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Here are the write ups of CommodoreTN's Top 100 songs of all time.

100. Common – Testify[]

If you've heard the song before, go ahead and watch the short one. If you don't know the story of the song, I'd recommend watching the full version.

Short -
Full -

I'm not a big rap fan at all, but this song is nothing short of genius. The high pitch female vocals are catchy and Common's verses are passionately delivered to tell the story. I really appreciate rap that has to do with something other than girls, drugs, and money. This song manages to incorporate all these aspects of "club rap" in a song that couldn't be less of a dance hit. It actually makes you care about the story being told, and the first time I heard the twist ending I was in awe that I was so impressed by a rap track. Its not the kind of song you listen to over and over again, but it is the kind of song you listen to every once in a while and appreciate how smart it is.

99. HIM – Wings of a Butterfly

Catchiest guitar riff ever. The lyrics are something about destroying something beautiful for someone you love. Thats fine and all, but I don't frequent the Hot Topic so I don't really feel the lyrics. The song made this list because of Valo's superb vocals and the guitar riff. There is a mysterious edge to the song that overshadows any melodramatic message. It is basically the exact opposite of the previous song...I don't get the story at all but I could listen to it on repeat and not get tired. Why hasn't it been put on GH/RB yet? I'm dying to play that riff. Simple, but addictive.

98. Queens of the Stone Age – No One Knows

Awesome song. Should probably be higher on the list but its one of those songs that I overplayed to the point it lost its appeal for a while. Saw this performed live and they rocked the shit out. The drums and guitar are amazing, but the best part of the song is the break after the guitar solo. The bass is the only sound and the vocals quietly work their way back in. Its also a strong scene in the music video. Overall a great rock song, but nothing too original to bump it up on the list.

97 Darude - Sandstorm

I was going to put a Scooter song on here but decided against it. This is probably the most famous techno song ever made, and for a good reason. When you' the right state of enjoy this particular type of music, its one of the best. I'm not a sober techno fan in the least so this is my nod for the genius of it...under the right circumstances.

96 Coheed and Cambria - Welcome Home

So much fun to play on RB. I repeat, SO much fun to play on RB. Anyway, before this song came along it probably would have been Devil in Jersey City on the list. But this song is way too epic to pass up. Combining the one-of-a-kind vocals with an awesome guitar solo, it doesn't feel like a 6 minute song at all. I hate long songs, but this one never gets old or repetitious for me. It is captivating from beginning to end.

95. Modest Mouse – Black Cadillacs

I've never been big into Modest Mouse other than the hit songs, but when I heard this I was instantly hooked. I didn't know who the artist was, but I knew the song was amazing. It kind of touches on a lot of things I was going through when I heard the song last fall. The vocals in the song aren't stellar, which keeps the song in the 90s. Overall my favorite Modest Mouse song simply because it isn't so overplayed that it got ruined (Float On).

94. Korn – Freak On A Leash

Best music video ever made. Period. I still remember the first time I saw it...and I was around 11. I find that weird now, that I was listening to songs like this at 11 years old. Regardless, this song is a classic. Even my parents would recognize it. Although true for much of Korn's discography, Freak On A Leash really just captures the feeling of rejection and turns it into an intense expression of the emotions associated with it. The nonsense vocal sections add chaos and make it even more awesome. I daresay almost everyone has rocked out to this song at some point.

93. Saliva – Always

Good old teenage angst. Around the time this song came out, I had been dating this girl for over a year. Our relationship began falling apart for different reasons but I was still obsessed with her. As in, I was heartbroken for months. It wasn't love but it was damn close. I listened to this song all the time back then and it still holds a little place in my heart now. Reminds me of what I went through back then. Not to mention its a catchy song to begin with. Not the greatest rock song, and possibly not even a great song. But I like it and it carries a lot of significance in my life.

92. Crossfade – The Unknown

This is one of those songs I'm pretty sure I'll be alone in my admiration. I've heard its boring, doesn't go anywhere, etc etc. All of this may be true, but similar to Always, its one of those songs that has personal significance to me. There was a girl all throughout high school I just "knew" we should've been together. Sadly nothing progressed beyond friendship. She ended up my best friend and we still talk all the time years after high school, but whenever I'd get into a self-loathing mood this song got put on immediately. She was such a huge part of my life but never viewed me as anything more than her best friend. Now she’s engaged >_>

91. Nickelback – Animals

I hate Nickelback as much as anyone, but this song is awesome. It's in your face and rocks hard. For the third song in a row, this song makes the list due to a particular girl. Likely due to the content of the lyrics, after I heard this song I developed an obsession. I was determined to have a special *something* happen to me while I was flying down the freeway at 100 mph. A little fantasy of mine. After graduation and before I headed off to college, this kinda cute girl approached me at a party and started flirting with me shamelessly. So we got in my car and with this song blaring, hit the freeway for some reckless driving and the best ride of my life.

Thank you, Nickelback. Thank you.

90. Demon Hunter – My Throat Is An Open Grave

For me, this song is all about getting over depression and things you hide in your life. For so long I couldn't understand my depression and was afraid to say anything to anyone about it. I was ashamed of feeling different from the way other people acted. This song is amazing in describing the feelings associated with shame: "This isn't me I used to say." "It feels good to be alive, I've been dead for so long"... epitomizes how I felt after I learned to deal with my depression but was still angry that I let it rule my life all those years. The song itself is really good, but its the lyrics that get me on this one.

89 Santana - Into The Night

This is another I think most people are going to disagree with. Say what you want about Chad Kroeger and the failure that is Nickelback, but vocals really shine in this song. The combination of Santana and Kroeger sounded like an awful idea when I first heard of it, but somehow they really meshed well together. I love the bongo drums, the amazing guitar solo, and the funky feel of the song. When it first came out I listened to it on repeat, which is why it has fallen pretty far down on my list. I played it way too much, but its still good for a listen every now and again. Its in my top 20 most listened to songs on iTunes and probably won't leave it for years to come.

88. Thrice – Artist and the Ambulance

Amazing song. The only thing keeping it so far down on the list is that it kind of gives off a "generic" rock song vibe to me. That being said, all aspects of it are done very well. What keeps me coming back to it are the lyrics though. "Rhetoric can't raise the dead. I'm sick of always talking when there's no change. I'm sick of empty words, let's lead and not follow." Its one of those songs that speaks to me any time I listen to it. Its just about making sure you have your priorities set right in life and not wasting a second of it.

87 Bob Schneider - I'm Good Now

I absolutely love the sound of this song. It draws from multiple different types of music and brings a lot of sounds together in a way that meshes perfectly. To be such a great "feel good" song, the lyrics are surprisingly morbid. I love the contrast between the two and I find myself listening it almost every day. It should probably be a little higher on the list but its another case of me listening to it to the point of exhaustion.

