Cokes is chillin' out.

Very little can be said about Cokes. That's mainly because no one knows all that much about him. Despite this, and his generally low post count, he has attained a reasonable amount of popularity on Board 8.

He's considered one of the musical authorities of Board 8, along with Icon, Tombs, transience, Shaggy, and Mr. Lasastryke. He usually runs the "What are you listening to?" topics, though occasionally others will steal one. He also started the Board 8 Audioscrobbler/Last.FM Group. At the end of each year, he does an in-depth look back at the music of that year. These topics have generally been successful, although the 2006 edition took a painfully long time to come to a head.

He made it to the Final Four of the Board 8 RAP BATTLE, where he faced Ed Bellis. This match was hotly contested for the first two rounds, but the disappearance of Ed Bellis and another Final Four user, the host himself Aeon Azuran, left the status of the RAP BATTLE uncertain. With Ed Bellis & Aeon Azuran not making the 24 deadline to post there rap they would have been DQed and a finals match between Cokes and Dilated Chemist would decide the champion of RAP BATTLE, but it never came to be. He also competed in Board 8 RAP BATTLE: tha LEAGUE, where he was undeservedly upset in the Sweet Sixteen in a tiebreaker, to eventual semifinalist AlecTrevelyan006. He is still upset at Aeon Azuran over the handling of that debacle.

He and Janus5000 are rivals, though not even they are entirely sure why now.

He has also beaten only a total of 5 RPGs in his lifetime, which is quite possibly the lowest total ever. Those 5, you ask?

In order of personal preference:

  • Earthbound
  • Final Fantasy IV
  • Paper Mario
  • Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
  • Breath of Fire II

His page is also painfully sparse. What gives?

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