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Woo. I consider myself to be quite knowledgable in the all things Disney so I figured I would join the ranking craze. Give me some characters and I will rank them in order with writeups. These rankings will be based mostly on my personal feelings, but historical context will be taken into consideration.


  • Characters can be from any short, movie, cartoon, Disney park ride, whatever as long as they are Disney related.
  • Feel free to suggest specific examples (i.e. Baloo from Jungle Book or Baloo from TaleSpin).
  • Also you can suggest live-action characters as well.
  • Only one suggestion at a time, please.

This is project is currently on hiatus.

Current Rankings[]

  1. Donald Duck
  2. Mickey Mouse
  3. Goofy
  4. Stitch
  5. The Genie
  6. Captain Jack Sparrow
  7. Tigger
  8. Belle
  9. Buzz Lightyear
  10. Pluto
  11. WALL-E
  12. Jafar
  13. Woody
  14. Judge Claude Frollo
  15. Alice
  16. Scrooge McDuck
  17. Tinker Bell
  18. Darkwing Duck
  19. Roger Rabbit
  20. Hercules
  21. Fa Mulan
  22. Jack Skellington
  23. Simba
  24. Scar
  25. Ursula
  26. Mike Wazowski
  27. Merlin
  28. Tramp
  29. Mufasa
  30. The Beast
  31. Hades
  32. Ariel
  33. Megara
  34. Launchpad McQuack
  35. Eeyore
  36. Iago
  37. Pumbaa
  38. Gadget Hackwrench
  39. Kim Possible
  40. Archimedes
  41. Shere Khan
  42. Demona
  43. Mushu
  44. Oogie Boogie
  45. Elliot
  46. Peter Pete (Goof Troop)
  47. Milo James Thatch
  48. Meeko
  49. Horace Horsecollar
  50. Yen Sid
  51. Monstro
  52. T.J. Detweiler
  53. Hal
  54. Scamp
  55. Puck
  56. Roxanne
  57. Kirby
  58. Carl Fredericksen (reevaluation later)
  59. Dewey Duck (Quack Pack)
  60. The Evil Manta
  61. Powerline
  62. Hannah Montana


  • Writeups will be placed here in alphabetic order, not the order of ranking, just to make it easier to find the character.


  • First Appearance: Alice in Wonderland (1951)
  • Voiced By: Kathryn Beaumont

In the early 50’s, Disney artists decided to take a trip into Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland. The lead in the books and the film was a young British girl named Alice. Curious, yet prim and proper, Alice has several encounters with the inhabitants of Wonderland.

Early in the film, Alice dreams of visiting a world of her own, where flowers could talk and animals would civilized and live in houses. Following the extremely late White Rabbit, Alice falls down the rabbit hole and into her dream world. She runs into a slew of strange characters, including Dodo, the Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter and the March Hare among others. In her interactions with these residents, she continues to act normal and sane, even in the face of absurd logic. Eventually, she gets fed up with the silliness and just wants to go back to her real life.

Alice is endearing to me because of her basic curiosity. Like any child, she wants to experience the fantastic and new, but comes to realize she needs to safety of her ordinary life. I’ve always been a huge fan of Alice’s. The way she interacts with her surroundings is humorous. She brings logic and reason to a nonsense contest. Alice is a reminder of how powerful our imaginations can be.

Random Fact: Walt Disney had planned for “Alice in Wonderland” to be his first full-length animated film.


  • First Appearance: The Little Mermaid (1989)
  • Voiced By: Jodi Benson

Princess Ariel is the youngest daughter of King Triton and one of the most instantly recognizable characters in the Disney reserves. The basic image of a mermaid has become synonymous with her looks. The flowing red hair and green flipper are indeed iconic.