86. The Used – Sound Effects and Overdramatics

Bert McCracken has an amazing voice and it shines in this song. I first heard it when it was in one of the Saw movies, and from that moment I was hooked. I find the lyrics to be somewhat mediocre, but McCracken's screaming more than makes up for it. As if the song didn't rock hard enough, towards the end of the song it gets darker and slows down a little. It's just utter chaos and I love it.

85. Yellowcard – Way Away

Nostalgia puts this song on the list. Way back in high school I'd listen to the song while driving around my hick ass town and dream about moving away to college. Not to mention up until the point I heard this song, I didn't realize how well a violin could be utilized in a rock song. I still find myself rocking out to this song in the car when I'm getting bored or too complacent with my situation in life.

84. Priestess – Lay Down

Similar to Sound Effects and Overdramatics, the lyrics in the song don't really stand out to me as much as the sound. I first heard this song on Guitar Hero III and it remains my favorite to play on the game. Once I downloaded it and started listening to it outside the game I realized the same feeling carries over without GH. The song just makes me want to rock the shit out. The part around 2:49 when he goes a little harder on the vocals always gets me for some reason. I can understand why a lot of people don't like this song, but I get it and I love it.

83. Bush – The Chemicals Between Us

Good morning nostalgia. I was 11 when this song came out and loved this song for completely different reasons. When I was younger I thought it was awesome for being the sound that really first got me into rock music. Now, I love it just as much but more for the lyrics than anything. To me the lyrics are very dark and sexual. So many times the past few years I've been stuck in "relationships" that mean absolutely nothing to me other than the sharing of different kinds of chemicals (drugs and sexual). For me, this song perfectly describes the kind of perverse mix of satisfaction and loneliness that can come out these kind of relationships.

82. The Potbelleez – Don’t Hold Back

This song was by and large the biggest club song when I lived in Sydney for 6 months. Growing up in Kentucky and Tennessee, you can imagine I never really experienced a big city club scene until I went to Sydney. Boy did I love it. This song was always bumping with eardrum smashing bass any night I went out. It takes me back to Sydney and all the mindblowing times I had while studying abroad. This song in particular makes the list because my friends said damn near any time the song came on they would look over and I'd be hooking up with some girl. The song was like a mating call to me XD. Most notably, I hooked up with a hot lesbian while it was playing (yeah, she was drunk). It's basically a generic dance song, which is why it's so low on the list. Another song from the Sydney bar scene is higher up on the list for being far more original.

81. Counting Crows – Colorblind

Yes, you read the band name correctly. The same people that made Mr. Jones.

Colorblind is an absolutely beautiful song. It has such a vulnerable quality to it. I find the lyrics to be about someone's insecurities and how the right kind of person can make them all fade away. I tend to listen to this song whenever I'm really stressed out. It really helps mellow me out and realize I am able to look for others to help if I need it. It also has a permanent spot on my "Sleep" can knock you out in a heartbeat if you're trying to go to bed.

80. Powerman 5000 – When Worlds Collide

This is the best pump up song ever. It was my pre-game ritual before every high school basketball game that I would sit in the locker room and listen to it on my iPod. After you hear it you're just ready to go out and destroy something. I hate for this song to have such a short write-up, because it's amazing. But there's really nothing more to say.

79. Smashing Pumpkins – Disarm

What an emotionally charged song. I've liked it since the moment I heard it. Although my father and I have a good relationship now, growing up I would listen to this song and really felt Corgan's lyrics. For the subject matter to be so seething and almost self-depricating, the sound of it is absolutely beautiful. The stringed instruments add a tenderness to the song that work very well with the rugged/strained vocals. Classic song, I love it.

78 K’naan – If Rap Gets Jealous

When K'naan performed at Vanderbilt, my friends had to almost drag me to the concert. I was like, "I hate rap, especially live rap. This is gonna be stupid and I want to keep playing beer pong." I was wrong in so many ways. The guitar solo that starts around 2:14 is absolutely out of this world. Not amazing by rock standards, but easily the best guitar solo I've ever heard in a rap song. You have bands that try to mix rock and rap (Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, etc), but this song is truly a great mixture. You have a pure rapper and a pure rock guitarist (Hammett) coming together. This is the rockingest rap song ever made.

77 U2 – Beautiful Day

Flame away. I took an early morning class in high school which involved me driving to school before or as the sun came up every day. Driving to start your day while its still dark outside is an odd feeling, and when I put this song on in the car it would just put me in a good mood. As corny as it sounds, it's a very uplifting song. I'm not going to say much more about it because it is definitely a guilty pleasure song. I have no real justification for this one.

76 Sum 41 – Angels With Dirty Faces

Video is actually kinda cool, although made by a Happy Tree Friends fan

Damn...this is one of those songs that just speaks straight to the soul. If you've ever been addicted to something or someone in your life, you know exactly how true these lyrics are. Not only is it an awesome song to listen to, but having an addictive personality, I've found the lyrics to perfectly describe a lot of things I've faced in my life. My next project will likely be an account of my history with substances, as I saw one on here a while back and was captivated by it. But that's a different story. I've just listened to the song about 5 times in a row and I'm still not tired of it. Its short, fast, and to the point. Awesome rock song, and by far my favorite Sum 41 song.

75 Bob Seger – Turn The Page[]

This song is a classic. The saxophone in this song is cool, which is a huge plus because I am usually annoyed with saxophones. He has an expert control of his voice during the song, even considering how emotionally charged it is. I find the beat to be almost hypnotic. This is easily my favorite version of the song. It's one of those songs I simply can't really write a lot about because it speaks for itself.

74 OAR – That Was A Crazy Game Of Poker

Sorry about the video. It was the only version of the song I could find, even though it has been shortened.

This is one of the best drinking songs ever made. When my frat throws this on at a tailgate, you'll get a hundred college kids singing along to a 9 minute song, knowing every lyric by heart. Plus it stops drunk asses from fighting over the music. Everyone loves this song. As I've said before, I usually hate long songs and lose interest. This song is a stark exception and even though the lyrics mean nothing to me, it's such a chill song and amazing to listen to, drunk or sober. OAR still has a couple more songs left on the countdown, because their lyrics outshine this one by quite a bit.

73 Kansas – Carry On Wayward Son

Live version, but who cares, you've heard the studio version.

If you wouldn't at least consider putting this on your top 100 songs, my respect for you drops considerably. This is a great classic song, although somewhat overrated. This is one of those rarities that when it comes on, I have never once considered skipping to the next song. The guitar riffs are addictive, and the lyrics easy to relate to for everyone. This is a timeless song that will be around as long as humankind exists.

72 Enur – Calabria 2007

I was going to put this song somewhere in 90s. Then I listened to it again, watched the music video, and remembered just how damn catchy it is. The girl can only speak English a “lickle” but she gives a valiant effort. All it takes is someone doing the basic beat of the song, and an entire room can bust out into a dance. I’ve seen it happen. The lyrics are complete nonsense, which makes it even better. Lets not forget the extreme amount of hot women and ass in the video. She’s the only white (I think?) girl I’ve seen that is still hot with an afro. Overall, this song is pure genius and I can’t believe I considered putting it at the bottom of my list.

