This is the 5th part of the grand Board 8 Ranks Pokemon project.

49 users ranked Gen V's roster of Pokemon from 1 to 156, with 1 being their favorite and 156 being their most hated.  The host then added up all the lists to create a master list, where #1 is Board 8's favorite Gen V Pokemon and #156 is Board 8's most hated Gen V Pokemon.  While this required quite a bit of time and thought from users (hopefully), and a lot of time from the host, the end result would ideally be much more accurate than other contests since it factors in love, hate, and even apathy.  For example, Arcanine normally does great in other contests, but was only #14 in Gen 1 due to receiving lots of middling ranks.

starfox2245 created and hosted the first 4 generations, and opened list submissions for Gen V.  However, perhaps due to the enormous amount of work that hosting this project demanded, starfox left GameFAQs and closed his account.  He offered to send and explain his spreadsheet tools to someone who wanted to take over the project, and Steiner stepped up to the task.  With his spreadsheet knowledge, he was able to make hosting this project easier, although he's still put in tons of work.

Steiner began revealing the master list on March 28, 2015, and finished on April 12.

Users Participating In The Gen V Pokemon RankingsEdit

49 users submitted spreadsheets for this generation.  This is noticeably lower than the last 3 gens, which all had 58-62 participants.  This is likely due to Gen V's roster being unpopular among Board 8 along with its size.

Luster Soldier
Whiskey Nick
Brayze II

Wickle's and Steiner's SpreadsheetsEdit

They created a cool spreadsheet where more in-depth data can be tracked such as number of spot-on rankings for each user, what the highest ranked Pokemon eliminated for each user currently is, and so on.

View the Google Drive spreadsheet here.

Nick's and Ermine's PokecastsEdit

Nick and Ermine made a series of podcasts for this project.  Episode 8 was the first one for Gen V, and it focused on previewing that gen.

Pokecast Episode 8

Pokecast Episode 9

156. GothitaEdit

Score: 6640
Average Ranking: 135.51 (Standard Deviation: 25.88)
Psychic rank: 15/15
NFE rank: 74/74

35 - SanityLapse
70 - PrinceKaro
85 - Scepter
96 - Suor
100 - Logicblade
104 - OrangeCrush
107 - ctesjbuvf
111 - Cybat
111 - XIII_Rocks
118 - CasanovaZelos
118 - FrostHarpy
122 - Wicklebee
123 - Natwaf
128 - xx521xx
129 - cody11533
131 - Steiner
132 - tazzyboyishere
134 - Articuno2001
137 - StifledSilence
141 - KommunistKoala
144 - profDEADPOOL
146 - TexWolf_1729
146 - Naye745
147 - Sorozone
147 - Bane_Of_Despair
148 - BetrayedTangy
149 - Xuxon
150 - Ermine
150 - Raka_Putra
150 - mnkboy907
151 - Luster Soldier
151 - Magmortar
151 - Genny
152 - Whiskey Nick
154 - Drakeryn
154 - starfox2245
154 - Wigs
155 - l3fty
155 - ecksgem
155 - red13n
155 - Dragon66116
155 - Inviso
155 - swordz9
156 - Anagram
156 - Paratroopa1
156 - junglebob22
156 - mcflubbin
156 - Brayze II

SanityLapse: The idea of a baby being a goth is hysterical. This design is such ass, but the concept is too good to rank low.

Suor: I used to think Gothita sucked and make no mistake it is ugly, but honestly, that b***y attitude wins me over everytime. Koharu_Gothita.png

Logicblade: Oh a Goth tower.

ctesjbuvf: Something about it kind of annoys me. The idea of a goth Pokemon is cool, it just doesn’t act like a typical goth.

Cybat: Did they not learn anything from Jynx? It is possible to make humanoid psychic Pokemon (see: Abra) but this is just weird.

Wicklebee: Oh look my gothic lolit… WHY THE AKLFJDSAKJ ARE YOU WEARING LIPSTICK. Disgusting trash get out of here. Raised by Jynx to be a hooker already.


StifledSilence: Nothing says Pokemon like slit wrists and poetry.

KommunistKoala: This Smoochum wannabe makes me want to puke.

Bane_Of_Despair: Almost baby-like Pokemon with what looks like lipstick…..nope.

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #7. What... were... they... thinking?

Raka_Putra: Yeah, Game Freaks, thank you for endorsing the sexualising of children. If in 10 years there's a rise in sexual violence against children, I hope you are ready to part with all your money to pay for lawyers.

Magmortar: I did not want a reminder that this…THING (and I use that term loosely), existed. Also, why did it get Shadow Tag released but not Chandelure, you’re telling me I have to use a gender-confused doll to trap people.

Genny: Damn babies that are not actually babies. This thing might actually pass for sorta cute if not for the hamburger bun lips.

Wigs: no.

ecksgem: I don’t know what's worse between this and Smoochum.

Inviso: I find normal lolicon creepy, but when you make that lolicon into a weird, featureless humanoid? Nope.

Anagram: If someone had specifically said to himself "I want to design a pokemon that's unbearably hideous," he still would not have created anything on the scale of Gothita. It can be only the result of tremendous incompetence.

Paratroopa1: this pokemon is the only pokemon that I actually outright hate. every other pokemon that's bad is just sort of irritating and unpleasant but I don't HATE them. hate is reserved solely for lolita tweety bird here, if you don't rank this last, then you're like objectively wrong, I'm sorry I don't know how else to put it. Gothita-BW-DreamWorldArt.png seriously look at how gross it is, just stare at it for a while, sooner or later its terribleness will allow you to peer into the void for a brief second and learn dark secrets about the nature of the universe and the cosmos

junglebob22: Worst Pokemon line ever

Brayze II:

155. SimisearEdit

Score: 6589
Average Ranking: 134.47 (Standard Deviation: 30.33)
Fire rank: 15/15
Fully Evolved rank: 82/82

9 - StifledSilence
37 - PrinceKaro
70 - Xuxon
74 - Natwaf
116 - Luster Soldier
116 - Genny
116 - Whiskey Nick
116 - red13n
117 - xx521xx
118 - Scepter
119 - Steiner
119 - Drakeryn
125 - mnkboy907
128 - ctesjbuvf
134 - OrangeCrush
136 - Suor
136 - Inviso
138 - Sorozone
139 - Wicklebee
142 - BetrayedTangy
143 - Anagram
145 - cody11533
146 - Ermine
147 - Magmortar
149 - Logicblade
149 - Articuno2001
149 - l3fty
149 - ecksgem
149 - Dragon66116
150 - Wigs
150 - swordz9
151 - CasanovaZelos
151 - profDEADPOOL
151 - starfox2245
152 - FrostHarpy
152 - TexWolf_1729
153 - XIII_Rocks
153 - junglebob22
153 - mcflubbin
154 - Paratroopa1
155 - Cybat
155 - KommunistKoala
155 - Naye745
155 - Bane_Of_Despair
155 - Raka_Putra
155 - Brayze II

156 - SanityLapse
156 - tazzyboyishere

StifledSilence: He's like a clutzy gay guy in a sitcom! Except he's a monkey that can control fire! Dude, I'd watch that show.

Natwaf: Least of the monkeys. Ehh, don't really have anything to say, it didn't leave much of an impression

Genny: God no! What did you fiends do to my cutie patootie Pansear!?

ctesjbuvf: Between reggae and broccoli, this line had nothing going for it. Looks bad too.

Inviso: The base forms avoided the bottom 10 of my list, and now the evolved forms avoid the bottom 20. Congrats, but you're still horrible designed, and I rank you the lowest because of your s***ty hairstyle.

Wicklebee: Disco Inferno

Anagram: It's confusing how terrible the elemental monkeys are in a battle sense. The game wanted every player to take one to cover his starter's weaknesses: fair enough. But these things are almost unusablly bad in a statistical sense.

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #11. Award for most demented face goes to...?

Magmortar: It looks like Chip from Sonic Unleashed, and since the less I talk about that game the better, Simisear, an already truly hysterically but not actually hysterically bad Pokemon, receives a very low ranking.

Logicblade: Almost the worst monkey.

Wigs: no.

XIII_Rocks: Who fucking cares about these fucktards

junglebob22: Stupid hair, giant ears, fat belly…Yep this is clearly the worst of those awful monkeys

Paratroopa1: oh my god, everything about this guy is so terrible. his dumb face, his fat body, his gross hair, his ridiculous hands, his stupid tail and that godawful thing around his neck. everything about him is bad! literally everything. even his ears are too big. god, I hate you

Cybat: I had a seriously tough time deciding which monkey was the worst. They are all that bad. But thanks to its derpy expression and silly cloud shoulder pads, this one wins! Hooray for awfulness.

KommunistKoala: See Simipour

Bane_Of_Despair: Just ugh. Go away forever.

Raka_Putra: "Heh, what can I say? I don't give a fuck about your eyes and moral values, I can be as ugly as I want."

Brayze II:

SanityLapse: Monkeys suck.

154. PanpourEdit

Score: 6356
Average Ranking: 129.71 (Standard Deviation: 32.05)
Water rank: 17/17
NFE rank: 73/74

21 - StifledSilence
39 - PrinceKaro
41 - Xuxon
49 - Whiskey Nick
102 - Sorozone
104 - mnkboy907
106 - red13n
106 - Dragon66116
108 - Bane_Of_Despair
113 - Suor
114 - Genny
116 - Scepter
119 - xx521xx
128 - mcflubbin
129 - ctesjbuvf
131 - cody11533
132 - Cybat
136 - Drakeryn
137 - swordz9
139 - OrangeCrush
139 - Paratroopa1
140 - Steiner
141 - tazzyboyishere
142 - Magmortar
142 - TexWolf_1729
143 - Wicklebee
143 - Ermine
144 - BetrayedTangy
144 - starfox2245
145 - Inviso
146 - Anagram
146 - junglebob22
149 - Luster Soldier
149 - Wigs
150 - Logicblade
150 - l3fty
151 - ecksgem
152 - Naye745
153 - profDEADPOOL
154 - Articuno2001
154 - KommunistKoala
154 - Raka_Putra
154 - Brayze II

155 - Natwaf
155 - CasanovaZelos
155 - XIII_Rocks
155 - SanityLapse
156 - FrostHarpy

StifledSilence: Rain spout monkey! So cute!

Genny: Worst of the Pans, but still okay. These monkeys get way too much static.

ctesjbuvf: Doesn’t look too bad, but it’s useless.

Cybat: Not nearly as offensive to look at as its parent. But certainly nothing to write home about. This one is the worst of the three because of the stupid expression on its stupid face.

Paratroopa1: no, this was a bad idea

Magmortar: no one actually used these things right no wonder Gen 6 replaced them with OH MY GOD, KANTO STARTERS

Wicklebee: No song for this one.

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #14. Somehow one of the least offensive of the elemental ****s. It does evolve into the terror that will claim us all though...

Inviso: This thing's hair is slightly better than Pansage's, but it's still terrible. Seriously, why are the base forms of these things so godawful?

Anagram: The confusing thing about the elemental monkeys is that you can tell Nintendo really thought it had something with them. These things are shoved in everywhere: trainers and wild grass spew them at you endlessly. Yet they're so obviously terrible. I don’t know what to say.

Wigs: no.

Logicblade: Almost the worst monkey.

KommunistKoala: See Simisear

Raka_Putra: Please don't ever evolve. Actually, cease to exist at once. Thank you. - Humanity (also, everything else)

Brayze II:

Natwaf: Monkey NFE Trash

XIII_Rocks: Who fucking cares about these fucktards (this is lowest of the monkeys because it beat Pikachu about two months after Pikachu had tied a Latios, and yes I'm blaming Panpour for this and not the writers)

SanityLapse: Monkeys suck.

153. VullabyEdit

Score: 6345
Average Ranking: 129.49 (Standard Deviation: 22.44)
Dark rank: 16/16
Flying rank: 18/18
NFE rank: 72/74

67 - KommunistKoala
68 - Anagram
85 - BetrayedTangy
99 - cody11533
100 - Suor
100 - CasanovaZelos
105 - l3fty
109 - Cybat
109 - Logicblade
110 - Ermine
113 - Steiner
113 - profDEADPOOL
113 - Sorozone
116 - Articuno2001
117 - ecksgem
117 - XIII_Rocks
122 - Luster Soldier
127 - Xuxon
127 - FrostHarpy
131 - Paratroopa1
131 - SanityLapse
132 - Scepter
132 - Drakeryn
133 - StifledSilence
133 - TexWolf_1729
136 - Bane_Of_Despair
138 - ctesjbuvf
138 - tazzyboyishere
139 - red13n
141 - junglebob22
143 - Dragon66116
143 - xx521xx
143 - Raka_Putra
144 - mnkboy907
145 - mcflubbin
146 - Magmortar
148 - Genny
148 - Brayze II
149 - OrangeCrush
149 - Natwaf
149 - Wicklebee
150 - Whiskey Nick
154 - PrinceKaro
156 - Inviso
156 - Naye745
156 - swordz9
156 - starfox2245
156 - Wigs

KommunistKoala: Much cuter than Mandibuzz. It's downside is that it fooled me into thinking it would evolve into something good.

Anagram: Until I looked it up just now for this write-up, I'd never noticed the heart design on its shell.

Suor: Bossy baby vulture needs to grow before it can act like a boss.

Cybat: I thought it was just its eggshell that it was wearing, but turns out it's actually a broken skull. That bumps it up a few spaces. Still, no matter what else you have on, you can't be too badass if you're wearing a diaper.

Logicblade: Not down for diapers.

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #47. I find it pretty awful that Vullaby is 111th on my list. The fact that it could make it this high just... wow.

Paratroopa1: it took putting a gross tweety bird-like vulture in a diaper to create the worst bird pokemon ever and it still ranked above like 20 things

StifledSilence: Best to just shove it out of the nest and let nature take its course.

ctesjbuvf: I like the design, but really disappointing Pokemon that evolves too late.

junglebob22: The skull diaper is amusing, but Vullaby is just plain ugly

Raka_Putra: Ugly ass diaper, they think it's clever but it's really not.

Magmortar: You cannot tell me a skull for a diaper is actually appealing.

Genny: Literally the "Diapered" Pokémon. Sorry, but you don't design a pokémon after a sick fetish. You also don't make your pees and poops inside somebody's skull. That's disrespectful to Grandma!

Brayze II:

OrangeCrush: Ugliest baby ever.

Natwaf: Ugly NFE Trash

Wicklebee: tubbytubby

PrinceKaro: The only people who could truly love this pokemon are diaper fetishists.

Inviso: This thing is wearing a f***ing diaper. A F***ING DIAPER. Also, level 54 to evolve a tank? Nope.

Wigs: this is the worst abomination humanity has ever created.

152. SimipourEdit

Score: 6312
Average Ranking: 128.82 (Standard Deviation: 38.18)
Water rank: 16/17
Fully Evolved rank: 81/82

8 - StifledSilence
20 - PrinceKaro
38 - OrangeCrush
50 - Inviso
59 - Whiskey Nick
60 - Natwaf
66 - ctesjbuvf
113 - ecksgem
115 - TexWolf_1729
117 - Luster Soldier
117 - Genny
119 - Scepter
119 - red13n
129 - Dragon66116
131 - xx521xx
133 - cody11533
133 - Suor
139 - Naye745
141 - Steiner
141 - Magmortar
143 - BetrayedTangy
145 - Anagram
145 - Xuxon
147 - Ermine
148 - profDEADPOOL
148 - Articuno2001
148 - tazzyboyishere
148 - junglebob22
148 - Wicklebee
149 - Bane_Of_Despair
149 - swordz9
150 - starfox2245
151 - Brayze II
152 - CasanovaZelos
152 - l3fty
152 - Paratroopa1
152 - Drakeryn
152 - Wigs

153 - Cybat
153 - FrostHarpy
153 - SanityLapse
154 - XIII_Rocks
155 - mcflubbin
156 - KommunistKoala
156 - Logicblade
156 - Sorozone
156 - Raka_Putra
156 - mnkboy907

StifledSilence: Aww, what a cute hippie monkey! I don't understand why so many people hate the monkeys. They're so cute and even pretty useful in battle.

OrangeCrush: Eh... The original Black/White had a shortage of good water types, so getting this guy for free if you joined the Smugleaf master race was nice. If it weren't for that, he'd be a lot lower though.

Inviso: The ONLY monkey of the six that I think actually has a halfway decent design. While the others all wind up with stupid haircuts, this one actually comes out looking somewhat cute. I guess it's high praise to make my top fifty, given how I dislike most Water-types.

Natwaf: Appaarently this thing is blind, and you're looking at it's pupils, not closed eyes. Freaky enough to love, and I (begrudgingly) thank it for it's help when I chose Snivy.

ctesjbuvf: As much as I don’t like any of these monkeys, this one looks pretty cool with the reggae design, so points for that.

ecksgem: The only reason this guy isn't at the bottom with the other monkeys is because I swept a friend with one and I thought it was funny.

Genny: Actually it would be okay if it weren't wearing a freaking dress. No that's not a tunic, it's a dress. Sweet dreads.

Suor: I have to give it credit for the brave fountain haircut. Other than that, eww.

Magmortar: I guess dreadlocks (even if they look dumb) are cool so it’s above Panpour but due to being a FUCKING ELEMENTAL MONKEY (WHY THE FUCK ARE THERE SIX OF THESE POKEMON) it’s still p’bad

Anagram: Does anyone like the elemental monkeys? I'm curious to see who puts them in his top ten. Someone always does.

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #10. I believe this pokemon is the start of the demise of us all. Pack your bags, we ain't getting out of this one alive.

Wicklebee: Welcome to Jamaica man, the place with the accent that everyone tries to copy.

Bane_Of_Despair: Hey, my guy in FAHtastic's Pokemon comics! Still doesn't help much.

Brayze II:

Paratroopa1: wave goodbye to good taste

Wigs: no.

Cybat: This thing is so...I can't even think of an adjective that describes this design. Other than "embarrassing".

SanityLapse: Monkeys suck.

XIII_Rocks: Who fucking cares about these fucktards

KommunistKoala: Crime against Pokemon. The one saving grace for this piece of shit is that it isn't part of the Clamperl line.

Logicblade: The absolute worst monkey.

Raka_Putra: "Oh heeey sweetie, please put your dick in my ass and pay me with your hard-earned Pokedollars xoxo"

151. PansearEdit

Score: 6085
Average Ranking: 124.18 (Standard Deviation: 38.25)
Fire rank: 14/15
NFE rank: 71/74

16 - Xuxon
20 - StifledSilence
27 - PrinceKaro
28 - Genny
56 - xx521xx
69 - Whiskey Nick
70 - l3fty
96 - Scepter
108 - Dragon66116
110 - Bane_Of_Despair
110 - mnkboy907
115 - Raka_Putra
116 - Suor
117 - Sorozone
118 - red13n
121 - Drakeryn
124 - cody11533
129 - mcflubbin
130 - ctesjbuvf
131 - Cybat
138 - OrangeCrush
138 - swordz9
139 - Steiner
139 - starfox2245
140 - Magmortar
141 - Anagram
141 - Paratroopa1
142 - Wicklebee
144 - Inviso
145 - Ermine
146 - BetrayedTangy
146 - tazzyboyishere
147 - junglebob22
148 - Luster Soldier
149 - Naye745
149 - profDEADPOOL
151 - Wigs
152 - ecksgem
152 - Brayze II
152 - SanityLapse
152 - XIII_Rocks
153 - TexWolf_1729
153 - KommunistKoala
154 - Natwaf
154 - CasanovaZelos
154 - FrostHarpy
155 - Articuno2001
155 - Logicblade

StifledSilence: Fireball monkey! So cute!

Genny: I just don't understand why these guys get pissed on so much. They're rather cute, especially my personal favorite Pan-Pan with its big ears and curly swirly hair~ <3! I picked Oshawott for my first playthrough of Pokémon White, so Pansear is the one I had the most exposure to. It wasn't exactly a beast in battle, but it got the job done and there weren't very many Fire types early on that I can recall so even more time to grow attached.

Raka_Putra: It's actually kind of okay but it's just useless.

ctesjbuvf: Looks bad and is useless.

Cybat: This guy is just Chimchar with a dumb hairdo.


Anagram: The least terrible elemental monkey is still extremely terrible. I remember being relieved that this is what I (accidentally) received in Gen 5.

Paratroopa1: he looks like he's sorry about how much he sucks. he should be sorry

Wicklebee: Burn baby burn

Inviso: Best of the three monkeys, solely based on the fact that it doesn't have some weird hair sprout thing going on. Still lame though.

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #12. It reminds me of one of those bratty kids who you want to punch in the face. Luckily, maybe if you punched his face hard enough, it'd cause permanent damage and actually improve his looks.

junglebob22: Its related to Simisear, so it's the worst

Wigs: no.

Brayze II:

SanityLapse: Monkeys suck.

XIII_Rocks: Who fucking cares about these fucktards

KommunistKoala: See Panpour

Natwaf: Monkey NFE Trash

Logicblade: Almost the worst monkey.

150. GurdurrEdit

Score: 5953
Average Ranking: 121.49 (Standard Deviation: 38.12)
Fighting rank: 14/15
NFE rank: 70/74

31 - SanityLapse
33 - StifledSilence
41 - Steiner
47 - Articuno2001
52 - tazzyboyishere
61 - Wigs
65 - BetrayedTangy
77 - XIII_Rocks
87 - Luster Soldier
89 - Inviso
89 - profDEADPOOL
92 - CasanovaZelos
102 - KommunistKoala
104 - Magmortar
106 - Bane_Of_Despair
106 - ctesjbuvf
109 - Whiskey Nick
110 - Wicklebee
120 - Logicblade
129 - OrangeCrush
135 - junglebob22
135 - Naye745
136 - Dragon66116
137 - TexWolf_1729
142 - Drakeryn
142 - Ermine
143 - mnkboy907
143 - Brayze II
143 - FrostHarpy
145 - l3fty
145 - red13n
146 - Xuxon
148 - Natwaf
151 - xx521xx
151 - Raka_Putra
151 - swordz9
152 - mcflubbin
152 - starfox2245
154 - Scepter
154 - Sorozone
154 - Anagram
155 - PrinceKaro
155 - cody11533
155 - Paratroopa1
156 - Genny
156 - Suor
156 - Cybat
156 - ecksgem

SanityLapse: Best name of this gen. If only he were derpier to fit the name.

StifledSilence: I know he takes a lot of flack, but I really like Gurdurr. Plus I caught a shiny!

Inviso: Still ugly, but it gets funnier to me that this thing now wields just a random I-Beam.

Magmortar: DURRRRRRR (I definitely get why people hate this one)

ctesjbuvf: Looks super ugly. Isn’t that good.

Wicklebee: hurrdurr

Logicblade: Veins and brain tumours now? This line just gets more and more disgusting.

junglebob22: Its veins are pretty gross

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #15. Nope nope nope nope nope.

Brayze II:

Natwaf: Ugly NFE Trash

Raka_Putra: Durr durr durr, yeah, you're not making it into Maxim's cover any day soon. So stupid, why can we see the outline of its brains?

Anagram: Gurdurr is literally one syllable away from hurr durr, which is the sound I imagine the person who designed it made while desgning it.

PrinceKaro: hurr durrrr urrrr gurr durrrrr? *drool*

Paratroopa1: hey, so since we can use the word fuck now, I'm going to abuse the fuck out of it in my writeups. fuck fuck fuck I HATE THE FU***CKING THING FUCK. DILDO.

Genny: This is without a doubt my least favorite pokémon currently in existence. There's eyesores and then there's eyeplagues and this whole family is just that, with this abomination being the pinnacle of the term. I just... I cannot imagine what was going through the minds of the team that designed this line. "Hey guys, let's make a line of big veiny dicks with clown noses- that's what the kiddies wanna see!" And before you start to argue... no you're wrong. The whole family is big bulging penises, not circus strong men. Proof: Though the entire line is my least favorite to date, Gurdurr takes top- or rather bottom marks because to me it goes against everything I stand for. I feel like whenever I say "Middle evos are the best/my favorite/severely underrated" all someone has to do is show a picture of Gurdurr and I'll be temporarily defeated. Like... my opinion wouldn't change but I just have no argument for that. Gurdurr is indeed the worst. What can I say?

Suor: Possibly the ugliest thing ever conceived. The veins rolling around the arms are the next level of gross.

Cybat: Dear lord. Just look at this thing. What the fuck. ……..Durrrrr

ecksgem: It's a bodybuilding clown covered in unsightly veins. Strong contender for worst Pokemon ever.

149. AlomomolaEdit

Score: 5839
Average Ranking: 119.16 (Standard Deviation: 29.54)
Water rank: 15/17
Fully Evolved rank: 80/82

52 - Paratroopa1
60 - l3fty
69 - Natwaf
71 - Naye745
72 - Luster Soldier
75 - OrangeCrush
76 - mnkboy907
79 - cody11533
81 - FrostHarpy
82 - PrinceKaro
89 - Suor
94 - Inviso
98 - Brayze II
106 - swordz9
108 - Sorozone
111 - Wigs
116 - Xuxon
116 - XIII_Rocks
117 - Logicblade
117 - tazzyboyishere
118 - Dragon66116
119 - ecksgem
119 - TexWolf_1729
123 - Scepter
126 - junglebob22
126 - red13n
129 - CasanovaZelos
129 - Ermine
133 - Drakeryn
134 - Wicklebee
135 - StifledSilence
138 - starfox2245
140 - Genny
141 - Raka_Putra
141 - SanityLapse
143 - mcflubbin
145 - Cybat
146 - Steiner
148 - KommunistKoala
148 - Magmortar
148 - xx521xx
149 - Whiskey Nick
151 - Articuno2001
151 - Bane_Of_Despair
153 - Anagram
154 - ctesjbuvf
155 - BetrayedTangy
156 - profDEADPOOL

Paratroopa1: doesn't need to be an evo of luvdisc because luvdisc is wonderful as he is, you MONSTERS

Natwaf: WHY? WHY DID THEY DECIDE NOT TO CONNECT THE POKE IN UNOVA WITH THE OTHER REGIONS WHEN THIS THING IS SO ****ING OBVIOUSLY A LUVDISC EVO? Alomomolomomola isn't uselless, thankfully, though still outshined as a bulky water. And I like it's design

Suor: You can't fool me. This was Luvdisc's evolution and you decided later that you wanted to soft-reboot the series. So in the end, you deprived Luvdisc of its well-deserved evolution. You guys at GF suck.

Inviso: If it wasn't for its palindromic name, this thing would be completely pointless. Why didn't they just make it a Luvdisc evolution for Gen VI or something?

Brayze II:

Wigs: why is this a palindrome

Logicblade: I don't hate this dumb fish, but it's wholly unnecessary.

junglebob22: I remember when everyone thought it was going to be a Luvdisc evolution

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #28. Sigh...

Drakeryn: watch as this ranking puts me in, like, the top 10 for this pokemon. no I don't like it, it's just that everything below is worse

Wicklebee: Why did you not evolve from Luvdisc?

StifledSilence: Remember the Alomomola.

Genny: The Caring Pokémon, it cares for injured pokémon it finds in the sea. That's nice of it. If only it could somehow make me care.

Raka_Putra: Like Luvdisc but twice more unneeded! Nobody wants you, nobody ever will.

Cybat: There is no way this wasn't originally intended to be an evolution of Luvdisc. At least I hope that was considered at some point, otherwise it makes it even more baffling that this was allowed to exist. Palindromes are cool at least.

KommunistKoala: Hahahahahahahahahahaha. Fuck.

Magmortar: I, quite frankly, am glad Luvdisc does not evolve into it, because Alomomola, despite being actually useful (unlike Lumineon), is a totally forgettable, easily discarded Pokemon that would completely ruin the legacy of the Heart of Awful. Fuck this thing.

Bane_Of_Despair: Stupid useless not-Luvdisc-evolution motherfucker

Anagram: It's probably not the worst Gen 5 pokemon from a purely design standpoint, but if you're going to ripoff an older pokemon, why, of all the possibilities, would you ever, under any circumstances, choose Luvdisc?

ctesjbuvf: Why the hell create another useless heart Pokemon? It’s name is even annoying.

BetrayedTangy: Ugh, why isn't this an evolution for Luvdisc?, it doesn't need to exist on it's own like this.

148. PansageEdit

Score: 5807
Average Ranking: 118.51 (Standard Deviation: 39.3)
Grass rank: 20/20
NFE rank: 69/74

22 - StifledSilence
26 - PrinceKaro
28 - xx521xx
45 - Dragon66116
51 - Xuxon
53 - Sorozone
64 - cody11533
65 - Scepter
77 - Genny
81 - ctesjbuvf
90 - mnkboy907
96 - starfox2245
103 - red13n
105 - tazzyboyishere
107 - Whiskey Nick
109 - Bane_Of_Despair
112 - Suor
114 - Raka_Putra
120 - Drakeryn
124 - Paratroopa1
130 - mcflubbin
130 - Cybat
136 - swordz9
137 - Steiner
140 - OrangeCrush
140 - TexWolf_1729
140 - Wicklebee
143 - Magmortar
144 - Ermine
144 - Anagram
145 - junglebob22
145 - BetrayedTangy
146 - Inviso
146 - Logicblade
148 - l3fty
148 - Wigs

150 - Luster Soldier
150 - XIII_Rocks
150 - ecksgem
150 - profDEADPOOL
151 - Naye745
152 - KommunistKoala
153 - Natwaf
153 - Brayze II
154 - SanityLapse
155 - FrostHarpy
156 - CasanovaZelos
156 - Articuno2001

StifledSilence: Broccoli monkey! So cute!

Genny: It's a cute little bush monkey (wow that sounded racist) whose family takes way too much heat. Cilan's while not a stand out character, had several good moments in my opinion. Now I never used one seriously because Sewaddle can be found pretty early on so after the Trio Badge gets got there's no further use for it really, but in the brief time I trained one it was decent. All Pans are. One last thing. "It shares the leaf on its head with weary-looking Pokémon. These leaves are known to relieve stress."; "It's good at finding berries and gathers them from all over. It's kind enough to share them with friends." So first it gives its friends weed and then gives them berries to counteract the munchies. What a bro.

ctesjbuvf: It looks better than most other monkeys and is nice in the anime, though it lacks some personality.

Raka_Putra: It's adorable actually.

Paratroopa1: the best of the monkeys by virtue of not just being the worst it could possibly be, basically

Cybat: Well, not that much separates the three monkeys, but this one is the least bad. At least I'm finally finished ranking them.

Wicklebee: Welcome to the jungle

Magmortar: Original the Character!

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #13. I have a tree growing on my head! I'm cool right?

Anagram: The elemental monkey who gets the most attention simply by being a member of the main anime cast, I have to say: Pansage is no Piplup, or even Togepi.

junglebob22: The green one is the best

Inviso: I'm stunned to discover that not a single monkey wound up in my bottom ten. This thing's hair still sucks though.

Logicblade: Almost the worst monkey.

Wigs: no.

XIII_Rocks: Who fucking cares about these fucktards

KommunistKoala: See Pansear

Natwaf: Monkey NFE Trash

Brayze II:

SanityLapse: Monkeys suck.

147. KlangEdit

Score: 5704
Average Ranking: 116.41 (Standard Deviation: 35.12)
Steel rank: 12/12
NFE rank: 68/74

10 - l3fty
20 - Wigs
37 - Magmortar
65 - TexWolf_1729
66 - BetrayedTangy
71 - Steiner
75 - profDEADPOOL
83 - Drakeryn
91 - Cybat
91 - Anagram
91 - Naye745
94 - SanityLapse
97 - Inviso
100 - Wicklebee
101 - ecksgem
102 - xx521xx
107 - OrangeCrush
109 - Xuxon
112 - mnkboy907
118 - Ermine
119 - Genny
123 - tazzyboyishere
130 - FrostHarpy
131 - starfox2245
132 - PrinceKaro
133 - Scepter
133 - ctesjbuvf
133 - Luster Soldier
134 - Sorozone
134 - Suor
135 - XIII_Rocks
138 - CasanovaZelos
140 - Natwaf
140 - Articuno2001
141 - mcflubbin
142 - Whiskey Nick
143 - KommunistKoala
144 - Brayze II
145 - Bane_Of_Despair
147 - swordz9
148 - Dragon66116
148 - Logicblade
149 - Raka_Putra
149 - Paratroopa1
150 - red13n
151 - junglebob22
152 - StifledSilence
152 - cody11533

Wigs: are these guys gonna get hate? This is the best one cuz I love the bigger gear's face the most

Magmortar: I don’t even know. It looks so hilarious….it looks hilarious, huh?

Cybat: Quite possibly supplants the Abra line as the one that is the most fun to say the three names in succession.

Anagram: People often claim that the gears aren't as dumb as Magneton and Magnemite, but I disagree. They're way dumber.

Inviso: Middle evolution syndrome. It's not as cute as Klink, or as cool as Klinklang. It's just a middle form.

Wicklebee: The sound of metal… ADD MORE GEARS

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #39. Again... why?

Genny: And for the first time since Generation I, Game Freak picked up the tube of super glue again.

ctesjbuvf: Maybe if they hadn’t created the line in three seconds, it would be higher. It’s also boring.

Natwaf: NFE Trash

KommunistKoala: Wow TWO gears not one!!

Brayze II:

Logicblade: Dumb gears.

Raka_Putra: The start of an endlessly stupid and ugly line, who the fuck designed their face? A paraplegic kitten?

Paratroopa1: ugh ugh

junglebob22: See my Klingklang writeup

StifledSilence: Not to be confused with Krang.

146. FoongusEdit

Score: 5655
Average Ranking: 115.41 (Standard Deviation: 29.67)
Grass rank: 19/20
Poison rank: 7/7
NFE rank: 67/74

35 - l3fty
43 - xx521xx
50 - Brayze II
51 - Drakeryn
64 - Steiner
72 - red13n
79 - Suor
89 - Naye745
97 - Cybat
99 - profDEADPOOL
99 - Paratroopa1
102 - XIII_Rocks
102 - Raka_Putra
104 - TexWolf_1729
108 - Magmortar
108 - KommunistKoala
111 - mnkboy907
112 - Xuxon
113 - PrinceKaro
114 - FrostHarpy
115 - Wigs
115 - BetrayedTangy
119 - OrangeCrush
120 - Natwaf
121 - starfox2245
121 - Sorozone
125 - Bane_Of_Despair
127 - Inviso
127 - Genny
129 - SanityLapse
129 - junglebob22
132 - CasanovaZelos
132 - mcflubbin
137 - cody11533
138 - Dragon66116
139 - Anagram
139 - ecksgem
139 - StifledSilence
140 - Ermine
141 - swordz9
142 - tazzyboyishere
142 - Logicblade
145 - Luster Soldier
146 - Whiskey Nick
147 - Articuno2001
149 - ctesjbuvf
150 - Scepter
153 - Wicklebee

Brayze II:

Cybat: I really can't take this line seriously with that name pun. Oh well.

Paratroopa1: he has weird lips

Raka_Putra: The name pun is just unbelievable.

Magmortar: Voltorb is better.

Natwaf: Pfft the haters. I like Foongus as a mimic more than Voltorb. And DEFINITELY more than ****ing Electrode.

Inviso: It's higher than Amoonguss because at least it's kinda cute instead of having a derpy face. But really, it's the same damn problem of being a useless Grass/Poison-type in a generation with bad Poison-types.

Genny: OH MY GOD IT'S A MASTER BALL! SOMEONE DROPPED A FUCKING MASTER BA- oh never mind it's just a shiny Foongus. *Flame Bursts*

Anagram: It's like someone asked "what is literally the least original and least interesting name I could give a pokemon?"

StifledSilence: lol i get it itz a mushroom joke rite

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #17. Those lips man... keep em away from me.

Logicblade: Oh hey an item. NOPE DUMB MUSHROOM TIME!

ctesjbuvf: Really boring and forgettable.

Wicklebee: Oh joy, a Pokemon named after athelete's foot.

145. KlinkEdit

Score: 5604
Average Ranking: 114.37 (Standard Deviation: 36.66)
Steel rank: 11/12
NFE rank: 63/74

5 - l3fty
21 - Wigs
25 - Naye745
29 - Inviso
72 - Drakeryn
74 - profDEADPOOL
82 - xx521xx
83 - TexWolf_1729
86 - mnkboy907
86 - Wicklebee
90 - Anagram
93 - SanityLapse
95 - Steiner
101 - Suor
101 - Cybat
102 - ecksgem
108 - OrangeCrush
110 - Xuxon
113 - junglebob22
118 - Genny
120 - Ermine
122 - Sorozone
123 - Magmortar
124 - tazzyboyishere
126 - starfox2245
126 - Dragon66116
130 - Scepter
131 - BetrayedTangy
133 - PrinceKaro
134 - XIII_Rocks
134 - Luster Soldier
135 - KommunistKoala
136 - Natwaf
139 - CasanovaZelos
140 - FrostHarpy
140 - Bane_Of_Despair
140 - mcflubbin
142 - Brayze II
145 - Whiskey Nick
147 - Logicblade
148 - Raka_Putra
149 - red13n
149 - cody11533
150 - Paratroopa1
150 - Articuno2001
151 - ctesjbuvf
153 - StifledSilence
154 - swordz9

Wigs: this guy's 2nd face is great but…

Inviso: This thing is completely f***ing adorable. Seriously, I get that it's a rip-off of Magnemite, but I don't care. Klink with its little X eye is so friggin' cute and I'm already sad it will rank way lower than it deserves.

Wicklebee: I KO'd a shiny of this Poke in one hit. Oops.

Anagram: I'd like to imagine a Victorian-era clock whose innards is made entirely of dead klinks. Eventually they start to putrefy and smell, but then you ask how beings made of metal can putrefy.

Cybat: I like the design of their faces; they sorta-kinda work at any of the three angles that they look face-like at. But does this mean that all gears are or can become sentient? Kinda messed up if you think about it.

junglebob22: Klink is an okay first-stage Pokemon, too bad its evolutions are so uncreative

Genny: It's kinda cute I guess. Not exactly creative in any way, shape, or form though.

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #37. Why...?

Magmortar: Klink however is just there. Its evos are hilarious, Klink is just two gears and kind of really bad.

KommunistKoala: Well at least it started out like a maybe interesting line. Then it evolved and...

Natwaf: NFE Trash

Brayze II:

Logicblade: Dumb gear.

Raka_Putra: Put this in a metal compactor.

Paratroopa1: ugh

ctesjbuvf: Maybe if they hadn’t created the line in three seconds, it would be higher. It’s also boring.

StifledSilence: Say what you want about the keychain in Gen 6. This thing is a living gear. I mean…what?

144. AmoongussEdit

Score: 5599
Average Ranking: 113.92 (Standard Deviation: 36.15)
Grass rank: 18/20
Poison rank: 6/7
Fully Evolved rank: 79/82

20 - Steiner
29 - FrostHarpy
38 - l3fty
46 - Luster Soldier
58 - Natwaf
61 - xx521xx
66 - Cybat
67 - Drakeryn
79 - Raka_Putra
88 - Wigs
89 - Brayze II
91 - BetrayedTangy
91 - XIII_Rocks
97 - profDEADPOOL
98 - StifledSilence
100 - red13n
101 - Magmortar
104 - Paratroopa1
113 - KommunistKoala
117 - mnkboy907
118 - OrangeCrush
118 - ecksgem
123 - PrinceKaro
128 - SanityLapse
128 - Xuxon
130 - swordz9
130 - Dragon66116
130 - Inviso
131 - CasanovaZelos
133 - mcflubbin
135 - ctesjbuvf
137 - junglebob22
138 - Anagram
138 - cody11533
140 - Naye745
141 - Articuno2001
142 - Bane_Of_Despair
143 - Sorozone
144 - Genny
145 - Suor
147 - Whiskey Nick
147 - TexWolf_1729
148 - Scepter
149 - starfox2245
153 - Ermine
153 - Logicblade
153 - tazzyboyishere
156 - Wicklebee

Steiner: <3 XIII

Natwaf: Quite a solid wall. It's got lots healing options, and even has a neat gimmick in Rage Powder.

Cybat: I can just imagine the discussions that led to this right near the end of BW's development - "OK we need a 'mimic' chest in this area, let's put in an Electrode. Oh wait, we're only allowed to use gen 5 Pokemon in this game! Quick, go make another Pokeball thing."

Raka_Putra: I appreciate they try to make the new Pokeball camouflaging Pokemon.

Wigs: hi my head is a pokeball.

Brayze II:

XIII_Rocks: fuck off steiner

StifledSilence: Wasn't this an Incubus album title?

Magmortar: Although it is fun to use, there is a TINY number of Pokemon I would want to deal with less than an Amoonguss. Breloom is at least frail and has a 4x weakness.

Paratroopa1: he's a'ight

Inviso: This ranks as high as it does entirely because I appreciate its name as a Seinfeld reference. Beyond that, it's a complete wast eof space and manages to look pathetic as a Poison-type in a generation desperately lacking in Poison-types.

ctesjbuvf: It’s fully evolved and it sucks. Deserved a bad placement.

Anagram: Poor Parasect. It has NOTHING unique other than a x5 weakness to fire.

Genny: I wish the Fungus Among Us pun wasn't wasted on a line so trite because I love mushrooms and there really aren't enough in pokémon. Just Paras and Shroomish lines right? Needless to say this does not live up to either of its predecessors in terms of stats, unique typing, appearance, or anything really. Also steals the Voltorb/Electrode gimmick in a somehow even less funny way.

Suor: There's one word that perfectly defines Amoonguss as a pokémon in the battling metagame: Anal.

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #4. Ugly piece of **** trash and is one of the most annoying wall/stallers in existance. Who in their right mind could like such a unholy creation.

Logicblade: Dumb mushroom.

Wicklebee: And turned worse. BAH GAWD IT'S GOTTA BE ****.

143. KarrablastEdit

Score: 5582
Average Ranking: 114.27 (Standard Deviation: 36.36)
Bug rank: 18/18
NFE rank: 66/74

5 - junglebob22
16 - l3fty
17 - Brayze II
48 - profDEADPOOL
58 - Bane_Of_Despair
69 - Wigs
74 - Sorozone
84 - BetrayedTangy
85 - ctesjbuvf
93 - Steiner
93 - Ermine
103 - Drakeryn
104 - Cybat
104 - Articuno2001
105 - KommunistKoala
107 - Paratroopa1
110 - red13n
113 - CasanovaZelos
119 - FrostHarpy
120 - Wicklebee
121 - Naye745
122 - Magmortar
122 - Logicblade
124 - Whiskey Nick
125 - starfox2245
125 - swordz9
126 - SanityLapse
126 - Raka_Putra
134 - xx521xx
134 - TexWolf_1729
134 - Anagram
134 - PrinceKaro
136 - Xuxon
140 - Dragon66116
140 - XIII_Rocks
141 - mnkboy907
141 - OrangeCrush
142 - Inviso
142 - Natwaf
142 - StifledSilence
143 - Genny
144 - cody11533
147 - ecksgem
147 - Scepter
151 - tazzyboyishere
153 - Suor
154 - mcflubbin
155 - Luster Soldier

junglebob22: It's like an angry baby Heracross

Brayze II:

ctesjbuvf: Pretty stupid, but something about the design amuses me.

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #64. Roar I am karrablast!

Cybat: Nice to see a new twist on a stale evolution mechanic, although still not extremely interesting (and it means I always forget which bug evolves into which). But this guy is very unremarkable himself, except for his weird name.

KommunistKoala: The generation of bugs begins now! (Hope this isn't ranked higher than other bugs or I'll look dumb)

Paratroopa1: he's a tiny little imp and that's cool I guess honestly even #107 isn't that bad

Wicklebee: I like the evolution path of those two… but the Pokes they come from are just so weird…

Magmortar: Honestly? Whatever, give me the big spider any day over this little shit.

Logicblade: I might have liked this more if they didn't pretend that this wasn't Heracross' baby form.

Raka_Putra: Ugly shapeless bug. This is one Pokemon I won't mind crushing underneath my feet.

Anagram: I don't know why its collar turns into a wrench above its face, but that's enough to make me give a spot above Stunfisk.

Inviso: Generic first-form Bug-type that brings nothing new or exciting to the table. It's evolution method is annoying as well.

Natwaf: NFE Trash

StifledSilence: Pretty cool name for something you can just step on.

Genny: You are a complete asshole for stealing Shelmet's shell, do you know that? You are also complete ass in battle, I bet you knew that!

ecksgem: This thing is generic even for a first stage bug. Massive disparity between it and its evolved form.

Suor: Trading evolutions are among the dumbest mechanics in pokémon. This trade evolution in particular is stupid beyond excuse.

142. PalpitoadEdit

Score: 5570
Average Ranking: 113.67 (Standard Deviation: 33.95)
Water rank: 14/17
Ground rank: 11/11
NFE rank: 65/74

28 - l3fty
42 - Scepter
47 - Dragon66116
48 - OrangeCrush
55 - swordz9
65 - FrostHarpy
70 - mnkboy907
73 - cody11533
74 - Whiskey Nick
84 - red13n
87 - Raka_Putra
89 - XIII_Rocks
91 - profDEADPOOL
98 - junglebob22
105 - BetrayedTangy
107 - Wicklebee
109 - KommunistKoala
110 - mcflubbin
110 - tazzyboyishere
111 - Articuno2001
112 - Paratroopa1
115 - Magmortar
117 - Anagram
118 - Suor
121 - ctesjbuvf
123 - CasanovaZelos
124 - StifledSilence
127 - Brayze II
132 - Ermine
134 - Genny
135 - Steiner
137 - PrinceKaro
138 - Luster Soldier
138 - xx521xx
138 - Logicblade
140 - ecksgem
140 - Xuxon
141 - Drakeryn
141 - Sorozone
142 - Wigs
145 - SanityLapse
145 - Naye745
146 - Natwaf
150 - Cybat
151 - Inviso
155 - starfox2245
156 - Bane_Of_Despair
156 - TexWolf_1729

OrangeCrush: I watched the episode where Ash caught his Palpitoad and remember that Palpitoad sounded -really- pissed off.

Raka_Putra: Argh, ugly mutant toad. :(

Wicklebee: Someone needs to pop that giant zit on your head.

Paratroopa1: completely ridiculous which is being sort of cool by proxy

Magmortar: what IS that face

Anagram: I must admit that this line is very clever. Frogs = Warts, warts look like drums, drums have to do with vibrations. The problem is that the execution does not live up to the idea.

ctesjbuvf: Looks lame. Nothing unique about it. It was completely useless in the anime.

StifledSilence: Hey kids! It's Palpitoad, the heart palpitations toad! He's here to remind you to stop eating so much or you'll drop dead of a heart attack and DIABEETUS!

Brayze II:

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #25. I heard you guys liked giant zits. Also, I heard you guys liked pokemon with faces you want to brutally maim.

Genny: How dare you have "pal" in your name? YOU ARE NO PAL OF MINE! This is a prime example of a line that just gets worse and worse as it goes along. Tympole's face is just so brilliant. Genius was struck. Then this happened. And that. 100% chance of mild spoilers for my list because obvious middle evo is obvious is bound to place last in its family.

PrinceKaro: You really need to get those cancerous tumors looked at, my good sir.

Logicblade: This line just gets worse the further you go.


Natwaf: NFE Trash

Cybat: He was in the middle of the pack at first but then I went and looked again at his design. There's just something…off about it that makes it very easy to dislike. Doesn't help that Water/Ground is boring.

Inviso: Oh look. It's a Water/Ground type you can get before the second gym, doesn't look particularly appealing, and is otherwise more repetitive than three generations of Fire/Fighting starters.

Bane_Of_Despair: This honestly is probably one of, if not THE, worst Pokemon design out of every generation. I can't even really begin to comprehend it.

141. GothoritaEdit

Score: 5536
Average Ranking: 112.98 (Standard Deviation: 36.6)
Psychic rank: 14/15
NFE rank: 64/74

29 - Genny
31 - PrinceKaro
33 - SanityLapse
34 - Suor
54 - OrangeCrush
68 - Naye745
70 - mcflubbin
71 - xx521xx
73 - Luster Soldier
76 - TexWolf_1729
80 - Inviso
88 - Scepter
88 - Wicklebee
89 - swordz9
93 - ecksgem
102 - Logicblade
105 - XIII_Rocks
108 - mnkboy907
113 - FrostHarpy
121 - CasanovaZelos
121 - Xuxon
121 - Bane_Of_Despair
122 - Articuno2001
122 - Natwaf
125 - Dragon66116
125 - Raka_Putra
127 - KommunistKoala
127 - Cybat
131 - Anagram
132 - Steiner
134 - tazzyboyishere
135 - cody11533
136 - StifledSilence
137 - ctesjbuvf
138 - Brayze II
142 - Sorozone
143 - Paratroopa1
143 - starfox2245
144 - red13n
146 - profDEADPOOL
151 - Whiskey Nick
151 - BetrayedTangy
151 - Ermine
152 - Magmortar
153 - Wigs
154 - l3fty
154 - junglebob22
155 - Drakeryn

Genny: To explain my love of this pokémon I would have to reveal a bit of my past. Eh why not? So I had a goth phase in high school. I always loved the way I looked in black and to be frank so did my would-be suitors. I was also way into anime (and this phase of my life hasn't quite subsided) so it only follows that I would be familiar with the gothic lolita style. To announce a pokémon based on it would basically stir up all sorts of nostalgia. Then there was the fanart. As I'll explain with another pokémon sure to place higher great fanart can elevate my opinion from indifference to love, and I already liked Gothorita to begin with. I won't bog you down with examples, so just take my word for it or have a look yourself.

SanityLapse: It only makes sense for a goth to be a goth when they are in their teens.

Suor: When Jynx ain't around guess who's the baddest b***h in town.

Inviso: Best of its line is still not all that spectacular. People complain about Gardevoir Rule 34, but this thing is literally designed for some creepy f***ing artwork to exist. That being said, it looks halfway decent, so higher ranking.

Wicklebee: The gijinkas of this line are better.

Logicblade: Oh a Goth tower.


Raka_Putra: Fastlane from L.A. to Tokyo, etc. She thinks she's so fancy.

Cybat: "According to many old tales, it creates friends for itself by controlling sleeping children on starry nights." Uhhh OK

Anagram: "What we need is a seven year-old girl pokemon" - Japan

StifledSilence: The anguish in her heart is matched only by the despair in her soul.

ctesjbuvf: Middle evolution of a line that is boring and disappointing.

Brayze II:

Paratroopa1: sigh

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #6. What... were... they... thinking?

Magmortar: I did not want a reminder that this…THING (and I use that term loosely), existed. Why does it even evolve.

Wigs: no.

junglebob22: Why wasn’t this line Dark type? This gen already had enough pure Psychics.

140. SimisageEdit

Score: 5444
Average Ranking: 111.1 (Standard Deviation: 41.76)
Grass rank: 17/20
Fully Evolved rank: 78/82

13 - Raka_Putra
26 - mnkboy907
26 - StifledSilence
33 - Magmortar
43 - Drakeryn
46 - PrinceKaro
49 - xx521xx
51 - Natwaf
58 - red13n
66 - Sorozone
78 - cody11533
82 - Scepter
82 - Whiskey Nick
85 - Xuxon
86 - starfox2245
91 - Genny
99 - Suor
118 - Luster Soldier
121 - swordz9
123 - Logicblade
123 - ctesjbuvf
125 - TexWolf_1729
125 - junglebob22
127 - Paratroopa1
130 - SanityLapse
132 - Dragon66116
133 - Ermine
135 - OrangeCrush
135 - Inviso
138 - Naye745
138 - Steiner
139 - KommunistKoala
140 - tazzyboyishere
141 - BetrayedTangy
142 - Anagram
144 - mcflubbin
145 - Wicklebee
147 - Wigs
148 - ecksgem
148 - Bane_Of_Despair
148 - Cybat
150 - Brayze II
151 - XIII_Rocks
151 - FrostHarpy
151 - l3fty
152 - profDEADPOOL
153 - CasanovaZelos
153 - Articuno2001

Raka_Putra: Haha yeah, I'm probably the highest ranker of this guy, but he's swell, isn't he? The best of the elemental monkeys by far and I just love how he looks. Too bad he's unusable by any measure.

StifledSilence: This dude has some crazy ass hair.

Magmortar: The only half-decent monkey; a semi-sage, not quite a sage. I really like its sprite in gen 5 (that SNEER), and its shiny is awesome too, but it’s still…not very good. I can just look past that since it actually has an appealing design.

Drakeryn: Monkeys are dum, but I actually like this one (and -only- this one). He actually looks like a bro, unlike his pals derp and squish.

Natwaf: I like it the most of the 3 monkeys. It's still an elemental monkey though.

Genny: The best Simi. What a glorious pompadour. Let me take this moment to remind everyone that Elvis Presley is the only human male that has ever successfully pulled off that hairstyle. If you think you look decent with one then you look even better without it.

Suor: The only monkey that doesn't suck. Might be the Saiyan haircut.

Logicblade: A tolerable monkey? Where they do that at?

ctesjbuvf: Looks alright for what it is, but I don’t like the monkeys.

junglebob22: Cool hair, Simisage. Too bad you're still one of those dumb monkeys

Paratroopa1: we're really in the lean part of this list when I'm ranking this asshole about fucking anything, this list of pokemon goes to shit so fast

SanityLapse: Monkeys suck. BUT, it was pointed out to me by friends that Simisage does indeed have the same hairstyle as my favorite user, Pokewars. So he managed to escape the Bottom 6 because of it!

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #24. He's not that bad.... Hahaha who am I kidding yeah he is.

Inviso: This thing has a pompadour, so I guess it's a big fan of Beldum and Aerial Ace. Still a lame monkey though.

KommunistKoala: Well this monkey isn't a complete disgrace. It's still related to the rest though so it only gets 15 spots.

Anagram: The Elvis hair would make more sense if Simisage had any kind of connection to Elvis. This is where you tell me how Simisage is inspired by some kind of pointy haired Japanese deity, but I can't pretend to give any kind of crap about the elemental monkeys.

Wicklebee: We got fun and games

Wigs: no.

Bane_Of_Despair: Weird trying to look like Elvis. These monkeys aren't great.

Cybat: This one comes the closest to being a passable design. But man, that hair…and those eyebrows…sigh. GameFreak, what did monkeys ever do to you?

Brayze II:

XIII_Rocks: Who fucking cares about these fucktards

139. ShelmetEdit

Score: 5416
Average Ranking: 110.53 (Standard Deviation: 32.98)
Bug rank: 17/18
NFE rank: 62/74

23 - Wigs
28 - profDEADPOOL
46 - Xuxon
48 - l3fty
51 - SanityLapse
73 - BetrayedTangy
73 - Raka_Putra
78 - junglebob22
80 - Naye745
82 - Paratroopa1
87 - Ermine
94 - KommunistKoala
97 - Steiner
99 - ecksgem
102 - Brayze II
105 - Wicklebee
106 - Articuno2001
110 - Genny
110 - Cybat
112 - TexWolf_1729
113 - ctesjbuvf
113 - Magmortar
114 - Sorozone
114 - CasanovaZelos
118 - starfox2245
120 - PrinceKaro
122 - xx521xx
124 - mnkboy907
125 - Whiskey Nick
126 - swordz9
126 - Bane_Of_Despair
127 - Drakeryn
131 - red13n
133 - Logicblade
138 - StifledSilence
139 - FrostHarpy
139 - cody11533
139 - Dragon66116
139 - Natwaf
139 - mcflubbin

140 - Anagram
141 - Inviso
145 - XIII_Rocks
149 - tazzyboyishere
149 - Scepter
150 - OrangeCrush
155 - Suor
156 - Luster Soldier

Wigs: distinctly reminds me of shellder and that's good

Raka_Putra: The lips are movin' movin'

Paratroopa1: he just wants a kiss. with tongue

Ermine: Okay so... Shelmet actually sorta reminds me of the Whisperers from Wakfu. Which ALMOST makes me like it... but the Whisperers themselves are just one hundred thousand times cooler. I mean look at these guys! So long story short... Whisperers are great and Shelmet is not really at all.

Brayze II:

Wicklebee: Stop it Gene Simmons, but the tongue back in your mouth.

Genny: I know I should probably hate this thing but... I just can't bring myself to hate that ridiculous kissy-face.

Cybat: Its mouth is really weird. Its shell is funny but why doesn't it get to be a Steel type? Is it not actually metal? Then how does Escavalier…oh whatever.

ctesjbuvf: I kind of like the design, but it’s useless.

Magmortar: It is a bug in a shell. Wow. Much original. (I put it here because while it is generic and non-exciting, it is not offensively terrible; it is probably the line between “awful” and THERE IS NO REASON AS TO WHY THIS FUCKER EXISTS)

Logicblade: It's evolution is cool, but it's a dumb kissy face thing.

StifledSilence: Gen 1 sent a cease and desist letter on this day.

Natwaf: NFE Trash

Anagram: The kissy lips disgust me.

Inviso: I rank this just slightly above Karrablast because, while Karrablast gets the cooler evolution, Shelmet has the slightly cooler initial design.

OrangeCrush: No one will ever want to kiss you, Shitmet

Suor: Why the duckface, you gonna take a selfie? Lol.

138. TympoleEdit

Score: 5415
Average Ranking: 110.51 (Standard Deviation: 36.78)
Water rank: 13/17
NFE rank: 61/74

6 - SanityLapse
15 - Xuxon
31 - FrostHarpy
34 - Sorozone
51 - xx521xx
62 - Steiner
75 - Genny
78 - OrangeCrush
82 - l3fty
83 - cody11533
87 - mcflubbin
90 - Luster Soldier
93 - KommunistKoala
93 - Whiskey Nick
94 - profDEADPOOL
96 - Bane_Of_Despair
104 - PrinceKaro
111 - ecksgem
112 - junglebob22
113 - Wicklebee
113 - Anagram
119 - XIII_Rocks
120 - Cybat
122 - Dragon66116
122 - Drakeryn
124 - Raka_Putra
124 - ctesjbuvf
127 - Ermine
127 - Naye745
130 - Articuno2001
134 - Paratroopa1
135 - Logicblade
135 - starfox2245
136 - BetrayedTangy
136 - red13n
137 - Brayze II
139 - tazzyboyishere
141 - Wigs
142 - Suor
143 - TexWolf_1729
145 - Natwaf
145 - mnkboy907
147 - StifledSilence
148 - CasanovaZelos
148 - swordz9
149 - Inviso
150 - Magmortar
155 - Scepter

SanityLapse: Everyone knows that Lily Collins has the best eyebrows of anyone real. But who has the best eyebrows of anyone animated? This guy! That little happy face with those adorable eyebrows. That face could be on any Pokemon, and it would be Top 10 easy. Maybe even a monkey.

Genny: The face that started a meme. Do I even need to say more here?

Wicklebee: Well, looks better than Poliwag as a tadpole, imo.

Anagram: I'd like this more if it didn't have those stupid music note eyebrows.

Cybat: What. Is the deal. With your face.

Raka_Putra: Otamaro face is just unbearable. I don't want to see it.

ctesjbuvf: It looks fine, but what was the point of this thing even existing?

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #30. Once again, another horribly designed face.


Logicblade: This line is disgusting to look at.

Brayze II:

Wigs: this is the ugliest cute thing I've ever seen

Natwaf: NFE Trash

StifledSilence: Tympolewag

Inviso: Better than the other two members of its line because it doesn't look like a cancerous growth on the face of the franchise.

Magmortar: OH MY GOD how could I forget how much of a fucker this guy was early in my playthrough

Scepter: Why does it have a human infant's face

137. GarbodorEdit

Score: 5412
Average Ranking: 110.45 (Standard Deviation: 47.77)
Poison rank: 5/7
Fully Evolved rank: 74/82

1 - SanityLapse
1 - Brayze II
7 - Sorozone
14 - BetrayedTangy
15 - l3fty
42 - Magmortar
44 - Suor
47 - XIII_Rocks
53 - Luster Soldier
63 - Paratroopa1
75 - Natwaf
78 - Scepter
91 - FrostHarpy
96 - xx521xx
99 - mcflubbin
110 - StifledSilence
117 - Wicklebee
117 - OrangeCrush
119 - Whiskey Nick
121 - Cybat
122 - ctesjbuvf
123 - mnkboy907
123 - junglebob22
129 - Anagram
133 - profDEADPOOL
134 - swordz9
136 - Ermine
136 - Steiner
137 - Naye745
140 - Raka_Putra
142 - Xuxon
144 - TexWolf_1729
144 - Articuno2001
145 - Wigs
146 - KommunistKoala
146 - Genny
150 - PrinceKaro
150 - CasanovaZelos
151 - Drakeryn
152 - Inviso
152 - Logicblade
153 - starfox2245
154 - ecksgem
154 - Bane_Of_Despair
155 - tazzyboyishere
156 - cody11533
156 - Dragon66116
156 - red13n

SanityLapse: The instant I saw this Pokemon, I loved it. It's one of those "wow, they actually went there" Pokemon. Literally garbage. BUT, it's not just about it being garbage (Ok, it kind of is). I also happen to really like his look. His unevenly designed arms are very fitting of being trash, like he's just built out of whatever random things are there. Plus he looks exactly like a Totoro which is kind of cool . Yeah, he's just so awesome. Easily one of my all time favorite Pokemon. Dat mouth. Dem eyes.

Brayze II:

BetrayedTangy: I know what you're all thinking, Garbodor this high? What's wrong with you? Well back when I frequented the Smash Boards and Games n Things, we had a sort of Hunger Games RP, but we chose fictional characters. And well for our sixth 'season' someone chose Garbodor, which everyone forgot about and literally just survived until the Final Six where it was auto killed by the host.

Magmortar: Now GARBODOR on the other hand is such a strange Pokemon I can’t help but laugh at it. It’s…a morbidly obese exploding garbage Mickey Mouse. And you can get Nuggets from it! What the heck.

Suor: The Roxie battle in the anime made me realize it can use garbage to extend its arms and use them to move around. I already liked Garbodor, that s*** made it even cooler, don't get the hate.

XIII_Rocks: I know, I know, LITERAL GARBAGE, all that shit…you guys are fools. Garbodor is SUPPOSED to disgust you. It's SUPPOSED to be gross. It's a poison-type based on garbage. And that's what I like about it; it evokes such disgust from people it must be doing its job well.

Paratroopa1: I don't understand how they combined a pile of garbage with my neighbor totoro and you guys DON'T think it's amazing, you guys LOVE garbage and miyazaki films

Natwaf: Night of the living Trash. I don't get the haters of it's concept though. You're okay with living sludge but you're not okay with living trash? I mean, hating copies is one thing, but geez. Other than that, I don't have any particular memories to this thing.

StifledSilence: I wonder if when the matador tosses out his trash after a bull fight, it's the garbodor.

Wicklebee: This is what happens when Muk goes to the garbage dump.

Cybat: I wonder if this placement will put me in the top half of his rankings? I don't have an issue with the concept, he is a Poison type after all. But, that doesn't mean he has to have those weird hands. And mouth. And eyes. And ears. And arms.

ctesjbuvf: Being literal trash is sorta funny, too bad it’s not only literal.

Anagram: When people say this is garbage, and other people say Muk is the same thing, all I can think of is… no. It's not. This is much worse than Muk, and Muk is not a paritcularly good pokemon to begin with.

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #21. Literal trash. Everything below this pokemon is worse than trash!

Raka_Putra: Right, a trash Pokemon…and they wonder why everyone hates it.

Wigs: do I have to say anything even?

KommunistKoala: Ugh. I'm at a loss for words.

Genny: The only good thing to come out of this- the ONLY good thing- is that you can now say "Wow this pokémon is such trash; in fact I'd rather use REAL TRASH than it," and actually mean it. As soon as the powers that be base a pokémon off of fecal waste, Garbodor will be completely irrelevant. Oh please make that happen. Rhyperior is close, but not quite. Random, but I always want to write it as "Garbador" and that not being the correct spelling kind of infuriates me.

