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Board Brother was a con game run by DSRage that spanned three seasons, one in each 2006, 2007, and 2008. Using his secret alt, Rocktillery, DSRage casted users into a Big Brother game hosted at a secret board on the site. In seasons one and three, $100 was on the line; the second season was just for fun.

Season One[]

Season one was in 2006. Users who participated include DSRage, Vlado, Inviso, Pikaness, Mega Mana, Zachnorn, PhantomLink, War13104, Cyrax dioxide and others.

PhantomLink won the prize of $100, defeating Vlado by 4 votes to 3 in a really tight final.

Season Two[]

Season two was held about a year after the first. Users who participated included DSRage, StifledSilence, Mershiness, Andymancan1, War13104, Whit3 Rabb1t, Warning crazy, mr wednesday and others.

DSRage rigged the results, possibly offering bribes, and won 5-2 over StifledSilence in the final.

Season Three[]

Season three, held in the spring of 2008, had a bunch of veterans return, including DSRage, Warning crazy, Zachnorn, StifledSilence, andymancan1, War13104, and PhantomLink, as well as some new players in SpikeDragon, Coffee Ninja, Rammtay and Dr_Football. A twist was added this season where each person had a "secret partner" and must figure out who it was - if they sat together in the final two, the prize would have been doubled.

The season was cut short at the end when DSRage was exposed by Rammtay (who had made it to the final three) and andymancan1 (who had been evicted long before by DSRage, who knew of the "Waffletown" pact between Andy and Stifled that had almost booted him in the prior season) and he failed to show up for the final three HoH competition even though he was still in the final three; hence, no money was awarded. DSRage revealed his con game - and that he knew what everyone was up to by posing as a phony host - left the Internet before it could be concluded, leaving all participants to recognize him as a con man.