71 Bill Withers – Ain’t No Sunshine

One of the only songs I can enjoy regardless of who sings it. The lyrics are that powerful. I gave the nod to Bill Withers for his original version, but this could've easily been Kris Allen's version. The simplicity of the original makes it even more soulful that the over-sung covers. There is something so hypnotic about the song, notably in the famous "I know"s. If this song doesn't stir something up inside you, you must be dead. It might be one of the oldest songs on my list, but it is definitely the most soulful.

70 Kings of Leon – Crawl

One of the only indie songs that made this list, and the most recent discovery of mine to have made the list as well. I didn't add this song until July 19, 2009. Regardless, this song had me hooked from the becoming. I think all the instruments mesh together perfectly to create a very original sound, especially the beast of a bassline. Followill isn't an amazing vocalist, but his imperfections shine in this song and tie it all together. He enunciates more clearly in this song than others, and I love the premise behind the lyrics.

69 Garth Brooks – Friends in Low Places

One of the best drinking songs ever made. If you haven't sat around a campfire drunk with a bunch of friends and sang this song, you need to. It fits almost every single country stereotype with the exception of a dog running away, but this song is spectacular regardless. It is probably Garth's most widely known song and for a very good reason. It is a classic country song that will always be relevant, because we will continue to drown our sorrows away with booze and good friends.

68 Taking Back Sunday - New American Classic

I was extremely close to having Cute Without The E and There's No I In Team on here as well, but this one stood out above the rest. I love the tenderness in the song and how vulnerable it feels. The acoustic guitar goes very well with the purity of the vocals. Its a very moving song and the lyrics are open-ended enough to make it easy to relate to. When it kicks back in towards the end with the louder singing, I absolutely love it. Great song with a lot of emotion.

67 Rob Zombie - Dragula

FUCK YEAH! This song gets me so pumped up. I don't even know all the lyrics or understand the meaning behind it and I don't care. Everything about this song is just in-your-face, chaotic rock. When this song gets stuck in my head, it takes a long ass time to get rid of it. So many times I'll be listening to it in the car and look down and realize I'm going 90-100 mph. If I got pulled over I would probably try to use the excuse, "But...I was listening to Dragula!" I think he would understand.

66 Halfway To Hazard – Countrified

I seriously love this song. I think we're starting to get to the point that I feel bad for any of these songs not making the top 50. Never in my life have I heard a band sing with as much passion at a live performance as these guys. The vocals in this song are just superb. When he goes on the long runs with the "Yeah"s, I get chills. You rarely hear this kind of rock vocal mixed into a country song and I love it. Not to mention I can relate to the lyrics quite a bit. It simply an amazing song by an amazingly underrated band.

65 Dave Matthews Band - Jimi Thing (Live in Central Park)

Yeah, I know this is a concert instead of a song. I'm providing Jimi Thing for the videos, so officially it takes the spot. But Cortez, The Killer and What You Are from this concert are OUTSTANDING songs as well. Please do yourself a favor and check them out.

This song almost made the list twice. While the studio version of the song is pretty good, the live performance really blows it out of the water. Warren Haynes is absolutely amazing and Dave's scat solo is mindblowingly great. I hate long songs, but there is so much going on that it never really seems too long or drawn out. This is the song that made me a DMB fan. Then once I heard Cortez, The Killer and What You Are, I was sold.

64 Incubus - Aqueous Transmission

If I hadn't worn out this song beyond belief over the years, it could've been a Top 20 at some point. Boyd's vocals are stellar in this song. I love the use of the pipa and the frogs in the background. Boyd stated this song is supposed to make you pee your pants in relaxation, and he couldn't be closer to the truth. Its just absolutely beautiful and calming. This is one of my safe songs, along with another one on the countdown that will show up much later. By safe songs, I mean through anything I'm on substance-wise, this song brings me back to normal. If I'm having a bad trip I put this song on and all my stress melts away.

63 Better Than Ezra - Desperately Wanting

This song perfectly describes the process of pledging a fraternity. They break you down mentally and are so physically exhausted that each day seems like too much. But you know just how much you want to be a brother of that house. It was by far the hardest thing I ever did in my life, but it was also one of the best decisions I've ever made. This song is all about how desperate you are to finally be in that brotherhood. And once it happens, you realize that the whole process taught you so many things. The song has almost brought tears to my eyes through remembering such an amazing feeling like that.

62 Big & Rich - Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace

I hate the music video, just listen to the song in the background

This song probably best describes how I live my life. The lyrics are true to the very core of my being. Big & Rich always shine through on both vocals and lyrics on their slow songs and this is a prime example. The song hits close to home for me, usually in a struggle between staying true to my beliefs and going to church and living the college life going out getting drunk. I know there aren't a lot of Christians on the board, but if you believe it, you understand just how amazing and powerful this song is.

61 Marilyn Manson - Sweet Dreams

When I first heard this song I hated it. I thought it was a clusterfuck that ruined a perfectly good song. Eventually it grew on me and now I can't get enough of it. I love how twisted and deranged it is, especially the music video. Whether you like Marilyn Manson or not, he is a musical genius and knows how to do amazing things with songs (listen to his version of I Put A Spell On You). I love towards the end of the song when he sings it really strained and high pitched. I'm sure a lot of people hate this song and all his other covers, but I think they're emotionally charged and artistic. I love this one most of all.

60 Alabama – Dixieland Delight

I'm real happy for you, Imma let you finish. But this is one of the frattiest songs of all time. OF ALL TIME. If you haven't sat outside a frat house of a warm day with this song blaring on outside speakers with a cold beer in your hand, I'm not sure you've experienced all life has to offer. Dixieland Delight is an utter classic in the country music world and any self-respecting Southerner has drunkenly sang along to these lyrics multiple times in their life. The song is not on here purely for its popularity though, I honestly love the lyrics of the song and instrumentation.

59 Citizen Cope - Let The Drummer Kick

As much as I love this song and play it endlessly, I simply don't think it is quality enough to break into the top 50. It just has a very calming effect on me, relaxing me when I'm really stressed about something. It basically just tells me that whatever happens, happens. No use worrying about stuff you're not in control over. Take control of the things you can and past that, let it be. I know, it sounds really hippie and shit, but I honestly just like the song and don't know why. The piano in the background that persists throughout the song is hypnotic. The song is heavy with repetition but I don't get tired of it halfway through, which must stand for something.

58 Guster - Rocket Ship

Sorry about the video, this was all I could find.

I thought Airport Song was my favorite Guster song. I started doing the write-up for it. Then I realized I couldn't justify putting it above Rocket Ship. Two Points For Honesty, Amsterdam, and Bury Me almost made the list as well. I just love Guster. Airport Song originally held this spot for the hypnotizing percussion in the song, but Rocket Ship's lyrics are far superior. The instrumentation of this song is pretty much perfect. In most songs I can think of something I would like if they did a little differently, but I can't think of anything to change for this one.