Inviso: I hate the fact that this, along with Amoonguss and Scolipede, were the only new Poison-types of the generation. Poison should be better than literally garbage. Logicblade: Literally trash.

ecksgem: kill… me…

Bane_Of_Despair: Do I have to explain? Blah blah garbage as a pokemon but it just looks bad

136. BasculinEdit

Score: 5375
Average Ranking: 109.69 (Standard Deviation: 39.47)
Water rank: 12/17
Fully Evolved rank: 77/82

7 - StifledSilence
18 - TexWolf_1729
32 - l3fty
41 - Magmortar
41 - profDEADPOOL
52 - Wigs
56 - FrostHarpy
62 - Dragon66116
65 - Natwaf
75 - Inviso
81 - Xuxon
84 - Paratroopa1
85 - CasanovaZelos
94 - Ermine
97 - starfox2245
97 - Bane_Of_Despair
99 - OrangeCrush
99 - Brayze II
100 - Drakeryn
101 - swordz9
121 - xx521xx
122 - BetrayedTangy
123 - Whiskey Nick
124 - PrinceKaro
124 - Anagram
125 - Wicklebee
125 - SanityLapse
130 - cody11533
130 - KommunistKoala
131 - mnkboy907
131 - XIII_Rocks
135 - ecksgem
135 - red13n
138 - Cybat
139 - Sorozone
139 - Suor
143 - Articuno2001
144 - Luster Soldier
144 - junglebob22
145 - tazzyboyishere
145 - Raka_Putra
146 - mcflubbin
150 - Genny
150 - Naye745
151 - Logicblade
152 - Scepter
153 - ctesjbuvf
153 - Steiner

StifledSilence: This fish is FURIOUS. I love the angry piranha! I was skeptical to use him/her in battle because Poke-fish are usually crap. But holy hell the power!

Magmortar: Pirahnas! Not much, but good at what it can do.

Natwaf: Oh my goodness, STOP Aqua Jet-ing my face dammit! Adaptability is nice. I actually like it a bit, and Blue > Red

Inviso: I don't know why I like Basculin as much as I do. I always see people hating on it for being generic, and I understand that…but it always did wonders for me when I traded for it in BW.

Paratroopa1: sort of a shame they wasted this concept because we have enough useless fish and could really use more useful fish

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #63. You are a boring boring fish.

Brayze II: maybe you want to see this one on your own time

PrinceKaro: Dumbass ugly fish with a severe constapation problem.

Anagram: Of all of the useless, pointless fish pokemon, Basculin may be the most unnecessary. At LEAST Lumineon is a type of fish normal people don't see and aren't familiar with.

Wicklebee: … Why did Game Freak let Gastrodon and Carvanha breed to create this piece of shit?

KommunistKoala: Completely forgettable. In fact I wasn't sure it was a pokemon when I saw it on this list.

Cybat: "Oh, this thing is everywhere while fishing, I guess it's the Magikarp equivalent for this gen. Can't wait to see what it evolves into." ……oh.

Suor: Two forms, one useless species.

junglebob22: The side-effect of Gen 5's lack of Water-types is that this jerk was everywhere in BW1

Raka_Putra: Yeah, I would be so angry if I were so ugly too.

Genny: The more I see this thing the more I dislike it. Not only is it the epitome of useless fish pokémon, but it doesn't even have a cool design or interesting gimmick to justify its existence. Same stats as Lumineon, same gimmick as Shellos. There's just nothing original about it, and the fact that there's TWO and neither of them are special just screams last-minute addition to fill the fish pokémon per region quota. Also half their potential abilities revolve around recoil moves and they only learn two. WTF?

Logicblade: Holy crap, do we have enough useless fish in pokemon? Nope.

Scepter: Ebasculating

ctesjbuvf: This thing shouldn’t exist. It can’t even evolve.

135. TornadusEdit

Score: 5312
Average Ranking: 108.41 (Standard Deviation: 41.65)
Flying rank: 17/18

Fully Evolved rank: 76/82

14 - Xuxon
25 - Natwaf
27 - Magmortar
28 - Luster Soldier
31 - starfox2245
43 - Paratroopa1
47 - SanityLapse
54 - Inviso
66 - XIII_Rocks
71 - Bane_Of_Despair
79 - FrostHarpy
83 - Wigs
87 - ecksgem
90 - ctesjbuvf
97 - swordz9
99 - tazzyboyishere
101 - Dragon66116
107 - CasanovaZelos
113 - Articuno2001
114 - Suor
115 - StifledSilence
118 - mcflubbin
121 - BetrayedTangy
123 - OrangeCrush
125 - KommunistKoala
129 - PrinceKaro
129 - Genny
132 - Brayze II
133 - Whiskey Nick
136 - Sorozone
136 - TexWolf_1729
137 - Logicblade
137 - Raka_Putra
137 - profDEADPOOL
138 - junglebob22
142 - Scepter
142 - l3fty
143 - Naye745
144 - Wicklebee
147 - mnkboy907
147 - Steiner
149 - Drakeryn
150 - Anagram
151 - Cybat
153 - red13n
154 - cody11533
154 - xx521xx
156 - Ermine

Natwaf: The Kami that is mostly used in it's Therian forme, thanks to Regenerator. Also our first Mono-Flying, not counting Sky Plate Arceus. Hurricane HURTS, so keep it sunny or you'll be sorry.

Magmortar: Pretty decent for the first ever pure Flying type. The bird one is even better, nice utility Pokemon.

Paratroopa1: this is only a ranking for the weird version that is some kind of bird genie. nobody gives a shit about the basic palette swap genie form. nobody. but yes the bird one is cool.

Inviso: Highest ranked genie for me doesn't make my top fifty. It ranks highest solely on the basis of being the only pure Flying-type in the game, which seems like a tremendous oversight.

ctesjbuvf: Gets some points for being a pure flying type, but I don’t really care for the forces of nature. Well, small things matter at this point of the list.

Suor: Ugliest color scheme ever conceived. Not even its bird-like therian form can save it from being the worst genie (which is a highly debatable feat, as they all suck).

StifledSilence: Sounds like a good name for a Sith Lord.

BetrayedTangy: F*** Tornadus, up until this point, there was no such thing as a solo Flying type and I thought it was an interesting little tidbit. But no Tornadus had to go and ruin it, and to make it worse, it doesn't even look like it should be a solo Flying type, it looks just like the other -us Pokemon. The only reason I have it so 'high' is because everything below this sucks.

KommunistKoala: Ugliest of the genies. God damn this thing is hideous.

PrinceKaro: Hey kids! Create your own legendary! Just fill in the blanks!! (name), the (element)-type pokemon! This (color)-skinned genie flies on a cloud with his arms crossed with a tail that is a (type of sex toy) and causes (weather type) as he passes!

Genny: Wow. First ever pure Flying and its wasted on this- this mess? I don't even know where to start with this. Both formes just have the absolute worst color palette, with a combination of green and purple reminiscent of a seasick mandrill's ass. Oh and speaking of palettes I'm sure I don't need to remind you that there are two more of these things that look almost exactly the same. XIII complained about how accepting Lumineon as anything but awful meant accepting Game Freak's laziness, but come on does it really get more lazy than copy/pasting one design twice, varying the coloration and fine details, and calling them three new pokémon? Rhetorical question, it does not. The only thing that comes close is gluing more pokémon onto a pokémon and calling the result an evolved pokémon à la Dugtrio, but I digress. Therian Forme is really no better than Incarnate Forme. In fact it may just be worse. It's just as fugly as the genie, but it's now wearing Ariel's seashell bikini and is sporting a chubby for some reason. I guess stealing from little mermaids and wearing their clothes is what gets it off? Don't even try to tell me that sorta boner is a jewel. Look where it is. No fucking chance.

Brayze II:

Logicblade: Herpes Genie, Green!

Raka_Putra: In the ideal world, there will be no stupid genie theory to ruin the Pokemon franchise. Even Vlado wouldn't do it.

junglebob22: Tornadus has the most interesting Therian form, but it's still one of the ugliest Pokemon of this gen

Wicklebee: I'ma tornado, wee

Anagram: I have never met anyone who likes the elemental genies even a little bit. By any metric except usefulness, there is just nothing going on here.

Cybat: And I thought the lake trio was badly designed. I understand that this is inspired by a culture I don't know very much about, but it could at least look slightly appealing. Its bird form is dumb too.

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #1. I don't quite understand what exactly the designers were thinking when they designed the genies. Actually I take that back, I have no ****ing idea what they were thinking. How in any way possible could someone look at these things and say ""Yeah, this looks like a great set of pokemon, we did a great job here!"". More likely the response to seeing these things is for the person to lose their lunch and lose all faith in humanity. What a disaster and what's worse is that these pokemon are competitively viable so if I ever wanted to play competitive again, I'd have to look at these pieces of **** all the time and to be quite honest, that's enough to make it so I never play competitive again.

134. TynamoEdit

Score: 5295
Average Ranking: 108.06 (Standard Deviation: 34.19)
Electric rank: 11/11
Sperm rank: 1/1
NFE rank: 60/74

3 - TexWolf_1729
30 - Naye745
38 - Genny
47 - Ermine
57 - FrostHarpy
64 - Brayze II
66 - Drakeryn
68 - Paratroopa1
72 - junglebob22
76 - l3fty
87 - starfox2245
87 - mnkboy907
98 - cody11533
101 - Anagram
103 - ctesjbuvf
103 - mcflubbin
104 - Natwaf
106 - Suor
107 - Magmortar
107 - Xuxon
107 - red13n
111 - Inviso
112 - Cybat
112 - Bane_Of_Despair
114 - Wicklebee
115 - swordz9
117 - profDEADPOOL
119 - PrinceKaro
121 - tazzyboyishere
123 - KommunistKoala
124 - Articuno2001
126 - Luster Soldier
127 - Raka_Putra
129 - xx521xx
130 - ecksgem
130 - Whiskey Nick
137 - BetrayedTangy
138 - Wigs
139 - Logicblade
141 - XIII_Rocks
142 - SanityLapse
143 - Steiner
144 - Dragon66116
144 - StifledSilence
145 - Sorozone
146 - CasanovaZelos
151 - OrangeCrush
153 - Scepter

Genny: Tiny Moe > you. That nickname is ironic because the darn thing is almost a foot long! Seriously its sprites are almost as misleading as Roselia's and Metapod's. But unlike Mawile I won't hold that against this cutie. Once upon a time I was breeding Eelektross and hatched a shiny Tiny. Keep in mind the difference is negligible, which is kinda fucked you know? I almost chucked the damn thing cuz it wasn't the nature I wanted. Anyway it's up this high cuz adorbs and nostalgia.

Ermine: This pokemon is actually kind of cute and if it wasn't for its really weird mouth I'd probably have it a lot higher. Still pretty cute. The white with yellow works really well here.

Brayze II:

Drakeryn: this guy pretty much redefines bland (until he grows up and becomes a hideous monstrosity)

Paratroopa1: probably won't rank very high but I think he's a cute little dude with a horrifying mouth

junglebob22: Locking in a moveset for a first stage Pokemon is interesting, but taking it to level 39 is a bit too much!

Anagram: Do you know who also has an X mouse? Predators from Predator. I'd love an R-rated movie about a Tynamo murdering Arnold Schwarzenegger's friends.

ctesjbuvf: I like the design and name. Kind of cool. It’s just completely useless until it evolves.

Natwaf: Cute NFE Trash

Magmortar: I’m not really sure what they were going for here, but whatever it is, it came out badly. WHAT A JOBBER!

Inviso: This thing is rare, only learns four moves, and evolves super-late. But it's cute, so it gets somewhat of a pass.

Cybat: Don't really understand why this guy has a completely different design and naming scheme from the rest of his line, but whatever. Not super interesting but his color scheme is reasonably appealing.

Wicklebee: Oh look at it… it's kind of nice.

Raka_Putra: Wow, what? What is this…thing? Something you accidentally swallow when you swim in the ocean, that's what.

Wigs: Sperm and garbage. If I ranked you below this, I have ranked you below a cum dumpster.

Logicblade: Boring.

StifledSilence: If I saw this creepy ass thing in a lake I'd be legitimately terrified.

OrangeCrush: Literally sperm

Scepter: They drew a line and called it a Pokemon

133. TrubbishEdit

Score: 5259
Average Ranking: 107.33 (Standard Deviation: 37.08)
Poison rank: 4/7
NFE rank: 58/74

3 - SanityLapse
4 - l3fty
25 - Brayze II
40 - Wicklebee
44 - Luster Soldier
60 - Sorozone
66 - Suor
79 - junglebob22
81 - mnkboy907
84 - Scepter
86 - Magmortar
89 - Bane_Of_Despair
91 - Paratroopa1
95 - red13n
97 - xx521xx
100 - mcflubbin
103 - Cybat
107 - StifledSilence
111 - Steiner
112 - Natwaf
112 - Drakeryn
112 - XIII_Rocks
116 - swordz9
116 - OrangeCrush
119 - Ermine
121 - Genny
123 - TexWolf_1729
124 - Naye745
126 - Logicblade
126 - PrinceKaro
126 - Anagram
129 - Xuxon
131 - FrostHarpy
132 - KommunistKoala
134 - starfox2245
134 - Raka_Putra
134 - ctesjbuvf
134 - profDEADPOOL
135 - BetrayedTangy
136 - Whiskey Nick
137 - Wigs
141 - ecksgem
145 - Articuno2001
148 - cody11533
149 - CasanovaZelos
150 - Dragon66116
154 - Inviso
154 - tazzyboyishere

SanityLapse: Just when you thought they couldn't make a bag of trash look adorable, Nintendo decided to prove you wrong! The little sad overbite face is what really makes it for me. And being trash. Being trash is helpful.

Brayze II:

Wicklebee: There are plenty of Pokemon in this generation that I am surprised they came up with the designs of… Literally garbage, is the craziest thing they came up with and this guy is derpy yet cute. I like it.

Suor: In the end, this is a great and creative concept. Funny how much garbage is far worse than the literal garbage pokémon in these games.

Magmortar: I did say it was better than Dustox (IT IS LITERALLY FUCKING DUSTOX, it’d be much more difficult to make a Pokemon WORSE than Dustox), but that means next to nothing since Trubbish is…wait for it…garbage.

Paratroopa1: everyone below this, congrats, you're worse than literal garbage! albeit cute hilarious garbage

Cybat: Much better at actually representing his design concept than Garbodor, although his arms still look weird. Funny how the knot in the bag is its ears.

StifledSilence: It's kind of a cute little bag of trash.

Natwaf: Literal NFE Trash, so bonus points for that.

Drakeryn: I used to hate this guy but I feel more charitable after drawing him for Nick's topic series:

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #38. More trash!

Genny: I've actually been sold on Trubbish... sort of. It's... pretty cute at times. Maybe. It's still NFE trash though.

Logicblade: It's garbage, but it's just not as bad as the rest.

PrinceKaro: NFE trash. oh ho ho.

Anagram: While hideous, Gen 5 has a lot of really bad pokemon, so it's not even in the bottom sixth.

KommunistKoala: Literally trash. At least it's kinda cute trash unlike it's evolved form.

Raka_Putra: It can be adorable in fan arts, but canonically it's just NFE Trash

ctesjbuvf: Looks nice. That’s all good there is about it.

Wigs: Garbage. If I ranked you below this, I have ranked you below garbage.

ecksgem: Trubbish is so stupid looking but somehow manages to avoid my bottom 15. I like that it has a relatively simple design as compared to Garbodor.

Inviso: Literal trash. Jesus, how do you manage to ruin a Grimer ripoff when you didn't do half-bad with Gulpin/Swalot?

132. WoobatEdit

Score: 5256
Average Ranking: 107.27 (Standard Deviation: 38.63)
Psychic rank: 13/15
Flying rank: 16/18
NFE rank: 59/74

2 - StifledSilence
17 - mcflubbin
36 - xx521xx
43 - mnkboy907
52 - Scepter
56 - red13n
58 - l3fty
61 - Steiner
66 - Bane_Of_Despair
66 - Naye745
69 - Drakeryn
74 - Inviso
76 - cody11533
86 - Sorozone
89 - Ermine
90 - BetrayedTangy
97 - Raka_Putra
100 - starfox2245
103 - swordz9
112 - Logicblade
112 - Brayze II
114 - Xuxon
121 - ecksgem
122 - KommunistKoala
124 - Luster Soldier
125 - Anagram
125 - Cybat
127 - Dragon66116
127 - Wigs
130 - CasanovaZelos
131 - junglebob22
132 - SanityLapse
132 - XIII_Rocks

135 - Genny
137 - tazzyboyishere
137 - Wicklebee
137 - Articuno2001
139 - Magmortar
142 - ctesjbuvf
143 - OrangeCrush
143 - profDEADPOOL
144 - Natwaf
144 - Suor
144 - Whiskey Nick
147 - FrostHarpy
147 - PrinceKaro
148 - TexWolf_1729
151 - Paratroopa1

StifledSilence: Oh my god. OH MY GOD! This thing is the cutest bat ever. I don't even mind running into him 50 bajillion times because of the cuteness! It has a heart for an eye! It has a cute toothy smile! And I even found a plushie of him at Otakon one year because HE'S SO FUCKING CUTE AHHHHHH!

Inviso: It's cute, I'll give it that. But Zubat was cute too. And it has a better early movepool than Zubat. Still, it's definitely an inferior bat line.

Raka_Putra: Still better than Zubat!

Logicblade: Kind of cute, but the heart nose is disgusting. At least it's fuzzy.

Brayze II:

KommunistKoala: 'woo' does not apply here.

Anagram: It took until I saw Swoobat to decide if the heart thing was a nose or a single eye.

Cybat: I can be pretty patient with the blatant knockoffs this gen. But seriously, you basically only changed one letter of the name with this one. The joy of not running into Zubats in every cave is pretty much mitigated by this thing being the same thing but with a weirder face.

Wigs: Ric Flair bat

Genny: I liked it more when I thought it was some kind of funky lovestruck cyclops. Knowing its just a literal interpretation of a heart-nosed bat takes some of the magic away. And did it really need to be blind and ubiquitous in caves and caverns? Obvious substitute for Zubat could not be more obvious. I get WHY there had to be so many rehashes in this generation (because like II it was all about starting over and previous generation pokémon could not be encountered until after the game was beaten) but come on, at least be slightly original... At least the typing wasn't the same. Poison/Flying always did kinda tank.

Wicklebee: Why the heart?

Magmortar: To quote Smogon, “It is completely outclassed by Sigilyph in every way except Speed. That includes cuteness.”

ctesjbuvf: Resembles Zubat too much and it’s bad and annoying.

OrangeCrush: Zubat was so cool, so Gamefreak gave us another one with a heart theme!

Natwaf: NFE Trash

PrinceKaro: For the last time, stupid does not equal cute, and this thing is just f***ing stupid.

Paratroopa1: woobat's dumb nose and dumb face is making me a cranky motherfucker right now I really want to be done with these writeups

131. MunnaEdit

Score: 5228
Average Ranking: 106.69 (Standard Deviation: 34.64)
Psychic rank: 12/15
NFE rank: 57/74

8 - OrangeCrush
9 - cody11533
21 - Brayze II
56 - Raka_Putra
67 - l3fty
67 - Paratroopa1
68 - Inviso
73 - Cybat
83 - Naye745
84 - TexWolf_1729
88 - Sorozone
92 - swordz9
94 - PrinceKaro
95 - tazzyboyishere
100 - ecksgem
101 - BetrayedTangy
101 - SanityLapse
103 - Xuxon
107 - Natwaf
107 - Steiner
108 - xx521xx
110 - starfox2245
115 - mnkboy907
117 - Magmortar
118 - KommunistKoala
120 - mcflubbin
121 - Luster Soldier
123 - Suor
124 - Dragon66116
126 - FrostHarpy
127 - Scepter
128 - Genny
128 - Ermine
129 - Logicblade
129 - red13n
130 - junglebob22
131 - Drakeryn
132 - Anagram
134 - StifledSilence
136 - CasanovaZelos
137 - Whiskey Nick
138 - Articuno2001
138 - Bane_Of_Despair
138 - XIII_Rocks
143 - Wigs
148 - ctesjbuvf
155 - Wicklebee
155 - profDEADPOOL

OrangeCrush: I like how she was first mentioned in Pokemon Red and Blue, and she's pretty much Bianca's signature Pokemon.

Brayze II:

Raka_Putra: Munna, the Sustainance Pokemon. Munna was created by Arceus as food for the Israelites to sustain them through their journey.

Paratroopa1: it looks less like a pokemon and more like a pink, flowery piece of kitsch your grandma has on a shelf. both eat your dreams

Inviso: This is a cute little Psychic type. Definitely one of the best that isn't a feline from Gen II or VI. But not particularly special.

Cybat: Not all that memorable, but I have to give them credit for this:

Natwaf: Cute NFE Trash

Magmortar: I don’t even know.

Suor: Flower patterns on sofas aren't really my thing.

Genny: It's kinda ugly cute, but not enough to be relevant. Only this high because backward continuity reference: Gotta admit that's pretty neat.

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #29. I've always wanted a Munna!

Logicblade: Dumb, but it's kind of cute in an ugly way.

Anagram: I feel like I'd like this a little more if I cared about pigs at all. Like a piggy bank pokemon with payday would be a good enough pokemon to me. Instead it's… this. Not even the best first stage pig pokemon of Gen 5.

StifledSilence: Olivia Munna

Whiskey Nick: It looks like a clitoris

Wigs: what is this? Why is this?

ctesjbuvf: This thing seems more like an object than a Pokemon to me.

Wicklebee: Why in hell's name…

130. KlinklangEdit

Score: 5238
Average Ranking: 106.9 (Standard Deviation: 38.66)
Steel rank: 10/12
Fully Evolved rank: 75/82

12 - l3fty
22 - Wigs
36 - Magmortar
36 - Steiner
45 - Cybat
52 - Natwaf
56 - TexWolf_1729
60 - ecksgem
61 - XIII_Rocks
71 - Drakeryn
72 - profDEADPOOL
79 - Inviso
80 - FrostHarpy
85 - Naye745
92 - Suor
95 - SanityLapse
100 - KommunistKoala
101 - xx521xx
105 - mnkboy907
106 - OrangeCrush
108 - Xuxon
109 - BetrayedTangy
109 - Articuno2001
110 - Anagram
116 - Ermine
119 - ctesjbuvf
120 - Genny
121 - Whiskey Nick
122 - tazzyboyishere
123 - Wicklebee
124 - Logicblade
132 - Luster Soldier
134 - Scepter
136 - starfox2245
137 - CasanovaZelos
139 - PrinceKaro
141 - Brayze II
142 - Raka_Putra
142 - mcflubbin
145 - Dragon66116
146 - swordz9
148 - Sorozone
148 - Paratroopa1
148 - red13n
150 - Bane_Of_Despair
151 - cody11533
151 - StifledSilence
152 - junglebob22

Wigs: please go easy on these guys b8 even though you won't see this til its too late

Magmortar: extremely dumb looking to the point of hilarity, even has a dumb NAME (moreso in Japanese of course), and battling wise, it’s an alright-ish Pokemon with obvious strengths and weaknesses. I’m just putting it here because it’s funny.

Cybat: Has two pretty neat signature moves and almost nothing else. Seriously, this line might cumulatively have the single worst movepool in the game. Which is a shame because it's a perfectly reasonable concept.

Natwaf: SHIFT GEAR! But between the Gears that hit Twice, Volt Tackle, and Return for physical attacks, it's just meh


Inviso: I don't know what this could've done better to make me like it more…it's just not on par with Magnezone, and it manages to ruin the cuteness of Klink, sadly.

KommunistKoala: I had this thing right next to its predecessors for being Saturn Klang but I thought I'd give it some credit for its signature moves at least. Yes that propelled it 50 spots. Gen V

Anagram: Why are we following Mortal Kombat rules?

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #41. This line is just bad.

ctesjbuvf: This Pokemon actually isn’t that bad, but I feel like they created the line in three seconds to make some pure steel. Pure steel is pretty boring so there’s also that.

Genny: Friendly reminder: If you don't have all three of these pokémon in close proximity to each other... you are weird.


Logicblade: Super boring gear pokemon.

PrinceKaro: This pokemon really grinds my gears.

Brayze II:

Raka_Putra: I have to grind my teeth everytime I see it. Ugly face, unneeded evolutions, lazy evolution, and all-time favorite inorganic design…it's just a recipe for disaster.

Paratroopa1: ugh ugh ugh

Bane_Of_Despair: Gears, why the fuck not 5 generations in. But this is why not.


junglebob22: Klang and Klinklang are the laziest evolutions in the series

129. VanillishEdit

Score: 5222
Average Ranking: 106.57 (Standard Deviation: 38.23)
Ice rank: 7/7
NFE rank: 56/74

1 - l3fty
11 - SanityLapse
30 - Articuno2001
40 - ctesjbuvf
40 - TexWolf_1729
42 - Wicklebee
59 - FrostHarpy
68 - Raka_Putra
73 - Sorozone
84 - OrangeCrush
85 - cody11533
90 - Xuxon
92 - PrinceKaro
92 - Steiner
93 - Scepter
95 - junglebob22
97 - Naye745
100 - BetrayedTangy
100 - Anagram
103 - Wigs
105 - Suor
110 - swordz9
110 - Drakeryn
112 - Inviso
112 - starfox2245
122 - StifledSilence
123 - Ermine
124 - Natwaf
125 - profDEADPOOL
126 - Whiskey Nick
129 - tazzyboyishere
134 - Magmortar
134 - Bane_Of_Despair
136 - Luster Soldier
136 - mcflubbin
137 - red13n
139 - Genny
139 - XIII_Rocks
141 - CasanovaZelos
142 - Cybat
145 - Logicblade
146 - ecksgem
146 - xx521xx
146 - Brayze II
147 - Dragon66116
147 - Paratroopa1
148 - mnkboy907
150 - KommunistKoala

SanityLapse: This is the best of the ice creams because it looks like a typical ice cream cone.

ctesjbuvf: I really like this line. They all look great.

Wicklebee: Look at that face. He's like that one breakfast cereal that wants to eat itself.

Raka_Putra: Gets unjustifiable hate.

junglebob22: <D

Anagram: The mouth alone puts this in the five derp pokemon.

Inviso: Better than Vanillite if only because the design is slightly better. Still nothing special.

StifledSilence: Better stay away from that ice cream truck.

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #34. "Let's see. What should we do for this middle evolution for our ice cream pokemon." "Let's make him look ***CENSORED***!" "SOUNDS LIKE A PLAN!"


Magmortar: How high do you have to be to think fucking rock ice cream is a good idea for a Pokemon.

Genny: You suck. How dare you look so damn happy?

Cybat: I don't hate the concept of "object" Pokemon in and of itself. But this is a perfect example of how to completely botch the execution. It also raises a lot of uncomfortable questions.

Logicblade: Dumbest icecream.

ecksgem: Giving an ice cream cone a dumb face does not make it cute or funny, as I'm sure some will argue.

Brayze II:

Paratroopa1: I don't think they actually intended to make this a three stage line, they just accidentally left in the WIP version of vanilluxe

KommunistKoala: Yep. Ice cream.

128. PatratEdit

Score: 5163
Average Ranking: 105.37 (Standard Deviation: 34.01)
Normal rank: 16/17
NFE rank: 55/74

4 - Xuxon
21 - Ermine
25 - PrinceKaro
38 - xx521xx
50 - red13n
56 - Naye745
71 - Wigs
78 - Steiner
84 - Sorozone
84 - junglebob22
86 - KommunistKoala
88 - Bane_Of_Despair
91 - swordz9
93 - Genny
94 - Wicklebee
97 - Suor
101 - cody11533
103 - profDEADPOOL
106 - StifledSilence
107 - Logicblade
108 - Inviso
110 - ecksgem
111 - starfox2245
113 - Dragon66116
113 - mnkboy907
115 - tazzyboyishere
115 - OrangeCrush
115 - Whiskey Nick
122 - Anagram
122 - SanityLapse
122 - mcflubbin
125 - Brayze II
125 - Drakeryn
127 - CasanovaZelos
127 - Magmortar
128 - Paratroopa1
129 - l3fty
131 - Articuno2001
132 - Raka_Putra
133 - BetrayedTangy
134 - Natwaf
136 - Scepter
138 - FrostHarpy
139 - TexWolf_1729
139 - Cybat
145 - ctesjbuvf
147 - XIII_Rocks
152 - Luster Soldier

Ermine: Unlike with Watchog, the crazy eyes kinda work here still and the rest of his design is pretty good imo. Cute poke.

Genny: D'aww lookit how kwoot!

Wicklebee: Why does this exist?

StifledSilence: Stop being such a patrat and throw away those things you're hoarding!

Logicblade: Not as cool as Boss Watchog. Also not a rat I would pat.

Inviso: I think I have to agree with the people who call this the weakest of the generic early-game rodents. It's just nothing special.

Anagram: Looks like a one episode villain in Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Brayze II:

Drakeryn: this guy could've made the 'inoffensive and bland' tier if it weren't for the freakish possessed eyes

Magmortar: Even for an early game rodent, this is way, way, way below the standard.

Paratroopa1: maybe this really wasn't worth it

Raka_Putra: Ugh, ugliest first com-Mon ever. It just looks so unhappy all the time. Someone put the species out of their misery.

Natwaf: NFE Trash

Cybat: Creepy eyes. And he learns a much more annoying moveset than other early Normals. Fighting the inevitable swarms of these things is such a pain.

ctesjbuvf: Looks bad and fails to live up to Ratatta and Zigzagoon.

127. ThundurusEdit

Score: 5116
Average Ranking: 104.41 (Standard Deviation: 42.07)
Electric rank: 10/11
Flying rank: 15/18
Fully Evolved rank: 73/82

9 - Natwaf
10 - Xuxon
19 - SanityLapse
21 - Luster Soldier
22 - Magmortar
23 - starfox2245
67 - XIII_Rocks
70 - Bane_Of_Despair
76 - Paratroopa1
78 - FrostHarpy
80 - mnkboy907
81 - Genny
84 - Wigs
85 - KommunistKoala
86 - ecksgem
87 - Inviso
96 - swordz9
100 - Dragon66116
106 - BetrayedTangy
108 - CasanovaZelos
109 - tazzyboyishere
109 - Suor
110 - ctesjbuvf
113 - StifledSilence
114 - Articuno2001
117 - mcflubbin
117 - l3fty
122 - OrangeCrush
129 - TexWolf_1729
130 - PrinceKaro
131 - Brayze II
132 - Sorozone
132 - Whiskey Nick
134 - Logicblade
136 - Raka_Putra
136 - profDEADPOOL
140 - Scepter
142 - Naye745
144 - Cybat
146 - Wicklebee
147 - Drakeryn
148 - Steiner
149 - Anagram
150 - junglebob22
152 - red13n
153 - cody11533
153 - xx521xx
154 - Ermine

Natwaf: The Kami that is mostly used in it's Incarnate Forme, thanks to Prankster. Many a cry of anguish were made when it's priority status moves were used. It's also a whole lot better than the Emolga I used. My favorite of the Kami trio!

SanityLapse: Anal beads.

Magmortar: I’ve always liked the genies a lot because what they lack in originality they make up for in being able to totally pulverize things, and although they aren’t very…original, they are pretty damn stylish. Electrogenie is one really annoying and powerful thing.

Paratroopa1: wow it must be awesome to be neither the best nor the worst of a set of things that are clones of each other

Genny: The definitive best of the Kami Trio... which is really not saying that much. It's neither helped nor hurt by its additional forme imo, but the original form was good enough to begin with. I actually used a Thundurus after catching one, unlike the other genies which went right to the box. He was pretty darn groovy. Definitely no Zekrom though.

Inviso: I'm surprised at how high I have the legendary genies, but this one is definitely the worst of the three, since we already have a MUCH MUCH better Electric/Flying legendary in the series.

ctesjbuvf: From a lame legendary trio.

StifledSilence: Thund R' Us, the new toy store created by Zeus for all the children he made by sexually assaulting human women.

PrinceKaro: Hey kids! Create your own legendary! Just fill in the blanks!! (name), the (element)-type pokemon! This (color)-skinned genie flies on a cloud with his arms crossed with a tail that is a (type of sex toy) and causes (weather type) as he passes!

Brayze II:

Logicblade: Herpes Genies, Blue! At least blue is a good colour.

Raka_Putra: Ugly as fuck. Fuck, why do they have to exist?

Cybat: Better typing, color scheme and Therian forme than its buddy, but pretty interchangeably horrible in its regular form. I didn't even notice their "tails" were different until starting these writeups.

Wicklebee: I ride a thunder cloud, wee

Anagram: I have never met anyone who likes the elemental genies even a little bit. By any metric except usefulness, there is just nothing going on here.

junglebob22: Ugh I actually prefer its genie form, and I HATE the genie forms of this trio

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #3. I don't quite understand what exactly the designers were thinking when they designed the genies. Actually I take that back, I have no ****ing idea what they were thinking. How in any way possible could someone look at these things and say "Yeah, this looks like a great set of pokemon, we did a great job here!". More likely the response to seeing these things is for the person to lose their lunch and lose all faith in humanity. What a disaster and what's worse is that these pokemon are competitively viable so if I ever wanted to play competitive again, I'd have to look at these pieces of **** all the time and to be quite honest, that's enough to make it so I never play competitive again.

126. WatchogEdit

Score: 5109
Average Ranking: 104.27 (Standard Deviation: 38.64)
Normal rank: 17/17
Fully Evolved rank: 72/82

3 - Xuxon
10 - Bane_Of_Despair
16 - Wigs
41 - PrinceKaro
44 - Ermine
52 - red13n
53 - Articuno2001
64 - Logicblade
67 - Sorozone
72 - Natwaf
75 - Magmortar
78 - xx521xx
81 - Steiner
82 - starfox2245
84 - Suor
91 - cody11533
100 - Inviso
103 - CasanovaZelos
104 - profDEADPOOL
105 - FrostHarpy
105 - StifledSilence
109 - Wicklebee
109 - TexWolf_1729
112 - tazzyboyishere
116 - Dragon66116
118 - ctesjbuvf
123 - SanityLapse
123 - mcflubbin
124 - Drakeryn
126 - Brayze II
129 - BetrayedTangy
130 - Anagram
130 - Paratroopa1
132 - Genny
132 - junglebob22
133 - ecksgem
133 - l3fty
133 - Naye745
134 - Cybat
136 - KommunistKoala
137 - Luster Soldier
138 - Scepter
139 - Whiskey Nick
140 - swordz9
142 - OrangeCrush
146 - Raka_Putra
146 - XIII_Rocks
153 - mnkboy907

Bane_Of_Despair: Dunno if this guy is popular, but meerkats are great and I love this guy's crazy eyes for some reason. Just really cool for me

Wigs: this guy reminds me

Ermine: I really want to like watchog... but I really just can't that much.

Logicblade: This pokemon is a troll in it's highest essence. I've had a few revenge kills happen to me in my black nuzlocke.

Natwaf: I love how intense his eyes are.

Magmortar: Earns a little credit for Lion King parodies that cast it as Timon.

Inviso: Better than Patrat, barely, but still nothing all that special. It just looks weird.

StifledSilence: Except it's not a watchdog. It's a rodent.

Wicklebee: What?

ctesjbuvf: Fine I suppose, but looks incredibly ugly.

Brayze II:

Anagram: The second worst of the Raticates. The only one it's better than is Raticate.

Paratroopa1: I like how every pokemon in gen V is like almost sort of useful, or has some point, except for this one, which doesn't

Genny: How in the world does one mess up something based on a meerkat and a prarie dog? Like this I guess. Needless to say I was pretty disappointed when my Patrat evolved. Two really awesome animals apparently don't always make one really awesome pokémon. I could probably deal if not for the safety vest pattern of stripes, though that still wouldn't remove the extremely annoying learnset.

Cybat: Still has an annoying moveset which makes it really obnoxious to fight. But meerkats are cool. Weird tail.

KommunistKoala: Bleh.

Raka_Putra: No, no, no, no, no. Horrible, horrible Pokemon. Just see their eyes and it's needlessly terrifying…judging you from afar, waiting for you to white out so they can feast on your flesh…and oddly humanoid too, so it's probably too intelligent for comfort.

125. BoldoreEdit

Score: 5063
Average Ranking: 103.33 (Standard Deviation: 31)
Rock rank: 10/10
NFE rank: 54/74

6 - Wigs
17 - l3fty
44 - Wicklebee
62 - Brayze II
71 - profDEADPOOL
73 - Magmortar
74 - Anagram
80 - Luster Soldier
80 - Whiskey Nick
83 - Dragon66116
83 - Cybat
85 - Steiner
86 - TexWolf_1729
88 - ctesjbuvf
88 - red13n
95 - BetrayedTangy
96 - Raka_Putra
98 - mnkboy907
100 - StifledSilence
101 - tazzyboyishere
101 - Articuno2001
102 - FrostHarpy
103 - Sorozone
103 - ecksgem
104 - Suor
104 - Ermine
106 - Drakeryn
109 - CasanovaZelos
109 - XIII_Rocks
110 - Scepter
112 - Naye745
115 - PrinceKaro
115 - Genny
120 - xx521xx
123 - Paratroopa1
126 - Xuxon
129 - Inviso
129 - KommunistKoala
131 - Logicblade
133 - OrangeCrush
134 - SanityLapse
136 - cody11533
139 - junglebob22
142 - starfox2245
142 - swordz9
147 - mcflubbin
151 - Natwaf
152 - Bane_Of_Despair

Wigs: I love his goddamn face built into the stone, this makes him better than his younger and older self

Wicklebee: He's a Boulder! Boulder Canyon has to be my favorite DKR track because you ring the bell and make racers drop into the moat.

Brayze II:

Magmortar: It looks like an Xbox 360 controller. That’s about it.

Anagram: I'm almost sad this line didn't get the Gurdurr naming system, since that way we could have had Boldurr.

Cybat: Its placement is slightly improved by its far superior shiny coloring. And its name is way better than Graveler.

ctesjbuvf: I like this line, but it looks so ugly and it’s kind of stupid. Got a bit of anime screentime but had no personality.

Raka_Putra: Eh, it's alright.

StifledSilence: Aww but the first rock pun in this line was funny.

Suor: F*** you, f*** Sturdy and f*** Graveler for getting it too after you did.

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #53. This pokemon is very interesting!

Genny: I really want to like Boldore because it's based on like the coolest kind of rock ever but eeeehhhh... Even the coolest rock is still... just a rock. Unless it's a diamond.

Paratroopa1: I cannot think of any earthly reason to prefer roggenrola or boldore, they are basically the same thing

Inviso: This is the cut-off point between stuff I outright hate and stuff I just don't care about. See, I like the Roggenrola line design-wise, but I'll be damned if it's not f***ing annoying, trying to grind in a cave or something and running into a group of Pokemon that cannot be OHKOed due to their stupid Sturdy ability.

Logicblade: More like Boredore.

OrangeCrush: Gen V's change to Sturdy is cancerous

junglebob22: Slightly more interesting than Roggenrola, but Sturdy still sucks in wild battles

Natwaf: How much do you hate random encounter Sturdy enemies? I know I do. Fortunately, they're slow as molasses, so running away is easy.

Bane_Of_Despair: Just a bunch a rocks, nothing about it stands out like its counterparts

124. GothitelleEdit

Score: 5041
Average Ranking: 102.88 (Standard Deviation: 42.62)
Psychic rank: 11/15
Fully Evolved rank: 71/82

12 - Suor
30 - Scepter
34 - SanityLapse
42 - FrostHarpy
42 - Anagram
47 - OrangeCrush
51 - ctesjbuvf
55 - Wicklebee
61 - Luster Soldier
63 - CasanovaZelos
66 - Natwaf
67 - TexWolf_1729
68 - Bane_Of_Despair
69 - mcflubbin
71 - PrinceKaro
74 - Cybat
79 - KommunistKoala
80 - Dragon66116
81 - Naye745
82 - Genny
90 - swordz9
92 - Inviso
94 - Articuno2001
101 - Logicblade
105 - ecksgem
106 - cody11533
107 - starfox2245
122 - Xuxon
126 - XIII_Rocks
131 - tazzyboyishere
135 - xx521xx
141 - red13n
144 - Paratroopa1
145 - profDEADPOOL
147 - Raka_Putra
148 - StifledSilence
149 - BetrayedTangy
149 - mnkboy907
149 - Brayze II
151 - Steiner
152 - Ermine
153 - Sorozone
153 - Magmortar
153 - Whiskey Nick
153 - Drakeryn
153 - l3fty
155 - junglebob22
155 - Wigs

Suor: Goth tower is amazing and Shadow Tag is nasty. She's classy as f*** but sadly misunderstood.

SanityLapse: Nice hair goth lady.

Anagram: Can you imagine having to go through doors with those things on the sides of your head? Every day would be a living nightmare.

OrangeCrush: Lolitower is underrated

ctesjbuvf: I thought this was really cool at first. It’s alright, but it was a major disappointment to use it.


Natwaf: Shadow tag ****ers! Other than that, eww pure psychic. Give me back muh Gardevoir

Cybat: Sure, her design is a little creepy, and gameplay-wise it seems like a missed opportunity that she wasn't Psychic/Ghost, but…I dunno. I kinda like it.

Genny: I hate her freaking "hair". If she had anything other than stupid disks sticking out from the side of her head I'd rank her a minimum of 30 spots higher. They really blew it in terms of designing her, ugh. In battle however I found her quite nice. Serviceable. I did enjoy using her. I keep saying her but male Gothitelle is literally a thing lol. Gotta dock some points for that.

Inviso: It's certainly a big step up from the awful olicon of the first form. But this thing just isn't special, and Gardevoir does its job much better.

Logicblade: Oh a Goth tower.

Paratroopa1: it is completely beyond my capability of thought to understand why anyone would ever like this thing

Raka_Putra: It's like a whole tower of ugliness, just for you.

StifledSilence: Goth kids? Seriously, Gen 5 is a cesspool of awful ideas.

Brayze II:

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #5. What... were... they... thinking?

Magmortar: I did not want a reminder that this…THING (and I use that term loosely), existed. Why does it even evolve. Twice.

junglebob22: The Goth Tower: A monument to terrible Pokemon design

Wigs: no.

123. PigniteEdit

Score: 5010
Average Ranking: 102.24 (Standard Deviation: 38.94)
Fire rank: 13/15
Fighting rank: 14/15
NFE rank: 53/74

5 - Wigs
6 - junglebob22
32 - StifledSilence
36 - Inviso
39 - mcflubbin
40 - CasanovaZelos
46 - Steiner
54 - mnkboy907
61 - Logicblade
72 - Scepter
75 - Wicklebee
75 - swordz9
83 - Sorozone
84 - Luster Soldier
85 - Raka_Putra
87 - XIII_Rocks
90 - Ermine
96 - Articuno2001
99 - Dragon66116
106 - Whiskey Nick
107 - BetrayedTangy
111 - Suor
112 - xx521xx
114 - Bane_Of_Despair
116 - tazzyboyishere
117 - red13n
119 - cody11533
120 - starfox2245
120 - Paratroopa1
121 - Magmortar
121 - TexWolf_1729
122 - Genny
123 - Brayze II
124 - KommunistKoala
125 - ecksgem
127 - Natwaf
127 - ctesjbuvf
129 - Drakeryn
136 - PrinceKaro
136 - OrangeCrush
137 - Xuxon
147 - profDEADPOOL
147 - l3fty
147 - Naye745
148 - SanityLapse
150 - FrostHarpy
152 - Anagram
152 - Cybat

Wigs: he looks like a champ and this pun is so awful it's great

StifledSilence: We have pignition!

Inviso: People hated on Wizards for saving this thing for so long in SMP, and I did too..but in retrospect, Pignite's pretty cute and the best of its line.

Steiner: RAISE DA ROOF makes an exception to terrible starters gen

Logicblade: Worst pun of the bunch. Also worst starter of the group, but not all that bad.

Scepter: I'm less mad at it now than I used to be

Wicklebee: This pun is cute. Ignite the pig, but GO AWAY FIRE/FIGHTING STARTERS

Raka_Putra: No. Get away.

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #67. Pignite is the awful line. He decides what is awful and what is not. He himself is awful but he is the king of them all. Congratulations Pignite.

Paratroopa1: wow I'm just blown away by the universal appeal of this pig in a wrestling singlet

Magmortar: Ranks above Tepig since it gets cast as Pumbaa in Lion King parodies. Yeah, this guy is not very good. Generation 5 is not very good.

Genny: OTOH I feel like Pignite gets too much flak. OTOH it's the third freaking Fire/Fighting starter in a row and brings nothing new to the table in terms of battle prowess. Also its design is ugh. I know pigs are infamous for being fat but come on! Only some kind of weirdo would like a fat, pig wrestler. They should really try to make every stage of a starter line appealing in some way.

Brayze II:

Natwaf: NFE Trash

ctesjbuvf: An alright battler, but looks pretty bad. Now the main reason for its terrible placement comes from the anime Pignite, that completely failed to do anything for me. It lost its personality upon evolving and they couldn’t find a balance between it being supposed to be strong and also not being too strong because they realized it had accomplished nothing.

PrinceKaro: Why does my cute little Tepig evolve into this stupid looking f***er? Did he eat too much lard?

OrangeCrush: Ugly, and made worse by Gamefreak thinking it's actually good.

Anagram: This looks more like the fat kid in an 80s ensemble cast children's movie than some kind of fighter.

Cybat: Bahahahaha. What a tool.

122. EelektrikEdit

Score: 4988
Average Ranking: 100.63 (Standard Deviation: 35.7)
Electric rank: 9/11
NFE rank: 50/74

14 - TexWolf_1729
20 - junglebob22
29 - Wigs
34 - l3fty
42 - Paratroopa1
62 - ctesjbuvf
64 - FrostHarpy
74 - tazzyboyishere
75 - Brayze II
80 - Anagram
83 - Ermine
84 - SanityLapse
87 - Cybat
93 - Natwaf
94 - xx521xx
96 - Whiskey Nick
96 - red13n
96 - Steiner
99 - BetrayedTangy
100 - Magmortar
100 - mnkboy907
102 - mcflubbin
103 - Raka_Putra
104 - Wicklebee
105 - Inviso
106 - starfox2245
110 - Articuno2001
111 - Logicblade
112 - CasanovaZelos
115 - KommunistKoala
115 - XIII_Rocks
116 - profDEADPOOL
117 - PrinceKaro
119 - Luster Soldier
119 - Xuxon
123 - Sorozone
125 - Naye745
128 - cody11533
131 - Dragon66116
131 - StifledSilence
139 - Scepter
139 - swordz9
143 - Suor
143 - Drakeryn
144 - Bane_Of_Despair
145 - Genny
145 - ecksgem
146 - OrangeCrush

Wigs: It's like if huntail wasn't stupid

Paratroopa1: he's cute

ctesjbuvf: No weaknesses as long as its ability is intact. Great in battle to begin with.

Brayze II:

Anagram: I want to grab one by the tail and flail it around until I smash it into a vase or something.

Cybat: Really low-hanging fruit with the design and name, isn't it? But we were overdue for an electric eel, and this one is fairly interesting. Weird eyes though.

Natwaf: Creepy (in a good way) NFE Trash

Magmortar: it looks like Huntail’s idiot hillbilly brother

Raka_Putra: Electric eels are scary.

Wicklebee: No.

Inviso: This thing takes forever to evolve, and then you have to stone evolve it further, meaning either you stick with lame Eelektrik, or miss out on level up moves. Not terrible though.

Logicblade: Electr…ICK. Goes from cute and boring to gross and unusable.

StifledSilence: lol itz eelektricity

Suor: Another stoned pokémon, at least has a cool name.

Genny: This thing looks so sad. Did Tynamo line really need a middle evolution, particularly one this pathetic and miserable? I happen to like eels, and think lampreys are interesting but ugh... this... Corniest name ever btw.

ecksgem: Unappealing and uninteresting middle evolution.

121. RoggenrolaEdit

Score: 4967
Average Ranking: 101.37 (Standard Deviation: 34.85)
Rock rank: 9/10
NFE rank: 52/74

14 - l3fty
50 - ctesjbuvf
51 - Inviso
53 - Anagram
54 - TexWolf_1729
54 - Wigs
56 - Sorozone
56 - SanityLapse
60 - Steiner
60 - XIII_Rocks
62 - OrangeCrush
65 - cody11533
65 - profDEADPOOL
80 - Articuno2001
82 - Brayze II
88 - mnkboy907
95 - starfox2245
95 - Raka_Putra
98 - Cybat
99 - Drakeryn
100 - PrinceKaro
101 - KommunistKoala
101 - Xuxon
104 - tazzyboyishere
104 - BetrayedTangy
104 - StifledSilence
105 - Scepter
108 - Wicklebee
110 - FrostHarpy
110 - Naye745
112 - Ermine
118 - Bane_Of_Despair
122 - Suor
122 - Paratroopa1
123 - Dragon66116
129 - Magmortar
130 - Genny
131 - mcflubbin
134 - ecksgem
140 - Logicblade
142 - junglebob22
143 - Luster Soldier
143 - swordz9
145 - CasanovaZelos
148 - Whiskey Nick
151 - red13n
152 - Natwaf
156 - xx521xx

ctesjbuvf: It looks great imo and I like the name.

Inviso: This originally made the top 50, but I decided that the Pokemon I had at 51 deserved to make it the one extra spot, just for lasting as long as it did. Not as cute as Geodude, Roggenrola's still cute though, and has an awesome name.

Anagram: I have no opinions re: Roggenrola

Wigs: haha good job pokemon namers

SanityLapse: It's a walking hole.

XIII_Rocks: One of my few Pokemon accounts

OrangeCrush: Great name, meh Pokemon

Brayze II:

Raka_Putra: That name tho.

Cybat: It can't even learn Rollout AND it has nothing to do with music? What is the deal, GameFreak.

PrinceKaro: It is an anus boulder. Do not want.

KommunistKoala: I like his name. That's enough to beat almost 60 pokemon in this gen.


Wicklebee: Rock-and-roll… is apparently worth an anus. Thanks GameFreak.

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #45. No, the jokes aren't funny.

Suor: Looks like an anus.

Paratroopa1: they really went for it with that name for something that is basically a polygon

Magmortar: Not only is Geodude better, Geodude also does not look like a vagina.

Genny: Is its hole an eye, an ear, a nose, or a mouth? You know what? I'm going to pretend it's an ass hole, just so I can say everything I ranked below this literally lost to a walking anus. (I know it's an ear, I can read.)

Logicblade: Is that supposed to be it's mouth? Gross.

junglebob22: It's an unremarkable pebble that prolongs battle with its ability

Natwaf: How much do you hate random encounter Sturdy enemies? I know I do. Fortunately, they're slow as molasses, so running away is easy.

120. FerroseedEdit

Score: 4947
Average Ranking: 100.96 (Standard Deviation: 35.05)
Steel rank: 9/12
Grass rank: 16/20
NFE rank: 51/74

24 - TexWolf_1729
26 - profDEADPOOL
33 - l3fty
34 - BetrayedTangy
41 - Dragon66116
47 - Inviso
54 - starfox2245
65 - Wicklebee
65 - Whiskey Nick
68 - Magmortar
76 - Naye745
80 - KommunistKoala
82 - Cybat
83 - tazzyboyishere
88 - junglebob22
88 - Paratroopa1
92 - Anagram
92 - XIII_Rocks
96 - Luster Soldier
97 - Logicblade
97 - Brayze II
97 - Wigs
100 - Ermine
105 - Xuxon
106 - xx521xx
108 - ctesjbuvf
108 - mcflubbin
111 - Drakeryn
114 - Natwaf
118 - PrinceKaro
120 - OrangeCrush
121 - mnkboy907
122 - FrostHarpy
123 - Raka_Putra
124 - Suor
128 - Steiner
129 - swordz9
131 - ecksgem
132 - red13n
133 - Articuno2001
135 - Sorozone
137 - Scepter
141 - cody11533
141 - Bane_Of_Despair
143 - StifledSilence
146 - SanityLapse
147 - CasanovaZelos
152 - Genny

Inviso: I never expected to like this thing as much as I do, but then Gen VI rolled around, with competitive battling, and it became really fun to breed (plus it's super-cute).

Wicklebee: You get hurt by touching me, lolol.

Magmortar: Ferrothorn is fun, but Ferroseed…isn’t really. Another reason I hate little cup

Cybat: Probably one of the scariest first-stage Pokemon. Seriously, this "seed" is two feet long. Terrifying.

Paratroopa1: why is gordo from kirby in this game

Anagram: I don't really like Ferroseed, but I like it much more than Ferrothorn.

Logicblade: Ferroseed is basically Pineco but I don't want to break him in half.

Brayze II:

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #57. Uhhh yeah....

ctesjbuvf: Good combination for a grass type, not that remarkable or useful.

Natwaf: NFE Trash

Raka_Putra: Ultimately I put this below its evolution, but both are just so ugly. The color scheme is horrible, terrible, horrific…and it looks like a sad extreme sex toy.

Suor: There are countless people I would have sit on Ferroseed, to put it kindly.

StifledSilence: Remember, kids. Use a condom every time or this is what will happen.

Genny: Durians stink. Next.

119. LandorusEdit

Score: 4915
Average Ranking: 100.31 (Standard Deviation: 42.21)
Ground rank: 10/11
Flying rank: 14/18
Fully Evolved rank: 70/82

10 - Natwaf
15 - Luster Soldier
21 - starfox2245
27 - FrostHarpy
29 - Magmortar
40 - swordz9
48 - SanityLapse
50 - Xuxon
52 - mnkboy907
59 - Sorozone
63 - XIII_Rocks
68 - KommunistKoala
70 - OrangeCrush
74 - Bane_Of_Despair
83 - Inviso
85 - Wigs
89 - Paratroopa1
98 - CasanovaZelos
100 - ctesjbuvf
100 - profDEADPOOL
102 - Dragon66116
103 - tazzyboyishere
108 - Genny
110 - Suor
114 - StifledSilence
114 - ecksgem
117 - Articuno2001
118 - BetrayedTangy
118 - Steiner
119 - mcflubbin
126 - TexWolf_1729
130 - Brayze II
131 - PrinceKaro
134 - Whiskey Nick
135 - Raka_Putra
136 - Logicblade
136 - Cybat
140 - l3fty
141 - Scepter
141 - Naye745
142 - cody11533
147 - Wicklebee
148 - Drakeryn
149 - junglebob22
151 - Anagram
154 - red13n
155 - xx521xx
155 - Ermine

Natwaf: Leader of the Kami Trio, and unlike Tornadus and Thundurus, this dude is more physical oriented. A Ground/Flying that makes more sense, he's got two great abilities either allows it to setup or to just kick ass right from the start. Definitely looks the part of a Kami with stats to boot.

Magmortar: Really capable of wrecking house, and I love the dumb therian form, flying four-legs is pretty legit, in the 3D games it looks ridiculous in a good way.

XIII_Rocks: Wooo marshmallow head

KommunistKoala: The best of the genies, in terms of battling and design I think.

OrangeCrush: Palette swaps are lame, but he's Mega Manectric's BFF in competitive. I'll use that duo if I bother playing on Smogon again.

Inviso: The middle genie for me, Landorus has the coolest animal form, since it's more mammal than bird. Flying/Ground is already covered by the Gliscor line though, so meh.

Paratroopa1: I'm not giving a writeup to the worst genie, he doesn't deserve it, his tail is dumb and his other weird form is the worst one

ctesjbuvf: Lame legendary trio, but solid fun type combination.

Genny: This is the Kami that's helped the absolute most by its Therian Forme. I still can't say I'm a fan but the panther thing is badass.

StifledSilence: Land Doris never learned how to swim in school. She stayed out of the pool.

BetrayedTangy: The little bit of Gen V I have experienced is with Showdown and the handful of Pokemon that appeared in Gen VI. That being said, I hate people who use the Therian form, it's extremely fast and extremely powerful, so much in fact that while wipe out an entire team, just to be sweeped by this piece of s***

Brayze II:

PrinceKaro: Hey kids! Create your own legendary! Just fill in the blanks!! (name), the (element)-type pokemon! This (color)-skinned genie flies on a cloud with his arms crossed with a tail that is a (type of sex toy) and causes (weather type) as he passes!

Raka_Putra: I dislike you so bad. I dislike you so, so bad.

Logicblade: Herpes Genie, Orange!

Cybat: This guy has the most respectable color scheme, Therian forme, and typing. Buuuuuuut yeah he's still pretty lousy.

Wicklebee: I just suck. All there is to it.

Anagram: I have never met anyone who likes the elemental genies even a little bit. By any metric except usefulness, there is just nothing going on here.

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #2. I don't quite understand what exactly the designers were thinking when they designed the genies. Actually I take that back, I have no ****ing idea what they were thinking. How in any way possible could someone look at these things and say "Yeah, this looks like a great set of pokemon, we did a great job here!". More likely the response to seeing these things is for the person to lose their lunch and lose all faith in humanity. What a disaster and what's worse is that these pokemon are competitively viable so if I ever wanted to play competitive again, I'd have to look at these pieces of **** all the time and to be quite honest, that's enough to make it so I never play competitive again.

118. MusharnaEdit

Score: 4880
Average Ranking: 99.59 (Standard Deviation: 37.51)
Psychic rank: 8/15
Fully Evolved rank: 69/82

11 - Brayze II
20 - OrangeCrush
30 - cody11533
34 - Raka_Putra
44 - SanityLapse
55 - Inviso
57 - Paratroopa1
65 - l3fty
66 - TexWolf_1729
72 - tazzyboyishere
75 - ecksgem
76 - CasanovaZelos
77 - PrinceKaro
77 - Steiner
78 - Natwaf
78 - mnkboy907
79 - red13n
82 - FrostHarpy
92 - BetrayedTangy
92 - Articuno2001
93 - swordz9
98 - Luster Soldier
107 - xx521xx
108 - XIII_Rocks
113 - Whiskey Nick
113 - Naye745
114 - Dragon66116
114 - Cybat
116 - starfox2245
118 - Sorozone
118 - Magmortar

119 - KommunistKoala
121 - mcflubbin
126 - ctesjbuvf
128 - junglebob22
129 - Scepter
130 - Ermine
130 - Drakeryn
133 - Anagram
137 - Suor
139 - Bane_Of_Despair
141 - Logicblade
146 - Wigs
149 - Genny
153 - Xuxon
154 - Wicklebee
154 - StifledSilence
154 - profDEADPOOL

Brayze II:

Raka_Putra: This is something The Avengers ate in the post-credit scene.

SanityLapse: Everytime I see this Pokemon, I think it's a fetus still attached to its umbilical cord. I finally had to find out what it actually was, and apparantly it's just badly drawn gas. Either way, I refuse to accept it as anything other than an umbilical cord, so enjoy 44th you fetus.

Inviso: I like its evolution from already cute Munna into still cute, but more cuddly Musharna. Plus I imagine this is Bianca's best friend in the whole world, which is adorable.

Paratroopa1: occasionally you find art where musharna has its eyes open and it's REALLY WEIRD go back to sleep you weirdo

Natwaf: I wonder what that chick in Kanto's reaction would be when she sees this line? And the illusion on Team Plasma was great. Boring to use and fight though.

Cybat: This just looks unsettling. And not even in an interesting way. Just kinda…floats there, looking weird. Its dream mist seems oddly tangible in 3D, too.

Magmortar: this thing and munna look near identical, I barely remember which is which. I guess this one is lower since it is not subject to…thoughts.

ctesjbuvf: Such an utterly boring psychic type. Both the game and the anime attempted at making it interesting, but it’s just too boring and not that good.

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #27. Oh boy I can't wait to get myself a Musharna!

Anagram: I'm not the first one to observe this, and I'm stealing it from someone else, but screw it: this literally looks like a smoking pig fetus.

Logicblade: Looks like a floating cloud of pink crap.

Wigs: no seriously what is this ?? What are any of these???

Genny: Oh come on. We already had a dream-eating tapir like pokémon based on a baku and that one was infinitely less nauseating.

Wicklebee: Does the aborted fetus line exist?

StifledSilence: This is what would happen if Kirby's metabolism deteriorated and he got terminally ill.

117. UnfezantEdit

Score: 4876
Average Ranking: 99.51 (Standard Deviation: 36.06)
Normal rank: 15/17
Flying rank: 13/18
Fully Evolved rank: 68/82

13 - Suor
19 - Articuno2001
41 - Wigs
48 - CasanovaZelos
53 - Dragon66116
55 - Paratroopa1
59 - Brayze II
64 - Genny
66 - Wicklebee
70 - xx521xx
73 - Logicblade
74 - red13n
76 - Ermine
77 - Naye745
82 - Magmortar
83 - l3fty
85 - Sorozone
87 - OrangeCrush
88 - starfox2245
90 - SanityLapse
90 - PrinceKaro
91 - ecksgem
94 - swordz9
101 - StifledSilence
102 - Whiskey Nick
106 - FrostHarpy
110 - Steiner
111 - Luster Soldier
112 - Anagram
113 - Xuxon
114 - TexWolf_1729
116 - Inviso
118 - cody11533
118 - Drakeryn
121 - profDEADPOOL
126 - mcflubbin
131 - Bane_Of_Despair
133 - Raka_Putra
134 - junglebob22
137 - KommunistKoala
140 - Cybat
144 - tazzyboyishere
152 - mnkboy907
152 - ctesjbuvf
154 - BetrayedTangy
156 - Natwaf
156 - XIII_Rocks
156 - Scepter

Suor: I love how flamboyant and fabulous male Unfezant looks, and as a bird pokémon trainer I couldn't avoid trying to use one despite being possibly the worst regional bird ever in battle. Female Unfezant is inferior.

Paratroopa1: I like the male version with the colorful pink face more than the drab looking female version. sexism rules! now you know the reason I like birds

Brayze II:

Genny: I like the males okay, but female Unfezant is... unpleasant. It's already tough enough to follow an act like Staraptor's but when you follow it up with a pokémon that is 50% the absolute blandest generic first route Normal/Flyer it's like... Gosh why do you even bother existing? I know in real life the females of most bird species look less interesting because the males are the only ones who take a proactive approach in attracting a mate, but I don't play games with torpedo sharks and haunted balloons for realism.

Wicklebee: Female form exists. :( Also, we need a Peacock pokemon.

Logicblade: I'm pretty unphased by this low ranking of a archetype I normally like.

Magmortar: I am…uhhh, quite unsure. Worst first route bird? Probably.

ecksgem: Unfezant is this high only because the male brings some much needed color to this otherwise dull line.

StifledSilence: Yes, it's unpleasant.

Anagram: The "un" should have been taken to its furthest extreme. We should have had a reverse pheasant. Just give us the dripping interior of a bird, revived by unholy necromancy. I'd love that.

Inviso: Gen V is the ONLY Generation where I think the generic Normal/Flying type found on early routes…is lame. Unfezant's design for the female is bland, and the male just looks plain stupid.

Raka_Putra: ??? No, thank you.

junglebob22: I don't like the silly mask on the male and the female is the most drab bird Pokemon ever

KommunistKoala: This ugly ass bird.

Cybat: Utterly forgettable. The male version at least is kind of interesting-looking but yeah, they completely phoned it in with the route 1 bird line this time.

ctesjbuvf: Utterly terrible for the bird you can catch early. It’s really bad, it looks really ugly, especially as a female and it’s name sucks too.

Natwaf: Oh my god Lu Bu bird is quite possibly the WORST of the early birds. The move set it gets and it's stats are opposite. Male > Female design wise, but it's so awful I banned it from my E4 Mo-Normal team.

XIII_Rocks: Yeah fuck off. This is worthless. After Swellow, Staraptor and then later Gen VI's excellent Talonflame I thought GF had turned the corner in terms of making their regional birds both look good and be usable in-game. Instead they give us this trash; ugly (especially the bald form) and utterly unusable in-game. Especially egregious in a game lacking great flying options. This is awful; among Game Freak's most irritating crimes. You cannot build an expectation with two great birds and then unleash this shit on us. Fucking awful.

Scepter: After Unfezant, I no longer have a thing for regional birds

116. SolosisEdit

Score: 4865
Average Ranking: 99.29 (Standard Deviation: 33.35)
Psychic rank: 7/15

NFE rank: 49/74

23 - l3fty
25 - xx521xx
34 - PrinceKaro
38 - Anagram
54 - Naye745
56 - Drakeryn
63 - KommunistKoala
63 - SanityLapse
66 - Raka_Putra
66 - Brayze II
67 - ctesjbuvf
73 - profDEADPOOL
79 - ecksgem
81 - Inviso
86 - CasanovaZelos
87 - BetrayedTangy
91 - Steiner
93 - starfox2245
94 - Whiskey Nick
94 - mcflubbin
95 - Paratroopa1
97 - Sorozone
97 - Natwaf
101 - Wicklebee
104 - XIII_Rocks
106 - Scepter
108 - red13n
109 - Ermine
114 - junglebob22
118 - mnkboy907
118 - Cybat
120 - StifledSilence
120 - Bane_Of_Despair
123 - Articuno2001
125 - Luster Soldier
125 - Magmortar
125 - Wigs
127 - Logicblade
127 - swordz9
127 - Suor
134 - Xuxon
135 - tazzyboyishere
137 - FrostHarpy
138 - TexWolf_1729
143 - cody11533
147 - OrangeCrush
153 - Dragon66116
153 - Genny

Anagram: Its nose is so freaking gross.

