite of Ash's captured Johto team, which is actually saying a lot as he caught a shiny (I'm kidding, I'm not obsessed). That happy jig is just too much. Totodile was also my first starter choice, and considering I played Blue after Crystal that effectively makes it my first pokémon ever. Despite that I don't have tremendous nostalgia for it. Not sure why. It's still great.

Magmortar: Fun little crocodile! Yeah, that’s about it. Squirtle is probably better.

Natwaf: The superior NFE Trash gator/dile. It just looks so eager.

Natwaf’s Nicknames:
Both Genders: Sobek

Anagram: Ranked this high solely because the anime version has Donald Duck’s voice actor. I think. If it doesn’t, the VA is clearly imitating Donald Duck.

Cybat: Didn't watch the anime when this guy was on it, but he's pretty cool. Shame about his evolutions.

Eddv: Its neat. This line started off its best.

Goa: Probably my least favorite water starter.

6. Espeon


#6 Espeon

SCORE: 1381

Average Ranking: 23.02 (St. Dev: 21.77)
Fully Evolved Rank: 6/54
Psychic Rank: 2/10
Part of a preexisting line: 3/19
Eevee Line (Gen II): 2/2

1 - Karo
1 - TexWolf
1 - Inviso
2 - CasanovaZelos
2 - Drak
2 - red
3 - OrangeCrush
3 - JONA
3 - MI
3 - xx521xx
4 - Tennis
5 - KBM
5 - Kate
5 - Comm
5 - Arti
5 - Dragon66116
6 - Preston
6 - scarlet
6 - Snake5s
7 - MSG
7 - ArkOfTurus
8 - Xuxon
9 - Scepter
10 - ecksgem
12 - darkx
12 - Stifled
13 - Mana
13 - Logicblade
13 - Raka
13 - GoaFan77
14 - Cybat
15 - BetrayedTangy
16 - Brayze_II
16 - Wizards
17 - Sanity
22 - MC_XD
23 - Natwaf
23 - Bane
26 - flubbin
28 - Cody
29 - Anagram
32 - FrostHarpy
32 - FFD
34 - mnk
39 - Gen
40 - Sorozone
42 - Magmortar
42 - andy
45 - Poke
48 - Nick
52 - starfox
52 - Paul
53 - profDEADPOOL
54 - Ermine
54 - Eddv
56 - Wickle
57 - Suor
73 - TUM
78 - Paratroopa
84 - lefty

Karo: I want one of these as a pet so I can stroke it as it sits on my lap while I hatch evil plots.

CasanovaZelos: Design-wise my favorite Eeveelution.

KBM: One of my favorite Eeveelutions. Eeveelution + Psychic is already an instant victory, to my tastes – then add on its classically beautiful, very feline design, and you've got a winner. The only reason I've never used it in-game is because I rarely have the patience for Pokemon that I don't know exactly when they're going to level up.

Arti: The hero of Pokemon Colosseum. Its darker counterpart played a more subdued role.

Preston: I like it how in Pokemon Colosseum you start with Espeon and Umbreon from the get go. I really like Espeon. Great Pokemon. I'm just happy you don't evolve Eevee depending on what gender it is. 

Ecks: Cool design, one of the best Eeveelutions. You could say it's… overshadowed by Umbreon.

Stifled: While I don’t like being told what part of the day to evolve Eevee, I still rather like Gen 2’s Eeveelutions. Espeon’s special attack is ridiculous.

Logicblade: It's so pretty. :3 I just want to keep it and it's dark brother as pets. I'd name then Yin and Sin.

Raka: It's literally a cat someone painted purple…someone wash this thing out of its misery.

Goa: Back in the day I loved this thing for hitting like a tank and healing itself. Today its still one of the most versatile Pokemon. Easily the best Eevee form until Gen IV.

Cybat: Both Eevos this gen are very good. (Is this not a thing people say? It should be) This one's has a weird tail but great abilities.

Brayze: Do psychic types even do psychic things? Mostly they just seem to be magic and purple. Thankfully I like both those things

Sanity: One of the best Eevees. Looks more cat like than fox. Plus Psychic is the coolest type.

Natwaf: Fast and hits HARD. I actually like this Eeveelution. Looks sleek and mystical to boot.