57 Korn – Falling Away From Me

When someone mentions Korn, this is the song I think about. I feel like this is their best work by far. I listened to this song so much growing up. As I said in my previous Korn write-up, they excel at portraying the feelings of rejection and loneliness. Anytime something is going wrong you can put this song on and rock the fuck out. Jonathan Davis is truly a demented fucker and it shines through. Everyone has some kind of dark side to them. Davis puts his out there for people to relate to. The song is nostalgic and awesome. I feel bad this one didn't make the Top 50, I just have too much other amazing stuff for it to break through.

56 Red Hot Chili Peppers - Snow (Hey Oh)

RHCP have a huge discography of amazing music, but this is the only song of theirs that stands out enough to make the list. The rest of them, while awesome, all sound too much like one another in my opinion. Throw Away Your Television is the only other song that sounds original to me. Snow is often called overrated, but I think every bit of praise it receives is warranted. This song is superb. It is catchy, deals with a very deep subject, and still manages to incorporate that famous "RHCP sound". It is a lyrical masterpiece and it hurts to see it laying outside the top 50. I burnt myself out on the song a long time ago.

55 Jimi Hendrix - All Along The Watchtower

I know he covered the song from Bob Dylan, but this version is far superior in my opinion. I'm not even sure a write-up is necessary for this song. Everyone knows the famous guitar solos, the lyrics extremely open to interpretation, the LSD quality of the sound. I absolutely love 60s rock and as far as I'm concerned this is one of the best songs to come from that era. What I would give to go back and be around to see this performed live. One of the best cover songs ever made, this list would not be complete without All Along The Watchtower.

54 Dierks Bentley – Free and Easy

I'm a Dierks Bentley fan, and the tone of his vocals in this song is my favorite of any of his works. It just strikes me as a very pure vocal performance, especially when performed live. At 2:47 when it kind of stretches his vocal range is my favorite part of the song. I can't listen to it and not become relaxed and happy. Get a nice buzz going after drinking some booze one afternoon and blare this outside, you'll understand how amazing it is. Its one of my favorite happy-go-lucky country songs, which says a lot considering I'm not a fan of most modern country.

53 K'naan - Take A Minute

Similar to the previous song in its relaxing quality, but I have to put it in a whole other level. This song almost literally saved my life last semester. During finals last semester I was stressed out beyond belief. I was dealing with weeks of backed-up assignments, 5 finals, 2 huge essays, a bad bout of depression, a stint of alcoholism, and three recent deaths in the family. In other words, I was fucked in the head. I played this song over a hundred times in that short period, and it was one of the only things that allowed me to step back and get things done without a shitstorm flying around in my head. I would love to put this song even in my top 25, but I wore myself out on it. I respect it for what it did for me, but nowadays its just another relaxing song to me.

52 The Who - Baba O'Riley

One of the quintessential songs by The Who. Everything about this song is pure awesome. It is a classic rock song that I never get tired of. The synthesizer in the beginning and violin solo are the end are some of the most recognizable song segments of all time. The song is a testament of a rebellious youth. Whenever I hear it, I just wanna go out and do something stupid and fun (and drunk). While just a classic rock song today, when it came out, it incorporated many elements that influenced all rock musicians who followed. The Who were one of the most influential bands of all time, and this is easily my favorite song of theirs.

51 Lil Jon – Roll Call

As ridiculous as this song is, I still feel the least I can do is have it as the top song that didn’t break the top 50. This is the one song that makes me feel hood. I am the whitest person you'll ever meet, but when this song comes on, welcome to the ghetto. My group of friends fell in love with this song in high school, and basically anywhere we drove, we would blare this song as loud as we could, screaming the lyrics word for word.

Best line - "DIANA ROSS bitch!"

50 Brand New - Sic Transit Gloria...Glory Fades[]

Sweet ass video by the way

I originally had this at 59, but after listening to it again I didn’t feel right leaving it out of my top 50. When I lost my virginity it reminded me a lot of this song. I love the screams he does for "die young and save yourself" The song is extremely indicative of the others things I listened to in that time period. These songs were (and still are) a dime a dozen, but this one is far and above the others like it. Amazing song that I've grown very fond of over the years.

Best Line - "He's holding back from telling her exactly what it really"

49 Garth Brooks - The River

This is one of those songs with an awesome backstory about how it came about, which may or not be true. According to several (unofficial) sources, this song was written by an addict while in treatment at a Nashville facility. This song was about her dedication and struggle to stay sober. Garth's team eventually heard the song and after changing it around, made it a song of his own. I tend to believe the story because I've been to this facility to visit a friend dealing with heroin abuse, and when I saw the bench this song was supposedly written on, it seemed to all come together for me. Whether the story is complete shit or not, this is still Garth's most emotional and moving song. He still has one song left on the list, but its one of his faster ones. Although not his most popular or widely known, as far as I am concerned this is easily his magnum opus. Great, touching song.

Best Line: "So don't you sit upon the shoreline and say you're satisfied. Choose to chance the rapids and dare to dance the tide"

48 Nappy Roots – My Old Kentucky Home

Yes, I'm well aware that I am the only person in the world who thinks this song is awesome. I was a Nappy Roots fan as soon as they started out, and when they came out with this Kentucky anthem I couldn't help but fall in love with it. This is the last rap song left in Top 100, and I feel like this is a good spot for it. I'm not a fan of rap whatsoever, and Nappy Roots is a little closer to my heart than Lil Jon. Not to start the argument of "best vs favorite" music again, but I feel while Roll Call is technically better and more accessible, this song barely scrapes by it with my Kentucky bias and nostalgia. Plus this song incorporates many country elements into it, which is definitely a good thing in my opinion. On a quick glance through the remaining songs, at least 14 are country or country-influenced.

Best Line: "High times, sittin by river got my old shotgun, fishin pole, and my liquor. Say its time to take a trip where the grass is blue and peep how the Mid-South do"

47 Eric Clapton – Layla

I figure I need something to reel you all back in after that last pick, so lucky for me I had a classic lined up right after it. Come on, its Layla. Does it really need a write-up? Probably not, but I'll give it one anyway.

I know the original artist is Derek & The Dominos, I just don't care. This song is all Eric Clapton. The simple guitar riff in the beginning that persists throughout the song is one of the most recognizable guitar riffs of all time. Clapton's vocals are really good in this song, and for some reason its just addictive as shit to sing along "Layyyla". Then we get to the famous, soulful guitar solo. Holy hell. He wasn't in a band called Cream for no reason. I need to go change my shorts.

46 Tim McGraw – Live Like You Were Dying

I’ll admit it, I couldn’t finish listening to the song because all my roommates are around and I felt myself start to choke up. Yes, this song has made me tear up on a couple occasions. Only one other song on this list has conjured up tears. What an epic fucking country song. The only thing keeping this from top 10 material is how cheesy it can sound if you aren’t in the mood for it. Sometimes this song has come on and I’ve been like “No, next. Too overdramatic.” Still, McGraw’s voice is one of the best in country and this is a very powerful song. If it would’ve dialed back one or two notches this song would’ve been so much higher.