Raka_Putra: The start of something great.

Brayze II:

ctesjbuvf: Kind of interesting small thing. Nothing special.

Inviso: Something about this is adorable, even though I know it shouldn't be. Far better than Gothita.

Paratroopa1: is your career being a professional soccer player? hope solo's is

Natwaf: Creepy (in a good way) NFE Trash

Wicklebee: It's snot.

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #48. Ugh... at least it's final form is pretty fantastic.

Cybat: While it is a strong concept that develops well through the line, there's only so far you can get being just a circle with a face.

StifledSilence: That's so science!

Magmortar: I hate cells. They alone made science classes hell for me.

Wigs: at this point in its evo cycle, the start, you're not really sure what it is yet so there's still a chance it won't turn into something awful…

Logicblade: One Floating Abortion.

OrangeCrush: A fetus, but not as blatant as Reuniclus

Genny: Bland ugly boring ball of snot. Next. Actually not sure why only Gothita gets so much hate when the mucous blob that is the rival line's counterpart is just as bad if not even more so.

115. PetililEdit

Score: 4847
Average Ranking: 98.92 (Standard Deviation: 33.6)
Grass rank: 10/20
NFE rank: 48/74

17 - OrangeCrush
17 - xx521xx
37 - Drakeryn
47 - Scepter
50 - l3fty
53 - PrinceKaro
57 - cody11533
63 - Inviso
67 - Xuxon
73 - mnkboy907
75 - Anagram
77 - swordz9
79 - Wicklebee
79 - Paratroopa1
80 - ecksgem
81 - Cybat
87 - red13n
88 - mcflubbin
91 - Natwaf
93 - Suor
97 - junglebob22
98 - Genny
102 - tazzyboyishere
102 - Bane_Of_Despair
108 - Naye745
110 - Logicblade
111 - KommunistKoala
113 - TexWolf_1729
113 - Brayze II
115 - starfox2245
116 - Raka_Putra
116 - Wigs
117 - Ermine
119 - Articuno2001
121 - XIII_Rocks
122 - CasanovaZelos
123 - FrostHarpy
124 - SanityLapse
127 - BetrayedTangy
129 - Luster Soldier
132 - Magmortar
136 - ctesjbuvf
141 - StifledSilence
141 - Whiskey Nick
141 - profDEADPOOL
149 - Sorozone
150 - Steiner
152 - Dragon66116


Inviso: I like this line SO much better than its cotton counterpart. Petilil is adorable and evolves into something even more adorable.

Anagram: Probably the worst Pokemon-related experience I'e ever had was breeding a shiny Petilil. That took me forever. I never want to do it again.

Wicklebee: It's kind of cute, and is all female so should be… but bleh.

Paratroopa1: it's pleasant enough, although it has a pretty weird shaped body

Cybat: Totally standard first-stage Grass design, but it just works for me. I think it's the eyes, they're expressive without being weird.

Natwaf: ADORABLE! Still NFE Trash

Genny: Cute lil' lady with nothing else to offer but her adorableness. She evolves into an utter beast though.

Logicblade: Petilil was a surprise for me. Normally I wouldn't train a pokemon like this, but Liligant made it worth it.

Brayze II:

Raka_Putra: WTF is this shit

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #40. No.

XIII_Rocks: oh my god who the hell cares

Magmortar: whatever. This generation is not what I would call inspiring.

ctesjbuvf: Looks fine, but did we really need so much useless grass.

StifledSilence: Chia Petlil

114. CottoneeEdit

Score: 4822
Average Ranking: 98.41 (Standard Deviation: 29.12)
Grass rank: 9/20
Fairy rank: 2/2
NFE rank: 47/74

48 - Scepter
51 - l3fty
52 - Drakeryn
53 - Paratroopa1
53 - FrostHarpy
57 - xx521xx
60 - PrinceKaro
62 - mnkboy907
68 - Wicklebee
71 - Anagram
72 - Xuxon
76 - SanityLapse
77 - Whiskey Nick
78 - BetrayedTangy
80 - Sorozone
82 - TexWolf_1729
86 - Logicblade
87 - Brayze II
89 - Cybat
89 - Raka_Putra
90 - mcflubbin
90 - Natwaf
96 - OrangeCrush
98 - Suor
99 - Bane_Of_Despair
102 - swordz9
102 - red13n
103 - Ermine
107 - Genny
107 - Naye745
109 - Magmortar
112 - KommunistKoala
115 - junglebob22
120 - Inviso
120 - tazzyboyishere
120 - Articuno2001
123 - cody11533
123 - starfox2245
123 - Steiner
126 - Wigs
132 - ecksgem
136 - XIII_Rocks
139 - Luster Soldier
140 - StifledSilence
140 - profDEADPOOL
144 - CasanovaZelos
147 - ctesjbuvf
154 - Dragon66116

Paratroopa1: kinda not sure what this is aside from being a ball of fluff but it's great

Wicklebee: Christmas a couple years back my brother's girlfriend saw a cotton farm and asked what cotton was used for nowadays anyway. All the boys in the back (myself, my brother, and my cousin) were grabbing at their clothes laughing. She didn't last long as his gf after that.

Anagram: I feel like this should be on the end of a Q-tip and covered with earwax.

Logicblade: It kind of has that embarassed anime girl look on its face and that's very strange. Still cute though.

Brayze II:

Cybat: It has a weird mouth. Other than that…really not much to say. Glad it got the Fairy type.

Raka_Putra: It's kind of like nothing. I can't imagine raising it.

Natwaf: ADORABLE! Still NFE Trash

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #54. I feel like they just took a blob, stuck a few clouds and leaves on it and poof, a new pokemon!

Genny: The design is too simple for me. A cotton spore that evolves into a sheep is a good concept though.

Magmortar: I feel like I’ve used all my insults already, because this generation is just so FUCKING AWFUL and I have run out of ways to express this other than saying it outright

Inviso: Generic Grass-type that evolves into another Grass-type I don't care for. It's not terrible though, I guess.

Wigs: do you know what this is? It's a PIGGLYPOOP! They're very rare. (Skiploom? Is that you?)

StifledSilence: Would it be rude of me to ask you to pick my Cottonee…up from day care?

ctesjbuvf: Ugly grass fodder.

113. DuosionEdit

Score: 4806
Average Ranking: 98.08 (Standard Deviation: 31.08)
Psychic rank: 6/15
NFE rank: 46/74

16 - PrinceKaro
35 - Raka_Putra
36 - l3fty
41 - xx521xx
45 - ecksgem
45 - Anagram
62 - SanityLapse
70 - ctesjbuvf
70 - Drakeryn
76 - Steiner
80 - profDEADPOOL
84 - CasanovaZelos
86 - swordz9
89 - mnkboy907
89 - red13n
90 - Whiskey Nick
90 - Cybat
91 - Suor
91 - Brayze II
94 - Paratroopa1
95 - Natwaf
97 - BetrayedTangy
99 - Scepter
99 - Ermine
99 - Naye745
102 - starfox2245
107 - KommunistKoala
108 - Articuno2001
110 - junglebob22
110 - XIII_Rocks
111 - cody11533
112 - Genny
115 - Wicklebee
116 - Logicblade
117 - Inviso
118 - StifledSilence
119 - Bane_Of_Despair
124 - Sorozone
126 - Magmortar
128 - FrostHarpy
133 - tazzyboyishere
133 - Xuxon
134 - mcflubbin
135 - TexWolf_1729
139 - Wigs
141 - Dragon66116
146 - Luster Soldier
148 - OrangeCrush

Raka_Putra: Duosion sounds like something, I don't really get it, but it's like a boss from a video game. Say, SSBB or something.

Anagram: Do you think we'll ever have a diffusion pokemon? I mean a pokemon that where its presence in one area is low, but in an adjacent area is high, the areas will equalize over time. Actually I guess we already have that: its name is Ferrothorn, and the areas are peoples' teams. Slowly but surely, it's entering every team so that there will be an even spread of one Ferrothorn across all areas.

ctesjbuvf: Kind of interesting, but never really pay much attention to middle types.

Cybat: Its name makes it sound like it should be cooler than it is. But it's still a pretty good design. And 125 special attack, wow.

Brayze II:

Paratroopa1: solosis but with tiny little arms, a completely necessary evolution

Natwaf: Creepy (in a good way) NFE Trash

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #58. Keep going Duosion, you'll eventually be awesome. Just not yet.

Genny: The very definition of okay.jpg

Wicklebee: That diamond is its mouth… apparently. Weird.

Logicblade: Two Floating Abortions

Inviso: I actually really like the Reuniclus line, but Duosion's definitely a weak link in the design department.

StifledSilence: I can does science

Magmortar: I hate cells already, what makes you think a two-in-one is AN IMPROVEMENT.

Wigs: Sperm, garbage, and fetuses. What is this game trying to tell me?

OrangeCrush: A fetus, but not as blatant as Reuniclus

112. VanilluxeEdit

Score: 4800
Average Ranking: 97.96 (Standard Deviation: 42.84)
Ice rank: 5/7
Fully Evolved rank: 67/82

3 - l3fty
9 - Articuno2001
12 - SanityLapse
16 - Naye745
22 - ctesjbuvf
24 - Scepter
26 - FrostHarpy
50 - mnkboy907
62 - Sorozone
63 - cody11533
69 - Steiner
71 - Xuxon
76 - Suor
77 - BetrayedTangy
78 - starfox2245
80 - XIII_Rocks
81 - Natwaf
81 - TexWolf_1729
89 - Wicklebee
96 - Genny
102 - Wigs
108 - Drakeryn
109 - swordz9
110 - Inviso
111 - PrinceKaro
111 - Whiskey Nick
111 - Ermine
121 - Anagram
121 - StifledSilence
123 - profDEADPOOL
126 - OrangeCrush
127 - ecksgem
129 - Cybat
132 - Bane_Of_Despair
133 - junglebob22
133 - Magmortar
133 - Dragon66116
135 - Luster Soldier
137 - mcflubbin
139 - Raka_Putra
140 - CasanovaZelos
140 - KommunistKoala
143 - red13n
143 - Logicblade
145 - Paratroopa1
147 - Brayze II
147 - tazzyboyishere
149- xx521xx

SanityLapse: This is both terrifying and delicious looking.

ctesjbuvf: Might not be the best, but the design is epic and it’s fun enough to use in game, even if it lacks competitively.

Scepter: Delicious

Natwaf: For the record, my favorite Ice Cream flavor is Cookies and Cream. Second is Caramel and Biscuits (Haagen Dasz). Anyway, this thing… yeah. Trash. It's the special to Beartic's physical, but it doesn't have the stats to back it up.

Wicklebee: Now it's two scoops, and one wants to eat the other. While the other has a… *redacted for moderation*

Genny: I know its design is about as appealing as cold soup or maybe warm, soupy ice cream, but guess what? On a whim I decided to try one out in battle and it was actually pretty damn beastly. That means something to me. Plus, it's not like Generation V gave us so many more great options for Ice types anyway.

Drakeryn: The ice creams started out near the bottom of my list, then kept getting pushed up because there was always worse stuff to put below them. Gen V (tm). also sup lefty

Inviso: Best of its line, but not by much. It still looks generic…it just looks less generic than Vanillite and Vanillish.

PrinceKaro: It's a f***ing ice cream cone!

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #46. Now your ice cream is only half *redacted*!

Anagram: I know that ice cream cones can have more than one scoop of ice cream, so it's not unreasonable to have an ice cream pokemon with multiple scoop-faces, but at the same time, we didn't need an ice cream pokemon to begin with.

StifledSilence: Don't stoners usually like Cheetos?

Cybat: Yep, the first time a Westerner gets to develop Pokemon, this is what we get. I do think the concept coud have worked in theory, but…come on. A straw?

junglebob22: <8

Magmortar: I’ve seen better is all I can say. What the literal fuck is this line.

Raka_Putra: Too much going on.

KommunistKoala: Well, at least this ice cream has a straw in its head. And shoots out mist or something. ****

Logicblade: Dumb icecream.

Paratroopa1: I think this thing was made by a brit or something? thanks, way to really represent all of western culture in pokemon, you did a good job.

Brayze II:

111. ThrohEdit

Score: 4787
Average Ranking: 97.69 (Standard Deviation: 34.62)
Fighting rank: 7/15
Fully Evolved rank: 66/82

19 - Magmortar
34 - Articuno2001
42 - Wigs
47 - mcflubbin
53 - Inviso
53 - StifledSilence
54 - KommunistKoala
59 - Natwaf
61 - profDEADPOOL
63 - ctesjbuvf
64 - Luster Soldier
66 - OrangeCrush
68 - Whiskey Nick
76 - Wicklebee
77 - TexWolf_1729
79 - Bane_Of_Despair
84 - FrostHarpy
86 - BetrayedTangy
87 - Sorozone
89 - Anagram
89 - Xuxon
93 - CasanovaZelos
94 - starfox2245
97 - Dragon66116
110 - xx521xx
111 - junglebob22
112 - l3fty
113 - swordz9
114 - mnkboy907
117 - Drakeryn
117 - Paratroopa1
119 - Logicblade
121 - Ermine
123 - Genny
125 - tazzyboyishere
125 - Scepter
126 - Steiner
127 - XIII_Rocks
128 - ecksgem
128 - red13n
129 - Suor
134 - cody11533
136 - Brayze II
149 - SanityLapse
149 - Cybat
152 - PrinceKaro
153 - Raka_Putra
153 - Naye745

Magmortar: The other Kung Fu Muppet with a much worse name, Throh is still tanky and a pretty cool Pokemon.

Inviso: I like Sawk more, but I still apreciate Throh for being a tough Fighting-type that odesn't afraid of anything.

StifledSilence: Typoh

Natwaf: Not sure why Judo and Karate guy look Polygon-y, but it works.

ctesjbuvf: This guy is badass enough, but not liking him as much as Sawk. Not being able to evolve him drags him down a bit. It’s no fun having a “full evolved” that early.


Anagram: I actually don't completely hate the muppet fighters. I would be a lot more merciful to Throh, but its name is just so ****ing stupid that there's no redeeming it. Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee are not clever names, but they're still far cleverer than a Judo pokemon named Throh.

Paratroopa1: "Vanillish isn't so bad. I'd say he's better than these rankings!" "Why's that?" "They're both awful to look at it, but at least Vanillish has good taste!" DOOHHHHOHOHOHOHO

Logicblade: More like No. Do not want.

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #36. There continue to be a lot of bad fighting pokemon.

Genny: His name is Throh. He specializes in throwing things. Brilliant.

Suor: Spots below Sawk for being red, angry and fat.

Brayze II:

SanityLapse: Such lazy design.

Cybat: Well congratulations GameFreak, you have successfully distilled the very worst of gen 1's design patterns: creepy clothes-wearing humanoid Pokemon and laughably uncreative names. What a time to be alive.

PrinceKaro: I really mean it, no pokemon wearing people clothes! It's f***ing stupid.

Raka_Putra: I can't really decide, which one is worse, Sawk or Throh. Stupid concept, stupid design, stupid names, these are just unbelievably bad.

110. TranquillEdit

Score: 4772
Average Ranking: 97.39 (Standard Deviation: 25.51)
Normal rank: 14/17
Flying rank: 12/18
NFE rank: 45/74

42 - cody11533
53 - Wicklebee
60 - red13n
64 - TexWolf_1729
65 - Wigs
68 - xx521xx
69 - ctesjbuvf
70 - starfox2245
70 - Paratroopa1
71 - Suor
76 - Dragon66116
81 - Logicblade
81 - Magmortar
84 - PrinceKaro
84 - Steiner
85 - l3fty
86 - Genny
86 - OrangeCrush
87 - tazzyboyishere
88 - Ermine
89 - Luster Soldier
89 - SanityLapse
91 - CasanovaZelos
95 - Articuno2001
98 - Inviso
101 - Sorozone
101 - mnkboy907
103 - StifledSilence
104 - swordz9
104 - Xuxon
105 - Whiskey Nick
105 - Naye745
111 - Brayze II
112 - FrostHarpy
113 - Drakeryn
114 - Anagram
117 - Natwaf
117 - junglebob22
124 - mcflubbin
124 - profDEADPOOL
126 - KommunistKoala
130 - Bane_Of_Despair
137 - Cybat
138 - Raka_Putra
138 - ecksgem
139 - BetrayedTangy
143 - Scepter
148 - XIII_Rocks

Wicklebee: Salutations, bird lovers, I am your attempt at a guide along this journey through Flying types. Wait, you're doing the quest for your flying type of this gen without me? Okay.

ctesjbuvf: The only bird in this family that doesn’t suck. Frankly, I might just like the name.

Paratroopa1: deserves either a 50 rank bonus or a 50 rank penalty because of the ability big pecks and its name, but I couldn't decide which. so I split the difference and did nothing

Logicblade: Because you're putting me to sleep.

Magmortar: This thing is just weird looking and not good at all. Pidove is cute. Tranquill isn’t.

Genny: Pretty darned bland, but it's this high because I like its name and cry.

Inviso: Generic design, but not actively terrible, so it makes it just a little bit higher.

StifledSilence: Boring enough to be comparable to Nyquil for all your sleeping needs.

Brayze II: I think only 5 people even know what tranquill is

Anagram: Jesus, did I really put Tranquill this high? I guess I did.

Natwaf: NFE Trash

Cybat: I always forget this thing's name. Why does its personality completely change (I guess…?) when it evolves? And also, "Many people believe that, deep in the forest where Tranquill live, there is a peaceful place where there is no war." Way to hold out on us.

Raka_Putra: Geh, it's literally a bird. It's not a Pokemon! I refuse to accept that it's a Pokemon.

ecksgem: The Pidove line is so boring and generic, and Tranquill is the low point.

XIII_Rocks: The evolution of awful

109. SeismitoadEdit

Score: 4708
Average Ranking: 96.08 (Standard Deviation: 34.95)
Water rank: 11/17
Ground rank: 9/11
Fully Evolved rank: 65/82

21 - BetrayedTangy
25 - Dragon66116
48 - mnkboy907
52 - FrostHarpy
54 - red13n
55 - Sorozone
60 - Whiskey Nick
61 - starfox2245
62 - PrinceKaro
62 - Luster Soldier
64 - Magmortar
65 - Brayze II
68 - Scepter
70 - swordz9
70 - Natwaf
72 - CasanovaZelos
77 - mcflubbin
81 - Wicklebee
81 - junglebob22
88 - profDEADPOOL
89 - KommunistKoala
92 - ctesjbuvf
92 - Xuxon
93 - tazzyboyishere
97 - SanityLapse
97 - Anagram
99 - Articuno2001
99 - Raka_Putra
99 - XIII_Rocks
104 - ecksgem
105 - cody11533
108 - Paratroopa1
109 - OrangeCrush
114 - Ermine
116 - l3fty
120 - Steiner
129 - Bane_Of_Despair
132 - xx521xx
135 - Wigs
141 - Genny
143 - Cybat
144 - Naye745
144 - Drakeryn
145 - StifledSilence
150 - Suor
150 - Inviso
151 - TexWolf_1729
154 - Logicblade

Magmortar: Swampert is a great Pokemon…Toxicroak is a pretty good Pokemon as well…yet when you put two and two together, you get something that doesn’t look all so hot.

Brayze II:

Natwaf: It got the wrong stat boosted. Pretty unremarkable, but I'm in love with this big blue frog's design. I think it also gets a Sludge Wave attack?

Wicklebee: One Poke that'd benefit from us getting a Sound type and him losing the ground type for it.

ctesjbuvf: There’s nothing unique about this, although it’s decent in battle.

Anagram: I wonder how many people trained one and named it Richter. I bet very few, because I bet very few trained Seismitoad.

Raka_Putra: Still better than Tympole!

Paratroopa1: he's weird and gross but toads are awesome so whatevs


Wigs: oh my god why gamefreak why

Genny: I... like... frogs...?

Cybat: Wow, there are just so many unappealing designs this gen. This thing looks like it is in constant suffering.

Drakeryn: Frogs are some of the best animals, but Pokemon does not know how to deal with them. First there's the disaster that is Toxicroak, and then this monstrosity. At least they get it right next gen with Greninja.

StifledSilence: Sea Waddle Dee would be better.

Suor: Why do a lot of these look like they do drugs on a regular basis, and what's with all the external tumors, wtf?

Inviso: Seriously, we had FOUR Generations in a row of some butt-ugly Water/Ground type that you find early in the game, yet people complain about awesome Fire/Fighting types being repetitive.

Logicblade: Herpes la Derpes Toad. Gross.

108. VanilliteEdit

Score: 4685
Average Ranking: 95.61 (Standard Deviation: 39.51)
Ice rank: 4/7
NFE rank: 44/74

2 - l3fty
13 - SanityLapse
26 - cody11533
26 - Xuxon
27 - BetrayedTangy
41 - mnkboy907
43 - Naye745
45 - ctesjbuvf
46 - Articuno2001
55 - Ermine
56 - Bane_Of_Despair
59 - PrinceKaro
62 - xx521xx
72 - FrostHarpy
80 - Scepter
85 - OrangeCrush
91 - Raka_Putra
94 - Suor
104 - Brayze II
106 - TexWolf_1729
106 - XIII_Rocks
107 - junglebob22
108 - Luster Soldier
109 - Drakeryn
111 - Sorozone
111 - Wicklebee
111 - Anagram
111 - swordz9
114 - Inviso
115 - ecksgem
115 - Paratroopa1
117 - starfox2245
122 - Cybat
122 - Steiner
125 - Natwaf
126 - profDEADPOOL
127 - StifledSilence
129 - Wigs
130 - tazzyboyishere
133 - Genny
135 - Magmortar
135 - mcflubbin
138 - Whiskey Nick
138 - red13n
142 - CasanovaZelos
142 - Dragon66116
144 - Logicblade
149 - KommunistKoala

SanityLapse: Baby ice cream cone!

BetrayedTangy: I actually really like Vanillite, it's absolutely adorable. While sure I do think the line is kinda of lacking in the crativity department, the colors and design in general are cool to say the least/

ctesjbuvf: It’s a snow cone, how can you not find that cute?

Ermine: Alright so I have reasoning behind this. Vanillite is this high because it doesn't have a stupid face ANNNND it serves a purpose. Let's say my Zigzagoon is really hungry and wants a treat, well, Vanillite is there to solve all of these problems! Yum! Snack time for Ziggy!

Raka_Putra: Coldstone Creamery > Cream and Fudge > Baskin Robbins

Brayze II:

Wicklebee: The little ice cream can go away though.

Anagram: Looks a bit like the stay puft marshmellow man. I'd have loved an ice/ghost type like that.

Inviso: I caught a shiny one of these. Beyond that, it's an uninspired design that does nothing for me.

Paratroopa1: he's better than the other ice creams I guess. not by much. but he's better

Cybat: He's cute and all. Shame about what he becomes.


StifledSilence: Compared to the gears, this inanimate object lovefest isn't so bad.

Genny: OHHH I GET IT. ICE cream cones? ICE type? AH-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HAAA, SO CLEVER... *Incinerates*

Magmortar: It still puzzles me that a thing like this is actually allowed to exist.

Logicblade: Dumber icecream.

KommunistKoala: Yep. Ice cream.

107. PidoveEdit

Score: 4578
Average Ranking: 93.43 (Standard Deviation: 34.57)
Normal rank: 13/17
Flying rank: 11/18
NFE rank: 43/74

13 - Magmortar
17 - junglebob22
25 - Paratroopa1
37 - cody11533
39 - OrangeCrush
47 - xx521xx
55 - Naye745
57 - Inviso
59 - red13n
63 - Raka_Putra
65 - Xuxon
66 - Ermine
70 - Suor
73 - Wicklebee
82 - tazzyboyishere
83 - Steiner
86 - Drakeryn
88 - SanityLapse
90 - TexWolf_1729
91 - l3fty
91 - mnkboy907
91 - Wigs
93 - Logicblade
95 - swordz9
95 - Dragon66116
107 - Bane_Of_Despair
108 - Brayze II
108 - Anagram
108 - StifledSilence
109 - Natwaf
114 - Luster Soldier
114 - Whiskey Nick
121 - Scepter
121 - KommunistKoala
122 - starfox2245
122 - profDEADPOOL
124 - ecksgem
125 - PrinceKaro
125 - Genny
125 - mcflubbin
128 - CasanovaZelos
129 - Articuno2001
129 - Sorozone
134 - BetrayedTangy
135 - FrostHarpy
135 - Cybat
146 - ctesjbuvf
149 - XIII_Rocks


Paratroopa1: yep. iiiiiiit's a pigeon. look at him go.

OrangeCrush: She's easily the most disappointing early bird, but in Nuzlocke comics both Ruby's Pidove and N's Pidove are great, so that redeems her.

Inviso: Somehow, by virtue of looking the cutest in a very generic line, Pidove beats out Tranquill and Unfezant for the top spot on my list.

Raka_Putra: It's a bird, nothing much to say about it. The start of Pokemon I'm meh at.

Wicklebee: Are you a pidgeon, dove, or Starly 2.0? Make up your terrible mind!

Logicblade: I'd rather you be good! *throws empty beer can*

Brayze II:

Anagram: This would be so much more interesting if they had in some way worked in the number 3.14.

StifledSilence: Doves usually shit more than they pee.

Natwaf: Cute NFE Trash

PrinceKaro: hey you know what would be awesome and original? ANOTHER BUTTF***ING NORMAL/FLYING TYPE WHO LOOKS LIKE AN ORDINARY BIRD.

Genny: A small natrural-colored Normal/Flying typed small bird? I have never seen that anywhere else before.

Cybat: I know I always say that the first bird is boring, but this one is definitely the boringest.

ctesjbuvf: Really bad early bird.

XIII_Rocks: The birth of awful

106. StunfiskEdit

Score: 4561
Average Ranking: 93.08 (Standard Deviation: 50.39)
Electric rank: 7/11
Ground rank: 8/11
Fully Evolved rank: 64/82

5 - SanityLapse
7 - Brayze II
7 - Paratroopa1
10 - Magmortar
11 - l3fty
12 - junglebob22
15 - Natwaf
15 - TexWolf_1729
21 - cody11533
33 - Articuno2001
38 - mcflubbin
41 - Suor
52 - XIII_Rocks
55 - OrangeCrush
58 - Steiner
66 - Genny
77 - Logicblade
83 - mnkboy907
93 - StifledSilence
98 - Xuxon
101 - CasanovaZelos
105 - Wigs
107 - Cybat
112 - Scepter
112 - profDEADPOOL
115 - Naye745
116 - Sorozone
116 - Bane_Of_Despair
120 - Whiskey Nick
124 - BetrayedTangy
126 - ecksgem
128 - Raka_Putra
131 - Luster Soldier
133 - swordz9
134 - Ermine
135 - Anagram
138 - KommunistKoala
138 - Wicklebee
141 - starfox2245
145 - PrinceKaro
145 - Drakeryn
146 - Dragon66116
147 - red13n
148 - FrostHarpy
150 - tazzyboyishere
150 - ctesjbuvf
150 - xx521xx
153 - Inviso

SanityLapse: The derpiest guy of this gen. Whenever I see him, I can't help but smile. He makes me so happy. His call is quite possibly the best call of any Pokemon ever.

Brayze II:

Paratroopa1: yeah, okay, but you're wrong and your ranking of stunfisk is stupid.

Magmortar: Stunfisk is another contender for the stupidest Pokemon ever. It reminds me of Dunsparce so much it hurts, I have to love it.

junglebob22: It seems Game Freak likes to have fun with Stunfisk; look at its Gen 6 model! Also Ground/Electric is a neat type

Natwaf: XD it's face. It's got bad stats to boot, yet oddly… I find it endearing. It turned out to be pretty damn valuable in my Mono-Electric team., since it has access to Surf, Earth Power, and Thunderbolt. Dem ground types have no idea what hit them. I'm still wondering why Stunfisk is the Super Training Balloon for the Thunder Stone. Should have been Pikachu or Raichu. I mean, Fire, Water, and Grass got Charizard, Blastoise, and Venusaur respectively. Stunfisk is the odd mon out. But I still love it.

Suor: From Stunfisk to all the haters: I bet your favorite pokémon can't do the crazy things Stunfy can do, like this:

OrangeCrush: Electric and Ground are 2 of my favorite types, so Stunfisk being the only Pokemon that combines them caught my interest. I used her on my Ground-only team and she was alright to good. Combine that with her being a bit of a meme and you have a modestly good Pokemon, right? However, her cry is farting noises, a.k.a. a big part of the reason why Stuntank is in the running for my least favorite Pokemon. Also the design is kinda weird; I like her in Gen V, but in Gen VI she's a lot flatter than I expected. In the end, I didn't know where to put her, but here seems reasonable.

Genny: It took some time, but I eventually "got" the joke. Stunfisk may not be pretty or glamorous, but... that's precisely the point. Who doesn't love an intentionally trolly pokémon? I'm not even going to reference its typing despite being a fish; instead I'll point out its Pokédex entries: "This mofo hides and waits for something to step on it, and shocks it not out of self-defense but out of pure malice, smirking while it does so." Is that not amazing? What a magnificent bastard!

Logicblade: It's so dumb it's kind of good! I can sort of see where Xuxon comes from sometimes, but even I can't put Stunfisk number 1.

StifledSilence: If it's this flat, does that make it an 8-bit Pokemon?

Cybat: Such a troll. Always fun when Pokemon have completely redundant abilities, right Rotom-S?

Raka_Putra: Disgusting.

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #23. I have no words.

Anagram: Derpfish is stupid, but at least it's memorable, which is more than you can say for many fish.

KommunistKoala: They're just purposely fucking with us with this one. As if the literal trash pokemon weren't enough.

Wicklebee: Seriously, that video Gen posted in last generation that had worst Pokemon designs had this thing with just one hilarious segment that I laughed the entire time during because it was true.

PrinceKaro: They make a pokemon that looks like a turd coming out a yellow sphincter, and then give it the cry that it has. no. NO. NO!

ctesjbuvf: This thing is actually decent, but it gets a really low placement because it’s really ugly and a cool type combination is wasted on this boring thing that doesn’t even evolve. The anime perfectly portrays these flaws and fails to portray it in any useful way.

Inviso: I don't care how derpy it is and how ironically funny it is…this thing is stupid, and it shouldn't have been one of the more unique ideas of the generation.

105. DarumakaEdit

Score: 4552
Average Ranking: 90.82 (Standard Deviation: 37.09)
Fire rank: 11/15
NFE rank: 41/74

28 - XIII_Rocks
29 - SanityLapse
30 - l3fty
34 - Genny
45 - KommunistKoala
46 - Scepter
54 - Articuno2001
55 - junglebob22
57 - StifledSilence
61 - BetrayedTangy
63 - TexWolf_1729
65 - Steiner
67 - Logicblade
67 - Wicklebee
67 - profDEADPOOL
68 - Luster Soldier
70 - Anagram
73 - Xuxon
83 - ctesjbuvf
85 - Drakeryn
88 - tazzyboyishere
89 - cody11533
89 - Dragon66116
91 - Sorozone
93 - mnkboy907
96 - Brayze II
96 - Cybat
100 - Raka_Putra
100 - Bane_Of_Despair
103 - Magmortar
109 - Wigs
110 - PrinceKaro
110 - Whiskey Nick
112 - OrangeCrush
114 - Naye745
115 - mcflubbin
121 - Inviso
126 - Ermine
128 - swordz9
133 - starfox2245
133 - Paratroopa1
134 - CasanovaZelos
144 - xx521xx
146 - red13n
149 - FrostHarpy
150 - Natwaf
153 - ecksgem
154 - Suor

XIII_Rocks: The birth of greatness

SanityLapse: That face.

Genny: I am completely in love with this thing's whimsical design: It looks like something straight out of Ghibli film. Like I would not be shocked to see one rolling around Sen's forest or a trio of them mucking things up in the realm of spirits. Also I think it's adorable. It weebles and wobbles but it doesn't fall down <3. It bugs me that at least one of you is going to reference one of its unfortunate Pokédex entries as an excuse to pan it, but really how is that fair? If a pervert steals your panties from your drawer and sniffs them to get off, is it your fault for having a dresser full of panties!? Stop blaming the victim, guys! It's not like Darumaka threw its droppings at people; unsanitary ijits just picked them up!

StifledSilence: Adorable little guy but its ability is awful.

Logicblade: Never evolve, you're fine as you are, Darumaka.

Wicklebee: The reason I've never used a Darmanitan.

Anagram: Dumb.

ctesjbuvf: Nothing like what it becomes. Not really that good for much.

Brayze II:

Cybat: I had never heard of daruma dolls before this, so at least I learned something from doing all these writeups. He's pretty cute.

Raka_Putra: Little adorable daruma doll with stubby arms.

Magmortar: If it was supposed to be cute in any fashion, it failed. Miserably.

Inviso: I cannot believe something this poorly designed evolves into something as cool as Darmanitan. I rank it high because at least it's solid in combo prior to evolving, but still, sheesh at the design.

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #31. Another Gen 5 poke... another face I want to punch...

Paratroopa1: just not really my thing

Natwaf: Annoying to catch due to the fact that it gets hit by the sandstorm in the location you can catch it.

Suor: People used its feces to keep themselves warm. Wow. Next.

104. TimburrEdit

Score: 4497
Average Ranking: 91.78 (Standard Deviation: 38.03)
Fighting rank: 12/15
NFE rank: 42/74

21 - OrangeCrush
32 - SanityLapse
33 - Wigs
33 - Steiner
34 - KommunistKoala
35 - Bane_Of_Despair
42 - red13n
43 - BetrayedTangy
50 - Whiskey Nick
52 - Articuno2001
56 - CasanovaZelos
56 - StifledSilence
66 - Xuxon
69 - mnkboy907
73 - starfox2245
76 - FrostHarpy
77 - Ermine
79 - l3fty
82 - Sorozone
86 - xx521xx
87 - profDEADPOOL
92 - junglebob22
93 - Wicklebee
94 - Magmortar
95 - ctesjbuvf
97 - Luster Soldier
98 - Raka_Putra
102 - Inviso
104 - Drakeryn
106 - Brayze II
109 - Naye745
115 - Dragon66116
121 - Natwaf
123 - Anagram
123 - Cybat
127 - mcflubbin
128 - Logicblade
128 - PrinceKaro
128 - TexWolf_1729
129 - ecksgem
131 - swordz9
136 - tazzyboyishere
137 - XIII_Rocks
146 - Paratroopa1
147 - cody11533
148 - Suor
151 - Scepter
154 - Genny

OrangeCrush: The way Timburr twirls around his log in Gen V is pretty neat. It's a shame he went to clown college upon evolving.

SanityLapse: I don't normally like the little strong dude Pokemon, but this guy has such an asshole face that it's ok. I want to punch him, but not to hurt him, just to see if he'll change his asshole expression.

Wigs: better than Machop

KommunistKoala: Cute (unlike hideous Gurdurr and ugly Conkeldurr).

StifledSilence: Does the wood leave you cold?

Ermine: Machop > Timbur

Wicklebee: This guy's name is funny because it's what they say when they cut down trees.

Magmortar: handy for a first form but don’t like the design

ctesjbuvf: It’s not bad, but doesn’t really stand out. The log is cool though.

Raka_Putra: Still better than Machop!

Inviso: This line is ugly as hell, but something about wielding random objects as weapons is kinda cool to me.

Brayze II:

Natwaf: NFE Trash

Anagram: The least awful of the hurrdurrs is still garbage, and the veins all over it make it extremely ugly.

Cybat: Already starting to see the signs of terribleness in this line with the veins and silly nose. Also, yknow, Machop knockoff.

Logicblade: Oh god it has veins popping out of it's head. Eww eww eww.

Paratroopa1: best of its line and BOY IS THAT NOT SAYING MUCH

Scepter: Little idiot

Genny: Actually on its own it's not totally horrid. I simply can't forgive it for kicking off the line that is something from right out of my nightmares. Come on, why are the fucking veins necessary?

103. SwoobatEdit

Score: 4486
Average Ranking: 91.55 (Standard Deviation: 42.92)
Psychic rank: 7/15
Flying rank: 10/18
Fully Evolved rank: 63/82

9 - Naye745
14 - mnkboy907
15 - Articuno2001
18 - mcflubbin
29 - Sorozone
35 - xx521xx
38 - red13n
41 - Bane_Of_Despair
43 - Raka_Putra
45 - Scepter
53 - Steiner
54 - StifledSilence
58 - cody11533
58 - Genny
61 - PrinceKaro
67 - Ermine
74 - swordz9
77 - Natwaf
78 - Cybat
79 - XIII_Rocks
80 - BetrayedTangy
80 - l3fty
87 - Drakeryn
99 - CasanovaZelos
100 - FrostHarpy
104 - starfox2245
107 - Inviso
107 - Luster Soldier
111 - Paratroopa1
116 - ctesjbuvf
118 - Logicblade
119 - tazzyboyishere
122 - Brayze II
123 - Wigs
128 - Dragon66116
128 - Anagram
130 - OrangeCrush
133 - Wicklebee
133 - SanityLapse
138 - Magmortar
142 - ecksgem
142 - profDEADPOOL
143 - Whiskey Nick
143 - junglebob22
147 - KommunistKoala
147 - Suor
154 - Xuxon
155 - TexWolf_1729

Raka_Putra: How do you like stomping people with your nose? Yes, it does feel awesome.

StifledSilence: I love Woobat, but this thing is crazy ugly and creepy. What the hell happened?

Genny: I love bats, particularly flying foxes. They're so cute. Swoobat are fortunately a lot less annoying to battle than Golbat so it's got that going for it. Unfortunately, nixing all the tricks gives Swoobat less of an arsenal to be... ya know useful.

Natwaf: He looks so damn happy for being such an awful poke. Crobat and Xatu are SO much better. Not in my Mono E4 team.

Cybat: I'm 100% on board with a Golbat knockoff that doesn't learn Confuse Ray or poisoning moves. Sure, its heart mouth-nose is weird, but it gets a (pretty useless) signature move! More importantly, Simple is hilarious.

Inviso: God this thing is ugly. And it's a friendship evolution. It's like the reverse of Golbat to Crobat. Still, has a nice role ina Nuzlocke comic I read.

Paratroopa1: I used to have him lower but I've kinda come around to it lately, his face is hilarious

ctesjbuvf: Quite disappointing and resembles Golbat too much.

Logicblade: Kind of cute, but the heart nose is disgusting.

Brayze II:

Anagram: The heart nose disgusts me in ways that aren't even quantifiable. I'm uncertain if it's worse than Golbat, though.

Wicklebee: swoon Not.

Magmortar: Honestly I’d be more scared about finding this thing in a cave than any member of the Zubat line. Fucking hideous Pokemon.

ecksgem: There is not one thing about Swoobat that is appealing to me. Waste of a bat line.

junglebob22: Eww, I would have prefered another generation of Zubats and Golbats honestly

KommunistKoala: Bleh.

Suor: The heart nose might be the single most idiotic idea any pokémon designer might have ever had. And slapping it onto a pokémon that is already awful was even worse.

102. HeatmorEdit

Score: 4454
Average Ranking: 90.9 (Standard Deviation: 41.48)
Fire rank: 12/15
Fully Evolved rank: 62/82

3 - Brayze II
6 - Paratroopa1
13 - Sorozone
17 - SanityLapse
17 - Magmortar
29 - junglebob22
48 - Anagram
51 - TexWolf_1729
54 - profDEADPOOL
56 - Ermine
60 - Drakeryn
68 - red13n
71 - CasanovaZelos
73 - tazzyboyishere
78 - Dragon66116
79 - Natwaf
79 - Wigs
81 - OrangeCrush
83 - KommunistKoala
87 - Xuxon
89 - Whiskey Nick
89 - Articuno2001
93 - Bane_Of_Despair
96 - FrostHarpy
105 - swordz9
109 - starfox2245
111 - BetrayedTangy
111 - ctesjbuvf
112 - ecksgem
113 - cody11533
114 - Scepter
116 - StifledSilence
116 - mcflubbin
120 - Luster Soldier
124 - Cybat
125 - Logicblade
125 - XIII_Rocks
126 - Genny
129 - Naye745
130 - Raka_Putra
131 - Suor
134 - Inviso
138 - l3fty
141 - Wicklebee
142 - xx521xx
144 - PrinceKaro
146 - mnkboy907
152 - Steiner

Brayze II:

Paratroopa1: anteaters are underratedly cool and so is heatmor, heatmor is fucking cool as hell, I like that his tongue is fire. he has a little fire tongue

SanityLapse: Anteaters are one of my favorite mammals. That is all.

Magmortar: I’m not even going to begin on just how…wrong this thing looks. But hey! Anteaters are cool and so is fire and uhhh yeah, Heatmor is a weird goodie. And its shiny is like, WHOA.

Anagram: It's a strange, simple design, but it conveys its purpose well, and there is nothing about it that I find offensive, so it eeks its way into my top fifty.

Ermine: Not Durant.

Natwaf: Ugh, I used this thing in my Mono-Fire playthrough for a bit, and I dropped it quick. I'd rather have no moves Flareon than this thing on my team. Still, an anteater is neat, And I like that it's Fire while it's prey is Bug/Steel

Wigs: more Heatran?

KommunistKoala: Being an ant-eater gets you this far at least. It doesn't offer much else to go any higher.

BetrayedTangy: I like the lore between Heatmor and Durant, but Heatmor is kind of an ugly Pokemon so ehhh

ctesjbuvf: Indredibly ugly and useless. At least it has a rivalry going on for it.

StifledSilence: hay guyz itz cold I need heat more

Cybat: There is just nothing interesting about this guy at all. He's no Zangoose, that's for sure.

Logicblade: Reminds me of the I'm an anteater meme. Other than that, ugh.

Genny: Ugh why'd they have to cross an anteater with a furnace? Heatmor is this low because I kind of hate its lopsided rivalry with Durant. Seviper vs. Zangoose was so perfect because the two are evenly matched and either could conceivably win based on which had the upper hand at a given moment. With Durant, it doesn't matter how many swarm a Heatmor. With that 4x advantage, stupid Heatmor can't lose. Given who I am it only makes sense for me to root for the underdog in this pairing. The literal flame tongue is neat though.

Raka_Putra: Yeah why is it looking an ugly sweater? Who sent it to him, Satan?

Suor: I love when you try to catch this in horde battles and Durants kill it ASAP. Fun fun fun.

Inviso: I cannot believe it's possible for a Fire-type to be this forgettable. First off, why is its name so lame? It's not a play on "anteater" or anything like that. And the design is just plain stupid.

Wicklebee: uh… this was just ugly.

PrinceKaro: It has bird beaks for hands and stovepipes jammed into its crotch and anus. easily the worst fire type ever created.

101. SwadloonEdit

Score: 4422
Average Ranking: 90.24 (Standard Deviation: 37.54)
Bug rank: 16/18
Grass rank: 13/20
NFE rank: 40/74

5 - Genny
14 - Naye745
19 - swordz9
30 - Paratroopa1
38 - Xuxon
42 - Bane_Of_Despair
50 - Sorozone
50 - PrinceKaro
55 - Logicblade
61 - l3fty
64 - Drakeryn
66 - FrostHarpy
71 - OrangeCrush
72 - starfox2245
72 - KommunistKoala
74 - mnkboy907
80 - Suor
81 - Dragon66116
83 - Whiskey Nick
83 - mcflubbin
84 - Raka_Putra
87 - Wigs
91 - SanityLapse
94 - Scepter
95 - ecksgem
98 - TexWolf_1729
102 - Magmortar
105 - Cybat
108 - Ermine
110 - Brayze II
111 - tazzyboyishere
116 - junglebob22
118 - Articuno2001
118 - XIII_Rocks
119 - Inviso
120 - Anagram
127 - cody11533
127 - Luster Soldier
127 - profDEADPOOL
130 - Wicklebee
133 - xx521xx
133 - Steiner
134 - red13n
135 - CasanovaZelos
135 - Natwaf
140 - BetrayedTangy
140 - ctesjbuvf
146 - StifledSilence

Genny: In case it wasn't obvious enough, I love Swadloon. Not just for the design which is too adorable to exist, but for the concept behind it. Swadloon is a hikikomori (shut-in/recluse), and its appearance is kind of a parody mimicking a hikikomori's stereotyped habit of wrapping him or herself up in blankets to shield him/herself from the outside world. And we all know being sheltered is endearing in itself:

That face though... that face makes me want to give it all the hugs. If pokémon were real I'd have a Leavanny in no time flat, but I wouldn't want one! Swadloon is utter perfection as is. Best cocoon ever. <3 Honestly even if I'd never seen one shred of fanart for it, Swaddles would still be top ten for this generation... I love it THAT much. But for whatever reason certain people like to draw it as the Dark Knight (ex: I mean come on... It's like this thing was tailor-made for me! Its shiny sprite even looks ridick pale and goth omg! <3

Paratroopa1: his expression alone makes it

Logicblade: Someone give this guy a hug! He's so sad. :(

Raka_Putra: Hahaha, I love his 'No I'm not getting out of my blanket get the hell away' face

Magmortar: for whatever reason, I am laughing uncontrollably at that grumpy face. that’s it.

Cybat: I had this lower before but I had to bump it up for this: The appearance of Swadloon hiding in its blanket bears some resemblance to the stereotypical portrayal of people suffering from hikikomori (acute social anxiety disorder) syndrome in Japanese media. Its evolution to Leavanny (whose Japanese name is two kana away from "hikikomori") being caused by friendship may also be a lesson.

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #49. I'm a grumpy grumpy pokemon!

Brayze II:

Inviso: The only thing Swadloon has going for it is the whole concept of it being a flasher. Beyond that, the design sucks.

Anagram: Swadloon looks more like an assassin or a ninja than a baby, which is what it's supposed to be, I think.

Wicklebee: This guy's name reminds me of the word Swag. *lights a match, drops it on the Poke*

Natwaf: NFE Trash

ctesjbuvf: Really ugly. I’m doubting that this line needed a middle evolution. Grass fodder.

StifledSilence: This is why kids don't eat brussell sprouts.

100. ConkeldurrEdit

Score: 4406
Average Ranking: 89.92 (Standard Deviation: 53.66)
Fighting rank: 11/15
Fully Evolved rank: 61/82

6 - Steiner
9 - Magmortar
11 - Articuno2001
12 - Raka_Putra
15 - KommunistKoala
17 - CasanovaZelos
20 - XIII_Rocks
27 - Luster Soldier
30 - tazzyboyishere
30 - SanityLapse
33 - ctesjbuvf
38 - Natwaf
41 - BetrayedTangy
44 - profDEADPOOL
47 - TexWolf_1729
49 - Wicklebee
54 - Whiskey Nick
55 - StifledSilence
56 - OrangeCrush
60 - Wigs
65 - Inviso
67 - starfox2245
75 - Dragon66116
85 - mnkboy907
92 - FrostHarpy
113 - Logicblade
113 - red13n
119 - l3fty
124 - junglebob22
128 - Sorozone
131 - Xuxon
132 - swordz9
137 - Bane_Of_Despair
144 - ecksgem
145 - Scepter
145 - Brayze II
147 - Anagram
148 - Naye745
149 - PrinceKaro
149 - Ermine
150 - cody11533
151 - Suor
151 - mcflubbin
152 - xx521xx
153 - Paratroopa1
154 - Cybat
155 - Genny
156 - Drakeryn

Magmortar: Conkeldurr makes an astounding Machamp substitute in a generation filled with bad Gen 1 substitutes, and is one of the most useful Fighting-types ever. Its design is whacky but very fitting, what else gets to beat you with GIANT SLABS OF CONCRETE.

Raka_Putra: I love how the line gets out all its ugliness in Gurdurr so it can look decently menacing when it reaches its final form. This guy is mah bro.

KommunistKoala: Despite calling him ugly in my Timburr write-up, I still appreciate his power and the theme the whole line has. He still looks better than Gurdurr anyway. One of my team's staples

XIII_Rocks: The sad clown =(

SanityLapse: He likes to watch you sleep.

ctesjbuvf: Ugly as hell, although I’m somewhat fond of the pillars. Anyway, it’s decent in-game.

Natwaf: Look at that Ridiculous atack stat. Pure muscle, and I like it more than Machamp in combat. Being durable means it's most likely going to land a Drain Punch on you, and this is just a nightmare. I think it also gets Mach Punch, which is just crazy.

Wicklebee: Hey look! Deathstroke is ready TO SMASH YOU WITH CONKRETE PILLARS!

StifledSilence: The other two puns are clever but what the fuck is a conkel?

OrangeCrush: OrangeCrush's nicknames: Conkeldurrhurr, Clownkelderp. I used to hate this thing, but then I copypasta'd a team from Nugget Bridge reports that uses her along with a ton of Pokemon I like ( It's a pretty good team, and while Conkeldurr is the weak link she carries out some important roles, so I'll give her credit where credit's worth.

Inviso: I'm surprised that this is such a high tier on Smogon (or was in Gen V). But I guess it proved itself. Worst design of its line, but hell, it's a badass, so whatevz.

Logicblade: Actually the least ugly of it's line, in that isn't now generic ugly instead of body horror terrifying.

--------------------terrible opinions line--------------------

ecksgem: get off my lawn you damn kids why back in my day...

Brayze II:

Anagram: It's just so ugly. You could not have more effectively DESIGNED something to be ugly.

PrinceKaro: This is why steroids are bad, kids!

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #8. Hey look! It's an ugly as sin pokemon? Gen 5? You betcha. I can't even place him at the bottom because there's even worse pokemon. -_-

Suor: Stop doing drugs dude DURRRR.

Paratroopa1: I hate you and your stupid clown nose

Cybat: Only slightly better than Gurdurr (and with a worse name to boot). By far my least favorite three-stage line in Pokemon.

Genny: I hate your face. I hate your bod. I hate your evolution method (seriously why are trade evos still a thing). I hate your name. And I hate the cancerous lump on top of your head. I hate everything about you, but what I hate most of all is that you're viable in battle. Maybe not so much competitively, but in game you're a force to be reckoned with- an ugly veiny sheer force. Sadly I can't even take advantage of your insane strength without looking at your disgusting back. Fuck off.

Drakeryn: durrrrr no

99. ElgyemEdit

Score: 4349
Average Ranking: 88.76 (Standard Deviation: 37.14)
Psychic rank: 6/15
NFE rank: 39/74

8 - ecksgem
15 - Ermine
18 - Suor
25 - Sorozone
36 - BetrayedTangy
46 - Anagram
46 - l3fty
49 - mcflubbin
50 - Drakeryn
52 - Wicklebee
59 - swordz9
60 - ctesjbuvf
61 - Bane_Of_Despair
65 - starfox2245
68 - Cybat
70 - Raka_Putra
71 - Paratroopa1
75 - Articuno2001
80 - Logicblade
81 - SanityLapse
83 - Magmortar
88 - OrangeCrush
90 - Genny
90 - Wigs
92 - tazzyboyishere
96 - StifledSilence
98 - Whiskey Nick
99 - junglebob22
102 - PrinceKaro
103 - Brayze II
105 - red13n
109 - xx521xx
111 - CasanovaZelos
116 - cody11533
116 - mnkboy907
117 - FrostHarpy
117 - TexWolf_1729
117 - Xuxon
117 - Naye745
128 - Scepter
131 - profDEADPOOL
135 - Dragon66116
137 - Natwaf
139 - Inviso
142 - KommunistKoala
143 - XIII_Rocks
144 - Steiner
153 - Luster Soldier

ecksgem: The Psychics this gen don't seem to be too popular, but I love this little guy. Several references to science fiction all wrapped up in a cute little package.

Ermine: Really cute and simple design that works for me. I don't expect him to do well since he is very forgettable.

Suor: For an alien that squeezes enemies' brains, this thing is illegally cute.

Anagram: I had another joke written here about a very specific type of probe, and Elgyem's head being shaped like one, but I decided to delete it.

Wicklebee: Wait why is my bike flying?

ctesjbuvf: Decent Pokemon especially for a basic form, but design drags it a bit down.

Cybat: I just love the naming scheme for this line. (I didn't figure it out by myself though.) Also it evolves at level 42. Yep. Well played.

Raka_Putra: Tiny alien lumps!

Paratroopa1: way cuter than beheeyem, I dunno, I think it's the tail, it makes him look more lizard-y and not like he's wearing a dumb overcoat

Logicblade: Aliens are among us!

Magmortar: NFE, etc.

Genny: Much better than its evolution just by not sounding like a Three Stooges reject ugh. Nails on freaking chalkboard, that. Anyway Elgyem is pretty gosh darn cute while still looking alien. Usually I wouldn't use the words alien and cute in the same sentence.

StifledSilence: What gyemstone is your byerthstone?

Brayze II:

Natwaf: NFE Trash

Inviso: Along with its evolution, I have to think Elgyem is the most forgettable Pokemon of the generation. I mean, it comes in a location where a FAR superior Pokemon resides, and by that point in the game, there are already several superior mono-Psychic types available.

KommunistKoala: Completely forgettable. In fact I wasn't sure it was a pokemon when I saw it on this list.

98. BeheeyemEdit

Score: 4307
Average Ranking: 87.9 (Standard Deviation: 38.51)
Psychic rank: 5/15

Fully Evolved rank: 60/82

18 - l3fty
26 - ctesjbuvf
27 - Suor
29 - BetrayedTangy
35 - Magmortar
41 - Sorozone
41 - Wicklebee
42 - XIII_Rocks
43 - Anagram
44 - Cybat
46 - ecksgem
50 - mcflubbin
53 - Raka_Putra
53 - Drakeryn
56 - Articuno2001
60 - swordz9
67 - FrostHarpy
68 - Natwaf
69 - Bane_Of_Despair
82 - Ermine
86 - tazzyboyishere
86 - Whiskey Nick
87 - Logicblade
89 - OrangeCrush
89 - Wigs
92 - starfox2245
95 - StifledSilence
105 - TexWolf_1729
106 - CasanovaZelos
109 - Dragon66116
109 - red13n
111 - xx521xx
116 - PrinceKaro
118 - Xuxon
120 - cody11533
120 - SanityLapse
120 - mnkboy907
121 - junglebob22
128 - Brayze II
130 - profDEADPOOL
132 - Paratroopa1
132 - Naye745
137 - Inviso
141 - Luster Soldier
142 - Genny
144 - KommunistKoala
145 - Steiner
146 - Scepter

ctesjbuvf: Kinda underrated. At least I don’t see many using this. It’s fun to use, but the design is really boring.

Suor: The alien in the trench coat. A f***ing alien in a trench coat. Nothing more needs to be added.

Magmortar: Aliens! 42! Power! But mostly 42. P’cool.

Wicklebee: E.T. phone home.

Anagram: Bee hee yem sounds like some kind of really nicheband from Sweden or Finland.

Cybat: I am a fan of the concept and design for this line and Analytic is a kind of interesting ability but sadly it just doesn't have good enough stats or movepool to distinguish itself further than this.

Raka_Putra: Aliens! I like th eblocky design they chose, it's more interesting and aethestically pleasing than grey humanoid bipedal creatures.

Natwaf: Beheeyem phone home. Fun fact: It learns TM 51 in both Gen V and VI. The problem? TM 51 in Gen VI is Steel Wings. It also has Analytical to boost it's damage.

Logicblade: Aliens are not among us! *ignores beheeyem's existence*

StifledSilence: Beehive?

Brayze II: this thing sucks

Paratroopa1: he looks dumb and his coat reminds me of candy buttons, aka one of the worst candies ever

Inviso: Bland and forgettable. I really don't know why this thing feels the need to exist (hell, I can't even remember if the Psychic Elite 4 member has one, that's how little I care about this thing).

Genny: Ugh most annoying voice in anime I can recall. For something that's supposed to be hyper intelligent it sounds severely mentally impaired. I don't care if I get star- erm Steiner- modded for this; it needs to be said.

KommunistKoala: Completely forgettable. In fact I wasn't sure it was a pokemon when I saw it on this list.

97. MaractusEdit

Score: 4304
Average Ranking: 87.84 (Standard Deviation: 37)
Grass rank: 12/20
Fully Evolved rank: 59/82

13 - Xuxon
14 - SanityLapse
22 - ecksgem
23 - Brayze II
29 - Paratroopa1
30 - xx521xx
32 - TexWolf_1729
40 - red13n
51 - Suor
63 - Magmortar
66 - l3fty
67 - PrinceKaro
68 - ctesjbuvf
68 - XIII_Rocks
69 - StifledSilence
72 - Whiskey Nick
75 - cody11533
78 - mcflubbin
80 - Drakeryn
82 - Inviso
82 - Natwaf
87 - Anagram
87 - Articuno2001
89 - Steiner
90 - Naye745
91 - tazzyboyishere
92 - OrangeCrush
94 - Logicblade
94 - BetrayedTangy
98 - Bane_Of_Despair
102 - junglebob22
107 - profDEADPOOL
108 - FrostHarpy
109 - mnkboy907
111 - Raka_Putra
115 - Ermine
117 - CasanovaZelos
118 - swordz9
121 - Wigs
122 - Scepter
124 - Wicklebee
130 - Luster Soldier
133 - Cybat
134 - Dragon66116
145 - starfox2245
145 - KommunistKoala
147 - Genny
152 - Sorozone

SanityLapse: Cactuses are among the coolest plants. A little cactus dancer girl is quite cool.

ecksgem: Gen V has the best Grass Pokemon in the series and Maractus is among my favorites. It's just kinda odd and cute.

Brayze II:

Paratroopa1: maractus is just really cool I dunno why. it has cactus pigtails

Suor: They should make Mega Maractus and have it look like this:

Magmortar: You cannot look at me with a straight face and tell me this is not a Heartless. Or for that matter, anywhere near as much of a total boss as Cacturne.

ctesjbuvf: It’s decent and I suppose it looks kind of cool, but it’s a grass type and doesn’t evolve from or to anything, so that drags it down for mee

XIII_Rocks: I said in board8chat I wasn't doing a writeup for Maractus, citing it as an example of a Pokemon that was too nondescript to ever do a writeup for. WELL HAH! JUST WHEN YOU THINK YOU HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS, I CHANGE THE QUESTIONS! Also Team Cactus.

StifledSilence: Such a happy cactus.

Whiskey Nick: He would for sure sit with you at the edge of the ocean and wonder where the boat is

Inviso: Cacnea and Cacturne are both far better, but this thing is at least kinda cute…just a little bit.

Natwaf: … I got nothing. Oh, wait, I got it! Why do we need another cactus pokemon UGH

Anagram: Did you know that cacti only grow in American deserts? Whenever you see a movie about the Sahara or Middle-East and you see cacti, it's inaccurate.

OrangeCrush: Maracas!

Logicblade: Dancing Cactus fun time! You're just a cheap Ludicolo, friend.

Raka_Putra: I don't really like Cacturne but Maractus is not really that good either. It looks too slutty. #slutshaming

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #42. They even screwed up the cactus pokemon.

Wicklebee: I see masochistic Cacturne is standing out in the desert again. Oh, this one isn't a masochist, it wants sun or water instead of buffetting itself with Sandstorm weather.

Cybat: Strong contender for most forgettable Pokemon. Also, seriously, Pokedex writers? "Arid regions are their habitat. They move rhythmically, making a sound similar to maracas." Come on guys, have some respect for yourselves.

KommunistKoala: Completely forgettable. In fact I wasn't sure it was a pokemon when I saw it on this list.

Genny: We already had a cactus pokémon and it was literally perfect. We also already had a jolly dancing Mexican plant. Enough with the cheap ass Chinese knockoffs already! It's actually sorta cute in an odd way but I can't forgive it of its transgressions.

96. FrillishEdit

Score: 4246
Average Ranking: 86.65 (Standard Deviation: 34.55)
Water rank: 10/17
Ghost rank: 9/9
NFE rank: 38/74

16 - TexWolf_1729
17 - Genny
19 - Naye745
28 - PrinceKaro
32 - mnkboy907
43 - Luster Soldier
55 - ecksgem
55 - ctesjbuvf
56 - Suor
56 - mcflubbin
59 - Bane_Of_Despair
60 - cody11533
61 - Scepter
66 - Steiner
69 - junglebob22
70 - Wicklebee
75 - FrostHarpy
75 - Sorozone
76 - Magmortar
78 - Anagram
78 - CasanovaZelos
80 - xx521xx
80 - Cybat
81 - BetrayedTangy
81 - Raka_Putra
87 - StifledSilence
88 - Inviso
93 - OrangeCrush
95 - Logicblade
98 - profDEADPOOL
104 - red13n
105 - Brayze II
106 - tazzyboyishere
108 - starfox2245
114 - XIII_Rocks
114 - Drakeryn
115 - l3fty
117 - Whiskey Nick
120 - Xuxon
120 - Wigs
122 - swordz9
125 - Ermine
130 - Natwaf
134 - KommunistKoala
135 - Paratroopa1
137 - Dragon66116
139 - SanityLapse
146 - Articuno2001

Genny: I don't even know... I could tell you why I like it more than Jellicent, but not why I love it so damn much. Water/Ghost is just perfect for a jellyfish and both genders of Frillish look amazing and have perfect movesets to accommodate their creepiness.

ctesjbuvf: For something so common and supposedly annoying, I really like this. Ghost type helps.

Wicklebee: Little jellyfish

Magmortar: Unfortunately nowhere near as PRINGLES as Jellicent and thus a hell of a lot more “why do I have to deal with this thing to get a great Pokemon” type of thing.

Anagram: Just about the only example of pokemon sexual dimophism that isn't terrible.

Cybat: I dunno about better but its design is certainly eerier than its evolved form. Its name doesn't really convey that though. Still a cool type combo.

Raka_Putra: Smaller and less good Frillish.

StifledSilence: It's not completely frilly. It's just frill-ish.

Inviso: I like the design better than Jellicent, but sadly it's just not all that special for a NFE.

Logicblade: Such a cool concept, but it's basically tentacool.

Brayze II:

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #32. Awwww, the two forms are like a prince and princess. How cute!... XFD

Natwaf: NFE Trash

KommunistKoala: Jellicent is cool. As for this thing: "Completely forgettable. In fact I wasn't sure it was a pokemon when I saw it on this list."

Paratroopa1: oh, good, they couldn't have put a grosser face on a jellyfish could they

95. LarvestaEdit

Score: 4207
Average Ranking: 85.86 (Standard Deviation: 42.87)
Bug rank: 15/18
Fire rank: 10/15
NFE rank: 37/74

3 - Logicblade
16 - StifledSilence
19 - Whiskey Nick
22 - Sorozone
24 - KommunistKoala
26 - BetrayedTangy
29 - Ermine
31 - Paratroopa1
37 - mcflubbin
43 - Brayze II
44 - Anagram
45 - profDEADPOOL
48 - Steiner
52 - swordz9
58 - Wicklebee
58 - ctesjbuvf
64 - Cybat
66 - tazzyboyishere
73 - TexWolf_1729
73 - XIII_Rocks
74 - Suor
78 - Genny
85 - Luster Soldier
89 - Scepter
92 - mnkboy907
93 - junglebob22
95 - PrinceKaro
95 - Drakeryn

106 - Raka_Putra
107 - ecksgem
108 - SanityLapse
110 - OrangeCrush
111 - Dragon66116
116 - CasanovaZelos
124 - Wigs
128 - Magmortar
129 - starfox2245
132 - FrostHarpy
134 - l3fty
135 - Articuno2001
136 - Naye745
138 - Inviso
140 - cody11533
140 - red13n
143 - Bane_Of_Despair
144 - Xuxon
147 - Natwaf
147 - xx521xx

Logicblade: So many cute bugs in this gen. I like the little guy, especially with his maracas.

StifledSilence: Cute little fire bug.

Whiskey Nick: MARACAS!

Ermine: Maracas and all that.

