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Brawl vs Melee has had quite an impact on B8

Ever since Snake was announced as a playable character at Nintendo's E3 conference during the Summer of 2006, one question has torn Board 8 apart: would Super Smash Bros. Brawl be a better game than Super Smash Bros. Melee? Because Melee was arguably the most popular game on the board from 2005 to 2008, it goes without saying that Brawl vs Melee has been one of the most hotly-debated subjects on B8 for many years now.

Brawl vs Melee - The Polls[]

One week after Brawl's release in the US (March 2008), the game was practically the only thing being discussed on Board 8. yoblazer took advantage of the hype by creating the first Brawl v Melee poll, then continued asking the question for the next several months, with the help of Ngamer. The results were as follows:

  • One Week after release
    • Brawl defeats Melee, 38-1 (97.44%)
  • One Month after release
    • Brawl defeats Melee, 75-13 (85.23%)
  • Two Months after release
    • Brawl defeats Melee, 54-19 (73.97%)
  • Three Months after release
    • Brawl defeats Melee, 70-27 (72.16%)
  • Four Months after release
    • Brawl defeats Melee, 68-18 (79.07%)

Nearly a year after release (in February of 2009), Chronic1000 ran an Agree or Disagree with the subject heading "Brawl > Melee". Not surprisingly, it resulted in one of the most popular AoDs ever. The result was:

  • One Year after release
    • Brawl defeats Melee, 55-47 (53.92%)

In Ulti's Video Game Battle 3, (5)Melee vs (4)Brawl ended up as a second round match. The result:

  • Almost Two Years after release
    • Brawl defeats Melee, 225-207 (52.08%) (Overtime)

Two full years after release (April 2009), Ngamer and Yoblazer re-ran the classic poll. Amazingly (or unsurprisingly), it still drew over 100 votes. The result was:

  • Two Years after release
    • Brawl defeats Melee, 59-53 (52.68%)

In red sox 777's Gauntlet contest, he ran a Brawl vs Melee poll in which Melee was FINALLY able to win:

  • 31 Months after release
    • Melee defeats Brawl, 37-25 (59.68%)

In Kuge's contest hype topic for Game of the Decade, he ran a 30 minute poll that was dead even:

  • 32 months after release
    • Melee and Brawl tie, 13-13 (50.00%)

In the site-wide Game of the Decade Contest of 2010 the Melee vs Brawl debate was settled once and for all when the two games met up in the Sweet 16 of that bracket. The result was:

  • 32 months after release
    • Brawl defeats Melee, 22684-21729 (51.08%)

In Steinershocker's "Video Game World Cup", held in 2015, Melee and Brawl faced off in the last 16. Melee took a large lead, but Brawl made a comeback to win in one of the highest-voted matches of the tournament: 

  • 90 months after release
    • Brawl defeats Melee, 18-16 (52.94%)