Captain falcon

Captain Falcon is the lead protagonist of the F-Zero series, but is most famous for his appearances in Super Smash Bros. and its sequel, Melee. He once unleashed such a vicious FAL-CON PUNNNNCH! that it tore a hole in the universe, at least according to the F-Zero anime.

Falcon became the 10th of the original 12 SSB fighters to make it into the Contest in 2006, where he somewhat disappointed in allowing Crono to score over 74% in their Round One matchup, a result that translated into a ranking right at the '06 fodder line. The underwhelming showings continued in 2007, when CF needed only to best Wario and Banjo in order to advance, but instead allowed himself to be horribly SSB-SFFed by Fox, giving Wario the slight edge he needed.

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