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The CPO Challenge stands for Character Position Order, and was run as a side contest, for fun, through the Summer Contest 2008.

The basis of this contest was you had to predict the exact order for which the characters come. For example:

Match 1: Zack > Wario > Cecil > Jade.

If you got the correct order you got 4 points, if you got two in the right order 2 points, and one in the right order 1 point. 0 if you totally **** it up.

So if the outcome of Match 1 was: Wario > Zack > Cecil > Jade, you would get 2 points. Simple eh??

There was a website made for said project, which can be found here:

CONGRATULATIONS to Gaddswell who was the eventual winner of this Contest. Full results table can be found on the website mentioned above.