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The creator and former benevolent ruler of the peaceful kingdom of GameFAQs. He was overthrown by his once-trusted vizier, Sailor Bacon, who went on to set himself up as the tyrannical overlord known as SBAllen, plunging the land into chaos and despair.

CJayC was also a well-known devout hater of the great entity known as CATS. He refused to ever believe in the awesomeness of CATS and, in order to not throw off his "balance", he continually cheated CATS out of victories out of spite. For this reason, CATS, though being the better man (read: not emo) by not swearing eternal vengeance, continually kept entering CJayC's contests and even going so far as to set him up the bomb when he got too far out of line.

During the Summer 2006 Contest, CJayC posted several times on Board 8 in ordinary topics- a rare occurence. After the contest ended, he revealed that he had enjoyed lurking on the board, and as a special 'reward' to its regulars, he created a sticky topic containing a one-off match between contest winner Link and B8 favourite 'fad' character Jay Solano (see Jay Solano vs Link 2006).

He thinks the Quote Contest is awesome and gets many a laugh from it.

Following the coup, no body was ever found, leaving a small group of faithful to believe that he will one day return, throw down the pretender, and reclaim his rightful position.