Paratroopa1: he's like sort of weird and cute but also kind of scary, like this tiny little supervillain that's going to fucking murder you as soon as he grows some goddamn wings

Brayze II:

Anagram: Larvae are among the most innately disgusting living things in existence, and on a personal level, I find bugs to be unpleasant most of the time. It's a testament to this one being well-designed that it's somehow cute.

Wicklebee: Here to burn the rest of the bugs.

ctesjbuvf: Cool looking, nice type comination, but I have little experience with it and so has the anime.

Cybat: Quite possibly the most terrifying NFE bug Pokemon. Just look: And cool typing.

Genny: I would fiesta with the besta Larvesta.

Raka_Putra: I don't know how it looks, truly. Do we really need it?

Magmortar: Gen 5’s Bug-types are worse than I remember them being.

Inviso: This thing is ugly in design, and takes way too damn to evolve, as is the case with far too many Pokemon from this generation.

Natwaf: Ugly NFE Trash

94. SewaddleEdit

Score: 4207
Average Ranking: 85.86 (Standard Deviation: 35.82)
Bug rank: 14/18
Grass rank: 11/20
NFE rank: 36/74

10 - Paratroopa1
22 - mnkboy907
24 - l3fty
28 - Brayze II
30 - Sorozone
32 - Naye745
38 - PrinceKaro
42 - xx521xx
44 - Wigs
45 - Ermine
52 - Bane_Of_Despair
56 - swordz9
58 - mcflubbin
65 - Genny
70 - Articuno2001
74 - Wicklebee
77 - Suor
77 - junglebob22
79 - Drakeryn
84 - starfox2245
85 - tazzyboyishere
87 - KommunistKoala
90 - Logicblade
92 - SanityLapse
96 - ecksgem
97 - Scepter
97 - red13n
97 - XIII_Rocks
98 - Anagram
98 - Magmortar
104 - cody11533
104 - Dragon66116
105 - CasanovaZelos
105 - OrangeCrush
106 - Cybat
106 - Xuxon
110 - Natwaf
111 - TexWolf_1729
117 - Raka_Putra
118 - Whiskey Nick
124 - FrostHarpy
125 - Inviso
125 - ctesjbuvf
128 - profDEADPOOL
134 - Steiner
138 - BetrayedTangy
154 - Luster Soldier
155 - StifledSilence

Paratroopa1: oh my god look at his little FANGS. look at his BUTT FOREHEAD

Brayze II:

Wigs: one of the best faces ever.

Ermine: Cute little buggy.

Genny: If not for well several other things in this generation, Sewaddle would be the cutest Bug type in existence. As it stands it's still the cutest first route/forest Bug type in my humble opinion.

Wicklebee: Eh. Might have been better if we didn't have Caterpie, Weedle, and Wurmple all saying Sewaddle is just another one of them.

Logicblade: Baby buggy, soon you will be ok, but you're basically caterpie otherwise.

Anagram: It's possible to make a cute bug. If that was their intention, they failed here.

Magmortar: I cannot value cuteness that highly knowing it eventually becomes Leavanny.

Cybat: Another pretty cute bug. Sorta like Caterpie but with a leaf hoodie. Good name, too.

Natwaf: Cute NFE Trash

Raka_Putra: Just another caterpillar Pokemon, this one slightly more fancy.

Inviso: I like that it gets more than the traditional Tackle/String Shot combo you'd expect it to get, but still, nothing special.

ctesjbuvf: Looks semi-cute but is completely uselss.

StifledSilence: The awkward early teen years before it develops the need to make gaudy fashion statements.

93. SawkEdit

Score: 4088
Average Ranking: 83.43 (Standard Deviation: 41.76)
Fighting rank: 10/15
Fully Evolved rank: 57/82

16 - Anagram
16 - Magmortar
18 - StifledSilence
24 - Bane_Of_Despair
31 - Inviso
34 - TexWolf_1729
35 - FrostHarpy
35 - ctesjbuvf
35 - Articuno2001
38 - Wigs
44 - Dragon66116
46 - Natwaf
48 - mcflubbin
49 - swordz9
50 - XIII_Rocks
53 - KommunistKoala
56 - Whiskey Nick
58 - OrangeCrush
60 - profDEADPOOL
65 - Luster Soldier
75 - mnkboy907
75 - Suor
77 - Wicklebee
82 - BetrayedTangy
88 - Xuxon
90 - tazzyboyishere
94 - CasanovaZelos
99 - starfox2245
99 - xx521xx
103 - Logicblade
105 - Genny
106 - ecksgem
107 - l3fty
116 - Drakeryn
116 - Paratroopa1
117 - Steiner
119 - Brayze II
122 - Ermine
122 - cody11533
126 - Scepter
127 - red13n
136 - junglebob22
140 - Sorozone
146 - Cybat
150 - SanityLapse
152 - Raka_Putra
153 - PrinceKaro
154 - Naye745

Anagram: I wonder who will have Sawk the highest. I admit that I should probably hate it, but in my Black run, Sawk was easily the best in-game pokemon I had. It gets this high based primarily on its ability to spam close combat.

Magmortar: Sawk is a fucking Kung Fu Muppet and it destroyed everything on my old Black game, so I like it a lot.

StifledSilence: Kung-Poke

Inviso: I like Sawk for being a cooler humanoid than we typically get in terms of Fighting-types. I mean, the Mach- line and -urr line are kinda fugly, so it's nice to have a Sawk/Throh (aka Hitmonlee/Hitmonchan) around for balance.

ctesjbuvf: This guy is pretty badass, but not being able to evolve him drags him down a bit. It’s no fun having a “full evolved” that early.

Natwaf: I prefer Bert to Ernie, and the same goes for the Gi wearing duo. Useful on my White run, though watch out for Marshal's troll Sturdy one. It can hit Psychic and Flying types HARD. Too bad I had no space for it in my Mono-Fighting team. Too many legends and great fighting types in the game.


Logicblade: Sawk more like Suck. Do not want.

Genny: Bert is better than Ernie and blue is better than red. Thus concludes my writeup of Sawk.

Paratroopa1: "These rankings are terrible! Boooo!" "Why, because you're too low?" "No, I should've been dead last!" DOOHHHHOHOHOHOHO

Brayze II:

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #35. There are a lot of bad fighting pokemon.

Cybat: Better than Throh because of more offensive stat distribution and Sturdy. But yeah, still miserable.

SanityLapse: Is it even possible to design a more boring looking Pokemon?

Raka_Putra: Pokemon should NOT wear human clothing. And they should NOT look like Sesame Street rejects.

PrinceKaro: For the last time, no pokemon wearing people clothes! I mean, do they have a f***ing clothes store in the wild run by pokemon that they buy thier attire at?

92. VenipedeEdit

Score: 4073
Average Ranking: 83.12 (Standard Deviation: 37.32)
Bug rank: 13/18
Poison rank: 3/7
NFE rank: 34/74

9 - SanityLapse
14 - Wigs
18 - Brayze II
25 - Magmortar
27 - TexWolf_1729
28 - Ermine
31 - profDEADPOOL
32 - Logicblade
38 - Scepter
45 - junglebob22
45 - mcflubbin
52 - Steiner
61 - KommunistKoala
62 - l3fty
64 - Paratroopa1
65 - ctesjbuvf
69 - Sorozone
71 - BetrayedTangy
73 - Articuno2001
77 - starfox2245
78 - Wicklebee
83 - swordz9
84 - Whiskey Nick
88 - Naye745
90 - red13n
95 - XIII_Rocks
99 - Cybat
100 - tazzyboyishere
100 - xx521xx
101 - Raka_Putra
101 - Inviso
103 - Anagram
103 - Bane_Of_Despair
103 - PrinceKaro
107 - mnkboy907
108 - ecksgem
110 - CasanovaZelos
114 - OrangeCrush
120 - Dragon66116
121 - FrostHarpy
121 - Suor
123 - Luster Soldier
124 - Genny
125 - cody11533
140 - Drakeryn
141 - Xuxon
141 - Natwaf
149 - StifledSilence

SanityLapse: Centipede thing!


Brayze II:

Magmortar: Honestly I really dig the design on this thingy. Sick color scheme.

Logicblade: Cute. Not the cutest bug, but I still like him.

Paratroopa1: yay for cool bugs gen 5 has so many good bugs

ctesjbuvf: This is one of the best design of any small bug type really.

Wicklebee: He looks like he wants to break you and eat your intestines.

Cybat: So…it has poisonous feet? Fair enough I suppose. I like the color scheme but pretty standard design.

Raka_Putra: This just screams 'I'm poisonous, scram fools!'

Inviso: Last Pokemon to miss the top 100…sorry, there's just too many existing Bug/Poison types for me to rank a first form that highly with a dumb design.

Anagram: I remember casually mentioning that I call them "rolly-pollies" instead of "woodlice" or "pillbugs," and people thought this was hilarious. I had to confirm with all of my friends to ensure it wasn't just me. I'm reasonably confident that everyone in Southern California does, too.

Genny: Meh. I kinda like that look in its eyes but the whole line has that and the others do it better.

Natwaf: NFE Trash

StifledSilence: A classic arcade shooter you are not.

91. DeinoEdit

Score: 4073
Average Ranking: 83.12 (Standard Deviation: 36.09)
Dragon rank: 10/10
Dark rank: 15/16
NFE rank: 35/74

3 - Anagram
17 - Whiskey Nick
26 - Wigs
29 - KommunistKoala
36 - Logicblade
37 - Sorozone
37 - junglebob22
41 - Raka_Putra
48 - Magmortar
49 - Bane_Of_Despair
50 - Steiner
56 - Xuxon
60 - CasanovaZelos
62 - red13n
65 - Drakeryn
67 - tazzyboyishere
67 - StifledSilence
73 - swordz9
74 - starfox2245
74 - ctesjbuvf
76 - Scepter
77 - Articuno2001
81 - mcflubbin
82 - ecksgem
82 - XIII_Rocks
86 - Cybat
87 - Dragon66116
87 - SanityLapse
89 - FrostHarpy
89 - PrinceKaro
95 - Ermine
98 - BetrayedTangy
100 - Luster Soldier
101 - Brayze II
102 - Genny
105 - xx521xx
110 - TexWolf_1729
110 - Paratroopa1
119 - mnkboy907
119 - profDEADPOOL
121 - cody11533
121 - l3fty
123 - Naye745
126 - Natwaf
126 - Suor
148 - Inviso
150 - Wicklebee
156 - OrangeCrush

Anagram: Far superior to Dino, of course.

Wigs: he reminds me of the mute kid from Little Miss Sunshine

Logicblade: While his final form is super rad, and his second form is horrifying, Deino strikes a nice balance, as this goofy blind dinosaur.

Raka_Putra: Go get a haircut in Johto, you silly Pok-emo-n.

Magmortar: dumb looking dinosaur…in a good way

StifledSilence: This isn't the beloved pet from The Flintstones.

ctesjbuvf: Cool basic stage Pokemon. Evovles a bit too late, it ends up being useless.

Cybat: Deino is the only Pokémon whose English name's letters are in alphabetical order. So, there's that.

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #62. More emo dragon! Not quite as bad as the two headed emo.

Brayze II:


Paratroopa1: why do you have like a haircut from the 60's, you're a dragon, have some pride

Natwaf: NFE Trash

Suor: Emo haircuts stopped being cool in... wait, they were never cool to begin with.

Inviso: Takes way too damn long to evolve, the design is bland and s***ty, and it's slow, with a horrible ability.

Wicklebee: BAM BAM

OrangeCrush: A bowlcut dragon with an awful name, and since this is Gen V he doesn't evolve until level 8935013. And that's just to get to his middle form.

90. YamaskEdit

Score: 4069
Average Ranking: 83.04 (Standard Deviation: 30.15)
Ghost rank: 8/9
NFE rank: 33/74

12 - BetrayedTangy
24 - Wigs
28 - Paratroopa1
30 - ecksgem
37 - xx521xx
49 - Suor
49 - l3fty
54 - Wicklebee
56 - profDEADPOOL
59 - ctesjbuvf
60 - Raka_Putra
61 - Articuno2001
62 - starfox2245
63 - Bane_Of_Despair
66 - KommunistKoala
70 - CasanovaZelos
72 - Steiner
73 - OrangeCrush
75 - Cybat
79 - SanityLapse
80 - tazzyboyishere
81 - Brayze II
83 - Scepter
84 - Ermine
85 - TexWolf_1729
86 - cody11533
91 - Luster Soldier
94 - StifledSilence
96 - Dragon66116
96 - Natwaf
96 - mnkboy907
96 - mcflubbin
98 - Naye745
99 - Whiskey Nick
104 - Sorozone
105 - Anagram
105 - Magmortar
106 - Genny
107 - Drakeryn
108 - junglebob22
112 - swordz9
121 - PrinceKaro
122 - XIII_Rocks
125 - red13n
126 - Inviso
130 - Logicblade
136 - FrostHarpy
139 - Xuxon

Wigs: super weird but of all the really weird guys this one really works

Paratroopa1: he's a cute ghost that looks sort of vaguely bird-like that sometimes looks at its mask, which is a mask of its human face when it was alive, and cries. HILARIOUS

ecksgem: Yamask is weird and creepy and basically awesome.

Suor: “Each of them carries a mask that used to be its face when it was human. Sometimes they look at it and cry”. That's.. sad, creepy and cool at the same time.

Wicklebee: Yes, you do have a mask.

ctesjbuvf: This is a well made ghost design. It’s decent.

Raka_Putra: Creepy Pokemon who carry death masks of dead people, one of the creepiest designs ever.

Cybat: Continuing the proud tradition of ghosts' Pokedex entries being creepy as fuck. Seriously why would a ten-year old need to know that?

Brayze II: lol it's watermarked

StifledSilence: Hey you dropped ya mask.

Natwaf: Creepy (in a good way) NFE Trash

Anagram: I love it when GameFreak comes up with random horrible backstories for its creations for no reason. Yamask's is particularly wonderful.

Magmortar: There are a lot of better ghosts than this.

Genny: Up this high solely for its Pokédex entries. People die and become Ghost pokémon confirmed!

Inviso: I know a lot of people like this generation's Ghosts, but to me, they're very hit of miss. Yamask evolves fine, but it's lame on its own.

Logicblade: Ya Mask Bro? Well you shouldn't be, this pokemon sucks.

89. MandibuzzEdit

Score: 4034
Average Ranking: 82.33 (Standard Deviation: 45.6)
Dark rank: 14/16
Flying rank: 9/18
Fully Evolved rank: 57/82

7 - Suor
8 - Inviso
8 - FrostHarpy
10 - CasanovaZelos
11 - Naye745
12 - Magmortar
16 - SanityLapse
23 - TexWolf_1729
36 - Luster Soldier
40 - cody11533
41 - Paratroopa1
42 - Genny
44 - tazzyboyishere
49 - Anagram
53 - XIII_Rocks
56 - l3fty
56 - Natwaf
61 - red13n
63 - Cybat
76 - ecksgem
79 - BetrayedTangy
80 - ctesjbuvf
82 - Dragon66116
92 - Sorozone
96 - Logicblade
96 - Xuxon
98 - xx521xx
98 - OrangeCrush
100 - Steiner
105 - Ermine
109 - profDEADPOOL
109 - Scepter
114 - Brayze II
115 - Articuno2001
117 - KommunistKoala
120 - Raka_Putra
122 - Bane_Of_Despair
122 - junglebob22
132 - StifledSilence
135 - Whiskey Nick
135 - Drakeryn
136 - Wigs
138 - mcflubbin
138 - PrinceKaro
145 - swordz9
147 - starfox2245
152 - Wicklebee
154 - mnkboy907

Suor: Mandy gets a lot of undeserved hate for whatever reason, but I myself love vultures. They're sneaky bastards and Mandibuzz represents that kind of attitude excellently. I like to think she uses the bones of her enemies to fix her hair. This is one b***h you don't want to mess with, and is also quite powerful in battle too.

Inviso: Okay, this is a time where I have to actually step up and defend Mandibuzz, because I feel like it gets a lot of haters for three reasons: it evolves from Vullaby, who is the worst, it's a Dark/Flying-type that isn't considered cool like Honchkrow, and it's the counterpart to Braviary, who is automatically loved because eagle. Well forget all of that, because Mandibuzz is a goddamn rock star. I normally hate tanks. They're annoying to level because a good tank tends to have weak attack stats. So I never bothered using a Mandibuzz until Gen VI. Breeding for competitive battles because more feasible, and suddenly I wanted to make a team of all Dark-types. Unfortunately, a lot of Dark-types kinda suck competitively, or are annoying to raise. So I had most of my team squared away and realized I should have a tank, just in case. Mandibuzz fit the bill, so even though I wasn't a huge fan, I used her. And never before have I made such a huge turnaround on a Pokemon. I went into a 6 v 6 Battle. My Weavile got wrecked, my Drapion got wrecked, my Houndoom got wrecked, my Greninja got wrecked, my Sableye got wrecked. All I had left was my Mandibuzz, with very little in the form of offense. But I'm no quitter, so I sent her out. Taunt. Knock Off. Toxic. Taunt. Roost. Repeat. One by one, the opposing team started dropping like flies. And in the end, Mandibuzz swept the entire f***ing team practically by herself. AMAZING performance by an AMAZING and underrated Pokemon that truly deserves better than for this to most likely be her best placement.

Magmortar: Mandibuzz is a fantastic Pokemon, which considering what it evolves from really is an achievement. It makes a very, very, very good wall, and the design is a whole lot less…uhh, yeah; the bone skirt honestly looks kind of cool. And I love turkeys. We need an actual turkey Pokemon so badly but turkey vultures work.

SanityLapse: Vultures are the best birds of all time. Birds of death. This is a bird of death because she likes to do stuff with the bones. Her design COULD be better, but she gets this high for being a vulture.

Paratroopa1: vultures are underrated but still cool

Genny: I like her more than Braviary, come at me folks! I'm sure Karo is going to mention its design as a negative and say some crap along the lines of this is why we shouldn't let westerners design pogeymanz blah blah, but check it: Mandibuzz has an awesome design. You're free to disagree by the way, just know that you're wrong in doing so. British designer James Turner may have dropped the ball with the ice creams and the basic forms of Golurk and Mandibuzz, but he nailed the two that matter. Mandy's design is reminiscent of the vultures from Snow White: Vultures.jpg mixed with something like Beaky the Buzzard's mother from the old Looney Tunes' shorts: Tell me I'm wrong. Frankly I think it's an ace combination. If I could change one thing about Mandibuzz though it would be sacrificing a lot of her Defenses for Attack. She has like the perfect moveset for an all-out offense but doesn't have the stat distribution to pull it off. This is what keeps her from going any higher.

Anagram: I really feel like an opportunity to give it mandibles was missed.

Natwaf: I forgot how you use this thing, but I'm pretty sure it's a wall.

Cybat: I know they're all female, but does it really need that eyeliner? Unsettling. But yeah, vulture is another no-brainer concept that we hadn't had yet, so here we are.

ctesjbuvf: It’s cool looking, but it was a major disappointment. Waiting all the way to the end to get a flying type and it just sucks so badly, especially compared to its counterpart. I actually changed my in-game team quite a bit because this thing sucked. It’s not terrible, but truly disappoints.

Logicblade: I want to like you, but you evolve too late.

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #52. The skirt and eyeshadow... what were they thinking...?

Brayze II:

KommunistKoala: I like the idea of a vulture pokemon but this thing is just off-putting to me for some reason.

Raka_Putra: Hey you're not Braviary.

StifledSilence: I gained a little respect for this thing since it has potential in battle. But it's still disturbingly ugly.

Wigs: I could've put this guy fairly higher but….. I can't unsee what it was in its past life.

Wicklebee: What… the… This was what you came up for a vulture? An all female of the streets poke?

88. ZweilousEdit

Score: 4018
Average Ranking: 82 (Standard Deviation: 34.88)
Dragon rank: 9/10
Dark rank: 13/16
NFE rank: 32/74

5 - Anagram
25 - Wigs
27 - Whiskey Nick
39 - XIII_Rocks
46 - junglebob22
47 - Magmortar
48 - ctesjbuvf
48 - StifledSilence
55 - Cybat
55 - Raka_Putra
57 - Sorozone
57 - Xuxon
59 - CasanovaZelos
59 - TexWolf_1729
59 - Drakeryn
61 - Genny
64 - tazzyboyishere
64 - Articuno2001
64 - swordz9
68 - Logicblade
69 - Dragon66116
69 - KommunistKoala
69 - starfox2245
73 - FrostHarpy
74 - SanityLapse
75 - Bane_Of_Despair
80 - red13n
81 - ecksgem
82 - mcflubbin
83 - Natwaf
90 - xx521xx
91 - Scepter
92 - Luster Soldier
93 - PrinceKaro
101 - Steiner
103 - Naye745
107 - Ermine
114 - BetrayedTangy
118 - profDEADPOOL
119 - Paratroopa1
124 - l3fty
129 - Brayze II
132 - Suor
132 - cody11533
132 - Wicklebee
137 - mnkboy907
147 - Inviso
155 - OrangeCrush

Anagram: Reminds me of the puppeteers from Known Space. That's a series that gets weird at the drop of a hat. One moment a character is exploring Ringworld and using physics to solve his problems, the next moment he's told that the universal greeting is to have sex with different sentient species. What was I talking about again?

Wigs: like Deino but almost twice as good!

Magmortar: It’s Deino WITH TWO HEADS! and Deino is dumb so Zwelious is dumb and amazing (not amazing but you get the point)

ctesjbuvf: Strong and good, but I’m not too fond of middle evolutions. I suppose it looks decent.

StifledSilence: Don't think they won't be any less afraid of you at Octoberfest because you're a German scary dragon.

Cybat: Nice hair, guys. I do like the theme naming for this line but I don't know what the "lous" is for.

Raka_Putra: Yeah, it's pretty good. Looks intimidating already.

Genny: I feel like the two head gimmick has been done way too often, but apparently there was only Doduo before it and Binnacle after? Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Logicblade: We will never speak of zweilous. He gets points for being suitably darkfang, but it's kind of scary when he evolves… where does his second brain go?

Natwaf: Be careful with this thing, Hustle on a dragon means a world of HURT

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #50. EMO ELERT!

Paratroopa1: oh boy, deino's really great, so let's add like 50% more deino to deino

Brayze II:

Wicklebee: … Bambam got a second head for double the ***CENSORED***? Why don't you guys put yourselves out of your misery by slamming your heads together as hard as possible so your skulls break.

Inviso: This thing evolves at like, 65? And meanwhile, it has an ability that makes any attack it tries super-slow (on top of horrendous speed). At least its name is cool.

OrangeCrush: Has a better name than Deino, but still very, very bad.

87. CryogonalEdit

Score: 3986
Average Ranking: 81.35 (Standard Deviation: 39.07)
Ice rank: 4/7
Fully Evolved rank: 56/82

13 - l3fty
23 - Dragon66116
24 - Naye745
28 - FrostHarpy
30 - Anagram
30 - Magmortar
30 - Luster Soldier
33 - XIII_Rocks
33 - TexWolf_1729
45 - Wigs
45 - mnkboy907
55 - Drakeryn
55 - starfox2245
56 - Brayze II
59 - Ermine
62 - Cybat
64 - ecksgem
66 - Logicblade
67 - Natwaf
68 - CasanovaZelos
73 - mcflubbin
73 - Inviso
83 - profDEADPOOL
84 - tazzyboyishere
85 - StifledSilence
85 - Paratroopa1
86 - SanityLapse
87 - Whiskey Nick
89 - ctesjbuvf
95 - Sorozone
95 - Suor
98 - Wicklebee
99 - Xuxon
103 - Genny
108 - cody11533
109 - PrinceKaro
112 - BetrayedTangy
124 - Scepter
125 - Articuno2001
127 - junglebob22
131 - KommunistKoala
131 - OrangeCrush
135 - Bane_Of_Despair
140 - xx521xx
142 - red13n
144 - Raka_Putra
144 - swordz9
155 - Steiner

Anagram: One of the few pokemon with a really complicated design where the complicatedness serves a purpose. Thus, I really like Cryogonal.

Magmortar: After it hit me this angry…snowflake, actually looked like a ^_^, I could never take it seriously ever again. But I like the concept behind its stats. Fast rapid spinner with a ton of special bulk but dies to a Caterpie Tackle, intriguing. I’m not expecting many people to like this thing, in fact I don’t even know why I have it this high up.


Wigs: cool ('lol') but wannabe Glalie

Brayze II:

Cybat: Very interesting stat distribution. But I feel like GameFreak has some kind of fundamental misunderstanding of their own type chart because Ice types are never going to be viable walls, yet they keep trying.

Logicblade: It's just a silly snowflake, but every cryogonal is unique in my heart. And the name is just awesome.

Natwaf: OH MY GOD WHY ARE YOU SO RARE? Be careful, this thing is sturdier than it looks. But my favorite part is that it can learn Attract. But it's genderless, which means it's useless (no, it does NOT work against other genderless poke, so stop it)

Inviso: This ranks higher for me because I find the frowny face it makes cute (plus there's so few decent Ice-types overall, and in this generation in particular.

StifledSilence: Mutated snowflakes are a thing now too?

Paratroopa1: best name in gen V, but most horrifying face. except for gothita

ctesjbuvf: This thing is pretty good, but not evolved from or to anything drags it a bit down for me, when it doesn’t really have much going for it to begin with.

Wicklebee: Cry moar bro, I understand the naming… but those spots just… I don't like this design.

Genny: It's a thing that exists. I can't help but feel like a snowflake pokémon could not only be prettier and more elegant, but also better in battle. Seriously those STATS can and should really be redistributed. What's the point of a Special Defensive Ice type anyway? So it can die to two Flamethrowers instead of just one? Bah. Beggars can't be choosers I suppose.

junglebob22: I think Cryogonal's angry face is saying "Why do I exist?"

Raka_Putra: NO, NO! How do you explain this to the kids? "Oh here's a Pokemon shaped like…something, it's like a polygonal…thing, and it's scary and it's crying because it wants something to end its misery. Have fun, kiddo!"

86. CubchooEdit

Score: 3930
Average Ranking: 80.2 (Standard Deviation: 46.72)
Ice rank: 3/7
NFE rank: 31/74

2 - SanityLapse
7 - PrinceKaro
7 - BetrayedTangy
8 - Bane_Of_Despair
15 - mcflubbin
23 - StifledSilence
25 - Xuxon
27 - Raka_Putra
34 - cody11533
37 - l3fty
42 - Drakeryn
43 - starfox2245
43 - Ermine
44 - mnkboy907
44 - Scepter
45 - Naye745
46 - Whiskey Nick
47 - tazzyboyishere
55 - CasanovaZelos
57 - KommunistKoala
61 - Inviso
72 - Anagram
77 - red13n
79 - Dragon66116
82 - profDEADPOOL
90 - Suor
91 - xx521xx
99 - Magmortar
99 - Natwaf
105 - Logicblade
109 - ctesjbuvf
112 - Sorozone
113 - Genny
119 - junglebob22
120 - FrostHarpy
121 - Brayze II
128 - OrangeCrush
131 - Wicklebee
134 - Wigs
135 - swordz9
136 - ecksgem
138 - Paratroopa1
140 - Luster Soldier
142 - Articuno2001
144 - XIII_Rocks
147 - Cybat
149 - Steiner
154 - TexWolf_1729

SanityLapse: Bears are alright. Polar bears are generally much cooler than regular bears. But a bear with a giant thing of a snot hanging out of his nose is about as great as bears can possibly get. Look at this little adorable guy with that loooong long snot drip :3. He reminds me of one of the best characters from Zelda Wind Waker: Zill!

Bane_Of_Despair: I'm an absolute sucker for tiny bears (Teddiursa) and even with the unfortunate nose drop he's absolutely adorable

StifledSilence: Aww cute little bear bro has a cold.

Raka_Putra: Who's a good widdle polar bear cub with a runny nose? Yes you are, yes you areeee. I just want to snuggle it until I pass out.

Inviso: It's cute and has snot bubbling from its nose. These two things don't have to be mutually exclusive.

Anagram: I would put it higher, but the booger really, REALLY bothers me. Even in the anime they have boogers, but sometimes the boogers disappear, and hey, it turns into a really cute, good teddy bear thing.

Magmortar: I’ve seen cuter is all I can say.

Natwaf: Cute NFE Trash

Logicblade: Don't sneeze on me you abomination.

ctesjbuvf: Love the name, but its really boring. The sneezing doesn’t really help it much when it isn’t better.

Genny: I cannot stand the snot. Did you know Cubchoo can move the mucous independently of its body? That's foul. It's like an extra arm. An extra arm made entirely of liquid boogers. Disgusting.

junglebob22: Wipe your damn nose if your trying to be cute

Brayze II:

Wicklebee: And this one reminds me of the kid in Wind Waker with his snot nose that runs into you. Fuck off kid, getting your shitty snot all over these clothes that I didn't even like at first!

Wigs: this sounds like something jontron might call a generic cute bear thing.

ecksgem: That mucus completely ruins what might otherwise be a cute Pokemon. As it is, Snotbear is not cute.

Paratroopa1: ugh every time I see him and his huge snot bubble it just makes me feel gross, he's straight up uncomfortable to look at

Cybat: I know there is a culture difference here too but I haven't watched nearly enough anime for a perpetual snot bubble to be anything but completely disgusting. Especially when it's animated in 3D. Sorry, you're pretty cute otherwise, but yuck.

Steiner: gross

85. MienfooEdit

Score: 3907
Average Ranking: 79.73 (Standard Deviation: 34.9)
Fighting rank: 9/15
NFE rank: 30/74

6 - red13n
8 - Drakeryn
9 - Ermine
19 - profDEADPOOL
28 - ecksgem
30 - Inviso
32 - KommunistKoala
35 - PrinceKaro
53 - Scepter
53 - Genny
60 - BetrayedTangy
60 - Bane_Of_Despair
61 - StifledSilence
62 - Paratroopa1
63 - Xuxon
63 - starfox2245
67 - Suor
69 - tazzyboyishere
71 - Wicklebee
72 - Articuno2001
75 - Steiner
76 - mcflubbin
76 - Cybat
84 - mnkboy907
84 - xx521xx
88 - Whiskey Nick
89 - Logicblade
93 - Magmortar
94 - ctesjbuvf
95 - Naye745
95 - Luster Soldier
96 - Sorozone
100 - Brayze II
100 - OrangeCrush
102 - cody11533
102 - Anagram
104 - junglebob22
104 - FrostHarpy
109 - l3fty
119 - Raka_Putra
119 - Dragon66116
119 - Wigs
124 - swordz9
124 - XIII_Rocks
126 - CasanovaZelos
131 - TexWolf_1729
138 - Natwaf
143 - SanityLapse

Ermine: SOOOOO much better than Mienshao.

Inviso: I wish this thing didn't take so damn long to evolve. There's something so weird about having something this adorable in my party until level 50. Still, solid Pokemon even as an NFE.

Genny: Ermine and Drak are completely cuckoo. Mienfoo is cute but Mienshao is so much better in terms of both design and in spirit!

StifledSilence: I got a shiny Mienfoo!

Paratroopa1: &

Wicklebee: I pity the foo' that doesn't pick up this Pokemon (like myself my first time around)

Cybat: As a programmer I have to support anything with "foo" in its name. But I do like this design quite a bit as humanoid Fighting types go. Shame about its evolution though.

Logicblade: I pity the foo. His head is weird looking and the eyebrow things are big misses.

Magmortar: This generation mostly has decent fighting types…but there are exceptions.

ctesjbuvf: It’s decent enough, but sort of boring.

Brayze II:

Anagram: Does ermine like mienfoo? It seems like something he would really like, but I don't know for sure.

Raka_Putra: Vomit-colored atrocity.

Natwaf: NFE Trash

84. SwannaEdit

Score: 3903
Average Ranking: 79.65 (Standard Deviation: 35.6)
Water rank: 9/17
Flying rank: 8/18
Fully Evolved rank: 55/82

5 - Suor
23 - Articuno2001
30 - Wicklebee
34 - Xuxon
34 - Magmortar
36 - TexWolf_1729
43 - Bane_Of_Despair
45 - Inviso
45 - tazzyboyishere
47 - Paratroopa1
47 - starfox2245
52 - mcflubbin
54 - Dragon66116
55 - Steiner
60 - Logicblade
60 - SanityLapse
62 - FrostHarpy
64 - OrangeCrush
66 - xx521xx
67 - ecksgem
68 - junglebob22
71 - Ermine
77 - Wigs
78 - PrinceKaro
79 - Genny
80 - Natwaf
81 - swordz9
82 - red13n
82 - cody11533
86 - StifledSilence
87 - CasanovaZelos
88 - XIII_Rocks
92 - l3fty
97 - Whiskey Nick
98 - Drakeryn
102 - Naye745
105 - Luster Soldier
113 - Cybat
125 - Sorozone
128 - KommunistKoala
129 - profDEADPOOL
131 - Scepter
131 - Raka_Putra
132 - ctesjbuvf
133 - Brayze II
136 - Anagram
140 - mnkboy907
156 - BetrayedTangy

Suor: DISAPPROVING BIRD! It was about damn time they made a swan pokémon, I love birds and swans are no exception. Of course it couldn't be anything less than awesome. Wish it had better abilities though.

Wicklebee: Our third water-flying FE and the Flying-type I plan to use on my next playthrough, since Braviary is too late.


Inviso: MUCH better transportation whore than Pelipper, because I can at least look at Swanna without wanting to punch it in its big stupid face. Very very pretty.

Paratroopa1: does it have boobs, why does it have boobs? birds don't have boobs

Logicblade: Who can forget disapproving bird?

junglebob22: Swanna's got some serious 'tude in its Gen 5 sprite

Genny: I know it's not the greatest thing ever- hell it's barely better than Pelipper, but I like the way it stands akimbo and glares at me. Also my very first user of the move Scald, one I think is pretty neat.

Natwaf: Elegant but oh so very weak. It outsped my Emboar though. Ouch. And it maybe weak, but it still has access to Hydro Pump and Huricane, so kill it fast before it rains.

StifledSilence: I honestly didn't give a crap about this thing until the gauntlets. Disapproving Bird!

XIII_Rocks: DISAPPROVING BIRD! Sadly that is Swanna's sole good point in a gen sorely lacking great water-types.

Cybat: Boring name, boring design, boring abilities, boring stats.

KommunistKoala: Boob swan

Scepter: It's just my mom's swan

Raka_Putra: Oh hey I'm so sassy yes I'm the best design ever ohohoho, Cinderella sweep the floor and collect the lentils

ctesjbuvf: Really generic and quite bad.

Brayze II:

Anagram: I can't recall anyone ever expressing any kind of opinion about Swanna. There's just nothing interesting about it.

BetrayedTangy: This is what I hate the most about Pokemon, some of these Pokemon are just so damn lazy and Swanna is the best example of this. It's just a swan that's all there is to it. This is the largest generation of Pokemon ever, why was it necessary to include this?

83. KeldeoEdit

Score: 3876
Average Ranking: 79.1 (Standard Deviation: 45.97)
Water rank: 8/17
Fighting rank: 8/15
Fully Evolved rank: 54/82

2 - FrostHarpy
5 - Natwaf
10 - PrinceKaro
11 - StifledSilence
14 - Luster Soldier
15 - Magmortar
17 - Wigs
26 - Drakeryn
27 - Bane_Of_Despair
28 - cody11533
29 - red13n
33 - xx521xx
38 - Whiskey Nick
48 - Articuno2001
51 - Steiner
51 - Genny
52 - Anagram
54 - Raka_Putra
56 - Wicklebee
62 - CasanovaZelos
64 - XIII_Rocks
65 - Naye745
66 - BetrayedTangy
79 - tazzyboyishere
84 - KommunistKoala
92 - Scepter
93 - Cybat
95 - mcflubbin
100 - Paratroopa1
103 - TexWolf_1729
107 - Dragon66116
116 - ecksgem
117 - Suor
117 - Brayze II
119 - swordz9
120 - ctesjbuvf
121 - Logicblade
124 - OrangeCrush
127 - starfox2245
132 - profDEADPOOL
133 - Sorozone
137 - SanityLapse
137 - l3fty
138 - Ermine
140 - Inviso
140 - junglebob22
143 - Xuxon
151 - mnkboy907

Natwaf: Newbie of the Swords of Justice, and my favorite member. Resolute Forme is ridiculous and useless, but I love it. It also has a secret trick up it's sleeve… Secret Sword. AHAHAHAHAHA **** YOU BLISSEY! DIEDIEDIE! So yeah, one of my best Mono-Fighting members. Why no Ice Beam though :(. NEVER FORGET PONY!

PrinceKaro: Dear Princess Celestia, today I learned how to properly allocate EV spreads, and the importance of strong STAB moves with good coverage. Your faithful student, Keldeo.

StifledSilence: I much prefer this one over his trio of buddies. The alternate form with the flamey looking hair is badass too.

Magmortar: My Little Hydronic Killing Machine: Swords That Don’t Give A Fuck About The FUCKING Chansey Line Are Magic

(Editor's Note: Magmortar misspelled Keldeo as Heldeo)

Genny: Cannot unhear Edward Elric. I think it has the worst design of the Musketeer Quartet (yes even below Terrakion)- ugh those eyebrows. Resolute Form is even worse, wherein those ughbrows become a sword-horn for some reason. Sigmund Freud would have a field day with Keldeo. Anyway what gets it this high is being based on d'Artagnan, my favorite character from the novel. Aramis was also great but yeah.

Anagram: Keldeo really does deserve every MLP reference made about it. I hate it from that perspective, but from the perspective of actual design, I can't say it's, like, bad.

Raka_Putra: Shota fighting horse, what's not to like?

Wicklebee: The member of the Swords of Justice with… SECRET SWORD.

XIII_Rocks: Looks like a fucking my little pony

KommunistKoala: Secret Sword. Secret Sword. Secret Sword. I guess this thing is alright maybe.

Cybat: Why did they even bother giving this thing another form? Seriously, it just gets a bigger horn? :sigh: Secret Sword is cool and all, but this design has some issues.

Paratroopa1: you probably think keldeo is a cool ponyhorse thing but did you stop and look at its dumb face and its gross nose? yeah

Suor: After three cool musketeers in Cobalion, Virizon and Terrakion, I can't put to words how unimpressive Keldeo is.

Brayze II:

ctesjbuvf: The voice it has probably hurts its placement on my list. It also looks really bad. There could be created something cool with it in the anime I guess, too bad they didn’t manage.

Logicblade: The worst musketeer. Just looks wrong. Like Derpy Hooves but not adorable.


Inviso: This thing is a joke. I actually kinda like the Musketeer Trio…and then this thing comes along. It looks stupid and completely out of place alongside the trio, and in fact, it looks like a really bad My Little Pony design (that isn't even good enough to be included in the actual's one of those event Pokemon instead.)

82. GolettEdit

Score: 3841
Average Ranking: 78.39 (Standard Deviation: 37.13)
Ghost rank: 7/9
Ground rank: 7/11
NFE rank: 29/74

7 - Wigs
8 - Suor
13 - profDEADPOOL
14 - swordz9
24 - Drakeryn
25 - BetrayedTangy
32 - starfox2245
39 - Sorozone
42 - mnkboy907
47 - Anagram
49 - CasanovaZelos
54 - tazzyboyishere
55 - Dragon66116
63 - Luster Soldier
63 - Wicklebee
65 - Logicblade
65 - junglebob22
66 - SanityLapse
69 - l3fty
71 - Magmortar
71 - TexWolf_1729
71 - ecksgem
75 - Scepter
76 - xx521xx
79 - Articuno2001
84 - Cybat
84 - mcflubbin
90 - KommunistKoala
94 - OrangeCrush
95 - cody11533
95 - Whiskey Nick
96 - PrinceKaro
96 - Ermine
98 - Steiner
105 - Raka_Putra
105 - ctesjbuvf
107 - XIII_Rocks
112 - StifledSilence
122 - red13n
123 - Bane_Of_Despair
124 - Inviso
125 - FrostHarpy
126 - Naye745
131 - Natwaf
132 - Xuxon
134 - Brayze II
137 - Paratroopa1
138 - Genny

Wigs: very aesthetically pleasing. Is somehow both cute and looks like he kicks ass. Also love the type combo

Suor: Cutest pokémon ever. After Joltik. Case closed.

Anagram: I never watched any 'giant robot' anime as a kid, so any subtleties of this design may be lost on me. Nevertheless, I can say that it's a quality design. Tough but cute is a good way to go with these kinds of things.

Wicklebee: Use Rollout.

Logicblade: I like Gobit as a name much more than Golett. I get the golem puns, but gobit is a cute sounding name.

Magmortar: Awful, but it evolves into Golurk so I’m going to put it above several Pokemon that don’t evolve into Golurk.

Cybat: The lore behind this line is really weird. So an ancient civilization created it and somehow gave it energy to move around? How does that make it a Pokemon and not, like, just a robot?

KommunistKoala: I appreciate the typing. I just appreciate it more with Golurk.

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #61.

Raka_Putra: Something that would go for like ¥5,560 in Japan but will cost $800 elsewhere

ctesjbuvf: Cool type combination, but boring design.

StifledSilence: How much food are you going to cram in your golett?

Inviso: Golurk is okay, but Golett just looks fat and pointless. I wish I cared more about it, but I just don't.

Natwaf: NFE Trash

Brayze II: literally don't care

Paratroopa1: dumb abstract nonsense

Genny: Sort of reminds me of that unpopular fat kid at school. You know if you stick up for him and then everyone will accuse you of having a crush on him (or a gay crush if applicable), so you never grow the balls required to do so. Children can be so cruel...

81. DeerlingEdit

Score: 3808
Average Ranking: 77.71 (Standard Deviation: 35.49)
Normal rank: 12/17
Grass rank: 10/20
NFE rank: 28/74

3 - Magmortar
7 - OrangeCrush
12 - Xuxon
14 - PrinceKaro
15 - xx521xx
28 - Articuno2001
34 - Scepter
43 - ecksgem
43 - red13n
48 - Paratroopa1
49 - Drakeryn
49 - TexWolf_1729
51 - tazzyboyishere
58 - starfox2245
63 - l3fty
64 - Wigs
69 - Raka_Putra
70 - Luster Soldier
71 - Cybat
73 - Dragon66116
75 - Logicblade
77 - Inviso
83 - Brayze II
85 - Suor
85 - Ermine
87 - cody11533
88 - CasanovaZelos
89 - mcflubbin
89 - Genny
90 - Bane_Of_Despair
90 - FrostHarpy
91 - StifledSilence
92 - Natwaf
93 - profDEADPOOL
98 - XIII_Rocks
99 - Wicklebee
100 - swordz9
101 - junglebob22
109 - Sorozone
115 - SanityLapse
116 - Steiner
116 - Naye745
118 - Anagram
120 - KommunistKoala
129 - Whiskey Nick
133 - mnkboy907
139 - ctesjbuvf
147 - BetrayedTangy

Magmortar: PINK BAMBI is the single cutest P-*dead of heart attack*

OrangeCrush: Adorable deer is adorable

Paratroopa1: it's so comically cute that I kind of think they were parodying cute things on purpose

Raka_Putra: Oh Bambi, I cried so hard when they shot your mother.

Cybat: I totally forgot that seasons were a thing in BW until I saw this Pokemon in the list. Deer Pokemon are pretty cool.

Logicblade: Cute little deer, with four different colours. Deerlings are lovely, and should not be put in teacups.

Inviso: I like the concept of a Pokemon that changes depending on the season…but Sawsbuck is just so far superior in terms of those design changes while Deerling just changes color.

Brayze II:

Genny: Darling lil' thing with a lil' flower on its head. I wonder how male Deerling feel about that, and being pink in the Spring.

StifledSilence: Bambi on grass.

Natwaf: Collect all 4 limited edition seasons! They're individually adorable!

Wicklebee: Frankly my Deerling, I don't give a Wormadam.

Anagram: I don't know anything about deer. Could Bambi really have survived without his mother?

KommunistKoala: It's a deer.

ctesjbuvf: Cute, but more grass fodder.

80. ServineEdit

Score: 3799
Average Ranking: 77.53 (Standard Deviation: 42.36)
Grass rank: 9/20
NFE rank: 27/74

2 - Paratroopa1
13 - ecksgem
20 - Brayze II
22 - PrinceKaro
23 - OrangeCrush
26 - Cybat
27 - SanityLapse
28 - tazzyboyishere
39 - xx521xx
39 - Naye745
41 - FrostHarpy
42 - ctesjbuvf
47 - Logicblade
47 - Wicklebee
48 - Xuxon
49 - Raka_Putra
50 - Ermine
57 - Luster Soldier
57 - Suor
58 - junglebob22
66 - profDEADPOOL
66 - Anagram
67 - Scepter
67 - red13n
74 - Drakeryn
74 - Dragon66116
80 - CasanovaZelos
86 - Inviso
86 - XIII_Rocks
87 - Bane_Of_Despair
93 - TexWolf_1729
94 - cody11533
97 - Articuno2001
99 - mnkboy907
100 - Genny
102 - l3fty
109 - Steiner
110 - BetrayedTangy
115 - Natwaf
118 - Wigs
130 - Sorozone
132 - starfox2245
149 - mcflubbin
151 - KommunistKoala
152 - swordz9
154 - Magmortar
154 - Whiskey Nick
155 - StifledSilence

Paratroopa1: servine is fucking rad but also kind of creepy when you consider that he is in the process of having his arms recede into his body oh no servine

Brayze II:

Cybat: Very solid design as a transition between Snivy and Serperior. It's a shame that this gen has two very good middle starter forms, and then…Pignite. Womp womp.

ctesjbuvf: This thing is cool looking, good in battle as long as you have it, but it’s still a middle form, so no higher than this.

Logicblade: That's definitely a middle pokemon alright.

Wicklebee: Smugleaf's successor, steadily growing unnessecarily.

Raka_Putra: Neither as good as its evo nor pre-evo, but it's still a pleasant enough experience.

Anagram: It's, like, okay. It's hard to imagine a better mid-form grass snake pokemon.

Inviso: Of the 9 starter Pokemon, Servine is definitely a weak link. It's got middle form syndrome in that it evolves into something awesome, FROM something awesome, but is kinda generic itself.

Genny: Like Pignite it's a clear third among its line, but much unlike it, this is simply because the other two members are just plain better, not because it's clearly worse. In other words Servine is good while the others are great. Pignite is mediocre to its okay siblings. I like Servine's leaves the most of its family. Those little stubby limbs are odd though. Definitely looks like a middie.

Natwaf: NFE Trash

KommunistKoala: This thing is lucky it isn't a monkey.

Magmortar: Servine has mostly avoided idiotic memetic reputations, which puts it above Serperior and Snivy. However, due to being related to Serperior and Snivy, Servine is also really, really, REALLY bad. These Pokemon are completely abysmal, and the only reason they aren’t the worst in the whole series is because the Chansey line exists.

StifledSilence: The awkward early teen years before it develops the need to make gaudy fashion statements.

79. PawniardEdit

Score: 3791
Average Ranking: 77.37 (Standard Deviation: 30.54)
Dark rank: 12/16
Steel rank: 8/12
NFE rank: 26/74

15 - profDEADPOOL
23 - Steiner
27 - l3fty
32 - FrostHarpy
36 - junglebob22
37 - Raka_Putra
40 - Xuxon
43 - Wicklebee
44 - Bane_Of_Despair
46 - SanityLapse
46 - BetrayedTangy
53 - OrangeCrush
54 - ctesjbuvf
57 - Drakeryn
59 - Cybat
63 - tazzyboyishere
66 - Whiskey Nick
68 - Ermine
70 - Inviso
73 - CasanovaZelos
74 - Luster Soldier
74 - KommunistKoala
76 - starfox2245
78 - Articuno2001
78 - Sorozone
82 - Logicblade
83 - XIII_Rocks
84 - Brayze II
86 - Natwaf
91 - mcflubbin
92 - red13n
92 - Dragon66116
94 - Naye745
95 - mnkboy907
95 - Wigs
96 - Anagram
96 - cody11533
97 - ecksgem
97 - Genny
103 - Scepter
107 - TexWolf_1729
108 - swordz9
110 - Magmortar
113 - xx521xx
126 - Paratroopa1
129 - StifledSilence
135 - PrinceKaro
149 - Suor

Raka_Putra: Cool, edgy (as in, it have many edges), inspired design

Wicklebee: He looks ready to HM01 you.

SanityLapse: Mega Man enemy.

ctesjbuvf: This thing looks so badass. It’s also a pretty decent battler!

Cybat: Baby Bisharp is still pretty cool; its design feels a little cleaner.

Inviso: It evolves late, and I've complained about that…but this thing is so cute and evolves into something so cool. Plus I love the Dark/Steel typing.

Logicblade: This pokemon reeks of trying too hard. Luckily his evolution fixes that, but it comes really late.

Brayze II:

Natwaf: Cool NFE Trash

Wigs: reminds me of Turbo from Wreck-It Ralph

Anagram: Not looking like a chess piece was a major missed opportunity.

Genny: I loved its one major appearance in the anime. It was during one of the early tournaments. She was super fierce lol.

Magmortar: It isn’t…anything really

Paratroopa1: why is his name chess-themed when he's not actually chess-themed

StifledSilence: This thing is so dorky. And that's hard to accomplish in a game a lot of people think is dorky.

Suor: Pawniard more like Pwnedhard lel.

OrangeCrush Half-Time Show - Magikarp's RetributionEdit

What the Heldeo?  Spelling mistakes made the first half a bit rough.  Hopefully things will go smoother for the second half, although the HERDIER spam is already starting to get to me...

Anyway, this was the only Gen V related video I could find in my liked Youtube videos, so here we go:



78. PurrloinEdit

Score: 3780
Average Ranking: 77.14 (Standard Deviation: 45.4)
Dark rank: 11/16
NFE rank: 25/74

2 - Xuxon
6 - PrinceKaro
7 - TexWolf_1729
13 - Drakeryn
18 - red13n
20 - Bane_Of_Despair
24 - Wicklebee
25 - OrangeCrush
25 - swordz9
25 - StifledSilence
30 - Genny
33 - Sorozone
36 - SanityLapse
38 - profDEADPOOL
38 - Paratroopa1
39 - Logicblade
40 - ecksgem
50 - xx521xx
54 - junglebob22
60 - Inviso
60 - Brayze II
66 - CasanovaZelos
67 - cody11533
73 - Ermine
82 - Suor
88 - KommunistKoala
100 - Scepter
101 - Natwaf
103 - Whiskey Nick
106 - Luster Soldier
106 - Magmortar
109 - Raka_Putra
109 - Anagram
110 - Dragon66116
113 - XIII_Rocks
113 - mcflubbin
115 - FrostHarpy
126 - Cybat
126 - tazzyboyishere
128 - starfox2245
130 - Steiner
130 - BetrayedTangy
130 - mnkboy907
131 - Wigs
134 - Naye745
143 - l3fty
144 - ctesjbuvf
152 - Articuno2001

Wicklebee: I named this poke after my ex's cat.

OrangeCrush: Did you steal a Purrloin from Aspertia City 5 years ago? DID YOU? DON'T LIE, I KNOW YOU DID YOU BASTARD!

StifledSilence: Cute kitty samaaaaaa!

Genny: One episode of the pokémon anime was pretty much all it took to make me love this bad kitty. I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen the episode I'm talking about, but it involves Ash's Oshawott and Team Rocket's Meowth trying to curry favor with a stray Purrloin. They both go through hell and high water to help "her" so that "she" would love one of them back, only for the little bastard to reveal it was a male all along. O, the chicanery! Instantaneous love. The design is honestly not great. Legitimately do not know which will place higher here, so perhaps mild spoilers for my list: much like Liepard the appearance would be exponentially improved without that outer-eye-inner-ear-blend... thing it has going on. But anime cred alone gets it this far.

SanityLapse: Nice simple cat. This gen is too strong for the cat to rank any higher.

Paratroopa1: apparently there was an episode of the anime with a purrloin that was flirting with meowth and meowth was kind of into it until he found out the purrloin was a guy. amazing

Logicblade: Purrloin might be my favourite cat pokemon. Although it standing on it's hind legs in the anime is really weird.

junglebob22: I liked Purrloin better when it stood on 4 legs

Inviso: This thing is weak as hell in battle, but I'm still glad that it survived Kit's Nuzlocke run, evolved, and managed to hook up with Psyche once she was resurrected.

Brayze II:

Ermine: standing cat

Natwaf: Cute NFE Trash

Magmortar: When they finally have made a kitten I genuine do not like, you know things are bad. Purrloin isn’t cute or anywhere close and I struggle to find something it is actually good for. My sympathy goes out to anyone who had a Nuzlocke encounter wasted on this thing.

Raka_Putra: Choroneko is just not interesting in any shape or way.

Anagram: I wonder how much eyeshadow the average cat needs. I know they'd never use eyeshadow, of course, but just out of curiosity.

Cybat: Another mean-looking cat. But this one has the added benefit of being pretty impressively terrible ingame, even for an early-game mon.

ctesjbuvf: Quite annoying. The early game didn’t need so much useless stuff.

77. AudinoEdit

Score: 3777
Average Ranking: 77.08 (Standard Deviation: 41.46)
Normal rank: 11/17
Fully Evolved rank: 53/82

16 - Articuno2001
18 - Raka_Putra
19 - Drakeryn
20 - xx521xx
23 - Inviso
32 - PrinceKaro
32 - swordz9
32 - Paratroopa1
32 - Luster Soldier
33 - junglebob22
33 - Ermine
34 - OrangeCrush
44 - TexWolf_1729
53 - red13n
55 - cody11533
57 - Wicklebee
60 - Cybat
63 - Natwaf
68 - Sorozone
68 - Suor
71 - Logicblade
73 - Scepter
74 - ecksgem
76 - Genny
78 - XIII_Rocks
78 - Naye745
80 - Magmortar
80 - starfox2245
82 - CasanovaZelos
87 - Steiner
93 - Brayze II
95 - profDEADPOOL
97 - mnkboy907
98 - SanityLapse
98 - Dragon66116
107 - FrostHarpy
110 - KommunistKoala
111 - mcflubbin
113 - tazzyboyishere
125 - StifledSilence
127 - Whiskey Nick
132 - BetrayedTangy
133 - Wigs
137 - Anagram
152 - Xuxon
153 - Bane_Of_Despair
155 - ctesjbuvf
156 - l3fty

Raka_Putra: A Pokemon who heals you before you slaughter him to get ALL THE EXPS IN THE WORLD? Yes please! P.S. my friends actually used one in his team.

Drakeryn: So I used not to like this guy much, but I just started playing Pokemon Shuffle and actually he's p cute

Inviso: This thing is pretty useless…except in Gen V where your options for leveling are limited, and so you have to grind these things for hours at a time and they are f***ing LIFESAVERS.

Paratroopa1: it's basically chansey, except instead of being awful, it's appropriately non-awful

junglebob22: After all the EXP I've gotten from Audino, I think I have been conditioned to liking its appearance

OrangeCrush: I don't know why, but giving a good writeup here is taboo

Wicklebee: Here to fix your audio.

Cybat: Cute, but somehow not that visually appealing for me. But of course, I love it when I see these things. Gen 5 had a lot of improvements to the exp system and this was one of the best.

Natwaf: EXP punching bag. Oddly enough, I'm okay with it, despite my INTENSE BURNING HATRED for the other Pink blob healing poke. Weird choice for a Gen V Poke to get a Mega though.

Suor: I like Audino for what it is: a huge bag of exp. It and its Mega evolution try to go for the healer/support gimmick, I appreciate that.

Logicblade: Super EXP slave. He's good for that, but Audino just wants hugs. I would hug audinos all day if I could. :(

Scepter: So kind

Genny: I can honestly say I like Chansey's replacement more than Chansey. It's pretty adorable for one. And for two, pounding it into the pavement is the best method of earning EXP ever. I don't even care if this doesn't ring true anymore. Audino will always be my adorable little punching bag. Oh and the Mega evolution is even more adorable (possibly to excess), plus gains Fairy typing.

Magmortar: This is what the FUCKING CHANSEY LINE should be! Completely useless in battle so you never have to run into like 173 gabizillion of them, dumb looking, and seeming only exists to give you massive amounts of experience. It has everything. Except for being an actually decent Pokemon.

Brayze II:

StifledSilence: Taking the "kill it with kindness" approach to strange new levels.

Wigs: what's all the hubbub about this guy? Why does it have a mega

Anagram: Of all the things that didn't need a mega evolution, Audino is one of them.

Bane_Of_Despair: Just creepy in a bad way

ctesjbuvf: It looks so bad and I don’t get why it exist. Seems completely meaningless and they made it really annoying by being as common in rustling grass as it is.

76. DucklettEdit

Score: 3712
Average Ranking: 75.76 (Standard Deviation: 37)
Water rank: 7/17
Flying rank: 7/18
NFE rank: 24/74

6 - Naye745
18 - Logicblade
21 - l3fty
24 - xx521xx
24 - Suor
28 - Xuxon
36 - Bane_Of_Despair
40 - Magmortar
44 - cody11533
47 - Sorozone
50 - starfox2245
51 - junglebob22
51 - red13n
57 - tazzyboyishere
59 - SanityLapse
60 - Paratroopa1
60 - Ermine
60 - Wicklebee
60 - mnkboy907
63 - PrinceKaro
63 - Wigs
67 - Raka_Putra
67 - Whiskey Nick
68 - ecksgem
69 - Anagram
70 - TexWolf_1729
71 - FrostHarpy
73 - Steiner
80 - swordz9
80 - StifledSilence
90 - Articuno2001
93 - Drakeryn
93 - mcflubbin
100 - XIII_Rocks
103 - Dragon66116
104 - Inviso
106 - KommunistKoala
112 - Luster Soldier
116 - Cybat
120 - profDEADPOOL
120 - BetrayedTangy
125 - OrangeCrush
131 - Genny
133 - CasanovaZelos
135 - Brayze II
141 - ctesjbuvf
143 - Natwaf
144 - Scepter

Logicblade: It's the stupidest pokemon yet. Psyduck done right.

Magmortar: The sprite stares into my soul. Originally much lower, that hilarious look on its face forced me to put it much higher.

Paratroopa1: actually I think he looks sort of stupid but then that kind of comes back around to being charming because that is the way of things (also a bird)

Wicklebee: Quack.

Raka_Putra: Duck, duck, goose. SO MUCH BETTER than that hack Swanna.

Anagram: Garbage, but at least it's not ugly garbage.

StifledSilence: It's cute but Psyduck/Golduck are so much better.

Inviso: Nowhere near as awesome as the ducks from Gen I (all three of them), but okay nonetheless.

Cybat: The first duck since Psyduck is…well…not as memorable.

Genny: How come GF/Nintendo/Satoshi Tajiri likes ducks so much? And how come every one but Psyduck is trolly and annoying? I didn't like Farfetch'd for being a thieving douchebag in that one first season episode, and I don't like the cuter version either.

Brayze II:


ctesjbuvf: Way too generic looking and bad.

Natwaf: NFE Trash

Scepter: It's just my mom's duck

75. RuffletEdit

Score: 3687
Average Ranking: 75.24 (Standard Deviation: 29.38)
Normal rank: 10/17
Flying rank: 6/18
NFE rank: 23/74

15 - swordz9
21 - Paratroopa1
26 - red13n
28 - KommunistKoala
38 - Raka_Putra
39 - Ermine
40 - Sorozone
43 - tazzyboyishere
45 - PrinceKaro
47 - Wigs
50 - Naye745
53 - Xuxon
57 - Whiskey Nick
59 - cody11533
60 - Anagram
63 - xx521xx
65 - Bane_Of_Despair
67 - mnkboy907
69 - BetrayedTangy
70 - Scepter
73 - ctesjbuvf
74 - Magmortar
75 - TexWolf_1729
77 - ecksgem
79 - OrangeCrush
81 - profDEADPOOL
83 - starfox2245
83 - FrostHarpy
85 - Logicblade
85 - mcflubbin
86 - Suor
88 - Articuno2001
88 - Brayze II
90 - Dragon66116
91 - Drakeryn
99 - Steiner
99 - Genny
102 - CasanovaZelos
103 - junglebob22
106 - l3fty
108 - Cybat
109 - Luster Soldier
111 - StifledSilence
118 - Inviso
119 - SanityLapse
120 - XIII_Rocks
127 - Wicklebee
132 - Natwaf

Paratroopa1: oh my god he has so much DOWN it's so fucking cute ARGH

KommunistKoala: God damn this thing is adorable.

Raka_Putra: Oh man, that's one good looking first stage bird Pokemon.

Anagram: I kind of like the American Indian theme Rufflet is using. Funny that you'd combine it with red, white, and blue, but eh, not everything is going to be perfectly logical.

ctesjbuvf: Cool small bird. Evolves too late though, it ends up being useless.

Magmortar: kind of a doofus looking Pokemon to me

Logicblade: So fluffy! You take too long to evolve though.

Brayze II:

Genny: It's cuter than Torchic and Piplup. I suppose that makes it the cutest chick pokémon, but that's all it's got going for it. That and evolving into a BEAST of a bird.

Cybat: Severely outshone by Braviary. Its ruff looks pretty silly.

StifledSilence: Rufflet chips are great with dip.

Inviso: Cute, and it evolves into something badass…but it has the same problem as its female counterpart in that it takes too damn long to evolve without being able to back up its skills.

Wicklebee: Evolve already you fluffball.

Natwaf: NFE Trash

74. ScraggyEdit

Score: 3676
Average Ranking: 75.02 (Standard Deviation: 43.38)
Dark rank: 10/16
Fighting rank: 7/15
NFE rank: 22/74

2 - Dragon66116
5 - Steiner
10 - Naye745
11 - cody11533
14 - Logicblade
23 - BetrayedTangy
28 - ctesjbuvf
30 - swordz9
37 - mnkboy907
38 - Brayze II
38 - junglebob22
40 - Articuno2001
44 - Genny
45 - Sorozone
49 - profDEADPOOL
50 - Raka_Putra
51 - Wigs
52 - KommunistKoala
54 - Luster Soldier
57 - Scepter
58 - Paratroopa1
61 - Ermine
61 - CasanovaZelos
62 - Drakeryn
64 - red13n
67 - SanityLapse
70 - XIII_Rocks
71 - Whiskey Nick
76 - Inviso
85 - Bane_Of_Despair
88 - Magmortar
98 - starfox2245
98 - FrostHarpy
104 - mcflubbin
106 - Anagram
114 - l3fty
115 - Cybat
116 - Natwaf
119 - StifledSilence
123 - ecksgem
128 - Suor
128 - Wicklebee
141 - TexWolf_1729
142 - PrinceKaro
145 - xx521xx
147 - Xuxon
152 - tazzyboyishere
152 - OrangeCrush

Logicblade: Pull your pants up, young man! He can kick you into next week though…

ctesjbuvf: If you’ve seen the anime, you know this one is great. The anime didn’t bring much good, but this guy was cool.

Brayze II:

Genny: Solely this high because of fond anime memories. Took me from utter indifference to OMG <3. Sadly Ash's Scraggy kinda became one-note and irrelevant before long and I stopped watching. Did it ever learn more moves? I need to pick up from where I left off some day...

Raka_Putra: So dorky, I love it.

Paratroopa1: I like him a little more than scrafty for some reason, I dunno why

Inviso: I never thought I'd actually like this line, since it looks stupid on paper…but hell, I like most things that are half Fighting-types.

Magmortar: looks a hell of a lot less stupid than Scrafty, so I guess it’s here. Whatever.

Anagram: I want to pull that little knot of hair down and unzip its head.

Cybat: Very impressive that it straddles the line between cute and obnoxious, with its pulling-up-pants animation. Very fun type combination, shame about Fairy though.

Natwaf: NFE Trash

StifledSilence: You Scraggy looking nerf herder!

Suor: Its head is literally a ball with a derpy expression. It doesn't take much imagination to relate the rest of it to an uncut penis too. It's so bad I kind of feel pity for it.

Wicklebee: Either gain some weight or get tighter pants.

PrinceKaro: Hated this little r***** in the anime too.

OrangeCrush: Hey look, it's the male version of the Jynx line!