Anagram: Only a little less overrated than Umbreon.

Gen: Hello kitty. Some people say Espeon is the only feline Eeveelution, but Vaporeon and Leafeon possess cat-like traits too. People are weird. Just because they aren't literally nekomata doesn't mean they're pure foxes geesh.

Magmortar: I like that Suncat’s pretty good in competitive now, and of course in Colosseum it came in handy. Not the best Eeveelution but I think among them it’s underrated. Apart from Jolteon it blows the Gen 1 ones out of the water.

Starfox: It’s just so… equally girly and boring. I mean there are much worse things out there, obviously, and it’s not like I hate it, but… its design is so plain. Even in its movepool, it screams generic psychic type. I don’t get why so many people like it. There are so many better Eeveelutions. (Yes, I will fully admit that how overrated it is has made me dislike it more than I otherwise would).

Suor: As glamorous and elegant as it is plain and boring in concept and execution. I really wish Umbreon had a better counterpart to match its cool theme and design. It has Magic Bounce though.

Paratroopa: I know it's ranked top 5 and all, but sorry, I just think it's a boring cat

5. Lugia

Lugia 2

#5 Lugia

SCORE: 1361

Average Ranking: 22.68 (St. Dev: 20.66)
Fully Evolved Rank: 5/54
Psychic Rank: 1/10
Flying Rank: 1/19
Legendary Rank: 2/6

1 - GoaFan77
2 - scarlet
2 - starfox
2 - FrostHarpy
2 - andy
3 - Scepter
3 - CasanovaZelos
4 - Snake5s
4 - Cybat
4 - Bane
6 - Anagram
7 - JONA
7 - TUM
8 - Stifled
8 - MC_XD
8 - red
9 - Preston
9 - flubbin
9 - Drak
9 - Comm
9 - ecksgem
10 - Natwaf
11 - Logicblade
11 - Wickle
12 - Nick
12 - OrangeCrush
12 - FFD
15 - KBM
15 - Gen
15 - Magmortar
16 - Sanity
17 - BetrayedTangy
18 - MSG
18 - Poke
19 - Mana
19 - Wizards
19 - lefty
21 - Suor
22 - Arti
22 - xx521xx
24 - Raka
27 - Dragon66116
28 - darkx
30 - MI
35 - Cody
37 - mnk
37 - Paul
38 - Ermine
42 - profDEADPOOL
42 - Xuxon
43 - ArkOfTurus
48 - Sorozone
48 - TexWolf
52 - Paratroopa
53 - Inviso
55 - Kate
59 - Brayze_II
78 - Karo
81 - Tennis
84 - Eddv

Goa: Basically he's here because my ten year old self loved the second Pokemon movie.

Starfox: Unpopular opinion time: I actually liked the second movie more than the first one (we’ll ignore the fact that I was 9 years old the last time I saw them). That aside, Lugia’s such a badass legendary. I love its design despite the wing-hands, because it just feels like it embodies what a legendary Pokemon should be. It’s got a nice range of attacks to use, including Aeroblast, which 9-year-old me thought was the coolest attack ever. Lots of nostalgia and fond memories with him, plus… I mean he’s just awesome.

CasanovaZelos: Probably my favorite legendary after Mewtwo. As beautiful as it is intimidating.

Cybat: Probably the most actually "legendary"-looking of any flying bird legendary. Plus it's such a beast in gameplay. I always thought it should be Water somehow though.

Anagram: It’s a psychic bird with fist wings. You’d think that a bird with fists would be some kind of physical fighter, but nope!

Stifled: I like the legendary bird idea continuing into the next generation. While Gen 2’s pair didn’t do it for me quite like the original trio did, Lugia is still excellent. I wish it was part Water type though.

Preston: Dude look at this color. I never did finish G/S/C. Because of the internal battery failure in the cartridge so I never caught Lugia. But Lugia is amazing.

I would ranker Lugia higher than this...but then I suddenly remembered the 2013 Character Battle Match with Lugia against Sly Cooper against Francis who gives a **** and it was the lowest vote totals of any match in a Character Battle. 22,481 votes is pitiful. Granted it was a night match and it was only 12 hours long. But the point still stands. I believe that is a record. Bonus matches does not count.

