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Who is Celes?[]

When Final Fantasy VI first begins, Celes is fighting on the wrong side: The Empire's. But early in the game, Celes defects and is deemed a traitor for reasons unknown to the player outside of Celes's sympathy for the Empire's victims. The party, specifically Locke, rescues Celes after Locke sees her being beaten half to death in a jail cell.

And then it's on. Celes goes on a mission to upend the Empire by joining the party's band of vagabonds known as the Returners, though not without some hiccups in the path. At one point when the party is in the Empire's main headquarters, Kefka confronts the party and accuses Celes of working as a spy. A hint of doubt is put in Locke's mind, but Celes saves the party by teleporting herself and Kefka away. Not exactly what Locke needed to see, and thus begins typical JRPG love tension between the two.

But the two make up, they take on the Floating Continent, and fail to prevent Kefka from ripping the world in half. Celes is the character you start with in the World of Ruin, which only consists of rounding your party up and killing Kefka once and for all, but adds debate to who the main character of FF6 truly is.

Celes's main character trait outside of her being an ex-Empire general is her ability to use magic, though it isn't natural like with Terra. The Empire augmented Celes with magical ability in their effort to rule with the power of magic, and Celes's defection is a nice little cliché example of evil turned good and all ending well. It isn't handled all that well, but Celes's character in the beginning of the World of Ruin is what makes her one of my favorite characters.

"I was asleep when they... augmented me." -Celes

Celes's Contest History[]

Win-Loss Record: 0-2

Summer 2006 Contest: Limit Division - 5 Seed

  • Limit Round 1 --- Lost to (4) The Boss, 42565 [38.92%] - 66787 [61.08%]
  • Extrapolated Strength --- 49th Place [19.62%]

FF6 characters are great. The game did well in 2004. The characters have never done well. Ever. Stop nominating them, because they aren't strong. Kay? K.

Summer 2013 Contest - Division 7 - 19 Seed

Even with Old Square looking good in the contest not a lot was expected out of Celes, she did fail to break 40% against The Boss who was pretty weak herself in 2006. Not only did Celes continued the humiliation of non-Squall Final Fantasy VIII characters by actually winning over him, but she actually had an impressive performance against Knuckles.