Best Line - "I loved deeper and I spoke sweeter and I gave forgiveness I'd been denyin'"it.

45 Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb

Could easily have been 25 or so. The songs around here switch around quite a bit in how much I like them compared to one another, so this placement is just because I got caught in a mood where Pink Floyd hasn't been on my iPod much lately. If I was in one of my hallucinogenic stages this song would skyrocket. Pink Floyd's 2nd best song imo, is such a powerfully relaxing song. It was wonderfully done and has the ability to turn a bad trip into a good one in the matter of minutes. The first time I tried acid this song was my favorite of the entire trip. I had climbed a tree on campus with this on my iPod, with snow on the ground, a hoodie over my head, and smoking away some cigs. It was one of the most peaceful and introspective things I've ever experienced. Thanks mostly to this song, I developed such a feeling of contentedness and awareness of my life. I've only reached that kind of place during one other trip (my 2nd time doing shrooms).

Best Line: “This child is grown, the dream is gone, I have become comfortably numb”

(BTW, which word in here is autoflagged as a term for masturbating? I can't figure it out)

44 Slipknot - Vermillion (Part 2)

Wow. The first time I heard this song I had no idea it was Slipknot. I had heard plenty of Slipknot songs, all with screaming lyrics having something to do with rebellion or violence. Then this song came on my friend's iPod and I asked who it was. I was definitely surprised. I had no idea Corey Taylor had such a mesmerizing voice when he actually sang. Sure, it isn't even close to being the greatest voice around, but I love the song regardless. I almost had Duality on this list, but it fell a bit short of cracking the Top 100. I feel this is one of Slipknot's best works because they had never really slowed it down before with as much success as this. Vermillion Pt. 1 is amazing as well, standing as a testament to the lyrics as well rather than just the way it was sang.

Best Line: "She is everything to me: the unrequited dream, a song that no one sings, the unattainable."

43 Godsmack - Serenity

In a word, hypnotic. I love the Indian flair (is that a sitar?) to it along with the percussion. It is such a good song to put on and just drift away. I love Erna's voice. The raspy, strained quality to it and when he sings in his lowers registers it sound amazing. This is one of those jams that when I go out to drive around the countryside and clear my thoughts, it will always find a way onto the playlist. Not to mention its a really accessible song to sing along to without sounding like a jackass (for those like me who can't sing worth a damn). I can listen to it on repeat and not get tired, which is exactly what I'm doing right now. I'll have another write-up whenever I can pry myself away from this song.

Best Line: "Why do we dream when our thoughts mean nothing and when will we learn to control"

42 Less Than Jake - The Science Of Selling Yourself Short

If this song doesn't describe times in my life I don't know what does. This pretty much epitomizes my view on the world most of the time. Being an extremely self-absorbed person and thinking I'm the best at everything in life, I see myself as my only obstacle in the world. And when I start to get down on myself, I don't mope and whine and cry about it. I laugh about it, delve into it for a while with some booze and other substances, then pick myself off the ground and start over again. However, even though in my head I'm this awesome human being, I can find myself co-dependent upon people who think I'm awesome as well. And when I don't have that confirmation I'm not as happy.

Enough with the self-analyzing here. This is a great example of a happy tune going with depressing lyrics. No matter what I'm dealing with, the song gives me a feeling of acceptance of whatever may come. In the end its all about how you view the things that happen to you, because you can't change events that already occurred. Love em, learn from em, and move on.

Best Line: "I'm so over-dosed on apathy and burnt out on sympathy."

41 Metallica - No Leaf Clover

I can see this pick getting some hate. Metallica has such a prolific discography of amazing songs, and this is the only one that makes this list? Yes. While I love Metallica, none of their songs really stand out to me as being better than the others. Except this one. When I first heard No Leaf Clover, my jaw dropped open. The orchestra perfectly backs up Hetfield's voice and the guitar solo is absolutely sick. In my opinion, this is by far the most epic Metallica song. I loved the entire S&M album because of how well Metallica worked with the San Francisco Symphony, but this one stood out quite a bit above the rest. Another song I can listen to over and over again without getting tired of it. Actually, I think that goes for the rest of the songs on this list, so I'll quit saying it.

Best Line: "Then it comes to be that the soothing light at the end of your tunnel was just a freight train coming your way"

40 Lynyrd Skynyrd – Simple Man

First time I've listened to this song when I'm baked as hell. Makes it even better. I feel like if more people loved this song and actually heeded the lyrics, the world would be a better place. The song is the epitome of country rock and a million times better than Freebird. Freebird isn't bad or anything, but this song blows it out of the water. For some weird reason this song has always been nostalgic for me. The guitar solo isn't ridiculous, but perfectly fitting to the song. It has a very comforting quality to it and is a great relaxing song that still rocks out.

Best Line – “All that I want for you my son is to be satisfied and be a simple kind of man"

39 Coldplay - Viva La Vida

Alright, bring on the hate. Yes, I realize this song was extremely overplayed to the point people began hating it. And some people hate Coldplay to begin with. To put it in perspective, I was in Australia when this song came out and didn't have a radio. I had no idea what was popular or getting airplay, because all the music I heard was what they played in the clubs. I discovered this atmospheric song on my own and fell in love with it on my own. I played the shit out of it, which is why it ranks merely at #38 (it is the 6th most played song on my iTunes with 94 plays...probably more before I finish this write-up). Most of the time I heard this song I was high, and it is such an epic stoned song with all the cool things going on in the background. Nothing strikes me in particular about the lyrics, I just find the flow mesmerizing and impossible to turn off. Kudos to Coldplay for finally making something I like. This was the first time I saw the music video, and I'm not quite sure what to think about it. Some parts I loved and some parts I thought sucked. I'll have to re-watch it next time I blaze. Whoa...longest write-up yet? Expect me to have a lot to say once we get deeper into the list. They earned their spots for a reason.

Best Line - "I discovered that castles stand upon pillars of salt and pillars of sand"

38 Dio – Holy Diver

Oh Ronnie James Dio. King of heavy metal. Father of the maloik. Your first single was your best. When I heard this song was announced for Guitar Hero: Rocks the 80's, I knew my love for the song would grow even more, and it did. While the guitar is extremely repetitive, I love it. I don't think it needs to change around that much. Dio's voice is so powerful in this song, showing off his range and emotion. Something about the song exudes a kind of "evil" feeling. Like if I let a priest listen to it, he'd douse me in holy water. The solo is absolutely kickass and perfectly mixes complexity and length without overdoing it. Dio puts everything he's got into "Holy Diver" and it is apparent. I hate that Killswitch Engage had to come along and rape it in every way possible. By the way, the music video for this made me laugh.