Flubbin: I felt such a sense of accomplishment when I was finally able to catch Lugia after spending forever trying to navigate through the goddamned Whirl Islands to find him. Lugia was definitely worth it though. Probably my second favorite cover legendary.

Drak: The sole reason I got Pokemon Silver instead of Gold. Also, totally a baby pokemon.

Natwaf: Master of the legendary birds who lose to it's minions. Lolgia. Apart from that embarassment, there's no denying that Lugia is indeed THE Great Wall of Pokemon. Look at it's massive stats. And dare I say it, it looks better than Ho-Oh. Aeroblast is no Sacred Fire unfortunately.

Natwaf's Nicknames:

No Gender: Greevil

Logicblade: If Ho-oh is badass, then Lugia is majestic. I'm anticipating Lugia will be higher than Ho-oh but we shall see. A lot of what makes Lugia great is the second pokemon movie. I loved it as a kid and the guardian of the seas deserves a high spot on this list.

Wickle: The other Psychic/Flying. Just is legendary, so took longer to catch. But most specifically, The movie made me love this Pokemon that if there weren't two other circumstances… it'd certainly be my fave legendary for its song alone.

OrangeCrush: AEROBLAST!!!!1!!

KBM: I love the typing (a Psychic Legendary bird was super-necessary). The only negative thing I'll say about it is that it pales quite a bit in comparison to its counterpart Ho-Oh... and even a little bit to Xatu, which is an awesome Pokémon that deserves more love. On its own, though, Lugia is very nifty (if not the most compelling box art in the world).

Gen: SO! Pokémon the Movie 2000 is... pretty crap by today's standards but when you're a kid you're probably not as good a judge in quality I mean hell you probably bought the same game twice because it came with a slightly different cover and you're a pea-brained moron but I digress. For a pokémon movie it's very well-made and it happens to be my favorite. It made me care about Lugia's plight and Lugia being a freakin' dragon-bird of the sea kind of helps. That baby Lugia from the anime defied all logic about the rarity and breeding habits of Legendaries, but dang the episode was cute.

Magmortar: The Great Wall. Thing does. Not. Die. And it is glorious. Its wings always looks liked gigantic hands to me.

Sanity: He's basically the Mewtwo of Gold/Silver, but no where near as good or cool. I still like him from a purely functional standpoint, so I have to rate him high.


Raka: The best legendary of the generation for sure. Sleek, aerodynamic, with a maximum capacity of 10 Pokemon trainers. Lugia© is the perfect vehicle for you and you family.

Ermine: While I did say he was overrated, he is still pretty decent. Just not even close to Ho-Oh's league in terms of coolness at all.

Paratroopa: more like loogie, uh

Brayze: Whatever

Karo: Its wings are f***ing arms. Why are its wings f***ing arms! It is disturbing and hideous.

Eddv: I really don’t like the gen 2 legends

4. Suicune


#4 Suicune

SCORE: 1237

Average Ranking: 20.62 (St. Dev: 19.45)
Fully Evolved Rank: 4/54
Water Rank: 1/18
Legendary Rank: 1/6

1 - OrangeCrush
1 - Anagram
1 - Wickle
1 - Gen
2 - MSG
2 - TUM
3 - Drak
3 - Comm
4 - ArkOfTurus
5 - scarlet
5 - starfox
5 - CasanovaZelos
5 - ecksgem
6 - Karo
6 - Suor
6 - Poke
7 - red
8 - Natwaf
8 - Snake5s
10 - MC_XD
10 - Dragon66116
10 - Wizards
11 - FrostHarpy
11 - flubbin
12 - Arti
12 - MI
13 - BetrayedTangy
13 - Kate
14 - FFD
14 - andy
14 - lefty
14 - Xuxon
15 - Logicblade
15 - GoaFan77
16 - Stifled
18 - Nick
19 - Preston
21 - darkx
22 - Inviso
23 - Brayze_II
23 - Paul
24 - JONA
24 - Magmortar
26 - Cybat
28 - Sorozone
34 - Bane
35 - Mana
35 - Raka
35 - profDEADPOOL
36 - KBM
36 - TexWolf
40 - mnk
42 - Cody
45 - Scepter
45 - Ermine
55 - Paratroopa
61 - Tennis
63 - Sanity
67 - xx521xx
97 - Eddv

OrangeCrush: He's Crystal's mascot, a beast in battle, beautiful, and his name looks like 'suicide'
Anagram: This was always obviously the best Gen 2 legendary. It’s at least a top five legendary overall. Just a really fantastic design, and unlike Articuno, it’s actually usable. I will admit, however, that I pronounced “Soo-eh-cyune” for over a decade before I heard its name spoken in the anime.