Ariel’s problem in life is that she is obsessed with the human world. She travels throughout the ocean collecting human artifacts, yearning to learn more and understand this different world. The princess is very adventurous and headstrong about her fascination, putting everyone around her into danger due to it. After rescuing Eric, with whom she falls instantly in love with, she visits the sea witch Ursula, knowing she’s pure evil, to become a human herself in exchange for her soul. That’s some dedication. As the events unfold, Ariel gets her man and everybody ends up happy.

Her shining moment for me is her anthem, “Part of Your World”. It’s such a great song and by my count, easily one of the top ten best Disney songs.

The big negative on Ariel for me is, well, she’s a little bratty. I understand that she knows what she wants and damn the consequences, but she doesn’t gives a thought to all the people she’s screwing in the process. She never really learns a lesson or comprehends the possible destruction she could have caused.

On the Disney Princess-O-Meter, she’s probably in 4th in my book. I do understand why people see her as such a magnificent character, but she’s never hit the top tier for me. Nevertheless, she remains one of the most popular characters in the history of the company.

Random Fact: “Part of Your World”, dubbed the I Want Song by crew working on the film, was nearly cut from the final film due to its slow pace.


  • First Appearance: Beauty and the Beast (1991)
  • Voiced By: Paige O’Hara

The first glimpse we get of Belle is during her amazing self-titled song, which opens the classic Beauty and the Beast. Belle goes on to be one of the most memorable and adored characters of all time. She’s one of the main reasons that her film is still the only animated film to be nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture.

Belle lives in a quiet town in France with her inventor father, Maurice. She doesn’t quite fit in though, not conforming to her surroundings. She’s a bookworm, which is awesome, and also doesn’t care about her appearance, even though she is the most beautiful girl in the village. Unlike other Disney princesses, she doesn’t fall for the typical handsome and dashing male. In fact, she’s repulsed by him and his advances. One night, searching for her missing father, she ventures out in the woods and stumbles upon the Beast’s castle. In a bold and selfless gesture, Belle exchanges herself for Maurice’s freedom. While living as a slave in his castle, Belle helps the Beast rediscover his humanity, as well as falling in love with him.

Belle, in my personal opinion, is the quintessential Disney princess. She’s independent, bold, beautiful, and displays a greater heart than any other. She’s one of the greatest movie characters of all time in my book. Rankings wise, she’s taking the #3 spot, right underneath the Genie.

Random Fact: Belle is the first brunette princess in Disney history.

Carl Fredricksen[]

  • First Appearance: Up (2009)
  • Voiced By: Ed Asner

Well, since Up hasn’t come out yet, all I’ve got to go on are the trailers. What I’ve seen so far though, I like. Nothing like a grizzled, curmudgeonly old man. Apparently Carl wants nothing more than to live his lifelong dream of adventure. To do this, he ties an enormous amount of balloons to his house and flies away. Fun so far.

If there is one thing I definitely know, it’s that the storytellers at Pixar know how to pull at the heartstrings better than anyone. I have a feeling Carl will be a very deep character and will end up being quite beloved. But for now, he’s got to go to the bottom of the list. I will reevaluate Carl as soon as I see the movie. I can’t wait!

Random Fact: Carl will not be the first Disney character for Ed Asner. He also provided the voice for the gargoyle Hudson.


  • First Appearance: Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree (1966)
  • Voiced By: Ralph Wright (original)

“Thanks for noticing me.” Oh no, woe is me! It’s Eeyore, Disney’s resident manic-depressive donkey.

Eeyore is a trooper, always trudging along on his own, even though he constantly loses his tail or someone (Tigger) destroys his home. He never bothers others for help and when they do offer, he just points out the fact that nobody should bother with him or his status in life. He’s so damn mopey and sad. He reminds me a lot of Marvin from the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy books, but not nearly as miserable. Eeyore does show the ability to love though. He even pops a smile on his grim face every one in a while.