Best Line - "Between the velvet lies, there's a truth that's hard as steel. The vision never dies, life's a neverending wheel"

37 Skid Row – 18 & Life

God do I love 80's heavy metal ballads. The story behind this song was an 18-year old who got sentenced to life in prison for accidentally killing his friend with a gun he thought was unloaded. Maybe I'm a sap, but I find this song extremely emotional. I guess the first time I heard it I started thinking about the story it told and how horrible it was for the teenager they're talking about. Not only was he responsible for the murder of his friend, which is enough to wreck someone's life, but now he has lost his own life as well and will spend it behind bars. Lost his future. The kid, in this view, is an innocent person. He never had intention to commit a crime. The song is very mysterious and haunting. Bach's vocals in this are STELLAR. Around 2:30 and 3:18, the notes he hits are out of this world. I bet this guy got laid more than everyone on board 8 combined.

Best line - "You can't think of dying when the bottle's your best friend"

36 Eric Church - Sinners Like Me Song ends at 3:50, not sure why the video goes to 6:08. Its just silence the rest of the time.

This country ballad, while not very well known, is one of best ones I have ever heard. If you don't like country, it's going to sound like every other country ballad you've ever heard. But for all the country fans I know, we agree this song is miles above half the crap that gets heralded as great in the country music world. It has such as down-home feeling to it, and if you were raised in the South you can relate to nearly every lyric he sings. When I hear this song, it strikes so close to the heart that I can't help but play it a few more times in a row. It has all of the elements of a great song for me personally - Christian upbringing, pride and respect in my ancestors, tendency to raise a little hell every now and again. The "la di da di da" part is very well done. When I saw Eric Church live, he had some female black gospel singers on backup vocals and it was one of the best performances I've ever seen done live. Not to mention, he has a similar accent to mine and I can almost mimic his vocals. I'm not a good singer, but for some reason I sound great when I sing this one so its nice to be able to sing in front of people every now and again.

Best Line - "Well now maybe who knows one day I'll settle down, give my dad a grandson of his own. And when the doctor smacks him, he'll probably take a swing cause he'll come from a long line of sinners like me"

35 Underoath - Some Will Seek Forgiveness, Others Escape

This song is extremely close to being perfect in my opinion. The vocals are spot-on in the first half and it truly is beautiful. Then the second half just absolutely rocks out. The only problem is I feel the two parts are essentially different songs. They are far too different to be split in the way they are, with no hint of one part leaking into another. There is a small transition but it is essentially a ballad first half with a metalcore second half plugged on the end. I know a lot of people might not like how blatantly Christian it is, but i feel it is one of those Christian songs that everyone can enjoy. It might be a bit much when they actually say "Jesus" at the end, but it personally doesn't bother me at all since I have the same beliefs. I tend to listen to the song for the last half however, and by the time it rolls around the first half has already calmed me down.

Best Line - "Oh sweet angel of mercy with your grace like the morning, wrap your loving arms around me"

34 Incubus - Dig

Hell, this song probably deserves to be a little higher on the list. I just want to get the write-up over with because the song brings back memories I don't particularly feel like looking back on right now. Basically, there was this girl I was best friends with for about 7 years. Had a crush on her the entire time. Around the time this song came out, we started dating each other. This was our song. Then we broke up, it was nasty, we don't talk anymore. When I hear this song now it reminds me of how I lost my best friend and a girl I really cared for all because of some stupid shit I did. Regardless, this song is still amazing. It perfectly described our relationship to each other, always able to talk to each other about anything. And she was the one that was able to bring me back down to base when I started getting a little too big-headed for my own good. This is the first time I've listened to the song in its entirety since we broke up, and in retrospect I think I can start listening to it again. The song has more to do with me than it does her, so I'm taking it back. Incubus has made better shit, but nothing that affects me quite the way this one does. There is another Incubus song left on the list, but that's because it is one of the best songs ever made imo.

Best Line - "Remind me that we'll always have each other when everything else is gone."

33 Smile Empty Soul – Bottom of a Bottle

Soul, you got this one right. Not the Mudvayne one though. Way back when this song came out was right about when I started getting fucked up. Through some bouts of depression (mainly when I had to quit playing basketball in high school after an ankle injury), this was my go-to song. Now I'm much happier when I listen to the song. This is still a great "get fucked up" song. If we're playing full contact beer pong at my frat house I'll put this on and shit just goes nuts. I understand if a lot of people hate the song getting #33, especially above some of the classics that didn't even make the list. Lets just put it this way...if you've never been to the point that you get fucked up just to feel something other than the things you're dealing with in life, great for you. But for those of us that have, this song speaks the fucking truth. There might be a million others out there just like it, but this one does it the best.

Best Line - "It's difficult to understand why I always wanna fly"

32 The Beatles - Eleanor Rigby

Easily the most controversial pick of this entire list. Yes, only one song from The Beatles. And yes, it is Eleanor Rigby. It was the first Beatles song I ever heard and it is still my favorite. It is very simple, but crazy addictive for me for some reason. I love the covers of the song just as much as I love the original. It falls at #32 because I honestly don't know why I like this song so much. It is nowhere near the best of their crazy discography but its the one that sticks out most to me. There is something so haunting about the the vocals accompanied by minimal instrumentation. Sorry I can't give a better write-up for such a rare musical opinion, but the song is beyond the realm of words for me. Don't know why it is so fucking awesome. It just is.

Best Line - "Father McKenzie writing the words of a sermon that no one will one comes near."

31 OAR – War Song

There is one OAR song that I think is a little bit better than War Song, but not by much. This song is damn near perfect. My love for this song come purely from the lyrics and vocals. The instrumentation lacks a little bit in the verses. I feel something more could be going on. Other than that, I have no complaints. I'm not sure if this is a song everyone can enjoy or just fans of OAR, but everyone I know that loves OAR is obsessed with it. So many OAR songs are overplayed in frat houses or on the radio. This one is still sacred, as far as I'm aware. I've never heard outside of playing it myself, which I love. I don't like songs that get shoved down my throat all the time. I like listening to it in the car or when I'm stoned late at night. I first heard it when I was about to leave Australia and return home after 6 months of being abroad, so I always associate with changes in my life. As if the song wasn't baller enough, the last minute of the song is fantastic. I usually skip the endings of songs that take a minute to end after the vocals are done. Not this one. Perfect ending to the song.

Best Line - "Many nights from now I know I'll be back among your graces. Until then I'll just pretend that I'm not cold."

30 Radiohead – Street Spirit

Kick ass video, highly recommend watching

I keep falling more and more in love with this song every time I hear it. I quit listening to it so much lately because I didn't want to overplay it and make myself sick of it. This is one of the most haunting songs on the list, mainly due to the repetitive guitar in the background. The vocals are spot on. Every time he brings out the intensity when he sings "again", I get a shiver. The only bad thing about this song is how fucking sad it is. I can't listen to it all the time because it would drive me crazy. Easily Radiohead's most emotional work, it has no happy ending. The song starts depressing, continues along that path, and offers no hope at the end. I love it and it is a work of pure brilliance. If this song isn't touching you close to the core, you must not really be listening to what its saying. I listen to this song mainly when I'm feeling absolutely helpless about something. The song is powerful enough to strip me of those emotions, which is a very rare thing to find.