Wickle: My first shiny caught. A simple opinion, but due to it being ice-type, which has steadily become my favorite Pokemon type, it has its place. (oh and caught him in HG, so I went a LOOOOONG while without any shinies).

Gen: Every pokémon in my top ten or so for this generation required careful deliberation to determine my exact placement- all except my #1. There was never any doubt for me as to who was gonna take the top Generation II spot. It was decided FOR me way back in 4th grade (cue long digression [apologies in advance]). I was the first person I knew to get my hands on Pokémon Crystal, as per the recommendation of my then best friend, a pokéfanatic. Me, I was less than enthused to break into either series. I thought the show a bit childish and I had already missed most of the first season so why should I care right? But after being told that didn't matter and that Johto was literally a new start (in a whole new place with a brand new attitude) I relented and started watching the show. I had thought the fad had passed me by but boy was I wrong! And so began my journey into this new world. Anyway back to Crystal. As I said I was the first to get my hands on this version, which meant I was the first person with wiggling sprites and this intro:

Man that is STILL pretty cool! And having that coolness made me the coolest kid at the lunch table and on bus rides home for a while. That's only a small part of the reason I love Suicune though. Without making this ridiculously long writeup even longer I'll sum it up as thus: so many pokémon CLAIM to be "Legendary" but thanks to overabundance and dilution very few of them carry that FEEL anymore. Legendary Beasts roam amongst the grass like common pocket monsters and you must chase them down the map after discovering their pattern, but in Crystal one such Beast awaits you at the top of a tower like a boss. It never runs. It never Roars. It wants a fair fight. Despite not being the final battle of the game by any stretch it has a very final boss-esque feel to it, accentuated by its own unique theme:[http://] .

I could talk even more about this, but I'll leave it on this note: if there's one single thing earlier generations did right it's Legendary pokémon.

MSG: When playing through Heart Gold, I caught a bunch of stuff and didn't give much thought to anything I was doing. Sure I had all the legendaries, but I'm typically against using them when going through the single-player. It's easy enough as it is.

Somewhere around that time, however, I got into raising the best legit Pokemon I could catch and breed. Reading into some of the tier lists, I found out that Suicune was basically the only legendary from Gen 2 worth anything, so I took mine to the potential-reading dude and see what was up.
"It has outstanding potential.

Furthermore, its best quality is its Defense. Its Special Attack is also great. They can't be better."
.... Ya don't say? Turns out it had perfect IV's in those two, a 30 in HP, a 27 in Speed, a 26 in Special Defense, and a who gives a f*ck in Attack. I believed I had myself a winner. And I was most definitely right. This thing absolutely wrecked the Battle Frontier pretty much single-handedly. It was just one of those situations where something magical came about by pure happenstance.

Starfox: Probably the closest thing to a wolf Pokemon we’re ever going to get at this rate, because Manectric doesn’t count. Good thing it’s an awesome one, then. From its design to using it in battle, there aren’t many better for me.

CasanovaZelos: By far the best of the legendary beasts. A slick design.

Suor: Raikou, this is how a mane is done. Bow to the beautiful and majestic incarnation of the Northern Winds.

Natwaf: My favorite of the Legendary Dogs/Cats/Gerbils/Beasts. I've used a Crocune or two to great success, and despite it's lack of STABs, it still has a place in my post-game HG team. And Water is always a great STAB to have.

Natwaf’s Nicknames:

No Gender: Eusine

Arti: The best of the three legendary beasts.

Logicblade: My favourite of the dogs, it just looks so mysterious, and evokes a real sense of wonder. Fun fact, I named my first Suicune Misty. Entei was Ash and Raikou was Brock. >_>

Goa: The best designed of the trio and a shoo in for being Crystal's mascot.