73. MeloettaEdit

Score: 3653
Average Ranking: 74.55 (Standard Deviation: 44.6)
Normal rank: 9/17
Psychic rank: 4/15
Fully Evolved rank: 52/82

3 - Natwaf
4 - Luster Soldier
7 - swordz9
10 - Suor
15 - SanityLapse
15 - Wicklebee
16 - xx521xx
20 - cody11533
35 - OrangeCrush
40 - Naye745
40 - Raka_Putra
41 - Anagram
43 - l3fty
45 - Paratroopa1
50 - BetrayedTangy
50 - FrostHarpy
52 - junglebob22
54 - Xuxon
55 - Genny
58 - PrinceKaro
59 - mcflubbin
65 - Cybat
73 - Bane_Of_Despair
75 - StifledSilence
77 - tazzyboyishere
78 - ecksgem
79 - ctesjbuvf
79 - CasanovaZelos
81 - XIII_Rocks
88 - Dragon66116
95 - Brayze II
101 - Scepter
108 - Steiner
112 - Articuno2001
114 - starfox2245
116 - KommunistKoala
122 - mnkboy907
122 - Whiskey Nick
122 - TexWolf_1729
128 - Wigs
128 - Inviso
130 - red13n
132 - Logicblade
135 - profDEADPOOL
139 - Ermine
139 - Drakeryn
145 - Magmortar
150 - Sorozone

Natwaf: Melo melo ni shitte ageru! I love it's gimmick, switching typings and stats on the go? HELL YEAH! Of course, in practice, we all wish she just started in Pirouette Forme, but I still love it. That said, Aria Forme looks better, despite Pirouette being so much better. Fantastic member in my Mono Normal/Psychic team, Grimsley crumbled under Meloetta.

Suor: Everything about Meloetta is wonderful. I love the musical theme, love the awesome pop-singer/dancer design, cool battle gimmick too with the forme switch. One of the best legendaries ever and easily the best in this gen.

SanityLapse: She's got a nice body, nice hair, nice eyes, and a sexy call. I don't want to bang her or anything, but it's worth complimenting anyway.

Wicklebee: I want to dislike this Poke, since she, Victini and Genesect are the main reasons I dislike this Generation (because event legendaries are stupid). But really, an idol with hair that is a music staff? I played in fucking band. This design is just utterly excellent.

OrangeCrush: Miku Hatsune: The Pokemon

Raka_Putra: Classy waltz or passionate flamenco? It's your choice!

Anagram: J-pop idols are a facet of culture about which I have absolutely nothing approaching an understanding. All I know is that Meloetta is not the worst pokemon out there.

Paratroopa1: so yeah, it's the pokemon version of a japanese pop idol, but look! its hair is a musical staff! that can't NOT win me over

Genny: Pirouette > Aria Forme. Fantastic cry. Cool idea to base her off a pop idol. Really dunno why she's "genderless" though.

Cybat: Using a move in battle to change form is a really interesting concept, so I have to give it credit for that. But…I just…what.

StifledSilence: Meloetta jaunty meloetta

ctesjbuvf: Cute. Not really worth much though. Brayze II:

Inviso: This doesn't need to exist. It's a weird humanoid Pokemon and it's event exclusive. Not much else to say…it's just unimpressive.

Logicblade: Ehh, this isn't very inspired. So many better music pokemon.

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #18. Girl =/= Pokemon. Not QUITE as offensive as Gardevoir but pretty damn close. If this were any other gen she would definitely be bottom 3.

Magmortar: Really, really, really bad. Why do I have to make the thing sing to get a Normal/Fighting-type. This thing is stupid, and is my pick for worst legendary ever. PHIONE is more memorable and doubles as not being furbait.

72. WhirlipedeEdit

Score: 3591
Average Ranking: 73.29 (Standard Deviation: 37.74)
Bug rank: 12/18
Poison rank: 2/7
NFE rank: 21/74

8 - SanityLapse
10 - mcflubbin
12 - TexWolf_1729
15 - Naye745
15 - red13n
31 - Logicblade
33 - Scepter
35 - Whiskey Nick
38 - Steiner
39 - Articuno2001
40 - starfox2245
40 - Wigs
41 - tazzyboyishere
44 - ecksgem
46 - KommunistKoala
49 - ctesjbuvf
51 - Paratroopa1
58 - BetrayedTangy
59 - profDEADPOOL
60 - FrostHarpy
61 - Suor
63 - Ermine
69 - Inviso
71 - junglebob22
74 - Brayze II
78 - l3fty
81 - Bane_Of_Despair
82 - swordz9
82 - mnkboy907
84 - Genny
86 - PrinceKaro
87 - Magmortar
88 - Raka_Putra
92 - Wicklebee
93 - Dragon66116
94 - Cybat
97 - Xuxon
104 - Anagram
104 - CasanovaZelos
111 - OrangeCrush
118 - Natwaf
118 - xx521xx
127 - Sorozone
128 - StifledSilence
128 - XIII_Rocks
134 - Drakeryn
146 - cody11533
147 - Luster Soldier

SanityLapse: Centipede thing!

Logicblade: I wonder what a pokemon car would be made of. Whirlipede would obviously be the wheels but what else would you use? Hmmm.

ctesjbuvf: Decent enough for the time you get to use it. A bit underrated. This whole line is cool.

Paratroopa1: why is wheelie from kirby in this game

Suor: I mean it's a f***ing wheel bug, how cool is that, it can rotate like a wheel at high speeds and OMG IT HAS SPEED BOOST.

Inviso: For a Bug/Poison middle form, Whirlipede actually looks pretty f***ing badass. Like a wheel that's just gonna chase you down and f*** you up.

Brayze II:

Genny: The second coolest cocoon in pokémon. Whodda thunk it'd be a tire?

Magmortar: ROLLER BUG whatever

Raka_Putra: Now that's one terrifying cocoon.


Cybat: Definitely the most badass cocoon Pokemon. Steamroller is such a good fit for it in terms of animation and design, too bad the move itself is not that great.

Anagram: Can you imagine making a car with Whirlipede for wheels? I obviously can.

Natwaf: NFE Trash

StifledSilence: If cavemen invented fire at the same time as the Whirlipede wheel it would be super effective.

71. JellicentEdit

Score: 3572
Average Ranking: 72.9 (Standard Deviation: 40.88)
Water rank: 6/17
Ghost rank: 6/9
Fully Evolved rank: 51/82

3 - mcflubbin
8 - ctesjbuvf
9 - Xuxon
21 - Raka_Putra
23 - Magmortar
27 - cody11533
31 - Scepter
31 - XIII_Rocks
34 - Wicklebee
36 - CasanovaZelos
38 - FrostHarpy
38 - mnkboy907
39 - swordz9
42 - Sorozone
43 - KommunistKoala
44 - Natwaf
46 - Suor
49 - BetrayedTangy
50 - Cybat
55 - Anagram
59 - Luster Soldier
61 - ecksgem
63 - profDEADPOOL
63 - junglebob22
68 - tazzyboyishere
69 - PrinceKaro
74 - TexWolf_1729
76 - OrangeCrush
84 - StifledSilence
87 - Genny
88 - Logicblade
88 - xx521xx
92 - Bane_Of_Despair
94 - Steiner
106 - Inviso
108 - Whiskey Nick
110 - l3fty
112 - Dragon66116
114 - Wigs
126 - Drakeryn
128 - Naye745
132 - Articuno2001
133 - red13n
135 - Ermine
139 - Brayze II
140 - SanityLapse
140 - Paratroopa1
148 - starfox2245

ctesjbuvf: In a game that lacks useful water types, Jellicent tops. Male design is clearly better. Strong defensive and able to learn moves of most types makes it really fun to use.

Raka_Putra: Mr. Pringles OR Mrs. Revlon. It's awesome how they look like children drawings. Oh, and the typing is lovely!

Magmortar: PRINGLES (also I was left in stitches after finding out about the Energy Ball Jellicent incident)

XIII_Rocks: Pringles

Wicklebee: Ooh, lovely jellyfish. Have I mentioned that I like the ghosts of this gen? Although I think we could make 4 different jellyfish with different typings and still be right.

Natwaf: Everyone, STOP what you're doing right now and read the Free Somalia Energy Ball Thread in Smogon. I love this one picture of it. XD Stupidest thing ever. Anyway, it's a great pokemon with a unique typing, though Tentacruel looks nastier. Male > Female design wise.

Cybat: Both forms are pretty goofy looking, especially for a Ghost type. But it's always fun to get new type combinations, and its type chart synergy with Ferrothorn makes it potentially pretty dangerous.

Anagram: The thickest mustache in pokemon history, easily beating even Stoutland.

junglebob22: Pringle man is cool, but the pink one is a little horrifying

PrinceKaro: Once you pop the fun don't stop.

StifledSilence: The Pringles Pokemon!

Genny: Male Jellicent's Pringle man stache is glorious but female Jellicent is the worst. Uuuugh I have to place it this low because half the team is quite ugh. Let's talk about Water/Ghost as a typing though: fucking brilliant. What better pokémon to bestow this typing upon than a jellyfish?

Logicblade: Love the typing, but you're basically tentacruel.

Inviso: I WANT to like this thing because Ghost-types have a lot of potential to be cool. But it's just so bloated and ugly that I can't.

Wigs: the male one is kind of okay and funny looking but the female one is awful

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #22. You know what. I just really don't like this pokemon.

Brayze II:

Paratroopa1: I stand corrected about frillish either. they found a grosser face to put on a jellyfish

70. LillipupEdit

Score: 3545
Average Ranking: 72.35 (Standard Deviation: 34.39)
Normal rank: 8/17
NFE rank: 20/74

9 - Dragon66116
12 - cody11533
13 - mnkboy907
19 - xx521xx
20 - Wicklebee
21 - Scepter
24 - swordz9
30 - StifledSilence
40 - PrinceKaro
44 - OrangeCrush
44 - junglebob22
46 - mcflubbin
47 - ecksgem
47 - Drakeryn
51 - KommunistKoala
52 - starfox2245
55 - Magmortar
57 - Ermine
58 - Xuxon
58 - Inviso
59 - Articuno2001
62 - Logicblade
71 - SanityLapse
72 - Genny
73 - Whiskey Nick
80 - Bane_Of_Despair
80 - TexWolf_1729
81 - Sorozone
88 - Suor
90 - CasanovaZelos
93 - red13n
93 - XIII_Rocks
94 - tazzyboyishere
94 - Luster Soldier
94 - Anagram
98 - Natwaf
102 - Cybat
104 - ctesjbuvf
106 - profDEADPOOL
108 - Raka_Putra
109 - Brayze II
113 - l3fty
113 - Wigs
116 - FrostHarpy
119 - Naye745
119 - BetrayedTangy
125 - Paratroopa1
129 - Steiner

Wicklebee: Such a cute puppy. I really liked this poke but feared what he'd grow into.

StifledSilence: Cute puppy samaaaaaa!

Magmortar: Although it was useful for a while, I can’t say I really like the design.

Inviso: Cute enough, but aside from Riolu and Electrike, this is one of the lesser first-form dogs in all six generations.

Logicblade: His head is waaaay to big. It's distracting.

Genny: The inferior Puppy Pokémon to be sure, but still a cute lil' guy. D'aww lookit dat kwoot face, but guy's got a game face too: See? He will fuck you up! BTW Yorkies are cute but this only reminds me that we need a Husky pokémon that evolves into a wolf. And a Chihuahua <333

Anagram: "You know what we need? Another dog pokemon. It's been too long since we had one."

Natwaf: Cheren's was kinda annoying. But that makes it all the more memorable

Cybat: Who's a good doggy? You are! (If you have Pickup)

ctesjbuvf: Really cute, but just another lame normal type Pokemon.

Raka_Putra: Nyeh, boring brown normal dog.

Brayze II:

Paratroopa1: his face looks like barf

69. LeavannyEdit

Score: 3488
Average Ranking: 71.18 (Standard Deviation: 38.03)
Bug rank: 11/18
Grass rank: 8/20
Fully Evolved rank: 50/82

3 - Articuno2001
7 - Dragon66116
9 - tazzyboyishere
18 - Inviso
23 - FrostHarpy
32 - mcflubbin
32 - Suor
35 - XIII_Rocks
40 - KommunistKoala
40 - Paratroopa1
41 - TexWolf_1729
44 - Raka_Putra
45 - Wicklebee
46 - Bane_Of_Despair
48 - Logicblade
48 - Natwaf
49 - Cybat
54 - PrinceKaro
54 - Brayze II
57 - swordz9
63 - Scepter
64 - ctesjbuvf
65 - CasanovaZelos
67 - OrangeCrush
69 - Genny
71 - red13n
72 - l3fty
73 - xx521xx
75 - Naye745
80 - Xuxon
83 - ecksgem
84 - Drakeryn
90 - junglebob22
96 - SanityLapse
97 - cody11533
101 - Wigs
102 - Ermine
114 - profDEADPOOL
114 - Steiner
115 - Luster Soldier
117 - BetrayedTangy
119 - Anagram
123 - StifledSilence
124 - starfox2245
134 - mnkboy907
137 - Magmortar
140 - Whiskey Nick
146 - Sorozone

Inviso: I don't think a lot of people like this, but I personally enjoy it (as I do with a surprising number of Grass-types this generation). It just wants to knit sweaters and feed sugar-free cookies to the elderly. Isn't that nice?

Suor: Cool unique typing, gotta love that it makes dresses for everyone out of leaves. A true artist.

KommunistKoala: Probably "on my team" bias, but I like Leavanny. Not a lot to say about it but I enjoy it.

Paratroopa1: sewaddle on stilts

Raka_Putra: It's like a bug got into modeling.

Wicklebee: It's strange, I really like this Poke for some unknown reason, but hate his prevo forms.

Logicblade: Bug type, super tolerable, but the bug grass combo has some nasty weaknesses.

Natwaf: Love love LOVE it's looks, and Leaf Blade + … uhhh… I want to say X-Scissor? Are just neat. Horrible, HORRIBLE movepool for an attacking poke though.

Cybat: Almost more of a trivia note than anything else, being the most forgettable Pokemon that evolves with high friendship. But it's pretty solid ingame; Bug is generally a pretty useful attacking type to have. Kinda cute too.

Brayze II:

ctesjbuvf: Actually not bad for a grass type. I like the design.

Genny: Bah friendship evolutions! At least it makes sense in this case. My thing is... is it really worth it for a Bug/Grass type? Frankly I'm iffy on that. Leavanny learns a variety of STAB moves and has nice evenly-distributed stats, but therein lies the issue. Because it doesn't excel in anything in particular, it doesn't have its own niche. And with the variety of excellent Bug and Grass types available in this generation, by the time you finally evolve that Swadloon your new Leavanny will be obsolete. Which is truly a shame because it's adorable and I want it to be as useful as it is cute but it's really not outside of early game so here it falls.

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #55. I'm a pretty bug lady!

Anagram: In the anime, it sounds like an elderly nanny. I've heard dumber voices given to pokemon, but it's still noticeably weird.

StifledSilence: Sometimes I think they try to force Rule 34.

Magmortar: this generation may be terrible, but at least except for this thing and Meleotta, it is (relatively) low on furbait. As you can see, Leavanny is not a redeemable Pokemon.

68. LiepardEdit

Score: 3480
Average Ranking: 71.02 (Standard Deviation: 37.01)
Dark rank: 9/16
Fully Evolved rank: 49/82

8 - PrinceKaro
10 - FrostHarpy
12 - profDEADPOOL
15 - Sorozone
17 - red13n
19 - Bane_Of_Despair
20 - CasanovaZelos
21 - TexWolf_1729
23 - Wicklebee
32 - Drakeryn
37 - SanityLapse
41 - ecksgem
45 - swordz9
48 - Cybat
49 - Wigs
53 - Brayze II
53 - xx521xx
54 - Suor
62 - Inviso
64 - Xuxon
65 - Paratroopa1
69 - Logicblade
73 - Natwaf
73 - Genny
77 - OrangeCrush
77 - Magmortar
78 - ctesjbuvf
79 - starfox2245
79 - Whiskey Nick
81 - StifledSilence
82 - Luster Soldier
85 - XIII_Rocks
86 - Ermine
91 - junglebob22
93 - cody11533
94 - Raka_Putra
95 - Scepter
97 - tazzyboyishere
103 - l3fty
107 - Anagram
114 - mcflubbin
117 - Dragon66116
118 - Naye745
124 - Steiner
126 - BetrayedTangy
133 - KommunistKoala
136 - Articuno2001
142 - mnkboy907

Inviso: By all rights, Liepard SHOULD be pure and utter furry bait. But something about the purple/yellow coloration, and the fact that it's weak as hell…it just isn't amazing to me.

Suor: It has a very distinctive cry, and a sleek feline is always cool.

Paratroopa1: sure, pokemon needs more cats, gotta keep up with the number of foxes it has

Raka_Putra: I don't know, it's just too boring for me in the era of greatness.

Wicklebee: She laughed when Skittz turned into a leopard.

Logicblade: Ha do you get it, because Dark types lie! Hahahaha BOOOOO THIS MAN!

Natwaf: I love how sleek it looks, but that's it.

Cybat: Prankster is such a hilarious ability. And this thing has a very well-done smug design and a great name and color scheme. Unusual to have an early feline Pokemon be good.

Brayze II:

Scepter: Unusably weak, even in game

ctesjbuvf: Actually a decent Pokemon, but the game has so many of them, that it gets really annoying.

Genny: I hate pieces of its design, mainly the fact that its eyelids bleed into its inner ears. Call it a mask all you want, Bulbapedia; it's definitely eye-ears. Despite the butterface, it's design is awesome. But awesome designs can only get you so far when your moveset is dreck and you kinda tank in battle. Uuugh why can't you be more usable Liepard?

Ermine: Horrid color pattern

Anagram: I immediately wrote this thing's competitive viability off when Gen 5 began. I turned out to be totally wrong.

StifledSilence: This is not a cute kitty.

Magmortar: Liepard was a bad Klefki before Klefki existed so I guess it has that

67. DruddigonEdit

Score: 3464
Average Ranking: 70.69 (Standard Deviation: 35.19)
Dragon rank: 8/10
Fully Evolved rank: 48/82

13 - Bane_Of_Despair
14 - Suor
18 - Whiskey Nick
22 - Steiner
24 - profDEADPOOL
29 - StifledSilence
34 - CasanovaZelos
36 - Naye745
40 - junglebob22
43 - Cybat
43 - mcflubbin
44 - Magmortar
44 - BetrayedTangy
48 - Drakeryn
50 - Paratroopa1
51 - Dragon66116
56 - Wigs
57 - XIII_Rocks
58 - mnkboy907
60 - starfox2245
62 - Natwaf
65 - red13n
65 - SanityLapse
65 - tazzyboyishere
67 - swordz9
69 - FrostHarpy
69 - Wicklebee
69 - ecksgem
69 - Brayze II
70 - cody11533
72 - ctesjbuvf
73 - Anagram
76 - Sorozone
76 - Luster Soldier
81 - Ermine
83 - Logicblade
86 - Scepter
87 - TexWolf_1729
109 - Genny
111 - Xuxon
112 - Raka_Putra
113 - Inviso
114 - KommunistKoala
130 - xx521xx
132 - OrangeCrush
135 - l3fty
139 - Articuno2001
146 - PrinceKaro

Bane_Of_Despair: The only Dragon in this generation I really care about, gargoyle-esque to boot

Suor: Nobody loves Druddigon enough but I like it a lot, it is quite unique both in appearance and battle compared to other dragons. Not to mention its excellent, tropical-looking shiny form.

Steiner: this goofy little thing

StifledSilence: I named him Dudders.

Cybat: He's kind of ridiculous looking. But I really like both of his color schemes (normal and shiny) and, yknow, dragon.

Magmortar: It sounds like a good name for a black metal band. And it’s a slow and mostly useless Dragon. Druddigon…is something, alright. I do not hate it, but it needs to be banned.

Paratroopa1: pretty cool dragon even though his face looks like the result of a PETA protest

Natwaf: The other Mono Dragon, now if only it was Rock/Dragon or something. It… uhh… well, the coloring makes it look sort of cut and paste. Stats wise more defensive than Haxorus. Watch out for the Rough Skin. But eh, why go for this when you already have access to Haxorus?

Wicklebee: I liked his look, but was sad he never evolves.

Brayze II:

ctesjbuvf: Super cool dragon, but it’s about as stereotypic as it gets and lacks an evolution family.

Anagram: It's still weird to me that this isn't dragon/rock. It wouldn't be very good, just like Tyrantrum, but Druddigon is, like, made of rocks!

Logicblade: Druddigon looks like the top half of his head is missing. That's pretty terrible.

Genny: How Game Freak managed to make a meh dragon is beyond me, but a dragon is still a goddamn dragon even when meh. The vestigial wings are a nice touch though. It's about time we got a non-Flying Dragon that is assuredly a dragon and not like a land shark or sommat. I would have made the first land dragon a velociraptor though.

Raka_Putra: Also known by its popular name, Play-Dohragon.

Inviso: This thing is f***ing ugly, and something bothers me about having a final form Dragon that just shows up in long grass before you even beat the seventh gym. Seems lazy.

KommunistKoala: Kind of ugly and a mediocre dragon.

66. HerdierEdit

Score: 3432
Average Ranking: 70.04 (Standard Deviation: 38.34)
Normal rank: 7/17
NFE rank: 19/74

5 - Ermine
8 - cody11533
9 - Sorozone
11 - starfox2245
14 - Bane_Of_Despair
21 - Drakeryn
24 - Dragon66116
25 - junglebob22
32 - Magmortar
40 - Inviso
41 - OrangeCrush
42 - Suor
43 - Genny
43 - PrinceKaro
44 - StifledSilence
44 - Xuxon
49 - ecksgem
50 - TexWolf_1729
52 - Logicblade
62 - Whiskey Nick
64 - Wicklebee
65 - mnkboy907
65 - xx521xx
69 - Scepter
70 - SanityLapse
78 - swordz9
81 - Articuno2001
83 - Luster Soldier
86 - Raka_Putra
89 - CasanovaZelos
89 - tazzyboyishere
93 - Anagram
94 - red13n
95 - Cybat
95 - KommunistKoala
100 - Naye745
101 - XIII_Rocks
103 - FrostHarpy
111 - profDEADPOOL
112 - mcflubbin
112 - Wigs
113 - Natwaf
115 - Brayze II
123 - BetrayedTangy
125 - Steiner
130 - l3fty
142 - Paratroopa1
143 - ctesjbuvf

Ermine: Herdier has jumped quite a bit for me. He's surrounded by his pre and final evo being kind of not really good at all but he himself is pretty great. Simple yet cute design for a middle form dog and I think he's going to be very underrated here. This is one of the few cases where I think they designed a Gen 5 poke pretty much perfectly, they didn't try to do too much like they did for many MANY pokes in this Gen and Herdier is one of the few shining gems that I've found to appreciate. Also his paws have dark blue paw pads. That's awesome~

Bane_Of_Despair: The most basic "dog"-type Pokemon that just works, like an old man

Magmortar: one of the few middle forms, especially from this generation, I enjoy a lot. Scottish terriers!

Inviso: One of the rare instances where the middle form is the best in the line, I wish Stoutland took Herdier's design and made it look more fierce and streamlined, rather than bulky and fat.

Genny: This is one step away from being just a cartoonish drawing of a dog and not a pokémon at all. For some people that might make it seem the worst of its line, but for me it's just the opposite. Real world dogs are great, one of my favorite animals in fact. You know what makes them especially great? Mustaches. I love Scotties, I love Schnauzers. Dogs with mustaches pwn. Ya go my Herdier!

StifledSilence: He's much better than a herd. You might say he's…herdier!

Logicblade: I love this doggy line, but he defintely feels not quite there.

Wicklebee: Says herd, where are the rest of ya?

Raka_Putra: Oh God, this is so boring.

Anagram: Why does it look like it's wearing some kind of cloak?

Cybat: Cute but its cape is a little weird-looking. Also I just noticed it sorta has the Fire Blast character on its face.

Natwaf: NFE Trash

Brayze II:

Paratroopa1: wow could you make a dog look more gross

ctesjbuvf: Annoying and boring.

65. FerrothornEdit

Score: 3412
Average Ranking: 69.63 (Standard Deviation: 43.09)
Grass rank: 7/20
Steel rank: 7/12
Fully Evolved rank: 47/82

2 - BetrayedTangy
5 - Cybat
9 - TexWolf_1729
11 - Dragon66116
11 - profDEADPOOL
13 - Luster Soldier
21 - Inviso
25 - ctesjbuvf
26 - KommunistKoala
30 - starfox2245
31 - Magmortar
31 - Wicklebee
31 - Steiner
34 - tazzyboyishere
41 - Logicblade
42 - Whiskey Nick
47 - Natwaf
51 - Naye745
52 - CasanovaZelos
53 - junglebob22
54 - swordz9
54 - l3fty
55 - FrostHarpy
57 - mnkboy907
63 - Articuno2001
63 - Brayze II
72 - xx521xx
73 - ecksgem
74 - XIII_Rocks
77 - Xuxon
86 - Paratroopa1
87 - Suor
89 - StifledSilence
96 - Wigs
97 - Ermine
99 - red13n
102 - Drakeryn
109 - mcflubbin
112 - PrinceKaro
117 - cody11533
117 - Scepter
121 - OrangeCrush
122 - Raka_Putra
133 - Bane_Of_Despair
137 - Genny
147 - SanityLapse
148 - Anagram
151 - Sorozone

BetrayedTangy: While playing through Pokemon Y, I had decided to add some Gen 5 Pokemon to my team and Ferrothorn along with my number 3 became part of my team. As such, he's obviously going to rank high, but what lands him a spot at Number 2, is how he was the underdog of my team. He was constantly ridiculed by my best friend/ex girlfriend as a Ferroseed until he evolved and constantly wrecked her team, much to her frustration.

Cybat: Woohoo, they finally made a Grass Pokemon that is useful.

Inviso: I raised one of these things to use as a tank, and it's a pretty damn solid tnak, as long as you're not facing a Fire-type. Even then, you can probably get one turn in to set up spikes or stealth rock or whatever before needing to switch out.

ctesjbuvf: Giving grass a smaller amount of weaknesses is great. And point for being usable grass that isn’t a starter. But grass is still grass. It’s not that great to user either, which grass can be.

KommunistKoala: An incredible wall. The grass UFO looked cool to me from the beginning. I'm more of a hyper offense kind of guy so he annoys me in a competitive sense but eh

Magmortar: One of those Pokemon that is very fun to use but incredibly annoying to deal with if the opponent has one. Grass/Steel is a lot better of a typing than I would have thought.

Wicklebee: The Forest temple boss of the next Zelda game. Must be defeated by cutting his tentacle things with the boomerang and then KILL IT WITH FIRE. Ahaha~

Logicblade: He's high because I liked battling with him. I don't particularly like his design, but his typing is neat.

Natwaf: Ferrothorn is neat. Unique typing (can't believe there are so many Bug/Steel), and it ****s contact move users so bad.

Brayze II:

XIII_Rocks: Fuck stall

Paratroopa1: I got bored in these writeups so I just made one of my writeups an ampersand. I wonder if people will notice

Suor: The complex world of an iron uterus.

StifledSilence: Guys, the infection is spreading!

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #60.

Raka_Putra: I can't decide who's uglier in this line, they are both irreedemable. I hate them so much. Sorry for their fans, but really? I mean, if you're visually impaired, I guess I can understand it.

Genny: Everyone else sees a floating uterus, but I see more two kidneys and a bladder, with an extra transplanted in. It's not a good thing, resembling parts of the excretory system... Anyway the concept of a sentient plant that flails its thorny steel appendages around like battle maces is actually a cool one, and its design isn't bad. I just... I dunno. I guess I faced one too many of these and it kinda turned me off.

Anagram: Ferrothorn is really ugly, but is also really, REALLY good. I played competitively shortly after Gen 5 came out, and Ferrothorn was legitimately in the top five things I saw by how overused. It's probably better than Jirachi, but that's about all I can say in its defense.

64. BouffalantEdit

Score: 3372
Average Ranking: 68.82 (Standard Deviation: 36.41)
Normal rank: 6/17
Fully Evolved rank: 46/82

1 - Magmortar
4 - Wigs
19 - tazzyboyishere
23 - Sorozone
28 - StifledSilence
29 - Naye745
30 - junglebob22
33 - OrangeCrush
36 - mcflubbin
37 - Xuxon
38 - CasanovaZelos
39 - FrostHarpy
42 - l3fty
44 - Logicblade
46 - starfox2245
46 - XIII_Rocks
47 - cody11533
51 - Whiskey Nick
55 - KommunistKoala
57 - Natwaf
59 - Anagram
61 - Dragon66116
68 - swordz9
69 - TexWolf_1729
74 - Steiner
75 - Paratroopa1
76 - Bane_Of_Despair
79 - profDEADPOOL
79 - Brayze II
80 - Ermine
81 - red13n
83 - Articuno2001
93 - xx521xx
95 - Inviso
95 - Genny
101 - Drakeryn
102 - Luster Soldier
102 - Suor
102 - Scepter
103 - mnkboy907
106 - SanityLapse
108 - BetrayedTangy
112 - ctesjbuvf
119 - Cybat
120 - ecksgem
121 - Raka_Putra
143 - PrinceKaro
151 - Wicklebee

Magmortar: okay I know some of you people are going to be dumb and rank this like 143rd or something and be terrible ***editor's note: Karo lol***but WAAAAAAAAAAAIT A MINUTE AFRO BULL is not one to be taken lightly. Bouffalant is literally a buffalo (but I call it a bull) with an afro. Afros are awesome, buffalos (and bulls) are awesome, combine the two, add some bling for good measure, and you get this FUCKING BOSS of a Pokemon. What does your favorite Pokemon do if it sees a train? Just sit aside, watch the ride and eat grass? AFRO BULL is not a wimp like that, because instead of just watching it drive to Chicago, AFRO BULL uses its signature move, called AFRO BREAK (which is basically a better Double-edge, which is already a manly attack) on the fucker and SENDS THE TRAIN FLYING INTO YOUR FACE. Allow me to repeat, A TRAIN IS GOING TO FLY INTO YOU BECAUSE IT THOUGHT IT COULD TAKE ON AFRO BULL. And when it’s done, it steps on the grass, gets an Attack boost thanks to Sap Sipper (and with 115 base, this is going to get ugly), and just kills your inferior afro-lacking race Pokemon dead with not only AFRO BREAK, but Earthquake (for those pesky Steel-types), Wild Charge, Stone Edge, Megahorn (an attack also used by manly mons such as RHYPERIOR (seriously do you guys suddenly hate ARM CANNONS) and Nidoking) and other manly attacks. All while taking YOUR attacks nicely with 95/95/95 bulk. Bouffalant is the manliest Pokemon of all time. ... In short, Bouffalant is better than you and your pathetic excuse for a favorite Pokemon, which knowing you, is probably something in the Snivy line.

Wigs: AFRO

StifledSilence: 70's Tauros who strangely isn't in the same evolutionary family despite LOOK AT HIM DAMMIT JEEZ

junglebob22: I would've named it Buffafro

OrangeCrush: This guy would've been forgettable and generic, if he wasn't AFROBULL

Logicblade: It's a buffalo with an afro. I don't care about anything else.

Natwaf: I don't see the Tauros evo in this thing. Afro-Tauros plays differently to the previous King of Gen 1 (not counting Mewtwo), bulkier but slower. Head Charge is neat in that it has a lower recoil compared to Double Edge, but it's still recoil.

Anagram: I've never used a Bouffalant, and to this day, the thing I remember best about it is /vp/ arguing about whether or not it was going to be a Tauros evolution.

Paratroopa1: this is VERY racist, by depicting a buffalo they are co-opting native american culture

Brayze II:

Ermine: Afro bull.

Inviso: If it wasn't for the afro, this thing would be completely pointless. Why didn't they just make it a Tauros evolution for Gen VI or something?

Genny: Why aren't you named Buffro?

Drakeryn: Did we really need Tauros with an afro? No. We don't need anything with an afro.

ctesjbuvf: Why create another bull. Seems pointless.

Cybat: OK I can understand making a Zubat knockoff, and a Geodude knockoff, and a Machop knockoff. But a Tauros knockoff? Why?!

Raka_Putra: Hahahaha, yeah, afros are so funny guise XFD lol win!!

PrinceKaro: Did we really need Tauros with an afro? Did we really need a new move that is identical in every single way to Double-Edge? No, no we did not.

Wicklebee: Really afro bull? Really? Should have evolved from Tauros.

63. CrustleEdit

Score: 3362
Average Ranking: 68.61 (Standard Deviation: 37.18)
Bug rank: 10/18
Rock rank: 8/10
Fully Evolved rank: 45/82

2 - Wigs
5 - TexWolf_1729
9 - l3fty
12 - swordz9
14 - cody11533
27 - KommunistKoala
28 - Sorozone
28 - Steiner
28 - Suor
36 - profDEADPOOL
37 - Brayze II
38 - tazzyboyishere
39 - Inviso
42 - SanityLapse
42 - ecksgem
53 - Cybat
54 - Logicblade
54 - Scepter
56 - mnkboy907
57 - Anagram
58 - Ermine
58 - Raka_Putra
59 - Paratroopa1
62 - Xuxon
64 - Natwaf
65 - XIII_Rocks
70 - FrostHarpy
73 - junglebob22
76 - Drakeryn
82 - StifledSilence
82 - Naye745
82 - ctesjbuvf
85 - Articuno2001
86 - red13n
89 - xx521xx
98 - mcflubbin
101 - Whiskey Nick
101 - Genny
102 - BetrayedTangy
103 - OrangeCrush
105 - Dragon66116
111 - Magmortar
113 - starfox2245
115 - CasanovaZelos
128 - Bane_Of_Despair
136 - Wicklebee
140 - PrinceKaro
142 - Luster Soldier

Wigs: it’s a crab with a stone on its back whats not to love

KommunistKoala: Great design and shell smash users are always cool.

Brayze II:

Inviso: I will give this generation a ton of credit, it managed to make quite a few Bug-types that are pretty awesome, and Crustle's pretty strong when having that Rock-typing to make it somewhat defensive too.

Cybat: This guy looks like a Banjo-Kazooie character. That is in no way a bad thing.

Logicblade: Pebbles for Dwebble and Castles for Crustle!

Anagram: Imagine being a kid, and you're tired and need to rest, and you sit down on a nearby rock. Then you hear a terrible scream and the crunching of an exoskeleton, and you're traumatized for the rest of your life.

Raka_Putra: Amazing, amazing design. I love it so much. Genius idea.

Paratroopa1: I like that instead of a shell he's just got a big fuck off box

Natwaf: Bug rock is very useful offensively, and dat Sturdy. It's also got Shell Smash, though it'll probably still be outsped.

StifledSilence: The Crusty Crab.

ctesjbuvf: Unique type combination, but not fun to use. Its shell is sort of amusing.

Genny: I wanted to like this, but it kind of takes everything that was great about Dwebble and negates it. And for what, better STATS? Lol as if I'm in need of a Bug/Rock type pokémon for competitive use!

Magmortar: …it seems okay I gue-it’s gen 5 OF COURSE IT ISN’T

Wicklebee: Please, crush yourself with that rock already.

62. ScraftyEdit

Score: 3332
Average Ranking: 68 (Standard Deviation: 45.37)
Dark rank: 8/16
Fighting rank: 6/15
Fully Evolved rank: 44/82

5 - Brayze II
10 - cody11533
13 - FrostHarpy
15 - Steiner
15 - XIII_Rocks
17 - BetrayedTangy
17 - Dragon66116
19 - Natwaf
19 - ctesjbuvf
20 - Scepter
22 - Logicblade
23 - profDEADPOOL
24 - Raka_Putra
24 - CasanovaZelos
26 - Inviso
31 - swordz9
39 - mnkboy907
39 - Luster Soldier
44 - KommunistKoala
48 - junglebob22
55 - Articuno2001
57 - red13n
61 - Sorozone
61 - Paratroopa1
62 - Wigs
68 - SanityLapse
70 - Cybat
72 - StifledSilence
75 - Ermine
82 - Drakeryn
84 - Bane_Of_Despair
85 - Genny
88 - Anagram
89 - Magmortar
97 - PrinceKaro
100 - Whiskey Nick
103 - starfox2245
105 - mcflubbin
111 - Naye745
122 - ecksgem
129 - Wicklebee
139 - xx521xx
141 - l3fty
141 - Suor
143 - tazzyboyishere
148 - Xuxon
150 - TexWolf_1729
153 - OrangeCrush

Brayze II:

Natwaf: I love this thing. Don't let it's punk look fool you, this defensive Dark/Fighting can make your life miserable and has a few sets. It could be full on defensive, or it might be setting up Dragon Dances, and It has access to Drain Punch. Definitely earned it's place in my Mono-Fighting Team. The E4 never knew what hit it.

ctesjbuvf: Interesting type combination, even though it got a solid weakness next gen. That said, the something about the in-game experience lacked something for me.

Logicblade: Lacks the appeal of Scraggy, but he's got mad kicks.

Raka_Putra: Amazing typing and ability. It looks rather derpy but not as lovably derpy as its pre-evo.

Inviso: This is the Michelle Rodriguez of Pokemon. It'll kick your ass several times over, put on a white tank top, continue kicking your ass, and then sacrifice itself to allow the rest of your team to dominate.

Paratroopa1: ...wait, is this japan's version of an american stereotype?

Cybat: I used one of these in BW; I really like its stats and diverse movepool that can let it play different roles. But I really do not like its design. It looks like such a tool.

StifledSilence: S rank crafty?


Anagram: Scrafty, it's not that hard to buy adequately-sized pants. I can give you the addresses of multiple stores, or just go to a Target. It's really not that difficult, I swear!

Magmortar: easily one of the most overrated Pokemon ever. About the only thing about it I find notable is the typing, and that’s wasted.


Suor: ...because if you keep doing drugs, you might end up looking like Scrafty: mentally challenged and completely unaware of what a belt is.

OrangeCrush: He looks like a wife beater

61. AccelgorEdit

Score: 3318
Average Ranking: 67.71 (Standard Deviation: 33.87)
Bug rank: 9/18
Fully Evolved rank: 43/82

6 - Cybat
11 - Whiskey Nick
13 - XIII_Rocks
14 - Magmortar
16 - Sorozone
18 - profDEADPOOL
26 - Steiner
27 - swordz9
29 - Wicklebee
31 - ctesjbuvf
32 - BetrayedTangy
38 - Dragon66116
45 - Xuxon
48 - Suor
53 - starfox2245
54 - Genny
57 - CasanovaZelos
58 - FrostHarpy
61 - tazzyboyishere
64 - l3fty
66 - ecksgem
70 - Naye745
71 - Natwaf
72 - Raka_Putra
72 - mcflubbin
72 - OrangeCrush
75 - Luster Soldier
75 - junglebob22
77 - KommunistKoala
80 - Brayze II
81 - Anagram
83 - red13n
88 - cody11533
90 - Scepter
90 - StifledSilence
94 - Bane_Of_Despair
98 - Wigs
103 - xx521xx
105 - Paratroopa1
106 - Logicblade
107 - Articuno2001
107 - SanityLapse
108 - PrinceKaro
113 - Ermine
115 - Drakeryn
116 - TexWolf_1729
123 - Inviso
127 - mnkboy907

Cybat: Man what a bad name. But even so, as soon as I saw this thing I knew I had to use one. It's just so goofy and over the top that it works somehow. It's a shame you can't really use it ingame since you have to trade for it though.

Magmortar: NINJA. This fast thing is really fast and that makes it an alright suicide lead, definitely one I had fun using.

Wicklebee: I love the evolution way for Cavalier and Al Gore, makes them obvious rivals. But this guy should be Bug-Ghost :|

ctesjbuvf: This looks amazing and I like the name. Not much fun to use, nor is it appealing to.

Suor: Good to see at least something in the whole “Trade Shelmet for Karrablast” debacle wasn't a disaster.

Genny: Why would this thing steal Greninja's signature move? It's not a Water-type, hell it's not even a ninja! Makes zero sense. I could see giving Water Shuriken to Ninjask maybe or uh *insert really fast Water/Poison/Fighting type here* but Accelgor? That kind of pisses me off enough to lower it a few spots. You dun goofed GF.

Natwaf: Assassin! Not sure if Unburden is useful or not, I mean, it's already fast. Does it really need to be blazing? I don't seem to remember it hitting hard with anything, except with a gem boost.

Raka_Putra: Cool ninja rider thing…

Brayze II:

Anagram: Remember when Electrode was the fastest pokemon around? I liked that about it. Now all it has is being the roundest.

StifledSilence: It's like a Trojan soldier except not because it's a crappy Pokemon.

Paratroopa1: why does he have like weird nub arms

Logicblade: It's a bug ninja. And I don't care. Also it's weird that it evolves from Shelmet and not Karrablast. Pokemon is weird.

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #44. It's Al Gore! Isn't that funny everyone?

Inviso: This thing will rank high, but I just don't care about it. It's a fast, pure Bug-type, yet it has never inspired feelings in me (especially since there's so many good final form Bugs this generation).

60. EmboarEdit

Score: 3297
Average Ranking: 67.29 (Standard Deviation: 44.01)
Fire rank: 9/15
Fighting rank: 5/15
Fully Evolved rank: 42/82

9 - CasanovaZelos
10 - TexWolf_1729
11 - mcflubbin
12 - Wicklebee
18 - Scepter
18 - Articuno2001
20 - Raka_Putra
24 - Brayze II
27 - Natwaf
28 - Wigs
29 - Whiskey Nick
30 - mnkboy907
39 - Magmortar
39 - Suor
39 - tazzyboyishere
40 - Luster Soldier
42 - Dragon66116
42 - Inviso
48 - swordz9
49 - starfox2245
49 - OrangeCrush
50 - Logicblade
52 - cody11533
55 - XIII_Rocks
64 - KommunistKoala
66 - StifledSilence
67 - junglebob22
70 - red13n
73 - PrinceKaro
74 - BetrayedTangy
79 - Xuxon
79 - Ermine
80 - Genny
86 - profDEADPOOL
89 - Sorozone
91 - ctesjbuvf
94 - ecksgem
102 - Paratroopa1
113 - Bane_Of_Despair
127 - SanityLapse
131 - Naye745
137 - Drakeryn
141 - Cybat
141 - xx521xx
142 - FrostHarpy
144 - l3fty
155 - Anagram
156 - Steiner

Wicklebee: Like many others, I love the Ganonpork name and treating him like he's Ganon. Rest of his like can wash down the drain though.

Scepter: Alright, so I hated this abomination of a design as much as everyone else when it was first revealed, but when I finally gave him a chance in game he was such a bro. Still a terrible design and "muh fire fighting," but amazing stats and movepool. Bro tier.

Raka_Putra: GANONbanned

Brayze II:

Natwaf: I… actually like this dude the most out of all the starters. Ganon's dependence on attacks that also hurt him should have made me say no… but it works. But ugh, did we do NOT need a 3rd Fire/Fighting starter. At least it has Cho Hakkai has it's own niche. In my Mono-Fighting playthrough in White 2, he has never been dead weight throughout the game... well, other than Skyla and her Swanna.

Wigs: worst of his line but still pretty good

Magmortar: The only half-decent starter thing to come out of this generation. It still looks like Ganondorf (or Demise or whatever) and unlike Blaziken and Infernape, it can sometimes take a hit. Yeah it’s slow, but if it hits you ooooooooooooooooh boy. And it learns Scald for some reason, what the heck.


Inviso: I'm glad to see that Emboar is getting less hate nowadays (though it sucks that the hate has transferred over to Serperior). I used to think this was dumb, but then I actually used one, and it wound up being pretty cool. I just gets outclassed by the other two Fire/Fighting-types.

OrangeCrush: I didn't like him at first, but in retrospect his design is kinda cool. I also respect Gamefreak's dedication to trolling the fanbase with 3 Fire/Fighting starters in a row.

Logicblade: I love the puns for this line. The pokemon, not as much. It does kind of look like Ganon though.

StifledSilence: Oh good lord this thing is ugly. Yeesh. Also, Fire/Steel or Fire/Dark would have made more sense.


Genny: *belches* That's my writeup.

ctesjbuvf: This is of course a fine Pokemon, but the disappointment it was as a starter drags it down. It’s somewhat different to other starters, but I don’t like it. It wasn’t fun to use and it’s ugly

Paratroopa1: emboar more like emBORE god i'm tired

Cybat: There have been (so, so) many strange decisions that GameFreak has made over the past 20 or so years. Having three Fire/Fighting starters in a row should definitely be near the top of that list.

Anagram: I expect I'll have Emboar the lowest of anyone. Everything about it offends me. It destroys all of the good will Tepig created, but more than that, it is the defintion of 'overdesigned.' I don't like using that word, but its eyebrows, shoulder beard, and those stupid swirls on its torso utterly ruin it.

Steiner: the generation that ruined starters for me lands its finest work. everything about it is hideous and i never wanted to see my fire starter get fighting as a secondary type again already. all around awful.

59. DwebbleEdit

Score: 3293
Average Ranking: 67.2 (Standard Deviation: 39.04)
Bug rank: 8/18
Rock rank: 7/10
NFE rank: 18/74

2 - TexWolf_1729
6 - l3fty
11 - mnkboy907
13 - swordz9
17 - Suor
21 - Xuxon
22 - Paratroopa1
23 - Genny
26 - ecksgem
27 - Wigs
28 - Bane_Of_Despair
29 - Brayze II
34 - Ermine
35 - cody11533
40 - Logicblade
41 - SanityLapse
47 - profDEADPOOL
49 - junglebob22
49 - Sorozone
50 - KommunistKoala
52 - Inviso
56 - Steiner
58 - Scepter
58 - Naye745
63 - red13n
63 - Anagram
69 - XIII_Rocks
75 - xx521xx
77 - Raka_Putra
81 - Drakeryn
82 - OrangeCrush
85 - Cybat
90 - starfox2245
97 - mcflubbin
102 - Articuno2001
104 - Whiskey Nick
105 - PrinceKaro
107 - tazzyboyishere
109 - StifledSilence
109 - FrostHarpy
110 - Luster Soldier
112 - Magmortar
114 - ctesjbuvf
121 - Dragon66116
128 - BetrayedTangy
129 - Natwaf
135 - Wicklebee
143 - CasanovaZelos

Paratroopa1: so tiny he can only be friends

Genny: Just one of the cutest Bugs ever even though it's based more on a hermit crab & I want to pick one up on the beach & squish it with my hugs because things this cute shouldn't exist in the real world oh my gosh can you even believe I have two even higher?

Wigs: Paras 2.0

Brayze II:


Logicblade: He would be so sad if he didn't have a rock to hide in. Give all your pebbles to dwebble!

Inviso: This is adorable, though it is annoying when I'm trying to find Pokemon in XY and this thing keeps bursting out of rocks with its Sturdy ability.

Anagram: One of the grossest pokemon is a Dwebble without its rock. Just type its name into Google and you'll see.

Raka_Putra: Aww, little earthy hermit crab. :3 Do they eat you in Survivor?

Cybat: Pretty cute for a bug in a rock. Its name is fun to say.

StifledSilence: More like DWEEBle lolololol I won't even be the 10th person that says that.

Magmortar: No.

ctesjbuvf: Seems like fodder for a list like this.

Natwaf: NFE Trash

Wicklebee: Crush yourself with that rock.

58. EelektrossEdit

Score: 3291
Average Ranking: 67.16 (Standard Deviation: 40.84)
Electric rank: 7/11
Fully Evolved rank: 41/82

5 - ctesjbuvf
8 - mnkboy907
9 - XIII_Rocks
10 - junglebob22
10 - starfox2245
13 - Genny
16 - Ermine
16 - Paratroopa1
20 - FrostHarpy
20 - Natwaf
22 - Brayze II
22 - Whiskey Nick
41 - Cybat
45 - Suor
45 - CasanovaZelos
46 - Inviso
50 - Wicklebee
50 - Wigs
55 - BetrayedTangy
56 - ecksgem
57 - l3fty
57 - Steiner
57 - mcflubbin
69 - red13n
70 - tazzyboyishere
76 - Logicblade
78 - Magmortar
79 - Anagram
81 - Scepter
83 - Raka_Putra
83 - xx521xx
85 - SanityLapse
85 - Dragon66116
86 - Naye745
98 - Sorozone
99 - TexWolf_1729
103 - Articuno2001
103 - KommunistKoala
104 - Luster Soldier
107 - PrinceKaro
114 - cody11533
115 - profDEADPOOL
115 - Bane_Of_Despair
117 - swordz9
130 - StifledSilence
145 - OrangeCrush
146 - Drakeryn
151 - Xuxon

ctesjbuvf: No weaknesses as long as its ability is intact. Great in battle to begin with.

XIII_Rocks: Eelektross is such a dark horse. Galvantula is the preferred electric-type in this gen and I get it but for me Eelektross is the superior of the two. I dislike its Gen VI model, but I otherwise greatly enjoy using it even if it is a bitch to attain because of how weak Eelektrik and Tynamo are.

junglebob22: Sableye and Spiritomb have fallen, but Eelektross remains as the No-weakness king! Its Gen 6 model kinda suck though

Genny: Eels are awesome and delicious. With the advent of that blasted Fairy typing this line is now the only line with zero weaknesses. While I feel for Sableye (screw you, Spiriturd), that's kind of boss. Speaking of boss, it's fantastic in battle. Not just because of its stats and natural learnset, but because of the huge variety of TMs it can learn to become quite the versatile fighter. Even I'm not completely sure how it can learn some of the ones it has no business being able to, but I ain't complainin'.

Ermine: I love how his face is adorable. For a giant eel monster, I think it's hilarious. I love his fin feets as well. Very cool design for the final form and I'd like to use one sometime :)

Paratroopa1: I like both versions of eelektross - the X/Y one that floats around and is animated like you would expect an eel to be, and the B/W one that hops around on its tiny fins like feet and looks like a fucking idiot

Natwaf: I ****ing love this thing. NO WEAK! In fact, immunity to ground. It can hit from both ends of the spectrum, and has loads of options to work with. And it looks cool.

Brayze II:

Cybat: He is a huge improvement over the rest of his line, which doesn't happen often. Having no weaknesses and a pretty sick movepool is pretty delightful; shame about that Speed stat but it's worth it to try to make him work.

Inviso: No weaknesses is pretty cool, especially since Sableye/Spiritomb has weaknesses to Fairy-types now. And it's really not that bad looking either. Kinda creepy is all.

Wicklebee: Oh cool an electric eel… and because he has levitate he has no weaknesses? Why? Seriously they haven't balance Electric after all this time? Even two other guys now are 2X hit by Fairies… but this guy? Lol nope gotta bring Gravity and burn a turn :/ Still looks cool.

Logicblade: Only this high solely for being an electric type with levitate. That's cool, he isn't.

Magmortar: Simply put, Eelektross is an abomination, which is a real shame as otherwise I have no other problems with it.

Anagram: "Eels are known for their excess of arms."

Raka_Putra: Mmm unagi, delicious, savory, and has a good chew to it.

StifledSilence: I'd hesitate to eat sushi made from this thing.

57. ArchenEdit

Score: 3291
Average Ranking: 67.16 (Standard Deviation: 32.91)
Rock rank: 6/10
Flying rank: 5/18
NFE rank: 17/74

1 - Ermine
8 - Paratroopa1
15 - ecksgem
16 - junglebob22
17 - Xuxon
20 - l3fty
23 - red13n
27 - Anagram
34 - Brayze II
34 - profDEADPOOL
37 - Wicklebee
38 - StifledSilence
42 - Naye745
48 - starfox2245
49 - Logicblade
52 - SanityLapse
58 - Dragon66116
59 - tazzyboyishere
61 - Raka_Putra
62 - Genny
63 - Steiner
63 - Sorozone
64 - Whiskey Nick
68 - Drakeryn
69 - Articuno2001
72 - Wigs
73 - Suor
74 - CasanovaZelos
79 - mnkboy907
79 - xx521xx
81 - cody11533
82 - KommunistKoala
84 - ctesjbuvf
87 - Scepter
88 - Luster Soldier
88 - swordz9
91 - OrangeCrush
93 - BetrayedTangy
95 - FrostHarpy
100 - Cybat
105 - Bane_Of_Despair
106 - mcflubbin
108 - TexWolf_1729
114 - PrinceKaro
116 - Magmortar
119 - Natwaf
122 - Inviso
133 - XIII_Rocks

Ermine: I Love Archen. . Just look at that swag. Archen's design is just so perfect for me. I love his colors so much. What a fantastic pokemon. Don't expect him to do well at all but that's fine. Archen doesn't care what you think, he's still a complete boss ;)

Paratroopa1: a dinosaur with feathers on it? whoa, what a cool and clever concept! I never would have thought of I'm sorry, dinosaurs have WHAT now

ecksgem: I prefer Archeops, but Archen is still adorable.

Anagram: Archen's eye is open so much that it can't help but look surprised at everything, including things it's very familiar with.

Brayze II: looks like nobody thinks archen is sexy

Wicklebee: Probably my favorite first tier of the fossil Pokemon.

StifledSilence: Polly want a fossil!

Logicblade: Archen was a fun pokemon to battle with, it was OHKO or nothing with him most of the time though.

Raka_Putra: It's like nobody wanted to have him, but fossil Pokemon are traditionally two-stage so…yeah…

Genny: Even with all the fanart of it Ermine posted, I never actually got the appeal of Archen until I drew one myself: Sometimes it just works that way. Anyway it's a cute little guy, but Tirtouga is way better.

Whiskey Nick: He can count by twos and tie his shoes. He can even give Ermine a hug and smile the whole time

ctesjbuvf: Looks interesting. A flying type fossil is cool.

Cybat: Looks less fossil-ish and more colorful than the others. I do enjoy that its Pokedex entries say that it couldn't fly and sure enough it can't learn it. (Archeops can though)

Magmortar: NFE Trash

Natwaf: NFE Trash

Inviso: Sorry Ermine, but Archen is hideous and his ability makes him even worse. At least when he evolves, he looks kinda cool, but the first form…not so much.

56. FraxureEdit

Score: 3287
Average Ranking: 67.08 (Standard Deviation: 30.08)
Dragon rank: 7/10
NFE rank: 16/74

3 - Sorozone
17 - profDEADPOOL
18 - BetrayedTangy
25 - Steiner
29 - CasanovaZelos
29 - xx521xx
31 - Genny
33 - Logicblade
35 - Drakeryn
35 - starfox2245
36 - Raka_Putra
39 - red13n
42 - OrangeCrush
48 - Whiskey Nick
49 - tazzyboyishere
52 - Ermine
52 - Cybat
57 - junglebob22
58 - KommunistKoala
60 - TexWolf_1729
61 - ctesjbuvf
61 - Anagram
62 - swordz9
64 - Suor
65 - mcflubbin
68 - Xuxon
71 - Articuno2001
77 - Paratroopa1
78 - StifledSilence
79 - Scepter
81 - l3fty
84 - Natwaf
84 - XIII_Rocks
84 - Magmortar
85 - FrostHarpy
88 - ecksgem
91 - PrinceKaro
91 - Dragon66116
93 - Luster Soldier
95 - Bane_Of_Despair
96 - Inviso
97 - Wicklebee
101 - Naye745
102 - mnkboy907
106 - Wigs
110 - cody11533
112 - SanityLapse
124 - Brayze II

BetrayedTangy: Me liking Fraxure is kinda weird, not too long ago there was this fanfic I was reading, which was basically a Total Drama and Pokemon crossover. Fraxure was a really cool, reserved guy who just kinda stood back and chilled. Until things got weird when he evolved and got super sexual with a Tyranitar....

Genny: I don't know. I'll probably feel differently tomorrow, but Fraxure has my favorite design of its line and I can't quite explain why beyond the obvious middie love. Note: favorite design is not synonymous with highest ranking. It also has the indisputably best shiny coloration of its line. I know some people are gonna say "NUH-UH BLACK HAX," but frankly the gold-plated dragon is cooler than the black dragon thing- which has been done before, in this generation even. Fraxure's official art is kinda derp lol.

Logicblade: It's nice that this gen had more than one dragon line. I like dragons.

Raka_Putra: Stout powerhouse. Already fully usable even before fully evolved. Good middle Pokemon.


Cybat: Its tusks are a little silly looking, and also don't look all that axe-like. But I like the color scheme and name.

ctesjbuvf: Good Pokemon, almost a powerhouse already. Still, middle evolutions will never be at the top.

Anagram: I wish it had an additional axe mustache thing so it could imitate a biplane. I would use the **** out of a biplane pokemon.

Paratroopa1: this is novel: a middle evo that isn't nearly as cool as its first or last stages

StifledSilence: He only suffered a minor fraxure.

Natwaf: Cool NFE Trash

Magmortar: Better than Haxorus, but that’s not an achievement.

Inviso: I'll give it credit for looking less stupid and generic than Gabite did as a middle form, but it's still nothing special, and it's kinda forgettable.

Wicklebee: This guy's name rocks, I just wish he had like a bone sticking through him rather than… airplane wings…

Brayze II:

55. StoutlandEdit

Score: 3219
Average Ranking: 65.69 (Standard Deviation: 38.93)
Normal rank: 5/17
Fully Evolved rank: 40/82

1 - cody11533
7 - Logicblade
17 - FrostHarpy
19 - mcflubbin
22 - Raka_Putra
23 - Scepter
24 - mnkboy907
26 - Dragon66116
27 - Articuno2001
28 - Magmortar
31 - Sorozone
32 - CasanovaZelos
32 - junglebob22
33 - KommunistKoala
36 - Anagram
36 - swordz9
39 - starfox2245
41 - Natwaf
45 - StifledSilence
48 - ecksgem
49 - Xuxon
52 - xx521xx
52 - Naye745
58 - Whiskey Nick
59 - Genny
62 - TexWolf_1729
65 - OrangeCrush
69 - SanityLapse
73 - red13n
74 - Ermine
76 - XIII_Rocks
77 - Cybat
77 - ctesjbuvf
82 - Steiner
94 - Drakeryn
99 - Inviso
101 - PrinceKaro
105 - profDEADPOOL
106 - Wicklebee
107 - Suor
107 - Brayze II
113 - BetrayedTangy
128 - tazzyboyishere
128 - Luster Soldier
129 - Paratroopa1
132 - Wigs
139 - l3fty
146 - Bane_Of_Despair

Logicblade: OMG cute doggie. I don't need to say more, do I?

Raka_Putra: Good HM slave, but the design is too bulky and hairy to me.

Magmortar: Stoutland is a thing you get really early on that is actually worth taking into the endgame, which is a pretty big deal to me. And look at that ****ING HAIR.

KommunistKoala: What majestic facial hair. Brings manly tears to my eyes.

Anagram: "Phil, make a pokemon with the highest mustache:body ratio possible."

Natwaf: I like this early pokemon. He's s got ele-fang options, and even vanilla, he's great. Forgot what he did in my Mono-Normal E4 team, though I think it's pretty much RETURNRETURNRETURN

StifledSilence: They aren't shitting around with him being stout. Good grief.

Whiskey Nick: please, i'm Ermine

Genny: Honestly doesn't have much going for it beyond epic mustache of epicness. I guess that's all some people need though.

Ermine: Stoutland is kind of a huge disappointment since HERDIER was so great. :(

Cybat: What even needs to be said about this thing? It doesn't even matter that its name is disappointingly not a dog pun or that its Sand Rush ability makes no sense since it can't learn Sandstorm. MOUSTACHE.

ctesjbuvf: Another normal type powerhouse. I generally find pure normal types to be a bit boring, and this one is not really that unique. It’s useful though!

Inviso: I WANT to like this line more than I do, but Stoutland is just so bulky and stupid compared to the more badass dogs of generations past (pretty much every previous dog, actually).

Wicklebee: Uh. Worst Stache NA.

Brayze II:

Paratroopa1: as usual, moustaches are not a good look

Wigs: the dog of my nightmares

54. MinccinoEdit

Score: 3214
Average Ranking: 65.59 (Standard Deviation: 40.09)
Normal rank: 4/17
NFE rank: 15/74

2 - Drakeryn
3 - xx521xx
3 - PrinceKaro
12 - Bane_Of_Despair
14 - Paratroopa1
18 - Genny
19 - Xuxon
19 - OrangeCrush
19 - red13n
20 - Dragon66116
22 - SanityLapse
33 - cody11533
34 - mnkboy907
35 - swordz9
37 - Ermine
39 - l3fty
45 - Whiskey Nick
50 - ecksgem
52 - Brayze II
57 - TexWolf_1729
62 - Raka_Putra
64 - Scepter
64 - Naye745
66 - mcflubbin
67 - Magmortar
70 - KommunistKoala
70 - StifledSilence
74 - FrostHarpy
76 - Anagram
77 - Luster Soldier
78 - Inviso
89 - starfox2245
89 - Natwaf
92 - Logicblade
92 - Cybat
93 - Wigs
96 - XIII_Rocks
96 - tazzyboyishere
106 - Sorozone
106 - junglebob22
110 - profDEADPOOL
118 - Wicklebee
121 - Articuno2001
124 - CasanovaZelos
127 - Steiner
131 - ctesjbuvf
135 - Suor
153 - BetrayedTangy

Drakeryn: We all help one another against the cat.

PrinceKaro: <3 chinchilla love <3

Bane_Of_Despair: Chinchilla's are amazing, and so is this little dude

Paratroopa1: so much better than all the other generic rodents that you can't tell the difference between, take my word for it, minccino is the best

Genny: I <3 chinchillas. They are the softest thing ever in existence. I urge you to head to your local exotic pet store and ask to hold one. It's one of the best feelings you can imagine. Minccino is this high simply because it's an adorable chinchilla pokémon.

SanityLapse: Chinchillas are basically the best rodent.

Ermine: Kinda cute but eh, not quite my thing.

Brayze II:

Raka_Putra: See my write-up for Archen, but Minccino is kinda cute. Far too similar to Cinccino though.

Magmortar: One my friends hate this thing, a lot, and on this RP we used to do, in a safari zone he ran into it and it gave him total fits. For some reason, that incident is hilarious to me, and puts Mincinno to almost decent territory. But not.

StifledSilence: A cute furry rodent.

Anagram: I traded an ability capsule for a shiny modest Minccino with really awful stats. I'm not sure who got the better end of that deal.

Inviso: This thing is far cuter than Cinccino because at least it's not overdesigned. It's not particularly special (though it has ruined Nuzlocke runs in the past. Still, decent enough.

Natwaf: ADORABLE! Still NFE Trash

Logicblade: Never used, but I concede that's a little cute.

Cybat: Chinchillas are cool.

Wicklebee: Okay, boring. Just another Normal-type animal.

ctesjbuvf: It’s incredibly boring and not really that cute.

Suor: The most generic cute pokémon ever, I really fail to understand what people like about this.

53. LampentEdit

Score: 3171
Average Ranking: 64.71 (Standard Deviation: 31.13)
Ghost rank: 5/9
Fire rank: 8/15
NFE rank: 14/74

3 - Naye745
7 - l3fty
11 - Cybat
18 - Ermine
19 - junglebob22
24 - Genny
24 - ecksgem
29 - Steiner
32 - cody11533
42 - KommunistKoala
48 - xx521xx
49 - Paratroopa1
49 - Inviso
51 - Anagram
52 - Dragon66116
53 - TexWolf_1729
53 - Suor

56 - Luster Soldier
56 - ctesjbuvf
57 - PrinceKaro
58 - Sorozone
60 - tazzyboyishere
64 - mnkboy907
66 - Wigs
68 - OrangeCrush
68 - Articuno2001
71 - swordz9
71 - Scepter
72 - Logicblade
72 - XIII_Rocks
73 - SanityLapse
75 - Drakeryn
75 - Xuxon
76 - StifledSilence
76 - profDEADPOOL
78 - Bane_Of_Despair
79 - mcflubbin
90 - Magmortar
91 - starfox2245
94 - Natwaf
96 - BetrayedTangy
102 - Wicklebee
104 - Raka_Putra
114 - red13n
116 - Brayze II
125 - CasanovaZelos
128 - Whiskey Nick
129 - FrostHarpy

Cybat: One of the few middle forms who are arguably just as imposing as their successors. This guy is just so perfectly spooky and menacing that I knew I was going to use him no matter what he evolved into.

Ermine: ~LAMPY~

Genny: Lampent just makes me smile in a way no other member of its line can, so of course it will rank the lowest. This planet... Anyhoo, I love its cry (literally a "squee"), and I love its little hat. I might just be misremembering but I could swear I've seen it move its lampshade, using it to douse its flame. Regardless it is adorable and I tip my hat to you, Lampent! Godspeed.