Best Line - "Be a world child, form a circle, before we all go under"

29 Sugarland – Something More

Jennifer Nettles has a voice you either love or hate. And I love it. The way she pronounces her words has a very unique accent that is undeniably country. I've met a lot of people who find it forced or a little too much, but I personally think it gives her a recognizable sound. This is one of the ultimate country music feel-good songs. Everyone has felt the way she's describing in the song. More often than not, it comes at times that you're feeling down about your life and yourself. She has a positive approach to it, which lets me turn those feelings of regret into excitement for whats to come. This song can pick me up out of a horrible mood and bring a smile to my face. The only thing keeping this song out of the top 25 is it doesn't necessarily grab you and make you listen. If you are paying attention to something else it easily becomes background music. It makes it a pleasant song, but it isn't a showstopper like the songs that made the very top of the list.

Best Line - "Armageddon could be knocking at my door, but I ain't gonna answer, that's for sure."

28 AFI - This Time Imperfect

If I were to make a top 100 albums list instead, Sing The Sorrow would easily make the top 5. This entire album was a work of genius that I can listen to from beginning to end and love every moment of it. This is a hidden track at the end of the album that blew me away the first time I heard it. It starts out lacking percussion, with Davey Havok's stellar voice in the spotlight. Once all the instruments kick in, he really starts to let loose. The progression of this song is amazing, with Havok getting better and better over time. By the end of the song he is straight belting the song and its impossible to not feel the emotion behind his voice. The song is kind of similar to Sugarland - Something More in the sense that it deals with the same kind of feelings. Whereas Sugarland's song puts a positive spin on the feelings, AFI rips into them and explores exactly what it means to feel hopeless. The song is incredibly sad and absolutely amazing.

Best Line - "I'd show a smile, but I'm too weak. I'd share with you could I only speak, just how much this hurts me."

27 Mudvayne - World So Cold

This is one of Mudvayne's more vulnerable songs from the ones I've heard. The vocals are spectacular and the instrumentation is great. This is one of my favorite songs to blast loud as shit when I'm driving at night between school and home. No-one can see inside the car and I absolutely rock the fuck out. It brings up so many emotions throughout the song: anger, guilt, sadness, even nostalgia. To be honest, the vast majority of this song would fall somewhere around the 40s on this list if it wasn't for one thirty-second segment. It is by far the best 30 seconds of any song I have ever heard, ever. Best 17 seconds of music belong to Chester Bennington's scream in Linkin Park's "Given Up". But for a full 30 seconds, this song fucking wins. 3:14-3:44 should be an entire song on its own in my opinion. I listen to that part at least 3 or 4 times every time I hear this song. Hell, I've listened to it about 5 or 6 times just while writing this. It is so chaotic, so full of rage, and the vocals are unbelievable. When they made the music video to this and cut that segment in half I was so pissed off. Alright, enough with the write-up. I'm going to go listen to this a dozen more times or so.

Best Line - "I'm backing out, I'm no pawn. No mother-fucking slave to this. Never lied, never left, never lived, never loved, never lost, never hurt, never worry about being me or anyone else. Not a care, no concern, don't give a shit about anything"

26 Lostprophets - I Don't Know

Fuckin A. It is so hard keeping this song out of my top 25. But after changing my mind about a dozen times this choice felt best to me. Start Something was an amazing CD that really gave Lostprophets international success. This was easily my favorite song from the album. While they did fall into the same category of other bands around at the time (ex. Story Of The Year), I always found their music to be a little more unique than the rest. Their songs were generally more fast-paced with a little less screaming. Not saying I prefer one over the other, but it stood out against the rest. I was supposed to see them in concert right after the album came out but they canceled it. The bastards. Anyway, this song was always one of my favorites growing up when I was going through your basic high school identity crisis and whatnot. The song is still fun as hell, although slightly worn out from years and years listening.

Best Line: "I don't have answers and no questions spring to mind."

25 Brad Paisley - When I Get Where I'm Goin[]

I'm probably the only person on this board who likes this song. Whatever. I find this song so powerful and emotional its hard to put into words. Being a Christian, I believe everything the song talks about. So naturally when Paisley and Dolly Parton came out with this duet, I was blown away. It is extremely direct about religion, even moreso than most of the country music out there. This song especially hit home for me because of how close I was to my grandpa, which I'll get to later. Paisley has one of the best male voices in country music today, and Parton arguably has the best country music voice of all time. She sounds like an angel in this song, seriously. Her soprano voice goes perfectly with Paisley's. And for those who watch the video, she does make an appearance. You gotta wait until the end.

Best Line - "I'm gonna walk with my grand daddy and he'll match me step for step and I'll tell him how I missed him every minute since he left. And then I'll hug his neck"

These lyrics still to this day brings tears to my eyes (yep, right now too). The last thing my grandma said to me before his unexpected death was "go hug Papaw's neck". I was in a rush and being 12 years old, of course I didn't want to just to be stubborn. But Mom stepped in, demanded I go into Papaw's room, and give him a hug. So when I hear those lyrics, it brings back so many memories to me about the last time I saw him and how grateful I am that I didn't leave that house before I went to see him.

24 Chester Bennington - Let Down
Chester Bennington wrote this song for the ReactNow Katrina benefit concert. I was absolutely stunned when I first heard it. It isn't a perfect vocal by any means, and I'm not a huge fan of the studio version he recorded with Dead By Sunrise. But when I saw this come on live, moved by the Katrina disaster, I viewed it as a very emotional piece. Although the lyrics don't exactly match up to the Katrina disaster (especially compared to his other works such as The Little Things Give You Away), you can feel the emotion in his voice. The song's focus is on the lyrics and Bennington's vocals, with very little emphasis put on the instrumental accompaniment. The first half is low-key and almost hypnotizing, but the song really starts shining when Bennington kicks it up a gear for the last minute. This is a song that surely no-one else would have in their top 100, and I even debated putting it on mine. It is a beautiful song and I love the tone of Chester's voice in it, but it mainly grabs this spot because of the raw emotion behind it. It doesn't speak as loud now, but when I first heard it post-Katrina, it was one of the most moving pieces of music I have ever heard.
Best Line: "I don't wanna be let down. I don't wanna live my lies again. Don't wanna be led down the same old road.