I never was a huge fan of Eeyore growing up, but lately I’ve grown to appreciate him more. He’s probably the funniest Pooh character due to his absolutely sad and dejected comments. I mean, he lives in a house of sticks he calls his “Gloomy Place”. Is it wrong of me to laugh? Either way, he’s become a highly popular and marketed Disney character despite his unhappy personality. Eeyore’s a middle of the pack character for me.

Random Fact: Every year in Austin, Texas, there is a festival called “Eeyore’s Birthday Party” in honor of the donkey.

The Genie[]

  • First Appearance: Aladdin (1992)
  • Voiced By: Robin Williams

I remembered watching the trailers for Aladdin when I was kid and for some reason, I wasn’t really excited for Aladdin. I can’t remember why, I just know that I wasn’t super crazy about it. But then I went to the movies and saw it. The whole experience was amazing, but if one character stuck out, it was easily the Genie.

The big, blue, magical being was a slave to his lamp. Locked away inside the Cave of Wonders, the Genie’s entire existence was to grant his master three wishes. You would think being locked away for such a long time would make Genie bitter and hard, but he’s a fun loving character, constantly transforming humorously at will. But behind his entertaining exterior, he yearns for nothing more than freedom from the shackles of servitude. It’s his good nature than endears him to Aladdin, and ultimately to his desired independence.

The personality of the Genie is brought to life through the genius of Robin Williams. Sometimes Williams can be a bit too much, but as the Genie, he never misses. Perfect casting choice. I still think it’s bogus that Williams wasn’t recognized with a nomination for an Academy Award for this performance.

A big bonus is his song “Friend Like Me.” A great Disney tune introducing us to his world and powers.

Aladdin is my favorite Disney movie. I’ve watched it way too many times to count and will probably watch it way too many times more. The Genie is definitely one of the most iconic and memorable Disney characters. To me, the big blue Genie will always be my most beloved semi-phenomenal, nearly-cosmic character.

Random Fact: The Genie was the first character to use pop culture references in a major Disney animated film including caricatures of Jack Nicholson, Groucho Marx, and Pinocchio.


  • First Appearance: Hercules (1997)
  • Voiced By: James Woods

Hades, Lord of the Underworld. A God. But is that good enough? No way. That’s why Hades seeks to overthrow Zeus and rule on Mt. Olympus instead of down in the dreary Underworld. The only problem is Zeus’s son, Hercules, destined to prevent Hades quest for domination.

So why is Hades so damn evil? Exhibit A: He tries to kill a baby. Or at least get his goons to do it. That takes some deep down vileness to do. Exhibit B: He toys with people’s soul, Megara in particular. But that’s his job. He’s a slickster, wheeling and dealing for personal profit. But that’s what makes Hades such a likable villain.

Hades also has one of the best designs of a villain. An imposing grey figure with a head full of blue fire for hair, he just oozes evil. Plus, James Woods was a perfect choice to become the Greek God. He plays him cool and confident, but able to explode at any moment (in a red burst of flame).

I like Hades. He’s one of the better Disney villains. Probably not in the very top tier, but right below the baddest of the bad. Being the first villain on the list, he’s get the cushy #3 spot for now.

Random Fact: James Woods says that Hades is one of the his favorite characters and will always continue to voice him whenever asked.

Hannah Montana[]

  • First appearance: Hannah Montana (2006)
  • Played by: Miley Cyrus

Sooooo…I’ve never seen an episode of Hannah Montana. I’m pretty proud of that actually. Nothing against Miley Cyrus or her show, but I’m a little too old to watch. Plus, even if I was in the proper demographic, I’m pretty sure I never would have watched anyways. Just not my sort of thing.

From my basic knowledge, she’s a pop star and Hannah Montana is a fake stage name. She slaps on that wig and rocks out. I’m sure there are all sorts of zany adventures keeping her identity a secret so that she can have a normal life. Sounds like Spider-Man, but the Green Goblin isn’t going to show up and pumpkin bomb the hell out of Billy Ray Cyrus.

