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This article is about Chris Redfield, the RE character. For "Chris" the Board 8 user, see Sir Chris.


Chris Redfield is one of the primary characters from the Resident Evil series. He is the lead character in the Resident Evil, Resident Evil: Code Veronica X, and in the upcoming Resident Evil 5. He is the brother of Claire Redfield, and has worked in the past with Jill Valentine and Albert Wesker.

Chris finally got an appearance in the Summer 2007 Contest and wound up being a dud, finishing last against Auron, Shadow the Hedgehog, and Pyramid Head. Despite that, Chris returned in the Summer 2008 Contest. He lost to Sora and Fox McCloud, but finished ahead of Tim.

2010 had Chris finally winning a match when paired against Swamp Thing Captain MacMillan, before being slaughtered by Cloud. He missed the 2013 contest, but returned in 2018 to get pasted by Phoenix Wright.

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