Stifled: Similar to Articuno, this one seems to be the overwhelming favorite of the trio. Suicune is pretty great, but once again the favorite happens to be the bottom of my bunch. 


Brayze: Is this seriously pronounced ‘swee coon’?


Cybat: Roaming legendary hate can only keep this off the list for so long. It is the best design of the three by far and rightfully was the one to star in the spinoff.

Raka: Best of the legendary gerbils. So cool and pure.

KBM: I've always thought Suicune should be an Ice type instead of Water. That would have made it WAY better.

Paratroopa: fancy, looks like it could be a model in a shampoo ad

Eddv: I really don’t like the gen 2 legends - also this was an annoying thing to catch and deserves death.

3. Scizor


#3 Scizor

SCORE: 1231

Average Ranking: 20.52 (St. Dev: 19.83)
Fully Evolved Rank: 3/54
Bug Rank: 1/10
Steel Rank: 1/4
Part of a preexisting line: 2/19

1 - MSG
2 - Nick
2 - Paul
3 - Natwaf
3 - FrostHarpy
3 - GoaFan77
3 - Inviso
3 - lefty
4 - scarlet
4 - Xuxon
5 - Anagram
5 - Cybat
5 - JONA
5 - flubbin
6 - CasanovaZelos
6 - Bane
7 - OrangeCrush
8 - Scepter
8 - starfox
8 - ecksgem
9 - Stifled
9 - Brayze_II
9 - Poke
10 - BetrayedTangy
10 - Comm
10 - TUM
10 - profDEADPOOL
11 - Raka
11 - Kate
14 - Preston
15 - MC_XD
15 - Arti
16 - Sorozone
16 - Magmortar
19 - red
19 - Sanity
19 - andy
19 - Dragon66116
21 - mnk
22 - Mana
22 - Wizards
24 - MI
25 - Snake5s
27 - Ermine
28 - Logicblade
28 - FFD
30 - xx521xx
32 - Paratroopa
33 - TexWolf
37 - Cody
39 - darkx
40 - Eddv
42 - Tennis
42 - ArkOfTurus
47 - Suor
58 - KBM
67 - Karo
74 - Wickle
77 - Gen
84 - Drak

MSG: When I first learned that Scyther was given an evolution, I was kinda underwhelmed. That was a sorta random choice, I wondered to myself, and decided to check it out. The moment I saw it, I knew it was gonna be something special. The typing back then was pretty ridiculous, given the lackluster viable fire-types at the time, and the stats were pretty great, too. And it's still perfectly viable today, with the perfect moves available for its interesting ability, Technician. Let's be honest, if you come out of Gen 2 with a chance against the rest of 'em, you gotta be doin' something right.

Natwaf: Look at that face. So hapy. Ahh yes, Scizor's story. At first an unwanted and uneeded Scyther evo (lol Metal Wing), it slowly obtained the tools it needed to be… well, overused by everybody. Technician + Bullet Punch is VERY scary, especially coming off it's ATK stat. Part of my Mono-Steel team, and a very strong member. The priority is especially useful in areas and against trainers who I know will use Priority attacks as well. And it looks better than Scyther too. COME AT ME BRO (and sis)! It's Mega also provides it with another option, though I will always love the original.

Natwaf’s Nicknames:

Male: Bugsy
Female: Susan

Goa: Proves that it is possible to improve even already good Gen I Pokemon.

Anagram: There are a lot of things I could tell you about Scizor, but honestly, the thing that stands out most to me is its appearance in Melee. I had difficulty avoiding it, and that line “SEE-ZORR” is burned into my mind as a result.

Cybat: Scyther is better, but this guy is still pretty great. I like the concept of an evolution just rearranging stats instead of just increasing them.

Flubbin: I think Scyther and Scizor are unique in the sense that they’re one of the only lines where they both have radically different designs, but they are both uniquely excellent. Scizor’s sleek design and coloration has always made him a favorite of mine. Actually, I think he’s my brother’s #1 Pokemon too.

CasanovaZelos: Just a beast all around. Intimidating design matched with fantastic viability.

Bane: Let’s take a Pokemon who has blades on his arms and just add a metal suit, effectively making it Iron Bug. It works and is awesome, too bad is typing isn’t great but design-wise he looks so cool.

