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Chuckles is a man of many bannings, and consequently, many names: currently, he's using Villainous Mr Bucket Chuckles, but the general consensus is that OMG ITS TEH CHUCKLES is one of, if not the, greatest names ever.

When approached as to what to put in his wiki bio, Chuckles said this:

Chuckles: " all seriousness, nobody cares about me lol. unless I am doing something big, I quickly sink into the shadows."

Icon: "You're a shadow of a shadow."

Chuckles: "I am the extra lol... I may not play a big role, but without me, a movie would seem... empty."


As far as interests go, Chuck (can I call you Chuck? I can't? Damn you!) loves him some fighting games, and that form of entertainment known as music. His favourite artist is probably Tom Waits, although it could be Frank Zappa, Queen, System of a Down, or Captain Beefheart. He doesn't keep track of these kind of things.