All this being said, there is no denying that Hannah Montana is a megastar for Disney. She’s one of the driving forces behind this teen pop crap that’s plaguing the company right now. Gotta rank her down in the doldrums. I’d rather have Powerline.

Launchpad McQuack[]

  • First Appearance : “Treasure of the Golden Suns” – Duck Tales
  • Voiced By: Terry McGovern

For fans of LOST, I like to call Frank Lapidus the anti-Launchpad McQuack. Why? Because unlike Scrooge’s personal pilot, Lapidus never crashes a plane. Whereas, McQuack’s personal motto is “If it’s got wings, I can crash it!”

Launchpad is one of the biggest original stars from the Disney Afternoon era. Starting on Duck Tales and crossing over to Darkwing Duck, Launchpad brings plenty comedic relief. On Duck Tales, he usually was the bane of Scrooge’s existence or a fool who the nephews played just for fun. On Darkwing, he filled the role of superhero sidekick.

Personally, I’m a big fan of Launchpad. I loved watching the Disney Afternoon shows and so always got a dose of him everyday after school. Fun character, but lacks the depth to be considered a great. Overall, I put him ahead of Mushu on the list, but he doesn’t come close to the Mick.

Random Fact: Unlike other Disney ducks, Launchpad actually wears pants.


  • First Appearance: Pocahontas (1995)
  • Voiced By: John Kassir

If you have any snacks or food lying around, please hide it quickly! Our next character is known to snatch up and gobble anything and everything he lays his eyes on.

Meeko is one of Pocahontas’ pals. The raccoon follows her around pretty much everywhere she goes. He gets into miniature scuffles with Pocahontas’ other companion, the hummingbird Flit, from time to time. Meeko’s most entertaining moments are in his encounters with Percy. He constantly draws the ire of the pampered pug by appearing out of nowhere and pinching all his goodies.

While Meeko is fun and very cute, he’s a one-note character. He’s only there for comic relief and has no true purpose outside of making laughs. He provides several memorable scenes, but lacks any depth to be considered a great.

Random Fact: In production, all the animal characters in Pocahontas, including Meeko, were to have dialogue. This was dropped to make the film more serious.


  • First Appearance: The Sword in the Stone (1963)
  • Voiced By: Karl Swenson

Merlin is a teacher. An educator. But don’t get him riled up. He’s still the one of the most powerful wizards all time.

The first scene we get of Merlin in “The Sword and the Stone”, he’s arguing with his pet owl, Archimedes. He foretells the arrival of Wart, who Merlin believes to have great potential; he just needs the proper education. After engaging Wart’s attention by showing off some his magic, Merlin moves in with Wart to be more available as a mentor. Merlin takes Wart out on various adventures to teach him lessons, mostly by transforming the boy into an animal, whether it is a squirrel, fish, or bird. Merlin despises the brutishness of Wart’s foster brother Kay, and hopes to turn Wart away from such a life.

Merlin is one of my personal favorite Disney characters. He has a good nature about him. He is wise, but doesn’t seem to be all there at the same time. The way he fights with Archimedes like they’re an old married couple is hilarious. Plus, the wizard duel with Mad Madame Mim is one of the most memorable scenes from any Disney film.

Random Fact: Merlin’s nose is actually modeled after Walt Disney’s.

Mickey Mouse[]

  • First Appearance: Plane Crazy (1928)
  • Voiced By: Walt Disney (original)

The Big Cheese. The Mick. The icon and face of Disney. Nothing embodies the Disney name like Mickey Mouse

Mickey has gone through variations transformations throughout his lifetime. He started out as a troublemaker, always getting in a little over his head, but still playing the hero all along. As Donald Duck became more prominent and popular, the role as mischief maker was passed on to him while Mickey became the embodiment of the everyman, relatable to all viewers. Walt Disney himself once said “When people laugh at Mickey Mouse, it's because he's so human; and that is the secret of his popularity.” Mickey is still the Disney lead today, with a more squeaky clean persona than his former incarnations. Still relevant after over 80 years, Mickey is as popular as ever. Historically, there is no more significant character for Disney. Without him, there would be no Disney.