Paratroopa1: I dunno why but I just kinda like him more than chandelure

Inviso: Middle evolution syndrome for sure, but it's so great it still ranks highly. I played one of these in an ORG and basically used the chance to RP as a b****y teenager. That was fun.

Anagram: Do you think a Lampent would let you attach it to a streetlight to keep everything well lit? There are pokemon I imagine as having that kind of patience, but this surely seems like one without it.

ctesjbuvf: The most boring looking of the lamps, but still pretty cool looking.

Logicblade: Fun fact… lampent is not an Ent.

StifledSilence: Oh I get it because the creators of most of the Gen 5 Pokemon need to burn their eyes out with a lamp to repent their sins.

Magmortar: Lampent is mostly terrible, and I just want a damn Chandelure.

Natwaf: Creepy (in a good way) NFE Trash

Wicklebee: I'm not too fond of the line until it finishes.

Raka_Putra: A meh middle stage.

Brayze II: there was nothing stupid enough

52. EscavalierEdit

Score: 3156
Average Ranking: 64.41 (Standard Deviation: 38.73)
Steel rank: 6/12
Bug rank: 7/18
Fully Evolved rank: 39/82

7 - profDEADPOOL
7 - Wicklebee
15 - junglebob22
15 - Bane_Of_Despair
18 - Cybat
20 - Ermine
22 - XIII_Rocks
23 - Xuxon
24 - SanityLapse
28 - Scepter
33 - ecksgem
34 - xx521xx
35 - Steiner
36 - Wigs
45 - starfox2245
46 - Sorozone
46 - swordz9
46 - Brayze II
49 - mnkboy907
50 - tazzyboyishere
52 - ctesjbuvf
53 - Magmortar
57 - Dragon66116
58 - CasanovaZelos
60 - Naye745
61 - Natwaf
63 - Genny
63 - BetrayedTangy
71 - mcflubbin
73 - l3fty
78 - KommunistKoala
79 - Luster Soldier
85 - Anagram
85 - Whiskey Nick
90 - Paratroopa1
91 - Inviso
92 - cody11533
97 - StifledSilence
102 - TexWolf_1729
102 - OrangeCrush
105 - Articuno2001
114 - Logicblade
118 - Raka_Putra
124 - red13n
128 - Drakeryn
144 - FrostHarpy
146 - Suor
148 - PrinceKaro

Wicklebee: I've always adored knights, what can I say?

Bane_Of_Despair: Love the lances this guy has, he's ready for battle

Cybat: Fun name that is unfortunately a little unwieldy, but yeah this guy is hilarious. I like how the Pokedex says "They fly around at high speed, striking with their pointed spears. " but they are tied for the lowest base speed stat for any evolved Pokemon.

Ermine: So I just want to take a moment to explain what went down with Escavalier with me. Originally he was probably going to be down around the uh... 85ish or lower range but I decided to give Escavalier a bit of my time to really understand his design and honestly, it's grown a ton on me. When I look past his hard steel exterior I can see the adorable little buggy inside who is also a badass. This in turn makes me appreciate the rest of his design, and now, even as I type this write up up, he's in 27th place. I'm now going to have to move him up after gushing over him a bit. Woops.

Brayze II:

ctesjbuvf: Not too good, but bonus points for its great name!

Magmortar: whatever, knights are cool and so is massive attack stats but this guy isn’t really that much of anything

Natwaf: A unique Trading Evo method. It's kind of a hassle, but it's a neat idea. Escavalier himself is a freakin' tank, slow but tough as ****. And about time we got a Lancer! Just… keep away from fire.

Genny: Wow that speed! Well doesn't matter. I never actually used one because trade evos, but he seems cool enough. Speaking of trade evolutions, THIS is how you do them imo. Make it a concept that actually makes sense, and for fuck's sake make each one UNIQUE! Don't just have a Fighting type pokémon evolve by trading for the hell of it, have it be sensible from a lore perspective like this!

Anagram: I wonder how it eats. It doesn't appear to have much joint movement capacity, so its lance-arms can't really spear things and move said things to its mouth.

Paratroopa1: why am I doing pokemon rankings at 4 in the morning

Inviso: There are so many Bug/Steel-types nowadays, and this thing just doesn't stand out anymore, especially since its gets outclassed by aboth Bug/Steel-types from this generation.

StifledSilence: Escargoon was a better name.

Logicblade: I actually lied, this evolution isn't cool at all. Trade evolutions are among the worst things in pokemon.

Raka_Putra: The jaws of life. God, I hate those.

Suor: This is Karrablast trying to look cool in an armor suit and failing hard.

PrinceKaro: I really hate it when the designers just make a pokemon without giving much thought to it. For example, how does this thing move around? does it bounce like a pogo stick? does it use its arms like stilts? does it just roll along the ground twitching? Because it hands are f***ing three foot long medieval lances, even feeding itself must be a life-threatening ordeal.

51. VirizionEdit

Score: 3151
Average Ranking: 64.31 (Standard Deviation: 35.73)
Grass rank: 6/20
Fighting rank: 4/15 (god you guys suck)
Fully Evolved rank: 38/82

5 - Luster Soldier
10 - Genny
12 - Logicblade
21 - Magmortar
21 - PrinceKaro
27 - XIII_Rocks
27 - ecksgem
29 - Natwaf
30 - Suor
33 - Xuxon
33 - Brayze II
33 - Drakeryn
34 - Paratroopa1
36 - Cybat
39 - Whiskey Nick
39 - cody11533
41 - Naye745
42 - StifledSilence
45 - Bane_Of_Despair
47 - red13n
48 - FrostHarpy
49 - Steiner
56 - Anagram
61 - TexWolf_1729
61 - OrangeCrush
63 - mcflubbin
64 - Inviso
67 - Dragon66116
75 - Raka_Putra
76 - BetrayedTangy
77 - l3fty
78 - Wigs
80 - Wicklebee
85 - xx521xx
85 - starfox2245
97 - CasanovaZelos
98 - swordz9
98 - KommunistKoala
101 - ctesjbuvf
102 - profDEADPOOL
108 - Scepter
109 - junglebob22
114 - tazzyboyishere
115 - Sorozone
116 - SanityLapse
128 - Articuno2001
138 - mnkboy907
141 - Ermine

Genny: Swift like the wind, and skilled with a sword Aramis was the best of the Musketeers in battle. The pokémon based on him may not be the strongest physically, but they kept true to the lore by making him the only one with a type advantage over all the others. That's a pretty neat tidbit of trivia! I love, love, love the design and typing, moreso on it than even Breloom before it (not even going to name drop that abomination that came after it)! The shiny coloration is lol, it's like it was made for me! Me want~

Logicblade: Still gets better connection than AT&T

Magmortar: Virizion is a cool deer thing, and although I haven’t ever used one, I imagine it’d be nice to have on a team. Fast with that special bulk seems handy. Probably my least favorite grass/fighting but the other two are such beasts it’s not like that’s an insult or anything.

PrinceKaro: Lost pokedex entries #11: Virizion, the commuication pokemon! This pokemon, along with Sperynt and Aytientee, forms a legendary trio that works to keep the world in touch with each other.

XIII_Rocks: Verizon wireless I'm sure I'm not the only one who made this joke

Natwaf: Bishie of the Swords of Justice. I didn't find much use for him though, not a lot of opportunities to use it's Sp. Def to setup, and Grass + Fighting… ehh. Still, a legend's a legend.

Brayze II:

Paratroopa1: easily the best of whatever we're calling the legendary trio from this gen that isn't the genies

Cybat: Wow I wish your horns were a different color from the rest of your head, you look like such a dweeb. But I still enjoy the design (especially from angles other than the official art) and it's the best swordsman of the group, so that's pretty cool.

StifledSilence: Join our nationwide network of fail at virizion wireless.

Anagram: Do you imagine there's a Virizion brand phone service in Unova? I do.

Inviso: Of the Musketeer TRIO (Keldeo does not count), Virizion is definitely the one I like the least. This is gonna sound weird from me, but I just think it looks too feminine compared to the other two.

Raka_Putra: And this one is the grassy one, right? Grass/Fighting quadripedal thing is pretty unique.

Wicklebee: Can you hear me now? No, I have AT&T.

ctesjbuvf: Part of a lame legendary trio and even a grass type. Pretty much a legendary Sawsbuck.

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #16. There are just so many different things I cannot stand about this design that I have no idea where to even begin.

50. ReshiramEdit

Score: 3125
Average Ranking: 63.78 (Standard Deviation: 35.05)
Dragon rank: 6/10
Fire rank: 7/15
Fully Evolved rank: 37/82

7 - Natwaf
15 - OrangeCrush
16 - Dragon66116
19 - StifledSilence
20 - Logicblade
27 - Ermine
30 - Bane_Of_Despair
30 - Xuxon
30 - ctesjbuvf
37 - Luster Soldier
37 - Articuno2001
38 - XIII_Rocks
42 - Cybat
43 - CasanovaZelos
44 - mcflubbin
44 - Drakeryn
46 - red13n
46 - cody11533
49 - Naye745
49 - SanityLapse
54 - ecksgem
56 - tazzyboyishere
57 - Genny
60 - Scepter
61 - Magmortar
61 - Whiskey Nick
64 - junglebob22
68 - Steiner
68 - profDEADPOOL
72 - BetrayedTangy
74 - Wigs
75 - l3fty
77 - FrostHarpy
78 - Suor
79 - Sorozone
81 - starfox2245
85 - PrinceKaro
89 - TexWolf_1729
91 - KommunistKoala
113 - Raka_Putra
116 - Wicklebee
118 - Paratroopa1
118 - Brayze II
120 - swordz9
123 - xx521xx
127 - Anagram
132 - Inviso
132 - mnkboy907

Natwaf: Lesser of the cover legends, but by no means a slouch. Fire/Dragon STAB was an unblockable offensive combo! This special variant of the dragons made great use of it's great movepool. It's best use though? Fed to Kyurem. And I don't know why, but the shape of it's head bugs me.


StifledSilence: Ok, guys. THIS is a motherfucking legendary dragon. So majestic, yet powerful. Zekrom should take notes.

Logicblade: Best legend of his family, but he isn't steeped in the wow cool like so many of the early ones.

Ermine: I honestly like Zekky and Reshy both quite a bit. Two VERY solid legendaries for me and I feel they aren't going to do quite as well as they should. Underrated legendaries especially when they are surrounded by so much **** legends in this gen.

ctesjbuvf: Highest legendary. Just not a fan of them this gen. This one is cool but the design is boring. Basically just one color doesn’t look good, so that puts it a little bit down.


Cybat: Its tail and wings look kinda silly. But Fire/Dragon is the combo we've all wanted since Red and Blue, so he has that going for him. Plus a great signature move.

Genny: Look how majestic he appears even with a conspicuous boner! Who or what else could possibly pull that off?

Magmortar: WE FINALLY GET A FIRE/DRAGON TYPE. That looks nothing like it, has crotch feathers for some reason, and a ridiculous turbine tail. The latter is really all I like about it (and the fact that if the sun is out, things will die, I suppose). You have got to be kidding me.

KommunistKoala: Zekrom is cooler.

Raka_Putra: Yeah, that hair tuft ruins everything. Shameless exhibitionist. I can't believe someone (the art director?) okayed this horrible design.

Wicklebee: Still inferior to the black dragon. Also shut up Scar.

Paratroopa1: feather dong

Brayze II:

Anagram: One of the worst legendary dragons. By no means is it anywhere near as godawful as Palkia, but it's still solidly bad.

Inviso: This thing looks completely unintimidating, and it yet another horribly over-designed legendary that manages to take a Fire/Dragon typing (that we've never seen because Gamefreak is dumb about Charizard) and make it look stupid and completely unrelated to Fire.

49. CinccinoEdit

Score: 3102
Average Ranking: 63.31 (Standard Deviation: 42.11)
Normal rank: 3/17
Fully Evolved rank: 36/82

2 - mnkboy907
5 - PrinceKaro
7 - Xuxon
10 - Drakeryn
11 - OrangeCrush
12 - Paratroopa1
13 - xx521xx
15 - cody11533
17 - Luster Soldier
21 - SanityLapse
23 - KommunistKoala
24 - Cybat
25 - red13n
30 - Natwaf
31 - Bane_Of_Despair
33 - profDEADPOOL
34 - swordz9
40 - Anagram
43 - Scepter
44 - Whiskey Nick
47 - Raka_Putra
55 - l3fty
56 - XIII_Rocks
61 - FrostHarpy
67 - mcflubbin
70 - Logicblade
70 - Ermine
70 - Genny
72 - Sorozone
73 - StifledSilence
73 - Brayze II
76 - tazzyboyishere
79 - Naye745
86 - Dragon66116
86 - Articuno2001
92 - TexWolf_1729
94 - Wigs
105 - junglebob22
106 - Steiner
109 - ecksgem
109 - Inviso
117 - ctesjbuvf
119 - Wicklebee
120 - CasanovaZelos
136 - Magmortar
140 - starfox2245
152 - BetrayedTangy
152 - Suor

PrinceKaro: Its so FLUFFY!

OrangeCrush: Cinccino is so damn adorable and elegant. I really need to use one some day.

Paratroopa1: has a scarf. fuck you

SanityLapse: So soft.

Cybat: Not a huge fan of his absurd fluffiness, but Skill Link and Technician are both really fun abilities and he has a pretty great movepool for them. Slap a King's Rock on him for optimal trolling.

Natwaf: Pretty good. You've got Skill Link AND Technician, both useful with it's movepool. And it's totes adorbs

Anagram: Cute fuzzy thing #423165

Raka_Putra: Sounds like something you'd order at Starbucks.

Logicblade: It's fluffy and cute but it's a normal type so I never used it. Maybe I'll give it a chance one day.

Ermine: You'd think this is an Ermine pokemon, but you're wrong. It's a Karo pokemon.

Genny: This- this is just Minccino wearing a boa! I know it's hard to improve on nigh perfect designs, but at least try.

StifledSilence: A cute furry rodent wearing the fur coats of his dead fellow cute furry rodents.

Brayze II:

Inviso: This thing took a cute design in Minccino, and then overdesigned it straight to hell. I want to like it, but I just can't.

ctesjbuvf: It’s alright, but really boring to use and boring looking too.

Wicklebee: And now with more fluff. Why?

Magmortar: The thing it evolves from is funny, this is no.

Suor: Someone call the Fashion police, this b***h requires detention.

48. DrilburEdit

Score: 3085
Average Ranking: 62.96 (Standard Deviation: 31.66)
Ground rank: 6/11
NFE rank: 13/74

7 - Steiner
18 - Magmortar
22 - CasanovaZelos
25 - Inviso
25 - profDEADPOOL
26 - Ermine
26 - l3fty
30 - BetrayedTangy
31 - Raka_Putra
31 - xx521xx
34 - Whiskey Nick
36 - ecksgem
37 - red13n
37 - Naye745
39 - Scepter
43 - Logicblade
48 - tazzyboyishere
48 - Wicklebee

51 - OrangeCrush
51 - Bane_Of_Despair
52 - Luster Soldier
54 - Sorozone
55 - Xuxon
56 - KommunistKoala
59 - starfox2245
61 - mcflubbin
62 - Articuno2001
63 - Dragon66116
64 - StifledSilence
64 - Anagram
69 - Paratroopa1
71 - mnkboy907
74 - junglebob22
77 - SanityLapse
78 - Drakeryn
79 - Cybat
83 - Suor
88 - PrinceKaro
96 - ctesjbuvf
97 - FrostHarpy
100 - Wigs
100 - cody11533
108 - Natwaf
111 - Genny
120 - Brayze II
123 - swordz9
123 - XIII_Rocks
124 - TexWolf_1729


Magmortar: Drilbur is cute, unique enough and quite useful, always good things to have.

Inviso: This thing joins forces with Diglett and Sandslash as an adorable first form Ground-type. It just evolves into something far superior, or else I'd rank it higher.


Raka_Putra: Already great! A trustworthy and dependable member for every team!

Logicblade: Kind of cute, good enough for me.

Wicklebee: I remember this guy! Gave me the digging tool in Fire Sanctuary in Skyward Sword. I wanna play that game now, but must wait.

StifledSilence: Drilburrrrrr evolves into Gurdurrrrrr if you hold Down+B for ten minutes.

Anagram: Except for its claws, it looks like a minor character in a Hanna-Barbara cartoon.

Paratroopa1: sort of looks more like some kind of disney character than a pokemon

Cybat: Hey, a mole Pokemon that is actually a mole. Yet another gen 5 Pokemon where I slightly like the design aesthetic (the blue and black stripes) better than its evolution.

ctesjbuvf: It’s not bad, but doesn’t really stand out.

Natwaf: Cute NFE Trash

Genny: Ah he just wants you to pick him up and hug him. Cute and derpy lil guy.

Brayze II:

47. TerrakionEdit

Score: 3084
Average Ranking: 62.94 (Standard Deviation: 38.48)
Rock rank: 5/10
Fighting rank: 3/15
Fully Evolved rank: 35/82

7 - Luster Soldier
8 - Natwaf
11 - Magmortar
13 - Whiskey Nick
16 - mnkboy907
17 - starfox2245
19 - CasanovaZelos
21 - Sorozone
22 - Xuxon
24 - BetrayedTangy
26 - XIII_Rocks
33 - Inviso
34 - junglebob22
35 - StifledSilence
35 - Anagram
36 - Wicklebee
36 - FrostHarpy
38 - Logicblade
40 - Cybat
45 - cody11533
50 - Dragon66116
55 - Suor
60 - KommunistKoala
62 - mcflubbin
64 - Bane_Of_Despair
65 - swordz9
68 - Wigs
70 - Brayze II
74 - Raka_Putra
78 - red13n
79 - PrinceKaro
83 - SanityLapse
90 - ecksgem
90 - Drakeryn
94 - Genny
96 - profDEADPOOL
97 - OrangeCrush
97 - TexWolf_1729
98 - tazzyboyishere
98 - Paratroopa1
98 - ctesjbuvf
103 - Steiner
115 - Scepter
122 - Naye745
127 - xx521xx
127 - Articuno2001
136 - l3fty
148 - Ermine

Natwaf: Strongest of the Swords of Justice, and don't you forget it! Rock/Fighting is a highly versatile offensive STAB combo, and woe be to he who faces a Scarfed one unprepared.

Magmortar: Is Gen 5 Terrakion the single dumbest Pokemon to have ever step foot in OU? Quite possibly. Seriously Rock/Fighting with those stats is just chaotic. Band Terrakion just has you click a button and watch things die and that is totally hilarious to me. Also I love bulls (but it isn’t my favorite one from this gen…!) so that’s great too.

Whiskey Nick: he seems like a nice guy once you get to know him

Inviso: Best of the Musketeers, this guy just looks like a powerhouse. He's got a unique typing, and this is one of the few times where I'm okay with a legendary having a unique typing as opposed to being annoyed that we won't see Rock/Fighting on a normal in-game Pokemon.

StifledSilence: Terra from Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep should have fused with this dude instead.

Anagram: Tauros' father is disappointed that he dropped out of the metagame after gen 1.

Wicklebee: Terracotta form of Porthos. Didn't think your fighting-type would be this bulky, huh?

Logicblade: The average musketeer pokemon. He is not anything special, but I don't hate him.

Cybat: Apart from being slightly confused about the…physics of quadrupedal Fighting-type Pokemon, I like the musketeer concept. Even this guy, who looks more pudgy than intimidating, still has a certain gravitas to him. And what a good type combination.

Brayze II:

Raka_Putra: I think this one is the earth/rock one, right? Well, it's pretty good but the names are too similar.

Genny: This pokémon is kind of like a fart to me. At best I find it tolerable and at worst I can't stand to be around it.

Paratroopa1: he's like a bulldog but wouldn't look as funny riding a skateboard

ctesjbuvf: Alright I suppose, but still part of a lame legendary trio.

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #9. Let's slap a tough human face on a pokemon and make it a weird bull thing. Great design? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

46. LitwickEdit

Score: 3052
Average Ranking: 62.29 (Standard Deviation: 36.65)
Ghost rank: 4/9
Fire rank: 6/15
NFE rank: 12/74

5 - Naye745
9 - Steiner
10 - SanityLapse
13 - Inviso
16 - cody11533
17 - KommunistKoala
22 - l3fty
25 - mnkboy907
28 - Anagram
30 - Dragon66116
31 - Brayze II
33 - Bane_Of_Despair
33 - swordz9
35 - BetrayedTangy
35 - Logicblade
36 - Sorozone
42 - TexWolf_1729
44 - ctesjbuvf
46 - Paratroopa1
47 - PrinceKaro
52 - Suor
55 - Wigs
55 - Scepter
57 - Cybat
57 - ecksgem
57 - Articuno2001
63 - OrangeCrush
69 - CasanovaZelos
74 - Xuxon
75 - tazzyboyishere
77 - StifledSilence
77 - profDEADPOOL
80 - mcflubbin
87 - junglebob22
87 - xx521xx
89 - Drakeryn
91 - Magmortar
91 - Ermine
92 - Raka_Putra
96 - Wicklebee
101 - starfox2245
103 - Luster Soldier
105 - Natwaf
123 - red13n
131 - Whiskey Nick
133 - FrostHarpy
136 - Genny
142 - XIII_Rocks

SanityLapse: What makes her better than the other two is that little happy face. Well, having a decent face at all. I also love how the wax covers one of her eyes like hair.

Inviso: I played an ORG starting out as a Litwick, and I acted all timid and shy, and I got bullied because of it. ;_; But at least I made friends with Gastly and Chikorita and they were nice to me until I evolved.

KommunistKoala: The moment I saw this cute little candle I knew I wanted to train it into a badass.

Anagram: Litwick is a good pokemon, but I'll always remember it more for being the easiest way to grind SpAtk Evs in Gen 5.

Brayze II:

Logicblade: Creepy and cute! A floating candle could burn your house down if you aren't careful! Scary!

ctesjbuvf: It’s a candle, how can you not find that cute?

Paratroopa1: leave it to pokemon to make a candle cute I guess

Wigs: haha good job pokemon namers

Cybat: I like this line a lot. This guy has a great name and is cute while still being a little eerie - that purple is such an evocative color for the flame.

StifledSilence: Yep, they're definitely running out of ideas for Pokemon.

Magmortar: Litwick is really bad, although candles are cool.

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #66. You were so close to avoiding the awful line... so so close..
. Raka_Putra: Adorable little candle ghost.

Wicklebee: Ghostly candle? I only like the line when it's finished.

Natwaf: Cute NFE Trash

Genny: I did not like this thing in the anime. It already struck a sore point with me by being mischievous but not nearly cute enough to get away with being a dick. Then that whole Whirlybird situation in MI's pokémon contest put the nail in the Cofagrigus. There was no coming back after that. Still it evolves into something really cool, so I can't hate it TOO much.

45. BlitzleEdit

Score: 3030
Average Ranking: 61.84 (Standard Deviation: 29.78)
Electric rank: 6/11
NFE rank: 11/74

11 - red13n
12 - xx521xx
17 - Naye745
18 - PrinceKaro
19 - Steiner
21 - junglebob22
22 - Bane_Of_Despair
26 - CasanovaZelos
36 - Ermine
38 - Suor
39 - SanityLapse
41 - KommunistKoala
41 - l3fty
41 - Whiskey Nick
43 - Wigs
43 - StifledSilence
45 - Logicblade
46 - Wicklebee
47 - mnkboy907
47 - swordz9
52 - OrangeCrush
55 - profDEADPOOL
56 - starfox2245
66 - cody11533
66 - Articuno2001
67 - Anagram
68 - Dragon66116
69 - Cybat
70 - Sorozone
71 - tazzyboyishere
71 - Luster Soldier
71 - Genny
75 - mcflubbin
77 - Brayze II
83 - Xuxon
85 - Inviso
88 - BetrayedTangy
88 - Drakeryn
92 - Paratroopa1
93 - ctesjbuvf
94 - FrostHarpy
96 - Magmortar
98 - ecksgem
102 - Natwaf
103 - XIII_Rocks
110 - Raka_Putra
120 - Scepter
130 - TexWolf_1729


StifledSilence: It's an all out blitzle!

Logicblade: It's a baby thunder horse! Awww.

Wicklebee: Little Zebra, shocking the way onward.

OrangeCrush: Zapra is this gen's early electric. Thankfully his line didn't build up the huge popularity that Ampharos and Luxray had.

Anagram: I would put it higher, but the Blitzle I tried to use made the conscious decision to be so terrible that it couldn't be used even in-game.

Cybat: Another cute early Electric form. All three of its abilities cancel out a type, which is pretty cool.

Genny: Lil' Zebro! Big Zebro is a lot better. I'm sure Ermine will disagree.

Brayze II:

Inviso: It's okay for a base form Electric type, and it's certainly better than anything from Gen III…but still, not amazing.

Paratroopa1: what the hell, ref! he was clearly using hax! how did you not see that! what don't give me a red card *switches*

ctesjbuvf: I like Zebras. But it’s not too good really.

Magmortar: Blitzle is an annoying and generally awful zebra.

Natwaf: Cute NFE Trash

Raka_Putra: Can't we just have Zebstrika already if they're this similar?

44. BearticEdit

Score: 2977
Average Ranking: 60.76 (Standard Deviation: 37.85)
Ice rank: 2/7
Fully Evolved rank: 34/82

2 - starfox2245
4 - tazzyboyishere
4 - mcflubbin
10 - StifledSilence
13 - CasanovaZelos
17 - Anagram
24 - Inviso
28 - Naye745
28 - mnkboy907
30 - XIII_Rocks
31 - Drakeryn
32 - Wicklebee
34 - red13n
36 - Suor
37 - Dragon66116
38 - Sorozone
40 - BetrayedTangy
40 - Scepter
41 - junglebob22
43 - Whiskey Nick
46 - Magmortar
46 - Raka_Putra
47 - Xuxon
50 - Natwaf
51 - cody11533
53 - ctesjbuvf
64 - Ermine
67 - Steiner
67 - Articuno2001
68 - FrostHarpy
69 - swordz9
76 - PrinceKaro
76 - KommunistKoala
77 - Bane_Of_Despair
82 - Wigs
85 - profDEADPOOL
86 - Luster Soldier
86 - Brayze II
88 - Genny
91 - Logicblade
115 - xx521xx
117 - Cybat
121 - Paratroopa1
127 - OrangeCrush
132 - l3fty
132 - TexWolf_1729
137 - ecksgem
138 - SanityLapse

StifledSilence: Little bear bro's cold persisted into adulthood. Poor guy.

Anagram: Absolutely should have been ice/fighting, but that aside, Beartic is the best bear pokemon by far. Too bad it's, like, useless.

Inviso: And the number 1 threat to America: BEARS. Particularly bears with head colds making them all frothing at the mouth and such.

Wicklebee: I love polar bears. Best beard in Pokemon too.

Magmortar: It’s okay and Swift Swim is cool for some reason but I could never take it seriously because of crotch fur in its art and sprite. And the icicle beard. But mostly the fur. Still, a polar bear is a pretty tough sell.

Raka_Putra: Raaah. Does a Beartic poop in the ice caps?

Natwaf: Physical Ice! Beary scary design, and surprisingly has lots of move types to kill things with. It also has Swift Swim, so watch out.

ctesjbuvf: Pretty good, but usually not a fan of pure ice and the simple design doesn’t make up for it.


Brayze II:

Genny: They really didn't try on the American name at all did they? Bear + artic = Beartic! If I got paid to do it I could come up with a better name than that I bet. Its icicle beard somehow reminds me that if you ever fall through thin ice your beard can save your life by freezing to the surface ice until rescue comes. What if the piece your beard was frozen to broke off though?

Logicblade: Put that away Beartic!

Cybat: Normally I'm all for growing out beards, but dude, shave those icicles off your chin.

Paratroopa1: it's still gross because all his snot got frozen over into a beard, I hate it when you have snot leaking out when you're sick and it gets all crusty ewww

ecksgem: Even ignoring that the giant snot bubble from Cubchoo got stuck to the fur on his chin upon evolution to form snot beard icicles, Beartic is shapeless and sporting a fur boner.

43. MienshaoEdit

Score: 2900
Average Ranking: 59.18 (Standard Deviation: 45.18)
Fighting rank: 2/15
Fully Evolved rank: 33/82

1 - Inviso
1 - red13n
3 - Wicklebee
4 - Brayze II
4 - ecksgem
5 - mcflubbin
6 - Genny
11 - Paratroopa1
12 - Drakeryn
13 - Naye745
14 - profDEADPOOL
15 - Raka_Putra
16 - XIII_Rocks
16 - FrostHarpy
24 - OrangeCrush
27 - Scepter
28 - CasanovaZelos
37 - Suor
37 - BetrayedTangy
38 - ctesjbuvf
39 - KommunistKoala
40 - Steiner
47 - StifledSilence
47 - Luster Soldier
49 - Natwaf
50 - Articuno2001
56 - Logicblade
65 - Dragon66116
66 - PrinceKaro
67 - Bane_Of_Despair
69 - Ermine
78 - tazzyboyishere
81 - Whiskey Nick
92 - Magmortar
93 - Xuxon
95 - Anagram
100 - junglebob22
107 - cody11533
107 - swordz9
119 - starfox2245
122 - l3fty
126 - mnkboy907
127 - TexWolf_1729
128 - Cybat
130 - Wigs
131 - Sorozone
137 - xx521xx
144 - SanityLapse

Inviso: It's sad that there's no Pokemon from Gen V in my overall top ten, because Mienshao is good enough to warrant a spot…there's just enough good stuff that beats her out. Yes, I will admit that there is a furry aspect to this high ranking (and of course furriness will keep her out of the top ten), but Mienshao is a badass in combat too. High attack and speed, combined with a strong movepool makes this one of the better pure-Fighting types, at least in my estimation. Fun to play and fun to use, I just hope she ranks highly.

Wicklebee: I overlooked this Pokemon's presence until it, and it alone, destroyed my team. (E4). I gailed a lot of respect for it. In this Gen there are Fighting-types of all sorts, and this one's pretty great.

Brayze II:

ecksgem: Mienshao was the first fighting type in five generations that I really liked. Looks great and fun to use.

Genny: I like my Fighting types to be unique. If you want to make it onto one of my teams you better damn well do something other than be slow and hit hard, so when this thing revealed itself to be a fighter I knew I had to try it out for myself and I was impressed. A deceptively speedy old karate master that slaps with its palms while faking you out with its furry sleeves is a fine concept. Also it's a freaking ermine! I don't know why the user Ermine isn't all over this thing really. How in the world is it too feminine? It's got a flipping fu manchu! Is it because it's purple??? Wartortle is purple! Kecleon is purple (in-joke)! THEY'RE not too feminine! Geez such an Ermine... I for one feel its design could not be more perfect and fitting for it.

Paratroopa1: wow! never before has the internet been graced with so many pictures of sexually suggestive weasels

Raka_Putra: Classy and elegant. He looks like he belongs in Kung Fu Panda or something. Top notch design, even if he's a bit disappointing in the battle department.

OrangeCrush: Kojondo! Kojondo! KOJONDO!!!!

ctesjbuvf: It’s good in battle, but it’s boring.

StifledSilence: It has the name of a karate master but it has the appearance of a prissy supermodel.

Natwaf: I love how sleek it looks. Much like Xatu, it's another pokemon that I like without ever actually using it. One of these days. U-Turn Regenator baby!

Logicblade: Digging the moustache. That's a cool fighting pokemon alright.

Ermine: Mienfoo is 100000 times better.

Magmortar: …yeah, I’ve got nothing. It’s a ferret-looking thing. It should be better than THIS.

Anagram: yo dawg I herd u leik fake out/u-turn so I got you a mienshao so you can fake-out while you u-turn

Cybat: When I was playing through White, I decided I needed a Fighting type for my ingame team so I trained up a Mienfoo. But as soon as it evolved I dumped it back in my PC. Seriously what the hell. But to its credit, Fake Out/U-turn/Regenerator shenanigans are pretty fun.

42. GigalithEdit

Score: 2898
Average Ranking: 59.14 (Standard Deviation: 34.91)
Rock rank: 4/10
Fully Evolved rank: 32/82

7 - mcflubbin
9 - Cybat
12 - tazzyboyishere
18 - Bane_Of_Despair
19 - Wicklebee
19 - mnkboy907
20 - ctesjbuvf
22 - Inviso
22 - Naye745
23 - Raka_Putra
24 - FrostHarpy
27 - Genny
29 - profDEADPOOL
29 - Articuno2001
31 - Anagram
31 - ecksgem
32 - XIII_Rocks
32 - Whiskey Nick
37 - TexWolf_1729
42 - Natwaf
43 - Magmortar
50 - Scepter
51 - CasanovaZelos
51 - starfox2245
54 - BetrayedTangy
62 - Suor
65 - Sorozone
66 - Luster Soldier
67 - Wigs
70 - Dragon66116
71 - cody11533
76 - swordz9
78 - Brayze II
85 - red13n
86 - Steiner
87 - PrinceKaro
92 - Ermine
94 - junglebob22
99 - l3fty
101 - OrangeCrush
102 - StifledSilence
103 - Paratroopa1
104 - KommunistKoala
104 - xx521xx
105 - Drakeryn
115 - Logicblade
125 - Xuxon
135 - SanityLapse

Cybat: So much better than Golem. It's a great "rock"ish design and, while it looks a little awkward, it still works for me. And its shiny form is beautiful.

Wicklebee: A crystalith Pokemon, I love the fact that they created one as a Rock-type. Only problem I have is him having the same mechanic as Golem.

ctesjbuvf: Strong fun powerhouse with less double weaknesses than its gen I counterpart, although the earthquake STAB is to be missed. Good Pokemon, but I prefer faster ones.

Inviso: I think this is a far cooler third-form Rock-type than Golem could ever hope to be. It just looks intense and badass. There's just better stuff above it is all.

Raka_Putra: This is how you do fodder rock Pokemon! The sharp edges and tasteful coloring really sets it apart from the Golem line.

Genny: I don't even know... Geodes are just cool. Thinking about it, Gigalith is my favorite Rock-type pokémon that's actually based on a rock and not something else entirely like say a tiny dinosaur. It's gotta be exceptionally difficult to make a rock interesting but imo the Pokémon team pulled it off here. The stats and moveset are typical of the type but there's something I like...

Anagram: Please make a bismuth crystal one day, Nintendo.

Natwaf: Looks badass, and finally, a pure rock type I love. Weird that it gets a special rock type move. I dread seeing it in the subway, it's Sturdy and high attacks almost certainly means death from a Stone Edge. Or whateer rock move it has.

Magmortar: I’m still not sure on what exactly it’s supposed to be. Compressed Pokemon indeed. But whatever, I love massive attack stats.

Brayze II:

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #65. Sturdy, Explode.

junglebob22: You don't see this one in the wild, so Sturdy isn't a problem here. It's messy design is though.

StifledSilence: Giga and "hay guyz letz mash a bunch of rocks together" are two different things.

Paratroopa1: sure, he's better than like golem or whatever

Logicblade: A big rock formation? Eh whatever.

41. LilligantEdit

Score: 2897
Average Ranking: 59.12 (Standard Deviation: 42.83)
Grass rank: 5/20
Fully Evolved rank: 31/82

1 - mnkboy907
1 - Anagram
1 - swordz9
1 - Logicblade
2 - Naye745
5 - Scepter
6 - ecksgem
10 - xx521xx
12 - Inviso
18 - OrangeCrush
18 - Paratroopa1
18 - Drakeryn
20 - Suor
23 - PrinceKaro
25 - FrostHarpy
28 - junglebob22
33 - Cybat
40 - Natwaf
44 - l3fty
45 - Raka_Putra
46 - TexWolf_1729
47 - Genny
49 - cody11533
53 - mcflubbin
59 - Wicklebee
59 - KommunistKoala
59 - Xuxon
71 - Dragon66116
71 - StifledSilence
76 - red13n
77 - CasanovaZelos
78 - Luster Soldier
80 - SanityLapse
81 - tazzyboyishere
82 - Bane_Of_Despair
84 - Articuno2001
86 - ctesjbuvf
88 - Steiner
92 - Brayze II
106 - Ermine
112 - Whiskey Nick
116 - BetrayedTangy
130 - XIII_Rocks
130 - starfox2245
131 - Magmortar
137 - Sorozone
138 - profDEADPOOL
144 - Wigs

Anagram: I remember when Gen 5 was almost out, SantaRPG made a topic where he and I rated the new pokemon. It didn't finish, and it didn't get to the point where I could rate Lilligant. Let me tell you: my second favorite pokemon, period. I think it's a really clever idea to have like a house plant you have to care way too much for that also has a Victorian aesthetic, and the pokemon itself is just plain well designed. I know a lot of people dislike humanoid pokemon, but ehh, it can work if it's done well, and Lilligant is, to me, definitely an example of it being done well. Too bad it's roughly Flareon tier in a fight.

Logicblade: A pokemon that dances it way to victory is a pokemon I can get behind. Cue the "it looks antrho and female" hater brigade. No pokemon deserve that kind of hate. Except for the bad ones. >:(

ecksgem: I guess she kind of reminds me of Lilymon, and she's just more interesting than the standard boring grass Pokemon.

Inviso: End the Lilligant h8! Lilligant is a goddamn baller. She's a pretty pretty princess and she will f*** you up harder than Klefki's jingle jingle attitude.

Paratroopa1: so sure what the fuck ever I like cute flower things

Suor: I really wish they gave Lilligant the good moves and abilities instead of overloading Derpsicott with them. It has some cool gimmicks but the lack of type coverage is real :(. At least it looks amazing.

Cybat: Shame about its movepool. But even with just Quiver Dance and Sleep Powder, it can be a threat. Great name too, you can't really say much other than "elegant" about it.

Natwaf: QUIVER PETAL DANCE! Pretty much it though, and some status moves. And it's looks.

Raka_Putra: I like it but somehow it doesn't really look like a Pokemon.

Genny: Such an elegant leafy lady. Petal Dance, Teeter Dance, Quiver Dance, ALL THE DANCE! She makes good use of it too. I can't help but feel I never used her to her full potential, like maybe I kept mine as a Petilil a bit too long. Always next time!

Wicklebee: Uh… we could have stopped at Roserade, though guess he needed a mistress that he screws when Roselia is away, apparently.

StifledSilence: You have your mother, Lilligant Potter's eyes.

ctesjbuvf: Not really a fan of this thing. It doesn’t strike me as cute, which might be what it’s supposed to see and then it’s grass.

Brayze II:

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #51. I'm a pretty little flower girl! Did I mention I was a pokemon?

Magmortar: I do not care if it is apparently decent, I hate everything about it.

Wigs: cabbage patch kids more like the garbage pail kids

40. TirtougaEdit

Score: 2884
Average Ranking: 58.86 (Standard Deviation: 31.63)
Water rank: 5/17
Rock rank: 3/10
NFE rank: 10/74

6 - Whiskey Nick
9 - red13n
9 - Paratroopa1
15 - mnkboy907
16 - Genny
17 - Steiner
22 - TexWolf_1729
23 - xx521xx
24 - tazzyboyishere
27 - starfox2245
29 - l3fty
35 - Scepter
35 - Ermine
38 - ecksgem
38 - Wicklebee
40 - Brayze II
44 - Sorozone
45 - Drakeryn
47 - BetrayedTangy
50 - StifledSilence
50 - Suor
51 - Cybat
51 - profDEADPOOL
58 - Wigs
58 - SanityLapse
58 - swordz9
65 - Raka_Putra
67 - Naye745
68 - PrinceKaro
68 - mcflubbin
69 - cody11533
70 - junglebob22
72 - Dragon66116
74 - Articuno2001
75 - KommunistKoala
78 - Xuxon
81 - Luster Soldier
87 - ctesjbuvf
87 - Natwaf
90 - Inviso
91 - Bane_Of_Despair
94 - XIII_Rocks
95 - CasanovaZelos
95 - OrangeCrush
99 - Anagram
99 - Logicblade
99 - FrostHarpy
149 - Magmortar

Paratroopa1: the best water type turtle in the pokemon series, by far. what, who? I don't know who you're talking about

Genny: I <3 turtles. You can never have too many turtles, especially when they're this adorbubbles! I would not care if I were alone in the world with this opinion, but Tirtouga is second only to Wartortle in turtley cuteness. That's right I said it! Squirtle is a distant third. I love the name too. And the shiny sprite is turquoise! One of the best colors~


Wicklebee: The turtle is cute though.

Brayze II:

StifledSilence: We set sail for Tortuga!

Cybat: "Prototurtle Pokemon". Awesome. Very turtlish design, but hey, who doesn't like turtles?


Raka_Putra: I think its blood can help erectile dysfunction

ctesjbuvf: It’s not bad, but it’s boring.

Natwaf: Cool NFE Trash

Inviso: This thing will probably rank in the top 20 given the board's hard-on for Water-types and turtles, but I guess it's nowhere near as bad as the love for the Torterra line was.

Anagram: I'd like a turtle pokemon that's a wall, so it can be called "hurdle."

Logicblade: A turtle! So cool! But it's a fossil and the inferior one at that.

Magmortar: This Pokemon and this Pokemon alone singlehandedly made me avoid Little Cup like the fucking plague.

39. EmolgaEdit

Score: 2880
Average Ranking: 58.78 (Standard Deviation: 43.37)
Electric rank: 5/11
Flying rank: 4/18
Fully Evolved rank: 30/82

1 - xx521xx
3 - Cybat
4 - PrinceKaro
5 - Raka_Putra
8 - Xuxon
10 - ecksgem
14 - Anagram
14 - OrangeCrush
24 - Paratroopa1
24 - red13n
25 - Genny
25 - Bane_Of_Despair
25 - l3fty
27 - Drakeryn
27 - StifledSilence
33 - Dragon66116
35 - Naye745
35 - junglebob22
36 - Scepter
40 - Whiskey Nick
40 - profDEADPOOL
41 - Luster Soldier
42 - Ermine
45 - TexWolf_1729
46 - Wigs
50 - cody11533
51 - Wicklebee
55 - Natwaf
55 - SanityLapse
55 - mnkboy907
62 - tazzyboyishere
66 - starfox2245
74 - Logicblade
75 - CasanovaZelos
90 - Brayze II
91 - Articuno2001
92 - KommunistKoala
99 - swordz9
101 - mcflubbin
103 - BetrayedTangy
107 - Sorozone
115 - Suor
129 - XIII_Rocks
141 - FrostHarpy
142 - Steiner
143 - Inviso
144 - Magmortar
156 - ctesjbuvf

Cybat: I know it's just another electric rodent, but for some reason I seriously adore this guy. It may have something to do with this: But something about his animation made me love him. Sadly he looks worse in 3D, but oh well.

Raka_Putra: Meet your new friend Squirrelly! Not just any squirrel…a Chinese electric flying squirrel!

ecksgem: Squirrel Batman! Best Pika clone and hell, better than Pikachu too.

Anagram: The only pikaclone that's even remotely as good as Pikachu, Emolga makes me just want to make so many Rocky the Flying Squirrel jokes.

OrangeCrush: Easily the best Pikaclone.

Paratroopa1: pikachu floating on balloons looks pretty ghetto now compared to pikachu with wings

Genny: My favorite Pikaclone. Iris's was such a spoiled, lazy, greedy little brat and I loved her for it. She did eventually get better that I recall, but the moments of hilarity from when she was basically a bitch were my favorites. Her rivalry-turned-friendship with Ash's Snivy was also a high point, but enough about this one Emolga specimen. As a species its design is perfect. Electric/Flying for a flying squirrel is brilliant, and it has plenty of fitting moves for such a creature.

StifledSilence: Cute little flying rodent varient of Pikachu.


Wicklebee: Oh yay a flying squirrel… made to be a Pikachu knock-off… less cool now.

Natwaf: … I actually found some small use for it during my 2nd White playthrough, in my Mono-Electric team. Electric/Flying still has a horrible movepool, and I dumped it's ass as soon as I got Thundurus. But the fact that I used the traded one grants it exp bonus, and it kills grass types that are bothering my team.

Logicblade: It's a flying squirrel! So cool!

Brayze II:

BetrayedTangy: Up until this point, there's been something redeeming about the Pika clones. Pichu was in Smash, Plusle and Minun are fun in Destiny Deoxys and Pachirisu won at Regionals. Emolga however has none of that and is just dumb.

Inviso: Okay, this is probably going to be one of my biggest outliers, but seriously, f*** this thing. It's a Pikachu clone without managing to be cute (like pretty much every Pikachu clone barring Plusle/Pichu). It's a Flying-type, meaning the ONE weakness Electric types have is negated against it. Elesa uses TWO of these monsters in her gym battle (which accentuates the lack of ground weakness). AND, when I'm trying to farm Audinos in order to level Pokemon up, I always find these f***ers, and they have static, which paralyzes my Pokemon and completely f***s me over. Seriously, I hate these things.


ctesjbuvf: First of all, not making this able to evolve was a mistake. There are actually things out there that have too big evolution families and this thing desperately needs one. Where is the justice in that? The anime made this perhaps the most annoying Pokemon, although its trainer is worse. In that sense they sit together, but Emolga looks cute enough by itself, so why ruin that. Have you heard its voice? It sounds so annoying but it fits the really annoying personality they gave it.

38. KyuremEdit

Score: 2867
Average Ranking: 58.51 (Standard Deviation: 37.09)
Dragon rank: 5/10
Ice rank: 1/7
Fully Evolved rank: 29/82

1 - Natwaf
3 - FrostHarpy
5 - Wicklebee
6 - StifledSilence
17 - Bane_Of_Despair
18 - Xuxon
20 - Drakeryn
20 - KommunistKoala
22 - Suor
28 - OrangeCrush
29 - Luster Soldier
30 - Whiskey Nick
31 - red13n
32 - Cybat
36 - tazzyboyishere
40 - XIII_Rocks
41 - Articuno2001
42 - CasanovaZelos
47 - Steiner
47 - ctesjbuvf
48 - Ermine
53 - Logicblade
53 - BetrayedTangy
54 - Anagram
57 - starfox2245
60 - Dragon66116
61 - junglebob22
62 - Magmortar
68 - Brayze II
69 - profDEADPOOL
70 - Wigs
74 - xx521xx
74 - l3fty
77 - cody11533
78 - TexWolf_1729
84 - swordz9
85 - ecksgem
92 - Genny
92 - mcflubbin
93 - Naye745
97 - Paratroopa1
100 - SanityLapse
104 - Scepter
106 - mnkboy907
107 - Raka_Putra
133 - Inviso
144 - Sorozone
151 - PrinceKaro

Natwaf: This turkey is the weakest of the Tao Trio, just look at it's stats and the way it moves during battle! I thought it was a pathetic ultimate pokemon, and was going to collapse on it's own. And then came along White 2… and we saw the monstrosity that was Kyurem-W/Kyurem-Reshiram. Both attacking stats went through the roof, and even if Kyurem-B has movepool problems, NEVER forget it's got 170 and 150 attacking BST! By far the MVP in my Mono-Ice and Dragon team in the E-4, it's my favorite Gen V poke. THE POWER! THE ABSOLUTE POWER!

Wicklebee: So, we finally get an Ice Dragon, and we get… Wait, DNA splicing in Pokemon? That's actually pretty cool! Oh damnit I made an ice pun, SORRY EVERYONE!

StifledSilence: This might be my favorite gimmick for a legendary. Fuuuu…sion…HA! But even by himself he's really cool. And before we learned about him fusing with the other two dragons, the missing parts on him were so mysterious. I liked wondering what happened to him.

KommunistKoala: I really dig Kyurem's design for some reason. Can't really explain it, he just looks "cool" get it.

Suor: I feel sad for Kyurem, it has a frozen, empty body. A void that must be filled with love.


Cybat: The idea of fusion has always been pretty exciting in Pokemon but his two alternate forms are actually not amazing looking. Still way better than his base design though. But you can't argue with three awesome signature moves.

XIII_Rocks: The Kyurem forms are weird-looking but I like them for that because they're supposed to look kind of monstrous - they are bizarre combinations, after all.

ctesjbuvf: The thing about changing worms to Black and White Kyurem respectively is cool, but that also all it has going for it imo. It’s boring looking and doesn’t have any cool portrayal in the anime to help it.


Logicblade: He's one of those darkfang dragonmons you hear about on the news.

Anagram: I really want to plug its wing into an electrical socket. Look at those icicles that branch off of them. Tell me I'm wrong.

Magmortar: Kyurem-Black is hilarious for being a 700 BSTer somehow stuck in OU, but whatever. This is not a very good dragon. I wanted a Dragon/Ice-type for quite some time, and to be blunt, Kyurem did not deliver.

Brayze II:

Genny: Whoops I left my raw chicken in the freezer too long and it got all frostbitten and started falling apart. Seriously though, Drumstick Dragon is okay but I just wanted something more in an Ice/Dragon and a legendary at that. The other Tao Trio members look so badass and powerful and Kyurem looks like it wants to be put out of its misery and go back into cold storage, poor thing. Black and especially White Kyurem helps it but still it's pretty lacking compared to the others.

Paratroopa1: he's the best "cover legendary" because he's a dragon who has a neck like a fucking giraffe

Raka_Putra: Eh, it's kind of shapeless. Cool moves though.

Inviso: I HATE the legendary dragons from this generation, and Kyurem is the worst of the three, because it has been overdesigned to high hell and I'm sorry, but I just don't find anything enjoyable about somehow managing to ruin the only Ice/Dragon in the game by making it look like a generic dragon.

PrinceKaro: The enabler of the stupid fusion mechanic. F*** off, this is pokemon, not Shin Megami Tensei.

37. WhimsicottEdit

Score: 2853
Average Ranking: 58.22 (Standard Deviation: 42.33)
Grass rank: 4/20
Fairy rank: 1/2
Fully Evolved rank: 28/82

1 - PrinceKaro
4 - BetrayedTangy
4 - cody11533
4 - Paratroopa1
8 - Naye745
8 - Raka_Putra
9 - Brayze II
11 - Logicblade
12 - Cybat
17 - Scepter
18 - Luster Soldier
20 - Xuxon
20 - SanityLapse
22 - FrostHarpy
33 - Wicklebee
34 - Bane_Of_Despair
34 - Anagram
37 - OrangeCrush
37 - Genny

39 - Steiner
43 - Natwaf
44 - xx521xx
49 - KommunistKoala
49 - red13n
50 - swordz9
51 - ecksgem
53 - mnkboy907
65 - StifledSilence
70 - Whiskey Nick
71 - l3fty
72 - Ermine
75 - XIII_Rocks
76 - junglebob22
77 - Drakeryn
79 - Magmortar
82 - Articuno2001
86 - mcflubbin
90 - Sorozone
101 - TexWolf_1729
103 - Inviso
115 - ctesjbuvf
118 - tazzyboyishere
119 - CasanovaZelos
122 - Wigs
137 - starfox2245
139 - profDEADPOOL
140 - Suor
151 - Dragon66116

PrinceKaro: cotton ball :D

BetrayedTangy: For some reason I really like Whimsicott. Normally I'd hate its design, but after using it in Showdown, I've become attached to it, maybe I should give Jumpluff a second chance.

Paratroopa1: hey how can we make a pokemon that appeals to paratroopa1 the user' 'make it a bird' 'yeah but aside from that' 'okay literally make it a fucking ball of fluff with something cute attached to it' 'done'

Raka_Putra: Jesus! It's so fluffy and cute and tan. I just want to hug it forever. Oh man, too good for this sinful Earth.

Brayze II:

Logicblade: OMG so fluffy. Cuteness is so important to me.

Cybat: I never thought about it, but look at this thing's actual body - it's so tiny! Per the Pokedex: "Like the wind, it can slip through any gap, no matter how small." Kinda neat. But anyway, these things are huge trolls and I love it.

SanityLapse: The Pokedex says: "They pull pranks, such as moving furniture and leaving balls of cotton in homes." I don't know what kind of prank it is to leave balls of cotton around, but any Pokemon that thinks that this is a prank is adorable.


Anagram: I really like the green earring things it has.

Genny: I feel like until recently poor Whimsy always got the short end of the stick compared to Lily. But now with the addition of Fairy type, it's gotten it's second wind. I always thought it was cute, but the lore behind it makes so much more sense with it being a mischievous little fay. Speaking of which its potential abilities in relation to its Pokédex entries are just flawless. <3

Natwaf: Getting a Fairy type was a surprise. ****ing annoying to face thanks to Prankster giving non-damaging moves Priority, but I can't hate it. After all, it's a key player in my 100% Super Chatelaine Nita counter.

StifledSilence: The fabric of our lives.

Ermine: HERDIER?

Magmortar: Annoying, but more fun than other annoying Pokemon. And now it’s the first thing that is 4x weak to Poison since Gen 1 Paras line.

Inviso: I don't get why this thing got a Fairy secondary typing, but none of the Florges line got Grass as a second typing. It just doesn't make sense.

ctesjbuvf: Being a fairy type helps a little bit, but it’s still lame and useless.

Suor: HERP A DERP I'm Whimsicott.

36. CobalionEdit

Score: 2801
Average Ranking: 57.16 (Standard Deviation: 36.9)
Fighting rank: 1/15
Steel rank: 5/12
Fully Evolved rank: 27/82

8 - Dragon66116
9 - starfox2245
13 - Logicblade
14 - ecksgem
16 - Luster Soldier
16 - Whiskey Nick
18 - Natwaf
19 - Anagram
19 - Genny
25 - Cybat
25 - XIII_Rocks
25 - TexWolf_1729
26 - Magmortar
27 - Wicklebee
29 - Bane_Of_Despair
30 - PrinceKaro
32 - xx521xx
33 - Suor
34 - FrostHarpy
34 - Drakeryn
35 - mcflubbin
40 - StifledSilence
48 - Inviso
49 - Brayze II
54 - Paratroopa1
56 - BetrayedTangy
58 - tazzyboyishere
66 - red13n
66 - swordz9
68 - l3fty
76 - Raka_Putra
76 - Xuxon
76 - Wigs
80 - cody11533
80 - OrangeCrush
93 - Sorozone
96 - Naye745
96 - junglebob22
96 - CasanovaZelos
97 - KommunistKoala
97 - ctesjbuvf
101 - profDEADPOOL
102 - Steiner
111 - Scepter
117 - SanityLapse
126 - Articuno2001
129 - mnkboy907
137 - Ermine

Logicblade: That pencil stache is something I can get behind. Fun fact, he is not actually a blue lion.

Natwaf: Leader of the Swords of Justice. Despite sharing Lucario's typing, he plays differently, being a bulkier slower variant, with access to different moves. Thanks to it's Def, I can pretty much leave it in to Swords Dance and kill stuff in-game. And such a regal look.

Anagram: GOAT

Genny: The Cobalt Champion may not be my favorite Musketeer, but he's still pretty damn great. I don't think I've mentioned how refreshing it is to have quadrupedal Fighting types yet, so there it is. Who says non-humanoid animals can't be scrappers too?

Cybat: The only musketeer to really embody the concept, in my opinion. He somehow looks very regal and honorable; having Justified as an ability just seems to fit him. He doesn't really look particularly Steel-ish or Fighting-ish, but hey, baby steps.

Magmortar: OH MY GOD FINALLY AN(OTHER) OKAY POKEMON. That chest fluff is great, and it’s not quite Lucario in terms of ability to destroy villages and trigger screams of terror but it has extra speed which is still really handy. Nice.

Wicklebee: Presumed leader of the Swords of Justice and the coolest one.

StifledSilence: Cobalt Lion? But he has antlers.

Inviso: Steel/Fighting was done better in Gen IV, but damn is this thing doesn't just LOOK like a dominant leader of the Musketeers.

Brayze II:

Paratroopa1: ugh look I just don't have things to say about all these dudes okay there's fucking 156 of these! it's not that I'm indifferent towards cobalion it's just well what the fuck now I've written way too many words about it now

Raka_Putra: Meh lol, what the hell. The other two/three are so much better.

ctesjbuvf: Although this one is cooler than the rest of the swords of justice, it’s a lame legendary trio.

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #20. I almost want to like Cobalion... almost.

35. DurantEdit

Score: 2794
Average Ranking: 57.02 (Standard Deviation: 39.65)
Steel rank: 4/12
Bug rank: 6/18
Fully Evolved rank: 26/82

2 - Ermine
3 - mnkboy907
4 - Anagram
6 - Magmortar
10 - KommunistKoala
15 - Wigs
18 - XIII_Rocks
19 - TexWolf_1729
21 - Suor
21 - profDEADPOOL
24 - Sorozone
24 - junglebob22
26 - Natwaf
28 - Cybat
28 - SanityLapse
29 - Dragon66116
32 - ecksgem
36 - cody11533
38 - Inviso
39 - Brayze II
42 - starfox2245
46 - Logicblade
46 - tazzyboyishere
50 - Genny
50 - OrangeCrush
50 - CasanovaZelos
51 - swordz9
54 - mcflubbin
56 - Scepter
59 - StifledSilence
59 - BetrayedTangy
60 - Luster Soldier
78 - Whiskey Nick
80 - PrinceKaro
81 - Paratroopa1
90 - l3fty
92 - Drakeryn
98 - Articuno2001
100 - Xuxon
101 - red13n
102 - ctesjbuvf
117 - Bane_Of_Despair
121 - Wicklebee
121 - Steiner
126 - xx521xx
129 - Raka_Putra
130 - Naye745
145 - FrostHarpy

Ermine: Durant... is.... Badass. As I said in Gen 4, bug pokemon are really starting to grow on me and Durant was probably one of the ones that started my love of the buggies. I loved him right when he was released. There's just something about how evil he looks that he looks cute to me. I can't explain it. Amazingly designed poke which won't quite get the recognition he deserves.

Anagram: I really, really like Durant, and I have no real explanation for why. Is there anything particularly good about it? It's just a metal ant. Yet I love it. I think it's brilliant and almost perfect. It's even useful, it even has a gimmick that makes it usable. It's not a strong pokemon by any means, but at least it has something.

Magmortar: Hustle Durant is a thing of beauty. You wouldn’t expect an ant to be one of Pokemon’s greatest standard-allowed bulldozers, but here you have it, the blind ant that kills everything (although of course, if you miss against a special attacker or a Fire-type, RIP). The design is nice and simple, and it has that ****ing glare.

KommunistKoala: Kevin Durant doesn't get nearly enough respect. To be fair he shares the same typing as the superior Scizor and is terrible in battle but I still appreciate Durant.

Wigs: im so sorry you broke your leg buddy get well soon :(

junglebob22: Giving Durant Truantas a HA is one of the most baffling moves Game Freak has made. The word play isn't even there in Japanese wtf

Natwaf: Watch out, this thing most likely outspeeds a good chunk of your team. Durable, fast, and high attack, made all the worse (or better) with Hustle and Tough Claws. KILL IT WITH FIRE! Also, a shoutout to my Truant Durant, I wouldn't have been able to reach Super Chatelaine Nita in Y without it. in X I used a legit team, but I couldn't be bothered with it in Y yet.

Cybat: I mean, it is just a metal ant, but it works well. Funny gameplay and flavor with learning Truant and Entrainment, too. Also lol basketball

Inviso: I don't really follow basketball, but apparently Ermine does and loves this guy. Maybe he's big into charity, like Big Brothers & Big Sisters, or Make A Wish.

Brayze II:

Logicblade: Oh wow, that's terrifying! Bug and Steel is such a cool typing, I just don't think this lives up to Scizor though.

Genny: Durant is my favorite pokémon of its exact typing. Unfortunately that's due to not liking the others very much at all rather than liking Durant a substantial amount. What I do like a substantial amount is that look in its eyes. It says "I am tired of being preyed upon and I will fuck your shit up". It's funny that it's the only English-named pokémon that you can't turn up primarily on Google.

OrangeCrush: Durant and the Thunder

StifledSilence: Kevin Durant

Paratroopa1: I fucking hate the oklahoma city thunder, good riddance for their playoff hopes this season

ctesjbuvf: It’s cool and better than one might think, but it just doesn’t really work as a Pokemon that doesn’t evolve imo. Seems like there should be something more. It has a rivalry going for it I suppose. Wish the anime made something better of that.

Wicklebee: Fucking Hustle. I hate that ability so much.

Raka_Putra: It's just an ant with adjusted hue and lighting effects!

34. AxewEdit

Score: 2774
Average Ranking: 56.61 (Standard Deviation: 29.72)
Dragon rank: 4/10

NFE rank: 9/74

3 - profDEADPOOL
6 - Anagram
12 - Scepter
14 - Drakeryn
14 - xx521xx
16 - starfox2245
19 - Sorozone
19 - l3fty
23 - Naye745
27 - red13n
30 - Steiner
31 - CasanovaZelos
32 - Bane_Of_Despair
33 - Whiskey Nick
35 - TexWolf_1729
36 - KommunistKoala
36 - Genny
48 - Brayze II
48 - Luster Soldier
48 - PrinceKaro
53 - tazzyboyishere
54 - Ermine
59 - ecksgem
61 - Xuxon
63 - Logicblade
64 - Dragon66116
64 - mcflubbin
66 - Paratroopa1
69 - Magmortar
71 - XIII_Rocks
71 - Raka_Putra
72 - Suor
72 - Cybat
74 - OrangeCrush
75 - BetrayedTangy
76 - Articuno2001
79 - StifledSilence
84 - Inviso
85 - junglebob22
85 - Natwaf
86 - Wigs
87 - FrostHarpy
94 - mnkboy907
99 - ctesjbuvf
103 - cody11533
103 - Wicklebee
111 - SanityLapse
114 - swordz9

Anagram: It's not the cutest Gen 5 dragon, but it's still pretty cute. Anime Axew is a pain in the ass, but not so obtrusive (like Togepi) that I really disliked it.

Genny: This is the start of another very solid line. Currently I feel like it only gets better as it goes along, but next week I could have their rankings completely reversed. Or maybe I'd place Fraxure highest, and swap Axew and Haxorus. Anything could happen really, because all three members of this line are great and I personally have them all within ten spots of each other. Mild spoilers all up in this writeup bleh. I'd comment on Iris' but he never really stood out among the more vivacious pokémon of the main team.

Brayze II:

Ermine: Poor man's Larvitar.

Logicblade: Lemme axew something… does anyone else get this confused with Larvitar?

Paratroopa1: ax? ew

Magmortar: it is only here because its name lets me make dumb jokes. I Axew about Generation 5: why is so little of it actually memorable, because a damn PUN puts it over way too many Pokemon by the standards of any OTHER generation.

Raka_Putra: It doesn't look much like anything…

Cybat: I just noticed its color scheme makes it look like it's wearing a bib. One of the cuter first-stage dragons.

StifledSilence: Axew? I barely know yew!

Inviso: Cute neough, and I like that you can get it pretty early compared to most three form Dragons…but damn if this thing hasn't f***ed me in so many XY Nuzlocke runs. Stupid Dragon Rage.

Natwaf: Cool NFE Trash

ctesjbuvf: I love how it looks and what it becomes, but the anime probably drags it down about 50 spots with that terrible main character Axew we had. That never stopped being a weak crybaby but constantly learned owerpowered moves out of nowhere so it seemed like it made progression. The anime completely ruined this Pokemon for me. Probably good for my opinion of its family that it never evolved, even though it created a major plothole.

Wicklebee: It's kind of cute, but those linear fangs are just wut.

33. ReuniclusEdit

Score: 2752
Average Ranking: 56.16 (Standard Deviation: 45.99)
Psychic rank: 3/15
Fully Evolved rank: 25/82

1 - ecksgem
1 - BetrayedTangy
2 - Brayze II
3 - Drakeryn
9 - xx521xx
9 - Raka_Putra
12 - Steiner
13 - PrinceKaro
15 - Whiskey Nick
18 - FrostHarpy
18 - SanityLapse
19 - Ermine
21 - CasanovaZelos
21 - ctesjbuvf
22 - Scepter
23 - Cybat
26 - Wicklebee
27 - Inviso
27 - mnkboy907
29 - mcflubbin
33 - Natwaf
35 - Suor
37 - XIII_Rocks
38 - swordz9
39 - Anagram
42 - profDEADPOOL
47 - Naye745
48 - red13n
53 - l3fty
56 - Dragon66116
58 - Logicblade
58 - StifledSilence
65 - KommunistKoala
69 - Luster Soldier
82 - junglebob22
87 - Paratroopa1
93 - Articuno2001
104 - Genny
110 - Sorozone
111 - Bane_Of_Despair
112 - cody11533
127 - tazzyboyishere
130 - Magmortar
135 - Xuxon
140 - Wigs
146 - starfox2245
149 - TexWolf_1729
154 - OrangeCrush

ecksgem: Reuniclus doesn't seem to be that popular and I can't fathom why! He's got a clever concept, I love his design, and he's fun to use in battle. Hits all the right notes for me.

