Board 8 Wiki

Chaotic Mind belongs to the small group of users who can honestly say they've been around since 2001. Although his user page shows a creation date of 2002, his original account Zero X13 was created in 2001. As a big fan of Squaresoft he initially frequented the RPG's: Squaresoft board, as well as occasionally the other RPG's board, the anime board, and a couple others, though he did not post much. After a few months he grew bored with the endless topics about this game is better than that game, this character better than that one, etc. and simply closed his account. Yet another few months found him drawn back to the boards for reasons he no longer remembers, at which time he created his current account. He thinks it might have been for the Starcraft: Brood War board, as he got into playing said game online around that time.

He quickly lost interest in that board as well once he stopped playing the game. However by this time he had started frequenting some of the social boards, mostly the infamous LUE, though also occasionally Random Insanity and The Forum. Unfortunately when CJayC decided to restrict LUE access Chaotic Mind was too busy between work and school to be visiting GameFAQS, and he missed the sign-ups by just a couple days. Since then his visits to the boards have dropped significantly, though it is unlikely anyone noticed as he has always been more of a lurker than a regular poster.

Board 8[]

Chaotic Mind has participated in every Character Battle, but he never took a close look at the Contest board until Character Battle 6. That was when he came across the Contest Analysis Crew topics, run by Master Moltar. He found the crew's analyses to be either entertaining or enlightening, sometimes both, though mostly enlightening. Thanks to the knowledge about subjects like voting trends and SFF gained from them, his bracket for Character Battle VII finished around the 90th percentile, while his bracket for CB6 was in the middle of the pack around the 50th percentile.

CM never took much of an interest in B8 besides the crew topics in '07, and after the contest ended he stopped coming to the board altogether. Upon returning in '08 his interest has expanded to include the Contest Stats and Discussion topics as well, and he's been posting in a few other random topics also.