Mickey has always been one of my favorites. I’ve always found Mickey to be funny and interesting as character. He represents imagination to me. I grew up on the Mickey cartoons and never stopped being a fan since. He’s taking the #1 spot on the rankings for now, and there are only a few that could possibly knock him off this pedestal.

Random Fact: Story artists working on Fantasia originally placed Dopey in the Sorcerer's Apprentice segment. With Mickey's popularity waning, Walt himself insisted Mickey take on the role, which in turn revived the mouse's career.

Milo James Thatch[]

  • First Appearance: Atlantis – The Lost Empire (2001)
  • Voiced By: Michael J. Fox

Milo Thatch is the lead character of the Disney film “Atlantis – The Lost Empire”. While it wasn’t a box-office smash or critically acclaimed, they’re plenty of decent things about movie. Milo Thatch is one of them.

Following his grandfather’s dream of finding the mystical city, Milo spends his days trying to find Atlantis. He’s a bit nerdy and awkward, living and working in the boiler room of the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C. When presented with the opportunity to join a group of explorers on an expedition to the city, Milo jumps headfirst in. Along the way, Milo’s geeky persona makes him an easier target for the tough crew, but he ends up endearing himself to them along on the way. Eventually he leads them to Atlantis, solving the riddles of plaguing their existence, and saving the day from the traitorous mercenary crew.

I find two glaring faults in Milo’s character. First, he’s way too smart. Not that there’s anything wrong with being intelligent, but Milo figures out everything in the movie with relative ease. He knows more about the lost city than the people who inhabit it and is never surprised by anything he finds. I could understand him having some information that they’ve forgotten, but he knows everything. Second, halfway through the movie, with no explanation, Milo goes from being awkward and uncoordinated to a super athlete. He’s climbing walls and pillars like Spider-Man. He’s diving underneath the ocean, swimming incredible depths without being out of breath. It’s just out of place.

Milo still has some charming qualities. When faced with danger, he’s incredibly brave and his intentions are always pure. I think he had great potential as a character, but shoddy writing hurt his overall development. In the end, he doesn’t stack up near some of the great Disney leads throughout time.

Random Fact: Michael J. Fox was known to adlib several of Milo’s lines throughout the film.


  • First appearance: Pinocchio (1940)

While Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket are searching for Geppetto on the ocean, they run into a large problem. The largest character on the list so far. Probably the largest when we’re all said and done as well. Monstro is the enormous black whale with a bloodlust for wooden puppets, official consciences, toymakers, cats, and, well, everything. After swallowing up all the main characters, the only way they could escape his hunger was by building a fire and making him sneeze.

Good idea, right? Wrong! That just made Monstro angry! The whale chased the escaping “food” down and put the entire family in grave danger. Death and mayhem ensued.

As a character though, I can’t rank Monstro too high. He’s more of a plot device than a real character. He’s just a whale. A hungry, angry whale. And if Kingdom Hearts has taught me anything, he’s a space whale.

Random Fact: In the original Pinocchio fairytale, Monstro’s name is actually the Terrible Dogfish.


  • First Appearance: The Lion King (1994)
  • Voiced By: James Earl Jones

“Remember who you are.” Mufasa’s time in the epic movie The Lion King was short, but very impactful. His sacrifice fuels the entire landscape of the movie.

Mufasa is a good father to Simba and an excellent king for the Pride Lands. Shown to be extremely wise, Mufasa abides by and teaches Simba about the “circle of life”. He is also very protective of his son, saving him from the hyenas in the elephant graveyard and from the wildebeest stampede, ultimately leading to his downfall. His death, combined with Scar’s reign, leads the Pride Lands into ruin. It’s not until Simba has a vision of Mufasa guiding him back that the kingdom is saved.

