Board 8 Wiki

What is B8W?[]

Board 8 Wrestling (B8W) is a Wrestling fed run by PhantomLink on a No Mercy rom. The matches are simulated on there and recored, then uploaded onto youtube and posted on Board 8. Matches occur every Monday and Friday, Wednesday is a review show and one match. And the last Sunday of the month is the PPV. The youtube account where you can watch all of the matches is

== Roster == As of 4-04-07

Jarek Vanders -PhantomLink

Jay Lindblum -The Raven 2

NoDiceCurt -NoDiceCurt

mentalmike -mentalmike

Sir Cobain -Sir Cobain

Captain Hair -Warsola

Keevee Kaiser -Coffee Ninja

Oblivion -Dpoblivion

X Dragon -FFDragon

James Exeter -ExThaNemesis

Dangerous Dan -Kosmo Trainer

Maniac -Maniac64

MaxedOutRyu -MaxedOutRyu

Mr. Icehawk -Icehawk

Swift -Twilight Swift

Blue Glory -Tom Bombadil

The Mighty Vladoman - DNEA

Current Champions[]

B8W Tag Champions - Ground N Pound aka Sir Cobain and NoDiceCurt Image: Image:

B8W Hardkore Champion - Oblivion Image:

B8W Intercontinental Champion - Jarek Vanders Image:

B8W Heavyweight Champion - James Exeter

Winner of the King of the Board tournament - X Dragon

Winner of the First Onslaught Rumble - Captain Hair