BetrayedTangy: I absolutely love Reuniclus, for a while when I was trying out the competitive Pokemon scene and set up a Trick Room Reuniclus and he was easily one of my favorite Party Members, along with Togekiss, who was my Number 1 last gen.

Brayze II:

Raka_Putra: Another dope design. I love the plasma thing it's got going. I so want to use one.

SanityLapse: I like see-through bodies and seeing how things work.

Ermine: Very cool poke and while he has probably dropped a small bit for me, he still makes a strong impression on me to snag a spot in my top 20

ctesjbuvf: Can one-hit KO so much in game, but is held down by its lack of speed.

Cybat: Pretty solid stat distribution and really good abilities. But mostly I just really like the execution of this concept. The little creepy cell body, the floating appendages, it all works. Its name is a little long though.

Wicklebee: Huuuuuuuuuuuug.

Inviso: I actually raised one of these in Gen V and it wound up being pretty cool. Yes it's slow, but it's powerful and serves as a halfway decent tank. Plus it's just so cute, even for a third form.

Natwaf: A dangerous fetus if you're not ready. It can absorb Will-o-wisp, allowing it to absorb and set-up Trick Room, and due to it's stats, VERY dangerous if you let it. It can hit you in the defense or special defense, and has access to Shadow Ball AND Focus Miss. Kill it with extreme prejudice. But fun to use too, and who doesn't love the idea of a fetus kicking ass olver the place?

Suor: Looks so bubbly and bouncy, can't hate that.

Anagram: I never saw Osmosis Jones. Is it any good?

Logicblade: Despite being three floating abortions, this pokemon is fun to battle with, so it gets a big boost for me there.

StifledSilence: It's like science only fully evolved.

Paratroopa1: why is that guy from rhythm heaven fever in this game encased in jello pudding

Genny: So we have a Psychic tapir fetus and a Psychic mouse fetus in the same game? It annoys me that this line is so much less hated on that the goth line. Bah...

Magmortar: Not only is it also a cell (already in a bad situation), it is more than capable of sweeping your team. Wonderful. Fuck Reuniclus.

Wigs: Sperm, garbage, and fetuses. What is this game trying to tell me? OH GOD NO DON'T MITOSIS OH GOD

OrangeCrush: It's literally a fetus! I almost wanted to make it my #156, but I didn't feel like being one of the last to have my last place fall yet again, and there's 2 things that are slightly worse.

32. OshawottEdit

Score: 2745
Average Ranking: 56.02 (Standard Deviation: 43.42)
Water rank: 4/17
NFE rank: 8/74

1 - Bane_Of_Despair
2 - cody11533
4 - Whiskey Nick
5 - StifledSilence
5 - tazzyboyishere
7 - Scepter
9 - Anagram
11 - KommunistKoala
12 - red13n
13 - ctesjbuvf
14 - Ermine
14 - XIII_Rocks
14 - Genny
17 - Drakeryn
17 - PrinceKaro
23 - CasanovaZelos
24 - Logicblade
26 - Articuno2001
27 - Paratroopa1
39 - profDEADPOOL
43 - Inviso
46 - Cybat
49 - FrostHarpy
50 - Luster Soldier
52 - ecksgem
52 - BetrayedTangy
52 - Sorozone
63 - swordz9
64 - starfox2245
69 - Suor
69 - Naye745
74 - mcflubbin
80 - Steiner
84 - Wicklebee
92 - xx521xx
93 - Raka_Putra
94 - Brayze II
94 - Dragon66116
104 - Wigs
110 - SanityLapse
118 - junglebob22
120 - Magmortar
120 - TexWolf_1729
124 - Xuxon
128 - mnkboy907
128 - Natwaf
131 - l3fty
137 - OrangeCrush

Bane_Of_Despair: How can I not? Look at this guy, too fucking adorable with his shell and Water Starters are still on point

StifledSilence: Just like the cute penguin in Gen 4, the cute otter won me over and stopped me from picking the Fire type.

Anagram: Oshawott is a good example of a pokemon that is completely redeemed by the anime. I hated it when it came out because its design is garbage, but the anime gave it such personality and presence that I ended up loving the pokemon after all.

KommunistKoala: Oshawott doesn't give a ****

ctesjbuvf: Highest non-final form. One of the few good things about the BW anime and a hilarious Smash kill. It’s anime role is primarily the reason for its high placement.

Ermine: Otters Otters Otters Otters Otters Otters Otters.


Genny: As a species Oshawott is fairly likeable. It's not exactly the cutest starter, but I love otters so when an otter Water starter line was announced I flipped. Then I actually saw it: It wasn't the worst thing ever, but hard to deny that its 1st official artwork didn't quite capture the joy and playfulness that otters are known for. Still sad clown otter is still an otter so I wasn't going to shirk my Water starter loyalty trend by picking the Grass snake, tempting though it was. (Now I kind of wish I did sooner because look at its adorable enemy sprites:; What really made me fall in love with the pokémon however was not using it in game, but watching the anime. Ash's Oshawott is without a doubt the most entertaining and endearing pokémon character that had debuted in the show to that point. You keep your Pikachu, Jigglypuff, and Meowth. I. Want. That. Oshawott.

Logicblade: Cute. Just needs a pair of guns to become Revolver Oshawott.

Paratroopa1: Occupational Health and Safety Administration, what? no, I mean, what is that

Inviso: Lowest-ranked first form start for me, if only because it looks so ugly compared to the adorable nature of both Tepig and Smugleaf. Still cute though.

Cybat: The only mammalian water starter is also the cutest. Weird name though, where does the "Osha" come from?

Suor: Ash's Oshawott was boss and single-handedly raised my opinion of it.

Wicklebee: Turn into Dewott already.

Raka_Putra: Most bullied Pokemon in all of history I'm sure. I'm glad it doesn't keep its suckiness.

Brayze II:

Magmortar: On reveal day, I hated it. Today, I still hate it. And I still picked the damn thing in Black because these starters are so fucking bad.

Natwaf: NFE Trash

OrangeCrush: Genwunners throw the word "overdesigned" around a lot, but in this case it's warranted. Wotter a.k.a. Derpderp has so many things going on with his design that he just ends up looking like a clown.

31. TepigEdit

Score: 2723
Average Ranking: 55.57 (Standard Deviation: 31.32)
Fire rank: 5/15 NFE rank: 7/74

5 - mnkboy907
11 - Wigs
13 - Anagram
18 - junglebob22
19 - cody11533
21 - xx521xx
22 - tazzyboyishere
32 - Scepter
32 - Ermine
33 - PrinceKaro
36 - Brayze II
37 - KommunistKoala
37 - Logicblade
37 - ecksgem
39 - Drakeryn
40 - mcflubbin
40 - SanityLapse
41 - red13n
41 - CasanovaZelos
41 - Inviso
41 - starfox2245
42 - Raka_Putra
43 - Articuno2001
46 - StifledSilence
47 - Bane_Of_Despair
48 - Dragon66116
51 - XIII_Rocks
52 - Genny
58 - Luster Soldier
60 - OrangeCrush
61 - Cybat
63 - Whiskey Nick
64 - Sorozone
67 - BetrayedTangy
72 - swordz9
76 - ctesjbuvf
79 - Steiner
81 - Suor
84 - profDEADPOOL
93 - Paratroopa1
95 - Wicklebee
100 - TexWolf_1729
100 - Natwaf
101 - l3fty
102 - Xuxon
106 - Naye745
124 - Magmortar
146 - FrostHarpy

Wigs: The best fire starter since Gen 1. Wish I played this gen.

Anagram: I hate it when a really, really good first stage pokemon has crap evolutions. I actually like Tepig more than Charmander, but its evolutions are so ****ing bad that I just could never stand to use it.


Brayze II:

Logicblade: Cute. Other than that, his name is a neat pun.

Inviso: I'm not a huge fan of pigs, and Spoink is still more adorable…but Tepig isn't half-bad. It's still cute and so happy all the time!

Raka_Putra: Who's te pig? He is Tepig!

StifledSilence: That'll do, pig. That'll do.

Genny: The cutest basic starter this generation! Unfortunately that cuteness is tainted by the knowledge of what it will evolve into so this is as high as I can place it.

OrangeCrush: Pignition is a much better name than Tehpig

Cybat: Almost a clever name pun but it doesn't really work when you say it out loud. Oh well, still by far the best in its line.

ctesjbuvf: Kind of cute. I love its voice in the anime. For a starter, it’s not that great really.

Paratroopa1: bacon is all right but it's kind of an overrated food

Wicklebee: Uh. Spoink was better.

Natwaf: Cute NFE Trash

Magmortar: It’s a pig. OINK.

30. SerperiorEdit

Score: 2713
Average Ranking: 55.37 (Standard Deviation: 49.1)
Grass rank: 3/20
Fully Evolved rank: 24/82

1 - Paratroopa1
2 - Suor
2 - Luster Soldier
4 - Raka_Putra
5 - FrostHarpy
6 - ctesjbuvf
9 - Bane_Of_Despair
9 - Inviso
13 - Articuno2001
13 - Brayze II
15 - Dragon66116
16 - CasanovaZelos
19 - XIII_Rocks
20 - Genny
25 - ecksgem
25 - Wicklebee
26 - SanityLapse
26 - xx521xx
27 - Steiner
29 - OrangeCrush
29 - Scepter
31 - Cybat
36 - red13n
36 - Drakeryn
39 - Natwaf
40 - tazzyboyishere
42 - Logicblade
53 - cody11533
60 - Xuxon
62 - junglebob22
62 - Ermine
64 - profDEADPOOL
64 - PrinceKaro
68 - BetrayedTangy
74 - Naye745
81 - Wigs
84 - Anagram
88 - TexWolf_1729
96 - KommunistKoala
100 - l3fty
105 - starfox2245
148 - mcflubbin
153 - swordz9
155 - Magmortar
155 - mnkboy907
155 - Whiskey Nick
155 - Sorozone
156 - StifledSilence

Paratroopa1: super fucking amazing rococo snake who is better than you and also knows that he's better than you hence the name

Suor: Best Grass starter ever and best Unova final starter. The haters are just salty that it looks so completely UNFAZED by their opinions, in fact looking down on them for they are inferior and their favorites as well. Must be people who picked Samurott LMAO.

Raka_Putra: Regal! Love the Hidden Ability (or whatever it is) and the design just reeks of nobility. Bow before him, peasants!

ctesjbuvf: Best starter! Usually not a fan of grass, but this one rocks.

Bane_Of_Despair: Bow down to the Emperor Snake! So regal looking and nice designs on its sides

Inviso: Smuglord is SO goddamn smug and I love it. I don't get how people can hate the lord of all snakes like this. He is Solid, Liquid and Solidus combined into one supreme being. For shame, hating on the best Grass starter of all time.

Brayze II:

XIII_Rocks: Would have been top 3 and maybe top 10 of all time if its stats hadn’t beeen so outrageously disappointing. In terms of design the whole family is on point and that's almost the entire reason it has gotten this far… that and the recent release of contrary.

Genny: My feelings on Serperior can be summed up thusly: Fuck the haters. To delve even further, Serperior is beautiful, by far the most elegantly-designed Grass starter FE, and yet not overly feminine. It also has a kick-ass name to match its luxurious appearance, correctly utilizing the superior pun in a way that isn't stupid. There's a reason its Japanese name has "lord" in it. Is it the end all be all of fighters? Hell to the naw, but what Grass starter is, really? Torterra? Venusaur? Let's see them pull that off while looking this gorgeous then! The point is, even though Serperior is outclassed by many a thing in a competitive sense (something that has been rectified a bit with Contrary), it's absolutely serviceable in-game. You can make almost any pokémon work if you're willing to put in a bit of effort, and yeah Serperior could be better but I hate that people immediately dismiss it.

ecksgem: A bit of a disappointment after Snivy and Servine, but Serperior is still cool.

Wicklebee: Superior! Half of him is the name, the other half was using him to solo Dragons because the rest of my team was half-assed and or killed by Water (Krook).

OrangeCrush: Smuglord losing his limbs is kinda weird.

Cybat: I actually like the concept of a fast tank; you don't see that very much. Of course, this guy's typing and abilities don't really work for that, but I'd like to see more of that archetype. But anyway yeah, Contrary spam. I don't hate his actual design as much as everyone else seems to.

Natwaf: Inferior to Smugleaf, and being defensive ensures I wouldn't like it too much. Being speedy defensive is neat though, and he does have Coil as an option. Contraryperior is awesome, but not the unstoppable juggernaut some make him out to be (you know who you are). Still has a spot on my Mono-Grass E4 team.

Logicblade: Truly the superior pokemon in his line. As for him personally… eh, I'm not too fussed about snakes.


PrinceKaro: It should have been called 'Serinferior'.

Anagram: Based on the French aristocracy. I wonder when we'll get a pokemon based on the French revolution.

KommunistKoala: Knowing contrary is cool I guess.

Magmortar: Serperior is beyond garbage in every field - design, in-game, competitive, name, you name it - and Rhyperior is a fifty thousand times better Pokemon with a name like it.

StifledSilence: It's ugly. It's useless. It has a smug look on its face like it doesn't realize it's ugly and useless. This is the worst starter line by a mile, culminating in the worst final form starter and the worst Grass type. There aren't enough Flamethrower TMs in the world to properly exorcise this plague from the world with super effective precision.

29. VictiniEdit

Score: 2692
Average Ranking: 54.94 (Standard Deviation: 35.93)
Fire rank: 4/15
Psychic rank: 2/15
Fully Evolved rank: 23/82

1 - Luster Soldier
2 - Bane_Of_Despair
6 - Scepter
9 - PrinceKaro
13 - cody11533
13 - StifledSilence
15 - Cybat
17 - Natwaf
18 - tazzyboyishere
21 - Anagram
25 - CasanovaZelos
32 - OrangeCrush
32 - red13n
33 - Paratroopa1
35 - Inviso
35 - Wicklebee
37 - ctesjbuvf
39 - BetrayedTangy
40 - Genny
40 - xx521xx
41 - mcflubbin
42 - Xuxon
43 - Dragon66116
43 - Steiner
44 - Articuno2001
47 - Whiskey Nick
51 - Sorozone
52 - l3fty
57 - Raka_Putra
58 - XIII_Rocks
58 - profDEADPOOL
59 - junglebob22
59 - Magmortar
72 - Brayze II
75 - starfox2245
79 - Logicblade
87 - swordz9
89 - ecksgem
92 - Wigs
96 - TexWolf_1729
97 - Drakeryn
99 - KommunistKoala
104 - Naye745
105 - SanityLapse
120 - Suor
124 - Ermine
134 - FrostHarpy
139 - mnkboy907

Bane_Of_Despair: Cool typing, really cute, cool legendary

StifledSilence: This is definitely one of the cuter and more harmless legendaries. Very huggable!

Cybat: For how much its lore hypes up "victory" and "infinite energy", its ability is incredibly underwhelming. But he is suitably cute, and V-Create is pretty fantastic.

Natwaf: V-Create > YOUR FACE! In my first playthrough of White, Victini was very valuable, able to hit from both ends and neat typing. Well, Psychic still sucks a bit. Then in my E4 Mono-type medal run, This little wrecks so many things with Bolt Strike and V-Create. V for Victory pokemon indeed

Anagram: The best Mew clone by far, including Mew.


Paratroopa1: yeah I dunno generic cute things work for me

Inviso: I wish this was a legendary in Gen IV, because for all the s****t legendaries they had, they could've used something actually fun and cute like this.

Wicklebee: The only event Pokemon I even tried to get, and I tried really hard to get it. Literally, I hooked up to the wifi at some donut shop because I couldn't get wifi to work in the dorm or in my father's house on my DS at the time. It's kept me from restarting the game though :|

ctesjbuvf: It’s not as cute as other small event Pokemon, but the type combination is awesome and almost unique.

Genny: Probably the highest an event-only pokémon is ever going to land on any of my lists (Mew aside who... heh there were OTHER methods of obtaining). I just love the concept of a pokémon that grants victory to its trainer, and with a moveset like that I could actually buy it. Buttwings aside I love its design. It perfectly pulls off the cute-but-not-TOO-cute look most fairy-esque event legendaries either fail miserably at or don't even go for (because they KNOW they'd fail [looking at YOU, Jirachi] miserably). I didn't even know about the apple thing. That's pretty neat.

Raka_Putra: V for Victory! Yeah, it's adorable enough and it has that gimmick of being the #0 in the Pokedex, so props for that I guess.

XIII_Rocks: Making this dex entry #000 just seemed a transparent attempt to mark it out as different. But V-Create…oh man V-CREATE.

Magmortar: V-create is amazing, but otherwise, whatever. Yes, V-create is sometimes all you need to be above other Pokemon because of how FUCKING AWFUL most of this generation is.

Brayze II: I'm just going to post the whole gallery

Logicblade: Cute but I don't care about Victini.

KommunistKoala: This is a pokemon alright.

Suor: It makes me uncomfortable to think that Victini flies around flapping the wings on its butt.

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #33. Ginormous ears and ball sacks for legs.

28. ArcheopsEdit

Score: 2663
Average Ranking: 54.35 (Standard Deviation: 34.81)
Rock rank: 2/10
Flying rank: 3/18
Fully Evolved rank: 22/82

2 - Wicklebee
3 - ecksgem
12 - FrostHarpy
14 - CasanovaZelos
16 - Drakeryn
17 - Paratroopa1
18 - Wigs
22 - red13n
22 - KommunistKoala
23 - Anagram
26 - junglebob22
27 - Xuxon
28 - starfox2245
31 - StifledSilence
31 - Articuno2001
31 - Ermine
32 - profDEADPOOL
34 - Natwaf
34 - Steiner
35 - tazzyboyishere
36 - Whiskey Nick
39 - ctesjbuvf
41 - Scepter
44 - Inviso
45 - XIII_Rocks
51 - Raka_Putra
55 - Brayze II
56 - Magmortar
57 - Logicblade
60 - Suor
67 - Luster Soldier
67 - Cybat
68 - Genny
72 - cody11533
73 - Naye745
77 - Dragon66116
82 - SanityLapse
85 - swordz9
89 - BetrayedTangy
90 - OrangeCrush
95 - TexWolf_1729
99 - Sorozone
104 - Bane_Of_Despair
107 - mcflubbin
114 - xx521xx
126 - l3fty
127 - PrinceKaro
136 - mnkboy907

Wicklebee: Almost my favorite fossil poke, a colorful extinct birdy. Not much to say past that. His ability is annoying though.

ecksgem: My favorite fossil. Why? It's a fucking archaeopteryx.

Paratroopa1: archeops in B/W: pretty badass looking. archeops in X/Y: oh my god he's so fat that he can barely fly. hilarious. look at him go! you can do it, tubby

KommunistKoala: I like the concept of starting really strong but getting weaker after losing half of it's hp. Maybe it'd be better on a non-flying type.

Anagram: It's interesting in like a clown sort of way.

junglebob22: Archeops has one of the best Gen 6 animations. It's a transitional species, so of course it's going to be a terrible flier!

StifledSilence: What do you call an Archeops that searches for lost relics? An Archeopogist!

Ermine: Doesn't quite live up to how awesome Archen is. Eh, he's alright.

Natwaf: Finally, a generation with TWO great fossils! Archeops has great stats and looks ferocious. Very primal. Who can forget the devastating Acrobatics + Flying Gem combo? Yet alas and alack, it's got a horrible ability. Almost as bad as Truant and Slow Start. Still, shouldn't be much of a problem in-game.

ctesjbuvf: The better fossil for sure. Decent, but nothing special.

Inviso: Far superior to Archen because it looks cool, and it has much higher stats, but damn if that ability doesn't just ruin everything good about Archeops. I mean, it's not Regigigas bad, but still.

Raka_Putra: Kinda fun to use but…yeah, that ability is gonna be a problem. Well, worth a try I guess!

Brayze II:

Magmortar: it could have been a decent Pokemon. But that ability is so fucking bad. Why the hell. Regigigas and Slaking have worse ones, but they can take hits.

Logicblade: Whoa Archeops, you put on weight.

Suor: I love birds. I wanted to love Archeops, but it makes it incredibly hard for me because it's just so... weird. It's like a pineapple with wings. Thankfully it has one of the coolest abilities out there to redeem it.

Cybat: Its stats are good but not THAT good that it needed this awful ability. Rough draw. Also, don't know if this was a coincidence but it's pretty awesome: Its Pokedex number (567) is part of the Dewey Decimal number 567.9, the number for feathered dinosaurs.

Genny: Archeops places this high solely on the lore behind it and its concept, because with that butt ugly design it certainly ain't winning me over on looks! I feel like I should like something based on a winged velociraptor and the first true bird a lot more but I just don't. I think part of it is the design yes, but that's not the entire reason. What exactly holds it back apart from that is something I can't quite put my finger on. Oh yeah now I remember. The other fossil line is just so much more appealing.

27. SigilyphEdit

Score: 2579
Average Ranking: 52.63 (Standard Deviation: 43.52)
Psychic rank: 1/15
Flying rank: 2/18
Fully Evolved rank: 21/82

1 - Steiner
1 - Raka_Putra
2 - junglebob22
2 - Articuno2001
3 - StifledSilence
5 - Magmortar
7 - XIII_Rocks
10 - Dragon66116
11 - ctesjbuvf
12 - OrangeCrush
12 - mcflubbin
13 - TexWolf_1729
16 - Cybat
20 - swordz9
22 - Natwaf
23 - Paratroopa1
29 - starfox2245
29 - Suor
31 - Wigs
31 - Naye745
31 - l3fty
31 - mnkboy907
35 - red13n
38 - Luster Soldier
44 - Brayze II
45 - BetrayedTangy
50 - Bane_Of_Despair
51 - Ermine
54 - CasanovaZelos
63 - ecksgem
71 - KommunistKoala
71 - Inviso
74 - Genny
83 - Anagram
90 - Wicklebee
91 - Xuxon
92 - Whiskey Nick
96 - Drakeryn
99 - SanityLapse
104 - Logicblade
108 - profDEADPOOL
108 - tazzyboyishere
111 - FrostHarpy
115 - cody11533
125 - xx521xx
126 - Sorozone
135 - Scepter
156 - PrinceKaro

Steiner: I had way too much fun using this thing in Gen V online, which actually encouraged me to use one in game where I found it to be just as satisfying. Plus, one of my favourite designs.

Raka_Putra: The shining gem of Gen V. An achievement in both art and technical design. Sigilyph is a Pokemon unlike any other, a shining paragon of creativity. I used it a lot in White and it totally rocked.

StifledSilence: I really thought this was an evolved form of Unown. Like…why isn't it? But oh well. The color scheme is fantastic and if you train him right he's amazing in a fight.

Magmortar: Really a goddamn amazing Pokemon. It was another thing that wrecked house on my old Black game, and it has a fair bit of good battle use. The Aztec-inspired design with an Unown for some reason is always great. This is everything Natu and Xatu hope to be.

XIII_Rocks: SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG. Kind of a cult favourite, but Sig was my flier in BW and I never regretted it. I love its movepool and its unique playstyle. A lot of fun to use and one of my favourite designs in the series.

ctesjbuvf: I prefer to be able to evolve my Pokemon, but this thing is still great. Type combination has its clear weaknesses, which prevents it from a top spot.

OrangeCrush: Yeah, his design is weird. However, I love Fly and dislike 24/7 HM slaves. Unfortunately, most fliers fall into 1 of 3 categories: 1. Can't learn Fly until evolving at a late level; 2. Legendary; 3. Sucks or at least is mediocre and I'm tired of using it all the time. Any flier that averts all 3 of those categories is worth its weight in gold, and Sigilyph defintely qualifies.

Cybat: I really like the look of this thing. It also has a good name and useful abilities. And it gets some fun toys; Stored Power sets are always entertaining.

Natwaf: A Nazca drawing come to life, this thing is so freaky I LOVE it. Watch out for it's hilariously trollish set, dat Stored Power REALLY hurts. Will-o-Wisp it's teammate at your own peril.

Paratroopa1: so I realized recently that if you turn it on its side it does actually look like a bird, it's weird because the way they oriented it it just looks like a nightmare. sigilyph is a really clever design, making something based on nazca lines is fucking cool

Suor: Love the explosion of colors, makes it hard to believe it would evolve from Unown, doesn't it?

Brayze II: man really? Okay

Ermine: Pretty cool looking poke.

Inviso: This thing is super-fast and has a cool design, but it's just not all that special to me. I guess I want a Psychic/Flying type that looks like an actual animal.

Genny: I see you "i" Unown... hanging out on top of another pokémon's head and trying to pretend you're a new pokémon. Can't fool me! Anyway I thought Sigilyph was some kind of funky totem pole, but apparently it's based more on a doll. Nah I'm not seeing it. Anyway I like funky designs, but I can't help but compare it to Xatu because of the look and the typing and feel they're a bit too similar. It just feels like a second rate Xatu even though it's objectively a bit of an improvement.

Anagram: A cool concept ruined by even accidental reference to Unown.

Wicklebee: Xatu was better.

Logicblade: What is this thing supposed to be?

PrinceKaro: There are ugly pokemon. There are poorly designed pokemon. Then there is a pokemon that transcends all that and reaches a singularity of terribleness that is unmatched in the entire series. I greatly dislike pokemon that I cannot see as real living creatures, and Sigilyph is the greatest offender in this regard. (mind you, this is in a series that has f***ing gear, trash bag, and ice cream cone pokemon!) It is completely at odds with the art style used for the rest of the game. though using the word 'art' to describe this thing is kind of silly, as it has about as much artistic merit as a scribble done by a visually impaired 5-year old. If that wasn't bad enough, they had to give it the ability to battle competitively in the most annoying and trollish way possible.

26. CofagrigusEdit

Score: 2564
Average Ranking: 52.33 (Standard Deviation: 31.54)
Ghost rank: 3/9
Fully Evolved rank: 20/82

7 - SanityLapse
10 - Wicklebee
11 - Suor
16 - tazzyboyishere
18 - swordz9
18 - Sorozone
19 - BetrayedTangy
21 - ecksgem
22 - cody11533
23 - junglebob22
24 - ctesjbuvf
24 - Luster Soldier
25 - starfox2245
28 - TexWolf_1729
29 - Cybat
32 - Raka_Putra
32 - Dragon66116
36 - StifledSilence
36 - XIII_Rocks
44 - Naye745
45 - Articuno2001
49 - Magmortar
51 - FrostHarpy
54 - Steiner
54 - Natwaf
54 - Bane_Of_Despair
55 - PrinceKaro
57 - Brayze II
57 - profDEADPOOL
58 - xx521xx
59 - Inviso
60 - mcflubbin
62 - Scepter
67 - CasanovaZelos
68 - mnkboy907
73 - Paratroopa1
73 - Wigs
77 - Anagram
78 - Ermine
81 - KommunistKoala
83 - Genny
86 - l3fty
91 - Whiskey Nick
94 - Xuxon
98 - red13n
98 - Logicblade
138 - Drakeryn
144 - OrangeCrush

SanityLapse: 4 Arms are badass. 4 Ghost Arms coming from a sarcophagus are even more badass.

Wicklebee: This Generation has Pokemon where they pop up and I stare for a bit like "I never would have thought of that type of Pokemon." A mummy Pokemon… this was an excellent concept and I'm glad they did it. Especially his ability.

Suor: The ultimate creepy pokémon, with an awesome name and devilish smirk. Now tell me where the sarcophagus touched you.

junglebob22: 2spooky4censors

ctesjbuvf: Solid Pokemon, although usually not to happy with ghost types in game. The design is great.

Cybat: Its design is a little on the nose but I still like it. But my absolute favorite thing about this Pokemon is that you couldn't take it online with its real name. Way to go Gamefreak.

Raka_Putra: Awesome design for a mummy Pokemon, rightfully menacing

StifledSilence: Censor bypass ghostie.

Magmortar: hooray for being the destroyer of word filters

Natwaf: Annoying to fight, and annoying to use. Dat Mummy+Will-o-Wisp screwed me over one too many times, and yet has saved my life as well. Great design.

Brayze II:

Inviso: lol censor bypass. This is actually a pretty solid tank, and it's not a bad design, but I just find it hilarious that Gamefreak won't let you wonder trade a Pokemon THEY created due to the name having a censor bypass.

Paratroopa1: cofagrigus: the only pokemon that has a censorship whitelist

Wigs: oh. It's a sarcophagus. With arms. Oh.

Anagram: I wonder how many people will reference the amusing fact that you can rename one, but not name it back.


Genny: Gonna be honest: I did not learn about its ability until recently. Upon learning what Mummy is and does I promptly moved Cofagrigus up about 40 spots. It's still not great, but that ability is so darned unique.

Logicblade: I spelt his name on purpose because apparently the word in the middle of his name is bad.

Drakeryn: the best part about cofagrigus is that you couldn't trade it over GTS because of the name

OrangeCrush: As a LGBT symphathizer, I must protest Nintendo of America's name for this Pokemon. What the hell were they thinking? Did they not notice that you can't trade this Pokemon without nicknaming it? They should've named it Desucan instead.

25. ZoruaEdit

Score: 2557
Average Ranking: 52.18 (Standard Deviation: 32.2)
Dark rank: 7/16
NFE rank: 6/74

1 - TexWolf_1729
2 - PrinceKaro
2 - xx521xx
4 - Bane_Of_Despair
12 - Anagram
15 - Genny
18 - KommunistKoala
20 - starfox2245
21 - red13n
23 - swordz9
23 - ecksgem
25 - cody11533
29 - mnkboy907
33 - Naye745
34 - Logicblade
35 - Paratroopa1
36 - Dragon66116
41 - Brayze II
41 - Drakeryn
42 - tazzyboyishere
43 - ctesjbuvf
43 - Xuxon
43 - OrangeCrush
45 - l3fty
48 - XIII_Rocks
49 - Scepter
51 - Luster Soldier
53 - Ermine
53 - Whiskey Nick
54 - Cybat
55 - mcflubbin
59 - Wigs
63 - Suor
64 - CasanovaZelos
65 - Articuno2001
72 - Inviso
83 - BetrayedTangy
85 - Wicklebee
88 - StifledSilence
88 - FrostHarpy
90 - Raka_Putra
90 - Steiner
90 - profDEADPOOL
97 - Magmortar
106 - Natwaf
120 - Sorozone
120 - junglebob22
121 - SanityLapse

Bane_Of_Despair: Love the coloring, and it's basically a baby fox which equals all sorts of amazing cuteness

Anagram: I'm not really sure why foxes get so many pokemon (Vulpix, Zorua, Fennekin), but Zorua I think is the best of them. It's cute without being too cute, and it retains just enough badassedness to seem legit. It is, in fact, a lot better than its evolution.

Genny: Other than having only one tail, I think Zorua does the kitsune thing much better than the Vulpix line. It's got the my favorite gimmick/ability and it totally fits with the trickster lore. How cool is it when you face a Zorua or Zoroark in disguise for the first time, seriously? I haven't even mentioned its anime appearances, in which every one is mischievous and adorable- always a winning combination for me. I loved Movie Zorua and cared about his quest to find his Meema. I got teary eyed when they were finally united, not even kidding.

KommunistKoala: I like the idea of the ability and it's pretty cute.

Logicblade: Cute points are important. I would wear a Zorua as a hat but it wouldn't like that. :( Paratroopa1: I wish I wasn't cursed with liking this dumb froofy fox more than I should

Brayze II:

ctesjbuvf: Cute and I like the mischievous way it has been portrayed in the anime.


Cybat: I sorta wish the two names in this line were switched, but oh well. This thing is pretty cute but still has a bit of an edge to him. And of course Illusion is fun times.

Inviso: You would think I'd automatically support a fox, but Zorua's design just doesn't do anything for me. It's cute, but the rarity aspect in BW hurts it.

Wicklebee: Little Zoruark… meh.

StifledSilence: Your liking of this Pokemon is just an illusion.

Raka_Putra: Like Zoroark but worse because it's weak and ugly.

Magmortar: whatever, I can’t think of things to say about this gen anymore, Zorua is a generic fox

Natwaf: Cute NFE Trash

junglebob22: Not a fan of those eyebrow ovals

24. DarmanitanEdit

Score: 2437
Average Ranking: 49.73 (Standard Deviation: 45.28)
Fire rank: 3/15
Fire is Volcarona vs. Chandelure!
Fully Evolved rank: 19/82

1 - Xuxon
1 - XIII_Rocks
2 - ctesjbuvf
4 - StifledSilence
5 - Inviso
8 - junglebob22
9 - Scepter
12 - KommunistKoala
12 - Wigs
13 - mcflubbin
13 - BetrayedTangy
14 - Articuno2001
17 - Wicklebee
18 - Naye745
20 - Magmortar
21 - Steiner
23 - tazzyboyishere
25 - Luster Soldier
25 - Raka_Putra
26 - TexWolf_1729
27 - Sorozone
28 - swordz9
28 - Dragon66116
30 - Drakeryn
30 - OrangeCrush
35 - Brayze II
35 - Natwaf
37 - Whiskey Nick
39 - Genny
41 - cody11533
46 - CasanovaZelos
46 - profDEADPOOL
58 - Anagram
58 - Cybat
71 - starfox2245
77 - mnkboy907
101 - Bane_Of_Despair
101 - FrostHarpy
108 - Logicblade
113 - Paratroopa1
115 - red13n
122 - PrinceKaro
124 - xx521xx
125 - Suor
131 - Ermine
136 - SanityLapse
143 - ecksgem
146 - l3fty


ctesjbuvf: THE MAN. For the perfect in-game experience.

StifledSilence: Infernape was really cool, but this ape has the whole package. He packs a whollop AND looks like a pissed off, menacing, primal ape. I love it!

Inviso: I normally think XIII acts kinda childish with some of his random Pokemon memes, but I'll be damned if this thing doesn't DESERVE the title of "THE MAN"-itan. It looks cool and powerful, it's got a strong moveset and an extremely high attack stat, and overall, it's an extremely good addition to the team if you're looking for a Fire-type (thought there's one I'd rank higher).

KommunistKoala: Zen mode is cool in theory, though I don't think I've ever seen it used. But this thing doesn't need that, the MANITAN is awesome in its own right.

Wigs: hi xiii

Wicklebee: Gorilla with a hilarious moment of turning into Zen Mode.

Magmortar: what can I say, I am a sucker for psychotic looking things that resemble bulldozers

Steiner: da man

Raka_Putra: Fun gimmick! And the daruma-doll design is also quite great, all around strangely enjoyable.

OrangeCrush: Darmanitan, Hihidaruma, Rageape, THEMANITAN

Brayze II:

Natwaf: Overrated, but he's still awesome. DarMANitan indeed. Dat Attack + Sheer Force is just plain scary, but eesh that average/below average speed is going to bite you. It's got godawful Hidden ability too. What the **** was Gamefreak thinking with Zen Mode?

Genny: While I don't quite think it's THE MAN (ITAN), I cannot deny its godliness in battle. Both modes OMG. What a fucking powerhouse. And that learnset! Are you kidding me? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!? WITH SHEER FORCE? FOR REAL!? You've just gotta love when a pokémon's natural learnset requires zero TM use to be a tour de force. It doesn't look all that bad either. Actually I kind of like that it's not "pretty" because the dolls it's based off of are anything but. Zen Mode looks great too. Love the contrast between the two modes and the lore behind them. It's also about time we got an orangutan pokémon because we had a gorilla and a chimp already.

Anagram: I understand that a lot of pokemon have weird gimmick ideas behind them, and not every gimmick idea is going to be useful or even interesting. But another form like it has? Garbage.

Cybat: Awesome stats and movepool but loses points for its weird eyes and for utterly wasting a really neat hidden ability. Zen mode Darmanitan is so pointless that I bet you forgot it existed until just now.

Logicblade: YOU ARE NOT THE MAN… tian. Just an okay dude.

Paratroopa1: better version

PrinceKaro: It looks like someone took a picture of a Boo from the Super Mario series and drew arms, legs and an idiotic grin on it.

Suor: Zen mode kind of redeems it. Otherwise, I can't shake off my head the thought that this entire line stinks of poo.

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #26. I just want to say that this Generation... well... the designers had a few problems designing the pokemon's faces. Yeah... I don't like Darmanitan.

ecksgem: A fire monkey is pretty much the most unappealing thing possible to me, and Darmanitan does not have a good design to fall back on like Infernape does.

23. GenesectEdit

Score: 2431
Average Ranking: 49.61 (Standard Deviation: 34.03)
Bug rank: 5/18
Steel rank: 3/12
Fully Evolved rank: 18/82

3 - KommunistKoala
4 - Natwaf
6 - swordz9
8 - Magmortar
9 - Wigs
9 - BetrayedTangy
15 - CasanovaZelos
16 - Brayze II
20 - Sorozone
20 - Whiskey Nick
20 - profDEADPOOL
21 - FrostHarpy
22 - starfox2245
28 - mcflubbin
28 - Wicklebee
31 - tazzyboyishere
32 - Articuno2001
33 - Luster Soldier
37 - Cybat
39 - StifledSilence
39 - Raka_Putra
39 - ecksgem
40 - Drakeryn
40 - Ermine
43 - Suor
43 - SanityLapse
46 - Dragon66116
49 - XIII_Rocks
50 - junglebob22
53 - Bane_Of_Despair
54 - xx521xx
59 - OrangeCrush
60 - Genny
66 - mnkboy907
67 - Inviso
75 - ctesjbuvf
77 - Scepter
78 - Logicblade
83 - PrinceKaro
86 - Anagram
90 - cody11533
92 - Naye745
93 - l3fty
109 - Paratroopa1
112 - Steiner
118 - TexWolf_1729
120 - red13n
130 - Xuxon

KommunistKoala: Now this is a legendary. Take notes, Tornadus. This gen did provide some excellent bugs at least, and Genesect is the cream of the crop.

Natwaf: It's here, the other ultimate poke of the game. Of great use in my Mono-Steel White 2 playthrough, this thing is… ridiculously unfair. It gets a free stat boost just by stepping into battle, it learns flamethrower and Ice Beam, it has access to U-Turn, it's just unfair! SO much power... probably the number 1 special bug. And I love it's looks! Too bad it's signature move is awful. Technoblast, pfft.

Magmortar: It is a purple flying robot bug from the age of dinosaurs with a cannon on its back that can shoot out fire and ice. It struggles to care about your opinion.


Brayze II:

Wicklebee: I love this guy's gimmick, with the move that changes element.

Cybat: Gains a lot of points for being the first Bug-type legendary. He has a sort of stupid-looking face, but a pretty interesting concept to balance it out. And Techno Blast is cool.

StifledSilence: This isn't a rehash of Arceus's gimmick how…?

Raka_Putra: The loli Genesect in the Genesect movie was hilarious. "Onii-chan…I'm scared…" oh shut up you're a genocidal giant metal gear bug thingie.

Drakeryn: pew pew


Suor: I love how it becomes a small UFO and shoots beams of destruction around. These kind of things are always a classic.

OrangeCrush: Dennis, Dennis, DENNIS, DENNIS

Genny: This thing totally stole Mewtwo's backstory and didn't even improve on it any. What's with all the Bug/Steel types this generation anyway? Bleh. Event-only means I've never used it since my arse can't be bothered. It LOOKS pretty cool, but I don't see why it needed to be a thing in Gen V. Like maybe instead it should have taken the place of Heatran in Gen IV. I dunno.

Inviso: Bug/Steel is done better by Scizor. Sorry, but that's the pinnacle. Plus, this is an event legendary. Still, it looks badass and I like the concept of inserting cards to change its attacks.

ctesjbuvf: Quite interesting legendary actually with its story and drive. But I dislike how it’s always portrayed as a weapon. Mewtwo had personality.

Logicblade: They sort of missed with the legends this time around. Genesect is… nothing special.

Anagram: It's meant to be cool, but it's really just kind of dumb.

Paratroopa1: no thanks I don't like transformers

22. SawsbuckEdit

Score: 2423
Average Ranking: 49.45 (Standard Deviation: 36.91)
Normal rank: 2/17
Grass rank: 2/20
Fully Evolved rank: 17/82

1 - CasanovaZelos
2 - OrangeCrush
4 - Genny
6 - Articuno2001
6 - Dragon66116
7 - starfox2245
8 - swordz9
8 - TexWolf_1729
12 - PrinceKaro
14 - Scepter
15 - Suor
15 - Logicblade
16 - mcflubbin
17 - mnkboy907
21 - tazzyboyishere
26 - Raka_Putra
28 - Inviso
30 - red13n
32 - Natwaf
34 - Cybat
38 - Ermine
40 - Bane_Of_Despair
42 - Brayze II
43 - XIII_Rocks
44 - FrostHarpy
45 - xx521xx
48 - Wigs
54 - Magmortar
59 - Naye745
61 - Drakeryn
61 - cody11533
62 - StifledSilence
62 - ecksgem
69 - Xuxon
71 - ctesjbuvf
73 - KommunistKoala
74 - Paratroopa1
75 - Whiskey Nick
83 - junglebob22
91 - Wicklebee
92 - profDEADPOOL
98 - l3fty
105 - Sorozone
105 - Steiner
113 - Luster Soldier
114 - SanityLapse
115 - Anagram
150 - BetrayedTangy

OrangeCrush: Deer are cool, seasons are cool, and Horn Leech is awesome, so Discodeer is awesome!

Genny: Whoever came up with this concept earns my personal gold medal of pokémon concepts. I'm sure I don't need to explain why. I'm not even fond of either of its types, but man, so aces. Design wise Autumn Saws is my favorite, but none are bad. And speaking of not bad, that's the Sauce in battle. I'm glad this gimmicky pokémon can actually hold its own, because I'd be devastated otherwise.

Suor: Winter Sawsbuck is the best, not debatable. Autumn is also acceptable.

Logicblade: Majestic, the prince of the forest does not disappoint.

Raka_Putra: So regal! Sawsbuck over Stantler any day. And that season thing? Fantastic. Gen V just hits it out the ballpark in design.

Inviso: Far better execution of the seasonal stuff than Deerling, because it just looks so majestic. Also, this is like, the only time ever where Winter is the best at anything. F*** Winter in every other situation besides Sawsbuck.

Natwaf: Pretty cool. Majestic with usable stats, a far sight better than that weak ass pansy Stantler. And it has access to Jump Kick to increase it's movepool range too. Earned it's place in both E4 medals it's eligible for. I think my favorite is Winter.

Cybat: Fun concept but none of its form designs are all that great. Even so, it has good stats and a great movepool so I'm on board.


Brayze II:

Magmortar: I don’t think anything can live up to having to evolve from PINK BAMBI but Sawsbuck is…alright. The winter one is cool, and that’s it really.

StifledSilence: No wonder Bambi's dad was never around while he grew up. Someone caught him!

ctesjbuvf: Actually pretty good, but I don’t really care much for it. Especially because it’s grass.

Paratroopa1: he's a stupid deer except I think it's really funny when his antlers just grow into giant, awkward trees

Wicklebee: This fucker ran over grandma!

Anagram: A cool little idea (changing with the seasons) that doesn't really go anywhere.

21. BisharpEdit

Score: 2360
Average Ranking: 48.16 (Standard Deviation: 38.68)
Dark rank: 6/16
Steel rank: 2/12
Fully Evolved rank: 16/82

1 - Wicklebee
4 - swordz9
4 - Cybat
5 - OrangeCrush
6 - CasanovaZelos
6 - profDEADPOOL
6 - Luster Soldier
10 - Raka_Putra
10 - Steiner
11 - FrostHarpy
12 - XIII_Rocks
13 - KommunistKoala
14 - tazzyboyishere
14 - Inviso
15 - ctesjbuvf
17 - ecksgem
28 - Logicblade
28 - Natwaf
31 - Xuxon
33 - BetrayedTangy
34 - mcflubbin
34 - Naye745
36 - Articuno2001
37 - starfox2245
37 - Bane_Of_Despair
41 - Genny
43 - junglebob22
45 - SanityLapse
47 - Brayze II
52 - Whiskey Nick
58 - TexWolf_1729
62 - Anagram
63 - mnkboy907
63 - Drakeryn
66 - Dragon66116
66 - Magmortar
74 - Scepter
77 - xx521xx
91 - red13n
94 - Sorozone
101 - Ermine
104 - l3fty
106 - Paratroopa1
109 - cody11533
110 - Wigs
117 - StifledSilence
138 - Suor
141 - PrinceKaro

Wicklebee: From Pawn to Bishop, this pokemon cuts diagonally and destroys everying in the way. The Bishop has always been my favorite chess piece.

Cybat: OK, rationally I know this thing is kinda overdesigned to be cool and "edgy" but I guess I'm just a sucker for it. Cool typing and name, and enough attack to make people nervous. Also he's a weird chess-y superhero.

OrangeCrush: My biggest issue with Isshu is that a lot of the Pokemon don't evolve until way too late. Bisharp has a cool name and great design, but I've never used one since Pawniard doesn't evolve until level 31587123094. I suppose he's good in competitive, but he relys too much on the prediction heavy Sucker Punch.

Raka_Putra: Bisharps don't really exist, they're just Pawniards in denial.

KommunistKoala: One of those pokemon I saw before playing B/W and instantly loved. I'm not sure I ever picked him up in my first run but still he's awesome.

Inviso: I used one on my Steel team with that ability where its attack improves whenever someone lowers its other stats, and it's amazing. Really cool design and typing makes for a fun battle experience if you put the time and effort into leveling him.

ctesjbuvf: Nice type combination. Fun to use. Not much more to say.

Logicblade: If we hit that bullseye, the rest of the dominoes should fall like a house of cards. Checkmate.

Natwaf: I… don't see the Power Rangers reject in this thing. At first this thing was a liability with some Sucker Punch niche… and then Fairy came along and Knock Off got a boost, and Bisharp suddenly became VERY deadly. Sharp design, great stats, and just the right moves for it to start slicing things up

Genny: This thing looks more like it evolved from Cut Man than a pokémon proper, but I for one don't take issue with that. Dark/Steel is a typing we NEEDED and I have no legitimate complaints with what was given to us.

SanityLapse: Mega Man enemy.

Brayze II:

Anagram: Imagine being a trainer, and absolutely loving your pokemon, yet knowing what will happen if you try to hug this thing.

Magmortar: It looks like a bad 90s comic book artist’s interpretation of a power ranger. I think it is overhyped.

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #56

Paratroopa1: eh I liked power rangers when I was 6

Wigs: We need a name that's witty at first but seems less funny each time you hear it.

StifledSilence: bisexual bilingual bilateral bimonthly bicentennial bisharp

Suor: Two sets of stomach blades for the maximum hugging experience.

20. CarracostaEdit

Score: 2310
Average Ranking: 47.14 (Standard Deviation: 30.92)
Water rank: 3/17
Rock rank: 1/10
Fully Evolved rank: 15/82

2 - Whiskey Nick
2 - Sorozone
3 - starfox2245
4 - mnkboy907
8 - Steiner
8 - red13n
10 - tazzyboyishere
15 - Drakeryn
15 - Paratroopa1
16 - BetrayedTangy
17 - swordz9
18 - Wicklebee
19 - Scepter
21 - Genny
24 - Natwaf
27 - mcflubbin
29 - ecksgem
30 - Brayze II
30 - TexWolf_1729
31 - Dragon66116
33 - CasanovaZelos
34 - StifledSilence
46 - Ermine
49 - Articuno2001
50 - profDEADPOOL
51 - PrinceKaro
52 - Raka_Putra
55 - Luster Soldier
56 - Cybat
57 - ctesjbuvf
57 - SanityLapse
57 - Wigs
62 - XIII_Rocks
62 - KommunistKoala
65 - Magmortar
66 - Inviso
67 - xx521xx
74 - cody11533
82 - Anagram
83 - OrangeCrush
84 - Logicblade
84 - Naye745
86 - Xuxon
86 - junglebob22
87 - l3fty
93 - FrostHarpy
103 - Suor
127 - Bane_Of_Despair

Paratroopa1: a big, bipedal, fully-evolved water type turtle. probably the best one! I can't think of any others

Wicklebee: I used to hate this Poke because I thought it was a Galapagos Turtle. I learned otherwise, and now like it.

Genny: It's a brilliant blue turtle in a bulletproof vest. What more do you fucking need? I bet a certain genderfluid individual with a propensity toward furry things is going to say "too many turtles", but you know what? That's bullshit. Torkoal, and the Squirtle, Turtwig lines are the only true turtles and they're all tortoises, which are land-based. We only have one line of sea turtles in 6 generations. As far as I'm concerned that makes both Touga and Costa unique as hell. BTW even if we count the iffy Shuckle, and really why would we, that only makes ten total turtles of any kind. Meanwhile there are 13 foxes across four lines, and that's not including cat-foxes Espeon and Leafeon and the Abra line. Yet "too many foxes" is never a thing that would be uttered by aforementioned individual. In conclusion, if said individual happens to say those three words (and zhe probably will), then said individual can promptly eat them. Anyway back to Carracosta. Its line is my absolute favorite fossil line, and giant sea turtles rule. The end.

Natwaf: Finally, a generation with TWO great fossils! In fact, first Water/Rock that I love. High chance of surviving Shell Smash and can smack losers with Edge/Quake and Water? Yes please. And turtles are AWESOME

Brayze II:

StifledSilence: Turtles can walk on their hind legs now too?

Ermine: Eh... It's alright

Raka_Putra: More stable and reliable than Archeops line, like the Veronica to Archeops' Betty…or however it goes.

Cybat: Shell Smash is fun but I don't really like his design as much - sorta hunched over and dour looking. And its name is too long.

ctesjbuvf: The design is a bit too simple and it brings nothing new to fossils, but it’s still pretty decent regardless.

Magmortar: that armor looks…off

Inviso: THIS will most definitely be in the top ten because of turtles being massive overrated. It's not terrible though, and I'd rather see this than Fatasstoise and Torterrible.

Anagram: We already have multiple turtle pokemon. Do we really need one whose focus is looking tanky? And with a type like rock/water! Ugh.

Logicblade: It's shell looks like a life jacket which seems counter productive…

Suor: If Inviso doesn't rank this this grandma turtle low I will laugh. At him.

19. ScolipedeEdit

Score: 2307
Average Ranking: 47.08 (Standard Deviation: 40.91)
Bug rank: 4/18
Poison rank: 1/7
Fully Evolved rank: 14/82

1 - mcflubbin
1 - Wigs
4 - SanityLapse
4 - Naye745
5 - Logicblade
7 - ctesjbuvf
8 - Scepter
8 - Brayze II
10 - swordz9
10 - Ermine
10 - profDEADPOOL
12 - Genny
14 - Whiskey Nick
15 - tazzyboyishere
18 - CasanovaZelos
19 - Paratroopa1
19 - KommunistKoala

20 - TexWolf_1729
21 - Articuno2001
24 - Steiner
26 - Luster Soldier
30 - FrostHarpy
31 - Suor
37 - Natwaf
38 - BetrayedTangy
38 - Cybat
44 - starfox2245
47 - junglebob22
49 - Dragon66116
51 - Magmortar
53 - ecksgem
56 - Inviso
59 - mnkboy907
59 - Raka_Putra
59 - XIII_Rocks
65 - PrinceKaro
75 - red13n
82 - Wicklebee
83 - Bane_Of_Despair
84 - l3fty
92 - StifledSilence
95 - xx521xx
113 - OrangeCrush
116 - Anagram
119 - Sorozone
126 - cody11533
150 - Drakeryn
156 - Xuxon

Wigs: badass bug who I used in Gen 6

SanityLapse: It's common knowledge that centipedes are the greatest bug ever created. So what happens when you make a centipede the size of a horse? It stays awesome!

Logicblade: Could you imagine riding a Scolipede to work? It would be so cool! Plus he could beat up your dad's vehicle.

ctesjbuvf: Despite two types I don’t usually go for, The Pede one was incredible to use.

Scepter: The Human-sized Centipede

Brayze II:

Ermine: Excellence.

Genny: When a concept is this magical, I don't give a damn if it sucks ass in battle. Luckily Scolipede does not, naturally learning a variety of powerful moves that perfectly utilize its stats and possessing the ability to learn several more through TMs. If I had to pick one thing on this near flawless pokémon to take issue with, I would point out that it doesn't look poisonous enough. Animals in nature advertise how dangerous they are with bright contrasting colors. Scolipede's violet-ringed and striped maroon carapace blend together a bit too well and almost looks dull. Its shiny coloration is perfect however. All hail the centaurpede.

Paratroopa1: I gave scolipede a ranking corresponding to the number of legs it has. scolipede doesn't have an odd number of legs? haha, that's what you think

KommunistKoala: An unexpected boss.

Suor: Centipedes are scary and Scolipede is no exception. It's also incredibly versatile in battle, has one of the best abilities in Speed Boost and one of the coolest shiny forms ever:

Natwaf: Speed Boost Scolipede is great, and fantastic design. For a bug. Bug what a bug! Unlike most of it's brethren, it's got options, and ****ing Baton pass.

Cybat: Gotta love when the early bug type turns out to be useful. Not ingame of course, but Speed Boost is always a welcome gift. I don't really like the way its body bends in all its poses as opposed to staying straight like a real centipede, but oh well. Also fun fact: this thing is 8 feet long. Goooood times.

Magmortar: okay, but I hate speed boost. I guess I actually like it.

Inviso: I appreciate several things about Scolipede, particularly the fact that it's much stronger than I'd expect of a Bug/Poison-type. It's just not amazing though.

Raka_Putra: And the winner for Pokemon I Least Want in My House goes to…..


Wicklebee: *lights a fire* It won't come near… it won't come near…

StifledSilence: The announcement of the Scolipede Derby being added to make it a Quadruple Crown is startling news.

Anagram: The anime requires a pokemon to be the giant wild monster thing the heroes run away from whenever a wild pokemon must get angry at the heroes. Scolipede is the one used for Gen 5.

18. SandileEdit

Score: 2254
Average Ranking: 46 (Standard Deviation: 26.99)
Ground rank: 5/11
Dark rank: 5/16
NFE rank: 5/74

6 - tazzyboyishere
10 - OrangeCrush
13 - Ermine
14 - Steiner
17 - ctesjbuvf
20 - red13n
22 - junglebob22
22 - xx521xx
23 - mnkboy907
25 - Whiskey Nick
25 - Drakeryn
26 - Brayze II
26 - swordz9
27 - profDEADPOOL
29 - Logicblade
32 - Wigs
33 - Anagram
34 - starfox2245
34 - Dragon66116
35 - Genny
35 - KommunistKoala
37 - FrostHarpy
37 - Inviso
38 - Naye745
39 - Wicklebee
40 - Suor
40 - l3fty
42 - BetrayedTangy
44 - Paratroopa1
44 - XIII_Rocks
48 - Sorozone
49 - StifledSilence
51 - mcflubbin
52 - Magmortar
52 - Xuxon
55 - Bane_Of_Despair
58 - ecksgem
60 - Articuno2001
68 - TexWolf_1729
80 - Raka_Putra
83 - CasanovaZelos
84 - cody11533
88 - Cybat
98 - PrinceKaro
99 - Luster Soldier
102 - SanityLapse
103 - Natwaf
113 - Scepter

OrangeCrush: Swagodile puts Mick Jagger to shame

Ermine: The start of a fantastic line.

ctesjbuvf: Look at this thing. It’s great. It was cool in the anime too following the team around.

Brayze II:$thumbimg116_Jul_2012_070021500-ll.jpg

Logicblade: From humble beginnings, few new a sick nasty crocodile would grow from this small little guy.

Anagram: I really wish it had an alternate evolution path where it evolved into a sundial.

Genny: This is my favorite three-stage line in pokémon history. Every member is utterly fantastic for one reason or another and it all starts here. What a cutie!

Inviso: The lowest of its line, Sandile is still pretty cute, as alligators/crocodiles usually are (Croconaw excepted.)

Wicklebee: I loved this thing the minute I saw it. Sure, Totodile better as a gator Poke, but Sandile a perfect sand croc.

Paratroopa1: pretty rad before he gets really awkward when he evolves

XIII_Rocks: Dem sunglasses

StifledSilence: This little guys knows how crocodiles work.

Magmortar: Fodder line! It’s cute I guess.

Raka_Putra: Nyeh, boring brown normal crocodile.

Cybat: I wonder if these guys get pulled over all the time when a crime was committed in the area.

Natwaf: Cute NFE Trash

17. ZoroarkEdit

Score: 2196
Average Ranking: 44.82 (Standard Deviation: 37.33)
Dark rank: 4/16
Fully Evolved rank: 13/82

1 - Cybat
4 - XIII_Rocks
4 - TexWolf_1729
6 - Bane_Of_Despair
8 - BetrayedTangy
11 - PrinceKaro
12 - starfox2245
12 - Dragon66116
16 - ctesjbuvf
20 - tazzyboyishere
20 - Inviso
20 - ecksgem
21 - Logicblade
23 - Drakeryn
23 - cody11533
23 - Luster Soldier
24 - Anagram
24 - Articuno2001
25 - KommunistKoala
26 - Whiskey Nick
26 - mcflubbin
27 - xx521xx
30 - Ermine
33 - Genny
35 - Wigs
36 - Natwaf
37 - Paratroopa1
38 - Magmortar
40 - FrostHarpy
45 - OrangeCrush
45 - red13n
47 - CasanovaZelos
51 - Brayze II
53 - swordz9
58 - Suor
63 - Naye745
64 - Raka_Putra
66 - Scepter
70 - profDEADPOOL
71 - Sorozone
72 - Wicklebee
83 - StifledSilence
89 - junglebob22
95 - Xuxon
128 - l3fty
135 - mnkboy907
151 - SanityLapse
154 - Steiner

Cybat: It's sort of a shame that he premiered in the same gen as team preview. But I still completely love this gimmick. I'm not even that huge a fan of his weird ponytail-centric design, but the mind games you can play with this guy are just too much fun. Plus he gets a signature move!

XIII_Rocks: I really enjoyed using Zoroark. Night Daze is a really good move and then it has Flamethrower, Nasty Plot, Focus Blast etc.

Bane_Of_Despair: Keep the good color scheme, just grow and make into a werewolf-fox sort of thing. Total badass.

ctesjbuvf: It’s ability is fun as it makes for some good surprises if you use it well. Although pure dark is boring so not too close to the top.

Inviso: Shock boot? Yeah, despite the fact that Zoroark is an anthropormorphic fox (and is canonically female, what with the whole mother/child connection), it just doesn't do as much for me as you'd think. The method of obtaining one in BW is lame, and it's not particularly special in combat, unfortunately.

Logicblade: Ditto done right. This guy is acually really cool and crafty, and would be a fun pokemon to have.

Anagram: Zoroark is the Ghostbusters 2 of pokemon, except that it's not really that bad.

KommunistKoala: The new Lucario, so to speak. His ability is pretty interesting to say the least and he looks pretty cool. About the same spot as Lucario for me in terms of rank


Genny: The Master of Illusions was a damn good movie by Pokémon standards, which is not saying a helluva lot (whoa I just got déjà vu), but I actually cared for the plight of Mama Zoroark and her telepathic (for some reason) son. I may not for the life of me understand why Zorua's tail migrates to the back of its head upon evolving, but I do understand a mother's love and that alone is enough to boost her species here.

Natwaf: Failed Lucario 2.0. Illusion is fun though. I love tricking people and AI with it, and it's very useful in my White playthrough. Towards the end, it started to peter out though. And I don't really like it's event.

Paratroopa1: shut up brayze I'll like what I want even dumb foxes

Magmortar: I wanted it to be in Smash Bros. really badly, but after it become obvious that would never happen, I have mostly stopped caring about it. What kind of idea was it to have the big Lucario thing for the gen initially be event only anyway?

OrangeCrush: Gamefreak screwed up by making it really blatant that Zoroark was just a Lucario ripoff.

Brayze II:

Suor: Cool gimmick, if only team preview didn't make it useless.

Raka_Putra: Decent gimmick, but oy, that design is just so unlikeable. Too edgy, too dark, too similar to Lucario, bleargh.

Wicklebee: I pokemon that wanted to be Ditto, but can't fuck everything like Ditto can.

StifledSilence: Two of every creature boarded the Zoro Ark, but it was just an illusion.

SanityLapse: Terrible hair. Looks like some stupid anime shit. It's lucky there are a bunch of monkeys this gen.

16. ZekromEdit

Score: 2175
Average Ranking: 44.39 (Standard Deviation: 36.69)
Dragon rank: 3/10
Electric rank: 4/11
Fully Evolved rank: 12/82

1 - FrostHarpy
1 - Sorozone
2 - Natwaf
5 - Whiskey Nick
6 - mnkboy907
7 - Drakeryn
7 - Genny
8 - Cybat
8 - starfox2245
9 - Luster Soldier
11 - tazzyboyishere
11 - ecksgem
11 - Ermine
14 - junglebob22
16 - Bane_Of_Despair
18 - Anagram
27 - Dragon66116
27 - Logicblade
29 - Raka_Putra
29 - Xuxon
30 - mcflubbin
31 - cody11533
34 - ctesjbuvf
35 - profDEADPOOL
38 - Articuno2001
41 - XIII_Rocks
43 - swordz9
44 - CasanovaZelos
47 - KommunistKoala
48 - TexWolf_1729
50 - SanityLapse
55 - red13n
58 - Magmortar
59 - Scepter
61 - Naye745
64 - BetrayedTangy
69 - OrangeCrush
75 - Wigs
81 - xx521xx
85 - Brayze II
99 - PrinceKaro
99 - StifledSilence
104 - Steiner
108 - Suor
108 - l3fty
112 - Wicklebee
114 - Paratroopa1
131 - Inviso

Natwaf: Aww yeah Zekrom. Dat head, dat tail, dose stats! And we all know he has movepool problems, BUT WHO CARES JUST LOOKA T IT! Superior of the cover legends, Zekrom is by far the MVP of my post-game Mono-Electric team.

Genny: The best red eyes black dragon. If not for Suicune, Zekrom would be my favorite Legendary of all time. I try to avoid using them in-game because I view it as cheap tactics, but shit I saw this dragon when it was first revealed and I couldn't fucking resist. I knew I had to use one, and let me tell you it was a blast.

Cybat: OK yes I decided to get Pokemon White because this guy was on the cover. Butt turbine aside, this design is pretty effective for what they were going for. Black Kyurem is the better form too.

Ermine: I honestly like Zekky and Reshy both quite a bit. Two VERY solid legendaries for me and I feel they aren't going to do quite as well as they should. Underrated legendaries especially when they are surrounded by so much **** legends in this gen.

Anagram: Zekrom is the second best legendary dragon, which means basically nothing, since legendary dragons are almost entirely garbage.

Logicblade: Not as fluffy as Reshiram, and goes too hard toward edgy. Still not completely over the top though.

Raka_Putra: Best legendary this gen and it's not even close. It looks like an awesome dragon!

ctesjbuvf: Pretty good Pokemon all around, but no special relation to it from any anime or whatsoever as well as a boring one color design puts it below what other legendaries might’ve been.

XIII_Rocks: MECHA SLOWBRO is awesome.

Magmortar: At announcement, I was hoping for a Dark/Dragon. I didn’t get that but Electric/Dragon is just as good. But something about it is just really off to me. Probably the tail on this guy as well.

Brayze II:

StifledSilence: Whenever Cartman calls someone a black asshole, this is who I picture.

Suor: Nice butt-lantern.

Wicklebee: I thought it was cool originally, but then I felt penetrated.

Paratroopa1: very good chance to get #1, but I'll predict he got #2. zekrom for #2!

Inviso: Best of the three legendary dragons, but not by much, at least this thing KINDA looks like it fits the bill in terms of Electric/Dragon. I still think it sucks though, that this is probably the only Electric/Dragon we'll ever see (outside of Mega Ampharos).