One of the main reasons Mufasa is awesome is his voice. James Earl Jones has such a chilling tone that it demands attention. Deep and powerful, you have to heed Mufasa’s words.

Mufasa is a great character. He represents so many things including fatherhood and responsibility. His role in the movie was the catalyst that created one of the greatest films in cinema history.

Random Fact: Mufasa means “king” in the Manazoto language.


  • First Appearance: Mulan (1998)
  • Voiced by: Eddie Murphy

I remember when I first saw the previews for Mulan. One thing stuck out for me: Eddie Murphy. I usually can’t stand Eddie Murphy. He either does excellent stuff (Beverly Hills Cop, 48 Hours) or terrible stuff (Pluto Nash, Shrek). He’s so hit or miss that I was worried he might be the sore spot in an otherwise great looking Disney movie. Luckily, this wasn’t a bad Eddie Murphy performance.

Mushu, the guardian dragon (don’t call him a lizard), plays the role as Mulan’s companion on her quest. He definitely falls victim to the “little man” syndrome, exuberating his nature as a dragon even though he’s tiny in stature and usually runs at the first sight of danger.

Mushu falls into the sidekick category. There’s nothing wrong with that. Sometimes the sidekick can be more interesting and memorable than the lead. This is not one of those cases though. Mushu serves as the comedic relief who pushes Mulan to be the best warrior she can be and does a good job keeping the movie lighthearted, but he fails to stack up against some of the other Disney sidekicks. For now, since he’s first, Mushu takes the #1 spot.

Random Fact: During the production of Mulan, her sidekicks were originally to be two reptilian sidekicks. They were later merged into one dragon with two heads, and then finally the Mushu we know today.

Peter Pete (Goof Troop)[]

  • Version: Goof Troop/A Goofy Movie
  • Voiced By: Jim Cummings

In our first look at certain version of a character, I’ll explore Pete in his Goof Troop form. Pete’s been the professional Disney villain since before Mickey Mouse was created. He’s a good “plug-in” bad guy, able to fit in any situation and cause havoc. So when Goofy got his own cartoon exploring his home life with Max, Pete made a perfect foil.

The Pete in Goof Troop is noticeably less evil than his former self. While he does take advantage of Goofy’s naiveté for his own personal gain, his motives are not as sinister as usual. Maybe being a husband with two kids has calmed him down a good bit. In most episodes, Pete ends up feeling bad for his schemes and does what he can to patch up the relationships around him.

In Spoonerville, Pete is the owner a used-car dealership, which fits his personality pretty well. And even if he isn’t as villainous, he’s still loud, rough, and obnoxious. Pete also plays the role as the annoying neighbor, who has to have all the coolest stuff and makes sure everybody knows how great he has it.

Pete is one of the best Disney characters. Goof Troop Pete just adds more depth to an already interesting villain. But as a microcosm of his whole career, Goof Troop Pete can’t be ranked too high on list.


  • First Appearance: The Chain Gang (1930)
  • Voiced By: Pinto Colvig (original)

The next classic on the list is one of the only core characters that is not anthropomorphized. But despite not speaking with words, Pluto conveys more emotion than many others.

Best known for being Mickey’s pet, Pluto is the very definition of a best friend. He’s loyal, reliable and always there to greet Mickey when he gets home. Pluto’s also very curious. He somehow always finds his way off the beaten path and into some kind of mischief. Where Pluto shines is in his expressions. He has the ability to tell a story through his facial displays and body movements. Most of Pluto’s emotions are over exaggerated, whether anger, fright, or happiness.

Pluto is undeniably one of Disney’s most popular characters. He was one of the main staples in the old Disney cartoons and still a heavily marketed character. I personally love Pluto. He’s one of my all time favorites. The way he interacts with curiosity and wonder in all his expeditions is endearing to me. He has such a lovable and good nature about him. Pluto is indeed, the perfect pet.