Ecks: A slight downgrade from Scyther, but still a cool, sleek design.

Stifled: I used to hate this thing. Nothing irritates me more than taking a Pokemon and giving it new paint job or adding armor and being like ‘zomg it’s new!’. But I’ve come to appreciate it lately. Scyther is still better though.

Brayze: Scizor is one of the rare ‘cool’ pokemon that I actually like, what have I become.

Raka: Good. It's like a car but it's really not because it's a Pokemon. <3 Otomotives

Preston: Beast of a Pokémon in Super Smash Bros. Melee. Scizor dishes out severe damage once it makes contact with one of your opponents and only 1-2 hits are more than enough to KO anyone off the stage.

Magmortar: Steeling (uhuhuhuhuhuhuh) Heracross’s spot as top bug in battle isn’t the easiest thing, but Scizor did. But really. It has scissors for arms. Do you expect to top that very easily?!

Paratroopa: he's a little too cool and useful for my tastes quite frankly, come back and talk to me when you have like 300 base stats and a duck bill

Suor: Does anyone remember the awkward and embarassing moment in GSC when Scyther was almost more viable than Scizor because the latter is slow as f***? Before Technician and Bullet Punch shenanigans were a thing. I miss those days.

KBM: Scyther is WAY better. Not that Scizor's bad, per se, and I do like him, but he does kind of ruin the Scyther mojo for me. (Also I refuse to admit that this is a bug line, because I am, indeed, not a fan of bugs.)

Wickle: His scythes turned into pooper scoopers and fire kills him twice as fast now. That is all.

Gen: Full disclosure, I did not like this pokémon one bit until Mega evos became a thing. DA CLAMPS! I just... I dunno I like Scyther better- a LOT better.

Drak: this guy ruined scyther. not cool. probably the second biggest evolution downgrade (after dragonair -> dragonite).

2. Umbreon

Umbreon 2

#2 Umbreon

SCORE: 1208

Average Ranking: 20.13 (St. Dev: 17.71)
Fully Evolved Rank: 2/54
Dark Rank: 2/6
Part of a preexisting line: 1/19
Eevee Line (Gen II): 1/2

1 - darkx
1 - red
1 - andy
2 - Cody
2 - ecksgem
3 - Preston
3 - scarlet
3 - Cybat
3 - Bane
4 - CasanovaZelos
4 - Karo
4 - JONA
4 - Drak
4 - Inviso
5 - FrostHarpy
6 - MSG
6 - Wizards
7 - xx521xx
8 - OrangeCrush
8 - Tennis
8 - MI
9 - Suor
11 - starfox
12 - Logicblade
12 - Raka
13 - Sorozone
14 - Arti
14 - TexWolf
15 - Eddv
16 - Snake5s
16 - Dragon66116
17 - Mana
17 - Gen
18 - Stifled
18 - Sanity
19 - GoaFan77
23 - Ermine
24 - Scepter
24 - Paul
25 - Comm
26 - Magmortar
27 - flubbin
28 - mnk
29 - Nick
29 - Kate
30 - TUM
31 - Xuxon
32 - Wickle
32 - Poke
33 - MC_XD
37 - Anagram
39 - Brayze_II
40 - KBM
41 - ArkOfTurus
42 - FFD
50 - BetrayedTangy
50 - Paratroopa
52 - profDEADPOOL
76 - Natwaf
80 - lefty

Ecks: Best Eeveelution. I like its simple design and color scheme. Has taken a hit with the games becoming more offensive, but I still like my tanks.

Preston: For whatever reason? I thought it was really cool that Espeon and Umbreon could learn Moonlight. Yeah yeah it was basically a poor man's version of Recover but...oh never mind. Was Moonlight a technique that was ever used by any other important Pokemon besides those two? It's like Game Freak promptly forgot about the move after G/S/C. Anyways I love Umbreon. I have nothing else to say here. 

Cybat: I always thought it was funny how the Dark Eevee was a tank, given what the dark type was originally supposed to mean. But hey, well designed. Its shiny form is very cool.

Bane: Definitely my favorite Eeveelution, it’s as perfect of a design as you can get for a Dark-type Eevee. Soo good looking.