15. GolurkEdit

Score: 2137
Average Ranking: 43.61 (Standard Deviation: 37.97)
Ghost rank: 2/9
Ground rank: 4/11
Fully Evolved rank: 11/82

1 - Suor
2 - swordz9
2 - Magmortar
3 - CasanovaZelos
3 - BetrayedTangy
3 - tazzyboyishere
5 - profDEADPOOL
6 - Wicklebee
9 - Drakeryn
10 - Wigs
11 - junglebob22
17 - XIII_Rocks
19 - FrostHarpy
21 - Natwaf
22 - Anagram
22 - Luster Soldier
23 - SanityLapse
23 - Logicblade
25 - Scepter
25 - mcflubbin
27 - Cybat
30 - Raka_Putra
32 - ctesjbuvf
33 - mnkboy907
38 - Bane_Of_Despair
38 - KommunistKoala
38 - starfox2245
40 - Dragon66116
42 - Steiner
43 - cody11533
52 - TexWolf_1729
55 - Whiskey Nick
57 - OrangeCrush
58 - Articuno2001
59 - l3fty
60 - xx521xx
60 - StifledSilence
67 - Genny
70 - ecksgem
74 - PrinceKaro
77 - Sorozone
93 - Inviso
98 - Ermine
120 - Naye745
121 - red13n
123 - Xuxon
136 - Paratroopa1
140 - Brayze II

Suor: THE BEST. My favorite pokémon, the ultimate bro. The Good Giant, Protector of people, Traveler of the skies. GOLURK will never place first like it would deserve, but nothing and I say NOTHING in this game will ever top the amazing feeling of playing with a Golurk, of having such a great ally on your team. This pic sums up why, if you're not placing Golurk as your top pokémon for this generation... you are f***ing wrong, man (or woman, because I know GenesisSaga will be wrong on this account too).

Magmortar: FLYING GIANT GHOST CLAY ROBOT holy shit this guy is amazing. I wanted a Ghost/Ground-type very badly at Gen 5’s point, and on that front, this guy works great (it can actually hurt things with physical Ghost STAB ooooooh man that’s really good).

BetrayedTangy: Along with my Number 2, Golurk joined my Pokemon Y team. I've always liked his design however I never got to use him in battle and when I did, I realized how bad he was. I'm not expecting him to make it far for this reason, but I still strongly support him. Despite him doing very little for my team.

Wicklebee: Ghosts are odd, I enjoy a good one in Pokemon yet I'm easily spooked IRL. Also, I just realized, what would they do with a Steel/Ghost Pokemon? I'd say something about the Poke, but I'm sure others will have the words necessary already.

Wigs: Not as cool as his lil bro but still keeps the design mostly

Natwaf: Fantastic design for Ghost Gigantor. Shame Golem was already used by something else, but Lurks befits it more. I seem to recall catching a few Hidden Ability ones from my Friend Safari back in Y for you guys. It also kicks ass, Ghost and Ground are excellent. Best of all... IT FLIES! Don't **** with Not Iron Giant.

Anagram: I used it pretty much because I wanted to use something that could fly but I disliked Unfezant. I think I ended up using Unfezant anyway come Black 2.

Logicblade: Hahaha the name gets me every time. Plus he can learn fly, that's ridiculous.

Scepter: Golurk would probably be my best friend in real life

Cybat: Wait, what game am I playing? This thing comes out of nowhere and it's pretty great. Naturally, he was my Fly slave in White.

Raka_Putra: "I think I should post more about mecha-golem-ghost-Pokemon," "Nah, you should go lurk instead."

ctesjbuvf: Solid ugly thing, but it brings a new twist to rock types with it’s ghost type, so there’s some renewed interesting in-game experience with it.

StifledSilence: Get out of here and go lurk.

Genny: Mer's Bidoof-style comics and ages of Suor telling me how great it is finally convinced me to try out the ghost golem. It's pretty good I must admit; it learns some cool moves. I've recently come around on the Iron Giant-esque design too. It's okay by me.

Inviso: People like this, and I get why…but it's just not my cup of tea. Points for the hilarity of this thing being able to learn Fly though.

Ermine: Awful Pokemon #59. If you want to find a good pokemon, go lurk somewhere else!

Paratroopa1: dumb abstract nonsense but a little bigger

Brayze II:

14. VolcaronaEdit

Score: 2121
Average Ranking: 43.29 (Standard Deviation: 39.58)
Bug rank: 3/18
Fire rank: 2/15
Fully Evolved rank: 10/82

1 - StifledSilence
2 - Anagram
4 - Logicblade
5 - BetrayedTangy
5 - Sorozone
6 - KommunistKoala
6 - OrangeCrush
7 - Cybat
9 - Wicklebee
9 - Genny
10 - Luster Soldier
11 - XIII_Rocks
11 - Scepter
12 - Natwaf
12 - Whiskey Nick
12 - Brayze II
13 - tazzyboyishere
13 - Steiner
16 - profDEADPOOL
20 - Paratroopa1
22 - mcflubbin
23 - ctesjbuvf
25 - Suor
33 - FrostHarpy
37 - CasanovaZelos
39 - junglebob22
41 - Ermine
44 - swordz9
46 - mnkboy907
47 - l3fty
48 - Naye745
51 - Articuno2001
54 - cody11533
55 - TexWolf_1729
56 - PrinceKaro
58 - Drakeryn
68 - starfox2245
72 - Magmortar
72 - ecksgem
82 - Raka_Putra
84 - Dragon66116
109 - SanityLapse
112 - red13n
115 - Inviso
116 - xx521xx
117 - Wigs
124 - Bane_Of_Despair
155 - Xuxon

StifledSilence: This thing is so hardcore, it sits there waiting for you like it's a legendary. In fact, until I looked it up online, I thought it WAS a legendary. With those stats, it might as well be. Quiver Dance, Flamethrower, Bug Buzz, and Hurricane. GET OUT THE WAY! Plus did I mention how cool it looks? It's shadow and evil looking, yet those blue eyes could also be very soothing. The color scheme is absolutely perfect as well. Gen 5 made a lot of awful Pokemon, but Volcarona is one of my all time favorites. Good job!

Anagram: It's no small feat to be extremely good when you have a x4 rock weakness and a weakness to water, but Volcarona manages it. I love the sun design of its wings, I love how it takes something normally gross (big furry bugs) and makes it cool and appealing, and I even like the little black dots all over its body. Alder chose well for being the first champion with a signature mon that wasn't a pseudo-legendary.

Logicblade: Larvesta but even more floofy. I love it. I want a whole bed of these guys.

KommunistKoala: This is one hot bug.

OrangeCrush: He's probably the Pokemon that's been part of my active party the most for the past 4 years for 2 obvious reasons.

Cybat: Although it loses a few points for being a little chubby, this thing has a great design, great name, great typing (except where entry hazards are concerned), and a great signature move. Sadly it is the signature Pokemon of the lamest champion, but, hey, can't win 'em all.

Wicklebee: It has a move only it learns. And it looks cool/has a nice typing.

Genny: Even if Volcarona weren't amazing in battle I'd be sold on the amazing fanart of it alone. If you haven't checked it out I suggest you Google it right now. What a fantastic treat. Truly Volcarona is as beautiful as it is deadly, and as a bonus, it is capable of learning literally all of my favorite Fire type moves. Every single one.

Natwaf: I remember this one time, I asked somebody on this board to make a fusion between Volcarona and Garchomp. The result was awesome, but I didn't save a pic of it :(. Anyway, Volcarona! Many people claim it's the/a Pseudo -Legend of Unova, but it's not. That doesn't mean it's bad, on the contrary, it's a great pokemon! It has access to Quiver Dance, and trust me on this, you don't want to get hit by it's sky-high stats. Leaving aside it's battle prowess, it also has use as a breeder thanks to it's ability and access to Fly. Truly a bug you don't want to mess with. For being an awful Champion, Alder has excellent choice for his main pokemon

Brayze II:

Paratroopa1: serious write up: it's really cool that instead of their usual go-to of dragons or other big scary monster for a rare pokemon with really high stats, they went with a really cool fiery moth concept. volcarona is really cool and just a fantastic design, good job game freak

ctesjbuvf: Cool type combination. Would probably be higher if a game allowed you to train this through the game. Larvesta evolves too late for you to just trade one over.

Ermine: I think it's kinda cool, the only thing is that this pokemon seems completely devoid of any personality whatsoever.

Magmortar: There is nothing good in that design to me. Yeah it is a good battler but sometimes I can’t look past that. And a friend of mine used this guy a lot and it was more annoying than I would expect.

Raka_Putra: Mothrarona.

Inviso: This is one that I'm sure will make the top ten, but I don't care. It doesn't appeal to me. The design looks stupid and Volcarona needs to decide whether or not it wants to be a legendary.

13. SamurottEdit

Score: 2119
Average Ranking: 43.24 (Standard Deviation: 38.04)
Water rank: 2/17
Fully Evolved rank: 9/82

1 - Scepter
3 - XIII_Rocks
3 - Whiskey Nick
5 - cody11533
7 - KommunistKoala
7 - Inviso
8 - xx521xx
10 - Sorozone
10 - Cybat
10 - ctesjbuvf
12 - Articuno2001
13 - OrangeCrush
13 - red13n

18 - starfox2245
19 - Raka_Putra
19 - Dragon66116
20 - mcflubbin
21 - Naye745
25 - Anagram
25 - Logicblade
25 - Ermine
27 - tazzyboyishere
30 - CasanovaZelos
31 - Luster Soldier
35 - mnkboy907
36 - Xuxon
37 - StifledSilence
39 - Wigs
42 - swordz9
48 - Bane_Of_Despair
52 - profDEADPOOL
52 - PrinceKaro
53 - Natwaf
54 - FrostHarpy
56 - Genny
56 - junglebob22
60 - Magmortar
62 - BetrayedTangy
65 - ecksgem
67 - Brayze II
83 - Wicklebee
101 - Paratroopa1
113 - SanityLapse
115 - Steiner
120 - l3fty
123 - Drakeryn
130 - Suor
145 - TexWolf_1729

Scepter: Gen 5 was the first generation where I followed all the pre-game release CoroCoro leaking stuff. I'll never forget how excited I was when I finally saw the final form of Oshawott I had been waiting to see for months. It paid off

XIII_Rocks: A great starter. I was all about the Serperior family when they were first revealed but Serp turned out to be such a massive disappointment. Meanwhile Samurott stepped up, combining serviceable stats with a great look (shells as shortswords yessss) and great moves like Megahorn. Swords Dance, Waterfall, Megahorn and either Ice Beam or Aqua Jet is a really solid moveset.

KommunistKoala: The only fully evolved starter from this gen that isn't trash. Quite the opposite!

Inviso: It's an otter and a samurai combined into one awesome package. What's not to love about that? Especially since the moustache makes him look utterly badass.

Cybat: He became my favorite starter of this gen sort of by default, and also because of the surprising lack of good Water Pokemon otherwise. But the reason he got this high was his animation in the 3DS Pokedex app where he pulls a sword out of the scabbard out of his other arm. ( Made me appreciate the overall design a lot more.

ctesjbuvf: Excellent starter too. Good choice due to the lack of useful water types this game has. Great in-game experience.

OrangeCrush: In retrospect, the Gen V starters were actually pretty good, it's just that the Gen V games themselves didn't do them justice. Serperior and Emboar needed their Dream World abilities to be relevant, but had to wait half a decade to get them legitimately (while Greninja was allowed to wreak havoc with Protean on day one). Meanwhile, Samurott seems like generic bulky water #3298 in the DS games, but if you saw him in Pokedex 3D or Gen VI, you'd be aware of his SHELL SWORDS!!!!

Raka_Putra: I like the quirky quadripedal samurai-inspired design. I should try using him one of these days.

Anagram: Samurott is good on its own, but I really wish Oshawott's final form actually looked like it. Like it's a solid design, just not for the purpose it's used for.

Logicblade: Chunky but cool.

Ermine: Not the final form Otter we were all hoping for... but still pretty cool in his own right. Just wish the evolution chain made sense >_>

StifledSilence: I've gotta say, I'm not a big fan of the starter Pokemon in this gen. Sammy is one of the better ones in this group, but likely would be a midcarder in other gens.

Natwaf: Least of the starters. I don't like the design, despite the stache, and ugh the stats. I'm not sure what role nice guy has out of the many, many, MANY mono-water types.

Genny: What the what?? I'm not going to hate it for being so vastly different from the rest of its line. I mean at least it still keeps the sword theme. But what in the world? Why'd my otter turn into a sea lion? Why's my biped now a quadruped? Why the spiky ice cream cone? These are the questions that demand answers! Well, you were never going to top perfection, but you're still good.

Magmortar: Doesn’t exactly strike me as a samurai. Just some weird giant otter with…a horn. Next.

Brayze II:

Wicklebee: Uh… Go back to Dewott already.

12. DewottEdit

Score: 1935
Average Ranking: 39.49 (Standard Deviation: 34.77)
Water rank: 1/17
NFE rank: 4/74

1 - Genny
2 - red13n
3 - Bane_Of_Despair
4 - Scepter
4 - Drakeryn
5 - xx521xx
6 - Ermine
7 - Anagram
8 - tazzyboyishere
8 - Wicklebee
10 - Inviso
12 - ecksgem
13 - Dragon66116
18 - cody11533
19 - starfox2245
19 - Logicblade
20 - BetrayedTangy
21 - mnkboy907
22 - Cybat
22 - swordz9
24 - PrinceKaro
27 - Naye745
27 - Brayze II
28 - Whiskey Nick
31 - KommunistKoala
31 - TexWolf_1729
33 - Raka_Putra
33 - mcflubbin
35 - Sorozone
36 - Paratroopa1
39 - Xuxon
40 - OrangeCrush
41 - ctesjbuvf
44 - Steiner
47 - FrostHarpy
53 - profDEADPOOL
54 - XIII_Rocks
61 - SanityLapse
65 - Suor
68 - StifledSilence
80 - junglebob22
81 - CasanovaZelos
100 - Articuno2001
101 - Luster Soldier
108 - Wigs
119 - Magmortar
123 - l3fty
133 - Natwaf

Genny: So Dewott... Where do I begin? Well it has my favorite design of any pokémon, and design obviously means a lot to me but not everything. I'd be lying if I said this was always the case however. When it was first revealed I thought to myself "Hey that's pretty cute" and moved on quickly. It wasn't until I happened upon the fanart that it went from good to G.O.A.T. status. I have a collection of no less than 50 examples, but I'll spare you guys the abuse. Eh... okay just one; the one that got me to take notice of it in the first place: I think I've already mentioned this, but if Ash's Oshawott managed to evolve into a Dewott and retain his personality, Dewott would be hands down my favorite pokémon. What I probably didn't mention is that it's already even with Arcanine, making it tied for #1 in my heart. It simply would have pulled away with the lead. I love Dewott that much. In conclusion:

Bane_Of_Despair: One of my favorite mid-starters, was a perfect evolution of Oshawott of adding on while still retaining what was great about Oshawott.

Scepter: The first Poke since gen 1 that convinced my to buy a plush

Ermine: Not the best Otter... that's Buizel by quite a large margin, but Dewott is great in his own right!

Anagram: Dewott and Wartortle are the only mid evolution starters I like more than the first stage versions.

Wicklebee: The obvious favorite of Genny for this Generation, and it her love forced us to look at it. What did I see? I saw potential of fighting-type actually ignored by Gamefreak (and attacked for the 800th time to the Fire-type, but that's not what this is about). An otter ready to rip its opponents apart with shells. This is definitely my second favorite middle evo.

Inviso: Adorable. I love that it uses shells like swords and it just manages to make a Water-type look cute for once ('cause mammal instead of fish/amphibian/reptile/bird).

Logicblade: Ok Dewott is the best starter in the generation. I've been convinced. One of the middies that outshines the rest of his line.

BetrayedTangy: Dewott is hands down the coolest of the Gen V starters. He's also probably one of the few that'll actually make it far this Gen.

Cybat: This guy and Grovyle are far and away the best middle stage starter forms. Otters are cool.

Brayze II:

Raka_Putra: Genny's lady-boner rubbed off of me. I mean, it is miles better than Oshawott's sorry facial features. And I drew it twice already! Twice! I don't even do that for most of my waifus.

Paratroopa1: just dewott

OrangeCrush: I see Futachimaru/Dewott as being the Grovyle of this gen. Solid, but has an annoying cult following that praises him while hating the rest of the line.

ctesjbuvf: This thing is cool looking, good in battle as long as you have it, but it’s still a middle form, so no higher than this.

Suor: While it is highly overrated on this board, this was the correct direction the line should've followed and it is kind of cool. Sad that it evolves into garbage made worse by how it ruined the whole concept.

StifledSilence: watever dewott es dum

Magmortar: …next.

Natwaf: NFE Trash

11. Smugleaf / SnivyEdit

Score: 1934
Average Ranking: 39.47 (Standard Deviation: 41.55)
Grass rank: 1/20
NFE rank: 3/74

3 - red13n
3 - Paratroopa1
3 - OrangeCrush
4 - xx521xx
5 - Bane_Of_Despair
5 - ecksgem
5 - Dragon66116
6 - Xuxon
7 - Raka_Putra
10 - Anagram
11 - Inviso
12 - CasanovaZelos
13 - Cybat
13 - junglebob22
14 - Brayze II
16 - Wicklebee
18 - ctesjbuvf
19 - Suor
20 - Naye745
22 - Drakeryn
22 - Ermine
23 - XIII_Rocks
25 - SanityLapse
25 - Articuno2001
29 - swordz9
29 - PrinceKaro
30 - KommunistKoala
31 - BetrayedTangy
31 - Natwaf
33 - starfox2245
37 - Scepter
37 - tazzyboyishere
38 - cody11533
42 - Luster Soldier
43 - FrostHarpy
43 - profDEADPOOL
45 - Genny
51 - Logicblade
51 - mnkboy907
59 - Steiner
80 - Wigs
91 - TexWolf_1729
96 - l3fty
100 - Sorozone
150 - mcflubbin
150 - StifledSilence
156 - Whiskey Nick
156 - Magmortar

Paratroopa1: easily the worst pokemon in his line. I love him

OrangeCrush: Smugleaf is smug because he's part of the glorious grass master race. Dirty water peasants just don't understand.

Bane_Of_Despair: This sassy little shit, gotta love him

ecksgem: Oh, you don't like Snivy? Snivy doesn't give a shit. Best grass starter, easy.

Raka_Putra: Smugleaf! Still so good even 6 years later.

Anagram: Snivy looks so ****ing smug, I love it.

Inviso: Smugleaf JUST misses out on the top 10 because there's already three spots taken up by starters in there. Still, it's just so smug and amazing.

Cybat: The speculation about Smugleaf when the starter forms were first revealed was so much fun. His actual evolutionary line didn't work out so well but that doesn't take anything away from how awesome this guy knows he is.

Brayze II:

Wicklebee: My little Nagini can't be this SMUG. He doesn't care that you don't like him, Nick.

ctesjbuvf: Smugleaf is badass. Look at that style it has. The anime makes it clear.

Suor: SMUGLEAF, best grass starter line and anyone who claims otherwise is in denial.

Ermine: Smug

KommunistKoala: I want to hate Smugleaf because he was a misleading sign of hope for things to come from this generation. But he's too damn smug to hate.

BetrayedTangy: Snivy is so cool, he just looks so sly and smarmy, one of the few Gen V starters with personality.

Natwaf: His NFE Trash legend began in the 12th Century. EXCALIBAAAAAAA, EXCALIBAAAAAA, from the United Kingdom, I'm looking for heaven, I'm going to Californiaaaaaaa

Genny: I never liked the whole Smugleaf thing. Like... you're a Grass type starter. You're like the worst option off the bat. Don't be so damn conceited about it. But Ash's changed my mind. Ash's Snivy is just aces in the anime. Eventually I picked one for my playthrough of Black 2 and it learns some great moves early on. Unfortunately that potential kinda goes nowhere but that's a writeup for another day.

Logicblade: I guess there will be 32 mentions of "smugleaf" including this one in all of the Snivy writeups.

Wigs: this guy is pretty mediocre but he's not as dumb as everyone says

StifledSilence: This is the baby the doctor got a sense of satisfaction over slapping.

Magmortar: Yes. I fucking get it. It has a grin. Who cares? Exactly.

10. ZebstrikaEdit

Score: 1913
Average Ranking: 39.04 (Standard Deviation: 26.72)
Electric rank: 3/11
Fully Evolved rank: 8/82

3 - Suor
5 - CasanovaZelos
7 - FrostHarpy
8 - Wigs
10 - red13n
13 - Wicklebee
15 - StifledSilence
16 - KommunistKoala
16 - Logicblade
18 - xx521xx
18 - Dragon66116
19 - PrinceKaro
20 - Articuno2001
20 - Luster Soldier
21 - Bane_Of_Despair
24 - Ermine
26 - starfox2245
29 - tazzyboyishere
29 - TexWolf_1729
30 - profDEADPOOL
31 - junglebob22
31 - mcflubbin
31 - Whiskey Nick
32 - Sorozone
34 - Inviso
34 - XIII_Rocks
35 - Cybat
36 - OrangeCrush
36 - ctesjbuvf
37 - swordz9
38 - SanityLapse
40 - mnkboy907
48 - Raka_Putra
48 - cody11533
49 - Genny
50 - Anagram
57 - BetrayedTangy
62 - Naye745
70 - Steiner
73 - Drakeryn
76 - Brayze II
76 - Natwaf
82 - Xuxon
83 - Paratroopa1
84 - ecksgem
88 - l3fty
95 - Magmortar
107 - Scepter

Suor: I just love how spiky Zebstrika is. I'm not a huge fan of zebras IRL but everything about Zebstrika is simply cool, starting with the name: ZebSTRIKA. It has this amazing, STRIKING sound to it. Of course, a white-striped black zebra with a spiky mane that runs like lightning... There are few things I could like more than it.

Wigs: I'm a sucker for the spikey electric types

Wicklebee: We also have an electric zebra Pokemon. This gen has such greatness.

StifledSilence: Zebro! For all the stupid ideas this generation had, an electric zebra is really cool.

KommunistKoala: In terms of power the zebras leave a lot to be desired but they're still cool looking zebra pokemon,

Logicblade: Aka Thunder Horse. *headbangs to Dethklok*

Ermine: I feel like Zebstrika doesn't really get the love he deserves. He's a pretty cool poke.

Inviso: It's a zebra and it's electric. I think it's a bit overrated since there are far better Electric-types around, but it's a pretty solid design, plus R.I.P. Jordan, Mimi will never 4get u.

Cybat: "Electric zebra with lightning bolt stripes" is such a perfect Pokemon concept that I had to use one ingame. He has a pretty disappointing movepool though. And I dunno, there's something off about his head.

OrangeCrush: His name sounds like Ghebstrika.

ctesjbuvf: It’s pretty good, and I like Zebras. It needs to be said that learning Flame Charge is no excuse to not have a fire type, but a good electric type it is.

SanityLapse: Pretty cool idea to have zebra stripes in zigzags to represent electricity. Also zebras kick ass.

Raka_Putra: You can iron your clothes with them! Just ask Natwaf.

Genny: I love the contrast between friendly-looking Blitzle, and fierce-looking Zebstrika. It's like Lil' Zebro's childhood is behind it and it's been toughened up by an unforgiving world... but enough fanfiction. Half its Pokédex entries mention it being ill-tempered so you know it takes a very skilled trainer to tame one. Makes ME wanna be that trainer!

Anagram: I give a lot of credit to Zebstrika's design. I don't like it THAT much, but I really like stripes that look like lightning bolts, and I think the cleverness more than makes up for anything else bad about the pokemon.

Brayze II:

Natwaf: Mini-Zekrom, in that it has all the problems Zekrom (and Electric types in general) has, but doesn't have the AWESOME BST to back it up. I mean, Flame Charge? Sure, let's boost the stat that it DOESN'T need. Elesa's Zebstrika was super annyoing too, with it's damn Volt Switch and me not finding a ground-type yet. I think I lost to her the first time, despite having a Gigalith from a GTS trade.

Paratroopa1: oh for fuck's sake, a zebra whose stripes are lightning bolts is like, the most fanart-y thing you could've come up with, I'm pretty sure I've already seen this concept before

Magmortar: Zebstrika is an annoying and generally awful zebra that evolves from an annoying and generally awful zebra.

9. HydreigonEdit

Score: 1845
Average Ranking: 37.65 (Standard Deviation: 33.46)
Dragon rank: 2/10
Dark rank: 3/16
Fully Evolved rank: 7/82

1 - Whiskey Nick
2 - KommunistKoala
6 - FrostHarpy
7 - ecksgem
8 - Logicblade
8 - XIII_Rocks
9 - ctesjbuvf
11 - Raka_Putra
11 - Anagram
11 - Natwaf
13 - Scepter
14 - starfox2245
14 - Sorozone
15 - BetrayedTangy
16 - Inviso
17 - Cybat
19 - Luster Soldier
20 - mnkboy907
22 - Articuno2001
22 - profDEADPOOL
22 - Genny
24 - StifledSilence
26 - Bane_Of_Despair
26 - Naye745
27 - CasanovaZelos
27 - junglebob22
27 - OrangeCrush
32 - Steiner
32 - Brayze II
32 - Xuxon
37 - Wigs
39 - Dragon66116
41 - swordz9
42 - mcflubbin
43 - TexWolf_1729
44 - red13n
46 - Drakeryn
50 - Magmortar
55 - tazzyboyishere
64 - SanityLapse
65 - Ermine
68 - cody11533
72 - Paratroopa1
75 - PrinceKaro
119 - Suor
126 - Wicklebee
127 - l3fty
136 - xx521xx

KommunistKoala: My favorite dragon after Kingdra. It was love at first sight and I originally didn't think I could like anything more from this gen.

ecksgem: He's honestly a bit funky looking, but I love the design and color scheme and name and he's just so cool.

Logicblade: Well… this is the epitome of Darkfang Dragonmons. I think I'm still 6 at heart when it comes to pokemon sometimes. It has heads for hands! That's so cool in the dumbest way!

XIII_Rocks: Even putting aside Hydreigon's excellent design, obvious cool factor, unique typing, great stats and diverse movepool - all of which I'm sure will be covered by Nick, or others with actual taste - Hydreigon has my second-favourite name in the franchise (after Charizard, which has the best everything). It's excellent. It manages to be a three-way portmanteau of "hydra" (the mythical creature with multiple heads), "drei" (the german word for three) and "dragon" (self-explanatory), which is just so clever and a cut above the usual standards of Pokemon names. I'd have loved Hydreigon even if it was called Melvin, but the clever name is what takes it from being a good Pokemon and one of the better pseudo-legendaries to a great Pokemon and, in my book, the best psuedo-legendary. It's even a better name than Rhyperior, and you know if a name is better than Rhyperior you're on to something.

ctesjbuvf: It’s great to have something to evolve late game. Thing is a beast and fairy wasn’t a thing at the time.

Raka_Putra: Look at him with his adorable tiny socks friends, aww, yes, you go play with your friends. Or maybe I like him so much because Druddigon is an embarrassment.

Anagram: I love how the anime repeatedly insists that pkoemon can't be evil, but then the games make things like Hydreigon.

Natwaf: The Pseudo-Legend of Unova. Let me tell ya, it's about DAMN time we got a special user. I remember PWT, I marched in there with my team of Dragonite, Tyranitar, Salamence, Metagross, Garchomp, and Hydreigon, and we kicked all kinds of ass there. There's a very weird synergy at work with these poke, even though it's loaded with Dragons. It's in triples where hydreigon shined though. I open with Salamence in the middle with Intimidate and Rock-Slide everybody to flinch, Dragonite, either attacks or Dance, and Hydreigon is the sniper, killing off weakened opponents. Too bad Fairy came to existence and pretty much neutered it's threat. Tough luck hydra. Also, Ghetsis's was easy to beat.

Inviso: This does NOT look like a rubber chicken. It manages to take two of the worst Pokemon in the generation and make it worth training them, because Hydreigon just looks badass, and looks fiercesome and intimidating.

Cybat: I forget where I first saw someone talk about this guy wearing sock puppets, but I cannot get it out of my head now. He's also very sad about the Fairy type's existence. But despite all that he is pretty sweet; being a Dark/Dragon will get you pretty far.

Genny: What can I say? I guess I just love my Darkfang Dragonmons! Nah, but I have more nostalgic reasoning too. So there's this PSX-era classic I want you all to know about called Jade Cocoon. Imagine a pokémon game where you run through the forest capturing strange and powerful beasts using music instead of balls. You still with me? Now imagine once you've gained more than one instead of breeding Female Monster X and Male Monster Y to get tiny Child Monster X with some of Y's moves you can merge Monsters X and Y to get Monster Z, which is exactly what it sounds like: A perfect blend of the two that borrows stats, moves, typing, and appearances from both "parents" (really the two donor monsters have just fused). That's Jade Cocoon in a nutshell but of course there's plot behind it. Very good game; unfortunately the main game is very short, maybe only 15 hours if you rush it. However there's a optional forest after the game ends with infinite (?) floors. What does any of this have to do with Hydreigon, you ask? Well it reminds me of one of said monsters in that optional infinite forest: SwavSpinGrown.gif. I played around with Swav a lot, trying to get a perfectly proportioned three-headed dragon like Hydreigon but couldn't quite manage it. I'll admit it was pretty fun trying though. I wonder how this guy got this skin...: KlarrgasSpin.gif

StifledSilence: Wow, there are a lot of dragons this time around. This guy looks pretty intimidating. I like it.

Brayze II:

Wigs: I imagine he's going to beat his pre-evos so I don't have a problem spoiling I like his other guys more. They have fun goofy heads.

Magmortar: darkfang dragonmon, etc.


Paratroopa1: oh hi you're horrifying

Suor: Kitchen dragon synopsis.

Wicklebee: Someone still likes playing with sock puppets of ITS OWN FACE apparently.

8. HaxorusEdit

Score: 1836
Average Ranking: 37.47 (Standard Deviation: 32.76)
Dragon rank: 1/10
Fully Evolved rank: 6/82

2 - Raka_Putra
2 - Scepter
2 - mcflubbin
4 - starfox2245
4 - Articuno2001
6 - Natwaf
6 - TexWolf_1729
7 - red13n
8 - profDEADPOOL
8 - CasanovaZelos

10 - Whiskey Nick
10 - XIII_Rocks
11 - Sorozone
11 - Steiner
12 - ctesjbuvf
14 - FrostHarpy
17 - Inviso
17 - tazzyboyishere
19 - Cybat
19 - Brayze II
21 - KommunistKoala
26 - Genny
28 - BetrayedTangy
28 - Drakeryn
29 - cody11533
30 - Logicblade
34 - ecksgem
35 - Luster Soldier
37 - Anagram
39 - Bane_Of_Despair
46 - OrangeCrush
49 - Ermine
51 - StifledSilence
55 - xx521xx
56 - Paratroopa1
59 - Dragon66116
59 - Suor
61 - mnkboy907
61 - swordz9
66 - junglebob22
72 - PrinceKaro
75 - SanityLapse
85 - Magmortar
87 - Naye745
87 - Wicklebee
107 - Wigs
111 - l3fty
138 - Xuxon

Raka_Putra: I used to have this kinda prejudice against physical attackers and dragons but I tried using Haxorus one time and it felt good, real good. 10/10 would use again.

Scepter: More like hax0rs it's so strong

Natwaf: Awesome name, awesome look, awesome moves. Looks like a Kaiju, and that's a big bonus to me. And I do believe this is the first FE Mono-Dragon. And what a dragon! Dat sky high attack, which can be made even scarier with Sword/Dragon Dance, and it has access to Outrage and Earthquake. Scary, scary stuff. Very useful in White, where it tore apart any dragons... and actually pretty much anything in it's way.

XIII_Rocks: Straight-up destructive power. There's no substitute. Also awesome tusks

ctesjbuvf: Strong dragon powerhouse, but not anything previous dragons didn’t have, which is why it isn’t closer to the top.

Inviso: In terms of final form mono-Dragons, you could do a lot worse than Haxorus. No double weaknesses like every other Dragon pseudo-legendary, and strong attack to boot. I just like other things more, sorry.

Cybat: Kind of disappointing abilities and stat distribution, but even so he is pretty enjoyable. Can't go wrong with an ax-face dino-dragon, right?

Brayze II:

KommunistKoala: A cool dragon. I didn't use him much since I went with Hydreigon, but he certainly blows Druddigon out of the water.

Genny: I haven't really thought about it, but Haxorus is probably my favorite Dragon-type design. It manages to look dragonic without even fitting any of the typical descriptions of European or Asian dragons, and it doesn't even have wings. I guess you could say it more closely resembles a bipedal dinosaur, but I think it carries itself like a dragon. Rock on, Zombie Haxorus~

Logicblade: *gasp* You're cheating!

Anagram: I played so much Starcraft as a kid, and let me tell you, I saw "haxxor" quite a bit.

Ermine: It's OK

StifledSilence: Zombie Haxorus

Paratroopa1: he's a dragon with an axe face I mean yeah ok

Suor: Honestly pretty average as far as cool dragonmons go. Average in every way, even. Deserves an average placement.

junglebob22: I'd be more okay with Haxorus if it wasn't that nasty green

PrinceKaro: Lost pokedex entries #12: Haxorus, the l33t pok3m0n! th1s p0k3 0wnz j00 4nd r0x0rs ur b0x0rs w1th s0x0rs 4n g14n dsfk4902m wr94ikgfdg04kfldgf 011011000101001101

Magmortar: It is hideous, has a terrible name, and I really hate dealing because there is absolutely no reason why the then-most OP type since Gen 1 Psychic needed that much attack.

Wicklebee: Too much hax.

Wigs: zzzzz

7. KrokorokEdit

Score: 1753
Average Ranking: 35.78 (Standard Deviation: 29.34)
Ground rank: 3/11
Dark rank: 2/16
NFE rank: 2/74

1 - Dragon66116
2 - tazzyboyishere
2 - Genny
3 - junglebob22
4 - Steiner
5 - Drakeryn
6 - xx521xx
9 - swordz9
11 - Bane_Of_Despair
11 - Xuxon
12 - Ermine
15 - starfox2245
15 - Inviso
16 - red13n
16 - OrangeCrush
17 - Sorozone
18 - ecksgem
18 - mnkboy907
22 - BetrayedTangy
22 - Wicklebee
23 - Whiskey Nick
24 - mcflubbin
24 - XIII_Rocks
26 - Logicblade
26 - Suor
27 - ctesjbuvf
30 - Cybat
32 - Anagram
37 - profDEADPOOL
42 - Articuno2001
44 - PrinceKaro
45 - Brayze II
46 - FrostHarpy
46 - Naye745
48 - KommunistKoala
49 - Luster Soldier
53 - CasanovaZelos
53 - Wigs
62 - cody11533
70 - Magmortar
72 - TexWolf_1729
74 - StifledSilence
78 - Raka_Putra
78 - Paratroopa1
95 - l3fty
98 - Scepter
103 - SanityLapse
111 - Natwaf

Genny: This cat could not look any cooler even if it tried, and the thing is it doesn't need to. I fell in love with it just by looking at its official artwork which I am of course going to post now: Does any pokémon have better official artwork? Seriously, I challenge you all to find one that's objectively better and you all fail because one doesn't exist. I could go on for minutes on just that one pic, but I'm gonna move on now. Krokorokorokorok has a name that is fun to say. It might not be the most creative or most apt name out there, but you can't deny that it's not fun to say unless you're dead inside. Anyway Krokorok and its evolutionary family combine two of my favorite types in Dark and Ground and all three look the part. Fantastic line, but Krok is far and away my favorite. Holy frijoles I haven't even mentioned Ash's! Ash's Krokorok who I think he caught as a Sandile wears a pair of sunglasses like his Squirtle. Only Sandile's line already has a natural glare- reducing dark patch surrounding its eyes. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS? MOTHER OF GOD, YOU'RE CORRECT. Ash's Krokorok actually wears sunglasses over its sunglasses. It's really a thing. That's actually an actual thing! I better stop now I'm starting to sound like XIII.

junglebob22: Pure cool in Pokemon form

Steiner: This guy carried me through the mid game and is a big part of the reason I fell in love with the cast of BW

Bane_Of_Despair: Mini-badass in the making

Ermine: The middle of a fantastic line.

Inviso: One of the few times where Genny is right about a middle evolution. Krokorokorokorokorok is fun to say, and looks cool without being too overboard like Krookodile.

Wicklebee: *insert Genny's comment here* The name is just that funny.

Logicblade: Smug Sandile. Smug pokemon are sometimes cool.

Suor: Anime Krokorok is the example that everything can be made better with sunglasses.

ctesjbuvf: Highest middle evolution, so that’s something. It’s badass like it’s family, but it’s still a middle evolution.

Cybat: Yeah, I like this guy better than his dad. I just really dislike the switch to red; it looks unnatural and not as appealing. Crocodiles are cool.

Anagram: I play too much pokemon. When that Russian drug came out, named crocodill or something like that, all I could think of was this.

Brayze II:

KommunistKoala: This guy has some real swag.

Magmortar: middle form, etc.

StifledSilence: It's a crocodile that does crocodile things. Except it doesn't because it stands on two legs.

Raka_Putra: Krok krok krok rok korok krok korok

Paratroopa1: I get the sense that he will be very popular but I think he looks like a dork sort of, even as much as I like crocodiles

Scepter: Has anyone noticed this isn't actually a palindrome

Natwaf: Tsundere NFE Trash

6. BraviaryEdit

Score: 1682
Average Ranking: 34.33 (Standard Deviation: 28.45)
Normal rank: 1/17
Flying rank: 1/18
Fully Evolved rank: 5/82

3 - swordz9
4 - OrangeCrush
4 - Sorozone
5 - starfox2245
7 - cody11533
8 - Anagram
8 - Articuno2001
8 - KommunistKoala
9 - Suor
10 - Logicblade
11 - xx521xx
11 - TexWolf_1729
12 - Naye745
14 - red13n
14 - ctesjbuvf
16 - Steiner
16 - Raka_Putra
21 - Wicklebee
21 - XIII_Rocks
23 - Ermine
23 - mcflubbin
24 - Whiskey Nick
24 - Magmortar
26 - Scepter
32 - Inviso
33 - tazzyboyishere
34 - Luster Soldier
34 - Wigs
35 - Dragon66116
35 - Xuxon
38 - Drakeryn
39 - CasanovaZelos
39 - Paratroopa1
45 - FrostHarpy
45 - Natwaf
47 - Cybat
48 - Genny
48 - BetrayedTangy
52 - StifledSilence
57 - Bane_Of_Despair
60 - junglebob22
71 - Brayze II
72 - mnkboy907
78 - profDEADPOOL
81 - PrinceKaro
92 - ecksgem
118 - l3fty
118 - SanityLapse

OrangeCrush: Braviary/Wargle is one of those Pokemon I wanted to use in the original B/W, but never bothered because Rufflet doesn't evolve until level 1776. Thankfully, White 2 fixed this by having a wild Braviary after the 3rd gym. While he's no Staraptor, he was still pretty good and that secured him a top 5 position.

Anagram: Americaaaa, **** yeah, coming to save the mother****ing day, yeah!

KommunistKoala: God bless the America and god bless Braviary.

Suor: MUH AMERICA!!! No wonder Braviary is so loved, it looks so strong and fierce and is overall awesome. I also love its stat combination that makes it more the bulky-but-still-powerful type of bird to compensate the generic typing.

Logicblade: America Bird! This should have been the last form of the classic pidgey line you get. But no, we had to get pidove. Well I have hacks, and hacks are what Freedom Bird stands for.

ctesjbuvf: The American bird is great, although I think it would be nice to have it earlier.

Raka_Putra: I like to be in America!
O.K. by me in America!
Ev'rything free in America
For a small fee in America!

Wicklebee: Murica

Ermine: I used to like him a lot more when he was first announced and when I first played Gen 5. He's fallen quite a large amount.

Magmortar: WAR BIRD

Inviso: Excel keeps deleting my apostrophe so I'm adding this line. That being said, *clears throat* 'MURICA!


Natwaf: Ahh, Unova's flag animal. Probably. Can't quite forgive it for stopping my Super Triples Team in the Maison, along with Ampharos and Hawlucha. Brave Bird HURTS. That said, it's still a great Normal/Flying, but why is it so late in the game? At least in White 2 you can get an early Defiant one.

Cybat: I like Wargle better. But now that I look at it it actually has better base stats than I realized. Still pretty uninteresting abilities and movepool, but hey, not every country gets their own Pokemon.

Genny: Honestly it's pretty great, just not one of my all-time favorites. I think the internet overrates it immensely. Kick ass design, but so much work you have to put into it after practically already beating the game. It's not great enough to justify being available so late, nor is it unique enough. I wish it were anything but Normal/Flying- maybe Fighting/Flying since it's partially based on Native American warriors who were famous for their fighting spirit. Even the Pokédex mentions their fighting spirit! What a missed opportunity.

StifledSilence: It sounds like one of Cloud Strife's limit breaks.

Brayze II:

PrinceKaro: The most American pokemon ever (after Snorlax)

ecksgem: Great name, but besides that it's just a fairly generic eagle.

5. JoltikEdit

Score: 1629
Average Ranking: 33.24 (Standard Deviation: 31.89)
Electric rank: 2/11
Bug rank: 2/18
NFE rank: 1/74

1 - Drakeryn
1 - profDEADPOOL
2 - Logicblade
3 - Inviso
3 - Genny
4 - Ermine
5 - KommunistKoala
5 - Paratroopa1

6 - Suor
7 - junglebob22
8 - l3fty
10 - Brayze II
11 - swordz9
11 - CasanovaZelos
13 - Wigs
14 - Raka_Putra
14 - mcflubbin
14 - StifledSilence
15 - Scepter
15 - PrinceKaro
16 - ecksgem
17 - cody11533
17 - Articuno2001
17 - TexWolf_1729
20 - Cybat
21 - Whiskey Nick
21 - Dragon66116
22 - OrangeCrush
24 - starfox2245
29 - ctesjbuvf
32 - tazzyboyishere
33 - red13n
36 - mnkboy907
43 - Sorozone
45 - Steiner
45 - Luster Soldier
53 - Naye745
53 - SanityLapse
59 - xx521xx
61 - Wicklebee
62 - Bane_Of_Despair
65 - Anagram
84 - BetrayedTangy
86 - FrostHarpy
88 - Natwaf
90 - XIII_Rocks
115 - Xuxon
122 - Magmortar

Logicblade: This is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Don't be afraid of spiders, they just want snuggles.

Inviso: This is the highest I will probably ever rank a NFE Pokemon in any generation, because it is just the cutest goddamn little bug I've ever seen. Everything about Joltik is adorable. It looks fluffy. It has the little W mouth. It's cute two tiny eyes in addition to the big ones (so it doesn't look creepy like you would normally expect from a spider). And it evolves into something still awesomer, just not as much. I love this little guy and hope he wins best NFE for this generation.

Genny: Oh. Em. Gee. If you don't think this is the cutest bug you are probably blind because that is the only way to make sense of such wrongness tydhsdrftgyhu;ilykjdtshredftgyhu AAAAH I LOVE IT everything about Joltik is adorable and perfect and fdxnccdfQWEAytf I can't even type my thoughts out right now because I'm too busy thinking about adorable spider-ticks that leech static electricity and I'd let 5 Joltiks attach themselves to me right now if they were real oh god why can't they be real I would pay all the money in the world to have just twenty trust me I would FIND A WAY okay next writeup *^w^*

Ermine: HOLY **** THIS THING IS ADORABLE. LIKE WORDS CANNOT... THEY CANNOT!!! Just look at this. LOOK AT THAT FACE! You are now dying of cute overload.

KommunistKoala: I generally prefer fully evolved pokemon over NFEs, but my feelings for the exceptions are usually pretty strong. Joltik is amazing and so cute <3.


if you don't think joltik is FUCKING ADORABLE then do me a favor and just google image search "pokemon joltik", you're welcome

Suor: Cutest pokémon ever. Anyone arguing against it is wrong. Luckily Tsunami doesn't taint this contest with his godawful opinions IIRC.

junglebob22: The cutest parasite ever

Brayze II:


Raka_Putra: Awwwwww you little spidey-widey, yes you are! Raka enjoys this…spider.

StifledSilence: Cute little electric bug.

ecksgem: How are you so tiny?! Stop being so cute.

Cybat: Didn't make a big impression on me at first, but yeah, all the fanart and whatnot has convinced me; this guy is super cute. Also it turns out it's only four inches long, which ties it for the smallest Pokemon. ...That's still pretty big for a tick though.

ctesjbuvf: Kinda cute and interesting. Small bugs are usually boring, but Joltik is different. It’s unique.

Wicklebee: Trying to make a spider cute. *stomp*

Anagram: I hate spiders, but it's hard to deny that Joltik is one of the cutest things out there.

Natwaf: ADORABLE! Still NFE Trash

Magmortar: Honestly? Whatever, give me the big spider any day over this little shit.

4. ChandelureEdit

Score: 1415
Average Ranking: 28.88 (Standard Deviation: 29.01)
Ghost rank: 1/9
Fire rank: 1/15
Fully Evolved rank: 4/82

1 - KommunistKoala
1 - Articuno2001
2 - Inviso
2 - ecksgem
2 - Cybat
2 - Steiner
3 - Raka_Putra
3 - Dragon66116
4 - junglebob22
4 - ctesjbuvf

6 - cody11533
6 - XIII_Rocks
7 - mnkboy907
7 - Naye745
7 - Magmortar
10 - Scepter
10 - BetrayedTangy
11 - Wicklebee
12 - StifledSilence
12 - Sorozone
12 - Luster Soldier
13 - Natwaf
15 - Brayze II
16 - swordz9
17 - Ermine
21 - mcflubbin
23 - Suor
25 - tazzyboyishere
29 - Anagram
30 - Wigs
31 - OrangeCrush
32 - Genny
35 - CasanovaZelos
36 - starfox2245
39 - TexWolf_1729
42 - PrinceKaro
54 - Drakeryn
59 - Logicblade
62 - profDEADPOOL
63 - FrostHarpy
64 - xx521xx
72 - SanityLapse
72 - Bane_Of_Despair
76 - Whiskey Nick
80 - Paratroopa1
84 - Xuxon
89 - l3fty
111 - red13n

KommunistKoala: The best ghost of all time. Plain and simple.

Inviso: I love Fire-types, and Chandelure is definitely a high-quality representative of its typing. It's actually sad because Chandelure and Darmanitan exist in the same generation, meaning I could only choose one for my initial runthrough of the game. Chandelure is slightly superior though, 'cause special attackers are just more fun than physical attackers. Plus the ORG I've referenced in both my Litwick and Lampent write-ups happened and I fully evolved into Chandelure, showmanced Gengar and them beat him out for a spot in the final 2, where I wrecked Mamoswine and won the whole game. It was awesome. So nice to be a challenge dominator for once.

ecksgem: A superb Pokemon with a beautiful design and unique typing. All around fantastic.

Cybat: Now this is how you design an "object" Pokemon. Totally eerie and badass, with scary Sp.Atk to boot. Too bad it never actually got Shadow Tag.

Steiner: I was really struggling my first time through the elite four in black. Then I trained up this thing. Holy shit.

Raka_Putra: I'm gonna swing from the Chandelure, Chandelure

ctesjbuvf: Worth training. Creative and fun design. Enjoyable to use.

XIII_Rocks: THE POWER RIEHTUOBIEVWPRTHORTWEFPQITHTB4ROFIEDSOPFWIEG4 I remember looking through the new Pokemon and all their base stats when the game was released and everything was dumped onto Serebii, seeing "base 147 SpA" and marking the fuck out. So awesome. Also looks great, nice typing too and Shadow Tag. Also Chandler Bing.

Magmortar: It’s typing is just so COOL and it and that massive Special Attack stat let it just totally wreck things. I like Infiltrator on it too, Scarflure made a nice revenge killer in my early gen 6 all-Fire team since it often hit hard enough to not gaf about a sub even with Timid/scarf. Also has the great distinction of being a special ‘mon that can actually beat Chansey/Blissey (if it gets a sub up, good luck breaking one).

Wicklebee: Like this, we have a candle-> lamp -> chandelere Pokemon chain and it's fire/ghost. This is excellent.

StifledSilence: This line was a dumb idea but the end result was actually really cool.

Natwaf: This thing is AWESOME! Fantastic offensive typing, spooky design, insane stats, it's only downfall is it's speed. Bummer. But man this thing KICKS ASS.

Brayze II:

Ermine: Chandelure is really freaking cool and if you can't understand that from a design perspective then you are objectively wrong. Ermine appreciates Chandelure.

Suor: This is one of the crazy pokémon ideas that ultimately turn out to be amazing. It's a lot like Aegislash in that regard. Ghost pokémon are just awesome, man.

Anagram: One of the few pokemon where the shiny design is so much better than the regular design. I'd love a pumpkin-looking Chandelure.

Wigs: Ash was Chandelured into his deadly trap

OrangeCrush: Shandera/Chandelure has a cool design and threatened to dominate the metagame with Shadow Tag.

Genny: It has one of the greatest cries of this generation, and of its line I like the look of its flames the most. It's eerie in a good way, but not the best. In fact I think both Litwick and Lampent have creepier lore surrounding them, though nothing comes close to Banette or Yamask.

Logicblade: Fun fact… Chandelure is not a Lure.

Paratroopa1: why was this a random enemy in super smash bros 3ds of all things

3. ExcadrillEdit

Score: 1380
Average Ranking: 28.16 (Standard Deviation: 29.4)
Ground rank: 2/11
Steel rank: 1/12
Fully Evolved rank: 3/82

1 - OrangeCrush
1 - starfox2245
2 - CasanovaZelos
3 - Steiner
3 - Luster Soldier

4 - Inviso
4 - Dragon66116
4 - profDEADPOOL
5 - Articuno2001
5 - XIII_Rocks
5 - red13n
6 - BetrayedTangy
6 - Sorozone
6 - mcflubbin
7 - Ermine
7 - tazzyboyishere
7 - Whiskey Nick
8 - Genny
9 - KommunistKoala
9 - ecksgem
9 - FrostHarpy
10 - mnkboy907
14 - Wicklebee
14 - Natwaf
16 - Scepter
17 - Raka_Putra
17 - Logicblade
21 - Cybat
23 - Bane_Of_Despair
24 - Xuxon
26 - Anagram
26 - Paratroopa1
29 - Drakeryn
42 - junglebob22
45 - Magmortar
46 - ctesjbuvf
46 - xx521xx
47 - Suor
49 - PrinceKaro
56 - cody11533
58 - Brayze II
63 - StifledSilence
72 - Naye745
78 - SanityLapse
79 - swordz9
79 - TexWolf_1729
99 - Wigs
125 - l3fty

OrangeCrush: This #1 wasn't as clear cut as Manectric or Staraptor, but the more I thought about Excadrill/Doryuuzu, the more I realized he deserved it. Good design, great in battle, great level up movepoll, named after the legendary Excalibur, finds his way on a lot of my teams, disobeys Iris in the anime, etc. Lots to love about this guy, and very little to dislike.

Inviso: Here we have a Pokemon so power that it became the second regular Pokemon (as opposed to a pseudo-legendary) to get banned from Smogon's OU ruleset. It's extremely strong…ludicrously so. I mean, it's already got passable speed, but then you add in Sand Rush to double its speed in Sandstorms (which provide other problems for opponents), and then they just get wrecked in combat. I had the good fortune to catch an Adamant Drilbur, so my Excadrill rocked face throughout my BW playthrough, and was a huge star.

XIII_Rocks: Awesome, powerful, looks cool, very accessible in-game. Gen V had a bunch of Pokemon like this (Krook and Darmanitan being the obvious two) and Exca is a prime example. There's no true substitute for having power and looking good while using it.

Ermine: If Excadrill didn't have the huge top drill thing on his head he'd probably be one of my favorite pokes. The top drill is very distracting and takes a little bit away from his amazingness. I still like him quite a lot, but I just feel like they were trying to do too much to make him stand out.

Genny: I've seen Iris's Excadrill compared to early-anime Ash's Charizard before and I completely disagree. Her Excadrill has a much better reason for not wanting to fight but I'm not going to spoil it here. From what I've heard Iris's Dragonite fits that mold a lot better. Anyway I like Excadrill for pretty much the same reasons I like Zangoose even though it's nowhere near as cute, nor does it have a rival. He just looks like a total badass that can and will fuck your shit up if you look at him the wrong way and I love it. The stats are only moderately above average, but that potential movepool goes on for days.

KommunistKoala: At this point I've come to the realization that there were a lot of steel pokemon here. Or at least it feels like it. The Batman to T-Tar's Robin in competitive, Excadrill is cool.

ecksgem: Excadrill is just a rock star. Super dependable in battle and looks great.

Wicklebee: This Pokemon is the drill that will pierce the heavens. His color is kinda bleh, but that look is intense.

Natwaf: GIGA! DRILL! BREEEEEEAAAAAKKKKKK! By far the superior mole (Sorry Dugtrio), this thing is awesome. High Attack and ****ing DEADLY in a Sandstorm (go for the speed boosting one), this thing got banned IIRC. Steel provides useful resistances, though here's a bit of a trivia: Sandslash will most likely beat Excadrill in a one on one.

Raka_Putra: His legend dates back to 2010 AD, thank you very much.

Logicblade: The name is on the nose, but the power, unreal.

Cybat: Sand Rush is pretty terrifying, especially for a Pokemon with such good stat distribution and movepool. He does have some unfortunate weaknesses, but he also looks pretty badass, so overall a pretty solid Pokemon.

Anagram: Excadrill isn't bad, but when the anime tried to turn it into the new Charizard, all I could think was "it's a mole. Charizard is a dragon."

Paratroopa1: armored armadillo is the best mega man x boss

Magmortar: always thought the design was…trying too hard, but it is really hard to deny that power. Probably one of the only cases where something I used on an in-game team is one where I actually prefer the pre-evolution.

ctesjbuvf: It’s pretty good, but the anime drags it down quite a bit. They try to portray as a badass, but how it ends up being loyal to Iris doesn’t really work well and then it’s just used to win easy battles. It’s not really its own fault, but it also only drags it down a few spots.

Suor: I would like Excadrill more if it didn't look a bit like an angry clown. Drilling is always cool of course.

Brayze II:

StifledSilence: The look of murderous rage on this thing's face is legit frightening.

Wigs: this guy is right around the cutoff (pun intended) for the guys I don't mind from the guys I don't really like.

2. KrookodileEdit

Score: 1250
Average Ranking: 25.51 (Standard Deviation: 29.73)
Ground rank: 1/11
Dark rank: 1/16
Fully Evolved rank: 2/82

1 - ctesjbuvf
1 - junglebob22
1 - tazzyboyishere
2 - XIII_Rocks
4 - CasanovaZelos
4 - KommunistKoala
4 - FrostHarpy
4 - red13n
4 - Wicklebee
5 - Xuxon
6 - starfox2245
6 - Raka_Putra
7 - xx521xx
7 - Bane_Of_Despair
8 - Ermine
8 - mcflubbin
8 - Whiskey Nick
8 - Luster Soldier
8 - Sorozone
9 - profDEADPOOL
9 - Logicblade
9 - mnkboy907
10 - Articuno2001
11 - Drakeryn
11 - BetrayedTangy
14 - Dragon66116
16 - Suor
18 - Steiner
19 - Wigs
19 - Inviso
20 - Anagram
21 - swordz9
23 - Natwaf
24 - cody11533
26 - OrangeCrush
35 - ecksgem
39 - Cybat
41 - StifledSilence
46 - Genny
51 - Scepter
57 - Naye745
57 - Magmortar
61 - Brayze II
94 - TexWolf_1729
96 - Paratroopa1
97 - l3fty
104 - SanityLapse
106 - PrinceKaro

ctesjbuvf: Amazingly fun to use and badass looking too especially with the anime

XIII_Rocks: Such a goddamn badass and if Krook isn't in at least the top 5 I'll be shocked and disappointed.

KommunistKoala: This damn crocodile has got too much swag.

Wicklebee: Swiper no sw- and then Dora gets chomped and is processed into MORE DAMAGE for Krookodile. MWAHAHAHA.

Raka_Putra: The skull of this thing looks so dope, I'd bet.

Bane_Of_Despair: Absolutely pulls the shades off, and even without still a crazy ass cool crocodile.

Ermine: The end of a fantastic line.

Logicblade: Crocodilians are always done well in the pokemon series. Waruvile is no exception. Also the rare case where I like the japanese name way more than the english name.

Suor: THE KROOK is honestly one of the coolest pokémon around, one of the highest quality lines ever.

Steiner: Krok looked so cool and swaggy and then he just got big red and angry looking still great but less so.

Wigs: bit of a bias since I used him in Gen 6 but he's still pretty cool anyway

Inviso: This things face looks like a penis. That's all I'm gonna say about that.

Anagram: I didn't like Krookodile at first, but over time, I grew to like it a lot. I have no real explanation for this.

Natwaf: Ladies and gentleman, behold my first legit shiny. I got it in White 2 while passing through that desert route. Krookodile is great, It's got two great abilities, and Dat Dark/Ground is a sexy offensive typing

Cybat: Always fun to see new type combinations, but I just don't like the direction they took this line. The new color comes out of nowhere and looks awkward (especially for a desert-dwelling creature) and his huge shades look cheesy. Oh well, at least I managed to get through the writeup without mentioning his nose aw dammit

StifledSilence: I am not a Krook. *peace signs*

Genny: You know I used to think it was a little too chunky, but it's just chunky enough. It's not that I dislike it btw, it's that I like or even love everything above it more. It absolutely pains me that it's going to finish so far above Krokorok, probably by a good 30+ spots when I love the latter so much more. This thing is gonna win no matter what I do, so good thing I'm cool with it now.

Magmortar: Krookodile – I mean crocodiles are cool I guess but Feraligatr is one too and it’s better but Krookodile is still better than ****ing Carnivine so I guess it’s here (it isn’t very good, like a lot of these Pokemon).

Brayze II: Ash_Krookodile_Dragon_Claw.png

Paratroopa1: krookodile is my guess for #1 - I think he's got a good chance of winning this, though I'll look stupid when he ends up out of the top ten. I didn't do myself any favors by sabotaging his ranking just now

PrinceKaro: What happened to you? You used to be cool when you were younger, but then you got sunburnt and had your head turned into a phallus.

1. GalvantulaEdit

Score: 1203
Average Ranking: 24.55 (Standard Deviation: 30.03)
Electric rank: 1/11
Bug rank: 1/18
Fully Evolved rank: 1/82

1 - Naye745
2 - profDEADPOOL
3 - ctesjbuvf
3 - Ermine
3 - Wigs
3 - cody11533
3 - Scepter
4 - Suor
4 - Magmortar
5 - swordz9
6 - Logicblade
6 - Drakeryn
6 - Inviso
6 - Brayze II
7 - CasanovaZelos
7 - Articuno2001
9 - junglebob22
9 - mcflubbin
9 - Whiskey Nick
9 - OrangeCrush
11 - Luster Soldier
11 - Genny
12 - mnkboy907
13 - starfox2245
13 - Paratroopa1
14 - KommunistKoala
14 - Cybat
15 - FrostHarpy
15 - Anagram
16 - Natwaf
17 - StifledSilence
19 - ecksgem
22 - Dragon66116
26 - tazzyboyishere
26 - Sorozone
28 - red13n
28 - Raka_Putra
29 - XIII_Rocks
36 - PrinceKaro
37 - Steiner
38 - TexWolf_1729
51 - BetrayedTangy
54 - SanityLapse
62 - Wicklebee
69 - xx521xx
86 - Bane_Of_Despair
94 - l3fty
150 - Xuxon

ctesjbuvf: Fun type combination and excellent Pokemon.

Ermine: Galvantula and Joltik is one of the best pokemon lines ever created. Both are simply fantastic and honestly people say they are overrated? Nah, they are underrated imo, they need even MORE appreciation! Galvy has such a perfect design it's actually amazing that he's a gen 5 poke. I guess with so many failures, they had to get something right. And by god did they get these two pokemon right. I'm really glad the electric bug turned out fantastic because it could have gone terribly wrong. Amazing pokemon and if he manages to beat Krookodile and a few other strong pokes to take first place, well he definitely deserves it!


Scepter: Good pet

Suor: They really nailed the Bug types in Gen 5 and Galvantula is the best of the best. Amazing typing, excellent design, useful both in-game and in battles and evolves from the cutest pokémon ever. I have nothing but praise for it.

Magmortar: I hate tarantulas, and after Gen 1 I’m not overly huge on Electric-types except here and there, but somehow when you put two and two together, you get a pretty awesome Pokemon with a sleek and out-there design and some mad battle credit (91% accurate STAB Thunder! Awwww yeah).

Logicblade: Galvantula has been a mainstay on every team I've used. Compound Eyes + Thunder is just so fun. Not as cute as Joltik but still up there.

Inviso: Two Pokemon from one line make my top six overall. Yes, that just happened. Compoundeyes given a 91% STAB Thunder attack? Yes please. I mean, I'm horrifically arachnophobic, but Galvantula doesn't scare me. It's actually pretty cute.

Brayze II:

junglebob22: Pretty much just a tarantula, but it's got a sweet color scheme and type combo

OrangeCrush: He's kind of overrated, but unlike Ampharos or Luxray, Galvantula actually deserves most of its praise. Compound Eyes Thunder is fun, and he's also part bug to spice things up even more.

Genny: This guy probably has a great chance of winning if Most Excellent Pokémon was any indicator, and well I wouldn't be mad at that. I love spiders. Well not on me, but I love to look at them and watch their odd movements and habits. They're so alien and yet so natural, and sometimes they're even beautiful. Galvantula as a concept was lightning in a bottle, pun intended: a spider that spouts electric webs in which to paralyze its prey before eating it. Are you kidding me? That's crazy genius. And its design and movepool are as awesome as its concept. It would be no slouch on the battlefield or the runway. I rather love it, I just love the ten pokémon I have above it even more.

Paratroopa1: why aren't real life spiders cool and cute like this instead of terrible? I mean never mind that this thing is large and has electric powers I'd still be okay with it in my house

KommunistKoala: Wish it was more useful in battle but still what a boss.

Cybat: Finally another spider. Sorry Ariados, but you weren't really pulling your weight for your species. This one comes with way cooler typing and a great name. And a cool-sounding move, anyway, too bad it's kinda useless.

Anagram: "Ariados was a wash, let's call a mulligan for spider pokemon."

Natwaf: The superior Spider-Ma-MON! Rather low attacking stats, but thanks to Compoundeyes, it can make use of Thunder rather accurately to make up for it, and it's got moves to hit other types too. Probably one of my favorite bug designs too. Gets rid of dem Psychic and Dark types in my Mono-Electric White playthrough.

StifledSilence: Electric Bugaloo

ecksgem: I hate spiders in real life, but love them in everything else. Galvantula is really cool.

Raka_Putra: Joltik who got hormone treatment. Still good, just not as good.

Wicklebee: OH GOD IT EVOLVED *stompstompstomp*

Final Outlier StatsEdit

53.462 - l3fty
45.744 - SanityLapse
41.846 - Xuxon
41.321 - PrinceKaro
40.833 - Magmortar
38.603 - Wigs
38.410 - xx521xx
37.026 - TexWolf_1729
36.974 - Paratroopa1
35.910 - Sorozone
35.192 - Steiner
34.987 - mnkboy907
34.885 - StifledSilence
34.731 - Suor
34.295 - FrostHarpy
33.269 - Naye745
33.064 - OrangeCrush
33.064 - Wicklebee
32.679 - BetrayedTangy
32.269 - Natwaf
32.051 - cody11533
31.692 - Bane_Of_Despair
31.538 - Inviso
31.474 - profDEADPOOL
31.423 - Drakeryn
31.013 - Brayze II
30.385 - ctesjbuvf
29.654 - red13n
29.538 - Luster Soldier
28.923 - Scepter
28.846 - Articuno2001
28.808 - Raka_Putra
27.872 - junglebob22
27.833 - Ermine
27.346 - Anagram
27.205 - Genny
27.205 - swordz9
26.769 - XIII_Rocks
26.679 - Whiskey Nick
26.346 - mcflubbin
26.103 - starfox2245
25.667 - KommunistKoala
25.397 - ecksgem
25.346 - Dragon66116
24.962 - JONALEON1
24.821 - Cybat
24.500 - CasanovaZelos
22.795 - Logicblade
22.179 - tazzyboyishere

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