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One of the more unique aspects of the Board 8 User Contest Association is that there is lots of room for creativity in how matches will work. There are several different stipulators for matches in B8UCA.

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Battle Royale[]

Battle Royales are a multi-man match where the goal is to be the last person to survive. The way it works is simple.

  • Everyone in the match starts with 5 points
  • Voters decide to "hurt" one of the people in the match, thus deducting one of their points.
  • Once a user has 0 points, they are eliminated.
  • The last user standing wins.
  • Depending on how many users are involved in the Battle Royale, voters may or may not be able to vote every hour.

Championship Chase[]

Championship Chase is generally a way to crown a champion if there is a vacant belt, and may occasionally be used to crown a #1 contender if there are multiple worthy competitors.

  • The Championship Chase starts with several users.
  • Users vote for one user. Votes are tallied at the end of the day, and a set number of the bottom users are eliminated.
  • The Chase keeps slowly eliminating people till only one is left.
  • Unless it's down to the last day, ties are not broken in the Championship Chase. For example, if 2 people were supposed to be eliminated on Monday Night Ruin, but 3 are tied for last place, all the users move on. However, more users will be eliminated on the next day.
  • The way ties are broken in the chase is with an extension to the match, with the next vote determining the winner.

Ladder Match[]

Ladder Match is a match between two users or tag teams. First to get six straight votes wins.

  • Users may vote for one user per hour
  • A user needs six straight votes to win
  • Users involved in a ladder match may not vote in it

Six-Pack Challenge[]

Six Pack Challenge is a match between 6 participants.

  • The difference between a regular match is that voters vote for two different people.
  • Voters cant vote for the same person with their 2 votes.
  • There is only one winner.

Iron Man Match[]

An Iron Man match involves two people battling to determine how many falls they can get within the 24 hour period.

  • Once a user gets 10 votes, that counts as a winning fall and the score resets
  • Voters are allowed to re-vote in this match once the score resets
  • Whoever has the most falls at the end of the 24 hour period wins

Submission Match[]

A submission match involves two people trying to make each other tap out within the 24 hour period

  • Users can tap out at any time within the 24 hour period to avoid suspension
  • If no one taps out within the 24 hour period, then whoever has less votes is suspended from UCA for a month

2 of 3 Falls Match[]

A match involving two men attempting to get two successful victories

  • Each fall is split into 8 hours
  • Whoever has the most votes at the end of the 8th hour wins the fall for that time period
  • Whoever gets two falls first is the winner