CasanovaZelos: The best way to introduce a new type is creating a badass Pokemon to go along with it.
OrangeCrush: Colosseum helped him out a lot

Suor: Along with Vaporeon, easily the best design in the whole Eevee line. The moon theme, Dark typing and tanky stats are also a plus for me.

Logicblade: I couldn't decide which eeve-eon I liked more, but Umbreon has the novelty of being a dark type, which I think they really nailed in Gen 2 so that got the slight edge for me.

Raka: Whoever in Game Freaks named it 'Blacky' should be given a medal. Hilarious name.

Eddv: My 2nd favorite eeveelution and the most archetypal dark type.

Gen: I like my moon baby more than my sun baby. Perhaps it helps that my first Eevee evolved at night. Also I played blind my first time around so I wasn't even expecting it. It was pretty darn cool. If ever there were a reason I happened upon a shiny Eevee evolving it into an Umbreon would be priority numero uno. Black and neon blue kill me now!

Stifled: I never use this one in battle because of 1poor attack stats. Its defenses are pretty nice though, to its credit. And it’s hella cute.

Sanity: A cool Eevee evolution. I like dark types.

Goa: It was cool starting with Espeon/Umbreon in Pokemon Colosseum.

Magmortar: Moondog is a nice tank, really good in Colosseum and XD. I wish it was better at fighting things though.

Anagram: Not the most overrated eeveelution, but it’s up there.

Brayze: More like emobreon lol just kidding I like umbreon he has rings on him that glow

KBM: I like him for being the only pure Dark-type Pokémon in Generation 2 (a type that I find is seriously under-developed), but apart from that, he doesn't do TOO much for me; Espeon is much better. I can't help but feel he'd look a lot better without the weird circles on his forehead and legs.

Paratroopa: probably won the whole thing, which means #50 is perfectly fitting

Natwaf: Ehh Stallmon. I like how sleek it is though.

1. Houndoom


#1 Houndoom

SCORE: 1203

Average Ranking: 20.05 (St. Dev: 17.53)
Fully Evolved Rank: 1/54
Dark Rank: 1/6
Fire Rank: 1/10
Houndour Line: 1/2

2 - Logicblade
2 - KBM
2 - Cybat
2 - Tennis
2 - Magmortar
3 - starfox
3 - FFD
3 - Sanity
4 - Sorozone
6 - Drak
6 - Dragon66116
7 - Karo
7 - Arti
8 - Nick
9 - Snake5s
9 - FrostHarpy
9 - Kate
10 - Anagram
10 - red
10 - MI
11 - mnk
11 - Gen
11 - TexWolf
12 - Natwaf
12 - Eddv
12 - GoaFan77
13 - flubbin
14 - CasanovaZelos
14 - ArkOfTurus
15 - Suor
16 - MC_XD
16 - MSG
18 - ecksgem
18 - profDEADPOOL
18 - Bane
19 - Cody
19 - JONA
20 - xx521xx
21 - Raka
21 - OrangeCrush
22 - Stifled
22 - Wickle
22 - Poke
25 - Inviso
26 - Paul
27 - darkx
27 - scarlet
27 - andy
28 - Mana
28 - Wizards
33 - Scepter
39 - Comm
40 - Preston
44 - Brayze_II
46 - Ermine
46 - BetrayedTangy
55 - TUM
66 - Paratroopa
72 - lefty
83 - Xuxon

Logicblade: Gen two hit it out of the park with their dark types. Gotta love the style this dog has. Halloween colours, the bone motif, it's sooo cool.

KBM: Yes. All the yes. One of my favorite Pokémon of not one, but TWO of my favorite types. It's unbelievably cool for all the same reasons that Houndour is, and since Houndour relied on its badassery rather than any cuteness, this is one of the few Pokés that ONLY gain something from evolving. I love this guy.

Cybat: They really nailed exactly what they were going for with this design. Sadly he's not really that great in battle, but come on, look at it. 

Magmortar: This hound of Hell is indeed something of doom. For a long time, my favorite Pokemon of this gen, and still being #2 is quite the achievement. It’s menacing and more than capable of a lot of destruction.

Starfox: It’s a badass dog with a really well executed design combining my two favorite types into one. What isn’t to love? My only wish is that it appeared earlier in the game so that I could have actually used it. Even its mega was really awesome, which is something that can only be said for a few.

