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"I'm sorry, but calling Charizard A Pokemon is calling The Fonz a Fonz. He is The Pokemon." -Haguile


Charizard is an orange dragon-like Pokemon (who is actually not Dragon-type, go figure) who was widely supported to enter the 2008 Character Battle. The Pokemon received the highest number of recorded nominations among any nominated character, breaking the 100 mark. Surprisingly, Charizard did not make the bracket, instead being replaced by Mewtwo.

Ngamer highly suggested that everyone band together to fix this awful snubbing and get Charizard into the next character battle. Apparently, many on Board 8 agreed, as Charizard was the overall winner of the 2009 Nomination Rally Tournament.

Charizard made into the 2010 Character Battle, and defeated Duke Nukem in his first match. He then defeated Kratos to advance to a third-round match with 2007 champion L-Block, and followed it up with a surprising upset of Bowser to win the Heart Division, advancing to the Elite Eight, where he put up an impressive performance against Mario.

The 'Zard was back for the 2013 Character Battle, being one of many Pokémon characters that reached the quarterfinals, complete with an upset over Zelda. But a last-minute push by Mega Man made him miss the semifinals (where fellow Pokécharacter Red was waiting).

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