Random Fact: Pluto was originally Minnie’s pet.


  • First appearance: A Goofy Movie (1995)
  • Voiced by: Tevin Campbell

Wow. Powerline. He’s like MC Hammer meets Vanilla Ice. But somehow awesome enough to help win Roxanne’s heart.

The first taste of Powerline comes in the opening sequences of A Goofy Movie when Max dresses up as the pop star and takes over the auditorium to impress Roxanne. After Max gets in trouble at school and Goofy takes him on a road trip, Max creates a lie that he’s going to LA to be on stage with Powerline. Somehow, Max’s friends are very impressed. In the end, Powerline, Goofy, and Max rock out on stage.

Basically, Powerline is a throwaway. But he somehow has the power to impress your friends, so my suggestion is download his amazing hit “I2I” and start mystifying any girl/boy you’re interested in.

Random Fact:

Scrooge McDuck[]

  • First appearance: “Christmas on Bear Mountain” – Four Color Comics (1947)
  • Voiced By: Bill Thompson (original)

The richest duck in the entire world. On the surface, Scrooge may seem like a shallow character, but in actuality he is one of the most flushed out and deep figures in the Disney lexicon.

Coming over from Scotland at a young age with no formal education and only his Number One Dime, Scrooge worked his way up the ladder of success. Never satisfied, Scrooge is the consummate businessman. Always looking for “another rainbow”, he wants nothing more than to find new treasure to add to his massive money bin. Scrooge shares a lot of traits with his nephew, Donald Duck. He can be ill-tempered and destructive, even crossing over the line in the process. Scrooge’s actions can sometimes put him in a grey area, somewhere between good and evil. When Huey, Dewey, and Louie moved in on Duck Tales, Scrooge seemed to calm down a good bit, but still had the occasional outburst.

If you want to learn more about Scrooge and why he’s considered such a great character, pick up a copy of Don Rosa’s award-winning graphic novel called “The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck.” Written in the mid-90s, Rosa does a lot to explain Scrooge’s past and create a better understanding of where he came from and why he is the way he is.

For me, Scrooge is definitely a top tier character. My first experience with him was Mickey’s Christmas Carol. Even if tied to the Dickens’ formula in the film, Scrooge was endearing, funny, and very memorable. Duck Tales was next for me, followed by finding out more about his previous works. I’ll put him at the #2 spot, right below Mickey. It’s close, but the mouse is just slightly better in my book. Maybe if Scrooge lends me some cash, I’ll bump him up to the top spot.

Random Fact: Even though Scrooge’s net worth is disputed, creator Carl Barks puts it at five billion, quintiplitilion, unptuplatillion, multuplatillion, impossibidillion, fantasticatrillion dollars.


  • First Appearance: Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day (1968)
  • Voiced By: Paul Winchell (original)

Make no mistake, there’s only one Tigger. He’s the tiger with a springy tail, most excellent at bouncing. He’s the best at everything he does and he’s going to make sure you know about it. I would go as far as to say Tigger is the Hundred Acre Wood’s resident egomaniac.

But don’t get me wrong, I love Tigger. He brings life to the Pooh to the stories with his enthusiasm and zest for adventure. He constantly wrecks things around him with his bouncing, whether it’s Rabbit’s vegetable garden or Eeyore’s house. He likes to invade other people’s privacy, no matter what they’re doing. He has his own personal fanclub, consisting of Roo. Despite is glaring flaws, Tigger is just overall awesome.

Without Tigger, the Hundred Acre Woods might be a boring place. He’s was the first Pooh character to get his own movie and is the most popular character from the franchise. I’ve gotta put T-i-double-guh-errrr high on the list. And as Tigger would say, TTFN – ta-ta for now!

Random Fact: Tigger did not appear in the first Disney animated short from the franchise, Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree.