Sanity: Whaaat? I have a dog at #3? Houndoom is the supreme badass Pokemon dog. Dogs are great when they are derpy or when they are evil. A demon dog does the job. His design is just so f***ing cool. There is nothing I'd change about it.

Arti: I think I would like Houndoom even more if I actually used one once! I do like the design and typing but never actually bothered.

Anagram: You ever wonder what it is with dogs that make them so associated with Hell imagery? I know about Cerberus, but surely the Ancient Greeks derived the idea from somewhere, too. You’d think cats would be the Hell ones, they’re creepy as ****, but apparently not!

Gen: Generation II introduced Dark types because GF knew it had messed up by not giving Psychic types a hard counter (not only did Ghost type have no decent moves in Gen I, but the only three were half Poison and thus neutralized any advantage they might have possessed). When creating a brand new type you kind of have to BRING IT or people are gonna be pissed. Well imo GF did indeed bring it with Dark. The Gen II Dark type selection is like the all star A List cast to Steel type's middle-aged reality show hopefuls still trying to break into the industry. Houndoom is pretty much everything you can hope for in a new type. Too bad he doesn't show up until the game is over. Whoops. Speaking of missed opportunities that Mega evolution could have been a Cerberus or a REAL hellhound. I mean I like what we got (a lot actually) but it could have been so much better.

Natwaf: I FINALLY got to use one in X, and in-game too! Yay! Honestly, the lack of special moves still hurts it, but I freakin' love it's design. Dat horn, dat tail. Best dog.

Natwaf’s Nicknames:
Both Genders: Cerberus

Goa: I'm guessing one of the nine hells of the Pokemon world is filled with these guys cooking and crunching on you. I bet its for those Marrowack murderers.

Eddv: Houndoom is the most bad ass hell hound

CasanovaZelos: Hellhounds are always pretty cool.

Raka: Damn, I don't usually like emo Pokemon, but Houndoom is just too cool not not like.

Stifled: I feel like I should like this Pokemon more than I do. It’s a fire type. It looks cool. But something about it…I dunno. Maybe it’s too evil looking? I like my doggies to look cute.

Preston: Shakespeare once said. "There's not a note of mine that's worth the noting." Anyways? This is my Houndoom write-up. I guess it's okay but if there's other Fire types I want to catch instead like Vulpix? I'm not going to waste my time with Houndour.

Brayze: Houndoom is a pretty tryhard pokemon, he’s got like skulls and horns, he looks like something out of warhammer 40k which is the tryhardest thing ever, no matter how hard they try they still can’t talk to girls

Paratroopa: I swear to god, I didn't put him at 66 on purpose, I am NOT that f***ing corny

Outliner Stats

28.900 - Sanity
27.400 - Eddv
26.820 - Paratroopa
26.460 - lefty
26.440 - Brayze_II
25.680 - xx521xx
25.340 - mnk
25.020 - Xuxon
24.920 - TexWolf
24.740 - profDEADPOOL
24.420 - Tennis
23.100 - Karo
22.420 - Ermine
22.360 - BetrayedTangy
22.220 - OrangeCrush
22.140 - MI
22.000 - Wizards
21.500 - darkx
21.480 - Drak
21.380 - Kate
21.240 - KBM
21.200 - Preston
21.120 - Gen
20.540 - TUM
20.540 - Poke
20.520 - Magmortar
20.500 - andy
20.160 - Wickle
19.940 - GoaFan77
19.680 - Paul
19.600 - Mana
19.580 - Suor
19.320 - ArkOfTurus
19.320 - Bane
19.180 - Inviso
19.080 - Scepter
19.080 - FrostHarpy
18.580 - FFD
18.540 - Anagram
17.940 - Raka
17.900 - Cody
17.820 - starfox
17.580 - Nick
17.180 - Natwaf
16.920 - MC_XD
16.760 - Arti
16.620 - Cybat
16.560 - Snake5s
16.240 - scarlet
15.740 - red
15.720 - CasanovaZelos
15.420 - Dragon66116
15.160 - Stifled
14.840 - ecksgem
14.660 - Comm
13.760 - Sorozone
13.640 - Logicblade
13.580 - JONA
13.040 - MSG
11.500 - flubbin


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