23 Whitesnake - Here I Go Again
I'm a sucker for 80s hair metal, and this is one of the classics. The "here I go" where he goes really high pitch is probably one of the more epic notes ever hit in an 80s song. I love the tone of Coverdale's voice to begin with, and it really shines here. There is something so universal about the song. I can't imagine this coming on the radio and anyone changing the station. This is one of the best songs to rock out to when you're driving down the road by yourself. I actually played this on repeat after I broke up with a girlfriend once. I came home to visit her, and after we broke up and I was driving back to college, I played it at least 10 times. It was dark and the interstate was empty, so I rocked out to the song and had a great time. I feel like everyone has either done it, will do it, or wants to do it at some time in their life. Anyone who has been through a rough break-up knows you can either wallow in pity with sad songs, or blast songs like these that make you wanna find some random woman and get laid. I'll take the girl in the music video, please. Few songs are as empowering as this one, and combining that with my guilty pleasure of 80s metal ballads, the result is my 23rd favorite song of all time.
Best Line: "Oh Lord, I pray You give me strength to carry on, cause I know what it means to walk along the lonely street of dreams"

22 Hank Williams Jr - A Country Boy Can Survive
The rest of the songs are rock or country, get used to it. You can't live in the South your entire life and not have Hank Williams Jr. on your top 100 songs list. Although I have a couple more "country pride" songs on the list that ranked higher because of song quality, this is THE quintessential country pride song. No other song can make me as proud to be from the South. This song is all about being a hardass and getting drunk. Fishing, dipping, farming, dogs, family, drinking, cars, guns, hunting, Jesus, and coal mining. What more do you need for a great country anthem? Although it does play off of every stereotype associated with country folks, it displays them in a positive light. We truly are a hardy people. In the poorer parts of the South, like where I grew up in Appalachia, everyday life is harder than anywhere else I have seen in this country. These people work their asses off from sun up til sun down, and they still have to deal with socioeconomic depravity. Many people in these regions have to travel hours just for adequate medical care, which is why I plan on practicing rural medicine after I graduate med school.
But I'll get off my soap box now. I was really close to putting Hank Jr's drinking anthem on here (Family Tradition), but I feel like it goes without saying that his music is loved by drunk country people the world over. Every time I hear this song I get filled with pride and can relate to almost every lyric he says. His vocals are also at their best in this song, showing that he has more to work with than just a country twang. Its really hard to pick a best line from this song, but I narrowed it down to the one I think I relate to the most.
Best Line - "We say grace and we say ma’am and if you ain’t into that we don’t give a damn"

21 Jefferson Airplane - Somebody To Love
I really wanted to put this in my top 20. I really, really wanted to. But after listening to the only ones that could replace it at 21, I realized it was the weakest of the bunch.
This song comes from my favorite era of music. Psychedelic rock is one of my absolute favorite genres, and this is one of its championed songs. I almost had White Rabbit on this list as well. Grace Slick has an absolutely superb voice that is as haunting as it is powerful. Every time I'm under the influence of something that would make this appropriate, it seems like Slick is singing directly to me. It is my 2nd favorite song to listen to when I'm in that state of mind. This song can take any trip and flip it into a great one. But it is just as awesome to listen to sober. As of this play, it is the 4th song on my iTunes to enter the 100+ plays club, which says a lot. The only reason this song isn't crashing the gates of my top 20 is because it is a little too similar to other songs of the era, especially ones that Jefferson Airplane came out with. It was the most famous, but it isn't so unique when compared to other songs of the time. Its a shame to put it this low, I honestly thought at first it would make top 10. That changed over the months as I got closer to the best of the best. Its length is another thing that kept it from reaching higher. 2:54 just isn't long enough for a song to blow my mind the way the rest on the list have.
Best Line - "Tears are running, ah running down your breast, and your friends baby, they treat you like a guest."

20 Little Big Town - Boondocks
We're about to have a lot of country songs in the next 5 or so if my mind doesn't change. For some reason there's only one or two country songs I feel deserve the top 10 spots. Maybe I'm just not in the mood for it and that will change later. Regardless, this song has always held the #20 spot since I began. I definitely wanted to put it in my top 20, but simply couldn't justify putting it above any of the others I have left. The reason for this is that as much as I love the song, there really isn't much to its meaning other than simple "country pride".
That said, I do relate to this song personally on so many levels. Every level, actually. There is nothing said in this song that is lacking from my childhood and adolescence. Random examples:
- "I can hear that lullaby of the midnight train" - Yep, my house was a few hundred yards away from the railroad tracks when I was growing up and I remember listening to it all the time.
- "Give me a tin roof, a front porch, and a gravel road" - Uh huh. My grandmother's house actually had a tin roof on her house. All they ever did was sit on the front porch. You had to take a gravel road to get there.
- "5 card poker on Saturday night, church on Sunday morning" - You betcha. What else do you think we did in high school growing up in bumfuck? Drunk poker on Saturdays, hungover church on Sundays.
Even without the personal ties to this song, it really is a quality song in its own right. I love how closely the instrumentation matches the vocals, evident in the very beginning of the song. The instruments sing the song before the vocals ever jump in. Also, Little Big Town is renowned for their perfect harmonies. I don't know of any other band with 4 part harmonies that sound as tight and amazing as they do. The song is catchy as hell too. When I got to college and met a bunch of people who never listened to country music, this was one of the first songs I introduced them to and I caught them singing along after a couple days. Finally, the ending of this song is absolutely genius. The last 40 seconds absolutely blew me away the first time I heard it. Listen to it and you'll see what I mean.
Best Line - "Its where I learned about living; its where I learned about love. Its where I learned about working hard and having a little was just enough"

19 Grey Daze - Sometimes
Its no secret that I love Chester Bennington's voice. It is actually my favorite singing voice of all time. I'm not saying it is technically the best by a long shot, but I like it the most. Grey Daze is the band Chester was in before he joined Linkin Park. Given the lyrics, this song could have easily broke into the top 10 if it wasn't for the fact that the vocals are pretty uniform throughout the song. He sings the verses, but every chorus he keeps the same tone and "type" of scream throughout the song. I feel like if you listened to the first minute of the song, you've heard all it has to offer. It doesn't really go anywhere. Now that my criticism is out of the way...holy shit. When I found out that Chester had been in a band before Linkin Park, it was like walking into a fuckin gold mine. So many of their songs are amazing and I actually debated having several songs on my top 100. This placement at #19 is more of a Grey Daze placement than ranking the song, because you could easily substitute at least 5 of their songs into this spot and I'd be satisfied. I was really close to putting Soul Song here, but for all its awesomeness, Chester does have a few pitch problems in that song. I love the imperfection of it, but I want to be fair by only placing extremely high quality songs on this list. Sometimes is a very solid song, where he shows great control of his voice given that it was his first band. The lyrics in this song are pretty straightforward, making them extremely easy to relate to. Everyone has days where this song sums up their mood entirely. Hell, this song can even put me in that mood when I listen to it, as it has done right now. It has that big of an effect on me. My only regret is not giving Grey Daze songs a 5 or 6 way tie on this spot, but who would want to read all that about a band you probably don't like?

Best Line - "Sometimes, things just seem to fall apart when you least expect them to"

18 Cory Morrow - Nashville Blues

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17 Rush - Tom Sawyer

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