Caim is a character from the Drakengard series. He is the only son of Gaap, the king of Caerleon who was able to conquer several neighbouring countries, but stopped shortly before Caim’s birth. Caim was taught swordsmanship by his father and through extensive training became quite skillful with the sword. On his eighteenth birthday Caim went to meet his parents and witnessed his mother being eaten by the Black Dragon. His father ordered him to escaped and too fell before the dragon. Caim learned that the dragon was sent by the Empire and thus swore revenge on them.

Losing his sense of kindness Caim became cold and relied on no one besides himself. He joined the Union with the intent of avenging his parents, but after years of fighting the Empire he began to enjoy the killing of others.

One day the Empire attacked the Castle of the Goddess in which Caim fought to protect the Goddess. The battle took Caim to the courtyard where he found the Red Dragon, whom was captured by the Empire. With memories of his parent’s death Caim intends to kill the dragon, but the dragon speaks claiming that even if she died her soul would remain pure. Caim instead offers the dragon to form a pact in order for both to survive the battle. After some thinking the dragon agrees. As they combined their souls both become healed and they escape the castle. The pact however has caused Caim to lose his voice.

"A pact! There's no other way." - Caim

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