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Could Tanner Beat This Character? is a contest run by Tazzyboyishere. The idea behind the Contest is that, according to x-stats, Tanner is the weakest character that has ever been seen in a GameFAQs Contest, so finding anyone who he could beat in a fair 1v1 matchup would be quite the accomplishment. The project is on hold at the moment due to many new users not knowing who Tanner is.


Match 1: Tanner vs. Don Corneo (Final Fantasy VII)

Tanner loses with 0 yes's, 18 no's

Final Percentage:

  • Tanner - 32%
  • Don - 68%

Match 2: Tanner vs. Shoe (Phoenix Wright)

Tanner loses with 1 yes, 25 no's

Final Percentage:

  • Tanner - 38%
  • Shoe - 62%

Match 3: Tanner vs. Lucas (Mother 3)

Tanner loses with 2 yes's, 8 no's

Final Percentage:

  • Tanner - 39.5%
  • Lucas - 60.5%