Tinker Bell[]

  • First Appearance: Peter Pan (1953)
  • Voiced By: Mae Whitman (2008)

Tinker Bell is undeniably one of the most iconic characters in the Disney library. She is one of the few characters that transcend their original works to become much more prominent. She sometimes shows up on Disney programming, especially during Walt’s era, to spread a little pixie dust. She’s also one of the most heavily marketed figures in the company and the face of the Disney Fairies collection.

What seems to be forgotten is that Tinker Bell has a stone cold personality. She’s very, very possessive of Peter Pan, which causes her to be extremely jealous of Wendy Darling when he befriends her. Tinker Bell, at least at first, does NOT like Wendy at all. In fact, she goes a little psycho and tries to get Wendy killed on more than one occasion. Captain Hook even plays on Tink’s jealousy in a plan to get Pan, but she ends up saving the day, risking her own life in the process.

What I don’t like about Tinker Bell isn’t her past work, it’s the new stuff. Seriously, they gave her a voice! Why!?! Frustrates me.

Any way you slice it, Tinker Bell is a great character. Outside of the classics, she is the most recognizable faces of the Disney brand. I personally like the Tinker Bell we see in her first outing. Playful, yet vindictive.

Random Fact: Despite the myth that Tinker Bell was modeled after Marilyn Monroe, it was Margaret Kelly would served as the form for the fairy. Kelly also voiced the red-headed mermaid in the film.

T.J. Detweiler[]

  • First Appearance: “The Break In” – Recess (1997)
  • Voiced By: Ross Malinger (original)

I remember when I first saw Recess, I wasn’t a big fan. Don’t know why, I just wasn’t. But I watched a few more episodes and the show grew on me. One of the main reasons was the show’s lead, T.J.

Theodore Jasper Detweiler is an elementary school student at Third Street School and hangs, like any student, with his pack of friends. The entire show revolves around this pack of friends, which T.J. seems to be the leader of. He is highly talented at pulling pranks usually at the expense of the curmudgeonly Ms. Finster. While he may be a class clown and have a slacker attitude, T.J. always tries to do what’s best for his fellow students, especially his friends.

T.J. is a fun character. He’s definitely the number one character from the Recess series. In comparison to other Disney characters though, T.J. doesn’t stand out enough to deserve a high ranking.

Random Fact: After the first season of Recess, another voice actor took over T.J.


  • First Appearance: The Little Mermaid (1989)
  • Voiced By: Pat Carroll

Ursula is our second villain to be ranked and a nasty one at that. The sea witch toys with people’s freedom and their souls in a quest for power.

Once living in the Triton’s palace, Ursula was banished. Her new home is quite fancy and quaint. I especially like the entrance hallway, lined the shriveled remains of the merfolk she has enslaved. She lives out her days tricking folks out of their souls by making trades with them, and then making sure they can’t complete their side of the bargain. Helping her complete this task are her two lovely pet eels, Flotsam and Jetsam. All along, she’s just biding her time till she can extract revenge on Triton and claim the power to control the seas. Her wish is granted in the form of Ariel. Ursula toys with Ariel, eventually leading to momentarily obtaining the power she desires until her downfall.

Ursula has one of the best designs of a Disney villain. She’s not slender and beautiful like some of the older baddies, but large and imposing. Her form as a dark-toned octopus is quite daunting, with her tentacles able to ensnare any prey.

Her song, “Poor Unfortunate Souls” is also a favorite of mine. It shows the slickster side of Ursula, being able to manipulate Ariel into doing something that’s obviously not a good idea.

For me, Ursula is a great Disney villain. She has a thirst for power and the extent she’s willing to go to achieve her objectives is impressive. She’s not afraid to get her hands dirty in the process.

Random Fact: Even though Ursula is an octopus, she only has six tentacles. The other two tentacles were removed by artists due to difficulty coordinating all the limbs.

More to come...